California Drought, How To Party On The Titanic


Dane Wigington

Climate engineering operations are cutting off the flow of moisture to the US West, how much longer can Californians last without rain? Primary reservoirs are about to run dry,  Lake Shasta in Northern California is a case in point. Though there is very little water left in the lake and record wildfires are burning in regions surrounding Lake Shasta, the boat launching and recreating continues unabated. No matter how devastating and dire environmental degradation has become, there are many who are willing to ignore biosphere collapse in order to keep their personal pursuit of pleasure going till the last possible moment. Can the masses be awakened in time?

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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  1. On the shores of the Salish Sea says:

    "Your weekly broadcasts are a lifeline."     -abc

    I must add that all of your broadcasts are a lifeline!  It is healing for the mind to finally be presented with real facts instead of constant lies wrapped up in partial truths.

    How to party on the titanic?  You hit the nail on the head here!

    Thank you

  2. Joseph says:

    Thanks Dane — I had no idea that Lake Shasta was almost all gone,. 

       I  personally have been to that lake in the 70s and 80s  and swam there too.  That was a totally eye opening video,   My concern is for your health and your family.     It seems that all the precipation is being cut off out west and the east coast like were i live is receiving record amounts of rainfall.  I think haarp plays a big part of this too.?

        Anyway, I continue to hand out your flyers etc and hope that more people come on board to help  share this great website of yours.

  3. John Morris says:

    So credible. Let us build awareness. You are doing it. I will let my immediate circle know.

    Thank you!


  4. Marilyn says:

    Thank you Dane for going down into the mudhole to report on this horrifyiing scene.   I just flew back from Seattle to Los Angeles over a week ago,  and the smoky view was all the way down,  including dried up lake beds and snowless mountains.   I knew Lake Shasta was low,  but had no idea it was that bad.  Sad days all around but we must continue the fight to wake as many people as we can.   

  5. Michael says:


    Again many thanks and we are spreading the word here in NZ. I have continually suggested "The Dimming" to many here. I had a sign made for the rear window of my car. We hear you loud and clear from New Zealand!


  6. Tess L'Avange says:

    Dane I saw the resort which you shot in its original position when my brother was working in Redding in 2007.  My dad, a civil engineer, and I visited the dam and took the tour.  Wow.  I am speechless and so grateful for you shooting the apocalyptic scene up there.  A little further south of you we're seeing what I call "nuclear fog" in the mornings that doesn't feed the redwoods the way it should as their bark's bald spots grow bigger by the day with UVC sterilization.  The golden state's grasses are not gold anymore but more of a sickening grey color.  We're looking like Mars down here as our lakes run dry too and our dams, well, dam….  More farmers and rural residents are cut off from water supplies and "herd for sale" signs are popping up with some regularity as I see cows chewing on aluminum, barium, and strontium-laced grasses that should be a bit more green with the fog belt but instead look more grey than even gold.  More For Sale signs cropping up too as intergenerational farmers just can't make it here anymore, like up in Klamath.  When does this geoengineering become a Geneva Convention issue of intentional genocide that violates our human rights, to say nothing of our planet's rights to have its own endemic systems in place?  People are spacing out about it from DARPA's work in corrupting "hearts and minds" to simply not pay attention and keep the capitalist coffers fed for as long as the gig can last.  My question in reviewing the film of the lake bed is, "Why would you put yourself in that position to absorb and inhale so much toxic smoke?"  I guess COVID has really made people desperate to reunite with their old communities, which I can certainly understand, but at a steep cost it looks to me.  I can't thank you enough, as always, for what you're doing to get the word out.  I've begun distributing leaflets to fire departments and posting on community boards so people can look it up if they want to.  I hope the literature is not taken down but I suspect it might be in this "Must Control People Through Our Omnicide" scenario.  Wow.

  7. Earth Angel says:

    Dane, Thank you for this report. This is what so called 'journalists' in the lying, complicit, criminal media SHOULD be reporting on instead of the nonsense they regurgitate every day. How they can live with themselves I don't know. It has come to citizen journalists like you and a few others getting the truth out on issues that MATTER to us all. Thank you for being an example of what the human race SHOULD BE. Your patience in helping people to awake and find their own courage to face what is happening and speak out is God Given. You are clearly doing what you were born to do. Seeing this most recent video documentation of the destruction of Lake Shasta and your area of northern California almost made me literally sick to my stomach. I am stunned at the devistation there. Shame on Newsom, Pelosi, the criminal msm, and the rank and file of local politicians who continue to IGNORE THIS! Clearly they DO NOT care anything about their State or they would be 'raising the roof' to HALT these clandestine military operations everywhere that are KILLING OUR EARTH. Just as you say, " How Bad Does It Have to Be??".. before the insanity is stopped. Are people really that dumb that they could attempt to enjoy recreating in a mud puddle in a dust bowl with smoke & fires raging all around them? The spigot MUST be allowed to be turned back on the west coast- and we MUST FIND and EXPOSE those who are doing this RIGHT NOW!! God bless you for your goodness, courage, patience and tenacity. As a contributor (perhaps from down under) once put it, "Bloody Legend"!  We are forever grateful to you Dane whatever the outcome.

  8. BBB says:

    Thanks for this shocking look at Lake Shasta.  I do not think most people realize just how vast a water reservoir was this man-made lake.  Well, your sojourn down into the last dying trickle will educate anyone who views this apocalyptic landscape video.  A wake up call for sure.  I am south of your location in Central Mendocino County.  The air quality here is close to being as bad as what you are having to breathe.  This video you have produced ought to be shown on every media outlet.  The public, especially in the cities, are pretty much clueless about the drought's severity.  Water still flows from the shower head. Lake Mead and Lake Powell are competing to see which one dries up first.  40,000,000 people are threatened with a double whammy of curtailed energy and water.  It's past a wake up call.  As you know, the rainy season is arriving later each year.  What should begin in late September now arrives the end of November or first week of December.  And most of the rain is now mostly mist, not actual rain.  A seminal change has occurred that too many believe is just an aberration, soon to be reversed by Mother Nature.  

  9. Paul Davis says:

    Dane. Excellent. Your updates continue to give  me the energy & focus to continue. Really appreciate your focus on the bigger picture and presenting other related events. This gives great context to the GE programs.  REgarding spreading the word, I keep posting on Twitter to people posting pictures of the trails in the sky , posting on the website and The Dimming; many responses, positive.-Paul

  10. Gary Morrow says:

    Horrible. This is what decades of weather warfare looks like. As you say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The closest I got to Lake Shasta was Redding on a trip from Los Angeles to Arcata in 1990. It was still a lush green back then.

  11. A Friend says:

    I shared this powerful video with several people I know including my uncle whose family lives in Los Angeles County, Pasadena.

  12. Carlb says:

    Hello from down under.All prior comments endorsed.

    There is total isolation occurring, designed to discourage any style of meaningful discussion, and to make all subservient in this spiritual war.

    Keep up the excellent work Dane.

    There is a growing band who have been on the knife edge, and will continue to be, alongside of you. 


  13. abc says:

    Excellent Report Mr. Wiggington!!!  I sincerely appreciate your willingness to do the investigative reporting that is shockingly missing from our modern society.  Thank You for your courage to speak the truth that you continue to uncover and Thank You for your heartfelt encouragement for all of us to continue forth in seeking and sharing truth regardless of any fears or doubts. 

    Please always remember that you are being heard by so many individuals, and your message is taken to heart by so many even when the responses are few and far between.  I never imagined that I could survive such difficult circumstances I have found myself in right now, and yet I am still here somehow.  Your weekly broadcasts are a lifeline.

    The many seeds of self-respect, unbiased awareness and universal love that you and your team have been planting for so long will surely show many more of their sprouts above ground very soon.  I am greatly looking forward to beholding that beautiful garden in all its splendor as it continues to expand exponentially.  You are all in my prayers.

    • Robin Christensen says:

      abc,  Thank you for pouring your heart out in such an encouraging way.  As you say "I never imagined I could survive such difficult circumstances."  I am just recovering from Chimera COVID virus.  I have not been vaccinated.  I have a rash in my back & still cough, but prefer natural immunity versus medical immunity.  Greatly at odds with my family.  I will call the Dr about rash (likely contagious).  Heh! I'm much better!  Yes, I also look forward to beholding that beautiful garden. . . as it continues to expand exponentially.  Looking forward Dane to continue the battle.  Bless you & your growing support.  

  14. Tara Lane says:

    Thank you Dane for your continuous efforts in awakening and educating the masses. With more people like you on this planet I believe there will come change and renewal. Know that you have a, hopefully soon to be a very very large, army walking behind you on this journey. I have been offering, for many years now, the information that you provide to help open minds and hearts to the reality of the man made engineered weather we have today and have had for decades. I will continue to do so, until my last breath, to help protect our planet and our future generations. Sending strength and protection to all who choose to stand up and advocate strongly for a cleaner and healthier world. Again, thank you for all you are doing. 

  15. Lydia Minier says:


    I have little hope that the masses can be awakened.  I have recommended "The Dimming" so many times but no one seems concerned. I live in Western Montana and the heat and drought have been awful this Summer.  Not an ounce of nature in that heat dome. My pine trees have no smell whatsoever and there is no dew on the grass in the morning. 

    I admire your work so much and I find that you are very patient considering the emergency.  I worry about the countries and regions where governments have refused to join in the mass psychosis of the pland…ic.  Haiti's earthquake was no coincidence nor was the death of their leader and those African leaders,  Now, it is Romania who has said "No".  What will they invent to destroy them.

    HAARP has to be eliminated but how since so  few believe it even exists. As individuals, we can still say No to the jab, but stopping the weather manipulators seems like an impossible proposition. I am 74.  My Dutch grand-father (in Holland) died in 1963 but he had already told his family what was going to happen to the world weather.

  16. Mary says:

    So powerful, so heartbreaking, absolutely mind blowing. Eternally grateful to you Dane. 

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