Proof Of Retrofit Aerosol Spraying Nozzles On Airbus Jet Aircraft


Dane Wigington

How much proof do we need before a majority of the population is willing to face the fact that we are all being sprayed with highly toxic elements from the ongoing climate engineering programs? Those in power long ago made the decision to subject all life to the unimaginably massive and lethal global experiments of "stratospheric aerosol geoengineering" (SAG), and "solar radiation management" (SRM). Over the course of decades populations have been programmed and conditioned to accept the commercial aircraft "condensation trail" lie. 

Though short lived true condensation trails can, of course, occur under extreme conditions (much more often with specific types of jet engines like the "low bypass" units that are standard on fighter jets), the "high bypass" jet engine (standard on ALL commercial carriers and ALL military tanker jets) is by design nearly incapable of producing a condensation trail. 

This engine is a jet powered fan. 85% of the air passing through this engine is NON COMBUSTED.  Back to the bottom line, commercial carrier aircraft have been retrofitted with spray nozzles mounted on the pylon directly in line with the jet engine thrust stream. This creates the illusion of a condensation trail from an engine that is generally incapable of producing one. What we are actually seeing in our skies are sprayed particulate trails that are the foundation of the ongoing global climate engineering insanity. The report below confirms the retrofit spraying nozzles on Airbus aircraft. DW



Here we detail the discoveries we have made about the dispersal systems we believe are being used on Airbus planes. We focus on the Airbus A320 family, which include the A319 / A320 / A321. A380 planes also spray over the UK and we have images on a separate page. A380s use a slightly different system and we have no idea yet if that system is original to the design of the aircraft, but we do now know that the A320 family aircraft belonging to any of the participating airlines have been modified illegally for the purposes of spraying aerosols into our skies during flight.

Our investigations started when we saw a single-pipe system fitted to a Ryan Air Boeing 737. Being based near Heathrow we went armed with long lenses and took about 100 images of planes landing, and sure enough we found the smoking guns as we now refer to them.

Below are just 3 of the many images we have of these modifications.




There is a host of disinformation online that has been produced since we started to publish these images. Rather than waste time trying to counter them, we spoke directly to Airbus. They confirmed in an email to us in August 2014 that Airbus A320 Family aircraft DO NOT leave the factory with any pipes in the pylon.

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  1. maryam says:

    Hello and thanks for the info. These last days we are getting intensely sprayed where I live in Morocco, yesterday was too much, and one jet was making loops rather than straight lines, may be they are just bored themselves of spraying in a straight line….. Question: PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME, why are they doing this, if they are also killing themselve sand all future on THEIR planet as well, what is the purpose of this, geo engineering is ot enough of an answer. Thank you

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Maryam, there are many agendas behind the ongoing aerosol operations. I hope you will continue to investigate, the attached link may be of help to you.

  2. Dave K says:

    Ive taken rain samples in for testing of some heavy metals.  Oct and today.  Aluminum, barium, lithium, strontium   It will be 10 days before I get results.  1st test had a little barium, way within the toxic levels by EPA.  What was odd though, that the personnel at this lab had never heard of chemtrails. By different  guys who take in the samples, They would take a few minutes on line to learn at a glance why I was looking into this.  It would be informative if we could share results, just to compare different locations.  It's like a crap shot if collect , was it what we saw sprayed on that day.  I did question my first test water because the storm was thick and no visible jets could be seen.  I did it any way.  4 metal tests was $60. each.
    Its winter, and when we see spray going on to cool the planet, the agenda is even more clear and malicious.
    If I see suspicious sprays, Ill load  Usually the culprit is not on the radar, because military craft do not have the tracking system. This site tracks commercial aircraft.

  3. tea for one says:

    Hi all. I live in Greenville, NC and bad my soil tested for heavg metals this summer. Aluminum was 1,198 lbs/acre!

    I just this week had some of the chemical "webs" floating ouf if the sky tested at a lab in CT. It came back as NYLON. The lab asked me to send a larger sample size if u can, so they can do further testing.

    As a Christian, I feel we should claim Jesus' promise in Mark 16:18, that the Lord will protect Hux children from these poisons.



    Psalm 91

    • Hi Mr Christian . says:

      Dear Christian we all are getting these Planes Spraying 24/7 Worldwide & what millions do not realize is there is Actually 21 Poisonous Chemicals being Sprayed Down Onto Us All, this Planet is & has been Run by Illuminati Banksters & Nazi,s Yes Nazi,s & how am i so sure well i had an Uncle who with the American Troops were moving through France & into Germany,they ended up at a german port where there was 1,000 so called German Prisoners who it turned out were being picked up there within one hour many American Subs Duly Turned Up & Loaded these germans & took off back to be Secretley Smuggled Into America, & i have since found out another 35,000 soon joined them also for America, & also you may not know Hitler did not die in a Bunker In Berlin but actually had a Chateau Built In Argentina where he lived Like A King Untill His Death In 1962, these are the Bastards Who are Running The Industrial War Machine In America & The Globe, & The Other Criminals Linked With it all are The Bushes Clintons Rockerfellas & Rothschilds Who Did Own The Federal Reserve But The Pentagon & Armed Forces Took Over Control a few weeks ago so now it ends in .Gov, Rothschilds Command The World Governments with the almost Total Banking Control as they Own 198 Banks Out Of 200 Countries & if you need to see all this for yourself Try Logging On where you will find everything you need to know about anyone & a good start would be ( The Committee Of 300.) there you will see many many people who are part of The Illuminati Kazerian Mafia Posh Name For Nazi,s The Freemasons & remember in order to become President Of America One Must Be 18 Or Over Belong The Freemasons Last Born In America & You Have A President Who Was Not Born In America check that out as well on so to wrap up the Job Of The Pentgon Is To Oversee That America Is Being Run In Acordance With The American Charter well they arent doing a good job as you have a President who,s not american as he wasent born in america, this should have been picked up at the Balloting for President Fore Runners just go,s to show how those Nazi,s have gotten control of America doesent it they have the Power To Stop Chem Trails In America At Least Plus There Is 18 H A A R P Transmitters Globally & Not Just One As Millions Stupidly Believe & That One In Alaska Is Still Operating & The Biggest & Baddest One Is Located On The Seabed Next To A Ridge That Encircles This Planet, It Is Situated Between North Africa & Jaimacia & Is The One That Starts All The Volcano,s Even Extinct Ones Plus Tsunami,s & It & The Other 17 Transmitters Send Over A Billion Watts Into The Upper Ionosphere Where it heats up to a Massive Temperture Then is sent down to any place of there choice Top Bring Floods Blizzards Hurricans Tornado,s & More This Is Weather Control With Pushing A Button & this was first Invented By A Humanitarian Like Me To Control The Weather But Nikola  Tesla Wanted To Be Able To Make It Rain Where There Was None & Sunshine In Countries Who Have None Or Very Little, But All His Invetions Were Confiscated & He Died A Broken Man & Pennyless In A One Bedroomed Flat In Febuary 1943 the same year i was born a Genious who invented many things including Free Electric & the country he was from enjoys his electric today i believe Croatia This is just some of the Evidence About These Evil People.

    • sonja says:

      Thank you so much for putting all this valuable information out there. So, can we get a list on which airlines (passenger and private) are spraying this crap. Also, how can we collect rain water and use the right lab for results that will be accepted data at the local level. If we all start boycotting certain airlines and producing reputable collected data, wow……….we can start ridding our Mother Earth and all our relations of this madness.  

  4. bluenorther says:

    I just spotted a Stop Spraying Us sign next to Interstate 80 in Dixon, CA. 

  5. Scott says:

    I have been at the education game for 5 years.  I see an acceleration in the awakening unfortunately the acceleration in the frequency of spraying is utterly ridiculous.   As far as mitigation, I believe IV chelation therapy is the best way to attempt to protect our bodies from the Eugenic psychopaths that are determined to destroy our world.  
    We must fight this!

  6. SOUP says:

    As our dear leaders meet over climate change, here in NC they are spraying more in the sky than I have ever seen. Here is a movement, let's agree on their global warming or climate change and simply ground all flying machines to save the world, problem solved. Fact is we don't need them in the sky anyway we have plenty of means of transportation, they have abused the privilege. 

  7. Matt Hatfield says:

    Dane, what I find most incredible is that  99% of the people across America have their head stuck in the mud. How can a major chemical  earth spraying program go on without the masses raising hell ? The only reason they are getting away with this is because the people put up with it. The 20th President James Garfield said this,

    “Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their congress .If that body be ignorant,reckless and corrupt it is because the people tolerate ignorance,recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent,brave and pure it is because  the people demand these high qualities to represent them in a national legislature … If the next centennial does not find us a great nation it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture,and the morality of the nation do not aide in controlling the political forces.”

    • David says:

      Anyone that has general knowledge of an aircraft's Commercial/ Tankers etc. Flight Route, should know that they DO NOT travel over and side by side or even in a grid criss cross pattern, that is diplayed by the Aerosol Particulates in SAG and SRM. Obviously, all of us who post on this website already know, that those configurations being sprayed and dispersed by RF from HAARP is not normal, but the people that are still denying it, need to wake up and realize if those flight patterns were producing those, what they call Contrails, that should only last 10-15 seconds then disappear, there would be numerous collisions/crashes with aircraft debris raining down from above. The Aerosol Particulates (Chemtrails) persist and linger for hours and hours. How could they not understand the difference. Here is an example when the air temperature drops to around 45-50 degrees,  humans can see their breaths when they exhale, just like automobiles, the exhaust can be seen in cold weather, but do the CO2 trails persists for hours and hours no, the exhaust dissipates fairly quickly, right. Maybe this can be used as a similar comparison, to get the sleepers to wake up!


  8. Randall richards says:

    I live in N. Wisconsin, and have known over 20 yrs. 59yo, born, raised, and lived here.
    As my opinion of the trees dying i can say the death rate has blown off the charts this summer. Dead trees everywhere, some showing signs of burning on sunny side.
    All trees very thin, In a very wet 3 years. Maple, so thin that u can see right through the crowns, small leaves.
    All spruce dead or sick
    All cherry dead or sick
    All oaks dead, sick
    The point Is In my opinion as a sane man, the whole forest will be dead within two years.
    Sorry for gloom, but reality Is reality.

  9. penny says:

    Got the blues?  This song will go straight to your heart:

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Is that the same "Hatrick Penry" who brought us all the official documentation uncovering PlumeGate, the massive cover-up of the explosions and melt-downs at Fukushima-Dai-ichi?  The messages we read there are chilling; here's a text from Margie Kotzalas to Geoffrey Miller about the catastrophe: 
      I couldn't sleep again last night.  Michelle was doing a shift in the Ops center (protective measures team) last night.  She texted me 'U2 ex-vessel, U4 zirc fire SFP,catastrophe'," and "100% of the total spent fuel was released to the atmosphere from Unit 4.  All 96 hour dose." as well :

  10. Bill Russell says:

    It is my experience that all the people I know that
    realize  the chemtrail problem, came to it on their own.
    (except my wife, she took 4 years and many times she
    told me to shut up, f**k off, go away etc before she started
    to look up everyday)
    I asked her if she wished she could go back to ignorance
    and she said no. I don't believe her.
    What I am saying is, some people get it and the mass of
    The Dupid (easily duped and stupid) will never get it.
    The Aware need to find what the rulers are using to keep
    themselves healthy through this onslaught. Taking endless
    photos and bitching, moaning and crying don't cut it Scooter!
    Calling gov, pols, cops, MIC don't do it either. They are
    compromised. Bought and paid for. Blackmailed. Threatened.
    THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU!! They are saving their own arses.
    And that's what you crybabies need to do. Save yourselves first.
    Then, maybe you can save others later.   Maybe.
    This isn't the end times yet. It's just the end of The Dupid.
    That's not a bad thing. The Dupid are Enablers of the Evil Ones
    and they are not on your team. The Evil Ones need The Dupid. 
    They control us with fake democracy that The Dupid believe in.
    AWARE  THE F**K UP……   AGAIN!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bill, certainly we all understand your frustration. Yes, the vast majority will hide from the truth at almost any cost, until they are forced to realize that they themselves are also going down with the ship. That moment is now very near. Keep sowing seeds of awareness, they will soon enough be forced to sprout.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I very seriously DOUBT that the "Elites" are taking anything to keep themselves healthy, other than The Usual Stuff we all take– what else would they do?  They have the same tissues, the same blood, except they have a soul and they have a gaping hole where there should have been a heart, but they REFUSED it– go figure.

      What's different about these "Elites??"

      THEY DON'T FEEL ANYTHING.  They are in the NUMB STAGE on the way to their total demise and are so heartless and soul-less, they don't care, let alone see, that they'll be taking the rest of Creation right along with them in their death-wish race to the bottom of life.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The Ruling Class's "Holy Trinity" consists of Money, Power and Control.  Who cares about anything else?

  11. BaneB says:

    Question:  where would the storage of the spray supply be placed?  Inside the wing?    There would need to be equipment internally to pump the aerosol into the engine exhaust stream.  Would this be a simple mechanical process?  The aerosols would need resupplying.  That requires on-ground storage, too.  Ground crews have to know about this.  The aerosol resupply would likely be accomplished while the aircraft is being refueled.  Would this additional carry-weight be of any significance?  Questions, questions, and asked in a clumsy layman's terminology.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, there has been published letter online from a union airline mechanic who stated supply tanks were inside the main body of the aircraft near the septic storage tanks. It is likely that various aircraft have their own configurations. 

    • Pam San Diego says:

      Thank you Ban for asking the question that was on my mind.  To take it a step further, does this mean the pilots would have to flip some sort of switch to engage the spray process?  Or has this reconfiguration been done without the knowledge of the airlines and pressure or some other mechanism trips the spray?  I am curious because I want to determine if the pilots are aware of what is going on?  

      Thank you Dane for all you do!  And I saw a car here in San Diego that had your website painted on the rear window of her car.  Great idea for us all!!

    • Steve C says:

      What puzzles me is if there are so many of these aircraft involved, who switches on the chem trails and how? It can't be the pilots, because they would ask too many questions, and talk amongst themselves, so it must be being done remotely. MAybe if as we board our aircraft as passengers we ought to see if a: We can determine whether we are boarding an aircraft with the modified engine pylons and B. Whether we can see when the chem trails are switched on, particularly those who fly regularly over the same route.

      IF it turns out that this can be seen from the aircraft, simply alerting the stewardess with, a question such as " although we haven't changed altitude suddenly we seem to be pouring out soe sort of vapour from the engine by me, should I be worried?" at first you will get fobbed off, but when they hear the same question from six different passengers over a month, then you can bet you will have raised some consciousness, and pilots will not take kindly to the notion that certain aspects of their aircraft are out of their control.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, all available data indecates that commercial carrier personnel are not directly involved with the aerosol operations in any way. Even if the aircraft itself was being used, the operations would be centrally controlled and any aircraft functions romotely operated.

  12. It matters little to those behind this program of the evidence that we bring forth (plane nozzles) or who speaks on the matter (Saudi Princess), their agenda will roll on.  Geoengineering is just one spoke on their wheel.  Some of the others are; mandatory vaccinations, see Gc MAFse., Nagalase.  Nuclear industry, Fukushima, depleted uranium.  GMO's and food engineered for sickness and death.  There are other programs which in their totality create the world around us or the Matrix if you will, but they all lead to the Georgia guidestones and an agenda of death.  Those who call themselves the "Illuminati", shining ones, or enlightened, are lords of darkness and death instead.  There are some 13 families with the Rothschilds one of the more prominent among them. Knights of Malta and the black pope seem to also be part of this pyramid and Luciferian death cult. The majority of the public we are trying to reach are zombified, the living dead.  You will see them turning out in the hundreds of thousands or even millions at celebrity events, sport events, black fridays, or sleeping on cold pavements for weeks just to see the latest brainwashing movie out of the brainwashing factory called Hollywood.  At geoengineering events and other events crucial for our existence, one can hardly get a turnout of hundreds.  Although disheartening we must persevere, that is what we are here for. Groups fighting GMO's, forced vaccinations or vaccinations in general, the nuclear industry are all allies in the same battle and we need to reach out to them and make them aware that we are all fighting the same agenda and same group that is trying to kill us.

  13. kenny says:

    It is dawn here in southeast NJ and already the skies are a swirling mass of chemtrails and the ones in the east are the brightest glowing red and purple.  There are planes all over the skies, not just directed at the sun, with obvious HAARP ripples and" fog" starting to form.  Dane's article is no surprise, as the planes here fly so high, they are not visible, but the chemtrails are so wide, would have to be wing tip to wing tip retrofitted.  No blue sky can be seen already!!

    • kenny says:

      It is now 2 pm and about 70 degrees here in southeast NJ.  The spraying calmed down a bit, with some blue sky breakthrough, so tried to get out side for a bit, that so called "fog" could still be seen 2 streets over, my eyes started to burn and I got stomach cramps,  There was this weird chemical smell, God only knows what they dumped on us today.  Been hearing helicopters all day long, but cannot see them visually.  Now we are getting those dissolving chemclouds, raining more of this crap on us, you can see it falling down in a foglike manner and the skies are once again turning a thick solid white.  Everyone I talk to is having respiratory problems along with family, friends and co workers.  The native hardy scrub pines, are browning out.  I saw my neighbor digging out his dead evergreen shrubs.

      Erasing mankind, and all life forms, so "they" can RE WRITE history once again, to cover "their" tracks/responsibility/accountability. As in the "great flood, the plagues, genocidal crusades, all throughout history. "they" pushed every thing to the limit once again, at must erase this period, so they can easily rewrite history and set up the next grand chessboard that pushes "their" agenda even further.  Elitists who thru their inbreeding, perpetuate the crimes over and over again.  Rape,pillage, murder..repeat…rape,pillage murder..repeat…for "them" it is as benign as erasing a chalkboard..those without souls, have no compassion/feelings and are far more dangerous than those that have had lobotomies

  14. Jacqueline Thévoz says:

    C'est effrayant! Pauvre humanité du 21ème siècle!
    It’s frightening! Poor humanity of the 21st century!

  15. A12 says:

    Perhaps desperate and far reaching, but what about Ted nugent and other people that respect our resources? The duck dynasty crew and alike?  I'm reaching, Dane. Perhaps it's all been explored?

  16. A12 says:

    Dane, how about the voice of Erin Brockovich if if hasn't been explored already? She's becoming a big player with the porter ranch natural gas leak on kfi am 640. Her voice of reason on the station this evening had John cobylt raging in anger and I see a kfi remote happening soon in the area.  I've seen the hinckley area many times over. Wow! What a mess. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello A12, Erin Brockovich has been approached on the climare engineering issue many times, unfortunately she has not risen to the occasion.

    • Malinda says:

      I sent Erin Brockovich one of Dane's flyers several months back thinking she might take on this issue.  Guess not.  Well, has anyone seen the video clip of Harrison Ford in which he talks about his concern for the environment and hopes for a climate deal in Paris.  The news story with the video clip says that Harrison has several airplanes and likes to fly, which of course contributes more greenhouse gases.  If he is sincere in his concerns, maybe he could be a voice against geoengineering.

    • Brenda1218 says:

      Why can't testing of rain etc, be done.  Also they've LOWERED drinking water standards x2. We need testing done independently everywhere, with the results widely published .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Brenda, a great deal of precipitation testing has been done, some are in the attached link.

  17. Large Object Has Entered Our Solar System /Dec 11, 2015
    We report the discovery of previously unknown continuum sources, or a single fast moving new source, in our ALMA observations.\ Space, Solar and Quake Links @
    The serendipitous discovery of a possible new solar system object with ALMA  / W. Vlemmings, S. Ramstedt, M. Maercker, B. Davidsson (Submitted on 8 Dec 2015)
    The unprecedented sensitivity of the Atacama Large millimeter/submillimeter array (ALMA) is providing many new discoveries. Several of these are serendipitous to the original goal of the observations. …Unless there are yet unknown, but significant, issues with ALMA observations, we have detected a previously unknown objects in our solar system. … Our observations highlight the power of ALMA in detecting possible solar system objects, but also show how multiple epoch observations are crucial to identify what are otherwise probably assumed to be extra-galactic sources.  [Instructive video here]:

  18. Ray says:

    Hello Dane,
    Good photographs, they should be enough evidence to submit to EASA and the FAA for 'unauthorized modifications on Part 121 Aircraft'.
    Both agencies have strict guidlines and procedures for ANY modifications to aircraft used for commercial air transport.  I know, I was FAA liaison for the FAA Repair Station and the DAS (designated alteration station) at Aerotest located in Mojave, CA.   All documentation is required to be submitted to the aircraft manufacturor as well, to avoid safety and liability issues.
    I will investigate further and post what I find.  I am currently employed by 2, FAA Certified Repair Stations, I am curious what an "official" explanation might contain.

    • Ken says:

      Ray, thanks for posting. We would be really be interested to see what you can find out. I'm sure they have some BS explanation for techs that ask questions. Let us know what lies they feed you…or not.
      I have no doubts about it myself. Dane's info is right on target here as usual. I just can't believe how so many pilots are scared into silence. That has to change. Whistle-Blowers from the inside could ruin it for them. Maybe they need a coordinated effort. Say, 20 or more come out at the same time. Just thinking….

    • ian simpson says:

      We wrote to EASA via one of our legal firms and they stated that the pipes were original, directly contradicting the manufacturer Airbus. Airbus are now refusing to comment and the airlines are also officially refusing to provide any further information.
      They sent and image produced by a disinformation site as proof. It is on this basis we are initiating legal action here in the UK. More details soon.
      The easiest way to bring the entire programs to a halt is a personal injury claim in the courts against the airlines. Achilles heal !
      Happy to discuss further.

  19. Robo Sapien says:

    It is not that our leaders are irresponsible, it is simply the fact they are loyal to a supranational entity which despises the United States and its constitution. NO ONE is allowed into the political process unless they are subservient to this supranational organization. The simplest way is to make it just too damn expensive to run unless you bow and scrape to a bank who prints illegal money. Make no bones about it, we have to tear down our political system and build it again. The laws were simply disobeyed. Every politician since 1913 is guilty of treason, every supreme court justice. If I were president I would start by arresting every single multiterm politican and every single multi year federal judge including the supreme court. I would courts martial every military officer of major general or higher and that is how we begin.

  20. Rachel says:

    This entire geoengineering  "experiment" to save the planet from the sun's radiation, echoes the Nazis handing out towels, and leading the concentration camp prisoners to the "shower" gas chambers…only we don't get the towels.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, it also echoes the anglican and catholic 'missionaries' handing out blankets to the canadian (and likely other places too) indigenous peoples that were laced with smallpox virus, successfully wiping out whole villages, leaving their lands and natural resources open to plunder without a fight. Sound familiar?.. The same cards being played over and over again?.. only this time with larger and more far reaching methods as technology expands. For those interested, check out Kevin Annett's film 'Unrepentant' on youtube for more in depth study and personal interviews with eye witness native peoples on this travesty.

  21. DAVID DARBY says:

    bY NOW, if your a follower of this site and others for your own R&D into Geoengineering and climate change (abrupt type) well we are in the early stages and this is why the power perform geoengineering IMO. I took pics just like the one on the top of this article here in San Diego 2 weeks ago and today while coming back saw the sky open up due to blk mtn and associates using the heaters to break up the incoming storms over the area I happen to live in. I see it all the time and its has many sources to perform those type of activities which are HAARP like. Its no longer a suprise to myself. I have to thank Dane Wigington for opening up my eyes and also confirming my own suspicisions of what I got from twitter back in 2012 what we called chemtrails back then. Everyday SRM is performed to block the radiation from the sun to cool the earth. We are already on a course which most likely is unstoppable for much higher temperatures in C degrees at least 6 in my opinion and I don't know how this will be functional as a society as we currently live in. Anyhow continue your due diligence and learn to live everyday to your fullest from a 20 hr nap to full on activities of your choice. Enjoy!


  22. Eric Hall says:

    Download the photos to your phone and show them to everyone.  Keep working on waking up others.  Don't give up.  It's never too late.

  23. Michel B says:

    I bet most pilots are really worried, but of course they have been given their orders to not talk about it or just proclaim "Condensation trails!"

    They are breathing it all in only more so. They are up where it is thickly dispersed, then when they get back to ground and walk around they can breathe the fallout with us. Aren't they lucky?!

    I wonder if there are statistics available on pilots as a study group getting sick, developing cognitive disorders or getting cancers? The cognitive ones would be frightening. Imagine these guys and gals are driving a vehicle weighing several hundred tonnes with up to several hundred people on board. How safe do we feel now, folks?

    • Lawrence Beck says:

      The airlines are complicit in this, Michel.  
      I feel sorry for those who are so clueless as to bid for the Japan trips.  Not only are they breathing in high levels of radio nuclides from Fukushima but they eat toxic Japanese food on their layovers.  
      There is an inordinate level of cognitive dissonance amongst airline employees.   They should be the most informed and concerned as they work in toxic environments… especially the flight attendants.   One would be hard pressed to find a group that is less aware of the workplace environment they are subjected to.
      Those at the top who are aware of the retrofitting of aircraft will be the last to inform their underlings.  Their fear of losing their pensions has bought their silence.
      The smart ones have left the industry.  Survival is a powerful motivating force when you're not asleep and choose to stay informed by reading the wealth of information Dane shares on this website. 

    • Teri says:

      I just returned from a trip to chicago. there and back their is a layer of reddish brown chemical haze. it reaches higher then we flew and we were at 33,000 feet. when we took off i could see it on the ground level and it just got thicker and thicker the higher you went. it changed colors and became a thick haze from red,brown,yellows, greens. I could see the sprayer planes above us. dozens of them. it makes me wonder how high are they if they can fly straight over head? 
      Coming home there were clouds! only they were fake clouds. not real. they had the scalar ripples in them but they were thick like you would expect. the color though was a bright yellow like the color of wheat only more fluorescent. this was in the morning hours. they glowed yellow. i was wondering how it is that no one notices that? it shocked me. i left a few flyers of geoengineeringwatch  on the plane there an back. slipped them in with the safety card in case of a water landing ect. if nothing else maybe the crew will see them.  
      I had to change planes to an express flight home and that one only flew at 10,000 feet. it was between layers. layers of orange, red and a strange green that was just being put down. some of the sprayer planes were below us and what they put down had a green tint to it. at least from looking at it from above the stream. others were spraying above us. that layer is THICK. were we flew. i started coughing and couldn't stop. did that on the flight to chicago and and the one back. about 10 or so people were the same as me but i wonder why everyone wasn't coughing. i must just be sensitive to it. 
      The pilots know. they just don't care. they will do the job no matter how horrible or destructive it is. they cannot NOT see it. from where they fly it is obvious. a constant reddish thick pollution haze to flew through? the dead looking earth? the lack of real clouds. ? they know all right. they are not stupid. they just are not willing to put themselves on the line. they are willing to poison people because they have what they want. their life is more important then ours. they won't risk it. not for us. they have their comfort area and the rest of us can die gagging and coughing. that is the way of the world now….the new motto is ''i have mine!''. 
      Eeven if ultimately they have to breath it on every flight. they are sucking in much more then we are on the ground. because their air is so thick. and chewy. they just don't care. if they have a bank load of federal reserve notes they consider themselves set! its all good. i got mine they say to themselves. amazing. 

  24. Rebecca P. says:

    Our sky here today in the Pacific NW looks like I'm in another world, the sky is illuminating my eyes are tearing and having head aches. I witnessed a huge unmarked plane today flying extremely low over my house going around in circles 5 times just billowing out Toxic Soup filling the sky with the devil knows what! I called the state representatives office again today to telling them we are under assault to no avail so far. This is absolute genocide with no one to help this stop. I'm so fed up with this insanity. What are we to do but be killed by this spray poison? I have called all the news outlets the governor and talk to everyone I know, constantly posting on FB, just hope we can get something done soon. Dane you are a miracle and should get the man of the decade award. I have only known about this for the last 9 months and have never worked so hard to get this criminal act reported. The evidence you have is overwhelming and is still under wraps. I could never imagined how corrupt our government truly is! Take our hard earned (Tax) money and turn around and use it to kill us, this is beyond comprehension, absolutely mind blowing.
    Pray for healing our minds and soul.

    • julane jazzique says:

      Welcome aboard! 
      I started paying attention about 6 yrs? Ago. 
      My dad was a pilot for 35 yrs w AAirlines, also in WW11
      he confirmed. Those are not contrails.  But had zero idea what
      they were. He had retired n '84.
      i too am so frustrated, disgusted, by the lack of responsibility of our
      Government leaders, worldwide. The UN sanctioned death sprays.
      the nerve of the Governments blaming us, and taxing us for their
      own death spray. How about the carbon tax implemented !!!!
      again, more funding for them.
      keep up the good fight!

  25. penny says:

    People might want to read this, especially those of you within several hundred miles of the west coast (though the whole world is affected).  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    • Marc says:

      The near total MSM blackout on Fukushima radiation can only be interpreted as a cover-up of apocalyptic proportions. Why? I suspect the MSM has been muzzled by the government agencies, you know, the 3 letter ones: CIA, NSA, OSI, EPA, etc, etc. Why? To avert out-of-control and widespread panic, which is precisely what would happen, had we not all been sprayed with lithium and/or other sedatives for the past several years. Think this is preposterous? 

      The Fukushima radiation leaks and degree of contamination are increasing relentlessly. As Dane has himself said on occasion, if Fukushima doesn't kill us all, geoengineering and runaway warming certainly will. The whole island of Japan will have to be abandoned, mark my words. It is going to be THAT BAD. And the rest of the northern hemisphere (and world) will follow thereafter. Barring an act of divine intervention, I would put my money on the virtual certainty that it is game-over for the biosphere and thus all of humanity. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • penny says:

      Marc, am with you 100% except for one slight revision: the whole island of Japan should have been abandoned.  Namaste.

  26. owen says:

    I have seen these on Virgin America, also noticed that we always seek out other planes that are spraying and that sometimes I can't even see out the window at 35k feet up in the air it is so thick. 

    • Jay Fiato says:

      I have identified Virgin Airways and UAE the rest are unmarked , and  wouldn't be surprised if they were drones . I'm in the Northeast it's very unseasonably warm here. Common sense and a I little critical thinking plus some research , critical mass would be achieved by now . I think it comes down to as Dane has said if we care about our kids, our family and the Planet as well as all kids we must not be deterred by being labeled in any way . Most do not want to hear anything that can disrupt their " very important lives " like watching TV , The Game , They are Slaves that think they are free it's pounded into us from birth . I was in that illusion 8 years ago please let's all do what it takes to spread this Crime Against Humanity  not only online but in public . People will look at you funny and may  let it go in one ear and out the other day but if we plant that little seed at least a 10th of them will wake up . Put a washable chalk sign on the back window of your vehicle , when you are outside and  you see the spraying mention it to somebody next to you  hey that looks kind of odd or what's up with all the lines in the sky . Thanks Dane for all you do the sacrifice that ti thanks Dane fault all you do the sacrifice the time  you put in is what we all should be doing so let's do it !!!!!!!!!

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