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The Most Inspiring Speech: The Wisdom Of A Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life – Rick Rigsby


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We Are From The Future


My Christmas Duty To Warn Column: Questioning Christian Participation In Homicide By Remembering The Christmas Truce Of 1914


Duty To Warn

Remembering the Christmas Truce of 1914: (And Questioning Christian Participation in Homicide)

How Soldiers with Newly Attuned Consciences Almost Stopped a War

By Gary G. Kohls, MD

“…and the ones who call the shots won't be among the dead and lame;
And on each end of the rifle we're the same” — John McCutcheon


103 years ago this Christmas something happened near the beginning of the “War to End All Wars” that put a tiny little blip of hope in the historical timeline of the organized mass slaughter that is war.

The event was regarded by the professional military officer class to be so profound and so important (and so disturbing) that strategies were immediately put in place that would ensure that such an event could never happen again.

“Christian” Europe was in the fifth month of the war of 1914 – 1918, the so-called Great War that finally ground to a mutually suicidal halt after four years of exhausting trench warfare, with all of the original participants financially, spiritually and morally bankrupt.

Duty To Warn: Two Of The Culprits That Are Behind America’s Iatrogenic Over-Vaccination Monster


Duty To Warn

The Culprits at the CDC and FDA That Helped Create America’s Iatrogenic Over-Vaccination Monster

By Gary G. Kohls, MD

December 4, 2017

Over the past several years I have spent many hours catching up on the voluminous research about vaccine dangers that my medical school professors never mentioned and that my continuing medical education lecturers never taught me later when I was in rural family practice. There was never any mention about adverse effects from vaccinations in the medical journals that I read.

Everything that I read misled me about the rapidly increasing vaccine injuries and deaths that paralleled the rapidly increasing incidence of autism spectrum disorders and the equally rapidly increasing incidence of childhood autoimmune disorders over the 40 years that I practiced medicine.

I know that the information I have gleaned over these years will be useful to the millions of increasingly frustrated and angry parents and grandparents of America’s fully vaccinated, over-vaccinated and therefore vaccine-injured children. These angry parents have seen their children injured and then, to add insult to injury, they have been cruelly ignored, cruelly silenced and often cruelly reviled by the physicians, clinics and hospitals that have been in the business of falsely reassuring parents about the safety of cocktails of vaccines that contain neurotoxic ingredients and that are simultaneously injected into immunologically-immature infants.

Duty To Warn: Changing The “War No More” Sentiment Of Armistice Day To The War-Glorifying


Duty To Warn

Changing the “War No More” Sentiment of Armistice Day to the War-Glorifying Propaganda of Veterans Day

By Gary G. Kohls, MD


99 years ago, on 11-11-1918, at precisely 11 am Paris time, a cease-fire (aka “truce” or “armistice”) was agreed to and signed by military negotiators from France, Britain and Germany. The terms of the truce ultimately resulted in the end of the “War to End All Wars” 7 months later when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919.

Germany’s surrender to the Allies was regarded as the prudent thing to do after Kaiser Wilhelm’s tyrannical monarchy was overthrown by democratic socialist forces earlier in 1918. Erich Ludendorf, a classic example of Prussian militarism, was one of the German generals who first broached the idea of starting the negotiations that eventually led to Germany’s surrender.

Geoengineering, The Ultimate Weapon In The Toxic War On Humanity And Mother Earth. How To Protect Yourself In This Escalating Battle


Source: Juan Matus

The irreversible awaking of humanity on the fact that we are under attack by the psychopaths in power is exponentially ongoing. More and more people are waking up, and are experiencing the reality of the fact that we are at war and under a vicious multi layered attack. The realization of this undeniable fact is a crucial element in our fight to save the future of humanity and the planet itself. Millions of people are realizing the implications and devastating effects of the geo engineering, climate engineering and weather modification programs. The enormous amount of information that is available on the dynamics and mechanisms of these programs and how they work in conjunction with each other is boosting the general awareness in an unprecedented way. Now it is time to make the next steps in order to fuel the reversing momentum. The toxic multi level assaults on our health make us weak and powerless and that’s exactly one of its goals. Epidemics of all kinds of diseases and health problems are exploding, while this information is mostly ignored or falsified in the corporate owned mainstream media. However, factual information on the reality of this ultimate health crisis is widely available on the Internet for anyone who does proper research. But those who are awake don’t have to look much further than their immediate vicinity to realize that there is something seriously wrong on the matter of health. In this crucial phase of the war against humanity we should strengthen ourselves on a physical and psychological level, and the good thing is; there are ways to protect you against the intensifying attacks by the maniacs that are loosing their power.

Awakening of the inner warrior


 A very essential and powerful step in your protection against the ongoing attacks to your health and life is the realization that you are under attack. You have to realize and accept the fact that you are part of a relentless “silent’ war, and the increasing attacks you are experiencing are part of a well planned agenda designed by psychopaths. It is a war against you, your loved ones and the planet you live on. Once you can see this, your instinctive reaction on this reality will trigger your sleeping inner warrior. And because of that you’re back in business, regardless of the situation you’re in. At this point you have to make the crucial decision; do I stay a victim, a passive bystander or will I be the fearless active warrior. When the realization that you are under attack sets in, your fight flight mechanism will trigger all kind of powerful biochemical responses that will serve to protect you on a physical level against the enemy. It does not matter what enemy we are facing, your ancient fight/flight instincts will wake up the inner warrior. And the warrior in you will come up with strategies in your battles.

You can stop digging in your past at your therapist or psychiatrist because most of the health problems you are experiencing are the result of the ever increasing exposure to the multilevel toxic attack, and have nothing to do with personal inflicted stress. The highly damaging effects on a physical and psychological level as a result of the structural exposure to the ongoing slow killing programs like Geo engineering, EMF radiation, GMO’s and processed foods are the real source of the escalating health crisis. The message to yourself should not be “I am NOT ok , I have all kinds of health problems” but “I am 100% OK and perfect, my body is only reacting on vicious attacks from all directions”. This strong core understanding that you are 100% OK will have a profound effect on a cellular level and will protect you in your life in the toxic microwave. The realization that you are OK will reduce the resonating tendency of your cellular system on foreign unnatural EMF intruders. It will also reduce the FFR (frequency following response) in the brain. With this liberating perspective your actions will not be any longer focused inside or in your past for healing or solutions. You will change the dynamics of your actions 180 degrees. You’re no longer a powerless victim in fear but a fully aware fearless warrior willing to take any action that is needed to survive. As stated before you are back in business. From here it is you who decide what the next action will be. And the only right decision you can make if you are awake is to get involved with intelligent and powerful action. NOW. You will forget your own story and your irrelevant personal problems and goals, when you understand what we are facing. I will speak more in depth about this powerful element of protection during my coming tour in Europe. And also on different ways to detoxify your body and mind.

Preparing for the mother of all false flag attacks

The Kardashianation of Vladimir Putin in the alternative media is feeding the distraction of society in a highly effective way. The passive obsession with the actions of this noble oligarch in the Middle East, perfectly serves the worn out geo political script. While we are being distracted by the staged geo political chaos with all the insane wars and crisis, the geo engineering architects are paving the way for the mother of all false flag attacks. Despite the fact that a lot of people are waking up, most people are not familiar with the concept of false flag attacks. They are still in the doomed mindset of accepting the idea that we are continuously attacked and under threat by an enemy their elected officials and media presents to them.

While the conditioning of the minds of the masses to accept geo engineering as a normal phenomenon is taking place, frameworks are being created to make geo engineering programs legal. When this stage is completed the road is free for a next Hegelian show. While numerous false flag attacks in history like the 9/11 attacks in NY, the sinking of the Lisutania, Pearl harbour, Tonkin incident, Sarajevo bombings, Charlie Hebdo, the 7/7 bombings, MH-17 etc, etc have been used to led us into useless illegal devastating wars which served only the globalist elite and NOT the people, the one that is coming to us will be the most disastrous one ever.

To fight this manufactured enemy we need a one world centralized government to save humanity and the planet. And in this battle the ridiculous slogan “either you are with us or you are with the terrorists” will be even more applied. The terrorist in this case however will not be a synthetic terrorist in a cave, but anyone who will oppose geo engineering as a solution for global warming. In other words: YOU.

Do a reality check, wake up the inner warrior in you and join the forces with intelligent and powerful action. We live on borrowed time; the perfect moment to loose all your fears and act out of your box. Our children and Mother Earth are calling us and have waited long enough.

Love & Light
Juan Matus

Geoengineering And The Most Dangerous False Dichotomy


By Penny Teal, PhD, contributing writer for

We all know despair.  We all know joy.  We all have been told to believe that these two states of mind are mutually exclusive.  

This is a lie.  Unfortunately, it's one of the most prevalent and malignant of the many lies we get fed on a daily basis.

Of all the false dichotomies that we confront, and they are legion, the one that opposes hope and happiness to doom and despair is the most damaging to the vigour and longevity of a movement like this, the vital effort to stop geoengineering.  Nowhere is burnout such a constant threat, as in a situation where one knows that even if one prevails, the outcome will still be negative.  Because, as we all know, even after we have put an end to the toxic spraying and ionospheric heating and all, we will be left with ongoing catastrophic warming and ecosystem collapse and the Sixth Great Extinction.  For starters.

Some people (Guy McPherson being the most prominent example I know of) seem to believe that if, or since, we're all going to die, die, die! we should turn our back on everything, and focus entirely on immediate pleasures.  They call this "living well."  They have decided beforehand that the struggle is for naught, and therefore not worth wasting energy on.  They don't, of course, know what may happen to the planet in the long run, any more than we do.  Rather than risking burnout, they have chosen to cop out.

Contrarily, we who are gathered here all know that the fight is "worth it" – but what is it worth?  The answer to that question isn't as obvious or as univocal as it may seem.  Of course it is worth fighting to spare any life forms hardy and adaptive enough to survive the changes Earth is undergoing, whether humans number among those or not.  Of course it is worth doing the right thing, always, regardless of guaranteed – or even possible – success.  Just knowing that one is doing the right thing is uplifting, restorative to the spirit (however one defines that vague concept), and thus its own reward. 

The fact that many people miss, in the meantime, is that one doesn't have to live in utter despair just because the situation is desperate.  As Dane Wigington so frequently exhorts us to remember, the one thing we truly own, the one thing no one else can touch, is our free will.  If others control us, it's because we gave them permission; it was an act of volition on our part.  Unless one has been genuinely hypnotized, one's will is intact – and people with a strong will cannot be hypnotized.

One of my favorite comic strips, from my long-ago childhood, shows the 5 members of the same family each thinking his or her thoughts at the start of a new day.  The first four are drooping, depressed, grousing about another day of having to face traffic, another day sitting through work or school, another day of chores and meaningless, soul-numbing activities.  The youngest is sitting in her crib smiling like a sunbeam, thinking to herself simply, "Another day!"  

The salient point is that all five have awakened to the very same day.  The attitude they adopt is their own choice, despite the difference in their circumstances (how many adults would be delighted at the prospect of sitting in a crib for hours, being utterly dependent on others for food, clean diapers, and mobility?)

When I first learned about the geoengineering threat to the planet's future, I was hit pretty hard by a temporary depression.  At first all I could do was cry; shortly after, I was tempted to adopt the Guy response: what the hell?  We're all going to die.  But let's face it: we are all going to die.  With or without geoengineering, with or without global warming, or Fukushimas, or wars.  Whether those realities loom large before us or not, we still awaken to each new day with the attitude of our choice.

How does this relate to burnout?  I would argue that by adopting the attitude of the young child, we can enjoy life, in spite of conditions around us.  By doing so, even though we are aware of our despair, anger, frustration, and worries, we can maintain the strength to keep going.  Even if humans are facing extinction (as we are, whether in the near term or not), does that mean we have no choice but to succumb to total despair?  Does it mean we have to ignore the many reasons to appreciate life?  Those billions of humans facing extinction were all born subject to the condition that they would one day die – that's the harsh reality for all living things.  Immortality, at least in the corporal, earth-bound form, is unattainable.  For my part, I am unconvinced that there is an afterlife, and to me that makes the life I have all the more magical, wonderful, and fulfilling.  But that's just my personal belief.

Regardless of what happens after death, while alive we have free will, and we can use it to make every day meaningful.  Instead of bemoaning the fact that "I'm going to die," one can choose to acknowledge that "I'm still alive."   Because any of us could have died long ago; it's in the cards for everyone, period.  Against the odds, perhaps, we're not dead yet (to steal the best line ever from Monty Python).  We are still alive to carry on the fight, and still alive to love, laugh, and appreciate the beauty around us.  As Max Ehrmann wrote in the brilliantly insightful prose poem Desiderata, "With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world."  

How did any of us get so lucky as to be born?  We didn't earn that right; it was a gift.  Whatever the source, be it God or Spirit or the Void, we are here.  If for no other reason than that we were fortunate enough to be placed here, we have a responsibility to do whatever we can to protect the planet that supports us.  But equally importantly, we have the right to enjoy it in the meantime.  We have the right and the responsibility, in other words to live well.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that desperate times require choosing between denial-based happiness and despair.  Life is better when one is fully awake to it, the good and the bad, and fully participating.  This is one instance where you can have your cake and eat it, too. 

I'm not trying to go all New-Agey here – I absolutely reject the notion that absolutely everything that happens in life is a gift.  I cannot see Morgellon's, for instance, as an opportunity; to me it is a crime against humanity (like the Tuskegee experiments on a global scale).  I think that the so-called Serenity Prayer says it best: Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.  Death is one of those things we just can't change, but how we conduct ourselves in any given circumstances is entirely in our hands.

Climate Engineering Not Effective Solution to Battle Climate Change, Study

(Photo : Flickr) Climate Engineering Is Not Effective Solution for Battling Climate Change, Study

Source: University Herald

Climate engineering is not a viable long-term solution in dissipating greenhouse gases and reducing global warming in the coming years, according to a new report authored by researchers at six universities, including the Simon Fraser University.

Researchers said that humans have to in fact implement measures that effectively reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere. For example, replacing fossil fuels with low-carbon energy sources, enhancing energy efficiency and changing human behavior among others are effective ways of facing climate change.

Will Humanity Respond to Imminent Doom?



A voice from the future in the movie Tomorrowland with a powerful warning: “In every moment there’s a possibility of a better future but you won’t believe it!”

Uniting Against The Lies Of Our Government


Reality is not what we imagine it to be, but rather what is. Our current paradigm is a temporary and completely unsustainable construct erected by a criminally insane power structure for its own purposes. This construct is unraveling by the day. Populations around the globe have generally been all too willing to go along with the industrialized and militarized societal structure as that is what they have been trained to accept and embrace. The philosophy of existing for the good of the whole (especially in regard to the planet which sustains our very existence)  has long since been abandoned by most cultures and individuals. The 2 minute video below delivers a powerful message. Lies and deception are the foundation of governments, with our own at the top of the list. If we choose to believe the lies in order to remain in our comfort zone of denial slightly longer, it will eliminate any chance we may yet have to alter the course of the Titanic on which we are all currently passengers. Only by accepting and embracing the current reality (however harsh), and  uniting to change it, do we have any hope of salvaging a future that we imagine could still be.
Dane Wigington

Bob Rylett – These Days They Move Apocalyptically


University Programming Has Blinded The Science Community To Our Skies


The education system in our country has been carefully and meticulously crafted to completely shut down objective or assertive thinking. The short essay below authored by a UC Berkeley trained PhD (chemistry) tells a very important story straight from first hand experience. This essay is an exceptional exposé of university programming methods and pressures. It is imperative to read, understand, and consider. My most sincere gratitude to Penny Teal for authoring this excellent report for
Dane Wigington


How to Overcome Fear When Facing Real Danger


Living on the Edge of Biological Nature


By Nancy Levant, contributing writer to

All of nature has existed from the beginning. It really does not matter what that beginning looks like to you or me; the earth has remained a ball of fire, rock and water spinning in the vastness of the universe from its beginning. It is a miracle unto itself, and its beauty is beyond comprehension; the green forests, the oceans, rivers, streams and wetlands, the blue skies; the creatures, the mountains, deserts, prairies and coastal areas, all interconnected works of seasonal art in a perfected, interdependent mastery of life itself.

We have loved this planet, traveled to see its great beauty, and we have studied its mysteries from the beginning because we could not do otherwise. I have learned that to travel is to adopt the entirety of God’s creation, my belief I realize, and to love the nature of a creator as envisioned and demonstrated through such ultimate creative brilliance. I could not have imagined contempt for biological life as if it was lacking or inadequate. I never considered evolving into a new creature nor desired to change into a synthetic or scientific invention.

I was educated in the liberal arts and was not science prone; I sought knowledge in the humanities; philosophy, religion, history, literature, the classics, and when one studies such, the fundamental nature of humankind becomes clear in its repetitive historical cycles. It becomes clear that as a species we are very unique in our steadfast seeking and infliction of any and all cruelties in order to gain power, riches, control and authority over all biological life and especially other humans. As a species we seek to overtake and control life itself and at any cost.

All of human history speaks to this infliction as everything in nature, including humanity, was and is considered “acceptable losses.” In all of biological life, this belief is unique to human beings. We believe that to kill is to improve, to conquer is to win, and that constantly changing our tactics in war, wealth seeking, discoveries, and in our social systems and beliefs, we advance. Human history, however, does not back up this belief. What history documents is humankind’s steadfast seeking and infliction of any and all cruelties to gain power, riches, control and authority over planetary resources and people.

Humanity has always remained fundamentally and profoundly vicious and contemptible in a near-suicidal contempt of itself. Though human inventions have advanced, the innate nature of humanity has actually never progressed at all. Good manners, even faith for example, are taught and enforced codes of conduct as is charity and kindness. These are not natural states or actions.

Our actual natures are self-preserving, competitive, and prone to criticism and often contempt of others. We have an innate darkness within us, and once this darkness is combined with riches, control and powers, enhanced self-preservation, competition and criticism evolve; so much so that control seeking becomes vicious and often sociopathic at any cost. Strangely, history confirms that humankind attempts to control other humans and the planet above all other missions on earth. It is as if the ultimate goal is to reinvent life, even in efforts to recreate human life into slavish perfection.

We are on the brink of humanity and biological nature. We are being deluged with nano-particulates of known and unknown origins, with synthetic, created substances of which there is no avoidance. Not only are all fresh and salt waters acidifying but forests are burning in the hundreds of millions of acres globally while methane releases are destroying planetary oxygen; we are now fed with unknown, genetically altered and jet-sprayed foods—all containing synthetic, created substances, nano-sized and, as such, unavoidable. We are being recreated genetically, intellectually and electrically.

How much time human beings have left is unknown because we are beholding to those in control, their endless wealth and patents, and more importantly their wills. Due to the stratospheric spraying, particularly of polymer substances and metals, we are infected by their wills and intentions at present as is our food, water and atmosphere. This is the reason for the rapid physiological destruction of elderly and children’s brains, the epidemic failure of major organs in the human body, our chronic breathing problems, our deteriorating physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual conditions, the unfathomable extinction rates of animals, and the global destruction of water, soil and air.

We are all infected to a purpose. In bitter and unconscionable truth, we are no longer purely biological creatures. Those in control have recreated not only humankind but also intellectualism and education. We have been taught that science is omniscient, robots are superior to biological humans, and that all decisions of those in power are benevolent. We clearly believe this as we steadfastly cling to our loyalty to Red and Blue leadership, the very people who knowingly damaged the entire planetary system, including our bodies. What they have created and what they have done and continue to do to the planet will seemingly play out. So many of us work for and await the global outcry and pray for its forthcoming. One way or another, I am thankful for my faith because, without it, I simply would not know who or even what I am. Please watch this video as my conclusion to this article:




Waking Up From The Matrix


Source: Lotus Guide, article by Rahasya Poe

Is it just me or are there others out there who have a difficult time walking the fine line between being positive and at the same time keeping an eye on the reality that we find ourselves in.

As we continue this journey of what I see as a global awakening, it may be very important for some of us to “hold the light” and maintain a vision of a better world, so I have no problem with that. But at the same time it may be just as important, if not a little more so, that there are people who are of the “spiritual warrior” mind-set who are willing to keep an eye on and put the light of consciousness on what could be called the “Darkness” that seems to be in control of our reality. As Edmond Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Climate Engineering, How It Changed My World


By Nancy Levant, contributing writer for

Soon I will be turning 60, and I cannot help but recall my mother’s words when she told me she felt as if she had outlived her understanding of how the world worked.  She was in her eighties when she explained this sadness, and I felt this must surely be a common feeling in eldership, and I felt deeply sorry for her.  Little did I know that I would feel much the same at sixty.

I grew up in a time when kids left the house at 8:00 a.m. and stayed outside all day minus the run-ins for lunch and dinner.  We rode bikes everywhere and miles and miles from home.  We went trekking through miles and miles of woods and tried to get lost so that we could make our ways back with tremendous pride in our outdoor skills.  We made creek rafts out of sticks and leaves, climbed every climbable tree, and we made forts out of deer thickets and snow.

Cosmic Apology


The Balancing Act


Words of Wisdom


Deadly Rain


“Deadly Rain” is now what falls on us all. This is also the title of the excellent 3 minute music video below by Alias Clay. The state of the world is what it is because until now the vast majority have chosen to ignore the gathering dark clouds in order to pursue their personal pleasures or to hide from uncomfortable truths. Now the storm is upon us, ignoring this reality will only guarantee our collective demise. Every one of us must strive to be the pebble that triggers the landslide of awakening. All of us are essential to the whole at this most critical time. All of us are needed in the desperate battle to expose and stop the collective insanity that is running the world. This is our time, this is our mission, this is our choice.
Dane Wigington



Denial – Hey, That’s My Story – Oh, Your’s Too?

We are dumbfounded –  those of us deeply concerned about geoengineering and chemtrails –  by the apparent inability of so many people to see, acknowledge, or care about blatantly obvious chemical  trails in the sky.


Weird weather over Shambala


Source: Craigs List

Can anyone really doubt the reality of global weirding now?This is not normal summer time weather.104 degrees the other day, and 73 degrees today, plus heavy cloud cover, here in the Sacramento valley?!Went up to Tahoe Sunday, and the traditional smell of campfire smoke was totally absent due to fire danger.I looked at the trees as much as possible, and many are either dead, or not too healthy.To my eyes, it was still too soon to tell if they are just severely stressed due to the drought, or being slowly killed due to ozone deterioration from chemtrail spraying increasing the ultraviolet exposure?

The Poisoning, Bankruptcy and Poverty of Geoengineering


By Nancy Levant

Mourning the Death of Our Mother (Earth)


Morning, June 1964. I am eight-and-a-half years old. School has just ended and I am snug in my bed. My windows are open and a warm and gentle breeze is ruffling my curtains. I can hear my dad out in the fields plowing with his little Farmall Cub, and it must be laundry day because I can also hear the wringer washer chugging away in the basement. Oh good! I will get up. I love to hang laundry. The sun is warm, the sky is blue and everything is so fresh and clean. The leaves smell good, the grass smells good, and the freshly plowed soil is rich and fragrant. The birds are singing and everything is peaceful. We don’t have much money, but we have what we need.

Will Man Ruin the Earth Beyond Repair?


Who cares about climate change consensus?


Bickering over precise figures is pointless until the climate issue resonates with the general public, not just an informed few.

Natural Law, Occult Knowledge, Geoengineering and the Feminine Principle


By Jon Aretakis

Morality is not constructed by our species. A fundamental, latent, universal, structure exists and it has existed for a long time. It is up to the people to align with the truth, not for the truth to align with the people. If the common people do not learn to align with truth, they will live in illusion and be controlled by those who understand the difference between the two. Understanding why Mother Earth and the common people are being sprayed with deadly chemicals hinges on an awareness of occult knowledge. The word occult has acquired a dark connotation, but the true definition of the word simply means hidden. Hidden knowledge creates an illusionary power differential that gives the people with the concealed information the ability to falsely control the masses because common people do not understand natural law. Most people fail to realize that words, symbols and myths have meaning that manifest reality. The outer is a reflection of the inner, and the bridge from the inner to the outer are actions, thoughts and emotions. If thoughts, actions and emotions are not aligned with natural law, the result is distortion. Geoengineering is the outer manifestation of an inner distortion.