Climate Engineering, New Film Footage Confirmation


Dane Wigington

The climate science community is increasingly calling for massive global climate engineering / solar radiation management operations to be immediately deployed to mitigate climate collapse. They tell us that if climate engineering atmospheric spraying operations were to occur, that our skies would look exactly like they already look. Yet, academia is still pushing the false narrative that the lingering and expanding jet aircraft trails in our skies are only a result of “condensation”. For the record, all US military jet air tankers and all commercial jet carriers are equipped with "Hi Bypass Turbofan" jet engines which are by design nearly incapable of producing condensation trails except under rare and extreme conditions. The trails we increasingly see in our skies are the result of sprayed dispersions related to climate engineering, not condensation. Question, how dire does the unfolding climate collapse have to become before the climate science community acknowledges the ongoing global climate engineering assault? 

The past propensity of populations to deny the ongoing climate engineering atrocities is finally breaking down. Increasingly shocking and compelling film footage captures of jet aircraft aerosol dispersions are rapidly eroding the official false narrative that we are only seeing "condensation trails" in our skies. 

Totally normal they say… What do you think? The 3 minute video below reveals military jets spraying over Nashville, Tennessee, December 20, 2019, captured by J. Sherwood.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is unfolding, we must make every day count.

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  1. Arch Stanton says:

    What I would like to know is how the air traffic controllers deal with the crazy quilt flight patterns for these jet sprayers. The patterns appear at altitudes that would be highly disruptive to normal air traffic at cruising altitudes for commercial jet and military traffic.

    Are air traffic controllers vectoring these large jet to play tic-tac-toe in the sky or are they instructed to vector all other traffic to different altitudes and headings to avoid them?

  2. penny waters says:

    what's with the 'fuel' dumped out of an aircraft over schools in los angelos

    says many people affected


    or was it like last year on our south coast? many holiday makers hospitalised when a 'fog' rolled in from the sea

    it will happen more and more – humans make mistakes!!!!

  3. penny waters says:

    wrote coupla posts ago

    dear boris johnson talked about the 2% of people who run things – and the rest of us 98% – the underlings

    he said how the 2% who run things should be supported and envy should be encouraged

    see – he is one of the 1,120,000million in the uk

    yep that's the 2% – we've got over a million of idiot people who think they know stuff – and think they are special

    tis them who are destroying our world – would we be any different  – is it the institutions that are created in society who keep this whole thing going

    tis a complete madness

    i have met just a very few of the 2% and i have not been impressed

    cold, arrogant, superior but remarkably naive and emotionally deficient at the same time

    how very very sad it all is

    love to you all

  4. Experiment 7 says:

    I also wish to thank you and your people for waking this sheep up. On the east coast of Australia the spraying of the poisons of geoengineering terrorists, has ramped up dramatically. Regular daily aerosol dispersions of this filth, is clearly being carried out by both military drones and specialised tankers and civilian aircraft. Like the rest of the world, our skies are now for the most part, white from horizon to horizon.  We don't have natural rain systems but rather a hideous chemical fog. A mixture of spray, and smoke from the burning of our house.                                                                                                                 Yes Australians are victims of our criminal and evil government and military. Our Vichy are doing their masters proud.                                          Yes they are spraying the hell out of us.                                                             Yes they are and will burn all of our forests.                                                      Yes every state of Australia is on fire.                                                               Yes we are becoming sick and dying from these geoengineered attacks.  Yes this is their plan for us and for you.                                                            Yes our Vichy is covertly militarising our responder services under the guise of better managing natural disasters, such as the engineered burn down, till there nothing left to burn here.                                                            Hear this warning…..                                                                                            Watch carefully what is happening from now on, in the subjugated land I call my home.                                                                                                          We are the template of what is to come.                                                          God help us all.                                                                                                       Especially all the defenceless creatures of the world, we take with us, into oblivion.                                                                                                          

  5. Grandpa Chuckie says:

    We cannot view the video. Utube says “An Error Has Ocurred”. Yet we can see all sorts of useless videos! We’ve been traveling from NM, Tx, La, Ms, Al, Ga, and Fl. Seems spraying is heaviest in the most populace areas like Tx and Fl. Makes us totally upset. Find those responsible and feed it to them and their kids!!!!

  6. Pastor Jim Inman says:

    Dayton, Ohio is being hit very hard. There are on a regular basis from 6 to 20 planes over us spraying large amounts of their chemicals. After a cloud cover has been created they seem to spray more behind the clouds. If a small opening appears you may see a indefinite number of planes. They seem to spray more after they create the cloud cover. Weather here on 01/11/2020 is 65 degrees

  7. Bella_Fantasia says:

    How much poison is needed to get the Arctic and subarctic in Alaska as cold as it has been?  Really, we're going on 3 weeks of Zero F and below with no rebounding warmth.  In Anchorage the hoar frost looks essentially exquisite, like the frozen summer palace in Dr. Zhivago.  It's too bad everyone feels sick and/or in pain.

    Is there any sea ice in the Arctic?  There was open water for 150 miles off Alaska only a couple of months ago.  Now the weather maps show Siberia, the northern three quarters of Alaska, and most of Canada in dark pink, indicating frigid temperatures.  Meanwhile the moist air is coming up from the southwestern Pacific as it has for several years now.  Weather readers mention how the cold is 'filtering down' from the north without any animation of any northern storms or fronts. 

    The trails over Anchorage do not seem to have increased, so one wonders if there is immense spraying over the North Pole.  I just have to wonder where all this extra cold, cold is coming from.

    See if the this water vapor loop coming up to Alaska posts.


    • penny waters says:

      i suggest that the cold, yes it can get colder than i have ever experienced in my 70yrs, the cold comes from having no atmosphere.

      when the sun goes down there is nothing between us and space

      scary, can't describe how scared i get cos i know what is going on

      and there are so few people who are brave enough to 'see'

  8. kawika says:

    Is the particulate source from fuel or supplemental tanks, or both?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kawika, in regard to your question the extreme dispersions like those shown in the video in question are sprayed payload dispersions. Shorter bright trails are likely, in most cases, fuel additives.

  9. Ann says:

    UTube has taken this clip off for Australian viewers…

    • Polly says:

      Well, I saw it today earlier on from Australia – but then I am in no need of convincing……what a shame it is not all over our news – ha ha that will be the day…been on earth long enough to know what real clouds look like. Now days thunder storms arrive very quickly – of course no warning as the sky is whited out – so unplugging all electricals is a race save power surges .denial all over here – ..I distill my water and now see little perfectly round dots on the bottom of the chamber when it is finished. they were not present about  a year ago. God only knows what they are.

      Dane you must have a will of iron – congratulations – safe travelling along life,s highway

  10. Thomas Ciolli says:

    Yup, looks exactly the same here in Bruce Michigan. On many occasions the aftermath of the assault blankets the entire sky from horizon to horizon. 

  11. Kathy Peterson says:

    Thank you Dane. This is an excellent film capture of the military industrial complex's intentional violation of human rights, poisoning humans and all life while destroying the planet. This is a great clip to share with others & those who I've directed to your website. Your truth telling labors of conviction (and essentially love) have greatly impacted me and given me tools through which to share this critical message. I keep you and your family in my prayers & appreciate your integrity, honor and eloquence in this mission. Thank you.

  12. Sharon Dewey says:

    EXCELLENT video, Dane!!  Very informative, compelling and POWERFUL.  The photos and the graphic presentation of the evidence and documentation were perfect.  And your calm, serious and articulate delivery made this video even more powerful – a valuable tool for those of us trying to help raise awareness.  I've shared this video from YouTube (because it's easier for people to get straight to the video) BUT I included a "plug" and a link to you and in my post.  THANK YOU so much for spearheading this issue and for all your hard work and the great information you have provided all these years…

  13. Kim Ireland says:

    Dane, thank you so very much for this special spray footage from Nashville.  Here in Sonoma County, north of SF Bay.  The spraying has been relentless and mainly daytime.  However, last night we had a low level "strafing run" around 3 AM.  Then this morning, 9 degrees below forecasted low…indicating a "cool down " operation.

    Also, apparently, more nanofibers now in the spray mix.  A recent walk in a nearby wildlife marsh revealed every low level vegetation wrapped in hundreds of these extremely fine fibers only visible upon close inspection with the proper angle of the sun to clearly see them.  They reflect various colors.  Super creepy realizing we can be breathing these chemical fibers unknowingly.  Have been observing there presence here and there, like covering my car windshield, but never in the density I recently saw.

    And one last comment about why so few willing to discuss what is so obvious in the sky, and now on the ground as well.  I say we've been " empirized, or put another way, simply mesmerized by the creation of endless monies to take care of ALL disasters.  Essentially "disaster capitalism" where every disaster gets monetized.  Doesn't matter nature of the disaster,  just another opportunity to create endless spending.

    And this will continue until crop failure creates food shortages requiring rationing as occured here in US during and immediately following WWII.  I remember those days.


    My humble thanks to you for creating this forum inspiring all of us dedicated to truth.

  14. virginia says:

    Ciao, Marco,

    Cuore di Vita.   Bei pensieri, Marco.   Beautiful thoughts and especially so written in Italian.  Heart of life…..I pray that heart is strong and can withstand the ugly evilness that threatens all of us.

    I saw two little Stellar jays eating my peacock's corn, this morning.  Two little guys were there once was such a variety of birds on my rural acreage.  I actually was brought to tears and wondered if this was all real.  To me, a world without birds is like a world without Italy.  Birdsong – I wonder if I will ever hear it again?  If anyone has heard the beautiful trills of the Evening Grosbeak that just magically go on and on, you will understand the meaning of cuore di vita. Thank you, Mark for your post. Blessings  to you, as well.


  15. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Excerpted from: Altered and enhanced Iodargyrite with Bismuth Triiodide for use in precipitation enhancement operations 

    Paul Tilden Scott – Captain, USAF – Department of Atmospheric – Science – Colorado State University – April 1987

    1.2 Purpose

    "The objective of this study was to investigate the synergistic interactions of two ice nucleants, silver iodide (AgI) and bismuth triiodide (BiIg). Synergism is the joint action of agents which when taken together increase each others effectiveness.

    Both AgI and BiIg were determined as ice nucleants almost forty years ago, [since 1947] but little work has been done to promote BiI3 as an operationally used cloud seeding agent. AgI on the other hand, has been used in weather modification programs since its inception."

    Complete text:;sequence=1

    See the list of historic references at the bottom of the cited page, then ask yourselves who's zoomin' who…

  16. clip99 says:

    does not matter , people don't care anyway . this is the sad truth as it is with 5g

  17. Irene Parousis says:

    Just got into Toronto after two weeks in rural area and haven't slept all night due to strong vibrations and buzzing throughout my body.  I live under a roof of cell towers and have been hearing and feeling the vibrations from these towers for the last few years. This time the noise is louder, stronger and faster without any pause.  The weather forecast has been record cold to record warm, people are questioning the inconsistency.  I feel 5G may have been activated here already as they probably need the stronger frequency to make it cold.  God Bless Us All, this is very scary! 

    • Hello Irene Parousis: 5G and other pulse modulated frequencys have been deployed for decades, and civil populations have been gleefully experimented on since WWII.  Sleep disturbance, heart arrhythmia, diebeties, cancer, and many undiagnosed behavioral disorders are a direct result of radio frequeny saturation of the atmosphere…

      United States Patent: 4,999,637

      Date of Patent: March 12, 1991

      A cloud formed in accordance with the method disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 3,445,844 will provide a good reflection layer for OTH radar and like systems. However, when a cloud is formed by breakdown as in the mentioned patent, the plasma frequency of the cloud quickly adjusts to the hating frequency and breakdown is initiated over the entire area of the cloud. By initiating and forming the cloud with radiation having the same high frequency as that required for continued maintenance of the cloud once formed, a substantial amount of power is required, much of which is reflected or passes through the cloud while it is being formed and, accordingly, is wasted.

      Who gave these ghouls permission to run the experiment?

    • steve says:


      You nailed the immediate interim solution – RURAL AREA! Leave the city and salvage your well being. To boot, Southern Ontario is scheduled for a geoeingineered rain/ice storm this weekend, courtesy of The Weather Network.

      I recently "fled" Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the new and improved smart city gulag/concentration camp for the health and safety of my family. The "beautiful city" is anything but.

      When I subtlely asked the real estate agent about 5G, his enthusiastic response was "super fast internet and download speed!" Later on, he mentioned two young sons with autism, and a third on the way. I tried, but to no avail. He's too busy flipping real estate and chasing the polymer dollar. I even sent him a link to the latest edition of Global Alert News – no luck.

      5G is being treasonously wired and activated throughout the city.

      To that very small faction of humanity, the aware and awake "fringe", so to speak, those who see, hear and feel the discomfort of a tortured and destroyed planet, may the universal god help us.

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Irene, 

      Your post really gave me concern for your health.  If you are having such reactions from the cell towers above your apartment, would a move to another location (in the country, if you can) be possible?  At any rate, I am sorry your are having such worrisome reactions and hpoe you will find a way to ameliorate the situation. 

      Stay well, Irene.  Best wishes.  V.

  18. Gary Morrow says:

    The nonrandom nature of the aircraft dispersions is very strong evidence that they are not merely condensation trails as the government says. There is a strong tendency (preference} for the trails to appear in the first hour after sunrise. This is exactly the strategy that would be used if you were trying to cause maximum cooling by blocking out the suns` rays. There is also a strong tendency for the trails to appear out in front of storm fronts. In my SC location most of the planes on spray days fly in a north to south direction, with most of the rest flying south to north laying down parallel trails. This is obviously a military operation. Most people are intellectually lazy and will believe anything the government says. But you do not have to be a genius to figure out what is going on here.

    • Sharon Dewey says:

      Great observations!  Good scientific analysis, too…

    • atomick says:

      Central Ontario is a regular fly zone and HAARP intersection of air Modulation.  Flights are even into the night with the once Overcast the Flying Sorties are then loaded with heavier spraying which as it was 2 yrs ago caused continuous overcast. Trees are covered with all kinds of covered Moss up the entire trunks of most all trees less the odd wind less exposed faces of the trees. Animals look distraught many are closing in to towns for free handouts the natural nutrition no longer exists.  No Fear the time is biblical as to yes unreal conditions for Winter here normal minus 15-25 F its been held pretty much 0C most all of Nov thru Dec and incredible Temp Swings beyond any norm.  "Rev: on Verse says when you can no longer tell of the seasons – Time is…

    • joy says:

      I am also in SC, and seems to be more spraying lately, every day now.  Always around and in front of the sun at sunset.  I wonder if people are azy intellectually or dumbed down by fluoride, propaganda and also schools in USA are meant to turn out workers who follow orders without question.

  19. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    I'm preparing to mail hard copies of Dane's booklet on geoengineering to each member of the NC legislature. I suggest y'all do likewise in your states. Even with your D.C. politicians.




    • CLH says:

      Cudos Johathan, for your efforts and the suggestion is a valid one.  I will do the same in GA 

      Thanks GEW for all you are doing to keep us aware of this deliberate destruction of our environment.  (the idiots have to live here too – what are they thinking!!) 

    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      Thank you kindly, CLH….

      My feeling is that we should take the energy we might otherwise put into discussing these problems, and how sad and angry we are about them…. and INSTEAD, channel the energy into effective ,productive action.

      I do not have the  kinds of contacts some do. Yet, what I CAN do is to leave ,hand out or post fliers and booklets at restaurants, libraries, parks, my office, waiting rooms, and mail them to newscasters, meteorologists, radio stations, and politicians far and wide.

      I encourage all to focus your efforts 100% on practical action to get Dane's printed materials into the hands of as many people as you possibly can.

      This is more effective than our simply posting information about what is happening in the world to each other… It's preaching to the choir, in a sense.

      Take the word to the streets, as Cab  Calloway once said.

      Be encouraged.

      Take ZEOLITE



  20. Jeffrey says:

    June 5 2017  air traffic control , look it up  , trump gave them billions , this is a evil evil pilot cult beast system secret society that trump is part of ,they are above the military and they control the satellite weapons and drones ! they are from faa !

  21. virginia says:

    "The climate science community."  Who are these people.  Do they not see what has been done and what the real solutions are?  How could they not know?  Pure and total insanity.

    Very frightening clip, Dane, but most effective.  Viewing the realism of the dispersions by those planes close up challenges  one's mind.  I mean could this all be happening or are we in a nightmare of insurmountable proportions?  How did we the people allow this to happen?  Were our eyes closed all these years?  And what the hell wil it take for the world to wake up?  This is beyond evil and depravity.  

    Thank you, Dane.

  22. Ivan says:

    Wilderness (Eden), South Africa. Chemtrails galore which Government Agencies claim to have no knowledge of, yet should be in a position to report on the flight plans of the various aircraft in and around the George airport – commercial aircraft with vapour trails they are not.

    Adopting legislation to permit brush fires to burn out "naturally" aoncurrently with the private public partnerships in programs such as "working on fire" and "working on water" to create jobs according to Jacob Zuma. Private companies generate profits for their shareholders (stakeholders), ergo profits are maximized when assets are deployed. Furthermore, these activities establish a pretext for over regulation and the incorporation of environmentally sensitive areas into UN funded corporate entities.

    Moreover, the removal of dense vegetation by fire (and riverine catchments by working for water teams) exposes the surface for the purposes of geological surveying (prospecting) by satellite and other means.

  23. bill bangs says:


    on the most recent Guns and Butter podcast,Bonnie Faulkner interviews Christopher Bollin regarding his new book research on 911. He mentions towards the end, that the first responders in New York are actually dying from the nano thermite particles which are now breaching the blood barrier and landing in their cells.

    Isn’t this material being spayed in the form of nano particulate? Should we not of had an environmental impact study on anything like this before now.

    Thank you

    Bill from central Oregon coast


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bill, yes, so called environmental protection agences should have long ago initiated such studies. Unfortunatley, the real role of such agencies is to hide threats from populations, not to disclose threats.

  24. Mark Harrison says:

    Satanic. Satanic. Satanic. 

  25. Sandra M Beebe says:

    Thank you Dane ! 

  26. Arthur W. Simpson says:

    On a "clear" day in Hawaii I can see many miles of horizon from my house at 620' elev. Today I cannot see the horizon for the spraying. I can see maybe 8 to 10 miles. They do it off island and let it drift over Hawaii and the Pacific. Most days now are what we call about 70% days, meaning visibility is reduced to about 70% verse a 'clear' day. The crap is everywhere all the time. The suns reflective brightness off the stuff in the air hurts the eyes. 

    • Dennie says:

      Well, they're doing the same here on the West Coast– lay it down offshore, then let it blow in and it drifts a thousand miles, all the way to Utah.  I have seen some way strange "cloud formations" from satellite imagery here that basically captured rows of "clouds" all in neat little parallel rows, right over Marin County, CA right off the Point Reyes peninsula (extremely recognizable anywhere).  The stuff reflects light in every direction, not "just" up and away from the surface of the earth, so you have to wear sunglasses pretty much all the time when outdoors or risk cataracts and retina damage.  I get asked often enough by ignorant people if there's anywhere you can go where this stuff isn't.  I think they spray more heavily over urban areas to "cool" it down more, but the spraying is pretty much ubiquitous.  You see it over remote areas in China and the Pamirs.  Wherever the military goes, so goes chem-trailing.  I'm thinking:  Get rid of the military "might" huff-and-puff, and buh-bye chem trails!

    • Mark says:

      Thank-you Dane, Thank-you to everyone whom is trying to save our planet. As you have mentioned many times Dane the wisdom of many of the native peoples whom have little material wealth, have a far greater understanding of just how intricate and special life is on our planet! What we can say is that this is not done out of love for ones fellow man. In fact I would go as far to say it is more an act of war on him. What ever we do in life, we should first ask this question: Am I doing this out of love for my fellow brother and sister? God bless

      Cuore di Vita.  

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