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The document contained below is very damning and revealing, I located it in the NASA archives in late October of 2012. It should be a stark wake up call for any that still deny the existence of massive covert weather modification programs which are coordinated by various governments around the world.This file report outlines in great detail the existence of expanding US weather modification programs as far back as 1956, a full decade earlier than the date of the document in question. A "special commission" is outlined in this document to coordinate the multiple governmental agencies involved with US weather modification programs as well as independent contractors and universities which the report also mentions. It covers the "management" of international impacts, legal and social ramifications, species disruptions, biological consequences, etc.

A rapidly increasing mountain of data makes ever more clear that almost none of us alive today have known completely natural weather. That massive covert government programs have been playing "God" with the biosphere for well over 60 years, perhaps even longer. In recent years the scope and scale of these devastating weather modification programs has been ramped up so much that the entire climate system and biosphere is now hanging in the balance.

The lethal nature of the ongoing "geoengineering" programs can not be overstated. Life on our planet is in freefall for many reasons, but mathematically speaking climate engineering is the greatest assault of all against life on Earth. Documents like the one linked below need to be shown to those that continue to deny the ongoing climate engineering reality. With each passing day radical fluctuations in weather continue to accelerate as a direct result of the ongoing geoengineering insanity. Geoengineering must be brought into the light of day and to a halt. Those responsible for the climate engineering programs should be seen criminals that have participated in ecocide and genocide. The corporate media and the "meteorologists" that serve them must also be exposed for  their part in hiding the aerosol spraying assault from public veiw. Each and every one of us are needed to assist in the most critical effort to reach critical mass of awareness, lets make every day count in this battle.



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15 Responses to Documents

  1. Pablo Andres says:

    Vivo en Argentina y esto esta cada vez peor.

    Yo ya empecé a difundir y explicar sobre el tema,incluso mi grupo.

  2. Lori R says:

    So this is how the flood of 1972, that killed over 230 people making it the 2nd deadliest flood in USA history, was born. It was stated on the local news a few days prior to the event that the government would be seeding the clouds above the Black Hills of southwestern South Dakota. I am still reading through the whole report. I have not seen any provisions made for compensation of lives and property lost. Many whole families and neighborhoods were washed away by the flooding of Rapid Creek, June 9th, 1972. My husband is an eye and ear witness. He was 12 and living on the creek, east of Rapid City. After the waters receded, he and his family drove into town and were sickened by the sights.

  3. Philip Galletta says:

    Why is there no talk about the death of birds due to chem-trails?  I live in Florida and I notice the decrease in birds (a major decrease in birds in Florida) for the past years.  I called the Schnitt radio show and got a " it's vapor or high alt vapor trails" No one talks about these trails,  What can I/we do to help stop the trails?

  4. I think we should all make geo- engineering and toxic-sky chem-trails a campaign make or break in the U.S. Coming presidential elections in Nov. 2016, hold our elected officials and demand our new officials DE-FUND, both government and private funding per act of Congress and Court Order injunctions on a local level. The spraying should become a felony and the pilots, their bosses and the high level financiers should be jailed per Congressional Decree. You should have seen the chemtrails over Sonoma County, today got pictures. This is ridiculous and MUSt end, at least the toxic part of it.

  5. Ronnie says:

    I think some one has a very lucrative-contract to cull the human and animal race! ie (the high ranking free masons).? 

    • Scarlet Capsule says:

      Interesting, perhaps, that it's NASA. They do like to play the ET card. No honestly right up till the present day. The Crews of the ISS/STS, who I've personally sent 'safe journey home msgs' to via NASA µwave uplink, (STS-135) told the producers of Star-Trek Enterprise (the final early cut short series) how "We all love to watch it whilst we're on the Station". You'd think they'd have enough of the real thing, outer space and all, right at their FINGERTIPS. No! They, bless their little trotters, whilst functioning at a professional level still like to fantasise that the earth is being invaded and destroyed by THE XINDI. (Go get a copy on eBay or something if you have no idea).

      It just goes on and on … Well actually it got cut short at the 4th series, in 2004 and that was that. Good or Bad?

      And we are being poisoned by ALUMINIUM which we all pretty much stopped using in the kitchen utensils decades ago but now it's being used to … wait for it … SAVE THE PLANET from the industrial world and AGW/CC.

      I'm trained in the sciences, electronics, and everything like that.That's what I have a passion for when I'm not digging stones out of fields to earn a crust. And what they're pushing on the world: It's a load of crap, a corporate Federalist Boondoggle. Why?

      Another theme of Star-Trek is the 3rd World War, that they go into in quite great detail as "The Eugenics War". Yes, I think they may have their way.

    • Bonnie says:


    • Sheepdog says:

      More like the Rockefellers and the Rothschild they control everything and have for well over one hundred years. 

  6. ellen causey says:

    To Vicki…the chips are between the eyebrows or slightly over the beginning of the left eyebrow.As babies and considering paleness of skin, a small blue dot can be seen-placed shortly after birth(before mother’s first feeding/baby)Try using diatonic magnets to short circuit

  7. Freddie says:

    I suggest The benefit is quick petition signing that can be done on line.

  8. M Castro says:

    I want to be a plaintiff in your lawsuit ! I live in Texas

  9. anonymous says:

    We don’t need this shir

  10. Kerry A. See says:

    Hi Dane.

    I heard you speak with George Noory a couple of weeks ago and was more frightened by what you had to say than I have been by any supernatural phenomena or et threat on previous shows!

    I had the fortunate experience of meeting George Noory a few days later in Edison, NJ. After a brief discussion, C2C listeners at the event and George Noory agreed we should take this one step further: go to our legislators and straight to the White House!

    That being said, can we translate your ten bullet points into petitions? Petitions can be modified based on state and local municipalities but the White House petition could be posted on various sites and spread on social media. You can have signed petitions in a matter of days! I don’t exactly know how to get all of that accomplished so I thought I would contact you first since you are the most knowledgeable.

    I look forward to speaking with you further.

    Yours truly,

    Kerry A. See

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