How To Test



The best time to take a rain sample is in the initial stages of a developing rain storm. A migrating low pressure system is best as apposed to an isolated convective cell such as a thunderstorm. Try to collect the sample from the very beginning of the rain event.

Metals testing is not typically expensive, Basic Lab. in Redding California charges 21 dollars per element.


  1. Any clean glass or plastic container can suffice for the collection of a rain sample, try to gather about 8 ounces of rainwater or melted snow.
  2. Keep your sampling container AWAY FROM roofs, trees, plants, or any other elements that can drop contaminants into the collection container. Any overhead structure, branches from trees, etc, can causal splashing from the ground which again can contaminate the sample.
  3. Its best to get samples delivered or mailed to the lab of choice soon after the sample is taken. If the sample sits for extended lengths of time, the contaminants can settle out and adhere to the inside of the collection container in a film, this will skew your test results. Particulates must be suspended in the rain sample just prior to testing. If the sample has been stationary for any significant length of time, the inside of the container should be swabbed with a sterile instrument to make sure there is not “film” from the settled out contaminants.
  4. There are labs around the country that test water. Ask the lab what their “minimum detection levels” are. Many labs have radically raised their detection levels and this now also skews the tests.
  5.  The best primary elements to test for are aluminum and barium. If you wish to do further testing you can include barium and strontium.
  6.  Get the results, hang onto the original and send us a copy, email etc…

Again: When transferring from one container to another, IT IS CRITICAL TO RE-SUSPEND the sample…shake the jar with the lid on, or stir with a sterilized instrument. Aternatively, you can ‘back and forth’ the samples, allowing a little “fall” to create enough turbulence to re-suspend any contaminents that may be stuck to the glass.


75 Responses to How To Test

  1. Kay says:

    Anyone know where you can get your garden soil tested for aluminum and other poison being sprayed in our sky?  

  2. Sara says:

    My lab requested that we collect in plastic because the metals can adhere to the glass. 

  3. Tonya says:

    In western Washington here, they spray daily and nightly. Sometimes, more often than not lately, you can see when they have the frequencies turned on by the way the "clouds" look, like frequency waves. Other times as the lines fade into fatter "clouds" you can see the underneath of them slowly trickle down.  I have tons of pictures of these. Every morning or cars are covered in whatever they spray, and the particles are magnetic!! 

    The last year or so, everytime I go outside, even if it's for a minute or 2, I and everyone I know, ends up with weird white white boogers(for lack of a better word atm) that dry our sinuses up. 

    It's affecting everyone greatly!! So much inflammation, memory loss big time, even my 8 year old son. Upper respiratory issues, and NO it's not covid. My mom, fiancee and I all get massive migraines regularly. 

    How do we fight these criminals?? The justice system is corrupt. The politicians are corrupt. Who do we go to???

  4. Researcher says:

    This is so helpful, thank you!!!

  5. Michael J Sanicola says:

    Hi Dane,


    You're awesome, thank you for your dedication and love for humanity and our planet.


    We live in Colorado Springs. Tons of spraying here. I collect samples of snow, etc. PLEASE recommend a local lab her in the springs area. I will drive it in. THANK YOU,



  6. Sam Vance says:

    This is off-topic for this comment string, but I watched the Ozone Collapse YouTube and am trying to find out which UV meters are the best for gathering data to add to your database?  

  7. Jake says:

    I live in northern Virginia and everyday there are multiple trails in the skies above my house. I haven't seen a bright white cloud in ages. Furthermore, I am suffering from severe allergies that I have never had growing up. I see you can test the water, but how can I test the air quality, a blade of grass, or something around the property? We are on well water (which we don't drink), which comes from a source far from the property. Not sure that's the best thing to test (or is it?). Thanks in advance.

    • Tracy says:

      I live in reno nevada, same problems! I started filming the wierd spraying and putting it up on my old you tube channel.

    • Richard says:

      i also see trails in the sky and never had allergy problems and sinus problems until recently. I would not be able to breathe out of my nose without nasal spray. I have a well too and  We don’t drink the well water either we drink purified bottle water. I have never seen so many allergy and sinus advertisements on tv and the drugstores have tons of nasal products. It’s becoming an epidemic. We need answers.Good luck to you.

  8. Richard Kaiser says:


    Thanks for all your work on the chem trail issue.  You are a true hero!  Do you know if there is any connection between the chem trail spraying and the fires in California?  It would seem there is.  If so, Does that make government responsible for all the damage to life, property and environment?  Arghhh!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Richard, thank you for your support in this battle. In regard to the current California firestorms, I should have a full post up on this later today, stay tuned,

    • Z says:

      yes agenda 21. I in so cal have tons of video and photo proof of haarp, and coordinated spraying in action. 

    • Pete says:

      Yes, chemtrails have high concentration of aluminum and bromium, which when it settles down onto the fauna and trees, has a very high flash rate due to it's nano size and composition.  Firefighters have voiced their concerns that the fires are getting more intense.  

  9. Jacklynn says:

    What is the best way to go about testing and finding a reliable lab? Me and my kids never go anywhere. Yet we still catch things. Right now I'm just confused because my husband started what he calls "allergies" the last couple days. When I go outside, I hear my neighbors coughing. But what made me think enough was enough is that I have 3 cats and one has 5 kittens…ALL are sneezing the last two days as well. I'm trying to figure out how to go about protecting my family from all this constant miserable crap and don't know where to begin. It just makes me angry that we can't even be in our own home and have decent air to breathe. How do I go about this?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jacklynn, your symptoms are epidemic, we are hearing from people all over the globe experiencing the same. Start waking up those around you, the most effective way to do this is by sharaing credible data with them. FYI

  10. Milt Farrow says:

    Please keep me on the list -I am an 8000 hr pilot with airport familiarization – our skies have been brutalized by these criminal acts-I think we need to "open pandora's box by a huge number of people in a class action suing for "releif" – ( the key is not asking for money damages ) although it is easy to see that the nano particles have caused cystic fibrosis, which is a very consistent disease here inFlorida — The planes are coming from MacDill in my estimation  from the North West – i am familiar with what jet exahaust should look like aat altitude-There has to be a legal source that will engage in this action- I beleive the notoriety in and of itself will widen the public's knowledge and participation-It is so well hidden-   

    • Betty Shacreaw says:

      We should also sue the news media & all those Weather Reporters. For lying to us all these years. Because, if they would have been truthful about whats been happening with the weather. & you know The've seen it all.  Then when they saw what was really happening to our skies. Then they should have reported it to the Public. Because, that's what they signed up for. To report the truth to their viewers. We thought they were giving us truthfully new. Instead they chose to, lie to us.

      But If they would have reported to us the Truth.  true facts to



      Then we would have had a lot better chance of stop this, long ago.  Before it got so Terriblybut h Bad.

  11. Al says:

    Here in Tucson we get heavy spraying on average 4 or 5 days a week. I have called my local meteorologist several times to no avail. They continue to stone wall and deny the obvious. I call my local news and they never return my phone calls. Anyone with a splinter of a brain can see the obvious. We need numbers! Keep telling people. How can we gather hundred of thousands around the world and country to force change? There killing us and the planet. You have to think the worst case scenario since our government doesn't want to admit to doing it. This whole blocking the sun out in conjunction with HAARP is a big part of it but the other part is depopulation. Killing two birds with one stone…


  12. Oswald Heger says:

    Hello Dane,

    I have a question regarding the lab method for detecting metals. It's usually "plasma spectrometry" which breaks up all compounds in a sample to atoms. (BasicLab is using "ICP-MS" as stated on their website.) Consequently, there is no way to tell if there were any 'free' metals in the sample.

    On the other hand, you suggest catching the "initial rain" which naturally contains a lot of dust collected from the atmosphere by the first rain drops. Dust contains minerals from wind-blown soil particles. Minerals are mostly metal compounds, like clay which typically consists of aluminum and oxygen.

    So can you really conclude that there are 'free' and therefore toxic metals in the samples?

    • todd astle says:

      i thought it was interesting what you had to say, so how could a person go about getting a sample of what they are spraying as pure as possible … any ideas ?

  13. How long is it acceptable fot the water to 'sit' before being tested? It only rained here so far at night and not very much (no rain will past 10 a – they attack it with planes immediately, and they are doing so at night too). Marin water district will not test, so far the closest lab is in Napa, at least 2 hour drive. Our budget is low but this is important!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Shakti, certified labs will generally allow you to mail in a water sample. Particulates in the sample tend to settle out and adhere to the collection container if allowed to sit for several days. 

  14. Dave Lynch says:

    Greetings, Dane,

    Thank you for the incredible work you are doing here. I grew up on Long Island in the 60's, but here in California, going on 40 years. I remember real clouds.
    The past few months we've seen incredible aerial spray, the long trails that drip when the air is still, and the big wispy streaks that look like talcum powder in the air. Any suggestions on testing labs for the Sacramento area?

    Next on the list is the blood test. Is there a micron level a lab need to check for or can I just ask to look for aluminum poisoning?
    Thanks again!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, the blood heavy metal test will not give a particle size, just the element detected.

  15. Patrick Teverbaugh says:

    I am in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  I can't find any place that will test rainwater for aluminum nano-particulates.  We get heavily sprayed 5 days a week heavily.  The days without spraying are like holidays to me.  I am working on an evidence kit to mail to influential people, and I would like to include a copy of a rain sample.  If anyone knows where I can get this done locally, please advise.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Patrick, there are no readily accessible labs that I know of which are capable of testing for nano-particulates. We have  paid for expensive particle size testing in a precipitation sample that contained aluminum and nothing could be found down to .1 microns. The particles we are dealing with are much smaller still just as the geoengineering patents state. Test for total aluminum, that is the bottom line. Don’t tell the labs why your testing, we already know for certain some labs have scrubbed the test results to keep from getting into the middle of this issue.

    • This is for Patrick Teverbaugh 

      Patrick, I have 2 Berkey water filters that now hold about 2 years of filtered water residue from Westminster and Arvada, Colorado. Do you have a way to test these for trace elements of aluminum, barium, or other toxins?

    • Rebecca Sipe says:

      Dear Michael, I'm sorry that Berkey Water Filters are avoiding telling us how they test their filters. They've been caught sharing 2 very different test results and then avoid questions. They're apparently alleged scammers. This makes me sick because thousands of people depend on water filtration. 

  16. Colin says:

    I had my Blood tested for Aluminum My level came up as 21 . I could not believe how toxic my blood serum is! It should be Zero! 21 is TOXIC. I live in Queens New York, I never have worked with Aluminum in any way in my life. I have my Lab results to prove it!  These Bastards are Killing Us!

    my e mail is

    • Barbara Workman says:

      OMG how scary. I'm going to have my blood checked out too. You're right they

      are trying to kill us.  God curse the bastards!!!

    • Carley says:

      I'm not doubting that a good portion of this is caused by Geoengineering. However, we also have to consider just how much aluminum we have ingested through our aluminum cans, cookware as co- factors/co contributors to our metals levels..   It is just horrible what has been done to us and our planet.        It just, just, beyond the scope of sanity.  There are no words for this amount horror…there is just speechlessness, anger, disgust and nausea.  I was sick last weekend…but in truth I think my body reacted to all the knowledge about all of the threads of destruction:  Fukushima, GMOs, vaccines,   bee collapse, pesticides, contaminated waters, soils, air, and then there are the criminal politicians, the bankers, NSA and most other government agencies and last but not least is vision of my grandchildren and their generation looking like the children of a future hunger poster, but you can't see the girls because they are all in berkahs.   It is just endless. the amount of damage which began 100 years ago behind closed doors.  The reality is one part of me thinks it's pretty much too late.  Yet, on the other side of me I have a lot of hope. As long as there is life there is hope.  It really seems the first thing which needs removed from the equation of evil is the bankers, along with the Global Corporations…and then CEO's, managers  those who support them.  Perhaps soon it will be these people who are in prison instead of whistleblowers.  Nature has a huge rebound to make.  And, I don't know if humanity will ever again have the DNA we came with. 

    • Jill says:


      You can drink Fiji water, which has silica in it.  I have read that if you drink 1 L/day that it will remove the aluminum.  Aluminum can cross the blood brain barrier, but by drinking this water it will slowly remove it from our body.  There are other water sources out there that have silica in it, but I am not as familiar with them as with the Fiji water.

      Do your research, but hope this helps.

    • Paul C says:

      Just for the record…

      Fiji water is very expensive, and yet strangely contains quite a high concentration (comparitively) of 0.24 mg/L, second next to Perrier (0.31 mg/L), but definitely leading the pack in another aweful compound to ingest.  If you look at cheaper water, like Nestle or Dasoni, they add Fluoride (an additive) and yet cost less than water without Fluoride.  Fiji water adds fluoride and costs more – it's an anomoly until you look at what it sells – Silica to purify toxins from your body.  Meanwhile, it contains one of the very toxins we need to get rid of!

      :@ (angry face)

    • Michael Melio says:

      Where did you have your blood tested? Are there places that will check for these toxins?

  17. Joe Leto says:

    There has been spraying overnight and during the day on a daily basis here in Thetford Mines, Québec, Canada and I feel so helpless, I mean, what can I do to concretely help my family from being poisoned? All the people involved in this mass genocide. do they really just don’t care about killing and making billions of living beings sick? I mean all those pilots, they just don’t give a shit? Where do they live to be immunized then? In space? I mean fuck, everyone is getting sprayed. What will happen when the planet dies, the bees disappear, the fauna dies, the ocean life dies, humans die, etc? When there is nothing left, then they will realize that money tastes like shit!

    • Jane says:

      I live in Terrace, BC Canada.  The skies are lined here as well.  Can someone from this website please reply on WHAT WE CAN DO to stop this??!!  I dont want to sit here and feel helpless, I want to actually do something.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jane, there are lots of activist instructions under the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link on the home page of  Lets make every day count in this fight.

    • SWB says:

      Hi Joe, 

      You mentioned pilots. I don't believe they are a factor in this at all. There would be too much risk of someone having as crisis of conscience.
      The military have, for years, had access to technology that would allow these planes to be managed and flown without any human input. Outfitting a large jet aircraft with this kind of guidance equipment is no big challenge, and would in fact make working to a pre-ordained grid system that much easier. 

      If campaigners wish to affect some kind of change through appealing to the 'human' aspects of this outrage, I think it's better to try and discern who it is that maintains these aircraft. Someone physically has to service them and gets to see the insides and spraying equipment, whether they know what they're looking at or not. I would imaging a great deal of this process is compartmentalised as it always is with these setups, but nonetheless, if someone lives near the bases in Oklahoma where many of these unmarked planes are stored, they should begin by fishing around for local knowledge on who works maintenance at these sites and see if they can be approached subtly. If not, picket that shit!

      Great to feel at home amongst like-minded individuals who actually care what is happening to our planet and our children.

      Keep fighting guys!

    • Carley says:

      New Mexico!  Same story. More and more military helicopters fly above my home…knowing full well they could wipe out my entire town in 5 minutes if they decided to.   

    • Brian says:

      Hey Joe,

      Got the same problem here in Brossard on the Rive Sud de Montreal. I Film these Bastards on a Daily Basis. We haven't been able to see the stars at night for about 4 months now due to the Heavy spraying that goes on during the evening hours and I know it's them because I see them with Night Vision. I'm fully equipped here and I'm disgusted with my Government but don't let that fool you because this Goes way above Government. This Geo Engineering thing goes way above any Government. I strongly beleive that it's been done by the shadow Government and their Reptilian Friends. I've done the research.

    • Marie says:

      To Jane. Put a geoengineering bumper sticker on your car. Get some cards here and pass out. Leave at places. I like to leave a couple in the bathroom of places i go to. And sometimes i will leave one on the shelf at the supermarket. I try to do it fast so the camera's don't catch me. You can go to a parking lot on Bingo nite and put a flyer or card on some car windshields…make sure everyone is IN bingo so no one sees you. Or at a church parking lot when everyone is IN church. Yeah! Try that. I just got that idea.

  18. Al says:

    Since Nov.2014 the activity in southern Florida has increased dramatically, almost on a daily basis. I have taken some photos of the spraying and alerted friends and those that would listen. These criminals need to be charged and arrested. Thanks for all the great info and resources, thank you for the truth.

  19. Eliza says:

    Welcome from Boulder county, CO. Every day they coat the skies of Denver with white hanging clouds created by the trails and there is a distinct line where they stop the spraying right above NOAA in the city of Boulder, probably because the metal particulates interfere with the atmospheric research they are doing there. It looks like the shore of an ocean of cloud that ends mid-Boulder. I read on another site that military pilots are being told they are “protecting us” from air attacks from foreign enemies by spraying the stuff, as if it’s part of some military defense system. I think some of the pilots think they’re doing something “good.”

  20. Glenda Jasper says:

    Thank you for all your intuitive knowledge in helping us get off this roller-coaster of evil spraying on a Monday morning and looking into the skies seeing the tragic affects of poisons in our beautiful skies streaking crisscrosses of evil doers has got to come to a fullon halt..

  21. John D Kilfoil says:

    Thank you for informing the public about this issue. I agree with you that this is a top priority problem. The Government must be held accountable on these Geo- Engineering programs.

  22. Rachael says:

    thank goodness I found you; keep me on your listRachael

  23. Gerri O'Brien says:

    Hi Dane,

    Thank you so much for all the work you do, you put your life on the line every day. Thank you is not enough, your concern for the people of the world and our planet is unbelievable. My heart hurts for you, that most still don’t get it. Please don’t ever give up. You are a true American Hero.

    With much love and respect,
    Gerri O’Brien

    • Carley says:

      I agree completely Dane IS A HERO!  His pain shows on his videos.  He never rages, never whimpers, never lets go of the goal of his rational approach.  I've seen him on talk shows put it all out there for folks who refuse to be moved and continue to believe that global warming is a fraud.  Instead of explaining the reality.  I don't get it.  The men who do this are intelligent enough to figure it out…and they are completely capable of getting angry and daily sharing this knowledge.  

  24. Kathleen Fitzgerald says:

    Dane, I wished I would have read this testing material earlier. They sprayed heavily here in the PDX area. Then it rained hard. I collected a small sample but I knew I hadn’t done it properly. I have noticed in the Lake Oswego area, certain bodies of water looked a slightly flourencent green. I will get a sample from a few places around that I think may still be holding particulates. It’s been about three days since it rained here. Thank you for givin me information to help me. I was feeling helpless but don’t any more.

    • Marie says:

      Here in Western NY state early October it is now 68 degrees. The last few days have been 70 and above., and before that the whole month of Sept. was 80 degrees. NOT normal for us. It should be crisp and chilly. This is so weird! We are not used to it.,,and where are the birds? I see very few, only a couple crows, and i don't hear any tweeting. Oh, and my well water is yellowish!!! Last couple wks. It might be the dead leaves getting down below i'm not sure. It happened last Fall too. The cat broke my big Berky so i can't filter it. I use it for the dog and cat. I'm gonna see if i can find a cheap filter tonite at Walmart. Funny, i pour the water into a gallon plastic jug and it looks clear, but later on a couple hrs later it is yellow in the jug! Any idea what it could be? I'm afraid if i get my water tested and they find something bad they will condemn the well. Can i test it myself?

  25. jason mcnair says:

    i have written several times over the last 2 years. in costa rica where i reside it (particulate programs) has increased eponentially, it must come from the atlantic side winds in summer and the equatorial pacific zone during the “rainy” season. i have an itch in my upper left nostril for 3 days that causes 200-300 violent sneezes a day and my eye is irritated , and constant mucas drainage. it feels like one spot..(like bad blow in the 70.s) but will not go away¨. i have never had rynoplasty virus like this, is it accumulated nano aluminum oxide draining down out of my upper sinuses during deep sleep?
    wish we could test here in costa rica not even decent water tests available.
    Dane, keep up positive attitude , anyway i can help? i tell most people every day. with th methane releases i figure it is just a matter of time too many elephants in the room ..

  26. Laura Sutton says:

    I can so relate to the feeling of being up against a HUGE machine, as well as people that haven’t actually observed the skies and concluded that something is awry…’s understandable. We have lived for a long time fairly (or VERY) unconsulted, and uneducated about the ‘big’ decisions….we are busy, we are tired, we are trying to make a living and just maybe get to take a vacation with/for ourselves, our kids, out spouses…..I think that people, when they see the chemtrails, simply vaguely concludes that extra big contrails exist these days…or that our military aircraft contrails are bigger…and that they criss-cross. Don’t be discouraged. This is a hard battle. IT’S WORTH FIGHTING111 IT’S WORTH FIGHTING!!! IT’S WORTH FIGHTING!!!!

  27. Monique Alderman says:

    Hello Kind and Brave People at

    THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND FATHER GOD Jehovah bless all of you. May THEY continue to give us wisdom on how to deal with what is being done to us.

    “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free!!”

    Because of my personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, I believe in prayer and I believe that GOD answers prayer.

    I started praying against chem trails every day. I ask Father God to please remove chem trails from our skies, to pulverize and demolish them in the Name of Jesus Christ.

    I also rebuke chem trails over my city and the USA rendering them ineffective and they disappear from our skies immediately.

    GOD Almighty sees what is happening, but HE asks us to pray. We must repent for our sins, ask forgiveness, seek HIM for HIS love, mercy, protection and forgiveness so HE can heal our land!!


    • Carley says:

      The evil dowers pray to their god…but they also commit to action on a long term basis….and nothing stands in the way of their goals.  As well as prayer we too need to create a plan of action for 100 years to return the earth to a healing time.  What kind of world do we want?  What actions are we willing to take?  They obviously have the weapons to wipe out a crowd of demonstrators with Microwave weapons, sound weapons and who knows what else?  Prayer may help but we need to do. Dane is a great model for this…so are all the whistle blowers, and attorneys who support them.  

  28. Don Bradley says:

    Hi Dane, My wife and I over the past few years have seen many rainbows around the sun when there are no clouds in the sky, just planes dumping chemtrails. This goes on every day in Ohio, alot of people have sinus infections that wont go away no matter what the doctors give them. My neighbor has thousands of pictures of planes spraying us. This needs to stop now. I try to tell people at work or anyone who will listen, and it mostly falls on deaf ears. Most of them say there is nothing we can do about it. I’m going to contact the Alzheimer association of Dayton Ohio and try to get some kind of reaction. Everyone needs to do something! Keep up the good work and thank you.

    • Eric Hall says:

      The daytime rainbows are confirmation of the spraying.  

    • Marie says:

      You are correct about the Sound and microwave weapons. In the news last wk in Buffalo NY they said the police are getting a Sound machine to break up crowds! These sound machines can kill or harm the eardrums. The microwave machines can kill by burning tho into the organs. They say they just heat the skin up a bit, but what they don't tell ya is that if they turn up the volumn on the microwave that it will penetrate the body, hit the organs, and MELT the organs!!!

  29. Dane, my life is not the same because of you and Christine. I believe every thing you say except some of your math quiz’s. I have two kids, and now I worry about sharing the truth with everyone. Depopulating goes with killing snitches and even killing more than the snitch. I am asking store clerks strangers at Starbucks…. No one knows… Tshirts,hats, the small things that brought a generation together might help, graphic pictures. A movement, I want to help, pass out info on paper, on line….,, I’m bewildered by all of this. I never remember Dad telling us to poison our neighbors or plunder every community on earth, he fed us and mom said scrub your food you never know if the farmer pissed on that. Now it’s not farmers it’s science, psychopathic scientists running our lives and I want the world to know. I wanna help……


  30. Dane, my life is not the same because of you and Christine. I believe every thing you say except some of your math quiz’s. I have two kids, and now I worry about sharing the truth with everyone. Depopulating goes with killing snitches and even killing more than the snitch. I am asking store clerks strangers at Starbucks….Geoengineering? No one knows… Tshirts,hats, the small things that brought a generation together might help, graphic pictures. A movement, I want to help, pass out info on paper, on line vollenteer like I did for the Cancer Society, I lost my brother and father to cancer and gave my time to them because that’s what I have a lot of…,, I’m bewildered by all of this. I never remember Dad telling us to poison our neighbors or plunder every community on earth, he fed us and mom said scrub your food you never know if the farmer pissed on that. Now it’s not farmers it’s science, psychopathic scientists running our lives and the last thing you want to worry about,? Dying! I wanna help…… Vocal, for our kids, mine 22 and 26 are both aware of it and have bee our kids Dane, do they have a chance, for real. I’m reading more and more but the depression valve closes and I get depressed, sorry, I bet you thought I was tough. I will give my time for all that lives and breaths, thank you Dane, and Christine


  31. mark says:

    I tested snow samples locally here in Baltimore MD but got an “EPA 200.8” result that only showed a safe ‘less than’ level of metals. (aluminum <0.005mg/L) This was useless. What do you ask for that is meaningful water test? I have a rain event on april 15 2014 I would like to test. It was a good heavy rain after several days of airal spraying

  32. Donna says:

    What is going on in Minnesota? I have seen criss cross trails many times. No one is covering this on main media? Makes one feel like your in the twilight zone. Where can people go to stop this? The earth must be in serious trouble.

  33. Nicholas Scholten says:

    I would like to do a ph test in the soil where I live. I am in Arizona so rain testing is very limited.

  34. I am planning to test rainwater this spring in my area to try and confirm the existence of the most common elemental (metallic) particles (aluminum, barium and strontium etc.) alleged to be in so called chemtrails. One individual has already done a basic analysis in the area and I have a copy of it. However I as looking to get hold of other data sheets (results) of others who have already done this also but noticed there is no site provided (linked to) that posts the analysis’ that might have been sent to you. Is there a site available and if not how can I obtain copies of the results that have been sent to you so far? Have you had a good response? Are you willing to share info with me?

    Thank You

  35. Marthur Farquois says:

    Thanks for these wonderful suggestions Dane. God bless your hard work and attention to scientific methodology. I’m just wondering, I scooped up mud from the bottom of my pond as well as the pond water. My Husband said that was wrong since that is the same as scooping up soil and soil of course contains about 8 percent aluminium anyway. Can you please reassure Barry that the sediment in the bottom of our pond comes from airplanes. He keeps trying to use all these high falutin science terms and I just tell him he needs to wake up.
    He just smiles when I say that but one thing he then told me is I can’t be too sure that the govt mightn’t be spraying nanotechnology smart dust which are silicon chips and so he said make sure I get the samples tested for Silicon rather than just Aluminum or barium and strontium. I looked it up and he is right!
    I think that’s a great Idea and he said if there is a large amount of Silicon compared to aluminium we can be certain the govt is using smartdust.
    I’m telling all my friends to make sure they test for Silicon too. Please pass it on to anyone doing testing.

    • Carley says:

      Marthur, Wow…thanks for posting those links. Isn't it great when the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing? 

    • Henry Wright says:

      Carlet, don't believe it.  This Marthur Farquois character is a fake and a fraud.  They post nonsense and insults on many of the Youtube videos related to chemtrails and toxins in the environment.  We've had to block them from one of our channels because, although they start out being polite, when you disagree with them they quickly turn to name-calling and insults.

      They are more likely a shill and cannot be trusted.

    • Marthur Farquois says:

      Really Henry, You'll have to try better than baseless accusations against someone who posts verifiable links.  I didn't ask anyone to believe me or take my word for it. I posted  links to published articles on smart dust.  Are you trying to suggest those links are fake or don't really exist.    Have I posted any abuse or insults  here?  I think you may be under the impression that no two humans can have the same name.  I just did a search of your name "Henry Wright" and it seems you have about 100 false identities.   Which one is the one real Henry Wright?

      Rather than name calling please point out where my post is incorrect.   

      Am I incorrect about the percentage of aluminium or silicon in soil?

      Am I incorrect about silicon in smart dust?

      Just where exactly was my post wrong please or are you some disinfo troll trying to misdirect people from finding out the truth.

      I suggested people should do MORE THOROUGH TESTING.  MORE TESTS, not less.

      Seems you are scared of people doing more detailed tests of their soil. I wonder why?

  36. Wanda Allen says:

    I went to a local water testing facility and they refused to test for aluminum. They admitted that I was not the first to ask them to but because I lived in an area that was a public water supply they were not allowed to test. I spoke with my local precinct folks and they half listened to my story even though I showed them several pictures and several different times of the planes making their grid pattern over our open water supply. I also sent them links to Kristen Megans video and What in the world are they spraying.They sky is milky here a lot….I miss real clouds.Any ideas on where to send snow samples?

    • Carley says:

      wow… basically the test the water but are not allowed to test the public water supply?  That is pretty damn weird!  I can tell you that about a decade ago my son was studying hydrology and was told not to tell the public what is in the water. …So I assume it is a lot worse than we possibly know. I live in an area in which uranium mining took place. We have a super fund clean up ….that means the have a hill made of tailings…which are watered down when necessary…That is how the EPA cleans up. It gets worse…the mining companies have been hanging around here for 20 years…to contaminate the area again. Oh and guess what?  Our water report on uranium testing is N/A…every year.   

  37. LaVerne says:

    The trees on the Olympic Peninsula don’t good. The news on TV says it’s from drought. But many of us don’t believe that. The trees in the Olympics seem to be dying. Tests were done in California and it’s the chemtrais (geoengineering) that’s doing it. That’s my opinion and I think enough truthers and reports on alternative media have proven that. Of course you won’t hear that on MSNBC, CNN or any mass media. I have noticed the Discovery Channel will air documentaries or some disinfo show on this type of subject matter. They will give you a LITTLE bit of truth and then pad that with lies. So people that you talk to will agree with you to a certain point and then all of a sudden it’s, ‘yeah but they do this or that because…..’ No! That’s where the lies begin.
    Man I get so tired of trying to reach and teach people. I really don’t think they want to know the truth. It’s scary/ Once you open that door it means a huge change in your life, in every aspect. And it seems like everyday there’s something new that’s killing us or the planet. Wish we could just round up all the bad guys and gals and lock them up and throw away the key. One way to stop it all is to stop feeding the beast. STOP paying taxes. We are supporting everything our government (military and police, all organizations) everything they do. Our hard earned money pays for it all.
    Above it says this lab test is $21. Reasonable, not complaining at all. But how much to test for the full spectrum? I think that’s what you called it. I’m sure you know what I mean. And I have a question that just cameto mind. I have lived with spring water and wells with very good water most of my life. I had to move inside city limits and now I have to use their water. It smells so strong of bleach that I HAVE to let it sit with the lid loose for 24 hours. After that I don’t smell or taste it. When I absentmindedly took a drink one day, out of my kitchen sink, it sort of burned my throat! What the heck is so bad in the water that they have to put that much bleach in it?! I have seen their public reports and I don’t believe them. They admit to barium but I don’t think the #’s are accurate. Thank you.

    • Carley says:

      That is probably why they work so hard to keep money floating around…no matter what the debt.   

  38. Estar Holmes says:

    Hi Dane,

    Thanks for all your work. My family has stewardship of a small evergreen forest in NE Washington. I noticed some disturbing leaf sickness in the elder last fall. Have not been there this winter to check the trees, but concerned. The trees around Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho don’t look well. I would like instructions on testing soil. And more importantly, will need instructions on what to do to help the soil. Has anybody else tried anything, that you’ve heard of? I’d like to hear from a soil scientist if these probiotics will help Any help is appreciated.

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