False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack Pushes WWlll, While Global Geoengineering Omnicide Continues


Dane Wigington

The US government and the western power structure as a whole is completely out of control. Though there is no denying the corruption and criminality that is rampant in other countries like China and Russia, the most dangerous desperate behavior being displayed by a global power center is that of the US / NATO / Trump administration, and the military industrial complex they all stand for. The US / NATO military industrial complex wants total global hegemonic power and will stop at nothing in the attempt to achieve it. The latest desired excuse to ramp up US / NATO military aggression in the Middle East has now been conveniently provided, but what really happened? And why? Do Americans even remember the earlier false flag chemical weapons attack that was staged in Syria, just as the UN weapons inspectors arrived in Syria? Does any rational person believe the Syrians would invite the UN inspectors to their country (after giving up all their chemical weapons willingly) and then launch a chemical weapons attack (with chemical weapons they did not even have) just in time for the UN inspectors to witness it? Really?  The 7 minute video below is very important and informative report of the latest chemical weapons attack false flag launched by western powers that are desperate to trigger global conflict.

What does Google show when you search "Trump / Syria chemical weapons attack"? The Google search results show only the criminally corrupt mainstream media official military industrial complex narrative. That is what the criminal corporate media are paid to do. Some of the "official narrative" headlines from Google are below.

Trump says 'heinous' chemical weapons strike in Syria 'cannot be tolerated'

Blaming Assad, Trump says Syria attack 'cannot be tolerated'

Trump blames Assad and Obama for chemical attack in Syria

The 2 minute video below is yet another glaring example of power structure controlled corporate media pumping out the scripted false narrative of the military industrial complex. This CNN carefully crafted propaganda report is shockingly transparent in regard to its attempt to create public support for continued US military intervention / aggression.

The US mainstream media is a criminal collaborator and contributor to the totally tyrannical and completely out of control military industrial complex. Their lies also include deceptions of total omission. What else is happening in Syria (and all over the world) that mainstream media has never said a word about? An incomprehensibly massive and unimaginably destructive global climate engineering/weather warfare assault that must also be considered biological warfare due to the highly toxic fallout from these programs.

Chemical weapons false flag attacks are not the only toxic activity being carried out in Syria by those in power. The photo below of the skies over Hama, Syria, was taken on the same day as the false flag chemical attack, April 4th, 2017.


Tartus, Syria (4/4/17). Photo credit: Ali Ali

The next group of startling photos were also recently taken in the skies over Syria.

GeoengineeringWatch.org 3321

Hama, Syria (1/21/17). Photo source: Bassel Keilani

Available evidence clearly indicates that the US / NATO military industrial complex pushing for WWlll. Due to accelerating biosphere implosion and waning global resources, it seems the power structure feels that creating global conflict and chaos is their last available option. In the meantime, every single human being on the planet (and the entire web of life) is being subjected to the highly toxic fallout from ongoing illegal global climate engineering / intervention programs (which must also be considered a form of biological / chemical warfare). All of us are facing what must be considered a fight for life. Whether or not we accept this or believe it is irrelevant, the front-line facts speak for themselves. All of us are desperately needed in the fight for the greater good. Investigate, participate, make your voice heard.

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129 Responses to False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack Pushes WWlll, While Global Geoengineering Omnicide Continues

  1. The war on terror should start with impeachment of individuals who threaten and terrorize world populations…

    Empire Files: War with North Korea – Propaganda vs. Reality – YouTube

    Published on Feb 17, 2018


    It is instructive to watch the entire film, as North/South Korea have been repeatedly targeted for propaganda themes and fear mongering for over 60 years. U.S main stream media should be hung out to dry. They are a terrorist cartel…

  2. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Hello my Geoengineering Friends,

    Wasn't President Trump supposed to get permission from Congress before going to war with Syria?? Now they want to go to war with Korea , our media should be just as guilty of war crimes because they are complicit in these war crimes, first, the now President is part of an elite group of President War Criminals. He didn't get approval from congress before bombing Syria. Now he wants to go to war with Korea wtf, isn't he the one who said that going to war with Iraq is and was wrong? WTF is happening. The ones with dirty hands from 911 Saudi's, they are laughing at us. I'm sick and tired of these wars and sick of our Media. They're all sicko's

    • Pamela Spoto says:

      Dane you are right on here about Syria, the military industrial complex and the media.

    • Alligator says:

      Yes the workd leaders seem to be unbalanced! I watched OAN ( One America News) 2 days ago speaking with Syrians in Syria all interviewed said there was no chemical attack and some said UN and US were playing games to further their agenda. No other News spoke of this; however MSNBC is currently running a story on Operation Ice Bridge run by NASA to keep eye on effects of global warming and criticizing this administration for cutting 5 NASA programs designed to help protect earth.

    • painter says:

      I believe that people have their eyes open more than is thought.  The geo-enilation is purposely designed so that people don't know what to do. Everyone I speak to is wide awake but are lost when it comes to action.  This website is a giant help.  I was going to start with a haz-suit and a poster.   

      On to our president, I believe he's been mis-guided, hypnotized and conned; I'm afraid there is a plan that will shock us to the core very soon.   I personally believe June 12th we are going to see the plan, that's been in play for over 50 years come to fruition and Trump won't be aware of it.   I have a terrible feeling about 6/12/2018.  All the numbers the illuminati like when they change history for the worse.   I'm afraid that most WILL NOT BE PREPARED for any tragedy.    With what little time we have, we must do what we can to protect our families.    It's time to get those supplies water, food, medicines regardless of what is to come. 


  3. Ed M. says:

    April 10th, 2017 – Massive SRM Toxic Jet disbursements this morning over Myrtle Beach, SC.  Another concern by many residents, daily, consistent, strange, similar odors within businesses and homes.  People who are unaware of what's occurring in our skies are noticing something is drastically irregular.  Why are we allowing this to happen?  Not a figment of imagination.  This is factual not myth!  Our Nation is continuously sprayed and most people are oblivious as to what's taking place within our skies above.  Common responses when I attempt to bring this to my fellow citizens attention]  "Oh, those are incoming airline jets"  or "Theres' nothing I can do about it."  FRUSTRATING TO SAY THE LEAST!  

    • Barbara F says:

      People that ask questions these days about anything like this are branded as being a nut, trust me I have been called several names and nut, or nut case, is about the least offensive one that I can think of at the moment. I am totally amazed that more people are not interested in the activities that are taking place in the skies above and wondering what in the Hell those trials consist of, and what affects if any that the crap that they are made up, is having on those of us that happen to be living under them. I would just like for someone to tell us what is in them and maybe get our approval as to whether or not they can be doing this. I just know that people's attitudes have changed in a major way in the past 10 years and I don't believe that it is just the normal progression of life, Call me crazy.

    • Alligator says:

      Yup I get same inane song and dance far too often, however it used to be constant and lately some people actually do listen to me and allow something is not right. Keep telling

  4. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    The News media is so colluded! It is very difficult to believe most of what they report on, especially the local news weather centers. It is an awful disgrace what has and is currently going on in Syria and all other countries being targeted over seas. I certainly hope it all comes to an end soon. The leaders of the U.S. have been saying one thing and doing another, as well as changing their minds back and forth! There was good proof in those videos!

  5. I posted links and photos from this GeoWatch article on a story by Chris Hedges on Truthdig. I said Chemical Attacks and Chemtrails look a lot alike. You never know what THEY will put in the mix next.


    • Blue Sue says:

      Hey Steve,

      I heard on the local news tonight that Hilcorp's gas line burried below Cook Inlet has a methane leak near Nikiski. Apparently, the Bruce Platform and/or the Anna platform has a rupture, but supposedly that's not responsible for causing the crude oil sheen on the inlet. Do you happen to know the truth of the matter?  I am concerned!


  6. Joe Ceonnia says:

    I'm going to say it because it needs to be said, Americans Hate Bullies.

    Bullies are assholes, We as a people always routed for the underdog, The meeker of the two, not because it was cool or groovy, It's why "Rocky" did so well in this American movie. We want to see people of all walks of life to have a fighting chance. We want our young people to have more then just memories of war, We the people must offer more… Aren't we average Americans sick and bored of being the America that tore up the world. The America that we hate, we used to be the Country that stood up for the weaker counties, the county that were pick-on. Now we've become those bullies that we always hated. I'm NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU, The average Americans, NO, I'm talking about our politicians, there the assholes I'm speaking of, Their the ones making all the mistakes in our names. Never say Never, remember that, These politicians think they will be in office forever. It's time to rethink these mistake, WE KNOW ALL our Politicians are on the TAKE!! It's time "we the people" put on the brakes!!  It's not just our cross to bare, but we need to send a message to our politicians that we can't be bought, we can't be sold a bill of corrupted rights. We sick and bored of all these wars. I pray to the heavens that are politicians can find their moral compass' Aren't we older and wiser now, then we were back in 2001 and 9/11. It's time to ruin the lives of these politicians and their Deep State, they don't have our backs, they are the traders to "We the People" of the United States. It's time to take back our votes and create another political party. One that has our children's and the majority of "We the People" best interest at heart. We must speak the truth, we must stop these wars. Before we completely clashed and crashed against the world- like SPECTRE did from an old James Bond Movie… We're becoming Special Executive of Counter Intelligence, Terrorism and Revenge, The Bad Guys of these movies. That's not what I grew up believing, I believed that we were James Bond, The Good Guys. That's not the truth though. We must stop the bad guys that are destroying the young hearts and minds of our children with all these lies. Fake news and false flags, it's time to from this dogshit bag!! Let's start a new, I believe in people, I believe in hope,I believe "WE The People"can get this turned around!!

    • gretchen says:

      Our so-called "representatives" are on Spring break, and either are at the shore getting their "wild on," or in their home districts. Go get 'em.

    • painter says:

      We can change our two/three party system to a two or three party system.  I meant to be repetitive because if we are ever a "ONE PARTY SYSTEM, WE'RE TOAST".     Read books on tryanny, there out there.

  7. Dennie says:

    The people of Yakel, Vanuatu (Melanesia, out in the South Pacific) decided to give up war, and they made a conscious decision not to embrace any part of modern Western culture.  Here is a trailer describing how the film that tells how their story was made:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STlLiJ5YfxQ  Lingai, the tribe member who plays Wawa's father in the film, said " 'Here, (Venice, when they went to the Venice Film Festival) they have a lot of buildings and a lot of food, and it's very beautiful, but you also need a lot money to buy this food and live in these buildings and to get all that money you have to work very hard all the time.  Where I live my house is small but I go to the garden, to the forest and the river and I have everything I need.'  If anyone fears that these budding actors would be seduced by our life of stardom and world travel, they can rest assured– the people of Yakel know the life they want to protect."

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, That is a seriously cool posting. Thank you for sharing it. I am at a loss for words here. What I saw in that video is a life I wish for all mankind. I wonder how great it feels to be those people?

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      I also want to thank you Dennis, Greed is a sickness that never ends, I been on this planet for over 60 years and I agree, we don't need half the st*! that we accumulate through this life. When you get older and wiser you understand more and need less. This constant bombardment to the younger people is a tragedy, the media is brainwashing this young generation. It's a shame… Thank you again Dennis.

  8. Bija says:

    Why is this preposterous false flag attack so obvious to nearly everyone except the MSM and their two remaining followers. Seems more like an act of desperation than a flexing of america's muscle. Been there, done that (how many times now???). Sick to death of it all!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Bija, well chosen and informed words indeed. There's lots of "us" that are "sick to death of it all". "Looking forward toward solution".

  9. kathleen says:

    Excuse me if this has been said:

    1. If Trump cares for Syrians who are being sprayed with chemicals, why does he bar them from escaping and finding refuge here?

    2. If he dislikes the spraying of chemicals on Syrians, why does he love it on Americans? (Hello geoengineeringwatch.org !)

    3. And why does he care for nothing, no thing, that supports all sorts of life on the planet, but encourages all sorts of damage: geoengineering, GMO foods, pesticides on crops, fluoride in water, excessive vaccines, on and on?

    Nevermind. He's a sadist, and the "Congress" is now 100% worthless. Your vote has been deleted for ever and ever Eh Men! Women, git yer ass back to birthin' those babies we can send to kill brown people for oil companies' profit.

    Granted, we are a young and extremely ignorant species, but, jeeze, surely MOST of us are NOT that dumb — it seems that it's mostly those in power and the willfully ignorant directing the slaves to do their bidding.

    In any case, if, or rather when TSHTF in a big way, do you think I'll want your gold in exchange for my beans? No way. Diamonds for water? Haha, weep, mourn.

    Save a few (that includes all you wonderful brilliant souls here), we are one sick young species that is shitting our nest, i.e. too dumb to deserve to survive. Sorry, I'm in a mood. War doesn't suit me.


    • BaneB says:

      Kathleen:  Righteous commentary.  No, war does not suit most of the American People.  The republic no longer responds to what we want.  It does gives its undecided attention to what the war-for-profit criminals want.  And they don't give a damn what we think. They do not care about us anymore than they care about Libyans, Syrians, or other peoples they are destroying.  We are here as their capture and convenience.  The surveillance prison police state says what these control freaks think of us.  And the atrocities are done in "our name."  How sick is that!

  10. SD says:

    Some researchers reporting increases in airliner turbulence issues. Several years ago Australian Transport Safety Bureau reported "unprecedented" increase in Sydney/ Gold Coast turbulence incidents.

    A just released report from University of Reading predicts increase in turbulence caused by Climate Change.

    But could the apparent increase in Jetstream turbulence at various locations be caused by ARTIFICIAL heating of the atmosphere by Weather Engineers?

    Just heard Bon Jovi canceled an upcoming concert due to bronchitis. Other big name entertainers recently canceled concerts due ro similar symptoms. 


    • BaneB says:

      SD:  Given the weird ripples in the clouds, and experiments whereby the Frankenstein crowd are punching holes in the ionosphere, it should not be surprising the atmosphere is buckling.  I am at 4,000 feet, hardly Mt. Everest.  Yet, the winds this winter have been extreme, with turns in directions on s moments notice, quick down drafts and roaring through the tree tops.  The storm the other night had me wondering if the roof would stay on.  Last night it snowed after pouring rain for 12 hours.  Yet another white cement dump of half a foot.  More tree damage.  The atmosphere is going through some changes.  Regarding illness, lots of people are sick with respiratory problems.  Small wonder.  I am still hacking and coughing.  

  11. Dave says:

    Rachel, in response to your question why is this being done to Syria, I believe the Zionist desire to balkanize the middle east ala Iraq and Libya is the driving force to have a "greater Israel" as a reality, they certainly have the assets in the USA to bring this to fruition. Please check out Christopher Bollyn regarding 9-11 and Rebekah Roth about how the planes were dealt with. Again I would recommend George Webb to understand how vaccines, organ harvesting, all politicians, bio-weapons, religious organizations, Dyncorp  NGOs, etc, CIA, are all tied together to bring us to the point we are at. For me his daily y-tubes going back a couple of months have been the most revealing internet resource since listening to Danes website presentations about SRM/SAG.  

  12. Seeing Clearly says:

    Trump is revealing himself to us in every passing week 

    he is nothing like the Trump before the election in most things.

    did you really trust this man after his dark past, you fell for it.

    now get out of it.

    I didn't think I would be saying this especially this early into his presidency but we need to start thinking about how we are going to fight Trump.

  13. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, ALL my friends I haven't met yet, I'm not sure if this video is aloud here but… I hope it is. It's relevant to this article. "Walk a mile in another mans shoes". Isn't that how the saying goes? I know this video is a "recruiting" video. So don't come back with that. Good grief! Walk in their shoes, feel like you need a shower yet? This video is very well done. I'm sure it will serve it's purpose. Myself, I am ashamed that I live in the country that made this video happen. "Make america great again?" It'll happen if I have any say in the matter. "Bring them boys home and lets get on with our own affairs. Lord help us for what we've done". Over and over it plays in my mind: "we as the masses all want the same thing", "so where's the division?". To this day, the biggest kept secret is that we only need "3"…. "3!!!"…. laws… "Be good to yourself, be good to others and be good to the planet, our home. What a crazy mixed up mess we've gotten ourselves into. I'll bet lunch that 99% of the folks on this earth would agree with me. Wouldn't ya say? War is over, If you want it.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “Simple Horseman”, thank you for posting such an exceptional and touching video. All Americans should be required to veiw such an account of Syria, of the Syrian people, of what our country has done to theirs.

    • MAP says:

      And this whole episode of the Deep State/ CIA trying to destabilize and then overrun Syria which has been going on for awhile now has served many agendas. It is very sad and sick. Syria has been one of the most secular countries in the Middle East and one of the most fair to its minority populations. It is widely known that in the past that Damascus would be lit up with lights during Christmas Season. I hardly view Syria as a threat. But, supposedly, the Deep State wants a pipeline to sit on its land for the benefit of Saudi Arabia. Wake up People. Do your homework.

    • ron hall says:

      Great video, "a Simple Horseman"!  Multiply these noble everyday people by a billion!!…and maybe, just maybe, some sheeple will stir out of their slumber.  Thanks. 

    • catherine says:

      I find it bizarre that americans think themselves immune to the karma coming home to roost, after what we are creating in other foreign lands against other beautiful peoples, nations, lands.   When I watched this film, I could imagine American men and women, in place of these fine Syrian citizens, defending their own homeland, the USA.   It's coming folks, if you don't wake up now and unite in a peaceful manner to stop this horrific crime against humanity, the planet, and our spiritual life on this planet.   I am noticing the comments becoming more and more honest, heartfelt and spiritual on this site and I really appreciate that americans are beginning to see what is happening to them.   I am an expat living in the EU and I  can tell you that the people here are way behind the curve, believing all the MSM bullshit.   I can't convince them otherwise, and their response if they do believe only a little bit is "What can we do?   Nothing?"   They are completely pacified with their materialistic comfortable life here and want nothing to do with standing up for anything.   Americans at least still have a little bit of independent spirit in them.   Please help others keep it alive in the US.   Nato and the UN propaganda rules here.   Even the alternative, spiritually awake element here is passive.   The racist talk about the refugees is disgusting and no different than Trump's talk, yet they laugh at americans who voted for Trump, while they vote for the same creeps here.    Because they speak different languages, there is little real unity in Europe, except for the convenient spending habits via the euro, which is god here.   I can't wait until I can come back home.

  14. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Please, If you can…Mail Geo Engineering info to Groups that rely on the Climate to be Fruitful for their Busnisses. Anyone that may know many with "Like Minds" that count on "Nature" for their existance. We Need To Reach Many at once. Do'nt waste your time on those that wo'nt Listen.  Please Help Us To Reach The Masses !  

  15. Chad says:

    April 17 through 20th the 85th Western Snow Conference in Boise, Idaho. Go crash it let em know we know. Look it up see the PDF attachment. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. 85 years FOLKS. TAKE CARE, GOD BLESS, IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Chad, I look forward to your report after the conference. I hope folks will show up and make themselves known by your side. That conference is a biggy, for sure. Do you have banners to parade? Hope so. Are you going to attend the meetings?

  16. Jan Becker says:

    Thank You, Dane, for yet another excellent post, especially Syriana Analysis.  It is a good example of what will NEVER appear on a major media outlet in the US and really needs to be heard far and wide.

  17. Gary Pennington says:

    As I am reading John Perkins book, "The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", this latest atrocity has been played out so many times that I wonder what it takes for people to say ENOUGH!! The 50 or more Tomahawk Missiles used yesterday, at a cost of 1 – 1.4 million dollars each, are made by Raytheon. Their stock price went up today. How do these criminals sleep at night?


    • MAP says:

      They sleep just fine. They are psychopaths. No one will get in the way of their war machine; least of all the paid actors/actresses/marionettes who identify as politicians.  

  18. marc says:

    I'm sorry but this buffoon called Trump is as phony as anything I've seen in modern history. It is difficult to abide his repulsively cliched public statement about the military response to "Assad's" gas attack, with all of it's trigger-words and phrases designed to titillate the frontal lobes of morons. It is also excruciatingly difficult to tolerate the extent to which MSM props up a parade of similar idiots ALL SEEMING TO NOT QUESTION IN THE LEAST THE ASSUMPTION THAT ASSAD WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SO-CALLED GAS ATTACK. It is as if we are expected to swallow hook, line and sinker the arguably PREMATURE CONCLUSION that Assad was undoubtedly responsible for this, and that the heretical idea that some other possible culprit might be determined is so far outside the bounds of reason as to be laughable. Can't take the bullshit anymore. It's all so transparently absurd.

      The last four straight mornings, right at sunrise over southern Arizona, the BIG BABIES (unevolved immature order-swallowers who imagine themselves so very, very fortunate by virtue of their membership in the "club") either themselves flew or caused to fly, aircraft that left long trails just above the eastern mountains near Tucson. At least four mornings in a row, actually maybe more. Right at sunrise, boom, long sprayed trails which are of the very persistent kind. Which of course, then become quite spectacularly illuminated by the rising sun and are visible from ANY vantage point in Tucson. It has been suggested that some materials being sprayed require sunlight to "activate". Don't know anything about that but I find it odd that the primary (sometimes only) spraying occurring at sunrise in the region is to the immediate east of Tucson, causing the visuals I just described. Know this is only anecdotal, but I find it curious. Not to mention ruinous of what might otherwise have been nice sunrises.

    • Dog says:

      I'm afraid the morons have no frontal lobes to tittilate…

      Regarding Tucson, +1 – especially foggy today…

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "A fresh eye to an old region is a valuable thing".

      Thank you marc for your observations and "titillating" commentary.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      50 chemtrails over Southwest Ohio today.Trees falling and people coughing yet our sewing circle keeps blogging the obvious.Someone tell us who is doing this instead of reciting the Bible.We need answers not prophecy.This is really happening not a video game.We are losing everyday a little more of our existence.

  19. Dennie says:

    Amazing how many of these poison gas attacks occur in countries that the United States wants to bring to it's knees.  Would be like me kicking you under the table, then yelling "OUUUUCH!!!!!! STOP KICKING ME!!"

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "Amazing how many of these poison gas attacks occur in countries that the United States wants to bring to it's knees".

      Now there's one observation that will hit home in many minds. One notch at a time folks. Those little notches are adding up quickly now.

  20. marc says:

    Anonymous, I rarely get any kind of respiratory disease but right now I am three ways from f**ked. I currently have a deep, deep cough from lung congestion, sore throat, losing my voice, etc. Haven't had anything like this in many years. Don't know what's different now other than to say our immune systems can only handle so much before they crack. 

  21. Joseph L says:



    WAR is a racket. It always has been.

    It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

    A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.


    • Marilyn Avila says:

      A great book and a great man – Smedley Butler.  Just change some names & numbers and it still applies to the incessant, perpetual wars that continue on today – misery and death for profit.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Joseph L, Damn straight war is a racket. We even have that by several "Generals" words of commentary. If you can't hear the chief mongers, who will you hear?

      I'll keep writing this until it's gone: "war is over, if you want it".

  22. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello All, My Deities but we had one hell of a storm last night!!  I mean I've not seen one like it here in Berkeley EVER!  The fury, the force, the sheer degree to which trees can bend, whip around and yet survive!  And wow, I love, love a kick ass storm, but this one brought another zillion tons of rain.  It was exciting though.  Now in the early morning light to see what survived.  The force of the winds was incredible!  Just amazing!  The roar of it!  Astounding.  I felt acutely aware of just how close the ocean is here.  Couldn't help but wonder about our shores and what a beating and is this a sign of more to come because this ain't normal!  My daughter was here and we'd watched a movie and like an idiot, I watched some news and so heard we were sending 60 missiles into Syria and supposedly Russia said okay?  What could go wrong?!  I got a knot in my stomach, my heart was racing and not from barium, I got so upset.  War, all my life long, war.  Will there ever be enough war?! I could not sleep.  All I can say is that Earth is at war with US now!  Each of us wherever we live, whoever we are.  We are the enemy!

    • marc says:

      Rachel Robson, thank you for your post. I enjoy all of your posts. Yes, unending wars. So heart-wrenching, so needless, so certifiably insane. When my youngest daughter was about 21/2 we were all sitting on the couch watching PBS. One show ended and the station narrator previewed the next upcoming show, which as it turned out, was about WW2. He said the word "war" several times. Suddenly my precious little girl turned to me and asked: "Daddy, what's war?" I lost it. I mean I completely lost it. I don't even remember what I said to her because I was incapacitated with emotion, such was the profundity of that existential moment. Indeed, in some far distant future on some distant planet where there has never been such a thing as war, I hope she is reborn to experience what true lasting peace and harmony feels like.

  23. Seeing Clearly says:

    With all the problems big oil and the government that wants it is causing including political ones just start the boycott please. Oil has good functions, but we can get energy from other sources including our food when you're too lazy to walk downtown. This is our future at stake and I by no means support oppression so if you're getting good use of the oil and it's justified keep using it.

  24. beatriz says:

    greetings and thanks to Dane and all the good people that comment and watch this site, we are all together in this to save our mother earth. 

    the documentary No One Gets Out Alive is showing thru Oct 9. I watch it yesterday, very compelling. A friend that watched it with me, finally with all her being got the truth about the geoengineering assault and asked me to send her the link so she could forward it to her friends.

    i could not paste the link, but if you go to vimeo on demand and type

    no one gets out alive documentary you will be able to access it.


  25. Anna says:

    From Global Research News: Please read this frightening link below!

    "The US has killed more than 20 million people in 37 victim nations since WW2"

    (by James A. Lucas, April 1, 2017; original source; Popular Resistance 27 Nov 2015)


    • MAP says:

      When you state US, what is really being referred to are the groups that performed a hostile takeover of this country many years ago. These would include Deep State/ MIC / International Bankers / Council of Foreign Relations, et al.

      By the way, when was the last time we had a US President that was NOT controlled by these groups? Warren Harding or perhaps Grover Cleveland?

    • marc says:

      Anna, this link is impossibly gut-wrenching but nonetheless I highly recommend EVERYONE who visits this site to read it. I personally have for a very long time been ashamed of my country, my government and our military. For those who read this link provided by Anna, you will be forced to rethink your fanciful notion of patriotism.

  26. Anna says:

    This tiring and unoriginal "new" sarin chemical spill (used by Assad against his own people and supporters?) in Syria is blatant evidence at how at the MIC/CIA/Pentagon has completely run out of original ideas for demanding its imperialist way be taken seriously in the Middle East.

    These out of control, frightening and toxically arrogant sociopaths need to be rounded up TODAY and locked up as demented war criminals before WW3 begins. People of the world need to hold their own Nuremberg Trial and convict these mad dogs before their dreams of totalitarian conquest and world wide depopulation come to fruition. They are so intent on dragging Russia/Putin into war that they are now firing off at least 60 missiles at Syria? and setting off bomb terrorist attacks in Russia? Not to mention murdering at least 10 of Russia's ambassadors?

    The real question is; when are "we the people" going to say, "enough is enough" and arrest these war criminals wherever they are? Fascism is spreading to all of us, in every country, before I can even write these words down. I just read that PM Merkel of Germany is now threatening $53 million in lawsuits against any Germans who oppose her decision to take on more Muslim refugees in their country (a direct result of her war collusion with the US Empire Machine).

    Chem spraying, as ugly and evil as it is (even over Syrian skies!), is but a symptom of this Neocon Disease that is spreading its tentacles like a fast moving cancer over the entire planet. Someone mentioned on this website that martial law is coming soon to a neighborhood near us here in the US, and that 9/11 was just the beginning. I whole heartedly agree.

    Are you readers ready for survival? Storing long-term food products? Buying metals like silver or gold? Taking money out of the banks before the Too Big To Fail Banks use the already in place "bail ins" (as already used in Greece and Cyprus) to steal our money?

    My husband and I have been preparing for five years now for this doomsday picture, which may happen tomorrow, or next week or next year. Certainly, all the educated financial/economist people warn it will come, not maybe.

    But I think about all of this everyday, and continue to educate myself through reading global alternative news sources, such as this website. My questions: Do we wait submissively? Or do we take moral actions now? Should we start to round up these criminally insane caricatures with nuclear bombs in their eyes now, and start taking them out, one by one, as in Dan Brown's book, Angels and Demons, whose protagonists did with the corrupt Catholic Church leaders? At the end of the movie, they wisely stated: We will stop the executions when you do!

    I fear there is so little time left! We must all do something, talk more, voice our fears more, and shake up others one at a time if we must. But deep in my heart, I feel we must all become part of the global effort to stop those responsible for NATO and the genocide taking place around the world, NOW, TODAY! Before Ground Zero looks like child's play. May we all find the needed courage to stand up and fight before it's too late! Use MLK, John and Bobby Kennedy, Fidel Castro and other revolutionaries, who paid dearly with their lives, as inspiration. WE ARE BRAVER THAN WE KNOW….so follow Dane and others who are leading the way. 

    • MAP says:

      Everything that we were warned of in January 1961 by President Eisenhower has reached it's complete fruition of Total Insanity. 

  27. Rose Taylor says:


    Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons
    The Western media refutes their own lies
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, April 07, 2017

  28. JR says:

    Hello to all from Southwest, New Mexico. I've been down for 6 weeks from a motorcycle wreck I was involved in. A dumb driver decided to pass me in a no passing zone with pickup and nailed me as I was making left turn. By God's Grace I'm here, still have all limbs but broken bones. I posted once from hospital a couple of weeks back with observations of SAG/SRM as also observed today, heavy. We had rain clouds that could of have been promising but to no avail with the Devils spewing overhead with Chemicals. These punks will one day believe me be held accountable for their actions. They keep on getting away with their evil but will pay the ultimate price I would say in Hell. No laughing matter. The word says who is man that God is mindful of him. It's a miracle I was not killed in wreck, not accident. It could have been prevented by other reckless driver. These chemtrails can be prevented but the overseers won't permit it, oppressors that they are! Good posting again with people who are good stewards of this Earth….


    • keith says:

      Glad your alive, hope your completely recover. Maybe ditch the motorcycle? keith

    • MAP says:

      In my estimation, all of the nano-particles of heavy metals that we are all absorbing daily are having serious effects on mental as well as physical functions. I believe there are some pretty irrational behaviors being displayed by masses such as erratic driving. There are other things too that heavy metals toxicity affects. Now is probably not a good time to be using motorcycles when a large portion of population is displaying erratic behavior from heavy metal poisoning. 

  29. Teri says:

    more mass death. hundreds of millions of fish dead and dying. the ocean food chain is broken. as they go so does the human race. the fish are innocents. they don't deserve it. the human race can't say the same. in 117 years they have destroyed an ecosystem. amazing. so many species once lived on this planet. for millions of years or so science says. in 117 years in the name of ''progress'' and ''technological advancement''. the whole world is being ripped apart to feed the greed and power of a select few. every ''advancement'' turned into a new weapon of war. a new way to kill. and now their weapons are being used again ALL LIFE…plants, animals, fish, birds, insects as well as it's main target ''man''. 

    • penny waters says:

      when i can get my head around being objective – aren't we made by nature – nature creates and destroys – as do we!

      i too have felt fury at the stupidity of the human race – but it makes me tired

      are we the climax – on this earth – when you see how many human civilisations have come and gone on this planet in the past – and those, it seems, were not as 'technologically advanced' or 'global' as we are now, albeit people on different continents appear to be antagonistic towards each other

      is this really how it is supposed to be? are we that stupid or just not the masters or mistresses of our own fate – as we would like to think we are

      when one gets pleasure from the simplest of things all the stuff that others do and want seems so mad

      it is so pleasant to explore nature and oneself at the same time,       doing violence neither to 'her' nor to one's own spirit,                         but bringing both into balance in gentle, mutual interaction.                                                                                 goethe

      only when the last tree has been cleared,                                       the last river poisoned,                                                                 the last fish caught,                                                                    will they discover that one cannot eat money

      the earth hears you, the sky and the wood mountain see you,           if you know these things, you will live a long time

      both native american sayings by the original hunter gatherers

      what say you my friends?

  30. Seeing Clearly says:

    If you care about your children you have a responsibility to eradicate all evil from the world. Well, here is the latest I have found because apparently vaccines at pregnancy is good for the child what kind of insanity is this when we know for a fact an acknowledged fact that vaccines have toxins in them (https://www.forbes.com/sites/tarahaelle/2017/04/03/pertussis-vaccine-in-pregnancy-protects-9-of-10-newborns-from-whooping-cough/#25aa62ce7118)

    And they admit vaccines cannot work without the toxic ingredients I don't know if that's true or an excuse to continue the toxic additives however that's what it says here (https://youtu.be/ztkNLWFgYH8)

    Now I challenge you to use your logic (DO I WANT TO INJECT MY KIDS OR MYSELF WITH TOXINS FOR MANY CASES NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON?) and for the benefit of the thought at least, no excuse exist to vaccinate your children before they are born they have a 0% chance of catching the flue inside of you. But the consequences of vaccination during pregnancy can flip upside down your child's future and it almost makes me go crazy of how sad it is to just imagine this I feel my blood boiling inside of me. 

    Moral of the story, you have a responsibility to keep your children safe not satisfying the ego of an offended spiritually wicked "leftist" like autistic social "justice" warrior.  It's more worth it enduring the insults than it is brain damaging your child's brain for the rest of his life and your child being drafted into the shameful disability community which is acutely celebrating the increasing rates of disability and calling us names like ablest if we disagree with their backwards views and acutely want to cure the wounds.

    • Diane Maupin says:

      Thousands of people here in California are realizing what is happening with vaccines. I am meeting mothers and grandma's who understand that vaccines are not safe. Therefore, they are opting out of the regular program even though our "illustrious" governor Brown has mandated them! It is and will force many families to find homeschool situations and other schools of choice that will admit non-vaccinated children into their schools. Personally, I try to tell others about vaccine dangers everyday.

  31. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "Man kind will get rid of war, Or war will get rid of man kind"

    John F Kennedy

    You know, the more I dig into the events in this article, the more I get just plain pissed. It's all about money and control and raping resources. Today I also dug into listening to many of Kennedy's speeches he gave through out his career. If anyone here is feeling a bit defeated, look up and listen to those speeches. And today for me, it was just what the Naturo path ordered. My own words will be directed to be formed more like JFK after listening to that great man. The growler jets were flying over during that time of listening to JFK. "I wonder if they can pick up what is being down streamed to my satellite internet box?" Sure hope so…

  32. Geri says:

    It would not surprise me if the US gov't dropped the chemical bombs on the Syrian people to blame Assad force him out and dig the pipeline that Assad would not allow to deliver oil to the EU. 

    • Jan Becker says:

      Geri, that was my FIRST thought when I heard it.  Of course, the US has many terrorist groups it has cultivated and funded in the Middle East to carry out its dirty work (including the Zionists).  It is a far more logical explanation of what happened than the official party line.

  33. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: An article from the Smithsonian on David Keith’s proposal to geoengineer, now with the added support of the very powerful oil industry who are obviously in the Trump camp because the Pentagon is married to and dependent on oil. Argh!
    Proposed Test Heats Up the Debate on Solar Geoengineering
    Harvard scientists are moving ahead with plans to investigate using particles to reflect some of the sun’s radiation …
    Politics, however, have further muddied the waters. … in a recent article in the The Guardian, many people in the fossil fuel industry and climate change critics favor investment in solar geoengineering projects. Silvia Riberio, Latin America director of the ETC Group, which monitors technology, tells Lukacs that a push for solar geoengineering is just a smokescreen that presents a silver bullet for climate change while allowing the continued extraction of fossil fuels and unregulated emissions.           
    …Keith also argues that the current low cost and availability of carbon capture is a positive, noting that at $10 billion per year, it would be a small investment compared to the damage climate change could cause. Overall these projects could be positive, but should be approached with a large dose of caution, Jane Long, former associate director at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, warns Temple. These types of experiments need lots of oversight, public input and transparency, she says. But at the same time, such large-scale interventions are becoming increasingly necessary.

  34. josh mosh says:

    i called 911 about fake clouds being sprayed 2 days ago. the dispatcher said it was out of their jurisdiction

    • josh mosh says:


    • LS says:

      Wow Josh… Thanks for passing that info on. They DID NOT deny it!!! A jurisdiction issue??? So that is where our focus has to be. On the ones with the ability to use the law to stop it. And that would be whom, since Congress is drowning in a cesspool of denial and lies?

      I agree with others who say that we need to show up in mass while we still can and hold these criminals accountable. Time to claim jurisdiction over our air. If not us than who? 

    • BaneB says:

      Josh mosh: …hardly outside of  the dispatcher's jurisdiction.  They breathe the very same toxic sludge we inhale.  

  35. Ron marr says:

    Just finished going over Henry Thoreau's, manifesto, "Civil Disobedience"; again. It is very empowering, and for a moment brought a tear to my eye; but men don't cry! (pun) ….Thoreau believed that if a thousand people ( today at least a billion) would stop paying their taxes, the government would have to decide if they want war and chaos or changes in the way they spend the taxes. He believed a person in prison for such a deed would maintain their honor, spirit, integrity and soul, then one who goes along to get along. Today, prisons are corporations using prisoners as their cheap labor force.  Could they house a billion more…how about two billion? Thoreau pointed out that corporations have no conscience, unless run my conscientious people. We'll have to awaken them. It's disturbing how nothing has changed and that we have always known. Thoreau also wondered why we would give our consciousness to a legislator, when we ourselves are consciousness. (Hmmm)

  36. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Sometimes I feel like I can't take one more 'false flag' event, or interpretation.  It begins to feel as if normal, which…..but!  Babies burned, I mean babies!  What sort of monster does this?  I flashed back to the sarin gas attack in Japan subway long ago it now seems.  The weight of all this evil is overwhelming.  It begins to seem as if evil is far greater than good, far more evil and evil persons than good.  I cannot grasp what really makes people do stuff like this to such innocents. It very nearly paralyses me.  Things seem more and more hopeless all the time.  Those spiral trails are something to see!  I thought I'd seen it all, including big circles up high, but these spirals take the cake!

    I can't find my source, or much of anything as my own world has been turned upside down, but last week I read? of two countries, India and area of New Zealand where the Mauri tribes are–both petitioning to have a river in each-the Ganges in India, and?-declared personhood status.  With all the rights a person theoretically has.  What a novel idea.  And about time.  I wonder if somehow, something like that could be done here with regard to lands.  The Earth.  I mean surely if corporations can have personhood status, why not our lands, waters, critters?  Heck, the whole biosphere.  Fair is fair after all.  And the lands and waters can't speak for themselves.  And what goes up comes down.  It would at the least be a fair response to corporate personhood, given that they broke that ground.  Perhaps a legal way to undo that?

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Though there was only one aerosol ring that circled Denver a few months ago, that is what popped into my mind.  It seems a message was being sent in the skies over Syria with these many concentric circles.  What it is ain't exactly clear.  But the pilot seems to have had time and was worry free.  My symbolic take is the Middle East quagmire is spiraling out of control beyond anything sane, and Trump has taken the bait.

    • Diane Maupin says:

      There needs be a critical mass of people who are consciously aware enough and brave enough to stand up to power. That doesn't mean violence, but to speak out in behalf of earth and all of us inhabitants. There are many groups and individuals that are doing that right now. Let us expect positive feedback from these precious efforts to educate and train the people on this planet who are still able to think and then act clearly.

  37. John Walter says:

    Always Heavy spraying Fairfield County Ohio southeast of Columbus

    • Luv2Fly says:


      I also live in the Columbus, OH area and they are relentless spraying almost daily.

      As a pilot I have shared the geoengineering trails with many other pilots who have finally agreed it is happening. I have many photos and videos of these I share with others to expose, we keep getting the word out and reach the right people with the expectations it will finally end.

  38. JillR says:

    Thanks Dane for providing this video and information. Fascinating. 

  39. marc says:

    Bella_Fantasia shared a link to Truthout's article entitled: "The military is resisting Trump's denialism, but it's still not a force for climate justice." A statement therein sums it all up as far as I'm concerned: "The Department of Defense's 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review declared "energy security and climate change" as one of four issues requiring imperative reform, because it would act as an accelerant of instability or conflict, placing a burden to respond on civilian institutions and militaries around the world."

      This is a very good read. However, I cannot overlook the glaring and magically total omission of massive global geoengineering from Mr. Buxton's article. Really? He is unaware of the extent to which weather warfare has become a routine strategy or "accelerant of instability or conflict?" The degree to which our military is run by PHONIES is, again, summed up in my extracted quote above. The military's voracious need for fossil fuels AND it's gargantuan weather warfare programs are themselves ACCELERANTS OF INSTABILITY AND CONFLICT, the very scenarios the military would have us believe are completely out of their hands and require immediate "imperative reform". At this late stage of the game, mankind's long history of transgressions against the atmosphere notwithstanding, what remains is a US military complex gleefully catalyzing the very scenarios they purport to be so concerned about, much like the odd stories we've all heard about rogue firemen who eventually get busted for arson.


    • BaneB says:

      marc:  A good description of the disconnect from reality.  I have read that the military  is the biggest polluter on the planet.  Yet, it is "ignorant" of its own role in that pollution and wants self serving remediation. Do these generals never look up and discern their geoengineered creation? The Pentagon is the epicenter of the program.  Weather warfare is their hearts' desire.  A house divided cannot stand, nor the split personality of institutions that obviously are so big and bloated it knows not which end is up.  

  40. pj says:

    The “military-industrial complex” meme is a diversion, it’s the media-banker complex that controls the “military-industrial complex”. Eisenhower was 100% New World Order, he was even appointed Supreme Commander in WWII by Wall St insider Bernard Baruch even though Eisenhower was a pencil-pusher his entire military career with no field experience so it’s not hard to see why he would divert attention away from his true loyalties.

    • BaneB says:

      Pj:  He had experience running off the Bonus Marchers camped out in Washington DC many years ago, if my memory serves me. They were in a field.  There, you see, he did have field experience.

  41. penny waters says:

    not a forces knowledgable person – where i live am constantly flown over by large green helicopters going southwest or back again (how do i know its back?) northeast

    some are troop carriers but most have what appears to be guns on the sides – 3 to each side

    i sometimes just stand and shake my fist but they don't see me but it makes me cry cos i know they are up to no good

    met some soldiers in chelmsford market one day – had a display of small bombs – yes in the high street – so went to ask them which ones this country made and the young man pointed out all the places in the world where they come from

    i looked at him and the other young men and women standing so proudly in their uniforms and felt such pain at their innocence – young people with the greatest con in the world!

    i told them i was horrified – not aggressively – so they would go away and maybe think about this old lady who took the time to talk to them – and express horror – and told them to take care

    will it never stop – maybe when i stop breathing!

    and some said how can this website be allowed – they know where we all are and they know who we are

    and i don't care!

    i have been on a list somewhere since i was involved in the womens movement back in the simple days – wanted to visit america then – but wouldn't let me in – even though i have family there who were going to put me up – so knew i was on a list

    harmless old lady, full of love, not hatred, don't want to control anything or anyone, just wanted to live a life of peace and understanding – and it is all still the same as then – seems worse now as our machinery has got bigger

    don't have to look in a humans eyes any more to kill them 

    info on ordinary men – during ww2 – research on soldiers shooting at others with guns – both british and germans – usually shot above opposing forces heads cos didn't want to kill!! how's that for a conscripted soldier

    wish ordinary people were in charge rather than the megalomaniacs around now

    have often thought anyone who wants to be a politician shouldn't be allowed and the system should be anyone over the age of fifty is put in a lottery and all the legislators are picked out of a hat

    with no contact with ordinary folk – no real understanding or feeling for the ordinary man or woman in the street!

    and who can trump trust – seems only his daughter


    • MAP says:

      God Almighty help us All. The Deep State/Shadow Govt Criminals have gotten what they wanted.

    • Dennie says:

      No.  Individuals like the people here who speak their mind are not on any "To Kill" list.  I'm not that important to Them.  No.  "They" only believe they have gotten what they want.  "They" have nothing that they need, actually.  Empty minds, empty hearts, empty souls– these are not real people– just running on OUR denials.

  42. Joe Ceonnia says:


    • Mack says:

      What most people do not know is that Israel has chemical weapons and Nukes, they are also working on the "Greater Israel Plan". US money and troops are doing all the dirty work to assist Israel in this operation. US military is shipping and stockpiling massive amounts of weapons to the Middle East and most Americans know nothing about it. Dual citizenship politicians and government organizations in the US are behind the corruption going on around the planet. Sad.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      The wolfs running the hen house I assume.

    • joe strauss says:

      Joe Ceonnia,
      Why of course it is/was Monsanto and associated
      corps that sold those chemicals to Syria/Russia.
      Monsanto was the ones who sold the  US Military , Viet Nam
      the agent orange and Agent blue.. and this for us all
      USA Air force, during Viet  Nam war, knew of the toxins to
      Yes..Our military people..My dear cousin was a Paratrooper.
      He jumped into/near trees sprayed…
      He has honorable discharge as, Army doctors  knew/found out he could not absorb folic acid into his body.  Later,
      He went  to US Postal Service as letter carrier . Veterans
      received first rate employment then.

  43. Christine says:

    How far the nanoparticles can go, in term of our bodies, is just terrifying, to me… More details at:


  44. SD says:

    7:00PM here in SoCal Wed, 4/5  stepped outside to "watch some planes".  Sure enough, SRM spray runs noted and widespread.

    7:15 PM aircraft and their "trails" suddenly disappeared/ faded away. So, like, how can that happen so fast, man?

    7:20 PM KABC on air anchorpersons sitting in front of live sunset image turn around and once again marvel at the "beautiful sunset". Still remain unable to extrapolate/ analyze cause of so many "beautiful sunsets" recent months. 

    Dennie is right about IRRITANT nature of material being used.  As for me, I have persistent cough/ throat irritation, separate from any hay fever symptoms.  Have noticed several TV personalities locally also showing LARYNGITIS symptoms (like me). Some of the same ones who then marvel at the "pretty sunsets" "high cirrus clouds", etc. Poor saps.

    People all over Japan wearing dust masks for protection from "cedar pollen" allergens. Would be interesting to know if Japanese also show LARYNGITIS symptoms.


    • Christine says:

      Not only laryngitis, also bronchitis is very widespread right now. Almost everyone is coughing here in CA, along the ocean coast, where one would expect the 'cleanest' air.  Also, there is a definite link to sprayed chemicals and application of HAARP/wi-fi driving the particles into particular patterns, during 'special evets', even very personal, specific to certain individuals.  It is not so extreme, like the super-coil seem on skies in Syria, posted here, but still, it would be great if somebody could decipher the 'code' in chemtrails patterns.  

    • penny waters says:

      watching the behaviour of the trails as i do, am fairly convinced at the crudity of it all. do not be surprised that the trails disappear upwards

      do you really think they know what they are doing? 

      and can work out what nature will do with their idiot experiment!

      nature is so complex that their childish attempts to control it are laughable – if nature was a person it wouldn't be able to stop laughing at the antics of supposed clever people

      anyone who lives close to nature knows how we have to follow – not lead – this amazing awareness of being alive as a human

      look around the world at how confused people are becoming – everywhere – who to trust?

      i trust dane and many of the others on this site because i feel the agony that they feel as we see our environment being sullied by idiot people who think they are cleverer than nature!

      we come from it – we didn't make it 

      so be pleased that the lines have 'disappeared' spreading into the great unknown rather than falling in your area so concentrated

      am writing this from essex england, we haven't had rain for so long now, no insects on the windscreens 

      that is the big one that always gets to people  – no insects on your windscreens to clean off!!!! get them to remember how it used to be – that in reality is most people's link with nature – insects on the windscreen of your car!!!!!

      i despair of humans

    • JF says:

      SD, I'm in SoCal too. They have been spraying all week, even today (Thursday). It's supposed to raid this Saturday,  bet the rain fizzles out. 

      I noticed when they spray heavy you can really feel it, even kinda of smell it.

    • Jojo says:

      I have had a persistent sore throats for several months. I haven't had them in years and now all of a sudden it won't go away. It had my tonsils out years and years ago…so it's not that.  I've seen my doctor several times, he keeps giving me steroid shots, it's not allergies. I know that. I would've probably never believed until I saw it for myself. What can we do? 

    • Blue Wolf says:

      Yes SD, and everybody…I've been living in Japan for MANY years, and we've been "sprayed" from the sky for so long too…And sadly, the majority of the population is not aware of geoengineering ! I do my best to spread the news & the truth, but everyone looks apathetic and too "absorbed" with their "smartphone" etc…gadgets. Meanwhile everyone is wearing masks as you mentioned (myself included) when going out and especially when riding trains & subways, while blaming cedar pollen or, Pm2 from China right? And everyone has all the symptoms you wrote about (myself included) which drag on & on and do not want to heal even with "anti-biotics"…It also seems that Bacterias were sprayed in some populated  areas and many people caught what is called "mico-plasma pneumonia"….I'm so down & desperate about this world state of affair, that I do not know what TO DO any more!

  45. Dave says:

    The sarin gas was likely from the "rat line" from Libya (Sy Hersh ) along with thousands of stinger missiles helped along by cia assets. From what I understand of reporting by George Webb y-tube updates Russia has analyzed and sent samples to the World Court from some of the 52 attacks in Syria thus far. If only people knew.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dave, Do you know why, does anyone know why whomever wants Syria reduced to rubble, all persons dead or gone?  I mean why?  And as a push to war, what for?  Just infinite tons of destroyed everything and no people, just contamination everywhere.  What is the point?  I get that some want Assad gone.  But, why and what for and nothing left to gain? What IS to gain from all this?!!  A practice range?

    • penny waters says:

      they want assad gone, i think, because there are huge reserves of oil under that land

      you take out oil and water replaces it, like in the mines in britain – whilst they were working water had to be continually pumped out – now they are full of water – contaminated!!

      so where is the water that was locked into a cycle on the surface – out of plants – into the air – making clouds – waters the plants – and so it used to go around and now is it locked inside the earth in place of fossil fuels?

      we need to replant, to recover this frail earth that it evolved trees to protect the volcanic energy/geology/geography/soil/plants and all us other mobile creatures that evolved on the surface

      have you ever seen a tree take the energy out of the wind – swaying back and forth as the wind stimulates the trees roots to hold fast using up the energy of the wind in doing so

      ever read any victor schauberger – a forester in the thirties – read callum coates living energy – will open eyes to the interconnectedness of everything bound up in energy – spiral energy at that

      science is based on circles enclosed in a box – static knowledge – can't measure scientifically something that is on the move!!

      nature is everchanging – always on the move – and we never can tell which way it is going – that is why any one with anything between their ears knows we have to follow nature

      also with syria as with the asian places now out of water the water table is going down and down below the surface

      in syria although people were not allowed to dig deeper and deeper water bore holes – they still did – and their environment suffered for it

      have seen recently signs against trump saying that america was built on diversity – seems many people have forgotten that america was built on the genocide of 10million hunter gatherers that originally lived there!

      and no-one thinks of the things that we use as finite sources – pictures from tv of water aid (organisation digging wells) of all the children standing around a water pump playing with water – yes playing with water – in area parched of life

      having come from london people who had nothing after the bombing ww2 we were always taught to conserve – everything

      how many can say that?

      there is no rhyme or reason – tis mad to a human now seeing madness around me

      if we had never had any wars how many people would be on this planet now – think we would all be standing shoulder to shoulder – no room to move

      and i am a pacifist

      with peace and love as my goal

      tis all an illusion said a wise man

  46. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, ALL my friends I haven't met yet, "we" are staring straight down the barrel of "our fate". Ahh!, what does it take to render such common sense so as to avoid what is being impressed into the minds of people world wide? What?! The only thing the power structure actually has over us as the masses is this: They keep records. Their own records, not manufactured ones!!! Geesh, a million to one and folks can't even be strong in those odds. Where I come from, if you were 1 against 5, you had a good chance of standing. A million against "1"?… "C'mon mass awareness!!!", "Bring it!".

    Yesterday was another growler jet day. Indeed(grin)… "Twice" they buzzed my cabin and twice they did a u turn and flew back over me. Both times my "solute" was out there for them to witness. If I can see them, they can see me, I mean literally. I can hardly wait for weather to paint my roof top. This next week or so should rinse it off pretty good. I want that paint to stick and cure properly. I want those letters to last!








    Every last hope of living my dream has been literally stolen by geoengineering. Even if the "economy" were to not fail, my dream has been stolen. They even took the kitchen sink, metaphorically. I could be as mad as a stirred up hornets nest, but I'm not. My energy goes into teaching and helping those that are willing to open their eyes. Speaking to those that will hopefully be here long after I am gone. Mankind is pure, but by god we are a gullible sort for sure. Buddha said, if you choose one side, you empower the other, walk the middle path. And so, that has become my path. It is the only one that weaves tightly with all of the other things I have been taught and discovered to be right and true.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      For what it's worth, in the last picture on this article, you see "circles" laid out by fighter jets. Doesn't matter who's jets they were. Now get this!, I've seen the same "stuff" in my own skies here in the practice zone for those jet junkies. I've got the pictures to prove it. So then I ask this: was it just practice over my region of our home? Or what?

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      A SIMPLE HORSEMAN: I love your post, I love what you wrote on your roof !! I hope the sun is out long enough for your letters to cure properly.

      I think I'm going to paint my roof with a message as well, maybe not so polite thou….

  47. ron hall says:

    My first in-your-face FALSE FLAG EVENT was "THE GULF OF TONKIN INCEDENT"(Aug. 4, 1964). I was 23 and had lived in SE Asia for 2 years. The US already had some 16K special ops soldiers in S Viet Nam. The sheeple did not know this.  I could almost see a false flag coming.                                                                                         Ranging from "the sinking of the Main"(and the slaughter of at least 250,000 Filipinos)  to the internal demolition of 3 skyscrapers on 9/11, 2001, The "United States of Destruction" has brought about the cold, calculated death of millions.                                                                  FALSE FLAGS are an integral part of the DEEP STATE planning groups-always unelected- residing in the SHADOW GOVERNMENT(recall the PNAC DOCTRINE and the "need for a new Pearl Harbor"). Below is a 15 minute video guaranteed to to BLOW YOU MIND!  John  Whitehead breaks it down in the most intense, cogent manner I have ever seen!  From SHADOW Government., COG(continuity of government), THE DEEP STATE, THE MILITARIZED POLICE STATE, SURVEILLANCE…etc. and of course the now FASCIST STATE.        DANE, this man would line up directly with your seriousness and intensity! If I ask myself who runs GEOENGINEERING, I always think "Deep State".       Thanks again, my friend! THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO GO VIRAL!


    • penny waters says:

      and churchill and roosevelt knew about the attack on pearl harbour and allowed it to happen because they wanted the americans in the european war (called ww2)

      so many warmongers

  48. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Working hard to ever expose military devastation, there is an opportunity on Truthout today, saying the military is resisting Trump's Denialism (of climate change).  It's fertile ground for comment, and I have.  Please join me there if you can.


    And while the existence of a deep state is now being framed as a loony Trump conspiracy, there exists an extensive history.

    Concerning false flags and our inability to hold anyone accountable, 'an examination of Operation Gladio exposes the rot at the very core of the structures of western rule'. 

    'Gladio offers us a rather frightening glimpse into the thought processes and ethics of the assemblage of oligarchic Western elites and institutions that continue to literally rule our world.  These powerful Western hierarchical institutional structures evolved over many centuries.

    'They evolved from control situated in earlier periods under the auspices of popes and feudal monarchies.

    'They evolved through various forms of parliamentary and dictatorial rule.'

    This comprehensive article is written by a very thoughtful Alaskan, Gary Weglarz.


    • marc says:

      Bella_Fantasia, as regards the "deep state", I suggest digging up CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp's talk given on 8-5-16 in Redding, Ca. for Dane's big event there. He goes into some detail to outline the incomprehensible magnitude of the "deep state" (surveillance/covert agenda state, etc.) And judging from his talk, this guy is truly in a position to know, as it becomes clear during the talk. How many different ways can one say: we're f**ked?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thanks for the excellent suggestion, Marc.  I'll check out Kevin Shipp's talk from August, last year.  Some years before hearing of the deep state, I figured out our government had to be just a front for something else. 

      The lies being told about Syria are as horrendous as the destruction, and people here seem to think Syria is some sort of third-world nation to begin with.  In fact Syrians are well educated people and highly trained workers, which is why Germany wanted to accept so many refugees (a German woman I know told me about that).  Nevermind the remarkable Assyrian culture goes back thousands of years to 4500 BC.

      In the midst of all the lies in this newshour video and the very real horror in Aleppo, It was touching to see the old doctor who spoke 5 languages listening to his phonograph and telling his story of determination.  It starts at 49 minutes.


      We must never give up, Marc, dark as things are for sure.  Even as I'm making some difficult emotional adjustments and hurting, each of us needs to find our way forward and our reason to be.  BTW, your rants are like oxygen!

  49. Paul Barbara says:


    'Syrian aviation airstrike in Idlib targeted chemical arms lab — Russian Defense Ministry': http://tass.com/world/939417

  50. horsegirl says:

    We can't get 10,000 or more feet into the sky to interact with planes.  But we can locate ourselves in the periphery of GWEN towers or a Marc-style phony pine tree device and distribute information explaining the relationship between the planes' payload and the ground-based weapons.  A good place to start is stealing words out of the horse's mouth.  From Owning the Weather by 2025 (US Air Force 1996). On page 27 the possibility of an artificial climate is contemplated:


    Nanotechnology also offers possibilities for creating simulated weather.  A cloud, or several clouds, of microscopic computer particles, all communicating with each other and with a larger control system could provide tremendous capability.  Interconnected, atmospherically buoyant, and having navigation capability in three dimensions, such clouds could be designed to have a wide-range of properties.  They might exclusively block optical sensors or could adjust to become impermeable to other surveillance methods.  They could also provide an atmospheric electrical potential difference, which otherwise might not exist, to achieve precisely aimed and timed lightning strikes.  Even if power levels achieved were insufficient to be an effective strike weapon, the potential for psychological operations in many situations could be fantastic.

    The second paragraph of page 21 reads:


    A number of methods have been explored or proposed to modify the ionosphere, including injection ofchemical vapors and heating or charging via electromagnetic radiation or particle beams (such as ions. neutral particles, x-rays, MeV particles, and energetic electrons).


    It is important to note that many techniques to modify the upper atmosphere have been successfully demonstrated experimentally.  Groundbased modification techniques employed by the FSU include vertical HF heating, oblique HF heating, microwave heating, and magnetospheric modification.

    Significant military applications of such operations include low frequency (LF) communication production, HF ducted communications, and creation of an artificial ionosphere

    If credible information like this were disseminated by groups clustered around the towers, the learning curve might dramatically rise among those yet capable of awakening.



    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello horsegirl,  It has been so long since I read this report that some of what you posted has new meaning for me.  Did they use the phrase radiative forcing?  I am curious about that.

      By the way, I remember that some/many? years ago now, someone posted exactly what Marc did about towers 'hidden' in a fake piney tree.  Marc's description is exactly what I recall.  I wonder how long this one contraption has been there.  Perhaps Marc could ask?

  51. Edward Palys says:

    Dane, you're doing a great job in exposing the truth about what is happening with this weather manipulation world-wide. I'm an ardent fan of this website for a couple of years now. However, I often wonder why this site is not being attacked by Google or Facebook, or even the mainstream media, much like other alternate media have been attacked and censored. It is one thing to show proof of events that are happening in the destruction being perpetrated and another truth exposure of the evil people responsible for these actions. It seems that whatever is happening is blamed on Trump, while these atrocities have been going on for DECADES. You must remember that it was Trump who exposed the fake reporting of the mainstream media and that is why there is the constant barrage of the need to terminate his position. As long as you maintain your position against Trump, you might be spared threats from the deep state.

    Today, I was browsing Flightradar24 and came upon a tracking of a Lufthansa A380 jumbo jet obviously spraying an oval pattern in Germany. The pattern suggested that he was returning to his base in Hamburg and was in the air for at least TEN HOURS! Registration of the aircraft was AIB242B. Unless we expose the origin of these aircraft and identify their operators, nothing else will be accomplished. This particular plane is a commercial plane doing the dirty work. Previously, I have tracked similar jumbo jets over the US West with the same ID of AIBxxxx. 

    We all know that Trump has many enemies within the branches of the US government and we MUST identify them as the ones who are responsible for this idiotic mess.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, yes, attrocities have been going on for decades, centuries, and longer, but we are now tasked with facing current realities. Every action Mr. Trump is making is toward furthering the agenda of the military industrial complex and the fossil fuel industry (one in the same, both arms of the power structure). Yes, the criminal corporate media does constantly attack Trump (perhaps a seperate faction of the power structure that is now splintering), but does that make Trump’s actions, behavior, and agenda, OK? Though I have great disdain for the Obamas, the Clintons, and the Bush family, where is overall the difference in regard Mr. Trump? In the very short time since he has taken office he has made his objectives quite clear. He is everything we have had before, and likely worse still. When two factions of the global cancer that controls the world fued, does that make either of them right?

      All this being said, thank you for your report from flight tracker.

    • ron hall says:

      EDWARD: The cold reality suggests that Trump is merely a puppet of the DEEP STATE. So-called leaders come and go, but the deep state remains for decades and calls the shots.  I've been watching this show since 1964. Please check out my John Whitehead video above. 

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi Edward, FlightAware shows AIB242B Departure Hamburg 2,542 miles going round and round, wasting depleteing resources. This pattern is similar to what the Omega10 tanker was doing off the coast of So. Cal and FL in Dec. I was tracking the Omega10 for some time, and after I mentioned it here, the following day it vanished from radar as I was watching it over the ocean on the east coast. The next 3 days it was out over the ocean, but with it's transponder turned off. I clicked on the "No Callsign" and a picture of the plane and it's trail came up. I don't see any  flight history for it since Dec.09. Name and registration change? They need to know we're watching them. Thanks for your report.

  52. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Insight into how the gambling culture assisted state surveillance.
    CHRIS HEDGES: A Nation of the Walking Dead
    Apr 2, 2017 [excerpts]
    … Donald Trump is in large part a product of gambling culture.  … the newer form, machine gambling, is an erasure of the self. Slot machines, which produce 85 percent of the profits at casinos, are an “addiction delivery device.” They are “electronic morphine,” “the crack cocaine of gambling.” They are not about risk or about making decisions, but about creating somnambulism, putting a player into a trancelike state that can last for hours. It is a pathway … to becoming the walking dead. … Gamblers are closely tracked by the casino industry. … The science of keeping people in front of slot machines—called “time on device” within the industry—has led to the creation of ergonomic consoles, the appealing, warm screens on slot machines, seductive video graphics and surround-sound acoustics.
    The industry also invests heavily in surveillance.  Gamblers carry player or loyalty cards… linked to a central database, are used by the industry to build profiles of gamblers. … Slowly the traits and the habits of the gambler, triangulated with demographic data, are pieced together to allow the industry to build a personal profile. … The industry was the human laboratory for refinements now incorporated into the security and surveillance organs of the state.  … Many surveillance and marketing innovations first used in casinos were only later adapted to other domains…including airports, financial trading floors, consumer shopping malls, insurance agencies, banks, and government programs like Homeland Security. … They have an algorithm that senses your pain points, your sweet spots… The zone is a term that I kept hearing over and over again as I went to gamblers’ anonymous meetings and spoke to gambling addicts. This really describes a state of flow where time, space, monetary value and other people fall away. You might say a state of flow, or the zone…. People don’t even know that they’re losing. They just sit there. … One designer of the mathematics and algorithm of these games said we want an algorithm that makes you feel like you are reclining on a couch. … they want you to sit back and go with the flow. … What they’re playing for is not to win, but to stay in the zone. Winning disrupts that because suddenly the machine is frozen, it’s not letting you keep going. … This is more about mood modulation. Affect modulation. Using technologies to dampen anxieties and exit the world. We don’t just see it in Las Vegas. We see it in the subways every morning. The rise of all of these screen-based technologies and the little games that we’ve all become so absorbed in.

    • penny waters says:

      now i know why i am a puritan – gambling has always been a mugs game – except if you are the one running the show!!

  53. frank reps says:

    Tthe "ONLY" thing people who think they are " POWERLESS TO STOP GEOENGINEERING AND ALL IT'S EVILS  "  is to consider helping  the people on the front lines in this fight by assisting  them a bit in the most obvious manner.  Those little kids in grammer schools all over the United States in the early 1940s used their  " MILK MONEY " to purchase the ten cent  savings stamps for the war effort.  Perhaps we might want to follow their example in this war on Particulate Spray.

  54. marc says:

    My neighbor and I were discussing the Syrian gas incident this morning. She is aware of the extent of geoengineering and also understands that false-flag events are among the arsenal of options for the psycho-babies in power. I shared that the Syrian incident reeked of "false-flag" to me. Lo and behold, Dane has put up some solid material to support this interpretation. These MF's will stop at nothing. I can barely stand it anymore. How pathetic is it to continue in these amateurish boneheaded (and plain evil) attempts to demonize peoples and regimes in the Middle East? On and on and on. It's all so f**king stupid. I wholeheartedly agree with Dane here. The facade is becoming increasingly transparent. God help us all.

    • Diane Friday says:

      @Marc: Dane's report today is the only source of truth about the alleged "gas attacks" in Syria we're likely to find. Thank you Dane. 

      I find it odd, though, that it isn't plastered all over Yahoo! News. I don't watch any MSM news; I check the "headlines" on Yahoo! News and try to put the pieces together based primarily on what's NOT being said. I also look for creative use of words to paint the picture they want rather than a true picture of what is. As we all know, it's disgustingly easy to do this once we've been "awakened". 

      To me, the worst part of the false flag "gas attacks" in Syria, other than the suffering of the innocent victims,  is the possibility that it's the exact kind of thing I can see happening in this country one day soon. If you're familiar with the film "V for Vendetta", you'll know what I mean when I say the psychopathic scum responsible for everything Dane covered in this report may be planning a "St. Mary's". The one big horrific event that will be used as the reason for immediate institution of martial law, among other things. No more denial. No more pretending citizens have rights. No more pretending the media isn't already under state control. No more pretense of freedom of speech. No more covert anything. And it wouldn't take much to sicken or kill a large portion of the population in a major city or elsewhere. They've been doing it 24/7/365 for years, and it's been getting so much worse, especially over the last six month. It's obvious that they are indeed desperate to get the depopulation agenda moving along faster, and a "terrorist" attack using chemical weapons would be the perfect stepping off point for their ultimate agenda. I'm sure many of us thought 9/11 was their "St. Mary's", but I think that was just the opening act. And what a successful act it was. The thousands of lives lost were simply collateral damage, and very necessary collateral damage. It got them the Patriot Act, and it's been all downhill from there. 

      As far as sickening a large number of people, whatever they're using lately when they brew up precipitation, possibly mixed with the extreme and concentrated use of rf/microwave/HAARP to direct and intensify storms, produces a smell that is literally sickening. We're about to get hit with the third or fourth chemically ice-nucleated, multi-day rain event here in SE Pennsylvania in the last couple of weeks. After finally allowing it to warm up into the 60s this week, 70F yesterday, they'll be dumping the temps and bringing lots of rain from tonight through Friday. Highs on Friday are scheduled to be only in the low 40s. I guess they were waiting for the trees to start blossoming and their buds opening. A rapid-onset chemically ice-nucleated cool-down and lots of toxic rain should do the fruit trees in for good. Oh yeah. They've got every base covered. So they think…

    • MAP says:

      Regarding the newest incident in Syria: as soon as I learned of the event, my first thought was False Flag. The Deep State/Shadow Govt wants War and wants WWIII very much. Nothing and I mean nothing will stop them from getting what they want. What's the old saying? By Hook or by Crook.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Me too marc. I just got off the phone with Fox 5 and said the same thing! This reeks of false flag (can we say Saddam Hussein and WMD??!) I told them we all know this- and they better not put a positive spin on this unauthorized attack on Syria by US military. 80 people supposedly gassed  over in Syria and we launch missile strikes over there? Really?! Even if it were true (which I highly doubt) what business is it of OURS anyway? Meanwhile, the same military is busy gassing its OWN people EVERY DAY with toxic climate engineering?! I e-mailed Rand Paul and thanked him for standing AGAINST this illegal action and will be on the phone tomorrow with as many congressmen and others as I can in standing against this desperate attempt at WW3 by the criminal globalist faction. I hope everyone does the same. We need protests in the streets against this action on behalf of American 'National Security'- Who are you kidding?.. Really?? What a joke- if it didn't have such serious ramifications. Totally sick and sad. As an American, I DO NOT consent to any of this- you bast@rd$$$$$$$$$$ in Washington DC.

  55. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane. I just sat down only to find more horrific news about the Geoengineering and other News. I am sharing this with Russ Tanner's Orbis Vitae website. We all are so appreciative of your updates. One day we will have 'GOOD NEWS'. Blessings to you and your family. Keep up the fantastic updates and please take care. You are our 'Leader of the pact.'   Keep carrying the torch….great is your reward ahead. Abigail ~ 

  56. Thank you again, Dane. Those chemical loops over Syria are bizarre. I did call the White House today to oppose Trump's rush to judgement to accuse Assad of this, particularly when the White Helmets, who we know are supported by British intelligence, are involved and not even using protective gear around chemicals. With Trump now being pushed toward geoengineering, I will call on that, too. It appears Trump is very weak to take any position and is easily manipulated because of his ignorance and lack of knowledge on specific issues. Is there anyone on the east coast doing programs such as you are on the west side of the country?

  57. Joe Strauss says:


    Day of  total  EXPOSURE for MONSANTO…


    The International Monsanto Tribunal in the Hague,

    heard testimonies from victims Oct. 14-16, 2016

    The International legal opinion will be  delivered  APRIL, 18,

    2017 and live streamed on this site.

    I say, it USA does not recognize this one..All others in World will know………..

     Horray for the Netherlands for this great event…….

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Joe, thank you very much for sharing that website, I really appreciate it. We need more of these watchdog websites, if people just took a few minutes out of their day and cause a problem to tackle or a company to watch over, to make sure crimes are not being swept under the table that would make a big difference. It's my personal belief that we as citizens have a responsibility to look for problems and become aware of them and fix them you can start a website like the Monsanto, one it doesn't always have to be as big as Geoengineeringwatch depends what you're doing but at least do something if nobody does anything I would ask how much longer we can continue to exist.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Joe that is a global event, the international court. People in the US were also highly involved as were many people from many countries. I can hardly wait. Bayer has backed out of the deal the last that I have heard.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Joe!  Somehow, I had No idea this was happening.  So pleased!  One notch in the belt.  I can't wait to see what happens.

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