Climate Engineering Has Left Earth Perilously Exposed To Solar Flares


How much risk do solar flares or the even larger coronal mass ejections (CME's) pose to our planet and our very existence? The dangers are far greater than most can imagine. SIx and a half decades of climate engineering has decimated Earth's atmosphere and the natural protection that was once provided from it. Geoengineering has already left much of the planet exposed to very dangerous UV radiation levels due to the damage the constant spraying of particulates has done to the ozone layer. With our atmosphere in a weakened state, the risks from large solar flares and CME's is potentially cataclysmic. A solar event of significant scale could shut down electrical grids around the globe. This alone would wreak havoc on industrialized society, but there is an even bigger problem connected to this scenario. If the grids shut down for long enough, there are nuclear power plants around the globe that would not be able to cool down reactors. This could lead to 100 Fukushima type disasters or even more. This would be 'game over" for life on planet Earth. Industrialized society and the military industrial complex have constructed a scenario which has made cataclysm inevitable from many directions. The epitome of human insanity is reflected by the ongoing climate engineering. The article below provides more details on potentially dangerous solar activity that happened recently, and the risks posed by it.
Dane Wigington


Solar Flare

Solar Storm 14 Times Larger Than Earth Could Unleash A Society-Crippling Electromagnetic Pulse


February 17, 2015 – Did you know that a storm 14 times larger than the Earth is happening on the sun right now?  Earlier this week, it unleashed a flare which was a million times more powerful than all of the nuclear weapons in existence combined.  Fortunately, that flare was not directed at us.  But now the area of the sun where this solar storm is located is rotating toward Earth.  An eruption on the sun at just the right time and at just the right angle could result in a society-crippling electromagnetic pulse blasting this planet.  So if your computers, cell phones and electronic equipment get fried at some point over the next few weeks, you will know what is probably to blame.  Such an electromagnetic pulse has hit our planet before, and as you will read about below, some very prominent voices are warning that it will happen again.  It is just a matter of time.

Scientists tell us that the absolutely massive sunspot group that has recently formed on the sun is highly unusual.  NASA has described it as “crackling” with magnetic energy.  The mainstream media has not been paying too much attention to it, but this sunspot group is potentially extremely dangerous.

The sunspot, a dark patch in the sun’s photosphere, represents intense solar magnetism bursting from the sun’s interior known as an active region. This particular active region, designated AR2192, has been rumbling with intense flare activity, recently exploding with 2 X-class flares, causing some short-lived high-frequency (HF) radio black outs around the globe.

The other day a flare erupted which did cause radio blackouts all over the world for a time.  But we were fortunate that the flare was not directed at us.  If it had been, the results could have potentially been catastrophic.

Unfortunately, there are no signs that this sunspot group is fading.

In fact, an official at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center said that “it continues to grow in size and complexity“.

Below, I have posted a video which shows some of the recent activity on the sun.  As you can see, these explosions can be quite violent…

As advanced as we like to think that we are, the truth is that we are still very much at the mercy of this giant ball of fire that our planet revolves around.

And even with everything else that is going on in the world today, a massive electromagnetic burst from the sun remains one of the greatest potential dangers to our way of life.

“While these pages are typically chock full of scary or depressing scenarios, there is one risk that is head-and-shoulders above all the rest in terms of the scope of potential damage adjusted for the likelihood of occurrence,” Singer wrote to clients of his $24.8 billion Elliott Management on Monday in a standard investment update letter. “Even horrendous nuclear war, except in its most extreme form, can [be] a relatively localized issue, and the threat from asteroids can (possibly) be mitigated.”

“(A natural EMP event) today would cause a massive disruption to the electric grid, possibly shutting it down entirely for months or longer, with unimaginable consequences,” Singer wrote. “Only two years ago, the sun let loose with a Carrington-magnitude burst, but the position of the earth at the time prevented the burst from hitting it.The chances of additional events of such magnitude may be far greater than most people think.“

For those not familiar with “the Carrington Event”, it was a massive solar storm in 1859 that fried telegraph machines all over Europe and North America.  You can read about it on Wikipedia right here.

Others share Singer’s concerns.

For much more on this, I encourage you to check out my previous article entitled “What Are You Going To Do When A Massive EMP Blast Fries The U.S. Electrical Grid?”

In a worst case scenario, we could be facing a situation where the power grid is down for months or even years.

How would you and your family survive during such a crisis?

Even though this has never happened in modern times, it is a very real possibility.  In fact, just a couple of years ago the Earth experienced a very near miss.

According to Peter Vincent Pry, who advises Congress on homeland security issues, a large enough geomagnetic solar storm could produce effects similar to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated by a nuclear weapon that “could collapse power grids everywhere on the planet and destroy EHV (extra high voltage) transformers and other electronic systems that would require years to repair or replace.” While the danger posed by a G5 solar storm gets mentioned occasionally at Congressional hearings, there really hasn’t been any major action.

Earlier this year, a Homeland Security adviser said America is not ready for an EMP attack, never mind a G5 solar storm, and it’s claimed that the U.S. power grid fails more often than any other in the world. If a large enough solar storm does impact the United States, the damaged electronic systems can cause a cascade of failures throughout the broader infrastructure, including banking systems, energy systems, transportation systems, food production and delivery systems, water systems, emergency services, and even the internet, so people may not even realize at first what has happened. Effectively, the U.S. would be thrown back to the pre-industrial age following a solar superstorm, and yet we are not prepared for the worst.


7 Responses to Climate Engineering Has Left Earth Perilously Exposed To Solar Flares

  1. Wake Up World! says:

    If the nuclear power plants go, we all go.
    Maybe something we should have thought about before allowing even one of those damn things go into production. 

  2. Not to worry. Let's just add more cell phones and other technology into the mix. Planet Earth is being massively heated with increasing use of power grids for communications and other needless electronics. You're killing the planet folks. KILLING THE PLANET. Turn off your electronics devices before your electronics devices turn you off…

    Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health Submitted by: Amy L. Dean, DO, William J. Rea, MD, Cyril W. Smith, PhD, Alvis L. Barrier, MD American Academy of Environmental Medicine

    ["The fact that RF exposure causes neurological damage has been documented repeatedly.

    Increased blood‐brain barrier permeability and oxidative damage, which are associated with brain cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, have been found.4,7,15‐17 Nittby et al. demonstrated a statistically significant dose‐response effect between non‐thermal RF exposure and occurrence of albumin leak across the blood‐brain barrier.15 Changes associated with degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) have been reported.4,10 Other neurological and cognitive disorders such as headaches, dizziness, tremors, decreased memory and attention, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, decreased reaction times, sleep disturbances and visual disruption have been reported to be statistically significant in multiple epidemiological studies with RF exposure occurring non‐locally.18‐21 "]

    Complete text:

    It's all ok though, because mentally defective persons "need" their cell phones and digital televisions in order to exist…

    • Michael says:

      Did you read the study that showed that when a cell phone that was on was placed next to a beehive, the Queen fled the hive?

  3. kirk mannor says:

    the Geoengineering chemical spraying goes on, Ohio gets pounded,this must stop now, the trees are dieing out here fast, wile people just go about there life like nothing is happening, maybe when erverything is dead then they will listen.when its to late.

  4. Gwen says:

    Every time we get a geomagnetic storm, the street lights glow much brighter, the electronics hum, and our nervous system gets zapped. The March 23,2015 storm caused a lightbulb to emit a disturbing high pitch and very loud buzz. We had to turn off the power to ease the debilitating tinnitis and near heart attack. This is becoming all too common and the town officials’ and electricians’ eyes glaze over and refuse to even discuss these issues. So in comment to the above article, the frying of the grid is already happening… our fried brains along with it.

  5. Heh… I think a solar flare is just what the doctor ordered. The dumb ass holes that are attempting to control everything including our minds, have now built up such a reliance on digital technology, one EMP burp and their party is over. When you really boil it down, these people are morons – that is, they're only trainable imbeciles.

    I worked with electronics technology for many years, and the old adage is true: "Keep it simple stupid." The KISS theory is just common technological sense. The more exotic the technology gets, the more likely it will fail under unforeseen anomalies.

    The possibility of the grid becoming unbalanced is for real, and with 400+ nuclear power plants (that we don't need) it's just plain hubris to think anything living would survive an event as detailed above.

    Thus I describe all military personnel and "high tech" gurus as morons or sub-morons. Technology is not the solution to human needs like food and potable water. Technology is a trap. And like many traps, you can die in it…

  6. Ana says:

    Why we are not informed about this kind of subjects?Why they want to pretend everything is just fine on planet Earth? In mainstream media  here yesterday they talked about the holes of Syberia but just said that was "misterious craters " ocurring thought to be due to methane gas…the new had the duration of perhaphs 5 seconds on Tv and people didn´t even understood the reason of that information ,and sincerely they could not understand and i can not understand if nothing more is said or explained to people !Here is the original portuguese link (with the images)and the translation of the article new:


    Scientists have located dozens of new craters in Siberia in Russia, believed to be linked to emissions of methane gas. The discovery has led to an appeal by Russian scientists for the phenomenon to be investigated.


    The first of those giant holes were discovered in 2014, in the peninsula of Yamal.


    The first investigations indicated that the craters have formed after a build-up of gas underground, but, now, satellite images have revealed dozens of new craters around the largest. Only around one of them 20 have been identified in the smaller holes.


    «We know of seven existing craters in the area. Five are on the Yamal Peninsula, an autonomous district of Yamal and another is in Northern Krasnoyarsk – close to the Taimyr peninsula. We know the exact location of four of them, the other three were seen by shepherds. But I'm sure there are more craters in Yamal, we just need to look for them», said Vasily Bogoyavlenskym, Russian Scientific Academy, the local newspaper «Siberian Times».


    «I would like to compare this phenomenon with mushrooms: when you find a mushroom check if there are any more around. I think there might be more 20 or 30 craters», adds the scientist.


    The great problem involved in the mystery is that research and exploration can be dangerous for scientists, since the craters emit gasses for long periods of time. The holes are 70 metres deep with a diameter of 600 meters.


    Vasily Bogoyavlenskym says that one of the craters is interesting because it turned into a lake and has 20 small craters around.


    «I suppose new can appear. Let's count them and do a catalog. Some are small, do not have even two meters in diameter», says the scientist.


    Vasily Bogoyavlenskym States that no scientist yet has been in the region and that the discovery was made through reports and satellite monitoring. The researcher warns that there have been a series of GHG emissions over an extended period and that it is not known when the next phenomena will occur. Scientists predict overseeing the site to avoid tragedies. There are reports of villagers who felt earthquakes in the region.


    Below: mysterious Craters in Siberia (IFL Science/playback)





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