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190 Responses to Resources

  1. Beth says:

    What are the balloon looking spraying that looks like a miscle

  2. Kim Davis says:

    Continue to buy bumper stickers & booklets to share with the Public in Sacramento- Trying to

    wake the Public up! When we travel here in California make sure we take booklets & cards to share as well! 
    Thank you Dane..

  3. Billy says:

    Hi there, i'm living in Zürich, Switzerland and they are Spraying Day and Night. You see in the morning the blue Sky and until 12 o'clock it's all grey. They are dimming the Sun Light and poisining us. So we don't have enough Vitamin D and our Immun System goe's down. So the Aluminium can hit us stronger, The Plant's, The Bee's and the Farmer's we have all a Problem. We have to buy seed's from Monsanto, because a normal seed will die. And there is also a rule in the US, maybe all over the world, that you have to buy from Monsanto and it's not allowed to save your own seeds. For next Year.

    That's incredible but it's the truth. We have to stand up and fight against them. If it's not too late.

  4. p says:

    do you know, or can you describe what the skies look like just before the earth/trees burn? The sky here is not the usual trail garbage….It appears different than what I am use to seeing …no phone so can not take a photo

    Thank you huge…


  5. Jonas says:

    Here in Denmark they have gone berserk the last year, down in Rødby(close to Puttgarten).

    If you download flightradar 24 you can see that none of the chemtrailplanes are on it. But military planes and the regilar airlines are.

    It is disgustong, and nothing dries up. Fungus attack my wooden buiædings and I have to heat my home more and put the lights on at daytime.


  6. Zac says:

    Bro these F~~~~ chemtrails are getting on my nerves


  7. John O'Connor says:

    I'm from Cheshire, UK. I noticed the 'classic' signs – trails crisscrossing one another like a checkerboard – back in June 2022, and since then I've been watching the skies more intently. I only recognised what I was looking at due to having seen similar videos coming out of the USA previously. I have observed that chemtrailing now occurs on a more-or-less daily basis here, and I almost always take pictures with my phone when I see them. One UK internet site ( has previously published photos and articles with reports from people in Scotland in the North, down through the midlands, and then down as far as Dartmoor at the bottom of the British Isles, so its happening all over the UK mainland every day. I would like to make a study of this, so any helpful advice would be welcome. I would particularly like to hear from any of those plane-tracking people that happen to be operating in the UK. I am a retired industrial chemist so I'm trying to find relatively simple and inexpensive methods for testing for the fallout from them. This is an ongoing project.

    • Stephen says:

      Glad you're now seeing them. We've been watching them for in the US for TWENTY YEARS, yes, since 2002. These crimes are unimaginable, and we all need demand they stop. People will discredit you, but Dane has collected phenomenal evidence to refute any georngineering-deniers.

  8. Gale says:

    We are visiting the Mountains of N.C. And every morning the sky starts out a beautiful blue until the planes start.

    It is obvious up here how they are spraying and then the skies are white clouded over.

    I have been sharing this site with as many as I can .

    Some understand and others won't keep an open mind as to what is going on. 
    Sad,what they are doing to our planet and our health. 

    • AD says:

      Stay strong, and we must keep doing our part.  AD in New York. XOXO!

    • Marty says:

      Hi Gale,

      I too have seen this just yesterday morning beautiful blue skies and by noon skies splashed with ugly chem trails. Just an ugly site!

      By three in the afternoon nothing but a haze over the sky! Very ugly and evil! This is in the Metro Detroit area. It is a very morbid feeling!

      Thank you Dane for your work and thank you Sean at SGT REPORT for having Dane on to educate me more on this!

    • Baljit Kaur says:

      The same is happening in the UK, whenever there is clear, blue sky, the planes appear and within an hour or two the sky is streaked and then eventually form a white carpet of cloud. I live in NE England yet I go to the SE of England and exactly the same occurs. I have seen other people upload videos in other parts of the UK and it is exactly the same.

    • Renee says:

      The spraying even occurs here in Costa Rica which has the most perfect climate in the world. We do not need this. Imagine my absolute anger after I moved from Sacramento, California where the skies were criss-crossed daily, to see a long widening trail against an otherwise perfectly blue sky here in C:R: Now I moved further south and have not seen one yet. Maybe they are only spraying along the coast or over the central valley. It is very bad this is being done anywhere. I got the pdf. in Spanish to share.

  9. LEONIE WYNNE says:

    I have followed you for years and I admire your tenacity to keep doing what you are doing. It must be heartbreaking to learn there are people out there that have no interest in finding out the truth that we are the victims of crime so evil that I have no words for. I live in Perth, Western Australia and we have chembombs that float in from the Indian Ocean where they (whoever “they” are) push their toxic crap over us through Doppler machines or some HAARP contraption that pushes this crap over the city. You can see the cloud movement in waves which tells me it’s being controlled by  someone using these machines. We’ve had some horrific Bush fires recently not only in WA but over the eastern states of Australia. From the film you see on tv, there are such terrible winds pushing the wildfires until there is nothing left and the trees go up in flames like a bomb. Also floods recently have been on the news right across top of Australia down to the bottom – flooding everything in its path which is not normal this time of year (Feb).  The other thing I want to comment about is lots of people on this website comment about why aren’t people seeing the skies and questioning what’s happening. Let’s face it, since the worldwide craze of the mobile phone, (by the way which was a deliberate diversion for the masses by the Elites), then you are not going to get people looking up as they will be too busy checking their phones. People also should be very wary of 5G as well, very dangerous, but that’s for another story.

    • Karl says:

      It truly is a crime…  Dane is the man…

    • Emem says:

      Everything you are saying Leonie is 100% accurate!!!  I keep sharing the heck out of the videos and newsletters and hope that others will pay attention.  Last week I was playing tennis outside in Florida at 930am amd the planes were already spraying.  A few others saw me looking up and asked what I was looking at and I said the crap they are releasing from those planes into our atmosphere, I told them it's a load of toxic chemicals and they looked at me like I was crazy. Same people who blondly took the jabs without questioning anything…..I am trying to plant seeds of doubt every day and it is tedious work.

    • Joanne says:

      I live in Queensland , I agree100% too bad we weren't close enough to start something together to shine the light.. We are getting clobbered by terrible weather . no one know what to do 

  10. Tawna Renee says:

    Hello Dane, I have been a devoted public informant for 7 years now, handing out flyers, talking with people in the street, making a public fuss over cross-hatched skies… I have a sticker on my car that's probably close to 5 years old that has a pic that says "stop the spraying of our skies" and has an image I of a plane leaving chemical trails. Where can I buy another? It has begun to degrade. I also would like to buy a number sticker!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Tawna, thank you so much for your help with sounding the alarm on the critical issue of climate engineering. About the bumper sticker, no problem, we will send you a new one. Please contact us at 

  11. Albert says:

    I have been stapling flyers to telephone poles and trees right there with the lost dogs and cats.

  12. John George says:

    Would love to display a political style yard sign if one is available.

  13. George says:

    Just a heads up, I could not load this page due to content blockers in safari. I had to bypass it by holding refresh.

    Thanks again for everything you do though Dane, I really appreciate you and everyone here at 

    • Lennie says:

      Great work you do, Dane! Thank you! I have been stopping people in the street and telling them to watch your video, Hacking the Planet. I pray for you, in Jesus' name. 

  14. Jonny Wayne says:

    Greetings from Hamilton, Ontario

    I'm trying to print the chemtrail pdf flyer with Vista print but the file size is too big. (max upload is 38MB) I don't know how to optimize the file to fit without having to pay for an upgrade with adobe… Is there a smaller download of the geoengineering flyer I can get to have these printed locally? I looking to get 500 printed for my activism.

    Also I was wondering if there was any updates for Canadians wanting to take action?

    Thanks for your time and work on all of this.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jonny, thank you for yoru willingness to help us sound the alarm. Please contact us at, we will try to find the best solution to assist you.

    • Tom says:

      Hi,I live in Hamilton too.had flyers printed at a shop on fennel west of upper sherman.pulled up which flyer I wanted on their computer.printed black & white for .06 cents a side.500 cost me around $65.00. Hope it helps.     P.S.    did not see your post untill to-day .if you already had some printed please disregard.      Tom

    • KarL Erikson says:

      Try putting the pdf flyer file on a flash drive  then taking it to a print shop , here in the US we use a store like Staples. They have printers that will print from a flash drive.

    • Pauline S. says:

      I too am reprinting and distributing the flyers and cards at my table when I set up for market on Vancouver  Island  B. C. Canada 

  15. Stefanie Periard says:

    I live in Ontario, Canada, the Great Lakes region. I have scheduled a 10X10 both for June 1 at the Sustain Algoma Expo to expose geoengineering and I would like to get at least one banner made up for it. Is there a PDF download for the graphics on the geoengineeringwatch website? I can't find it. Please help. Thank you, Dane, for all your efforts and courage.

    It is unbelievable that this silent weapon has been unleashed against mankind and all life on planet earth as well as an array of other silent weapons (brain washing, 5G, vaccination, etc.). We are truly at war against the elite power structure. Let us all take every opportunity to expose this evil. Let us not fear what man can do to us. We have such tendency to cling to our belongings and don't want to give up the comfort we live in and our life, but it will be taken from us anyway. So lets stand up against all odds, take courage, and trust that God, the Creator of heaven and earth, will have His way in the end. After all, the dying of our planet was written about in the Bible 1900+ years ago. But the Bible also talks about a new heaven and a new earth…Praise the Lord!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Stephanie, thank you for your efforts to help raise awareness. I sent you a pm with banner images and information. With all of us working together, we can yet make a difference.

    • Nancy Woelfer says:

      Your post is refreshing, as it shows me that there are others linking all of this, and all the power groups, to the Bible.  I believe these are all things that demonstrate that evil is now prevalent and "majority".  We're past the tipping point.  I only wish that, when things ARE exposed, particularly about certain politicians, they do their own research and find the truth before reacting with the group psychology.  And, if, by manipulating frequencies "they" are able to manipulate thoughts and moods, even of masses, there is a potential and vulnerability in not being informed.  It leaves you open to being convinced by the "wrong sources".  God cares about us all, and we are His children.  He never leaves us. 


    • Laura Wyant says:

      Perhaps ??? this geo engineering is what was/is meant when the Bible talks about The End Times having  "signs in the sky". 

    • zadi says:

      HI Stefanie 

      I live in Toronto, Canada.  I witness the cloud spraying everyday too.  If you are involved in any kind of action in Canada, I would like to join you.

    • Oli says:

      Hello Stefanie,

      I just discovered your comment from almost 5 years ago. I have moved to Great Lakes area in Tiny a year ago and looking for some people who are aware of geoengineering  and to create a group to help inform others what is happening. It is really crazy we had 6 hours of sun last month. 

      Are you still living in Great Lakes Area? 

  16. Lance Thomas says:

    Please tell me where to find the Nozzles on planes.   Thanks.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Lance, in regard to your question, the attached link will provide some examples (there are many more). FYI

  17. Melody Arrenholz says:

    Thank you so much for all of this information. I just ordered Flyers and the book and bumper sticker. I spent last summer wondering why I could not get a suntan. On the bright clear blue warm days the sky would be covered with Chemtrails and block out the Sun. I kept telling my husband over and over. I finally started taking pictures. I have watched this happen ever since and I have been taking pictures and trying to alert my friends. Nobody believes it. Nobody understands that our government could do something so diabolical to We the People. I wish I could stick my head back in the sand because ignorance is indeed Bliss. This is something that is so important, we can't let it go unnoticed without trying our level best to do something. I am so thankful for this site and for everyone who has commented on here. I have felt very alone for a long time. I feel like I have found my people! Let's stick together and see what we can do to open the world's eyes.

  18. Matt says:

    We have to wake more people up.

    • Tom says:

      I had what appeared to be confused bumble bee's around my house last summer. Now I know they probably were suffering from dementia.m

  19. Kathlene says:

    Some of us in Northern California watch the planes saturate the sky heavily prior to these explosive, deadly ‘new fires’.. It’s relatively easy to know which populations are in the crosshairs. We also experience laser warfare during these fires, turning cement roofs, garage items, household appliances, almost everything into fine ash. The war is real. Our lives are under serious assault. The general population doesn’t want to believe this. Paradise is gone… 

  20. Mats Andersson says:

    Hi Dane!

    I must thank for your work to try to wake up the sleeping people. I have been get involved with this topic during the summer and find it very important and see it as one of the biggest problem of the global warming. I´m going to do my best to open the ears, for all the people here in Sweden as well.


  21. Dene says:

    Hi and thank you for your hard work Dane.

    I am in the UK and wondered if you knew if there were any odd flyers which were available to download with UK info as I can only find ones using unhelpful and non scientific terms.

    The skies in my area are regularly filled with trails and a local official who is also a pilot has stated that it's just water vapour…… com' on people!

  22. j. haaften says:

    jesuuuuuss, this is insane. why do people who destroy their own planet even exist? all for money and power?

  23. Albert says:

    I bought a microscope and saw for myself the tini tiny metal shards and parasites fresh off the airplane.
    No kind of sugar coating propaganda or promise of transhumanism can change the fact that people are being sprayed like bugs.
    Tried telling people, told them to look up. What a waste of time that was.
    I print the flyers and put them on windshields. Sometimes I give a homeless person some flyers and $10.
    I tell them, "This makes you a defender of our planet."

  24. MB says:

    Hi everyone,

    I feel so alarmed & so alone about this, here in Los Angeles, & am so very grateful to come here & read everyone's comments, & know that I am not alone! I tried reaching out to our lawmakers. Sen. Feinstein (Calif) just sent back the exact same letter I got s year ago, calling this just normal plane exhaust! Sen. Harris (Calif) called it "climate change"! 

    Pres. Trump came to So. Calif for political donations, while at the same minute billions were spent HAARPing California so viciously to block a rain storm. 

    Every nite, TV weather reporters lie!

    I'm spreading word as much as possible.

    I feel so grateful for everyone's comments here.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      I know exactly how you feel…I have not written to any people in office yet because I watched a video that showed they all denied it was happening when asked about it.  I did submit many letters to the editor of our newspaper that went unpublished…nothing will ever get done to stop this if they are all in denial and as far as I am concerned they are all useless to us…that is why I am not behind any party anymore and will never vote again!

    • JANINE says:


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Janine, thank you for your willingness to help sound the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue. In regard to your questions, certainly you can attempt to personally pass out informaton to whomever you wish if they will accept it. There is no law or provision we know of that would restrict you from mailing information to others. We have also used news papers as a means of distributing our informational flyers (this is a paid service). Inserting flyers into any form of postal mailbox is not legal and should not be done. Putting flyers on windshields can also carry liability. Thank you again for yoru willingness to help raise geoengineering awareness.

    • Betty Shacreaw says:

      Why don't we file a class action lawsuit against the news media and weather reporters?   For lying to us about the weather.  Again I say,  If we can't sue the government.   Then let's sue, the news media and news stations.   ((((For Lying to Us!)))) (their andiences {aka} the public).   Let's Try Filing a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT.  What would it hurt?  {& Ill be the first to sign}  This would make them, take notice.  And they would have to be report this on their News Station.  And all the other News Channel's, around the Earth.  And We would finely get this, the attention it needs. & everyone will be woken up and will see what's realy been going on. Exposing "HAARP" and the "Ionosphere Heaters" & many more.  To see all the damage that their doing to are "Mother Earth"

  25. Christine says:

    I've been telling people about solar radiation for the past 10 years. Hardly anyone believes me. I even did a speech about it at Toastmasters with pictures. It woke up one person in 10. Now the plantation I take care of is looking strange. The leaves are turning brown at the tips. I've been living here for 5 years and have never seen this before! I'm sure it's the white stripes in the sky, or cobwebs up there, that are causing this. I wish we had more rallies and wake-up events about this in Phoenix, AZ.

    • Colleen says:

      Here in Washington state we are being sprayed at night also. This morning it smelled really bad when I went outside. They have taken to going up higher in the skies, so we don't notice. 200 more planes have been purchased for the purpose of spraying. It is speeding up. We need to do more. What is the status of the referendum in California? Did anything come of that? Sprays contain viruses also. The weak will start dropping like all the bees and whales! God Bless us All!

    • Ted S. says:

      I've been carefully observing the skies of Phoenix Arizona where I live as well as other areas. It is amazing that people never question the heavy spraying that has been increasing at alarming rates. The evening news predicts some "overcast skies" for tomorrow and the only clouds that are there are jet trails that make the striated clouds, which usually by early evening have disappeared (someone is lying). I asked my friend, an aerospace engineer here at a large company in Phoenix about the sunset that was merely a mass of jet trails what he thought about it. He replied that is was an awesome beautiful sunset. I listened to him tell me it was simply water vapor. l don't remember when a sky full of poison was something of beauty. I grow more frustrated at "sleeping while walking" uncaring people that simply don't care!

    • Jeanne K. Marshall says:

      This geoengineering problem is GLOBAL.  May are slowing waking up. I only really noticed it in 2017! Most of my Facebook friends have unfriended me, or they think I have gone nuts. Oh, well. they can think what they want. Some are questioning me, and that is a start. some are in denial and make rude comments on y posts, but that is okay too because they are at least reading it. I am so grateful to Dane Wigington and this forum, as I refer people here for accurate information. 

      A huge missing link in this geoengineering discussion is just where politicians stand. Most are afraid to touch it, when it is (above your head) obvious that we have a dire situation on our hands. I see the Republicans and Democrats continue their divisive, distracting mainstream in-fighting, and I have seen nothing from the Greens, Libertarians, or Constitutionalists. I am going to try to go to an event at UNCC Earth Day Charlotte Area Green Party for and bring some of this geoengineering material from this site. We all owe Dane Wigington out deepest gratitude. Thanks, Dane!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jeanne, thank you for your support in this battle, and for your help with sounding the alarm. Geoengineering Watch has actually addressed (and will continue to) the “official denial” of so called “elected officials” and “official agengies”, below are a few examples. In regard to the criminal denial of “environmental” groups, yes, you are correct, their behavior is inexcusable and completely hypocritical.  I routinely address that important point in broadcasts and presentations.

      “Confronting a US Congressman About Climate Engineering”

    • Diane says:

      Ih, i lived in Paris and i know no body who watch the sky and when i speak about that, 2to 10 people just start to look, the other are like no way…. or they do like they trust what tv say. French people are indoctrinated they learn by tv ( or School what is in school make me shok….) must of them are afraid to understand that all our life is a liar (full in cognitive disonnance), theres are sick in brain,  it puts into question the whole notion. That true its hard to wake up and hard to forgive yourself to open your eyes that late, but never to late no?  Last time a friend of me put a pic on his profile i will try to send it with this message hope its will pass, the pics is a roof party and that photo as more then 70likes and some messages but no one say something about the sky;(((  

      Take care

    • sharon s says:

      I live in northern Nevada surrounded by farmlands with thousands of cottonwoods and poplars. Massive die-offs this spring of really old trees…from the crown down as are my trees. I'm reading that the aluminum they are spraying gets into the tree roots. The tree shuts off its roots to avoid the aluminum, thus closing off all food sources and the tree starves to death.

      Also extremely dry fall last year croaked the last of my trees. Apparently aluminum also dries the atmosphere and creates droughts here and there. We got no precipitation until February this year, usually get our first rains and snow storms by Sept/Oct. Definitely someone's screwing with Mother Natue! 

  26. Pastor H. L.(Lee) Hill says:


    Did you know that with these chem-trails and the weather they create, that we get almost NO LIGHTENING, and in God's natural weather, especially for rain; we get several hundred lightening bolts every second, around the world.  Day and night!  This lightening causes the air to be purified and creates fertilizer for mother earth, the trees, grass, crops etc.  With man made weather; we get almost NONE!!!!  Up until last year, I had a beautiful rose garden.  With the increase in chemtrails last year, nearly ALL of my roses have died.  Less than 1% have survived!!! I PRAY, but I just don't know what else to do.

    May Our Father God, do what we do not seem to be able to do.  FIX IT !!!!!!

    Pastor H. L.(Lee) Hill


    • Daniel Dill says:

      Pastor Hill, that's just it! Father God will be taking care of all this, I hope I live to see the look on everyone's eyes when it comes to pass! May God Bless and keep you sir.

    • Sam says:

      Dear Pastor


      When man turns their backs on God, God turns his back on man!


    • beijaflor says:

      God bless you pastor and your beautiful rose garden. May your roses bloom again and the return of Jesus be soon.  

    • sharon s says:

      Pastor HL Hill, here in northern Nevada just the opposite. During monsoon months of July/August we've been seeing lightning storms of unimaginably heavy strikes. The thunderheads are maybe 100 miles or more from us, but the cloud looks like its on fire, strike after strike, no pauses. I've video'd these weird storms. Usually typical t-storm is a strike, then a few seconds or more of pause. But these are like there's bombs inside the clouds. I'm a life long weather, never seen anything like this. 

  27. Lindzi says:

    This is really amazing how stupid people really are! They won't even look up and question this massive problem!! I feel like I'm banging my head up against a brick wall!! Dane, how do you keep at it so calmly.

    You are a truly brilliant light in this really dark time! Thank you!

    • Christine says:

      You're not the only one banging her head against the wall.


    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Well said, Lindzi!  I couldn't agree more; it's frustrating to try and tell people this, and they look at me like I'm crazy. Are people so disconnected from nature at this point that they never look at the sky???? Or when they do look, can they not see a totally abnormal sky? I realize not everyone is as old as I am (69), so perhaps many of the younger people don't remember what a normal sky looks like!

    • Jeannie Hargis says:

      Think you for this info!  Walked my dog twice a day this winter in the foothills of Denver, CO and watched the planes making chemtrails all day.  I told my husband and he was always quiet when I complained that  chemtrails  were the the reason we had no snow all winter in the mountains of Colorado.  They finally stopped in April and we got a foot of snow and later a couple of inches.  We are at 8200 feet and have always had a snow cover for the whole winter but nothing this year so we are looking at a terrible fire season.   Trees and woods all around our house are dying with this drought.  Then my husband stumbled on your website and now he is a believer.  Thank you so much for giving evidence to my rantings!

    • Mary L Sprague says:

      I feel the same way about the ignorance & stupidity of people. I can't believe they can't look up and see what is going on up there. I live on the CT shoreline and we are sprayed here day and night. It's totally disgusting! Our oak trees are covered with fungus, bees dying, birds are dying and I haven't been able to grow a productive garden for the last 4 years. I haven't felt well for two years and am tired all the time. I used to be an avid hiker, biker, dancer. My lungs ache and don't have the capacity they did a few years ago. I don't have the energy to do much of anything anymore. What's going on is an atrocity! Vaccines & chemtrails are one of the worst assaults on humanity that I've seen in my lifetime.   

    • Malia says:

      I'm 33 and I recognize this as not normal.

      What's disappointing is as a college grad the disturbing trend that the more "educated" my friends and acquaintances are, the more they are vehement proponents of the narrative and are up there with the condemnation of free speech and seem like parrots of the media. They majored in politics or humanities.  I studied science and languages. Thank the Lord I found one friend who is receptive and still open to considering issues from multiple non legacy media sanctioned sources.

      I have fond memories of real clouds in childhood. I remember summers high up in Montana, swim all day, see natures thunder heads form, and experience real thunderstorms at night. My heart yearns for that authenticity and simplicity.

  28. Kelly L Thornton says:

    Hello Dane,

    I have been following you for quite a while now and I feel very strongly about wanting to do something… I work in a barbershop and try to make it a point to tell (at least) 3 clients a day. I select ones that I feel will be open to hearing me out and I then I write down and refer them to this website and tell them to research everything for themselves. And I explain if everyone tells at least 3 people day then it will bring awareness sooner to the masses and the pilots may start to listen and come out of the shadows and quit spraying us like bugs…

    My question is, is there a flyer that can be blown up large enough to be printed maybe as big as  2'x4' or even maybe 5'x7 or so to be made into clings to go onto cars and trucks to be mobile billboards???  I don't own a truck but I have thought about renting  big box trucks for the day and putting a very large cling on it to drive around town on my day off. 

    I send all my love and support for you on this uphill battle for our right to live on planet earth. I will help as much as I can. Thank you from the bottom my heart.



    p.s. I wish you would have ran for president.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, thank you for your support in this battle, and for your help with sounding the alarm (my deepest gratitude to each and every activist that is doing there best in this battle). Your idea for helping to spread awareness is on target. About artwork for creating banners or sign boards, GeoengineeringWatch is always willing to help with the designs / graphics. 

    • Sandra says:

      OMG this is such a great idea Kelly! Every morning as I walk to take the subway train on my way to work there are many people on the platform waiting for the train to arrive to our Loop Downtown Chicago. What a great place to put up billboards and have people look around as they are waiting for the train to arrive. I know our CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) won't allow me to just hang up posters as that's considered unlawful soliciting I guess? But inside the trains there are numberous paid  advertisements, it would be great if each subway train had a few of Dane's flyers to make more people aware. I mean those commuters who walk into the train already have their heads down looking at their phones, it's unbelievable how they see where they're going..but they do and continue to have their heads buried in their phones during the duration of their commute, unbelievable!!! My boyfriend tells me there's nothing I can do about it and why do I continue to watch Dane's videos and commentaries …I'm optimistic and I believe in God and in Dane that we can't just stand by and do nothing, if we do then we don't care….we can make a difference!

    • beijaflor says:

      I second the vote- Dan for president!!!!!!

  29. Jeff says:

    Everyone must continue to fight. Letters and emails to all forms of state and local government, plus to the white house.

    Inform people around you with credible information.

    • Colleen Rose says:

      Letters to the White House won't help. The White House signed "Agenda 21" and then when we voted in Trump he attended the UN conference and signed "Agenda 30" – if you don't know what they are research it out. Trump said he would get us out of the UN, but I think someone got to him because we are still in and he signed a new updated Agenda.

  30. Lynne says:

    I have been observing my trees looking worse and worse and now I realize what is causing it.  I have moved up to the hills and am surrounded by beautiful trees that I"ve always dreamed of living under, but now this is very upsetting to me. My own husband calls me a "wingnut" and most friends and family also. They are blind to reality. I have been following the agenda for a decade or more so its no real surprise to me. I deeply appreciate your work to try to stop this, but it cannot be done with the continued sucess of the "divide and conquor" tactics. 

    • Lindzi says:

      I've been seeing this with trees starting to die off at the top of the tree in the summer months around me. It's very strange! I live in the countryside in England uk

    • Jeanette says:

      I have "bothered people" ever since I saw my first spraying in 1996 over Crescent City. I've watched the vegetation and bugs decline. I am so hapoy to have found this site and finally people who also are aware and who care! I hope we can unite and make a change hapoen.  This needs to stop.

  31. Lavondalyn Turner says:

    Hello I listen to your show every week. Thank you so much for your dedicated sacrifice to inform us all. I'm in the Pacific northwest from Gig Harbor to Everett and our trees are also dying covered in ivy, moss, and leaking sap at an excellerated pace. The silverbirch in front of our apt has never leaked like this…like it's crying. It scares me and I do attempt to share, I appreciate the downloads I can share and print. I also appreciate the advice on how to share it was very helpful.

    My heart goes out to all living thing on this Earth.

    Thank you again

    Lavondalyn Turner


    • Henrietta Miller says:

      I see the trees here where i live, their leaves are cut short of going through their cycle and we are almost in springtime now. You wake up and see fall leaves at the tops of trees and you think the sun is shing on them, nope! Its sad.

  32. Johnny B says:

    Peace All,

     Been observing this since the beginning of Bush1's 'de-regulation' of the public oversight of public/private partnerships and the ascension of the "Monsanto marketing"** principle Over central and north-central Missouri, late 1980's. The first experiences were rainbow clouds(oil slick?) and perfect, and I am talking geometrically PERFECT, circles in the resulting overcast from the aerosols dispersed earlier in the day. Last observed were three consequential circles in progression, across about 2/3s of the sky, Boonville, Mo, late 1990's. Everyone blew me and it off as just a normal pattern we never noticed before! WTF????

     At that time, it was claimed the experiments were only fully active during daylight hours. I seen one researcher quoted as saying, "The fun starts at sunrise", like its an amusement park ride! Heaven only knows where we've progressed to since then in God's country. Most recent are square clouds and boxes(cells?) floating in the muck…..

     This is an area needing serious investigation by informed, pissed-off Americans, willing to step into harm's way to dig out the truth and expose the criminals in all their splendor.

     Thanks for the venue.

           Peace, Johnny B from Missouri

    • Johnny B says:

      BTW… **Please reflect to "The Corporation" by Joel Bakan for insight.

    • Jeanette says:

      Yes we must step into harms way to stand for land and life! For so long (21yrs) I have had limited success alerting people to this abomination. I am so happy to finally have found this site and am hopeful we can spread the word and outrage and motivate the masses enmasse to stand up for land and life. Creator watches and is with us.

  33. Allie says:

    I live down the coast from Sydney and driving home one afternoon i just so happened to look up at the sky and couldnt take my eyes off it , I just could'nt believe what i was seeing .Straight trail' s going for over 80  kilometers . Some were being made and some were older .Im in my mid 50's and never in my whole life have i ever seen a contrail that looks like these .Also this is not a comercial flight path . Half hr after i got home and went out the back yard to have another look and they had totally covered the sky . I thought wtf . I have since been looking up and now see them in Sydney and surrounding areas .. Ive tried to say to many people something strange is going on but not may respond with any sort of intertest at all .I dont know which is more devistating ,the fact that these are not normal contrails and are something more sinister or the fact that people are so bloody blind to see that the sky is constantly being bombarded by them more and more .. I will download these informative flyers and spread the word to the best of my ability , All i can say is god help us all if the powers that be keeps this ludicrousy going ….

    • Jeanette says:

      I am in America, northern california coast and I see ungodly amounts of spraying going on. When I travel south I am disturbed to see the extensive spraying going on inland too. We must do whatever we can as individuals to awaken the masses to this criminal activity!Yes it is CRIMINAL and Creator is real and watching these criminals.

  34. Jim W says:

    Has anyone produced banners to be used with standard 10 x 10 pop-ups used for booths at street fairs, etc.? I'm not a graphics person, but would love to find designs I could have produced locally (or perhaps through some online service).

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jim, sent you a pm with banner images, we will also try to get a full file of them up in this catagory for others to use.

  35. Kristen Day says:

    I have so much reading up to do- am so glad you have maintained this website and I will donate what I can to keep things moving. We need to grassroots organize. We need to see what legislators are open to conversation and exposure. Much cynicism and untruths are posted to confuse us and to obstruct the truth. I wonder if Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein would consider taking this issue out into the limelight? Certainly we aren't going to get anywhere with anyone in congress who's already served a term and hasn't looked into this. I am going to write a letter to my representatives at every layer of government, starting from the ones most accountable for their inaction bottom to top….with the Mayor of Norwich, CT to my state rep, (Emmett Riley) state senator,( Cathy Osten) , Governor (Malloy) and so on… God bless all of us and thank you again. I promise to stay involved to expose the truth. 

    • Jeanette says:

      I too am writing to my California politicians as well as to whoever else I think is pertinent. Forest Service and environmental groups. I cannot be quiet and now I have others like me and this wonderful site to help me☺Thank you all!

  36. deb tanner says:

    i have been taking pictures every day for the past 2 years. we have been under a dome here in FL since February 2014. now the jets  are going up higher now and theres a pink hue every afternoon that reminds me of agent orange. We are about to experience a major storm that will destroy   many areas of NW Florida. Im afraid for the children of the world!

    • straight shooter says:

      Dear Concerned citizen. I'm grateful for your response. ive wanted to say something myself since last Nov, when I moved here to central Fl, the Ocala area. The Trails are so thick here its' scary. I watch every day, and cant believe my eyes ? Ive posted lots of picture and videos on Instagram to no avail ? Nobody comments ? I have dozens of "views" but nothing else ? My question today is. Why here ? Why Florida ? What the heck is so important here that they are so concentrated on the Central to North Fl areas ? I should mention also, that I was previuosly living in the Fl Keys..and Yes, they are spraying there too…I'm furious about this Chemtrail stuff. I feel helpless dont you ? thanks again.

  37. nobodiesfool says:

    Also,, Dane, are there any updates on the Canadian legal action, and what would be a contact for persons to support this motion? I speak with people of all ages every day who want to know.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nobodiesfool, I just completed a phone call with one of the Canadian attorneys, all is moving forward with their legal effort after some maneuvering from Canadian government legal advisors. The attorneys are not releasing more information at this time, but I do expect an update soon.

    • Alison says:

      Am wondering about the Canadian end of things as well.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Alison, the Canadian action is moving forward, more details soon.

  38. nobodiesfool says:


    • Earth Angel says:

      Though I'm not in Canada I'd say Go For It !!   Perhaps in a high traffic area get a billboard up about it too.                                                                   The more information out everywhere the BETTER!

    • Sam says:

      As far as I have 'gotten the message'

      All Governments are fully aware and have been

      Bought off or shut up concerning

      This evil.

      All Pilots are also aware and have also been told

      to keep quiet.

      There are none so blind as those who do not want to see

      There are none so deaf who do not want to hear

      There are none so dumb as those who will not speak out!


      God bless all and PRAY!


  39. Karly says:

    Just found this site and found it quite interesting.  Had a friend tell me about the chemtrails and have noticed them for some time here in the Midwest (MO)  They are definitely not the same jet streams we saw in years past.  I was unaware that they are toxic, but that may be the reason we are having more sinus, colds and allergies the past few years.   And, Yes, I have noticed that the sun seems hotter as well as mentioned by another writer.  Thank you for  this information and I have passed it along also.  Thank you to Dane and all who are keeping us aware of what is happening in our world.  It is sad that so many prefer to be blinded to the truth and continue on their "merry" way.  God help the US and all of us.

  40. Carrie L says:

    I live in Australia, I was living near Brisbane, I now live in the country (because of MCS, I needed to get out of the city)  where you can actually see the skies. I was not aware of the chem trails until about 6 months ago. It's very dry in the country & every time it looks like rain I notice the trails & we don't get any rain. Sometimes I see the trails & we get a quick heavy storm that passes quickly. I use an air purifer & no longer leave the windows open at night, as it effects my breathing + headaches + other symptoms. I recently traveled inter state, I have traveled this highway for years & admired the clear blue skies but not this time….lots of trails, even more on the Old Glen Innes road.  The planes left trails all day until the blue skies were full of strange clouds, the planes dumped toxic waste all night as well. It's the driest in over 35yrs, the river barely a trickle. Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge & their experiences.  So far no one believes me….you only have to look up! I will use your posters to spread the news.

    There is enough for everyone, Mother Nature provides us with everything we need…it doesn't have to be this way….I truely despair.

    • Tina Mosher says:

      I have lived in Perth for almost 30 yesrs and the weather always the same. This year, we are almost into November and we are still having storms and we are still in winter. We have had one day of Spring, that's all.  And yes, there are chemtrails 

    • Sheila Harvin says:

      I've been contemplating contact with someone that WILL GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS! I have watched Navy planes do their circles over my house past 5yrs! They are dropping these canisters that implode with chemicals that are making us sick!! You can see it because I live in vicinity of a closed AFB, and these Navy planes fly much ,much lower than the regular planes from the airport, you can almost SEE THE PILOT. It's a great way for elimination of the American population! Every time we hear them coming,  we have to bar ourselves inside,  and it still makes me very sick for 36 hours, I literally can't move without pain and nausea!



      THIS IS BEYOND ANY HUMANE COMPREHENSION! KILL THE PEOPLE? SAVE THE PLANET? THIS NEEDS TO STOP! IF IT BENEFITS MAKING MONEY WITH THESE MASTERMINDS, THEN THEY'RE NO DIFFERENT THAN THE DRUG COMPANIES And the Regulated  hogwash to squash the truth about cancer cures, and the doctor's that mysteriously end up dead when they try to provide the absolute cure, that doesn't involve DRUGS. 

      I'M SICK OF THIS!!!

      Please forward this to anyone that can help!

      Thank you, 

  41. bob says:

    If I try to post flyers I hope I don't get arrested

    • The Pizza Guy says:

      Why would you get arrested?

    • Marie says:

      I put a small file card size one up at the Tops supermarket telling about the aerosols. The next wk it was gone. So i had some business cards made up and i put two more there. I will keep putting them up on the board, but i found a better way, i just carry two in my hand and as i walk by the store shelves i quicky lay one on the shelf, or in a box. I do it so quick. It's easy. I made up a bunch of cards with my own words.

    • Marie says:

      Sheila. It's sad to say, but the air now is not fit to breathe! It is like we are on another planet and we cannot breathe the air or in time it will make us sick. I wear a mask outside in my yard all the time. N95 is real good. I think $3 for 2. Other painters masks should work too. If you are getting sick from this polluted air i would wear a mask as much as possible. I don't wear one in public as i don't have the nerve. It's still cold here in NY and so when i go from the car to the stores i breathe into my sweater sleeve at the wrist area. I made a "hand mask" for summer and i will use it. I took a bandana scarf, folded it length wise. Opened it up and put inside a mask, cut slits around the edges so it would lay flat, pinned it. Duct tape won't stay. Then i folded the cloth over to hide the mask. I will hold that in my hand when i walk from the car to the stores or going for a walk. I refuse to breathe in this poison anymore. I first noticed the trails 20 yrs ago in 1998. I knew right away that they were not normal. I am in my late 60's so i remember how a real sky is supposed to look. Sometimes when going from the car to the stores i hold my breath until i get in the stores. Not comfortable, but workable. These aluminum nano particles are going into our lungs, then the bloodstream, then straight to the brain. We are full of heavy metals now. I read that Silica will take out these heavy metals. Either the pills or Diatamacious Earth – a teas or less in water we drink. It's tasteless. We would need to drink this everyday as we are breathing in this stuff every day. I sat in my car at nite and shone the flashlight and i saw these particulates floating in the air inside my car! And also in my house too. Go outside at night with a strong flashlite and shine it up. Look a couple inches away and you will see thousands of nano particles swirling about in the air. When people don't believe you tell them about the flashlite test. Stop breathing IN this stuff!!!

  42. MJH says:

    It is a relief to know that there ARE a few people out there who are willing to be brave and tell the truth. I have lived in California since 1956 and have seen the total decline of the environment happen before my eyes. I have been noting changes in the weather since the early 1970s, and more recently the changes in the cloud  patterns, and of course, the chemtrails.  I have always been a very healthy person with no allergies, but in the past year issues have developed.  I know it is from the chemicals and metals being sprayed in our skies on almost a daily basis. People need to get off their football couches and tailgates and start waking up to WHY so many distractions are being pushed on us; the false terrorist alerts, the conjured events, social media, football, the military, and so on……and begin to fight back against the takeover of our food production, our environment, water, AND weather. The complacency is appalling, and it will come back to slap them all in the face. Coming from an era that changed the world view during the 60s, I am SO very disappointed in my generation and their lazy offspring.

    • Angry and Sad says:

      Children and people are probably weakened by unknown substances in chemtrails. Weakened people seemed to be lazy. This is a global crisis. We must stop those greedy Devils !

    • Fancy says:

      Please dont give up hope I was born in 1955 and lived in L.A. until 1976 and now have been in the sacramento area for 40 years and am totally with you

      Im doing all I can to spread the truth and have also experenced declineing health. God help us all. love and unite and fight its all we can do.

    • Constance Haynes" says:

      Thanks for that, it pretty much raps up exactly how I feel REVOLUTION. Well pretty much.

  43. Rob says:

    I've taken rain samples in the appropriately prepared sample bottles given to me for free by the lab (Curtis & Tompkins in Berkeley CA) whose now working on the results. I am having them test for 5 metals….all I can afford now but hope to order more tests from the same sample before the sampling window closes for this sample….which was taken from our most recent rain here in the east bay of Nor Cal. I'm testing for aluminum, barium, strontium, titanium & manganese. Another sample taken by Stop Spraying Us – SF came up w/an aluminum reading that was "off the chart"….170 MG's. The results of this test was posted to the Facebook Group Bay Area Residents Against Geo-Engineering….it's a private group but if you wish to join simply send them a request to join as I did a few weeks back. 

    Should my sample come up w/similar results (I have no reason to believe otherwise) I plan to bring these results to my local Reps (Pleasanton & Livermore) along w/some hitting points via Dane's Flaming Arrow Package & of course a copy of the DVD. I plan to keep what I say very short while simply asking the question….why is there is metals in our rain h20?  I will also encourage as many local muni's to begin doing their own rain h20 tests just so they can see for themselves & not simply taking my word for it. This should provide them w/official confirmation that we have a problem for which needs immediate attention on all levels regardless of what my own backyard results will show.  

    Bottom line….as Dane & others have been saying for sometime now…..we all need to be consistently echoing the mantra of "we need to wake up the masses".  I can't help but to think of the Zeitgiest trilogy when thinking about geo-engineering. If you've yet to see any of the 3 in this Doc trilogy I highly suggest everyone takes the time to look it up….all 3 may still be up on Youtube……if so….of course try to view them in order.

    Keep up the good fight people!!

    • Wane says:

       Try for moment and understand what our young today are thinking about all of the crap that is going on. They are basically being told that there not ever going to have a life like we and prior generation's. They have been handed a future with very little hope. So yes, they may seem lazy, but in reality there simply lost. So how about pointing the finger to show them the way, instead of pointing the finger of blame. Our children feel absolutely hopeless, let's help them find some.

    • steven says:

      We want to see you, we want to volunteer to spread the word,Steve and I have morgellons .

    • Marie says:

      I was reading on another site them talking about the nano particles sticking to the lettuce and leafy greens and he said not to eat those things as we can't wash the nano particles off it. I don't eat lettuce anymore., or kale, and i worry about eating broccali cuz i love it.

  44. Paul Metz says:

    Thanks from Tucson Az. Finally, some tools I can use that have substance. I'm all in , which ever way doors open. Knock Knock. Please place me on your news letter updates list.

  45. Janet says:

    If you want to know who runs the show in your town go to the Local Masonic Lodge and see what vehicles are there and the people that own them. That will give you a real good idea who is behind a lot of this Corruption. They have many secrets to hide because they have Dark Agendas. In my opinion they all should be kicked out of your towns. A good place to put them would be on a remote island where they could all live happily ever after. They are Corrupt and people should wake up to this fact. They are not do gooder's like they try to portray themselves.

  46. John g says:

    Fellow readers, 
    I have been witnessing this phenomenon for the last year.  I own property in Denver Colorado and Laramie Wyoming.  The chem trails that are being sprayed  would appear designed to fallout on the target area and just hang there; all along the front range.   These planes do not spray on days that the winds are strong across the ground.  It seems by design that the aerosols are intended to envelop the target area.  If this is the case, there is much more going on that creating a radiation shield.   These poisons are being sprayed to degrade to populace.   
    One evening right at twilight I could visually see geometric shapes in the fake clouds overhead.  What happens when you introduce mettalic particles into the air?  How about a type of plasma that is excitable to electromagnetic waves.  These microwaves bounce all over.  There are others substances that are being sprayed as well.  
    I have watched now hundreds of these chemflights.  I am here to say that several different combination of chemicals are being used.   It is visable to the naked eye.  Binary chemicals as can be seem by fights flying in close formation in the same vector.  You can see different colors.  
    I am beginning to beleive this is the final solution to the coming financial collapse.  Just eliminate to useless eaters by speeding up the death rates of all of us.  This reduces liabilities of the govt.  The old and weak hurry up and die, and the world is a better place.  The NWO wants a 95% reduction in the population and this is one of their methods.  This is nothing less than genocide on a global scale.  This spraying is going on all across America.  Dont believe me?  Take a look at the MLS of homes for sale anywhere across America.  You will see chemtrails in photos of the homes listed!  
    I am fifty six yeays old.  I have never before in my life seen seen such things as this.  These are indeed dark times for America and the world as we know it.  This treachery must be exposed and those responsible jailed for life.

    • John G., I commend you. Perfectly said. I believe every human being on planet earth is suffering in every single way due to the poisoning of our air, water, chemically engineered frankenstein food like substances, poisonous forced vaccinations & chemicals assaulting all of us daily.

      What are these monsters like Soros etc.thinking? Obviously they are sick & demented to the core, especially our present administration hell bent on destroying America and our people. The sheeple seem to not want to ruffle any feathers and are willing to be led to their slaughter. 



    • MB says:

      John, I too have been watching the skies in real estate listings photos!!! Looking for a place to move where people can live in harmony with nature & the seasons. Very very alarmed, seeing the HAARPed skies in these real estate listing photos. Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one looking at that!

  47. Summer says:


    You are a courageous man. I'm an 80's child and always knew that there was something wrong with the clouds. I had an obsession with clouds and everything having to do with weather when I was young. I would name of types of clouds and there meanings while on car trips. There was always one cloud that my parents would get mad at me for talking about, and that was when I called the chemtrails sick clouds or fake clouds. No one knew what "chemtrails" were then and the were not as prevalent as they are today.My parents took me to the doctors thinking there was something wrong with me, due to the fact that I would obsess over certain things like the clouds, or a dead bee or butterfly. The doctors thought I had  a form of autism, that was not the case.. I think I was just very awake. My parents over the years tried to numb these feelings I had about things. I would have outburst at the dinner table when I would watch my family drooling over the tv, I hated the tv, I called it the great soul sucker. I have gone through life thinking that there was something wrong with me, I was so different from others. That again wasn't true. I just didn't let things I felt were wrong or bad change me, and still don't. I have be lost feeling as If I have been floating around amongst a great many evils that have discredited me, and felt just plain hopeless, making me into what people perceive to be crazy. I know I'm not, and are so glad to see others awakening at a fast pace, I'm just not sure if it will be fast enough. However I do believe that good will concur evil, and love will concur all.I'm so glad to see the flyers, I will do my best to spread the information. There is a glimmer of hope. The love from each and everyone of you for humanity is what is going to win this war on humanity. However, sitting on the couch with our smart phones and tv's buying into media is what is going to stop progress for the greater of good. We have to be proactive! I'm so thankful for each and everyone of you that is awake and helping! may god bless all your souls!

    • Christie K says:

      Dane, I can completely relate to you on everyone thinking something is wrong with you,  I have always looked at things inside the box and way outside the box, I want to know everything about that box and others accept it as a box and go back to their tv show or sporting event. I have told people that just because I do not think and act like them (so boring, unexcited and robotic) does not mean that "I" have the problem. All of the greatest thinkers have almost always come across as odd, weird, different, excitable or scattered. Expressing ideas and thoughts that go against the majorities brainwashed way of thinking but it is those very ideas that have evolved in to the greatest inventions this world has ever known. I am with you buddy and share your pain from always being on the outside looking in but, as I am learning more and more, they are  really the ones with the problems they are just to brainwashed and programmed to realize it


    • Jessie Guzman says:

      How do I help who do we complain to I have been sick lately headaches dizziness shortness of breath and I see numerous chemicAL trails how are they allowed to do this were is the justice for this aweful act of betrayal ..I did not sign up my kids or myself to be the government guinea pigs 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jessie, glad to have you marching with us, check the attached link for further input on how to help sound the alarm.

    • Nick says:

      80's child as well and I can relate to exactly what your saying. The strange fake clouds, being upset at my family and the tv and how it just drones you.

  48. phil wilkins says:

    Great work, I live in penn valley ca.   I really wish alot more people would wake up and realize the goverment is killing us.. I’m a contractor and work outside alot and by the end of the day my cough and sinus problem is crazy.   some days the sky looks like damm checker board..   i try to talk to folks around this area and tell them look up  see the junk… the goverment is killing you.   but around here I believe we have more yuppies and dam pot growers then people who want to know the truth..   people act like im crazy when i try to talk about chemtrails…. but we push on and keep trying.

    • Mark W says:

      I do the same  daily will never stop ,but I changed my approach , short info with smile  and tell people to research , if one talks too long or too many details  people turn away .I should give up base on people's  respond. …. Never will will give up  as geoengineering is clearly the weapon  aimed against humanity at large .I close my Facebook  as on geoengineering subject people seldom made comments .In Ontario we see day/night  nano cocktail sprayed NO MORE BLUE sky ….People come back to me and I tell them  in May we will make peaceful demonstration .My idea is to combine it  Millions march against Monsanto .I send info to radio hosts and … zero feedback , will do it again  with more evidence .

    • Marie says:

      I think we are the "Voice in the Wilderness". I think that when this world falls apart we will be left to pick up the pieces.

  49. Jane says:

    I have a lot of trees and shrubs that have died. After doing a huge amount of investigating the SRM management program I found a list of ingredients that are used in the Aerosol Spray that is doused on us pretty much constantly. One of them is Ethylene Dibromide. If you look at the ingredients in Roundup you will see this is one of the Key Ingredients in this product. Monsanto makes it. It is used to spray weeds and it kills everything. So if you are wondering why your plants are dying and people are getting ill around you then Research this and find out for yourself. I have no doubt also that we could be being sprayed with Tritium. Tritium is radioactive and makes you ill especially when inhaled. It doesn't take a Brain Surgeon to figure out the Skies and how littered they are with Toxic Chemicals. It is so obvious that it cannot be mistaken. When you take a drive they are spread out everywhere. When I am sleeping I can hear the planes and Jets going overhead. I hardly think they are passenger jets. The sky is fairly clear real early in the morning before sunrise and then after the Passover from the Aerial Assault the sky becomes a Filthy Mess. I also came across WWF exposed on you tube. It is the video that shows an Antelope that has been Speared. I recommend that people look at this. You just might get someone's attention because it seems to be extremely difficult to try to explain the Chem Program to them. They think you are Whacky.

    • Jim Hyder says:

      In my area there are lots of trees dying because the aquifers is emptying out at a rate that can't be replenished by rain, snow etc.  Las Vegas is a water hungry town and expanding too fast as well.

    • Marie says:

      I heard about the Ethylene Dibromide a few yrs back. So they are spraying us like INSECTS? So this has to be done to slowly KILL us!!! Doing it fast would be too obvious, so they do it slowly, but they are killing the plants too. How evil is this? And WHY? 

  50. Diser one says:

    (wake up and look up or look up and wake up!) Either way,again and again,back to back,day after day,another massive heavy chemical sprayday today in LasVegas,Nevada.not a cloud or real cloud in sky just about 15-20 different lines mostly coming from southwest and heading t northeast,towards nellis air force base.just about everyday and at night.this aerosol assualt is horrible and has to be stopped!(spray the walls,NOT the people!).time to print some flyers etc.etc.etc.

  51. D1SER says:

    I appreciate everything you have been doing for many years telling, showing and explaining the truth about all the effects due to the spraying.(spray the walls,NOT the people!) Im trying to wake others up most people still laugh at this particular topic but i see the globalists n.w.o. agenda this is just a part of it.I have been taking pictures etc.everyday and today in LAS VEGAS,NV. alot of heavy chemtrails overlapping eachother and in mostly straight lines criss-crossing making like a grid, just covering the sun all day.also trying to find out how i can help or if there is anything goin on in vegas that will educate more people about all this and any information please contact me

  52. I am at Vistaprint, making  bumper stickers!

  53. Margaret says:

    Hi Dane — Margaret from Jackson, Mississippi here.  So happy for this site and the brochures that you have provided.  I have noticed the chemtrails in the sky many times, but just thought they came from regular planes.  It just so happened that I planted a small organic garden so I have been in my yard quite a lot lately and was out there on October 22 and 23 and noticed all of the white trails in the sky on both days.  My initial impression was wondering why so many planes was criss-crossing up there.  I also saw that one half of one of my shrub bushes had died (but half of it was still green and healthy) and made a mental note to trim that half off later.  It was around this time the news was forecasting that Hurricane Patricia would hit Mexico, I think, and Jackson would get a lot of rain. We had been in a severe drought since early July.  Well rain it did — for a couple of days.  After the rain was over, I went out to check the garden and discovered that the shrub I mentioned earlier was BROWN!!  That bush looks like it was either burned by fire or acid was sprayed on it.  I could not imagine what did this but I was convinced it came from the sky.  I started looking online for something to explain what I had seen. This is how I came across this site, and because of what I have learned already, I took samples of garden soil, vegetables, shrub leaves, bark from an oak tree where the bark came right off the tree—to a cooperative extension where soil is normally tested.  Although the person I spoke with was very polite, I could tell he thought I was a fruitcake. He had never heard of chemtrails either, but I asked him to promise me that he would go online and look at the sites and videos I referenced in my letter. I have shared this info with family, friends, strangers and my children — and the looks I get — well, you know the drill. LOL LOL  Since this happened, I have continued to educate myself on different aspects of this issue and have been watching the sky daily.  Our sky is a beautiful blue today and it is suppose to rain tonight–so I am watching so I can take pictures.  I also put clean jars in open spaces to catch rainfall.  But I don't think that coop is going to be the place to test the samples.  Anybody got ideas about where to go for testing?  I will print out the flyers and start handing them out.  That is much better than trying to explain and describe.  I have no intentions of sitting around worrying — I believe in prayer and will definitely be praying and speaking forth the promises of God– but will also take any action I can.  Thanks Dane for all you have done to enlighten the public.  Don't stop please.  Margaret

    • Sick of it says:

      Hello Margaret, 
      I live in Massachsetts and I also garden organically,  I have had the same problem with my shrubs,  half die at first and then the rest of the shrub dies.  I don't know what's going on with them.  This has happened to several of them, especially the azaleas.  My neighbor has many trees and in the last 5 years he has had at least 6 trees die and a few more on their way. It's very sad.   As far as the rain, it's been pretty dry around here.  It will be dry for about 2-3 weeks and then we get anywhere from 2-5 inches of rain at once.  I don't remember when it was normal to get that much rain at one time. 
      I know how you feel when you bring up Geo Engineering, I get the same looks. 😉

    • Marie says:

      Margaret, I'm not good at talking to people who are so closed minded. It's easier for me to just drop off a few business cards when i go to the stores. I do it very fast as i walk by. I just quickly put my arm out and lay one out on the shelf. I even like to put one on the Redbox. Someone will eventually see them.

  54. Jane says:

    Freemason's believe that they live in the darkness when they are here in everyday life. They believe that when they perish, then they will see the light then. They "do not" like the sun, so that is why we have skies that are littered with Toxic Sun Blocker. They also welcome big storms, most likely because they are involved in huge money making schemes. It makes me wonder what kind of thought process is going on in their Sickened Minds. These people are Mentally ill and certainly need help. When you look at the constant occurring floods and devastating storms, it is most obvious that something is Totally Wrong. 
    When the women that told her husband that this was abnormal she was right. He may wake up or may not. All my family members thought I was kooky mentioning this to them, without even taking the time to have a look at the facts right before their eyes. One cannot convince people that are close minded. 
    2 real good narrative videos to listen to are:
    Google theses 2 on You Tube and listen to complete video.
    Alan Watt Geoengineering You Tube
    Alan Watt Chemtrails You Tube
    Listen to the both videos all the way through and find some very valuable information.
    All the best to the people here who have Awakened.

    • Shelley Ross says:

      It's amazing that you can be talking about it right beneath the shapely clouds and trails and get a, "You are right out of your mind," look. The trails and haze are so thick here these days I feel like I'm walking around with a bunch of 'Twilight-Zoned' people. I've never seen it this bad. I feel like I'm going to be watching and talking to someone and they're (people are) just going to start melting all over the place. And brainzaps and …. well, you get the picture. Very limited funds, but looking at these resources and trying to figure out how to get at least 50 somethings.

  55. m. smith says:

    They've been spraying over Portland, OR the last two days! I watched it happening for he first time! And the weather person won't get back to me on it! Hmmm?

    • Shimmy says:

      I drive to Portland, OR from the gorge for work and have been paying attention the last month. This last Tues – Thu was very apparent that something is wrong! My husband doesn't believe me this is caused by man. He watches news and reads a lot of online news as he once was a newspaper reporter. Since he has never read or heard anything about it, he doesn't believe it. I want to tell everyone I know to look up and pay attention but I'm not sure how to do this when my own husband thinks I'm wrong!?

    • glenn says:


      Keep looking up.  Your husband will come around.  No need to convince people.  They will find out on their own.  Just share the info.

    • R. Ferguson says:

      I was in Virginia just prior to and during the period the flooding occurred in South Carolina. I was not watching the news so I was unaware of the pending storm. I am aware of GeoEngineering and a few days prior to commencement of the flooding event, I was looking through my nephew's window and observed a plane spraying stuff across the sky. I thought to myself that they must be engineering some weather phenomenon, especially  since the pope was in the area and they couldn't have any bad weather interrupting his business.  A few days later,  I heard about the flooding in S. Carolina.  

  56. Ken Smith says:


             Thanks for coming on Infowars last week, you have now reached 5 times your normal readers, and as much as id like to say AJs fans are GE/CT educated—they are not, and in the big view, nonone is, and will never be. This info is for us…the gifted ones to cherish…the general public would let you enter their home and spray live radio-active isotopes on their children as long as the tv said its trendy. There is no helping the masses–they are too far gone, and have fallen deep into their glowing screens…shame but true. I will still be totally in awe of "The Most Expensive, Most Expansive, Top Secret Government Program in the history of humanity"…that noone ever heard of…

  57. Adrian says:


    Last two years Spanish skyes are like hell, we are suffering a geometric progression of the geoengineering manipulation. The climate here is going crazy and the people are becoming sick in an alarming rate. For my the worst symptom is the lowering of the cognitive functions of the mind and the breathing difficulties when they are spraying.

    Thanks for the job from Spain!

  58. Merci depuis la France !  Thanks from France.


  59. kirk mannor says:

    its already happening in ohio the trees are dieing out here,bees gone, dint see manny canadian gesse this year only two, insect population going,manny sick trees, people need to wake up.alot less birds.this is a foot war now.

  60. Angel Skywolf says:

    Thanks from Finland

  61. Jetta Mascon says:

    Very interested in finding a speaker that could come and address these issues. I live in Vacaville CA. Please call me if you know someone close that is available to speak free of charge or minimum charge for gas or food.  Thank you, Jetta Mascon   Ph.  707-685-3571

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Rosalind Peterson from Redwood Valley (Mendocino County, CA; used to do this kind of thing.  I got her go show up at a Fairfax, CA town council meeting and later they unaninmously passed a "geoengineering-free zone" ordinance– not that this will get the monsters to stop their game immediately, but imagine what kind of message it would send to Messrs. Dr. Keith and Dr. Caldeira, if we had a list of cities that e-mailed those two idiots, plus a few Generals in the U.S. Army, Air Force and a few Admirals in the U.S. Navy, about how very UNPOPULAR their thinking, and THEY, suddenly ARE!  It's too bad Admiral Chester Nimitz is gone– his daughter, Sr. Aquinas Nimitz, taught biology for many years at Dominican College in San Rafael.  NO DOUBT my mind that Adm. Nimitz would be quite against the large-scale weather modification-as-warfare– such a psychopathic idea, along with EMP weapons, which now "takes the place," apparently, of nuclear weaponry.   A Psychopath's Wonderland, what formerly was called "Earth."

  62. KellsBells says:

    Wow, thanks for this. I've already seen a lot of these on Twitter! LOL

  63. SRIRAMANAGAL says:

    Thank you, Dane! Organizing like heck here in Sedona and Arizona as a whole. If there is a silver lining to our aluminum clouds it is that I find that this issue crosses through all segments of society, activists are in every corner, and many are ready to act NOW. Thank you for all of your dedication, bravery and hard work, Dane!

  64. nati says:

    Finally, so. also regarding the mental-spiritual aspect, as well. Yes, we should pray for Dane and all the awakened geo-people in all countries, no matter what our religions were, except the satanic religions, which we definitely not need on our planet. As Goethe said: "within the smallest room, plant a tree", meaning each single one of us, who keeps informing the blinded population abt. the geo-bio-engineering issues, does the right thing!

    Thank you Dane, you are a hero of nowadays.


  65. Dick says:

    Nevermind.  I've got it.  That's an awesome site.  Do the planes we're talking about even show up there though?  I'm sure they must have a way to filter the military info out of the data, que no?  Nice job though Frank.

    Does anyone remember the name of one of the first chemtrail sites.   It was from a scientist in Santa Fe NM and the site was named after him. Gristsite or something like that.  He was on to this stuff like 15 years ago.


  66. Frank says:

    Use this LIVE link to track planes in your area. You can check to see if the plane(s) spraying show on the radar. Someone mentioned Flight Aware but I found it has a delay. is real time. Please share this. Thank you all.

  67. Go to Also, go to and see why we have some many of our people incarcerated. All kinds of food products are produced there, even Victorias Secret products. You can order on line, much like Sam's Club and Cosco.

    Please pass the info to our members.

  68. I have been actively informing people on the chem-trails, I notice that some people act like zombies and do not seem to care about the issue.Yet, a lot of online users are aware.Here in Henderson, NV (Las Vegas, NV) chem spraying is on a daily basis and causing me to sneeze and blow my nose daily.I found out from an on-line source that aircraft from Travis AFB,CA are spraying. Go to google earth then travis AFB and checkout the un-marked aircraft.Also,look for ultra modern structures with olympic size swimming pool and huge illuminati structures built there. The site is at Las Pulgas, B.C. Mexico.
    Keep up the great work, we will over come!!!

  69. J.J says:

    I think “they” are building barbed wired fenced camps for us right now………….. CHEMTRAIL believers!!!

    • Chad says:

      They are some three to four thousand FEMA camps! Look up underground bunkers where these snakes are going to try and hide! It's shocking!

  70. Chris says:

    I suppose most of the people here are “awake” but, just in case, please seek out David Icke’s books and Youtube vids regarding Illuminati/Rothschilds etc. We need to speak up about all this, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it may be. Time is running out VERY quickly.

  71. Free Us says:

    Freemasons are set up in most towns they call Communities. And they are not for the good of people. I have found that out personally. This summer 2014 I noticed the jets were spraying continously over my house in Southwest lower Michigan. The skies were sprayed worse than I have ever seen 24/7. We only had around 7 days of blue skies the whole summer. Before they would spray 5 days then 2 days not. I was concerned because the spray was so heavy that I looked up on the internet if Michigan was in a pilot program, I couldn’t find anything on it. It was so bad, I posted pictures and lots of articles on facebook. I distributed lots of brochures. In August I had some weird stuff happening to me like hearing a high pitched frequency, I thought was tinitus, but it would come and go. Then other things were happening at my home, someone had been breaking in my home. All day and night there were jets and planes flying over my home besides the chemtrail jets and they still are to this day 24/7. After more incidents happening I realized I am being targeted and gangstalked (social engineering) and electronically harassed. There have been men going around my neighborhood and town discrediting me. I’m not sure what they are saying but they are claiming to be Government Agents to make the people believe what they are saying. I have read alot about this and the Freemasons are working with a covert end of the government to try to silence people that are awake. Their goal is to discredit you by making you lose your job, that you will lose everything, try to make you do something bad to put you in prison or commit suicide. I believe the Freemasons are part of the spray campaign and other bad things such as the mind control, if you read about the Freemasons they are heavily into mind control and there is a huge mind control program going on right now in Southwest lower Michigan including towns in Michigan such as Niles, Dowagiac, Cassopolis and Decatur. There have been alot of new people moving into this area buying and renting all the homes that have been on the market for a long time, and all these people are from other States. There have been black Yukons and Suburbans with license plates from Indiana, Illionois, Ohio, Colorado, Utah, California, Maryland and many more. Something is going on. There have been cell towers put up every 10-20 miles, there is one in every town and I still don’t get any better phone service so I know they are not for phones. They will be used as mind control, dumbing down of the people so they don’t care whats going on. The Schools are pushing for wifi (wireless internet) in the whole School building so they can mind control the children. Alot of children and adults are sensitive to the electromagnetic waves, they can make you sick that comes from wifi and smart-meters and they don’t have a choice. It is very sad. We need to wake more people up. Hopefully it’s not too late. In the end God will take care of the bad people. God Bless us all!!!

  72. Jane says:

    Darn right the Free Mason’s are tied to the Illuminati. Just look at the Sick Kid’s sign they post in various area’s. Spray them down and make them sick with all kinds of things that give them Cancer, Autism and the list goes on. They pretend they are really doing things for their community. Their Secret Society has many secrets that are not known to most. One must look up Masonic beliefs and find out the real pictures. There is a Temple in almost every bigger town. Who do you think runs slot if the show. Most people might as well be blind folded because they are unable to see what is going on. Me out shovelling the Nucleated Snow and listening to the Spray Jets overhead. And your local airport has a Geo. Contracter there also. Your air ambulance too. All have spraying capabilities. How do you think they make their money. Voyager Patient Transfer. Just have to do some research and find out who is making people go to the Hospital through them revolving doors. Big Business and Big Money. Very easy to figure out.
    Unfortunately most don’t have a Clue or Deny it and many don’t care that they are being poisoned daily.

  73. PauL says:

    problem is that you really don’t see what is not in your mind…
    sorry for my bad english

  74. MapleofAnderson says:

    Yes Wolfman, I believe the Georgia Guidestones say 500 million. We are under attack from so many directions, chemtrails are one of their bio-weapons among others such as fluoride, Monsanto genetically modified crops, pesticides and organisms. If they can’t kill us, they dehumanize us, incarcerate or re-educate us. They appear to be in control, with plenty of agents doing their bidding.
    Pray for Dane and all the good God-fearing people that inhabit this planet. We are against pure evil!

  75. Mona Norris says:

    Thank you so much for this valuable information in wonderful flyers so we can share it with others who may not have Internet access. I agree with those who commented about the need to unite in order to make our representatives pay attention. I’ll be on the lookout for rallies and marches to join. The earth provided for and sustained us for millions of years before power hungry, greedy humans took control. We (the masses) aren’t dumb sheep to follow their lead, no questions asked. We must make our voices heard!

  76. JD says:

    Even now in October the sun’s rays are intense. It sure is burning hot sometimes during the day for it to already be autumn. Something has definitely changed!

    • Marie says:

      It's cuz the ozone is thinning just like Dane said. We get more hot radiation from the sun. In the morning it is SO BRIGHT that I can't even look near it. I believe it's the ozone going, and i believe it is SO bad that they won't tell the public.

  77. Abe Notalier says:

    the world will reach a tipping point soon enough and no one will be able to ignore the reality that so many are unaware of…

    • Marie says:

      I am wondering if the fact that the ozone is going is why "they" have been building underground cities for the last 40 years plus? They know that soon the top of the earth will become unlivable and so the Elite are going underground?

  78. George W. Shew says:

    I ask guys at work or the neighbors like if weather conversations come up, I ask don’t you think that sun has changed? I say don’t you think the sun is intense and its rays a lot more penatrating? I get sun burn even with 30spf on my face, at my sons football games the sun is like beaming like it is being zapped or given an extra charge to it. I don’t care what anyone says that sun is hotter then ever before its more hot like on your face just sitting in your car or standing you can really feel the burn on your pant leg or arm. If things continue and no one interveins we are in for it I think. Anyone live in Maryland?, a lot of cloud cover overcast. Also a lot of spraying going too. Scary stuff.

    • Hey George….The sun is definitaely more intense. You can see along the free ways the pines are drying up. The leaves curl up to die while turning colors in the fall. I use to sunbathe and had to turn and turn all day to get my tan, back in the 70’s..ha ha. But I tried that in 1990, and I noticed that I was burning after 20 minutes out under the sun.I do not sunbathe now…..My leg was burning the other morning from the sun coming through the passenger window on a 20 degree day. I was only in the car for 5 minutes. So your right, not imagining it.

  79. The people who are responsible for ChemTrails are the same people who are responsible for 9/11, 7/7, Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, and many others…. Thank you for your efforts Mr. Wigington.

  80. Kristie Ruffin Mauracooper says:

    Thank you for all of your efforts.
    There are many of us deeply disturbed
    by the aeosols being sprayed without our consent.
    We must come up with solutions that HARM NONE.
    We have too many people working and being funded
    by those with a vested interest that go unregulated.
    I applaud everyone who takes the time to take action.

  81. Gloria Lee says:

    Pulling it all together is a good idea. I’ll pull in Paul Helliyr, Canada, for more info. Thanks.

  82. Wolfman says:

    Amen! I live in Las Vegas , Nv. Although the temperatures were not in the teens this summer the sun felt extremely hot. My dermatologist cuts or freeze’s these little ugly growths off of my skin at least 3 or 4 times a year. Including skin cancer on my nose. People had better start calling Washington D.C. and start bitching to their representatives about this specific evil. I recently watched a video with David Rockefeller
    the (antichrist) declare the global population needs to be reduced from 7 billion to , I think he said 500 million. All of this evil is coming from the “NEW WORLD ORDER PEOPLE”!!!!!!!

  83. Nice flyers, great work. Let’s continue the good fight to educate the masses. Creator of fb page and group: Modern Medical Quackery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  84. Samantha Sager says:

    Am so thankful to find this site. Had wanted to get up a digital billboard for this event but don’t think there’s time to raise $750! So will do handouts and begin to
    spread the news of this important event in Orlando, 9/27! Thanks!!

  85. MJ Johnson says:

    I have been thinking about how I could create a flyer this past week…as I think it’s an EXCELLENT way to disseminate this critical information. And YOU have ALREADY done it FOR us! This is GREAT! THANKS! I’m going to print a LOAD of them and start getting them out everywhere…FAST. This will greatly accelerate (and duplicate) my efforts. I’ve literally been going around neighborhoods..on foot, on bike, stopping folks and pointing to the sky..where there’s almost ALWAYS a fresh chemtrail happening…it’s horrific. Thankfully, the ‘free sky demo” makes it easy for me to get my point across. People are shocked & can understand that these things cannot be contrails. ALL of us need to get busy on sharing these flyers..far & wide. Setting up meeting sites each week helps as well, for those who want to come for more information.

  86. we are so upset that we posted one of the flyers right on our community mailbox, at the local laundry,
    etc. and more.

    Go mt. shasta community – the first to end it?!
    For conscience and our future.
    We want our Ozone Layer and our Skies back.

    chemtrailing NO.

    YES to our Sky, Soil Life, Oceans, Wildlife, our HEALTH and CLOUDS AGAIN!

  87. John says:

    I was inspired to see 13,457,353 Visitors to Dane Wigington website at This is more than I thought were interested as NO advertising popped up on this page!! Info can go a long way if we intelligently inform others and to not sound like a nutjob or leftwing as people do not comprehend passionate as otherwise, but present facts and let honesty present itself! THE TRUTH WILL OUT! Yes Susan,united we stand!!!

  88. Katherine L. says:

    I agree with all of you. Printing these flyers (above) out and leafleting all over the place is good and holding screenings at your local library is also good. Anything that you can do to help create awareness helps in my opinion. Yes the dark forces are at work but WE, the humans of this planet, have the numbers! Lets get mobilized. Oh and we have assistance from above as well, if you know what I mean. We are not alone in this.

  89. Jane says:

    We are all being Duped and poisoned at the same time. A real shame that most people don’t look up and see something Very Odd happening above their heads. Most likely because of the Dumbing Down effect from the poisoning from the Solar Management Scheme that is ongoing. I try to warn people but it seems clearly that most are just in a Daze. Dane is so right about everything here on his site. We are all in very serious trouble here.

    I urge people that visit this site. Look at all the information that is being presented and study it. It could very well save you and your loved ones. In any event we are all doomed anyway if all this doesn’t stop.

    Sounds Scary Eh!

    Well it is.

    This is not a Nightmare.

    This is all happening right now and is escalating more and more each and every day.

  90. Alex says:

    I totally agree we all need to come together

  91. Susan says:

    Stumbled upon your site. Yes, we are being eliminated by our government. Just read up on the ILLUMINATI which is behind all this and the NEW WORLD ORDER. They want to lessen the population so only those with inherited or otherwise power will control, rule the masses and rule the world. Masons are tied into the Illuminati. These webpages like yours are great HOWEVER the websites like yours should combine with others like Edward Griffin, INFO Wars and more for people are only getting bits and pieces of what is really happening. WE NEED TO UNITE as one big force. Just my thoughts..

    • Ann Jacob says:

      I just stumbled accidentally onto this piece of information…sounds so scary… the recent climatic change we see…scary rains, flash floods…unprecedented rains.. I am going to do a lot of research on d same…thanku Dane for all ur work

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