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1998 The state of Minnesota finds unexplained aluminum. Go to this URL, go to page ten and put aluminum in the PDF search engine. Or scroll down to second paragraph (page 10).

Clifford Carnicom’s rainwater tests of 2001 in Santa Fe New Mexico turn up metals, he actually distills the water till you can see them. PH is 7.6, very aklkaline (we now know aluminum does this). He even has video files on this webpage. Here are the microscopic images and explanations leading up to his conclusions. More and more. His mainpage is here and anyone who doubts aerosol spraying better try and debunk this man first.

Carnicom independently isolates barium 2001

2002 Therese Aigner, professional, accredited enivrionmental expert/engineer tests in 2002 Over three months, three separate rainwater and snow samples from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, have been collected and submitted for formal ‘double-blind’ laboratory analysis.

2002 Canadian journalist Will Thomas obtains tests from Alberta Canada. Scroll down- Barium and Aluminum confirmed. He also mentions Ontario CANADA samples from 1999 were seven times higher than gov allowable levels.

Related to the above: EDMONTON LAB TESTS CHEMTRAILS SAMPLE Dave Dickie’s World Landscapes company performs contract landscape work for the City of Edmonton. Soils analysis come back with a high EC rating 4-7 (toxic). Other soil sources are rejected of course because they do not make any sense. City specifications call for a reading no higher than 1. A $33 lab test of snow samples collected in a sterilized container confirmed elevated levels of aluminum and barium. Norwest Labs lab report #336566 finds: * aluminum levels: 0.148 milligrams/litre * barium levels: 0.006 milligrams/litre

2003 United Kingdom In this report written by Mark Purdy and copyrighted by Elsevier Science Ltd. it is stated : The high levels of Ba stemmed from local quarrying for Ba ores and/or use of Ba in paper/foundry/welding/textile/oil and gas well related industries, as well as from the use of Ba as an atmospheric aerosol spray for enhancing/refracting the signalling of radio/radar waves along military jet flight paths, missile test ranges, etc.

Clifford Carnicom tests of 2004 that led to this conclusion

2005 Bryan Holmes of Ontario Canada tests his soil and has high levels of aluminum. He does extensive research.

2006 Paul Moyers of KNBC does story on folks testing in San Bernardino California. Tests performed were on a YELLOW substances, similar to substances found floating on ponds in northern california in 2007-09. Unfortunately, tests on the KNBC story were not for metals but for biological activity, of which there was none (NOTE HERE: Other reports of varying substances include biological substances)

2007 Texas samples compared to Italian samples. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger. Though the texas sample was fibers, these elements were detected:sodium, aluminum, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, and chlorine. The Italian fibers were Carbon, oxygen, aluminum, calcium, sodium and iron were found.

2007 Arkansas news team publlishes famers testing that shows high levels of barium (3x higher than epa allowable)

KSLA in Louisiana tests Arkansas substances, and discovers Rockefeller Report reveals prior history of biological testing on the american population. The report says:”239 populated areas were contaminated with biological agents between 1949 and 1969.”

This seems to be an arizona air test taken in 08.

2009 German video of aluminum in rainwater by GERMAN SKYWATCH

2009 Phoenix Arizona, Gallium is found in air samples. Not found naturally, used for cloaking and stealth technology.

This page reviews the state of california’s tests:
“It was discovered that Barium, Magnesium, Lead, Manganese, Aluminum, Iron, Sodium, and Specific Conductance (the ability of water to conduct a charge), were being found under unusual circumstances in our drinking water supplies. Unusual spikes were occurring in almost all drinking water sources in Mendocino County and in other counties throughout the State of California.”

2007-2009 Arizona. compiled by Arizona Sky Watch, using independent testing and state testing. First click on the two links to the California tests and see another representation of those tests. THEN You will have to click on the “Click here to go directly to our Arizona air, soil, and water charts, where you can see pictures of samples we have taken right here in Arizona”and you will find YEARS of air, soil and water tests (about 10 tests),

2010 Jan/Feb Australian Water Tests are throught the roof!


1994 Oakville Washington, 6 times over 3 weeks, gelatine like substances drop from the sky, sickening the many in the town, killing dogs and cats. Testing revealed LIVING BIOLOGICAL organisms. In the years 2000-2009, this substance or something similar, along with web fibers have been witnessed world wide after jet trails intensified the skies. I (MO) had my car covered with it in Sacramento in 2008 after leaving it at the airport parking lot for a week. My family also experienced the gelatin like substance all over our RV while camping under an intensified sky in the Sierras.

2000 Residents of South Africa report sticky substances coming from sky

2008 This Colorado researcher collected gel substances IN RAINWATER, and hypothesized a relationship to patent 7,320,858 (registered earlier that year).


Weather forcaster says there is metals in the clouds and mentions aluminum…says its military Well this isnt a test but this man certainly would have knowledge about what he says….and he sure says it!

2009 Vienna Austria- This videogpraher captures jet turning the spray on and off repeatedly

2008 This weatherman explains chaff, aluminum coated strips and barium use in radar stealth technology


11 Responses to Lab Tests

  1. Michael Sanicola says:

    Colorado Springs is an ongoing disaster. Easter morning we were bombarded with chemical spray…. It was warm then snowed over the next day or so and it was NOT 'spring snow' but  a slimy ice clinging substance ….not normal. Collected samples for testing.

  2. Anthony says:

    Dane.. this is so wrong.. these people need to stop.. I can tell a difference in how my mom acts and thinks as well as memory loss.. is there any type of mask that will help.. we also need to to stop recycling cans and other aluminum, recycling will play a part in KILLING us..



  3. Tom says:

    The archived link to the Australian Water Test:

    There are no lab tests since 2010. Not everyone can afford them, but…. would be nice to have one posted here once a year.

    • Barry says:

      I wonder if they have changed what they put in the chemtrails,. or doing larger masses or bigger sweeps, here in Denver, Colorado.  But I cannot explain why my nose is constantly running, my chest  hurts, my lips burn, as well as my face, straight time over at least a 6 – 9 month period. Never before has this happened and I'm a pretty healthy guy. Friends of mine from around the city complain of hte same.  What kind of test can I take and with whom can I take it.  



    • John says:

      I live here in Northern Colorado Barry. This state is a warzone of Geoengineering (chemtrails). Your health effects are not surprising. I have not been well either. Take care of yourself my man and continue to spread the word. If you want take a rain sample and have it analyzed. Then send it in to this website. This website needs all the lab tests it can get.

  4. Arthur w simpson says:

    Many chemtrails SE of Oahu today. Entire horizon silver whitish haze.

    • Frankie A Wolfe says:

      I’m trying to respond to the other Coloradoans—I’ve been watching, researching and complaining about the geoengineering here in CO as soon as they really started picking up operations and taking away our beautiful blue sky days!  I have lab tests and many stories, phots, etc. about this topic to share—I seem to be a canary in the coal mine as well.  Without even looking at the sky, I can tell you they are spraying by my severe, sudden allergy and asthma response—when it is going to snow or rain…as soon as the particles enter my air space, my body has a severe reaction, and after the precipitation ends, symptoms dramatically subside or end.  My husband is now starting to be affected, as he notices he gets severe sneezing attacks as soon as the particles fall into our breathing space.  I take Heavy Metal Detox and many other supplements to try and counter the effects. I tested a “chem-rain” for heavy metals (not all metals tested, as tests are expensive) but they found high levels of barium present.  I have more to share if we could start a Colorado geo-engineering board, that’s be helpful!  

  5. Chad says:

    I tried requesting heavy metal bloodwork at my doctors office in Eureka, Ca couple years ago even offered to self pay when I get native medical and dental and got the  runaround.  Next time I recorded the conversation via my iPad. They wouldn't do it because the big Pharmaceutical knows the TRUTH.  What a sad,dad world of evilness this place has become. Not much love of God remaining on earth except for very few such as myself and few others. What a nightmare. All paid liats, cheats, and thieves!!! God have mercy, AMEN.

  6. Tony DuPont says:

    I had a thought on the Chemical trails. After a cloud storm rain or no rain we get these thin wispy tan clouds and gey clouds… Does anyone have imagery to show photos that can highlight the material make up of these this wispy clouds?

    we consistently get these thin wispy grey and tan clouds after the rain storm.  or other cloud storms, It looks like the "Like materials" separate and group up together.. this should be the perfect timing to get some frequency photos that can highlight the materials in the clouds. (if this is available I would love to get copies so I can show the mayor in Boise Idaho.

    Also another solution I was thinking is why do we not make it a law put it on the city ballet with the signatures of the citizens. to force test and publicly report the findings. we can force the change with proactive mayors and cities.  We all could work to get signatures and make it an election issue put on the ballet by  signatures by the general public forcing a host of  good ideas that can be implemented, within each city, and then grow to the states and so on until it stops.. 

    Another Solution Idea

    Also maybe we should be able to get some funds thru crowd source funding to sponsors universities senior design projects. the universities have the tools to capture all of the data and expose the information to the students.  

    Cheers  Idaho  … Dan  By the way great job,  you all rock!!!!

      Peace thru the love of the truth light exposers take the fight local thru mandatory voting by the cites citizens.

  7. I am from Belarus. I live in a small town of Luninets with a population of 25 000 people. I managed to take photos of planes spraying chemicals in Luninets on April 23th 2015 here in Luninets and a week earlier a lot of spraying in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. I have photos of the chemtrails and I sent an application to the Ministry of Defense for them to explain to me what they are doing, why they spray chemicals and jn what grounds military planes fly over civil population.

    I would like to fight injustice but I am alone here. Nobody even understands what chemtails are and even after that can't believe that it is done. I need any help. 


    • simone says:




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