Climate Engineers Cut Off Critical Rain From Populations Around The Globe


Dane Wigington

Why are there so many record droughts unfolding around the world? A warmer atmosphere holds much more water vapor (7% more for every degree in centigrade of warming). The laws of physics state it MUST rain more on a rapidly warming planet. So why are record shattering droughts increasing in regions all over the globe? Because geoengineering/solar radiation management programs are completely disrupting Earth's hydrological cycle.


Geoengineered skies over Yosemite National Park, California. Photo credit: Ron Kauk

By saturating the atmosphere with particulates (aerosols) to produce the "global dimming" effect (which is the stated primary objective of the SRM climate mitigation programs), the geoengineers have totally derailed the planet's primary terrestrial life support system, rain. The climate engineers literally control the global spigot. Controlling precipitation means controlling food supplies and populations all over the world.  The intentional attempt to create a "nuclear winter" is actually fueling the overall warming of the planet in addition to expanding global drought. Record droughts are decimating ecosystems and populations around the globe along with fueling water conflicts. Droughts comparable to the engineered catastrophe in California are happening in countless regions. The headlines below are all recent breaking stories, all are click to open links.

"Thailand Hit By Worst Drought In Decades"

"Thousands May Die From Drought In Somalia Unless Donors Give More"

"Worst Middle East Drought In 900 years"

"Climate Change Worsening Colorado River Droughts"

"India Facing Worst-Ever Water Crisis"

"Uganda: Water Crisis Worsens As Dam Dries Up"

"Palau Suffers Worsening Drought, Emergency Declared"

"California Drought: Get Used To It, Scientists Say"

"Historic Drought In Southeast Asian Countries"

"South America: Exceptional Water Deficits Are Forecast To Persist"

"Drought In America Threatens Food Production"

"Honduras: Drought Emergency Appeal"

"Forests Struggle As Drought And Climate Change Bite"

"El Nino Falls Short, Leaving California In Drought"

"Vietnam's Southern Mekong Delta Faces Worst Drought In History"

"Drought-Effected Farmers Block Kidapawan City (Philippines) Highway To Demand Relief"

"Amid Climate-Fueled (Drought) Food Crisis, Filipino Forces Open Fire On Starving Farmers"

Global geoengineering is not just ecocide, not just genocide, but planetary omnicide. Geoengineering is weather warfare, nothing less. Due to the highly toxic fallout, climate engineering must also be considered biological warfare. The ongoing weather/climate manipulation is not only wreaking havoc on the planet's climate system, geoengineering is also destroying the ozone layer. Without an ozone layer, there would be no terrestrial life on Earth. Though some "official sources" claim the ozone hole is recovering, UV metering from the front lines completely disputes any such conclusion. The ozone destruction will only get worse with every day that the atmospheric spraying is allowed to continue.


The heavily damaged ozone layer is allowing dangerous UV radiation levels to reach Earth's surface.

Many in the climate science and environmental communities are justifiably criticizing the special interest groups and organizations who are aggressively denying global warming, but what about their own inexcusable criminal denial of the single largest climate disrupting factor of all, global climate engineering? How can there be any legitimate discussion of the climate without first and foremost addressing the climate engineering atrocities? There can't be. We are now in the "Anthropocene epoch". Any form of anthropogenic activity that alters the biosphere (and thus Earth's natural systems) must be considered a form of geoengineering, This being said, climate engineering and its highly toxic fall-out is the greatest and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm. How do we stop it? Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward, all of us are needed to do our part in this most critical battle to salvage what is yet left of Earth's life support systems.

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119 Responses to Climate Engineers Cut Off Critical Rain From Populations Around The Globe

  1. Brenda Bonini says:

    Its time to stop paying taxes! Stop giving them the money!

  2. susan higgins says:

    There is a conflict among humans as great as climate engineering as exemplified between this website and the readership….reading carefully multiple responses, there seems to be a personal outrage or a 'not in my backyard' concern.  The geoengineering website commentaries by and large represents a substantial collection of scientific and objective data that superceeds personal outrage and self-mindedness and encompasses the whole globe of peoples and the whole earth of living creatures.  Taken as a whole, the readership of this website lament in summary…."where have all the environmentalists gone?" The readership is the LAST environmental group of concerned global citizens to still have the luxury of having dinner.  As stated elsewhere in this website, it is long past the time for polite conversation.  It is the responsibility of ALL who read this website to actively participate in a solution.  This will not involve petitions, court actions, or any activity we have come to see as the majority rule philosophy.  It will take an organizational experienced group to collect the young who understand the mistake of technology and put them all together with enough resources to arrive at a solution that is equal to the force and reaction the world found necessary to stop fascism.  Unless and until the readership of this website is willing to give up their own comforts and safety in the name of the greater good, this will be just like all other collections of good science.  It will all but soon be forgotten in the name of expedient survival. Geoengineering needs to have readers tediously go through the readership of their website, invite those willing to stick their neck out and assist with the grouping of those who have the training and even their own personal skill to arrive at a solution equal to the technology currently being employed.  A specific ongoing page needs to be inserted to allow those willing to participate at any level to volunteer….all this complaining gets us nowhere.          

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, if you are joining us in this battle, I am grateful, but I must ask, how can you help us to do all that you suggest we do? Can you tell us what you are doing to further the battle for the greater good? comment threads are packed with individuals that are doing their best to share information, and spread awareness in their communities. A battle cannot be waged without an army of the awakened. An army of the awakened cannot be achieved without individuals like those on this page. So many are doing everything they can given their individual circumstances. I am putting in 80 hours a week, have spent my entire SEP IRA retirement, and am tending every fire in the battle that I possibly can, will you help us? I (and countless others) have long since left our comfort zones, completely. Criticizing from the sidelines is not productive, if you can assist with any part of all that you suggest the rest of us do, please, join us, as we would never refuse such assistance. 

  3. Dee Stew says:

    It's in the 90's in Albany NY.  We had a small shower 5 days ago, and that's all in about 3 weeks.  The dark gray clouds and the spraying goes ON CONSTANTLY.  They do NOT STOP.  Plane's, Drones, Planes, Drones.  All sizes and shapes are spraying.  Jets with 4 sprays,,, thick white spraying, short lighter spraying.  White clouds with dark gray underneath.  Start off with blue skies and shortly thereafter the skies are a hazy white light blue.  At night also spraying,,, dark black clouds, white clouds, dark gray clouds, etc.  Tree's are HORRIBLE.  More people are acknowledging the chemtrails over the last couple of months,,, but they still cannot grasp the govt would do anything to hurt anyone.  People are getting very tired – mid day,,,, you can taste the metal and salt.  Today, I found 4 dead Wood Bee's stuck on 4 different pines in my yard. They were literally HOLLOW from the inside out, with their stinger stuck in my pine tree's. I've never seen anything like that before.  

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Good for you.I don't think people realize the persistence of this spraying and the apparent genocide of these actions.

  4. Dominic says:

    When I measured microwave levels in Dubai last year they were very high. Much higher than the UK and the UK is high. For those that are complaining about headaches and ear ringing from microwaves in the comments let me share this advice. 

    Let me suggest lining your clothes and hat with microwave resistant fabrics. I have lined some waist coats, created a vest for sleeping out of the material (which I have baggy so it goes over my other sleep clothes). Most important the hat and sleep hat. 

    You never know when the output of these cell towers could suddenly be cranked up. Perhaps if the elite lost control of an area or wanted to close a road. A  microwave pulse from the towers might stop a riot, make a road impassible or pacify an area. 

  5. Darfur

    She stood tall and handsome

    The sky stark blue behind her

    Her lips were full

    Eyes large and bold

    Her robe was open to the waist

    Skin like cassia bark

    She held a child in her arms

    It’s eyes were closed

    Her breasts were flaccid

    The Sun shouted down to the sand

    To receive her

    Written: June 7, 2007

    Paul Vonharnish

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Every time a weather system of Low Pressure, that could produce a well balanced amount of precipitation moves into the Northeast Florida area, the GeoEngineers are determined to conduct a heavy application of SAI at 25,000 to 30,000 feet into the high cloud level above the concentrated area of precipitation. The results are either a trace of rainfall, like a giant sponge dripping, or a rapid dumping of 1 inch or more in a short period of time, causing Flash Floods!

  6. Karen W says:

    Today (4/7) the east morning skies in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains were streaked with "cotton candy" lines that form white out skies throughout the day.  Everyone I talk to is "sick" again.  Allergies, flu type illness, cold like symptoms, dry/watery eyes, and the list goes on.  It always comes after a clear day, and then engineered skies.

    I have also noticed since the leaves are coming on trees, that there are several, I mean SEVERAL pines browning from the top down.

    Also, I am hearing about this "chemtrail flu"  has been the reason for deaths lately.  What is this all about?   Seems the human body can't handle all this toxic waste being pressed into it. 

  7. Bella_Fantasia says:

    This video, in a strange way, depicts the "feel" of the earthquake we experienced on January 24th, 2016 around 1:37 am.  It has been upgraded to 7.1, and the largest of the intermediate-depth type of earthquake. While the motion is exaggerated, the actual length of time is real.  It was a tense few minutes.

    So while the tall buildings held up, we have relatives in Kenai whose house burned from gas leaks, and they lost all their pets.  It was sad, but we're glad to report no humans were hurt.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Sorry about the link being 404.  The article is from The Anchorage Dispatch, April 5th, with the title, How Anchorage's Atwood Building Shook in the January earthquake.

    • DrDignity says:

      Bella, Miss hearing from you.  Here in Palm Springs it's business as usual.  Everyday almost we have our discolored skies.  It's 96 degrees F & temperatures are cooking everything. Hope you're well, Bella! DrDignity

  8. Paul says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed. The weather patterns have been unusual on the east coast too although no shortage of water.  Wednesday is a standard "spray day" in eastern Pennsylvania. Most if not all of my observed  "chemtrail" lines seem to originate from NJ Maguire AFB as the flights head west.  I keep encouraging people to look up.

  9. A World Preparing For Conflict: Global Military Spending Rises For The First Time In Five Years
    Zero Hedge 04/06/2016
    As Bloomberg reports, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute is out with their latest military spending report, and it looks as though many countries around the globe are preparing for more conflict in the coming years, if only based on the recent jump in military-related spending. In aggregate, world military expenditures rose to $1.7 trillion in 2015, an increase of about 1% from last year. According to SIPRI, this was the first increase in global military spending since 2011. Unsurprisingly, the United States earned the top spot by a ridiculous margin, spending a gargantuan $596 billion in 2015 (for which the military industrial complex – the recipient of the funds – is eternally grateful). The US is followed by China, and Saudi Arabia who spent an estimated $215 billion and $87.2 billion respectively. Here is how the top fifteen countries rank:

  10. California, New York, Texas in that order are the top three states with the most billionaires. You would think that these uber rich families in CA would look up at the sky now and then. Too busy shopping on Rodeo Drive? Still I suppose if you have a bevy of servants dusting every day, you don’t notice the white particles everywhere. Funny how the rich elite – that benefit from the Global Corporate Regime – immediately assume they are smarter than everyone else and know everything about any topic. Too many 'yes' men… And yet they aren’t smart enough to see the geoengineering monster that is destroying the planet and inevitably rendering their wealth useless.

    Which American States Have The Most Billionaires
    Zero Hedge 04/06/2016
    …the latest Forbes data listing the states with the most billionaires.  According to the magazine, there are "540 billionaires in the United States, with a combined net worth of $2.399 trillion. That’s more billionaires and more combined net worth than any other nation in the world."
    …For the sake of California's fiscal stability, we hope governor Jerry Brown has better ideas of how to retain the 124 billionaires (with a cumulative net worth of over half a trillion dollars) currently calling the Golden State home than by merely continuing with his minimum wage hike bonanza. As we reported yesterday, California has already seen an exodus of state residents departing for other places in the US like Texas. If the all important billionaires were to depart, it would get very ugly for the state whose budget is already on edge.

    • BaneB says:

      The foundation for all the wealth is OIL.  The entire ephemeral house of cards stands because of oil.  No matter where one casts an observing eye, the fact is nothing operates that is not sucking someway somehow off of the teet of oil.  Therefore, assuming SRM is a reason for aerosol spraying, it would certainly be in the interest of those with the most to lose.  The paradigm cannot function without the oil derived extrapolations. The computer is the brain.  The oil is its blood, and plastic its skeleton and umbilical connections.  We really are caught in a web , netted, and hung out to dry.  There is no viable substitue.  The billionaires know this and obviously are willing to risk nuclear Armageddon to keep it.

  11. The Navy is going crazy here today. This is the second day in the row that they rf/microwaved the sky 6:30 early in the am. Now at 10:30am I can count 9 aerosol trails painted across the entire Olympic Peninsula! And the sky is rapidly turning into the glassy milk look. Something must be very wrong. And getting worse as the Arctic is melting. This again seems like an escalation. They pretend none of this is happening, but I can see with my own eyes from my house here — and the ongoing array of chemicals dumped in my driveway are not tree pollen as some idiot might want to make me believe! Time must be running out.

    As for getting my samples tested, unfortunately Clifford Carnicom and his wife still have not returned home to Idaho and are wandering happily in their camper. Not that I blame them, but I am impatient to see what he finds. There is no one else that can be trusted. I promise to report as soon as I hear anything. I picked up a massive sample amount of the recent stuff yesterday, but I don't trust any of the local state labs. Thank you all for your replies to me and your kind concern. Strangely, I am feeling much better and stronger these days. I have always reacted positively to an influx of Cosmic Rays. God is mysterious indeed. Everyone stay strong, as Dane says. He is our North Star, but he needs us too. No one can take on the Demonic in this Behemoth quantity alone!

  12. Dave says:

    ….the Yosemite pic is maddening. I live 30 minutes as the bird flies from there and I watch this absolute poisoning every single day. They do it at night too. The Tuolumne County supervisor for my district, Carl Rodefer, is a retired Air Force officer. Not a word out of him about any of this. Our county of 53k is too busy spending $100,000,000 on its new "justice center" to look up in the sky. The irony is that the 'justice center"is on a prime piece of real estate with a gorgeous view that looks out south to Yosemite.

    • jan b says:

      Yes, it's really hard to watch them destroy the most beautiful places on earth.  I'm near Lassen Volcanic and am a true fan of the unique qualities that this park offers.  I can also see the lines and spread-out poisons on the park webcam most days.  When I responded to someone's comment on how beautiful Lassen looked with a sky-full of chemicals I had to set him straight.  A troll-lover immediately jumped on this with another idiot troll's "debunking" website that was so pitiful I had to laugh.  We who live near national parks should be confronting the superintendents IN PERSON all the time about this travesty.  Maybe the parks could at least say "Not in our skies!" I am stymied by the lack of understanding on the part of park lovers who can't SEE this happening.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Gosh I've always wished to see Yosemite with my own eyes before my life ends here on this earthly plane. So sad, it seems it will be ruined by the toxic spraying above before I ever get the chance. What a shame. I'll bet Ansel Adams has turned over in his grave knowing this beloved place is being destroyed.

  13. TP says:

    Here in Manitoba, we st over the jet stream. Spraying and HAARP formed clouds are common. The Arctic is melting because the cold is drawn down in the vortex into eastern Canada and U.S.A.  The media turns a blind eye to all of this, including my family and friends. 

    Keep up the good work  Dane. Hopefully the courts can get some action.

  14. Carol says:

    I am looking out my window at an outdoor thermometer that reads 7 degrees Celsius or about 43 degrees Fahrenheit. It is "snowing" a fine white substance continually and has accumulated to about 5 inches. Every tree and twig is covered in this powdery substance and it keeps coming. In this area April showers are supposed to lead to May flowers.

    This used to be a wonderful area for gardening with bountiful yields of cucumbers and tomatoes. In the past few years we are lucky if we get a few 3 inch cucumbers for the entire season. Some have given up on gardening. I will keep trying. We all know something is very different and wrong, and there is not enough rain. The sun in summer feels blistering hot on bare skin. Many attribute this to destruction of the ozone layer and more UV radiation getting through to the Earth's surface.

    Many people I know do not want to bother listening to the truth, or they scoff at the ideas as conspiracy theories. Most are so over worked and over scheduled they have no time to do anything but follow their schedule. This is also a sign of the times, with job layoffs and the remaining employees asked to do two or three times as much work to pick up the slack.

    Thanks for educating all of us, Dane.

  15. DrDignity says:

    5 April 2016

    Please look at Arctic News today.  The ice is at an all time minimum  & the Arctic zone the warmest ever recorded. "A blue ocean event" this year?  The author briefly mentioned he thinks it's a possibility.

  16. SD says:

    So, it seems that Greenland is yet another area which has seen a big increase in seismic activity over the past ten years.  A M4.7 was reported today.

    The quakes seem to be related to increased subglacial melting, causing movement of large chunks of ice.  Some scientists claim geothermal heating under the glaciers the cause? Others blame global warming.

    All I know is seismic activity is way up in many areas of the world past ten years.  And Geoengineering activity/HAARP deployment also WAY UP PAST TEN YEARS .

    • Weatherman says:

      It's HAARP causing the earthquakes, to pull the jet stream north and steer the rain and snow to greenland and Iceland. HAARP is being used to control weather world wide but no one is talking about it,,, WHY?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “Weatherman”, I do often refer to the role of the ionosphere heaters in regard to jet stream manipulation (link below), there is simply too much data to cover with so many walls closing in.

  17. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Must see for parents

    • Dennie says:

      The play is kind of ambivalent.  It looks like what started out as child's play using a "computer game" to change the weather comes to a halt when, just like in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, everything goes out of control, we see fireballs raining from the sky and kids running for the basement.  You'd think the play would end when the game starts going out of control but at the very end, we have artificial snow that one of the kids says is "pretty–"  Well I wonder if the author of this play has ever been in an ice-nucleated snow storm, or has she been living in a hole somewhere the past few winters?  One of the characters listed in the cast is called "Heather Shady.

  18. Marc says:

    Here in St. Louis we have a local alt-mag called "Healthy Planet". I am not kidding, that is what it's called. If only it were true.This month's issue OF COURSE, focuses on "Earth Day" and all the community activities that orbit around this day. I scanned cover to cover in this month's issue and as usual there is nary one single, solitary article that has anything even remotely to do with climate change or global warming, much less geoengineering or weather modification. This is par for this publication, that pretends to be all about encouraging green lifestyles and recycling and community gardens and hemp clothing and vegetarianism and saving the planet and better relationships through crystal chakra cleansing and all the like. Now, I'm no hippie hater and I ain't no redneck meat eater, either. But I am absolutely agog at how a publication such as this has the balls to call itself "Healthy Planet" WITHOUT  FEATURING ANY articles that actually directly pertain to the status of the "health of the planet." The entire publication devotes itself to only touchy-feely TOTALLY SAFE "lifestyle" issues that conveniently skirt around real hard-core "human" issues on the table such as SRM, catastrophic warming, Fukushima radiation, geoengineering fallout contamination, ozone destruction and so forth. I mean, it would be naive of me to expect this publication to assimilate all of these intense issues into it's content but Jesus Christ, the pie-in-the-sky, go-green-for-the-future tone of the articles and even the ads therein are shockingly clueless and naive. I am reminded of Dane's frustrations vented on the last Global Alert radio show about the shocking and inexplicable tunnel-vision of most all the major environmental groups such as Greenpeace, NRDC, Sierra Club, etc. Not a one of them will grow the necessary testicles to take a stand against the apocalypse going on over their very own heads!!! This is absolutely not different than the American Cancer Society having not the slightest interest in actually eradicating cancer. For without cancer, their funding and their cushy gravy train grinds to a halt. Why on f**king Earth would the Sierra Club choose not to recognize geoengineering? These organizations, all appearing so very NOBLE in the work that they do, all so earnestly fighting in their respective spheres for a better future for planet Earth, ARE ALL ARGUABLY JUST PHONIES!!!!! Unless and until these entities finally GET IT, and realize that all they allegedly stood for was just more fund-raising bait, when what they should have been doing was raising holy motherf**king hell about the spraying and the use of HAARP, the status quo will continue right on into their own demise.

      Last several days, silvery blue skies but only very occasional jets with short dissipating trails. Today, WHAM!!! The worthless f**ks are back to blitzkrieging the sky over St. Louis, Mo. In fact, when I left work and was nearing my house, There were Humongous X's hanging over my part of town in the form of lingering sprayed lines that were only very slowly spreading out. The whole sky just looked absolutely like shit and I can promise you that the language emanating from my car is not printable here. Where are the morons who think the sky can be "clear" one day and absolutely trashed with lines the next? What must they be thinking?? Truth is, I actually think most people don't even give one single rat's ass whether they're being sprayed with deadly poison or not. Most don't bother to look up and if they do, they haven't a clue how to interpret what it is they're seeing. Doopdedoopdedoop…..isn't the weather nice today?

       Writing a letter to the editor of "Healthy Planet" when I'm done here. Have a nice evening.

    • BaneB says:

      Where have all the environmentalist gone?  Long time co-opted.  They went the way of the EPA, taken over by grant grabbing junket traveling Disney Land minds who cooperate in the same four square sand box, omitting any sense of EMERGENCY.  My first cyber trip of the day is into 1Pacific redwood while slurping on my morning coffee in the wee hour.  A meteorologist telling it like it is!  There should be thousands of hits registered if but by none other than people in LA.  Instead, he racks up several hundred.  The population in Southern California, not to mention the huge agriculture-businesses in the south Central Valley ought to be all over that UTube revelation, and raising holy hell with Sacramento and DC.  Is the reality of weather control just too unbelievable?  And just to finish my itinerary  I check out the Yahoo Westher Channel five day plan.  Then it's over to Intellicast for another satellite perspective.  Finally, I land here in this life-saving site for the latest updates and to take sustenance with like and kind posters who are not brain dead.  After this romp, if the sun is up I go out to LOOK UP and check out the sorry state of affairs.

    • Jay Jay says:

      Live outside of St Louis and I could write a book on "Blue skies and beautiful white clouds when I was a child and our present day ugly skies". All people that are older than 40 have to do is some critical thinking and remember their childhood or look at some of the old movies or magazines. You can actually see a slow progression during the last 4 decades and esceleration during the last decade. Proof that the sky has changed!  All you have to do is look up, watch the patterns and then the effect. Heavy chemtrailing=rain, snow, severe storms or extreme temp changes within 24 to 48 hours. Just like clockwork. I don't even have to listen to the weatherman anymore. Certain cities, states and countries are sprayed more, just look at the satellite photos for the spraying patterns and also notice that some areas of certain states are never sprayed. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize what is happening. Just a little critical thinking and getting over the shock that any human being would be capable of such evil. 

    • Dennie says:

      I've met environmentalists who know about this and have been trying to get Anyone's attention for something like the past six or seven years.  One of these woke me up to the monstrosity.  I would have found out anyway, but hearing it from someone who's kind of a colleague in my profession helped, and the individual freely talked about it to everyone and anyone they met. You can do that at work but I think you need to know when and how.  They knew the risk they were taking and talked a lot about it anyway.  Some of the others came around to seeing the issue and are similarly sympathetic to the movement to stop geoengineering.

      Knowing about what's going on is very terrifying and also extremely isolating when the rest of the people around you don't notice anything's amiss or they're so f***ing DENSE they only notice that "things aren't quite right," somehow.  It's so scary and isolating I'd call up in the morning just to chat.  This was in 2010 during the month of May into June, with such very heavy spraying in my area that the skies would turn a dirty gray-brown every single afternoon, then we had a 10-day-long Display of Weather Effects– I could just see the admirals and the generals sitting in some officers' club, watching videos of the dirty works done while sipping fine brandy and smoking cigars…  Any way, I'd try to have a friendly conversation with one whom I thought would be a friend and ally and it would invariably turn into a situation whereby I'd hear myself saying to the person on the other end of the line that we weren't actually having a conversation any longer and I'd need to go if that was the case.  This environmentalist writes brilliant letters to the editor that have certainly brought geoengineering out into the light of public discussion but couldn't at the time seem to hold a conversation even with the people around them who are clearly on their side.  I think this is called "winning the battles while losing the war;" very sadly, for the sake of preserving my personal mental and emotional safety and self-esteem I had to let go of that contact– too bad (..?)  Maybe this can be repaired later, I hope. 

      Now, why on Earth can't "heroes" like this take a look at their behavior and understand that the kind of stress they're exhibiting doesn't help their friendships, or the movement, one bit?  If stopping geoengineering is about caring about people and other beings on Earth, how about making friends, actually?  I'm going to say that the stress of it all is very intolerable and people aren't going to be on their best behavior when you literally have the sky raining toxic crap over you 24/7/365.  I'm the one with the barium sensitivity and I never heard the person I'm reporting about say anything about symptoms, just the "ugly" skies.

  19. Ed Bee says:

    So many days of gloomy, nondescript skies and weather whiplash as we went from the 20's with wicked winds and chemically nucleated snow to the 70's then back to the 20's and more snow. I so often feel physically sick. It truly is insanity, yet no one but a few people I know will even acknowledge it as anything other than natural. I am tired of being labeled crazy and a conspiracy theorist by most of my friends and family, though I have awakened a few people to what is going on. I get very frustrated and seem to be constantly depressed about the state of our once beautiful world. I may be losing hope but rely on Geoengineeringwatch to keep me motivated. My prayers are still with you, friend. Please delete this message, too. I just wanted you to see it and not believe I had turned away from this most pressing and dire cause. Nothing could be more important, as you well know.

    • Marc says:

      Ed Bee, I like to think our feelings, dark as they sometimes get, myself included, are seen and felt by God, too. There IS a consciousness of infinite reach that sees exactly what is being done here. 

    • Dennie says:

      Marc et al who are wondering:  I see "God" is having a problem being RECEIVED, actually; too many have been mind-controlled into blocking His light OUT. That happens in a myriad of ways we are all familiar with:  Tee Vee, alcohol, drugs, escapist sh!t (sports, video games and other addictions); fanaticism that actually takes you AWAY from God, or "spiritual" beliefs that continue insisting that only the left-brained approach to Life is The Only REAL Way to go about living, and, of course, my favorite:  DOGMA (as in MY KARMA RAN OVER YOUR DOGMA).  MORE would happen here, and more quickly too, if everyone who wishes to see this monstrous horror stop would get in touch with their God-given emotions, actually, and feel all of their feelings, especially the ones they have judged so very heavily against, get into those feelings so they can move and evolve into other emotions, get unstuck by moving feelings and getting inner (God-inspired) direction all along the way to take right action as a result of their "Right Use of Will."  Try it and see where it goes.  It will work for some, while many others will find they have "another path" of healing.

  20. Jim Ludwig says:

    Final gasp from Rothschild "Weather Underground's" WeatherWilliam regarding the above communications (with Jim Ludwig), and the following credibility squall going past simple denial of Geoengineering Aerosol Spraying.

  21. mike says:


    i just had 6 planes fly over my house at the same time at 6:30 pm in southern Ontario. All of them were spraying. Talk about doubling down holy crap. I never seen 6 planes spraying before usually 3 or 4 max. No spray today till about 2:30 pm, i saw a few planes. Supposed to rain tomorrow.  

    • Jason says:

      Mike, where in Ontario, can you take pictures?

      I am really worried, we need to get this on the news, write PM Trudeau he needs to be directly confronted with this on National TV, and he needs to be held accountable for letting it continue.

      Anyone able to collect snow, air, water samples, on a daily bases, need proof of the daily fall out.  

      I pray for People to wake up look up, for our almighty creator to intervene and help us all.

    • Dennie says:

      It's supposed to hit 90 in San Rafael, CA tomorrow– why do we need 90 degree fahrenheit weather on April 6th??  Everyone is talking about the weather.  I nearly always end the conversation with "SOMEone oughta FIRE our current Weather Gods," and "Look up!"

  22. Abigail says:

    THANK YOU, DANE!  That just is not enough. You have truly been a godsend to millions of people. As your remarkable intelligence in this area travels through cyberspace, there are lives being informed. Animals are dying, trees are dying rapidly. We lost 8 beautiful large shade trees in just 4 years, in Virginia.  Keep up the marvelous website. Sharing this information with Russ Tanner's Orbis Vitae / Global SkyWatch. PRESS ONWARD! 

    • BaneB says:

      There is a group of skywatchers in Richmond.  Albeit small.  They do stand out on the street with signs and flyers.  Others I know there say there are no aerosols being sprayed.  I know that is untrue.  Virginia is not only being sprayed but the weather there borders on whiplash.

  23. Anonymous asked me about crystal particles he found. I had forgotten to post this my data and photos…
    Hexagonal crystals in the Navy’s aerosol spray
    Posted on April 5, 2016 by Susan Ferguson
    Hexagonal crystals:
    Zinc selenide (ZnSe) is a light-yellow, solid compound comprising zinc (Zn) and selenium (Se). It is an intrinsic semiconductor with a band gap of about 2.70 eV at 25 °C (77 °F). ZnSe rarely occurs in nature, and is found in the mineral that was named after Hans Stille called “stilleite.” Properties: ZnSe can be made in both hexagonal (wurtzite) and cubic (zincblende) crystal structure.

    And today…
    Hyper-fried rf/microwave sky over the Olympic Peninsula WA / 4/5/2016
    Where are the emitters?
    Everyone living on the Olympic Peninsula WA is getting microwaved. This is a retirement area where people come to get away from civilization and live in peace. These are photos I personally took around 7am from my home here near Sequim WA of the hyper-fried rf/microwave sky over the Olympic Peninsula WA on April 5, 2016.

    • BaneB says:

      Yep, you and everyone are being cooked by microwave.  Obviously the water vapor, and aerosol saturation, is being manipulated via high frequency transmitter(s).  If water vapor is being messed with, what about our bodies ?  We are mostly water.  What you evidence occurs in my area skies very often.  

    • Dennie says:

      You guys are getting HAMMERED up there in the (formerly?) beautiful Pacific Northwest.  It just enrages me to hear that the arrogant little Order Taker-Flyboyz will actually POISON fellow U.S. citizens with IMPUNITY and the demented psychopaths in charge of the U.S. military do not feel a thing or even give a crap– A$$holes!!!  MORE people need to read Joachim Hagopian's account of the child abusers attempting to run the United States Army, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy.  The account of life at West Point is nearly unbelievable.  Every American should read this, please pass this link along to as many as possible:

    • Donna says:

      Susan, your pictures are similar to what they are doing here in Arizona, It should be criminal, it really pisses me off. In my area, I can tell from the semi-V shape of the waves in the cloud that it's from radar. I have a friend that would get headaches from these events, but I never did until we had Smart Meters installed on our house. The RF transmitting meters have been removed, along with all WiFi, but these microwave events give me a HUGE headache. I feel like my brains are being fried. I also have that lovely hissing/ringing in my head 24/7 – very hard to fall asleep at night. 

      Did you get the results back from your flashlight? I apologize if I missed the results in another post.   

       Also, Highest Regards to Dane and Team, You Give Us Hope.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      The attack you've living under on the Washington Peninsula is beyond horrifying and pure Terror, Susan.  I've been told Mt. Rainier is a powder keg.  Do you think their "experiments" will set if off?

  24. It’s still all about oil. Lockheed Martin Skunk Works purported fusion technology or not, even the refugee catastrophe falls under the pursuit of oil, back gold. As they used to say in 1950s Texas, “Yes, honey, it stinks. But it $tinks good!”  And Italy is dead broke desperate. The government there has already 'confiscated' some pensions and the banks are shaky. Geoengineering has endless repercussions, economic and human. The refugee crisis may turn out to be one of the worst!                    

    Did Italy And Malta Actually Agree To Swap Oil Rights For Refugees?  / April 4, 2016 / As the Syrian refugee crisis reaches a critical impasse, both in terms of European security and refugee human rights, Brussels has found itself having to deny accusations of a secret pact between Malta and Italy to swap refugees for oil exploration rights. The Maltese opposition leader has claimed that Malta and Italy cut a secret deal in which Malta would surrender oil exploration rights in an offshore area disputed with Italy, while Italy would return the favor by picking up Malta’s share of migrant rescues at sea. In 2013, Maltese officials registered 2,008 arrivals. During the same period, Italy accepted some 150,000 refugees. The argument that there was no deal would suggest that refugees simply have no desire to try for Malta. … What’s at stake here in terms of the oil play? Quite a lot, potentially. According to an independent review, Malta has a potential 260 million barrels. But Malta and Italy have been locked in dispute over offshore exploration zones as well as over what their migrant rescue zones are. The crux of the issue is a 2012 law passed by Italy that essentially doubled Italy’s continental shelf southeastwards of Sicily and towards the Libyan coast. Malta balked because this cut into maritime territory it claims. In late 2015, Malta and Italy reached an informal agreement to suspend exploratory oil drilling in this area. Perhaps one open-ended question is this: With an EU-Turkey deal in place that will see Turkey (in return for some EU favors and a bunch of financial aid) take back refugees landing in Greece, it will essentially cut off the Aegean Sea human smuggling route. It might mean a renewed interest in the Libya route. And if Malta has traded off its rescue area, it will mean problems for Italy, which would have to intercept them all.

  25. Ron Marr says:

    There was a movie released last Friday through this Thursday, the 7th of April revealing another aspect of the assault on Mankind. The movie is 'Vaxxed'. Playing at the Angelika Theater, 18 W Houston st. @Mercer st. NYC 10012. For anyone in NY this week. It reveals the fraud committed by the CDC with their MMR vaccines. The MMR vaccine is directly related to autism. One may try to get the movie 'Vaxxed' to a theater near you. It just happen to be snowing yesterday as I exited a local restaurant and the valet mentioned something about being safe. I told him not to worry about it, that it's all manufactured snow. To my delight he became interested in my comment. This 6'6" young man is a student of the weather. He excitedly took the information. It made my day.

    • Dennie says:

      Robert De Niro and his wife have a child who is autistic.  There was a petition going around to get him to show the film titled Vaxxed at the Tribeca Film Festival.  His intention was to open a public discussion of every aspect of the vaccine program.  We hear the "official" story about vaccines not being a cause of autism and we also hear that there's been a massive cover-up and a huge amount of lying on the part of people who could have made a difference but recanted and back-tracked the actual truth on the way to dragging everyone a little further into Hell.  Or should I say they came bringing Hell a little closer into our neighborhoods here on Earth.  Isn't everyone sick of this type of parade by now?

  26. juan Sequoia says:


      I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to expose what is going on. I try in my way to tell people about this page and 1 pacific redwood to inform the people.

    It is frustrating that we have a power structure that will give us the middle finger,if we dare try to question them about this and everything else.They are capable of sending us a drone strike or swat team us if we get too loud. Remember Obama and Bush's executive orders to declare anyone an enemy of the state to anyone who dares to disagree with them and their transnational mega corporations. The odds are stacked against us at this point,but a mass awakening of us and the military is oir only hope.

    I keep you in my prayers and I know that God is much Bigger than this evil  power structure and their minions.

    I feel depressed that this criminal power structure stole all of our el nino rain from Baja California and California.Baja California is not pristine like it was either.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, here in Mendocino we once had pristine skies.  No more!  In fact, for at least the past three years the situation of whited out sprayed skies is much worse and increasing.  The past three days has seen very very high flying jets spraying non stop.  The cirrus clouds are phony grunge posing as the real deal.  There is a large low trying to come into Northern California and the Yahoo Weather Channel forecast is for rain Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Given the spraying and the high energy transmitters blasting out the core it's anyone's guess but the weather warfare controllers what precip we will get.  And LA is really being chemtrailed and suffering microwave assaults with all those created high pressure systems.  Yet, Sacramento still has yet to acknowledge the cause of our drought.  They prefer to grab water rights and pass water stealing bond measures than confront the Pentagram and the university/corporate nexus that are conducting this nightmare.

  27. mike says:

    Hello,                                                              April 4, 2016

    This morning was clear skies and cold here in southern ontario, but the sky off in the distance was white so there spraying in a different area today no doubt. You could still see a faint cloud under the sun but no planes to see. It is supposed to rain the next few days so i they will back at it in our area tomorrow.

  28. The problem is people still believe in "mother nature", they can't comprehend the fact that man now controls the weather.  They just say, "the weather is the weather". 

  29. Laurie says:

    My best recollection of when this spraying began was in the early 90's – the same time when cell phones were picking up in popularity, which makes me think there is a definite connection between wireless signals and the metals they are spraying – conductivity? As wireless picked up on every other avenue the sky started getting more and more saturated with trails.

    Does anybody here notice they are taking old cartoons, movies, TV shows and painting chemtrails into the scenes? I am a grandma and am again watching cartoons – 1980's Transformer cartoons have dripping lines, white skies, etc. Just sickens me that they have the ability to make people question their own minds/memories. A movie example is My Cousin Vinny – they are driving down the road – clear blue sky in one scene – then the next chemtrails or white skies. Hollywood – just an arm of the elite to play tricks on your mind  – whether you realize it or not.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Laurie, though the climate engineering assault was radically ramped up in the late 90s, geoengineering has been fully deployed since the mid to late 1940s. FYI link attached.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, my thought is much the same.  The microwave saturation is part of a program that is another layer to the proverbial onion.  While the weather warriors have been at it for decades, the advent of microwave facilities everywhere; 300,000 cell towers, 160 NEXRAD, GWEN, and that of which we know not, seem to comjunct with the increased spraying and the flora die off.  My first cell phone was in 1987-88.  In 1991 I purchased some remote pristine rural property.  No evidence of any flora problems until around 1994 whereby the flora began to decline.  And it is accelerating.  It was in 1991 that I first really noticed the spraying over San Francisco Bay.  That is a very wide expansive view.  However I did not really pay attention about this…busy working.  The two, chemtrails and microwave go hand in glove as a cause of the die off.  And of course the cause of our programmed drought.  Just an opinion based on personal observation, the two being a part of a whole.

  30. Donna Gilio says:

    A week ago on monday, we had record breaking snow fall in one day in Reno, 7 inches fell in a 24 hour period and it was 40 degrees!
    2 days before the snowfall it was 70 degrees and it is back up to 70 today. 
    Yet no one paid attention to the total onslaught of massive spraying in the sky days before the record breaking snowfall.
    I don't think we have had natural weather for decades now. It is artificially created.

  31. Marc says:

    But guess what? Hello? All the f**king money in the whole goddamn world ain't gonna protect their sorry asses from what's coming down the pike. Mossack Fonseca and their long list of illustrious clients will soon enough realize in the very center of their being that the "level playing field" afforded us all by environmental collapse is something they could never have bought their way out of. Unless, of course, motherships for the 1% are stocked, ready, and waiting.

    • BaneB says:

      Correct me if I am incorrect, but are Americans on the list of the exposed?  What about Israelis?  Surely there are Babylonian billionaires with shell companies and shell games.  

  32. Marc says:

    Panama Papers? Offshore accounts for the 1%ers???? Why am I not surprised? In fact, as earth-shattering as this "news" is, it is simply a good ol' boys club of the ultra rich engaging in "legal" but profoundly unethical maneuvers to sequester and/or hide the vastness of their wealth from public scrutiny (and accountability) lest the swineherd (us) get too worked up over the magnitude of these clever heists. It all makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Why would we have expected anything less from these soulless incarnations of Greed?

  33. Steve says:

    I have been watching this for years first they said it was just vapors from the engines and we are all conspiracy nutters then they changed their minds and told us it geoenginering to help us slow the global warming if that is why they are doing it wouldnt it be better to do it over the north and south pole ???I have noticed it happening in New Zealand alot more in the last two years 

  34. marcela fejgl says:

    Screen shot 2015-07-07 at 2.51.21 PM.png
    7 July 2015
    A major scientific conference “Our Common Future under Climate Change” opened on 7 July in Paris at the height of an intense, extensive and long-lasting European heatwave, which is consistent with the expected impacts of global warming.
    The four-day conference is the largest scientific forum ahead of the climate change negotiations due to take place in Paris in December 2015. It addresses key issues concerning climate change in the broader context of global change and focusses on moving from present knowledge to future solutions.
    “The world is at a critical crossroads,” U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in an opening message. He said that more than 40 countries, representing over half of all global greenhouse gas emissions, have so far submitted their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions to U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change.
    At the United Nations climate talks in 2010, governments agreed to a maximum temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.  However, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tells us that we are heading towards average global warming of 5-6 degrees Celsius, he said.
    The emissions gap – the difference between pledged emissions reductions and what is needed to stay within two degrees Celsius – has been increasing, Mr Ban ki-Moon said.  So, too, has the adaptation gap – the difference between funding and capacity needed and what has been committed. 
    « To bridge these gaps, it is critical to fill holes in funding, knowledge, technology, capacity and trust, » said the U.N. Secretary General.
    Mr Ban Ki-moon’s message was delivered by WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud.
    In a keynote address to the conference, Mr Jarraud reiterated the urgency of action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, and sounded a warning note about using geoengineering to try to limit climate change.
    “The science is speaking with a clear voice,” said Mr Jarraud. “Temperatures are increasing. The water cycle is being altered. Ice and snow are melting. Sea levels are rising. Oceans are warming and becoming more acidic. Extreme weather events like heatwaves are becoming more frequent and more intense. It is the poor and the vulnerable that are paying the highest price,” said Mr Jarraud.
    “Preserving our climate as a common good is becoming increasingly urgent. We still have a choice, but time is running out fast and it is critical and urgent to take action to contain the worst impacts of climate change,” he said.
    Sound scientific information and climate knowledge is available to support decisions towards more sustainable patterns of productions and consumption and effective adaptation to climate change, but the response must be timely and resolute, he said.
    Mr Jarraud stressed the need for better observations and more downscaled climate change scenarios and modeling to underpin climate knowledge and action, as embodied by the WMO-spearheaded Global Framework for Climate Services.
    On climate or geo-engineering, Mr Jarraud said there were many different potential technologies each with a different level of complexity, uncertainty and associated risk.
    “There could be unintentional consequences associated with large-scale climate engineering and the potential of these technologies should not be seen as a reason to lessen efforts to address anthropogenic climate change. Before any action is contemplated, it is important to strengthen efforts to clarify and better understand potential implications,” said Mr Jarraud.
    Full details of the conference

    – See more at:
    This is a copy from the WMO /world meteo organizationo.official statement about future use of geoengineering. next i will send info about an invitation to contribute to a new cloud atlas , conducted by United nations and WMO.. best regards, Marcela F

  35. SortingHat says:

    I spoke too sun as they are spraying like crazy. It seems whenever high pressure ridges happen they do it more often I think to keep the airmass stagnant as possible without much change which is usually the end result.

  36. Sheri says:

    Apparently some drought striken states still think there is water and farming lands to sell…to other countries.
    Saudi land purchases fuel debate over US water rights–finance.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=fb
    Company co-founded by Nancy Pelosi’s son charged with securities fraud

  37. Mark from OZ -MN native says:

    The drought is nearly everywhere now and especially hard hitting in the hi population areas. It's not just Cal and the midwest, but NE Africa, So Africa, India / Pak, Asia, Australia, and central / southern/ northern Europe, central / south America, Canada, BC and the arctic. Even Tasmania (a pristine island off OZ's SE coast) is now at 13% reservoir capacity.

    "Trouble Ahead. Trouble behind. And you know that notion's just crossed my mind" / from 'Casey Jones' / Grateful Dead Band '71 Tour / live

    • DJ in WI says:

      Mark, here in WI it is constantly raining and COLD.  Never a blue sky for very long.  As soon as the sky clears up, more jets fly over and dim it.  Then the rain or snow starts over again.  Too much precipitation, no sun.  Consequently trees, bushes flowers and plants are dying. All this fresh water will be a tempting cash flow for our environmentally-challenged governor to resist.  Think Flint Michigan.

  38. RF/Microwaved ‘weird’ clouds intentionally enhanced / April 2016
    These photos were taken by me from my home on the Olympic Peninsula WA and intentionally enhanced to allow you to see what I can see with my eye, but the cheapo camera does not clearly pick up.

    US Navy: Zinc Sulfide and Barium Sulfate in my driveway! 4/4/2016
    Thanks US NAVY!

    • mike says:

      Your fifth picture down, do ever wonder what the spacing is? What looks like a clear path threw the chemicals? I see it all the time but i am not sure how that happens.

  39. Alex says:

    Hi Dane thanks so much for your reports here in Cape Town we see increasing spraying which comes over from the Atlantic. We also have a lot of spraying on our commercial routes over the central and north of SA which was never done before. I first noticed this over Bloemfontein some 3 years ago. Most people are clueless as to what is happening.  Please keep up the excellent work thank you 

    • Rory says:

      Hi Alex

      I have been sounding the alarm in Cape Town for about 3 years now but it has been a lonely fight. I understand your frustration Alex.  So many people are totally blind to the ongoing insanity above our heads and even with irrefutable evidence.. They seem to think that it's just not possible. I have managed to open some eyes.. But I feel it might be too late for most. The amount of damage done will impact us all for years to come but only together can we try and at least make our voice heard. Dane has given his life to this cause and when you need some encouragement in your own fight, this should be your first port of call. Don't give up Alex

      God Bless


    • Esme says:

      Hi Alex, ok if I acknowledge Rory here as well? Regularly see the spraying over Paarl regions , can confirm Bloemfontein too through photo's etc. Quick question: how does one alert friends/colleagues to what's going on or just spread the word without losing your job? This is SA, people here don't talk about chemtrails, they just laugh and debunk the facts before them with their answers. Can we as South Africans somehow join in the gallant effort of Dane and others like him to alert people over here as well? I do hope you will reply. Best to you both, Es

  40. james raatz says:

    Beneficial uses of fly ash– 40% of all wall board made in US is from fly ash.

  41. charles says:


    The full speech given by JFK April 27, 1961 at this site…

    55 years ago, JFK said this, not realizing that the secret society and secret government would subvert from within for these past 55 years.

    What we are not being told makes the secret enemies much stronger then JFK could have believed.

  42. Dana MacCuish says:
    Found this article this evening.  It appears that India's government is trying to stick up for the farmer and Monsanto does not want to give up royalty rights.  Monsanto might be 'playing god' with the weather; and if not Monsanto – then the shareholders whose pockets get lined with the royalty revenue.

  43. Bella_Fantasia says:

    One of my recurring comments is that I'm trying to preserve at least viability for some Life on Earth beyond just some bacteria living next to a boiling sub-sea vent.  This is the enormity of our challenge, yet we must persevere. 

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      It sure would be nice if we could all agree on a "Day and Time" to persevere. A critical mass of awareness working together all at the same time. Sounds reasonable and viable to me. Never Give Up Bella!!!

  44. Alan says:

    One of the things that really gets to me is when deniers say that what we're seeing in the sky is due to increased air traffic.  For anyone who wants to check the veracity of that contention, the data is very easy to access on FAA's website.  In summary, since 2000, itinerant (starts at one airport and ends at another) commercial airline operations (take-offs and landings) have declined by 9.3%, air taxi and commuter operations have declined by 28.3%, general aviation operations have declined by 43.6%, and military operations have declined by 15.4%, for an overall decline in itinerant operations of 29.6%.  Local operations (starting and ending at the same airport) during the same time frame have also declined, with civil operations down by 39.6% and military down by 21.2%.  Overall local operations between 2000 and 2015 declined by 38.2%.  Total aircraft operations, including every type, declined by 32.1% between 2000 and 2015.  So, the next time somebody irresponsibly says there are just more aircraft flying around these days and that's why we're noticing the trails, you can tell them that's "one of those things they know for sure that just ain't so."

    • Augie Snyder says:

      and to add to that, i've got some guy trying to tell me some of the "trails" are from lower level training flights. good grief. what is it going to take for these people to wake up.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      That's good to know, Alan.  I wondered if the "common knowledge" about increasing flights was true. 

      For all those who think the world's problems stem from over population, common knowledge is also a big fail.  The fertility rate in India, for example, will become the replacement rate of 2.1 births for women of child bearing age in a couple years.  A dozen Indian states already have fertility rates of less than 2.

      So much for common knowledge.

  45. Mary says:

    Where might we be if Syria hadn't had 7 years of drought?  

  46. Dawnski says:

    John Muir must be rolling over in his grave. . .my son and I explored Yosemite and surrounding National Parks Thanksgiving '07. In a little convertible, mostly looking up at the big trees and blue sky. Such beautiful memories. So thankful we didn't have today's toxic trashy travel. . .travail. Mourning. Make haste Lord. .Psalm 71

  47. Edward Carberry says:

    I see the planes over BC if there is a blue space they are there filling it in with there heavy metals, and in Pictures over Canada all the time. I am amazed when I talk to people  at how many  have noooo clue as to what is going on! Is society ?? what has made them soooooo ( unobservant, no clue, mindless ) I had better stop there or I will be reprimanded. Sorry   Is it me am I too observant or just that I grew upon a farm so I learned about   the weather, or or? My interest was flying so I learned about aircraft engines/ Merlin/ Gas turbines. The Golf coarse one when they were talking about those who were able to golf the other month.  CBC has it in their pictures in the background. A few months ago there was a very UNusual clear edge (dry air) along where they had sprayed I have seen this on Satellite pictures when one knows what to look for.  Dane it looks like England and France is/are being bomb barded with some (Very/ High ) Frequency for the last number of months do you know anything of this? Would like to know if you wish?

    • Augie Snyder says:

      My friends from scotland were looking to buy a second home in france. she sent me several pictures of possible properties and in every one there were trails in the sky. People just accept it as normal.

    • BenBarzman says:

      Edward, hello, i never post here, but your comment struck a cord. I have been hearing a very high pitched hissing beeping noise for about the last two years over here in the pacific northwest, it is driving me nuts and maybe 1 in a 100 people i talk to can hear it. I am positive that it is man made and EMF of some sort, I began hearing it at the same time that the wireless "smart" grid was officially activated some time in September 2014. I notice that when this high pitched noise is very loud, that people everywhere begin acting angry and driving worse, also many people are complaining that they just cant thin straight. It is definitely not tinnitus, like a said it BEEPS sometimes.

  48. Rodster says:

    Dane, here in Florida we have a weather phenomenon where sometimes it rains when the sun is out. Any explanation as to what causes that?

  49. Tag says:

    No, it is not an April Fools Day joke, snowflakes actually fell in the neighboring French island of Guadeloupe.
    The event, which was described as ‘exceptional’ by a French meteorologist took place on Thursday, March 31 in the municipality of St. Claude.
    Reports from French media indicate that a very fine snowfall blanketed the hills above the town.
    French meteorologist, Alain Museleque, explained the extraordinary phenomenon on Guadeloupe Premiere TV.
    “We had a mass of clouds that arrived over St. Claude,” he said in French and translated by McCathy Marie. “Accompanying this mass of clouds was some very cold air. In this very cold air, in the mass of clouds, we had the creation of some snowflakes which fell to the ground. This has never before been seen in Guadeloupe. This is an exceptional event that we will never forget.”
    Two weeks ago in the same area, in a residential district which is just below La Soufriere Volcano overlooking the Town of Basse Terre, residents were surprised to see hailstones falling from the sky.

  50. Diane Friday says:

    Hello everyone, and thank you Dane for this latest, and most timely report. It's sickening when I read that list of countries and states being targeted for drought. I too watch 1 PacificRedwood almost every day, and to see the blatant destruction of so many storm systems poised to move into California is surreal. Seeing evidence of what can be done to such large storm systems also makes it clear what those same weapons are doing to our bodies. That one of the primary objectives being carried out is population reduction is a no-brainer. 

    I wanted to report what's going on here in southeastern PA the past week. Newer, bigger and better weather manipulation is happening on a daily basis. Dane, you were right about them getting more vicious the more they're backed into a corner. It finally warmed up into the 60s last Thursday, then up to about 70 and very humid on Friday. The pattern here for some time now has been if there are "clear" skies and we can actually see the sun, it's either too cold, too windy, or too something to go outdoors. When they finally allow the temps to get up into the 60s or close to 70, it's only because they've got a storm headed this way, or they've been hard at work creating one. Last Friday, there were thunderstorms scheduled for this area, so of course it warmed up quickly and significantly. I watched as the clouds, maybe natural clouds, maybe not, moved in steadily from tab southwest. I watched as those huge cloud banks seemed to be broken up as quickly as they moved in. Given that I'm highly intolerant to overcast, gloomy, rainy weather, I'll admit I was actually hopeful that this meant we wouldn't get any rain for once. We didn't get get much rain at all, and no thunderstorms. What we did get were relentless winds gusting up to 40 mph, all Friday night and all day Saturday. The scheduled drop in temps happened right on cue, and I noticed something else when I went out onto our porch yesterday: little white globs, the size of what we used to know as sleet, all over everything. On the porch, on the lid of our trash can, and most notably, embedded in the screens of both of our screen doors. I've had a strong death wish for a long time now, so I tried picking up a couple of those little white blobs to see if maybe they were something naturally occurring, such as pieces of flowers off one of the trees that are blooming. As soon as I touched them, they dissolved between my fingers. The consistency was like that of damp talcum powder. Definitely a powdery substance. After almost 24 hours of whatever that was being blown around in those relentless winds, needless to say we weren't feeling very well. My partner developed a scary-sounding dry cough; not the usual cough she has from constant postnatal drip. I had the usual fatigue and stomach upset, followed by crushing depression when I saw the five-day forecast. Rain today with temps only in the 40s. Allegedly "sunny" Tuesday and Wednesday, but still below normal temps. Rain again Thursday and Friday with continued below normal temps. It has indeed been raining and cold all day, but as soon as it seemed the rain was letting up this afternoon, the ferocious north winds were cranked up once again and are still blowing at 8:40 pm. I expect those winds will continue until the next scheduled rain event, because that's the formula now. That seems to be the assigned weather for this part of the country. I'm almost willing to bet that Nestle has a hand in that, since they have so many bottling plants in the region and want to open still more. What's happening here is the exact opposite of what's being done to California. I imagine the residents of those states chosen to be drought-stricken will soon be buying water from this area, chosen to be kept wet and cold. If it  continues to get worse as quickly as it has been, there'll be a significantly lower population here in the northeast as well. People are waking up, but I fear time is running out. 

  51. The utterly in-our-faces, and right-over-our-heads toxic attacks, and the “Don’t believe your own eyes or your own memory, believe our bankster/corporate/politicians/mass media bullcrap” now being inflicted upon our once- beautiful home planet Earth in 2016…are getting pretty damn apocalyptic! That picture of Yosemite absolutely tore me up. For many years, I’ve had a big print of Ansel Adams’ classic black and white photograph of the valley, artfully shrouded in wreaths of natural clouds, hanging on my wall. It’s a beautiful, fading-away icon now, of everything lovely and magnificent, that these bastards are in the process of utterly destroying. The contrast between the 2 pictures rips my heart out! This is an outrage on a cosmic scale. Thank God for Dane, and all this group of people here, and on other truth-sites, who are committed to fight against and expose this horror. If the light of truth will not shine through these chemical shrouds of lies… it might well be only a matter of time before THIS ultra-heavy-duty quote from the Book of Revelation becomes a stark reality:
    “The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come,
    And the time of the dead, that they should be judged,
    And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints,
    And those who fear Your name, small and great,
    If that isn’t a motivator to expose the truth, I don’t know what is…We must keep at it, friends!

  52. Greg says:

    MSN news today; "Is this the end of cheap food?"  Overpopulation, stressed soils,  and lack of  SUNSPOTS!!!  Is this the cabal using sunspots for the excuse of SRM/solar dimming?  The media is now introducing fear in regards to "the coming lack of food."  The propaganda and lies continue at an alarming pace.  Meanwhile, after a two day break, the tankers continued their assault on all of us in the San Juan Mountains/ Colorado River drainage.  The sheeples won't take notice until there is no more crap food on the shelves.  May we stay strong in what appears to be the end times.  

    • Dennie says:

      Well, it's certainly the "end of times" for THIS sick system– and haven't we had ENOUGH of it already?  So, The Question is, Where do we go from here?? Should we just lazily let The Powers That Should Never Have Been continue to be The Deciders FOR us, yet again???  B-I-I-I-G MISTAKE, don'tcha kinda think?

  53. Buck Private says:

    How do you know what to believe anymore. On one hand people like to use reports from the msm detailing how messed the environment is and on the other hand they discount the msm reports that deny SRM but both reports come from the msm. I honestly dont know what to make of it. I mean do I trust that the data AMEG is putting is legit or is it part of some over all structure that is asking for more SRM immediate and drastic SRM. I just dont know if it is a set up. I mean granted CO2 we produce alot of,

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Buck, there is “truth and lies” coming from many sources, we must all investigate the larger picture so that we can better “sift the truth fron the lies”.

  54. I've watched this Geo engineering now for a long time , I make many trips across Ontario Canada and not all are oblivious to the areosol spraying only I don't ever hear the media say anything except online.
    I have even spoke up in the courts about this anomaly of injustice and of course they not only no one speaks up, they the judges and the high faluting lawyers hang their heads but nothing is ever done , the world has a death wish .

  55. Dane—Thank you. This list of droughts around the planet is truly shocking. "The ozone destruction will only get worse with every day that the atmospheric spraying is allowed to continue." How tragic that the role of global climate engineering is being ignored – and how fortunate we are to have you to stand up and speak the truth. God Bless you & your family and keep you safe.

    On a personal note, my driveway is arrayed in Zinc Selinide (ZnSe) and barium for the third time. Today I took photos and went inside. Sickening…

    • Dennie says:

      Susan:  Looks like your area is Ground Zero for the worst of the Geoengineers' scheming and dreaming– yeee-UCHH! 

      Someone oughta scoop up that sh!t the flyboys dumped in your driveway, pack it up all nice and pretty in Happy Meals bags from MacDonald's, then take that crap right back and leave it where it originated from: In piles on the Admirals' desks: 

      "SIR, have it YOUR WAY, SIRRRRR!!!" 

      Now THAT'S karma.   

  56. The recent story on the practice offshore banksters made the mainstream media.  For example Bloomberg:
    From Moscow to Reykjavik to Buenos Aires and beyond, the same two words are suddenly reverberating in financial circles: offshore accounts. No sooner did a group of media outlets report Sunday that some of the world’s wealthiest people, including politicians and business figures, had channeled billions through offshore accounts than the inevitable blowback began.
    Public officials responded with outrage, bluster, denials, semi-denials or all of the above. Banks like HSBC Plc and UBS Group AG stressed that they follow the rules and carefully vet customers. And regulators said what regulators often do: We’ll look into it.
    In many ways the articles, published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, simply confirmed what experts have long known: Wealthy people, prominent or not, often use offshore accounts — and, in most cases, those accounts are perfectly legal. …
    Of further interest is again from Zero Hedge:
    441 U.S. Clients: Who Are They?
    April 4, 2016 / Tyler Durden
    As the shock from the initial revelation of leaked Mossack Fonseca files fades away, one recurring question has emerged: why were there no American clients of the firm named (at least not yet)? After all, leaders in Iceland, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Australia and many other nations are already facing questions about their use of the Panamanian law firm, and yet nothing about the US?
    … One hint may have emerged when observing at the funding supporters of the project, among which we find George Soros' heavily financially connected Open Society:  Recent ICIJ funders include: Adessium Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Fritt Ord Foundation, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, The Ford Foundation, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts and Waterloo Foundation.
    From the ZH comments: US Power Elite are not there.  Because all those named are of The Establishment.  That Small Group, that Exclusive Group of Which We Are Not A Part. That Group which Governs merely providing an Illusion of we the people participating. The Group that Taxes Us Without Representation.  It's to shame everybody BUT the US Establishment.  And their financial and power enablers.  So that The Establishment Must Do MOAR to Protect We the People from … Do you all realize that these people, alongside the IMF etc., are much worse and much more dangerous than ISIS, et al.  False Flags of an Economic Nature to Further Enslave the Peasantry. All Hail Caesar.

  57. Jody Krupa says:

    Today there was a snow storm- 5 to 8 inches depending on where you hang your hat,.. four short days ago it was in the 70's- 9 days ago the weatherweezles predicted the storm for today, Friday i sat in my car during lunch and photographed six planes leaving a crosshatching of climate engineered spray from one end of the horizon to the other…

  58. Helene says:

    here on south Vanc Island the weather is so crazy today I wouldn't even know how to dress for it if I had to go out…one moment dark clouds rain; then hot sun and rain; then sun; then cold windy; then hot sun; then rain; all day.  Just nuts.  Hope everyone checks out the Panama Papers release, makes Watergate look like kindergarten.

  59. Ed Gill says:

    They're all BRAINWASHED imbeciles, no matter what tell anyone, they just think we are crazy. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ed, all will be forced to wake soon. When you get denial, walk on to one that is willing to wake. It is essential for us all to continue planting the seeds of awareness.

  60. BaneB says:

    Regarding the Colorado River, 1pacificredwood several times has commented and demonstrated by way of meteorological satellite images that this vital source of water for millions of human beings, animals, and many storage reservoirs, is being dried up due to consistent aerosoling over the entire length of the watercourse.  He indicated several analyses ago that the geoengineers have this water course targeted.  The other comment he made is about those Navy owned islands scattered off shore in the Southern California region.  He suspects there are transmitters located on them used to create the high pressure that blocks low pressure systems from bring in much needed rain to not only the Colorado River but LA and the Cochella(sp) valley.

    • BaneB — "…those Navy owned islands scattered off shore in the Southern California region." I bet there's nothing left alive on those islands or in the surrounding waters either. Just one big dead-zone from rf/microwave emitters! Craig B. Hulet says these things are run by contractors – BAE (owned by Britain & the USA) was one. The military is alleged to view these hired contractor people as collateral damage, and there are many cases of sterility and even mutilation from running these things, getting too close too often. Clueless.

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, folks, remember what activists did with Big Tobacco? ANYONE who owned stock in the companies got outed Big Time.  WHY NOT make a list of the companies involved in spraying us with toxic metals like we're insects, and list the shareholders, a regular "Hall of Shame," then take out an ad somewhere?  Billboard material?

    • bill mudd says:

      Bane I follow him too, quite closely. Exactly what Socal islands are you thinking of exactly – Catalina and San clemente Island?

      Plus remember these large navy vessels have the capability to microwave, and go any where they want in the Pacific loop.

      Google "phased array ships" and see what comes up – its shocking!

  61. Jody Krupa says:

    At last!! Thank you..I'm not crazy..its been very difficult trying to find science on my own to support many of the theories that you have here,  I've been looking up all my life and photographing the sky, and weather.  and you are right researching chemtrails gets you no where, and journalism certainly is not what it use to be.. I've been following the reefs and "hotspots" with such anguish and keeping up with a small group of folks in Alaska on HARP but with all the conspiracy theory stuff, they really turned that against us..I really needed credible science, never trusted Al Gore as far as I could spit, but he did make some people" think" and talk..I've been in science all my life but still, why isn't all this so obvious to everyone? I have a great reputation at work- people take notice when I bring up an issue- until I start talking about this stuff, When I tell people facts like there are over 3000 gas & oil rigs off the gulf coast!! Not much reaction is had.  and  the end of this month half the great reef will die!!! So i guess what I 'm trying to say is thank you for all this great info based in science – you've given me renewed hope & tools  for reaching more masses here in New England maybe on a different level, All my best thoughts to California!

  62. Lennon says:

    Wow, that is so awesome that Ron Kauk sent in this photo! He is a long-time pro rock climber and resident of Yosemite.  I'm sure he remembers what the park looked like before disgusting geoengineering started dominating the skies.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lennon, yes, I have also admired Ron Kauk for a very long time, I am very grateful to have him in this battle with us.

  63. Michel B says:

    At this stage it is entirely apparent it is a population reduction scheme. All the other damage is collateral and necessary, in their minds. They are stopping the agricultural industries to starve us down in numbers. Of course it is just the latest polyp on a metastasising cancer.

    The rich say: "Yes, we forced this deadly paradigm of oil and coal onto you and you drank it up. Since you drank it up and we no longer can sustain it, we will finish you off. Bye bye!"

    We, The People, better wake up and reply.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michael, it is important to remember there are many agendas being carried out at once, none of them benevolent.

  64. Jim Ludwig says:

    Well…here's the latest from Rothschild's Weather Underground:



    Contrails are usually triggered by aircraft engines and wingtip
    vortices, a result of water condensation that freezes at high
    altitudes. They create interesting and elongated shapes as they
    spread out. They can often last a long time (sometimes hours in
    right conditions) but it's just water vapor.

    There’s a conspiracy theory that calls them "chemtrails" instead
    of contrails, attributing all sorts of monstrous things to them.
    But the claims are easily disproven. Here's a good link for more

    Airline traffic has steadily increased over the last few
    decades. It's quite likely that there's more overhead traffic now
    than when you were growing up, so it might seem like it's a new
    phenomenon. But contrails have been observed since the early
    days of flight.



    Wunderground Support

    That was WeatherWilliam's response to:

    On Mar 30, 2016 at 1:42 PM ludwigjim wrote:

    Today for instance, all these planes involved in
    Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG), are filling the sky
    with aluminum, barium, strontium…and by sunset, the
    southwestern sky will be pure silvery milk. Solar radiation
    management, eh? (SRM)

    As I write a plane is spraying a big loop while the three other
    planes in its squadron of doom are laying down the usual monster

    I know it's important to have a cushy job and food on the table.
    But your forecast: CLEAR…when the sky is being blasted by
    chemtrails and even chembombs—if you don't have a conscience,
    guess that seems okay?

    If truth meant anything at all, we would have a chemtrail report
    instead of the satanic: Clear

    But since you flaunt your lack of credibility and deny truth…I
    smell Rothschilds……

    Wow…lies are hardly ever so pure.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jim, the reply from the paid liars at the Weather Underground gives us another example of how critical is is to stick to the science terms when trying to share information on the climate engineering insanity. The power structure controled media will always marginalize the “chemtrails” term, not so easily done when the science terms are used (geoengineering, climate engineering, solar radiation management).

    • Emily Summer says:

      Well, how do these idiots explain a chem trail that stops mid sky and then makes a U turn and goes back the other way?  mmmmm? 

      We watched a jet do just that over Eastern Oregon sky a week ago.  They spray going east for awhile and then turn and go west.  Don't know of any commercial airline that does that.   We are not that stupid….even with all the poison they are spraying.  

    • Edward Palys says:

      These idiots think they can convince anybody with a brain. One look at the air traffic every day should produce so many contrails that we'd never see the sun. Contrails will not sustain in the upper atmosphere for more than a few minutes. Just take a look at smoke writing in the sky and see how long that smoke stays up there. These idiots tell us that water vapor will persist for hours???? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, true, we are not seeing condensation trails in our skies. Even the short bright trails that seem to disapate are spray dispersions in almost all cases. WIth few exceptions, we should see no condensation trails from a high bypass turbofan jet engine. FYI the attached link.

    • Jim Ludwig says:

      Precisely, Dane. Your site is as valuable as any on the Internet—more valuable, ultimately, than any others I can think of.

      I sent a final letter to "…the paid liars at the Weather Underground".

      "WeatherWilliam" seems their best public liar. So:

      Okay, I admit; there is something Satanically beautiful about lies if they are pure enough—and especially if they target something important enough, such as life on Earth.

      Your little canned, Rothschild-approved thing about "contrails" is absolutely pure bullshit. Will humanity ever take the bull by the tail,and face the situation?

      Tough task when so many people are oblivious to what is filling the sky. Nothing short of genocide, the Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG)…the Solar Radiation Management(SRM) and all the other insults to life on Earth that have been officially admitted and documented for a long time. But all one needs to do is watch the sky, and follow

      Not sure what planet you are from…wait a minute—I am sure what planet you're from. The planet, Rothschild (yeah, those cloaked ones cutting your checks).

      Well, some of us know the difference between water vapor, and:

      ************* Aluminum oxide particles, barium salts, barium titanates,
      ethylene dibromide, cadmium, methyl aluminum, desiccated human red blood
      cells, nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass, sub-micron particles (containing
      live biological matter), polymer fibers, unidentified bacteria,
      enterobacteria cloacal, enterobacteriaceae, mycoplasma, human white blood
      cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA),
      mold spores, bacilli and molds, yellow fungal mycotoxins, lead, mercury,
      nitrogen trifluoride, nickel, calcium, chromium, radioactive cesium,
      radioactive thorium, selenium, arsenic, titanium shards, silver,
      streptomyces, strontium, uranium….***************

      In addition to adjustable genocidal menace, SAG has apparently come up
      with its own signature disease. Morgellons. Ask somebody with Morgellons
      about water vapor fouling Earth's skies.

      I challenge you to have a hair sample tested for especially aluminum,
      barium and strontium. With what you are paid to craft such pure
      lies…should be no problem? My test revealed hideous off-the-charts
      elevations of especially aluminum and barium.

      And check out the attachment showing a Geoengineering Aerosol Spray (GAS)
      plane that crashed on take off in California. Notice the ocean of an
      "…aluminum-like substance" the plane puked. That's a challenge, eh? The
      aluminum vomit, the Omega tail marking….

      So go pure. Explain how the aluminum vomit is simply…"…water vapor".

      Most of all, and I won't bother you anymore…I feel sorry for you—but
      not as sorry as for your children. All children.

  65. Rodster says:

    Dane, have you ever done an interview with James Corbett from The Corbett Report? He runs a blog and is a believer in Geoengineering along with Prof Michel Chossudovsky and also has quite the following as yourself.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rodster, although I do appreciate some of the work Corbett has done on many issues, I hope he will re-check his data on the state of the climate. The planet is not just warming, but in total meltdown (with climate engineering helping to fuel the overall fire). Credibility is crucial in the fight against climate engineering.

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