Climate Extremes, Geoengineering And Winter Weather Whiplash


Dane Wigington

Erratic and unprecedented weather is radically increasing all over the world. Though  there are countless forms of human activity affecting the equation, the global climate engineering assault is by far the single greatest and most destructive factor. The geoengineers are manufacturing winter weather scenarios on a scale that can scarcely be comprehended, what will it take to wake populations to this fact? The short video report below covers the latest engineered winter weather event to impact California.

The photos below reveal the shockingly fast disappearance of the un-forcasted above freezing temperature “snowstorm” in Northern California. The image below was taken on the afternoon of February 13th, 2019, well over 2 feet of snow had just fallen. The snowfall began with air temperatures of 43 degrees. As the artificially nucleated “winter storm” progressed, the air temperatures eventually fell to the mid 30’s, but never got anywhere near the freezing point.

This photo (of the same scene as the above photo) was taken exactly 48 hours after the far above freezing temperature “winter snow storm”.

Below is another image of the 2 foot plus surprise snowfall (at above freezing temperatures) that was not forecasted by local meteorologists.

An image of the same scene, also taken only 48 hours after the snowfall event. The daytime temperatures after the anomalous snow event were near 50 degrees.​

More examples of articles covering engineered winter events and operations:

Our planet's life support systems are being systematically decimated by the ongoing climate engineering insanity, it must be exposed and halted. Help us in this most critical battle to sound the alarm, share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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48 Responses to Climate Extremes, Geoengineering And Winter Weather Whiplash

  1. Judith Andrews says:

    Dane, I am appalled that such things are happening.  Of course, there is nothing natural about these events.  I have been talking with neighbors in Connecticut, a daughter in California, and others of this unnatural, manufactured, directed, augmented, etc. "weather."  Some of the truth is beginning to seep into their minds.  Thanks be to God, Who is opening their minds, and thanks be to you, for providing such copious, well-researched, and convincing evidence of the reality of climate engineering.

    For the destruction of the irreplaceable trees, the damage to your property, the injury to your ducks, I am truly sorry.  The "feather sticking out there" caught my attention.  I have a friend who rescues and rehabilitates large wild birds.  Such a "propeller feather" is sometimes seen in wild birds who have been fed foods unnatural for them — bad food.  This is surely the reason that wildlife refuges now post requests that people visiting not feed the wildlife bread and other inappropriate food.  Even well-meaning people can harm animals.

    May God bless you abundantly for all you are doing to try to save His earth and all His beloved creatures.  The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof!


  2. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Nearly NINE days ago we were dumped with this northern CA "snow "crud. I still see mounds of this despite WARM temps and direct sunlight!   Not melting as normal  snow at all !  No steam or vapor -just sits there like pudding/ jello. I won't touch it, yet curious to see if it burns like plastic, as past You Tube  video  have  done  yrs. ago.  This cannot be good for soils already compromised by  heavy metal geo-e fall-out. Massive tree limbs cracked / split and tipped over. Another wet & heavy ice nucleated snow will topple remaining tree life. An activist pal is convinced the trees down makes it all too EZ for  Toxic 5G roll -out. Less to contend with when trees  are down & out of the way. Looking  much darker-so WAKE others now.

  3. kgf says:

    Dane can you comment on what is being done to the mid-west and east coast?   For the last six weeks it has been the same thing…like clockwork…every single tuesday or wednesday…here comes another ICE STORM.   The system always looks the same, coming in straight from the Gulf of Mexico and targeting the Great Lakes like a bullseye.  And it is ALWAYS accompanied by high winds coming from the EAST.  Not northeast, directly east.  That's not natural.

    I've never seen so many ice storms in my life.  In fact an ice storm is only something we'd hear about happening in Northern Quebec until about five years ago.  It's going to be almost -9 C tomorrow and they're saying it will be freezing rain all day.  How is that possible?  Why is it not snowing at those temps?  My theory is that these fake storms will keep happening until they get the "weather disaster" they desire…and then it'll stop.  But this has been going like clockwork for over six weeks now.   Every single Tuesday or Wednesday.

  4. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    In the Spring of 2006 we were hammered in Alberta with what was considered a, freak snow storm. (Now it's common!) The trees all had leaves & the Robins had arrived & were already looking for a place to nest, or just fill their bellies before moving on. It was not as much as 2 feet, but it was devastating. At least 6 Robins died, & some Trees had snapped. We had an amazing Manitoba Maple which had two trunks merging together with a height of 30 feet & a canopy  that spanned 30+ feet across. It was stunning.  I loved to sit under it on the many, cloudless, sunny days we use to have in Alberta. I had gone out with a broom to poke & knock some snow off of it. It was drooping several feet & the branches were touching the ground.   I managed to knock the snow off the lower portion & went back in the house. As I sat down at the kitchen table & looking out the window, one half crashed to the ground of this well taken care of, healthy Tree. I could of been under that Tree! I felt sick to my stomach. Had I caused it to fall? I could have been injured or knocked out. I now stand to the side while trying to help alleviate the weight from Trees smothered in this very un-natural sticky, heavy, nucleated crap. I get very emotional about the harm these spray programs have done to our Land & Sea creatures. The Bees, Butterflies & Insects. Stories like Danes children's Ducks. Thank you for showing us what they too endured. They didn't look, or sound amused. A structure that was sound to weather prior to this dumping. Good on you Dane for staying with them. They knew what you were doing for them.  I would have done the same.  The Polar Bear looking for an ice floe, Mass Fish Deaths around the World,  Whale beaching, The Death of Sea Turtles, The Wildlife Crash. Songbirds SOS.  On & on…but, call me Crazy, I am just as moved to tears from the Damage & Deaths to Trees these spray programs have created. As you moved around showing us the outrageous amount of snow they hit your area with Dane, I felt nothing but Horror to the amount of snow on your Trees. This is after having no frost days? Then Bam! Your well taken care of Trees around your home over loaded in the bat of an eye.  Now I've seen this done over & over in Alberta first hand, but it never gets easier. It is even harder on Trees that are not taken care of.  Trees that are deep in the forest are falling like domino's on each other due to the weight of this manufactured hell. It encapsulates what ever it lands on. Trees already weak from the daily bombardment of sprays. The forests fires & these ice nucleated concoctions.  Double whammy!    Oh, but there are so many Trees, & they are always planting them you know.  Damn the fools of the land!  No eyes to see, or ears to hear! Well, I hear the Trees falling & crashing in the Forests around me.  I see them laying over each other.  I see the few coming up each year & always less then the year before. The amount of Arborists, Tree Growers & Tree Farms in Alberta, & in other Provinces in Canada & some States in the U.S.A. I've written to. And it seems useless, but Forestry protection services & a hundred or so Fire Departments. I have sent information to.  Do they see what's going on? Or are they ignoring it?  So tired of hearing about the Pine Beetle.  Twenty years hearing about them being the reason for all this devastation to the Forests in Alberta.   I call Bullshit!  That Manitoba Maple had been through many a winters in Alberta. Managed to make it through. Real snow was just fine! 

    Nothing in the World is more dangerous than sincere ignorance & conscientious stupidity!  ~ Martin Luther King Jr. ~

    • Earth Angel says:

      I echo your sentiments completely Gail..Well said!  We had a similar experience here, it must've been about that same year-2006- I was recently trying to remember exactly what year it took place. It was at least 15 or more yrs.ago; spring- probably April or so, the trees were  putting out light green new foliage, birds nesting, and we too had a 'freak' ice event which had heretofore NEVER been seen to happen. It froze all the new growth on any plants, trees and flowers which had begun to bloom. I don't think it killed any birds (at least I hope not) because here in the southeast usa it was only a brief snap, then warm again. I remember we all were incredulous because this hadn't ever happened before in my lifetime. Also I had a magnificent oak tree, same as your maple, that forked into two huge sections. The tree had to be at least 150 ft. tall and perhaps near 100 yrs. old, huge canopy, and one side simply broke off and crashed to the ground one day. This happened about 2 yrs. ago. No snow, no storm. Just fell apart one day. Half of it still stands. About 10 yrs. ago I had a poplar, another oak, and a hickory of the same stature simply crash over for no apparent reasons. (not all in the same day but all in the span of a year or two's time) All  were still fully leafed out with GREEN leaves. These trees were not least not apparent to look at. I too share your pain in all of this. It's gut wrenching to watch the innocent beauty of nature being destroyed by evil and ignorance.  : (

    • Kandis Tuck says:

      Hi I don't know what to say except I cry often because of what is happening to us and our Mother earth. When I allow myself to remember what I saw last summer I always cry. During the spring i noticed a dieing bee and stayed with my friend till he died. I was hoping it was an individual case on his part. But then I found another one dieing on my car and then another dieing his little legs moving and just laying there on his back. I feel so sad for my little friends for all of us. Thank you for what you wrote. I am si sorry for the lose of part of your maple. Sincerely Kandis Tuck

  5. Jeanette S says:

    Hi Dane,

    I hope you are alright. I have not seen the radio show appear yet for today. take care, take it easy.

    P.s. I wanted to let everyone know that I saw something new or that I had not seen before. we had lots of rain here in Oakland. yesterday I was in a building with a tin roof, the roof is quonset…it sounded a bit frozen. thursday I think it was or may have been wed., the misty grey  rain filled "clouds" parted to where it was blue in between but this looked like an accident as there was something new and even more hideous than all other things I have seen. in the blue sky were splotches of this mesh like netting or onion bag which got nodules on them and like nebula tenticles. so this white "cloudlike material" but thin lines made up the mesh and it was like the netting was collecting or holding the rest of the cloud like material in place as nodules and fluff extending like nebula. It was like a natural cotton fill pillow stuffing it has goobs and stringlike twisted fluff material to minor goobs, impossible to comb out. the same pattern of like brain neurons. so mesh like background-this was in patches and the nodule/nebula fluff seeming to be up against the mesh acting as filter or barrier. so gray rainlike mist clouds closest to the ground, above that the nodule/nebula stuff (made out of white cloud like material too) then the mesh that the nodule fluff was up against. bizarre, look for it folks. I think they have a new toy.

  6. Rodster says:

    Chris Martenson from posted this recent side by side photo from Tasmania. One week they were dealing with wildfires and the next week it was snowing. This happened on the weeks of 2-7-19 and 2-13-19.

  7. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for producing this video article. I don't have the words to describe the empathy I feel for what your region has been subjected to, assaulted by. No doubt that the toxic moisture from the snow melt will immediately seep into the ground and further harm the life that is trying to grow on it and in it. I too have experienced snow fall like what you folks received and have spent many hours with a long pole knocking snow off of branches of trees and bushes. It's hard work. I hope you do not get sick from breathing the toxins in your snow fall. You stand alone in what I consider to be a true modern day super hero. Thank you for sharing your plight in combating the engineered assault. I'm curious if you have ducks sitting on your ponds. Duck poop is a great ground sealer for retaining water.

    Love and strength to you my friend.

    • Dangtrucks says:

      Where is Great Dane it's Saturday I don't see my news


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dangtrucks, so sorry that we are struggleing to get the broadcast post up today, many unexpected challenges for us this week. We will have the post up momentarily, thank you for your patience, and for your support.

  8. Gene Lattimer says:

    Hi Dane, Been following you for several years as I have been following this weather modification for nearly 20 years. None of it surprises me but others are mystified by the screwy weather, I try to explain, goes in one ear and out the other, as in "OH WELL".

    Sorry to see you got the heavy hit, happens now and then here in Glendale, Or. We been getting what I call nucleated slime snow. Takes all day to melt at over 38 degrees, is transparent are hard to pick up, sort of like melting Jello.When you can hear snow hit the ground, it's not snow, plops. There's more in this slop than meets the eye, Thursday morning all satellite transmission stopped but returned as soon as I brushed off the Dishes and they only has about 3/8 of an inch of slime, new one to me. Last evening Fri. at 6:30 P.M. internet and TV stopped together after an hour or so of slime fall and was back on in the AM, go figure ! Coincidence ? I doubt it ! 

    Pres. Trump visit to Paradise and a Chem. spray plane, no comments since except laying blame. We have much more at stake than just the border .

    Heads up people


  9. Tad says:

    Dane, you're a good soul and somewhat of a 'lunatic," like myself, when it comes to protecting critters.

  10. Faith says:

    The snow started here, near Seattle at 40 degrees. It snowed at that temperature for an hour before it finally cooled down. When it swiched to rain later…it rained at 30-32 degrees.

    • Faith says:

      Also, within an hour of the "snow" beginning, my face broke out in an unusual rash. I had not even been outside. But my husband is claustrophobic and insists that a window be left ajar on each end of the house (he has them fixed in such a way that we can't close them!) When the sun shined on the snow the next day, I could smell very clearly a smell like dish detergent. Off and on my children and I suffered other symptoms like headaches, sore throats, eyes hurting, nausea, lethargy, and malaise throughout this engineered weather event. Any one else have this experience?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Faith, I am on the other side of the country in the southeast and have experienced a lot of the same symptoms for several years now. Even without snow I often feel lethargic, sometimes headachy, sinus aggrivated, constantly clearing throat, (which I NEVER had until getting doused with spray from dark military type plane at low altitude in May 2012). My eyes often itch and burn now and I've had the most annoying case of bitter, chalky tasting dry mouth since then as well. Rarely did I have any of these symptoms prior to to this dreadful experience which I have referenced here at this site a few times before. Sadly, we are not alone in this I am sure. Thank you for sharing the information. I wonder how many thousands of others are suffering the same hardships or worse. Keep doing whatever cleanses and natural remedies you can to alleviate these annoying (and likely life threatening) symptoms. Blessings and thanks to Dane and everyone for sharing their remedies. Try and keep the faith. Love to all good souls out there trying to do their best under the 'elephant in the sky' that so many are blind to right now- but as Dane often says- very soon won't be able to ignore.

    • Dennie says:

      @Earth Angel:  All of your symptoms are exactly what I experience here in San Rafael, CA.  We have lots of people here with itching eyes, sneezing, coughing, throat clearing, "pneumonia," (even though it probably is some kind of dampness in the lungs), dryness and chalky sensation of the mouth, bitter powdery, sometimes salty taste and sometimes a plastic taste in the mouth; headache, fatigue, sinus troubles, also dizziness, nausea, light-headedness.  They have NO idea what they're being hit with and would not believe it even if confronted with the reams of scientifically proven evidence.

    • Julie H says:

      Not sure if others are aware of this fact, but several grocery stores in the Seattle area ran of food, shelves completely empty, and closed their doors for a day to re-stock. On the hill where we live, UPS still can't get to our neighborhood as there is still snow and ice on the road. Imagine if they made an event like this last for weeks…people would probably starve. 

    • Malia says:

      Hi Faith. I'm in PDX area, OR. Spring 2022 we had a "freak April 'snow'". A week or so later a day with strange slush like jelly came down. I got a sore throat that reminded me of how I feel when around air conditioning, a sore burnt feeling in my bronchial area everyone in the house kind of had "kennel cough". My dad still has a cough. All the never ending dim and clouds and rain without significant or true freeze has let mildews and molds proliferate. Plants look sick and have black growth and mildew even the moss isn't green. There was a bad taste in my mouth during the event. I have developed multiple chemical sensitivity and chronic inflammation and my condition is rapidly declining in the last 2 years. The days are hard but I prayed to have insight into what's happening before I pass and I am grateful to have been led to so many truths outside the ridiculous mainstream dialogues in the recent days. So my prayers have been answered. Now I pray I find what to do with this information on this plane and in further spiritual planes as my soul continues its journey 

  11. Pete says:

    I did not realize they'd done this until saw this – absolutely insane and obviously not natural. Felt for you Dane listening to you here, could sense this has hit you hard.

    I am in many groups trying to expose Geoengineering and it's this side of it, this major factor still that so few still seem to have any knowledge of. It's quite dis-heartening and such a challenge as it is trying to get through to people who have no idea, but I find myself lately trying to educate those who claim to be awake, some pushing the mini ice age nonsense, and find they are so set on the agenda of climate change and global warming is a lie narrative, so fail to see the clear masking of the damage and how MSM are hyping this narrative.

    I've had my head turned a little Dane a while back, but for me there is no one else who completes the bigger picture like you, so always come back and follow your work – I wish so many others could see what is clearly happening.

    They can't control nature, period, and whatever their agendas were or are now, the longer this goes on, the less chance of any future. I think  people who can't see this side of it, play into the hands of those pulling the strings and keep us all divided – we must unite…

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Hi Pete and Dane,

      My heart goes out to you folk in California. I have relations in Cal. and I hear this first-hand from them. They are t their wit's end . . . In England the climate/weather is weird – destroying trees and wildlife – but with no comment from our BBC (master of lies – allegedly) and the Met Office. They say one thing but we experience quite another! Our bird population locally has collapsed – ditto from my family's experience in other parts of this very dis-United UK. How can we help each other? Our media has it's own agenda – our politicians are inflicting an Orwellian/Huxlian  nightmare. Rainwater fed to house plants kills them. So what is it doing to the Wild Ones? Meanwhile the 'common folk' are wondering why there is so much cancer and degenerative diseases! Why don't they take notice of the analysis of soil samples?
      Yes, me MUST unite – but how?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Geoff, in regard to your question of soil analysis, in order for this to help, the soils baseline values must be available (in most cases they are not). Precipitation testing is our primary tool. If the contamination is in the precipitation, it must be in the soils. Precipitation tests carry more weight and are less easily argued.

    • Pete says:

      Hi Geoff, I'm from UK too, yep the forecasts are so inaccurate and easy to see through especially when going to spray heavy. Did you notice the pathetic attempt at engineered snow a couple of weeks ago, yet every disruption etc was highlighted and even all images shown on TV did not look that heavy – where I live we got a slight ice covering, 2 days later like it all never happened all over pretty much!

      This week, Tues and Weds, heavy spraying all over the country, Thurs and Fri not much, but what was sprayed I think may have been Lithium due to the pink/red color of the few aerosol patches up there, yet so few will acknowledge these big clues

      How do we unite – I wish I knew, can't even unite those who are aware so we just keep going, planting seeds and telling the most complete truth we can – which we get right here

    • penny waters says:

      dear pete and geoff

      me too u.k.

      the weather is becoming bizarre – no surprise with humans involved – mad crazy totally corrupt humans aaaaaaahh!!!

      there is no pattern to the weather as it used to be – had crazy snow and get weather that has no relation to the stuff that i was taught in geography. hear the weather people , who are obviously not awake, trying to make sense of it.

      unless one has independent thought, the thought that others are corrupt or lying seems to hard for most people to take.

      although it is ordinary folk that they will condemn – not the masters (or so they think)

      humans just leave me with mouth open and eyes wide as i try to make sense of anything these days

      i live near chelmsford in essex 

      is there anyone else who lives near me that would want to organise informing the public 

      chelmsford has a market am sure we could get a stall sometimes! although not sure that drunken essex would wake up at all!!

      any offers from anyone, can't do it alone, am old with waning energy

      biggest problem is that we are much more supervised than anyone realises

      was told by a friend informed by her mate, who works for one of the secret services (i have met him), that there is more control by the state on our computers than most other countries

      as i've told you all before though, that i have been on the dangerous list since i was a member of the womens movement – 50yrs

      hahaha an old lady gardener who eats wild food and plant medicine from her back garden – such a danger

      if ya didn't laugh, you'd cry – or go totally nuts

      and i do the first two and maybe the third one too

      hahaha love to you all in this totally weird existence

  12. Joseph L says:

    Thank you for great reporting.

  13. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Please read the linked statement from concerned scientists.  Our "selected" officials are complacent and in collusion with those who put them in power.  Military operatives and criminal sub-contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin need to be removed from their positions of power and control of our collective futures…

    Union of Concerned Scientists [Statements concerning geoengineering]

    UCS Position on Solar Geoengineering

    February 2019

    • Sideline Sam says:

      I read the statement and thanks for posting it Paul.

      I got to the part that said:  "…developing a careful understanding of the POSSIBLE FUTURE use of solar geoengineering" and that's where I stopped because that is where the UCS lost credibility in my book.  They know it's happening NOW but have sold all of us out for  paychecks and pensions. 

      It's the same old story, the same old song and dance. 

      Being had gets old.

  14. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Here in the former Minnesota, we receive weather reports that speak of "snow showers" when it's well below freezing (like -10C).  Everything is ice covered and roads are difficult to clear.  The only people who seem to notice are farmers or the few who aren't brain dead from electromagnetic assaults.  Cellular phone broadcast and other manipulations of intellectual skills have become obvious…

    As Geoengineering Watch legal teams have discovered, the Secretary of Commerce – Department of Commerce – is withholding all proof of complicacy and collusion with those involved.



    15 U.S. Code § 330a – Report requirement; form; information; time of submission


    "No person may engage, or attempt to engage, in any weather modification activity in the United States unless he submits to the Secretary such reports with respect thereto, in such form and containing such information, as the Secretary may by rule prescribe. The Secretary may require that such reports be submitted to him before, during, and after any such activity or attempt."   

    Complete text:

  15. State of Nevada [Regulatory chapter] CHAPTER 544 – MODIFICATION OF WEATHER  

    See complete page:

    Regulating the mayhem only pads the pockets of politicians and those who commit the crime.  Similar "regulatory provisions" exist in many U.S. States.  Banning ALL weather control activities is the only solution to the problem.

  16. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Why Washington State gets bombed with geoengineering chemicals whilst no one in government cares to listen to their constituents.  Click on the bold numbered link for: Liability of state denied—Legal rights of private persons not affected.

    Chapter 43.37 RCW








    Powers and duties.


    Promotion of research and development activities—Contracts and agreements.


    Hearing procedure.


    Acceptance of gifts, donations, etc.


    License and permit required.




    Licenses—Requirements, duration, renewal, fees.


    Permits—Requirements—Hearing as to issuance.


    Separate permit for each operation—Filing and publishing notice of intention—Activities restricted by permit and notice.


    Notice of intention—Contents.


    Notice of intention—Publication.


    Financial responsibility.


    Fees—Sanctions for failure to pay.


    Records and reports—Open to public examination.


    Revocation, suspension, modification of license or permit.


    Liability of state denied—Legal rights of private persons not affected.




    Legislative declaration.


    Program of emergency cloud seeding authorized.


    Exemption of licensee from certain requirements.


    Effective date—1973 c 64.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, Paul. I sent this out to the local groups.



    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Paul V.  That's a find!

      "Liability of State Denied–Legal Rights of private persons not affected"


      The State is now purely corporate, even beyond LLC status.  We are non-persons.

    • Earth Angel says:

      The Bastards. How dare they!

  17. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Hello, Dane,

    Such a terrible night you've been through as caretaker of nature and your sweet ducks.  It's delightful to hear them talking.  From now on maybe they need a little shed, just in case.  Your property must have been so beautiful years ago.  I've never seen such a natural diversity of  trees in a single place.  Imagine oaks next to date trees and evergreens (which I love so much) that never looked sadder–except when they're dead. Here in Alaska dead evergreens become nearly invisible when they're in a sea of trees. Only those people with high awareness see the dead ones, unfortunately.  It's like seeing ghosts, and they're everywhere.  I can hear the heartbreak over this devastating carnage in your voice. I'm sorry for all of you getting hit so hard.

    Like your little duck who is a survivor, these small miracles can keep us going.  Here's a Valentine.  In Montana a kitty nearly frozen solid in the polar vortex managed to survive! 

    With Love,


  18. sea says:

    Dane, I think I lost the one beautiful pine left on my property. As of 2 weeks ago was bright and healthy looking, not now.I live in Siskiyou County (above Shasta for those that don"t know location-) I drove yesterday from my home, registering 45 degrees NO snow or rain acres in front of my home as brown as could be, but as if a line had been drawn, white everywhere in  my western view, at "Airport Road".

    The significance in this is my elevation is slightly higher than what I can see for miles from my windows, so I should have for all natural accounts experienced snow. I drove on a road to go to town, 5 miles, straight line, no change in elevation and BOOM there was a "line of snow" drawn, the pastures had 6-8 " as I went west by a few miles, it was creepy to see. I proceeded to a volunteer job downtown and heard the chat as to "how weird all this weather was". Unfortunately I could not engage those at the time that needed to know what we are dealing with….

    Worst experience for me- to listen everywhere, grocery stores, post office etc to how everyone noticed the ABSURDITY in weather that we are having and yet so little adjustment to the reality.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Sea, one thing I do when people think that all this strange weather is due to "climate change" is tell them to go to  I tell them that it is a factual site where they can learn a lot more about what is going on with our weather. Then it's just up to that person to investigate for him/herself, if he or she is curious enough to go to the site. Sometimes they look at it, and sometimes they don't. But I feel that if we can just get them to this site, we might convert a person to the truth, and then they will spread the word.  I will always be amazed that our population is either so incurious, or just willfully ignorant.

  19. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Grateful for the footage as more proof Dane, elevation is no longer criteria, same with "warm  and cool " side of storms. I live nearby & trees have fallen hard and fast with this fake snow (heavy and wet) I just got power lines restored after 3 days, and the ridiculous weather reports still off. Today was to to be rain- and nothing.  Even the  prepped scripts are messed up ! Have zero faith in  their predictions , despite the fact weather is controlled. Maybe , all this  added chaos is on purpose. I try not to touch this "snow".  Not sure if CA , the West coast still under attacks -to force masses to leave? The snow will melt into toxic waters &  forest friends will need more of our help. Elevation NO longer matters re snowfall.  Meanwhile, the chainsaws  keep chopping  so many trees/ limbs  that fell – so much damage, more claims .  (Waiting for ins. co. to pass this  manufactured storm onto us , like the recent  fires.) Just senseless destruction again & grateful you revealed this Dane, from your own backyard. 

  20. Angela Bowen says:

    I was in PA a few days ago it was 28 degrees and raining no freezing on the road or on my windshield how can this be?

    • Patti says:

      More “how can this be” in NH- in February we had a 5• day followed by a  54 then 60• day. Last year in February, while driving through my hometown at 7:30pm, I watched the temp go from 48 to 58 within an hour….at night! People like to respond with “only in New England!” or “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute”.  If only it was still true to lookup into a sunny sky or enjoy rain with the feeling of it being something truly unowned by anyone else. 

  21. JR says:

    Hello to all in this fight, however that fight may be by prayer, word of mouth, feet on the street, or actual work as here on this website. Here in the Southwest as it seems like always our rain clouds are busted down to nothing with the Chemtrails aka , SRM/SAG. The sons of Satan/Devil are off the hook and their slave drivers who tell them to spray on us are nothing less than Satanic it is written that will happen in the end times. When that time is we don't know!!! I pray the blinders are removed from peoples eyes and not be so gullible in the deceitful lies such as SAG/SRM that it's not happening, & that we live in such a wonderful and such a great nation led by such great people. Yes, there are countries worse off and their people, but we are not exempt. Really and literally God help us from such evil workers of iniquity and so self righteous, prideful and so full of themselves. His Peace on His workers for a better world and earth, good stewards as it's said.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Beautifully stated, JR! I believe we are now in not only The Sixth Mass Extinction, but The Great Tribulation that Revelation speaks about, because there are so many false narratives and assaults coming at us at once.  Peace and love to everyone who "has eyes to see," especially our hero, Dane Wigington, for exposing truth in the face of pure evil. May God bless him richly and be ever close to him and his family!

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Excellent report, Dane. These big globs were exactly what I have had here on the Olympic Peninsula WA. So depressing, cruel. It appears to be somewhat melting today, but I will not try to leave as yet and am still looking at over a foot of snow as I write this … We have "black ice" even when it clears.  The small rural towns around here were completely overwhelmed, as no one ever expected anything like this and there was no machinery or emergency services adequate to the event. Still digging out! God Bless you for your relentless courage.

    • Walker Cynthia says:

      Dear Dane,

      So so sorry for your direct hit…I sure feel and know such heartbreak and struggle with the raging anger at those who direct this horrific destruction and monopoly. 

      Peace be to all.    PeaceOn.       CW 

    • Dennie says:

      One morning last week my neighbor went out at 6 a.m. and slipped on invisible ice that had formed on his deck, falling and breaking a bone in his back.  This is what the recent ice-nucleated storm did in San Rafael, CA.  I see the top of my Chinese elm, a semi-deciduous tree, has burnt out again due to the toxic winter chemical attacks on us.  That is what this amounts to.   Asshole science ghouls "They" will never "get it," they've certainly had more than enough time to do that, and they shouldn't be allowed to remain in our time/space dimension– these arrogant know-it-all spiritual six-year-olds are much too destructive, arrogant and cannot learn anything valuable whatsoever.  They are "the aliens."  In reality, they are simply psychic trash that's somehow been allowed to manifest in human form.  And no one's going to take out the trash.

  23. Sandra pilar gil says:

    I wish people would open there eyes wide open and see what is happening around us. I live in northern florida for 8 years now and the hurricane's are stronger each year. The winter's are weird how can it be 30 degrees one day go up and 85 degrees. PEOPLE WAKE UP PLEASE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

    • Margo says:

      It's stranger ad well in the Pnellas County region and what is commonly referred to as red tide is obviously grotesquely altered as well or at least effected by it! WHAT CAN WE DO!?!?

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Sandra, I cannot even find the words for how incomprehensible it is that this population has been dumbed down so much that it seems impossible to awaken them! Common sense, curiosity, and critical thinking skills all seem to have flown out the window. The one thing that keeps me going is my study (for quite a few years) of near death experiences.  I believe in that higher power and worship the Good, the Love, the Creator, or whatever term one wants to use. If we do not survive, I know in my bones that there is a good and happy place (beyond words) where our spirits will be happy forever. We are loved beyond measure, and we are not alone).

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