Denial – Hey, That’s My Story – Oh, Your’s Too?

We are dumbfounded -  those of us deeply concerned about geoengineering and chemtrails –  by the apparent inability of so many people to see, acknowledge, or care about blatantly obvious chemical  trails in the sky.


The Weather Channel Switches To Reality Shows


By Dane Wigington

In the last three plus years, the “Weather Channel” has increasingly shown it is not so concerned about covering accurate information on the weather. Reality shows are now its main feature. In years past, whenever one turned on the “Weather Channel”, one got the weather. Not so any more.

Climate Engineering Toxic Fallout And Northeastern US Tree Die Off

dead tree

Trees are dying at an astounding rate all over the globe. Even in areas that are getting plenty of rain the die off continues to accelerate. This short video is an excellent documentation of the alarming tree die off in the US North East. The film maker had been observing the increasing tree decline and eventually connected the climate engineering factor. The highly toxic fallout from the ongoing geoengineering programs is devastating all life on our once thriving planet. It is imperative that we prioritize the effort to expose and stop the spraying in our skies, this effort will take all of us.
Dane Wigington



Climate Engineered Dustbowl In The West

dried reservoir

This map is as unnatural and historically unprecedented as they get, but now it has become the norm. Each color shade represents up to a three degree temperature range. As the map below makes clear, this means that the West may be 15 degrees above normal or more, and the East may be nearly the same below normal. While the population goes about business as usual as if nothing is wrong, the weather makers are burning the West to the ground. The engineered heat and drought in the West are so severe, recent studies indicate nothing like this has happened in at least 2000 years and even that statement is likely conservative. Is the unprecedented nature of the record warm West and record cold East being acknowledge by official agencies? Yes, the NOAA article further down this page admits to this fact as it is impossible to hide. It is important to remember that NOAA is little more than a branch of private defense contractor Raytheon. Raytheon is a primary player in regard to climate engineering patents and programs. The geoengineers have global populations by the throat with their weather warfare machine of insanity. The highly toxic fall out from these programs is getting worse by the day also. We are all in a fight for life right here and right now, all are needed in this battle to bring climate engineering to a halt.
Dane Wigington

Geoengineering Investigation Demanded by Shasta County Residents

people in room

On July 15th, 2014, citizens from Northern California rallied to create the largest attendance ever at the Shasta County Supervisors chambers (400+, chairman Les Baugh confirmed this attendance record at the start of the meeting). The primary purpose of this meeting was to present information that proves there is a very dire heavy metal contamination and UV radiation issue across the Shasta County region (and the world). A list of 10 experts presented data to the board to confirm the legitimacy of the concerns being addressed. At the end of the presentation, the board voted unanimously to investigate the heavy metal contamination and passed resolutions accordingly. The video below documents the events of this landmark day in the fight to expose the crime of global geoengineering, all experts are identified with labels in the video (the new edited, condensed version).
Dane Wigington

California Crushed By Climate Engineering Assault

food grows where water flows

Conditions in the state of California are beyond belief. There are no sounds in the dead and dying forests as streams and lakes completely dry up. The off the chart UV radiadion beaming through the heavy metal aerosol filled skies is intolerable. It is uncomfortable to stand in direct sunlight even for a short time. Foliage is being scorched by the searing sun that is blasting through the radically depleted ozone layer, yet another consequence of the geoengineering insanity. The article below was just released by Natural News and authored by Richard Sachs. Richard has been in the fight for the common good for a very long time, my thanks to him for penning this constructive and informative piece. My thanks also to Natural News for helping to sound the alarm on the incredibly dire catastrophe being inflicted on the once golden state by the geoengineers.
Dane Wigington

Waking Up The Masses


Sometimes it takes a billboard to get things done, and sometimes it takes lots of them. The billboard above is on Interstate Hwy 15 heading into Provo, Utah. My most sincere thanks to the couple that helped get this sign up. Though they wish to stay anonymous for now, they have done much for the cause of exposing the climate engineering nightmare, they deserve our gratitude. The word is getting out fast and people are truly beginning to “Look Up”. Lets all keep pounding the drums of the great awakening, our time is now.
Dane Wigington

Setting The Record Straight For Those That Truly Care About The Battle To Stop Climate Engineering


Michael Murphy, Kim Moore, And WW101

Unfortunately, and with great regret, I have now been forced to temporarily abandon my work on the geoengineering issue to address the all out assault being waged against me. The recently posted false accusations on a web page and now a 15 minute youtube video made necessary my response.  Such skirmishes are not at all helpful to the cause of exposing and halting climate engineering, but there are times when there is no alternative left but to respond and set the record straight. I stand by everything I have ever stated. The recent and completely unjustified attacks that have been launched against me by Michael Murphy and Kim Moore with the assistance of WW101 are premised on a total fabrications of events. I will make the following attempt to put reality into the equation. Then, hopefully, I and others can refocus on our work that desperately needs to be done in the fight against climate engineering.

About Michael Murphy

I met Michael at the AAAS conference in San Diego, February 2010. I was completely committed to the battle against climate engineering for over six years before Michael Murphy even entered the fight to my knowledge. After the conference I did my best to help Michael pen his first articles. I tried to help him move forward with his film project by purchasing his original hard drives for the movie start up, I did this with my own funds. In the following two years I gave Michael airline tickets to Belgium that were offered to me, I paid for auditorium rentals in Northern California for Michael, organized events, paid for Michael’s rental cars on occasion, and donated funds to him when I could by purchasing his DVDs and then giving them away. Michael’s addiction to street drugs came to my attention in March of 2012 when he was incoherent for two days. During this time Michael’s now former wife called me numerous times (pleading for help) and Michael’s other close friends to inform us that the addiction was severe and ongoing. When Michael sobered up I made it clear to him that he had to seek intervention or I could no longer be associated with him. The rest of Michael’s immediate circle took the same position. Unfortunately, Michael chose the drugs. In the months that passed, Michael’s former closest friends had no choice but to move on, there was no reaching him. Michael began to tell radio announcers and others that I was an agent for Bechtel Power and the government, etc. For the record, I have had no contact with Bechtel for over 30 years, and certainly none with the government ever. I will let my actions and efforts in the anti-geoengineering battle speak for itself. Michael was soliciting funds from people without disclosing his addiction. On several occasions when asked I had no choice but to tell the truth as kindly and carefully as I could. Was this not my obligation? Would it be moral for me to lie to a person that asks me such a questions? Michael claims over and over that his private life is nobody’s business, but is this really true when he is soliciting donations from the public while hiding an extremely serious drug addiction? I hope Mr. Murphy has gotten off the drugs, but the use of these substances has apparently altered his perception of reality as many of the details regarding the chain of events Michael describes are completely false. Again, I have done absolutely everything I could to keep from this type disclosure, I have been left with no choice. I still choose not to make public the pages of emails from Michael’s family, close friends, and former wife that would prove beyond any doubt that all I am saying is true (including a restraining order against Michael filed by his former wife due to Michael’s addiction), I simply want to go on with my work. I stand by each and everything I have ever said on this matter.

About Kim Moore

It is unfortunate that Michael Murphy succumbed to the pressure from Ms. Moore to make false accusations and statements that will ultimately be seen for what they are. I don’t believe Michael would have done this if not for the influence of Kim. Like Michael, Kim has made many statements of events that are totally fictitious. Statements that are not just twisted from her point of view, but simply and patently false. Ms. Moore makes all sorts of accusations that insinuate I have done horrible things to her, also an absolute lie. This is what I have done to Ms. Moore. First, at a meeting with several other women organizers, Kim went into an aggressive verbal assault against a very soft spoken and peaceful woman from the Tea Party (the Tea Party was just one of the groups represented in this meeting). I could not just sit silent so I made it clear to Kim she was out of line. The fact that I stood up to Kim’s attack against the woman seemed to infuriate Ms. Moore. The following day, at the Shasta County Presentation in Redding California, Kim again showed her lack of self control. After an extremely successful meeting (which Kim did play a part in organizing), Kim could not keep quiet but kept yelling at the officials in the meeting until the Board of Supervisors had to call a recess. This was an unfortunate big blemish on an otherwise flawless event. As the auditorium emptied out, I went to the front of the room and said the following, “Kim, you are not helping our cause, you should shut up”. This is the extent of what I have done to Kim Moore. Any that want to verify this should watch the full length video of the Shasta County presentation, the voice of disruption that can be heard from the front row of the event just before the recess was called is Kim’s. Standing up to Kim’s unhelpful and unreasonable behavior in the Shasta County meeting is apparently what has triggered Ms. Moore’s rage. I have just been sent copies of email posts put up by Ms. Moore herself that confirm her struggle with pharmaceutical drugs and psychological issues. I could repost this information, but feel it would not be ethical even though it discloses a clear factor in this equation and was found on a public post. As already stated, Kim’s accounts of events vary from completely spun to completely false. Again, I stand by every statement I have made on the subject at hand and every action I have taken in the fight against climate engineering. I believe Kim reveals herself and her intentions very clearly in the attack messages directed at me that are contained on her Facebook posts in the link below.

Blantant Attacks and False Accusations by Kim Moore

Those that want to view Kim’s disruptive and uncontrolled behavior at the Shasta County Supervisors presentation (regarding geoengineering)  can view the link below at the points indicated. After her second uncontrolled outburst, the meeting was recessed at the expense of all in attendance.

Look at 4:00:39 – 4:02:00 (Kim Moore’s first outburst)

Then, again at 4:05:25  (Kim Moore’s second outburst that led to recess)

Then hear Supervisor Moty’s reprimand at  4:17:28 – 4:18:45

And Chairman Les Baugh’s conclusion between 4:19:00 – 4:20:31

Shasta County Board Of Supervisors Meeting

About WW101

I have indeed made clear my disagreements with WW101 and I stand by everything I have stated in this regard. WW101 has put out some good and I believe accurate information about NEXRAD radar, but other videos put out by WW101 are completely unhelpful and untrue. Some of the WW101 videos blame all the weather disruptions on the sun without so much as mentioning the climate engineering issue. Other videos state that all the moisture for storms is coming from power plant cooling towers. This conclusion is so far from reality that it does not even deserve a response. Now it seems that WW101 is branching out to personal attack videos in the effort to try and extract revenge from those who don’t agree with his “its all just the sun” or his “cooling tower” theories.

Bottom  Line

Anything else I have ever said on the record about any other news site or source of information is solely for the purpose of correcting data and statements that are not supportable by available facts and thus not helpful to the cause of exposing and stopping climate engineering. When people mix their theories about multicolored aliens and the coming ice age into the climate engineering issue, it does not give credibility to our cause, rather such inappropriate and incorrect information moves the cause backwards. I again stand by my position on refuting these subjects when others try to blend them with the fight against climate engineering.

Though many will likely speculate that all this turmoil is somehow the work of government operatives trying to create division, in my opinion there is no truth to this in this particular case. There is so much strain on people as the walls close in on us all that some are simply snapping. The end of our former paradigm, which this period certainly qualifies as being, requires a steadfast holding to truth and facts. We need to be in this together, and not allow ill behavior or egos to divide us from making progress. We all suffer the results of geoengineering’s ill delivery, and fighting this means we don’t have time for any nonsense.

All my focus will now return to my ongoing work, I will end with the link below.
Dane Wigington

INFOWARS Continues To Help In The Critical Battle To Expose Climate Engineering

spraying in wide open spaces

Our most sincere thanks once again to Alex Jones and INFOWARS for throwing their full weight into the critical battle to expose the toxic spraying in our skies. Global climate engineering is the biggest and most important untold story on the planet. The ongoing lethal geoengineering programs hold life on our biosphere in the balance.
Dane Wigington

The Climate Scientist Who Pioneered Geoengineering Fears Its About To Blow Up

Ken Caldeira posing

For most of us it is difficult to imagine lying as a job description, how does one face their own image in the mirror when deception is their stock and trade? Practicing deception and disinformation for a profession is even more shocking when the subject being lied about has already most certainly cost the lives of untold millions around the globe. In fact,  global climate engineering is of such immense gravity that it is putting all life on Earth at risk. Ken Caldeira is an individual that apparently lacks any sense of honor, morality, or conscience. He is generally unable to look you in the eyes, I know as I have met him. Caldeira now says climate engineering is “about to blow up” as if it has not already. Ken Caldeira needs to be exposed for his constant campaigns of total deception. I highly recommend examining this link to the last exposé on Caldeira before moving on to the just released article below. The information contained in the link is essential to better understand the mentality of those that have led us all to the point of almost certain extinction. Caldeira’s professional email contact is also contained in the hyperlink above, let him know what you think of his behavior.
Dane Wigington

Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe


By Dane Wigington

Clouds, What’s Real? What’s Not?

colors in clouds

By Dane Wigington

Many in the anti-geoengineering movement have focused almost exclusively on the horizon-to-horizon trails, but such obvious spraying is only a small fraction of the aerosol operations in our skies. As the public continues to wake up to the criminal climate engineering, the geoengineers appear to be going to considerable lengths in the attempt to make the spraying less obvious.

The Engineered Incineration Of California


Dane Wigington

The once “Golden State” is literally being fried by what can only be considered an all out weather warfare assault. Our own governments ongoing climate engineering programs are wreaking havoc on American populations. The constant aerosolizing of the atmosphere is radically reducing precipitation over California as well as totally disrupting the storm track upstream from the State. Rain that should have fallen in the West is increasingly coming down in deluges further east, welcome to geoengineering. The map below is stark confirmation of the factors already mentioned.

Government Weather Manipulation Exposed

Infowars and Alex Jones have given a very important presentation on the most critical issue of global climate engineering/geoengineering.  More and more in the independent alternative news community are realizing the dire and immediate threat posed by the aerosol spraying crimes. More and more are realizing that if climate engineering is not stopped, soon enough nothing else will matter. Our thanks to Alex Jones and Infowars for this very helpful presentation.

Assault By Global Weather Modification

Climate change, how bad is it

My thanks to the editors of “Lotus Guide” (a Northern California magazine) for their courage in addressing the dire threat posed by our collapsing biosphere and also for helping to expose the climate engineering factor in this equation.
Dane Wigington

The Planetary Burning Rages Out Of Control

burning forest 2

The NOAA map below shows the climate engineered frying of the Western US is scheduled to continue. The ever darker colors of shading over the west shows degrees of warming above “normal”. The relentless aerosol spraying of the skies is creating heat, drought, and fires that are literally transforming the Western US.

The Geoengineers Believe Its Their Right To Control Earth’s Life Support Systems

Ken Caldeira 2

The picture above is of internationally recognized geoengineer Ken Caldeira from Stanford University. A sidekick of geoengineer David Keith, Caldeira has two very distinct faces. The public face disputes and completely denies any notion that global geoengineering is a reality. Caldeira actually mocks any that attempt to disclose the climate engineering nightmare, so clearly visible in our skies day in and day out. But what sort of conversation does Ken have privately? Take the time to read the email exchange below, which occurred between Caldeira and some of his colleagues. Like Caldeira, the individuals in this exchange apparently feel it is their right to make life and death decisions for populations of the planet. They discuss how to control media in order to limit public awareness and concern over the geoengineering insanity, which is their stock and trade. The men in this exchange thought their conversation was private, but this time, that is not the case. If you are not OK with people like Ken Caldeira deciding your future and that of your children, let him know yourself on the email contact for Ken, which is in the exchange below. If you don’t think people like Caldeira and his colleagues have the right to completely contaminate your air, soils, and waters with the climate engineering fallout, tell them in a personal message. Though Ken Caldeira is just a public disinformation pawn in the overall climate engineering juggernaut of insanity, he is the epitome of the psychotic mentality behind this insanity. Its up to the public to hold people like Caldeira responsible for the crimes of which they are a part. Lets all do our best to expose Ken Caldeira and those like him for what they are.
Dane Wigington

Evidence Conclusive: Ukraine Military Shot Down MH17 In False Flag Operation


US And Ukraine Fabricated Evidence To Blame Russia And The Rebels 


Source: The Millennium Report

There is now a growing body of irrefutable evidence which points directly to the MH17 shoot down being a classic false flag operation. Each piece of evidence definitively places at least three nations at the scene of both the crime and the cover-up.

Why are massive numbers of sea creatures dying along the west coast right now?


Source: Activist Post

Never before have we seen so much death along the west coast of North America.  Massive numbers of sea stars, bluefin tuna, sardines, anchovies, herring, oysters, salmon, marine mammals and marine birds are dying, and experts are puzzled.  We are being told that we could even see “local extinctions” of some of these sea creatures.  So are all of these deaths related?  If so, what in the world could be causing this to happen?  What has changed so dramatically that it would cause massive numbers of sea creatures to die along the west coast?

Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California (Live Presentation)


The western US is under an all out climate engineering assault, California most of all. The Weather Makers can shut the hydrological cycle off from the once “golden state” for as long as they wish. Satellite images and NOAA maps shown in this presentation are shocking and revealing to say the least. Whatever one wishes to consider as the agenda of those in power, one conclusion is certain, the drought in California is a direct result of the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Weather warfare is now being waged on the American population.
Dane Wigington

Don’t Think The US Military Is Concerned With The Climate? Think Again


Dane Wigington

There are still a great many people that can’t bring themselves to imagine that the mighty US military would have much if any concern with the state of global climate. Many that cannot even begin to believe that the same US military would be actively involved with ongoing climate modification “Manhattan Projects” (global geoengineering programs, SAG and SRM). The glaring reality is that climate change and the manipulation of the global climate system are top priorities for the US military.

Scientist Speaks On The Record About HAARP Caused Floods

flooded house

The ongoing weather warfare is wreaking havoc on planet Earth. Climate engineering is combining with other forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet, this combination will become rapidly more destructive. The unravelling of the biosphere’s life support systems is bringing more drastic consequences by the day. As Earth descends into meltdown, the dominant military powers continue to wage weather warfare which is further worsening an already badly damaged climate system. Crops are declining, ecosystems are being torn apart and populations are being decimated. Finally it seems some scientists are showing the courage to speak out.

Dane Wigington

Racing Toward Total Extinction

dying planet

While billions around the globe still occupy their time with completely meaningless distractions and entertainments, life on Earth is literally imploding. The level of mainstream media spin and omission in regard to what is unfolding is difficult to comprehend. The general public is all too willing to accept the factless facade that is fed to them day in and day out while life on Earth disintegrates around us all. Our collective future quite literally now rely on those that are awake and willing to help sound the alarm. Standing still and complaining to others about the converging catastrophes will not help our situation. We must all learn to effectively reach out to all the groups, organizations, and individuals that are still oblivious to the immediate peril we face. Every single day matters.
Dane Wigington

Protecting The Internet Is Not An Option


We must all work together in the fight to protect the internet and our full access to it. Without this critical form of communication, we will all be flying blind with no idea what is going on in the world around us. Losing this vital form of information is not an option, lets all rise to the occasion and stand our ground.

Countdown to Reset the Net this week! Some of the world’s largest websites are planning a coordinated action Thursday to oppose mass surveillance online.

Climate Engineering Threatens The Planetary Civilization

flooded city

Geoengineering Using Chemtrails and HAARP Intensifies Global Warming


“Engineering The Climate” : A Congressional Report.


Dane Wigington

While the “scientists”, the US military, and numerous other governmental agencies, continue to deny the reality of the massive global geoengineering programs, the enormous machine that runs these ever expanding programs continues to grow in plain sight. Those that are attempting to expose the truth regarding the planetary weather/climate modification aerosol spraying are still marginalized by the state sponsored mainstream media which is all too willing to do as it is told by those in power.

Dying Fish, Dying Oceans, Are We Next?

dead fish

As the implosion of the biosphere picks up momentum by the day, the denial of “authorities” and “agencies” is beyond rational comprehension. Does the concern for ones government job supersede their will to protect the future of our children? Does the desire to protect ones employment exceed any and all sense of honor and the priority to protect life on Earth? The dying off of fish populations around the globe is not so mysterious as the so called “experts” would have us believe. Planetary meltdown is now unfolding at a blinding pace and climate engineering is forcing the issue to an even more dire state. There are countless human activities contributing to the unfolding environmental cataclysms which surround  us, those who deny this are not looking through a clear lense. Global geoengineering is also a reality that is likely the single greatest climate and environmental disrupting factor of all. Those who deny this have their heads buried in the sand as well.

Behind the Geoengineering Curtain

IPCC Meeting

Warming Oceans, Warming Planet, The Bottom Line.

Geoengineering is Destroying the Ozone Layer


So, How Bad Can It Get? Just when it seemed the negative news surrounding global geoengineering could not get any worse, it absolutely can and is.

Climate Assault Could End Life On Earth


A Veteran Journalist’s Perspective

“Straight From The Heart” is an exceptionally well researched article just penned for by veteran Canadian journalist Will Thomas. Will has given so much of his life’s energy to the fight against climate engineering through his extensive research, writing, and activism. It is an honor to feature his work on our site.  —DW

by Will Thomas

There’s nothing like a collapsed artery to re-arrange priorities! On returning home, I instantly dropped all wheat, sugar, junk food and processed meals. I’d been meaning to do this for years. Now it was all so easy. Remembering that morning and the one that followed, all I had to ask myself was, “Is eating this worth my life?”


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