Geoengineering: A Chronicle Of Indictment


Dane Wigington

For over 7 decades covert climate engineering / solar radiation management (SRM) programs have been insidiously expanding and accelerating in skies around the world. The catastrophic consequences of global geoengineering operations are now manifesting at an unimaginably exponential rate. The ongoing climate intervention SRM aerosol spraying assault is blatantly visible in the skies above us, yet, the majority of global populations have so far, unfortunately, chosen to blindly accept the official denial of these programs. "Geoengineering: A Chronicle Of Indictment" is a compilation of almost 250 categorized articles which address the most relevant questions about the critical climate engineering issue. The text is intended to provide a record of this research and the conclusions it produced. The accompanying DVD is titled "Hacking The Planet". With over 3 hours of total content, this DVD contains multiple menu options including comprehensive power point presentations, compelling aircraft aerosol spraying film footage, and a testimony of experts which include former government scientists, former pilots, and physicians. This informational package also comes with a just assembled and released, very comprehensive, 20 page full color 6 x 9 booklet that contains the most hard hitting and undeniable climate engineering facts and photos available. This critical awareness raising tool is printed on full glossy 100lb heavy paper to make it more durable. 

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Below are some of the important endorsement statements for "Geoengineering: A Chronicle Of Indictment". These individuals have shown great courage by making their voices heard in the critical battle to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering insanity.

Charles Jones, B/Gen. USAF (Ret)
Former Tactical Weather Reconnaissance Pilot
Dual qualified Pilot, WB-66D (Weather) & RB-66C (ECM Passive) & EB-66E (ECM Defensive).
1958- 1962, in all Cold War of Europe, England, Africa, Mediterranean and Atlantic

When people look up into the blue and see white trails paralleling and crisscrossing high in the sky little do they know that they are not seeing aircraft engine contrails, but instead they are witnessing a man made climate engineering crisis facing all air breathing humans and animals on planet Earth. These white aircraft spray trails consist of scientifically verifiable spraying of aluminum particles and other toxic heavy metals, polymers, and chemical components. Toxic atmospheric aerosols used to alter weather patterns, creating droughts in some regions, deluges and floods in other locations and even extreme cold under other conditions. Developing disasters (like massive ice melting in and around the North Pole) are “Never” mentioned by privately owned and controlled news media. Massive releases of methane gasses are venting into the atmosphere, contributing to area warming and to huge forest fires in far northern timberlands.

Unfortunately these unfolding catastrophes are not capturing the attention of America’s citizens nor present day politicians. Failed politicians to date? Not even the radio frequency technology from facilities like HAARP have captured the attention of enough concerned citizens and politicians of the world, even when these radio frequencies have the known ability to manipulate weather, earthquakes, tidal waves, deplete oxygen essential to life, and contribute to burning forests. What is so noted above is collectively termed as GEOENGINEERING. Dane Wigington, founder and author of, documents this world wide crisis that must quickly be taken hold of, because this weather warfare has already almost reached beyond the distinct possibility of massive devastation to all mankind and animals. Dane’s book, that is a must read especially by all caring Americans, is titled “GEOENGINEERING: A CHRONICLE OF INDICTMENT” requires the collective backing all citizens in this fight to save all humanity and air breathing animals. It’s that serious and is time limiting.   — Charles Jones, B/Gen. USAF

Bill Vander Zalm, former Premier–Governor of British Columbia, Canada

For many years, people have been asking me about Climate Control, Geo-Engineering, Global Warming, Climate Change, Greenhouse gases and Chemtrails. My stock response is “follow the money.” The most obvious one is Chemtrails (geoengineering aerosol dispersions), we can see them everywhere in the sky above us. What people don’t seem to realize is that we are not just seeing Contrails, which dissipate quickly, but instead a spraying into the atmosphere of Sulfates such as Aluminum, Barium and Strontium, to reflect back the sun, a poisonous cocktail that eventually rains down on all living things be they animal or plant life.

In the summer of 2013, after much pressure from fellow British Columbians, I requested, from the government of Canada, through “Freedom of Information”, their involvement in Climate Control programs. After a rather lengthy wait, I received a 47 page report of which 10 pages of relevant information were completely blanked out and 6 pages blank with only the statement “information withheld pursuant to sections of the Access of Information Act.” So much for Freedom of Information.

The report did state that “Solar Radiation Management” was underway and dealt extensively with a number of approaches to combat Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming and Climate Change and identified two types of Geo Engineering those being “Carbon Dioxide removal” and “Solar Radiation Management.” It goes on to say that science is converging on the need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions immediately in order to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius. The document refers to a program to increase the reflectivity of the atmosphere via sulfate injections, a process said to be by the anti-geoengineering activists, the spraying by airplanes, into the atmosphere, of Aluminum sulfate, Barium and Strontium and evidenced by what appears to be “Contrails”- jet condensation trails – except that instead of disappearing in seconds, they spread and stretch from horizon to horizon, linger crisscross and spread for thousand of feet in the sky. The report also identifies “stratospheric aerosol injection” (SAI) as a relatively cost effective process and that the spray evidence remains in the sky for only a few days.

My concern is that when the government of Canada gives us what information they did, but in spite of “Freedom of Information Legislation, keeps a third of it secret,what information could the American Government reveal? I’m  also concerned that when governments try to influence nature by some government program, we’re in trouble, big trouble. Thank you Dane Wigington keep fighting for the total truth about secret government climate control programs.   — Bill Vander Zalm

Kevin M. Shipp, A decorated former CIA Officer and author of "From the Company of Shadows" 

What is going on in the skies above us? What used to be the blue skies we all remember, are now covered with multiple grid-like, thick streaks that remain for hours, then spread to a canopy covering virtually the entire sky. On some days, a thin white haze hangs over geography far from polluted cities and air traffic. Manmade sunsets appear in chilling patterns on the horizon. What is causing the record-breaking temperature fluctuations and bizarre weather patterns we are seeing across the globe? Would our government do such a thing? You bet it would. History has shown us this, time and time again. In his book, “Geoengineering, a Chronicle of Indictment,” Dane Wiginton presents compelling research and documentation pointing directly to covert programs of geoengineering, weather warfare and climate manipulation. If our government is engaging in a covert program of this magnitude, so far beyond the point of no return, this represents a kind of tyranny never seen before in human
history. This book is a must read for everyone seeking the truth behind what is occurring over our heads.  — Kevin M. Shipp

Allan Buckmann
Weather Observer U.S. Air Force
Wildlife Biologist, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Retired

I find Dane’s presentations in concert with my personal observations of weather modification and concerns for Earth's Biosystems. I sincerely appreciate his insightful efforts as he presents the case.

As a trained weather observer (USAF), I began to closely follow Jet Cloud creation in 2002, and I soon realized jets were creating cirriform cloud cover almost daily in unusual and unnatural patterns. I discovered that only some jets emitted huge volumes of material that stayed suspended for long periods and spread out over the sky. Clearly they are not historic contrails. With today’s jet engines they should not exist. I observed unmarked aircraft that fly in patterns, emit multiple colored trails with unnatural cloud types together and cloud types are not based on natural weather fronts, aircraft turn around, and for the most part they are not commercial airlines. This is all empirical data and shows cloud creation is a managed program for sky cover and/or haze.

I had two immediate concerns with the program. First, such continual cover with cirrus creates a greenhouse effect that increases global warming and dimming, and second, changes in cloud cover alter normal weather patterns that govern ecological cycles. As a trained wildlife biologist (38+ years) this poses a serious alteration of species habitats and survival, including our own. Species that cannot adapt rapidly die off. We are looking at profound alteration of our natural world.

Aerosols have to be Nano size to stay suspended long enough to make clouds, and some now last days. Testing of water, snow, rain, and plants found wide accumulation of aluminum, strontium, barium, and other metal mixes. California drinking water records indicate every drinking water supply in the state was first contaminated by these metals in 1987. Aluminum does not occur in a freeform state but is tied up in compounds, so the contamination came from a manufactured source and applied by air … this fits the jet cloud scenario. Coal ash-fly ash contains similar metals as a possible source. Aluminum buildup in the soil turns it more basic and changes the plant communities and species composition.

This continual spray program is believed to be a major weather factor in present species extinctions, massive global warming, and droughts, floods, dying vegetation, deadly fires that burn hotter with metallic particles present, and chaotic and extreme weather.

Military weather warfare is based on combining metallic cloud cover with directed radio frequencies using HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project, ionosphere heater) scalar technology. They can move the jet stream, create superstorms and earthquakes and much more using focused beams of energy to bounce off the metallic cloud cover and amplified to alter temperatures and hit at specific locations. Nicola Tesla said he could use this scalar technology to split the earth with the correct frequency. The military wants to own the weather by 2025, and all evidence suggests they are using it daily over our heads.

The program seems to be a continuation of weather warfare the USA has been using since we rained out the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam to hamper troop movements and supply lines. Weather war and manipulation programs have been ongoing world-wide causing chaos to environmental systems ever since. It seems that to discuss it is a threat to “National Security.” This may be due to the fact such programs are illegal by international treaties, or because there has been no public review, or they don’t want you to know what they are doing because you will object. The entire circus of “What we can do” has already been done, and its effects are all around us. It is time for full disclosure.

If you want to understand the truth about Weather Geoengineering based on a huge library of facts, empirical observations and testimonials, you need to read this book. There are literally thousands of supporting facts, observations, pictures and credible whistle blowers behind this work that bring the truth to light. You have been lied to for many decades about this covert program. Government control and secrecy was illuminated this past year (2016) when President Obama placed a gag order on the Weather Bureau and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to discuss geoengineering after a NOAA scientist asked the question in a published paper “Are jets accidentally doing geoengineering?” This secrecy is why no agency will discuss the issue with you or explain the many environmental anomalies witnessed in weather today, and uses shills for disinformation. This is a dangerous program. Read on and learn more … it is time.

Thank you for your tenacity Dane.   — Allan Buckmann

Francis Mangels, 
35 year USDA veteran biologist/soil conservationist/forester/wildlife officer
Degrees held in Forestry, Zoology, Geology, Fisheries, and Hydrology

"Something's Wrong with the Sky" is a poem I wrote back in 2001, before I knew Dane Wigington.  When we first visited, I knew something was happening from my observations as a scientist with the USDA.  When I retired in 2008, I was free from the restraints, bullying, and harassment of my administrator and co-workers. Having known Dane now and followed the material, witnesses, and facts proving geoengineering is a solid fact, as well as proving it with my own research, I heartily recommend his book, "Geoengineering: A Chronicle of Indictment", this may be one of the most important books of our time.

Francis Mangels, retired 35 years GS-11, USDA

William Thomas, award-winning investigative journalist, former pilot and ocean sailor, author of “Chemtrails Confirmed”

When I broke this story for Environment News Service in 1998 and popularized the term “chemtrails”, neither myself nor the editors of this worldwide wire service suspected the full extent and dangers of this ill-advised climate engineering program. After nearly two decades of continuous aerial laydowns, this spurious “cover” is pulling the trigger on Abrupt Climate Shift – hastening the terminal meltdown of the Arctic, mass die-offs of forests, untold agony and deaths among Earth’s community of living beings, and a Permian-level ocean extinction event. Bless Dane Wigington for carrying on this fight. If there is one person who understands how human-produced climate shift and climate modification have become inseparably intertwined, you will meet him in Geoengineering, A Chronicle of Indictment. Dane Wigington is right on. Heed his warning. Stop the geoengineers now.  — William Thomas

Every article contained within the text can easily be searched online (by the individual article title) in order to access the data, charts, photos, maps, graphing, and article source hyperlinks contained in each original online article posting. Numerous climate engineering / weather modification patents (and links to essential related documents) are also contained within the 725 pages of the text. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the individual that is responsible for assembling the articles in this publication and for organizing its printing. Though this individual wishes to remain anonymous, her efforts to compile and categorize the research articles from was the cause of this book's creation. My ongoing nearly 80 hour work weeks in the anti-geoengineering battle have long since prevented me from undertaking any such effort. Again, "Geoengineering: A Chronicle Of Indictment" is an assembly of summarized articles that can be easily scanned through to locate articles of interest for particular questions. As stated earlier, every copy of the book comes with a comprehensive informational DVD "Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, And The Collapse Of Civilization" that contains over 3 hours of additional visual fact backed powerpoint information and expert testimony covering the critical climate engineering issue. This educational DVD is NOT COPYRIGHTED so that it can be FREELY RE-COPIED AND FURTHER DISTRIBUTED (so long as it is not sold for a profit). Sharing the data contained in this DVD will greatly assist with crucial geoengineering awareness raising efforts. The human race is at an unimaginably critical crossroad with converging catastrophes closing in from countless directions. It is imperative for us all to properly prioritize our time and energies toward fully facing the most dire and immediate threat we collectively face. The ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare assault is decimating the biosphere in countless ways and contaminating every breath we take with highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals. Of all the dire challenges currently faced by the human race (and the entire web of life), exposing and halting global geoengineering programs must be considered the great imperative. If this could be accomplished, it would be the most critical single leap we could make in the right direction. This effort will require each and every one of us, make your voice heard, time is not on our side.

Details for the book / DVD package are below DW book 1

The 725 page "Geoengineering: A Chronicle Of Indictment" book, a 20 page full color booklet (that contains the most hard hitting and undeniable climate engineering facts and photos available) and our most recent DVD package is $25, USA ONLY (USPS shipping $5). We are no longer able to ship internationally. This informational package has been priced as close as possible to the cost of producing and handling. Every package also includes a complimentary bumper sticker, our latest version is shown below.

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There is only one goal, to help with the effort to sound the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue. Any remaining proceeds from the sales of this informational package will go 100% back into the ongoing effort to raise public awareness on the critical climate engineering issue. Due to our constant workload in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, we will be mailing packages just twice a week. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. If you wish to order materials in bulk quantities, please contact us at

120 Responses to Geoengineering: A Chronicle Of Indictment

  1. NWO ASS KICKER says:

    It is to humanities shame that there are not more comments on this extremely important site. Unfortunately the truth of so many of us being programmed throughout childhood, adolescents, and continuing through adulthood has been highly effective. UNPLUG people. Pull your heads out of your asses if you care/love your children and grand children. We truly are ineffective against this global attack, but understanding what is happening and what is to come, is vital for us to have a chance later to cut the head off the giant. So very much to say, and just not enough time. I must FOCUS, FOCUS, and FOCUS more, on what I must do for me and my family. It TRULY is sad that those who we needed to count on to do what is RIGHT, and ETHICAL, have no balls and truly are nutless. I wish I could face some of the so called pilots and show them the anger we all feel. They are more than nutless…they are evil seeds from evil parents. Stick that in your pipes and smoke'm you pieces of shit. I know you scum scan this website and read our comments, so go piss up your rope, because that is all you're good for. 

    For the people who'm hate evil, like I do, build your own "fallout shelter". this is what "they" have been doing for decades. "They" own the skies, and through the Boring Company and many other tunnel making companies, "they" will soon be ready to press their "reset" button and when they do, "they" will all be cozy in their luxury bunkers….think about it…."they" keep us focused on all the bullshit we can't stop, spending $ on shit….i mean supplies, that wont help us….unless, we have a place to go underground like them….makes sense. 

    In closing I'd like to boldly and without fear, nor apologies, say a hearty FUCK you pieces of SHIT that SOLD US OUT! I'm naming you all: George Bush Sr. and little Jr, Barrack Hussein Obama and his bitch wife, ALL of their so called PUPPET MASTERS, ALL CORPORATIONS who have given billions, supposedly to those who seek to destroy us, FUCK OFF and DIE any of you spinesless pussies connected in ANY WAY with evil shit being perpetrated on humanity. EVEN TRUMP! Fuck off Orange Hair! you sold out to big Pharma, YOU signed the Emergency Declaration on March 13, 2020 that started a lot of SHIT! You all are in "the club", with HITLARY and BILL who are your friends behind closed doors! You ALL are evil pieces of shit, along with Newsom, Kamala, and all communist governors. Go fuck yourselves.

    Yahweh will be holding these people accountable. 

    Love what is good, HATE what is evil.

    Watchman ><> swimming against the current of the world system and the NWO—–><>—–


  2. Mr_Yesterday says:

    Dane, would you please furnish a medium and a large bumper sticker w/ interesting graphics, like perhaps the graphics from your book cover?  Am glad to see the local 1360 am khnc out of northern CO has picked up your show.  Listened to your interviews there too.  Been referencing your efforts for some time now.  Please furnish bumper stickers and t shirts, they can end up in the most unusual but visible places, may stand the test of time (for what time is left), and can really help spread awareness and bring in new customers.  I'd be happy to have your bumper sticker on my truck.  anonymous from CO, Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Mr_Yesterday, thank you for standing with us in this battle. We have now made our bumper stickers and shirts available, you can find them on the home page of our website. Again, my thanks to you and all others that are making their voices heard in this last hour effort to sound the alarm.

  3. Researcher says:

    This book is excellent, I love reading things on a printed page (easier on the eyes) and it covers all the important points in this matter in a logical way.  I highly recommend it for those who have trouble reading things online like I do.

    Thank you so much!!!

    Right now as I write this, just before I hit the submit button, there is a LDOS media lab, california Irvine "lowdown on science" radio propaganda ad playing, quoting David Keith and how even though the wind turbine farms are showing to actually raise the ground temperature, it's OK because it's better than the temperature raises from pollution!  The way they present the information is as if they are speaking to a toddler.  It's horrific how they are using the media to brainwash everyone, especially the children.  I thank The Good Lord every single day for the research and resources here at GEW, it's literally a lifesaver!

  4. Judy says:

    I feel ashamed that I did not put this together sooner.  I am not educated past an associates degree, which means nothing, as to be in the World , how can one not know something is wrong? I am an outdoor person ( I even work outdoors all day long, so you can imagine what I see)! I have a cell phone solely for my business.  I am not interested in mainstream distractions.  I have walked to a different drum since childhood.  I have found myself on edge much of my life, as though there is something amiss in the energy of the air.  But like many (most)? of us, I am overwhelmed by "keeping" up with my day, getting my work done so I will have the funds to visit my family and have some "fun" in life.  I have always tread lightly on the Earth.  The horror of the skies came fully to my attention 4 years ago due to an amping up of military jets terrorizing the good folks of Lopez Island, WA.  This was not a terror of sights , but of noise, and just what were they up to? Later, back in Seattle I would continually be looking up, there are so many strange aircraft in the skies these days, and then the poison started showing itself. I have traveled quite a bit.  I have always been looking up, I am not a ground watcher!  How did i not see this? Now when I see what is as close to "blue" as a sky can be these days, I am filled with dread as I know, generally in short time, that will be marred.  I have always been angry with humans.  The mass of us is a dim self involved non evolved being.  But I realize I cannot be mad at others for not noticing. More population works inside , they're all nervous about the next payday, the insane cycle of control our towns have over us, let alone the country and the World Powers. What I am mad about now, is when someone actually sees the evidence and makes a conscious decision to stick their head in the sand.  When you present a flyer , send the link to them, and it's "just too much" .  Really?  I stick flyers in magazines everywhere, Little Libraries, any post board I can find.  I do not believe there is hope.  Not when advanced technology resides in the hands of the all powerful alone, and frankly, most technology which is considered more simple, is still more advanced than the masses of our basic brains can take.  Still, Dane , and those like you , are my heroes.  I will continue to spread the amazing knowledge provided. 

    • Coral Deshotel says:

      Good God Judy – you sound just like me!!!!  I could have written this email you composed.  I have worked at the Space Center and the Air Force Station in Florida for 40 years now.  I'm still out here.  Everyone calls me a dinosaur because I refuse to follow the mainstream and 'get with the program' of submitting to world technology!  I'm a maverick.  I was raised with very, very strong love for God and don't believe He's a space alien that we can 'aspire' to when we get smarter….I have a mobile cell but it NEVER goes shopping with me or stays beside me during the day.  It stays in my car for emergencies if needed and I'm NOT a 'texter'.  I will not submit to 'the powerful' in the world that control the masses.  What Dane has researched and put his life on the line to inform others is ALL TRUE.  I know.  Everything you stated in your email I just read is ALL TRUE and at least makes me realize that I'm not all alone.  On the Coast to Coast AM radio program last night (4/5/21) I listened to Dane talk and I've read his research in the past as well.  He's just wonderful – but we are the minority in how we think anymore.  I'm so glad you are out there Judy and maybe someday you will find the time to email me.  I would love to hear from you.

  5. Freespirit says:

    When all evidence is considered proving to all,including and ESPECIALLY those who are ORDERING the creation those "Chemtrails", that what they are doing is causing the murdering Humanity and much of life on this planet but they continue to do it, proves what………….THAT they are deliberately causing GENOCIDE!!!

    To STOP the Genocide, we must discover who, at the TOP,  BENEFITS from such (Qui Bono).and hold them responsible PERSONALLY..

    Such an EVIL  desire would require a SUPREMACIST Psychopathic personality.

    There are only 2 groups  who could fit that PROFILE- Supporters of the Christian OLD Testament and/or the Jewish TALMUD.

    Those 2 groups, CONTROL the UNITED STATES,most Western Countries and   are presently destroying the Middle East, so you don't need to look too far or too  long

  6. Connie says:

    I live in Lake Tahoe, California where it is becoming  rare, like everywhere it seems, to see the beautiful blue sky.  A day may begin with a clear blue sky but I haven't seen it end that way in quite some time.  I'm having to work inside most every day but I can see out there and watch the trails until there is a complete white haze.  This winter and spring has been the grayest I've seen.  I always loved the change of weather and temperature on any given day in the mountains and the sun would shine a majority of days before or after the rain or snow throughout the year, the sky would be a beautiful blue, and I remember when the clouds were real clouds and beautiful too.  So many dying and dead trees everywhere now.  One pine had to be removed last year on the lot I live on and another now dead to be taken out this year.  I used to live in the valley and garden year round and now hear from friends there of the increasing difficulty in food production in their gardens.   I just recently found your website and am looking forward to receiving your book and DVD I just ordered.  Thank you Dane for your good work and major commitment and perseverance.  God bless you and your family.

  7. Mark Smead says:

    Dane, thank you for sacrificing the last 15 years on our behalf. I have spent the past two days immersed in your site. Your latest 2hr+ presentation is shocking. After watching it and the referenced documentary “Chasing Ice”, this “Global Warming” skeptic is now a believer. My first step is to test my rain water. I am also wondering about testing well water. I sit on the board of a mutual water company. We test our water monthly but not for Aluminum. Would you expect elevated levels in the well water too or is it filtered out by soil before it reaches the aquifer?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Mark, thank you for your support in this battle. In regard to your question, yes, the strata may filter much of the heavy metals. The only inarguable test to prove what is coming down through the air column is to test precipitation. 

  8. anne kelley says:

    Thank You Dane for the important work you are doing and which we all must be involved because this experience belongs to our generations…we will have to answer for this somewhere sometime…God Bless 

  9. Owow says:

    Luciferian Skies

  10. Janet Holstrom says:

    Thanks for this book and the other materials that we can purchase to let more people know what's going on. No such thing as seeing only the sun and clouds in the sky anymore. Vitamin D deficiencies and people getting more illnesses and most don't know why. Weather changing and I don't get why more people are noticing what's going on.  Thanks for all that you do.

    • simone says:

      PLEASE KEEP SHARING!!! I share the post  with my special  message:

      "GOING TO LIVE in 2018?  READ THIS BOOK!" people keep noticing and sharing !  Thank you!

  11. Is there a printed package of useful materials available that I can acquire for handouts, bumper stickers, news releases and/or to generate community awareness and to even aid in generating/start a support group in my community that does not reference prophesy but just the facts as they are known?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gerry, awareness raising materials and information can be found on the home page of All data is completely fact based and verifiable. Not sure what referrence to “prophesy” was based on, but it could not have come from any data posted on our site. FYI link for materials

  12. Damon Duval says:

    Koyaanisqatsi, by the dawn's early light What so proudly they spray under daylight's vast gleaming Whose broad stripes and chem scars, from each perilous flight O'er the landscapes we watch, are so poisonously streaming and the nozzles' silver glare, the trails spreading throughout the air Gives proof thru each day, that that they really don't care Oh say does that thar orchestrated global dimming that you crave Kill the land of the free and the home of the brave?  

  13. Jack Haggis says:

    Thank you Dane and Jo!  Your hard work is appreciated and I have submitted a donation. 

  14. SilentSister says:

    I just received your book. Watched part of the DVD last night. Forgive me, but even though my eyes were already open, I can only take this information in small doses. I see, already how it is making fellow humans psychologically ill- myself included. I do my best in waking folks up from habits- indeed, I have many of my OWN to work on. This is the root problem. Fellow humans- like us- have allowed greed to take over. We're losing each other to addiction, plain and simple. Today, in Seattle, spraying was heavy. Row after row of thunderstorms-came in quickly after spray. It's humid right now. I saw those shots on NASA WV – the one with trails cut in a line blows me away! Yesterday, I saw my first " dark trail" cut trough a cloud – right in half. No aerosols trail. What? Thank you for your courage, Mr. Wigington. 

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      SilentSister, How is this information making you and other people "psychologically  ill"? Just wondering why you said that.

    • SilentSister says:

      Seeing Clearly- the biggest reason humanity is in the position we are today is too much intellectualizing, "paralysis of analysis ", and not enough connection with the heart. We are consumed by machines, info-tech, and obsessed by the next lastest and greatest. We are in competition with each other to prove who's right- and in scientific academia, the goal to get published, gain grays, and obtain patents is greater than the connection to the natural world. The is ego run amock. Each of us has this at different degrees of awareness. With the heart, emotional connection, without the drive to actually care about life, we become sick. We have teach a time where our priorities must be taken more seriously, as well as with loving kindness. Everything humanity does is a story of psychological well- being. So, when I observe what's going on in the world today, my heart tells me than humanity has been out of control for sometime- focused purely on ego- identification. This is what I mean when I say information is making us psychologically -I'll. It is all impressions, designed to control us – indeed we cannot ignore or quit the system! Combined with all of the electromagnetic devices we have surrounded ourself with- of course this will have an effect. If people are not feeling this, the heart is purely being ignored. 

  15. C.J. says:

    I'm very concerned about the Tree Die Off. Next to the Extermination of us and everything Else.

    • Clare Ormerod says:

      I am in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the trees all over in the last few months are dying off like crazy. I witnessed a bee in convulsions and then dying. I find bees just seemed to have dropped dead right out of the sky. I saved them if anyone knows if or where I should have them analyzed. Many baby bees. 

      I know what the other woman means about the psychologically ill. The stress from the reactions of people who are so rude or dont believe is horrible, not to mention seeing non stop spraying and feeling like I am the only screaming in vain! Many of my neighbours think I am crazy , it seems since I found out about what is going on.


      DANE- do you not think the best way to go about exposing these horrific acts , in CANADA (especially) and the US, is to get the ABORIGINAL PEOPLE EDUCATED . I stopped at a local reserve whete a woman told me that most of the elders are dying from dimentuia related disease. If we get the Indian peole on board, such as my husband, perhpas they can't turn a blind eye, as then it may be construed as RACISM!!!! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Clair, thank you for your report from Canada. In regard to the Native American community, I have supplied many groups with hundreds of our DVDs and thousands of our color glossy flyers, so far, the most critical issue of climate engineering is not a priority for them. Lets hope that changes, soon.

  16. bryan phillips says:

    Thank you Dane, you are the John Connor of our day. I would like the book First learned of this subject on Woodstock 104.1 with your interview with Steve Romine. Thank you Dane. I have also written to all ny assemblymen and senators and gov'n Coumo. No response from any, of course.

  17. Matthew Clayton says:

    I ordered a book on Saturday. Thanks for your endurance Dane. When that one shows up, I will order another, etc. Can I pay for other copies and have them sent to other's addresses without mix up? I should be moved to Florence/Canon City, Colorado by May 11 or 12. If my budget was more comfortable I would order 10 at a time and wrap them in white fluffy cumulus in blue sky wrapping paper (Wishful remembrance/Hopeful return). I would like to see you at the top of the best seller list with millions raised and so many people in step as to render insidious, pernicious intimidators ineffective. If we are not already extinct, with the car through the guardrails, perhaps a photo finish will allow for survivors with a viable future. With Trump hastening down the wind, I hope this book gives a strong smell of coffee to hasten awakening. It is now or never.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Matthew, thank you for your help in this most critical battle. About raising awareness in the most cost effective way, I would suggest making copies of the DVD that comes with the book. There is a great deal of data in the DVD presented in visial form with power point presentations and with the testimonies of numerous experts (former government scientists, former pilots, physicians, etc). There is NO COPYRIGHT restriction on the DVD so that it can be freely duplicated and circulated as much as possible. It can be used to hold educational viewings which can then be followed up with Q and A sessions, or  given out to others who can do the same. Again, my deepest gratitude to you and all other dedicated activists and individuals that have dedicated themselves to sounding the alarm and turning the tide of insanity.

    • Dale K says:

      Received my copy of Dane's book and DVD earlier today and have begun the process of sharing the information with my community and personal contacts.

  18. marc says:

    On the very day of Dane's book announcement here I purchased a copy for myself, shared the link to my FB page, and wrote a long paragraph on my FB timeline encouraging people to avail themselves of a greater awareness of this issue and I went into an overview of how dire things have become. Now, I don't have a zillion FB friends but I do have several hundred. I will almost always get comments from people when I post "conventional" material of one kind or another. NOT ONE SINGLE COMMENT FROM ANYONE ON DANE'S BOOK RELEASE. NADA, ZIP, ZERO, NOTHING, ZILCH. Hello? NOTHING!!! Is this for real? Are you people f**king kidding me?? What. The. F**k. Are comments being scrubbed by FB? Is anyone else experiencing this? Or…..are all my so-called friends just garden-variety pussies? (excuse the slang term, only for emphasis) Unbelievable…..and yet…….? The time for milk-toast is over. Why are people so f**king terrified of being associated with this topic? Ridicule? Ostracization? Really? No matter. We are so very, very close now to complete implosion. Apparently it's still not "cool" to face directly into the headwind of this immanent threat……the vast majority would rather remain eyeballs-deep in their comfortable "normalcy". Absolutely incredible how billions can't yet see that this world is ruled by luciferian psychopaths who view (and create) our sufferings, our misery, and our deaths as entertainment/appeasement/sacrifice to their phony-ass idol. Gee, do you think (among other horrors) that dumping unquantifiable millions of tons of deadly toxic substances into our atmosphere might somehow be a perfect fit for their pseudo-religion, their phony-baloney big-baby bullcrap idolatry?? I apologize if I have offended anyone here.

    • Dawnski says:

      Not offended at all Marc. I believe once people comment or acknowledge what you post they are then responsible for DOING SOMETHING. Ignoring and not commenting is denial of the inevitable. Social me me media mindsets leave little time for doing something earth shatteringly important. I hope my former brother in Christ who wrongfully terminated me in lieu of the obese workplace bully who profits the company, will reacess why I sent him a Geoengineering Watch wake up call and get his priorities straight while there is still time, especially as he calls himself a ROTARIAN. Business as usual will only last so much longer.

    • Tanya says:

      Marc, you took the words right out of my mouth. I live in Maine and have been watching and documenting the geoengineering for about five years now. I also happen to live in what I think is called a condor region or area and have seen military jets spraying over my home. I've never cared for social media but opened a Facebook page five years ago for the sole purpose of sharing the demise that is taking place all around us. As a result most of my so-called friends have disappeared and my relationships with my immediate family have suffered as well. I can so relate to your frustration.

      I have seen the spraying operation over my head grow substantially in just the last two weeks. I am also aware that I'm being affected cognitively and Hughes daily detox protocols just to be able to think straight. I've made a decision to leave the USA with my children.

      In the meantime my son ordered the book for me and I will order another copy as soon as I can. I'm hosting a healing Fair and plan to give away copies of the DVD to every person that shows up. 

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      I absolutely love your post, I've been in this fight since I was 48 and I'm over 60 now!!! Marc, I was handing out free information and then was Cited by the police for Soliciting in a No Solicitation Community… I keep on handing thing out from this website, which Dane has graciously done his part by providing the material. But, YES!! I love your post!!

  19. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    I have posted this several times during the past year, about the National Weather Service in Jacksonville, Florida, Naval Air Station Weather Department Jacksonville and The Local News Fox 3Channel 30/47 Weather Center all permanently banning my e-mail address, from their e-mail servers! I have sent photos of GeoEngineering being conducted in the skies, but they all refused to answer. I did however have a brief telephone conversation with a meteorologist at the NWS in Jacksonville, questioning the GAG orders. The meteorologist said to me oh, the false temperature (under reported) graphs and forecasts. I asked him to elaborate with more details, he said no comment.

  20. MD says:

    I'm 58 raised in South Florida and I know what blue skies look like. I know what real clouds look like and how they form and behave.

    For the last 10 years I have lived just north of Nashville and to say we get get our skies blasted 5-6 days a week is an understatement.

    I have documented this for the last 7 years here. Now in April 2017 all I can say is that their totally out of control. Yesterday traveling through 

    the beautiful hills of Tennessee in the country it looked as if I was traveling in industrialized CHINA! Smog beyond belief covering the majestic green hills of Tennessee for 100 miles with no end in sight. It wasn't until the day was over did they let up and for what? Really just what is the real reason for this? I have always said follow the money and you'll find your answer . I would love to know just exactly who is getting filthy rich from blocking the sun and polluting our skies ?  America deserves better than this.This is a GLOBAL Mess!

  21. Debra Evans says:

    YAY ! ! 🙂

  22. Debra Evans says:

    YES!! I'M SMILING..  🙂  


  23. LS says:

    Thank you Dane,   As you would have it the title of your life's work, in print, is its purpose. To indict. Words are insufficient for me here. I will be buying three copies. One that will travel with me, one for the county public library and one for the college library. 

    We trekked to a few different rivers yesterday and everyone that is downstream in California needs to pay attention. All the waterways are at or over their banks. There are waterways all over the place that never existed before this year. The melt off is huge now and increasing. It is headed downhill to a convergence of all the runoff.  Should we have a power outage and lose communication you need a plan that informs and protects you and your family without the help of media. Be prepared.

    On another note, the "snowpack"  that is out in the wilderness is filthy and covered in black everywhere. (Never seen this before). Also 100% of the tree limbs that have been incased in chemically ice-nucleated snow are dead.  30+  feet up from the ground is all dead on the trees now. It is devastating and is a fire catastrophe waiting to happen. 

  24. James Emery says:

    I  to want to  congratulate  you on your book.  And I also believe that the Rhode Island legislative action is one of the best things that we could do. We could bring out all of these creeps from the shadows to have the businesses is providing the elements and  expose the people who are involved with providing the planes and where the players come from. We need someone who has the legal authority and balls to actually follow through and  go to where ever we need to go and knock on the gate with a search warrant and people of authority behind us and Go in and check out facilities that these trails are originating from.  We've had our skies for the past few days totally covered with chemtrail clouds and 4 to 6 Jets in the sky at a time every time I looked up, here in the  Los Angeles valley. People say they have allergies asthma and the wind is blowing so hard every day now for the past for five days that I don't know how much damage it caused but I see a lot of downed trees.  This is getting to be an even more dire situation of late because there's even more spring now then there's been in a long time. I mean, they been spraying almost every day but this last week there's been five or six just set a time in the sky and the whole skies are covered now. This morning, Saturday  A.m. we have clear skies but the winds been blowing so hard it's probably blown it all passed us. Except, I'm sure that all the elements are flooding around here in our error that were breathing. I saw a couple of nights ago when I went out with a flashlight in the flashlight was shining into the dark and I could see  the air was thick with little nanodust particles.

  25. Frank says:


    Congratulations on this milestone. You raise the legitimacy of the anti-geoengineering movement to a new level. And it is your words on the cover of the book that grab the reader and take him right into the heart of this enormous problem. You have no time for the distractions that lose people. I guess that's what you learn after so many years on this trail. We all know we are coming into a new and serious phase of climate behavior so the book will be welcomed by newcomers and the "experienced" alike in the fight against geoengineering.

  26. frank reps says:

    Fantastic expose.  If every reader of this website purchased "TWO "copies ; and did a bit of missionary work with the second copy…..many more people would be informed.  This serious publication will allay any fears that "you "just tumbled out of the back of an old Volkswagon van with some crazy manifesto. In all probability ; the recipients of the extra copy  need only look up to the skies to see the issues outlined in Dane's book.   Do it.

  27. Joseph L says:

    Good Luck with this book.   This book belongs on display on the front rack of every library across the whole world.   Tommorrow is the People's Climate March .   I plan on going to a sister March and I have made up over 100 of your Look Up flyers  which I will hand out.   

    Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer | Kristen Meghan | Blows Whistle On Air Force | Chemtrails


  28. marc says:

    Standing ovation for Dane Wigington and all those who worked behind the scenes to help bring this book into being. If I am not mistaken the photo on the cover of the book is Yosemite, correct? If so, I am reminded of my recent trip to another equally famous national park, the Grand Canyon. I posted a commentary approximately a month go about my visit there wherein I was literally blown away by the quantity of spraying unfolding DIRECTLY OVER THE GRAND CANYON. One could not visit there and still remain ignorant of the poisonous spectacle in evidence for all to see. And one of my long-standing contentions has been that these meatsocks who are responsible for orchestrating when and where jets are to spray are INTENTIONALLY spraying over densely populated areas and other sites where the likelihood that their activities will be noticed and pondered will be maximized. Obviously this was true for Yosemite on the day this photo was taken. It's a psy-op, folks. It's part of the plan to sell this shit to the public consciousness. Of course, spraying also occurs far and wide, irrespective of cities or towns or parks or geography. But I am convinced that there exists a directive embedded within these programs to maximize public awareness of their activities. AND YET, is it not bizarre that official denial still rules the day? Yes, their stance is softening and morphing into what may soon become full-blown admission. But how many here have wondered why is still allowed to operate? If the almighty government/covert agencies really wanted to keep a tight lid on these programs this site would have been yanked long ago. We're all being played like fiddles at a square dance. Furthermore, if "weather warfare" (weather modification for traditional military objectives) were the PRIMARY reason behind deployment of these programs on such a huge scale, sorry…I'm not buying it. This concept renders the ENTIRE PLANET a war theater by virtue of the planet-wide scope of the spraying/HAARP, etc. Sorry, still don't buy it. There is something else going on.  And furthermore, to interpret the unparalleled magnitude of the spraying as a small group of guys who've decided to save the world from Venus Syndrome so the human race has a fighting chance to endure into a long future is so laughably ridiculous as to flash-freeze the mind into a permanent state of incredulity. C'mon, folks. There is much, much more going on here. And it is beyond science fiction. The sheer magnitude of these programs now in full deployment are literally taunting us to try and figure out what the f**k they're really up to. In spite of the massive database out there essentially proving the case for what they "APPEAR" to be doing, I'm not 100% convinced that we know the FULL SCOPE OF REASONS behind spraying programs of such gargantuan magnitude, diabolical toxicity, and biological complexity. Call me dumb, something is still missing. (nope, not Agenda 21 or depop, either) My other speculations shall remain unprintable here.

    • Daniela says:

      I believe you are on to something! It is way deeper than what we think.

    • Blue Sue says:

      okay Marc:


      Unusually insightful

      Mindful of reality

      Blunt but honest

    • Mario says:

      marc: ditto.  on every thought.  part of the this is a heavy duty psychological operation.  there is part of this that is a big unknown right now.  we're caught up in the moment of the sheer anger and anxiety we all feel about it all, and we're missing something on the long view of things.  the disinformation is so rampant that confusion has provided cover for the truth as to what's at the heart of the beast 

      one thing we predicted during my communication studies for my undergraduate degree (which time wise – 1997-2001 – coincided with the dot com boom before the internet we know today — everything back then was unknown speculation) . . . one thing we predicted accurately was that there would be too much information for some type of confusion not to happen.  we did not know how it would look or what shape it would take, but we all thought that too much information would lead to some sort of malady at some point.  i never dreamed the planet's destiny would be in the equation.    

    • Tanya says:

      Marc, Thank you. You asked if anyone else on the site wonders why it hasn't been taken down. I do. I've been grappling with the same awareness for over a decade. Beyond science fiction? Absolutely. This link has nothing to do with geoengineering but you and others may find it interesting. I've been following the money for a while, but that's still not the bigger picture. Would love to discuss your other speculations and share some of mine.


  29. Silla says:

    I'm so happy about your book release, so needed. I've been losing hope – tired of the blank walls and accusations of being a conspiracy theorist or a nutter. This book will help the process. The horrible thing is seeing the dying trees, diminishing birds and wild life –  all of nature suffering and getting worse. 

    I've designed a penal colony in space for the old boys that dreamed this sh–t up. Get them off the earth where they can't harm our beautiful blue planet, only stare at it from a great distance.

    Congratulations Dane!

  30. Abigail says:

    Thank you so much, Dane. Yes, it is team effort, but we all have to have a LEADER, and I complement your work to bring all of this together. I just now placed my order for the package and will now post this on Russ Tanner's OrbisVitae website. May God richly bless you and all you do to HELP so many hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people. This will be a milestone for PROOF!  The beginning of a mile  begins with the first step and you have been at this for over 12 years? God bless you and your wonderful family. Behind every good man is a great woman. She must be so proud of you. WE ARE!  In Him, Blessings! Abigail (aka FD) I come to you by way of Russ' website under my forum name. Don't mean to confuse you. Please do get your rest.  Once again THANK YOU!  (Jeremiah 33 verse 3) + 

  31. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello Dane and all,  Again this year I feel lucky to have a few birds competing for my 'green roof' bird house on porch pillar, and even an old copper pot that hangs on the wall of the house just feet away, both covered by the roof which I am sure is key.  About 3 years ago, the chickadees took it and we love them as they are so sweet.  Researching, I found that they prefer the coast and usually south of here.  Last year the titmice birds bullied them and took it.  They can be aggravating but still fun and so far this year we are already on round two of babies cheeping.  My neighbor, one of, considers herself a nature girl, belongs to Sierra Club, the EPA, and others and she argues that these titmice must be tufted, she consulted a Sierra person for that.  I consulted my eyes and research.  These guys are light grey, not a speck of brown as in tufted ones.  Must be Juniper titmice.  She says no, they like the Sierras in the hills.  As with sky crap, she won't believe her eyes!  Much less me.  I figure given the conditions in the Sierras that it is no surprise, and it is still quite cold here.  Some plant blossoms are frozen dead.  But my plum tree, given so much rain I guess, is having its best year in a decade or more, and all are saying how beautiful Berkeley is right now, how green and full of color.  It gets harder and harder for me to appreciate this, but I do try.  I mentioned to my dear friend in Switzerland about the titmice and porch birds.  She said they have titmice too, but that when one of her daughters was here a couple of years ago to study English better, staying with a family in the hills, she was surprised by the lack of birdsong, which amazed her mother, my friend, as when she lived here for a couple of years as a child-her father a professor temporarily teaching at UCB, she remembers all the birds, so many that her daughter's remark got to her.  I've told her about geoengineering and she says how horrible for you and why would they do that and I try to clue her in.  She never puts me down, but does not understand.  Her health has not been good at all.  Her husband and son built her a greenhouse which she planted.  Then, a couple of days ago she wrote to me saying I would not believe this, but it turned very cold there and is snowing!  In Rhien.  By Basel.  She is so grateful she planted her garden in the new greenhouse.  I wrote back and explained that I have no trouble believing this, explaining the how and why of it as best I could.  She is so sensitive to metals that she can wear none, not even gold.  She has vertigo, hearing loss too and is struggling.  She works with xrays and films.  Oh Lord, I'm gonna have to explain more!  These people are so innocent and having a good life more than less.  When we visited in '86 it became clear to me that Switzerland is a police state, but one that keeps people happy.  There was virtually no wildlife at all in the cities.  My daughter and I were stunned.  And everything was on the honor system.  I thought that would so not 'fly' in America.  Ha!  Too true.  She is nearly losing her English.  I hope this book and all that goes with gets translated into many languages!  I know that would be a tall order, but one can hope.  After all, we live in hope, don't we?  It is all we have now.

  32. horsegirl says:

    Thanks so much for this gift to our collective understanding.  Probably the only credible compendium on the issue ever published.

  33. Gretchen says:

    Dane,, thank you for your herculean effort to halt and expose climate engineering.

  34. Thank you Dane Wigington! You are by far the biggest hero I have ever had in my life. Traveling to Redding to attend "Geoengineering a Clear and Present Danger" in November of 2014 was inspirational for me. The hospitality and kindness you showed me will never be forgotten. You are a true hero of humanity. Thanks to you, I am the pebble that started the landslide of awareness. I will Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    Until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity.

    Your Amigo in Alaska,

    Steven W. Chamberlain    a.k.a. The Pizza Guy

    Will you please sign my copy of your book?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      We all stand together, Steven, I have the same regard for you and your efforts to sound the alarm in Alaska, and for all other truly dedicated activists and individuals that are completely commited to this most critical fight.

  35. Randall - rj says:

    Boy oh boy can't wait to get this book to shove in the face of some deniers I know. Hope it's a heavy book to clobber them if still denying after.

    Seriously, can't wait to get it and hope mine is in first shipment. 

    Thanks, much needed in today's world. Rj

    • Dan says:

      Amen Rj. I shall do the same. Thank you Dane for this. The book will be a welcome tool in the battle to wake people up. After this winter that we had people just think I'm a nut. Even now we haven't had a spring yet. It still very cold with rain and snow and lots of wind. Here in southern Idaho we should be in the 70's by now but right now it is 31 with a windchill of 15. We never see the sun anymore. How quickly people forget and think this is how it's always been. Take care Dane. Knowing who we are up against I fear for your life. God bless

    • Dog says:

      Dane have them publish a HARD COVER VERSION………..better clobbering action!! 🙂

  36. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you, Dane and also extend it to all helping you behind the scenes. Not only all the research and information you ever post is spot on, everything is provided and organized in a professional and neat manner. I have just ordered the book, I like the idea of donating it to local library, you mentioned in response to one of the commenters. Whatever it takes to get it out to people. If library makes it available for lending, I will donate it to them. Once again, given all the work and efforts you contributed to all mankind over the decades, you must be a superhuman. In my eyes anyway. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Maciej, thank you for your support. All of us stand together, all of us that are truly commited to this battle, each of us a spoke in the wheel.

  37. Mario says:

    There is a very large swath of "homogenitus" (latin for human generated and part of the lexicon of the "NEW" cloud atlas) cumulus type puffy clouds that are covering the Sierra Nevada Mountains and stretching from Quincy down to east of Visalia (most of the length of the mountains in eastern California).  There is also a strong North to South wind.  I wonder if they are trying to create max cloud cover for all the snow they just laid down.  The swath of clouds is only over the mountains.  I've noticed the same type of set-up happening in the mountains on the western side of the valley as well.  They usually sit very low and seem to not to be coming from some other place.  They just poof up over the mountains.  What is the origin of these land based clouds?  At times I have also noticed moisture generation over these same regions.  It brackets the whole valley.  The weather gods speak of silver iodie flares being shot from fixed launching posts, but I truly am lost as to how these banks of clouds just pop up over the mountains. 

    The NEXRAD system is going bananas all over the country.  California is awash in micro energy every night.  This is also when the ringing in my ears seems to peak.  I've noticed some of the transmitters now actually transmitting in a rectangle form (KHNX San Joaquin valley just to name one).  I have also been watching them use rectangles to, it appears, sheer off precipitation at a right angle thus directing the storm.  Also some insane, huge HAARP ring pulse events happening around the Ferndale area.  Lotta censored radar these days.   

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Mario, Watching the radars has been an eye opener for me. Which states have them turned on, on high, or completely off. Quite interesting, the destruction that can be created. This is why birds are falling out of the sky, but no harm is being done to humans.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Mario, Thank you for mentioning rectangles which I have noticed in wonder, as in WTH is That!  What you say about them at least makes sense, if one can tolerate any of this insanity as 'making sense'!

  38. JR says:

    In Southwest, NM getting bombarded whiteout with SAG/SRM

    • JR says:

      This morning 4/28/17 our rain clouds have again been broken down to nothing. The filthy rags (pilots) lowlife of spewing continues with SAG/SRM aka/Chemtrailers over our skies. To what profit does it do a person to have all the riches of the world but in the process end up selling one's own soul, hell will be the price and just reward. This message goes out to the evildoers of such known atrocities being done to earth, its people and all its riches given to us by a Higher being. Believe or not, we all have free will and will do good with that gift. This site stands for what is righteous and honorable and all who post with their conscience of what is right for a better world and good stewards of it.

    • JR says:

      And the heavy winds come with all this trash as I've noted in past posts. They (all) included sure like to experiment on us all, very unfortunate for the evil minded in the end times, bunch of sickos….

  39. Tom H says:

    Hi Dane \, thanks so much for your effort and hard work!

    I am sick and tired of gray skies constantly and rain 98% of the time with 45" of rain since the first of the year and only 6 days of weak sunshine in Washington State.

    My trees are dying as are the wildlife around me. No birds around much anymore or squirrels or chipmunks!

    Every time I look out my window and see what was a beautiful 80' fir tree that is now a brown skeleton of a dead brown and lifeless tree that was starved and suffocated to death by chemtrails!

    Now I learn and know the same thing is happening to the people, animals and plants.

    These idiots are destroying the whole biosphere of the earth.

    If this continues earth will look like Mars. And someday someone will wonder what happened to this rare and beautiful planet.

    I am anxious to receive the book and DVD. I will do my best to spread the word!

    • Arkansas says:

      They spraying us like roaches everywhere here in Arkansas — from the hills in the northwest part of the state to the row crop delta swamps of the southeast. I feel it will be more like Venus than Mars, just so hot and brutal nothing will grow. Plants die, soil dies…so sad.

  40. Barb Eaton says:

    If everyone that visits this site would buy 1 copy and donate it to their town/city library we could make a BIG impact!  I'm ordering two – one for my little town library and one for the next town over that is much bigger.  I can only hope that readers will SEE it and check it out and that they won't bury it away somewhere.  I guess that depends on who is running the library!!   Thank you Dane for your efforts and all of us here are standing with you!

  41. joe S says:

    All good cheers to Dane W and the staff, et al…
    A book for exposure…
    Those  who do not heed what is said/written. So be it for them.
    I comment from observation on GEOENGINEERING…
    In North California..constant, constant spraying..Yes, I read from others
    We are all now "preaching to the choir."  Keep up your personal
    integrity…Those other beings( you know) are not.

  42. Rachel Robson says:

    Congratulations Dane on the blood, sweat and tears of your mammoth effort on Earth's behalf!  This is one of those moments, rare, when I wish I had money as I am buying this today, but wish we could send it all over and especially to some of our enemies, such as Marsha McNutt, and her ilk, the David Keiths of this world.  Heck, how about dropping them with little parachutes all over the country, dropping truth instead of poison and lies!  If this achievement of yours makes me feel this giddy, I can barely imagine how you must feel, except for exhausted!?

    By the way, mea culpa.  The morning after Trump had Syria bombed, Fareed Zakaria as part of a group of talking heads, when asked said: I think he became president last night.  I still think the "presidential" remark goes to Don Lemon.  No computer working, nor phone, TV was.  Zakaria's Sunday program is the only CNN I watch as it is too repetitive and takes itself so seriously, and is so cut off from reality, not to mention, according to Dr. Sister Bertell was infiltrated by military psyops, 1200 of them, in the late 80s I think, might have been 90s.  But Fareed seems balanced.  At Any rate, he interviews Everyone in the world it seems.  Occurs to me that you should speak at Berkeley.  I mean if Milo almost did and Ann Coulture will, why not you?  I wonder what that would take? 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh PS!  In researching the 'presidential' remark, those missiles were referred to as Raytheon Missiles!!  Of course!

  43. Jesse James says:

    Just picked up the book this morning at Orchard Nutrition in Redding. Looking forward to reading it. Thank you Dane and family and everyone involved. Peace and love to you all.

  44. Jan Becker says:

    Hello, Dane

    This is truly a huge part of "beating them to the pass"!  This book will be out there–published long before they can legitimize their lethal experiments under the guise of "saving the world."  I am so grateful to you and will be doing my part to get your book out to people who are questioning, but uncertain, about the truth.  This book is an important weapon for those who are fighting for truth.  The elites in power have cynically used all of the latest technology to intentionally create the current crisis of truth so that now, basic scientific facts such as global warming and the abrupt climate shift we are now living in, are tossed aside as opinion by anyone in power who chooses not to "believe in" them (i.e., the Radioactive Clown who crowned himself Prez).  The uniting factor for every human being should be our own habitat (Planet Earth):  without it, we are lost.  The internet has been co-opted by power-hungry psychos to the point where Google will soon be the ultimate arbiter of "Fake News" if we don't stand together and shout the truth.  Thank You, Dane, for this very impressive resource in the fight!

  45. Earth Angel says:

    Great Work yet again Dane!.. Congrats on getting this book published. I just purchased my copy last night. You are the Rachel Carson of our time. This will be the most important book on environmental awareness since 'Silent Spring' was published in 1962. I watched a documentary on her life just last week. You can be proud to stand with  the likes of her. I'm sure she would be proud of you and your tireless efforts to save our planet. We all owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude. You are an amazing person. I wish you were the President too, the world would be a far better place for us all. Thank you for giving us another great tool in the arsenal. God Bless you, your family, and all of our efforts to save magnificent planet Earth.

  46. Mario says:

    Congrats on the book.  It will be a nice reference to have.  Also, would make a nice gift.  Especially a graduation present for a kid heading off to college.


    I don't think I'll ever see these programs stop in my life time.  I've given up hope on that.  The programs are being expanded and WEATHER you like it or not, they are going to impose institutionalized murder and destruction on a global scale come hell or high water (pun intended).  Reaching out to the next generation is the imperative.  Not that it will change anything, but they have a right to know the truth.  Sorry to sound bleak.  We can fight and claw and kick and scream, but it won't matter.  Those who seek and retain full spectrum dominance care nothing of their fellow person.  The only two things that would give us a hope of living after the next 5 years would be a military that breaks ranks or a collapse of the money system.Congrats to the industrial capitalists.  You destroyed your home and your children's home and your grandchildren's home.  It's darkest before the light….I get that….and I am committed to the cause and the truth…but the teeth of the rabid dog are on our collective throats.  Enjoy the delusion folks.  Money and power are artificial constructs.  

    Question to anyone: anyone else notice the recent plumes off the coast of CA near SLO?  Looked very similar to the December article by Otterwalks.  Also, would love to know if the radar anomoly in the Delta is actually the Los Medanos natural gas storage near Bay Point.  Anyway to find out the true extent of the methane problem in California???  Peace and love.  Cherish every moment.

  47. Ron Marr says:

    Congratulation and Thank you, Dane Wigington.

  48. Greg O. says:

    As always, thanks Dane for your unending efforts in this imploding psychopathic theater that threatens all life on our planet.  I am continuing the fight, as I do, with credible information as I try to wake up as many humans as I can.  You are my inspiration for all that I do.  My wife and I are leaving Southwest Colorado, our home for many decades, due to the continuing assault of geo-engineering in our region.  We are leaving the mainland and participating in a sustainable community.  It is somewhat of a oxymoron but I need to be with conscious humans sharing in a common goal of peace and sustainability, regardless of the outcome.  I thank all of the people on this site; it is a community in itself!  May we prevail with commitment, compassion, co-operation and community.. The empire is our of control;  may we rise up in the crumbling pieces.  Today is my 62nd birthday.  It is somewhat bittersweet; our first grand-daughter due in June.   What kind of life do we all face?  I think all of us have an image of the future that post on this site.  …and so we must all march on in this most crucial battle for the very breath that we take and for all living things that inhabit this ravaged planet we call home.  ….and, may the greedy and evil ones receive True justice,  and may we all own and bring healing to the parts that we have played in this complicated chessboard called life.   Over and out,  Greg O. 

  49. C.J. says:

    There is a lot of of information out there on the Geoengineering Extravaganza. I hope that your book here has great success. It should if people read it and pass it around. Greenland glacier's are melting fast. What is not being mentioned is the threat of a giant Tsunami that could very well occur. Any one by the Ocean will be affected. It will be Apocolyptic. Do some research and see for yourself.

  50. Donna-AZ says:

    Wonderful News Dane. I'm looking forward to getting my book. 

    The spraying here in Arizona is beyond sickening. Our rain is being stolen, our sunshine is being stolen, the energy we should be generating with our solar is being stolen, our organic garden is being trashed, our property and all life is being poisoned and I am outraged. I am absolutely pissed. I don't go outside on bad days unless I have to, and I wear a mask, (soon to be a gas mask). Protect yourself any way you can.

    There was massive spraying with different cocktails wed., fat lingering, short dissipating, and the wispy crap, all in the name of what? To steal our rain. Also near my house I spotted a couple of small jets spraying long trails, CL35-Bombardier Challenger 350 @ 43,000 ft, and GLF6- Gulfstream G650 @ 45,000 ft. Lots of little jets spraying yesterday at higher altitudes than the commercial planes. My iota has been raised.

    The criminal list is getting very, very long. The good news is: "They know we are coming after them."

  51. carrie from aus says:

    Thank you Dane for the wonderful work you do and for the time & effort put into publishing this valuable information and making it available.  I have purchased a copy. The exchange rate and postage trebles the price, but I am glad to help the cause by this purchase.

    I live west of Brisbane QLD, Australia and sadly here to we have much geo engineered skies, usually covertly at night. Blanket cloud AM, sometimes clearing, sometimes cloudy most of the day. Cyclone Debbie devastated parts of QLD and Northern NSW with much damage to farming crops and peoples' homes and livelihoods. There is daily IAR activity clearly visible on Radar, this takes a tremendous amount of energy, we have a domestic energy shortage across the east coast. So much loss of native creatures and habitat and people ill, yet few are 'awake'. Blessings to all…survive.

  52. Michel B says:

    Ordered my copy. Thanks Dane. It will be used to spread the word.

  53. John says:

    This is, of course, a problem not only in the North American Continent but worldwide! Here in the UK there are many days when the sky, here in the North where I live, fills with the streaks and crosses that evidence the attempted manipulation of our eco-system. It is so frustrating to observe that very few people either fail to notice (too busy looking into their virtual-world handsets!) or just can't be bothered to even acknowledge that something just isn't right!

    It is also apparent that a number of mainstream TV programmes featuring outdoor backdrops include, at some point, the long white streak in the otherwise pristine sky, it would seem, slowly accustomising the viewer into accepting this as a normal phenomenon!  

    I have your dvds and keep in touch with your website and I have no doubt your book will be a great addition to the 'armoury'. Your commitment to the cause is incredible and long may it continue as, without the contribution you make, the chances of there being any meaningful resistance to this activity would be considerably diminished.

    Best wishes to you and yours.

    • Cliff says:

      Hi John,   Yes GB is not exempt from this, I live in West Cornwall and we see this daily, I try to track the planes on aero tracking  but they don't appear?   Even when the BBC weather shows them they are just natural.  But I have noticed lately that the chemtrails are fading more quickly and spreading into that thin haze we are now familiar with.   Are they (?) using some different materials now?   What is it like in the north of the UK?  

  54. Dennie says:

    A Magnum Opus!  EVERY classroom should have a copy of this book to educate the children about the TRUTH of what is happening on Planet Earth.

  55. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, Bravo my friend I haven't met yet. I am anxious for the widely publicized and widely read study of you and your contributors book. I'll be receiving my own copy in the mail soon. Only so I can loan it out to friends and potential warriors in this battle we face. My copy will be hounded with accountability. A kind and factual follow up, if you will. Thank you and thank you to all those that helped get this publication out.

  56. Kathy says:

    I am donating this book to the library in the town where we bought some property here in Washington State. I handed Danes flyers ( with glyphosate info) to many concerned residents including head of the community board as well as the lead rep/silviculturist for a MAJOR and well known Timber company who I have initiated an awareness that has gone viral on PESTICIDE AERIAL spraying over all forest owned lands by Timberland companies. They posted warning signs for AERIAL spraying in places that no one would see. We happen to walk alot and came upon them. NOT one person was aware of this practice. I encourage anyone here who lives near Timber owned properties to find out how they maintain their lands. Its unbelieveable and I have footage from a neighbor who 2 years ago( before we were there) had a helicopter spray recklessly and it not only killed her cherry trees but made her very sick. We used this pic to put on Direct mail postcards. I am using this awful situation to bring further awareness to the mother catastrophe Geoengineering!!  Every person I talk to is handed a flyer and told investigate this, its all connected.
    Here is a email that was sent from a resident…we now have quite a stirring going on/ I hope do do the same for Geoengineering awareness
    Thank you for the followup message. I’m sorry I was not able to meet with you in person earlier this month.
    Some of the folks on this list have requested specifics about when and where spraying will occur in our neighborhood, and I too would like to have that information in advance of any spraying. I live very close to some of your properties.
    Regarding the toxicity chart you sent, which was produced by Washington Friends of Farms & Forests (a timber and agricultural industry group formed "to promote pesticide stewardship"): LD50 can be misleading as an indicator of a product’s real-world effects. LD50 is the lethal dose that will kill 50% of the tested population in animal experiments. So it is a measure of acute toxicity, not a measure of how safe a substance is when dispersed widely in real-world settings. Even water can be fatal if you drink too much at once. These are some other limitations of LD50 as a measure of how “safe” something is:
    A lethal dose for one species (a lab rat, for example) is not necessarily a lethal dose for another species that may respond differently. Ibuprofen, for example—which is shown as “slightly toxic” on your chart—may be fine for me but could kill my dog.
    LD50 is only a measure of immediate lethality. There are lots of substances that can be harmful to public health and to the environment without causing outright mortality.
    Lethality depends on how a substance is delivered. Eating something or applying it to your skin is different than breathing it, for example.
    LD50 does not measure what happens when agricultural chemicals are used in combination.
    LD50 does not measure the cumulative risk that comes from multiple lower-level exposures.
    LD50 does not address the hormonal effects of a substance. Atrazine, for example, may be only “slightly toxic,” but it disrupts hormones in lab rats and has been shown to masculinize frogs.
    The toxicity chart does not measure cancer-causing potential. Relatively nontoxic substances can exhibit potent carcinogenic effects. 
    There is currently a legitimate scientific debate about the dangers of some of the products that Weyerhaeuser is currently using. For example, the World Health Organization and the state of California say that glyphosate (Roundup) is a probable carcinogen; the EPA says it’s not (although a report released by a scientific advisory panel last month concluded that the EPA failed to follow its own guidelines for undertaking a cancer assessment of glyphosate).
    I am trying to keep an open mind about Weyerhaeuser’s practices in our area. That will be easier if you avoid making misleading claims akin to the 20-year-old Monsanto ad campaign that called Roundup “safer than table salt” (and was shut down by the Attorney General of New York state). While that claim might be technically true if you’re referring narrowly to LD50 results, I do not find it reassuring. To the contrary, it suggests a cavalier attitude toward the safety of residents in the vicinity of aerial spraying.
    If you want to reassure me that Weyerhaeuser cares for its neighbors, transparency is the best approach. I appreciate the posted signs that explain what chemicals will be applied, and give an estimate of when they will be applied. But while that may be enough to satisfy legal requirements, the signs aren’t always located in places where people are likely to see them during their daily movements, and the time periods are often so long that it’s difficult to predict when spraying might actually occu

  57. ron hall says:

    DANE:  Another milestone accomplished for you and those tenacious helpful ones who are drawn to someone who actually has integrity. This is just between you and me(lol), but I wrote you in as my candidate for president.  I just couldn't seem to help myself.  May the force always be with you, brother!   Thank you!

  58. Diane Friday says:

    Dane, I too want to congratulate and thank you from the bottom of my heart. This book will stand as a testament to your years and years of hard work and dedication to this most dire threat to the planet and all life on it. I can't imagine how you've been able to keep going all these years in the face of the pathological denial of the majority, not to mention the pro forma denial we've all been met with from elected officials, and the very institutions and governmental bodies that were put in place to make sure nothing even close to this ever-unfolding nightmare would be allowed to happen. 

    As conditions continue to worsen exponentially on daily basis, this book couldn't come at a better time. I wish I could afford to order dozens of copies, just so I could leave one in the doctor's office, take one to the offices of our local newspaper, and even send one to the Pennsylvania EPA (I've gone three rounds with them, and their official denial now sounds almost desperate), etc. I assure you, I'll be ordering at least one for now. I'll be very glad to donate it to our local library when we've finished reading it, and then order another that we can keep and pass around. It's so important to get the truth out to the sleeping masses before the coming public displays of "proposed" climate engineering. However, I take comfort in knowing that it's going to be more than a little bit of a challenge for these cowardly, pathetic psychos to deny the mountains of evidence you've amassed over the years, not the least of which are their own documents and patents!! And, thanks to you, many, many others have small mountains of evidence of their own. One "enemy of the people" may be easy to debunk, dismiss, and discredit, but the ranks of the "enemies of the people" are growing fast now. This book will go a long way to getting those numbers even higher. 

  59. Christopher L. Calkins says:

    Dane many Thanks to You, for your tireless leadership and accurate information on Geoengineering. I look forward reading one of the many copies of Geoengineering: A Chronicle of Indictment I will be purchasing and gifting. In the mean time I will continue posting and distributing flyers while talking to as many people about Geoengineering as I can. All of Mother Nature Loves You and Thanks You!!! Thank You for being you, being true and doing all that you do. God Bless You.

    Christopher L. Calkins RN

  60. MS P says:

    Thank you Dane. I will share this publication to any interested to learn more.
    We need help. Just like you had said the oceans are dying. Lots of dead birds & mammals washing up on California beaches.  In large numbers.  More so than "normal." What ever that is? Besides the  button setting on the clothes dryer.
    Message from CA FWS about all the dead creatures being found along our CA shorelines….

  61. Rick Hay says:

    Hi Dane,
    Can't wait to get your book and start flashing it around to the blind public non believers, I think this is one of the most important books in the last ten years and needs to be everywhere for all to see. They are now spraying over Sydney, Australia every day, now it’s a complete change to the blue skies we once had, for all of us that have been branded crazy for even talking about the subject your book will be the best tool we will have at hand to educate others, it will have a major visual impact at first sight.
    Dane, you should be awarded to the highest level for your work, I will be very proud to own one of your books, best wishes for the fight ahead.

  62. Martha says:

    Congratulations Dane and all involved in making this book available! Although Dane and many others have been working hard to expose this atrocity for many years I can't help but feel that this is a new beginning.

    I invite everyone to consider contacting their local public library and request that they get a copy of this book to loan. The best way to do this from my experience, is to ask if they have a copy, which they won't. If they're in a library network ask if they would  please check to see if one's available at another library. They'll likely look for it in their computer system and see that there isn't one available; this is usually a good time to ask if they would please get one.

    Dane, do you know if your book will be available through the usual channels available to libraries? I regret that I don't know more about book distribution such as where and how libraries get books. Will it also be available through booksellers such as Amazon? Many thanks!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Martha, your input is on target and important. About how libraries get many critical publications, they are often donated. “Geoengineering: A Chronicle Of Indictment” has already been donated to the Shasta County Library. This step can be taken by anyone anywhere, my thanks to you and all other activists that are helping to sound the alarm.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dear Martha, What an excellent idea which I will do right away, or should I wait a few days, as in available?  I read a great deal and often gets books from our library which has numerous branches.  When I first heard of Dr. Sister Rosalie Bertell–from Dane's site, I had to order it from our main library who then had to send to Nevada for it, who knows why but that it took 3 weeks and has a different cover than the one available at Amazon which I discovered later as I bought a couple.  I regret that too few people these days read books much less 725 pages which does not intimidate me, but will intimidate our dumbed down population.  But not a problem as it can be used in multiple ways and in bits and pieces.  The main thing is the huge bulk of background, technologies and substances known and those suspected, as well as the delivery and consequences which will fill in any blanks for someone's questions.  A combination history lesson, lists of proofs, references, diagrams–i.e. Dane's massive life's effort to find out what, why, who and where.  A must have addition to any library and hopefully to schools including universities.  I live in Berkeley where nearly all read.  Yet also the belly of the beast.  This will be fun!  It is not a fun issue of course, but neither is blatant denial and ignorance of the willful sort.  No more excuses!  No more denial.  Thank you Martha for this suggestion and the venues it inspires!  

    • I have kept track of library book locations & availability, through, since 2010.  It can take awhile for titles to be processed.


  63. Rosalie says:

    Fantastic, Dane! Congratulations on the release of your new book.  This is just what we need to allow us to better support you in this fight.  You're the most credible person I've come to know and I believe this will be an important reference guide to wake up the masses who remain in denial.  Thank you for all that you do!

  64. Are there any millionaires, billionaires out there who want to start a civilian air force? We the people for the people. I volunteer for duty now.

    God bless you Dane. So many deniers. You have the hardest job. United we stand.

  65. Blue Sue says:

    Dane, like so many others, who appreciate your super vital, relentless, and exeptional drive and wisdom dedicated to the greater good, I am very grateful to you and ALL those involved in the publication of this powerful tool to awaken the masses still slumbering in ignorance or denial. The endorsements alone for Geoenginneering: A Cronicle of Indictment are incredibly impressive and powerful!  I will being purchasing my first 5 copies to disseminate (after reading one) this payday (all I can manage presently) and 5 more books each and every payday for as long as I can.  I pray that by passing these books out to friends, family, and colleagues, with the intention to keep each book circulating through our communities, that they will penetrate more and more minds and hearts with the critical truth.  Thank you for this herculean gift and God bless you all!

  66. Seeing Clearly says:

    I am so grateful for your dedication to this dire issue, you are so involved good job. I hope this book makes it to a library someday, so people can see how harmful Geoengineering can be whatever good Geoengineering may do the bad outweighs the good and that conclusion is just by looking at the facts. Geoengineering is the pharmaceutical way of dealing a problem that acutely makes the problem far worse not better. 

    I am looking forward to increased knowledge on this issue, we do not know everything about Geoengineering and weather manipulation yet that's just the bitter truth, suggesting otherwise is wishful thinking we still even now have a long way to go to completely knowing everything about Geoengineering. 

    We must observe the sky and weather maps on a routinely basis and examine abnormalities and patterns and correlations and we need to learn more about that I am hoping for us to expand in knowledge on that as well.

    We require every detail to be revealed, we have to make every connection as to why this is being done.

    I am hoping we will soon have more scientific evidence, mathematical evidence and geopolitical evidence or relations documented in the most accessible trustworthy organized way.

    We need to assess our priorities to organize them from most important to least important and examine our ethical concerns from every angle until we can get a clear picture because as far as I am aware there is only one truth and denying that is just another form of ignorance to the truth.

  67. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, I thought that we should have war crimes for those people using these biologics against the American people,  with this so called GeoEngineering; and David Keith being at the top of this crime against humanity list, especially on this continent North America. What's your thoughts? There are laws on the books against biologics being released into the atmosphere!! We should use the laws that already exist on the books. What do you think ? Can your lawyer team use the current laws to stop these people from testing biologics against an unwilling American public? I think you had mention something like this years ago; I just didn't remember if anyone actually done so?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, the legal efforts are very complicated due to the fact that those in power have had decades to stack the system against legal action. This being said, we our legal team is making progress, I will try to give regular updates on the weekly radio broadcast.

    • Bruceskywatch says:

      There is a prohibition of experimenting on the American public covered in the Federal Code of Regulations 50 USC 1520a.

      (a) PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.—The Secretary of Defense may not conduct (directly or by contract)—

      (1) any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population; or (2) any other testing of a chemical agent or biological agent on human subjects.

      If the United States Government is claiming there is an exception for spraying the American public with aluminum, strontium and barium, there is a requirement to obtain the consent of the people they are experimenting on: 


      50 USC 1520a.    (c) INFORMED CONSENT REQUIRED.—The Secretary of Defense may conduct a test or experiment described in subsection (b) only if informed consent to the testing was obtained from each human subject in advance of the testing on that subject.

      In addition to they above they are also required under sub-section (d) to 50 USC 1520a to report to Congress  the SRM activities as required under the following sub-section (d) to 50 USC 1520a.


      d) PRIOR NOTICE TO CONGRESS.—Not later than 30 days after

      the date of final approval within the Department of Defense of

      plans for any experiment or study to be conducted by the Department

      of Defense (whether directly or under contract) involving

      the use of human subjects for the testing of a chemical agent

      or a biological agent, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to

      the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate and the Committee

      on National Security of the House of Representatives a report

      setting forth a full accounting of those plans, and the experiment

      or study may then be conducted only after the end of the 30-

      day period beginning on the date such report is received by those


      I wrote a letter to the Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, which I received no response and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Welsh,reminding them both of the above prohibition in which I received the following response:

      “Dear Mr. Ciolli:

      Thank you for your letter to General Welsh on June 15, 2015, communicating your concern about deployment of metal oxide nanoparticles for weather modification.

      I assure you the Air Force does not participate in nor conduct weather modification or climate engineering. Furthermore, as you point out in your letter, we are prohibited to conduct experiments on a civilian population as outlined in Title 50, United States Code, Section 1520a. We take all Congressional prohibitions seriously and enforce these restrictions upon all of our forces.

      On behalf of General Welsh, thank you for your concern and rest assured we share your concern about people and the environment.”

      Of course nothing could be further from the truth, the truth is this is a form letter with my name on it and they flat out lied. This is what we are up against.

  68. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, I want to thank you very much for your ongoing efforts to educate everyone…And there are so many are in denial because they just don't want to see the truth. Here – again, your proof of the obvious. There is a storm so big happening today across 10 states creating havoc on these states, pure destruction. Homes being wiped out, Good American families being left homeless. When will people wake up to their own government(s) plans to wipe us out. 10 Inches of rain in just hours, this is not normal at all, and the one in the south, where this has happened, these are the folk harder to reach with the truth, Stark Republicans, that are in complete denial. I try everyday to educate just one person, and it's not easy…But I continue to try. Although sometimes I feel like giving up. People just don't want to hear the truth, the truth is too scary for some people, or I should be more honest, MOST PEOPLE DON'T WANT THE TRUTH.

  69. LoriBridgeford says:

    Truth Delivers -and the anon.  woman is surely a part of you. Your partnership/ agreements shall move the heavens, with the staggering  evidence, data & pics. Your collaboration should grace every aviation school, oncology-medical health office, TV station, newspaper, faith- based, library,   elected -selected officials, and environmental group. If we all gifted, or even borrowed  your  book -we would trigger more  awareness  to have these  toxic spray  stop.  Best congrats to all who assisted with this much needed text ! We celebrate this most  profound effort !  

  70. Susan Ferguson says:

    Congratulations, Dane! What a beautiful book this is!  "A Chronicle of Indictment" indeed of the many years you have sacrificed and devoted your life to exposing these heinous criminal acts in the face of endless lies from so many quarters. May your book be 'a guided missile' of truth that will reach into the hearts and minds of men, women & children, the ones who are either just beginning to wake up, or who are wanting real and credible information. You have been the reliable and trusted source for credible data on geoengineering for thousands of individuals, who have had the courage to think for themselves, as do you. Without men like you in this world, there would be little hope for the greater good and our future on this dying planet. I am sending my heartfelt prayers out that this book may open many eyes and ears to the truth. We are living in an Orwellian nightmare, the end of a rotting corrupted empire, in a collapsing biosphere. May the Truth give us strength to face what must come. Thank you, Sir, and God Bless you and your family. – Susan

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      The numerous US Patents included in the book should convince even the most hardened skeptics!

  71. Gaianna says:

    AWESOME. Just what we needed. This will educate us further, perhaps to be able to hold more local forums around the issue and to be better communicators with others. Congratulations. Great, heroic work! 

  72. tony searles says:

    As always , great work Dane. Sometimes frustrating but we must never give up the only chance we have to voice our concern about the biggest crime in the history of humanity.

  73. Pedro says:

    Mr Dane Wigington, Congratulations for the Exceptional Work, This Book has one importance that surpasses the simple objective to inform, I think that is not much if we say that this is a major cultural, social, Spiritual and Human advent. Health for you and for All the Persons that are deeply involved in the Fight for the Truth, against the Climate ( and Web of Life ) destruction. Many Thanks from southern Europe.

  74. MoonFlake says:

    Dane, I am so grateful for your dedication to this cause! Your website has been my "go to" for accurate and timely information regarding the decimation of our planet by those who are determined to see us damaged beyond repair. You continue to inspire me to speak out on a daily basis. Like you and many others, I believe the poisoning we have been inundated with is fast approaching a point if no return. While the chemicals they are spraying us with aren't as fast-acting as Sarin they are nonetheless just as lethal. And…we are being "gassed" all day…every single day…and have been for decades.
    The fact that the DVD is not copyrighted, that you aren't charging postage and the cost is so minimal shows that you are doing this for the right reason…to save humanity and our incredible planet!
    Thank you for bringing this media to us at an affordable rate so we can be more effective in our endeavors. I now have something tangible to include in my information arsenal!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Moonflake, it is a team effort, all of us working together, that is where our hope lies.

  75. Billy Joe Arnold says:

    Congratulations Dane for getting this valuable information out to the public. And as always you're right about not having much time left. May this book/DVD help achieve the dire need of reaching 'critical mass'.

  76. Rebecca Costello says:

    Hats off to our Dane Wigington! Thank you for your well invested and thoroughly investigated  research on, by far, the most important subject of our lives, for those that follow and Earth itself. I look forward to reading Geoengineering: A Chronicle of Indictment. You are highly respected and appreciated. Congratulations, Dane on your authorship!

  77. L says:

    Many congratulations Dane. This is a crucial book and I hope it gets onto a few lists of bestsellers and  in so doing, brings us to the urgently needed critical mass of awareness amongst the human population. A brilliant initiative.

  78. Mary says:

    The Government is a criminal.  Involved in criminal acts.  Thank you Dane from the bottom of my heart.  This couldn't be more well timed.  I will not let your hard work go to waste.

  79. Cori Gunnells says:


    Congratulations on the launch of this new book – a comprehensive resource tool that people can learn from, use as a reference for data/facts/documents, share with others,… It will help bring more legitimacy to the issue most needing disclosure and stopping – ongoing geoengineering/climate engineering. 


  80. Evelyn says:

    This is why everyone is vitamin D deficient.  I notice that the day will start out sunny, beautiful blue sky without clouds, then the chemtrails appear and the next thing you know, the sun is hidden behind a murky sky for hours, not to reappear until later afternoon, if at all.  We are being deprived of the precious sun that gives our bodies the ability to make vitamin D which is necessary for our good health and well being.  Why?  And why can't it be stopped?  Can we file a lawsuit on the grounds that these chemtrails endanger all of human life?  This is assault and just because the government is doing it doesn't make it any less of a crime.  

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