Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 9, 2024, #448


Dane Wigington

"Pivotal moment for humanity as disasters threaten to converge", that new headline is from Science Alert. From looming global conflict to complete biosphere collapse, the long list of threats we collectively face are an unfolding and rapidly accelerating reality. Is industrialized / militarized society reacting rationally to the Earth changes which now pose an extremely near term existential threat to us all? The short answer is no. The manipulators of the matrix are doubling down on planetary destruction with the active or passive support of the majority population. Where does that leave us? What can we expect in the coming weeks and months? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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44 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 9, 2024, #448

  1. Lance says:

    Have more information! Watched the satellite images of the activity from and around the NEXRAD site located south of Yuma very near the Mexico border on website this morning. Watching it again right now. The number of images selected to view was 96. Its amazing to watch how this NEXRAD site is being used to manipulate the weather over this area. There are beams of energy going out from this site toward the NNE visible in the "clouds". There are what appear to be energy "bullets" flowing NNW to SSE back and forth from the site. There was a mass of "stuff" that moved from the NNE directly toward the site and as it got closer to the site it disappeared. The AQI readings for this area are quite high due to "pollen" from trees, they say. I believe there is a lot of "stuff" in the air, not necessarily pollen! Its in the "mist", the water vapor!

  2. Lance says:

    One last thing for today. The strange rotating area circling around the Yuma area is centered very near a NEXRAD site located southwest of Yuma. It sits in the southwest corner of AZ just north of San Louis Rio Colorado. Can clearly see the energy being emitted by this site influencing the weather over the area for many miles on the C.O.D. weather website. 

  3. Lance says:

    One more comment for the day. There were lots of reports of accidents on roads due to the "snow" that fell in the Denver area. Seems the roads were quite slippery. Couldn't be all the "surfactants" in the ice nucleated snow could it? 

  4. Lance says:

    Raining here in Yuma this morning. Strange low pressure circulating over the area. Not a natural weather pattern. MOSAIC monitoring, modeling, and modulation of earth's systems is ongoing. Very powerful terabit and quantum computing systems involved.

  5. Robin says:

    Just a quick update.  I've now had three visits to the Minnesota State Office bldg. to establish brief contacts with  climate/env committee members.  Within the next two weeks I plan to set up a slot to speak to the committee on New Hamphshire's proposal to ban climate engineering over their state (10th amendment right).

    I was glad to have the company of two friends at yesterday's meeting.  'Three Grumpy Old Men' from Minnesota wearing t-shirts were in attendance.  My friends had 'Not Contrails!!' shirts and I had the 'STOP' Climate Engineering-  t-shirt from this website.              

    Three is a crowd!  More to come.

  6. Lance says:

    Overcast and quite windy today in Yuma, AZ. Possibly related to the aerosol event that happened yesterday over CA. Woke up early and looked at the weather radar images. I watched the "overcast" form over southern CA and AZ out of nowhere. Grid patterns clearly visible in the "clouds" once the sun started to come up. All just normal weather, though, so go back to whatever you were doing. You know, watching the disgusting Oscar's and the rest of the Media Matrix madness!

  7. Lance says:

    Elon Musk said that “AI will probably be smarter than any single human next year.” It's their "god", not mine!

  8. Lance says:

    Troposphere RGB images on weather satellite images this morning showed huge aerosol event happening over the long valley of CA. All of this "stuff" moving south. Big winds coming to southern CAL tomorrow, up to 100 mph Santa Ana's. Meanwhile Denver and places north and south of there to get feet of ice nucleated snow. Over 80 in Yuma, AZ. right now. Air quality is BAD and they're blaming it on "tree pollen". Figures.

  9. Lance says:

    That this world is in serious time of trouble is an understatement.

  10. Lance says:

    Development and Evaluation of Chemistry-Aerosol-Climate Model CAM5-Chem-MAM7-MOSAIC: Global Atmospheric Distribution and Radiative Effects of Nitrate Aerosol

    First published: 30 March 2021


  11. Joe says:

    New piece of TOTAL LIES in here.  It seems there is a new article everyday about geoengineering and that we need to do it to save the planet.

    Mother Nature Or Geoengineering Best For Climate Change Battle – The Tech Edvocate


    MARCH 12, 2024


    Wake up extreme weather is here all over the planet and Geoengineering which has been going on for many decades is making it much worse.

  12. Lance says:

    In the news these days there are many reports about increasing disasters converging to threatening humanity. Some believe that those pushing this narrative are part of a "climate death cult". They believe that through the "unstoppable power of the dynamic human spirit" they can "save the world". The truth is they refuse to accept or are in denial about what is happening to the earths environment which is, in fact, being caused by human industrial and military activities. These human activities have increased with each human inspired industrial revolution. As these human activities increased the destruction of the natural environment has increased. Now, as Dane has so well detailed, the "tipping points" have been passed! The consequences of doing so are a reality and attempts to buy some time, come up with new solutions, or even create an alternative reality will not "save the world", period.

  13. penny waters says:

    not sure but i don't think rennet is "an essential part of cheesemaking" – just makes it quick and dependable

    try playing with your unpasterised milk and making your own

    good book "wild fermentation" by s e katz pub 2003

    and i believe that stinging nettles will coagulate milk into cheese

    i was always told not to play with my food hahahaha but if i eat it at the end – no problem


    • sea says:

      Thank you for your wisdom Penny I always appreciate what you are writing, your knowledge is of the real world and living among the plants and animals which is extremely hard to do now- "the they"  are doing everything they can to take real life away…


  14. Crystal in Oregon says:

    Fukushima Daiichi: the tritium

    After the 2011 catastrophe, trees were cut from a hillside to make room for tanks to hold radioactive water.  The emergency situation was to keep cooling water flowing into the three destroyed reactors.  The hastily built tanks leaked and new tanks were built.  Now, the 1.3 million cubic meters of stored water is to be released into the Pacific ocean.

    The official story is that the water has been treated to eliminate the radioactive isotopes, however, the ALPS system used to treat the water cannot filter out the tritium (radioactive hydrogen, H-3 with a half-life of 12.3 years).  The tritium is not a problem because at the point of release, it is diluted to a level well below drinking water standards, and the tritium is a weak beta emitter and not much of a hazard anyway.  This story is repeated by numerous news sources.

    By 2013 Tepco knew that the ALPS system was not working as expected, and ruthenium, cobalt, strontium, plutonium, and (?) can "slip through".  There has been no independent verification of the radioactive content of the tank water.

    I read one silly article where the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the water was safe to be released to the ocean, and they hoped they could get "the regulator Tepco" to agree.  FYI: If you want accurate information, do not depend on the IAEA.

    Every hour, the operators at Fukushima must keep cooling water flowing to the molten fuel, concrete and steel in the reactor ruins.  How many more years this must go on is unclear?  30 years?

    It is hard to do anything about the run-off from contaminated land flowing into the ocean.  Another problem, however, is that groundwater is flowing into the reactor buildings, especially during storms.  It does seem like there should be a solution to the problem of water entering buildings where contact with the corium, mixing with cooling water, has been reported to take place, complicating the radioactive water problem.

    The tragedy for Japan is so great— 9.0 earthquake "so forceful it shifted the Earth off its axis", the tsunami killed 18,000 people, towns lost, about half-a-million people displaced, and the triple meltdown, exclusion zone, and the release of radioactivity was enormous.  There has been a news blackout on Fukushima, and the death and damage to ocean life was not reported— massive kill-off cover up.

    In 2013, a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) said the disaster will not cause any observable increase in cancer rates.  And in 2021, a UN report said there had been "no adverse health effects"  "documented…directly related to the radiation".  Any future radiation-related health effects were "unlikely to be discernible"  (Translation: We do not observe, document, or discern diddly-squat.)

    The Japanese people were reluctant to get nuke plants, alas persuaded to take the General Electric "progress is our most important product" Mark 1, and nuclear installations sprang up, all oceanfront sites.  After the disaster, Japan shut down, but now the pressure is on to get restarted, and it would be 'good optics' to have the problems go away.

    The idea to run a sewer pipe one kilometer out in the ocean was a bad idea. (for many reasons, skip over) Currently, 72% of the tanks need another run through the ALPS filtration system.  Strontium 90 levels are as high as 20,000 times the standard and so on.  And what to do about other radionuclides that are not being filtered out, and the tritium— tinker with the ALPS system?  Invest in a new system?  (US Dept. of Energy thinks the water can be treated to "non detectable levels" with better technology).  The disaster is costing Japan hundreds of billions of dollars.  With the lack of transparency by agencies, and without independent monitoring of discharge water, my hope is that the Japanese people will proceed with caution. 

    The alternative is to keep the water in the tanks, which seems like the sensible move for now.  The crucial effort is to protect the ocean.  The ocean is dying,— loss of plankton, over heating, acidification, horrible pollution and garbage, and geoengineering aerosols.  The ocean cannot take more radionuclides!  Ocean life is crashing, species out of their range, loss of forage fish, coral reefs bleaching, kelp forests die-off— fish, salmon, whales, seals, sea birds —everything is in trouble.  We do not yet know the long term effects from the enormous release of the triple meltdown,— long lived radionuclides that are permanent contaminates, taking hundreds or thousands of years to decay.

    After Three Mile Island, radioactive water was held in storage and later disposed of by evaporation.  There may be alternatives to ocean disposal.  The evaporation ponds at Hanford had drawbacks and hazards, but with a high tech approach there may be a safe way to evaporate the water.

      The exclusion zone space is there.  The government wants people to move back, however the rad-levels are elevated even with the decontamination, and people are reluctant to take the elevated annual dose. 

    The pressure is on to declare the Fukushima problem is over.  It is not over, and the world and the USA should help Japan to protect the ocean.  When the ocean dies, we die.    


    • Lance says:

      Personally, I put NO faith in man, none. Man has caused immense damage on this planet, to biological life, and to themselves. This "process" is not stopping.. Everyday I read about how man's developments in "STEM" are going to make life better. And now the artificial intellects that think just like man are going to provide all the answers to all the problems man has created? It's all a lie!

    • Joe says:

      The contents of the three reactors is still largely a mystery. Little is known, for instance, about the melted fuel’s condition or exactly where it's located in the reactors. Not even a spoonful of the fuel has been removed.

      About 880 tons of melted nuclear fuel remain inside the three damaged reactors, and Japanese officials say removing it would take 30-40 years. Experts call that timeline overly optimistic. The amount of melted fuel is 10 times that removed from Three Mile Island following its 1979 partial core melt.

      Robotic probes have glimpsed inside the three reactors, but their investigation has been hampered by technical glitches, high radiation and other complications.

      It's crucial for officials to understand the data from melted debris so they can make a plan to remove it safely. TEPCO aims to get the first sample out later this year from the least-damaged No. 2 reactor.

      TEPCO has been trying to get the sample by using a robotic arm. Officials have struggled to get the robot past the wreckage, and hope that by October they can use a simpler device that looks like a fishing rod.

      The fuel in the worst-damaged No. 1 reactor mostly fell from the core to the bottom of its primary containment vessel. Some of it penetrated and mixed with the concrete foundation, making removal extremely difficult.

      In February, the plant made its first drone flight into the primary containment vessel to investigate the melted debris and examine how the fuel initially fell from the core. But a second day of exploration was canceled because a data transmission robot failed.

      The government has stuck to its initial target for a completed decommissioning by 2051, but it hasn't defined what that means.

      The lack of data, technology and plans on what to do with the radioactive melted fuel and other nuclear waste makes it difficult to understand what's in store for the plant and surrounding areas when the cleanup ends, according to TEPCO’s decommissioning company chief, Akira Ono.

      An overly ambitious schedule could result in unnecessary radiation exposure for plant workers and excess environmental damage, experts say.



  15. Lance says:

    Aerosol operations continue just south of Arizona border over northern Mexico. Long trails clearly visible on weather satellite images this morning. What's in the aerosols? How about graphene! Re-visited the story posted in the HEALTH section on your website concerning "What's in the rain", and this is a very real situation. Regarding graphene, am seeing news articles online this morning saying that "clinical trials" have been conducted showing that inhalation of GRAPHENE NANOPARTICLES "confirms safe advancement of 'wonder' nanomaterial"! Oh, how reasurring the "science" is, right? Yeah, right.

  16. Gary says:

    Has anyone thought about our “big event” the solar eclipse that will occur on Monday April 8th? 

    It will be a swath 1500 mi long by 80 mi. wide extending from the Gulf of Mexico northward in to Canada.  This equates to tens of millions of people looking up towards the sky.  Many solar eclipse parties in parking lots, ballfields, or any place the has open area to view the big event.

    Of course many organizers of these events are probably hoping for clear skies to view the passing of the moon across the sun (total of 15 min)

    But there’s a couple obstacles that may hinder viewing , one is extreme clouds or rain, the other is aerosol spraying of the skies.  So it’s possible that if the evil cabal allows massive spraying that day, millions will be looking up at the sky and seeing the milky white crap that we notice every day.  Even though I despise any aerosol spraying maybe this would be the perfect time for “normies” to see how our weather and skies are controlled.  



    • Gary Boates says:

      Using psychology to get a shutt off for the spray planes… smart! And it just may work as they are usually controlled by satellites.

  17. Lance says:

    Am staying at an RV park in Yuma, AZ. It's been up to 80 a couple times in the last few days. Sky has been a light blue milky color since early yesterday. Trails in the sky to the W and NW drifted in off the Pacific Ocean made it that way. Weather is not "normal". It's all being engineered.

    • Lance says:

      Look on the weather.cod website, click on the Localized Sections, click on the dot over the southwest corner of CA/Arizona and LOOK AT THE TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF AEROSOL OPERATIONS ONGOING! Its like nothing I've ever seen before! This is unreal! I can see huge plumes of aerosols spreading out NW of my location in Yuma moving to the ESE. This is serious because they know the heat is coming! 

    • Lance says:

      Correction! Massive aerosol plumes moving ENE not ESE over southeastern CA southwestern AZ. 

    • Jessie Milller says:

      Yes they are doing this in lake havasu! Its a big test site it feels. I hear them now. Its sad cant breathe children land in hospital here then het flown out its so bad.

  18. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    One last comment as I begin work tomorrow in the corn, hay and alfalfa fields. We never work Sundays here on the farm unless the crops require special attention.

    A particular government experiment is on everyone's mind, and it is somewhat concerning in regards to the wellbeing and welfare of the families who make this land their home.

    It is called the DUNE Project, and it will beam neutrinos one mile deep underground about 800 miles between Illinois and South Dakota. It is directly related to the CERN Collider projects, only on a much larger scale.

    They also have a new CERN in the works that is ten times larger than the first one. Both are scary when you consider how the scientists are toying with energy that compares to the destructive power of a black hole (and that of a Super Nova as well).

    Nearly seven years ago, crews started hauling 800,000 tons of rock out of a former gold mine near Lead, South Dakota.

    The three resulting underground caverns are 500 feet long and almost tall enough to hold a seven-story building.

    Estimated to cost at least $3 billion, the project DUNE (Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment), is led by scientists at the US Department of Energy's Fermilab.

    Eventually, each cavern will hold 17,500 tons of liquid argon to help Fermilab physicists detect elusive particles known as neutrinos, aka "ghost particles."

    Once complete, the experiment is designed to start with a series of particle accelerators at Fermilab outside Chicago, Illinois. 

    The accelerators will fire an extremely powerful beam of neutrinos first through a detector at Fermilab. The beam will then travel underground for 800 miles to the detectors at the South Dakota Sanford Underground Research Facility.

    Along the way, the neutrinos will do something somewhat strange. There are three types of neutrinos, and the particles can switch back and forth between them, a phenomenon known as oscillation. One Fermilab scientist compared it to a house cat transforming into a jaguar and then a tiger before returning to its original shape.

    Tracking how the neutrinos change over such long distances between Illinois and South Dakota will help scientists understand these oscillations better by giving them a more complete view than Fermilab's current 500-mile NOvA experiment between Illinois and Minnesota.

    Scientists hope to answer three main questions with DUNE: why the universe is made up of matter instead of antimatter, what happens when a star collapses, and do protons decay?

    Right after the Big Bang, matter and antimatter were created almost an equal amount," Bishai said. But today, from what scientists can tell, the universe is made almost entirely of matter.

    DUNE's beam is designed to create both neutrinos and antineutrinos — the antimatter version. Looking at the oscillations in each type may help scientists figure out what happened to all the antimatter.

    The project is also set up for supernova physics.

    They claim that the price tag is only three billion, but I wager it is closer to three trillion, and why spend all those funds on a project that could turn our planet into another black hole. Or even blast the Earth into a small antimatter super nova?

    Well, if they are trying to harness unimaginable power. Then it only makes sense that an industrialized/militarized superpower government is doing all of this under the guise of creating the most destructive weapons of war humanly possible… in the entire universe.

    They are not satisfied with thousands of nuclear warheads that would destroy this planet a million times over again, if they were all detonated at once. Oh no. They must create a weapon that could possibly destroy our entire solar system!

    And they choose not to use those funds and technology to solve the greenhouse gas emissions problem. Because it isn't profitable, and it doesn't give them more power and control over the people and the planet.

    Makes absolutely no sense either, if they are selling this idea to the public to research how antimatter from a super nova could possibly destroy the planet, and they hope to avoid such an inconceivable scenario. By learning the physics behind neutrinos.

    I’m sorry, but if a star goes super nova anywhere near our solar system. There isn't a single thing that anyone can do to prevent it from wiping out all life as we know it.

    But being the first nation to build an antimatter weapon would give them the uncontested ability to rule the world. Going far beyond controlling the weather and completely surpassing president Johnson's goal from his speech in 1962.

    Our main concern is that (millions of cumulative tons throughout 800 miles of connecting chambers of) Argon liquid could escape and makes its way to the surface in the form of gas, and very high levels of Argon can decrease the amount of Oxygen in the air and cause suffocation with symptoms of headache, rapid breathing, dizziness, confusion, tremors, loss of coordination and judgment, and lightheadedness. Higher levels can cause nausea, vomiting, unconsciousness, coma and even death.

    Especially if we get hit with a powerful earthquake in any of the states that are above these underground tunnel chambers. We plan to take our grievances to congress, and let them know how dangerous this project will be to millions of Americans.

    Their goal is to be partially operational by 2028, and fully functional within five years of that. God help us all.

    • Jonathan says:

      Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University in 2017 did a forensic accounting audit on DOD and HUD and came up with 21 trillion dollars missing.

      Brother Eden, what you are describing sounds like a black budget project.


    • penny waters says:

      the madness continues

      when i heard about the collider underground in europe years ago this is what i thought (and pardon all the wide awake men)

      the purpose is to speed matter up and make it collide

      does that remind anyone of silly boys who stand at the waters edge throwing stones at anything and everything trying to hit anything and everything

      chaos reigns and we all get wet!!!

      love to the wide awake club

    • WATCHER says:

      Dear Brother Eden: I am quite sure mankind has gone mad. We will not only attempt to control and destroy our planet. We also will now attempt to destroy our entire creation, thus achieving the destruction of GOD and all of the evidence. Let us Hope and Pray for them to fail miserably. What they are playing with is far beyond Fire.

      Thanks Eden for Your valuable information  astute mind.and reverent soul .Bless You   ya mithawa thiwahe

  19. Jonathan says:

    There is an area not far from where I live but still has some untimbered forest and lots of wildlife. My German Shepherd and I went out there this morning for a walk. Of course, the spring is a few weeks early this year in this area. I must say that It was beautiful. The sky currently is blue with no trails in it. Which is very unusual. There was a pair of red-tailed hawks flying over head and talking back and forth. A large osprey flew overhead. There are beavers in the river that runs through this area. The morning sun was shining through the seed pods on the maple trees, which made them look like they were on fire. So pretty with the green grass in contrast. Something had just moved in the water not far from us before I could see what it was. It was probably a beaver. It made large ripples that went out in every direction, which reminded me of the ripples that we are also creating in this world through the good work that we do. There was an anole lizard that scurried behind a piece of bark as we walked past. Lots of smaller birds were out and tripping happily. It is quite a wild place. Some of the trees there are three or four feet diameter or larger. Imagine what they could say if they would talk to us. O, the things that they have seen!

    I also found an Arrowhead under a large tree washed up by recent rain. I wondered who made it and what his or her name was. I wondered how that person lived and how they viewed life. I also thought about how people for eons lived in balanced and harmony with nature, never taking more than they needed and living in balance with the populations of other living things. Such was the case for the most part until probably around the early to mid 1800s. Just think, in 200 years, how much the human population has altered the balance of life.

    It may not be too late to change some of that for the better.

    Be encouraged in your outreach efforts.

  20. Stan Sylvester says:

     As Dane has mentioned on  a previous broadcast, the city of 22 million, Mexico City, has a water crisis. Officials are warning of a "day zero" when the water is not available. This could be as soon as June.

    Drought monitors reveal that 75% of Mexico is currently under drought conditions. Arturo Gracia now imports water for his coffee shop. "It's affecting us all and I don't think it's just us. This is happening in several neighborhoods."

    Jose Ortega mentioned that new rules now apply. There is no washing of cars or watering lawns. He now uses old washing machine water to water plants.

    Not everyone is suffering. Wealthy Mexicans fill artificial lakes for aesthetic purposes. The lucrative Avocado export  business continues. The U.S. imports about 1 million metric tons yearly. Organized crime has taken note of this and makes sure the water keeps showing up at the orchards.

    Despite all of these alarm bells going off, Mayor Marti Batres has courageously proclaimed, "there is no water emergency." Not to be outdone, Mexico President Obrador is confident that the government will be able to increase the water supply. 

    Throughout it all, no mention of ongoing climate collapse as the earth's life support systems are being ravaged by those who desire control as long as they can.



  21. Jonathan says:

    A friend of mine emailed the following last night:

    "…don't get overly concerned about all that is going on.  THis so called reality is going to pass away.  What's working out for the planet at this time is much more involved then the goings on of mankind.  We're moving from the 3rd (fear) dimensional realm ( all that is going on now ) to the 5th ( love ) and nothing will be the same."

    I don't quite understand exactly what he means and have asked him for some clarification.

    The bigger point however is what I wanted to share, which is that he was telling me not to really worry about anything that's happening in this world right now. We probably all know a number of people who have either literally or otherwise just throw their hands up and essentially said, "What's the use in fighting against this?" I know many people whom I would consider to be very nice and considerate people, who seem to have done this. They just seemed to go with the flow of life and spend most of their extra time, energy and money on things that they find pleasant and amusing. And of course don't we all to some degree?

    And yet, I feel differently somehow. Whatever one's theological background, we are here for a reason. I am not content with the idea of just sitting there being mindlessly entertained, whether it be sports or other things.

    I believe that life, all life, is sacred. And I believe that we have a sacred duty to care for all life.

    Dane talks about converging catastrophes. These are coming from multiple directions, including of course up in the sky, through the food and water contamination and the soil contamination of this planet, and through radiological nightmares like Fukushima (3.11.11), Chernobyl and out of the Pacific.

    What can one person do? I'm not sure. But let us endeavor to approach each day looking for opportunities to inform others about things that are happening in this world. Perhaps in time, as Dane suggests, we may be able to stop some of this madness from the inside.

  22. Jonathan says:

    Thank you Susan for these informative links that you share. It is very difficult to find the time and the energy, simultaneously, for any one person to research everything. I did not know about this, and I consider myself generally very well informed on things. So I thank you for helping me. It's kind of like a game of cat and mouse. I sometimes feel like we're like the mice, trying to stay ahead of the coming pounces of the cats. I shared that link with other people and presume that organic certified cheese would probably be at least a little bit healthier to eat. Probably, you also know that Tyson Chicken is now part of a business merger with a company that processes insects for the food supply.

    We're really not that far away from the 1973 Charlton Heston movie.

  23. Grace says:

    Daylight Saving Time this weekend. Always remembered which way to set clocks by "Spring Forward, Fall Back" It's still WINTER. I guess it's purpose is to plant the idea of spring in the minds of the masses because nearly everything is in full bloom. If we're setting the clocks forward, it must be spring!

    • Get up to Speed says:

      Didn't you hear,they just changed the definition of " Spring" along with contrails,plandemic,and quackcines, and " safe and effective"

  24. jay dee says:

    If you saw this installment of Dane's Global Alert News through an email or a share, please remember to ALSO go to the website as this will help the algorithm to promote the site, get more to see it, and reduce censorship; not to mention everything else you can find on the site. This will help to spread the word more quickly! "like" it on fb or YouTube, etc. to do the same thing. If you can, get the materials — leave the little cards everywhere — at least some of them will be looked at and followed up on. 

  25. James Kostran says:


    I see everything you are saying is real.  The sun is out in a bright blue sky in the morning (it is warm).  By noon, everything is clouded over.  By 4 pm, I can feel the cold breezes.  

  26. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Popular Acne Treatments Used by Millions of Teens Contain High Levels of Chemical Linked to Leukemia


    An independent lab petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to recall popular prescription and over-the-counter acne treatments after testing showed the products contained “unacceptably high” levels of benzene, a chemical linked to cancer.


    High levels of benzene, a chemical linked to cancer, can form in many popular acne treatments containing benzoyl peroxide, according to a new report by independent testing laboratory Valisure.

    Valisure tested dozens of prescription and over-the-counter products, including popular brands Proactiv, Clinique, Clearasil and Target Corp.’s Up & Up, and found they can contain “unacceptably high” levels of the carcinogen.

    Testing also revealed that benzene levels increase when the products are handled or stored at higher temperatures — such as left in a hot car or stored in a steamy bathroom.


  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    ‘Especially Dangerous’ to Children, Pregnant Women: Thousands of Chemicals Linked to Rising Rates of Cancer, Infertility and Obesity


    New evidence suggests that endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in consumer products, food, water and soil are behind the global rise in reproductive disorders, cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, neurological conditions, reduced immune function and chronic inflammation.


    • Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which harm the human body’s regulation of hormones, have become ubiquitous in consumer products, food, water and soil, says a new report, leading to serious global health impacts.

    • There are some 350,000 synthetic chemicals and polymers used worldwide, and thousands may be endocrine disruptors. Most were not studied for their human health effects before being marketed. Known and suspected endocrine disruptors are found in pesticides, plastic additives, cosmetics and waterproofing finishes.

    • The new report examines four sources of endocrine-disrupting chemicals: plastics, pesticides, consumer products and per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS). Rising rates of cancer, infertility, and obesity are suspected to be at least partially attributable to the presence of endocrine disruptors in the human body.

    • The Endocrine Society and International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN), which co-authored the new report, are calling for legally binding global treaties to restrict and ban endocrine disruptor production and use.

    A new report makes the strong case that a class of industrial chemicals called endocrine disruptors are behind many diseases on the rise globally. The report calls for stronger global regulations controlling their use and release into the environment.


  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    90% of U.S. Cheese Contains GMO Made by Pfizer


    Rennet is used as a clotting agent to curdle the milk into cheese, separating the liquid parts of milk from the solids. Pfizer makes a genetically modified rennet, but because of a labeling loophole, cheese containing Pfizer’s rennet does not have to be labeled as containing a genetically modified organism.


    • Traditionally, cheese was made with just four ingredients: milk, salt, starter culture and animal rennet.

    • Rennet is used as a clotting agent to curdle the milk into cheese, separating the liquid parts of milk from the solids. It’s an essential part of the cheese-making process.

    • Today, there are four types of rennet used in the cheese-making industry: animal rennet, vegetable rennet, microbial rennet and a genetically modified version called FPC (fermentation-produced chymosin), made by Pfizer.

    • Bioengineered FPC was granted Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) status, which exempted Pfizer from the pre-approved requirements that apply to other new food additives. This is even though studies have detailed concerns about safety.

    • An estimated 90% of North American cheese is made with FPC rennet, and ingredient labels do not distinguish between bioengineered rennet and the original animal-based type so consumers have no way of knowing what they’re eating.


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