Ozone Layer Collapse, A Former NASA Contract Engineer Warns Of Planetary Omnicide


Dane Wigington

We are told by “official” sources that the ozone layer is recovering, that we have nothing to worry about. This narrative is being pushed by power structure controlled agencies in order to pacify the public until the last possible moment. How close is that moment? If we remain on the current course, anthropogenic activities (with climate engineering at the top of the list) may completely destroy the ozone layer within the next decade or less. Without the ozone layer, all terrestrial life on Earth (and most aquatic life) will perish. The “official” sources who tell us climate engineering isn’t happening, who tell us that we are only seeing "condensation trail" grid patterns in our skies,  are the same agencies telling us the ozone layer is getting better. Yet, the increasing intensity of UV radiation can be felt on the skin, on surfaces, is scorching foliage and tree trunks, and is sunburning whales and fish. The increasingly intense UV radiation from the disintegrating ozone layer can and is being metered by experts in the field. In the video below, a former NASA contract engineer discusses the immense and immediate UV radiation dangers we face from the disintegrating ozone layer which he is personally metering with state of the art equipment supplied through GeoengineeringWatch.org 

Though the official ozone layer “recovery” lie is still being propagated, some sources are acknowledging reality as the truth becomes ever more difficult to hide.

Much more geoengineering / ozone destruction supporting data is listed below. We must remember and consider that mainstream media sources are not yet willing to admit that illegal climate engineering programs are real, ongoing, and the single largest component of the ozone collapse scenario we collectively face.

Something Might Be Keeping The Ozone Layer From Healing Itself.

Certain chemicals chewed a hole in Earth's ozone layer. But regulating those substances doesn't seem to have made much difference. ….it's not showing any signs of recovering….

BBC Science & Environment

Ozone layer recovery could be delayed by 30 years

Again, this article by the BBC (and many others) make no mention whatsoever of the single greatest ozone destroying factor of all, covert climate engineering / weather warfare global assault.

Science: Geo-engineering scheme damages the ozone layer

An injection of sulfur large enough to compensate for surface warming caused by the doubling of atmospheric CO2 would strongly increase the extent of Arctic ozone depletion during the present century for cold winters and would cause a considerable delay, between 30 and 70 years.

Stratospheric Injections To Counter Global Warming Could  Damage Ozone Layer

The new study concluded that, over the next few decades, hypothetical artificial injections of sulfates likely would destroy between about one fourth to three fourths of the ozone layer above the Arctic.

Yet more acknowledgement of Geoengineering's effect on the ozone layer is below:

Increasing UV radiation from ozone layer depletion:

Stratospheric aerosol injection (climate engineering side effects)

Main article: Stratospheric sulfur aerosols § Effects

Climate engineering and solar radiation management in general are controversial, and pose various problems and risks. However, certain problems are specific to, or more pronounced with this particular technique.[23]

  • Ozone depletion: is a potential side effect of sulfur aerosols;[24][25] and these concerns have been supported by modelling.[26] However, this may only occur if high enough quantities of aerosols drift to, or are deposited in, Polar stratospheric clouds before the levels of CFCs and other ozone destroying gases fall naturally to safe levels because stratospheric aerosols, together with the ozone destroying gases, are responsible for ozone depletion.[27]

  • Whitening of the sky: Stratospheric aerosols have the potential to whiten the sky and cause more colorful sunsets, dependent on the amount being sprayed.[28] According to a study on cleaner air, resulting solar brightening has been responsible for an increase in corn production over the past 30 years.[29]

  • Tropopause warming: and the humidification of the stratosphere.[25]

  • Regional warming: Based on the results of the 2014-2015 Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project, a model with a standard stratospheric aerosol injection scenario, temperatures in the tropics would cool, and higher latitudes warm, ice sheet, and Arctic sea ice decline would still continue, albeit at a reduced rate. Extreme temperature anomalies would also still increase, but to a lesser degree. In regards to these model results, the author of the study Alan Robock noted:

If geoengineering were halted all at once, there would be rapid temperature and precipitation increases at 5–10 times the rates from gradual global warming.[30]

  • Stratospheric temperature change: Aerosols can also absorb some radiation from the Sun, the Earth and the surrounding atmosphere. This changes the surrounding air temperature and could potentially impact on the stratospheric circulation, which in turn may impact the surface circulation.[31]

  • Regional hydrologic responses: Based on the results of the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project, there would be a reduction in the global average precipitation around the world, particularly in summer monsoon regions.[30]

If UV radiation had gone “off the charts”, what might it do to aquatic life forms? Let's start with global plankton populations, the foundation for life on earth. Even NASA says high UV radiation would be extremely harmful for these microscopic organisms.

So how are plankton populations doing?

Krill population decline (krill feed on phytoplankton):

And another review article:

How plankton decline impacts the ocean food chain:

What about our larger ocean life forms, is the increasingly intense UV radiation affecting them?

Excessive UV damage to marine life:

Whales getting sunburnt:

UV radiation and tree damage:

 Are we seeing problems with trees?

 What would excessive ozone depletion and increase UV radiation do to us?

 Is there northern hemisphere ozone depletion that we are not being told about by mainstream media? 

Previous Geoengineering Watch reports on ozone layer destruction and climate engineering are below:









Global power structures are increasingly desperate to keep populations from panicking as the biosphere collapse accelerates. The recent “ozone layer is recovering” official agency false narrative is a blatant example of the Orwellian world lies and deception we now find ourselves in. We must think for ourselves, we must do objective investigation, we must examine the frontline facts for ourselves, and we must use credible and verifiable data to form our conclusions that we share with others.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to GeoengineeringWatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

57 Responses to Ozone Layer Collapse, A Former NASA Contract Engineer Warns Of Planetary Omnicide

  1. Alexcia Zesti says:

    Thank Dane. You are so correct. The chances humanity had to save our planet and race was not heeded nor fixed. How I wish all the enlightened people with solutions would meet,  come to power and take quick extreme solutions. From our depleting ozone,  to the cracking of the earth's core, our leaders and agencies seem more concerned about politics and wealth. The correct philosophies and actions to take the worth into the next age,  the holistic age, has been ignored. America chose to invest in other ventures. Cold fusion was viable to be developed and consistently produced but now most of the team is deceased. The example set how to handle a global pandemic was sad. The experiments conducted in the atmosphere with dark energy etc and investments in experimenting with shape shifting by electronics, was more lucrative. It's really sad. Now the exhaust from the wild fires and can we predict the destructive outcome to the ozone? How have we sped up our own destruction?

  2. anthony says:

    To Dane winginton, the love for the world is internal,  powerful words mixed together to help become universal, THEY say staying at home is a way to not spread the virus and be safe, well maybe we wouldnt be in this mess today if the government weren't spraying from the back of there planes.. it effect everything from our drinking water oceans and lakes, its inhaled into our systems and our brains, the air we breath is being POISONED we are losing moisture and rain, soon our freedom will be gone, the state will be on lock down, everything will happen a little at a time, the truth isn't hard to see you just have to find, the courage and people in your community need to stand up to the insanity, and if spreading the word will help then spreading is what it's gotta be!.. it's time to wake up the masses we have questions ITS TIME WE GET SOME ANSWERES



  3. Jan Becker says:

    Hello All

    Trump's moronic imposition of trade tariffs against China will be the fall guy for the already totally failed economy (currently propped up by the Fed monetary "policy" and stock buy-backs).  The intentional destruction of crops around the world by weather warfare this spring will be the fall guy for the coming failures of crops already doomed by UV-A exposure, geoengineering dispersals, and pollinator insect population devastation.  Both strategies play on peoples' tendency to assume that everything will go 'back to normal' once this bump in the road is behind us. 

  4. Ronnie says:

    South Americans measuring much higher UV levels than areas with more spraying

    • Elliot Waverly says:

      I have visited Europe, South and Central America and the North American continents including Mexico. The only region possibly being partially spared if you will, are portions of the South Pacific excluding Australia and New Zealand.

      During the past twenty years governments have come to exist only as an edifice, projecting the illusion that we live in a democracy and are free. This belief system has worn thin for those who still possess an ability think. A complex and criminal incestuous relationship has existed for decades between the global banking sectors, the multinational military industrial complex and individuals high up in the food chain who have served variously between government and the corporate sectors. These are the power brokers who control the shadow government or "deep state". Their planning and strategies are developed through the UN, The Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group. All forms of social engineering, the watering down of educational systems, "reality television", the degenerate music industry, geoengineering in the form of chem trails and their complex recipe of all sorts of dangerous substances that have not been tested and approved, and the routine use of microwave and cell phone phase pulsing of the public domain to control thought all combine to render the proletariat completely eviscerated and neutered of free will. Few have any control over their destiny anymore. Further, in the new police state we all live in anyone who becomes an activist speaking out risks being targeted by "law" enforcement and the corrupted court system. We are truly living in a totalitarian technocratic plutocracy devoid of any checks and balances. Politicians have been priced out of the market, they work for their corporate sponsors.


      Thinking people need to recognize they are slaves caught up in this evil and oppressive global regime. Create your own virtual world starting with divorcing yourself from the medico-pharmacological establishment. Take nutritional supplements every day, food concentrates and vitamins, while eating healthy and getting moderate routine exercise. Include dermal micro-electric therapies, light, sound and chiropractic adjustments as part of a complex of strategies to keep you healthy. Added together these can blunt the effects of the silent war of slow genocide and enhanced attrition being directed at us on a daily basis. The footnote; everyone's on their own.

  5. Helena-Sophia says:

    Aloha Dane! Here on Hawai’i island we get the triple whammy. Number one is the Volcano that has dramatically increased effusion that contains a barrage of heavy metals and toxic gases. Number two is the heavy chem spraying clearly visible in the early mornings. Number three is the sun that has never before been so painful. There are still people around that were born on the island before all this insanity started. They attest that You could spend a day outside without getting burned. Hawai’ians spend their days outside.

    Question: In what way can this Nazi weather engineering affect the Volcano? In this Universe, everything has to do with everything else, everything happens on an interdependent basis. Would an artificially increased volcanic effusion (Yellowstone comes also to mind) not exponentially amplify the effects of the Nazi weather manipulation? Or is it possibly a side effects of an increasing amount of energy reaching now the surface of the planet? Mahalo nui loa (Thank You very much) for all Your excellent work and attempts to wake up the sleepers.

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Its not NAZI its TALMUDIC, the people who are doing this are not Nazis they are the opposite, they all belong to one group and they follow the Talmud. As Dane says words are very important and there are shills even the community who try to use words like Nazi to derail you from seeing who is really to blame.

  6. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    I read an article in USA Today newspaper several months ago, about the Ozone Layer healing itself scientists reported. What a blatant false narrative that article was. I have now witnessed on multiple Desert plants, such as Agaves & Succulents that I have in my private collection, that are experiencing sunburn! I rotate all my plants that are in containers, so they can grow evenly. It is very alarming on how intense the incoming Solar Radiation is! Thank you Dane and Ray for the audio interview, I will let several people who are on the same page (in agreement) with me on climate engineering, to listen the this audio, especially from the 24 to 28 minute time frame, about the nano sized particulates preventing the O2 molecules from reaching the top of the atmosphere!

  7. Jamnjer says:

    hey dane,

    what happens to the world if we simply shut off this outta control spraying? do we just continue to heat and burn up or is it a matter of letting the earth catch back up?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jamnjer, your question is important, the attached link will give further input. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/double-catastrophe-scenario-document-paints-bleak-picture/

  8. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane and all:  I just Had to listen to this again.  That makes 4 times now. Ray does such and excellent and simple job of explaining ozone, how created, how lost, how could be enriched.  I always heard of ozone of course, and had a vague understanding, but when researching it I was surprised to find out stuff that was very different than I'd imagined.  And there does seem to be some, purposeful? confusion about the holes, as in plural, Not One, but a number of them.  Such as the one over Antarctica.  Gigantic.  That's the one getting smaller, but only by recent comparison as anyway one looks at it, it is ginormous!  Under Science, from newspaper on Nov. 5th it mentions "a rare piece of good news about the environment: The giant hole in the Earth's protective ozone layer is shrinking and has shriveled to its smallest peak since 1988, NASA scientists said."  The largest the hole became this year was about 7.6 million square miles wide, about 2 and 1/2 times the size of the United States!  BUT, still 1.3 million square miles smaller than last year.  And shrank some more since September.  Well, I guess that is good but oh so far from anything to celebrate.  One freaking huge hole, and not the only one.  And yes, seems I did hear right as Ray said UVC was more damaging to us than x-ray, probably for obvious reasons like how an x-ray is fast and done.

    For 7 days now I've not been out of the house which is unusual even for me.  Nose is much better!  It has done this, healed, more or less, then reverts to sore and scaly.  Looks good now minus any sun at all.  So I am sticking to that and may not even use the medication, at the least needing to talk with old doc more.  And of course bring up the UVC!

    Question, given Ray's equipment hooked up to NEST, does the info he gets in his readings, is it relayed back to NEST as he does it?  This seems like something to know, investigate.  I so get what he says about his disappointment in sciences, and scientists–as well as how each just does a part separate from a big picture and of course that is on purpose. So I doubt Ray's findings would see the light of day, so to speak, even if corroborated.  Still, hope he can find others to do this to, documenting each other's efforts.     

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Rachel, it is important to remember and consider that the official narrative stating there is “ozone layer recovery”, is a blatant lie.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yes, Dane, that's what I said, in that a hole in our ozone that is two and a half times the size of the US does Not indicate recovery, obviously!  At the very least not one that should reassure anyone at all!  In fact the sheer size is terrifying if that is even true.

  9. Thankyou for your benevolence, your energy and perseverance to commitment. 

  10. John Rya says:


    What is your opinion on sun-exposure for health?

    I like the jolt that spending 30 minutes in the sun per day gives me. But, given the information here, it makes sense to avoid sunlight all together.

    Perhaps it's superior to use a UV lamp and/or a vitamin D supplement?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, John, in regard to your question on solar exposure, from the sun burned trees, to the sun burned whales, the dangers of the UV radiation exposure is clear. Vitamin D supplements, done properly, are an option that should be considered.

    • Helena-Sophia says:

      If I am not mistaken, Edgar Cayce the great channel once mentioned that the most healing sun rays are those in the morning immediately following sunrise. He was pretty specific, too. No more than 15 minutes exposure. Needless to say that I cannot prove his assessment, but I am able to say that the sun during and shortly after sunrise feels extremely good. And yes, Vitamin D3 helps to alleviate received damages to some degree and to protect the skin. Also, I would like to recommend NONI fermented fruit juice. It is exceptionally effective in skin repair. I use the fresh fruits and let them ripen a bit. But elsewhere one can buy juice or capsules. You should check it out. It is a miracle fruit and a miracle that it is not yet prohibited to grow…

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, I had to listen again and again to this interview with Ray.  Again, I Love Ray!  What a good teacher he is.  Zero hyperbole, just facts which he goes to lengths to verify and corroborate.  He explains things so well, with so few words.  When the sterilizing lamp thing came up, made me think of my lamp on this table, a library style one with a hooded green glass shade, which is not very strong wattage.  But does seem to sterilize things, even kills mold.  I, perhaps oddly, have a very high pain tolerance and this lamp does not bother me, but some lights do.  I can well imagine and feel the strength of what Ray reveals in UVC and now knowing that it is stronger than x-ray?–did I hear that right? perhaps I'll go ahead and get a few I've put off long time.  I mean, what the hey!  Given all.  Love how Ray explains ozone and that we could replenish it if….!  Love that he called all these science cowards stupid.  Idiots.  Handlen's razor?: "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity!"  I want to hear more from Ray and am so glad you two are working together.  Oh, and the bit about trees and bugs.  The bugs are not symptoms, rather opportunistic diseases that flare when something is dying, even in people this happens.  It made me so angry that my father's death was attributed to TB, which he contracted in WW2, was the first to have his entire left lung removed-a book was written about it, then tested cured, no TB.  But, by '72 he'd had 4 heart attacks, 3 strokes and 2 heart failures, plus diabetes.  By the time he died TB was in his system again, and the doctor explained it as resurfacing as opportunistic and how that happens as things die.  So when I first heard of these bugs, it was with pinion trees in Nevada and I knew what had been done to them, I was there back when, and so I knew what was killing them and why.  Thus, with the trees which first brought me to you more than 7 years ago, I knew they Had to be sick, strained big time, to begin with, dying already.  Prior to the beetles.

    Question, given that UVC tears DNA apart, what of the foods growing?  And all plants everywhere.  I mean what of the nutrition in foods?  It seems to me that that must be being damaged as well.  Can this be measured?  Is it known?  The stuff animals eat too?  What happens when what we eat has had its DNA torn apart?

  12. horsegirl says:

    Just flooded my contact base with this excellent presentation.  Thank you both for your courage.  You both are fighting the real war and deserve thanks this Veterans'' Day..  God bless you forever.

  13. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Erm… All kinds of documentation. All kinds of hard evidence. Hundreds of thousands of "concerned" comments on hundreds of web pages.

    No criminal charges. No arrest warrants. No hanging trees, and zero accountability… The Earth must rotate around an axis made of self denial…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow.  Pleased to hear from you Paul.  Feared you were Gone.  The only axis of denial is human.  So, pretty much goes without saying.  I am becoming SO cynical.  Every single thing is a fight.  Nothing done right. Uphill all the way.  Whole lotta crazy going on.  I do believe, given recent events and levels of awareness across the boards, that what you mention may well come to pass–if we can make it that long.  Which may not be truly long, just seems so. 

    • Dennie says:

      If you pick fight or flight along with these "people," they've got you right where they want you– that is EXACTLY what they want you to do.  I have a feeling that they'll turn tail like the cowards they actually are when faced full on with the light of truth 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Paul, people must know that the white lines are not produced by the burning of the jet fuel, is as simple as that. They must be told about that. Hundreds of millions must be told about that.

  14. Sean says:

    Great news Dane, your new video of the dialogue between yourself and the engineer is already trending on steemit bigtime. Someone posted it, not sure if they are affiliated with you but its getting great upvote response as evidenced by the fact it is second place in the trending topics right now with 186 upvotes! Amazing work by you both and I think a lot of traction is starting to be attained.


    • Sean says:

      The poster also did a good job of explaining some of the issues with geoengineering and how people can help.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Sean, I agree.  I think one reason this is getting so much response is Ray's voice.  One can tell he is not trying to sell anyone on anything, not preaching, not a lecture.  Just one sincere, thoughtful, experienced person giving first hand knowledge calmly, if shocked and shocking.  a voice with real emotion behind it, calm, but sincerely alarmed emotion. I felt he was talking with us and not at us.  And I think maybe that makes it easier for others to hear and take in his information.

    • Patrick Langlais says:

      Thanks Dane for your help! You are  pretty much all we have. I'm so sorry that it's so difficult to get through to the public! I have been talking to people for 5 years..::.. people are so mk ultra brainwashed it's not funny! It's really sad and enraging! I'm putting all my energy into prayer at this point; we need divine intervention at this point. I hope our Father in heaven has a plan to deal with all this disgusting evil. God bless you Dane! Love you brother! We will continue to stand against this evil! Patrick

  15. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    "From the Front Lines". Today I tended the Gem Faire booth at the Puyallup fair grounds. Noon to 6. Please allow me to state that 25 weeks of farmers market and one Barter Faire prepared me well for what I was able to experience today. Dane often mentions that the Gem Faire is a "staunch" supporter in the effort to sound the alarm to stop Geo engineering. "He's Right!!". Today was "off the hook". Doors opened at noon and I didn't sit down or stop talking for 4 hours. I finally put up a sign, "back in 10 minutes"(that was for you upset arborist). The attendance of the Gem Faire was huge. I was able to connect with a huge variety of folks today. I was quite taken back at the the amount of folks that were so happy to come across info and someone to talk with and validate that indeed they are not "crazy". I was asked a wonderful array of questions today. Thank you Dane and all here for providing me with good answers and places to direct folks to find more information.

    A couple of personal notes: Geesh, here I am in the big city. "My old stomping grounds" at that. I'm staying in south Tacoma, 15 minutes from Puyallup. It's strange to listen to all the back ground noise here. It's so quiet on my little side of the mountain where I live. I'm sleeping on a couch! Ah!!! I'm to old for that stuff(grin). My host is a good friend. This "warrior" is being well taken care of. The ringing in my ears took a noticeable uptick as soon as I entered a "populated" area while on my way here(320 miles). Here in the middle of industrialized civilization, the ringing is quite loud and even woke me a few times during the night last night. I don't know how you city dwellers do it.

    Lastly, Steve, thank you for giving me the opportunity and forum to fight the good fight. Today was a victory for us ALL.

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Kathy says:

      Simple Horseman, that is serious dedication once again.

      PLEASE, anyone from Washington State reading these posts, come to the Puyallup Fair "Gold Gate" 10-6 Saturday and 10-5 Sunday. I am sorry I had to miss the first day due to another commitment I could not get away from and after one long week and 4 hours of sleep I fired up to go unleash some hardcore awareness.  Sounds like it was a great day of success but the more people we have the less chance of not missing a single person. This state needs a lot of help!

      Off to the "frontlines of battle" will report back soon!

      Come out and help.

  16. Rachel Robson says:

    Damn Dane!  I thought I was gonna have this one stress-less day to enjoy.  I could not be more wound up and stressed than I am Now!  And you nailed it for years now.  I love Ray.  He is so calm, even as I can hear the doom in his voice, a great voice that sounds exact without effort, thoughtful, calm, reasoned and so authentic.  I've been going through knowing, thinking I know, that all these people really don't know what is going on.  I mean, which is more terrifying?  And you could hear that in Ray's voice and in what he said.  It is like a grant, say, for sell as in who can do such and such and bring it in at a certain amount of money and they are off to the races.  Each in their own little sphere with a computer and models, trying to make the math fit, work, somehow.  Everything seems to be done like this now.  Nobody knows what they are doing and never have done.  At Los Alamos before blowing the first ever hydrogen bomb, it is said all paused, voiced this could be The End right there and then, followed by, just do it!  Wow.  Nothing has changed.  Boys and their toys.  But two things from Ray stunned me.  One, the sheer amount of UVC.  I knew it was there, but not to that degree but I do believe it and especially lately all my senses are telling me so.  The other, how very little of the ozone is left, I mean I knew it was bad, but? This is beyond bad.

    And a little over a week ago I was diagnosed with actinic keratosis.  I am freaked out more than a bit because I've had this problem a long time now.  I didn't do what I should have done.  Very little sun ever hits me now for many years since my Lupus stuff is bad.  Not discoid Lupus which affects the skin, but I'm supposed to stay out of the sun and I do but for occasional exposure.  Lately, if the sun is bright and I just move near a window I am repelled by the intensity.  I am trying to get up the nerve to put on this chemo goo.  I am telling EVERYBODY. 

  17. Dennie says:

    I sent my missive to Dr. David Keith today, complete with links to all the studies showing the facts of alumina being found in water testing and how geoengineering sprays are destroying the ozone layer.  I will keep this up until the IDIOTS we have let be in control here finally "get it."  Because we have ACTUAL proof–  and that is not the same as hysterical conspiracy theories that wanna say that rich folks in the Wine Country area arranged to have the whole area burned down in an attempt to bring on Agenda 2030, using DE weaponry.  The Talking Head at Faux News here says at 1:00 that when you see the laser weapons on tee vee shows or movies (translated: FICTION), they tend to be a color.  Then we hear that "real lasers, one of the key advantages that they provide is that they are invisible, you actually can't see them, you just see this damage suddenly starting to blow something up:" 

    Because this story is at Fox News, does it mean that what we're hearing there is not true, and that the "blue streaks" we saw in videos of the fires are REAL LASERS?  



    It occurred to me that the blue streaks we see on the YouTube videos of the fires, which have now disappeared, could very possibly have had the streaks simply photoshopped into them.  I'd put one up but I couldn't find one any longer.  If, however, YOU can, please do so.

  18. Abby de Roche says:

    Here's a link to Wikipedia's article referencing the program that the NASA interviewee said he was a part of: 


  19. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Profound  UV news , thanks Ray and Dane , on what seems will be countdown to fully zapped earth/us. Meanwhile, dictates from sunscreen/block products pushed to "protect" us from sunburn/ cancer and, the  harsh WHITE sun we see. Applying these  topical skin agents has been linked to harm as well !   Those SPF 's    have been  increasing . Slow kill  agent again.  The synergistic effects of  Geo-E, vaccines, emf, cell, G5 and glyphosates will  enhance the harm. Concerned we are humanly packing in the heavy metals daily – being  electro- conductive ourselves! Flip on some monster  microwave  tower switch  & will be DNA shredded or  fried ? UVC cannot be filtered.   Banning independent scientists just proves point of  the  mass corruption with  now 80% ozone destroyed.  Fuku in Japan  does NOT want  any radioactive  leak monitoring, so not surprised if demanding  measures of  the  UV ray's might be against some insane  law next.  Passed without our vote. Like the vaccines.  Not even the  GMO crops will grow in UV-C horror.  Perish path.  Must  share/speak up with all about  this blocked vital  data! BE protected all who transmit  this  crucial proof/evidence.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Lori for mentioning the harms from sunscreens!  As must be clear by now, I am a very sensitive person and allergic to oh so much, apparently even sunscreens, so, I never used any more than once.  Some may want to blame my actinic keratosis on That, but I think not!  And of course 'they' don't wanna tell, look how much 'they' don't tell of oh so much!  How are they gonna say they broke our world?  Even run of the mill doctors are taught to Never say sorry, never even come close to implying fault!  Legal liability!  Defend, defend, defend till the cows come home!  Perish path!  Downright poetic Lori!  Great title for a book or movie!  And too true.  GMOs came up with drought resistant seeds, sea water resistant too, but alas, no UVC resistant!  That IS The Bottom line!  The actual, factual End Times bottom line.  I knew we would all burn.  Did not realize from UVC!

    • Marie says:

      I know that sunscreen is bad. It blocks the skin from making vit D. A doctor told me recently that he has seen a few children with Rickets which is a Vit D deficiency as the mothers are slathering lots of sunscreen on their little tots becuz "the tv told them to!

  20. Dennie says:

    I copied the text above with intention to send it to David Keith….

    Now I understand the term "actinic keratosis," which is a type of skin lesion caused by, I assume, ultraviolet radiation.  The doc didn't seem too alarmed by these, probably because they are now soooo common…. Here's what "byebyedoctor.com," says about them:  

    This is a lesion of the skin that looks like a scaly, rough patch on the lips, ears, face, back of hands, forearms as well as neck. The reason for this condition to develop is intense/frequent exposure to ultraviolet or UV rays normally from the sun.

    Actinic keratosis is also known as solar keratosis. This condition grows slowly and normally causes no symptoms or signs other than the small spot or patch on the skin. This lesion takes years to grow normally initially appearing in adults who are older. Many physicians believe this condition to be precancerous since it may grow into a cancer of the skin.

    The hazard of actinic keratosis can be lessened by minimizing the exposure to the sun as well as shielding the skin from UV rays.

    What can we do???  I found this in my inbox today, from moveon.org:

    On June 1st, President Trump formally announced that he would withdraw our nation from the landmark Paris Agreement. We had a different idea. 

    We started, signed, and circulated petitions calling on our leaders to act on climate change, regardless of President Trump's decision. On June 6th, we delivered more than 2.5 million signatures to the United Nations, where a meeting on climate action was underway.

    The world – and our leaders – listened. The bipartisan U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition of governors committed to upholding the objectives of the Paris Agreement, has grown to include 14 states and Puerto Rico. Governors from nine additional states and the Mayor of Washington D.C. have also pledged their support for the Paris Agreement. This week, Syria announced that it would be signing onto the Paris Agreement, leaving the United States completely isolated.

    Now, we will voice our support of the Paris Agreement louder than ever before.

    On November 14th, communities across the country will stand up as part of a Day of Action to demonstrate that state, local, and tribal leaders; businesses, activists and "ordinary" citizens alike are taking action on climate change.

    This Day of Action is timed to coincide with COP23, the United Nations’ conference on climate change, in Germany. Our actions here at home will both amplify the work being done at COP23, and energize the local activists stepping up and taking action in the absence of presidential leadership.

    Check out this map of Day of Action events. Are you able to attend one or host one of your own? 

    November 14th will be a special day for me, as I will finally be closing my petition and delivering it to my congressman. When I started my petition six months ago, I would have been thrilled to have gathered 50 signatures. Today, that petition holds the signatures of 556,901 people spanning age, race, gender, religion, and political party. 556,901 people standing up and saying that this is where we draw the line; this is what unites us. 

    I look forward to standing with you again on November 14th.

    Patrick McHeffey

    • Dennie says:

      Correction:  Here's an updated link to the Nov. 14 Climate Change Day of Action event locations: Check out this map of Day of Action events.  This is a link to the Nov. 14th Day of Action event in Marin County, California, at 4:00 p.m. in the San Rafael Community Center on B Street:  https://actionnetwork.org/events/firestorm-climate-day-of-action-2  The wording includes the following statement:  "We are also focusing on the origin, spread and unprecedented devastation of the Wine Country fires, factoring in the role of climate change and how it impacts firestorm risk, fire intensity and damage, and options for protecting our communities."  Wonder if anyone facilitating the event ("Belle Cole" is listed as being the point person for this event site– WHO is SHE?) will have the "testicular fortitude" to bring up the FACT of ALUMINA OXIDE NANOPARTICULATES found in the PATENTS for the sprays, and the FACT that these are being found in massive quantities in water, soil, snow, and BEES.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dennie, GeoengineeringWatch has just supplied more packages of our materials (color glossy flyers and 20 page color bookletss) for activists to distribute in the heart of the firestorm disaster zones.

    • Dennie says:

      The point I need to make at this event is that we can't have a complete discussion of climate change and what's driving it without talking about the contribution of the geoengineering sprays.  Namely the alumina oxide nanoparticulates and what they do to increase the intensity of the heat and rapidity of movement of the fires.  If someone from the area has those materials I hope they'll show up so we can hand something to people who want to read material right there.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie, I am so glad you are going to this and hope you will be the uh? firebrand there that you are here!  Ream them, please!

      Docs tell me it takes decades to develop actinic keratosis and I know many people who have done these chemo face peels, I'd guess you'd could say it is a bit like geoengineering! in that the alleged cure seems worse than the problem.  This chemotherapy paste/goo is to be carefully applied, if it gets in eyes somehow, wash out immediately and go to hospital immediately!  Tube, being chemo, must be returned to pharmacy for disposal–God, wonder how many plastic tubes of these leftovers there are and how disposed of?!  I had a natural urge to get out of the sun when young, tried sunbathing with my diehard of a sister, but could not hang.  I had thicker hair then and as long as it would grow-more than a meter!, and I've always parted it in the middle, all my grown life.  So, a bit of this started in my part toward the back and I could only feel a bump, tiny, that did not go away.  But then also had a red spot near front of part but it was small.  And I have all sorts of blood blobs now given my MCTD.  So…ignored it.  Then, after last cataract surgery and tape roughly pulled taking skin with, that never healed, tried to, but never quite did heal, and now whole nose is painful, along with sore in right nostril.  Docs of different stripes led me this way and that such that I didn't even think of precancerous and now feel I may be too late.  Hope not.  Then too, I am afraid of this stuff in tube and losing skin said to grow back, but, That is how this began!  My landlord did this twice, face skin like a baby.  When young, I could be in the sun long time if moving.  Didn't hurt if moving.  And I was almost always in motion.  Did not wear a hat.  But I have worn a hat and stayed out of the sun for many decades now!  So!  My feeling is that just a brush of exposure to the new levels of UVC on raw flesh from tape pull did this.  This diagnosis was for just this, Then I mentioned hair part and he barely looked but said to put a bit there too.  Lately, by surprise, the whole part on head bleeds! Fa-reeky! and upsetting.  Like a horror show and I am getting so sick and tired of horror shows on me and on Earth.  I do not believe this on nose which only happened after tape pull was due to come owing to age and growing up in Kansas, as in sky country.  The pulled tape bit was only two years and change ago.  I KNOW this is due to UVC hitting raw nose if only for a second, no doubt when looking up!!!!!!!  Plus, maybe the sheer amount of time I've spent on this computer for 6 years now? Paul did warn us, and that Is an issue in its own right!

      I'm just trying to warn you guys.  I am nearing 71.  And yeah, I have med issues few have.  But I am saying this is straight up to UVC!  Which so rarely hits me.  The rest of you?  Take care out there!!!!!     

  21. EndtheFed says:

    The one silver lining in all of this is that the worse things get, the more compelling the evidence of the climate engineering reality becomes.

    This is a very convincing post and so full of sources all making almost identical claims.  It's also the case when you search for "geoengineering destroying ozone layer".  You find scores of articles with the same exact headline.

  22. Grant Jones says:

    Dane, Over a year ago we were using the term "Abrupt Climate Shift" but what I have observed and researched has led me to another place. I spent the last six months at 5600' on Family Heritage Land that my Grandfather acquired in 1938.  I watched 200+ year old fir and pine go from vibrant spring growth to browned out hazards in less than a summers season. With no market our only alternative has been to fell them and create cull decks to burn this winter.  The stumps show these trees have survived numerous drought cycles in the past but no more.  The tops show minimal bug infestation.  I know what to look for, I performed a sanitation-salvage logging operation in the late 1980s.  This tree mortality is very different.  In addition the insects are rare as are the evening flights of the Night Hawks and the Bats swooping over the pond at dusk.  Rather than an abrupt climate shift I fear all life is at or beyond "The Event Horizon". I do not wish to appear negative but I see so little time left to awaken the ignorant. I continue to hand out flyers and discuss with all who will listen. Dane,Sir, my friend, we have so little time.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Dane, exceptional article, thank you.

      About the Ozone destruction.. Here in Southern Europe, what I can say is that the Stratospheric spraying is an everyday activity. They are doing that every day, through all day time and maybe at night also. Even when the spraying on the high and middle Troposphere is not happening.

      Correct me please if I'm mistaken; Here, after the last big fires that killed more than 40 Persons ( in all Summer more than 100 Persons have died and hundreds were injured, in this "country" of the EU ), we had the manufactured change of the "weather" with a few days of humidity and rain, AND that was because the high pressure zone created by the antennas ( similar to the HAARP antennas ), which are used for heating the Ionosphere was interrupted, yes?, because of that it was created a temporary low pressure zone, which created the normal average conditions of weather for this time of the year, and with the specific spraying, also the creation of rain, etc.., yes?, Now, after that short period, the high pressure zone is again in place, because they've turned on the antennas again, and is because of this FACT that we have again warm and very dry days, a very high and clear sky, and without the spraying operations, very cold nights because without a roof of clouds ( even without the ice nucleation chemicals ) the heat of the day dissipates very fast in the beginning of the evenings up to the higher layers of the atmosphere, right?

      Thank you for your Work.


  23. s. says:

    Great interview, great research , thank you all so much!

  24. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Thank You for covering this dire topic so thoroughly. The Lunatic's involved "may" be able to replace some Trees & Fauna, Grow their collection of saved seeds, Even oxygenate the waterways, Purify Soils, And raise/grow their saved test tube Animals, Birds, Pollunators, Sea Creatures & Plankton etc. once we are all Dead.  But, what about the Ozone? Do they really think the can "Fix" this issue, once we are all gone?    They, have flown too High on a Wing & a Pledge to the Dark Side.    After all their hard work!   Oh Darn. They too will loose everything.  Yes indeed, No one can escape the outcome of, the loss of, "OUR ONLY OZONE"!  What you gonna do about that one?  No wonder they want to travel to Mars!   Just in case they, "Take it too Far"!  ( Like it isn't, too far already)But, it was all worth it!  We got rid of Mankind on Planet Earth!   Those Dreaded Humans.  They were Ruining Everything!   

  25. Rhonda says:

    Dane and "Ray,"

    Excellent research and information! 'Thank you' seems inadequate in respect to the hope that your legitimate resources provide for full exposure to this enormous crime.  Prayers for you and yours as you fight the good fight!  Much much appreciated!

  26. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — Thank you for this. Your diligent comprehensive data is truly invaluable in this effort. We are all so grateful to you for never giving up.

    This recent appalling report (below) shows how incredibly corrupt our world has become. I know many people use Facebook, but I have instinctively loathed and mistrusted it. Read their original heinous intentions here:
    Facebook Founder Warns:  “God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains."
    "When Facebook was getting going, I had these people who would come up to me and they would say, 'I'm not on social media.' And I would say, 'OK. You know, you will be.' And then they would say, 'No, no, no. I value my real-life interactions. I value the moment. I value presence. I value intimacy.' And I would say, … 'We'll get you eventually.'"
     "I don't know if I really understood the consequences of what I was saying, because [of] the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to a billion or 2 billion people and … it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other … It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains."
     "The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them, … was all about: 'How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?'"
     "And that means that we need to sort of give you a little dopamine hit every once in a while, because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post or whatever. And that's going to get you to contribute more content, and that's going to get you … more likes and comments."
     "It's a social-validation feedback loop … exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you're exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology."
    "The inventors, creators — it's me, it's Mark [Zuckerberg], it's Kevin Systrom on Instagram, it's all of these people — understood this consciously. And we did it anyway."

    • Dennie says:

      The only people stoopider than Zucker is EVERYONE ELSE who fell for his crap.  I have this fantasy of printing out that zerohedge article, driving down to the west end of the Dumbarton bridge and personally delivering these comments, his own words, to him.  Where I would force-feed them to him.  A$$hole.  Like Bill Gates, he too probably won't let his kids use his monstrous creation or otherwise play on the internet.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, yes, I saw this too.  And apparently I'm too stupid for FB.  I resisted long time, but finally, with great urging, got on, but they refused to post what I said of my history!, posting instead something not true, then somethings I signed on line, before getting hip, they posted to my horror.  Then, in what I thought was a private message, I let out to all a divorce that had been on the down low, and so gave up!!  My daughter had a similar experience and also bailed from that aspect.  She uses it to track her family members which, well, very many of those-who, where, what, kind of stuff.  I've been using it to track a murderer I need to nab.  Enough said.  Excellent tracking tool. 

  27. Dane, thank you for the comprehensive article on such a surreal subject. Here in Mass,, particularly in the last year, I've noticed how intensely bright the sun has grown; and especially how hot is on my skin. 

    Based on the rate of change only in the last year, 10 years may be too optimistic. If the ozone depletion continues at this rate, we are cooked.

    All the current news reports are talking about the ozone hole getting smaller. But where are all the UVa, UVb and UVc measurements? Search the internet — you won't find them. That should tell you something.

    God help us. 

  28. john michael vanOs says:

    GREAT GOOD Work Dane Thank YOU no fear LOVE Always John WE IS Way Way Way Down " The Road."

  29. Many Thanks Dane and Ray for explaining in detail why UVC is so deadly  while resonating at the same frequency of our DNA, and how O2 binds with nano particles preventing it from reaching the upper atmosphere. This information is profoundly important to the survival or extinction of life as we know it. Thank You both for your undeterred dedication and the noble examples you both are setting for all. Great Work!!! 

  30. Cori Gunells says:

    Thank you for the excellent research, compilation of sources, and the interview. I hope people will save this in their files, and share with others (including "official" sources that espouse contrary information/propaganda and lies). 

    "Well, when I took readings at Mt. Hamilton a year ago, I came back and processed the data. My conclusion was that 80% of the ozone layer was already gone, and I may have some refinements on that, but that's a pretty damn close estimate right now." ~ Former NASA Contract Engineer

  31. Wanda Allen says:

    Excellent research and links Dane. This is a fantastic article to share to everyone. Thanks as always for all you and your family do.

  32. Randy-AZ says:

    Great Post Dane,

    I feel everything is starting to surface so we can expose those that are part of the cover up and lie for a paycheck!! Thanks Sir for all you do!!


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