Is It Game Over? New NASA Report


Dane Wigington

Global climate engineering operations have been pushed and propagated on the premise of cooling the planet by saturating Earth's skies with sun blocking aerosols. The jet sprayed aerosols are intended to mimic the affect of extended volcanic eruptions. A new NASA science study has now confirmed that extended volcanic eruptions caused long term warming, not cooling. Worse, the ozone layer was decimated in the process. The 5+ minute video below exposes the flawed foundations of the climate engineering narrative and the grave dangers geoengineering operations pose to all life on Earth.

Climate engineering operations are:

  • Destroying the ozone layer.
  • Accelerating planetary meltdown.
  • Completely disrupting the global hydrological cycle.
  • Establishing the conditions for unprecedented wildfires.
  • Ubiquitously contaminating the entire planet and every breath we take.
  • Saturating the biosphere with extremely harmful RF / Microwave transmissions.
  • Being used as a covert weapon of war.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

13 Responses to Is It Game Over? New NASA Report

  1. Michelle Parcel says:

    Thank you for all that you do in trying to educate the public about the attempted murder that these people are doing.  I cry every day when I watch the skies being sprayed with their poison.  The trees are showing their slow death here in central Oregon and I'm sure that many of us will die in the near future from the forest fires.  There is nobody we can go to make this stop…. why does no one care that they are killing everyone with these chemicals😢. 

    • Lizzyh7 says:

      A friend recommended the movie on Netflix, "Don't Look Up" about a comet approaching Earth to make impact in 6 months, similar to the one we are told killed off the dinosaurs.  I have been telling her for years now about the spraying, and she definitely now recognizes it when it occurs.  She'd told me about that movie saying I might enjoy it, in a black humor way, for the reactions of what passes for global leadership as well as the people, to the scientifically proven threat it portrays.  It isn't a deep movie, and there's quite obviously some partisan spin in it, but the portrayals of the media, government, and what passes for scientists were spot on to what we face now.  Most don't want to know.  Those who do know pretend they don't.  It actually wasn't a terrible movie, and I'm pretty critical now of most of the crap Hollywood churns out, can no longer abide much of that at all. 

      Sadly, its deeper message of willful ignorance probably does not resonate well, particularly with the American public.  Since it seems to be about something that could never happen, people will pass it off as merely entertainment, not seeing the bigger picture of just how our society does react to the threat of an Extinction Level Event.  People have been taught to believe the Earth will take anything we do to it and somehow rejuvenate itself, never mind we've outstripped its ability to do so, they don't want to know that and will not believe it until it happens.  When it does they will scream like tantrum throwing children and look for someone, anyone, to blame, ignoring their own willful dismissal of such information with the idiotic "oh, they'd never do that" which made it possible. 

      As Dane always says, they could not do what they do without the passive acceptance of it by the people.  While I hate blaming people who've been intentionally brainwashed in a sea of endless propaganda all of their lives, Dane is correct there.

  2. Zolly Simon says:

    I dropped out of high school just half way through grade 10. Not because I was/am stupid, but because I was learning nothing of value. Perhaps a couple more years of "English" lessons would have me looking a tad less illiterate as far as my writing skills go. Lol 

    In grade 7 science, we learned about the laws of saturation of liquids and gasses.

    Chemtrails VS Condensation trails (contrails)

    My conclusion, and what I try to explain to others in the simplest way is, "the laws of saturation pertaining to the mixing of non-noble gasses in an open atmosphere, are not arbitrary. When you introduce a non-noble gas (condensation trail) into an open atmosphere, it will immediately and endlessly seek to achieve an equilibrate state within that atmosphere and vanish like steam from granny's tea kettle. If it does not vanish, it is not a gas, but a suspended, solid particulate matter."

    People look at me like I'm an alien. Most have university educations, a BA in science. Are they really this stupid? Yes, they are. Yet, I'm the uneducated drop-out.

    I read about an 80-20 rule. That being 80% of any given population are, well, stupid lemmings, and follow anyone that claims any authority, valid or not. They lack the balls or brains to ask or check.

    The best argument I get is, "why would they do that"?

    We're doomed, Dane, we're truly doomed.

    I admire the work you're doing and your persistence. I have quit trying to educate people on this subject …hundreds of times now. I've even failed at that.

    Thanks Dane

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Zolly, (love that name!)

      After reading your well-written post, I would like to commend you on your literacy.  Apparently, you made the correct move in dropping out of high school.  And you 'haven't failed at trying to educate people" on the current situation of our world, in general.  It is they who have failed to heed your efforts and who, in the long run, will pay the piper.  Keep up your good work and thank you for an interesting post.

      Stay safe and healthy.

    • Jay Dee says:

      Zolly: I feel the same way. I might be better off if I had dropped out of high school and forgone "college." Never learned much I didn't already know or discovered in my own study.  I've been seeing this spray since the mid-1990s.  I've simply asked people to look up when the spraying is occurring. They've asked me, "What is that?" Any answer I give hasn't mattered.  The one or two, or ten or twenty, people always react the same: "That's weird." I suppose they just forget about it, despite the grayish milky white which is the entire sky to the horizon in all directions here (Long Island, NY) 95% of the time. The people in charge DO know and sorry, folks–they don't care and/or they enjoy destroying life on earth. They are liars. They are sociopaths. They are greedy. As long as they have the most money and toys at the very end, they will be satisfied. It's not just legally criminal. It deeply, deeply saddens me; breaks my heart. I have not given up, nonetheless. Thank you, Dane, and all who try to help.

    • Jill Mason says:

      Hello Zolly,

      I admire you for dropping out of school, your mind hasn't been poisoned. I am 72  years old, I love my family but I am afraid my Grand Daughter went through University and has become a Solicitor…who I have to say is not a critical thinker like yourself, she follows without question what ever the Government tells her to do. I have tried to get her to use alternative media to get alternative views, but to no avail and worse still her Grandmother (Me)  is now thought of by the family as losing her mind. So My Dear Girl we are at either end of the spectrum of age and are experiencing exactly the same. Good Luck  God Bless You from a Grandmother in England.





  3. Dottie says:

    Why do none ever talk about this?..Why are not ones like DeSantis..who said to be brave talk about this? Why doesn't President Trump talk about this..Why doesn't all of those giants who have a voice not talk about this..What will there be to govern if there is nothing left to govern??…Do they not care that this is the largest threat out there..outside of nuclear..elimination…What are they afraid of? DeSantis is a good man..but yet he remains silent..knowing absolutely for sure something is not right..It makes me want to scream in their ears..If you care about the people like you say you day..start doing something..It would take only one strong figure to get it rolling..but yet they talk speech..when they don't even use their opportunity to talk about this..grave..and grave ..impending..doom..scenario..God help us and I mean that ..totally from the bottom of my heart..God help us!!!

  4. Harold Pendergast says:

    Thank you for being responsible at the watchtower! So few have held their posts, you have. 💚⭐
    Courage for what is next good sir, brave hearts to the front…

  5. Robin says:

    Dane, as gate watchers hide the truth and dig there own dark tunnels to hide in, we suffer from mass formation psychosis.  You on the other hand are the globe watcher who conveys to us truth, reality as it occurs. Your efforts bring forth a growing team effort.  Glad I caught this segment thanks to checking my email.  This 5 minute segment is great ammunition for the critical mass army of the aware.  My deepest thanks to you & team.

  6. Shaun larrivee says:

    thanks Dane!!..the amount of info and skill u hav and passed them onto ppl like myself..I hav billboards sharing your info and turned my jeep into a rolling billboard spreading this most urgent message!!..thankyou for your dedication..the ones crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that will change it for the better

  7. Janey says:

    Colorado has picked this up hardcore since Covid and many have got more sick. Especially kids playing outside end up in hospital with breathing issues and all. AZ is the same the spray low up their. Our kids and food don't deserve this. Time to stand on corners of streets and raise awareness and then we need to have all the laws behind this taken off to stop the operations. Air Force needs looked at as well. Poison on the people is wrong. It's to obvious now. Time to fight hard back and to wake many up. I'm done with this toxic heavy metals that they are spraying in the air. It's 100% wrong. Someone needs to get Polis out who has continued this and put someone in who will clean u the corruption in our air he is allowing. 

  8. Norman Lowry says:

    Thank you so much, Dane and crew!  It has long been my pleasure to participate in working to educate folks in my necks of the woods.  It has been my privilege to serve prison time for my continued nonviolent engagements.  In the midst (3-1-08) of serving just one month short of nine years for my continued nonviolent protestations, I wrote the following article entitled "I murder 200,000+ people…every day!", in which I mentioned two facets of geoengineering (the article may still be found online).

    I will forever be grateful for all who diligently continue to fight for our very survival.

    Blessings and Love…  Norm Lowry (69)

  9. jac says:

    Thanks for your integrity and diligence Dane.

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