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The very best time to sample is after several days of visible stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering (white lines criss-crossing the sky; lines that turn into clouds).If you test on a day that didn’t come AFTER trails, your samples will not contain a geo-engineering sample.

Secondly, testing is really easy and really cheap. Our lab, Basic Lab. in Redding California, charges 21 dollars per element.


  1. If you can get brand new, never used mason jars, all the better. But CLEAN used jars and lids will work.
  2. Place as many of these into the rain, snow as possible (you can pour all their contents into one jar…its hard to get a full sample using one jar to catch but a bunch does the trick).*(see “NOTE” below)*
  3. Keep your sampling jars AWAY FROM roofs, trees, plants, your dog….anything that can drop contaminents into the jar…clear open sky above the testing jar. Rainwater collected froma metal roof will give you a metals reading….no good.
  4. Get all your samples into one jar (see “NOTE” below), seal with the lid and ring and place into refrigerator. Its imperative that this sample now go onto the lab as soon as possible. We usually collect and take the sample no later than the next morning.
  5. Take the sample to your local lab, use a lab that tests ‘well water’…they are certified and this is easy for them. Call them first, make sure you have the right lab. You ARE NOT looking for something like a ‘well analysis’…which is pretty expensive…you just want to test a rain sample, in a sterile mason jar for specific metals.
  6.  Tell them to test for aluminum at least, preferably aluminum and barium. Add onto that Strontium and all the rest if you feel rich today. If you have financial means we suggest that you test the full spectrum of reported metals (you will need to research this a little, try, including sulpher hexaflouride, magneseum and titanium.
  7.  Get the results, hang onto the original and send us a copy, email etc…, or snail mail to:

SOL Communications
GeoEngineering Watch!
Box 225
Montgomery Creek CA 96065

** NOTE: When transferring from one container to another, IT IS CRITICAL TO RE-SUSPEND the sample…shake the jar with the lid on, or stir with a sterilized instrument. Aternatively, you can ‘back and forth’ the samples, allowing a little “fall” to create enough turbulence to re-suspend any contaminents that may be stuck to the glass.


Surface water tests have the highest numbers and will really freak you out when you get the results.

If you are testing a pond, then the only thing different is how you collect the sample. The very bottom of the pond is where the elements stack up. Turn your jar upside down and get the mouth to the bottom of the pond or still water….the older the pond the higher the readings. Turn the jar over and collect both the water and a LITTLE of the bottom sediment.

You will need to put the lid on underwater before you lift the jar off the bottom and out of the water….thats it!

GOD Bless everyone for doing this….our children are depending on us and this is the easiest way to raise up a legal storm against these programs.

6 Responses to How To Test

  1. Nicholas Scholten says:

    I would like to do a ph test in the soil where I live. I am in Arizona so rain testing is very limited.

  2. I am planning to test rainwater this spring in my area to try and confirm the existence of the most common elemental (metallic) particles (aluminum, barium and strontium etc.) alleged to be in so called chemtrails. One individual has already done a basic analysis in the area and I have a copy of it. However I as looking to get hold of other data sheets (results) of others who have already done this also but noticed there is no site provided (linked to) that posts the analysis’ that might have been sent to you. Is there a site available and if not how can I obtain copies of the results that have been sent to you so far? Have you had a good response? Are you willing to share info with me?

    Thank You

  3. Marthur Farquois says:

    Thanks for these wonderful suggestions Dane. God bless your hard work and attention to scientific methodology. I’m just wondering, I scooped up mud from the bottom of my pond as well as the pond water. My Husband said that was wrong since that is the same as scooping up soil and soil of course contains about 8 percent aluminium anyway. Can you please reassure Barry that the sediment in the bottom of our pond comes from airplanes. He keeps trying to use all these high falutin science terms and I just tell him he needs to wake up.
    He just smiles when I say that but one thing he then told me is I can’t be too sure that the govt mightn’t be spraying nanotechnology smart dust which are silicon chips and so he said make sure I get the samples tested for Silicon rather than just Aluminum or barium and strontium. I looked it up and he is right!
    I think that’s a great Idea and he said if there is a large amount of Silicon compared to aluminium we can be certain the govt is using smartdust.
    I’m telling all my friends to make sure they test for Silicon too. Please pass it on to anyone doing testing.

  4. Wanda Allen says:

    I went to a local water testing facility and they refused to test for aluminum. They admitted that I was not the first to ask them to but because I lived in an area that was a public water supply they were not allowed to test. I spoke with my local precinct folks and they half listened to my story even though I showed them several pictures and several different times of the planes making their grid pattern over our open water supply. I also sent them links to Kristen Megans video and What in the world are they spraying.They sky is milky here a lot….I miss real clouds.Any ideas on where to send snow samples?

  5. LaVerne says:

    The trees on the Olympic Peninsula don’t good. The news on TV says it’s from drought. But many of us don’t believe that. The trees in the Olympics seem to be dying. Tests were done in California and it’s the chemtrais (geoengineering) that’s doing it. That’s my opinion and I think enough truthers and reports on alternative media have proven that. Of course you won’t hear that on MSNBC, CNN or any mass media. I have noticed the Discovery Channel will air documentaries or some disinfo show on this type of subject matter. They will give you a LITTLE bit of truth and then pad that with lies. So people that you talk to will agree with you to a certain point and then all of a sudden it’s, ‘yeah but they do this or that because…..’ No! That’s where the lies begin.
    Man I get so tired of trying to reach and teach people. I really don’t think they want to know the truth. It’s scary/ Once you open that door it means a huge change in your life, in every aspect. And it seems like everyday there’s something new that’s killing us or the planet. Wish we could just round up all the bad guys and gals and lock them up and throw away the key. One way to stop it all is to stop feeding the beast. STOP paying taxes. We are supporting everything our government (military and police, all organizations) everything they do. Our hard earned money pays for it all.
    Above it says this lab test is $21. Reasonable, not complaining at all. But how much to test for the full spectrum? I think that’s what you called it. I’m sure you know what I mean. And I have a question that just cameto mind. I have lived with spring water and wells with very good water most of my life. I had to move inside city limits and now I have to use their water. It smells so strong of bleach that I HAVE to let it sit with the lid loose for 24 hours. After that I don’t smell or taste it. When I absentmindedly took a drink one day, out of my kitchen sink, it sort of burned my throat! What the heck is so bad in the water that they have to put that much bleach in it?! I have seen their public reports and I don’t believe them. They admit to barium but I don’t think the #’s are accurate. Thank you.

  6. Estar Holmes says:

    Hi Dane,

    Thanks for all your work. My family has stewardship of a small evergreen forest in NE Washington. I noticed some disturbing leaf sickness in the elder last fall. Have not been there this winter to check the trees, but concerned. The trees around Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho don’t look well. I would like instructions on testing soil. And more importantly, will need instructions on what to do to help the soil. Has anybody else tried anything, that you’ve heard of? I’d like to hear from a soil scientist if these probiotics will help Any help is appreciated.

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