The Extreme Dangers Posed By “Smart Meters”


2 Responses to The Extreme Dangers Posed By “Smart Meters”

  1. Jeannette Fuller says:

    Do You know of any danger associated with the "Nest Technology" that controls your house energy sysstem. My brother in law is looking into it but I I don't know if he has a "Smart Meter". What do you think about these "Nest" systems?

  2. Alan says:

    Massive Tree Die-off has been taking place on the (Smart) Meter side of our house location, we have lost or have mutated 5 to 7 Trees so far, we have even noticed the change of healthy leaves that have mutated into something unfamiliar, along with smaller branches and less numbers of leaves.  Our Power Company has even stated this isn't so, the texture of our lawn is also not the same after the Smart Meter was installed, along with my wife having Heart problems due to this installation of MicroWave Smart Meter in use.

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