Aluminum Snow: Lab Test Confirmed


Dane Wigington

Geoengineering Watch will start to release as of yet unseen footage from the filming of The Dimming, this is the first installment. Aluminum nanoparticle fallout from climate engineering operations are building up in our snow, soils and runoff waters, the levels are far beyond alarming. Lab test results of snow from the side of Northern California's Mt. Shasta are a truly shocking example. Testing samples from this formerly pristine water source have revealed levels of aluminum that are so astronomically high that the meltwater can only be considered completely contaminated. This 7 minute video contains important footage. The testimony revealed in this video is from a highly degreed former USFS government scientist, it serves as a sobering wake up call and warning for us all. 

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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16 Responses to Aluminum Snow: Lab Test Confirmed

  1. DarleenvAbicrombee says:

    So USA Today fact checked this report indicating drinking water was below EPA detection levels for aluminum.

    Okay, looks like the snow melt that has high tested aluminum levels, isn't apparently making it into subsurface aquifers that feed into the lake which collects surface and subsurface water.

    If the drinking water 🚰 doesn’t indicate toxic levels of aluminum, then that is good.  However, that does not mean the snow is safe to eat on Mt. Shasta.

    USA Today's article should have said their municipal drinking water has tested at safe levels, according to EPA, but snow on Mt. Shasta is not advised to eat for various reasons.

    This just fact checked USA Today.

  2. Betsy says:

    On the morning of March 25, I had to run an errand before the forecast snow started.  It was falling harder than I anticipated in the 20 minutes I was gone, so I had quite a scattering of snow on my car.  I went home and immediately parked in the garage.  Two days later when the snow was gone and I drove my car (it hadn't moved from the garage since the snow event), I noticed what I thought at first looked like water spots from the snow.  That's not what it was – it was a white powdery substance.  There would be no reason for snow to leave a powdery substance.  My husband said it was dirt, but the dirt here is brown, not white. And unlike dust from windy days, it was only where the snow had been, not distributed evenly over the vehicle.  I wish I had a way to gather it for sampling and a place to have it tested.  

    • Art says:

      I  live in paradise and took a picture of a gelatinous substance on my porch when the snow started to melt. 

    • Patty says:

      Last week (week of June 7, 2023) we had terrible smog and smoke here in central NJ from the Canadian wildfires. The air quality was hazardous. I don't know if the particulate matter of the smoke was a contributing cause, or the chemtrails which I see multiple times a week, or, a combination of the two factors,  but this morning (after being away for a week) I went out to my garden and found that all the tomato, potato and herbal leaves had tiny reflective silvery specks on them which glimmered in the sunlight. I've never seen anything like this before. I saved a number of the leaves. I wish I could get them tested in a lab. My bet is aluminum particles. We're breathing in, eating, and drinking aluminum particles. I imagine we could all benefit from chelation therapy.


  3. New Viewer says:

    Thank you for this excellent report.

  4. brian Lee says:

    It's what we've known all along, and sadly the planes that are being flown, are all USAF!  Look at them on "flight radar" as they pass by, until they decide to start turning their transponders off!  Thank you Dane, once again, and does anyone know about a good drinking water filtration system that can alleviate most of this stuff?

  5. Coo says:

    Is there a filter we can used to try to reduce the aluminum in our drinking water?


    Two years ago  here in mid-western NH.because of drought conditions I needed to fill my well with pool water supplied by a local transporter. via a large tanker that delivered it. The source was a large lake designated for Manchester NH Drinking water. I was at the nozzle end into my well.watching to tell the operator when it had filled.The water was not clear but silver gray. when he had finished I could not see the bottom, as usual. when checking the level during the next month the bottom was not seen , but eventually showed up quite less clear as normal. In previous years doing so, I had noticed it , but not so extreme. Now I feel my aquifer has been contaminated.We will no longer drink it. No need to test it for I am afraid , I am having my doubts that Aluminum will be even tested for. Most likely I will waste my money and who will I receive compensation from ? Thank You for confirming my doubts as to the water purity. It is surely a monstrous systematic poisoning effort by nefarious  culprits. It is revealed by this valuable information in this video here, that this is happened mostly everywhere nowadays.

    LORD HELP US. We Pray. Continue to tell Your own stories people who are aware of this. Maybe someday we can awake the sleeping populace.

    • Danna Marie Morse says:

      It really sucks that our whole world, everything in it, has been poisoned by a few psychopaths with nepharious, idiotic agendas. Yes, I cannot wait to go Home and for earth to be made anew and for these people to face Our Lord and Father, Creator of all, the Great I Am during that fateful Day of Judgement. I cannot fathom that they cannot understand that what they are doing is incorrect and wrong!! I have no knowledge of well water but you wrote this on the very day of the Ohio train derailment controlled burn. I saw a video of a couple that threw a rock into a stream and up from the bed, popped a sheen of rainbow-colored rings. I'm wondering if there is concern for the rain that could have dropped toxins in the whole region as the wind speed and direction went right over neighboring states. My daughter is visiting Windham, NH and left on 2/15. I told her to not drink the water nor eat or play in any snow that falls. Be careful and if you get the opportunity for Northern to test your water, soil or home, do not do so if there is a "Hold Harmless" clause. Change your home's air filter and BAG IT. Do not throw it away as this will be your only evidence when a massive lawsuit arises from neglect. Tell your friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same. Just a piece of advice. I do pray your water and well can be tested, just don't sign an indemnity clause form. God Help Us, indeed. 

  7. brent papon says:


    our water has been gray HEAR for @ two months.

    I'm running it through porceline filters.

    It works or at least it appears that way.

    There's simply no way to get away from it.


  8. Jonathan says:

    Thank you Amigo. I just shared this with my local state district congressman Dr. Greg Murphy, North Carolina District 3. I encourage everybody to do likewise.

    • Robin says:

      I just followed up with a letter to my federal Representative Betty McCollum.  She is on the defense appropriations committee.  She is presently working to prevent toxic mining in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota.  Thank you Jonathan for the suggestion!

  9. Joe Strauss says:



    My hat is off to you for the EXCELLENT.."just the facts mame."


       The  Dimming  video….

    Revealed..Aluminun oxide nano particles can only be seen,

    electron type microscopes.   Francis Mangels,former US

    forest service Biologist said it Directly.  No Alum oxide nano

    particle are to be "Natural occuring" in rain fallout.



    Your other weekly news updates state ,graphene particles in

    tested sample material…same as the Covid booster shots have.


    Those who can not understand the destruction all around

    are sleepwalking upon the EARTH.

        You could not improve one minute of the    Dimming."



  10. Joe says:

    Thanks Dane —

    I use to go to MT . Shasta in  the 70s and 80s..  It had great views and was a beautiful place to vacation.

    I have great memories.

    • Joe says:

      I used to also drink the water off of Mt. Shasta at 10000 feet where I camped and  slept off of a  ridge that looked at on Mt. Lassen.

        Great sunrises  in the mornings etc and all the other special things that happen at Mt. Shasta was a real treat back in the day.

      You had to hike to get there from Panther Meadows camp ground. 

      Today all that water is toxic.   What a sad story but


      Great work here .

  11. Gary Morrow says:

    Shocking news, but a great report Thanks Dane

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