The “Unprecedented” Scheduled Path Of Hurricane Idalia


Dane Wigington

Did Hurricane Idalia follow a trajectory that was laid out by nature? Or is there much more to the equation of Idalia's path? The US military first initiated hurricane modification operations in 1947 with project Cirrus, how far have they advanced their technology in the last 76 years? What part do frequency transmission installations play in the steering of Hurricane Idalia and every other hurricane that the controllers use to carry out possible agendas and objectives?

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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14 Responses to The “Unprecedented” Scheduled Path Of Hurricane Idalia

  1. Jimmy jam says:

    I've been studying harp for about 30 years give or take, I do believe that most of the major weather events are man-made as well as tornadoes I've noticed that in several parts of the world tornadoes are breaking out which have never happened. I also believe that they have the technology to create earthquakes, I believe that the one in 2004 that hit Indonesia was man-made the one that hit Japan in 2011, the one that recently hit turkey. They create this weather phenomenon and call it climate change that's how they justify and manipulate the masses so they can pass all their new green deals destroy the middle class wipe out the economy you got to have some sort of proof If you're going to lay claim to something like that but when you can actually control the weather you can control the world basically. You can make countries fully submit to you without firing a shot or a population or a state or a city. Personally I hope we have a nuclear war it was rid this planet of this disease called man, the world needs to be cleansed by fire

  2. Lance says:

    At Lake Mead, 1 inch equals 2 billion gallons of water storage (

    Doesn't matter how much water it holds if its POLLUTED and it is!

  3. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Even morons with only a fourth grade education can clearly see what is going on in these hurricane manipulation/steering videos. Yet highly educated scientists continue to use false narratives and fraudulent facts to debunk or prove that claims of weather modification are not true. (even though there are tons of archived "government" documents that prove otherwise).

    However, when you do a background search and follow the paper trails, you discover that those very same scientists and the academic institutions they work at, rely on Federal Government grants for everything they research and publish.

    Even when an entire consortium of independent scientists publish peer reviewed papers, establishing a connection between weather manipulation patents and the climate alterations we see today. The government owned scientists shoot them down and have everything they posted…. Removed From The Internet!

    The delinquent disinformation scientists are given free reign to saturate the matrix media with as many lies as they can come up with, and probably get paid a six-figure bonus for doing so.

    But they are merely selling their souls to the evil climate engineers and their nefarious agendas. While at the same time, condemning their own families and friends to a slow and agonizing death by extinction. Who cares though. They are getting rich on telling lies and that's all that matters to them. Because politicians, most other government officials and many military leaders set an example on how to get wealthy, from going down the street of pure corruption. Which becomes a dead end for all of us in the long run.

  4. Lance says:

    Yesterday was looking at some online headlines. Came across a headline claiming "something strange" happened to make the hurricane that went across northern Florida weaken. It appears that this news report was created in response to THIS video report we're all commenting on! If I find it again I'll post it here. It's quite obvious that matrix media is doing everything possible to counter reports that dispute their versions of reality. Nothing new. 

  5. Lance says:

    Big thunderstorms dropped torrential rain on areas in and around Las Vegas. A relative of ours was supposed to head north on the main interstate out of there early yesterday evening but it rained so much the roads there turned into rivers! Roads were closed due to all the flooding. Huge and powerful thunderstorms formed over Arizona and southern CA  which moved north. Flash flooding reported in many areas. Is this "unprecedented"? You decide.  

  6. Jay Dee says:

    In the film "Rose: A Love Story" (2021) there is a scene in which one of the few characters in the film looks up at the sky, for no apparent reason. It only lasts for about ONE SECON, but clearly seems to have been intentionally included in the film, since it bears no relation to anything else in the film. At approximately 35 minutes from the start, a main character looks up at the sky. The frame is filled with nothing but the tops of a few trees, the sky and a large aircraft flying along, full-blasting what certainly looks like SAI (Strategic Aerosol Injection) trails that extend all the way from the back of the plane to the edge of the frame. It's similar to the trails that sometimes appear in the background of television commercials. It only lasts a second, but this NON-"contrail" was meant to be seen. (The movie is in the "horror" genre; it is not a film that will be widely seen. It is currently being shown on Showtime cable network, free, on demand.)

  7. Lance says:

    COD: Satellite and Radar

    More "unprecedented" weather! Temps in the 50s/60s in northern CA. Unusual "low" spinning over the area. This is not normal thunderstorm forming weather for this area either.   

  8. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Friday, Sep 01, 2023 – 10:30 AM

    "Brace For The Worst": Super Typhoon Saola Barrels Towards South China | ZeroHedge
    Hong Kong government just issued a No. 10 storm signal — the highest warning under the city's weather system — as super Typhoon Saola approaches Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and other southern Chinese metro areas.

    "According to the present forecast track, Saola will be closest to Hong Kong around midnight, skirting within around 40km (25 miles) south of the Hong Kong Observatory," the Hong Kong Observatory said.

    The storm is about 56 miles from the financial hub and has maximum sustained winds of 140 mph, which would be equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale.

  9. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    V.Susan Ferguson: 

    I now live in the Gulf side of Florida — but 20 miles from the water.  My friend & I were watching intently the reports and predictions. At one point, it seemed as though Idalia was heading right towards us with 85mph sustained winds and 100mph gusts. Although the local Tampa Bay weather man even initially thought it was headed for “the Bend” further north, which it did.

    We naturally could not sleep and stayed awake listening for the sounds of horrific wind. Nothing. Some rain. But nothing we had not seen and heard before throughout Florida's long hot summer. Florida has rain storms with intense lightning & thunder almost ever day in the summer.

    There were mandatory evacuation zones all along the coast, even in my county. And there was considerable coastal damage from storm surge flooding. We were lucky.

    Cedar Key Florida seems to have gotten the worst. The Cedar Keys are a cluster of islands near the mainland. Around 700 people live there and to my knowledge, were safely evacuated. Surely very independent types. You can find photos of the damage online.

    The Florida governor’s mansion was hit by a massive century old tree. The DeSantis family was inside, but thankfully—no one was hurt.

  10. Lance says:

    Regarding weather manipulation, the "flood watch" areas for northern CA have expanded as shown on COD website. Big thunderstorm buildups over parts of northern CA heading north into OR. Lightning already being reported north of Redding. Unusual given the lower temperatures in this area now. Phoenix, AZ, got hit with a huge thunderstorm that dropped alot more rain than tropical storm Hilary did! More to come today and tomorrow. Power outages in many locations. 

  11. Lance says:

    Aug 31, 2023

    U.S. Aquifers Are Running Dry, Posing Major Threat to Drinking Water Supply

    No mention of the toxicity of the water supply.

  12. Lance says:

    Their "godlike" technology is amazing isn't it! They've always wanted to be like GOD, to have the powers of GOD, but they're "men", NOT GODS!

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