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156 Responses to Facebook pages

  1. Just Thinking says:

    I am in the vicinity of I-75 & I-70, the Crossroads of America.   I found GeoEngineeringWatch over 5 years ago.  I bought their DVD that very expertly and clearly explained what was going on.  I also made about 20 copies of the DVD and handed out to neighbors and friends.   Not one person commented back to me about this information.  I believe there is also something in our air now that affects the brain to dumb our population down.  No one seems to have critical thinking..  We are living in the "me" generation.  They seem to have sucked compassion and love out of humanity.  Of course, the GEOengineering is a direct project of satan!  Society must see that evil  lurks and purmeates everywhere.  The churches are luke warm.  The Christians are luke warm.  Satan has blinded the masses.  Christians better be getting down on their knees…



  2. zohar says:

    i salute you dear sir . nobody listen now but they will in the end . the truth will prevail ..then we all go down

  3. JoAnn Tennent says:

    I have a video two weeks before the pandemic started that my husband took the chemtrail that took up Half of the sky I would like to send it to you. I am very sad that the sky isn't blue anymore. And that our government is allowing us to be treated like guinea pigs. 15 years ago I was in the forefront of stopping Monterey bay from being sprayed for the light brown apple moth. Dole was going to make $8 million a month sprain us each month for up to 10 years. Dr. Rapp came to our community in Santa Cruz California, to warn us of the danger of being sprayed every month. She worked for the government and now is blowing the whistle on them check out her book. Our toxic world a wake up call. Published 2007

    Our toxic world a wake up call. Published 2007. 
    thank you for your work In making people aware of this.

    Now what can I do to help to stop this

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, JoAnn, thank you or the past work you have done for the common good, and for your willingness to stand with us in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering. In regard to how you can help, check the attacked link for more input. FYI

    • Bob Mazza says:

      We have just the opposite here in NE Florida. For four days in a row now, the sky is ridiculously blue. The second day a cloud popped up but nothing became of it. It is soooo bright. Also it's funny that there are absolutely no jetliner exhaust trails. None. There is usually at least a half dozen strange-looking vapor trails, You know like the ones that spread out and then become the weather. Whoever does that activity, does not allow any jetliners on clear blue sky days. Most people think that these blue sky days are beautiful. Well not here in Florida; we traditionally have big cumulus clouds,but sunshiney also. And we have traditionally gotten a lotta lotta rain. I think that we are drying up. Not enough moisture.

  4. Debbie S Payne says:

    I live in Oklahoma City area.  My husband and I have been talking to people about the geoengineering going on for over 6 years now.  They all think we are crazy!  I showed "The Dimming" to several friends and they are now looking at things differently!  I would like to know who we can contact to find out who has the permit for spraying over our county?  If I know where to go and who to confront about it, I can pursue it.  We have been very heavy with chemicals for the last 2 years. I wish I had a particulate counter to find out what is on the ground that we are breathing.  So many things possible and so many are sick with all kinds of stuff besides the COVID. Guidance and suggestions would be appreciated

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Debbie Payne, from what I read, the spraying here in the U.S. is courtesy of our Air Force.  The pilots actually think they are helping block the sun to help cool the planet.  I thought that too, until recently.  Now I don't know what to believe ….just that the spraying of barium and aluminum are deadly to living things.  In NJ I have trees dying.

    • Crazyworld says:

      Hi Debbie. Also think about the heavy metals that land on the pastures where the cattle graze and onto the ponds where they drink – then we eat the meat. Same goes for all of the meat producers (chicken, pork, etc). There's no getting away from it. We have fruit trees that are dying. In the fall they were just fine. In the spring they were dead. Not dying or sickly, dead. Our nut trees (English Walnut & Pecan) should have been producing a few years ago but haven't. We lost 3 almond trees within the last couple of years as well as cherry, nectarine, and plums. What about our gardens? We eat the vegetables coming from the dirt that has soaked up the heavy metals. Does the rain wash it away or make it soak into the dirt to prevent us from getting health benefits from the vegetables? Something to think about. Oh- even our dogs constantly have ear issues.. we clear it up and it returns. They chew at their paws – an issue apparently coming from the yard that they run in. We live in SE Kansas.

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Debbie, many people are wondering the same questions you have.   Unfortunately, I have read enough now to realize this has been going on since I believe the 1960's.  Yes…..hard to believe.  But I was more convinced when I found an old photo dated 1983 that I took of my husband up high on a ladder.   And there in the sky was a hole in the clouds and a 'chemtrail' going right through that hole.   I was shocked.   And this is going on all over the world….not just a few countries.   Go online and ask for photos of chemtrails anywhere……any country……and you will find some.    So yes……who can we contact for help?   Here in the U.S., there is a government agency that persons apply to so they can test just about anything sprayed in our air.   I don't recall what agency.  Google that question online and see what comes up.   You will find answers if you ask enough questions……as I have.  The point is……what can you do with the answers you find !

    • David E. Gregory Sr. says:

      Debbie, whoever authorizes this is very high up, and are protected from view by secrecy, and the 'need to know' principle.  Pilots are told to do certain things, and they simply do them because that's what they have been ordered to do.  I have been aware if chemtrails fro decades, but thus far kno ow no one or agency where appeals can achieve a response.  I am of the opinion that as we are shown grace by the Lord He will protect us from toxicity as we trust in Him.  What little I am able to do is shown, at least in part, by a Facebook page: "Growning Your Own Food"  This admittedly may no do much but the more we in little ways, control what we eat at least we can maintain our health.  The larger societal issues I/we cannot control. The best to you.

    • Tom Bledsoe says:

      You are probably get an extra heavy dose being right by Tinker AFB!

  5. Robert Holyoake says:

    Hi, thank you Dane, I've posted 1 thousand fiyers last week and another 1 thousand going out next week.  I've got to keep informing people what is happening.     Also they were spraying again today here in my home town of Rugby England UK.   Thank you Dane 

  6. LEEM says:

    Quite right  pull together against this evil human beeings which are destructing our wonderfull world ! 🤔☹️👍

  7. chris safos says:

    i was sitting on my porch having coffee and looked at the sky and noticed the planes leaving trails.up and down and sideways.the beautiful blue skies are gone and the chem trails form these ugly gray day it is in the 80;s,few days later in the 30;s! there is nothing normal with the weather!! i was fortunate to find your sight and learn about the weather control.i tell people what is going on and they look at me like i have lost my mind.i am so thankful that you tell us the truth and people will wake up if it is not to late!!


  8. Garry Stepanek says:

    Thanks for your information.

    During the recent assassination of top military leader and then airliner shot out of the sky followed by a earthquake in the same area near a nuclear site.

    How do they label the earthquake a "Natural".  The media stated the it was far enough underground to be a Natural event. I have never heard of a

    earthquake being described as a natural event.  Was this triggered by a HAARP unit?



    • DJ says:

      Earthquakes "were ALL natural events", until humans started playing with forces which would be better left alone.

  9. Judy Gilmore says:

    I live in southwest Houston, TX. Yesterday, November 1, 2019, the temp before dawn at my house was 38 degrees. As I was leaving home, I turned my windshield wipers on to clear the dew, only to learn I had frost. I then sprayed the windshield and was stunned to see the water freeze! Later, around 8 a.m., my sister was leaving and her Explorer had hard frost on the windshield and hood. She used her credit card to remove the frost from the windshield. I googled the word "frost" to confirm that temps had to be at 32 degrees. Once confirmed, I then looked for an explanation from meteorologists. I found a meteorologist named Patrick Vaughn in Beaumont, TX explain the discrepancy as follows: "We measure temperature at 6 feet above the ground. So, the temperature at 6 feet above the ground could be 37 degrees, yet at ground level, the temperature could be at freezing." Okay, I hear that. Now explain why the Explorer had hard frost on the window and hood. I measured the height of those windshields. They begin at about 4 ft. and are nearly 5 1/2 ft. at the highest point.  Nowhere near the ground.  I'm thinking this has to do with chemical ice nucleation. Am I wrong?

  10. Susan Wehi says:

    Hi as we Maori people say in New Zealand Kiaora Dane. I want to thank you for sharing your research information by You Tube videos about Climate Engineering/GeoEngineering. These chem trails have been seen around our country and in the small town i come from i know people are getting sick and even seem to be dying faster than normal. Two years ago on a beautiful sunny day i was sitting on my back door step when i noticed little white drops falling from the sky i naturally thought whats going on here but now i know. I'm not a scientist but i have watched several videos on Chem trails from different researchers and protesters here in New Zealand so i have some idea of what the Chem Trails are. I so want this to stop as i have young grand children, i would like to help but not sure how to start.

  11. Patricia Stanton says:

    I am 75 years old.  It's difficult to even be around people these days.  There is no real thinking going on.  Most of the young are concerned with their lives, music, TV. video games, wacky movies and, of course, tattoos.  I am on the city council in the little town of Okanogan in Eastern WA.  I am putting together a packet to give to the other council members alerting them to weather modification and it's terrible effect on our planet.  I don't think it will do much good but we must try.  When I tried to bring up the subject of "Agenda 21" all I got were smirks.  We will see what this packet brings.  Fortunately, there are some people waking up.  Others tell me to shut up when I bring up the subject of weather engineering.  Well, when you're 75 you get to the point where people's opinions don't matter much; thank God.

    • Tedine says:

      A few miles West  in Spokane, WA there have been white skies for days. The people here adore the military and never question the geoengineering done by the military.  Friends and neighbors turn away and think I'm just another old lady losing her marbles.

    • Eric Goodhart says:

      Although I regret to read about Ms. Stanton's experiences, it is encouraging to learn that there are others around my age (77) that have both the critical thinking skills and wisdom to understand what is going on and be willing to share it. Though it certainly can be frustrating in our efforts to "wake-up" others, I have found that as long as we are patient and plant the seeds of awareness, they, will come around. Of course, issues like man-made weaponized climate engineering (being blamed on cyclical "climate change") needs to be recognized and stopped sooner than later, all we can do is all we can do; but we must keep trying. I have been working with teenagers and their parents for over 25 years, and have been moderately successful in opening their minds and eyes. Even though our generation when through in an "education" system that was only moderately "dumbed down" at the time, it has now gotten to be ridiculous! Read a USMA at West Point graduates take on this. 

    • bobbi says:

      I'm 69 and have come to the same conclusion about there being no critical thinkers.  I am seeing with CoVid that people are fine with using tests that is not accurate and inflated cases.  I am shunned and yelled at when I won't take a test that is not accurate.  I have been slow to accept this fact, but, no more.  But, I have been noticing a lot of sociopathic people.  I am awake and will be trying to get this out to as many as I can.  I hope everyone is doing the same.     I thought it odd that it was snowing at 38 degrees.

  12. Bob and Lori says:

    Is it possible that the military and the NOAA will only hire psychopaths? I'm always wondering what types of people carry out these kinds of orders and assignments.

    • Jimmy says:

      Think about the mind set of people that join. For most – it's their last option. Not always the best and brightest sad to say.

    • George says:

      I think you may be right. It seems as though average people ar indoctrinated to such a degree that I fear that they will never catch on to what is going on.

      I have been preaching this stuff for a long time.You would think that due to the extreme nature of the message that people would make some attempt to investigate the issue, at least to some degree. Nope, not a chance. I am very dissapointed.

  13. Chuck S says:

    Again, thank you so much Dane for your tireless and dedicated work !!!

    Here in Durham, NC we have been sprayed almost daily for about 5 years now. We see lines in the sky continually. There are no natural clouds; only the strange wispy, cotton-ball shaped oddities, and massive dense clouds that are totally alien in nature. I cannot remember seeing a clear blue sky for years; when there are few or no clouds, the skies are milky white with pale blue.  What I have been seeing here a lot is exceedingly low lying clouds that look so close to the ground, that you see the sides and the tops of the clouds rather than the bottoms.  It is positively surreal and bizarre.  The low clouds are massive and look very thick, opaque, and solid. From a distance, they are so close to the ground, that they look like huge mountains growing out of the ground when viewed at the horizon.  The dense particulate matter in the clouds is being pulled down by gravity and pulling them close to the earth. In Australia, there were a series of large, dark, dense clouds over Sydney that were only perhaps 150 feet over the ground in the city and can be viewed online.  Our entire weather is being destroyed and it is unfathomable how most people have acclimated themselves to the lines in the sky and the abnormally shaped clouds.  Even older people who did not grow up with these anomalies have become used to them and have accepted them without question. All of us must work together and sound the alarm with boldness and follow the dedicated work of our brother Dane Wigington.  God be with you all.  Peace ~~~ Chuck S

  14. Joe Vallee says:

    In Holland Europe they have been spraying us daily for the last 20 years that I know of. A clear blue day is non existent these days 



  15. Karen A Wilkinson says:

    I live in N California and we have had a lot of rain BUT normally I wouldn't have to add water to the pool or fish pond because of this. That is not the case this year. It has seemed worse than not having any rain and has seemed to pull the moisture out. Has anyone else noticed this? I have mowed the lawn several times and my mouth and throat got so dry that I started coughing. 

    • Ron Hummel says:

      I live in Iowa and even when it rains hard I still need to fill my water fountains. They never get more water in them it seems.

    • gina says:

      I Live in the Bay area and the ;lack of moisture in the air and soil is flagrantly conspicuous. THe Air is sooo dry that some days when I am walking or running outside my throat gets so dry it hurts .. I am attempting to amend the soil / for plants around my house because the soil is like dust. After watering my plants outdoor, the water seems to evaporate so quickly so that I am watering twice as much as I would need to just 2 years ago.Do you notice the tree's with shriveled leaves and/or half dead trunks? Do you also notice how the black domes that hover overhead seem to create a blanket overhead that intensifies/traps the pollution and particulates on the surface and even if there is the swirling geo engineered winds there seems to be no air circulation?


    • Bob Mazza says:

      Yes. I've noticed the same thing here where I reside in NE Florida. I've had to add water to my pool when I knew it had just rained good just a couple days previous. The sun does seem to be more direct and wearing a hat is required if you're outdoors. Our weather here in these parts is 100% different from our weather in say, the Seventies. Back then our normal humidity was 95%; we experienced daily rain. It has not been that way since the early nineties. Homeowners here put in underground irrigation systems to keep the grass alive. The St. Johns River is much saltier now as a result of lessened runoff. I haven't seen a water moccasin in the river in 20 years, which is a blessing for people but you gotta wonder why they're gone. I see much high altitude spraying, weird spreading out. But we often get unusually clear blue skies (not normal for Florida) where you won't see a single cloud for half of the day; not even a spray trail; then they'll unleash them and it'll cloud up good.

  16. James Steele says:

    Photo from Lake Havasu City, AZ. This is literally a daily event. I am convinced the brain-dead imbeciles in the Air Force are deliberately poisoning the Lake and the Colorado River, the primary water supply for the Western USA.

  17. jose alcala says:

    Gracias desde España, thank you from Spain this is a problem of all 

  18. John Barlow Lansing Michigan says:

    Thank you Dane for all of your dedication to our planet, the environment, your ducks, your trees. I thank you with all my heart for your great works. Your site is unsurpassed and a constant reference for me. I wish people would know you like I know you, Dane. Thanks again. John Barlow, Lansing Michigan, Union Activist. I share all of your YouTube posts, including your Saturday radio casts. Solidarity Forever. 

  19. Mary L Sprague says:

    It is physically debilitating! I live in Ct. 

    • Sharad Dixit says:

      It's frustrating and maddening too. It will be a clear, "not a cloud in the sky, blue sky and the you see the parallel and crisscrossed chem-trails and by late afternoon it is just a pseudo "cloudy day" haze over Detroit.


    • Lucinda meyer says:

      I have been poisoned.  And they are coving this up. The doctors have been bought too.  So many of us being injured. What I have been going thought  for the last 2 years is a hell on earth.  The torture in this is barbaric.   Their is no help for us. No help. My body feels like it’s been set on fire burned and blistered. Total nervous system failure.  Mitochondrial damage.   And they deny this.  Are people being brain washed.  I don’t understand how so many can be so blind. My family and my husband have shut me out.  No they won’t even try to understand. It makes them angry   So I suffer and pray for death. Yes it’s that painful. And there is nothing to help with pain my system is so sensitive I can’t even take a vitamin with out being electrocuted!!!   This beyond human pain. It’s not human it was created by poisonous chemicals.  An antibiotic and a sleeping pill.  I have not been able to leave my home in 2 years !!!!!!   These same poisons are in our water they never break down.  Not ever !!!!   I have been in a constant battle 24/7. For over 2 years.  Horrors I never knew the body was capable of.  And rejection. From everyone.  I was happy and doing great. Then I wasn’t. My life ended the day it took the medicine. Isolated in room no company no human contact. No tv no music.  Like a caged animal.  Listening to the others like me crying out for help. It’s terrifying what this does to us.  And no one will hear us.  Why can’t they hear us ?  I live in ca. And I have seen the death of our planet now for years.  But didn’t realize why ?  If any of you have questions please ask me. They are getting ready to do this to millions in next few years. I am disabled so badly physically that if I had an emergency I would just stay here and die.  I can not go out side can not get into a car. It’s inhumane what has happened. And now this.  Defeated. Being torchered by my own body.    God help us all. 

    • Pam Jamrs says:

      Lucinda I am exactly like you. I've been taking pictures of the skies and the sun for years now. I am totally disabled for 20 years now. God has gotten me through every day. I feel electrical a lot. My skin and hair is really strange. Sores on arms. Praying it's not Morgellond. I live in severe back pain from a botched up back surgery. No one will touch me. I watch this shit with the planes and drones everyday. People walk around like zombies. Little Suberban people doing their yards and totally gave no freakin idea what's going on!! I think most of the time they DO NOT want t know. And yes I'm craz if I tell anyone. My neighbor works for Raytheon. I asked her a few years ago about chemtrails and of course she had no idea what I was talking about! Bull! Dane has tried to wake up people for years!!! Thank you and God Bless Dane and all of you on this blog who know the truth.God help us all!!

  20. Jc says:

    So… massive complaints about allergies in the DFW area. Weatherpersons narrative on fake media blaming heavy cedar mountain allergen. Now , I realize this stuff gets blown in but we don’t have mountains and very few cedar trees here.  Maybe, this mass outbreak Is from heavy aerosol spraying in the DFW area the last few weeks? I know some people have allergies but everyone I know are sneezing their heads off… and many flu like symptoms . Connecting dots. What do you think Dane? 

  21. Lindzi Garratt says:

    The sky looked really very strange this week,in the UK. The only way I can describe it, oil being dropped into blue water!

    But still the people here couldn't see anything strange about it,Crazy!!!!!!

    • Kathlean Keesler says:

      If I may, I’ve a suggestion – after attending Dane’s Redding California presentation, this past weekend,  I was encouraged to   reach out alert other’s. How do we get to those stage act, microphones? Got a favorite “band”, rock & rollers, weather reporters, TV stars idols? Lets Facebook, Twitter,  Google etc.  them. Inform them WE want ACTION taken to end this bio chemical warfare.  Just an idea I think might gather some attention, with repetition.  Send them daily until they respond with all due respect. 

  22. Anju Singh says:

    Hi .. am just joining the fb here.. will post some things soon.. including a huge tower that has come up in our colony a year back.. that says.. "Warning this is non ionising radio frequency tower.." or something.. although we are told it is a cell phone tower… it is huge.. almost looks like a military installation. There have been protests against it from the residents.. I did not realize how serious it might be.. will follow up in the local society… This tower is actually in the park I take my dogs for their daily walk.. so I will click some pics tomorrow possibly and post so I can get you feedback and also take it up with my society at the earliest..

  23. Lana Lorenzen says:

    Greetings from St. George, UT: On July 28th, the day of Dane's broadcast, the temperature was 135° F
    (57.2° C) in the shade. I had a disheartening experience recently in my dentist's office. On the wall in the room I occupied, was a large photograph of the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. The park, located north of Moab, Utah, is world-renown and contains more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, including the spectacular Delicate Arch. The photographer captured the beauty of the Arch but also photographed four very visible aerosol trails in the sky behind the Arch. The entire area of St. George, which is located in Washington County, used to have the bluest, most pristine skies and the clearest view of red and yellow sandstone bluffs this side of Arizona. The air was crystal clear and clean. Now all we have are constant white skies; air, laden with heavy metal particulates; triple-digit temperatures; and unrelenting drought.

    Dane sounded pretty tired in his July 28th broadcast and a bit discouraged. He's right, of course: He can't do it alone. I'm in the process of putting together a blog that will discuss the effects of geoengineering on desert environments. I'm most familiar with the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada. I will also write lesser pieces on the condition of deserts in other countries. I was born and raised in Maine and lived for many years in northern California but I don't get to those areas anymore. New England and the Eastern Seaboard as well as California and the Pacific Northwest have their own particular environments that deserve in-depth reporting by those who live in these regions. I figure, to get the word out, even a one- or two-page info blog is better than none. I hope others will join me. I'll keep everyone posted.  

    • vera nova says:

      BLESSINGS! Everyone must do everything possible to stand against this colossal Madness!!

    • Shonna Alva says:

      I have been on this since the Clinton 🙋 ,  and have had proof of the increased sediment fallout after heavy Chem trail activity, But, the reason for my reply is that where I consistently see Chem trails spewed out from low flying planes there have been none for a week! Has anyone else noted their a sense? know President Trump has done many things the  MSM squelched, like last week's signing preventing Big Pharma from charging US Citizens more than other countries, so I am hopeful this is another good thing he has handled. I over nistration

    • Loretta says:

      I live in the high desert (Mojave desert) dame here.  Beautiful blue skies turned into ugly gray cloudy infested skies  

      Loretta Sanchez

  24. Joseph Camaioni says:

    We are truly a slave nation.  What can be worse than being enslaved and thinking you are free?  We are herded and culled.So many things in our environment and food slowly killing us.

    • Constance R. Chauvel-Gomez says:

      State Sovereignty is no more!!!

    • Jeffrey Westbrook says:

      Dane, thank you for doing the right thing.. 

    • Martin Kirchhoff says:

      The mankind will perhaps be enslaved by a concentration of money and power,junkies of money and power,driving this planet against the wall.Actually we have a rate of dying of species,1000 times higher than normal,the sixth global dying of species in the history of life on this planet.And a climate catastrophe ,that could be avoided easily with Solar thermal power plants in the deserts of this planet,technical and economical without any problem,but we must accept,that this junkies of money and power will destroy the nature and us.

  25. Ken says:

    Here is the most sublime weather report that literally covers up 'inonosperic heating using Harrp tec' – take a look here: 

  26. Daniel Dill says:

    All's I know is that it's wonderful that I'm not alone! Lets ALL spread the word ! Maybe we can wake – um – up folks! God bless all of you!

    • Tassy Witt says:

      I live in northern Nevada and we should be having beautiful, sunny skies, but due to all of the spraying, it has been gloomy and overcast for weeks now!!  I hate it and can't seem to get anyone here to pay attention.  Is there a form letter I can find to send to my Governor, Senator and Representatives?? Please advise.

    • Daniel Dill says:

      I live in Maryland and so tired of getting up on beautiful sunny mornings just to see four or six planes crossing 

      our sunrise spraying God only knows what on America, and no one seems to notice or care!

      This morning is an example! Sun came up so beautiful and within half an hour here come the planes!

      I hope enough people look up from their phones and take notice of the poisoning of our skies!

    • Nancy Stennes says:

      Dan, is this Dan from Carlotta? Nancy S. from Scotia here.

      Wow, it would be awesome if you know about this, if you're my buddy Dan.The Big Mountain of a Dan-Man! From Scotia!

      Hope you're the same Dan. Let me know.

  27. Herman Guerrero says:

    I have known about this for over three years and I live in California and I am convinced that nothing that has been happening here has been behind mother natures doing. When I try to share with friends and family if they have not paid attention to the sky and what they are spraying my family and friends think I am crazy. What is even more bazaar is that my wife tells me that the are spraying at night by in helicopters in formation if that shit does not scare you I guess nothing will. What I want is for it to piss off people enough to get up off their ass's and grow a pair and fight! or is what they are spraying turning everyone into conformist WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!

    • Jim Kostran says:

      I see the chemtrails almost every day in Western New York.  Most people are looking down at their i-Pads and whatever;  that is why nobody sees what going on above them.  I have followed them for years.  They aren't going to stop until they cause a world cataclysm.  Then it will be TOO LATE.  A couple of years ago, I asked my legislator if there was anything that he could do to stop it. His answer was "does that mean stopping planes from flying."  How ignorant and ASININE.

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Herman, thank God for people like you for speaking out! You are not alone. I go through the same shit as you are. People seem to be blind to all this! This country better wake up before it's too late! God help our children!

    • Diana Sharp says:

      I agree. Just keep speaking and showing people the truth, they will wake up eventually. This post of yours remends me of a parable i use to know from the bible about a seed dropping by the wayside. And Gods word never coming back void. People need to start questioning those going along with this system of destruction and enslavement. 

      I think we are all going to soon have to choose who we are going to serve, in love, the worthless paper called money/promisary note controlling the people, or Our Creator who has promised us everthing being stole from us by those governing in their own best interest, by deception. I want to serve my Creator, even if i have to die in this body to do so. Much Love from Northern Utah.

    • Tom Jones says:

      We also live in Wester New York and it's just like Jim Kostran says,  Everyday we have to deal with this poisoning.  You will be lucky to get maybe a half of day that is "sunny".  And if they do let you slide that much, you really pay for it later!  I'm from this area and in my fifties, so I'm old enough to remember what a clear blue sky looked like.  I think I'm mostly sorry for the young people who will never know what weeks of beautiful weather is like.  Not to mention their life span probably being cut short.

    • Juan Leonardo Vargas says:

      I belive that most people are living on hope and trusting the gov to do the right thing….like what if what they are spraying is good for us, we are trained to docile and to comply but then these things are reinforced by religious dogma and other institutional forces within the social structure. Thus we have a population that believes in falsehood and will not wakeup they are comfortable and Can Not resist resistance of authority's is up there with mortal sin and they fear their religion more than their what their method of dealing is comprised of be life systems that the mind trys and trys to find reason and logic but can not because the truth always shins bright upon the lies and bears all at which  point the mind picks the easy way out of the delima by reasoning on false information. Resistance is futile we are all prisoners of our own device we become the lie it is after all good tasting steak though there is no meat on the bone,but it taste great.RESISTANCE is our major defence till at a point when we snap,overload of information that is jibrage.then our fellow citizens will see it for what it is but resistance plus vigilance plus boycott…three very strong tools against tyranny. We must unite or die! Peace and harmony surround you always,Namaste!

    • jacqueline butterworth says:

      I live in Huddersfield West Yorkshire UK and it is the same here-terrible weather-rain-wind not normal-white cloudless skys etc-wish people would realise what is going on. Is there a standard letter on this site that can be sent to MP's etc?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jacqueline, in regard to your question the attached link should help. FYI

  28. simone says:






    “As climate disasters ravage the nation, Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking action against the fossil-fuel industry. New York City is suing the five top oil companies for climate damages, and divesting New York's pension funds of $5 billion in fossil-fuel investments. Show your support for de Blasio's historic leadership – sign our thank you card now to Mayor de Blasio and New York City's climate activists.

    Every note will be delivered to the mayor's office in NY.”  ~ CLIMATE HAWKS


    • simone says:

      I must admit:  Mayor de Blasio is not a good honest person but one of those typical political manipulators, however, in spite of  his personal reason, he shows this great example for people living in a city, town, or community, to feel powerful! enough to get together with local authorities for taking the major polluting monsters to court for great damages to local people and their homes, farmers, green business,  animals, air, water and the environment in whole !!!!   They are many cases when citizens win, like organic farmers against Monsanto..   Cheers!

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Simone, someone needs to hold the air-farce and our government accountable! Nuff said!

  29. Laura says:

    I teach at a large university.  Not in the science field, but for some reason I find myself very aware of scientific phenomena in our environment. 

    Anyway, I just learned about all of this about a month ago and I am HORRIFIED!  I am going back to school and telling EVERYONE!  When I am teaching and spot a chemtrail out of the window every student will be invited to take a look. And thanks to Dane I know what tone to take and what info to share.  Currently over the break I try to tell 5 people a day.  I have 5-8 years until retirement, but what does it even matter if you can't breathe?  And, moreover, I am concerned for my children.

    Very interesting that movies over the past few years have titles and themes reminiscent of what's going on today:  Cloverleaf, Walking Dead, Get Out, Hunger Games, Downsizing.

    And by the way – where are all the movie stars on this issue?  Oh – out telling people to get their vaccines.  Hmph!

    • simone says:

      I think that we urgently need to be organized for taking actions against major POLLUTERS in every city, in town, in every village!!  We must  go after industries who are responsible for major CRIMES AGAINST LIFE ON THIS PLANET USING LEGAL METHODS.  THIS IS A VERY ENCOURAGING EXAMPLE WHEN PEOPLE WORK TOGETHER WITH  THEIR AUTHORITIES, below:





      “As climate disasters ravage the nation, Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking action against the fossil-fuel industry. New York City is suing the five top oil companies for climate damages, and divesting New York's pension funds of $5 billion in fossil-fuel investments. Show your support for de Blasio's historic leadership – sign our thank you card now to Mayor de Blasio and New York City's climate activists.

      Every note will be delivered to the mayor's office in NY.”  ~ CLIMATE HAWKS

      Best Regards!! Stay safe and very well. S.


    • Tassy Witt says:

      Hi, you go girl!!  I'm a public school teacher and try to inform my high school students as much as I can without getting myself into trouble!!  So far, so good.  But I know there is a ton more that needs to be done.  Anyone know when or where there is going to be a march/picket coming up??  I would love to get involved.  If there is something or anything else I can do to help spread the word and get this craziness stopped, would those who read this please let me know!!  So far I have ordered the pamphlets and the video.


  30. Duane says:

    How can we measure the air quality to see if there are extraneous contaminants present?

    • Paul mitcham says:

      There is now cheap testing kit available ie pool kit , no good. You need a plasma spectrometer to test for barium, aluminium oxide, and strontium. These testing machines cost in excess of $20000 each. Well out of reach to most people. And to take a test sample to a geo lab they will only say it has been contaminated by dust etc. no one will make the tests and confirm that high altitude seeding is going on. 

  31. James Goodall says:

    Why not identify pilots flying these “chemtrail” sorties, their superiors (who ordered these flights) and charge them in the World Court with crimes against humanity? Perhaps this might attract some global scrutiny (and possibly get some answers/action).

    • Thera Lewis says:

      Great idea!

    • simone says:

      Identifying those obviously already brain-damaged participants in GEOENGINEERING "PRODUCTIONS, RESEARCH AND PERFORMANCES" is not just a good idea – it is an URGENT NECESSITY !  THOSE SICKLY IGNORANT "HARDWORKING" CRIMINALS ARE NOT INVISIBLE.
      EVERYONE OF THEM  MUST BE HEAVILY PUBLICIZED WITH PHOTOS…and indication of his or her JOB in the Geoenginnering "field&quot

    • simone says:

      Here is what we can learn from this site already: 

      If our goal is to expose and halt climate engineering, we need to recognize headlines that are manufactured to help the geoengineers sell their stock and trade. If an article or web site claims the planet is cooling, without a word about climate engineering, alarm bells should go off. A recently circulated article titled "Paris Stunned As Scientists Debunk Climate Change Hysteria" is a case in point.

      Exactly who are these scientists? Who are they working for? What industries are the most heavily invested in manipulating public opinion on the climate issue? These same industries stand to lose the most if the public truly understood the truth. In regard to the above mentioned article, let's answer these questions starting with all of the fossil fuel industry paid "experts" featured in the article linked above. (click individual names for extensive details and verification of facts). 

      Dr. Robert Carter, former chief of the School of Earth Sciences at James Cook University. (Part of think tanks funded from sources like Exxon Mobil and The Koch brothers)

      Dr. Willie Soon, an astrophysicist and geoscientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. (Soon has received over $1,200,000 from sources like Exxon Mobil, Koch Industries, and the American Petroleum Institute)

      Dr. Fred Singer,  founder of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) and the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change. (Singer  has known ties to Koch Industries, Exxon Mobil, Texaco, Shell, the American Gas Industry, etc)

      Dr. Patrick Moore,  former Greenpeace co-founder. (Left Greenpeace for financial gain and has since been a spokesman for the energy industry)

      Dr. Christopher Essex, associated chair in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario. (Connected to the "Heartland Institute" which has ties to the fossil fuel industry)

      Lord Christopher Monckton (Monckton has such a shady and incredible record it is hard to find a starting point to cover it)

      Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Senate Environment Committee. (Inhofe has very direct and verifiable funding/donations from the fossil fuel industry.



    • rebecca says:

      i say the same..i mean wthell are these ppl who do this poison on their own ppl n how doe they sleep at nite!


    • Lewis Vough says:

      How do we find these people so they can be exposed? I would love to put their names everywhere I could.

    • Paul mitcham says:

      How can the pilots be identified when they are military, we may as well have a picnic inside Area 51, an see what happens hey

    • Star Messenger says:

      James Goodall, you asked: "Why not identify pilots flying these “chemtrail” sorties, their superiors…and charge them in the World Court"?  Good luck with doing that because the "powers that be" who control the Geoengineering project also "own" the World Court.  This attempt at "controlling the climate" (that isn't all they are trying to do) is bigger than nations, continents, the U.N., the World Bank, and anything else you can think of. 

      Think about it.  The entire North American continent is being sprayed with these chemicals.  And at the same time Russia, China, Africa, South America, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, India, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia are being sprayed.  Did I leave anyone out?  Now, who do you go to to stop the spraying?  Again, good luck.

    • Mark Vanduesen says:

      Whoever does this is protected (ie: Deep State–> Secret/Shadow Gov't) by forces not even a US Pres can stop. Trump twice told the world in late March of 2017 and 2018 US troops were leaving Syria.  Days later, Assad chem-attacks his own people!??!  Twice!!??  The MIC has taken over, as demonstrated ruthlessly on 9/11, with air defenses down, no jets scrambled for 1+ hour? (well there was the Shanksville PA lie — flight 93 debris about 20 miles away). Who can stop the neocons now ready for wwIII — so diabolical and in our face!   The link here shows public interest attorneys who filed a DoJ petition with 57 exhibits demanding a grand jury in the S District of NYC. SUPPORT THEM PLEASE!

  32. Vegas Madam says:

    FBI-CIA-NSA PREDATOR PIMPS FORCE escorts to sextort officials to blackmail them not arrest them:

    • Dawn says:

      Yep,  sounds about on target target

    • Elena says:

      The planes cleared the clouds again over West Olympia Wa. today.  So once again, the weather report is totally wrong,  and we still don't get any much needed rain again.  Yesterday the weather report called for thunder, and lightning,. But not!  Soon I will send picks of the chemical trails.  That is what usually happens after they clear the clouds

    • Larry says:

      I agree with Dawn.  Just the kind of thing I would expect.

  33. Geoff Simmonds says:

    Geo Eng Conference in Maine next weekend

    • Lisa-Jo Warren says:

      I missed it OMG, just found this. I am interested in you friend me on FB. Holding small Papillon. It say's I'm from Mass which is where I grew up but in Gorham and very interested in being informed on this. Also class action lawsuits. 

    • Sylvia Farley says:

      Have you looked at recent papers on the effects of fibre optic cables which raise soil and sea temperatures by several degrees, causing problems for bacteria, plants, and larger animals. eg some algae increase in growth, some bacteria die, cod move away from rises of more than 2 degrees  I found several academic pdfs last week but cannot trace them today.


    • Paul mitcham says:

      Here in south east Australia same. Chemtrails, clouds, no rain?. Is it really working or is there something more sinister going on. 

  34. Tara Corcimiglia says:

    I'm sure by now you've seen this news story. Thoughts on this???? I know I have mine. 

    "Dust from the Sahara Desert in north Africa is blowing this direction, carried by winds in the upper atmosphere. A fresh plume of dust will be moving into the area on Saturday and Sunday. That will create a milky, hazy sky during the day. The sunrise and sunset might also appear more orange and redder than usual because of the dust."

    • Paul mitcham says:

      Hey, I live in a small rural community called drouin in south east Australia. This week on Wednesday I saw two chemtrails heading south, high altitude, there are no commercial flight paths over our area, so it must be private or military. We were enjoying a bly sky, 28c day. Now the sky is grey full of clouds, temp dropped too. It took 24hrs to change our sky’s, scary, they were chemtrails not contrails, contrails disperse quite quickly. Many people do not realise what they are seeing up there “just another passenger jet” not. Why are we being kept in the dark, this is a global thing, has to be stopped. Worried.

    • Karen Joey says:

      They said that here in the UK in July. Really? Sand from the Sahara turning the sky orange? In LONDON? That would be a first…!

  35. Lyndley Hillebrand says:

    Hi, ok so Im going to jump right in and ask this question, If you were a college student in the middle of attempting to make a great decision of what you should pursue in your path to education and civil rights, humanity, foreign policy, conspiracy theories, and eco system rights and conservation gives great inspiration and intrigue's the passion of LIFE AND EARTH within you're  soul! What advice would you give to someone struggling to find their place in this corporate run education system. I just want to help. We need more education about how you treat this planet we all live on directly will effect how the planet treats you. I find myself lost at times sitting in classroom after classroom and thinking to myself how much easier it would be to get a IT job or a customer service career. I would not fine joy or satisfaction living my life silent. We need to talk about the things that make us uncomfortable, and I just need some advice on how to properly educate myself on and about the way to go about my passions of global awareness!!! And to bring humanity back to humans. 

    Thank you I hope I will be understood by someone, anyone I just need advice, or a mentor, someone to talk to who has the same focus.. everyone in LA is a idiot 🙁 

    • Jason says:

      The most noble career I can think of after 18 years of thinking about all these things (the environment, health, education, conspiracies, etc.) is to be an environmental lawyer. Be the lawyer that fights big ag, who fights big pharma and who fights big oil. Be a change for the better. Lawyers aren't given a very good name in our culture but that's because people are looking from the perspective of the person who lost an unjust case, rather, look at it from the perspective of the winners of just lawsuit where the victim actually won.

      Plastic bags were recently banned in California. I was pretty shocked that this bill won but was overcome with happiness to know positive things can be done in this world, and on a large scale. Guess who facilitated the legal parameters, the writing of the bill and the laws after the bill was passed? That's right, lawyers.

      Most members of the congress are lawyers and so are most senators. Being a lawyer who looks out for out environment, our heath and our educational system would be a very powerful force for positive change.

      If that doesn't suit you, then stating a company like would be amazing as well.

    • Joni says:

      Most assuredly I am interested in this crime against us and our home.  OUR home, NOT just THEIRS (the geoengineering sickos). I want to help STOP the assault on ALL creatures with whom we share our home – Mom Earth – who is screaming out "WILL SOMEBODY HELP ME??"  We need to SOMEHOW END ALL selfish behaviors, from the ground up and from the Ozone down. NOW.  Watch 'Ocean Planet' … it will break your hearts  (:-{  I am all in to get involved.  It's too late for me to spend time on a save the planet college degree, but I will do whatever it takes and come alongside and put an end to the madness!  I don't live in the States; however, this crisis has no borders, so how can I help? 


  36. SilentSister says:

    Hi! Came across this website.
    Interesting and official. Crazy greedy humanoids are running OUR planet. 
    Also, got some great radar shots and pictures. Where can we send these!? Messenger is not working. 
    Thank you, Dane!! 

  37. Kevin says:

    Thank you for everything!! You're an inspiration for everyone to wake up and look up!!!  It's got to stop 

  38. jeanne says:

    Hi Dane, I watch a ton of your YouTube videos last night and couldn't agree more with all that you have said. I have been telling my family for years these trails are not normal and of course they think im just being ridiculous and obsessive. I live in Santa Barbara area and have for all of my 62 yrs, 35 of those years i have been a nurse and was so disappointed as a new graduated to see that nursing was all about pushing pills! I worked 30 of those years in the critical care setting in several local hospitals. Life has given me an education apart from my nursing and reading and educating myself has allowed me to listen to you with the up most understanding. I want to help! I've pasted the site above if you have any other info for me please forward. Dane thank you for being the light we all are and should be eternally grateful to you! Blessings and health to you and yours!

  39. m b says:

    Dear Everyone, I just saw something horrible at the Post Office. A new "Love" stamp, showing a plane "skywriting" the word "Love". Just the sight of the trails hurt me. But… the sky behind this image on a postage stamp… was not blue. It was a pale hazy color! Its just too much to bear.

    This all certainly has united the whole world! ♡♡♡♡

    • Certaiy i hoop M.B. The effort to stop geonengineering, Will united the World for ever, you'r righ indeed. Good thougt. Something for us all to fight for.

    • Rwbecca says:

      So extremely sickening to see the life of our earth destroyed by a handful of insane psychopathic fools or just extreme evil men and women. I ask myself how did we allow this insanity to destroy our home and future generations? Iam so sad and angry about this issue!

      Thanks to DW for all you do for humanity, I can only pray for leaders like you to be president one day- smart, honest and kind.

      After looking at the blanketed sky everyday I wonder how we are still alive. I fight this battle everyday and see more are becoming aware of the danger we find life on earth dying a slow steady death. The Pacific ocean is all but dead and gee the experts can't figure it out! Either they are complete idiots or total liars, I think the ladder is most likely. How do these evil people look their children and families in the face is beyond my scope of understanding. These people poisoning the earth need to be the ones exterminated immediately without hesitation before they sicken and destroy anymore life!    

      Peace and Love to all good men and women of creation, please pray for a wake up call.


    • Stoyan says:

      On the new kids movie baby boss there is chemtrails on the sky in the video so they are trying to convince the kids that this is normal

  40. Matthew Clayton says:

    A lot of people I know here in the Denver area seem to be feeling "Kind of sick" or "Not up to par". I used to ride my bike every day and, though I just turned 60, I should have more stamina than I do. It is as though my leg muscles use up their oxygen and there isn't a good flow of replacement oxygen to keep them going. I am not breathing hard but my legs suddenly just run out of gas.Besides the nano particles we all breathe, I wonder if the added methane means there is less oxygen. I have noticed a lot of people acting like they are catching a cold but to me it seems more like everyone's mucus membranes are trying to flush the toxins that coat them with every breath. I don't have that problem as much, however, I drink distilled water, avoid fast food and soda pop and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and grains, limiting meat to 2 times a week. We use Stevia as a sweetener as it mediates my uncle's diabetes. I took him off Powerade Zero and suger free cookies as aspertame is a neurotoxin that turns to formaldehyde above 86 degrees in the body and causes the runs. He is 86 with COPD and I make sure he drinks Pure/Distilled water instead of the fluoridated, chlorinated tap water. We are moving to a smaller town 2 hours south of Denver where the air is cleaner and we won't have to inundate every pore of our skin with fluoride each time we shower.

    • m b says:

      Dear Mr. Clayton, I'm about your age, & I was worried too about less stamina in my daily walks!   ​I appreciate what you shared, very much! You are most definitely heard, & not alone! I can't even bear to go out & see the sky today, in L.A.

    • Si says:

      You can keep your body moist by using this combination – quart of RO or distilled water, 1/4 tsp of good salt such as gray sea salt, 1 tablespoon of 

      maple syrup and the juice of 1/2 lemon. Drink in sips not gulps. Try to finish 2 of these a day. You will notice that dry skin, fatigue and dry mucous membranes, will improve if they are dry. If you are having a lot of mucous you won't need this drink. It only aids dryness.

    • Gretchen says:

      I used to be a bodybuilder, runner and crosscountry mountain biker.  I had to stop after getting pneumonia twice within 2 months due to doing wind sprint training on heavy spray days.  I have gained quite a bit of weight and my fitness is suffering.  Currently I am trying out high volume masks for athletes with a good nanoparticulate rating.  It seems like someone would have made a more rigid mask with greater surface area for greater oxygen exchange.  This is difficult, but at least I found a couple I can use, but it feels like high altitude training which is difficult.  Something that works are supplements that increase oxygenation to muscles.  Bodybuilders use these for high volume training, and they work.  The Chinese were under investigation by WADA for blood doping years ago, but they were just taking cordyceps (Jarrow is a good brand).  I take that along with Oxydrene Deep Tissue Oxygenator by Novex Biotech.  The main thing is to protect your lungs.  We are all getting enough of this junk without inhaling it deeply.  Meanwhile, the mask is very visible, and opens up dialogues with the ill informed.  This is very important with youth athletes.  They must be protected.  If our fitness is taken away from us, that is all we have left.  The fight just stops (but that is what "they" want).  Eugenics is real.  If you had any elder in the hospital, you would know.  My dad is 96 and used to be quite the athlete with his hill climbing walks, until he tripped on a poorly positioned detectable warning strip on the sidewalk carve-outs for the disabled. He was outdoors every day breathing this fallout.  He now has Alzheimer's and huge bedsore caused by a horrible hospital which tried to kill him twice. He is now an invalid. I am 70 years old and still outlift most men in the gym.  I just want my daily dose of Mother Nature again.  We need to keep spreading the word regarding the dangers of this pseudoscience.  School and college coatches need to be educated as well.  Keep up the good fight people!

    • Melissa says:

      Spraying here in Billings Montana too. We had the worst winter we have had in years. Snow that came down for 2-3 days straight. 3 months of absolute hell. This is not normal. I have lived here for 38 years. Yes snow and cold is normal but not in the fashion it was administered. Our spring has been cloud upon clouds with maybe one or two "kind of "sunny days. On a nice sunny day you can see the trails weaving and spreading throughout the sky only to witness more clouds being created.Yesterday was cloudy but once that sun poked through it was super hot on the skin. Definitely an abnormal hot. This needs to stop. It's hard to find joy when nothing is natural anymore.

  41. nova town says:

    SIGNED AND SHARED! God Bless you for not giving up… Chemtrails experimenting is the worst kind of GLOBAL TERRORISM  we might ever know while alive.  People in the majority are SLEEPWALKERS ~ they are perfect "material" for hellish manipulations. We have to deal  not only with hellish manipulators but with Brainless Human mass psychosis . 

  42. Patti Minter says:

    Dear friends, I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond! We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response. You can view and sign the petition here: Here's some more information about this petition: Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism. Take Care and Be Safe, Patti Minter Sealy, TX  

  43. Kim Dickson says:

    Worried too here in Australia. I'm living in the Blue Mountains in northwest Sydney (590metres elevation) and over the last few days the temperatures have been in the 40's celsius…today 20's. Spraying here seems to be less obvious than elsewhere, but seems to happen @ night. Terrible news re. the hundreds of beached whales! Minimal rain here-below average rainfall so far this year. Friends and family wonder why I am "obsessing" about the climate etc. I've given your website details to several people. Do you think people are so concerned with the day to day rigmarole-putting one foot in front of the other – that to learn about these critical insults to the environment is too much to contemplate??? What to do?

  44. bob schmidt says:

    I'm trying to get the "word" out, but……….It's a shame, and it's both funny and sad that family and friends that I hold in the ut-most respect don't even want to investigate this most evil of deeds that are being perpetrated on humanity.. I live in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, and yeah, they spray here too..Usually before sunrise and into the morning hours turning a beautiful "cerellean(spl) blue" sky to metallic "shit" by afternoon. BOBBY

    • Kathy Hoffman says:

      eah , we too in West Virginia are being sprayed …big time in some areas and we  have  cancer , cancer ,cancer  !!!  No one in my family want to hear about this and I have nurses , teachers and law enforcement people in my family …people just do NOT want to be told anything like this  -maybe they are just scared that it may be the truth !  But God has NOT given us the spirit of fear  2 Tim .1:7  God gives us a sound mind ……." Someday the truth will come out .

    • Paul mitcham says:

      Same here in south east Australia, chemtrails becoming more abundant, I speak to friends and they think I’m a nut, well they won’t be saying that when all this gets past the point of no return hey.

  45. Brenda Taliaferro says:

    Here is where we are and; hose destroying the earth are in trouble! Revelation 11:18, " And the nations were enraged and Your wrath came, and the time came for the dead to be judged, and the time to reward Your bondservants the prophets and the saints and those who fear (reverence)  Your Name, the small and the great, and To Destroy Those Who Destroy The Earth." Unless He shortened the days there would be no flesh left! This is for your information! I have picked you up on Facebook. Thanks for your work! I feel I can trust your info!


  46. Alexander Tierney says:

    Heartfelt thanks for your efforts,

    Discussion of "pulsed stratospheric spraying" creating less noisy data for analysis of effects gave me a simple idea –  If the input to the models assume that stratospheric spraying has been ongoing for decades, then plug into these models the temperature data accrued in the three days after 9/11 when , as I reported at the time, the mean temperature over the US landmass "inexplicably" rose by 2 degrees C. in only three days while all aircraft were grounded, then the actual effect of  stratospheric manipulations over US will emerge. Even without recourse to sophisticated models the raw data screams loudly of an enormously chilling (literally and figuratively) impact these flights are having.   

    Alexander B Tierney

  47. Linda Bedker says:

    Dane, I've been watching  them since 1996 when this all began, The Cloverleaf project , it's truly unreal what there adding to the mix now does the now president know? I'm sure he must but why can't we or someone like yourself send him your info to make them stop this? They have darken our skies to the point we're freezing and can't breathe and now I hear their putting fiberglass in the mix we must all unite and March to Washington we must stop them any advice, I know your our leader in speaking out I live in Mi. I'm willing to help. 

    • Marie says:

      OMG! Fiberglass in the mix? I didn't know that. It will cut into our lungs big time! People wear a mask when outside in your yard. Breathe into your sleeve when going from the car to the stores. Make a "hand mask"…get a bandana…fold up, open up, put a mask inside, cut off the string, cut slits on the edges so it will lay flat in the bandana. Pin around with pins. Duck tape does not work. Now fold the bandana over to hide the mask. Hold in your hand and breathe into it when going from the car to stores or even going for a walk. STOP breathing IN this stuff!!! Don't worry what people will think. We need to preserve our life. Breathing in this stuff will take years off our life. If people do ask then tell them the reason., and for proof tell them to do the flashlight test. In their yard at night in the darkest part of the yard shine a flashlight up and look about 2-3 inches away and you will see hundreds or thousands of nano particulates swirling about in the air like a snowstorm. This is the proof! The heavy metals enter our lungs, our blood, pass the blood/brain barrier and go straight to the brain causing early Alzyheimers. Also turning our body into a human attenna and receiver so the frequencies from the cell towers can affect our brain….depending on the frequency…apathy, rage, depression, insomnia, etc. We will then be totally controlled when "they" are ready to release the harmful frequencies. 

  48. Mary Kunicki says:

    Dear Dane, Thank you for waking me up.  I want to wake up as many people as possible to this catastrophe for our planet.  I want to learn how to send flaming arrow packets to reach as many people as possible.  Please advise me how to do it. Your courage in leading this battle has inspired me to action.  Thank you!   Mary Kunicki Queens, NYC

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mary, this battle is a team effort, very glad to have you with us. The attached link will give you more input on how to help sound the alarm.

  49. Hope H. says:

    Thank you so much for exposing this atrocity. I emailed you a pic I took outside my house of a chemtrail that looks exactly like a double helix DNA strand that has to be a sign from God how bad these things are for us. I'm sure you get tons of pics and it got lost in the mix but I feel this one is special and needs to be seen and used against them 🙁  

  50. Sam says:

    Good morning…so, after a couple of days of no spraying here in Rehoboth Beach, De…they started again yesterday and today they are at it. Thank you Dane for all your reseach and presentations. This new year I am going to work to create awareness in my community. This is a resort town and many tourists come from D.C. I'm thinking of getting a group of people together and showing them your presentations. I will keep you posted. May the force be with you all!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sam, thank you for your resolve toward raising critical awareness. The kind of actions you are contemplating are exactly what can help us reach a critical mass of the awakened. Yes, please keep us posted.

  51. Matt foster says:

    What about the legal case was 60 days notice and that has expired …what is the status??

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Matt, the 60 days notice is a minimum legal timeframe for giving notice, it is not a deadline. We are working as diligently as we can, I will give a new years update on the next radio show, and our non-profit LASG (Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering) orgaization will be emailing an update to all that have helped to support this onging effort. 

    • Larry Butts says:

      I Don't have any website but I am an over-the-road driver and I have seen planes in the skies for nearly over a month I drive from Nebraska all way out to New Jersey and I have seen planes day after day in the sky spraying thought you might want to know this thank you for trying to stop this I'm doing what I can on my end I'm talking to people thank you again

  52. Debbie Moran says:

    Dear Dane,

    Thank you so much for taking this on.  I wish I had the resources to follow this through myself.  I have been experiencing a bombardment of chemtrails in Sarasota Florida for years.  Lately they seem to be neverending.  It is as if a clear blue sky and the sun somehow offend and it's been driving me crazy since no-one seems to be willing to talk/confess to who & what is doing this.  It is not only an assault on humans but our entire world and all of the life on this planet.  My heart feels so much sorrow at this atrocity and disregard for truth, respect and valuing of all life.  Yet my heart is grateful for you taking on this cause.  Thank you and please let us know what we can do individually to stop this now.  Blessings to you & to our World.

  53. Knownlongtime says:

    I have sent photos to Todd Kaminisky's office of the battering of chemtrails in our skies these past few months at JFK NY Airport vicinity. I also sent to a few lawyers which is very very difficult to get one that will open a class action lawsuit on this. I guess when it comes to the government people are scared to step up to the plate and fight for us. God help us. 

  54. Frank Cioppa says:

    I wonder if Donald Trump is aware of this issue.

    • Mary Ann Pastore says:

      I wondered also if the orange bafoon knew about this.  SNL  better run and Alex Baldwin's in trouble if he knows.

    • Debbie Moran says:

      I wonder as well.  All I can say for sure is, Sarasota Florida has been having a major overhaul and growth and Donald Trump even located a headquarters here.  The reason I mention this is because chemtrails are being sprayed all day long.  Once they dissipate, they start again.  The sky has not been allowed to remain blue….

  55. Tom says:

    And now msm reports a thunderstorm asthma, what are the chances there is chemtrail dust in the lungs of these sufferers?

    • mohamed says:

      Dear sirs, There is no doubt that weather modification exist, proof is right now several airplanes are flying over Mogadishu sky over 10 hours operation, poisoning the entire environment. people say the planes are United States task force, but we know that this is conspiracy program such as: Depopulation project from Antichrist NWO, It is evident that two million person will be affected in deadly diseases.but unfortunately, United Nations organizations are witnessing but no action..  

  56. Lois Zellman says:

    Executive Order — Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats |

    Have you seen this? The president just signed it. Very scary!

  57. Marcia says:

    Thank you for fighting against this. I wish I had energy and ability to help. Keep up the good work!!!

  58. lisbeth johannesen says:

    Hi Dane, I live in Bend OR where they have been covering our skies daily for weeks. Do you know of anyone in Bend? Or how I can find out if there is a group in Bend working towards a change. Would love to work on getting a billboard up. 

    Thank you for what you do,

    lisbeth johannesen

  59. tony searles says:

    Always inspired by you hard work and commitment to this most important and urgent work towards exposing these atrocities . Doing what I can down here in NZ but it is sometimes and uphill battle with attacks and ridicule from even your closest friends and family.There is a saying my dad used to tell me, Oh what a twisted web we weave when at first we try to decieve . It is appropriate in connection with geoengineering.

    • Lucio Amado says:

      Tony, whenever family and friends ridicule us, remember our community is growing by the day. It hurts to expose the truth but we can't keep quiet. We have work to do to protect our love ones even under ridicule.

  60. sondra and wayne smith says:

    I also thought I'd share this with you.  I just finished watching a 3-day symposium on Cancer and How to beat it naturally.  Put on by Ty Bollinger.  They had a comment page and I had posted a couple of items which were acknowledged okay.  At the end of the symposium, I entered a notice about your work with Geo-engineering. And to my astonishment, as soon as I posted it I was shut out and closed down.  I was shocked!   These people are in California, and I'm wondering why they would cut me off when they are interested in so many ways to combat cancer.  Just thought you'd want to know!  They could have boosted your program and works so much.  Sorry if I interfered and caused any problems.   Just trying to get the word out.

    • Frances says:

      Most of the online Summits will not publish a comment if a web link is included.  Alternatively, if you use (dot) in place of the full stop and it might get past the moderator.

    • Marie says:

      Glad you told me about Ty's page. I get email from him. I will now block all his emails. I never read them anyway. I usually delete them but now i will block them.

  61. Brian Garcia says:

    It has been a while. One of the things I miss about not having Grilla Bites is your weekly visits and our talks..

    Thanks for all you are doing and it is good to see that you are starting to get a little wind behind you and that you are not carrying the torch by yourself anymore. It is has been tough waking people up to the truth (  you know that all ready) as most my family and friends think I am a kook when I bring up this subject..

    If you get to the LA area let me know. My treat to some great Organic resturaunts….
    Brian Garcia

  62. Michael says:

    Hey Dane, 

    Thanks for your incredible work! How can I help organize a geoengineering watch event in Billings and Bozeman Montana? 

  63. mark says:

    How can I help ?

  64. Lynne Sink says:

    Thanks for all you are doing.  I get it.  Will donate, and also see what I can do to help.  Will show up at events if you have them in my area.  Marin north of San Francisco. 

    • Syah says:

      Portland Oregon has seen a lot of this activity with "chemtrails" ive been recording it lately. This is really disturbing, and almost debilitating. 

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