Weather Terrorists Control The Climate


Dane Wigington

Climate engineering is nothing short of weather and biological warfare. Not only are our skies being constantly saturated with highly toxic climate engineering elements, extremely powerful and harmful radio frequency / microwave transmissions are being utilized to manipulate these materials (and thus, the weather / climate). How can we know for certain that RF / microwave transmissions are being used to control weather and precipitation? From satellite imagery animations that prove the manipulation beyond any reasonable doubt. The 6 minute video below contains extremely compelling and inarguable footage of radio frequency / microwave weather manipulation that has just been captured.

The ongoing global geoengineering insanity continues to decimate the biosphere, human health, and the entire web of life. The effort to expose and halt this insanity will take all of us. Waking others up to the critical climate engineering issue by sharing credible data from a credible source is the most effective strategy in this battle. Make your voice heard.

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  1. says:

    Climate change will fuel acts of terrorism and strengthen recruiting efforts by terrorist groups such as Islamic State and Boko Haram, a report commissioned by the German foreign office has found.

    • Robert says:

      The chem trail chemicals are really what they say they are,  I know for a fact.

      I been gold panning since I was a kid 11 years old.every stream was good water.

      Now I'm and old man 70 years old now.

      A few years ago, on the Sacramento river in CA I was panning and noticed when slowly moving the water in the pan a gray film was floating on top, I found out it was Nano-aluminum particles YES they are poisoning us all !

  2. susan says:

    Get this.  I washed thoroughly my large backdoor sliding door.  After a rain, I was sitting and looking out and see a "gasoline rainbow" in drip forms seemingly glued to the windows.  I took my finger , touched and smeared a drip line to see it is OIL!!!!!   The chemtrails–geoengineers work almost daily and at times heavily laying their lines to a white out.  How many mor years to I have to wake people up—-I've been working this over 15 years now and I will continue.!  I am done with shit!

  3. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    It is completely obvious, those two precipitation radar loops are unnatural. Precipitation does not move in that manner, with gaping large holes and being migrated in another direction, as if it is being blocked and absorbed. Parts of Florida especially Northeast Florida where I live, have been in a mini drought since Hurricane Irma passed through over two months ago!

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    All:  I gotta say, I Wish they'd put a penis in the sky above us in Berkeley!  A month and a half ago? they put 4 very big hearts!  And, people Did notice that!  And loved it!  At least a penis would be more appropriate and elicit a proper response!  If there is a depopulation agenda, it is not working well enough!  People, we on Earth are 8 billion! Despite all!  I can't help but wonder that if they had not been messing with the skies for so very long if there would be less people?  I mean the difficulties would have happened much sooner and the population may not have zoomed.  There Are too many people!  That alone is untenable. Apparently around here, each and every one drives a car.  Each one wants a whole house.  And so much more.  "Stuff" compensate for lack. Lack of nature, lack of progress, lack of well being.  So much lacking!  But for sky crap of which we normally have so very much.  Not yesterday.  Yesterday the sky had zero clouds of any sort.  That is extremely rare around here, very.  It was so cold before the rain and we got more than 2 inches!  With the rain came some real warmth. But yesterday was cooler by a chunk, yet scorching if in the sun.  Step into shadow and cold.  Step out and recoil at the burn of sun.  Today is very cold by Berkeley standards. 52 in my house now and it feels nucleated.  Just icy cold-I have gloves on as I have no heat, but for gas burners on stove-ghetto heat.  Windows covered in condensation.  Wiped and looked.  Clear blue-ish skies again, a scorching sun peeking over neighbors' house to my south, a white sun which I barely saw a tad of, eyes still having troubles from that one second look, which just as I looked, seemingly outta nowhere, mid air, a plane diving down in southeast with a fat trail but one of those I see more and more of in that the fat trail goes with the plane as it goes and nothing, seemingly, left behind it!  Then, noticed this neighbors's house emitting a lot of smoke as in fireplace.  NOOOOO!  But I would if I could.  The info I got quite some time ago on wood burning, fireplaces, etc. claimed the hazards are far greater than cigarettes which is theoretically why they are banning it and I can testify to that.  Makes no difference if the smoke smells good, which it sometimes does.  But they have not done this before there, so, backs up my ice cold claims, sort of.  Meanwhile, the world burns.  Prices here for living spaces and living too, have sky rocketed, stratospheric!  Guess they feel the need to keep us cold to attract and keep people and high prices.  Many plants and trees look wonderful.  Lots and lots are not dead.  I notice the sun scorching on the east side primarily.  But oddities, like my huge rhododendron in which just one bit, tiny, bloomed!!!  Does not bloom until late winter/early spring!  WTF?  Not one bloom all summer from my cannas-I suspect lack of warmth and light.  A big fern facing the west, dead.  Mega plum harvest.  But figs, gee, usually two "blushes", not this year!  They only recently showed up, very slow to ripen and not so many.  Neighbors just to my north have an avocado just laden with fruit.  But, not ripe enough yet??!!  Chickadees showed up just recently.  We have bugs but must say they are small.  Would that the Asian fruit fly would die!!  But no!  We do now finally have very few big flies.  But then, adult ones overwinter on the ground in a dormant state.  This freakish cold, So feels nucleated, does that, it seems yet I still see the tiny fruit flies.  Get this, flies, big, pollinate!  They are actually good for something?!!  Amazing Earth that Was.

  5. BaneB says:

    Both weather NEXRAD terrorism locations are zapping me.  Eureka and Beale more than cover the entire north state.  What is of alarm to me is I have noticed a return of very loud and squeaky tinnitus in both ears for the past four days. The loudest I have ever experienced. The ringing is throughout my head plus the additional high pitch and separate squeaks.  It is driving me crazy.  The revealing video says these two Frankenstein facilities look to be at full throttle.  It is more than reasonable to connect the bizarre sounds I am experiencing to these NEXRAD microwave frequencies.  What is this doing to my brain?  My overall general health?  SOBs!

  6. Roberto says:

    Hello everybody,

    Here in Spain (and also in Portugal) we continue with artificial high pressure weather. Satellite images show the odd cloud-free area west of the atlantic coast of Iberian peninsula, look at sat24 website for instance:

    So the severe drought continues.

    At the same time, a weird "medicane" (mediterranean hurricane) called Numa is causing lots of damage in Italy and Greece:

    It seems that microwave transmissions are causing both phenomena.

    What do you think?

    • Pedro says:


      thank you for your post.

      It's correct, high pressure zone, very dry weather, warm temperatures. Stratospheric spraying. The Fkrs are building a catastrophe for the next Summer that will be 5 or 6 times bigger than the one we had this year. Everyone is being bought by a salary and no one talks about it. criminal media is acting as the principal tool of the cabal.

  7. Blue Sue says:

    When Douglas MacMartin (panelist on the recent Congressional hearing on geoengineering) was asked by the Science Friday interviewer "How would you explain geoenginneering to someone who didn't know what it was?" he answered, "carefully".  How telling. What a lying jerk!

    Also, the experts revealed that the spraying would hypothetically (remember, they're not doing it YET) would have to go on "forever" otherwise the global temperatures would quickly and drastically rise to what they would have been prior to the SRM —  such rabid rank LIES!

  8. SilentSister says:

    And now, we’re only being mocked by the immaturity of power sickness


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      A reply to the Navy from the local group here trying to protect the Olympic Peninsula WA:

    • Dennie says:

      Goddamned JUVENILE DELINQUENTS are running the planet now.  Demented citizens prob'ly didn't much look UP until these moronic 11-YEAR-OLD kiddies pulled a stunt like this, ON THE PUBLIC'S DIME.  For God's sake, can we P-L-E-A-S-E call 9-1-1-A-D-U-L-T? Someone, please, get the KIDS outta the Control Room–!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      It's alllll falling apart:  Awwwwwe, po' widdo babies, they don't have enough oxygen– WAAAAHHHH!!  Well, now, maybe that's cuz THERE ISN'T SO MUCH OF THE STUFF ON THIS PLANET NOW, THANKS TO THEM!!!!!  And WHAT is this going to mean to The Bottom Line at Lockheed???

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      That left a Condensed Trail, The Navy said?  So that's what they're called!   The level of "Artwork" Screams thier level of "Thinking"!  I still remember the Pilot that wrote "LAST CHANCE" in the Sky above spectators in, I believe New York. This was years ago. I Bet he was taken out for his Brave Actions. Trying to wake the Public up, to this Madness. I bet you they are in a back room, patting these two dudes,on the back & giggling like School Girls. Now, now Boys, Behave yourself. Next time, do it over the Ocean. The Navy will get a Kick out of it.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Silent Sister, Eva and ALL, Welcome to the skies above my region. The town of Okanogan is 30 miles as the crow flies south of me. On the day that those "boys" pulled that stunt, they were up here also laying out aerosols in circular patterns. Why are fighter jets laying out aerosol trails and what's in that mix? Are "they" doing specific crop dusting? Under a clear sky, I could feel something sprinkling on my skin. It felt like rain drops but there was nothing to see. Needless to say, I stayed inside for a while and let those heavy particles settle before continuing with activities outdoors.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      #MeToo !!!!  Too funny really.  Oooh, I feel so assaulted!  Actually I am laughing.  That!! the navy apologizes for!!  Some of us know the difference!  Between CRIME and crime.  Hey navy dudes, you have oh so much more to apologize for!  Does the destruction of skies and oceans and lives make up for your tiny balls?

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      With more thought…This Act from these two pilots may work in our favor. Show this to the Willfully Blind & this may show them clearly three things about that scene in the sky. 1) They are Egotistical 2) The are Pompous 3) This Artwork shows clearly that they can apply on & off spraying at will !  And no one can say it's a Fake. They responded to the pilots actions.

    • Robert Shepard says:

      I knew that someone else was paying attention and saw this in the news, too.  Absolute madness.

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today started out as a banner day here in my region. Sunny and not to cold. 28F last night. The breeze died down. Started out as a no aerosol day and about noon it became an assault of those quickly dispersing aerosols. I rarely take pictures anymore unless it is a "formation" I haven't seen before. This late afternoon I took a picture of a "bee hive" fake cloud formation. Right out of the comic books. I've never seen anything like it. The backdrop to the photo was typical microwave lines in higher stratospheric elevations(can you digest that one Douglas?). I've seen lenticular formations over valleys where they normally form over mountain tops. That be hive formation today had "weaponization" written all over it. (funny how spell check didn't pick up on that one). This is a small community where I live. It's spread out over a vast amount of miles. I am proud that I have overcome the stigma that could have been assumed in my case. I have a little "rooting section" with the gals down at the local ministore/gas station(Town hub). They looked up this last weeks global alert news. They have followed me all summer and they called me "famous". Geesh, I'd rather be able to grow trees. Just sayin. Flattery is nice, but the folks I have on board are way more important to me and to our survival. Around here, we do our "networking" "face to face". And soon you all will too. May you fare as well as I have. May you remember the horseman's words. Be "available, reliable, consistent, factual and most of all, make sure there is care in your tone of voice". Ya don't have to roll over, in fact I have always opted for the opposite. The grace that sustains me has compounded to the degree that I am challenged to disperse it properly. I leave most of it all up to the Creator. I just make sure it's going the right direction…….

    'a' simple horseman

  10. Paul says:

    NPR radio broadcast on this afternoon – Science Friday – "Could Tweaking The Atmosphere Help Us Fight Climate Change?"      

  11. Louise says:

    Sky writing was a brilliant way to indoctrinate the masses in the 1960s and 1970s.  It was innocent fun to look up in the sky and to  see letters and messages which were made by aerosol  chemical dispersions.  We never once thought that the same spray which was so fun to see was very dangerous to breathe.  The newscasters in this article call the dispersions "sky writing," not the true scientific name.   The Navy  Department is sending a very sinister message to the taxpayers below. How ironic. 

  12. Fred Richards says:

    I'd like to 'ramble on' just s bit more if i may. Just used my non-Google search engine (StartPage) to find the nearest Nexrad towers.: Ojai and Anaheim. Moved here about ten years ago and the difference is like light and death. It was "Camelot gorgeous" with 15 acres of Haas avos producing two copious crops/year and abundant birds, bugs and enough beauty for anyone's appetite. Now the leaves are burned, the insects nowhere to be found on treks to the top of the property and forget the healthy fruit. Right before our eyes and while being educated by this factual site it slipped away and the last thing the landowner wants to hear from me, is why. We stay in the guest house here though we've owned in places other than CA. All for now, thanks for your reading time   

  13. Fred Richards says:

    Thank You Dane, this short explosive video made my understanding leap. Inhabiting land south of where you are showing yet the picture is very similar. The forecasted 30% chance of rain overnight evaporated as it was stopped from visiting us and the process is finally getting clearer. It was like 'school-time' for me to teach my younger wife what becomes so apparent when we 'know'.  We live way up into the canyon north and east of Ventura on what was an avocado grove. Writing from a shoreline park  about 4mi' down, noticing any puffy clouds are pushed out away from where they could 'fill and spill' rain. The middle is only 'serrated' weird wispy fragments. Began to wonder if you would tell me where the transmitters are located near here. Thanks for your seemingly tireless research/ release of the kind of credible data we need to make any dent in the 'never-look-uppers awareness'. Best Regards  

    • BaneB says:

      Fred:  Under a simple Internet search for US NEXRAD locations, many maps of the locations for the 160 sites admitted to will pop up. They are owned by the Defense Department, and operated by the National Weather Service.  Raytheon does the weather "modeling" forecasts.  However, there are far more facilities involved than the NEXRAD list.  Indeed, north of me here in Northern California, south of Eureka facility, and west of Beale AFB, are at least two other microwave transmission sites as revealed on this website some time ago by Mario. The entire continental United States is totally enveloped with the microwave "fog."  There is no area not being zapped 24/7.

  14. Carol says:

    Hi Pete ..  It pisses me off too … walking dead and blind … UK  Leicester .. when you mention it to someone it's like you have six heads .. SPRAYING MAD in UK …. Frustrated .. 

  15. Carol says:

    Hi Alex .. Thanks for your reply I live in Leicester .. Yes everyday they spray  u can smell the smog and mold in the air I get so pissed off with these so called powers of be that run the world they are the biggest polluters just have to keep fighting on … Dane you are my hero I say it everyday for  you what do …. Wake up UK …. 

  16. Anna ahlschlager says:

    How can we stop this. ?  let mother nature proceed as God intended ir to?  can president trump not end this?

  17. carol says:

    Dear Dane, The second I looked at today's Video I saw the wild profile (facing to our left in looking at it) of a Snarling gorilla with No molars, or better yet just some evil green snarling monster that has green long sparks flying down off of what appears to be a large darkened out era area!

    Yesterday in going outside I saw that it was indeed "Wear at least a surgical MASK day" starting in Fallbrook,Ca. well over Camp Pendleton, and continued very thick with swirls, feathering, but mainly high definition ripples going from Fallbrook, Oceanside, and constant through Encinitas and straight on throughout Lajoyia & San Diego.       These RIPPLES were intense like "4D" and in continuous long wavy lines as one sees in the sand at the beach sometimes as waves pull back. 

    I knew immediately they were blasting MICRO WAVES through them, so I filmed it and wore my surgical MASK all day and all night as I tried to sleep. I believe my house that's been NANO Dusted for so many years has me weak,sick all the time,constant Ringing in my ears,can't sleep, and my forgetfulness is getting worse & worse!           I can't remember what I was thinking or planning to do or say 1 second after I had thought it; can't remember names and worse numbers. I start a task and walk away to get something, get there to get ??? What I can't REMEMBER! Therefore the original task has been completely forgotten "to finish it"….like filling the cats water bowl!                                                                                                SCARY in that, and even worse: I leave the stove ON, because I forgot I was cooking…therefore have lost a lot of good food, and great pans! Thank GOD I didn't burn the house down!                                         *  SO I go to Costco to buy more Fire Detectors, but lost the Buy LIST as I head into the store. So I walk around TRYING to remember what I even went there for…just ending up buying all kinds of things I didn't need.                                                                                                     So next I walk into the house and WHAT?!?!??! There's my LIST and parts of the old Fire Detector on the floor!  I just traveled 30 miles X 2 to Costco for nothing! I just could NOT remember the MAIN thing I went there to get, which was the most important thing re: a true Life or Death matter everyone should be prepared for!   More Deliberate FIRES to come!    And surely FORGETFULNESS is one of the first SYMPTOMS of Chemtrails combined with all the rest of their sinister RFs and EMFs deployed upon us, for the DUMBING DOWN of Society!      I know of SEVEN neighbors DEAD now after me Warning them repeatedly about all these things…I kept checking and finding they did not OPT OUT as I insisted they do re the SMART METERS. They had their SMART METERs located outside (what only 9 inches of wall to separate them) rt opposite thier heads of where their Bed Head boards were! They did Not heed to my request that they OPT OUT, and their excuse to me was:–> "Oh, I just keep "FORGETTING" to call SDG&E about that!"                                        SO, within 3 months of these Smart Meter installed (re the ones rt by their heads), all THREE of those separate family head-of-household/providers are DEAD!                                                               As for the other FOUR who suddenly & strangely died, their Smart Meters were 15 to 17 ft away from their heads by their bedrooms, of which took it 7 & 8 months to kill these also a bit younger adults!                                                                                                   

    So Sad what happened to those TAKEN BY SURPRISE in the Darkness–> the unfortunate people of Northern Ca. FIRES (Notice How they MOCK–> Powderized trailer park mainly for the Elderly & Poor, which had the Name of " Journeys END"…!)    and SAD those also _asered in Portugal and Spain lately!   I believe those "POWDERized & Molten metal HITS" was just a SAMPLE: "committed" as a deadly intimidation tactic to scare" certainly to shout their message LOUD on what they can/could/will  do to those who blab, and whom are members of the resistance…                           Just note how close it was to Debora Tavares…and also to Dane!

    Those types of criminals laugh and tell each other all the time: "oh that was just another of our "done Accidentally-ON PURPOSE" funny deed: that will inspire our Hollywood elite pals in their Next         FEAR-TACTIC-Dooms-day-MOVIE we get to MOCK with…while at the same time work on our "QUOTA in Depopulating"! 

    Dear Lord GOD please protect us from all of these evils and bring these culprits to their knees in complete Repentance before You for forgiveness and please force them to make complete Amends, as You strip them of all their worth. Please make it so that every hole they dig "for our end" actually be reversed and used upon only them. And everyone Pray along in agreeance saying AMEN!

  18. Sandra Baer says:

    NPR , Science Friday is explaing geoengineering today and regulation of fossil fuels, and politics today, Nov 17, Tune In. I would like an opinion. Finally talking about it.

  19. Eva says:

    Talk about making your blood boil…..  Here's another perfect example of the effort to make the dire consequences of geoengineering appear "silly."

  20. Alan says:

    This morning, RT has a story about a Navy Growler pilot making an obscene drawing in the sky using "contrails" over the state of Washington.  There are pictures.  Apparently, these planes are so advanced, the pilot can turn their contrails on and off with the precision required to make sky art.  

    • BaneB says:

      Alan:  I saw that image, too.  It was a simple phallic rendering.  Drawn out as if one might be mentally challenged.  The other interpretation might be that it was a "high sign" middle finger directed at the citizens of Washington State.  Either way this was an insult.  What is interesting is as you observed the pilots had to cut in an off the aerosol spray to accomplish this.  The other observation I have is there are trees in the image at lower right.  Not perfect but as a reference point, this piece of performance art looks like it was created way below the upper area where freezing temperatures are said to produce "contrails.  

    • Hawkeye says:

      Correct Alan, that is exactly why that news report was put out there. Everyone looked at it because it is sexual, so now no one will forget it and the next time you try to enlighten someone about geoengineering aerosol spraying in the sky, the visual fact of the on/off trail dispersement being proof those lines are not contrails but deliberate on/ off aerosol spraying, well there it goes…..the truth I mean……..right out the window, because, oh no, I saw in the news that plane exhaust plumes can go on and off…..there was a pilot who did it with a penis drawing in the sky once….remember?!!

      See what I mean?

      Did you fall for it too?????? Lol, made ya so mad you had to look didn't ya!?


  21. Rodney Caupp says:

    How can we GET TOGETHER if we hate each other.   MEDIA and Governments Socially engineering our demise by HATE, … Human populations "control" by Lies and Hate.   Genders , Races, and fluffy asses are at work by the hand of twisted Gods and their Twisted followers.  Know and admit you see one MEDIA controlling even the "Governments controlling populations".   We NEED INSTRUCTION on Standing Together. FIND a place and get together. GET out of the Prisons and Shackles of FEAR    

    • Rodney Caupp says:

      I stood up to these "Operations", Here in Xenia Ohio,  and they let me know they would MAKE ME QUIT…….  In Great Fear I continue !

  22. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    The Background clouds in the video, look like our daily sky.  All day, everyday, in Alberta. Almost daily weather warnings of a Blizzard, Heavy Snow, Freezing Rain, Strong Winds, Dangerous Roads due to these weather events.  In the South West today they warn the public to stay home if they don't need to go out due to the Snowfall Warnings. In South East Alberta, Freezing Rain Warnings! How about, Freezing Fog? On Nov. 13th they warned Central Alberta of this new one. And now the term, Scattered Snowfall? I guess the manufactured snow, could fall there, or over there, or over there!  Monsters! They now have come out with a new road spray to clear the roads of the dangerous ice build up, Calcium Chloride!  Ah Yes, That will do the trick. A few less deaths on the roads.    Ski Hills are open. Last weekend Skiiers at "Sunshine" Ski Hill, needed to look down, not ahead of them, due to the heavy cloud coverage. Very Dangerous. You need to see what's coming. A Boulder, A Jump, A Tree… What will it take to shake the cloud fog from the brains of Mankind? You sure don't hear the word Autumn! Our temperatures rarely move a degree all day long. They just sit there. Yet it always feels ten degrees colder outdoors then the temperature on the guage. This Crap is Cold.

    • JF says:

      I have witnessed this viewing the radar over Southern California. There would be a band of rain on the radar just off the coast, and as soon as it made landfall, the precipitation would dry up and scatter.

      This just happened this morning. Rain off the coast and just dissipated into light showers.

      I have also seen some of these strange radar patterns as shown in the video in the recent past couple of years.


    • Clare Ormerod says:

      Gail, I hear you. We are just north of Edmonton and we RARELY see the sun. We saw the term"SNOW SHOWERS" in our forecast. It is supremely cold, windy , but the apparent lack of sun, is what is killing me and my spirit. I am still, out there, speaking to people, but boy it sure gets cold!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello Gail, we regularly get that same "freezing fog" here where I live too. I can hear the jets spraying that crap all through the night. This week we had another scheduled mini snowfall event (about 2 inches) of the fake crap they manufacture regularly nowadays after heavy geoengineering activity above. We used to get real snowfalls of 6 inches to several feet when a real storm blew in.  This week the trails were so obvious in the sky, but no one looks up or realizes they are not natural.  I teach first grade presently, and the children came in from recess today (a thick fog hung in the air) complaining of stomach aches — about 7 children! Four were absent with a bad cough/cold.  

      I just watched a TV commercial prior to the weather report on the evening news sponsored by the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, and to my disgust saw a SAI streaked sky (about 5 parallel trails) as a background behind the Alaska native spokesman.  The scenes of Arctic villages all showed the characteristic white-haze of a heavily aerosoled sky.  So sad!

    • Blue Sue says:

      The first thing that penetrated my groggy consciousness at 5am this morning was the voice on NPR radio announcing Science Friday's upcoming episode for today (November 17): "Spraying sulfur into the stratosphere could slow global warming—but climate engineering isn't without risks."

      What a way to start the day! Well, I guess the Main Stream Media has decided to let the cat slowly slip out of the bag with their late-breaking half-truths and distortions.  Just shows how critical it is now and how really deep we are in the geoengineered doo-doo.

  23. Concerned human being says:

    Why is there never any geoengineering awareness gatherings on the east coast like those you put together on the west coast? I’m in northern Virginia area and this area needs some organized gatherings. The assault from the sky is abundant and the public is largely oblivious. I don’t understand. We live in an every growing world of organic and non gmo healthy living but people have no  are to investigate what may be going on and falling down on their food and water. I appreciate all that this site does and think it’s time to take it up a knotch if waking up the zombie population is going to happen. 

    Keep up the great work Dane


    concerned human being

    • EndtheFed says:


      concerned human, 


      If you'd like awareness gathering events in your area, get in touch with other local activists and see if you can organize one.  


  24. Charles says:


    During the recent Govt hearings about Geoengineering;

    It was stated clearly that once the geoengineering Solar Radiation Management is used to reduce the incident sunlight heating the earth, it needs to continue or else there is a rapid rewarming!!!

    I wonder what the level of rapid rewarming would be if the current spraying geoengineering were to stop !??  The government has so painted themselves into the corner now, that even with the massive spraying that is going on, that they refuse to admit to, nonetheless, if they were to stop, there would be a huge, additional global warming, in additional to the already harmful global warming that is occurring in spite of the massive spraying we are already engaged in!  

    I doubt that they can escalate the geoengineering Solar Radiation Management to levels above where it already is at after the past 70 years. We already probably have the pedal to the metal! I wonder what would happen if they stopped for even a week?  That will perhaps be the event that is used when they 'publicly' re-introduce the geoengineering experiments that they allude to in the govt hearing! After a week hiatus, and a rapid global warming rebound, the re-start of the geoengineering program will have a rapid, initial 'success' , so important for the public relations narrative for our attention deficit main stream media! Even a story like 'geoengineering saves the world' will only last for a few days, week at most! It will probably get preempted then by some fake news or other. Then it will be back to business as usual. NATURE BATS LAST!

  25. Carol says:

    Hi Alex. uk … Like you I have contacted people that supposed to protect the environment like you say it's like talking to a brick wall ?? Where about's are you in uk … I'm am disgusted with the response I have had its insane … We are so the walking dead in UK over vaccines issues as well … Del Bigtree …. lawsuit over the safety and efficacy Look it up ..vaccine impact news …

    • Alexander Steven High says:

      Hi Carol

      I live in Derby East Midlands, they're at it again this morning spraying their poison over us. I don't know about you but we don't get blue sky much anymore. It's mostly grey skies with the sun trying to shine through. It is very depressing to see this almost everyday. Our British politicians are only interested in insulting each other point scoring and Russia bashing plus lining their own pockets. They are in my opinion insane people running the country into the ground. If all the people bloody well woke up and started screaming maybe we would have a chance to get this stopped, sadly most don't seem to care even though they are aware of the lunacy going on above us. People don't seem to give a damn they're being poisoned and this is what we are up against. Anyway Carol you take care and stay safe.



    • Kazadum9 says:

      Alexander, they dont care because they are being sprayed with lithium amongst other shit

  26. Andy says:

    A couple of weeks back there were unusually strange orange skies over England, supposedly caused by dust whipped up from the Sahara brought over by incoming storm systems. Since that time I make it a habit to carry a camera with me whenever I am out walking the dog, in order to have a photographic log to show people when I talk to them of geoengineering.

    Recently there have been even more very peculiar aerial displays -haloes around the Sun, so-called "sundogs" and *jet-trails* which cast shadows on the clouds behind them. Blatant examples of chemical dispersal in the skies above. An almost surreal environment, as if painted by a crazed artist. Anyway, I find it useful to use these photographs as visual aids when I am out and about discussing SRM/SAG etc with other folks – they are more inclined to pay attention to my words when I have visual aids to accompany them. Little steps I know, but I have opened eyes of disbelievers and ignorant both. I shall carry on in my small way to continue to enlighten those that I can to the vandalism being undertaken above peoples very heads.

    Thank you to all contributors here, that there are similarly open-minded folks gives me strength to persevere. Love to you all. 

  27. Frances says:

    Over the Darling Downs, Qld.,since the 9th Nov., 'chemtrails' and the 16th and 17th and 18th, what I call 'microwaved' clouds.

  28. rick dubov says:

    Hi Dane, Thanks for this post. I myself am very affected by these frequencies being used for climate engineering. Now there are big pharma ads for meds for migraines..a new illness directly caused by these pulsed frequencies. Of this I am certain. An additional note-In addition to chemical cool downs and chemical ice nucleation, and direct RF radiation i suspect that they are also using scalar EM induced by scalar interferometry over large areas. Tom Bearden who knows more about scalar interferometry than nearly anyone, has written extensively about scalar interferometry and its many applications including climate engineering. At any rate, thanks for everything you continue to do.  Rick

  29. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Again,Dane, very good capture of what is happening above all our heads every day. "So what do all those microwaves look like from the ground?". This is a task I have been compiling for almost 4 years now. Look at Doppler radar and observe what my sky looks like. Then factor in an insane amount of incalculable variables, like fighter jets putting out classic aerosol dispersions.(Welcome to the highlight of my day). Only theirs are curved and seem to be covering blank spaces of tropospheric canopy. (Can you understand that one Douglas?). It's only the middle of November and already I am sick and tired of the chemical ice nucleation that has occurred over my region. Lately it seems as if the weather can't make up it's mind between fall, winter or spring. I've had all 3 in the last 2 weeks. I have now doubt that this affair is having an adverse affect on the wild life I love so much. Someone wrote a comment about the flies present this time of year. I call them "big black buzzers". Where the hell do they come from? Why aren't they out there feeing my birds? I've had it up to 'here' with this climate modification stuff!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      If I may, I would like to add a personal note. This coming weekend is the Portland Gem Faire. A big part of me is sad I am not able to be there to fight the good fight for the greater good. With this latest article, it is easy to transfer the focus to the Portland Oregon area and come up with the same observations. I know, I have family there that think I'm nuts. Don't mean I won't look over them. I'm sick and tired of watching my weather be thwarted in one direction or another. I'm all for letting Mother Nature have her way, I might lose everything I own in the process. It won't matter. The only thing that matters is that we give our Mother a chance to have a say and be heard in this most critical fight. It won't be pretty, but at least it will be "real".

    • EndtheFed says:

      a simple horseman,

      Thanks for everything you do and participating in the emails to that professor who participated in the geoengineering senate hearings (his name escapes me at present, I have to check my inbox, something like 40 messages waiting for me there).  



  30. Joseph L says:
    Fukushima the latest bad news.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Yes Joseph, that radioactive mess is still leaking, still unrepaired, still poisoning about 400 tons of water running off the mountains behind the plant and right into the pacific daily….and since the accident occurred! 

      This is running neck and neck, for first place worst case nightmare threat to all life, with the climate engineering poisons. One is not worse then the other and both are what we get exposed to every dam day. I just watched a great documentary and highly recommend it, The World Awaits. They do an excellent interview with a woman who is an expert on the medical effects of nuclear radiation exposure. Helen ….. she goes into great detail about Fukushima but be warned same as Dane says at the start of each global alert news, it is the news you do not want to hear but must know. 

      Yea, kinda took the wind out of me. Then I saw news of a radiation cloud over Europe this week. The film also tells all on the military industrial complex, aka u.s. forces, and how we dropped many nuke bombs on Iraq and Syria and all that Middle Eastern stuff. So we just added huge amounts more to the radioactive levels in the atmosphere.

      I think its fair to say now……we're done folks! The Geo shit is one thing but this nuclear shit has a 4 billion year shelf life. Its over, DNA's have changed from all the toxic exposure and now all we can be is cancer and birth defects and disease. No more not getting a horrible illness for most now, and all future generations should there be any. Sorry to sound like Debbie downer but wtf? 



  31. Joseph L says:

    Dane great work. Everyday there is a new terrrible environmental story. I wonder how many are hidden from the public like Climate Engineering.

    Some of the worst fears and dire predictions of opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline came true on Thursday when pipeline owner TransCanada announced that more than 200,000 gallons of oil had spilled from the existing portion of the Keystone system in Marshall County, South Dakota.

      Fukushima new stuff

    • Eileen Kuch says:

      Somehow I knew there'd be a huge oil spill from the existing portion of the Keystone pipeline in Marshall County, South Dakota. Certainly, all those activists who protested the building of this pipeline in Native American territory knew that somewhere down the road there'd be a spill of at least 200,000 gallons of oil.

      Why did the Keystone pipeline spring a leak of 200,000 gallons of oil so soon after it was built? Most likely, it was built too quickly; thus, cracks in the pipe enabled 200,000 gallons of oil to spill across the ground around the pipeline.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey, Joseph, I did go to your enenews link about Fukushima.  And, got blissfully lost in the long posts afterward, seemingly by a bunch of scientists–love love getting lost in a science blog.  Love one especially sophisticated person who said: "Finding someone's statement that you believe to be false and articulating your doubts and asking for evidence to back the statement up is the epitome of research."  Comforting, as that describes an issue I have now.  Which is preventing me from spreading some news.  And has done in the past.  I could troll through these things all day long!  Very informative!  Thank you!

  32. WIlliam says:

    Hi, Dane thanks to you I am now opening my eyes about climate change . Please please if can explain to me in simple words why te government of the world are allowing this to happened and what’s really the purpose of the sprayings. God bless and protect you and your family. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, WIlliam, there answer to your question is complex, I have attached one link that I hope will fill in some of the blanks for you. The journey toward the truth begins with a single step, stay strong, glad to march with you in this battle. FYI

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey William,  Hopefully Dane will correct me if I am wrong, but in fact not all governments of the world are allowing and therein lies one rub, a big one as our efforts do affect the entire world one way or another.  I've noticed that this does seem to go along with the UN.  Hand in glove. Some big players are Britain, and Canada and Australia.  This world wide effort, and, or, happenstance,  makes all this very much more criminal, as if that were even possible.

  33. Diana says:

    Thank you so much Dane, for keeping us in the know!!!

  34. Wanda Allen says:

    Thank you Dane for your multiple videos explaining how the aerosol dispersions and the ground based frequencies work together. Looking at the satellite photos it all becomes to clear how all of the abnormal weather patterns are occurring. The harmful frequencies represent an enormous false security ,with folks thinking if they can't see, smell or touch it , that it must be ok. Now with 5G coming it's all about to get dialed up.  

  35. Abigail says:

    Thank you so much Dane. You are the hardest working man that I know of that is truly dedicating all your time and knowledge of Climate Engineering or SRM. Please do not stop. We need you.I am sharing this with Russ Tanner's Global Skywatch and OrbisVitae. God bless you and your wonderful children for helping with this destructive and out of control weather manipulation. We PRESS ON! THEY want US to STOP, THAT is why we will keep telling the TRUTH. Geoengineering is destroying planet earth. Press on! Best wishes to you and your wonderful family. ALSO all those who are joining in on this horrible CRIME!  Prayers ascending for all of you.

  36. ShawnS. says:

    I read that article CP posted. The aerosol being dumped is completely out of control. Black stuff floating above Yer Head. Basically, "raining down" on you to suck it all up into your respiratory system. Not to many can grasp the concept. (HOWEVER),

    "IT IS" Meant To Be!!!!  How else can you control everything?

    The answer is right above.

    Most people don't seem to mind though because it seems natural.

    Business as usual.

  37. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you, Dane. This is excellent graphic & technical evidence of what these arrogant irresponsible fools are doing. It seems that they may have unhinged the harmonic resonance of our once perfect and pristine planet. I recently received a video of the toxic spraying over Auckland New Zealand. No corner of the Earth is being spared. Here is a view of the South Island NZ from NASA Worldview:

  38. David D says:

    Id like to add one other the white powdery fluffy dust which quickly accumulates inside the house is amazing. I feel like this will be an episode of the Body Snatchers. Get out your heavy duty vacumn to suck that crap up out of your homes.

    • Crystal says:

      i cannot believe this! I have been wondering for several years why that white, fluffy lint has invaded my home! I take my purifier apart very often just to wash that stuff out of it. It's on my closet clothes and everywhere and here I am with severe asthma!! I want to scream.

  39. David D says:

    Here in San Diego they always use both and nothing is normal in our sky. 

    • Diana says:

      My husband and I live north of you, adjacent to Temecula Valley Wine Country on the east side. We live off the grid and I have had to baby the power continuously lately. Forget taking a Jacuzzi, there's not enough sun to run the motor to even heat up the water. When on fb and it's appropriate, I always refer people to geoengineering

  40. James Emery says:

    Every day now, and for a long time, I send a story from geoengineering watch and a link to the site,  or message about it to my representatives, one who is on the intelligence committee. Can you believe that, on the Intel com. and this guy just cares about bashing Trump. WE NEED TO FILE A CRIMINAL LAWSUIT AGAINST THE SUITABLE ENTITY OF GOVERNMENT OR COMPANY THAT IS INVOLVED IN SPRAYING US.

  41. Mark Thomson says:

    Hi, i live in Australia, and i see on BOM National Radar, evidence of microwaves or something, one near Brisbane, one in northern NSW , near Broome as well, have you got any sites with better detail of these areas. 

    • Frances says:

      We should take pictures of these odd clouds and send to Mr Turnbull with a please explain.  This manipulation is being done without our consent.  I doubt the Greens would be interested.


    • BaneB says:

      Mark:  Look up website for otterwalks at wordpress.  He has a website full of the evidence of the microwaving of all life in Australia.  Sorry I do not have the exact site address but otterwalks should do it, or play around.  

  42. Alexander Steven High says:

    You cannot talk to people who have no intentions of listening, contacting government or the government met office here in the UK is like talking to bricks. They know what's going on. Each successive government PM etc. are in on it and when you contact them all you get back is complete and utter bullshit. People are more aware now of the climate engineering and sooner or later something has got to give. Our leaders are criminals of course and I hope they are brought to justice and face the highest penalty. They are killing us and our home world and I would like to see them go first. I really would.

    Good luck all and all the best to you all.


    • judy lauer says:

      Alex –Everyday– I hope I get to find out that at least some of those that caused the murder of millions of people –would drop dead before I did.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Keep humming Judy, maybe our karma will be heard…If NOBODY BOUGHT anything for Christmas, that would be a fabulous start. As a matter of fact I got a very good post to my fb. Check out www. localfutures. com or org they have a film with a trailer regarding happiness, globalization, how it got this way and what we can do about it. Generally, going local not only with produce but everything else or don't buy. This will shift the money from the slime at the top to local communities and your neighbors. We can be whole again and all of the things like this will dry up and blow away as there will not be funds to support it. And all their wonderfulnesses will not work for "less than what they are worth". What a laugh. …for their totally inept, incompetent, sociopathic leadership.

  43. Joan says:

    interesting article! I have a question regarding the "powerful and harmful radio frequency/microwave transmissions." I have been hearing, for several years, a distinct humming or droning sound, constantly! I wear hearing aids and at first thought it was coming from those. But I hear it at the same volume without my aids. At times it seems to come from one direction only and at other time it seems to be all encompassing. Am I going crazy? Does anyone else hear this type of sound? Appreciate any help! Thanks! 

    • Jeanette S says:

      A lot of people think it is tinnitus if they notice it at all. I hear it a lot in the early morning it wakes me up.  Between 4-5 am.

    • Game Over says:

      is it a very deep, rhythmical sound, barely audible?
      I hear that sometimes.
      It’s effect is some kind of energy sucking.

    • Alexander Steven High says:

      Hello Joan

      I have the same droning humming sound all the time now for the past few months in my left ear, it's really getting on my nerves, I've never had problems with my ears until a few months ago. I'm not the only one then.

      All the best to all of you.


    • Kathy H says:

      I've been hearing this HUM for several years.  It resonates through me and makes me feel nauseous.  I have resorted to using box fans all over the house to drown out this HUM with white noise.  It works but sometimes you just want it to be "quiet!" I also feel the ground vibrate due to building resonance from the powerful microwave emissions. I feel like an alien on this planet.  It's not my frequency any more!  It's a sad state of existence.  Hang in there!

    • Melanie says:

      Hi Joan,

      Here is a natural remedy site that posts user feedback. Hope something on here might help you. 


    • BenBarzman says:

      Hello Joan, you are not alone. It is not tinnitus, i hear it  too. In the left ear usually, i hear an extremely high pitch noise(s). When i moved from the Willamette valley in Oregon to the Sacramento valley in California is when i first heard the a distinct low bass sound, sounds like a big motor running somewhere off in the distance, but coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It sucks to have to put up with another new "sound". I still hear the high pitch ringing here too, but it was stronger in Oregon.

      I have heard of people who hear similar things nowadays, look up the "hum". I tend to ignore the spiritual types trying to say that this is some kind of mind consciousness awakening 4th dimension bullsh.. or the conventional crowd saying it is just tinnitus. I have always known that all it is, is sensitive people hearing/feeling/perceiving the "powerful and harmful radio frequency/microwave transmissions." Or the "Smart grid" or all the cell-tower networks, or whatever other EMF/EMR stuff we are drowning in these days.

      Jeanette S- I always wake up at about 7:30 ish, i never need an alarm clock now… to funny? I never used to be like that, i used to be able to sleep in, not anymore.

      Game Over- I notice that when these sounds are really loud for me, that people act different, people complain of having headaches and not being able to think.

      Alexander Steven High- Left Ear for me too, i have written to and spoken to other people about strange sounds, and funny that they usually almost all hear something in the left ear.

      Kathy H- I really miss quiet too :'(  The world is not the same anymore for me without "peace and quiet". And up in Oregon i used to always feel very slight barely perceivable pushing or wave feelings, some kind of energy that went right threw me, very faint, i always felt them in bed when trying to fall asleep. And i always use box fans now too for white noise.

    • Hawkeye says:

      I was scrolling down to the bottom of these comments to post a new reply about some strange sound I am hearing now, evening in SWFL. When I saw you all talking about hearing sounds it seemed my post would fit in here better.

      What I hear now is not in my ears, it is outside and sounds like it is coming from the sky but nothing is visible. It' s a weird noise, it goes on and off sort if like an engine revving but the sound is like wind. First you hear what sounds like tree leaves being blown by wind picking up speed, then it increases and turns to a whirling cyclone like wind sound…..but there is zero breeze outside. and then it dies down to almost quiet before revving up to do the same thing over and over. 

      It is very quiet where I am, very dark too, looked in yard thought maybe a hose was spraying or something and that is when I determined this sound is coming from above my head not the house.

      Been ongoing about 15 or so minutes. Sound familiar to anyone? 

      Geeze, everything is so weird! 

  44. Catalpa says:

    Christopher I visit Ireland regularly and for years I have shown evidence and pointed out the massive amount of spraying to members of my family. They just don't believe me and think I'm crazy. Their attitude is "there's no way the government would do that to us". Cognitive dissonance par excellence. 

    I was told that Ryanair jets are used for some the spraying but I have no evidence of that. It wouldn't surprise me as O'Leary is a Bilderberg  rat.

  45. David A. says:

    Why are the Feds/ our Government ignoring our complaints? I sent to my State representative via email here in Indiana my concerns. I attached your website and my own photos of the checker board sky here in Indiana. I only received a auto response. I'm so disgusted. Do we need to pay protesters like the Dems & Reps to raise awareness? Like the Fake/ False flags are going strong to keep everybody staring at there TV and to deflect other more important concerns. Thanks Dane.

    • Jim Kostran says:

      I agree with you.  I sent my representative a comment to look into chemtrails.  His office called me and asked me what a chemtrail is; he said it was the same thing as a contrail.  I told him that is so far from the truth.   He hung up on me.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jim, I would highly recomend you avoid the “chemtrail” term due to the fact that it fuels exactly the kind of dead end scenario you outlined. If you stick to the science terms (geoengineering, climate engineering, solar radiation management), your representatives will not be able to brush you off so easily. Credibility is crucial in this all important battle, FYI

  46. jan becker says:

    Hi, Dane.  Thank you so much for this excellent, concise, and illustrative video showing real-time effects.  Your dedication is beyond admirable, and many are waking up as a direct result of your work and also because of the millions of ripples of awareness created by the growing army of anti-geoengineering people around the world.

  47. Christopher Higgins says:

    Ireland is getting hammered with Geoengineering GOD why 

    • Where in Ireland are they spraying the most I would like to send it to my friend in Ireland 

    • Alicia Oliver says:

      Why!? DEPOPULATION… Agenda 21,full steam ahead. I have had two bone marrow biopsies,I have many problems with my blood. I have never smoked yet I croup like a Bassett hound. My nose has been bleeding ever day since 08/2016. My dentist and general family practice doctors want me to see an ENT quickly. Every joint in my body hurts. I am in a continual fog. I have tried and tried talking to friends,families and complete strangers. My son is a CW4 Army Pilot,he says I am crazy that the sky looks normal as does the sun. I travel for a living and it is sickening what is going on in ALL the state's. It is fruitless and I have excepted that I am slowly dieing from this Geoengineering above our  head and falling down on us. I refuse to be angry anymore bc it is harming me even more. Bottom line we are living in the "Days of Noah"…Jesus said if He did not return no flesh would be left alive. What baffles my mind is ALL these entities work for the luciferians and they KNOW the ending of the storey. Jesus is coming SOON to destroy them right where they hide in their bunkers. Good wins and evil is detroyed. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All, wonderful Persons.

      For everyone that have find the GE site for the first time and only in the last days or weeks, let's not forget that one of the terrible consequences of the stratospheric spraying is the DESTRUCTION of the OZONE LAYER. This does not happen by accident. This is causing an incredible aggravation and escalation of the global warming. Now they are masking the rise of global warming in the most populated regions of the Globe, but some day (soon) they will stop with the tropospheric spraying ( for the creation of the roof of clouds ) and with the use of the ice nucleation chemicals. Furthermore a highly conductive low troposphere in a landscape full of hundreds or thousands of powerful electromagnetic transmitters is something that should at least cause some kind of WORRY to ALL local officials, legislators and law enforcement agents. Because they will fry also.

      depopulation indeed, with several different approaches and kinds of methods for accomplished the purpose.

    • horsegirl says:

      @ Alicia Oliver

      Please look on last week's global alert news for a comment by BC concerning his discovery of the absence of boron in our food system.  He reported a radical uptick in health and energy.due to his new borax protocol by which he gets boron.  We were so impressed with his testimony the next day we went out to buy borax and do likewise.  It's been five days and similarly we are experiencing a radical spike in energy and clarity.  I've sent this info to everyone I know who I think might listen.  Basically it is essential for the body to have boron in order to manage the relationship between calcium and magnesium and to correctly deploy calcium.  Meanwhile prayers are always out to the commentariat here for health and protection as well as bounteous yield to everyone's research efforts. 

    • BenBarzman says:

      Alicia Oliver, im so sorry to hear about your struggles, hang in there, you are one tough cookie 🙂 I just wanted to possibly help with the bleeding nose issue, it could be a blood coagulation issue. if you take aspirin or other blood thinners, then we need more vitamin k2. I take aspirin and k2, no bleeding issues. real aged cheese is a good source of k2. Then good ole vitamin-c for strong blood vessels, fresh fruits/veggies.

      Hang in there, you are not alone, your story sounds alot like mine.

      And in the End of it all the bad guys lose.

  48. CP says:

    I just came across this article. 
    Warning:  Reading it will make your blood boil.

    • Dennie says:

      Synopsis of article, if I may paraphrase:  

      "Artificially cooling the planet's a pretty bad idea, it will probably cause problems in other parts of the world if we do it in the northern hemisphere, therefore it must be strictly regulated." 

      As if regulating all geoengineering programs could somehow mean the problems it causes just magically wouldn't occur. 

    • Pete says:

      Read it and blood boiled. It's 14:05 here in Southampton UK and can see massive x & even z shape trails through office window being made, persisting, now it's clouding over. Clearly been at it all day so far but only starting to persist this afternoon. I could see many airplanes in all directions since first thing but very few leaving persistent trails until last hour or so. See this more often now!

      People were telling me what a lovely sunny day it was, even some that know (or refuse to investigate more like). 

      And people want to tell us this is only being proposed!!!

      So the battle continues – I just want to scream at people to wake the f*** up this week…We are only human but need patience of a saint.

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