Engineering Catastrophic Wildfires To Temporarily Cool Arctic With Smoke (Updated)


Dane Wigington

Are covert climate engineering operations connected to the exponentially increasing wildfires all over the world? June, 2019, was the hottest month ever recorded on our planet. July, 2019, is expected to break the all time heat record that was just set the month before. Scientists are frantically sounding the alarm about accelerating and immense Arctic heat and crashing polar ice. Unprecedented northern latitude wildfires are currently consuming millions of acres of forest, yet US mainstream media is almost silent about the unfolding cataclysm. As the environment and climate systems collapse around us all, how extreme can the desperation of the climate engineers become? How far are the geoengineers willing to go in their attempt to mask the unfolding climate collapse from the masses? Are the climate engineers willing to incinerate huge swaths of Earth’s remaining forests in order to temporarily cool parts of the planet with continent covering expanses of smoke? Regardless of the overall long term cost to the planet as a whole? Examine the dire data presented in this video report and decide for yourself.

We, all of us, are rapidly running out of time. If the biosphere is not soon freed from the ongoing global climate engineering assault, there will very soon be nothing left to salvage of our once thriving planet.

Photo credit: Oregon Air National Guard

If we are to have any chance of altering our current course in time to make a difference, the effort will take all of us. Detailed activist instructions and geoengineering awareness raising materials can be found on the home page of Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, please, help us to sound the alarm.

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85 Responses to Engineering Catastrophic Wildfires To Temporarily Cool Arctic With Smoke (Updated)

  1. T says:

    Draw a wide circle around antartica and observe what happens within the circumference. Melbourne. New Zealand. Tasmania. All kinds of weird rules. Abnormal weather. And lots of helicopters in Melbourne carrying out their business, which the public have no right no know about. Lots of construction work too. Cleaning out pipelines. Quantum this, quantum that.

    The trees in Melbourne are becoming uprooted from the ground after strong winds. Rain and humidity, are destroying root systems.

    There is also a flesh eating bacteria epidemic here in Melbourne. 

    Knowing that UVB and UVC can cause DNA to mutate, makes you wonder what will become of humans.


    Many have already become zombies, figuratively speaking.

  2. Rique Hlady says:

    The few ruling families on this planet are not kidding when they talk about decreasing the world's population to 500 million!  The Georgia Guidestones are not a joke! They tell it all!  Through The Eyes of the world's handful of rulers (ranchers), 99 + percent of the world's population is viewed as nothing more than cattle!!!

  3. Lee says:

    Major wildfires of 2019: Greece, Greenland, Spain, Siberia, Alaska, BC, Congo, Angola, Amazonia countries, and probably many others, the planet is burning down. Is this is a coordinated effort ?  What is the ultimate long term objective ? Terra forming? If the major planetary ecosystems (Amazonia & Congo) burn down, millions of species are being eradicated, including the human one soon. Then, who will benefit?

    • Joan Deaver says:

      The Elites have underground homes. 

    • Julie Disco says:

      To; Lee; I am very disappointed to find out about so may forest burning down. Was there any attempt by the the countries forestry department to save any seeds or tree roots to use for reforestation. Why is that they did not attempt to harvest any tree wood first before setting the forest a fire?  There is so much new forestry and tree sawing and milling equipment on the market now.  A chainsaw worker does not have to hold the chainsaw. the equipment has a holder. Unfortunately these people in the forestry department of other countries are not aware of this portable equipment. This equipment could make jobs for unemployed people. But there government is too cheap to buy them.


    • Julie Disco says:

      Lee Here is a list of logging and forestry equipment companies,

      vermeer, robec, forestry trader, norther tool

    • Julie Disco says:

      In the sate of Massachusetts every tree is covered with thick lichens of various species, mold wood rot.  We need new trees also. In the city, when a tree rots out, they cut the tree down, leave the stump, never bother to replant a new tree in its place.  The city government thinks that no one will notice this the mess.

  4. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The terrifying Siberian Fires and Immense Wildlife Tragedy are almost too intensely sad to contemplate.

    • Lee says:

      What is going on in Brazil and its Amazon Rainforest is Criminal. Can the NGO's and Celebrities organize an indictment of those guys in power in Brazil for Crimes Against Humanity. The damage is irreversible.

      Wake up World.

  5. Andy says:

    Update on current Arctic wildfires –

    Total area on fire believed to be larger than Belgium.

  6. Ambur says:

    You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.

    You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.  


  7. Ambur says:

    Came across a couple of quotes today that you all may resonate with during this tragic process and battle:

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

    Mahatma Gandhi 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Ambur, Thank you for the quote. When I think of Mahatma Gandhi, I think of "peace". A calm among the masses. Oh how I wish it to come to fruition "globally".

      Please allow me to equate the quote you contributed to tending an awareness booth each week for several years in a row. I approached the farmers market board of directors at one of their spring meetings. I did not meet the home grown or hand made requirements to have a booth a the market. However, I am 'non' political and only want to spread awareness. My wish was granted. 'Many' stood back and waited to see the reception I got by being in attendance at the market. Much to 'many's' surprise, I was well received by the public at large. There was no condemnation of my actions though I was "ignored" by many of the patrons of the market. I got a few "hecklers" the first 2 years I tended the booth. "But I kept coming back and stayed on coarse". Then this last year or so I've had folks coming up to me with what they thought was a "debunk" to what I was sounding the alarm about. All debunks were easily dissolved. Reality is truth. It stands on it's own. Always, I welcome those that stand up and try to debunk me. Many of them have become the most loyal patrons of the awareness booth. And lastly here, I don't know if "we" will win, but I do know this. I do the best I can for the good of the many. When I die and go meet my maker, I will have more questions than things to answer for. "Just sayin"(grin)….

      Love and strength to ALL

    • Joseph says:

      mmm Simple horseman– You bring alot to this blog.  I wonder were all the people are that get the info we activists hand out about Geoengineering.  Most people are asleep and only care about themselves until the s—t hits the fan. It should not take fires and hurricanes in your own backyard to wake the masses up.  Just saying.

      Dane is an inspiration for the Greater Good on so many levels.

  8. Gary Morrow says:

    Yes, the weather control ghouls are crazy enough to do this. To get an idea of how  far devious and deviant minds are willing to go to advance their sick agendas search Operation Northwoods and Operation Himmler.

    • Julie Disco says:

      To; Gary; The foreign governments did not think in advance about saving seeds or roots or planting tree nurseries. Now that the forest is burned out they will want to build houses on this land.But first they will need to remove the stumps and roots. They will need a stump grinder and a employee to operate it. But their government will be to cheap to buy the equipment or train the employees or pay the employees to do the these jobs. Surely with all of many thousand acres that have burned they will need reforestation. The USA has much logging equipment. Here is a list of companies that sell it: vermeer, robec, forestry trader, norther tool

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    The paid liars at the weather channel have a "pollen alert" over my region today. Just exactly what is pollinating along the 49th parallel anywhere in the northern hemisphere this time of year??? Nothing!!

    Yes indeed, the air today was quite dirty. The aerosols were super thick and there wasn't an aerosol dispersion one anywhere, "in my region". I've learned what it looks like when 'they' lay out dispersions and float them over regions far away. This would be and is quite easy to do. With a 12 to 24 hour fall out time(some longer) the math is pretty easy even for a simple person like myself. I watch dispersions being laid out over my region and watch them drift away over the horizon. Then there are days I watch them float in from somewhere else, micro wave influence and all. "They sure make some neat patterns, would ya say". Those patterns make our jobs of awakening others pretty easy. "Teach them about what they are looking at". Let them decide what to do. I always add in to do the flash light test at night and "see what you see". I've had quite a bit of feed back on that "test". I follow up and drive home that they are breathing what they see and is it slowly dumbing them down. "If you're getter dumber, how would you know?" It makes folks think for more than just a fleeting second. Tomorrow is supposed to hit 100F at the farmers market. I'll be there, as always. Lots of tourists passing through my region now. I look forward to giving them something to read as they wind on down the road. A patron of the booth has graced me with 20 more DVD's to hand out and more on the way. I hand them out like a library book on the honer system. I get about half of them back and often I hear that many are still being circulated. They have my name and phone number on them. Proof that I face my opponents head on. It's a "small town" around here. Reputation is everything. Mine is golden and earned. Sometimes it's hard to get out of town in a timely manner. But I won't turn away someone that wants to talk about what's happening to our environment. I'll write more this Saturday. I have a few more observations to present that came from old timers here that I have talked to recently. "It's working". Patiently teach folks about what they are seeing above their heads as well as whats happening on the ground. Help them make those first connections.

    • Donna-Arizona says:

      We also got the "pollen alert" here in Arizona a week ago, I was like "Oh Really" pollen at 110 degrees in July!  And 2 days ago, the local news channel let us know, "The Monsoon Season Is On Hold" No, they have stopped our monsoons season in July, except for a squirt here and there that got through. I would question every headline coming from the mainstream, we let you know, what we want you to know, paid media liars.


    • Brenda young says:

      Your input is always interesting. Al Gore will be in the Twin Cities talking about environmental degradation, extreme weather and the impact of shifting climate in Minnesota and around the world. He and 30 other lying speakers are training activists. Nothing will be said about our toxic skies. Only a fool would choose to be willfully ignorant. Rush L. needs to be enlightened because a lot of people hang on his every word.  

  10. Duane Martin says:

    Dear Dane – Another week of this sinister anti-life "existence" fire-storming our world, and now they're in the Arctic. Well, the US Army I was once in would never have attacked its own people – we all could draw a broad line between good and evil, right and wrong and who was with us and who against!

    "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."  – Dante Alighieri

  11. Brain says:

    Frightening footage… can’t conceptualize in my mind the mindset of such actions against the planet. The elites must think that they can hibernate underground long enough to winter-over the destruction. Like Starbucks, fools on every corner. 

    • Yung Email says:

      That's exactly what they're planning! DUMBs I'm sure you're familiar with but there are many digging holes and using old missile silos expanded for luxury underground living


  12. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Are nuclear sites prepared for increased wildfires?

     July 25, 2019                    —–.html?soid=1117799148730&aid=b6YxDQCR_RA

  13. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Easter Island was once a thriving Pacific paradise.  Look it up.  It is theorized that the traditional burning of tress as sacrifice to "sky gods" eventually left the island unable to sustain human life… A small contingent of survivors escaped to other islands, but most of the populous starved to death praying to gods who never answered…

    The only difference is that geoengineering is an intentional snuff job.  It is the final death wish of economic slavery.

  14. Ross crocco says:

    Fishscale transmitter generated skies today in carmichael Ca. today.  Why people can't see the obvious is beyond me.  No natural clouds the sky is a mess. God help us.

  15. michael says:

    If anyone is interested; go to the website and look at the article–"The strange ingredients in fireworks". An eye opener for sure. If anyone was wondering why the recent fires in California are burning so intensely, this may be the answer.

    • BlueSue says:

      Due to the high fire danger here in Alaska (resulting from geoengineering) fireworks were banned this past July 4th.  Damn good thing. No shortage of toxins raining down on us without adding the horrible noise and color of polluting patriotic displays.  Pure sickness.

      Copper produces blue sparks.

      A mix of strontium salts, lithium salts and other stuff makes red. 

      Aluminum and titanium put the white stars in an aerial flag.

      Barium, also used in rat poison and glass making, makes green. 

      Calcium burns orange and sodium, yellow.


  16. They are still spraying heavily in Kern County, Inyo Counties California.  Now they’re doing it in the very early am so it’s difficult to see the spray lines but they’re still leaving faint lines and a very white sky.   Chemicals are poisoning the soil and ground water now.  Trying to grow a garden with seeds is impossible as they will not germinate.  The bird population in this area is down to about 10%.

    • JR says:

      Hey Peggy, from the area in Southwest, New Mexico USA area. Hello as always to all. The evil persists and these devils that they know what they do. They shouldn't act stupid and pretend THEY don't! God who created all doesn't need man to interfere with our climate and weather as these lowlife do. He says who is man that I am mindful of him. If they don't repent of their evil they will see hell, no doubt. Meanwhile we are suffering as well as this planet-earth we were told to be good stewards of. We can turn blue in the face and evil as the coward their father the devil is will persist. These punks are it's followers. In the end they will lose their soul as it looks like they already did. What good does it do to have all the riches of the world but in the end lose your soul? Stay rooted in the Word for the people here who Believe we have a higher calling from that Being. We are all suffering, some more in this country as well in other parts of the world for this evil having its last hoorah…Don't Lose Faith, our faith is not in man. Thanks for all the good contributors and good stewards on this earth who want and seek a better life on it with everything thriving.

  17. civilwarrior says:

    "Fire behavior is unprecedented." I’ll take Thermite for $1000 Alex. Soils contain iron. Where there’s iron, there’s iron oxide. Forests and other vegetation benefit greatly with the uptake of iron. A natural and symbiotic occurrence that makes the world as know it happen to no small degree. Though Aluminum is the third most common element on earth at 8.2% behind Oxygen at 46% and Silicon at 28%, it is very rare to find a pure specimen. It likes to hide itself in 270 or so minerals, mainly bauxite. Mother Nature wise as she is, knew better than to let it be so easily mixed with the fourth most abundant element on earth, Iron. She knows Aluminum is a bad boy and does not play well with others. She knows that when Aluminum gets together with brother Iron things get more than just a little inflammatory, they get downright incendiary. Explosive you might say. Explosive and incendiary enough to thoroughly weld two large slabs of two inch thick steel together instantaneously. Explosive and incendiary enough to cut easily through 2-3” thick I-beam support columns on high rise buildings like say The World Trade Centers and Bld 7 for instance. Explosive and incendiary enough to literally melt your car down to the ground and vaporize everything in it while parked in your driveway with flames from a forest fire that never even touched it. 

    So many far reaching layers of evil in this rotten onion called geoengineering. And you know it’s gotta be evil, because nobody is that stupid on this big of a scale for this long to be anything but. A child could see it. I have a name for the ungodly and unholy carpet they lay upon our planet, "Hell on Earth". 


  18. William T says:

    Great video!!! Must watch

  19. Citizen X says:

    Much needed vid, shared on multiple platforms

  20. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Heh, heh… In order to remain consistent, I'm going to say things that will most likely make people hate me even more:


    1. I don't give a damn about Al Gore's Cap&Trade schemes at all.  The corporate OWNED media made a huge deal out of the Cap&Trade scheme, because it totally deflected public focus away from the actual issue, which was and is – massive thermal runaway effects from the burning of petrochemical fuels.  The public caved in to the story, and we now have done absolutely NOTHING to curb carbon emissions in real terms.  In fact carbon emissions have escalated massively since 1998.  Do your research.  I did. 

    2. What if Al Gore was actually concerned, and was telling the truth to the best of his abilities?  Has anyone actually given him the time of day or benefit of doubt in that regard?  The media has been side-slipping the Titanic into the iceberg since about 1904, and no one seems to think that's a dangerous way to steer our illusionary ship of State… The media is payable for lying, because Americans would rather hear a lie than to change the course of their Free dumbs. 

    3. How many air ports and air carriers have been shut down since the release of "An Inconvenient Truth"?  Zero.  The airlines burn millions of tons of aviation fuel per year, and the particulates are released into the high atmosphere at our common peril.  Add in the fact that these aircraft combust tons of fuel at ground level during takeoff and landing.  You're breathing in this crap with every breath, and it's loaded with VERY nasty fuel additives.  I won't bother posting the pertinent links. 

    4. How many American consumer products are made in America?  Answer: Damn near zero.  Shipping these products from the other side of the planet is not exactly fuel efficient or Nature friendly.  Ya know? 

    5. How many military tankers can you fit on the head of a needle?  Take a look at how many military tankers fly around all day long, refueling military jets on route to and from military bases all over the world.  I happen to have a close relative who operates as a flight engineer on these aircraft, and the amounts of fuel burned in a 12 hour flight are astounding.  There are hundreds of these machines in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Let's build some more… Let's blame Al Gore for being a liar and a crook, so we don't have to think about any of the above data…


    Steve Scalise challenges Al Gore climate change |

    • Kathlean says:

      Thank you for sharing this information. 

    • Dennie says:

      And it's all true.  George P. Shultz, economist, former U.S. Sec'y of State under Ronald Reagan, secretary of labor, director of the Office of Management and Budget and secretary of the treasury under Nixon, then left civil service to serve as president of the Bechtel group and back to academics again, was the guest on tonight's broadcast of the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.  He recently wrote a book titled Thinking About the Future.  On the interview this evening he pointed out that the U.S. consumes more than it produces.  

  21. Donna-AZ says:

    @ 8:44, those 2 planes N13NW and N23NW have been very busy "mapping out" other areas also. From Fresno to Humboldt National Forest, from San Diego north to Barstow, from Palm Springs up to Interstate 40, San Diego up the coast to Long Beach and inland, San Diego north to Victorville going through Riverside. You can search those registration numbers on and click on the activity log.

  22. Jed says:

    Most excellent video! Watched it twice. Makes complete sense. Thank you, Dane.

  23. Kelly says:

    Flammagenitus is a new cloud name, (via Cloud Atlas), for clouds that develop as a consequence of convection initiated by heat from forest fires. I was very concerned when these new cloud classifications came out that there may be use of intentional fires to produce cloud coverage for solar radiation management. Wake the masses, this is urgent.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Flammagenitus, oh lord!  On Dane's video I caught sight of pyrocumulous. . . . .

      What will be next?  Fungusvector?

  24. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Lest readers forget (due to media propaganda and public ignorance) President Richard M. Nixon attempted to write and upgrade Federal Environmental protection laws >>>

    Endangered Species Act

    "President Richard Nixon declared current species conservation efforts to be inadequate and called on the 93rd United States Congress to pass comprehensive endangered species legislation.[16] Congress responded with a completely rewritten law, the Endangered Species Act of 1973, which was signed by Nixon on December 28, 1973 (Pub.L. 93–205). It was written by a team of lawyers and scientists, including Dr. Russell E. Train, the first appointed head of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), an outgrowth of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969.[17][18] Dr. Train was assisted by a core group of staffers, including Dr. Earl Baysinger at EPA, Dick Gutting, and Dr. Gerard A. "Jerry" Bertrand, a marine biologist by training, who had transferred from his post as the scientific adviser to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, office of the Commandant of the Corps, to join the newly formed White House office.[19] The staff, under Dr. Train's leadership, incorporated dozens of new principles and ideas into the landmark legislation, crafting a document that completely changed the direction of environmental conservation in the United States. Dr. Bertrand is credited with writing the most challenged section of the Act, the "takings" clause – Section 2." <<<

    After being set up by the corporate media and FBI via the "Watergate scandal" he was forced to resign. Ya, ya, ya… 

    It was also Richard Nixon that pressed forward with the RICO ACT, as he knew that American corporate/military structures were syndicated mafia organizations, and needed Federal courts controls to prevent further erosion of our economic systems.

    Complete text of the article cited: >

    • Kathlean says:

      Wow – thanks for teaching me what I did not  know. *Santa Cruz Ca 

    • Earth Angel says:

      In my opinion one of the worst things ever done was granting corporations the same rights as individuals. This should be repealed and rescinded immediately. Now, individuals are treated as a fiction when it truth it is just the opposite- corporations are the fiction and individuals are what is authentic. Corporations and governments now run roughshod over the individual person's rights, and the natural rights of all creatures of the Earth.. satan's reversal of the truth. This must change.

  25. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    I found myself holding my hand over my mouth or my hand was on my forehead while pacing & watching this video & listening to you Dane. It was very difficult to watch although I know it's happening. All the places around the world that this manufactured weather is happening to. The photo's of the red sun we have seen many times over the past two months. I have many photo's of the sun looking the same here. I said over & over that they were using these fires to further confuse the masses.  They are dirty dogs, through & through.  I pray this 20 + minute  video will shock many & get them up & acting to end this Craziness, Madness, Lunacy, of mankind.   Wake up Participants!!!

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello eyeswideopen:  The stupidity of having emergency responders reliant on something as unreliable as cellular services is very telling.  Fire and emergency services used to have their own dedicated frequency bandwidths and their own dedicated equipment for the task.

      I feel sorry for these fire crews, but this situation speaks volumes to a  total lack of technological savvy and outright negligence on the part of their superiors.  It's their superiors and technical staff that should be sued…

    • eyeswideopen says:

      So true, Paul, so true. I spoke with Forest Service employees early in the summer, and they too have little resources and less personnel to work with. Neoliberal decimation of all social services.

  26. eyeswideopen says:

    While camping at high altitudes, and in certain locales, one can hear the "growlers" up high, the big jets, passing, and know that within 5 to 15 minutes o nes fingers and nose will freeze. Twenty minutes later the air is warm again. One must live outdoors to know what goes on in the real earth world. Chemical ice nucleation, killer metal cold.

  27. Jack McLeod says:

    To admit that they are in control of SRM, those same corporations would have to admit they are the ones who caused damage to the earth. To admit liability then opens them up for lawsuits. That’s why they are so afraid of the truth.

    • Earth Angel says:

      I am afraid that all the money the criminal corporate bankers can print wouldn't be able to BEGIN to repair the damage that's been done to the Earth's life support systems and all the innocent species decimated. But to be found guilty and held liable for these crimes WOULD take away their POWER and their ability to continue with them. Thus we must press ever onward and upward in exposing these truths and let the chips fall where they may!

  28. jeanette s says:

    You know I tried to institute the idea of trying to control water use by using a sun tea jug with a touch control spout but still absolutely clean water still goes down the drain. for a while I was trying to capture the clean and put it in the watering can. One in the kitchen and one in the bath. How much clean, if you want to consider chlorine and floride clean, and thats probably lucky, water goes down the drain to wet your hands, to wet your toothbrush or rinse a spoon or apple? the extra few contaminants are what your plants, surrounding trees love to eat; skin cells, salt, food remnants, cafe, apple juice, yum, its a smoothie to them. hopefully you all are using the more biodegradable things and non floride tooth paste. so I put a watering can in the kitch and bath. the real soapy, vinegary or alkaline stuff let go down the drain, not that this is good for creeks, rivers and oceans. another thought to solar distill all the water, or make a plastic green house with the reed bed/fountain-only use up to grey water, you may want to check with local authorities. take that purified water and water the trees. remember water the at the leaf line  and I have seen articles putting like half inch pipe into the ground several feet and putting water in that to get down to the deep roots with no evaporation. If I were out among the dying trees, the last thing I would be doing is letting water go down the drain, toot a loo, when it can be recycled and purified and that water would be going to all the trees around my house. watering the soil and leaf litter is good too. In the distillers, I would take out the goop fromt eh source water container and let that dry out and of course put it in a plastic bag to that land called "away". solar distillers get to 140 degrees and that kills pathogens. and if there is nothing offensive in the source water you used put it in the compost pile. Laundry rinse water would not be safe either, in the distiller perhaps a second one for the offensive items, plastic fibers from clothing for instance. citizens are the ones who start things; victory gardens for example. check out various methods of recycling and purifying water on the internet and youtube. I have simply put a glass casserole with inverted lid with a corelle bowl in the middle. source water, one inch, in the bottom of the casserole and put over the pilot light on the stove and very passive and the water is very pure. the evaporated water collects on the lid, runs down to the knob and into the bowl. with this method tap water was used. 

  29. Doreen says:

    1] In law, the will of the majority of the people rule. To end geoengineering

    1] A legitimate civil authority in de jure capacity and compliant with the United States Constitution instructs the military to defend the people first and foremost. A legitimate civil authority could be the Mayor of a city. U.S.A. Constitution; military leadership is rightfully subordinate to civilian authority.  or
    2] The majority of people [over 50%] ‘demand’ it b/c by Maxim of Law, Silence is Agreement.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Doreen: Thanks for posting the article. Unfortunately; the issue of command is blurred by the writers preconceived notions regarding the essential duties of military personnel. Their Oath of obligation is to protect and serve the civilian population represented by the American Constitution, period. Their sworn Oath before God, does not specify any allegiances to the vested wallets and board rooms of corporate politicians.

      By Constitutional precedent, the Federal government and all agency powers thereof; are subordinate to local county Sheriffs and States militia, which are further subordinate to We the People.

      Contrary to all corporate media propaganda, the United States  is an established Constitutional Republic with all decisive and discretionary powers delegated to the people therein.

      The Doctrine of Superior/Command Responsibility 

      “Command or superior responsibility” is often misunderstood. First, it is not a form of objective liability whereby a superior could be held criminally responsible for crimes committed by subordinates of the accused regardless of his conduct and regardless of what his knowledge of these crimes. Nor is it a form of complicity whereby the superior is held criminally responsible for some sort of assistance that he has given to the principal perpetrators. Instead, superior responsibility is a form of responsibility for omission to act: a superior may be held criminally responsible under that doctrine where, despite his awareness of the crimes of subordinates, he culpably fails to fulfill his duties to prevent and punish these crimes.” 

      Complete text:


      ["The prerogative writ of quo warranto has been suppressed at the federal level in the United States, and deprecated at the state level, but remains a right under the Ninth Amendment, which was understood and presumed by the Founders, and which affords the only judicial remedy for violations of the Constitution by public officials and agents."]

    • Dennie says:

      Criminals don't care about laws.  That's why the law isn't going to help any time soon.  They are getting away with mass murder and most don't even notice this.

  30. Doreen says:

    CAP AND TRADE: V.P. Al Gore and Enron's CEO Ken Lay devised this trading scheme. Full text

  31. Paulus Basileus says:

    A couple of points first: (1) Thank God for Dane, because like the Master in Gethsemane, he is calling the faithful to WAKE UP.  (2) The connecting of the dots here is a work as transparent as it is brilliant.  The chances of these events NOT being connected in such a way is statistically tiny.

    I will now put the whole thing in a more general crucifixion-of-the-world-population perspective:

    Food everywhere is becoming toxic and nutritionless. (SomeCauses: GMO's; glyphosate and other chemicals mono-cropping; fallout from geoengineering.)

    People everwhere are becoming sick. Chronic illness is epidemic. (SomeCauses: Dietary and environmental toxins; lack of micro-nutrients in food; pharmaceuticals; EMF's (electromagnetic fields, esp. micowave).

    People are losing their intelligence. (SomeCauses: Vaccine-induced autism; fluoridated water; toxins producing brain-fog, idiotizing education.)

    Peoples are becoming unable to reproduce. (SomeCauses: Toxins and covert sterilization through vaccines; systematic and widespread promotion of anti-family and anti-children cultures.)

    Oxygenating trees are dying. ("Its really simple: no trees, no people." DW)

    Animals everywhere are dying, esp. in the sea.

    Plankton is dying. ("Again, its really simple: no plankton, no people either." DW)

    On top of these things you have to keep in mind the following: Free energy (over-unity energy generation) was demonstrated publicly in 1894 by Nikola Tesla.  It was then suppressed by George Westinghouse et al.  It has since, of course, been weaponized as scalar energy.  Sustainable agriculture, which produces nutritious food, has demonstrated that it can easily outstrip industrial ag. and high-tech GMO's in crop yields.  Cancer cures (natural and therefore non-patentable) have been demonstrated with incontrovertible proofs for more than 70 years.

    In other words, we are not failing to thrive because we don't know how to thrive or because the planet is hostile to life or even because there are too many people.  We are failing  because the leaders of the present world order – who are absolutely not (as Dane so often says) the Trumps-on-a-string or the (Theresa) Could-May-Might's – are actually involved in "solving" what they see as the world's biggest problem (i.e. too many other people) by killing off virtually everyone else.

    In conclusion, if you want to enjoy the mansion that has been prepared for you in heaven: stay awake, work to wake others… and pray every day!

    • Dennie says:

      I live very near the listed co-producer of the movie "Thrive," about the "free energy" that has been suppressed and will free mankind.  When I worked to help him out with his organic garden he asked me what I thought about the movie.  I said I'd hoped to be informed as to how the "free energy" worked.  He was unable to explain what it is exactly.  No one in the film could precisely explain it either.  I asked how the technology was going to work, how the energy is generated, what technology will be used as well as how the energy is to be collected and distributed, point of use, network, grid?  Again, no explanation.  No one has been able to explain how this free energy works.  We haven't heard a peep since the movie came out 8 years ago.  Check it out:

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      We are going down because of pure GREED. And if this population had been vigilant, we would have watched the politicians like hawks and held them accountable. It all started, though, at the beginning when Europeans came to this continent and instead of being gentle, murdered so many Native Americans to greedily take over. If we, like the Native Americans, had desired peace, cooperation, and protection of this country's resources, we would not be in this dark place that will make life on this planet go extinct soon. Those who have done such grave damage may deserve what they will ultimately get, but the innocent men, women, children, animals, and plants don't deserve this! I am at a loss for any more words, due to this insanity.

    • Jeanette S says:

      If you ask me that is what Hilly's reset button was about. Notice the reaction of other world leaders. Russia seems to care for their people's welfare more than others. 

  32. Arthur Radtke says:

    Great video update Dane. The map showing the worldwide fires is very sobering.  People with lung illnesses will see a rapid increase of hospitalizations. I have compromised lung issues.  Madison, (Dane County) Wisconsin had 11 inches of rain fall in less than 24 hours last week. Fond du Lac county had a similar deluge back in 2009 or 2010. These were supposedly once in a 100 year flooding events. Dane please stay safe and God Speed to all. 

  33. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, Thank you for yet another "sharp tool" to put in our sheds that contain many of the sharp tools you have provided for all of us to use. I for one, am very grateful and proud to use them. Will this video be put on to DVD for distribution? I'd like to have 50 to "loan out". My region needs to know what's is contained in your presentation.

    I was astounded by the plane flight patterns over the Carr fire area before the fire started. Talk about smoking gun evidence. I would not be surprised to find out that the same scenario took place over BC Canada before their fires and several other locations around the globe as well. The temp map from norm that shows the temps flipping from east to west is occurring here in real time. Oh sure, the cooler temps are nice, but it's tough knowing how it is accomplished and how toxic it is.

    Lastly, Dane, My heart feels for you and your family. I know first had what the impacts are from being impacted by out of control wild fires so close to home. It changes one forever. For myself, I am on "pins and needles" from June to October(Which is when the rains 'should' return). 2014 and 2015 changed 'me' forever. Love and strength to you my friend I have met.

  34. Dane: I caught your latest presentation on YouTube last night. Wow! The intentional setting of fires connected the dots to other supportive research by activists on other forums. There's nothing speculative in your presentation – it's a very powerful message and wake up call to military personnel in particular

    Readers need to understand that the Federal Courts need to be "activated"… There were some powerful legal developments this last week, and civilians need to get off the main stream press sites, and take a hard look at what our legal system can accomplish in terms of cleaning up the swamp creatures in Washington… >

    U.S. CodeTitle 28Part IVChapter 85 › § 1361 

    28 U.S. Code § 1361 – Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty 

    The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any action in the nature of mandamus to compel an officer or employee of the United States or any agency thereof to perform a duty owed to the plaintiff.” [End quote] 

    Complete text:


    U.S. CodeTitle 18Part IChapter 1 › § 2

    18 U.S. Code § 2 – Principals

    (a) Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures its commission, is punishable as a principal.

    (b) Whoever willfully causes an act to be done which if directly performed by him or another would be an offense against the United States, is punishable as a principal.

    Complete text:


    § 2332f – Bombings of places of public use, government facilities, public transportation systems and infrastructure facilities

    § 2339 – Harboring or concealing terrorists

    § 2339A – Providing material support to terrorists

    § 2339B – Providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations

    § 2339C – Prohibitions against the financing of terrorism

  35. Stuart says:

    I saw some evidence of this two weeks ago during the "Holy Fire" here in Santa Ana mtns.  For two days we saw a combination of smoke, monsoon clouds and SRM trails all mixed together. Geoengineers say "aerosols is aerosols".

    Southern CA in Engineered Cooldown mode past few days.  Gradual return of Marine Stratus Clouds and views of heavy SRM activity when clouds break up. "Luminous orange-pink" colors at sunset.

    LA Times story this AM about earthquake swarm in Riverside County.  The "Cahuilla Swarm" has been active for two years, not on major fault.  I have also noted and reported here that these quakes seem to correlate with local weather changes and MAY BE induced by Geoengineering ops.

    • Dennie says:

      Up here in the S.F. Bay Area we have the high smoke from the B.C. fires as well as fog.  The mix creates a nasty sticky slurry making people lick their lips and clear their throats but they have no idea they're doing it or if so, why.  It's cool during the days (at least the air is, kind of, though the sun still feels hot) with chillier evenings, with gray skies hanging lower at sunset– misty-looking and charcoal-gray, too dark to see the geoengineering insanity trails.  There's so much of it that I'm coughing and have dry lungs kinda like back in January.  I have to take my Isatis Gold formula to open up the bronchioles and soothe the upper respiratory tract.  These assholes really could kill us with their toxic air.  All it takes is an older, frailer person getting hit with one of "their" massive cool-down campaigns.  It's also hitting my little Suzuki violin students who come down with fevers and reschedule their lessons whenever the Insane Military bastards spray the toxic icy-hot crap all over us–  UNFAIR!!!!!  SPRAY YOUR OWN KIDS

  36. Geir says:

    This is really shocking, and really eye opening.

    • Marie says:

      Dennie can you wear a mask outside? I would if the air was that bad. They gave cheap surgical masks at Walmart and such., but i like the Vog mask and the Omnipure mask. Do a search.

  37. Mike says:

    Dane, thank you so much for this stellar video, packed as it is with undeniable and sobering facts. If this doesn't rouse the deniers out of their slumber I don't know what will! But, of course, as you so often say, the message has to reach them first. So I will forward the link to as many people and organizations as I can – including persistent and shameless deniers like 'Friends of the Earth' and 'The Green Party' here in the UK, and my local MP. I've done this many times before, with little positive effect, unfortunately. But one can only try…and thank you for your heroic efforts in this all-important cause. I'm certain Gaia is on your side, too!

  38. Frank says:

    Dane always warned that they would do things like this. After all, what will the forests be good for once we are gone? So this points to the other terrible thought that was also discussed here: what will they use to produce the last round of particulates when absolutely nothing matters? There will not even be a mark left that we ever existed here after they are done.

  39. Star Messenger says:

    The bombers being shown in this WW II video spewing heavy vapor trails cannot be compared with today's jet engines because those WW II aircraft contain internal combustion engines (double bank of nine cylinders each, radial design, with water injection).  If that is their strongest argument claiming the vapor trails of their day are equal to what we see today coming from high bypass jet engines then, anyone with just two working brain cells can see right through their flawed reasoning.  It also proves that "choosing to believe a lie" is not that uncommon.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Star Messenger, even the WWll aircraft were a part of the climate engineering testing (in addition to having water vapor injection systems on aircraft like the B-17). FYI

  40. Espen Brandshaug says:

    Thanks for the update, not uplifting though. This has DIRE implications far beyond what I(among many) ever could imagined, or at least hoped for! As a Norwegian citizen having watched this video, it now stands all so clear to me why we've had the HOTTEST and DRIEST summer EVER recorded in Norwegian/Scandinavian history!! Not to mention the weird weather now going on, with thunder & lightning, stormy winds, heavy rain mixed hail with short sunny glints, leaving a sulfuric smell in the air. Everyone's questioning the phenomenon as it is beyond abnormal, yet there is NO mentioning or interest from MSM what so ever. The weather-service(partly/mostly controlled by the government, Meteorologisk Institutt), are heavy into the ongoing coverup, stating blatant lies like: This hot summer's a "once in a lifetime experience" or "one in a hundred years phenomenon"…you might as well enjoy it! Yeah right, enjoy 40-45' Celsius…are you fu@king kiddin' me?!

    PS. A year ago I wrote a letter to the Norwegian Meteorologisk Institutt with some questions as follows: #1. Could you explain why the blue skies appear more and more "whiteout"? #2. Could it have anything to do with the increasing chem-trails? #3. What role does the institute play regarding geoengineering? #4. Why still cover up the obvious?

    The answer: Your question is forwarded, dept.


  41. Dennie says:

    This makes perfect sense.  Rosalind Peterson pointed out back around 2011 or so the fact that there were lightning experiments being conducted around the state.  The pieces of the puzzle are definitely falling into place….

    • JR says:

      Yes, I've seen those in our sky at night with no clouds visible Dennie. Lightning like somewhat resemblance across sky, not coming down to earth, dry like with no thunder or noise some years back. Over Las Cruces, NM  they had green like colors another time, phosphorous green like pulses all night every 3-4 seconds before sun came up years back. The psychos are crazier than crazy, a bunch of wackos…

  42. Lawrence Goodwin says:

    I am infinitely grateful for this vital online resource, Dane. Your consistently thought-provoking interviews and articles always shed light on this blatant, though highly secretive, geoengineering campaign that damages our only Earth. Like many readers, I have seen for years how these wretched aerosol sprays contaminate our skies. A while ago, before reading this post (and listening), I walked in from an otherwise beautiful late summer night. The sky after 11 p.m. (with a nearly full August moon) was being horribly obscured by yet another blast of aerosols, while the air felt sticky with an artificial coolness. For me it prompts obvious questions: What is the purpose of nighttime spraying? How could it possibly be labeled as "solar radiation management," when the sun's rays are six hours away from beaming down on that given area?     

    For the last month in the Capital Region of New York, following a previous month of very unusual drought-like conditions (no rain at all), we have been pummeled by severe rainstorms. They remain in our "forecast" for several days ahead. When the clouds finally break, the aerosol sprays are often in plain sight for everyone to see. One recent rainstorm unfolded with a bizarre scene of brief but monstrous winds. It proceeded to dump so much water so fast, that I've never seen anything like it. Fifteen minutes later a second, drenching wave of dark water clouds rolled slowly through this region.

    As a lawn-mowing service provider for 17 seasons, the two weather extremes–bone dry from mid-June through late July, then inundated by successive patterns of moisture that were apparently manipulated to swirl around like inland hurricanes–have proven difficult to contend with, to say the least. Most local grass, after being widely browned out, now  grows so fast and thick that it's hard to keep up with the lawn cuts.          

    • Jason Sharkey says:

      I also live in central New York. The majority of people seem blinded to the collapse of our natural weather patterns. During our dry and extremely hot weather, my plastic blinds melted and fell. I bought new ones. At 5:00 in the afternoon I heard them drop. Looking nothing like what I bought. They were mangled in a few hours. I lived in Florida and New Orleans before settling in c. New York. We didn't even have a white blanket las winter. If you have been up here long enough the damage is easy to see. The damage to our weather and environment have multiplied in parallel with the aerosols. It is sad. When masses wake up, will the damage be too great for our children to thrive? 

    • sharon s says:

      Here in the deserts of Nevada, we missed our monsoon season for the first time, the smoke of the Yosemite fires hasn't left us for TWO months, everything is dry, dry, the water table in our agriculture valley has dropped, wells are failing. Residents who can't afford to dig deeper will just have to walk away from their houses. Crops will fail, but oh, I think that's the plan!    

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      I've noticed here in north Mississippi that when I wake in the mornings, the sky has that sickening milky white color, and I could tell that the spraying had been done during the night.  Then if no more spraying is done during the day, by late afternoon the normal blue skies and normal clouds can be seen again. I may be wrong, but from observing this, I think the power structure is trying to do the spraying at night to keep people from seeing it, especially since more people are waking up more to what is being done to us. That's just my theory.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, looks like "they're" going in for The Kill.  



  43. Frank says:

    The time is quickly passing before us when arguing with friends and family about this subject matter is of any consequence. I am making a desperate plea to anyone who has seen this video and has some kind of personal relationship with someone with power. Please call this person and try your best to convince him or her to take action to halt these climate engineering operations. These horrendous operations are being carried out by people like you and me. They may be worried about what they are doing all the time and your one call may tip the balance and make them take action to stop it. Human society is a network and we all have the potential to affect others based on what they think of us. Please think in a way you have never thought before and then take a chance. Call that person and try.


  44. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Dane, this video may be your best to date! Conclusive convincing evidence with hard facts that put so much together for us. Your relentless courage is an inspiration to all. You are our North Star. People deserve to know the truth about what is being done to our planet and us. God Bless and protect you & your love ones.

    Smoky summers the 'new normal' around Pacific Northwest, scientist say / Kara Kostanich / August 21st 2018
    SEATTLE, Wash. – Wildfire smoke is back for a second summer and it’s swallowing up some of Western Washington’s best summer days.
    The smoky skies and bad air quality have some people asking, is this our new normal?
    “This is the new normal,” said James Agee, an emeritus professor of forest ecology at the University of Washington.


    • izzy says:

      A powerful testimony, and well explained. Someone new to these developments might understandably say, “WTF??!!”

      Yet I can’t help but suspect there is yet an undefined and unconnected dot lurking just beyond the range of this particular discussion. So much widespread effort is going into the program, but any perceived benefit (?) is short-term, and further along it only gets much worse as a result. In an individual that would certainly be insane and psychotic behavior. In a large organization, or many of them in cooperation, it begins to look intentionally purposeful, even if coldly immoral. The actual end game, should it ever come to light, may well be an even greater shock. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

  45. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Antarctica is beginning to return to NASA Worldview. Remember that the Southern Hemisphere is still in winter, however it is easy to see in this screenshot that the ice in the Weddell Sea area of Antarctica is cracking, crevices, breaking up into chunks. What will summer bring?

    • herb says:

      hi susan, ive been watching antartica also, it seems the sst s are far too warm to even induce freezing. I picture Antartica like a hugh rock underwater getting hammered by warm water,even in winter.Year round melting .Im surprised hugh chuncks of ice hav nt broke off. Oh wait ,hugh chuncks of ice have broken off.I wish they would put a siemagraph down there.   Pce

    • Wildflower says:

      Anyone notice that the skies in the pic of Antarctica appear to be filled with heavy spraying?

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