Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 15, 2023, #401


Dane Wigington

This week there were regions of the US that went from daily record high temperatures pushing 90 degrees or more to snow in the span of just over a day.The historically unprecedented Florida flooding is only a foreshadowing of what’s coming. On the other side of the spectrum are droughts that never end, drying up lakes, rivers and farm fields. Already beyond belief extreme temperature fluctuations are getting even worse. Military industrial complex climate manipulation operations have pushed the planet’s life support systems past the breaking point, an abrupt climate collapse scenario is unfolding and accelerating. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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27 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 15, 2023, #401

  1. Jonathan says:


    Many of us feel a justified anger about what is being done to all the sentient life on this planet. I too can share many stories of the ill effects of the weaponized weather, including the reduced number of insects and amphibians here in Eastern NC.

    I want to encourage everyone to harness the power of that anger and redirect it towards active pursuits that will be effective in reaching that "critical mass of awareness."

    Just a few suggestions:

    – hand out cards & fliers at drive-through windows, checkout counters, or leave with tips at restaurants, or put them in with payment slips when you pay bills

    – find local public community colleges or other colleges in your area and hand out fliers, etc. (I just walk up to people there and say, "I'm handing out information on climate change," and I leave them fliers and walk on to the next person. I staple "The Dimming" cards to the fliers).

    – drop off materials at public libraries or post/thumbtack them on the (rare) community bulletin boards you may find here and there

    – I don't point to the sky and describe what to us is so obvious… I let Dane's printed materials do the talking for me

  2. virginia says:

    Nothing to worry about anymore, folks.  All will be hunky dory – Speaker McCarthy announced his willingness to raise the debt ceiling by $1.5 Trillion. That's Trillion as in Trillion. I guess Biden will thank him for the early Christmas present. Meanwhile, save your pennies to contribute to the cause. Wonder how much of that will go to improving the spread of chemtrails and other little details like that. Me thinks we are lost.  

    From Disgusted – in California.

  3. Joseph says:


    Nearly 120 million people in US exposed to unhealthy levels of soot and smog – report

    American Lung Association’s study also found great disparity between coasts, with 10 of 11 most polluted counties in California

    And despite overall improvements in air quality and pollution-related deaths over the past 50 years, the report also highlights a widening disparity between air quality in eastern and western states, especially for soot particles – scientifically known as fine particulate matter or PM2.5.

    Ten of the 11 most polluted counties are in California where the climate breakdown is fueling wildfires and rising temperatures that are undermining efforts to improve air quality in places like Fresno, San Bernardino, Tulare and Los Angeles.


    Nearly 120 million people in US exposed to unhealthy levels of soot and smog – report | US news | The Guardian

  4. Sandy Patrus says:

    Here we go again!  They have scheduled prescribed burns here in Santa Fe, NM.  Have they not learned their lesson yet of how these burns got out of control here last year.  Are they nothing but mad scientists experimenting with people's lives and the lives of the wildlife here?  They would have to be out of their minds to do this again!  But then again we are living in a world today where the ones running everything are nothing more than psychopaths!  Evil, evil psychopaths!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, And they must have already switched to letting AI run the show for decision making this absurd! Continue flying spray jets all the while poisoning EVERYTHING, cutting down what few remain of healthy trees left, prescribed burns in a drought yah, lets just have the fireworks disply- no matter everything is dry as a tinderbox. Who can live in this kind of insanity? It must be a machine calling these shots- can the human mind have actually devolved THIS far?!

    • JR says:

      The psychos have always been there, remember Hitler? Same mentality no different but it's in our time we're dealing with these things, an eye opener one could say. Here in Southwest, NM bombarded as usual to them with their sprayings, normal in their words? Lie after lie from within our government, nothing new there, remember Agent Orange? I'm thinking you have heard of Operation SCoPEx being conducted up North in your area. Supposedly in Mexico a so called company if you can call it that, "Making Sunsets" was into trashing their skies. I pray for the Warriors and for the kids in this Battle that are innocent bystanders never agreeing to such evil works done over us and our Earth, by force. Down your throat they say, what u gonna do about it! We were commanded to be good stewards of it. Our oceans are filled with trash from peoples ignorance & filth? Where is our Leadership and conscience? $$$ His Peace with you

  5. S A says:

    I really miss the sunshine 🌞.  My body craves the sun. They won't let us have it daily. I never thought that humans would diminish our sun by a third by spraying our skies.

    • Jomby Alters says:

      The sun actually hurts my skin in norcal. Driving in it for less than an hour results in a numbing effect on my skin. I now wear long sleeves and soon will wear fishing mask while out as well. Founding fathers would have removed the planes from the sky. I really didn't become aware until I moved north and noticed so much plane traffic in an area that has no airports near. My wife I'm sure thought I was deceived. But I think it recently clicked when we were driving from out of town back home.  She actually noticed it. The amount of trails and the pattern was not random and when the sun hit it, it had a rainbow effect.  When the snow storms hit and I mention it's artificial especially for the time of year that it happened people think I'm crazy. Just a you say another dead give away is 2 planes at similar altitude. One shows nothing completely clear, the other is leaving a huge trail.

    • brent papon says:

      Yeah, Me Too

      I can remember the last few times I saw the sun.

      It was @ 4 yrs ago and even then, It was rare.


      No Sun No Vit D.

      No D, No function.

      Your entire biology depends on it.

      You CAN take supplements.

      But it ain't the same.


  6. Dawnski says:

    Last week I texted a dude the link to the weekly broadcast as well as a link to JD Farag's prophesy update from Resurrection Sunday. He was an MP for the Air Force back in the day. I didn't get so much as a response from either. My text had mentioned my Ezekiel 3 calling as a Watchwoman for the Lord ten years ago. Nary a peep from him at which time I felt led to block him from further texting as a method of communication. (It's not the first time I had been ghosted by him and he promised it would never happen again) He did attempt to finally text me Friday to meet at a local coffee shop I later learned when we bumped into each other downtown. I was flummoxed on Saturday when he proceeded to tell me that he was concerned about the trees and believed that cut a tree/plant a tree was an effective means to help steward the earth. I have to wonder if a dude who served in the AF is fully aware of what goes on on those bases. Who's military pension is reliant on remaining indifferent to what goes on in plain sight. I was so glad he finally came to the realization that there was not a Geoengineered snowballs chance in hell that we would ever date. Remain friendly in our small town. Sure. The seed has been planted. I did my duty as called by the Lord. Shalom.

    • virginia says:

      Dawnski:   Salaam.

    • Lizzyh7 says:

      Any information on the jet spraying would be compartmentalized at a very high level.  It is highly doubtful most in the AF would have any idea just what those planes are doing.  If any of those service members were to ask those kinds of questions, I would bet most commands have a ready set of lies to furnish to shut down any questioning of it. 

      For those who may still see through that, it would be highly detrimental to any career they hope to have in the military to ask too many questions, as well as a threat to any pensions or benefits they would receive for their service.  By saying this I am not defending it at all, just reiterating some of the information from The Dimming as well as my own very basic knowledge of how classification works.

  7. Butch Smith says:

    Southern Sonoma County and Northern Marin County had a field day today writing in the sky. Not early morning or late evening but ALL DAY. East to West and North to South. Looked like a checkerboard most of the day.  

  8. Geoffrey Hanham says:

    Once, it seems so long ago now,  you didn't need a BBC 'Weather Forecast': The wild ones;  every living wonderous creature from insects to  the birds; the trees and plants, the beautiful sky and the clouds, the scent of the soil, the 'feeling' taste and scent ot the very air would give you what the dawning day and those that follow would bring…

    And once, so long ago, the skies were innocent of what was to come… And my wife wold plant a tiny birch seedling that would seek that lovely sky and in a fleeting twelve years be a living Tree in all its beauty;  adorned with tiny goldcrests  fluttering amongst the catkins as we watched in awe and wonder…

    I was out in the yard two days ago at the bird table… A pair of dunnocks came and made their lovely mating display and dance just a yard away from my feet… I cried my heart out at their innocence and that my wife was no longer here to share such beauty…

    Why Dane, WHY?  Why this will to destruction of Life – which means their own as well ?  Why are so many faces 'Turned to the Wall' ?

    Geoff Hanham





    • penny waters says:

      dear geoff hanham

      had to write to you

      with the apparent wonderful relationship you had with your wife and your, and her, apparent love of life, i cannot believe that your wife is no longer here

      methinks she will always be with you

      methinks our loved ones are always near

      do not be sad, but be thankful that you have known such love

      take heart my friend and share still, with her, the delights of the world that you see and feel – she is not far away

      being really alive is to feel the pain, know that anyone 'worth their salt' will feel the pain with you, of loved ones passed from this existence


  9. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Drugs in Florida waterways

    Briona Arradondo reports

    TAMPA, Fla. – A newly completed study from Florida International University found high amounts of opioids, heart medication and other prescription drugs in redfish throughout the state’s most important estuaries, with Tampa Bay ranked second highest for contaminants in the fish.

    Researchers from FIU’s Coastal Fisheries Research Lab took blood samples from more than 100 redfish from nine estuaries in Florida.

    "We found 17 different pharmaceuticals. The majority of those were cardiovascular medications and psychoactive," said Nick Castillo, a Ph.D candidate researcher at Florida International University’s Coastal Fisheries Research Lab. "We found that on average across the 113 fish, that each fish had 2.1 pharmaceuticals, and we had five fish without one. "

    The highest amounts of pharmaceutical drugs were found in Apalachicola and Tampa Bay.

    "It's not like you have fish floating that are dead. It's more subtle, but we're understanding more and more that even though it's subtle, it's still really important. It can have dramatic effects on the population," said Castillo.

    Castillo said some of those changes, according to previous research, can include changes in a fish’s behavior. As for people, Castillo put the impact in perspective for the human population.

    "So if you were to try to get one pill, it's 48,000 servings. That's not happening," said Castillo. "But the question remains, what happens over someone's entire life span of these low dose exposures? There is, yes, we eat fish, but maybe not every day, but we drink water every day. We're eating produce every day. And the pharmaceuticals are in those, too."

    Researchers can point to wastewater as the main source of how the drugs end up in the marine environment.

    "When we take when we get a prescribed pharmaceutical, and we take that prescription, we excrete a large part of that. And anywhere between 30 to 60% of that medication is excreted by our bodies. It ends up in our wastewater," said Jennifer Rehage, Ph.D, a coastal ecologist at Florida International University’s Institute of Environment and Coastal Fisheries Research Lab. "So we might be seeing that issue where we have a lot of aging pipes. So on the way to the treatment facility, we have leakage."

    • chris safos says:

      so many people are asleep to wha is going on in the skies! weather warfare!! thank you Dan for all you do!

    • penny waters says:

      so upsetting

      as a wild food and herbal medicine eater i am fully aware that most pharmaceuticals are made from left over petrochemicals (after petrol is removed from oil)

      this is alongside all the control of the earth that greedy people think that they can make money from

      all we are doing is constantly stripping the earth and its crust and polluting it – when will the  energy break through

      had a new realization last night – was picking up a friend from the pub when a man at the bar said how 'his' sturgeon (he said he didn't know whether it was male or female but continually called it 'he') kept leaping out of the pond he had put it in

      it was a new fish and was now with koi carp in a large pond in the garden – koi carp have been domesticated and hybridised for such a long time!!!

      he said how it kept swimming around and around and then would leap out onto the hard standing around the pond – he couldn't understand why that it would apparently try to commit suicide?

      after a small discussion, that i got involved with, it turns out that the sturgeon is a river fish – trapped in a pond – it is spring – would it be swimming around and around to feel the compass bearing cos in spring they go up/down (?) river and it would need to know the orientation before it leapt from the circular swimming place (called a pond by humans!) to pursue its normal behaviour????

      nah – human couldn't understand that – so he went with his friend to sit down

      my friend said it was in a prison – that didn't go down too well!

      humans are frighteningly stupid about life and nature and rarely understand their own nature so how could they understand the rest of this glorious nature that surrounds us and is us

      it seems so plain to me how wonderful and dreadful nature can be – as we can be

      but it makes me so sad and gives me pain that i am a human – like the fish man who had so little feeling for other conscious beings

      we see it all around us all the time – tis painful, friends out there, is it not

      love to all

  10. Geoff Hanham says:

    Thank you Dane…

    What troubles me, and God forbid, is that we may be witnessing willful Geocide in tandem with Terra-forming… This was the conclusion of my late wife who early on in her career was one of the finest systems analysts in her field, and who never, as an analyst, and later senior manager had a failure in her I.T. implementations over many decades…

    I look at many of the 'new' clouds and recognise what I am seeing. I utterly despair of a population that cannot distinguish between even basic cumulus / cirrus / stratos / nimbus or any other 'old normal' cloud type – let alone ones that are R.F. modulated…

    No swallows yet in this town – not a single beetle in the yard or garden last year, and only a tiny number of spiders – mostly in the garden shed  and all dead when I found them; from starvation? As to butterflies and moths? About five of the former and none of the latter last year, The yard and garden were once full of them…  Go for a country drive and hardly any 'bug-swat' on  the windscreen over a forty mile route and back in an agricultural area…

    A Welsh poet once said "Do not go gently into that 'Good Night' – Rage, rage, against the Dying of the Light!"… Again, thank you Dane and folks!

    Geoff Hanham


    • penny waters says:

      there is none so blind as those that do not want to, or, are too frightened to see!

      i, too, see no insects

      is it because the 'filth' in the sky from the planes consists of very small particles?

      and that insects breath through their skin….

      and that the 'filth' either clogs up the skin or invades the body of the insect

      and we, us humans, live on such a a gross level that unless i am very careful i can cause unnecessary harm

      and i had only really, just begun, to truly 'see' insects as conscious – my consciousness of my grossness gets more overwhelming as i grow older

      and my consciousness of the insects as such fragile, so sensitive,  awe-some creatures? who 'knew' me – even if just for a fragment of time

      nature so cruel and yet so miraculous

      st augustine is supposed to have mentioned that miracles are quite natural tis only our limited sense of nature that makes us think "miracle"

      love to all

  11. Stan Sylvester says:

    "The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule."

    H.L. Mencken

    If anything, this seems to be accelerating. They take us to war to protect us. They give us green energy as a solution  to help  stymie climate change. They propose a CBDC to protect our finances. They operate at warp speed to come up with a vaccine to save us from a pandemic. 

    Isaiah 5:20

    "Woe unto them that call evil good and l good evil, that put darkness for light and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."

    Those that act like they're trying to save us will someday reap what they sow. In the meantime, what an honor to stand with Dane Wigington, the man with the genuine urge to save humanity.

  12. brent papon says:

    Another one of my favs that u do is "Fossil Fuel Fiesta."

    It's a classic

  13. Jackie Pollock says:

    The warming oceans and the rising sea levels, dying fish and mammals and ocean plankton, warm water bacteria growth, ground and land and the air we all breathe pollution from geoengineering spraying- how can it be denied that "what we face is total collapse."

    This is just Horrible and dire to think about. We must all do something in this war!

    Thank you Dane for Global Alert News #401 and thank you for sending on the package of awareness materials so fast!


  14. brent papon says:

    "Clearly a sense of reason should kick in."



    If only bro


    Thanks for being a rock.

    That makes you a ROCKY.

    You terrorist. LOL


    So our weather here went from cold ice nuke to crazy UVC.

    It depressed Me so I went and got some fast food for nostalgia.

    It cost me 13 bucks and I was sick for a day and a half.

    It didn't make Me feel 10 again.

    It made Me feel 50.

    Not to mention I'm out 13 bucks.

    The fries were $5.50

    Take care and thanks again.


  15. brent papon says:

    The Santa Annas that were missing from the S West have been blowing in NE OHIO for @ 6 to 8 months.

    It's really messing with my body and mind.

    I lived in LA and LV and I never experienced this type of convection winds.

    It's creepy as all get out.


    • Rebecca says:

      I live West of Columbus and we are getting those winds also. We have never had wind like this before. I hate it and we are supposed to have winds today. Not normal.

  16. brent papon says:

    I honestly believe that a few years ago, the scripts became way to accurate.

    Over the last year or so, they have changed the game.

    We got it wrong…

    It's not like we are controlling this.

    How could we possibly predict the weather to the minute.

    LOOK it's nature !!!

    Your so right @ academia.


    Piled higher and deeper.

    Take care Bro and thanks


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