Climate Engineering: Tennessee Senate Is First To Pass Bill To Ban Geoengineering


Dane Wigington

The Tennessee State Senate has now passed an anti-geoengineering bill, this needs to serve as an example to all other states and countries around the world. 

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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22 Responses to Climate Engineering: Tennessee Senate Is First To Pass Bill To Ban Geoengineering

  1. Penny says:

    It's fantastic that Tennessee has pioneered this. I wonder how they will enforce it?

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Thank you Dane and Tennessee! Keep up the momentum and the dire eye opening message that is shedding light on what is, in fact, contributing to causing everything we all love to die. Look up folks, let it all sink in and then begin to advocate.  

  3. Jonathan says:

    My suggestion would be that people take the link to this article and send it to their local firefighters law enforcement, pastors physicians and state legislators.

  4. Lance says:

    Big X class solar flare erupted from the sun and its headed directly toward earth, so its being reported on! Supposed to hit earth early on the 25th. " A direct hit could spark strong G3-class geomagnetic storms with mid-latitude auroras in the USA and Europe." Given that the earth's Ozone layer is severely weakened this could cause a lot of electrical problems with power systems, communications systems, satellites, etc..

  5. Lance says:

    After the terrorist attack at the concert hall in Moscow in which over 140 people were shot and killed the gloves are off according to Russian leadership. The "West" is being blamed for this. Why? Because the "West" supplies and supports the military forces in Ukraine that are fighting the Russian's! Is this the official start of WW3? Based on what's happening sure looks that way!  

  6. Lance says:

    Very powerful computing systems controlled by artificial intelligence are used to not only forecast the weather but manipulate and control the weather. These same systems and artificial intelligence are also being used to manipulate and control YOU! Take a look around. What do you see and hear happening? Is it that hard to figure out how humanity is being manipulated and controlled by these same technologies? 

  7. Grace says:

    If a couple "freak" natural disasters hit Tennessee, we'll know they hit a nerve. Otherwise, the Big Bad Wolf knows the sheep are asleep.

  8. Lance says:

    Is Singularity here? – The Peninsula Foundation

    This is "what" you're dealing with! IT thinks a lot faster that YOU!

  9. Lance says:

    Pitchforks and torches? You don't know "what" you're dealing with!

  10. Duane & Mary Frances Martin says:

    This is very encouraging! We are going to send it to our legislators – stating our wholehearted support for them to introduce similar legislation here in Texas………'s a beginning!!. 

    Thanks once again, Dane!

  11. Joe says:

    Dane great find– you always bring amazing stuff to this website.  Everyone needs to send this link to as many people as possible including all politicians.

  12. Pastor Rob Bremer says:

    It would be wonderful to see clear skies again here in the Smoky Mts. after seeing all the criss-crossing every day for 20+ years.

  13. charles fisch says:

    Thank you Dane for bringing this video to us.

    It is ironic that for over hundred years burning fossil fuels and releasing CO2 has caused global warming to the point that it has wrecked the earths climate and habitat to the point that this  type of solar radiation management (SRM) seems necessary or even capable to fix it, in spite of TN law herein described.

    The White House report in which the SRM information is contained certainly opens the door to what is going on.




  14. Lance says:

    Tennessee is trying to ban 'chemtrails' from planes based on a wild conspiracy theory (

    You can show definitive proof that geoengineering is ongoing but the PTB using this medium will do everything in their power to demonize and even shutdown those who attempt to do so.


  15. brent says:

    Hey Dane,

    Saw Russel allude to the chats that many of his fans who were telling him @ the man who is the the top expert on geoengineering. He said yeah we'll have to look at that so we can get it right. He did not mention your name or site.

    Unfortunately, Jimmy Dore, Lee camp and Guy Mcpherson are all avoiding it as well.

    The co host from Jimmy Dore has not been back on since He mentioned Geoengineering a couple times.

    They are ALL aware, but are afraid of losing their platforms. 

    Sadly, they likely WOULD be banned.

    I think that Russel is not going to do the episode.

    He just won't mention it and let it fade away.

    Take care 



    • Lance says:

      Have read, watched and listened to some of what these people think on MSN and other media platforms a few times. I've nothing good to say about their way of thinking. Not surprised they are distancing themselves on the subject of geoengineering, which is continuing unabated. Aerosol operations happened big time yesterday over OR and CA ahead of a storm system approaching the west coast. As far as bills being passed to attempt to stop this I highly doubt the PTB will stop because they know that if they do the climate problems will only get worse. Dane has explained this numerous times!    

    • Robert says:

      Jimmy Dore know's what's happening as does Russell Brand, how could they not? Not everyone has the strength, courage and conviction of Dane, who's laying his life on the line for all of us. Brand and Dore are afraid to come out of the haze for whatever reason.

  16. JT says:

    WONDERFUL news!  It's a start and a big one at that. Hoping and praying other states start to follow suit.  

  17. Lance says:

    Bills may be passed but those with the real power will not stop!

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