Dismantling The Lie Of “Contrails”


Those in power have done their absolute best to convince an all too gullible public that our constantly hazed out skies are just the result of “contrails”, this is an absolute lie. All those that are funded by the power structure in one form or another tow the line on this lie as their paychecks and pensions depend on their participation. The list of those who are lying about the issue of “contrails” is incredibly long. It includes (but is not limited to) elected officials, government agencies (including state agencies), meteorologists, journalists and media sources, etc. With very few exceptions, we should not see ANYTHING behind the jets in our skies that are fitted with high bypass turbofan jet engines. High Bypass turbofan jet engines are fitted on ALL COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT and ALL MILITARY TANKERS. High bypass jet engines are nearly incapable of producing a “condensation trail” except for the most extreme conditions and even then any visible trail should not be more than a few seconds at most. Even many actively engaged in the fight to expose and stop the ongoing climate engineering insanity do not yet understand this fact. Shorter bright trails are in most cases still SPRAYED HIGHLY TOXIC DISPERSIONS. Those who truly want to be effective in the battle to expose the geoengineering crimes should take the time to watch the video below, perhaps twice. More than any other issue, our collective futures depend on exposing and stopping the spraying. Do your part, get educated and become a more effective fighter in this most critical battle.
Dane Wigington


Engineered Winter Storm Assault, The Weather Makers Are Desperate For Headlines

Winter Storm

Dane Wigington

Winter storm “Juno” is here, and it is engineered from top to bottom. The weather event that is unfolding on the East Coast of the US is a completely manipulated monstrosity. The total desperation of the power structure and the climate engineers is so very evident as they throw everything they have at the creation of a “winter storm” which is meteorologically as unnatural as it could possibly be. Snow now generally has nothing to do with elevation, rather, the “heavy wet snow” is focused where most of the moisture is. Massive amounts of moisture are necessary for the chemical ice nucleation process which transforms what should have been rain into snow due to the endothermic reaction it induces. This also lowers the temperatures on the ground as the more dense chemically cooled air (created from the nucleation process) sinks to ground level. The layer of cold air is very shallow, but it does lower the temperatures enough to produce the desired headlines.

Winter Storm Juno is a product of intense climate engineering efforts. What is the goal? To create headlines, confusion, and distraction from what is rapidly unfolding on the bigger picture.

Winter Storm

What are the climate engineers trying to hide? How about the record warm temperatures happening at the very same time as “winter storm Juno”.

Ham map

The map above shows the “departure from normal high temperatures” for the US. This map is for Tuesday, January 27, 2015, which is exactly the same time as the hight of engineered winter storm “Juno”. Note that there will be RECORD SHATTERING HIGH TEMPERATURES in huge section of the US. Some regions will be over 30 degrees ABOVE NORMAL. You won’t hear “The Weather Channel” saying much about this, in fact, they will likely not mention it at all. For those that are not yet aware, 2014 was the warmest year every recorded on our planet.

What was the most anomalously cold place in the whole world for the entire 2014 year? The eastern half of the North American continent as the map below clearly shows. The “GISS” map also shows “departure from normal high temperatures”, but for the entire 2014 year. The constant engineered cool-downs of the Eastern US is a psychological operation in every sense of the term.

2014 map

Why are the climate engineers and their mainstream media servants so focused on the Eastern US? Because this is the most densely populated region of the US. This is the region where the geoengineers can cause the greatest amount of impact to the largest number of US citizens that are in the zone of greatest population density. Doesn’t the power structure care about the decimation they are causing with the highly destructive engineered winter storms? Absolutely not, global populations are now being constantly subjected to what can only be classified as weather warfare. What are they spraying to create the engineered weather? Highly toxic elements are raining down on us all in quantities that cannot truly be fully comprehended. The stated goal of internationally recognized geoengineers is 20,000,000 tons of aluminum nano particles annually, and that is only one component of the ongoing atmospheric spraying.

The low pressure system that is part of “winter storm Juno” is sweeping moisture up off the record warm Atlantic ocean, how can this record warm moisture just “change over” to snow? In fact, global ocean temperatures are rising so quickly the records are constantly being broken.

ocean temp map

Again, why are the climate engineers doing this? To create maximum confusion and division in regard to the true state of the climate and to distract from a long list of other unfolding global catastrophe’s which those in power do not want the US population to become aware of. In addition to Fukushima radiation, collapsing eco systems, economic collapse, and the push for WWIII being waged by those in power, engineered snow storms are wreaking havoc around the globe.


The Washington Post Covers Climate Engineering Issue

The Washington Post has now addressed the climate engineering issue, the weather warfare assault in our skies is becoming all but impossible to hide. As our collective reality continues to rapidly deteriorate, many are beginning to look around and some are finally looking up. Blue skies are now a rare site as the all out aerosol spraying bombardment continues to increase around the globe. Though The Washington Post used the usual mainstream media terms like “conspiracy theory”, all things considered this article is a giant leap forward for the cause of exposing the climate engineering insanity. The reporters at The Washington Post certainly had an uphill battle in getting this article even accepted for print, my sincere gratitude to them for their efforts. We are nearing critical mass of awareness regarding global geoengineering, those that wish to further the strides made with this article should take the time to click the “original source” link, and then comment under the article. Let’s make our voices heard more than ever before.

How a group of conspiracy theorists could derail the debate over climate policy

Source: The Washington Post

Spray3Two commercial airliners appear to fly close together as the pass over London on March 12, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

As governments’ efforts to cut greenhouse-gas emissions continue to sputter, some researchers have discussed another possible tool for combating climate change: “geoengineering” the climate. One particular form of it, “solar geoengineering,” would involve reflecting sunlight away from the Earth to reduce future warming, possibly by deploying an army of mirrors or spraying the air with reflective aerosols that would function like a chemical sunscreen.

But as it turns out, some people believe that a global campaign is already underway to have aircraft spray the air with chemicals — whether to control climate change or for other, more sinister purposes.

Meet the “chemtrails” crowd, who posit that governments, scientists and other institutions are using airplanes’ “chemtrails” — basically contrails that are allegedly laced with chemicals — to alter the climate, create extreme weather, poison people, or even control our minds. The chemtrails movement has gained a small but passionate following on the Internet, with people across the ideological spectrum — from left-wingers worried about the environment to right-wingers concerned about abuses of government power. We don’t know the size of the community, but followers generally point to seeming irregularities in aircraft contrails as indisputable proof that illicit weather or climate modification is already happening, right now, and being used to control people and nations, especially poor ones. Chemtrails activist Dane Wigington, for instance, points to videos of an airplane spewing out multiple exhaust trails of different lengths, or airplanes spewing trails of different colors. “This amounts to weather warfare — period,” he charges.

As farfetched (and baseless) as these claims may be, a recent scholarly analysis of the chemtrails movement suggests we can’t write off its relevance entirely — not because its proponents are right, but because of the insights they may offer about a future debate over geoengineering. It might be many years, after all, before any geoengineering proposal seriously enters the policy realm. Still, writes science and technology policy researcher Rose Cairns of the University of Sussex in The Geographical Journal, “Ignoring or dismissing these discourses out of hand as pathological or paranoid is to ignore potentially revealing insights about the emerging politics of geoengineering.”

Solar geoengineering — more formally known as solar radiation management (SRM) — is merely an idea right now, and many scholars aren’t convinced that it’d actually be worth it. But with the National Research Council set to weigh in on various forms of geoengineering very soon, it — and the conspiracy theories involving it — stands to gain more of the public spotlight.

There’s no evidence that the alleged chemtrails are any different than normal contrails, much less that thousands of scientists, companies and bureaucrats have engaged in a global conspiracy that they’ve managed to keep secret this whole time. But the more general concerns that chemtrails believers have about technology’s potential impacts on the climate and the environment, and about government and institutional power, shouldn’t be dismissed so easily, Cairns suggests.

Environmental concerns could naturally become central to any mainstream debate over whether to actually use aerosols to undertake SRM. Some scientists have suggested that putting additional aerosols in the air could increase deadly air pollution or damage the ozone layer. It also wouldn’t address emissions of the most important greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Thus, not only would it do nothing to slow down CO2-driven ocean acidification; it also would mean that if you were ever to stop injecting aerosols into the air, global warming would resume — and quickly.

Then there are more-general political concerns; chemtrails activists may simply not trust institutions, particularly on a global scale. Cairns notes that the chemtrails discourse seems to resonate with elements of both the right and left wings, albeit for different reasons. Adherents on the left worry about the potential for corporations and other institutions to use chemtrails to harm people and the environment. On the right, meanwhile, are those who worry about individual freedoms and state power or dispute the idea that humans are changing the climate.

She argues that these issues of trust aren’t entirely irrational or paranoid and could easily manifest in mainstream debates over geoengineering. “Is it necessarily more irrational to believe that the climate is being controlled, than to believe that one can control the climate?” Cairns asks.

Nor should we ignore the chemtrails activists themselves. For the longest time, researchers were aware of the chemtrails narrative, but it hadn’t received much attention in the academic literature. Keith hopes that’s about to change. “I have been urging academic researchers to pay some attention to chemtrails and I am very glad that Rose did so,” Keith says.

Unfortunately, Cairns suggests, the potential for the geoengineering research community to publicly engage with chemtrails activists “appears limited” — they may simply not be receptive. As she argues, chemtrails believers’ longtime distrust of the alleged conspirators has reached outright disgust — to the point where unbelievers are labeled as paid liars (or even “mentally retarded,” as she quotes one chemtrails activist).

A very tiny subset of the chemtrails activists could have a more chilling effect on the field of geoengineering, Keith worries. He notes that he continually receives nasty emails and voice messages from chemtrails believers, and he has even received multiple threats of violence that have prompted him to contact the police.

In short, chemtrails itself is a conspiracy theory. But the environmental and political concerns underlying the theory can’t be ignored, as they certainly would arise in any mainstream debate over whether to proceed with geoengineering. And chemtrails believers themselves could become a thorn in geoengineering researchers’ and proponents’ sides for many years to come.

Source: The Washington Post

False Flags, Media Lies And A Willfully Blind Population

False Flag1
Clinically insane leaders combined with a majority of the population that is willfully blind, this is a recipe for total global extinction. The military industrial complex and industrialized society has long since pushed the biosphere past the point of no return. What is left for us to salvage? Only if enough people awaken and join the fight for the common good does the planet have any chance to continue supporting life into the future. Our government and others are being run by criminal cabals who are determined to achieve total power and control even at the cost and consequence of exterminating all life on Earth. Mainstream media and the tyrants who control it are completely manipulating and spinning the coverage of events perpetrated by the power structure for the benefit of the power structure. If we are to preserve any future for our planet and ourselves, we must wake those around us to what is unfolding. The article below is a summary of what is happening, why it’s happening, and what we can do to help change course.


5 Ways Government False Flags Offer Hope To The Blind

Source: The Liberty Beacon

False Flag

The enemy will always fit in perfectly with the government’s stated long term plans. Once you know and understand the script nothing will surprise you.

By Bernie Suarez

As many truth seekers have observed over the past year, government false flag operations are now the norm. Almost every week and sometimes every day we hear about some kind of lie surrounding an act of violence. These tales are being told to us by government through their mouthpiece media. Our current day system is in love with staged terror and mass shootings as they fit in perfectly with the state’s number one plan, which is to generate fear in order to keep the sheep under control. Despite the fear, insecurity and desperation that arises from fake terror and staged false flag shootings, the typical blind sheep, consumed in the government’s false reality, will quietly root for government to muster up enough firepower and macho-man brute force to kill, defeat, blow up, murder, dispose of or take out the “enemy”. Who’s the enemy? It’s whoever the government mouthpiece media and the puppet politicians say it is. The enemy will always fit in perfectly with the government’s stated long term plans. Once you know and understand the script nothing will surprise you. So how can it be that false flags offer hope to those who are blind to the current world events and the intention of the globalists I.E. the sheep? Here are 5 ways that false flag operations offer hope to those blind about the new world order plans:

1- Sense of safety

False flag operations create a sense of danger and thus an illusion of government safety from this perceived danger. The illusion suggests that unless government is around, you will not be able to defend yourself, you are thus incomplete without government’s safety. This illusion of course is based on the belief that government exists to protect you somehow. One must believe that it is in the interest of government for you as an individual to feel good, feel happy and feel safe. Even though there is no proof, historic account or train of logic to justify this assumption, many brainwashed coincidence (non-conspiracy) theorists will believe this blindly.

2- Confidence in government fighting skills

False flag operations suggest that government has all the skills to catch and kill the bad guys even if its after they inflict their damage. The illusion falsely suggests that this current (now dead) terrorist will never harm you again. Thus after murdering the terrorist patsy or shooter government is seen as the efficient skillful avenger of the deaths of its citizens. Remember “Operation Iraqi Freedom” or the initial invasion of Afghanistan? Most Americans bought into it, even rooted for the attacks because it gave them as sense of vengeance over the supposed “terrorists” who did 9/11. This is all about appealing to people’s lower-brain primitive drive of anger and getting even. Don’t be fooled.

3- Government cares about you

False flag terror attacks offer hope to the blind sheep by suggesting that government actually cares about the people above and beyond the false claims of wanting to keep everyone safe. Like a concerned loving parent, during a typical staged false flag, government and it’s politicians have a chance to pretend like they care about people. The notion that government loves and cares is so far detached from reality it is difficult to put into words. Nothing could be further from the truth. Governments do not exist to love and care about anyone. The nature of governments is quite the contrary. Nonetheless, the latest false flags all have been used as platforms for to sell false sympathy, love and genuine concern for humanity.

4- Government is resilient, you should be resilient

False flag staged event offer hope to the blind sheep by showing them how resilient and able to bound back their government is. Government always carries on as usual after a false flag. They know that the primary purpose of a false flag is to instill fear not to slow down the economy or interfere with Wall Street. The blind sheep however, see this as a sign of how “strong” America is. They admire how “America” and it’s courageous people keep right on shopping, spending money and maintain their ordinary lives. To those that are blind and fooled by the false flag, this is a powerful symbol of strength and resilience on the part of their country. Just another thick layer of deception surrounding government false flags.

5- Government is selfless and altruistic

Hope is spread amongst the blind in the midst of typical government false flag attack by showing the sheep that government is not just a loving and caring government who cares about your safety but that government is willing to put off its own tasks to focus on new speedy legislation to implement measures in response (reaction) to the false flag staged attack so that this type of attack doesn’t happen again.

Some of these points may overlap a bit and sound pathetic even ridiculous to anyone paying attention but face it, many people really are this brainwashed and they actually think this way. Many dumbed-down blind sheep, zombies, and brainwashed slaves who listen to mainstream media news think just like this. This alone should sound an alarm to anyone who is awakened and cares about humanity, to push them to stay active, stay strong and keep fighting the government controlled disinformation machine known as the mainstream media and all of government’s politician puppets mouthpieces.

Remember, as bizarre and surreal as all of this sounds, this world of government acting as a caring parent, looking out for the best of humanity, is the only concept of government the blind sheep know. The thought of government actually staging attacks against its own people to keep them in fear is far too scary for the slaves to accept. This fear actually gives birth to an ignorance that acts to protect the brain. This cognitive dissonance actually works as a defense mechanism to preserve the sanity of the being. To stay sane the poor blind sheep not only believe whatever they are told but they actually look to government for protection from the artificial threats engineered by this same government.

This is how its done and this is precisely how government maintains its power over the people. Let’s start our counter-attack by continuing to spread the truth about the real reasons why government stages terror attacks and the sequence of logic that drives the existence and functioning of government. The hope is to explain government false flags to where a child can understand it. Let’s remind others of the importance of starting our search for truth by focusing on the most important things first.

It is infinitely true and factual that with all things being equal, the best starting point to understand and explain what really happened in any event is to consider motive and who has most to gain. It is also infinitely true that the notion of maintaining power and control is a much more dominating factor in the explanation of an unknown event than the notion of the quest for “safety” and benevolence on the part of a controlling system of government.

This one lie told to humanity about the benevolent nature of government being the more likely explanation than the argument for maintaining power and control is singlehandedly one of the great lies humanity has endured since the beginning of time.

Throughout all of human history there are countless examples of controlling governments oppressing humanity and constantly pushing for more and more power and control. The notion of government constantly looking out for the safety and well being of its citizens by turning the country into a police state of rigid draconian laws is entirely fictional from A to Z. Government is and always will be a concept that seeks to maintain its existence and control over every citizen.

So as truth seekers seeking truth, it is our duty to shatter the false hope many people have that government is an innocent good Samaritan watching its citizens and looking out for its well being. This hope is delusional, naive and profoundly disconnected from reality, yet sadly this is the root of the logic many hold on to as they continue falling for the false flags which are now happening almost daily.

Will humanity actually overcome this mental defect being expressed in possibly at least half of its population? Let us hope so and let us all keep hammering away and continue exposing government false flags in real-time.

Congratulations to the other half of humanity for now nearly mastering the skill of exposing government false flags in real-time. A skill that came with a lot of practice and opportunities. Let us remain vigilant and hope that we, as a whole, can stay on top of government false flags and are able to continue exposing them until they go away all together. Picture a world without false flags- something very difficult to do today. Thus the focus of true hope is now clear.

Source: The Liberty Beacon

Well Known Scientist Sounds The Alarm On Geoengineering

Marvin Herndon, Ph.D. , is a scientist of considerable notoriety. Marvin contacted me recently to express his growing concerns about the constant toxic aerosol spraying of our planet and the obvious human health and environmental ramifications we all face from this contamination. Dr. Herndon has shown a level of courage that is so very rare in the circles of the science community, he is taking a stand on the aerosol spraying issue and making his voice heard. There are so many in academia who have sheepishly hidden themselves in the shadows while they perform whatever task is asked of them in exchange for a paycheck and a pension. Marvin is the antithesis of this. He has sacrificed much in his life and career in order to stand on his convictions. I solute Dr. Herndon’s determination and courage, his recent letter to authorities in his region is below. May his outspokenness be an example to others in the science community.
January 16, 2015
To: Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer, and San Diego City Council Members
From: J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.
Subject: Pervasive Toxic Aerosol Spraying of San Diego Residents
I am a scientist (PhD in nuclear chemistry, Post-Doctoral in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry) and businessman, and have lived in Scripps Ranch for thirty seven years.
Over the past year the skies above San Diego have changed drastically in plain sight. We’ve been robbed of the beautiful blue skies we associate with our city. Almost every day jet airliners are spraying innumerable so-called “chemtrails” and they persist after release behind the jets to gradually form clouds. Chemical clouds. Toxic clouds. They eventually diffuse and form a white haze in the sky. Sometimes, the artificial clouds are laid so thickly as to make the otherwise blue San Diego sky fully overcast with toxic chemical aerosols. Sometimes, depending on chemical mix, the transition from spray to white haze is rapid. Please see a few examples, attached, that I photographed from my front yard.
Chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere do not remain suspended; they fall to contaminate the air we breathe, our rainwater, and our agricultural soil. This ongoing massive spraying taking place over San Diego represents a grave threat to me and my family, my neighbors, and all my fellow San Diegans.
Rainwater collected after intensive aerosol spraying now reportedly contains elevated levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium and likely other toxins. Aluminum is implicated in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and autism, whose rising incidence is causing alarm to many Americans. How many additional children will be doomed to suffer a lifetime of autism? How many additional San Diegans will suffer premature brain degeneration or cancer? What horrors lie in store for our children and grandchildren who unknowingly play outdoors, or the pregnant women with their unborn offspring, or the runners and other outdoor recreationists? What about those of us who suffer asthma or who have compromised immune systems? What about the elderly?
What about your own family? Are we San Diegans no longer free to breathe uncontaminated air?
Why are San Diego’s Mayor and members of San Diego City Council silent about this imminent public health threat? Were you duped into believing that toxic chemical clouds will keep Earth from warming? Clouds might reflect sunlight back into space but those same artificial clouds also keep Earth from cooling by not letting Earth’s heat escape during the night. Clouds, artificial or natural, trap heat!
Why the silence? Are you afraid there will be demonstrations or riots in the streets if the truth were told about the ongoing activity that poisons the air San Diegans are now breathing? Deception by acquiescence and silence is fundamentally wrong, unless you are a willing participant in activities that will likely come to be characterized as crimes against humanity.
As elected officials you have the responsibility to advise and protect all San Diegans. Please speak the truth and stop this spraying over our homes.
The following links provide information you may find of benefit.
Chemtrail websites:
Interview with a neurosurgeon:
Please advise me of your intensions to make public disclosure of the chemical spraying over San Diego. Kindly respond before the close of business on January 23, 2015, or I will assume you have no intention of responding.
J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

Permission to post this letter was granted to from Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.  

Northern California Protests Expose Climate Engineering Cover-Up

Why is the general public so confused and in the dark about the highly toxic ongoing climate engineering insanity in our skies? Because mainstream media is doing everything it can to either spin the subject or completely omit it from any coverage at all.  Every individual in media that is in any way involved with the cover-up of the toxic aerosol spraying (which is occurring in skies in most regions around the globe every single day) should be held legally liable for their part in facilitating these crimes (once the illegal climate engineering is fully exposed to the public). Everyone that is awake and aware of this issue is needed to help sound the alarm on the toxic all out geoengineering assault being waged against life on Earth. We need to make the following point clear to those in mainstream media, we are NOT OK with their attempts to cover-up this extremely critical issue and we will one day hold them legally liable for their part in this cover-up. All of our voices are needed in this fight, every day counts.

How To Kill The World: A Timeline Of Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction


By William Thomas


Enraptured and enslaved by blinking, beeping, twittering gadgets; increasingly lobotomized by microwaves, toxic chemicals and manufactured “foods”, we are sleep-walking beyond the brink of an unimaginable abyss. As reams of expensive computer projections continue to lag behind daily events, attempting to inhabit no-longer habitable regions is already disrupting human and wild lives.

Hysteria? Hype? Exaggeration? Must be, because if you search “Sixth Mass Extinction” you will be stampeded by reputable scientists freaking out over what is going down. Scientists with hard-earned credentials are not professionally accustomed to writing “scary,” “frightening” and “terrifying”. But they’re using these words now. We need to listen up.


Why a timeline? When breaking the stories of Gulf War Illness, 9/11, and the ongoing aerosol geoengineering program (which I first described as “chemtrails”), I found that arranging historically-corroborated facts in a simple date-driven listing accomplishes two good things:

1: Avoids the bias of a predetermined agenda the book then “proves”.

2: Confers the bonus of startling and insightful juxtapositions between seemingly unrelated events.

In this life on this planet, nothing is unrelated. Everyone and everything is interwoven. Ignoring the spreading and intersecting ripples of our daily choices means we can avoid looking at the ecological context of lives lost in electrosmog, noise and concrete. Onboard a planet, context is everything.

So is situational awareness. As a former pilot and bluewater sailor, my location, air/sea state, trending weather, approaching hazards, and airworthiness/seaworthiness of my craft held my complete attention for hours, days, even weeks at a stretch. Lives depended on it.

So go figure, Trekkies. Rushing though the silent, cold, irradiated vacuum of deep space, the thin-skinned ship we share with myriad other life forms is visibly shedding parts. Weather everywhere is becoming more frequently freakish. With no lifeboats to hand and the nearest inhabitable planet unknown out to 10,000 light years, you’d think everyone onboard would be obsessed by the rapidly deteriorating condition of their space colony.

Yet, the ongoing extinction of most life on Earth remains a non-story to a corporate media dedicated to serving up endless monsters and titillation, along with nonstop imprecations to assure our individual identity by keeping our interrupting devices turned on and our brains turned off as we rush to Buy Still More Stuff. Species-wise, this strategy is not working out too well.

Though intended as a source-book for activists (which ought to include all of us), this timeline does not attempt to deal with denialists. Implacable facts only drive true believers deeper into their beliefs. If you are looking for insight into the Really Big Question, “What The Hell Is Going On?” – welcome aboard. Almost every word in this timeline is a verbatim quote [sources provided]. I’ve worked hard editing hundreds of news stories into basic bullet points, so please put this aside until you can spend some time with it. The best way to read this litany of (mostly) unsettling events is to scroll through it quickly, glancing at the bolded headings to get a sense of converging trend lines. Then go back and read the sections that most interest, intrigue or freak you out.

The notion behind this much bad news is that it’s always better to know the state of your ship.

Scrolling down…


1. The 3-4C additional Earth warming our fossil fuel use is locking in later in this Last Chance Century, an increasingly acidic and barren world ocean, global proliferation of brain-wiping and sterilizing wireless radiation, worldwide food contamination through GMOs and radionuclides, and the growing threat of massive methane releases in the thawing Arctic are each a civilization show-stopper. All of these processes are cumulative in their effects, synergistic in their interactions… and accelerating.

2. Hope is not a plan. Denial is not an appropriate response. The only possibility of species survival (including humans), is to keep fossil fuels in the ground and fossil fools away from the controls. All-out global response demands full mobilization now.

3. No such course change can be made while megacorporations and the banks that own them control governments through campaign bribes and job-loss threats. In Canada and the USA, rigged voting for media-manicured political puppets has become a bread-snd-circuses distraction. The only possibility of dealing with this deepening planetary emergency is to immediate revoke the corporate charters of every injurious corporation, end financial speculation, and transfer the printing of national currencies by private banks misleadingly labelled “Federal Reserve” back to civilian control.

4. “All Hands On Deck!” means everybody. It means paying close attention to every choice we make, whether a frustrated retort to another zombie screenhead, more junk picked up at Wal-Mart, or that thing we just “threw away”. Onboard a spacecraft, where everything recirculates, there is no “away”. Everything tossed into a waterway, roadway, skyway or field will come back to whap some critters (maybe your own kids) upside the head. Guaranteed.

Solutions to this converging crisis require not to more tech with its built-in consequences, but more restraint. Now might be an excellent time to disempower faceless bankers and currency manipulators – and prepare for dislocations to precariously-maintained lifestyles – by stepping back from money-as-debt toward more local trade and food growing. And away from petroleum addiction into off-grid living and human-powered, electric and wind-driven transportation. We can either adopt lives of voluntary simplicity now. Or involuntary simplicity soon.

Our personal response also calls for supporting smaller conscious companies, while joining grassroots groups like and with a broad enough network to disrupt and reverse ecocide by the military-industrial-entertainment nexus. And as I found during BC’s logging wars, depending on your courage and circumstances, choosing to be a protector rather than a predator might also mean engaging in the hallowed American tradition of civil disobedience in the legally justified cause of civil defense.

Only when we confront the lessons we’ve arranged for ourselves – or look in a child’s eyes – can we “get the lessons” and stop killing the world.

William Thomas
Hornby Island, Canada
January 18, 2015



Climate Engineering Is Weather Warfare, What Are The Consequences?

2014 was the warmest year ever recorded, the rapid heating of our world can no longer be hidden. The weather makers can cool massive regions over the short term, the extremely anomalous temperatures in the Eastern US is proof of that. But what is the true cost of such engineered “cool-downs”? The total decimation being caused by covert global climate engineering could never be quantified and is in many ways already completely irreversible. After as much as six decades of climate engineering insanity (and the total global contamination that has come with it), what are the results? The biosphere is in tatters. The entire climate system is unravelling, the frequency of weather related disasters is off the charts, the ozone layer is completely shredded, and every living thing has been poisoned from the constant aerosol spraying of our skies. These are only some of the consequences of the geoengineering insanity. Let’s not forget the role of climate engineering in helping to trigger massive methane release in the Arctic, which by itself may kill the entire planet many times over. How have covert climate engineering programs contributed to the methane warming feedback loop? Climate engineering has radically altered upper level wind currents. This in turn has altered ocean currents. Now we have warm currents pumping into the Arctic which is helping to thaw formerly frozen methane deposits on the seabed. There is enough methane in the Arctic alone to cause a Permian type mass global extinction 100 times over if it releases in entirety. This methane release has already begun.

2014 Was the Warmest Year Ever Recorded on Earth

Source: The New York Times, article by Justin Gillis


Runners in Siberia, which experienced record heat in 2014

Last year was the hottest in earth’s recorded history, scientists reported on Friday, underscoring scientific warnings about the risks of runaway emissions and undermining claims by climate-change contrarians that global warming had somehow stopped.

Extreme heat blanketed Alaska and much of the western United States last year. Several European countries set temperature records. And the ocean surface was unusually warm virtually everywhere except around Antarctica, the scientists said, providing the energy that fueled damaging Pacific storms.

In the annals of climatology, 2014 now surpasses 2010 as the warmest year in a global temperature record that stretches back to 1880. The 10 warmest years on record have all occurred since 1997, a reflection of the relentless planetary warming that scientists say is a consequence of human emissions and poses profound long-term risks to civilization and to the natural world.

Of the large inhabited land areas, only the eastern half of the United States recorded below-average temperatures in 2014, a sort of mirror image of the unusual heat in the West. Some experts think the stuck-in-place weather pattern that produced those extremes in the United States is itself an indirect consequence of the release of greenhouse gases, though that is not proven.

Several scientists said the most remarkable thing about the 2014 record was that it occurred in a year that did not feature El Niño, a large-scale weather pattern in which the ocean dumps an enormous amount of heat into the atmosphere.

Longstanding claims by climate-change skeptics that global warming has stopped, seized on by politicians in Washington to justify inaction on emissions, depend on a particular starting year: 1998, when an unusually powerful El Niño produced the hottest year of the 20th century.

With the continued heating of the atmosphere and the surface of the ocean, 1998 is now being surpassed every four or five years, with 2014 being the first time that has happened in a year featuring no real El Niño pattern. Gavin A. Schmidt, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in Manhattan, said the next time a strong El Niño occurs, it is likely to blow away all temperature records.

The Warmest Year on Record

Parts of the eastern United States were cooler than average last year, but globally 2014 was the warmest year in recorded history.

temp map

Sources: NASA; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, by The New York Times

“Obviously, a single year, even if it is a record, cannot tell us much about climate trends,” said Stefan Rahmstorf, head of earth system analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. “However, the fact that the warmest years on record are 2014, 2010 and 2005 clearly indicates that global warming has not ‘stopped in 1998,’ as some like to falsely claim.”

Rapid Sea Level Rise Can No Longer Be Hidden

The power structure is having ever increasing difficulty hiding the magnitude of catastrophic changes on our planet that are already unfolding at blinding speed. Sea levels are rising at an extremely rapid pace, much faster than previously “thought”. With so many scientists keeping track of sea level rise, how can this be? Why would the “experts” until recently use completely outdated and totally inadequate methods of measuring sea level rise which have caused them to radically underestimate the actual rate of increase? Because that is what they have been paid to do, hide the true gravity of what is descending on us all. The same type of “bought and paid for ” scientists are also helping to hide the very dangerous UV radiation levels, Fukushima radiation contamination, the dangers of fluoride, vaccinations, GMOs, where does it stop? And the most destructive and deadly assault of all on our planet, the biggest elephant in the room, global climate engineering, goes completely unmentioned by the whole of academia. In fact, not just unmentioned, but adamantly denied. Climate engineering is not just completely derailing Earth’s life support systems, the atmospheric spraying programs are contaminating every breath we take. Every scientist, elected official, reporter, etc, that helps to perpetuate the lethal lies of those in power (and thus helps to hide their crimes), should be tried in a court of law for the crimes of ecocide, genocide and omnicide . Why is the global cabal desperately trying to obscure the gravity of biosphere disintegration from the public? To avoid panic as long as possible while they are completing preparations for total societal collapse. All are needed to stand up, get informed, and make our voices heard.

The Rate Of Sea-level Rise Is ‘Far Worse Than Previously Thought’, Study Says

Source: The Washington Post, article by Terrence McCoy


Water is seen on part of the glacial ice sheet that covers about 80 percent of Greenland. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Researchers have come up with a new and improved way of measuring the rise in the sea level, and the news is not good: The seas have risen dramatically faster over the last two decades than anyone had known.

For hundreds of years, the seas were measured by more or less the equivalent of plopping a yard stick into the ocean and seeing if the ocean went up or down. But now, that method looks to be outdated.

According to a new study published on Wednesday in Nature, the new method involves an advanced statistical model that analyzes all of the factors contributing to sea rise. It has yielded what appears to be a much more accurate picture of the oceans and suggests previous studies had severely underestimated the acceleration of recent sea rise.

“What this paper shows is that the sea-level acceleration over the past century has been greater than had been estimated by others,” lead writer Eric Morrow said in a statement. “It’s a larger problem than we initially thought.” Co-author Carling Hay added in an interview with BBC: “The acceleration into the last two decades is far worse than previously thought. This new acceleration is about 25 percent higher than previous estimates.”

Old sea measurements came to their conclusions by dividing the world’s oceans into sub regions. Then they determined the height of those regions with something called tide gauges — “essentially yard sticks used to measure ocean tides,” a release said. Then researchers would take those numbers, create estimates for each region, and average them out to come to a global estimate.

But that system was rife with problems. “These simple averages aren’t representative of a true global mean value,” Hay said in a statement. “Tide gauges are located along coasts, therefore large areas of the ocean aren’t being included in these estimates. And the records that do exist commonly have large gaps.” The tide gauges were unevenly distributed, or just skipped whole sections of the planet. Only the United States and Europe were measuring the oceans for decades. Then there was the issue of tectonic activity, which would suddenly cause a rise or fall in local sea levels, and skewed the numbers.

So the scientists realized they needed a whole new method. Soon, they arrived at what they call a “completely new perspective.”

“We know the sea level is changing for a variety of reasons,” Hay said. “There are ongoing effects due to the last ice age, heating and expansion of the ocean due to global warming, changes in ocean circulation, and present-day melting of land-ice, all of which result in unique patterns of sea-level change. These processes combine to produce the observed global mean sea-level rise.”

So they had all the puzzle pieces. Now they just needed to put them together.

To do so, the researchers looked for what they called “fingerprints” and “underlying patterns,” putting each factor through advanced statistical models to determine a more accurate sum figure. “What we were interested in — and remain interested in — was whether we can detect the sea-level fingerprints we predicted in our computer simulations in sea-level records,” Morrow said. “Using a global set of observations, our goal has been to infer how individual ice sheets are contributing to global sea-level rise.”

So they took the sum of those contributions from the ice sheets, and added in the rate for how much oceans are rising because of thermal expansion due to global warming to determine a “global mean of sea-level change.” And what that mean ultimately showed was that the rate of sea-level rise has increased much more dramatically than earlier estimates. “Unfortunately,” Hay said, it “is really much larger than anyone thought.”

Source: The Washington Post, article by Terrence McCoy

Documentary Challenges Safety Of Geoengineering


Source:, article by Lianna Albrizio

It was a day like no other in 2013 when George Barnes was outside his River Edge home. The award-winning director of photography was testing his time-lapse camera when he made a chance observation that changed his life.

While fortuitously playing the footage of the Volkswagen Beetle launch campaign backwards in high-speed, Barnes noticed that the lengthy white lines in the sky painted and erased were left behind by flying jets – research that led him to the conclusion that evidence exists of the practice of climate engineering. The practice, also called “geoengineering,” is something Barnes defines as “the large-scale manipulation of the atmosphere,” which is used by climate scientists to fight global warming.

“My heart stopped,” he said of the images. “When I saw it, I knew something was terribly wrong with what I was looking at.”

Climate engineering can be conducted through carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management, which works to force the earth to absorb lesser amounts of solar radiation with the goal to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases. Barnes, however, says there are concerns over the potential hazards the act could pose on humans. In an article published in “The Guardian” last year, environmental philosopher Stephen Gardiner points to questions of ethics concerning its practice.

“The climate is off the rails so to speak,” said Barnes. “The problem I see is that the increase in climate engineering experimentation [is] putting everyone at risk due to chemical fallout.”

That year, Barnes released the first of an evolving documentary he simply pegs, “Look Up!” which is narrated by William Baldwin, to raise awareness about the issue and urge viewers to be aware of the potential danger climate engineering may have on one’s health. After further research into the matter, the film’s runtime grew to 110 minutes as he secured a string of interview subjects, most of which, Barnes says, reached out to him. They include Harvard Professor Dr. David Keith, who was named one of Time magazine’s Heroes of the Environment 2009 and is the recipient of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s prize for excellence in experimental physics, and Foster and Kimberly Gamble. In the documentary, Keith talks about the dangers of aluminum while the Gambles discuss communal efforts to protest climate engineering. Dr. Douglas Levine, a cancer survivor and executive director of Life After Cancer Network, talks about the health implications of heavy metals in the atmosphere and their possible risk in causing certain cancers and Alzheimer’s disease, to name a few.

The film is shot in Bergen County and other parts of the country that Barnes says has “heavy spray activity,” which include Florida, California and Colorado. The lines and so-called artificial clouds in the sky, he argues, are caused, in part, by specific planes which spray various chemicals out of their novels into the atmosphere, which he believes can affect the water supply.

That year, Barnes created the SkyderALERT App — which he said ranked in at No. 5 on the social networking apps on iTunes last year — so that people can snap a photo of suspicious nebulous images in the sky and send a petition along to their appropriate legislators, and to the SkyderALERT website, where they get posted on a map of the United States to track the existence of them through the country. The app’s success, he says, was surprising. He added that there have been growing concerns about the practice in places like Wyoming, Canada, Oregon, Florida and Georgia, to name a few.

To date, billboards have been bolstering the issue around the country. In Atlanta, Ga., one reads, “Look Up! God no longer controls the weather. Get informed.” Another in Lansing, Mich. declares, “#Chemicals #ToxicSkys #Bad4You.”

“It’s been an incredible journey to see so many people get behind this movement,” Barnes said.

“Look Up!” will make its premiere at the Washington Township Cinema 3 on Tuesday, Jan. 20 at 7 p.m. Reserve tickets at

Source:, article by Lianna Albrizio

An Appeal For California Governor Jerry Brown, Stop The Spraying

The letter below sends a very clear and urgent message to Governor Jerry Brown. This particular correspondence carries much weight for reasons that I am not yet at liberty to disclose. All of us have a responsibility to engage in the critical fight to expose and halt the toxic spraying of our skies. This letter should serve as an excellent example to us all, hopefully it will motivate others to put pen to paper and make their voices heard.

By Carre Brennan Otis Sutton

January 12, 2015

Dear Governor Brown,

As a lifetime citizen of the State of California, I was excited to hear your 4th term inaugural speech. The vows you took, the pledges you made and the promises you dictated to us made me hopeful that this State will continue to move in the right direction. Thank you.

When I heard you state that your duty is to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic it spurred the motivation to send you this letter. There is a war going on in California and nation-wide and it is unhinging the very ecosystem that supports, feeds and protects us. This brings me to the subject of ‘Geoengineering’.

I write to you from the place of a concerned California citizen, mother of two and organic farmer. I was born in San Francisco 46 years ago and raised in Marin County. I have a long-standing relationship to this area, the community and all of the unique aspects it offers us. I am not the only citizen here that is watching in horror as our very ecosystem collapses. Our weather is manipulated, and the drought continues. We talk about ‘spare the air days’ and what we can do to make differences in our households as well as the automobiles we purchase and drive. But the science is out; the data is in and irrefutable. It is there for all to see. Yet it remains the elephant in the room; ‘geoengineering’.

I am certain that my mention of Geoengineering comes as no new news to you. Yet as I continue to introduce this concept into our community of farmers, and mothers and fathers and every other concerned citizen, it is met with appalling disbelief. Who would allow such an unregulated thing to occur? One that has such potential to devastate so much?

Our communities are beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together. There is a direct cause and effect. Crops are withering from drought as well as lack of sunshine. Children are becoming ill and asthmatic, and respiratory illnesses are on a rise as they never have been before. As a mother I observe my children coming down with high fevers and chronic coughs days after a big aerosol spray. The fact of the matter is that this war is going on overhead and affecting everything that exists here in California.

We now know that this unregulated spraying of toxic heavy metals in our blue skies has a direct impact on our lands and the health of all living beings. As well, we can watch like clockwork any weather system of potential precipitation in the forecast being directly affected by the onslaught of heavy Geoengineering resulting in the lack of rainfall and drought in California.

These toxic chemicals cannot be legal. How can they be regulated? They have not even been studied and tested as to the human health and ecological impacts.

Clearly you care. You care about the people of California, you care about our environment, and you care about the air and certainly our water supply. How can this enormous and obvious issue be overlooked?

How can we create a ‘no fly zone’ over our children and farmlands before it is too late to salvage any of this?

I am not one to beg but I am really asking you to take note, to step into an arena no one seems to want to touch. As a mother of two young girls and as a woman who has been born and raised in this community, I am asking you take this seriously and incorporate this issue into your vows of protecting us from the enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Thank you for your time Governor Brown.

In gratitude,

Carre Brennan Otis Sutton

Climate Engineering Reality Acknowledged

Many ask “why haven’t the experts spoken out about climate engineering”? A handful of honorable experts have spoken out,  mainstream media is completely ignoring them. Denial, disinformation, and deception, these are the tools of the power structure and their media puppets. Climate engineering is the greatest untold story on the planet, it is also the greatest threat to life on Earth short of nuclear cataclysm. The legions of cowardly scientists, agency officials, and experts, who are perpetuating the lies and denial of those in power in order to protect their paychecks and careers, need to be exposed to the public at large for their part in helping to hide the ongoing geoengineering crimes. The short seven minute video below contains expert testimony on the dire threat posed by global climate engineering.

Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc Around The Globe

Can Snow Storms Really Be Engineered?

There is a mountain of data including already conducted experiments, satellite imagery, lab tests of snow, observations on the ground, and multiple existing patents,  all of which point solidly to the conclusion that snow storms are being engineered on a massive scale with well established weather modification processes.  Two known patents for the process of “artificial ice nucliation for weather modification” are posted at the bottom of this article. The Chinese government has openly admitted they are creating “artificial snow storms” but later backtracked after causing a billion dollars of damage to Beijing.

china snow

If the Chinese government can routinely create snow storms out of what should have been a rain event, how much more advanced must our government and the NATO powers be at this same process? When monitoring radar images of rain during a storm, it is now common to see the rain “flash out” to snow for no apparent reason. No orographic enhancement (when rain moves over mountains), no colliding air mass, nothing. The “meteorologists” at the Bain Capital/Rothschilds/military industrial complex owned Weather Channel, and Weather Central, call this conversion “turning over to snow”. Why would rain just “turn over” to snow for no reason, at above freezing temperatures?

Engineered Ice Nucleation Cools Air Masses

Many of the snow events occurring around the US and elsewhere begin at above freezing temperatures. Some are at temperatures of 10 degrees or more above freezing. How is this possible? Have the laws of physics changed? It is done with various processes of chemical ice nucleation. This is the same as the first aid chemical ice pack. Mix the chemicals and you have ice. Whatever the existing temperatures of a storm and the surrounding air mass at the time the artificial nucleation is commenced, temperatures are lowered significantly further by the nucleation process. If the nucleation process is started at far above freezing temperatures, then the temps can fall to near freezing or well below as the process continues. If the region where an “ice nucleated” event is being carried out is already well below freezing, the temperatures will fall to still lower temperatures. If the chemical nucleation process is inflicted aggressively enough, in already cold regions, temperatures can be driven to deadly levels. There are increasingly radical short term weather swings occurring around the globe, often from record highs to record lows in a day or two time span.

Why Would Those In Power Do This?

First, because they can. Why would the global power elite detonate over 1800 nuclear bombs? Because there is no one to stop these experiments. Because there is no regulation whatsoever of the ongoing global geoengineering programs though many “outlines” for such governance exist, as if these programs are not yet a reality. There are likely other straightforward reasons. 60 years of global climate experimentation have done horrific damage to the global climate system. The planet is warming at an astounding rate. Though there are countless forms of damage to the biosphere, climate engineering mathematically appears to be the greatest single source of damage. Massive ozone holes and methane releases are occurring. Total disruption to the hydrological cycle. Complete contamination of the Earth’s surface and all life forms.  Those at the helm of the global spraying programs are trying to “cover up” the damage that has been done to our planet (much of it from the climate engineering itself)  by spraying yet more, and likely with an ever growing list of toxic elements. Isn’t this the true definition of insanity? Doing the same thing on an ever bigger scale and expecting a different result? Though all available data makes clear that stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) can and does cool large regions temporarily, it comes at the cost of a worsened overall long term warming to the planet.  NASA’s own data confirms this.

What Are The Consequences?

The problems that arise when ice nucleation is imposed on the atmosphere are many. Some consequences we cannot yet know for certain, but what we do know is bad enough. First, the entire  hydrological cycle is disrupted, and in general, significantly reduced. When there are too many condensation nuclei, the moisture tends to migrate in the form of aerosolized cloud cover.

satellite spray

This means less overall precipitation in any form, rain or snow. Though less precipitation is the general rule, when heavy rain systems are aerosolized and chemically/artificially nucleated, significant “heavy wet snow” can still occur) Though the Weather Channel is doing their absolute best to sensationalize all the snow falling in various locations, the fact is there is a “snow drought” in much of the US. Yes, snow is falling, but not in significant amounts and the cold spells are very sporadic in nature. The ice nucleated snow storms create the illusion of a normal winter when in fact all available statistics paint a very different picture. As we get through “winter” and closer to spring, ice nucleated events will become much more obvious. “Above freezing” snow events will become more and more common. Still, it is important to remember that geoengineered snow storms can also be carried out under extreme cold scenarios. Whatever the initial air mass temperatures, the chemical nucleation mix can lower the surrounding temperatures much further. Snow from artificial ice nucleation at higher temperatures is almost always “heavy wet snow”. This is a newly introduced term pushed by the Weather Channel and other main stream media sources. The snow that does fall is toxic. There are numerous lab tests to confirm that the same highly toxic heavy metals named as primary elements in geoengineering patents are being found in this “artificially nucleated” snow. This poisons the air, soils and waters. The effects on the Northern boreal forests are already horrific. Trees are dying in mass and soil PH values are changing radically. The artificially nucleated snow can be incredibly dense and heavy (as already stated) , often causing major damage to trees and structures. How many fatalities have been caused due to the engineered winter catastrophes? Wind patterns and ocean currents are also being negatively affected by the ongoing spraying and manipulation of natural wind currents (the ionosphere heater installations around the globe also appear to be routinely manipulating the jet stream). This in turn is contributing to releasing methane hydrate deposits which threatens all life on Earth (search “geoengineering/methane release” on line). Photosynthesis is also being radically reduced. Extremely expansive “geoengineered” cloud cover results from the particulate dispersement. This type of cloud cover is often in the form of a largely featureless overcast sky.

What Is An Engineered Snow Storm Like, First Hand?

Two years ago I had to suffer through yet another ice nucleated snow storm in the woods of Northern California. In the days leading up to the storm, it was disturbing to watch the local TV “weathermen” trying to explain just how it was going to snow so much when only days earlier our region was almost 75 degrees. They tried to explain how the 30 to 40 mile an hour winds from the storm would mysteriously die down only over the upper Sacramento Valley and that’s when the snow would fall, even with temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s (diminished wind is also a known consequence of atmospheric aerosol saturation/geoengineering spraying, though there are always exceptions where winds can be strong ). As is now the rule, the approaching storm brought skies full of jet sprayed geoengineering trails which covered the entire horizon in short order. A sickly colored light penetrated this toxic canopy from the early morning hours of. Natural clouds eventually drifted into view under the manmade over-story but they did not have the usual majestic appearance as they were “melted” into engineered clouds above due to the aerosol saturation. The leading edge of almost all storms are sprayed heavily. This is the atmospheric river of the storm. The “AR” is a stated area of preferred spraying by the geoengineers themselves. The usual effect of this is a day or so delay of the storm and this case was no different. On that day, the local weathermen did their best to explain why the storm did not come in the day before as originally predicted. It “slowed down” they said. As the evening progressed, the 500 ft snow level that was predicted  for that afternoon did not happen. It seemed in this case the temps were so warm that the big chemical “cool down” took more effort, more spraying. It seemed the geoengineers might not pull it off as by 11 pm it was still raining at the 2000+ foot level on the mountain top where I and my family live. It was still well above freezing. Waking up at 5 am, I could already see broken trees from the massively heavy concrete snow that had apparently started some hours earlier in the night though the temperatures were still above freezing. I quickly bundled up and went outside to beat the “snow” off the drooping lims of countless trees. This is easier said than done in the case of such “heavy wet snow”. It sticks like glue to everything it hits as it is in the process of melting even as it is still falling. It is not like the snow of my youth, fluffy powdery snow which easily came off the trees. There was, as predicted, no more wind. In the silence of the woods, jet after jet could be heard flying slow and low above the clouds. The snow kept falling. Into the night, though soaked to the bone from the soggy snow, I kept up my attempt to save the trees on our mountain. As the night went on, a sound that is very painful to me could be heard in increasing frequency on distant ridges and in deep canyons. Scattered throughout the darkness was the sound of trees crackling and snapping, being crushed under the weight of the “heavy wet snow”. These are native trees, trees that have adapted to the historical conditions in this region. I have been through snow events here that dropped two or three times the depth of this snow with no damage, but this snow is different. Even the Canyon Live Oak, the strongest oak in the region, buckles under the weight and adhesion of this snow. It does not sluff off the trees but only sticks and builds (frequent ice storms have also increased radically due to the chemical ice nucleation process. Later in the night, the sickening sound of collapsing trees in the distant dark was almost overwhelming.

snow fall tree

The only other sound that broke the silence was the constant parade of jets in the clouds overhead flying very low throughout the entire storm. By morning, half of the 20 inch depth of cement snow had already melted. The temperatures were still in the upper 30s and the snow had stopped. Countless broken and uprooted trees lay on the forest floor. Why? At this moment, there were virtually no jets to be heard. None. Soon enough, the snow turned back over to rain.  No jets, no ice nucleation, no more snow at the above freezing temperatures.

What Can We Do?

We are all in a literal fight for life. Our climate system and atmosphere are being systematically ripped apart. Every breath we take is tainted with the toxic metals and chemicals they are spraying. Every bite of food we eat, the same. There is no “organic” anything at this point as researchers from Europe and other parts of the planet  have recently shown. These toxic elements and other influences are being taken into all that lives. On top of this we are all being bombarded by the constant radio frequency transmissions that are also a part of the climate engineering insanity. Educate yourself on this most dire issue. Arm yourself with essential tools for educating others. It is far more productive to hand someone some credible information they can review at their leisure than to corner them with a rant that only puts up their defenses. Examples of information flyers can be found at  “”.  Stand up, make your voice heard by sharing credible data with all you know, it’s now or never.


Engineering The Climate To Shape Public Opinion

2015 vortex
How does the power structure continue to baffle and confuse the US population as to the true state of the climate? By engineering the weather in a manner that creates the desired headlines at times that will create the most impact in regard to public perception. In the coming week the completely engineered “polar vortex” will return just in time to finish out 2014 and bring in 2015. The timing of this completely engineered event will deliver just the sort of headlines needed to continue the totally orchestrated bigger picture confusion that has been the hallmark of the American population in regard to the true state of the climate. My thanks to Roger Landry for outlining the climate engineering deception that is being used to mask an unfolding global cataclysm while at the same time actually contributing to the very cataclysm itself.

Polar Vortex Restarted: Methane & Eminent Catastrophe

Source: The Liberty Beacon, article by Roger Landry

Let us discuss catastrophe beyond anything except a full scale, all out, nuclear exchange … but just as deadly and final … And one that may have already been triggered to the ultimate detriment of all humanity!

There seems to be less and less normal, or naturally occurring, weather as we progress these days. A close look at satellite photos recently shows a massive proliferation of atmospheric spraying and HAARP influence off the Pacific coast of the US generating or initializing another Polar Vortex that will bring another extremely cold snap to the heartland of America, as well as off the eastern coast of the US with the intent of producing the same results in the UK and Europe.

The polar vortex will bring a short spell of severe cold to the central United States. This is being done as a psy-op, to convince the US congress, and the American people, that an “ice age is coming”. This is another delay tactic (like the IPCC), to guarantee the Arctic methane venting goes far enough, that it cannot be stopped. The actual truth, is that the world is heating VERY rapidly, and is passing the “tipping point” right now. So, the weather controllers, who are maintaining the “polar vortex”, are guilty of genocide, ecocide, and violation of Internationale law.

The problem is not only what is being perpetrated … but includes what it is intended to mask, cover up or hide from the masses. Extinction level events are unfolding on this planet as we speak with little to no notice by a vast majority of this planets population … Like cattle being herded ignorantly and blindly to the slaughter.

In the information presented in the above video, please take special notice of the result of intentionally pulling the super cold Arctic air south into central North America and Europe, in what is being described as a Polar Vortex. Warmer air floods in on the backside of this phenomenon to replaced the frigid air drawn away, thus facilitating unnatural increased temperatures in the polar region.

There is a serious need to look at what is developing in the Arctic and understand that loss of ice reflectivity has already set off one feedback loop, where open expanses of water are absorbing solar radiation and driving water temperatures higher. As they continue to climb, an inevitability has been set culminating in a thawing and releasing of massive quantities of methane. While it’s impossible to state a specific point when a runaway scenario could occur, it behooves us to wake up to a real danger right before our eyes … because there are already those stating “The Gun Has Been Fired”.

Dr. Guy McPherson pulls no punches as he updates us with the latest news regarding the “Methane Monster” evidently exploding in the Arctic and Northern regions. The “clathrate gun” has been fired he reports, and the methane clathrate melt levels seem to be increasing exponentially.

At unexpectedly high levels in the atmosphere, methane hydrate gas could exacerbate global temperature rise at such a highly accelerated rate as to create havoc to all life on the planet.

If this is truly unfolding as Dr. McPherson suggests, steps should be taken immediately to ameliorate emissions with the hopes of mitigating negative repercussions.

A great source and Contributor to The Liberty Beacon project, Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch, states “Ch4 (methane) is 20 x more potent (as a greenhouse gas) than Co2 over a 100 year time horizon, we don’t have that much time. Over a 10 year horizon Ch4 is 100 to 120 x more potent, over a 30 day to 60 day horizon it can be as much as 1000x worse than Co2. We are truly in free fall.”

The massive volume of Methane trapped at the bottom of frigid oceans in the form of frozen methane hydrates, does have the ability to end all life on this planet if released in enough volume and over a limited period of time. When the water temperature directly above the sea bed rises, methane hydrates dissolve and release the previously bound methane. This scenario portends that enormous amounts of this very powerful greenhouse gas will be released into the atmosphere resulting in utter, catastrophic and fatal damage to the biosphere … and humanity.

What becomes alarmingly obvious is the unusual and unnaturally warm temperatures that result from intentional manipulation via these polar vortexes in the very areas of this planet where methane is trapped. The release of this killer gas has already begun with atmospheric levels magnitudes above what used to be considered the norm, and some scientists project that if it continues to escape at the increasing rate that is already taking place … continued life on this planet could be all but impossible as soon as the next 20-40 years, with some stating this could actually initiate any time within the next few years … (above video)



trouble_bubbling_in_thearctic.jpeg.size_.xxlarge.letterbox-1Methane bubbles up from warming arctic waters

If you wish to leave a viable planet for your children or grandchildren, if (as some are already saying) it is not already too late, PLEASE do some personal research! This is the most important thing you will ever research because … The genocide of humanity, or the re-terraforming of earth may already have begun, and this my skeptical friends … is NOT a guess !!!

Sources and additional reading:


Vast methane ‘plumes’ seen in Arctic ocean as sea ice retreats

Climate news: Arctic seafloor methane release is double previous estimates, and why that matters

Scientists discover vast methane plumes escaping from Arctic seafloor

Ice-free Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe – scientist




What’s In Our Snow?

There is no natural weather at this point, the entire climate system has been completely tainted by the climate engineering insanity. Artificially/chemically nucleated snow storms are a major component of the geoengineering programs. The observations and photographs below are yet more documentation of the all out chemical assault being waged by the weather makers.

By Laurel Blyth Tague, Ph.D., contributing writer for

Christmas Eve, 2014

I live in western NYS – in Wyoming County, elevation about 1200-1700 ft. Today is Christmas Eve and it is warmer here for this date than I can remember since I moved to NYS in 2000.

My husband just called me out to the garage and said to bring my camera: there was something he found that defies a logical explanation.

Here are the photos I just took, with my Nikon Coolpix 7900 digital camera. It is 51° outside today. The garage door is open, to let in a little “warm” air. All the snow we got in the last ten days, a smidgeon here and there, is mostly melted, with the only exceptions being small spots in deep shade. My husband had to use the snowblower over a week ago but not more than two weeks ago. After he used it, he parked the snowblower in its present location in the garage (slab concrete floor).

Remember, it is 51° right now. It is supposed to go up to 60° today. Temps were mild the last couple of days. No snow for at least a week and it melted when the sun came out. I can post the temp statistics if you want.

These are photos of the “snow” that fell off the snowblower onto the garage floor. At least a week ago.

Look closely at the images below. What you see there that resembles dandelion fibers, or feathers – that is leftover “snow”, that fell on the concrete slab. Over a week ago. After it was caught in the snowblower shield.

You can see in a couple of these photos the rust that looks like cinnamon powdered lightly on some of these “snow” fibers. You can also see the surrounding mud that dropped to the floor is not wet any longer, supporting how long this “snow” has been laying there. These fibers remind me of a product sold around Christmas many years ago, called “angel’s hair” – it was actually spun fiberglass, much like cotton candy comes from melting sugar that is spun at high speed. In fact, I described these fibers as “like white cotton candy that has been chopped up in small pieces.” We scooped up a sample of it. Strands of it easily folds over across itself, like strands of cotton candy can be folded – resembling  a skein of embroidery floss.

Obviously this is what is left when the true, water-based snow portion of the “snow” melts and evaporates. Looks to me like plastic hairs or feathery down.

We do see chemtrails just about every day, some days worse than others. Everyone knows how the weather in this part of NYS has been since the week before Thanksgiving 2014.

Laurel Blyth Tague, Ph.D.
BA, MA, and Ph.D. in math, German, psychology, statistics, and psychometrics
EPIC Voyagers
Vice President & NY State Director










Standing Together Against The Global Tyranny

White House
There will be no tomorrow if we do not stand together today. The gravity and immediacy of the challenges we face cannot be overstated. Yet, even at this late hour so many are completely and willingly oblivious to rapidly approaching darkness. Many who claim to be aware of the dire issues descending on us all have not yet made it a top priority to stand against what is unfolding. All is at stake, all is in the balance. Every single day each of us is needed to assist in the battle  to expose the truth. From our own locations, within our own circles, we can each carry the ball forward in this all important fight against tyranny and injustice. This is not a part time job, but a full time endeavor to preserve life on our planet. The criminal spraying of our skies is the epitome of human insanity being carried out by the global elite. If we could collectively expose this crime, the dominos of the power structure would fall. Make your voice heard, this is not an option, it is a responsibility. The 5 minute video below contains a very important, moving, and motivating message.

Geoengineering Dangers Discussed By Officials, Agency Scientists And Other Experts

On November 21st, 2014, a diverse panel of experts was assembled in Northern California to discuss the profound environmental and human health dangers posed by the ongoing global climate engineering programs. Northern California media completely blacklisted this important event and gave it no coverage whatsoever even though they were notified in advance. There were nearly 500 concerned citizens in attendance from locations throughout the state, and from locations as far away as Alaska. Some of those present in the audience also included city officials, county officials, and other public agency personnel. Why did mainstream media totally ignore this major gathering which presented hard science data on the dire issue of climate engineering? Because corporate media’s job is to block credible data from reaching the public. All are needed to help sound the alarm on the lethal geoenginering programs. Mainstream media will not help us in this critical battle, it’s up to us.

Setting The Record Straight For Those That Truly Care About The Battle To Stop Climate Engineering


Michael Murphy, Kim Moore, And WW101

Unfortunately I have had to waste a day that would have been devoted to the fight against geoengineering in order to address the totally fabricated baseless assault being waged against me and thus the cause of exposing and stopping climate engineering. The recently posted false accusations on a web page and now a 15 minute youtube video made necessary my response.  Such skirmishes are not at all helpful to the cause of exposing and halting climate engineering and I generally always avoid them, but there are times when there is no alternative left but to respond and set the record straight. I stand by everything I have ever stated. The recent and completely unjustified attacks that have been launched against me by Michael Murphy and Kim Moore with the assistance of WW101 are premised on a total fabrications of events. I will make the following attempt to put reality into the equation. Then, hopefully, I and others can refocus on our work that desperately needs to be done in the fight against climate engineering.

RADIO INTERVIEW ON THIS ISSUE (this radio interview was done by Global Sky Watch a day after this article was penned gives further clarification)

About Michael Murphy

I met Michael at the AAAS conference in San Diego, February 2010. I was completely committed to the battle against climate engineering for over six years before Michael Murphy even entered the fight to my knowledge. After the conference I did my best to help Michael pen his first articles. I tried to help him move forward with his film project by purchasing his original hard drives for the movie start up, I did this with my own funds. In the following two years I gave Michael airline tickets to Belgium that were offered to me, I paid for auditorium rentals in Northern California for Michael, organized events, paid for Michael’s rental cars on occasion, and donated funds to him when I could by purchasing his DVDs and then giving them away. Michael’s addiction to street drugs came to my attention in March of 2012 when he was incoherent for two days. During this time Michael’s now former wife called me numerous times (pleading for help) and Michael’s other close friends to inform us that the addiction was severe and ongoing. When Michael sobered up I made it clear to him that he had to seek intervention or I could no longer be associated with him. The rest of Michael’s immediate circle took the same position. Unfortunately, Michael chose the drugs. In the months that passed, Michael’s former closest friends had no choice but to move on, there was no reaching him. Michael began to tell radio announcers and others that I was an agent for Bechtel Power and the government, etc. For the record, I have had no contact with Bechtel for over 30 years, and certainly none with the government ever. I will let my actions and efforts in the anti-geoengineering battle speak for itself. Michael was soliciting funds from people without disclosing his addiction. On several occasions when asked I had no choice but to tell the truth as kindly and carefully as I could. Was this not my obligation? Would it be moral for me to lie to a person that asks me such a questions? Michael claims over and over that his private life is nobody’s business, but is this really true when he is soliciting donations from the public while hiding an extremely serious drug addiction? I hope Mr. Murphy has gotten off the drugs, but the use of these substances has apparently altered his perception of reality as many of the details regarding the chain of events Michael describes are nothing short of completely false. Again, I have done absolutely everything I could to keep from this type disclosure, I have been left with no choice. I still choose not to make public the pages of emails from Michael’s family, close friends, and former wife that would prove beyond any doubt that all I am saying is true (including a restraining order against Michael filed by his former wife due to Michael’s addiction), I simply want to go on with my work. Again, I stand by each and everything I have ever said on this matter. Those that don’t believe Michael Murphy has had a very long history of drug addiction should publicly ask him about this themselves, then see if Michael can convince you otherwise.

About Kim Moore

It is unfortunate that Michael Murphy succumbed to the pressure from Ms. Moore to make false accusations and statements that will ultimately be seen for what they are. I don’t believe Michael would have done this if not for the influence of Kim. Like Michael, Kim has made many statements of events that are totally fictitious. Statements that are not just twisted from her point of view, but simply and patently false. Ms. Moore makes all sorts of accusations that insinuate I have done horrible things to her, also an absolute lie. This is what I have done to Ms. Moore. First, at a meeting with several other women organizers, Kim went into an aggressive verbal assault against a very soft spoken and peaceful woman from the Tea Party (the Tea Party was just one of the groups represented in this meeting). I could not just sit silent so I made it clear to Kim she was out of line. The fact that I stood up to Kim’s attack against the woman seemed to infuriate Ms. Moore. The following day, at the Shasta County Presentation in Redding California, Kim again showed her lack of self control. After an extremely successful meeting (which Kim did play a part in organizing), Kim could not keep quiet but kept yelling at the officials in the meeting until the Board of Supervisors had to call a recess. This was an unfortunate big blemish on an otherwise flawless event. As the auditorium emptied out, I went to the front of the room and said the following, “Kim, you are not helping our cause, you should shut up”. This is the extent of what I have done to Kim Moore. Any that want to verify this should watch the full length video of the Shasta County presentation, the voice of disruption that can be heard from the front row of the event just before the recess was called is Kim’s. Standing up to Kim’s unhelpful and unreasonable behavior in the Shasta County meeting is apparently what has triggered Ms. Moore’s rage. I have just been sent copies of email posts put up by Ms. Moore herself that confirm her struggle with pharmaceutical drugs and psychological issues. I could repost this information, but feel it would not be ethical even though it discloses a clear factor in this equation and was found on a public post. As already stated, Kim’s accounts of events vary from completely spun to completely false. Again, I stand by every statement I have made on the subject at hand and every action I have taken in the fight against climate engineering. I believe Kim reveals herself and her intentions very clearly in the attack messages directed at me that are contained on her Facebook posts in the link below.

Blatant Attacks and False Accusations by Kim Moore

Those that want to view Kim’s disruptive and uncontrolled behavior at the Shasta County Supervisors presentation (regarding geoengineering)  can view the link below at the points indicated. After her second uncontrolled outburst, the meeting was recessed at the expense of all in attendance.

Look at 4:00:39 – 4:02:00 (Kim Moore’s first outburst)

Then, again at 4:05:25  (Kim Moore’s second outburst that led to recess)

Then hear Supervisor Moty’s reprimand at  4:17:28 – 4:18:45

And Chairman Les Baugh’s conclusion between 4:19:00 – 4:20:31

Shasta County Board Of Supervisors Meeting

About WW101

I have indeed made clear my disagreements with WW101 and I stand by everything I have stated in this regard. WW101 has put out some good and I believe accurate information about NEXRAD radar, but other videos put out by WW101 are completely unhelpful and untrue. Some of the WW101 videos blame all the weather disruptions on the sun without so much as mentioning the climate engineering issue. Other videos state that all the moisture for storms is coming from power plant cooling towers. This conclusion is so far from reality that it does not even deserve a response. Now it seems that WW101 is branching out to personal attack videos in the effort to try and extract revenge from those who don’t agree with his “its all just the sun” or his “cooling tower” theories.

Bottom  Line

Anything else I have ever said on the record about any other news site or source of information is solely for the purpose of correcting data and statements that are not supportable by available facts and thus not helpful to the cause of exposing and stopping climate engineering. When people mix their theories about multicolored aliens and the coming ice age into the climate engineering issue, it does not give credibility to our cause, rather such inappropriate and incorrect information moves the cause backwards. I again stand by my position on refuting these subjects when others try to blend them with the fight against climate engineering.

Though many will likely speculate that all this turmoil is somehow the work of government operatives trying to create division, in my opinion there is no truth to this in this particular case. There is so much strain on people as the walls close in on us all that some are simply snapping. The end of our former paradigm, which this period certainly qualifies as being, requires a steadfast holding to truth and facts. We need to be in this together, and not allow ill behavior or egos to divide us from making progress. We all suffer the results of geoengineering’s ill delivery, and fighting this means we don’t have time for any nonsense.

All my focus will now return to my ongoing work, I will end with the link below.
Dane Wigington

Media Blackout Of Geoengineering

Populations around the globe are waking up to the fact that they have all become test subjects in the lethal climate engineering experiments being conducted in our skies without their knowledge or consent. As citizens organize with experts to present hard science data to address their legitimate concerns, mainstream media continues to do its best to marginalize or omit any credible coverage of the facts. My most sincere gratitude to Garrett and Kristy Wallen for the 6 minute video below which sheds light on the completely irresponsible and immoral actions of mainstream media in regard to the issue of global geoengineering programs.

Climate Engineering Pilot Disclosure?

The two letters below were forwarded to “The HAARP Report”, these texts were sent to me by the administrator of that site. The message source claims to be relaying statements from a US military pilot that is part of the ongoing aerosol spraying nightmare occurring in our skies day in and day out. Are the statements authentic? Is the source credible? I have no way of confirming in either case. This being said, the dots do connect with what I believe these pilots are being told. The power structure command always conveys a very simple message to troops, it’s us or them. This is the basic theme below that is described by the alleged pilot. The fact that the climate modification aspect is not aluded to at all is not a surprise. Informing military men and women participating in these programs of this aspect would greatly complicate the equation. Such disclosure would likely cloud the “black and white”, “us against them” mindset that those in power use to manipulate our brothers and sisters in the military. I am posting these messages as a matter of public disclosure. Though we have no way of verifying the validity of the posts below, the statements and assertions contained in the messages warrant examination.

First Relayed Message

I lived thru two hurricanes in the philippines. Scary.
My cousin who was fired by our dictator, just before making brigadere general, sent me information given to him by a friend, who is still an Air Force pilot. This pilot is saying that he flies CHEMTRAIL flights!
This pilot told my cousin that this global engineering effort, goes by the name of Indigo Skyfold. At least within the circle of pilots and aviation crews, that he works with. They are told to fly specific routes, and satellite com links control the aerosol dispersal patterns. He says that they only make course corrections, from time to time, and perform landings and take-offs. Pilot, navigation and maintenance crews are rotated constantly, and only spend about 18 months at one given base. He states, that is to keep pilots and their families from making too many friends, and ending up with “Loose Lips”. Plus, they also rotate between day and night flights. One base for daytime flights, and one for night. Each base covers a 250 mile zone, and each fleet (squadron) of planes can cover Three States, or an even larger swath of ocean.

They are told to simply do their job and “Shut the F*ck Up!”
Their superiors will only tell them. “It’s a matter of National Security”
“Without these flights, our enemy’s newest technological weapons of war, could easily penetrate America’s air space, at will. We are dedicated and committed to keeping our allies safe, from the same skyward threats. So we extend the arm of protection, to those countries who support our efforts. Hostile nations are also building Atmospheric Shields, while in the same discourse. Trying to explore weaknesses in our ever developing, air and space-based technologies.”

Sounds more like a PR statement to me.
I think this pilot, either believes what he is told. Or, he is simply trying to sugar coat their Genocide Project.

I told my cousin to ask him:
Why would you spray deadly chemicals and heavy metal toxins, down upon your own children?
If you knew that chemtrails and HAARP, were killing them (your family) faster than any weapon, our enemy could possibly design? Why continue to spray? Why do you not refuse orders and allow a court martial (Of hundreds of chemtrail pilots), to stop this and draw public attention, to this Agenda?
For your children’s sake, Why?

I will let you know, what his response is.

Second Relayed Message

My firewall detected multiple intrusion attempts, when I googled the Indigo code as well. Zero info to be found on the internet, for this operation. That is unique.
I received a rather (lengthy) reply, from the chemtrail pilot. Here is that text, from his (or her) email.

First of all, I would like to say;
I do not agree with my mission assignments. But, what soldier ever truly does?
Several of us have considered bucking the ranks, and going AWOL from time to time.

We are kept in the dark, when it comes to getting honest answers about what we are really spraying.
Should they discover that we, or our families, are actively inquiring about your so called “chemtrails” term. Then, automatic and swift disciplinary actions will be taken. HAARP and Radar, are two other non-allowed research subjects.
Unless our children are learning about these in (base) schools. We cannot educate ourselves, or our children, through any public tutoring system.

I would not intentionally spray my children or family with toxic aerosols. But, you must know. 80% or better, do not have any family, or children. Indigo pilots are chosen from the top ranks, within the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. Most of the pilots are “Hardened to Humanity”, and could care less about killing off, unwanted or “Leaching” aspects of America, and the world. I swear to you. The majority of the pilots are like Machines. I call them (Tanker Terminators).

I should not be telling you this. But nearly one-third of all flights, are being orchestrated from small un-named islands. Where newly constructed bases, are being built, at a rate of eight per year. On these extremely remote islands, there are HAARP arrays of every possible design. With many arrays surrounding these islands, within the depths of the ocean itself. The Navy has developed sophisticated underwater construction technology. That allows fully autonomous robot submersibles, to travel great distances, and even manufacture parts for these massive under water arrays, as they progress across the open sea floor. Every time that you see or hear about military excercises at sea. They are basically there to give support and resupply, their army of underwater robotic minions. There is possibly, one aquatic robot per plane, and will soon be double that.

You will never be able to google Earth search any of this. Other than an occasional error, in blurring some island bases, or smudging images of underwater arrays. It is impossible to locate all these artifacts. They even paint fake clouds, over some of our island installations, to keep prying eyes away. I have been shown some of these images, by civilian friends. That is the reason I know this.

I completely understand your concern for human safety.
But, here is the Kicker.

We are shown videos in our training, of catastrophic destruction to our homeland, by very sophisticated weapons.
Then told, that these will be the consequences, if we don’t fly. Our efforts in building a defensive atmospheric weapons shield, are the only missions of it’s kind in the world. We are paid more than any other pilot, for our service. Other than Air Force One pilots. Who make as much or more, and are also kept in a dark secret world, for their protection.
They tell us that secrecy is our protection, and not to listen to any public rehtoric.

We all know about cyber program “flashpoint”, or FP-03 as it is known within the veteran community. This program is a Self Destruct sequence, that can be remotely activated, from any ground, water, underwater based, or other air mobile unit. The signal is encrypted through “Three” satellites, and cannot be jammed or blocked.
At any given moment, you could only have 15 seconds, to make peace with your God.

They tell us that FP exists, to keep planes from accidentally going down in heavily populated areas. They can remotely detonate our planes, over safe zones. But in the back of our minds. We are pretty sure, this is a fail-safe program to keep pilots from turning over assets, to any public, private or civilian authorities.

Have you ever seen any member of the crew, survive the few crashes that have occurred? Every plane that has gone down, was completely destroyed. For a good reason, I’m sure.

We risk our lives, in more ways than one, every single time that we fly. Especially night flights. They are ordering us to fly at lower and lower altitudes. We feel like massive “dark force Empire” crop dusters, and know that one night. Bubba, or Billy Joe will fire their long rifles at us. When we spray their moonshine making operation, or pass over an illegal mary jane crop.

I know for a fact that some planes have been shot at, and subsequently brought down. By mostly Russian, Chinese and Korean weaponry. But, the media will never cover these events. As they are not allowed to report on our flights either. That must be true, for I have yet to see a detailed or in-depth report of our missions. On any public venue. Other than conspiracy shows and anti-government websites.

I risk everything for disclosing so much information, and you will find very few like me. Even my own flight crew, would have me arrested and court martialed, if they knew of this dialogue. That is why I cannot email you directly.
But, from what your cousin tells me. You are also risking everything, just to get this information out to your colleagues.
I salute you sir, for standing up to the establishment, and big brother.

I would love to go home tomorrow, and not rack up one more single minute of flight time. Except for a sweet little Piper Cub, or Rat Tail Barn Racer!
I miss those beautiful Blue skies, from my youth, and I am ashamed for hazing over that dream.
Maybe, more of my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well.
I only know a small fraction of the larger picture, and they compartmentalize everything.
Should I become aware of any (new) significant developments. I will email your cousin.
Blue Jay 1

The Worship Of Government As A Religion


“Statism, The Most Dangerous Religion”, this is the title of the 12 minute video below. Populations have been trained and conditioned since their youth to blindly and unquestioningly do the bidding of their government. This fact should be petrifying for us all. Without such blind obedience from citizens of the state, the atrocities which are constantly committed by governments around the globe would never come to pass. We must all work together toward the critical goal of waking the masses to their own blindness. Once the awakening gains enough momentum, there will be no stopping it. My gratitude to the makers of this video.
Dane Wigington

The End Of The Human Race Will Be That It Will Eventually Die Of Civilization (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Gary Foreman (the author of the article below) is from the movie industry, he was in one of my favorite movies, “The Last Of The Mohicans”. Though Gary was killed 4 times in this movie, he is fortunately still with us. The list of dire problems associated with the constant spraying is long and includes causing problems for the film industry. “Period” films cannot have sprayed jet trails in the background. Gary’s angst over the climate engineering issue is articulately expressed in his writing, I am very grateful to Gary for the insightful article he penned below for . We certainly need all the help we can get from the entertainment industry, and society as a whole. This battle will take all of us.


The End Of The Human Race Will Be That It Will Eventually Die Of Civilization (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

By Gary L. Foreman, contributing writer to

It’s human nature to take things for granted.  Through life’s conditioning, we gradually assume that something we see on a daily basis will always remain so.  That’s how I used to look at the sky.  But that’s changed, completely.  Over eleven years ago, while filmming an eighteenth century documentary in Virginia, I began to realize what so many other photographers, scientists, and thousands of aware citizens had already experienced.  Little did I know that my perception of the sky I took for granted was changing rapidly.

Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger

Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger
This video presentation was done in Northern California on November 21st, 2014, it is a wake up call. When the ship is going down, one must prioritize their time, their actions, and their energy. The planet is dying. Though there are countless forms of damage to Earth from human activities, climate engineering is mathematically the greatest single source, it is the epitome of human insanity. Our society has been very well trained to turn two blind eyes to the big picture, and to simply spend their time and energies only on their own pursuit of personal pleasures. If this paradigm is not overturned, and people do not choose to stand and face the challenges closing in on us, we will have no chance. Now is when we decide why we are here. Now is when we decide what it means to show our love for our children. If life on Earth is to have any possibility of survival, if our children are to have any chance of a future, we must all stand together in the battle to preserve what life is left on our once thriving planet. If we do not act today, we will not have tomorrow.

Smoking Gun Proof Of Atmospheric Spraying

How do we know our skies are being sprayed? Because we have film footage of the crime, of jets spraying at altitude. This is the logical end of any argument or dispute on this issue. Climate engineering is not speculation, it is not theory, it is a verified fact confirmed by film footage. Those that deny what they can see with their own eyes are simply not ready to wake up. A film of the crime occurring (in this case atmospheric spraying of aerosols from jet aircraft) cannot be rationally disputed. This being said, there is also an enormous amount of additional proof to fully confirm the reality of global geoenginering (lab tests of atmospheric fall out, climate engineering patents, global governance documents, congressional documents, etc), and more proof is added to the existing mountain of data every day. It’s up to all of us to confidently stand our ground when attempting to wake others up to the climate engineering crimes, we absolutely have the proof to confirm the reality of global geoengineering. All of us need to join together in this critical fight. My sincere gratitude to “IT’S the 11th Hour and It is Urgent” for capturing and forwarding the film footage in this video.

Record Warm Oceans And Eco System Collapse


The climate engineers are confusing some of the population with their jet stream manipulated chemical ice nucleated engineered temporary “cool-downs”, but the bottom line for the temperatures on our planet are the oceans. A cubic meter of sea water can carry 4000 times the thermal energy of a cubic meter of air. Global ocean temperatures are shattering high temperature records month after month (GLOBAL land temperatures are also being shattered). All of this is happening even without an “el nino” event which will sooner or later make the whole situation much worse still. The climate engineers have been actively trying to push back the el-nino by holding the “ridiculously resilient ridge” of high pressure over California. This alters the trade winds which helps to hold in the heat the Pacific Ocean is trying to release. Those that want the truth about the actual state of the climate will examine breaking information with actual statistics and facts from the ground instead of fabricated headlines from people and special interest groups with agendas. In the meantime, the mercury is continuing to rise on planet Earth. The ongoing climate engineering insanity is making an already critical climate situation exponentially worse overall.
Dane Wigington

Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe


By Dane Wigington

The Silencing Of Scientists As The Power Structure Takes Control

Undated handout image shows a lab technician at the Human Genome Science lab in Rockville

The human race and all life on Earth is plummeting  toward extinction on the current trajectory, where is the voice of reason and science? The cancer that is the global power elite has successfully paid off, threatened, corrupted, or otherwise silenced the scientific community that should be sounding the alarm on countless fronts. Now, special interests are the source of the “science” that determines our collective fate. From the blatantly visible climate engineering assault taking place in our skies day in and day out, to the GMO insanity and countless things in between, the unravelling of the biosphere and the web of life is accelerating rapidly. The global population must be awakened to the war that is being waged against them by those in power. So many in the science community will come out from the shadows if we the people can provide the cover to do so. All must do their part to sound the alarm. The 2 minute video and article below are shocking testimonials as to the hijacking, corrupting, and/or ignoring of the science community  at all of our peril.
Dane Wigington

A Shocking Dose Of Climate Reality

How bad is our climate situation? How much damage has actually been done? The 5 minute video below is an absolute MUST WATCH, my most sincere gratitude to the makers of this extremely informative and important video. This information is condensed, extremely hard hitting, and absolutely critical. Confusion and division in the population must be shattered so that all can unite in a common cause to change the direction of humanity before our once thriving planet is beyond any hope of recovery. We collectively face countless and immense challenges, but the largest single leap we could take in the right direction is to expose and halt global climate engineering. The ongoing geoengineering programs are literally filling our atmosphere with megatons of toxic metals and chemicals on top of all the countless other sources of atmospheric pollution. Our planet MUST be freed from the climate engineering insanity. We must all sound the alarm, every day counts.

The Rollout Of Geoengineering


Source: The Sleuth Journal, article by Bernie Suarez

The systematic pre-planned roll out of geoengineering and aerosol spraying of our skies is now in full swing. This attempt to roll chemtrails out to the general public was predicted and anticipated by many in the movement for years, but now we are seeing the actual implementation of the agenda. Chemical spraying nation-wide has been relentless for years. All of humanity has been watching planes dropping their artificial sustained chemical trails which artificially start and stop whenever chemical barrels are empty or when perhaps the person or system controlling the release of these chemicals from the planes needs to. All of this has been happening in broad daylight. We’ve watched as these unmarked planes with transponders in the off position sneak around the skies (go to and confirm this for yourself). These same non-passenger planes are known to loop around and fly back in the same path previously traveled.

Whistleblowers have come out and confirmed many segments of these mass operations. I have personally interviewed someone who had regular access to a large military Air Force base and confirmed the spraying of the “white stuff”.  Others have taken up to sampling soil, water and air samples, all which have turned up exponentially high levels of improbable metals, and the accompanying pH increases that come with that. Many of the metals found just happen to match the metals required in the same weather modification patents issued to U.S. defense contractors. All of these metal elements are incompatible with life. All which have deleterious effects on all of nature, its life forms and its life cycles. All of these realities ignored by the U.S. government, its mouthpiece politicians and the mouthpiece geoengineers.

All of this information only confirms and vindicates the whistleblowers who have spoken out against chemtrails spraying operations. For years now, chemtrails operations have become common knowledge, having been exposed world-wide from deep in the trenches of the movement to the public and private letter writing efforts to politicians and other agencies informing and inquiring about these programs and asking for their help. At some point in say, the last 5-10 years the movement started getting attention from segments of media, but the script eventually became clear; chemtrails was to be denied and not talked about. Soon we saw those stories about chemtrails go away, ignored, side-step and even replaced by other environmental concerns.

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich may have learned about the need to keep chemtrails in denial mode the hard way when his brother was mysteriously “found dead” in his own home. Was this foul play? Who knows, but this much is factually known, Kucinich was also the one who specified “chemtrails” in his Space Preservation Act of 2001. He wasn’t kidding. The opposition and its internet trolls would have you believe he didn’t really mean chemtrails. It was all a misunderstanding. Anyone believes this? We may not know who was behind the mysterious death of his brother, but we do know Kucinich never spoke about chemtrails again.

As for the movement against chemtrails, it has been met with as much resistance and propaganda as any movement. My hat goes off to the chemtrails-geoengineering activists. They’ve had to watch as the control system literally re-edits old movies and animated films to insert chemtrails into them. This is the same system that is re-educating the children that cirrus clouds and geometrically straight (tic-tac-toe) lines in the sky are part of natural cloud formation. We’ve watched paid trolls defend chemtrails by asserting (blindly) that persistent contrails is the ordinary phenomenon which explains how temperature-humidity variations dictate whether planes can change today’s weather in a matter of an hour or two. These are just some of the piles of lies that the chemtrails movement has been subject to, up to now that is.

Up to now, the globalists and their politician minions have been sitting on the deny card. This plan is about to change. The trick is how to go from covert to overt. How to say we admit we’re doing it, but then sell the item as a good thing. This is a job that can only be pulled off by Barack Obama and his administration. In times like these, you need a sales closer to close the deal. Someone who can convince the victim that the punishment is good for them. Like a master slave relationship. Look for example, at how Obama is selling mass surveillance to the American public, even comparing the dreaded NSA to American heroes like Paul Revere. The control system knows no one can sell tyranny to America the way that Obama can. They know that the time to flip the mass perceptions of various conspiracies against humanity is now, while the current president is in power, and there is no time to waste. The rolling out of geoengineering seems to be well within this timing.

The move to roll out geoengineering and chemtrails seemed to have accelerated after the September 2013 revelation that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was prepared to put out a climate report that admits the earth had actually been cooling since 1998. This information which conflicted with all the global warming claims had to be dealt with in a manner that is conducive to continued spraying and continued advancement of agenda 21 and global carbon tax. Thus since then the administration signed an executive order to take over all climate change legislation. Then SHOWTIME cable network launched ‘Years of living dangerously’; a TV show promoting global warming and its ties to climate change. This also called for late year press releases from media reminding viewers that global warming is still alive … in the form of global cooling, of course! This also pushed IPCC to put out the official claim that since 1998 we are simply in a global warming “pause”.

As if that wasn’t enough propaganda, the control system then launched an attempt to go for it all. In early December 2013 government geoengineering front man David Keith goes on a national TV late night show and announces solution a; we need to spray the skies to help cool the planet against global warming. As if activists, informed citizens and critical thinkers don’t exist, Keith makes his claims on the Colbert Report to the sarcastic reaction of both host Stephen Colbert and the crowd before walking off seemingly uncomfortably. Had we seen the last of it then or was the system planning other moves to roll geoengineering out to the general public? As the New Year began, we all knew they were not done, but no one could know for sure which direction the control system would go next. Now we know.

Now we have a clearer picture of where the agenda is going in their quest to roll out geoengineering. Ironically, it was about mid-way last year when I received an email from someone defending against one of the videos posted on my website, asking me to take it down. The person said they agreed with much of the content and videos on the site, but this one video in which an individual recorded a chemtrails pilot admitting they are spraying is attributed to Weather Modification Inc., a weather modification company as the name clearly implies. The person claimed this company is legitimate and nothing to do with the chemtrails operations.

Why is this important? Because this raises fundamental questions such as; are we to view the spraying of metal particles chemicals to manipulate the weather as a “good” chemtrails spraying? Is spraying of metal particles (including silver iodide, aluminum, barium and strontium) approved by we-the-people? Have the long term effects of spraying been examined by physicians and health experts and deemed safe? How are these spraying programs being conducted by Weather Modification Inc. different from the spraying programs we are observing every day in our skies? What else does Weather Modification Inc. do? What if all chemtrails operations can be attributed to Weather Modification Inc.?  Does that give the public a reason to finally accept chemtrails as a normal operation being conducted by government good-guy contractors for your own good?

Let’s explore even deeper questions like: What public statements can Weather Modification Inc. issue regarding chemtrails planes? If what they are doing is moral and acceptable to the public, why isn’t Weather Modification Inc. upset about the chemtrails planes ruining their work? For example, if I’m a pilot with Weather Modification Inc., wouldn’t it concern me that while I’m dropping silver iodide, etc. in the atmosphere to create rain, another unmarked plane could be flying around dropping ‘other’ non-approved chemicals on the same atmosphere I’m working on. Where’s the conflict? Wouldn’t this scenario present massive problems and potential wasted money? That would actually give Weather Modification Inc. twice the reasons to protest chemtrails. After all, those planes illegally dumping chemicals are a threat to the effectiveness of Weather Modification Inc.’s work and a major threat to their reputation. If Weather Modification Inc. really believed this, wouldn’t they themselves want to track the chemtrails planes and want to file a lawsuit, criminal investigation or freedom of information act or anything to fight back against chemtrails? Is this a textbook example of compartmentalization of knowledge?

I think it is. Listening to the chemtrails pilot, it almost sounds like he genuinely doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong. It takes us back to the U.S. Air Force CHEMistry 131 manual with the ‘Chemtrails’ written all over the front. Surely most, if not all US. Air Force pilots will study this manual and not think this could be used in a bad way. If nothing else, the video above shows how they get the pilots to do the work. This is the magic of compartmentalization of knowledge.

Now in Southern California, where chemtrails operations have been at an all-time high, with chemicals being dumped at record levels into the sky every single day, we are now experiencing an engineered “catastrophic” drought. However, we know that where the ability to make rain exists the ability to stop it also exists. This is the fundamentals of weather control. This truth is being hidden from the public as Weather Modification Inc. has now been rolled out to the general public in a local news segment reporting not only the emergency drought that we are in, but the solution being delivered by Weather Modification Inc. After seeing this report, it occurred to me we’ve come full circle. Problem, Reaction, Solution. Another solution being offered to an engineered problem. Of course, we’ve known all along, this is how the control system operates.

So even though control of the weather was considered conspiracy not very long ago, now it is being put out into the public as a good thing. The history channel told us years ago, it (chemical spraying) was being used as a weapon (for creating drought and heavy rain) against potential enemies; even so, some disregarded the History Channel documentary as fiction and insisted all of this was conspiracies.(?) Now it’s being sold by local news as a solution to the current engineered west coast drought.

For a movement that has been eerily ignored, mocked and marginalized, the challenge now becomes to focus on the players that are choosing to play a role in the overt rollout of the chemical spraying crimes against humanity. Activists, informed citizens and critical thinkers need to expose these new players and claims seeking to insert their lies and deception into the hearts and minds of the masses. The same way that geoengineering front man David Keith was laughed off on the Colbert Report is the same way we, the awakened critical thinkers and concerned citizens must look to expose Weather Modification Inc. and any contractors, military or corporations who continue to work toward the agenda that involves the geoengineering of our planet. All geoengineering must stop now and we all have an obligation to demand this stops. I have never consented to inhaling nano-sized metal particles that are known to be dangerous to the human body and nature. This is exponentially worse than the dangerous vaccines the establishment is forcing on your children. This is unapproved mass genocide and human experimentation, all of which is prohibited by the ethical guidelines that apply to all experimental subjects. The first being knowledge. For any experiment to be considered ethical, the subject must have knowledge of the experiment being conducted on him/her. This knowledge has been hidden and these experiments on nature and humanity continue unapproved.

Let us never accept these lies and propaganda which have been planned in advance to usher in the rollout of geoengineering. Educate your children and keep sharing this relevant information about science, ethics, plane tracking, visual evidence and personal observational studies, and the hidden nature of the secret pseudo-science government studies that are supposed to prove that somehow ordinary emission from average planes can be emitted during normal flight and simultaneously change the weather. Think for a minute, how did the Wright Brothers miss this massive global climate altering side effect of their planes, and why didn’t this massive plane flight side effect make it to the literature and books about planes all these years? Why doesn’t anyone recall seeing lines in the sky before say 2000? Where are the childhood photos with chemtrails in the background? Did we all suffer from mass visual illusions of deep blue skies only?

This spraying agenda is very much a part of the global government plans for control admitted by the U.S. Air Force which has stated goals of controlling the weather by 2025. This control is already much more advanced and possibly in full effect now. Let’s keep the pressure on government to release the information they know about these spraying operations and let’s demand criminal investigations into those heading this agenda.  Let’s keep a mental note of; Thou shalt not be fooled, in the back of our minds as we continue to fight for exposure and criminalization of all forms of unapproved unethical geoengineering.

Will we ever get our once beautiful blue skies back? Will it happen in our generation? It doesn’t seem very likely given the pace of lies, deception laced in massive compartmentalization the system is embarked on. We may not know how this will end but let us at least focus on who the players and tactics are, so we can channel our energies and efforts in the most efficient way.

 Source: The Sleuth Journal, article by Bernie Suarez

Monsanto Has Purchased “Climate Corporation” For Nearly A Billion Dollars, Why?

Monsanto purchased “The Climate Corporation” in 2013, why? Because those who are connected to the climate engineering insanity (and the decimation it is causing) need to control the flow of information in order to better capitalize from the ever increasing engineered disasters. Controlling the message makes for better manipulation of the farmers struggling from the geoengineered destruction. The post below was sent to me from activist Melody Meachum, my gratitude to her for this. It is a summary of statements made by Monsanto and the Climate Corporation just prior to the purchase being completed, the message is sickening for those that know the truth of the matter. Monsanto and Climate Corporation state how much they will be able to help the agriculture communities when in reality their goals have long since been clear to any who investigate, to capitalize off the engineered decimation being carried out on our planet. I spoke in front of “The Climate Corporation” headquarters in San Francisco at the request of the “March Against Monsanto” group. At this event I made clear the connection between Monsanto, The Climate Corporation, and climate engineering (the photo above was taken at this event).  Below is a short comment from Melody Meachum followed by the carefully crafted public propaganda message from the Monsanto/Climate Corporation merger group.


The Monsanto/Climate Corporation Machine Of Deception


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