Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 11, 2024, #457


Dane Wigington

"Snow Warning Issued For Hawaii", this breaking headline is from Newsweek, today, Saturday May 11th, 2024. New from Yahoo News: "Snowpack gets late-season boost from Colorado storms" and "100+ temperature smashes 100-year-old Eastern WA heat record. Next worry is fire". And "A South Texas town may have just seen the hottest May temperature in Texas history." According to the Weather Prediction Center, La Puerta, Texas reached 116 on Thursday. What's wrong with this picture? Welcome to the world of climate engineering. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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44 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 11, 2024, #457

  1. Lance says:

    California Officials Have Approved $20 Billion in Funding for Controversial Water Tunnel (


    "In the proposal published on Thursday, the state acknowledged that the construction will be wildly detrimental to the local ecosystem. The environmental impacts include lost agricultural land, reduced water quality in the Delta, and negative impacts on air quality." 

    The "paradox of progress" yet again!

    "Barbara Barrigan-Parilla, the executive director of the environmental advocacy group Restore the Delta, suggested the state invest in water solutions that will restore the Delta instead of destroying it."

    The natural "Delta" was basically destroyed with the building of the major dams in CA for flood control and the levy system many years ago. Humans are insidiously good at destroying the natural world.

  2. Lance says:

    According to NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center during the recent most severe solar flare and CME event the electromagnetic energy that was detected striking the earth's north pole area exceeded 10 MeV, that's 10 MILLION ELECTRON VOLTS! This immense amount of energy is what caused the auroras to be seen over southern areas of the earth where they have never been seen before. Once the power goes out when a really BIG solar flare and CME strike earth its going to be really hard to stay cool! 

  3. Lance says:

    "STRONG SOLAR FLARE: New sunspot AR3685 erupted today (May 17th at 2108 UT), producing a strong M7-class solar flare. This follows an X3-flare from the same sunspot on May 15th. Neither of these flares was squarely Earth-directed because of the sunspot's location near the sun's SE limb. The geometry is changing, though. Next week, eruptions from AR3685 will target our planet." (

    Not even close to the "Solar Maximum" in mid 2025 and the blasts of energy from the sun are getting more and more severe.

  4. Lance says:

    "Respiratory, ingestive or dermal exposure to seeming innocuous nano-particles may pose a health hazard depending on the size, surface composition and bioreactivity of the particles and can cause adverse cellular and neural effects."

    Nanotechnology: Ethics and Society. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2008, p. 158.

    Nanoparticles are a health hazard and do cause adverse cellular and neural effects in ALL biological life forms! Any source of information claiming otherwise is not telling the truth! 

  5. Jonathan says:

    Update :. I just got a phone call from my district state legislative representative, representative Timothy Reeder. We spoke for about 10 minutes. He kindly listened to everything I had to say. I taught him about the geoengineering programs and referred him to Dane's website and particularly the documentary. He pulled up the website as we were talking on the phone. I told him about the legislation in Tennessee and also about the legislation that's in processing in the Louisiana state legislature. I told him that I would like to see North Carolina enact legislation on both subjects and that I would be happy to meet him and personally in Raleigh and discuss with him and our state Senator from my district, Kandie Smith. I also told him that I would be happy to address the entire state legislature and bring to them my concerns. I wanted to ask you to seriously consider doing the same in your respective spheres of influence. You can do so much more than you probably have any idea of. It takes a willing heart and the courage to stand up when other people sit down. Please be encouraged.

    Fulfill your destiny.

  6. Lance says:

    Federally protected California brown pelicans are being found stranded and emaciated (

    Talked to a woman who lives in Rio Vista a few days ago who knows people who work at the facility where they're dealing with this. They have no fish to eat so they're starving to death!

  7. Lance says:

    Sure have been a lot of lithium/ion battery fires lately. Ya'll might want to read this:

    Ecotoxicity Evaluation of Fire-Extinguishing Water from Large-Scale Battery and Battery Electric Vehicle Fire Tests – PMC (

    Ah, yes, another paradox of progress!

  8. Sally says:

    From the Berkshires, Western Massachusetts, all day long today there has been non-stop flights with rain all day and now unbearable high humidity and very heavy, poor air quality. 

    They are spraying sulphur dioxide in the upper atmosphere to form sulfuric acid clouds. Sulfuric acid is known as "oil of vitriol" and is a known corrosive agent to metals and tissue. 

    Where are these planes taking off from? Who is flying them? Where are they landing? 

    Crimes against humanity? Is this not a large scale attack against civilians? 

  9. Lance says:

    Am staying at an RV park north of Placerville, CA, about 18 miles. Its 87F in the shade. Out in direct sunlight it feels much hotter. A restroom building sits out in the open not far from our space. It is too hot to stand out in front of the doors to get in for more than a minute! Normal high temp for this date here is 77F. As you all know, we're never going back to normal.

  10. Lance says: — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

    "Yesterday, May 14th (1651 UT), sunspot AR3664 unleashed the strongest solar flare of the current solar cycle–an X8.7-category blast from beyond the sun's western limb."

    "Because the sunspot is behind the edge of the solar disk, the flare was partially eclipsed. It was probably even stronger than it appeared. "X8.7" is almost certainly an underestimate of the flare's true strength."



  11. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I was suffering from a massive migraine headache along with lack of concentration while these extremely powerful CME (radioactive energetic magnetic particle) waves were interacting with the Earth’s Magnetosphere, which allowed the northern lights to become visible as far south as Arkansas. I didn't put the two together right off until those symptoms subsided as the lights retreated north of the Dakotas. My eyes hurt a lot as well and I was seeing flashes of lights when they were closed. Just like when the military erected that array of low frequency microwave towers and dishes near our little community in Texas, where we were being evicted by Raytheon.

    The light show here in South Dakota was truly awesome (and ominous) as we saw waves of deep red and purple for hours on end. Those colors have been proven to be directly related to high levels of radiation bathing the surface of the planet, and if they appear even more frequently. Humanity is in serious trouble.

    That amount of radiation will completely kill our farm crops. Even those that we grow with artificial sunlight inside of blacked-out greenhouses, and on a sustained basis it has been known to penetrate deep into the Earth, sterilizing crop soil. Not to mention, leading to eventual blindness and terminal cancer in both humans and the wildlife.

    These CME events that can easily penetrate our almost totally depleted ozone protection, may just be what all the wildlife have been expecting as they've been observed watching the sky before sunrise and after sunset. Ultimately dealing a double dose of extinction level radiation here on Earth, both day and night. (Note… My headache and other symptoms were even worse during the daylight hours, and I’m sure the levels of UV radiation were much higher during the widespread northern lights anomaly.)

    So, as many of the wildlife populations nearest to the equator continue with their mass exodus towards the cooler polar regions, they are now migrating into more and more concentrated levels of radiation. Just to escape the ever-increasing heat that will lead to areas becoming uninhabitable by humans within the next ten years or so.

    Like Dane says, there is no place safe to go on planet Earth now, as we enter this new and dangerous phase of humanity's existence.

    An important footnote here is that these CME magnetic waves are only visible to us at night, but they are bathing the planet just as much in daylight hours and causing the same severe damage to our DNA 24 hours a day. Most people don’t even realize how we are being exposed to both ultraviolet radiation and magnetic fields of radiation at the same time, while going about our daily lives. Who knew that these spectacular light shows at night could become just as deadly as they are beautiful.

    • Lance says:

      Electro-magnetic energies are known to cause physical symptoms in humans including headaches, migraines, and dizziness, insomnia or increased sleepiness, general deterioration of well-being and weakness, rapid fatigue, reduced productivity and concentration, depression, heightened anxiety, irritability, and aggression. 

  12. Lance says:

    Freak April heatwave in Southeast Asia ‘virtually impossible’ without climate crisis (

    This is being caused by extreme UV radiation reaching the surface of the earth in that area of the world which can be verified on on the UV Index icon. Click on it and move to that area of the world and it shows severe to extreme UV radiation hitting southeast Asia.

  13. Joe says:

    Not just Canada: A look at extreme weather events all over the world



    Posted May 14, 2024


    Not just Canada: A look at extreme weather events all over the world – National |

    There is not a day that goes by somewhere around the world where extreme weather is taking place– between floods, droughts , wild fires. heat waves, tornados , earthquakes etc  food insecurity , war , famine, etc .

    I am sure I left something out..–


  14. Lance says:

    Major aerosol operations ongoing over northern CA as an odd weather front moves down directly from the north. Aerosols clearly visible to the north of Rio Vista, CA. Watching for "enhanced" thunderstorm development over the Sierra's, foothills, and even in the valley.

  15. Lance says:

    North Atlantic's Searing Heat Wave Signals Ominous Hurricane Season Ahead (

    " Brian McNoldy, an ocean scientist from the University of Miami, echoed the concern, stating, “It’s not just that it was a consecutive string of 421 days, but for so much of that time, it was breaking the records by a lot—not even close.”

  16. Stuart says:

    Marine Cloud Brightening

    Recent study published in Nature Geoscience confirmed the cooling effects of aerosols emitted from Kilauea volcano.  The aerosol particles serve as Condensation Nuclei in the clouds, increasing reflectivity.

    Couple days ago Google feed carried story about "experiment" in San Francisco Bay where researchers sprayed salt water into local clouds to enhance cloud cover in that area.  The test was shut down by local authorities due to health concerns.

    Here in southern CA heavy and ENGINEERED Cloud Cover continues.  We have had only a few sunny days thus far 2024.  Yesterday PM when clouds opened up a bit late in the day I could clearly see Spray Run Remnants mixed with clouds off to the west, over Pacific.

    Bottom line is Marine Cloud Brightening ( Dimming) works and has been going on for many years now along southern CA coast.

    Today's forecast

    Bismarck ND 71

    Los Angeles 70

  17. Cindy Miller says:

    They are starting man made fires in flagstaff AZ! They did one at midnight last night and now many cant breathe! This is purposely done to get political funding, steal are oxygen and life. They do this every year then blame it on campers. Its all lies! Forest service cant be trusted! You should see the jocks here running the show. This is how they get the fires to be banned cause people yo be hospitalized and more. Everyone makes money off these fires they start! If you go to these spots they have destroyed our forest and took trees that were healthy! Bill Gates wants them to take all our trees and since last year Ive seen that exactly happen. They destroyed the forest all over and have locked people out. 

  18. Lance says:

    UVC radiation can also pose risks to human health, such as sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer3UVC radiation from the sun is blocked by the ozone layer1so humans can only be exposed to it from artificial sources1.

    This is from wikipedia and the last part is absolutely not true! UVC has been recorded at ground level in many places. Holes in the ozone layer exist so UVC is able to get through to the earths surface. 

    Map Shows 'Extreme' Heat Risk Warning as Florida Braces (


  19. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    In April there were over 2,200 severe hail events in the U.S. These are separate incidents and not from the same storm cell either. With most of them dropping hail between three and five inches in size. But in total there were over 3,500 storms that produced hail ranging all the way down to marble size, and up to grapefruit size.

    There have been on average 5,000 hail producing storms a year in the U.S., from 2012 to 2021, and over the last two years that number has increased by around 2,000 each consecutive year!

    Plus, a record number of tornadoes that struck while the sun was out and shining. Along with a record number of multi-vortex tornadoes and tornadoes that looped around to hit the same location or stopped moving and sat in one spot for as long as two full minutes!

    If these storms continue through Summer and into Fall, as the NWS and NOAA have predicted (scheduled) this year (supposedly because of La Nina), we are likely to see over 10,000 hail producing storms this year alone, and the most reported tornadoes in history. Not to mention the threat of these same hail and tornado producing storms with the high number of hurricanes expected to hit America's coastlines this season.

    Leading to over a Trillions dollars in property loss claims for the first time ever, and many insurance companies having to declare bankruptcy. While everyone's insurance premiums are likely to double or triple by January of 2025, and merging of big-name insurance companies to cover the enormous losses.

    Now for the really bad news. Crop and livestock losses will probably force many smaller hometown and farmer's market grocery chains to fold, while rendering the store shelves of surviving store chains to become mostly empty and bare through winter and beyond.

    Just as Dane has been saying for years, most of the store shelves are about to have nothing on them but spider webs and dust, and starvation will become a huge factor… not just in Third World countries either.

    The science behind a warming planet like Earth clearly indicates that more prolonged, heavy flooding rain events would increase as time passes, and the planet continues to get even hotter. Along with more severe and prolonged droughts, fires, heatwaves and dust storms in contrasting regions. But to have super cold air that creates more and more severe storm outbreaks defies all the laws of nature. Even the expected rapid melting of mountain snow caps, glaciers, thinner sea ice and icebergs couldn’t possibly supply the planet with the super-chilled air masses required to trigger such storms. Those key factors are what fuel the flooding rain events with ever increasing atmospheric moisture.

    The one single and most important factor that scientists and meteorologists are (evidently) told to ignore by their governments and military, is the artificial cooling by chemical ice nucleation via climate engineering operations. Which happens to be the only puzzle piece that answers how these storms are even possible on a rapidly warming planet.

    This should be blatantly obvious to ANYONE who has studied climate patterns of the various seasons, jet stream oscillations and their effect on polar vortex movements, planetary vapor loop cycles and relevant variables. Combined with the rising global temperatures and the impact from naturally released or humanity’s emission of aerosols and gases into the atmosphere.

    That is a testament to the experts who simply don’t have a clue as to how these storms are created on a warming planet. When I just explained it all in a commonsense paragraph of black and white. And I’m no scientist or climate expert, but it makes perfect sense to me.

    Dane has also made perfect sense of all this for over ten years now. What gives with the so-called science experts? Are they all on drugs, or being extorted by the Matrix Minions? Like Trump advertising how he plans to sell our planet for a billion dollars in campaign contributions to all the big oil companies. And if they bite, he promises to negate every single climate repair bill currently in the books. Including those bills he promised to the voters, and bills passed by state lawmakers banning geoengineering if he gets elected. The insanity of the elites and the oil empire will end up costing humanity much more than that in the long run though. Closer to Eight Billion, if you catch my drift.

    • Lance says:

      In an "exothermic" reaction energy deposited in a location causes rapid heating of that location. In an "endothermic reaction" energy withdrawn from a location causes a rapid cool down in that location. As early as 1891 Tesla described the universe as a kinetic system filled with energy which could be harnessed at any location. Tesla towers are located in many places. One is located in Texas. 

  20. Robert says:

    Just a heads up about the intensity of sun lately. I was working on my garden the other day and I had on a cheap pair of sunglasses because I could not locate my better polarized  sunglasses. I cover up pretty good when I'm outside and even at that it's grueling to be in direct sunlight. I woke up the next morning and my eyes could not focus, everything was blurry. I believe I had damaged my eyes due to the intense U.V. I took in that day. Be warned and get the best sunglasses you can afford if you are going outdoors nowadays. I have to put goggles (Doggles I call them) on my pup too as his eyes will swell shut if he lays in the sun for a short time. It truly infuriates me that my dog has to go through this, I wonder about all the wild things out there and how they must suffer under the blazing sky. Thanks to all here trying to make a difference in this messed up world, stay true and steady in your course, we are making a difference.

  21. John V says:

    I am pretty sure the laws of nature don't allow for snow anywhere on the entire island chain of Hawaii, simply because of the pacific wind currents, overall temperature, and location.

    This is simply and completely battling how anyone can believe the garbage these geoengineers are doing to our world, even in the most beautiful places…

    Wake up people.

    There is no longer the option to look the other way and pretend it isn't happening.

  22. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    BTW, in that south Texas town of La Puerta, Texas where the temperature reached 116 degrees the other day. The humidity was at 68% and when you try to figure in the heat index value of that much moist air, combined with such a hot air mass. You can’t, because it is OFF the CHART!

    The heat index is meant to describe experienced temperatures in the shade, but it does not take into account heating from direct sunlight, physical activity or cooling from wind. This is a DRY BULB temperature value and not a WET BULB value.

    The official WeatherNet chart used by forecasters across the country ends on the 116-degree line at only 52% humidity, and a heat index value of 182 degrees!

    But according to the record book, the highest ever documented heat index was in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia on July 8, 2003… at between 176 and 178 degrees. Depending on which source thermometer and hygrometer was used on that day. Meteorologists sometimes use the dew point instead of the humidity, just to make it appear less hot.

    So, if the humidity was at 68% in La Puerta and not 52%. Wouldn’t that make the heat index value closer to 200 degrees? The actual temperature that it feels like to the human body IN the SHADE!

    My doctor friend in the hill country of Texas knows someone who lives in La Puerta, and this person claims that the temperature was actually 119 degrees. While the weather service also reported the humidity at a much lower downside of only 45%. Making sure to not have the official record broken and raise alarm bells to such unbearable heat.

    Where I used to live in the hill country, we broke the official heat index record at least eighteen times, but the weather service always reported (and recorded) everything to the downside. Because if all of human civilization knew that many places around the world are regularly threatening our existence, with heat index (real feel) temperatures surpassing the 178-degree record mark. Then everyone would finally know that Earth is on a runaway Venus Syndrome feedback loop and pandemonium would most certainly ensue.

    Not only that. By adding even more aerosols into the atmosphere, as we have been doing for over seventy-five years now. That simply exasperates and intensifies the Venus Syndrome even more, yet our government still insists that geoengineering’s (SRM) and (SAI) programs are the only options left to slow global warming.

    There is a certain (tipping) point during the Venus Syndrome process that no matter how much light reflecting material you scatter into the sky. You cannot stop or reverse the effects of that process. The only way to do that is by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere, and eventually stopping those emissions entirely. And even if you find a way to remove most of those existing gases. By that time, the planet is still going to continue with the runaway feedback loop process, until nearly all life forms become extinct. Before the runaway effect slows down and completely dissipates.

    Every atmospheric and climate scientist on the planet knows these facts, and that is why it is criminal intent on their part to allow geoengineering to continue unabated. They know that the light reflecting aerosols need to be above the highest layer of greenhouse gases, in the uppermost portion of the stratosphere or even the mesosphere. Where it can reduce the amount of solar light producing thermal heat from penetrating through the gases that then block that heat from going back into space and reflect it back down to the surface repeatedly. Which in essence, is exactly what the Venus Syndrome means.

    Humanity does not have the capability to place most of those aerosols above the reflecting greenhouse gas atmospheric lens cap. Over the last seventy-five (plus) years those aerosols have only reflected the light back to the (invisible) gas lens, where it bounces back down and eventually reaches the surface, once those reflective aerosols settle to the ground as well. AND, before those aerosols settle to the surface, they create artificial cirrus clouds that trap even more heat in during the overnight hours. Ever increasing the Venus Syndrome feedback loop even more.

    So, in summary. If geoengineering persists then Heat Index Value and Wet Bulb temperatures will eventually soar high enough to make most of the planet’s land masses totally uninhabitable (certainly within our children’s lifetime). But they continue to spray so much aerosol particulates that the sky is turning whiter and whiter by the day. Having no effect on the Venus Syndrome and trapping heat in at night. Making (real feel – sun or shade) temperatures soar off the charts at more and more locations around the world.

    What the matrix media refuses to report on is the record number of people going to hospital emergency rooms with heat stroke, and its only May folks. By August heat records will be broken in record numbers, but the media will never report on those heat index and wet bulb record shattering numbers.

    • Lance says:

      Any reports claiming that solar radiation is not affecting humans are NOT true! The ozone shield that protects the earth has been greatly depleted so the electro magnetic energy coming from the sun is making it to the ground. This is a documented FACT! These EM energies cause the following symptoms in humans: headaches, migraines, and dizziness, insomnia or increased sleepiness, general deterioration of well-being and weakness, rapid fatigue, reduced productivity and concentration, depression, heightened anxiety, irritability, and aggression. Think about what's going on in the world right now and connect the dots!

  23. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Here is a prime example of the political circus of insanity that we are dealing with, in our brave new world of technological addiction and a sociopathic afflicted society.

    Talk about the first ever serial killer of nature (that we know of) who might just become the next vice president in November. Our own governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem has confessed in a book she had published recently that she murdered a fourteen-month-old puppy with a shotgun. Then she turned it on the family goat and three horses. Just for fun!

    Yet no animal cruelty charges are forthcoming, as a result of her confessions, because she is one of Trumps candidates for choosing to be his vice president in the elections.

    What exactly will this person be capable of if she really does become the vice president of America? The slaughter of an entire species of animals just for kicks?

    What in God's name has this world become? To have someone outright confess to murdering puppies, because she enjoys it, and all those who could lawfully do something about it simply turn a blind eye and look the other way!

    This is the same person that claims Tribal Elders in South Dakota (and elsewhere) who live on reservations are working with Mexican and South American gang leaders to distribute drugs to all the Native American youths. She even says that they are making "millions" in the process, while at the same time she claims they are helping the youths to form gangs themselves. Which is the exact opposite of what is really happening, and I know, because I go to all the reservation youth centers and talk for hours with these teenagers and young adults.

    Yet they still live in poverty, even though they have money to burn. Pure insanity and lies beyond comprehension.

    The truth is, she makes up these stories to shame those who are helping state legislatures draft bills that will ban geoengineering in the skies of South Dakota.

    So, what might she have planned if she’s not picked by Trump to be his VP? Retribution in the form of a kangaroo court trial that sees the Tribal Elders sentenced to life terms in a federal prison, even though there is absolutely no evidence for a conviction. Then, play target practice with all the reservation’s livestock animals, and family pets, using her beloved shotgun?

    I swear to you I am not making this stuff up. She truly said those things in her book. I guess that’s why the climate engineers have no ethics or empathy for the millions that they kill every year. That’s exactly what this proliferation of insanity breeds. Puppy killers and targeted genocide, from using climate weapons on innocent populations.

    First, the military cult brought droughts, heatwaves and flooding to Africa. Now Brazil is being targeted with the very same barrage of climate intervention crimes. Who’s next. European states that don’t support the war in Ukraine? Some African states have now demanded that all U.S. soldiers and military personnel leave the country. Is that because they know that they are responsible for their anomalous climate disasters over the last four years? What does the U.S. military cult of conflict have in store for them now? Savannah wildfires that will send the entire nation up in smoke?

    Oh, wait a minute. They eat puppies there, don’t they? Maybe Kristi Noem will ask the pentagon to cut them some slack.

    • Marilyn says:

      Thank you for writing this.  I had heard about Noem killing her puppy and it made me ill.  I had not heard about the goat and 3 horses.  I have no words to describe the punishment she deserves.  I'm going to go cry the rest of the day.  God bless you for relating this information.

  24. Lance says:

    Windy: Menu

    UV level is severe to extreme over large areas of the world.

  25. Lance says:

    THE STORM IS NOT OVER: A CME hit Earth's magnetic field on May 10th, sparking the biggest geomagnetic storm in more than 20 years–an extreme category G5 event. It is subsiding now (currently category G2), but it is not over. More CMEs are expected to hit Earth's magnetic field during the next 24-48 hours, and they could push the storm back to extreme levels. – 5/11/2024

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