Introducing Geoengineering / Climate Engineering to the Uninformed


By Dane Wigington

1. It is imperative to actually take constructive steps toward raising critical awarness of the climate engineering issue. 

2. Pass on credible information without overloading those that are not yet aware of the climate engineering insanity.

The link below can be a primary tool for email efforts to sound the alarm.

"A Climate Engineering Introduction To Media And The Uninformed"

The most critical step in regard to helping in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering ( and thus helping in the fight for the greater good) is making the decision to get involved with the cause at hand. There is only one way forward in this battle, we MUST reach a critical mass of awareness, this effort will take all of us. The human race faces countless challenges, so one must prioritize. One must decide what the most critical priority battle is. Global geoengineering/weather warfare/biological warfare programs are the greatest and most immediate threat currently faced by the human race short of nuclear cataclysm (a threat that climate engineering is also exacerbating by making Earth more vulnerable to solar flares, electric grid shutdown, and thus nuclear meltdown). The ongoing weather warfare assault is completely derailing the planet's climate systems, completely contaminating our air (all precipitation), our soils and waters. Geoengineering is also shredding the ozone layer. No ozone layer, no terrestrial life on Earth. From countless directions climate engineering is pushing the human race and all life on Earth toward mathematically certain near term total extinction. The greatest single leap we could take toward changing our current course of biosphere implosion is to expose and halt the geoengineering insanity.


2. Spend Some Time Getting at Least Somewhat "Up to Speed" On the Issue Yourself

It is important to be able to field at least some basic questions about this most dire issue if you are to gain credibility with others. People (of any political stripe) do not want to be test subjects in an ongoing lethal experiment. Most are at least partially aware that the weather is now very different from what it was historically speaking. Many are aware that chronic respiratory diseases and countless other related diseases are going off the charts. There is a general awareness that weather modification (at least in some form) is real.  A conversation can often be initiated by simply asking someone if they have noticed the weather is unusual or changing? Are they aware of the fact that there are massive global weather modification programs that are not being reported by media? The geoengineering or climate engineering terms are important in any conversation on this issue. If a person googles "geoengineering" or "climate engineering", they will find volumes of science articles and reporting. If only the word "chemtrails" is used, disinformation and debunking sites and definitions will be the first thing they come to. Again, know the basics. Geoengineering is shredding the ozone layer, altering the weather patterns, polluting our air, waters and soils.

It is also very important to have some idea of who you are speaking with and what aspect of the geoengineering issue they will be most interested in and affected by. Going too far into the "rabbit hole" is almost always counterproductive, stick to the basic straightforward facts. DON'T discredit the subject at hand by wandering into other issues that are not science based and that do not belong in this discussion.

3. Have Credible Data to Pass On To Others

This is not expensive or difficult. There are a number of tools that can and should be used for this purpose. Multiple informational power point presentations are available on the home page of "Geoengineering Earth, Exposing The Global Climate Modification Assault" is one example. Video presentations from can be freely burned to DVD's and distributed, so long as they are given away and not sold. The data on our site is for one purpose, to raise public awareness of the critical climate engineering issue. When passing on a DVD, it is much more effective to include an information flyer with it. For only 10 to 20 cents a copy, more or less, very important and compelling data can be passed on. Such a flyer will make it much more likely the DVD will actually get viewed. Flyer examples can be found and downloaded for free at  ““ (or can be purchased from the home page of Geoengineering Watch for our approximate cost of large scale printing and shipping. 


Sharing critical verifiable facts, coupled with shocking and compelling photo images, is the most effective method of awakening others to dire and unpleasant (but essential to face) realities. has just assembled a very comprehensive 20 page full color 6 x 9 booklet that contains the most hard hitting and undeniable climate engineering facts and photos available. This critical awareness raising tool is printed on full glossy 100lb heavy paper to make it more durable. Geoengineering Watch has made the decision to offer the new informational booklets to the public for the approximate cost of printing, handling, and shipping. Because we will have a substantial quantity printed, the cost will be exponentially lower than individuals printing their own.

Click image to order booklets

4. Don't Point to the Sky and Go Into a Rant, That Only Puts Up Defenses

If people are made uncomfortable, they will only tune out all that you are saying and focus their attention on how to end the conversation. Again, more often than not, lengthy conversations are not productive. As stated above, it only leads to uncomfortable situations for all concerned. A simple (and short) mention of the issue and its major consequences, and the passing on of a flyer with a DVD, can often be the most effective approach. It's also helpful to mention that the government is not disclosing these programs and mainstream media is not covering the story. If people who are being introduced remain comfortable, they are most likely to examine the information being passed on when they have time in their own home or office.

5. Very Important Contacts Can and Should Be Made with the Internet

There are countless groups, organizations, and individuals that would care if they had any clue about the geoengineering programs. Environmental groups, Alzheimer's, autism, ADD, agriculture groups, journalists, etc. Locate such groups and send them a "heads up" email with some credible data attachments. Also, a link or two where they can learn more on the most dire issue of geoengineering. On the home page of site is the "flaming arrow link". This suggested email package is already set to go, just find appropriate people and groups to send it to.

In a personal encounter, if someone is not receptive, or even argumentative, try to keep your composure. Confrontations only cause people to put up their defenses and they won't hear a word you say. We are planting seeds of awareness, if done properly, the seeds will sprout. As the climate system continues to unravel (with climate engineering helping to fuel the fire), people will soon enough have no choice but to wake up.

If  we all pull together, we can and will soon reach "critical mass" in the effort to expose the on going global geoengineering programs. The decimation being caused to the planet, us, and all life on Earth is immense, it's up to all of us to stop it. If we can simply reach this tipping point of awareness, the dominos will begin to fall in regard to the climate engineering programs. When the families of those participating in the various aspects of geoengineering realize that they are quite literally killing themselves and their children along with the rest of us, the equation will change. When the larger population realizes they have all been poisoned from the climate engineering, that our planet and it's life support systems have been decimated, there will be a shock wave around the globe. Exposing and halting global geoengineering programs is the greatest single leap we could collectively take in the right direction.


237 Responses to Introducing Geoengineering / Climate Engineering to the Uninformed

  1. Theresa Craig says:

    My journey started with with questions about what was going on in the sky above me. Whatever was being dispersed by planes was getting to the ground and ended up in my pool. These planes were not commercial flights or single engine/privately owned planes. Military but not combat. I researched. This is what landed me here, to this conclusion. And obviously upset me very much. I took pictures everyday of the chemicals that were filling up the sky, landing on the earth and there was nothing I could do about it. I wrote a letter to the mayor, my facebook posts were rejected for false information. Who were they to say that chemicals were not being dispersed in the sky above me. There goes a plane right now as I type. What it all boils down to is, I was angry, and helpless. I was obsessed to say the least. Then I had an accident. I was not going fast, 15 mph. Almost just rolling down a loop in Dallas, and I hit the car in front of me. The young man in front of me in turn hit the truck in front of him. Everyone was ok, no injuries. Everyone drove away from the accident except me. I could have driven home but the airbags destroyed that car. I loved that car. Long story short, I now have two car payments and no car. I want to sue the pilots, air force base, military for being the source of my loss of control of my emotions and creating such fear and helplessness in me.

    I am at my wits end. 


  2. GaThreeper says:

    They gota land them somewhere to fill them up again…we need to find where they land them and expose them.

  3. Jeanette Fannon says:

    Dane, thank you for trying to bring geo-engineering to the forefront of peoples minds! I have been aware of the chemtrails and weather manipulation for many years now. Since 2020, it seems as though this has become even more 'in our face'. I live in East Tennessee. I see trails streaking across the skys on an almost daily basis. There is no doubt that they are blocking the Sun from all of this world! The question is, who can we write (or push) to bring this information to the front of peoples minds? I speak to people about this, and they seem clueless. I really enjoy getting your weekly updates, and God bless you for your fierce love for this planet, humanity, and all creatures that inhabit it!!!

    • Lynne Rondelle says:

      Thank you Jeanette for your question.
      I have the same question as I am connected to many people that all see this and understand the need for action. What can we do as a group of aware people? Where would our energy be best used beyond informing the uninformed? If there's a link on this page please direct as I'm unable to find it. Are there examples of others making progress in the fight or needing help? 
      Thank you for all you do to inform,

      Lynne R

  4. Researcher says:

    I highly recommend these flyers, the pictures speak volumes and it makes introducing the subject matter to others very simple.

  5. Adam says:

    I'm looking in to the cost of one of those digital advertising trucks. I think that would be a good tool to plant the seeds of curiosity. I've lived in TX my whole life and folks there ain't no denying what is going on with our weather isn't natural. I make my living in agriculture so this is a critical issue for me. 

  6. Kelly McBrearty says:

    Besides sharing this information,  what other means do we have to fight this – petitions?  Are there petitions?  Can I sign?

    Thank you – I HATE these evil people!

    • Clyde Bennet says:

      As a member of a local Toastmaster club, do you think it would be productive for me to give a simplified presentation? If I do so, I would 

      1. avoid the term "chemtrails";

      2. not get deep into any technical material; and

      3. jgive an overview while stressing the importance of a) awareness, and b) passing the info on to acquaintances.

      I'll appreciate your opinion on this matter.

    • Jack brown says:

      It's evil bill gates and the world economic forum that's who it is but I feel like we can't stop them. But I know God won't let them destroy what he created! It's very depressing seeing it and knowing and not being able to stop it! 

  7. Amanie says:

    This is related to why the coral reefs are dying I just know it. It's killing the ocean too, besides the constant leaking of radiation from Fukushima and the drastic overfishing. Movie on YouTube called HOME with stunning imagery of earth and our effects on all parts and systems . Must watch . Agree if stopped NOW planet can heal, especially if we help with the regreeninf especially if we help with spreading  things that help even clean up a nuclear disaster, like Fungi.  Thank you Sir

  8. glenn miller says:


    At your earliest convenience, I’m more than aware of your workload, I reside in the finger lakes of western new York and there is no lack of onslaught here, but I have seen “gem fair” events locally (not faire) do these events have any relation to your local ones?  And are there any plans of yours or your organization of developing a heavy east coast presence?  Many of us lakers seem to be awake, keep doing what you do best, you my friend have got my total support

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Glenn, thank you very much for your support, and for standing with us in this most critical effort. About your question on GEM FAIRE, there are no events in your region that I am aware of, at least not yet. My deepest gratitude to you, and to all other activists and individuals who have summoned the courage and fortitude to face the gathering storm head on. All of us march together in this most important battle.

  9. Mike and Teresa says:

    Chicago area under constant attack with murderous chemtrails lighting up our skies anytime the sun comes out. 

    We as WWG1 WGA Qanons continue to voice our concern with Trump over his inability or unwillingness to address this traitorous activity. 

    We continue to pray for you/family in our daily Mass/Rosary.

  10. Tanzy Lee says:

    Some scientists say that mankind can adapt to climate change, and continue what is assumed to be civilization. These scientists however do not define what they mean by civilization and, in any case, that presupposes that climate change is a predictable process. Which is a nonsense.

    A well known professor of such things told me that the climate system could well suddenly "flip over" in a profound  opposite to trends as they are now. Best to keep arctic and summer things together then:) A sense of humour will be essential. Seriously…




  11. Milan says:

    Hi Dane,

    My name is Milan Homolak living in Northern Ontario. Do you do presentations in church? And how much it cost. With your information i will approach church leadership. Church is in Montana. Milan

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Milan, thank you for your willingness to help with the critical mission of exposing global climate engineering operations. Yes, I have given presentations in places of worship (and many other venues). I have never charged for my efforts, and never will. This being said, due to the rapidly accelerating collapse of our biosphere and climate system, I will need to stay close to my office / work station, which is where I am able to reach the most people with breaking news, and thus where I am able to do the most good in the fight. This being said, I often Skype into events, which saves immense time and resources. If that can work for your group, I will do my best to be available. Thank you again for standing with us, Milan.

    • DJ says:

      checked your link recently? How did the petition work?

    • FireDog says:

      @Sol Johnston — The petition was pulled to continue the commie indoctrination that America is a commie democracy that DISPLACED the White Family of their nation by the unconstitutional 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Immigration Act … INSTALLED Brown and Black Families / aliens who comprise 80% of the population but parading their crimes by wearing White Family surnames. White Family accounts for 20% of the American population from an era that WAS a Constitutional Republic of Commonwealth Laws. 

      The Rotten Childs and Rocky Fellas have nearly met their 6,000-year agenda to "genocide humanity and destroy Earth." Nothing that I have said and done for more than 65 years has slowed their agenda, whatsoever!




  12. Sasha says:

    Has anyone checked out You Tube: "Earth Live from Space"? The thumbnail shows our Mama Earth's beautiful blue ocean and you can clearly see the tip of Florida. When you click on the video, all you can see are "clouds". Please check it out and show others, it puts it in a different perspective. (If someone already posted about this, I didn't mean to step on your toes, there are a lot of posts to read!) Dane, you are my Hero! To all my earthling brothers and sisters, I send you Much Love! I'm in this with you all! 


  13. Liza says:

    May the universe bless us all ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★ <^>_ 😐 ~

  14. Jessie says:

    I live in Las Vegas and can see the difference and it's astonishing and scary. I always knew something was being put in the air but not the extent and having children and hopes for the future, this is something that has to change ..

  15. Nancy V says:

    Why do we need weather people when they receive there information from 'THEM as in Coachella Valley CA which is Palm Springs area I look up and see at the very least 7 or more airplanes spraying us and adding there FAKE COUDS to change our BLUE SKYS to there clouds…and I tell everyone on the tennis courts to look up and tell them that before noon that the blue sky's will be gone!!!!! NancyV

  16. COUPDECU says:


    • Mary Pishney says:

      I lve in Denver.  The skies are laced with chemtrails, some days far worse than others.  I mention this to those I know as we watch the mosquito sized, silver planes spray patterns across the skies.  As you have often said, the skies here, once a beautiful blue are rarely so.  A milky haze is often what we see.  I mention this to people, and also the ridiculous, icy snow that makes driving a dangerous venture even when only 2 inches of snow fall.  Normal???   People will readily agree, but when the cause is mentioned, their eyes glaze over like the milky fog that covers our once beautiful skies.  I would love to have small post cards that I could tuck into my purse to give to people who are open to the danger we live  under and not treat any mention of the planned demise of our world as sheer conspiracy rantings.

      I wouldn't miss one of your weekly lectures and wish you the best in your brave crusade as I know the danger that truth tellers live under.

    • suzy carr says:



    • Maggy May says:

      I wonder if they know to what end this purpose is? If we are all destroyed, what was it for? What is thier end game plan they have created? Don't they realize they could die too? Course they are all at end of life age anyway, they probably don't care. But still, I want to know the reason of thier wanting to destroy the world and it's inhabitants. If it's all about money and greed, when you die, you can't take it with you. It's a very sinister mindset our powers that be have. We need to get rid of them, all that have that belief. It's also showing the era of their age. The early baby boomers. I was a Vietnam military brat, and I have such different thoughts and views of my parent their friends. There are very few of my generation. We are dubbed  the list generation because we are in between boomers and gen x. Which neither category fits for us. We actually recycle, reuse, repurpose,  pretty much everything. So what they are doing is sacrilegious and so far off the wall, I cannot comprehend that way of thinking. But it's seems as so society is very strangely and strongly connected to and by it. It's time to go build my hole in the ground. Is it fresh water or saltwater that protects you from nuclear radiation? Or any radiation for that matter.

  17. I live in beautiful Central Oregon. I have contacted the EPA, who hung up on me, contacted state representative with no luck…. There has been grid pattern spraying day and night for 3 weeks now. Our dogs appear to be lethargic….very concerned 


    • Jenna says:

      I lived there for years, too. They sprayed every day at either 6:30 a.m. or 2:30 p.m., or both. It’s possibly even worse in Montana where I moved to, though.

  18. eliza says:

    I would be so grateful for any information on what is being sprayed in south of France,myself and my family have been here for 13 years,was always an Azur blue sky,now in the afternoon there are Chemtrails for hours and within half an hour the sky is white,this year much much worse,I would love to join in and help please let us know what can be done,we are fed up with the globalists,they are killing the human race in plain sight.

  19. Erin Hunter says:

    I'm outraged and appalled at the blind, dumb and deaf who do nothing when we share this and sound the alarm so to speak. I'll continue even still…

    God calls us to take care of the earth,sky included. Earn the masses is also needed. 

    Let's all continue and be strong as things are getting much more tragic and the bed seems nearer than we believe.

  20. Bryan says:

    Sunday NOV. 4 2018 — SO. CALIF.

    After what seemed like a huge hiatus from the intense spraying here in So. California, I’ve come outside & to my dismay, they’re at it again, hardcore!!!! 

    I’m literally being sprayed as I type this. The entire sky is washed out with lines as far as the eye can see! I’m so SICK of this!!

    Who do I call, who do I report this to??! 


  21. Clyde Lucas says:

    They were spraying chemtrails over Apple Valley California the other day, I have notified the president about the dangers of chemtrails and nothing has been done about it yet! Those murderous criminals in Geoengineering need to be put in prison where they belong! God will one day put an end to this madness then they will all have to face his Wrath!

    • Juli Barbato says:

      Hi, Clyde: Can you–or anyone–say who "they" is? In a nutshell, does anyone know who is authorizing the spraying and then who is doing it? I'm not looking to convince people. I'm looking to expose the source(s).

      Thank you!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Julie, the attached link will provide input on our question (and other answers to questions on the geoengineering issue).FYI

    • Pat franck says:

      Dear Clyde, 

      We are the gods we've been waiting for.

      Read what Dane writes, we can help spreading awareness by ordering booklets, flyers and or dvd's for a minimum of costs. Than distributing them in public places etc…Act first local and it becomes global 


  22. sil says:

    Here in Australia we are constantly seeing chem trails and the associated haze.On top of that we have had an audible  low frequency hum happening here 24/7 for the past 8 months or so and it is increasing in volume,my guess would be the hum is being generated by HAARP

    • Racquel says:

      I am in a southern part of Australia. Since first hearing about this a few weeks ago, I have been observing the clouds more closely. On some days there have been very strange shapes  and also a variety of 'cloud types' appearing together – such that I never saw in high school or college weather studies. Also there is usually a grey or white haze for about  half the day at least, almost every day. The weather report nearly always says 'cloudy' (i.e. overcast) which I know is common in winter, but we're now in our second month of Spring, and I'm only seeing very rare glimpses of blue sky. There is a YouTube video which talks about 12 new types of cloud type being suddenly discovered. I have felt unease and depression about the overcast skies and grey washed out colour everywhere, for some years now, before I ever heard of this topic.

    • Lynette I Devries says:

      Sil, Sorry I am sending a message to you so late. I live in North Brisbane in fact but I don't look at the sky that much as I am housebound with Agoraphobia. You mentioned a low frequency hum I too hear it, mine has not changed in volume. Have you heard of Morgellons, It is supposed to be caused by the chemtrails? Lots of Americans have it as I thought the spraying was a lot worse there. Bye for now.

  23. Milt Farrow says:

    I work on converting people daily, unfortunately Brevard County is a stronghold for defense contractor ( stealing public funds) companies, as well my little city is a corrupt copy of DC , signed on to being an "agenda 21 City" there is a wy of knowing as City officials are now afraid to tell you that 

  24. stuart says:

    Hi Dane 

    thank you for your relelntless work. I had contributed to the legal fees required to serve notices on the 'conspirators' What is the outcome?

    I email Caroline Lucus UK MP and head of teh 'Green' party. She is complicit with this act of deomestic terrorissm. She is a disgrace !

    My 'eductaed' friends cannot see this and always rebuke the evidnce. It is triring. 

    People are either too hard wired, too dumb or ALIENS if they cannot see this. It is February, the chemtrials are being sprayed and the suns intesnsity is of the scale. It is still winter!

    Agenda 21 is real and happennig folks peace and love to all who are brave enough to raise theri heads to awaken the herd!!!! 



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Stuart, thank you for your support in this ongoing battle. In regard to our legal efforts, they are also ongoing against a system that has been set up for decades so make such efforts extremely difficult (our latest update post is attached). It is important to remember that all of our efforts in this fight are ultimately about reaching a critical mass of awareness. Lets all keep sounding the alarm, every day counts. FYI link

    • Tony Browne says:

      Just wanted to say that a petition i have signed and been watching almost daily for a couple of years is actually owned by the establishment,I  have seen them fiddle the number of signings repeatedly and in the last few months its become totally ridiculous, they have gone from deleting around 50 signings to about 300. The petition is called A worldwide ban on illegal chemtrail spraying by I wonder if others have noticed? So very sad. 

    • Alligator says:

      I have been talking to people since 1996 when I saw my first spraying right before the 4th of July. People are finally telling me that they too are now having to admit that something is not right with our weather and maybe I am onto something. Took long enough!

    • Deanne says:


      weather altering is out of control over Calgary

      geoengineering was reports in a lot around 2013

      insurance companies and other corporations private

      we are on treaty land

      total mismanagetn of the land here and various breaches of contract due to lack of informed consent oare concurrent here as in anywhere. Something has to be done.and public have their way with the water, land, and weather…



  25. Sarah Williams says:

    All of our trees here in Charlotte have an almost neon green colored crust on them.  There is a lovely nature trail that I walk and run on and I have even seen green quarter sized stains on the cemented trail.  Everyone I tell says, 'yeah…it's scary but I can not do anything about it'. They don't ask, 'what can we do'. I posted something regarding the daily spraying and our trees and it was immediately deleted.  Apparently it violated the non political, soapbox rule.  People don't WANT to know and they are blind to what is going on around them.  I simply do not understand! What do we have left if our beautiful earth and nature go away?  How can we care so little? It is just mind blowing and utterly frustrating!!!

    • ann marie fitzgerald says:

      Most Americans justly deserve the depopulation being perpetrated on us because they don't care …they're morally bankrupt, intellectually lazy, stupid, ignorant and other things.  For 10 years I've tried to wake up almost every person I've come across.  A total waste of my life energies.  They really do deserve the worst.  The sad thing is that those of us who KNOW and have tried to wake the others up are going down in flames along with them… Evil progresses when good men and women do nothing.

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Sarah, I live in Maryland and it's the same here! I get up on a beautiful sunny morning only to look up and see four to six jets crossing our sunrise. When I tell people to look up and see,they dismiss me as an old paronoid man,dillusional and silly! Well maybe someday they'll look up from those cell phones and take notice to what is happening to our world! At least I'm not alone in this.

    • Karen says:

      Oh, my. is part of the establishment?   Will someone advise?  I understand this may not be posted, I just read Tony's post . .

    • Janek says:

      Hi im in uk 

      Well said very well .I know its hard but we dont have a choice we who knows about geoingeneering just to keep trying to spread the message. 

      And every day many but i mean many people are opening their eyes to this .maybe you cant see it so but its plenty of us …its coming soon 

      Just a little random support from UK

      We nearly there becouse of you as well .

    • M. Barthoff says:

      Dear Sarah & Dear Everyone,

      Please know you're not alone, seeing this terrible harm & feeling so hurt!!! 

      BTW, here in L.A., the Pres. comes to fund raising dinners, & turns off HAARP till he leaves town. He cannot withstand the unbearable HAARPed air himself.


      Keep praying & spreading the word, know you're not alone

       God bless you, Dane

  26. Tony Browne says:

    Was on Greenpeace website arguing with a disinfo agent and i won but what i didn't expect was the Greenpeace scum deleted just my replies, shows exactly what we are up against, please share this to let others know, thanks.

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Tony, the government internet trolls search things out delete what they don't want us (THE PEOPLE) to know! But we will win in the end!

    • Alligator says:

      I've heard stuff in past that Greenpeace is not who they purport themselves to be. I wonder what is true anymore.

  27. anne kelley says:

    Oh my, government shutdown lets see how clear the skies get since no pay, no fly, no chemicals being dropped on us!


  28. wayne says:

    how to get the controlled media to bring this to more peoples attention?? who cares about prince harry, what trump had for breakfast and that sort of shit. get some real truth out there.  how??

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Problem is Wayne, the government controls the mainstream  biased media!

    • Alligator says:

      A couple days ago OAN ( One American News) had a story running showing one of their reporters in Syria interviewing Syrians and all interviewed said there was no chemical attack and some Syrians said it was a story pushed by UN and US to further their agenda. MSNBC is running a story of this administration cutting climate control NASA projects monies and congress reinstating said projects….so there is hope please just keep talking and praying that people wake up and have a change of heart and change their ways..

  29. anne kelley says:

    Why don't we get groups out on the streets wearing gas masks and our dogs too with masks and show the visuals. People are bound to ask why the masks and then we can talk to the many….and show them what is happening..and why isn't Fox New reporting and Hannity on board..he seeks truth to most issues. This is more important than whether we are politically republican, democrat or independent. Reminds me of the bible stories of the Israelites being controlled as slaves to the Babylonians…will human nature ever give way to the right, the honest and the true where power is concerned.

    • Rhonda says:

      Good Comment, thank you.

    • simone says:

      I love your suggestion (as it is always in my thinking since I've discovered   what those jets spraying from the our sky) "get groups out on the streets wearing gas masks and our dogs too with masks and show the visuals" I think this is a very effective way to get attention from sleepwalking crowds!   Lets do our best to get out and scream!!!! Cheers!

  30. Phillip Brooks says:

    The people for the most part don't know and won't listen. They will not do their research because they don't care about chem trails because "if it was true it would be on the news". I am talking about so called university (government educated) backgrounds. They are unaware of their surroundings that is slowly taking our lives.

    • Monika says:

      in france, the dordogne, i see this almost every few days! My husband says i am a fool… These are the planes with only their passengers on their way to…..

      in the 11years i live here it seems to get worse! Nobody wants to hear my worries!

  31. felicity says:

    Hi Dane,

    I listen to your regularly and I need some help. Trying to wake people up but not having much luck! is there someone who could check my 'facts' and thus enable me to share this serious info?? I'm merely an educator (not science!) and a mum. just trying to 'join the dots' as my husband keeps instructing me to do 🙂 

    fact 1: gulf stream is slowing down

    fact 2: this affects the strength , incidence & location of hurricanes

    fact 3: the gulf stream is affected by the arctic circle

    fact 4: they are spraying in the arctic (various reasons, but one is to shield it from the sun: problem as I see it = this doesn’t just ‘supposedly’ strengthen the ozone layer from the sun, BUT acts like a greenhouse roof to keep the warmth in!! ie it can’t escape…. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out!!

    Fact 5: fear the contents of the ‘spray’: aluminium, strontium, barium…. All of which have been linked with Alzheimer’s, autism, reduced fertility, even cancer!!

    Fact 6: they aren’t restricting sprays to the artic! Look up – look at pictures from around the world. Compare pictures of skies from the 60s to skies now – a criss-cross cloud pattern has become normal!!  Take a look at skies from all around the world! It is EVERYWHERE!  

    Fact 7: some pilots deny, some pilots admit to ‘spraying’! If it’s so good for us, why wouldn’t they all just admit to it??

    any help graciously received! best wishes from down under,



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Felicity, thank you for marching with us in this battle. Your conclusions are on track, I would only add one additional consideration to what you have mentioned, in the case of hurricanes, their behavior is also being intentionally impacted by the climate engineers, not just the weakening gulf stream.

    • eva munoz says:

      I think you should get ahold of this guy, if you aren't alerady in conctact; he's also on fb:


    • anne kelley says:

      I share all the time and many people are on the fence until I give them the facts and then they want to look into it.  More and more people are becoming aware. I also email my representative and the White House often which all of us need to do don;t give up get louder!

    • Lynn says:

      Dear Dane

      I live around Cape Canaveral and I can attest to the fact  by our gov of the manipulation of the weather . I live across from the Atlanta Ocean and the everyday spraying starting at dawn goes on all day to produce a haze EXCEPTION is a few days before a scheduled space launch , the skies are sprayed to dissipate the haze. We have a clear sky. A few hours before the launch, the constant wind stops, calm ! The launch event happens , winds start up, and the next day the skies are full of planes spraying the haze over us ! It is relentless here in Brevard County Fl. 

  32. Alberto fontanez says:

    Its game over 

  33. Suni Perera- Montreal Canada says:


    The biggest doomsday prediction yet so what are the US Administration  and other sane world powers doing about it ?

    Presumably Geo Engineering  will affect Canada and the rest of the world too and needs to be effectively confronted, disrupted and eliminated where hopefully it is not too late already?

    • Darlene says:

      I have been watching them spray almost daily in Toronto since early spring when I first learned of this nonsensical damage to our skies…there is a petition by Pelletier in I believe Alberta but have heard nothing…today is hot and humid and the air quality is not good but they are spraying again anyway….I don't believe its too late as they is too much damage…we need to educate the young about this

  34. Mike says:

    I live in Brooklyn and see the spraying here, Atlantic City and montauk. It's never completely sunny for more than a day or two at the most here on the east coast. 

    • Erin says:

      I live in the Scranton area of Pennsylvania. The spraying is almost constant. When I use a high grade flashlight at night it looks like someone just shook out an old rug. Some of the debris actually shines like glitter. That is most likely the aluminum. I traveled to the Alpine mountains in Austria and witnessed major spraying there too. There is no escape. This is a crime against God and humanity.  I am going to read up on chelation. I am sure many of the offenders are taking antidotes. The have everyone distracted with idiotic media, tv shows and false flags. The masses are hypnotized and dumned down with all of the chemicals, toxins, floride, social media while they are being murdered in plain sight. I have hope. Many are awakening which is difficult to do without sunlight.

  35. Mark Wilhelm says:

    This information is a great tool to help spread what can be viewed as a negative to the individual as a positive for our mother earth and all its inhabitants.

    I found this youtube video about the snowy hydro cloud seeding currently in use in Australia.  It's a infomercial made for or by Snowy Hydro Corp its link is here :

  36. Erica says:

    If there is anybody who wants or know or anyone who is signing another petition to the white house to stop climate engineering pleae lmk 

    • Erin says:

      I think this would be a great idea. 

    • Drea says:

      I am up in Wi where I have been documenting GeoEngineering just over the past year.

      I have signed a couple of petitions in the past to no avail. Additionally I have directly contacted a local attorney and they shunned any assistance despite having read about it before. I then called the State Bar to see who I would contact regarding representation and the lady had no idea.

      What we are dealing with is called CIA Stratospheric Aerosol Injections and FED's can't be sued unless they want to be.

      I watched a video from a head Canadian guy who advised they cease before the American people started a class action lawsuit against the military industrial complex.

      Do you know what they do to activists? Ever hear of microwave weapons? Yea……. I have very high levels where I dwell, imagine that!

  37. I always leave a two-sided color-flyer whenever I leave a tip for someone. I tape or paperclip a $5 or $10 bill to the flyer and leave it on the pillow for the housekeepers. Print some flyers tonight, hand them out tomorrow. Here is a link:

    You will feel better when you do. Being active in this fight will help you keep your sanity. Never Give Up!!!

  38. bonniebluebonnet says:

    Dr. Guy McPherson says we've got less than 10 years for the total extinction of life on our planet.

    God Bless us all.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bonnie, about McPherson, lets hope at some point he tells the whole truth. His current denial of climate engineering is criminal. FYI

    • Rob Wells says:

      Hello all.
      My earliest recollection of the Geoengineering subject was quite a few years ago watching a documentary about big sky country in Montana. Farmers crops were producing less and less. It showed one particular organic farmer who decided to have his soil tested by an independent non government body. The tests showed the typical elements mentioned here that weren't there before. I was disgusted and since have been doing my best to promote awareness of this issue. We don't receive a lot of snow here in Australia and I wonder if Americans collectively could keep samples of snow from across America to be 'Independently' tested? I know this type of testing can be very expensive but I'm sure people would donate here to see it become a reality. I also wonder where Agenda 21 fits with dosing us all with who knows what? Thank you Dane for your work.     

    • Patti Minter says:

      Dear friends,

      I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

      We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

      You can view and sign the petition here:

      Here's some more information about this petition:

      Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

      We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.


      Thank you for taking time to go to the site and sign the petition.

      God Bless,

      Patti Minter

      Sealy, TX

    • Tim Menger says:

      YES!  Geoengineering with widespread use of sprayed aerosols is as real as the air we breathe.  It is very expensive (paid for by our tax dollars).  High flying jets and other vehicles spray large and small wet cloud systems directly with powdered metals that diffuse the natural electrical buildups that clouds need to release their moisture.  The result is a dirty white colored cloud mass that spreads out across the sky which is free of life giving moisture.  The result is massive drought over entire large areas affected.  The elimination of natural rain and snow reaching the surface keeps the earth from cooling itself naturally. This is the truth.  

    • Alligator says:

      We must keep working to wake people up; pray every day that humankind, world leaders, and the money people wake up and that when they wake up they have a change of heart and change their ways! It is only through our prayers that the hearts of the ones destroying the earth for profit and power can be changed! Please pray everyday and get as many as you can to do the same. 

  39. Willett Amie says:

    Thank you so much for this critical information.  I was referred by a link on the Lionel Nation Youtube channel.  Your site is well organized, especially for the uninformed.  I was wondering if you had an "introduction to geoengineering" and here it is.  I know nothing about this issue, but I've often wondered about what is happening to the seasons and only heard about "global warming" from movies and how mankind is the culprit.  I had never heard of geoengineering or climate manipulation.  I will visit your site often.

  40. Jan Barton says:

    If the meteorologists who present the weather on TV and radio would speak up, this would lend more evidence and verified knowledge of the weather manipulation. We cannot allow the "few" play with the "many" like this. Remember this summer's dire and continued drought in the valley in California. This was a political action which caused the loss of income of both the farmers and their hire as well as higher costs for our own produce at the market. These losses trickle down to truck drivers, cost of feed for livestock. Trickle down works when it is bad stuff coming down the pike. It doesn't work when the elite say their profits trickle down to the masses.

  41. Joel G. says:

    Thanks for the printable flyers! I've posted them on many community bulletin boards in my area, and I know several people have seen them that otherwise would not. I've begun to double and triple my efforts to get the word out. 

    • Christopher L. Calkins says:

      Great idea Joel! I will do the same starting this Sunday. You know there are those who say they can't change the world, and there are those who do change the world! One step and day at a time.

      Dane Thank You, for all of this pertinent information and inspiration. May Great Oneness bless all of us in our endeavours to make the difference.

  42. Akino Whitaker says:

    I'm so happy to find your website.  My husband laughs at me when I said the clouds are weird.  Now we'll read everything on your website together….still he may not believe everything….


    p.s. your website was blocked by my antivirus program as untrusted… wonder if government try to prevent from people to access your website….

  43. Betsy Mabry says:

    Greetings from the Virginia Highlands of the beautiful Ancient Appalachian Mountains.  We have been getting plummeted with chemtrails over the past two weeks here in the New River Valley close to Virginia Tech.  Some days a heavy dark mushroom umbrella encapsulates the sky…most days the sun struggles to be seen…sky paintings of what are supposed to be clouds…lots of colorations…pinks & blues especially.  BUT the oddest thing happened within the last week when we experienced a coating of what seemed like iron oxide…a rust-colored dusting on our shoes/boots after walking in the grass in the morning.  Anyone know anything about what this?

  44. mae says:

    I live in the mountains of WV. We are being chem sprayed like crazy and we hear a lot more military planes. Why would they be spraying in the mountains? There is nothing here! Very confused about all of this. I also saw black chem trails being sprayed over with white, while in SC. What the hell was that?

    • Tim Menger says:

      Good observations!  The main objective of geoengineering is to dry up our beautiful green Earth, .  Also, by manipulating storms, storm systems are moved through the jet stream to collect moisture from one geographical area to dump too much rain on another area causing flooding.  I have studied this for years and am glad to see others notice NOW.  Keep learning Mae!   

  45. Mary Altmann says:

    Awesome Dane!

    I Look forward to your continued success. I often thank God and pray for you and really do not know how we would do without a credible source like

    You are truly amazing.

  46. Tom says:

    My vacation  was full of chemtrails in every pic last week in New Mexico,  Arizona  and California. 

    • martin says:

      Last Sunday there were here in Albania – Europe a really lot of chemtrails. Was I think the first time I have seen them here.

  47. Bill Hyatt says:

    Glad to find I am not alone watching and breathing the land of chemtrails.

    We in Las Vegas NV have had a breather for a couple  of months but ironically about the tie the storm hit chemtrails are everywhere starting at daylight. The sky was full by 6:00 AM.

    Eyes itching nose running and no place to hide. Have read two books on it and both are pretty much dormant on it.

  48. Joe Corvia says:

    Hurricane Matthew is being kept away from Miami and NY/NJ. This is to protect the immense wealth in these areas. Every time I put a comment on a weather website to expose this, I soon after get a reply to paint me as a "one of those wackos". The last one said I was a (wakadoodle). These are not carefully thought out replies and give the appearance that my comment isn't worthy of consideration. The shills monitor these websites for any use of the word geoengineerring, climate engineering, chemtrails etc. It's part of the ongoing effort to debunk and embarrass anyone with knowledge of their weather manipulation.

    Why are they so desperate to keep this a secret? Wouldn't it be a good thing to steer a storm away from areas of wealth? Yes, except when they steer it away from one area that means someone else takes the hit. If your home was destroyed under this manipulation I think you'd be pretty angry and want to sue. So, they are destroying others to protect their wealth. That's why they are so desperate to keep this all a secret. In addition, the money to carry out these atrocities is probably coming from the taxes of the very people they are destroying.

    These people are without any morals or principles and I think quite dangerous.

  49. Sally says:

    What we've also GOT to get through to people is that, even though they don't always see obvious trails in the sky, probably around 90-95% of the clouds in our sky nowadays are actually artificial and created from trails which have been sprayed earlier or above the 'already formed' artificial layer.  A lot of days, I haven't seen any trails and people always say to me that they haven't seen any chemtrails lately and assume that they just haven't been spraying and that really gets to me!, When I look at the sky and see 'cloud' formations that I never remember seeing when I was a child, I know they have!!

  50. Vicki says:

    I'm just now really learning about this and it is quite upsetting! I want to do something to help, like really help! I want this to stop altogether! I understand about getting the word out there but there are already thousands of people that know about this. I don't see what us all knowing about it but not actually doing anything is going to do. Millions knew Hitler was killing people but nothing happened until someone DID something! What can we really do to stop this? There has to be something?

    • Sunni says:

      Vicki, I agree we have to do something very soon. Who are these bozos poisoning our air? And further, what do they want?

  51. Jeanette S says:

    Hey Dane, I do not know if you have heard of this re: funding of research on aerosols. I wanted to add that I had seen an article on the internet about using sea water to reflect sunlight. The authors/scientists involved said that there wasn't much funding for research on aerosols…what does this tell you, class? The bay is a big bowl surrounded by mountains and they spray from Hawaii to here and cover the ocean. no trees, mountains to keep that from blowing in here and backing up against our mountains. San Lorenzo has the worst asthma rates in the bay area if not the state and nation. What morons.

  52. Gena Norris says:

    Hello Dane, 
    Our skies in Texas look just like where you are.. They are spraying constantly. I have filmed the spraying many times over the last couple of years. We have a large ranch in Texas and a home in Chester California, where I was born and my family has lived for 5 generations. The PTB will spray and the skies turn white and hazy, much like after weeks of forest fires. Then they will stop for a few days and the skies will turn blue again. They really think they are being sneaky. I can tell you that I become very physically ill when they spray and don't start feeling better until the skies clear us. I'm having to detox constantly.  This assault on our planet and humanity is vile and completely criminal to say the least. My husband and I have a very large following and will continue to raise awareness as often as we can. My question to you is… Would you please email me the names and addresses of those you may know that are behind the spraying? Please feel free to contact us anytime.
    Thank-you for your bold stand and tremendous courage. Your knowledge and steadfast determination is making a difference. To everyone on this site…. Keep up the great work! We are all in this together…
    Gena Norris

    • Pastor William says:

      How can we find out who the Pilots are and ,,,,a list of all the Air fields they are using, I am old and slow and run down but it's time everyone  to get involved,,Dane,,,MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE GREAT WORK YOU ARE DOING,AND PROTECT YOU!!!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      It’s our combined efforts that are beginning to make the difference Pastor William, thank you for your support and for making your voice heard in this most critical battle to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity.

    • Scott Mckeon says:

      I live in Virginia and between Richmond and Va. Beach where we are moving eventually, they spray like crazy and we keep getting pelted with heavy rains and wind. I want to scream at the top of my lungs on the roof tops and go down the beach and tell people to look up and wake up. But that would get me locked up so I will just have to pass out fliers and CD's, I need to get 100s of them. My family and some of my neighbors don't really care but I do and I want to do all I can to get the word out. I pray all the time and try and steer people to this site. God bless Dane and all of you who want to help stop these insane morons from destroying our planet. Emphasis on OUR planet, NOT theirs.

    • fran says:

      Gena Norris, the same crap going on in. Pa. And it pissing me off, that they get away with this, if my car smoked like that, they lock me up!

    • Diane says:


      I'm in Texas too and am very upset about the constant spraying over my house and city. I was very naive in learning about chemtrails and actually called the EPA to help ha like they're going to do anything. I've been spreading the word aswell telling the chief of police and calling state and city represenitives. If you have info on who we sue or a name to stop the spraying, please email me on how I can help more. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Diane, thank you for your willingness to march with us in this battle. Check the attached link for more input on how to help. FYI

    • D says:

      Pretty sure Travis air force base is one of the places being used as a refill station for some of the tankers.

    • Erica says:

      hello Gina I to have become sick from all the spraying which is being done I know you said you detoxify yourself can you tell me any home remedies I can use to do the same thanks I'm advance

  53. Peter Cormack says:

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows a good answer to the question: "What do the relevant PTB do to avoid breathing in the aerosols that THEY allowed to be sprayed – do they lie to themselves that Barium, Strontium, Dioxins etc are not poisonous?"
    I was caught out by that one from my sister last week.

    • Jason says:

      They likely have had the antidote long before the program ever started

    • Pierre Bourque says:

      You must identify the PTB. When that is clearer, you realise that it is difficult to justify the actions of insane beings. Like an animal eating it's own leg. Unexplainable but happening. Just look up…


    • Marilyn Vine says:

      I live in Australia in Batemans Bay NSW and NEVER a day goes by that we are not sprayed!  The only variation is the intensity of the spray and recently it has been quite intense (July 2016).   I spoke with a retired scientist about the spraying of barium and he said that was not too bad BUT when I said strontium as well – WELL HE SAID THAT IS A DIFFERENT STORY WHEN YOU COMBINE BARIUM AND STRONTIUIM.   A homeopath told me that a combination of barium and strontium can lead to leukemia.   So Peter your sister may be right and on their own they may not be poisonous but NO ONE does any research on the effects of combining things to know what the end result may be.   It is the same with artificial fluoridation.  Again NO ONE worldwide has done any research on the effect of adding toxic artificial fluoridation compounds to the water that contain cadmium, mercury, arsenic and lead – who knows what this toxic compound combined with whatever else is in our water is doing to the human race and our environment!

  54. Anthony Enright says:

    When you hear about Doomsday Preppers it sounds like paranoia but it is actually a reality we will soon experience.I am a Threepercenter and many of the members are very aware of our current global health threat.It is up to you to counter act what is happening to yourself because this situation will not stop until it is too late.Keep on Detoxing the Metals from your bodies and you may want to consider purchasing a Gas Mask and anti contamination clothing along with a Bug out Bag and an escape route as some of you are living in very dangerous parts of the country I find this website extremely important with the information it provides.What I would like to request is to establish an emergency key that every one can click on to follow an emergency situation such as a Nuclear accident or Abnormal event.I Thank you all for caring for eachother Thanks

    • Erica says:

      Hi Anthony,

       Could you clarify what exactly are the dangerous parts of the country and the safest parts in your opinion? Also, what Items do suggest to put in a bug out bag and where does one purchase anti contamination clothing? Any other tips are greatly appreciated as I'd like to be aware and prepared.

      Thank you for caring enough to share on this forum for the rest of us 97%. 

  55. Dear Dane,


    Perhaps you can email us sample letters that we can email to our State and Congressional reps about the  geo engineering manipulation of our weather and climate.  Other organizations I support do just that by my simply having to fill in my name and email  on the form and simply click the message to my reps.

    Sincerely yours,

    Larry Blugrind

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Larry, try the “flaming arrow” link on the home page of, it contains such a letter that is already drafted. The link is also attached.

    • Dave Hendricks says:

      I've sent hundreds of emails to Senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin and those go right into their ' circular file'. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge any emails concerning geoengineering. Dave Hendricks

  56. Koolz says:

    Rothschilds are up to no good!  Glad people are really seeing what is going on in the world.  You can't scream carbon tax when you are using Ships for travel and Planes to spray the sky with.

    I don't know what the real plan is but keep up the presure! 

  57. ora says:

    "O give me a home where the buffalo roam and the skies are not cloudy all day…." This no longer applies here in Texas.  Can't breathe the air and it stinks, stinks, stinks.  Everyone is sick!! Jesus please come. We have allowed our beautiful world to be destroyed!! Forgive us for not defending Her from the beginning.

    • Kat says:

      I guess all that means you better act on some level. Action required. Pass the flyers around, that's free and anyone can do it. Bring the topic up at your town hall meetings. Be creative (get a bill board up) and please don't bust a gut either because there's only so much you can do. We are changing things. Yes, pray&meditate. Everything counts. But action is required first.

  58. Jude says:

    Tonight the weather in Boston area was: the temperature is climbing into the 60's through the night and then dropping back down tomorrow. Since when do temperatures at night RISE in FEB in New England!!! Anybody listening? or are all hears on stupid and dangerous Trump? 

    Maybe I ought to run for president: I could be Ms. Stumped.

    • Drea says:

      We have had very irratic temps up here In Wisconsin.
      Breaking records even.
      I have been documenting and taking images of the sky.

      Our sky is white, the sun is covered and even though we have warm highs now a snow storm is coming tomorrow.
      I uploaded a YouTube video called X marks the spot
      From there I have random pics posted on google plus of my sky in between my regular posts.

      I’m ready for change – we all observe and discuss but now it’s time to take action because we can’t have our sun covered. That causes illness and low energy.

  59. Kevin says:

    Really, when was the last time you observed a blue sky all day. They won't allow it in Nebraska as it may be blue in the a.m. but the remainder of the day the criminals spray!

  60. Very Concerned says:… What's left of healthy America…

    I still say…Fill a swimming pool with all the types of nanotechnology chemicals and have POOL PARTY for the FAMOUS…

    David Keith and all his Croney Partners…Don't forget…the DONALD…If one looks closely you will see.. the Trump.. Mr. Donald………………… has investments… to help finance …keeping this KILLER…SPRAYING…CONTINUE…and people REALLY want him as a leader?????? Check it out….info ……….on line……..

    Very Concerned……learn the facts…….

    • On Thurday, February 18, 2016 I noticed that Films for Action ( had taken down my video "Open Up Your Eyes" which contains information about geoengineering. The film had been posted a couple of weeks prior and had 4.3 stars out of five (when I had last check on it over the weekend) with almost 1,500 views.  The film only had two comments, which I cannot read, apparently because you need a specific app to view comments on that site.  

      I called Films for Action and left a message, then emailed the editor asking why my film had been taken down when it contained no copyright infringements and was still up on YouTube.  When I checked the next day, Friday, February 19, 2016, my film had been put back up on their website, which contains over 6,000 films, many of which are controversial.  My film, however, now had gone down to 3.2 stars, apparently due to one comment (prior to that it only had two comments).  It also had the following disclaimer from the editor:

      Films For Action editor's note: We don't support the claims made about HAARP, chemtrails or in general the New World Order frame. This is a site member contribution by the filmmaker (we allow anyone to contribute content to the site). 

      When I saw the short film on Geoengineering's website about the public being programmed to accept geoengineering by academia, as a professor, I can personally attest to that fact.  The FBI paid me a visit on campus, apparently for discussing controversial subjects like constitutional rights, the Patriot Act, and our loss of civil liberties. I asked the two young agents if they had not taken an oath to uphold the constitution and they said "yes." I then asked if we still had a constitution and they said "yes." I asked if I had done anything that was unconstitutional and they said "no." I asked if they had a warrant for my arrest for teaching the truth and they said "no" so I asked them to leave and never bother me again.  They left.  I never heard from them again, but the harassment by administration kicked up to a feverish pitch to the point where last year I took an early retirement to divert my energy from defending myself against lies and false accusations to redirect my energy full time to my radio show, to writing, and becoming a short film maker. "Open Up Your Eyes" is my first short film which was released last month.  I am releasing my second film next week. 

      I am the Host of Divine Love Talk on CRN ( which is a national all radio talk network.  My show covers topics like health, wellness, relationships, spirituality, and anything that affects our civil liberties and freedoms.  I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword and will continue to speak out on these topics, on air, as long as I continue to have the support of CRN (Cable Radio Network) for my show, (Divine Love Talk has been on air now almost four years).  My show has now moved to Saturday mornings at 10 am from Mondays at 10 am Pacific time. 

      Below is the link to "Open Up Your Eyes" on YouTube and a short description of my 11 minute film that is apparently now being censored.

      This video manages to be informative, satirical, and touching as it covers serious issues that affect all of humanity, like the poisoning of our food, air and water supply. It also covers mandatory vaccinations; police brutality and our loss of civil liberties. It was born from a spoken word piece written by peace advocate, educator, and humanitarian, Dr. Parthenia Grant who also narrated & directed the video.  If you enjoyed Look Up by Gary Turk or Sorry by Prince Ea, you will LOVE Open Up Your Eyes.  

      "Open Your Eyes" offers simple solutions to the issues raised in it and follows in the footsteps of documentaries like: "Thrive;" "What in the World Are They Spraying," "Kymatica," Zeitgeist;" etc.

      The creators hope to spark discussions that lead to taking actions toward reclaiming rights stolen right from under us as well as putting an end to corruption by starting at the local level first. 

      I travel to Mt. Shasta often as it is one of my favorite spiritual retreats in this hemisphere. When I am there, I pains me to see how the mountain is pelted relentlessly with chemicals whenever I visit. I will continue to speak out on air, write about and make films about the assault on our health and personal freedoms. 

      I think we need to speak out about and share each individual attempt to censor and silence us until we no longer have to fear being silenced.

      Dr. Parthenia Grant

  61. Pam in SD says:

    I say we fire the EPA.  They work for us don't they?  This is all so surreal that it is hard to wrap my head around it.  I find that most people just don't get it.  They look at you dazed when you speak up.  But then every so often you find someone who becomes alive .  Remember:
    Real Eyes
    Real lies

    • Anthony says:

      Real Eyes
      Real lies.            Blinded by media & false education ensuring people 

                                  don't realize the real from propaganda *** thanks 

    • Lynn says:

      Isn't that the truth!  I've had that bumper sticker on my truck and car since obama became potus…

    • Joseph says:

      The EPA work for the corporate US government with ties of control to the UN and the Rothschild dynasty. They don't work for you, nor does any other government agency.

    • Dagaan says:

      I agree with you Real Eyes – Fire the EPA. And then fire all military commanders in one's state chemicals of mass destruction. The military is sworn to uphold the Constitution and the Constitution says the military must protect us against 'enemies internal and external'. Can not we as citizens demand of our Governor and Senators that our ineffective military commanders are violating their Constitutional oaths?  Keep Fighting! Dagaan



  62. Abdulkader baksh says:

    Thx for efforts Andy I'm living in Iran sistan WA BALICHISTAN province in saravan city I know chemtrail since three years and its negative effects on our earth and people from last one year I'm serving in army on the boarder of Iran and Pakistan with most of the day I'm outside of the base I can notice when the clouds r come up to saravan city sky they airplane begin to poisoning chemtrail on the sky it's hard for me to see my lands are dry no sign of water trees are yellow nothing look green the heat temperature is to high my city area r complitly without any green or water for the wild animals some time I feel shame to b a human cause the founder of this massive things r human the reader of this article can refer to google earth and my country Iran province sistan va BALOCHISTAN city saravan please take a look and just feel how we live in her our children's here r most of the time in the hospital the reason is we know what plz plz plz any advice to stop this any movement to stop this I'm with u r 

    feel us 


    • Anthony says:

      This is what we here in the U.S.A are not being told… But those who are aware send you empathy & good energy… Media blinding everyone … Syrian war started when farmers and ordinary people in that region demanded Bashar Al Assad respond to drought and water emergency … Farmers were desperate and protested.   Attacks on Syrian government started and Assad reacted with violence and lock down…. Climate change is now leadin to climate wars ….  What they are doing to planet is foolish… They think they can stop it through geoengineering but making it worse for all …. People here in US getting very ill also.. Lung cancers are up and pulmonary doctor told me most from non smokers … He has no explanation for respiratory sickness and cancer escalations … Big pharmaceutical companies now making billions off of respiratory drugs they push for something called COPD a pulmonary distress disorder impacting millions of people … Many never smoked … 

      We are with you ! 

    • Dagaan says:

      Abdulkader – WE hear you! We are together with you on this! Thank you for caring about this. All we can do is tell everyone we can about it and inform what authorities we can that this is not good.

      Thanks you, Dagaan

    • Mrs. Bacon says:


      My mom was just diagnosed with COPD. You are correct, she never smoked. 

      For the last few years the skies here in Central Fl have been horribly sprayed. My friends think I am loony when I try to tell them and show them.  All I can say is….just wait, you"ll see.

  63. Matthew Dane Hatfield says:

    I have well-documented for three years the spraying  in the Nashville area. I produce many videos with different themes to bring as much light to the subject as possible and some have had thousands of views  on some of them. You can see them at MD pro video on YouTube. Today was another terrible day of spraying.I just want to thank you Dana for all of your efforts and hard work I look forward to meeting you one day thank you for all you do.

    Matthew Dane Hatfield 


    • Dagaan says:

      Hi Mathew, A new angle to communicate to the uninformed about chemtrails is their affect on forest fires. The McMurray fire in Alberta went from 1500 acres to almost 500,000 acres in three days. The Rocky Fire in Califonia last year burned 10 square miles in 24 hours. The health effects of chems may be a bit ambiguous  ie; 'scratchy throat' but square miles of forest burning from aluminum accelerants is not ambiguous. Suspended aluminum is also conductive to lightning so that more lightning is going to hit more trees covered with fire accelerant!

      Thanks for Caring, Dagaan

  64. Maria says:

    I live in Dalton Ga and today I watched them spray and then the sky started changing colors,multiple rainbows and I recorded it on my phone…I work outdoors and I pray this can be stopped before it to late for my grandchildren to see what a blue sky is supposed to look like,

  65. I try to engage the tech supports when I have to call for help. I open up the conversation when I can, by asking them where they are located, how's the weather where their at. One in Missoula MT said she saw rainbow particles in the clouds. That open the door for me, I gave her the site. And if everyone would put where they are located that would be great. I like to read the reply's but can't relate to what some people are saying as that isn't happening where I am at. I only see A few  trails a day during the summer months when I am outside all day, that I notice anyway. People in CA are seeing 15-18 trails at a time. So it would be helpful to know where ur at.

    • Mike says:

      tic tac toe, grid pattern over Idaho Panhandle Monday 1/11

    • Anthony says:

      NYC region getting hammered by chemtrail spraying … Yes recent "blizzard" was bizzare … Snow storm was last week… Next week nyc going to have 60 degree day…. That will be in first week of Feb ! Climate change or global warming is now on a runaway tract and cannot be stopped …. This why they are spending over 1 billion per year spraying the air with reflective aluminum particulates that we eat & breathe in… My lungs are tighter than ever & pulmonary doctor informed that lung cancers are rising among non smokers 

  66. Hello Dane,

    I found one way people's can spread the word. When you talk to your support techs such as; internet provider techs, satellite tv techs, cellular techs, it seems I an always talking to some in the tech departments. I ask them what state their in, how the weather is there. More times than not they say it's very weird weather. One in Missoula 

    ​ MT said she saw rainbows particles in the clouds. I told her they were metallic particles, gave her the site. Suggested she look through the links. 




  67. Margaret says:

    Thank you.  That's a plan I can use.

  68. Known longtime says:

    Live on Long Island, NY and this past summer we had spraying   I've also been to Fort Lauderdale, FL last winter and saw spraying there too. Seems it's pretty much everywhere. CA and NV where my family live. And yes no bees this summer after the spraying. I'm not well and neither is my mother in law. Nuclear plants today were over 100 when only suppose to be 10-20. Yes why do I feel that we are being killed slowly. I'm afraid what is in our food and air. So how do we protect ourselves? This is scary.

    • Steve Kemp says:

      I live in the South East UK, three miles from Gatwick airport & thirty five from London Heathrow.
      Spraying here is virtually all day and all night here, this `winter` we`ve had just two nights of very light frost, night time temperatures this past month have been more or less the same as in July…. We have been living almost without any direct sunlight since October, and can`t remember when I last saw a clear blue sky..
      As I`ve spread the word I`ve realized that almost no one here has heard of geo-engineering.. How can they miss it!?..
      The air is so foul here now that if you spend any time outdoors you develop a blocked up burning sensation in your nostrils. Many many people are experiencing this.
      I`m an engineer of some forty years and I know exactly what combinations of Aluminum and acids taste and smell like.. Today outdoors, I`m breathing in the very same poisons that at work I`d have to wear protective breathing equipment for, get caught without and you`d lose your job.
      The `Health and Safety Executive` protect people at work, companies live in fear of getting sued or prosecuted, where are they now!?
      I walk my dog daily, and in the park every puddle or wet area has an iridescent sheen over it, likewise much of the foliage and trees. I`ve taken a sample and will be testing it myself, having already sent one to `Environmental Health` for testing.. This is a dept in the government Town Hall here, the sample was very conveniently `lost`…
      Let`s just play with the idea for a moment that alien spacecraft had arrived one day and began spraying us with chemicals known to be toxic to all life on earth.. What would the public response be? What would the military response be?..
      Isn`t this in real terms what`s happening, I see no difference..
      What is going on, on a worldwide basis is no less than mass genocide..

  69. John says:

    Hello to all,
    The USGS publishes data regarding sediment samples in various lakes on example is Rob Roy reservoir, Lake Owen Wyoming.  Sediment samples show 6.8 percent aluminum.  This would not be a natural occurance. Is it Fallout?   After witnessing this experiment in action I believe it is toxins purposely designed to degrade and sicken our species.   All the while those little weather staions positioned endlessly across the globe measure the effectiveness of the spraying or aerosolization.  This is terrorism by govt.

    • Mike says:

      Master gardener and chemist of Northern California has sampled surface tainted snow/ice glaciatic flow on Mount Shasta and found Al 6,000 time natural occurring

  70. Missy says:

    Hi, just wanted to let you all know a good way to 'get the word out' is to start a meeting at a local hall like your local library  (say every Thursday at 7pm) and hand out materials at that time (DVDs, flyers, bumper stickers) and show the movie 'Look Up' and/or any one of the shows Dane has on his site and a discussion group afterwards.

    By the way, anyone out there know what a good bumper sticker logo could be? anyone have a design of one I could use? Thanks!

    • wandakate says:


      Just one off the top of my hat…There were 12 of them in the sky yesterday when I drove out of my town in N.C. They were going up and down and having a ball up there making lines in the sky. WHY, don't they realize, if we "down here" are breathing all that toxin, then when they land, they're going to be breathing it too? Are they just stupid? If they know what they have been hired to do, then they are ALL murderers, what else would you call it?

    • wandakate says:

      November 22,2015…Could this have anything to do with the agenda of Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger's "depopulate the earth"?

      They are poisoning the atmosphere, and our foods (think GMO), and what about the vaccines we get, Flu, Ebola, and all the rest. They want to depopulate the earth way down by getting rid of millions of people and in order to do this, they are focusing on doing it anyway they can…Does anybody think I'm onto anything here? 

    • chris chinalsky says:

      It's amazing how "intelligent" people (my Lawyer), thinks I'm a conspiracy nut. I've got tons of sad photos. I've flown 100,000. miles in one year and I sit over the wings. I've seen rapidly disapating contrails from 30,000 ft. The photos speak for themselves.

    • Adore says:

      Hi I held awareness day last summer and with this site flyers. I had two people come up to me I had dressed like mask white one cover my mouth board's made up and just sat busy high Street in Northampton UK and as I did so many planes spraying above in plain site. I referred to one  man a woman look on ie this site .I kept key words simple. Yet daily I see so many  not awaken to what's going on . I'm disabled in wheelchair so my health is so important and that of our earth . in ones area holding any event  there not many even be that concerned.. Yet look what's happening in north UK like york floods .

    • Anthony says:

      Your ideas are great … I'm going I to give it a try despite surveillance apparatus …. People need to be informed and start talking … Our time is wasted and people are stressed … But that's part of the plan…. Tire everyone out and numb them up on junk media, junk food, and all sorts of pharma opiates, anti depressants, and then when they can't afford those be sure heroin is in good supply and cheap …. 144 over doses per week or day…. Either one is just incredible ….. It's all coming together by design …. Wear em' out, drug em' up, spray them, and surely they will have no real response to the tyranny of the technotronic totalitarian global world order…. Of course that depends on whether there is a world to order at the end of all this madness 

  71. David . says:

    Hi Jamie,

    As a person who has recently come to realize it was the internet and discovery of this web site and videos on you tube that cemented facts. I cannot go outside and not look up anymore and the internet is the best alternative news source we have. Before it to goes away we must look within and create ways of getting information in front of people without getting upset. Look at self and ask what could you do to help. The internet is perfect way to find geo engineering sites to leave comments on there pages. Also use their own keywords, phrases etc. to get our pages in front of people. It is time to use our internet savoy to get the truth in the hearts of people. Nothing worse than watching two people argue about geo-engineering while the elites laugh at them as they take deeper breaths of this poison. 

  72. Alan Lackey says:

    Hello Dane,
    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. I'm hoping contacting you this way will reach you. 
    I live in Western Montana and like everyone else are saddened and angry about the loss of the pine forest to fire and beetle kill. I also watched it happen in Colorado. Both regions have been under spaying for many years. Currently the onslaught is most unbearable here in Montana. 
    Several years ago when investigating the link of aluminum toxicity to stress on the lodge pole pine forests in Colorado I found some information stating that an independent party took core samples of dead and dying pine. There samples indicated abnormally high levels of aluminum.  I have wanted to bring this issue to light because I believe people of Montana love their woodlands  and would demand action if presented to them. However I have not been able to find the information again.
    I also will plan to pull samples from across Western Montana to see if the trees here also have high levels of aluminum. 
    I believe a powerful case could be made if if there are abnormal levels.

  73. Atticus Carr says:

    Hello Dane!
    Atticus here from Houston.
    I want to know about pricing for flyers. I like the ones that show the before and after geo engineering. I plan on buying a lot of these to hand out after public viewings of "Look Up". 
    You have inspired me to help. Don't know what else to do at this point but go to all the mom and pop tea houses, coffee shops, yoga studios, and other such places and try to convince them of letting me host a public viewing of Look Up. 
    And perhaps if this is successful other people might want to consider trying this route.
    thank you so much for the work you do!
    dont give up!!
    people lets start helping this man!!!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Atticus, it is much less expensive to have flyers printed at a print shop rather than a copy store. Flyers can be downloaded for free from and printed locally.

    • Justin says:


  74. jill phillips says:

    Look DOWN, as well as UP! Here in Puglia, S.Italy, severe geoengineering is a daily hazard. Last Monday there was a storm. In just one afternoon all the building materials around my house – stone, marble, ceramic, cement – has acquired deep, overlapping, permanent black pockmarks. Photos are very dramatic. They seem to show huge wet raindrops. But there hasn't been any rain for 3 days.I've never seen anything like it. Where can I show these photographs widely?

    • Dave Hendricks says:

      Hey Jill, you just got me thinking. Here in Wisconsin ALL the maple trees now have black spots on all the leaves. The south side of most trees now have whitened bark. And all my fruit trees have to be sprayed with fungicide in spring to avoid early fruit drop and curly light green and PINK leaves that then drop and have to be replaced with new leaves, weakening the trees. God help us all.

  75. Terry Adams says:

    Excellent comment and advice…  I highly recommend your local talk radio station as a great way to inform people what is happening.  Most TR formats have a local show with local topics – usually on a Sunday morning.  Make a point to listen to your local station and learn who is awake and who isn't… Call in every day with a status report on the amount of aerosols in the sky.. people are not sure what is happening and they are waiting on someone to bring them up to speed… be that someone….  

  76. Robert West says:

    I want to write a strong letter protesting geoengineering and send it to all 100 Senators. However, I'm not a very good at composing such a document. We are in dire straits of survival if contaminating the earth and its atmospshere with toxic sprays in not stopped. Nano-aluminum, barium and other chemicals are in the process of killing all plant and animal life on earth.

    We all know this, but our government refuses to listen. I need help in constructing a strong complaint so that I/we can send it to all Senators. Would someone be willing to help me do this project. So far, I have made a group of all U.S. Senators. Please reply if you can help me.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Robert, try the link I have attached for an intro letter

    • Scott from Fla says:


      To each senator include the words "I DO NOT consent" to these activities otherwise it is implied consent.

    • Brenda says:

      I think you are way underestimating your ability to write a cohesive report to our senators. To me you are more than capable and I can assure you that you will be effective because you believe in the cause. You clearly know how wrong this is. Stay strong, know your right and continue being a freedom fighter. With me your voice is heard. Thank you !

  77. Dick Eastman says:

    An explanation of why carbon is being found over California skies and how the "carboning" has a much different purpose in weather control than does the creating of a parasol of cloud using "chemtrails" — it is important that Californians especially know the difference. The "chemtrail" chemicals and the carbon that is released into the atmosphere have very different, even opposite jobs in creating the unending California drought. Please pass this on — it does not appear on any webpage and it is very important.
    Unusual amounts of carbon in the atmosphere above California indicate operations the very opposite of seeding cloud for rain.
    The high levels of carbon found in the atmosphere are not coming from the chemtrails we observe, but the carbon is part of weather control operations and it is broadcast from planes, but carbon black eats up cloud and is not visible.  The planes scattering carbon  do not show lasting chemtrail.  The weather controllers use chemtrail to create regions of higher than otherwise air pressure.  The carbon is used for two reasons, to heat clouds until the droplets evaporate into invisible vapor from which no rain can come.  But it works in another way as well, allowing the suns rays to penetrate the atmosphere unimpeded so that there is a maximum of heating of the sea or land surface and causing the nearby warmed air to expand, causing a lower than otherwise predicted pressure reading for that region. 
    International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has published a peer review of an article by EPA Rules Coal Fly Ash — carbon captured by filtering of coal powered industry — to be Non-Hazardous; the ruling following findings of unusual amounts of carbon in the atmosphere.
    J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D. which confirmed that coal ash is now present in unusual amounts in the atmosphere. Herndon has found the carbon in the atmosphere but he has not connected them to chemtrails — and he will not, because the carbon is put in the air for exactly the opposite purpose of chemtrails. The carbon is scattered in the sky to eat up clouds and prevent rain. The chemtrails are put in the sky to block the suns radiation from warming the ground thus causing less heading of air and therefore higher atmospheric pressure in that region than otherwise.
    Bear with me while I explain what the carbon really does when broadcasted into cloudy skies.
    Unusual amounts of carbon in the atmosphere above California indicate operations the very opposite of seeding cloud for rain.
    In many essays to email correspondents over the years I have discussed the former type of weather control — the creation of a seeded parasol over regions that make surface temperatures lower and air pressure higher (air more dense) in order to affect the movement of different weather systems in a number of possible ways. I have discussed how the high pressure areas that block rain clouds (storm systems) from reaching California are being created by "chemtrailing" (placing seeded parasols).

    But there is this other method which I have known about and written about (in 2000 and many times since) of effecting drought — the simple causing of rain clouds to go back to invisible vapor that cannot come down. I neglected to mention it because the method leaves no visible tell-tale to give it away as does obvious chemtrailing of parasols. Rain clouds can be eaten away in minutes with no cause being visible from the ground. Here is how I just described it on facebook:

    In the early 1950's an American meteorologist Florence W. van Straten led a test in which "carbon black" powder was put in the air by a large modified four prop Superconstellation airplane with fighter jets flying behind to observe the effect.

    On the theory that a pound of very finely divided carbon scattered in the fine sunshine above a cloud formation so that each partical was fully exposed to solar radiation, could pick up enough energy each minute to raise the temperate of eleven tons of water from the freezing point to the boiling point — they wanted to see if in less than these ideal conditions they could drop finely powdered carbon into a cloud to create enough of a difference in temperate to return the cloud of water droplets to clear skies of invisible vapor.

    To make their carbon run van Straten simply filled a short $1.65 length of stovepipe filled with $3.00 worth of carbon black at a small hatch at the bottom of the plane to be released by pulling a six foot length of nylon rope to yank of some tape that was holding the carbon in the pipe allowing it to pour into the slipstream created by the plane. When the carbon black was released the pilot both shouted surprise at what happened, saying "Now you see it, now you don't" as the chosen cloud formation melted, or rather evaporated away. Over the next few days these results were replicated in several trials.

    When the results were reported the research project was immediately cancelled, the experiments classified as national secrets and van Stratten reassigned to ending a drought — a drought was over before she received the assignment.

    In my opinion weather interventions of two kinds are taking place. The first lays a chemical parasol over a land region using airplanes to seed — what the public is calling chemtails. The second, erasing clouds to prevent precipitation and to increase the amount of the suns radiation reaching and warming the land surface. The two are related in that both redirect weather patters. The seeded parasol causes the ground to be cooler than it would have been otherwise — thereby creating denser cooler air, a high pressure region. The removed natural cloud cover causes the ground to be warmed more intensely than it would have otherwise, creating expansion and rising of air, a low pressure area. It is by the distribution of pressure that parcels of air — whether moist or dry, hot or cold, spinning (like a hurricane) or with little internal motion — can be redirected, can be driven from one natural destination to another targeted one.

    Dick Eastman

    • Kim Ieland says:


      Have wonderd about disappearing clouds after obvious chemtrail spraying  which spread out and then suddenly disappear.  Also, this carbon creates hotter than normal days as the heat is trapped between the ground and atmosphere….hot and very hazy.  Heat lasts later into the evening than normal.  And lastly, redwoods that were rapidly dying, now have a foot and a half new growth in a very short time….like just a few months.  Maybe the carbon is serving as a nutrient for the trees.  Something is causing them to have a growth spurt… actual benefit….perhaps unintended but real nevertheless.

    • Nigel says:

      Dan, thank you so much for writing such a well researched post. It's obvious you have a very good grasp on how this whole thing operates. 

      I live at pretty high altitude and have watched perfectly "rain ready" thunderstorms disparate right after the jets fly over. I assumed it was the aluminum drying out the clouds, like antiperspirant.  The dark ash-coal ash makes more sense and still has all the nasty heavy metals  in it..


    • Joan says:

      Thank you Mr. Eastman….your years of education is invaluable to all of us especially now.  Living in So. Cal. , we all notice the intensity of the sun's rays even in Jan.  many of us are not well..maybe not related, but out of the blue conditions.  

      Have you any published papers, books that the lay person can understand….any projections on the "why" this is being done today?

    • Ez says:

      Thanks Dick for the info. MMuch appreciated. 

  78. David Slesinger says:

    I want to be of help to anyone interested in putting of geoengineering related videos on their local cable access channel. That's not PBS. It's like where they show city council meetings. You can only have standing with your local station. If it isn't vulgar or commercial, and its the correct length, they will put it up, maybe repeatedly. Put the words cable access in the header.

  79. Robin says:

    In Sweden this year, the sprayings have become massive.

    Not 1 clear blue sky during the summer, ive been taking photos and lots of them and trying to spread the word.

  80. John Lane says:

    The chem trails have started to appear in the sky over Perth Western Australia. A few months apart just to see if anyone would notice and you guessed it, the first time one appeared the Bureau of Meteorology passed it off as commercial jet condensation trails. Not possible as the trail didn't dissipate as you would expect but spread out over the sky over a number of hours. Then today again, clear sunny sky and this big chem trail as before. I have contacted the radio talk back stations so we will see if they are interested tomorrow.

    • Ez says:

      Hi John, I live in Northern Rivers NSW and we get sprayed regularly, cough, cough.

      Ive just come across this awsome website and Im joining the fight! 

      All the best to you and yours.


  81. Philip Galletta says:

    Why is there no talk about thousands of BIRDS chemtrails are killing? I live in FLA and i can say there are less to hardly any BIRDS returning to FLA!

    • Inge says:

      Same here in NM, Philip.

      Already the 2nd season without Mountain Blue Jays that used to come in flogs every morning and late afternoon. Plus an overall decline in the amounts of birds. I'm a bird watcher and feeder, so I keep track of them.

      Besides, the main vegetation here @7000 feet, the junipers are terribly distressed and many dying. In the 90's we already lost almost all pinons and now this. Not much natural trees are left.

    • Scott from Fla says:

      There has been many comments about bird populations declining posted here over the past several years. To keep up with all of the data I have made Danes website my home page. I have been feeding the birds here in Fla. for years and I have posted their declining numbers for years. I have also noted an increase in the Oppossum populations and a decrease in the Raccoon populations on both the East and west coasts of Fla.

  82. Jeff says:

    I recently wrote the minister of the environment in British Columbia and politely asked for information on the weather modification project that happens regularly here in Victoria. I was told " Thank you for your concern, there is no active weather modification program in effect in Victoria B.C. " How can governments the world over legally get away with blatantly lying to the populous about the poison they dump on us almost daily ?? These murderous vermin must be held accountable for !!!

    • Mike Huberty says:

      I live in a small town in Wisconsin and can offer my back as a ever present mobile billboard….I ride bike every day to exhaustion on an unchanging route through town…..please suggest two words I can pin to the back of my jersey as a rally cry….. I extent my sincere gratitude for your efforts…..Go H & H listeners!  

    • Joey says:

      They spray here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada almost daily… I have a youtube channel (Chemtrails over Halifax)  where I video tape them, though I haven't in while though, will star again to capture them.  As for the officials and accountability, those terms in my experience, ever go together. cheers and be safe!

    • Mike Huberty, how about LOOK UP! 🙂

    • jim says:

      I Also email  Environment of Canada here in Alberta, and you know what they called me? A  conspiracy. Yeah, when all I  requested was an M.s.d.s on the chemicals that were being sprayed, because I don't remember giving them permission to poison the air I breath.

  83. Beth says:

    Hi, and thank you for this website.  I honestly don't understand how anyone could see all the 'trails' here in southeast Wisconsin and NOT be … suspicious.  I was asked by an environmental activist to 'show me the science.'  This activist is a very smart woman who is the founder and president of her own organization.  I tried to engage her in a conversation about geoengineering / trails that persist in the sky, but she shut me down instantly.  I didn't know how to respond! 

    • Scott from Fla says:

      Dear Beth,
      I feel it is important to document these interactions and post them, with their names, when their denial is outed their response will have to change. We can add their names to the lists of deceivers. Conspirators!

  84. jonathan says:

    Dane, I’m really worried, there have been more and more spraying, especially today in the sky of Thetford Mines, Québec, Canada and I want to know, I have been feeling really awkward since a couple of weeks, neck tense, watery eyes, anxiety has doubled etc. Also, is there a possibility that I become insane and lose my mind? I feel that I’m about to lose it and it feels as though I’m slowly losing control of my brain and sanity. I need counseling about all this. Thanks.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hang on Jonathan, get help if you need it, but you are not alone in this battle, many are joining our ranks every day.

    • Sue says:

      jonathan, I don't know you, so can't say if your going insane or not but I can tell you that I am experiencing some issues with my brain. I was poisoned by Gabapentin 3-1/2 years ago. I thought it was after effects from that drug but since reading you are experiencing some of the same things. I am dizzy and feel like my brain is floating and once in a while will keel quickly to the left, I am getting loose bowels, I have lung problems so this has magnified the symptoms, I have had a deep cough all year this year, a lot of mucus that won't come up but what does come up is clear? Don't get that one but things are changing fast. My husband and I suffer some of the same issues with the bowels and coughing. We moved to the west coast 3-1/2 years ago and these symptoms showed up shortly after. I live in grants pass Oregon, they have been heavily dumping on California we are 1-1/2 hours from the Calif/Oregon border. I am going to go to my internist and see if she can get me tested for heavy metals ie namely the ones their dumping. Just wanted you to know your not alone and I suspect, NOT going crazy.

    • Inge says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      My advise is…..go to wholistic practitioners/ND's that are also competent in muscle testing (applied Kinesiology) and discuss detoxing on a regular base.  That.'s what I do and so far it seems to help tremendously.   Good luck!

    • Jonathan, ask nutritionists for what you need to take.  There's a lot of anti-toxins that are benefitial to digest by mouth or even during bathing through the skin.

    • Brenda says:

      Jonathan, hang on and please know you are not going crazy. Not in the least and you are not alone.Trust me I know. I acquired what's now known as Morgellons in 2007. I have battled it alone. Very scary to say the least. Sadly I'm afraid It's all interconnected and feels incredibly twisted and wrong. Too complicated to go into here. I can however tell you what I believe in my heart and that a lot we're seeing comes from the intentional spraying of our planet by our own government. As far as I'm concerned many of our government officials have lost their ever "lovin" minds. I moved to Scottsdale Arizona 25 years ago from Texas and I can assure you that until the last few years our sky's here were clear and sunny many days of the year. Now odd whether  is the norm and overcast days with regular chemtrailing is fully visible. That is to those that are willing to open their eyes. We have a considerable amount of commercial air traffic that comes through here on a daily basis but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail. I too am worried for us all but know there are true heroes like Alex Jones and others that are going to bat for all of us every day. If you want to feel empowered look him up on YouTube and show your support in any way possible He is incredibly informed on the subject of chemtrailing amongst many other subjects relating to the problem, not to mention he's a stand up guy. I would also suggest that If you believe in God now would be a good time to pray for us all because from what I can see their are a lot of sick sons of a bitches out their representing us all. Many of our government officials need a wake up call and we are it. I think we all could use reminding that we all have a voice and if we don't speak out now then it may be too late. This is not someone else's problem. It's ours. Thank you Jonathan !

    • wandakate says:

      I know for sure that all that anxiety causes you masses amounts of stress, and stress is horrible for your body. You can actually die from it as I did back in 2001. I had total cardiac arrest and was dead for 2 minutes, but 2 minutes is a long time when your heart isn't beating and you have NO vital signs at all.

      Get your blood pressure checked please (it's known as the "silent killer"). In case you feel lightheaded, or get a headache all the sudden and feel just plain lousy and not yourself, it could be the blood pressure is high.

      I am right now on a heart monitor b/c of high blood pressure and am having to monitor my B/P everyday 3 times a day minimum just to be sure I'm still okay.

      I personally don't think you're losing your mind, but if you feel you need to check it out, and don't put it off. Procrastinating is certainly not good especially with the mind or the heart, your two most important features (organs).

      Take care, and yes the fumes and all that white smoke is TOXIC, and very dangerous for us. I have muscle aches also and now my right arm is falling asleep and tingling as well everyday. Could it be this that is causing that, could well be.

      And Dane keep up your calling, you could be saving alot of lives if you can get this taken care of. I do hope "somebody" cares and does something solid before it's too late. We can't all stay inside all the time.

    • Joan says:

      Hello Jonathan….in one way or another, we all are experiencing side affects…your symptoms are similar to mine; headaches, sometimes crushing/burning, like someone hit me in the back of the head with a 2×4, watery eyes, anxiety as you mentioned…now going on 8 years.  I don't go to doctors anymore.  Take heart and know you're not alone.  My faith keeps me strong, but there are up/down days.

  85. Robert West says:

    My senator from Oregon sent me an email explaining the contrails that are being left by aircraft. He obviously refuses to acknowledge aerosol spraying. How do we get anyone but ourselves to even listen? We are being stonewalled by our own government.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Robert, when you communicate with your senator, I would suggest that you make it clear to him that the public is waking up to the climate engineering insanity in spite of the “official denial”. I would remind him that once fully awakened, citizens will likely be furious with “elected officials” that participated in the climate engineering crimes by helping to hide them with their “official denial”.

    • UtahSkyWatcher says:

      As a longtime 'sky watcher'  I've documented & observed constant spraying of the sky here in north Utah. I take photos daily of what is transpiring in our skies.  There are many pilots friends whom I've asked what they think. They deny and are clueless.  IN FACT, NOTICE when planes take off or lands at airports,  – there are NO trails at all, not even as they ascend and fly off on their flight route. Spraying is being done in opposite direction to the FLIGHT PATHS laid out for all arriving and departing aircraft.  There are NO trails being laid by passenger or transport flights. Planes that are spraying overhead are opposite to the flight paths, and at higher elevation. Daily I point out the trails and spraying to my friends, family, and co-workers.  Sending them links to and skywatch.   I've even resorted to printing the flyers from and passing out at work,  putting in bathrooms, bulletin boards, emailing,etc.  Now I send flyers & emails to news media & especially weather people, asking why they are ignoring the spraying, and to get out of their news studios an look at the sky, instead of fake news feeds via computer displays. Some are becoming alert and noticing, even those who initially DENIED.  Unless one is BLIND, it's very hard to deny, given the blatant , obvious massive spraying going on. YES, I want to know WHO is paying for all this, and WHERE is the $$ coming from?  This GLOBAL genocide of all living things must be stopped!   UTAH needs a SkyWatch group/chapter to start up, if anyone knows of a contact, please reply.  WE also need huge billboards with the same AD as was done in Nevada, "what are they spraying"  with links. 

    • Scott from Fla says:

      Dear Robert West,
      Post these documents for all to see with their names.

  86. Larry Fator says:

    I have wondered as I know many others have too about the pilots of these miserable jets and what are they told they are doing and spraying. Well what I suspected was correct and you all need listen to the letter for yourself  . My friend found it yesterday on you tube listed as " chemtrail pilot speaks out in a letter" that was given to a relative and then handed over to a radio talk host. It is sickening and run as a typical military covert operation. It has a name for the program and is highly organized and Compartmentalized . It will shock you and I'm so proud of that pilot for secretly coming forward as the would kill him in an instant if they found out. He so states that they are the highest paid pullers of all and some are sick and hate the world and are happy to spread the millions of tons of crap on their fellow man. Just the kind of inhuman machine the military loves. But some are talking of mutiny and this is good.


  87. Larry Fator says:

    I do not believe any of  our emails to important people that could actually make a statement are actually being recieved.  The powers in charge of this covert operation do have the ability to route any email with key words of interest away from their intended reciepiantant and diverted off to a data storage facilityIf this truly is happening and my gut feelings are usually correct then what do we do? I'm thinking good old fashioned mail may be more effective. One could inclose DVDs ,Danes xlnt color flyers and start sending to news reporters , high profile Celebreties , and the big three Insurance companies with the opening statement suggesting to simply take a look with an open mind and to do the right thing and let their  conscience guide them.

    I mention the Isurance company's  because they have been losing billions of dollars paying claims for property destruction in the east and mid west  as well as the hurricane destruction in the southern coastal states. I am sure the CEO's are clues to the weather engineering programs and it is time we bombard them with actual mail to explain why the weather is so extreme. They are being told that it is simply global warming from industry and carbon dioxide. These guys are powerful and have the best attorneys and if we get them on our side then we have a good chance of throwing  a stick in the spokes of the machine and stopping the madness .

          I also mentioned contacting celeberties . These folks have no fear of speaking out against any injustice and they have the power to get ink and can  get a message out to the public airways unlike our frustrating struggle to just get a friend or acquaintance on board. The only problem I'see is how to get a letter to them . If it goes thru an agent then they may simply throw it in the trash.So the opening statement may need to address the agent or secretary and somehow attract their attention to the point they feel compelled to pass it to the intended recipent . I'm thinking  Angelina and Brad , Leonardo Decaprio , and more avenue to spread the word is thru your local coffee shop hangout. Drop off a stack of Danes flyers and bumper stickers.   Good Luck



  88. Glenda Jasper says:

    Dane for the last few days skies in Placer Co looks to be clear blue skies and pristine affects so far good

    Actually following a Jet this early am hour looking up and first time in many many months on end it's a regular flying Jet that vapors are disappearing instantly so good to see other than the force of evil flying in our skies

    We are going into a lot more than meets the eye beginning this Friday until September 2015 hopefully all poisonous fumes are going to be banished from our skies protecting Planet Earth from any more distruction..

    Thank you Dane

    • Melissa says:

      Glenda.  What you are seeing when the "regular flying Jet that vapors are disappearing instantly" is what I call GEO ENGINEERING MISTING, which means that it is not a thick heavy cloud cover that they are creating that day.  It when the sky goes from deep blue to a very light blue but there is a blue hue and people think that the sky is blue.  Believe me the sky has been altered. The geo engineering planes have different chemicals and they differ on what they spray.  Glenda I hate to say it but they spray almost every day.  It is either disguised by thick cloud cover and they spray above the clouds and in between the clouds or they spray at night.  The spraying has not stopped but it has been ramped up.  They will not stop until we expose and demand that it be stopped.  People need to wake up and until enough people do wake up it will continue.  We all have to attend these marches.  

  89. Richard says:

    I started (politely) emailing the Bureau of Meteorology here in Australia – example: " See the attached link to Youtube where "The Aquiess Global Rain Project" openly discuss modifying the weather by technological means, causing rain and altering weather systems at will. Apparently this technology was used to rain out bushfires in Victoria and end a drought in Australia.I haven't ever heard or seen you mentioning this on the weather reports or on your website. How about you start talking about this. And by the way – could this technological weather manipulation be contributing to "global warming"? Looking forward to your response. Richard"
    "Hello Richard,

    the Bureau of Meteorology is not involved with any weather modification projects. The Bureau's role centres around observing the environment and forecasting."
    "Hi Paul, There's a strange meteorological phenomena going on in the sky above Adelaide today. One passenger plane left a big fat non-dissipating con-trail right across the sky (715am) whilst other similar planes left no con-trails at all – just prior to and just after the 715am plane. Given that atmospheric conditions are the same for all planes and knowing they all burn the same fuel, don't you think it seems very strange that one plane would leave a non-dissipating con-trail and others wouldn't? Kind regards, Richard"
    The atmospheric conditions are quite different depending on the height of the plane and also its position. Not at all unusual to see contrails from certain planes but not others."
    "Hi Paul, I don’t know if you noticed but around midday Saturday a MASSIVE persisting “contrail” was laid from east to west across Adelaide’s skies – the broadest I have ever seen.
    The particulate was there for hours and later formed into “clouds”.
    Before and after that, planes crossed the sky without leaving persisting contrails – which suggest that they do not arise due to differing atmospheric conditions.Also, they were the same altitude – one only needs to check “” where the airline, flight number, height and speed are all listed.So differing altitudes is not relevant. Don’t you think it’s about time the BOM started making mention of this phenomenon in weather? Even if only related to cloud cover? Regards,Richard"
    "The Bureau observes and forecasts weather phenomena. If contrails form and persist we may comment about them in weather crosses on radio but the scale, short lived nature and association with aircraft mean we are not able to forecast them.Paul"
    "Thanks for that Paul. We can dance around it all we like but even the kids are kicking up a fuss about it now.
    Do you have kids Paul?
    And then there’s Scott Stevens – US Meteorologist who couldn’t hold his tongue any longer by Scott Stevens 'It is not the generation nor persistence of the trails that interests me, it is that other aircraft, some leaving trails and others not, INVESTIGATE how other previously left trails have deformed. That deformation reveals that something meteorological is occurring at that PRECISE location. This simple observable FACT, tells all that some aircraft are not up there flying cargo from point-to-point, but are doing atmospheric surveillance.' Richard" 
    "Hello Richard, This is the last email from me on this subject as I am unable to assist you. The Bureau of Meteorology does not conduct atmospheric experiments and nor does it have any knowledge that these are being done.Regards Paul"






  90. Shana says:

    Informative article on how the jet stream has “changed” (more like manipulated)

  91. Kim O'Donnell says:

    You need to organize more national protests specifically for GeoEngineering….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kim, truly, I am doing all that I possibly can and working 80 hours a week at this battle. We need others to pick the ball up and run with it, ALL are need to help pull in this battle. Perhaps you can organize a viewing of the film “Look Up” in your area, or invite others to a screening of a powerpoint presentation, there are a number of them on the home page of If we are to succesfully sound the alarm, it will take all of us working together.

  92. Pat grimm says:

    i used to hang out in grocery store parking lots with my binoculars looking up. I was surprised at the number of people who asked what I was looking at. Most of those who were interested were lower income mothers who were very surprised that they hadn't noticed before.

    Because the skies over the Los Angeles area have been heavily saturated lately I realize that I need to get back out there.

    PS from my experience, more men than women raise their eyebrows at me like sure lady I would know if something like this was going on.

    A few simple questions might help like if planes fly every day why don't we see these trails everyday. When someone is truly interested we watch the chemtrail together as it spreads out and hazes out the sky


  93. Glenda Jasper says:

    What is it going to take to Stand Up & Be heard
    We can Do It! When I Look Up I see any given day milkey substance of poisons..Our Ozone is destroyed
    Are you feeling the affects of our air quality we have And this very day is close to 70 in Jan 2015 this is abnormal weather patterns let alone the Sun being extremely HOT..We must stop holding back due to others in fear of being heard or resisting to do anything about it.. If it takes one person to Stand Up & be heard surely a group will follow to persue this evil doing of master minded culprits destroying our Soil so not to plant healthy
    Lets all hold on to what we have before we are no longer capable of speaking about it
    Thank you Dane for your courageous stance in all you do.

  94. chris chinalsky says:

    My Senator from New York (Cousins), refused to meet me to discuss Aluminum poisoning in general. I’ve spent 100 hrs. of research in this area. I didn’t even mention Chem trails. There is a conspiracy, on the Civil and News sector to kill this dialogue. It must be “Forced” onto the main media, and our representatives,
    before it’s too late. Intelligent people cannot deny this any longer. I simply don’t understand this. Is everybody worried about their jobs.

    • Sereen Kuzontkoski says:

      I too am a frustrated citizen.  I want to begin a grass roots effort here in Mass beginning with my family.  We have to unite and organize in order to make the changes needed. Without numbers we account for nothing. I'll be updating progress made on this effort and hoping to make a difference that counts.

  95. Dawn says:

    Confusion and disorganization, along with disinformation, digital interference, and marginalization are “their” tools. They’ve messed with my computers and e-mail enough that I think it’s better to seek out little neighborhood newspapers some time in advance of your event and tell them you have a story and photos associated with an up-coming march. They can interview you and this would give some free press to get the word out. Radios still give free 30-second PSAs (Public Service Announcements). Write them and read aloud to get the 30-sec. time right. They are busy and may not get around to writing for you. Know your stuff and don’t come off as a fringer when you talk to the media or others. You can also do free event calendar listings in papers to list your who-what-when-where in your short invitation. In the meantime, all online geo. sites and pages need to interlink and share events to avoid fragmentation and so all are sharing info. in an efficient and timely fashion. Thanks for reading and hope this helps.

  96. Alan Cameron says:

    I watched a Video on Nebraska Flooding Media Blackout 2011 on You Tube. It is obvious that this is caused by Geoengineering. The controlled Media was Blacked Out on this issue because of the 2 Nuclear Facilities in the areas of the Flooding. Very interesting video and the facts about what Marley talks about. The Fukishima disaster is like an X-ray compared to this. All that radiation from the Rods that seeped into the Misssissipi into the Gulf let alone the intentional BP oil spill and the planes that sprayed the oil spill with the toxic chemicals that made the oil sink to the bottom of the Ocean. All these disasters are man made to kill and make people and living life on this planet to expire.

    I would like to do something about this by informing the public to no avail. They just don ‘t care and can’t figure out why they are losing their minds.

    I don’t bother to try to inform them why because it is a wasted effort on my part. The people that can’t see this or tend to ignore it are in serious trouble. When the time comes that they get seriously ill, it won’t matter also as they are dumbfounded about how they got that way because so many people are experiencing the same thing, do they think it is normal.

    That is why they are called Sheeple.

    This Agenda is not going to stop and is a Reality.

  97. CHRISTINA says:


  98. PJ says:

    Have the March right in Central CA where we are being targeted — I’ll be there!!!

  99. Michelle B says:

    Maybe there could be a video produced to introduce the above for us to purchase all over the world. We can then use them to hand out to everyone…. a pay it forward DVD. I am sure this will help in bringing awareness 🙂

  100. MJ Johnson says:

    Good show! Interestingly, my Geoengineering Facebook page has hung up each time I’ve tried to post the GLOBAL MARCH to the EVENT schedule! (Humm?) Also having videos disappear today as I try to SHARE…when I click the video, it disappears & in its place is the word “Success” on a blank white background.
    Readers might like to check this link to share with those who’ve been reading the chemtrail debunk sites. Here’s pretty doggone good proof that these guys ARE indeed getting paid to write all the disinformation: Kristen Meghan is an ex-military whistleblower

  101. Thank you Dane for once again calling out the hypocrisy. Wish I knew George asked for that help, I would have gone down.

    “The many organizers of this Global March sincerely hope the worldwide Chemtrail & Geoengineering Movement will be jumpstarted and kicked into high gear this coming September 27. Truly, the future of humankind has been put at great risk, as the fate of the Planet Earth lies in the balance.

    September 27, 2014: Global March Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering

    The Chemtrail And Geoengineering March That Will Change The World.

    Let’s do our very best to impress upon everyone we know how important it is to:

    BE THERE!”

  102. Muad'dib says:

    @Marc Because they are spraying for a number of reasons not all of them dealing with the environment or climate control. They can spray Lithium to keep people passive and docile especially with large issues such as WW3 being played out in front of us with absolutely no resistance- doesn’t it seem weird to you? No resistance to bombing Syria, we are all in the mind funk haze from the spray then they zap us with frequency and get us humming in a trance.

  103. Marc says:

    Great work, Dane. With god’s help we could multiply your efforts 10,000 fold. Nothing short of this will save us now. I am talking it up with friends, sending out texts and emails, informing my grown children of the threat, etc. Astounding to me that the blatant chemtrails hanging over south St. Louis this morning, spreading out and forming wispy threads for miles, do not seem to be of any concern to the tens of thousands of people who go about their lives underneath them. I admit I vacillate between rage and despair.
    Now once again I must raise the question: why are they spraying over major metropolitan areas? It seems to me that any agenda to influence weather over broad regions need not require spraying over densely populated areas such as major cities where the exposure to their evil agenda would be most visible. Could not their agenda be executed by steering clear of cities? There is a hell of a lot of open country out there. Perhaps they are routinely spraying there too. Maybe this is just a thickheaded consideration on my part, but really? Is it really essential to lay down scores of chemtrails over the entire city of St. Louis??? I have been in other large cities and seen the same thing. Methinks there is another agenda here, and it ain’t got nothin’ to do with cooling the planet, or pulling the “polar vortex” down to the gulf, or dealing with methane outgassing or weather warfare. It appears to be, quite simply, an active attempt to sicken or even kill large populations of people, which of course can be facilitated by destroying a region’s ability to grow viable crops, as in California. To actually think that there are human beings, OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS!!, that are flying these chem-jets or remotely controlling them is almost beyond my comprehension. Knowing what they know about the toxicity of the materials they are spraying, how can these motherfuckers do this? Are some of them spraying over their own hometowns, and their own kids??? Given the magnitude of the evil going on here, how on fucking earth did we not see a single protester against geoengineering at the march in New York?? Hence my despair. But also my resolve.
    I want to believe there is still GOOD in this world. Namaste.

  104. dkblue says:

    Well Done Andy and friends! Thankyou for your hard work – very appreciated.

  105. Andy Palmer says:

    Excellent article Dane. A group of us anti geoengineering activists attended the climate change march in London and did a good job raising awareness and handing out thousands of flyers. Many people were open to the facts that we presented about geoengineering being one of the causes, not the solution to climate change.
    Hopefully this will be reflected in more people attending the anti geoengineering march in London on 27th September – 12 midday – Speakers Corner to Downing St. Thanks for all the inspirational work that you do Dane. WE DO NOT CONSENT. STOP CLIMATE ENGINEERING.

  106. Muad'dib says:

    I think alot if not all of the climate change people are angry liberals who don’t want to know the truth. They just want to get angry and restrict. I talked to a few, they are just the other side of the 2 party system. They are the proverbial “headfake” the establishment is throwing at us. That is why no one showed up to distribute material. Our people know what the agenda of these climate change groups are and we know its not the truth. So dont let it get you down, we are just smart. The establishment is using the old bait and switch, “o so you think there is climate change caused by power plants and luxury cars and big houses you dont have, you really hate those big wig high falutin power plants, well we’ll just fine them”(the liberals dont realize the power plants just pass the costs to them) We just dont want in that game. Any one that believes in climate change and hasn’t looked up is in a savage state of denial and i fear they are a weapon of the system not our friend. That is why people didn’t show up to help you. Just my perspective.

  107. Nothern Breeze says:

    First off i have to say that Dane and all the other environment warriors are doing a really wonderful job of putting the info and attention out to the masses. I’ve been a truth seeker for the better part of 10 years or so. I’ve seen the changes, researched it and i’ve made people aware of the very things they themself should have seen. The world is really in a dire strait and we need to make things happen. For every moment we sloutch, our children and grandchildren pay the price.
    In my community in nothern Norway i’ve been seeding the truth on various things for a long time now and it seems it’s finally making some impact. The latest obsevation i made sent chills down my spine. I’m convinced it was a massive cloud seeding or weather warfare beta testing. There were 6 planes doing all kinds of irregular manouvers, leaving chemtrails all over the place. Some did loops, some did straight lines and others pump sprayed as they flew over. They started early in the day and at noon the sun was dimmed down to the point where i could look straigt at it without sunglasses. The air changed, it got colder and the smell of iron or metal came with the wind. The blue became grey and the first chemtrail was still at it’s same location while seeding from one side out over the sky. Had i been prepared for it i would have made a timelapse, but i was too far from home. I only took a few pictures with my cell phone.

  108. Anne says:

    I have a strong hunch that the geoengineers will all be taking a paid holiday on the 27th…. To avoid any chance of “evidence” in the skies during the marches across the globe for the coverage. And to further marginalize those who are out to expose them. Any media coverage that there might be (and that will likely be slim) can then focus on the one or two most eccentric and ranting protestors in the crowd – and then pan up to …clear blue skies. So I predict, look for heavy trailing in the days leading up to the 27th and blue skies that day. Or maybe rain.

  109. bija says:

    Dane…I feel your dismay. I am trying not to read too much into this, but really– not a single person! I have taken time every day since I became aware to let people know in Arizona and New Mexico as well as family in the East. The hardest part is to get people to truly comprehend the nearly singular impact geoengineering has on climate worldwide. The scientific evidence is in our faces. Why are so few able to see what this is doing to all of us? Are we really willing to sacrifice our children, grandchildren and all future generations? The answer is every bit as frightening as the crime being perpetrated. All I can say to anyone listening is please, PLEASE be there on the 27th, wherever you may live. Only all our voices together will make the difference as to whether this insanity continues or abates. YOU ARE AN INTEGRAL PLAYER IN THIS GLOBAL DRAMA!

  110. Steven Chamberlain says:

    From what I’m seeing here in Alaska and videos from around the world, dying trees, plants and insects are a good place to start. Once you get their attention you can lead into the cause, which is clearly climate engineering. Everything in our forest is devastated. I’ve been able to convince several people lately by taking them for a short walk through our dying forest.

  111. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    The past week we haven’t seen any chemtrails here in the Lexington, MA area. Such a big surprise. Waiting to see how long the reprieve. (Sr. Gladys Marhefka)

  112. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    I’m seeing quite a bit of coverage on this on the internet and the news. I posted about this on many sites a couple of months ago and no one seemed to have any interest. I knew from reading a few months ago on their website that a lot of groups had signed up to March. My thoughts were it was going to be big and what a great place to get the word out. I don’t get it. Today I went to facebook and spent just a few minutes trying to find pages against chemtrails and geoengineering people just on the East coast. I came up with NY Skywatch, Long Island Skywatch, Chemtrails over Maine, and a few others. Surely these people could have gotten a group to show up, they didn’t have that far to travel. What was wrong with the NY skywatch sites??? I would love to have went but for me it wasn’t possible. 400,000 people there and none of our people show up? I want to believe there had to be some, maybe they were there. I searched the pictures for just one sign, I watched the footage on news sites, but nothing. I think this was a big missed opportunity for the cause. Maybe they were all waiting for the Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering on the 27th of this month. That’s great, BUT this one could have brought awareness too.

  113. citizen in California says:

    I am planning on attending the one at “Old Town Sac” this coming Saturday. The 27th will be a big day for California…..Get out and tell the world!!!!

  114. CLEAN AIR says:

    Well said Dane and very true. Thank you again for always setting the record CLEAR and straightforward. It is you that makes a difference in your credible information, dedication and tireless efforts. All anyone has to do is look up and see the continuous white lines in the sky and the blocking of our Sun. It’s so blatantly obvious!!

    • Shane Raffle says:

      Thank you for putting the word out about geoengineering.   Much of life cannot speak in words most people can or will hear.  Thank you for fighting for us all.
      Shane Raffle

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