The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

Share is pleased to announce the release of our groundbreaking documentary that conclusively exposes the existence of global weather intervention operations.

Global weather engineering operations are a reality. Atmospheric particle testing conducted by has now proven that the lingering, spreading jet aircraft trails, so commonly visible in our skies, are not just condensation as we have officially been told. Who is responsible for carrying out these programs? What will the consequences be if geoengineering / solar radiation management operations are allowed? THE DIMMING documentary will provide answers to these questions and many more. This is the most complete documentary regarding climate engineering operations. Thank you for viewing and for notifying others of The Dimming film release.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. 
Dane Wigington

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Nyon, Switzerland. Photo credit: Romain Silvestre

Santa Cruz, California. Photo credit: Bryan Hallett

Shasta County, California. Photo credit: Jovyde Wigington 

Southwest Georgia. Photo credit: the photographer wishes to remain anonymous 

Phoenix, Arizona. Photo credit: Joe Cornwall

Scottsdale, Arizona. Photo credit: Brant Tripp​

Merseyside, United Kingdom. Photo credit: Mike Pop

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191 Responses to The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

  1. Aynslie Reimer says:

    I constantly suffer from the sicknesses that they are spraying on us from the sky, and I know a group of about 12 people who are also suffering.  We are working with an amazing doctor who can confirm through her work, all of the kinds of things they are spraying us with.  It happens on a daily basis now, and has been getting worse over the past 35 years or so.  Similar is being done with the food and water as well.  I would love to work with you, and acquaint you with my doctor, however we have to exercise caution as to our, and particularly her identity.  What would be a starting point?  Thanks.

    • Robert West says:

      I am retired in Idaho National Forest. I have seen some here however we are not in a plane flight area much. My trips to Vegas from Denver used to be very layered. 

      An attorney friend said law suits should be filed as a private property owner we own the air space above us as well.


  2. Joseph Pileckas says:

    How can I help. 
    im strong in mind and body and I'm retired with time to vest. 

  3. Lee Jeffrey Eyerman says:

    My wife and me are very sick with a covid like virus.The heavy rains and storms were followed by  90 degree hot sun.The spraying goes night and day.We have terrible episodes of coughing when sun is out shining through chemical(or geo engineered )trails.Does anyone associate this weather type sickness with the spraying.Thanks.What is the treatment?We have no appetite and cough constantly.We also have persistent sore throats.Help!

    • Mary says:

      The air and sky is terrible in Florida,  its non stop spraying us everyday…The heat is unbearable,  drought, filthy air quality,  this was never like this before they started dimming the sun here…How is this allowed its terrible in Florida,  sickening….We used to have beautiful skies in Florida,  not we are domed under this mass spraying,  the trees and grass are all turning yellow, you can't even sit outside in the evening the air feels so filthy…..

  4. Iowa says:

    They are doing in the midwest agricultural breadbasket too! I travel to Nevada a few years ago by car, and thought that I would not see it, but sure enough contrails blocking out the sun. This is really holding in the heat which is causing global warming.  There are a few elites out giving millions to prevent climate change by dimming the sun. But it is doing the opposite opposite and is destroying life. Which depopulation may be there true goal.

    • Melissa says:

      I'm a truck driver and see it everywhere but I've told a few people they're spraying heavy in Iowa

    • Maureen Chaloner says:


    • Steve says:

      Just moved to Surrey, England. Specifically Dorking. Chem trails everywhere. It looks like a war zone. Who do I contact to protest this??? 

  5. C. Josef says:

    Well, we are all dead people walking.  Better get some religion in ya cuz it sure looks to be the end of the world as we know it!


    Thanks for your delivery of such a dire subject!

  6. Robert Lynn Hütwohl says:

    People need to open their eyes through proper education, such as Dane's Geoengineering Watch website and educate themselves with what is just one part of a world-wide human-caused problem. People need to see and hear the obfuscation techniques being implemented for an unbelievably wide range of problems. May Dane live a long life.

  7. Hazielle says:

    It's unfortunate that all that is being done to our Earth and humanity as said is compartimentalized…. During those same period its a grand scale of destruction going on. Mosento intittlement to patent ALL seeds is an outrage as well as ALL process foods industry are using those same chemical for decades…Who remembers the trial on baby GERBERT food found with mercury in the late 70's? And Mosento trial in the 90's for his nonreproductive seeds marketering? MY question why, for what purpose and to what end you might ask? Who does it profit to bring the planet to its END? No one as the courage to bring that up so again courageous men and women can only bring forth the compartimentalized info but not the full picture…All this is reversable but only if it is stop NOW! What will it take for humanity to unite globaly against  those who are and have for a long time controlled US?

  8. pin chitt says:

    It’s not only in the USA, it’s everywhere, in Europe, Asia and even in communist shithole China.

    They want to kills us, this is what is happening.

    • The Lau says:

      Thank you very much for conducting this critical research and sharing directly with the public like a proper community.  I like this website and the structure of information.  And I'm so very glad I discovered it today because about 3+ years ago, I started using a nickname for this:  climate-tampering.  And I don't know who (which nation) first thought it was a dynamite idea to commit this kind of self-sabotage (for probably different purposes than for being able to shrug shoulders and say "see? Climate change") but I recall Beijing managing to not make it rain when they were hosting the Olympics.  In Austin they recently implemented that intentional rain system — the purpose for that was…..equity, because the outer suburbs would get more inches of rain per year than the city, problem solved — hope those disadvantaged are thanking their municipal gods for their rain program — because that's what these administrative officials think of themselves. So pleased with themselves.

    • Cozmik says:

      Still way too many are asleep on this subject. I've tried to tell peole for over a decade but been called all manner of offensive names. I'm glad more people are finding out about  it but can these people be stopped.  They have infiltrated all of our govt's and freely admittted it…but no-one stops them. :*(

    • Deb D says:

      Why aren't people protesting outside government officials' offices?  There are MORE of us than them!  There is no hope for mankind if they are NOT taking a stand against this poison!



    • Nan says:

      The thing I can't understand is why the people in the governments (the elitists) think that this spraying is not going to hurt THEM!  Do they not have to breathe the same air that we breathe?  Do they think they are infallible and able to escape the danger?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nan,, in regard to your question about why the power structure would poison / contaminate their own air with climate engineering, it is imperative to remember and consider the agenda behind what is occurring in our skies is varied and complex. The planetary decimation is more accurately a consequence, not a specific objective.

      From climate intervention to mask the rapid warming of our planet, to weather warfare, to ionizing the atmosphere for over the horizon radar and communications purposes (and more), there are many objectives / agendas being carried out at once. Ultimately all is about power and control, there is no benevolence whatsoever in the climate engineering insanity. Again, about why “they” would do this to themselves, consider the behavior of a cancer. Does a cancer intend to kill it’s host? No, a cancer simply continues to expand and proliferate until the host eventually dies. This is the mentality we are dealing with, the power structure does not consider the consequences of their actions (even to themselves), they never have. They have detonated over 2000 nuclear bombs (contaminating the entire planet), they continue to construct faulty nuclear power plants (even though Fukushima alone has the potential to kill us all), there are many other examples. For more,  link attached

    • Thomas Simpson says:

      Obviously you have never been to China.  And if you have, your prejudice against Chinese comes through loud and clear.   As for the disturbing military application of weather modifying techniques, I personally suffer from living in an Agent Orange contaminated environment while serving my country for 15 months in the Vietnam war.  For 28 years I worked in the airline industry.  That experience provided some insight in the debate that rages today regarding this topic.  I easily see through the fallacy of composition, otherwise known as lying, that our government engages in, to cover up secret projects cooked up by agencies like DARPA.  Spraying harful exfoliants into the atmosphere is not only creating the conditions for intense fires, but it also has devastating affect on our food supply.  Fields of corn, cabbage, wheat, tomatoes, and many other crops we consume, grow under this barrage of highly toxic chemicals deliberately released into the atmosphere by a government that has little if any concern for the General Welfare of the people.  If we had an honest news media this could not happen.  But we don't.  We the People have been abandoned by the institutions that are supposed to protect us from criminal acts by our government.   Instead, nightly news reports are configured to point fingers at China, Russia, or some other fabricated enemy, to distract the American people from what the enemy within is doing to us on a daily basis.  And unfortunately you have fallen for it.       

    • Jaime says:

      I know  why  this is happening.  They are taking control of the whole planet.     Just watch  who are the rulers  in China, in Russia, in USA and in many more countries.   Every year they  take control of more nations.   They have a plan to eliminate   part of humankind, and  probably it  will be  soon, in a few  years,   maybe   before 2030.   Some books,  written  more than 30 years ago,    explain what is their  goal  objective.   Humankind  should open the  eyes.        

  9. Rick says:

    Being seeing this in North Texas for awhile. There's usually a distinct spot in the sky that is usually heavily sprayed and the sun will intersect that spot in the hottest part of the afternoon. 

    • Dee says:

      I've watched them spraying contrail in the sky since before 2000. I watched the changes in how they spread. I've even watched from beside a highway near an airport. Once when traveling in a state vehicle for work, I pulled to the side of an Illinois state highway to watch two planes lay criss crossing trails. I think right after I stopped to watch, both planes left. I was laughed at whenever I mentioned it. I drove a lot for work and saw it every day. I have recently retired to NC and it seems to be worse here in the mountains.

  10. meyoma says:

    Great news.  Family can't wait to sit down and see what we anticipate to be, finally, a documentary that will blow our minds.  The  photos (above) are enough to scare the hell out of us.  And, here in Shasta County, California, even though we see those skies above us all lined with poisonous lines of destruction, to see it in print really brings it home, as strange as that may sound.  And a big thanks to Jovyde Wigington for all of her exceptional photographs. And to the others who submitted such fine depictions of their 'own' skies.

  11. Pat Rutter says:

    Glad I found you thru the  Dimming Post….Lots to learn  Thanks..

  12. Jennifer Carmellino says:

    I'm a native Californian who just moved to the south of France 6 months ago.  There's a lot of spraying in CA.  Here, in the beautiful sunny region of Provence, we are being sprayed every single week day.  I watch it happen like clockwork, from my bedroom window, starting at 7:30am.  What starts as a gorgeous blue sky, turns hazy and stays that way. 

    Thank you, for all of your hard work, and spreading the word.  We need you.  I'm grateful to have a resource to send others (who are waking up) to for information.

    • Hilary says:

      Exactly the same here in Ireland Jennifer!

      Even today there was a beautiful blue sky… and then they came to spoil it. We knew they would.

      It happens every day. It's horrible. Lots of people I know don't even notice it! 😥

    • Jon says:

      Same thing in Sweden, some days it is very bad.

  13. Darrin B says:

    Thank you and God bless you all of your incredible work. My question is this: If there is undeniable proof that this has been (and continues to be) happening on a daily basis…and it's NOT just the United States…HOW DO WE STOP IT???!! When does it end? Will it ever end?????

  14. Pavel says:

    Hi all!
    I'm from Russia. And you know what? I also looked at the sky with anxiety for a long time. And I saw these strange contrails there. My pilot friend said it was all nonsense and nothing out of the ordinary. BUT! Recently (with the beginning of the conflict with Ukraine), the Russian sky has become much cleaner. I see ordinary clouds and blue skies. Thank God for everything!

    • Jorge says:

      SATANATO is the absolute criminally responsible actor for this monstrosity, so, yes, kind of makes sense. I wonder why there were chemtrails there before the war, which I really hope is over soon. Anyway, good for you! 

    • Ken says:

      Here in the southwest of France, between Toulouse and the Pyrenees, we see chemtrails about 3 times a week, showing all the signature signs described and shown in photographs and videos on this site and elsewhere.  The reason commercial pilots do not see this may be because these planes fly at times and in airspace where commercial fights do not.   "Dimming" is exactly what follows each assault.  And there are no polluting factories anywhere nearby, just Toulouse with the strictest antipollution measures imaginable to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the east, and a coast-t-coast mountain range to the south.

    • Joe says:

      I live in California my whole life and have been seeing our skies being whited out for about 25 years now with chemtrails.  Pretty much every day they spray the skies very early in the morning so that no one will notice.  By 9am the entire sky is a light gray to white color and no blue skies or sunshine. When we went out to the beach at 5am just before a full sunrise, there were planes everywhere spraying the skies.  You are blessed to have your blue skies back again.  I doubt we will ever see that again here in California.  

  15. Julie says:

    Thanks for this site! Looking forward to watching the film. We are interested in providing the proper paperwork to the corporations involved to MAKE THEM STOP. We believe that is what it will take: Simply, THE PROPER PEOPLE with THE PROPER PAPERWORK. Please message me to join us – we outnumber them.

    • Carlos Pineiro says:

      These people are messing with Gods creation. 
      they will be dealt with in due time . You can't mess with Him and get away with it.

      they have all the money and all the people to manipulate the atmosphere as see see fit , in disregard of any ill effects to human life, that again being GODs creation.

      so look out.  We MUST pray for HIS intervention.

  16. Muckypup says:

    Hench-men of the Apocalypse ,

    dont treat us like Frogs in hot water

  17. Valerie says:

    FB wouldn't let me post a link – it put up the gray square with "false information". So that tells us – it's true. I shared it around on FB messenger….. our planet was beautiful, perfect, and awesome. God gave us everything. Then ego-bloated humans mucked in and….well…. the earth can heal itself, we need to keep sounding the alarm and share this movie far and wide. Thanks to Dane W and company for this beautiful, horrifying film. It will be a tool to regain our health, and the planet's back again.

    • Ramona MINOVSKI says:

      The BBC have put out their own version under the same name ! How preposterous! Absolutely! It's linked with pollution and starvation Talk about how the Truth is suppressed and twisted ! 

  18. JOY Pangburn says:

    That was totally amazing.  My aunt is 83 and she has no dementia so that might be a positive spot in the terrible mix.  I so love what you have produced here to share with us.

  19. Curious says:

    This documentary is excellent! Thank you!

  20. Lola García says:

    Gracias por vuestra colaboración y trabajo en el despertar de las personas. He intentado compartir el nuevo documental en facebook, me lo han eliminado, los falsos verificadores , dicen que he intentado compartir información falsa. Pero aun así la he compartido por otros sitios :). Hace más de 20 años que vigilo los cielos, me ha costado discusiones hasta con mi ex pareja, me han llamado conspiranoica….y cosas peores, pero nunca he dejado de vigilar los cielos. En España hay muchísimas personas enfermas , alergias, asma, problemas respiratorios…unidos a las inoculaciones y el 5G, hacen que fallezcan cada vez más personas jóvenes y sanas , y el número de enfermos no para de subir, pienso que los creadores de estre infierno no son nada listos y si no paran acabarán también con sus vidas, acabarán con la vida del planeta. La falta de lluvia, las prohibiciones de plantar alimentos,  prohibiciones de mantener rebaños de ovejas, vacas, cerdos…. … falta de agua…..cada vez todo está más seco…… Aun tenemos tiempo, pero debemos movernos todos a la vez, debemos despertar sí o sí al resto de la humanidad, los necesitamos despiertos para crear nuestro nuevo planeta libre de depredadores humanos. Es la última oportunidad para tod@s. . Gracias a cada un@  

  21. Leisa says:

    I have a question. How are the E L I T E S protecting themselves from this and all the spraying?

    Thank you for bringing so much of this to the forefront. It was very informative. So appreciative of this knowledge. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Leisa, thank you for standing with us in this all important effort to sound the alarm. In regard to your question about why the power structure would poison / contaminate their own air with climate engineering, it is imperative to remember and consider the agenda behind what is occurring in our skies is varied and complex. The planetary decimation is more accurately a consequence, not a specific objective.

      From climate intervention to mask the rapid warming of our planet, to weather warfare, to ionizing the atmosphere for over the horizon radar and communications purposes (and more), there are many objectives / agendas being carried out at once. Ultimately all is about power and control, there is no benevolence whatsoever in the climate engineering insanity. Again, about why “they” would do this to themselves, consider the behavior of a cancer. Does a cancer intend to kill it’s host? No, a cancer simply continues to expand and proliferate until the host eventually dies. This is the mentality we are dealing with, the power structure does not consider the consequences of their actions (even to themselves), they never have. They have detonated over 2000 nuclear bombs (contaminating the entire planet), they continue to construct faulty nuclear power plants (even though Fukushima alone has the potential to kill us all), there are many other examples. FYI link attached

    • Janet Boyle says:

      In response to Dane's reply, "This is the mentally we're dealing with,  wanting power and control".  It's important to understand that these people lack remorse, a fact proven by their very actions. You cannot reason with a person who lacks remorse!  It's like talking to a wall.  They lack normal emotions. They need to be identified and brought to public attention.  No, this will not cause them to feel shame or to regret their actions.  Only to be consumed with revenge, 'to win', like the true sociopaths they really are.  I say this is a job for the Fight Club.  Lol

    • to the glory of Jesus our only savior says:

      they are under a spell my dear… the spell of Satan and his demons. That is why they cannot see they run into their own destruction.

    • David says:

      They will look down and see the blood on their feet and Not have a Clue that it's from their own throats that they have slashed themselves


  22. Jackie Simmons says:

    Thank you Dane for the work you are doing.  To keep at this for over 15 years is amazing!  I live in Austin, TX and I am just learning of this whole spraying thing in the last few months.  I am noticing trails very early in the morning, before sunrise.  And this morning, I wake up to overcast skies.  Does anyone think these bastards are now spraying overnight to avoid detection? 

    • Betty Stewart says:

      Hi Jackie, I live in Austin.  I would like to see if enough people are interested in bringing this to the attention of elected officials.  

    • Vincent Nolan says:

      I've noticed them spraying much more of late at night (it can be seen by moonlight) and in the early morning (Ireland). Yep, probably to be less conspicuous, not that many of the sheep below notice! 

  23. Robert G. Collier says:

    Thank-you Dane for this informative and eye opening documentary, I caught your interview on Mike Adams’ podcast today. I have suspected there is something very different in the skies around Nova Scotia, the sky does seem to be not that vivid blue of my childhood, and I’m 62 years old. I’ve noticed the smell of the forest to be dulled, I’ve spent a lot of time in the forests here in Nova Scotia and also in Newfoundland I just contributed to aging and it’s my sense of smell that is dulled. When I heard about Bill Gates a few months ago wanting to dull the skies against solar radiation, I believed the governments of the world would never let him do such horrible experiment on the atmosphere, now I’m more aware this sort of thing has been going on for decades, it is unfathomable to me as a human being. I’m a true believer in Christ, so if mankind will not hold people like Gates accountable, I know the one who created this amazing planet will. God bless you Dane and guide you in your fight for all life on this beautiful planet.

    • mtman2 says:

      How sickening….!!!!!!


    • Kim says:

      How can so many people be complicit in this? Mind blowing. God save us!

    • chris safos says:

      we must stop this war on our climate and life or we will experience hell on earth


    • Mark H Bryant says:

      Thank you for this Dane and team.  It amazes me how even the supposed "most intelligent" on our planet are the least observant.  I cannot tell you how many of these "smart" people who have "memorized the meteorological narrative" do not even trust their eyes. Even when I tell them that high thrust military fighter aircraft, tankers, and bombers don't emit ConTrails that flow from one horizon to the other, they fall back to their "memorized" meteorological narratives and deny what they see.  It's sad AND embarrassing.  Like my mom always taught me – I trust what I see and what I see now in our skies IS NOT what I saw as a young boy in Texarkana looking up at the sky wondering where passenger airliners were going.  We MUST stop this and awaken the ignorant. 

    • John giacopazzi says:

      I live on the Oregon coast 12 years. I use to live in the forest of Northern California. Until I move to the coast I knew instantly what I was seeing on the horizon was puzzling.

      My family think I'm crazy, people I point it out to think I'm crazy. I have no social life do to what 'I know is true' All weather here travel east. I watch chems control the jet stream as easy as boiling water on the stove. But the public looks the other way and laughs. 
      I am a scientific angler, I witness the salmon steelhead stocks diminish in the last 12 years. Locals still say h to e fishery is 'great.' Anything for the glory of money. Tourist is the way of life here and fishing guides are the people who make the money from failing salmon and steelhead stocks but they will deny and they will deny and they will deny for the glory of money. Even the fish biologist  to my opinion are corrupt they keep on saying how great it is.

      All I here is 'climate change' true , but 'why' the truth why.
      Geo engineering is why. Try to sale that. Good luck. Pooping cows make more sense in todays world. Sad indeed.

      May you be content with who you are. 

    • Heather says:

      I agree sir, I was telling a friend the sky is not as blue as it once was from childhood.  This is beyond absurd and deplorable and cruel to the human race.  I have noticed the spraying in early morning hours or late evening after dark.  Blatantly during the day, leaving our skies foggy and overcast.  It's sickening.  I am down for a class action law suit, how on earth can our members in congress ignore this? It's unreal, somebody please wake me up already 😵‍💫

    • Carolyn says:

      Hello Robert and everyone else. I have had the same experience as you Robert. I am your age and I too thought it was my age that was dulling my sense of smell. I live in  Florida and have noticed, only this year, that the skies have a dull and milky blue color and not the vivid blue as usual. The clouds are normally large, puffy summer clouds that fill with water and give us earth quenching daily storms… the clouds now have a brownish color to them when they begin to fill with rain (??) and look very abnormal.  I have been suspicious that the weather is being manipulated…an extraordinary and eerie thought . It rains every day in the summer in Florida, but not this year…only several days of rain. It is hottest than I and others can recall in the past 50 years. The evil in the world has surpassed my imagination. As a Christian, I believe that vengeance is God's as well. 


  24. Stephen Gibbons says:

    Absolutely, it seems to me that most people do not have a heightened sense of awareness or perception. They never grow and remain stagnant. They say we live in the information era, then how is it that more and more people know less and less about everything?


    • Donni De-Ville says:

      We have a duty to post this website wherever we can. Too many people are only concerned with politics, and we know there is so much propaganda, so none of us know enough of the truth there.

      But, we can put out real info on the damage being done to our skies and our oxygen, not to mention the deliberate killing of our wonderful trees. If there had not been so many scary distractions, we would have all been fighting against this atrocious treatment of our skies. 

      As we need to breathe, and with the lowering of our oxygen it is helping to cause our lack of energy. The contents of the chemtrails are damaging the soil too, which is all part of ruining our organic food intake. The planet is being made impossible for human and animal life. This really should be a huge consideration. 

      I'm going to make a point of posting some info and this site of Dane Wiggington, everywhere I can, in the hopes more people will take notice and support each other to do something constructive to prevent more damage from being done. Before it is too late to do anything. 

    • Emily Harding says:

      It is their (and all of our) indoctrination to "follow orders". Just like in school where they/we were taught to "do what the teachers say", as adults they do what the media and what the politicians say without thinking for themselves how their actions would impact others. They also vote for so called "representatives" who are nothing but glorified slave masters who don't represent them at all. If we had representatives, they would know us and act on our behalf – not AGAINST us. However, if we simply said  "No" to a lot of things and stopped going along to get along and began following our good conscience, we could make the world a much better place. (They need our compliance to be successful.) This applies most importantly to the people tasked to carry out the evil deeds ie the actual spraying "because they are following orders" or "doing their jobs".  These people should stop being part of the problem and find work that doesn't directly or indirectly do harm to others.   We need to STOP being such good order followers and become better independent critical thinkers.

    • Rocko Magistri says:

      Stephen, we do live in the information Era. The problem is most people have been trained to believe what they are told and if they heard it on the likes of CNN, NBC or CBS then it's true. Many don't seem to understand that they are being lied to daily. People's information is only as good as the source it comes from. These people are smart in many ways. They knew what they were doing when they took over mainstream media, the school systems, corrupted health care and so on. 

  25. Cindy Owen says:

    Thank you Dane for this beautifully informative piece. My husband and I have years and tears of photos documenting these poisonous trails all over the U.S. Our trees on our farm have been deteriorating rapidly. My eyes burn with tears on some days. I know Mr Gates was deep in this and probably still us. I wonder why he is not talked about more in your piece. Is he that untouchable?

    many, many thanks for this extremely informative and important piece. 
    God bless you  and God bless us all 🌸

    cindy owen, MSW

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Cindy, my deepest thanks to you and all others that are fighting against the insanity in our skies. About Mr. Gates, he is little more than a prop in the play. Climate engineering was deployed globally before Gates was even born. It is those behind the curtain that actually pull the strings.

  26. Debra Ray says:

    I was wondering if there is a transcript of this movie. This contains fantastic information and I would like to share it with people who would not sit down and watch something this long, but would be willing to read it.  Thanks for all the work you have done in research and producing this movie so all have the possibility to learn the truth. God bless your mission.

  27. Tonia says:

    In the last days, there will be cobwebs in the sky.

    Native American Proverb. 

  28. Gene Adaway says:

    I've found it's easier to advocate for those still stuck in their programming if you imagine what life would be like if you were still there.

  29. George Rios says:

    When is it going to stop?!    05/15/2022

  30. Mark Watson.. says:

    Dane, Thank you for you awesome work..

    Shared it .

    And will continue to direct people to your site Sir.

    mad Respect.

    I have been making some videos as well..

    But not as good as yours..

    You have definitely Done your research…

    Some of the things you mentioned I have been telling people for decades..

    They Don't hear ya thou..

    Indoctrination is Strong..

    I believe the reason more people don't come out..

    Is because most are Freemasons..

    God bless you Dane..

    Appreciate you..

    Godbless all who watch your work as well..

    Be well..stay up God is good.🇺🇸🙏⚖️

  31. Lynn C Maust says:

    Is this the method to kill off 90% of the world's population?

  32. Ray says:

    Chemtrails always remind me of a story which came from a concentration camp prisoner in WW2…They said, as bad as it got inside the camp at least they could look to the sky for hope & relief. The sky was their only refuge. I'd love to think this also but they've taken that away too. 

    • Lynn C Maust says:

      completely understandable…

    • Andy says:

      I have felt the same way. They have taken our sky, control of our weather, now massive storms. Just like the movies I always loved to view. didn't know they were predicting our future.

    • Moni*a says:

      They want to take all hope from people and bring down everything what can bring happiness to person so people would have "no choice" but be dependent on everything on "them" turning people into mindless slaves that's why "they" are working tirelessly toward that goal…

  33. Clinton Hall says:

    Mr. Wigington thank you for doing such outstanding research and informative activism. I love this earth like you and so many others and I believe in true conservative idealism- that we should be good stewards of our resourses. I will be purchasing your materials to circulate in my hometown area. I have documented the SAI overhead at my house north of Eglin AFB and am disgusted that our Airforce is willfully turning a blind eye and likely complicite in this planetary destruction. I ask- can we the people open a class action lawsuit against those who are derelict in their sworn duty to secure the airspace above America??? War Party- the enemy controls the beast system therefore we must reach people in the 3rd dimension peer to peer. Get off the tyranical socialmedia platforms that make money on everyone being "plugged-in" for their advertising propaganda. EVERYONE KNOWS WHICH ONES THESE ARE. STOP SUPPORTING ALL BUSINESSES THAT GIVE THEIR MONEY TO GOs & NGOs THAT ARE ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN ENSLAVING HUMANITY. IF YOUR CHURCH IS NOT SPEAKING AGAINST THE TYRANNY THAT IS UPON US- YOU SHOULD FIND OR CREATE ANOTHER CHURCH. SHOP SMALL. GROW IT. MAKE IT. SHARE IT. LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS JESUS HAS LOVED US. THIS IS A FIGHT WE WILL NOT WIN BUT MUST PRESS FORWARD NONETHESAME. IT IS A NOBLE CAUSE TO LAY ONES LIFE DOWN FOR OTHERS. GOD BLESS THE DOERS OF GOOD.

    • Bernadette Dobler says:

      That was powerful.  I do think humanity will win.


    • Kelly says:

      I believe we can win.  I refuse to think otherwise.  The tyranny has to be overcome.  Humanity can survive in a better way.  

    • Jens Schnetzler says:

      Is there a possibility of a German translation of the documentary? It would be a great opportunity to share the documentary in the German-speaking world! Of course also other languages: Spanish, French, etc…. 

    • Tricia says:

      Absolutely!! The churches are NOT

      TEACHING TRUTH or fighting Against the wickedness in high places. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy and that is just what they are doing. The enemy is working in each one of these godless men and women that serve the false gods. 

    • Daisy says:

      Very crazy people seem to be in charge. Self-appointed "experts" need to be taken down. We've been watching chemtrails for years, they spray when it is partly cloudy so no one notices.  But we know what to look for.  Have not seen a bee for years here, or a butterfly. Ten years ago, there were many. 

    • Bert Taylor says:

      Well said my brother!

  34. dogsnoseknows says:

    NDCQ=Not Dead, Can't Quit – Masterful, awe-inspiring expression of love and light for Lifeforce … I am with you Dane Wigington, and all who love life/Creation, so long as I can breathe and love.

  35. Forever grateful for this excellent film! says:

    Excellent work!!!  The production values of this film are of the highest standard.  I am very grateful for everyone's hard work and the significant financial contributions that it took to produce such a world-class film on these crucial issues!

    If anyone is wondering if it's worth the time to watch, I will tell you it most certainly IS worth your time!  You will walk away with an solid understanding of one of the most complex issues we face as well as inspiration to make whatever changes are needed for our collective future survival.

  36. Karen Hetherington says:


    I did not want to watch this documentary.  I knew I would get very depressed and angry.  However, I finished watching it and am blown away by the realization that they are totally destroying our life support systems.  Where do the elites think they will go and live?  Do they think they will survive this?  There are too many genocide attacks against humanity.  These things, certainly not human, are envious of humanity and our beautiful earth.  She is our Mother, the Wisdom Goddess Gaia-Sophia.  They are destroying humanity=all life-and our home. We come from Her and we return to the earth. There is no place else to go.

    This is a war against humanity right above our heads.  Time fo act in more ways than one.

    • Lynn C Maust says:

      The time to act has passed us….almost.

    • Jim says:

      Yes, the "elites" do plan on surviving this. Farmer Bill Gates has been helping to grow and process all the food they will need, for however long they intend to remain underground in the vast caverns they have created. But, they don't intend to cause major damage to the surface, just the inhabitants. As Trump said, it's not Him they want, "they are coming after you…I'm just in their way." Biden has said he intends to lead the New World Order. He has guaranteed there will be food shortages. I could speculate on many topics but, "Baby, it's going to get cold outside" For us peasants, anyway.

  37. Barbara Barrett says:

    The demon possessed elite are behind this poisoning of the planet….especially humans. Those elite need to be exposed, arrested for crimes against humanity, tried, found guilty. Period.

    • Jenny Wren says:

      Yes, Barbara, I have thought about this for years. It is the elite who are funding the money into the destruction of planet Earth. But they are fools because they will also have no planet to live on if this is not stopped.

  38. Tina Stolberg says:

    "Any one of us can be the final pebble in the landslide of awakening"

    A beautiful call to action. Please share this doc with everyone you care about. 


  39. Grant Jonathan says:

    Thank you for this video.

    I have always said, something is wrong with the air, the sky is being polluted very badly.  Early in the morning,  a clear blue sky until one chemTrail then many airplanes passing through and the sky is totally Grey covered with airplane trails.


    No one believed in deliberate ChemTrails but you have made it clear and more understandable for ignorant people.  Thank you.

  40. James Wallace says:

    I went to ERAU as an Aero Engineering major and flew many planes and live on Daytona Beach Airport for 4 years. AS I understand it, commercial airlines are restricted to specific lanes in the sky like a 3d highway. They do not fly willy nilly all over the sky like you see in the pictures of trails.

    Also water vapor dissipates and doesn't grow into a large sheet of white.

  41. Chi says:

    Outstanding production! LOVED the end of the movie <3

    Time to wake up everyone!!!

    • MLuns says:

      We live in the desert. For the last week it's pretty obvious that the skies are being engeneered every night. We have been living under a haze for days in an otherwise sunny time of year! At night I can smell a musty almost mildewy or moldy smell outside. I just ran across a journal where they were talking about the graphene oxide they were putting in the skies over Dubai in 2018. The side effects for graphene oxide are the same as COVID. Coinsidence??? I don't know but it can't be healthy all those pollutants in the sky. In the neighboring city the haze reaches the ground. 

  42. Janis D. Jenkins says:

    Great documentary, confirms what some of us have been suspecting all along about these chem trails.   Now, what to do about this?!!  Tried to get my daughter to view this; but she said that she doesn't want to be concerned with this.  I told her that she needs to be because this is affecting all of us, her children, the whole world.   If we don't do something, we won't have a world to call home.  

    • D says:

      My daughter told me flat out – "I refuse to believe any conspiracy theories" I am dismayed at her refusal of what is being REVEALED, more and more, as TRUTH. People in my circle just Can't Believe Anyone could be this Evil. I Still Thank God for His Goodness !

  43. Taina Rivera says:

    I have noticed that, once again, YouTube is colluding with a "mainstream outlet" to post what they refer to as "{factual] context" to videos covering climate engineering. The irony is how such banners were not seen under Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News until The Dimming was posted. The source denies that YouTube has anything to do with these disinformation banners, which under investigation, is patently false. The point is that the information within The Dimming is so spot on, YouTube resorted to its usual chicanery.

    The Dimming scores a 10 star rating on a scale of 1 to 5. well researched, excellently documented, excellently presented, and excellently produced. I, for one, will make sure that this powerful documentary is spread far, and wide.

    • Deborah Lawson says:

      May 2021 in middle Tennessee the weather channel and radar showing no clouds and we have been sprayed like roaches to the point you cannot see the sun, completely overcast.  

      Is there NO One of over 300 Million people who can do something about this crime against humanity ?    Complaining isn't getting us anywhere and people in our government are either too scared or complicit in this criminal enterprise. 

  44. Sunlight Germany says:

    First of all, I would like to thank Dane for his tireless work in bringing all these things to light. My next thanks go to family members who are helping to help all those who work on this informative site and all those who made this film possible. I would also like to remind you of the film director who was involved in this film but died. I would also like to salute all those who are gathered here. My second post, which I have written in 14 years, should be a little more detailed. Until I was 7 years old, I lived a little deeper in the Ruhr area as a young boy. Since then I have lived in the northern Ruhr area on the edge of Münsterland. What brought me to this site? When I started researching the madness of this technology, it was 2011, I understood how profound this problem is. Now the month in which I have been on this site for 4 years is approaching and I have learned that this problem is much more profound. There are many things that have shaken my 54-year life, but one of those things is the problem of geoengineering. How are the trees in the country Where I live? It doesn't matter if it's pines, spruce or other conifers. It doesn't matter if it's the beautiful birch trees, chestnuts, oaks or other trees. Now it is also increasingly hitting the beech trees, which account for the largest share of the forest after the conifers. The last years of heat and drought have added massively to the trees. Sick, dying or dead trees can be seen everywhere. Trees with split trunks, to the southwest, can also be seen everywhere, (and not only this.) What's going on with the insects? The loss of insects has become worse from year to year.If I drive 600 kilometers in dry conditions in the summer and count 20 (small) insects on the windshield, or I drive 200 kilometers in my environment and I don't find an insect on the windshield, what does that tell me? Then we are well beyond 80 or 90 percent death rate. They have all but disappeared. I remember times many years ago when insects and moths accumulated on every lamp. Long gone, this time. And that's exactly how I remember times when the sky blue outweighed this bad grey. I know what the sky used to look like and I know what the sky looks like today. But what about the polymer fibers…? Spider weaving, that's how they tell me…! Of course, it hurts especially when it is people who are close to you. It is the same people who want to go back in time before Corona and who do not even know what is behind the term "geoengineering".In over 10 years, I have managed to introduce one of my siblings to this problem after it was raised several times. Yes, there was a proper debate two years ago. But it's not enough to wake up "right." My good mother, who has never done anything to an ant, is no longer alive. She died in hospital due to treatment errors. As I write down all this, I experience a thunderstorm with greys, combined with strong winds, followed by a few "snowflakes", at a temperature of +3°. Very quickly everything is over. I look to the northwest and the sky clears up. I asked what to do. I will continue to strive to bring as many people as possible to this site. And to Dane, it is one of the most valuable experiences in my life to know such a smart and educated person. Greetings and strength to ALL here.

    • Gail Naughton says:

      Since Joe Biden got in office, the Chemtrails  in my area, Eastern Washington, have gotten much worse.  Band upon band of them across the sky.  It seems they want to destroy any pleasant sunny spring weather, probably to help Biden with his 'Dark Weather" agenda.

  45. william devlin < sorry, proper name is w devlin not damien/ says:

    When language fail, words become meaningless…….This one is "Overcome" rather, more at, "Become speechless!"   Like a seal, looking into the eyes, of a "Masked, solitary, interloping, undersea Romeo, a godsend of incarnate love eternal cavorting in the Sport (Lila) of Divine afflatus, where time and space exist only in the mind, the dimming of all sense organs reaches it's zenith, and only the quiet hum of memory remains, to hold forth"….. Now, together, We find our voice in Unity, A Oneness (in apparent diversity) reclaiming what's never lost, just misplaced; for the individual does not exist, only Truth, of a surety, alone, exist! The Infinite Call to Adventure beckons and 'The Dimming' is a Clarion, Trumpeting the Universal Absolute in Effulgent Omniscient Potency, the Eventide of Plenary Powers, in a march of Irresistible Tidal Wave, braking upon the brittle egoity of Humanities nescient stuporific sinfulness! Jai RAM

    Alas, one is blinded by tears most fearsome, a blight of the post modern human eye…..'could, may, might,….a remedy be in sight'?

        A man of many hats dons them all, at the alter of submission,      "BRAVO MAESTRO" to Rapturous Applause; A Crashing of Human Ego most deafening!

  46. Leisa says:

    If it was going on successfully in secret and hardly anybody noticed, why has it come into the mainstream in the way that is has, creating the absurdity of it being "proposed" while actually happening? Anyone got any ideas?

    • Robert says:

      And if you Google "Geoengineering" what you'll find  attached almost always is the word "Conspiracy", and it's true, except the conspiracy is to hide and defame those who really know what is happening above our heads in plain sight. When the universal mind is awakened let's see what definition they attach to it, probably something like " Run, they're coming for us" and Professor Keith, you had better start your wind sprints training pronto because we are catching up to your lies.

  47. ADT says:

    Dane I've listened to you for years. I appreciate all the work you are doing. I hope my memory stays intact breathing this toxic air!!! 

    I'm just hoping that the elite sex trafficking and pedofilia ring will soon get exposed by the good military leaders, who are to supposed to protect us from foreign and domestic threats. If they can take this great nation back from these "corrupt" public leaders, CIA, DOJ, FBI, big pharma, business elite, media, big tech etc and arrest these folks, who are the same players trying to kill us just for global control, maybe we could get our clean environment back and finally have some peace. 

  48. Mick Davies says:

    One could envision probes to this planet in the distant future leaving people wondering if life ever existed here.

    Hopefully, thanks to your quest, that day will never come.

    You just woke me up to the truth.


    • Cindycat says:

      Many times they announce a new technology or scientific discovery as if it is new when it has been going on for many years undercover. For example, when iPhones announces they are going to monitor every users photos for child porn, it means they have been doing this all along but now they want to be out in the open about it. If they are monitoring photos, they are also monitoring everything else on your phone as well. If ever they found something they want to use against you, they just say an anonymous informer tipped them off.

  49. Robert St John says:

    Bill Gates want us to join him on Goodreads for a Q&A about his new book  titled "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster". Let's have some fun with this one folks. This souless freak is insane.

    • Anne says:

      Isn't it just so strange how Bill Gates keeps appearing on the scene. He's the largest land owner and is also behind the mRNA vaccine technology that can kill you too. He's right if you control the weather … and the food supply, you control the people. Hmmm.

    • Carolyn says:

      I recall reading about Bill Gates desire to shade the sun just 4 or 5 years ago.   Can there be more evil people on the planet than this person and his smirking ex wife as they promised just recently that a nastier virus is on the way?   He will undoubtedly be involved in this evil geo engineering.   Take a look at the weather on the east coast of Australia this last year – fires, torrential rain and floods, and it's not over yet.

    • LynnRose789 says:

      I tried hard to educate a family member about the reality of #Geoengineering. She's a Democrat. Democrats don't want to believe our weather is controlled. They kowtow to that young girl…what's her name? One day I was at the beach with my sister and a plane was creating a chemtrail design in the sky above us. I told my sister to look! She actually denied it's reality. All of you who just suffered the effects of Geoengineering in Florida…IAN, take note. Our government is in charge. Do any of you remember the storm in the South that made a right angle turn to the left. That had to be Geoengineered.


  50. Jack says:

    I've  posted the video to my Facebook page four days in a row.  My friends  say it does not show up. 

    • Joseph says:

      Hello Jack when you are censored — in my way of thinking what is there to hide.  The truth needs to come out — what kind of world do we really live in?  Why do the powers that be hold the truth– because they can and people are being dumbdown and getting more stupid by the day.

         History  books that are written are built on alot of lies. 

    • Donna Rose says:

      I did the same and it did not show up so I reposted it this way :

      geo engineering watch (dot) org with no spaces 

      type this in your browser and learn the truth

  51. dez says:

    No wonder populations are vulnerable to the Covid with so much obscuring the sun light folks vit D is depleted even more than normal  during the summer season.    As for Billy Goat Gates also wanting to also get on the Sun dimming plot he just wants to extend the winter season throughout the year to ensure his vaccs will be needed for 12 months instead of just winter seasons.    Greed 100%

    • Wes says:

      Exactly…Blocks pipelines for oil, but only because he owns a ridiculous amount of the rail company that will transport it instead, less efficiently but more prone to spills.. That clown is a Satan

    • Dee says:

      Don't call demonic eugenist Bill Gates of Hell a goat because he thinks it means





      He's just a slimy snake that sold his soul to Satan a long time ago!

  52. TN says:

    Been a while since I've been on this message board.  Dane.  Great job. I've been waiting for this documentary.  This is my line in the sand with my coworkers, family, friends and just general people I interact with.  This information is critical to pushing us out of cognitive dissonance. We must press now.  There is little time to recover.  Since the start of the new year. Days on days of milky white skys.  Missed forecasts.  Wrongly reported temps in TN.  We one day were supposed to be 32 and snow.  It turned into 50 and rain.  A lot of rain.  Then drizzle for the next week.  These toxins are making people sick and they blame it on anything but the real source.  I'm sending this video to gamers I play with.  Local sports family's and officials. I'm going to the pub this week to chit chat and spread the word there.  I'm determine to get this out and start the end game.  Let's do this all.  Tennessee is with you Dane. Even if it is just me.

  53. Amber Jones says:

    This was a very profound, thought-provoking documentary and it makes you realize that there could be no positive justification for geoengineering.   All we have to ask ourselves is how has geoengineering improved life on earth?  It was most interesting to hear the science about how aluminum interacts and interferes with the proteins in our bodies.  I would think people would be interested in knowing we possibly have billions of aluminum and other nanoparticles in the cells of our bodies causing damage. The air samples taken on the plane in this video were very telling.  It was sad to see the brown trees in the footage which were once homes to birds and other animals but are now lifeless shells. The beautiful footage at the end may be final images of what once was but will never be again.  I agree with the statement: "you can't not care as that is not human." The people spraying are assassins in the sky.

  54. Lizzyh7 says:

    I have one friend who does see the trails and sort of gets it, but just the other day after she watched the spraying and then the "clouds" forming, she actually said she "still has a healthy skepticism" about this happening.  I didn't bother to respond, and I am about done trying with her.  If I thought she would actually watch this film I would send it, but I no longer hold out any hope most of what I send gets even a glance.  "Healthy skepticism" keeps running over and over in my mind, and I really want to say to her it isn't "healthy" AT ALL!  This is a person who does see the total corruption of our government in many ways, and has actually told me in the past that I need to "shout it from the rooftops" when I go off on a rant.  Pray tell, which rooftop would that be, and it would it matter if no one is willing to listen?  If I cannot even get a friend who I may have some credibility with to see this, then just how is shouting it from a proverbial rooftop going to help when most won't even look up at the damned sky to see it for themselves?

    I have been watching and reading this site for about 4 years now after discovering it on a blog through a link that had a picture of the planes.  I'd been seeing those planes for a while and always naively assumed they were just military exercises.  Which they are in a way, but not the way I thought.  What military plane leaves a visible and lingering trail behind it when training for war?  What kind of logical sense would that make?  It wouldn't, of course. 

    With my "healthy skepticism" friend I did manage to ask her, OK, if they aren't spraying chemicals then just what IS it they are spraying?  No answer to that, and I did not really expect one.  I would love to think that may make her stop and think but again, I hold out little hope that really happens.  Most would rather stick their head in that phone and play a game or go down the rathole of party outrage politics that in the end matters not one bit except as the grand distraction that it is meant to be.

    I watched the entire film last night and will probably watch it again today.  And maybe I will attempt to send it along even knowing it probably will not be watched.  Thank you for all you do.  I hear the anger in your voice and it gives me comfort now to know I am not the only one with a white hot burning anger at the willful stupidity we all live with every day.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Lizzyh7, I like the way you think. thank you for sharing your experiences and your thoughts, they matter. You're on the right path.

    • Rob says:

      I can really relate to what you wrote. I just sent this out to most of my English-speaking Whatsapp contacts. I will send it to my Spanish-speaking contacts when it is dubbed, since most people are too lazy to read subtitles anymore. I just finished watching the entire docu. I don't have the stomach for it really. I KNOW it is true, and I also know that people will say things like, "Here he goes again.." when they get the link. But I sent it anyway in the hopes that maybe 2% of the friends that get the link will view the docu. And I know that the 2% that do watch it will be as repulsed and saddened as I am now. 

      I took the red pill many years ago. Taking the blue pill and living in happy DenialLand is not an option. Catherine Austin Fitts is right when she says that transparency will make all the difference. 

      And Dear Dane, your descriptions of your encounters with that natural world are moving and inspiring. We are both around the same age, and both from Southern California. Listening to you feels like home. Thank you so much for your courage, passion and commitment.

  55. Steve Olsen says:

    Evil has been very clever.  If any "thing"  rejects this film and still willingly is going along with the Plandemic psyop, get them out of your life. They are no longer human

  56. Jim S says:

    What a great collection of facts, brilliantly produced and presented throughout this great documentary. This the greatest tool to date of all of the toolbox that has been shared through this website and the great work of Dane Wiggington and all contributors. 

    So many times have I heard, "Where is the science to back this up?" to which I reply, "Please visit this website!" though many apparently are fended off by various "Debunking" and "Fact Checking" elements. The visual learning capacity to reach the masses is definitely contained within this compilation. Here is the science! Undeniably so! Thank you Dane and partners for making this tool available for me. Another frequent response to my attempts to bring awareness to this tragedy is "Wow, I never noticed that before". Which describes a populous that have their vision trained downward at their handheld computers. Observations of what Facebook or Twitter contains consumes their time. Perhaps it would help if they had to look up to view their "Smartphones". That is a very sad state of affairs especially given the current circumstance.

  57. Jonathan says:

    The husband of a friend of mine long ago read a book titled, Journeys on Mind Mountain. If interested you can go to the contact information on the website, to request ordering information. This may be the only place you can get the book at this time. The book is more of a journal of numerous hikes this man made up into the mountains of Colorado I believe it was the San Juan mountains. Each chapter is like a short less than how to look at life without being overly emotionally attached to it. It's a sort of calm detachment they may have some of you.

    Nevertheless, however you choose, everyone must learn how to detach emotionally from things and especially people who come if they had their way, would hurt our feelings and humiliate us and make us question our insanity. I just had to leave an old friend behind this weekend, someone with whom I was very close at one time. This is one of the reasons…. indifference to the truth. So knock your hands together like you're knocking dust off your hands, and walk on. Keep moving on! Keep On Keepin On! Leave them in the dust! Look the storm in the eye! Detach emotionally.

    That may sound harsh, yet we must be able to emotionally detach from such people, or we will get deeply upset on the inside, which can destroy the immune system for one thing, and render us emotionally and physically incapable of continuing on in this fight. Every able-bodied person to do everything they can within their particular sphere of influence. The cv-19 Lee is already starting to break wide open thanks to many people, not the least of whom is dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and dr. Simone gold, and Dr Lee Merritt, and many others, countless others across the world, who are standing up and speaking the truth. Be strong and be firm.

    What hospital was getting ready to start making us take those vaccines. I formally invoked my constitutional and legal rights I got an attorney and threatened them with a federal lawsuit if they dared to violate the sanctity of my body and the free expression of my religious Faith. They backed down completely and stopped emailing the entire hospital about getting vaccines. One person can make a difference my friends. The pen is mightier than the sword.

    • Kathy says:

      We have so much room to push back. This is awesome news Jonathon, we each hold so much power, what does it take/ our "will" and determination at what cost will each of us use it or not?

  58. Raymond says:

    It just makes common sense that psychopaths like Bill WaterGates, David "No More Blue Skies" Keith and Ken "Cowardly Carnegie" Caldeira all have minions of Dystopian worshipers. Who peruse through websites like this and report back to the Three Stooges, any time they find comments that reference their name, or their crimes against humanity which they are given blanket immunity for by the Controllers.

    So, having said that. I would now like to say exactly what I think about the Three Unwise Men and their plans to conquer Earth. Bring humanity to their knees and build their own greedy little empire that pales to the Lord of the Flies.

    Stop treating this planet and all of us like it is The Island of Doctor Moreau!

    Earth is the only home to humanity in this great big universe and a miracle of life, floating in the hostile void of space and endless dark matter. All three of you suffer from the illusion that you are Gods and flaunt your affliction of entitlement insanity. 

    I just want you to know:   It's not nice to mess with Mother Nature and if you continue to back the human civilization into a corner. The flee or fight instinct will eventually kick in, when desperation reaches it's climax. And whether there are billions or just a few million of us left standing. The odds are still not in your favor!

    God Bless all and keep up the Good Fight.

  59. Barb E says:

    Dane and everyone involved in making this documentary…fantastic. How can anyone deny the truth after watching!?!  Only the brain dead that don't look UP to see the truth happening right over their brain dead heads.  This needs to be shown EVERYWHERE.  I wonder if The Epoch Times would be interested in talking about this?  They have been demonitized by Utube for telling truthful news.   Update on NH.  Weather is up and down. High winds last week and this week. Temps up to almost 70, after windchills of -15 or lower. Back up to 50's, now windy again, Arctic cold front coming in (shit it should be 100 then) with windchills below zero again.  They're surely trying their best to make everyone think there is no global meltdown coming.  Put on your long johns because we're having Arctic cold.  Too bad the Arctic wasn't cold anymore.  We collected sap the last two weeks but it was slow with the below zero temps.  We'll finish cooking it into syrup in the back yard tomorrow.  Maybe we'll get a gallon to share with the neighbors that let us tap their trees. Time will tell when its done cooking down.   Dane – thank you so very much for making this important documentary!!  Too bad all those "retired" contributors didn't do something when they were actively involved.  Maybe just maybe we could have stopped the insanity long before we reached the point of no return.

  60. RandylJ says:

    Exceptional Documentary Movie, Dane! Blessings and praises to You, Your Family and All who helped to produce a very special film that I hope will circulate quickly and people will sit up, look up, and take notice. Interesting how March 12 week here in central North Carolina has seen an increase in Climate engineering spraying activity. All the local news focus is on the ridiculous continuing Covid vaccination push with no one even paying attention to the strange hot sun and particulate cold! I’m sending “The Dimming” out via text messages. Hoping for strong, positive feedback.

    Blessings All ~ Randyl J

  61. Mary Hollowell says:

    Thank you! – particularly enjoy hearing from Ron Kauk beginning 1:25 minuntes – Here are the Obama's in Yosemite National Park

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Mary, my friend I have met. Thanks for the video of Barry and big Mike. What hypocrisy they depict. "Strange days indeed". I dare anyone to find a picture of big Mike with a big belly, you know what I mean. You won't find one, just sayin.

      What kind of a country do you live in knowing that your "cheater in chief" got to be there by out right "cheating?". Then again, what kind of a country do you live in when no court will even "hear" the blatant in our face evidence? Just keeping it real folks(grin) "Stand Up!"

  62. Joseph says:

    Congratulations on getting this film out.  This has been one long battle.

    My hope is that this will be spread far and wide.  I look forward to getting my hands on the dvd.   All the environmental groups should see this too.

    They have been unwilling to touch this issue.

  63. Jeff Baker says:

    Thank you Dane for all that you and others do here at The Dimming is an awesome Documentary. I posted it the the 31 friends I have on FB, but Most of them have unfollowed me. Friends and family would complain when I would email them Eye Opening Information 15-20 years ago. Most people do not want to change and that will be their downfall. I will move on and find people that think like me and want to change this Earth back to a livable place to be.

    • Mac says:

      – hi Jeff, agree and same. Rather than post above will put here, because in a way sorting people ties to what I was going to comment about bacteria. I think our abilities have been misdirected to things that don't matter. Been trained away from our gut, when sorting is how we came to be, bacterias sorting from or to each other, based on what's necessary instead of what's superficial. Part of situation I wonder is as people turned away from natural life don't remember what's missing, it affects ability. Memory is part of ability, and comparing, so when we forget, we lose our base on everything.

      Was reminded in Dane's mention of not smelling trees, and few recent experiences, for instance was heating some vegetables and had hot water to drain, and instead of put down sink went outside to pour on ground,  when I did there was a good earth smell, hadn't smelled in so long. You wouldn't think smelling dirt would be a thing but it was, because it's been missing, hot/warm water was the difference. Another, was a store that had flower/plants in a cabinet, opened the door and smell was all at once, flowers and moist plants.  Now am thinking to get a few large plants, put in small room for smell, and to compare to outside, to see outside should smell more, not less.  It's been said smell is the strongest memory, and again I think part of ability, and comparing, things, people, whatever.  And goes to your comment Jeff, agree sorting can be natural, right.  If earth life is first priority, other decisions are natural.  Where I used to focus on the few large animals or whales left, now I think of the base we need to live, because no one can pretend spraying or chemicals aren't killing mass bacteria. Dane said something similar to – no bacteria no us, and can see now is core truth. Or maybe it was microbes, either way. Appreciate your work and sacrifice Dane, and others who pitched in on film. Sharing –


  64. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- Great Work!…     Report from Boston region:

    Temps this week in the 70s for 2 days, now with jet chemical spraying heavy in the blue skies, temps plunging back into the 20s… The snowpack does not melt,  but sublimates back to the atmosphere, no melting water,  drought continues…   The Truman Show that we are living….So many distractions, the latest & greatest distraction, the $2 Trillion dollar bailout of the US Economy…most of which will go to bailout corporations,  more distractions from the biosphere & climate collapse…   Dane keep up the great work…

  65. Sandy Patrus says:

    Hey folks, do want a good come back to those who argue relentlessly with you about the truth you are trying to tell them and insist they are right and you are wrong.  This quote came from a friend and her response to these people is this: "You do no research, so do not force unresearched propaganda on anyone who takes the time and effort to do the research."  Trust me, they will shut right up!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Sandy, you've got quite a well spoken friend there. Don't we all wish we had more like her. Actions and words I have used myself. But to read it in its condensed form is marvelous. Please extend that to your friend.

  66. Thomas A Ciolli says:

    Very impressive and informative production. Nice touch at the conclusion, very moving. Thanks to all who made contributions and to Dane for his tireless efforts to halt this crime against humanity and the entire web of life. Kind regards. TAC  

  67. Brent Papon says:

    Congrats bro If ANYONE gets within you or yours … 

    Respect love and Pride

    I'm sooooooo proud of you.

    Buckle up Bro



  68. Duane Martin says:

    Thank you, Dane, Jovyde and all the Production Team and Everyone for bringing "The Dimming" out into the world.  This should help bring the left brain "endeadened" out from their stupor -or- maybe these striking pictures can re-activate their once-held right brain survival instincts into action.  Maybe also, the idea might re-arise of another set of Nuremburg hearings involving the Gates-Fauci etal Myrmidons and their activities –it's a Hope.

  69. JanT says:

    Dane, thank you for this heartfelt production, a labor of love and sacrifice.  I was so impressed with the organization, content, and quality of the film – truly a work of art and knowledge that only you could present.  We should all be proud to be on the right side of history and truth and move forward from that basis.

  70. Carol says:

    Looking forward to watching the Dimming tonight,   all day the skies were constantly being sprayed, lines after lines and still going through the evening hours..

    Thank you Dane, for spending a lot of work and dedication on this video.

    A real eye opener.

  71. Andy says:

    I linked this production to my older brother.

    In formative years I had regarded him as one of my 'heroes' – an intelligent, well educated open minded person.. Or so I had thought.

    His reply to me is – "Stay away from our family, it is people like you who are amongst the most dangerous. Promoting debunked lies and 'anti-science:. You are a sick person."

    My heart is broken. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Andy, Wow, that's fricken harsh. Interesting how your brothers reply is an example of the programmed response the sheeple have been inflicted with. I know, I've had the same response from my own 'younger" brother that is involved with the computer engineering world. My family has literally disowned me. I miss my sister that died from a military induced brain tumor. She worked in a "communications shack" for almost 6 years in Korea. My father died this last November and didn't even leave me so much as a good bye note. He knew he was dying. He 'was' a millionaire. I'm not even on the radar.

      Those of us that do and are willing to speak truths are now being scorned and degraded beyond comprehension. Those of us that are willing to stand up for what we know to be right will suffer grave consequences. Religious people would call it biblical as long as they are not the scorned ones. Just sayin. Hang in there Andy and ALL

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Andy, I am sorry to hear your brother whom you looked up to so much said that horrible thing to you… no wonder your heart is broken.  I was saddened by that because I too have experienced being shunned by my family for not only the geoengineering, but also the truth about Covid.  Unfortunately, these people are brainwashed from government and media.  One of these days they will find out the truth…by then you won't even want to accept an apology.  I too sent this documentary to family members who deny this is going on.  I can't understand how they can deny it after watching this telling documentary.  Try not to let it bother you…evil has taken a strong hold of our planet and won't let the truth be told!  Keep striving for the truth!

    • virginia says:

      Andy…..I am so touched by your post.  So sorry for your brother's response.  I am sure he will come around sooner or later, so, please, keep a positive thought for him and the family.  You sadly are not the only person going through this ordeal with families in denial.   There really isn't much one can do but to wait for their 'coming around.'  It may be sooner than you think.

      Best wishes, Andy. 


    • Eric in mich says:

      Your are not alone. They won't even look at the information. I'm feeling the same. God bless. 

    • Antonio says:

      Yes, unfortunately we can't count on the most intelligent ones but those with an open mind and hart. This is not about intelligence otherwise most graduates would be in full revolt which is not happening so don't worry and keep looking for open ears. I know it is super hard by just looking around and watching masked and double masked people like zombies I wish you good luck, God help us.

    • Raymond says:

      Andy, welcome to the "shunned, disowned and exiled" club.

      All of my cousins and half sister (only surviving members of my family "13 cousins in all") treat me like I have the plague or have stolen their life savings!

      They tell me that I need to get professional help, for my onset of insanity and an egocentric belief that geoengineering weather warfare operations, vaccine's sterilization of humanity and the 911 False Flag Event Cover-up… are all true and need to be exposed, for the entire world to see… how all governments have secret agendas.

      The last time that any of them even spoke to me, or bothered to respond to my emails. Was only to tell me that I need to stop spreading lies and end my delusional story telling.

      Everyone here in this community where I live, also treats me like some kind of war vet that had my brain scrambled by combat fatigue or PTSD. I am the equivalent of the town drunk or a rambling homeless hermit… in their minds.

      Simply because they all refuse to open their minds and explore any unanswered questions and anomalous facts, or serious discrepancies in the official narratives that the media and government agencies push on them 24/7. It has become second nature to them in regarding everything they see, hear and read as the God's Honest Truth. Unless it contradicts with the fake news propaganda machine. Then it is mentally discarded as pure unadulterated lies, into the conspiracy theory trash bin.

      Their minds have been so warped over time that anything absurd, or based on the Matrix of Insanity, is the new sane and rational thought process of the human collective. They are like army ant soldiers, all marching to the same beat and anyone who misses a step, or listens to a different beat. Is instantly swarmed, beaten down and trampled over… without even an ounce of remorse or regret.

      Freedom of speech and thinking for one's self as an individual who embraces their free spirited rights of independence, equality and a life of happiness. Is no longer acceptable or tolerated by a perverse and technology addicted society that worships corrupt leaders, insane elite billionaires, big pharma drug induced euphoria and super cool 5G toys that have now fused with their brains.

      They can't see the engineering of our skies, climate patterns, societal meltdowns and our entire planet as a whole. Because their attention to details has been refocused on the mundane, daily grind of living from paycheck to paycheck. With venues of mind numbing entertainment and social media platforms that are designed to keep them glued to TV, computer and phone screens. Rather than engaging in stimulating face to face interactions with each other and exploring the wonders of nature.

      There's no money to be made in the last two and Nature is the equivalent of antimatter, in comparison to technology as the form of matter… in the universe of humanity's blindness towards enlightenment. 

      Very few people believe that humanity, nature and the planet needs saving. Because the official narrative matrix keeps everyone trapped within a bubble of false reality. They see everyday life taking place all around them, as it has been doing every single waking day since they were born.

      But if we could place them in a ring side seat, to observe how Earth is slowly losing the fight to stay on it's feet. Like watching a massive explosion of methane, blast a giant hole in the Siberian Tundra. Or watch as a school of fish swims into a dead zone and slowly dies an agonizing death, as their gills have no oxygen to pull from the water. Maybe even place them in a drought parched million acre forest and watch as a single strike of dry lightning, sets the trees ablaze and that entire forest burns to the ground all around them.

      If we could just remove them from their comfortable environment of sitting at their computer and binging through a complete season of The Walking Dead… and place them in an African Savannah, where geoengineering has created a ravaging drought that has dried up all the water holes. Leaving vast herds of elephants to become the (real life Walking Dead) and let them watch as each one can't go on searching for water any more, and lays down to die from the excruciating and painful effects of dehydration. 

      For people who deny the inevitable extinction of the human race, by depleted crop food production as a result of sterile soils around the world. Bring them from their dining room table and a glutenous five coarse meal and place them in a third world country farmer's shack. Where small children are nothing but skin and bones and simply waiting to die, from the agonizing effects of starvation and mal nutrition. Not just once, but every single time they take a bite of food!

      Force them to hold their eyes open and watch all of these things and more. Bring them out of their surreal comfort zone and expose them to the harsh realities of Geoengineering crimes against humanity.

      The Dimming documentary should be required viewing by every person in the world. But what do I know? I'm just a town drunk hermit, who suffers from mental instability and PTSD. According to my sheeple family and apathetic neighbors.



    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      Let me please offer my condolences to you and E. Most of my family will not talk to me and many of my friends went on either at this point. Most of them have written me off as being a conspiracy theorist. Some actually said it.

      At this point, and it may sound hard, we really don't have time to waste on people who willingly do not have eyes to see ears to hear. Knock the dust of those places off your sandals and keep moving! Focus on the big picture as much as possible, and look the storm in the eye!

    • Robert says:

      It's interesting to read the comments that come from people who are so lovingly concerned in getting the truth out to friends and family, only to be shunned and rejected by them. Do they not know your intentions are only for their health and safety and the love of family? 

      To the deniers, if it weren't so expensive, send them a bucket of sand to sink their heads in. You all should be proud of yourselves, you tried,  you did your best, you showed your love for them, now it's time to get back to the task of waking up others. It's their loss, not yours. 

      I also had a pop up from Bill Gates on my tablet about a book club and questions and answers for him. I wasn't able to respond as I don't tweet, Instagram ect. ect. but I bet a few of you here do. Let him have it friends, both barrels as the saying goes.

      Thank you Dane and Company for your tireless effort to expose these criminals. You are a champion and an example to us all of true human courage. You inspire me.

    • Eleneanor says:

      Andy I'm so sorry but glad you wrote here.   Entire families are estranged now – mine is.   it hurts, but know that you are NOT alone in this.   Grieve, let all the feelings pass through you, but them let them pass.  You are evolving past them, that is all.  I send you love and a prayer ongoing. 

  72. Ann Eckel says:

    Thank you, Dane, for all of your work.  Your website and videos woke me up.  I will share your "The Dimming" video to hopefully awaken many if my friends and family.  

  73. art stockwell says:

    Much respect.

  74. jonathan o'quinn says:

    Bless you Dane!

    I have email correspondence, and have FWD'd to Dane, with Drs. Keith and Caldeira in which BOTH of them DENIED ever having said the things Dane has them on record as having said, e.g. spraying 10-20M tons of aluminum annually and targeting populations by spraying pathogens in the clouds. 

    BTW, my hospital just shared this information:

    "On Tuesday, March 16 at 7 am the dedicated Covid care team will disband due to a decline in Covid positive patient admissions. The Covid pager will also be inactivated at this time."








  75. Sandy Patrus says:

    Dane, I could not wait until this documentary came out and after watching today I realized how much work went into this, and don't know where you found the time with everything else you do to put this documentary together.  It was excellent, and I want to thank all involved  for their bravery and courage to tell the truth and expose the lies.  I will share this with everyone I know, especially those who still deny geoengineering is going on!  Thank you for all you do, and may your efforts be not in vain.  Congratulations on a great and informative documentary!  May God watch over you and your family.&

  76. Gray says:

    Hello, sir is it appropriate to send this video to TBI (Tennessee bureau of investigations). I've had it with solar radiation management. My child needs to have a future. I agree this must stop asap! Thank you for everything you do! Im just worried TBI won't help me, or do anything at all.

  77. sea says:

    Dear Dane, what a Herculean accomplishment you have achieved, you are an amazing soul, like no other! Your due diligence, integrity, and solid mental focus on a subject that has been the most difficult in ALL the challenges we ALL face . Thank you, thank you,and  thank you to your sweet, beautiful,supportive family (behind the scenes) day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, you never give up, such a solid rock for us to emulate. 

    I have already circulated the film among some email contacts. I am looking forward to a few community settings; a local book store, possibly the library and another venue. 

    Movie night, will be showing : The Dimming...

  78. Raymond says:

    Dane, when you questioned David Keith about the toxic human health risks of aluminum particulates being sprayed into the atmosphere. I was appalled and shocked at his response of basically saying "Who Cares?"!

    He stated that the research had been done in that field, but nothing had been published. Of which he made that statement TWICE, as he very nervously and reluctantly tried desperately to answer your question.

    Revealing exactly what kind of monster he is and how the word Morality, has no meaning in his vocabulary.

    But the statement that he makes at the 21:00 minute mark. Pretty much sums up exactly what kind of people we are dealing with, in the Geoengineering community of Climate Warfare Psychopaths. As he fully admits that morality has no place in the math equations of geoengineering science.

    David Kieth says:  "And by the way. It's not really a moral hazard. It's more like free-riding on our grandkids."… in regards to geoengineering.

    Plus… if they honestly did do the research into the human health risks, of pumping hundreds of millions of tons, of aluminum particulates into the atmosphere. Yet couldn't even answer your question Dane. Then I can fully understand why nothing was published. Because, his confession at the 20:45 mark that only one million tons of sprayed aluminum, could possibly kill tens of thousands of people. Tells me that if they had published their findings. The number of people being killed annually, would likely be in the MILLIONS! 

    Is it no wonder that the government and academia refuse to admit that geoengineering has actually been going on in our skies for Generations.

    It's the biggest kept secret in all of humanity, because no one wants to take responsibility for those millions of deaths! AND Millions more to come in the years ahead, from worldwide atmospheric aerosol spraying operations that are actually exasperating global warming, not slowing it down to give us more time.

    They don't acknowledge the elephant in the sky, because it would be the same thing as confessing to murder!

  79. Leslie says:

    First thank you for the Dimming, and thank you so much for your dedication to this equivalent to banning your head against a concrete wall subject!

    Your very much appreciated! 😊


    Today was awesome, my sister came over, and we sat outside on my front steps! Within minutes they started chem-spraying over top of us, and toward the hills! One after the other, and different directions! I got to actually show her the details, how they fall, and spread out, how the chem-trails get weaker, then stop, or? run out? of chemicals, then the silver clouds move in! And there goes the blue sky, that's not

    so blue to begin with! She got to see why they were not CON-trails! It was great, because she really got to see for herself, as I pointed out, what didn't make sense about it, and, what I had been complaining of! They do it right over my home, front and back, daily, of course they do it everywhere else too! Most people are too busy looking down at their phones, to notice what's being done by govt's from above! Vancouver Island BC Canada

  80. Ty Morton says:

    Great job.  Do not give up.  You are gaining support.   Governmental officials should not be secretly implementing weather modification research programs. The American people should be taking this problem to their elected officials.

  81. virginia says:

    After watching the 'The Dimming" – all I could say is:  My God, what have we wrought?  I couldn't help shed tears for humanity, our world of beautiful animals, our forests which keep us alive, our hopes and dreams for the future of our children and hope for the awakening of mankind.   Frightening, moving and Dane's anger and frustration, so palpable, should spur us on in an attempt to educate as many as possible as to what lies before us……if we do nothing.

    Dane, you did 'good' – as I thank you and all those in the presentation.  So much work and time – but it paid off, big time.

    Bless this world…may it survive the stupidity and greed of mankind.


  82. Thomas Petrie says:

    Wow Dane!  You sure put a lot of work into this!  Congratulations!

    Well done!




  83. Paul Davis says:

    Boston, MA:.. few days ago temps in 20-30s, today and yesterday blue skies and temps in 70s…and yes blue skies with jets heavily spraying…weekend weather "forecast" or  scheduled weather to be wet, then back in the 30s…. Heavier spraying than usual…. hopefully they are not prepping an April Surprise.    Dane- greatly appreciate your work-Paul

    • Dave Lac says:

      Yeah Paul you're absolutely right I live in Lynn I was down the beach in a t-shirt the last few days and today I have to break up my winter jacket again.

  84. Resi says:

    fantastic, thanks for the last few minutes, we only have 1 amazing earth

  85. Stuart says:

    Another Engineered Rain Event passing through southern CA past two days.  What evidence?

    Increase in spray activity noted last Friday.  USAF Tanker fleet crisscrossing the area.

    Pink colors noted in clouds past few days.  Submicron sized aerosol particles refract red and pink wavelengths producing Enhanced Sunsets.

    Hail and thunder various areas.  Approx 5/16" hail stones a hallmark lately.  Same reported in Daytona Beach Fl several days ago show continuity of operations one location to another.

    After rain last night, I just wiped vehicle down which was parked outside, Chemical or SURFACTANT/ SOAP sheen noted on windshield. Many rainbows or CHEMBOWS another hallmark feature now.

    "Climate experts" like Bill Patzert, Michael Mann, Daniel Swain and many others should hang their heads in shame. Their lack of observational skills, knowledge and insight are reprehensible.

    • Tanya says:

      Almost every night here in Preston, United Kingdom. Grey depressing and oppressive skies and I have stopped trying to tell ppl now

  86. Tim says:

    Dane, I have tried to wake family but they insist believing in chemtrails is conspiracy nutjob talk. I am at a loss. I can show proof after proof including my own blood aluminum level being high. What do you do in a situation like this?

    • Mary says:

      I was born in 1951 and grew up in NYC and could see planes landing at Kennedy and LaGuardia airports. Never saw anything like these photos. 

  87. Mary Guillemette says:

    Be the landslide of awakening—! This is my new motto & banner. Thank you Dane and company and crew for this monumental and inspiring work. Anyone who supports renewable energy such as wind, solar, and hydro-electric  needs to recognize that geoengineering and weather modification by any other name be it SRM or Climate engineering or whatever—directly undermines those renewable energy enterprises. 

    It is difficult to be witnessing on the East coast so much of what is shown here. Been going on for years already, in fact Truro Massachusetts (perhaps unwittingly, we don't know) participated in the 2012 kickoff….I sincerely hope this film will help the public to stand up and take back the responsibility for stewardship of the Earth's most essential life supporting air, soil, light, and water—currently being destroyed by the global skies program, in plain sight yet at the same time concealed by the complicit silence of thousands. May they realize it before it's too late!

  88. Raymond says:

    You have finally, completely Blown Me Away Dane!

    Your documentary "The Dimming" is 1,000 times more striking than I had ever anticipated. Watching it was utterly gut wrenching and I found myself tearing up over and over again. I feel like I have just lost a very dear loved one and left with a feeling of emptiness that has virtually broken my heart to the core.

    I couldn't help but sigh and become flooded with emotions, as the images of carnage and chemically toxic death and destruction, were steadfastly replacing the once beautiful, lush and healthy ecosystems of Earth that I remember from my childhood. 

    The segment where you see a blank stare in the eyes of a kangaroo, as it's home in the Australian outback is being engulfed by a massive inferno, catagorically drove home the reality of Geoengineering insanity to me personally. The images of all the dead forests and record setting California fires were equally as dreadful and difficult to watch.

    Hearing the testimonials of all the experts and retired Generals made me scratch my head and left me entirely dumbfounded. Raising questions in my head like:   

    "Why in the hell won't the people of this planet… fuking WAKE UP and take what these whistleblowers have to say seriously?

    "How can the masses continue to accept the government media machine's assertion that Geoengineering Is "ABSOLUTELY" Not Happening In Our Skies and that the subject itself Is Strictly a Conspiracy Theory Illusion By Fools and Morons

    When those very same experts and retired Generals are most likely the very few "in the know" individuals who have our best interests at heart. Considering how the government, military and academia placed them in such high ranking and responsible positions to begin with!

    AND so many documents and patents for geoengineering and climate control operations are readily available to the public, on the very same internet that they have become incessantly addicted to!

    Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Unless some form of secret subliminal brainwashing and mental programming is taking place around the globe. 

    Pharmaceutical additives in municipal water supplies, aerosol injection plane trails and GMO foods… like Prozac and Riddelliine maybe? To keep everyone from thinking for themselves?

    Split second images that appear in the blink of an eye… imbedded within popular movies, TV shows and commercials?

    Children, teenagers and college students being hypnotized without their knowledge, by teachers and professors who use various media instructional technologies? Technology so sophisticated that even the members of academia are being affected as well?

    Is the Matrix of an illusionary alternate world actually a reality? So convincing to the majority of people that they can't even see or hear us, when we try to wake them out of the Official Narrative Fog enveloping their brains?

    I personally haven't watched any television or cable programming in over 30 years now. Never drink water from municipal sources and avoid GMO foods at all cost. I refuse to watch any movie, show-series, news broadcast or video that has imbedded commercials and I NEVER believe what any government tells me, before checking the facts, references and sources first.

    Maybe that's why I'm lucky enough to be a member the 2%, who are unable to be brainwashed or programmed and can easily see through the government's lies of deception.


    • PETER GAINS says:


  89. Screeching Owl says:


    At last! Congratulations. I can't wait to see this and forward it widely. Thank you so much for your tireless tenacity.

  90. Robin Christensen says:

    I'm in my tractor trailer having just discovered.that 'The Dimming' is out.  What a joy it will be to go Postal with this powerful message!  Dane, your family & all who  brought this miracle to light.  God bless you!!  Its time to to go full throttle to stop 'the fading of the light.

  91. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Great work! I trust this film will inspire and change many hearts and minds. You and your family have done so much to bring out the truth of what has been done to our once pristine planet and what is still occurring. The poisoning of earth and it inhabitants is beyond criminal May God protect you all.

  92. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, Jovyde(I think I spelled that right), Well done my friends I have met. Thank you to all the voices that had the courage to speak out in this most important and last battle. It's pretty cool knowing I run in the company of Admirals and Generals. Thank you kindly gentleman for standing up for what you know is right. Thank you scientists and PHD's for your standing up for the truths you present. Thank you all for making my efforts on the fronts lines of this battle just a little bit easier. I appreciate it.

    I can only imagine how much effort it took to put together so many undeniable facts in such a digestible form. And then theirs all those messed up legalities just to let 'truth' have its say. I know, I've negotiated them over the last 5 and more years of my efforts. I can only imagine what Dane and company has had to contend with.

    I appreciate being given a new tool to work with and distribute at will. There is no doubt in my mind that I will get a lot of mileage out of this contribution to the good of the many. As it was intended to be….

    Waves of gratitude and always keeping my face to the wind, Thank you to anyone that even had a small part in this production. I hope your efforts are well received and acted upon.

    Love and strength to ALL

    • Nancy starr says:

      Why are billionaires allowed to spray us with metals ???? No public opinion, no congressional oversight ? Who is running our country ? Why is congress not stepping up ? We will lose everything if they r not stopped ? No bugs or frogs here anymore.

  93. Lawrence says:

    I just finished watching The Dimming. I will tell everyone that I know where to find this and make copies to give to people. I still know some people that think what they see in the sky is exhaust from aircraft engines. The ending, where you have your rant, was fantastic! Thank you for a great documentary.

  94. Earth Angel says:

    So profound! Thank you to the credible witnesses and experts who each contributed their voice and individual talents to bring this masterpiece to fruition- and ESPECIALLY to you Dane- for YOUR steadfast dedication, your appreciation and LOVE for this amazing planet, Earth's perfection of magnificent life forms and systems  designed and gifted to us by a loving Creator. Thank you for your persistence in delving into this disturbing topic and never letting go of it. Thank you for years of endless research and for galvanizing ALL of us  together in this fight for survival. You must feel much satisfaction on producing another very credible documentary; may it open eyes, hearts, and minds everywhere so the Light of Truth be illuminated and the atrocity of geoengineering Earth's atmosphere(as well as other biologics) be halted immediately. Godspeed!

  95. Mary says:

    So powerful and the ending is so beautiful and inspiring, it brought tears. This is going to help open many skeptical eyes.  Thank you so, so  much. 

  96. Robert says:

    Excellent video!  Thank you, Geoengineering Watch.

  97. virginia says:

    Great news.  Family can't wait to sit down and see what we anticipate to be, finally, a documentary that will blow our minds.  The  photos (above) are enough to scare the hell out of us.  And, here in Shasta County, California, even though we see those skies above us all lined with poisonous lines of destruction, to see it in print really brings it home, as strange as that may sound.  And a big thanks to Jovyde Wigington for all of her exceptional photographs. And to the others who submitted such fine depictions of their 'own' skies.

    Thank you to Dane and all those involved in this much-needed presentation.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.

    Now….to 'The Dimming."

  98. Gary Morrow says:

    Great job Dane. Thank you so much.

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