Dead Fish, Dying Planet, And Dangerous Denial


Dane Wigington

Fish are dying, wildlife is dying, the entire web of life is dying, but willful denial of verifiable realities continues to thrive. The global fish die-off is already beyond catastrophic, but the "experts" seem to have little to offer in the way of answers. Why? Because those in power are largely in control of the chess board, at least for the moment. Those who print the money (the bankers) control militaries, countries, and every imaginable institution down the line. How can we expect the paid "experts" to disclose the true severity of what we collectively face (and the true causes behind the converging catastrophes) when their paychecks and pensions almost always depend on them not disclosing the whole truth? Those who are truly in the know and thus in a prime position to sound the alarm face much more dire consequences than the loss of their employment. In regard to the global fish die-off, what don't we hear from the "experts" and the media? That the oceans (and fresh water lakes) are rapidly heating along with the rest of the planet. That this heating de-oxygenates the water and fuels algae blooms which further de-oxygenate the water. We don't hear that warming oceans are causing mass deposits of formerly frozen methane to thaw and release, also contaminating and deoxygenating oceans. And we certainly never hear a word from the "experts" about the ongoing climate engineering assault that is exacerbating the now runaway warming (in addition to contaminating the entire planet). Of course, we also never hear about the military's other devastating activities that are slaughtering marine life, or about the military's willingness to lie about their actions. And about Fukushima, yes, it is a catastrophe for the seas (and the planet as a whole), but there is much more to story in regard to the fish die-offs. The bottom line is that the vast majority of media sources (even "independent" sources), are only telling half-truths at best.


Massive recent fish die-off on Chile's Queule River. Photo credit: Sernapesca

First, about the rapidly accelerating global fish die-off, the excerpt below is from a report that was just posted by Michael T. Snyder from "The Economic Collapse" website.

Why are millions upon millions of dead sea creatures suddenly washing up on beaches all over the world?  It is certainly not unusual for fish and other inhabitants of our oceans to die.  This happens all the time.  But over the past month we have seen a series of extremely alarming mass death incidents all over the planet.  As you will see below, many of these mass death incidents have involved more than 30 tons of fish.  In places such as Chile and Vietnam, it has already gotten to the level where it has started to become a major national crisis.  People see their coastlines absolutely buried in dead sea creatures, and they are starting to freak out.

For example, just check out what is going on in Chile right now.  The following comes from a Smithsonian Magazine article entitled “Why Are Chilean Beaches Covered With Dead Animals?“…

Compared to other countries, Chile is almost all coast, and that geographical fluke means that the country is known for its beautiful beaches. But that reputation may be on the wane thanks to a new sight on Chilean shores: dead animals. Lots of them. Heaps of them, in fact. As Giovanna Fleitas reports for the Agence France-Presse, the South American country’s beaches are covered with piles of dead sea creatures—and scientists are trying to figure out why.

Tales of dead animals washing up on shore are relatively common; after all, the ocean has a weird way of depositing its dead on shore. But Chile’s problem is getting slightly out of hand. As Fleitas writes, recent months have not been kind to the Chilean coast, which has played host to washed-up carcasses of over 300 whales, 8,000 tons of sardines, and nearly 12 percent of the country’s annual salmon catch, to name a few.

Authorities in Chile are scrambling to come up with a reason for why this is happening, but nobody appears to be quite sure what is causing this tsunami of death.

In Vietnam, things are even worse.  At this point, so many dead fish and clams have been washing up along the coast that soldiers have been deployed to bury them

Millions of fish have washed up dead along a 125-kilometre stretch of the Vietnamese coast in one of the communist country’s worst environmental disasters.

Soldiers have been deployed to bury tonnes of fish, clams and the occasional whale that began dying in early April along the north-central coast, including some popular tourist beaches.

Vietnamese officials facing growing anger over the disaster have not announced the official cause of the deaths, which have affected the livelihoods of tens of thousands of families.

Elsewhere in Asia, there have been similar incidents.  For example, CNN is reportingthat one lake in southern China is currently dealing with 35 tons of dead fish…

At least 35 tons of dead fish appeared in a lake in southern China, leaving residents stunned.

The piles of fish washed up in a lake in Hainan province on Wednesday, Chinese state media reported.

Residents expressed concerns on pollution, but local authorities said the fish died as a result of salinity change.

On the other side of the world, similar incidents have also happened in major lakes.  Here is one example from Bolivia

Thousands of dead fish have washed up onto the shores of a lake in Bolivia.

Just before they died, some of the fish had just hatched from their eggs in lake Alalay, in the central Bolivian city of Cochabamba.

No one yet knows the number of dead fish, but they have stockpiled five cubic metres (177 cubic feet) so far, so it’s possible there is over a tonne of dead fish in the lake.

And here is an example from Brazil

More than 200 tons of dead fish were removed from the Furnas Lake on Sunday (1st) in Alfenas (MG). According to the Military Police of the Environment, both fish raised in ponds, networks and those who are released, all of the tilapia species in the lake were affected. The damage to the psicultores is estimated at around R $ 900 thousand.

I could go on and on all day with examples such as these.

Just within the last month, 40 tons of fish died in India, 65 tons of fish died in Cambodia, 70 tons of fish died in Colombia, and millions of fish “suddenly died” in Indonesia.

So why is this happening?

I don’t know.

Could it be possible that these mass deaths are somehow related to the alarming earth changes that we see happening all around us?

Without a doubt, we have seen a dramatic rise in seismic activity during the early portions of 2016.  There has been a series of very destructive earthquakes around the world in recent months, and once dormant volcanoes are coming to life all over the globe with distressing regularity.

Of course humanity has done much to destroy the planet as well, and we continue to deal with the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  I do think that it is very interesting to note that most of these mass fish deaths have happened in nations that border the Pacific Ocean.

I am certainly not claiming to have an answer for why so many fish are dying.  All I know is that millions upon millions of dead fish are washing up on shores all over the globe, and people are really starting to freak out about this.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, and major disasters seem to be getting more frequent and more intense.  Just look at what is happening up in Alberta right now.

I believe that we are entering the “perfect storm” that myself and so many others have been warning about for so long.

Or could it be possible that I am just being overly dramatic?

Though I am grateful to Mr. Snyder for helping to document the extremely alarming fish die-off, it is interesting that he seems to be in complete denial of the fact that our planet is descending into total meltdown.

But some climate “experts” are really playing down the impact of El Nino.  Instead, they are attempting to convince us that what we are witnessing is simply the result of “man-made climate change”, and they are using this as an opportunity to promote their agenda.

Is our climate really as damaged as the "experts" are telling us? No, in reality, it is much much worse. Unfortunately people like Mr. Snyder are only telling half-truths, climate engineering and climate realities are not a part of the narrative for Snyder and others like him. The engineered "cool-downs" of key regions like the most populated zones of the US has helped those in power keep populations confused and divided on the true state of the climate. When confused, many end up actually toeing the line for the very power structure they claim to be fighting against. How fast is the planet warming? The recently released data reflected on the 20 second animated graph below paints a very clear and very dire picture.

GIF credit: Ed Hawkins, climate scientist at University of Reading

Will global geoengineering help? No, 70 years of global climate engineering has only helped to further fuel the overall warming of the planet. Those in power have always known that climate engineering/solar radiation management/weather warfare would only ever cause immense and irreparable harm,  geoenginering is a weapon of total control they will never willingly give up. Man's attempt to engineer earth's life support systems is the absolute epitome of human insanity. Geoengineering has played a major role in the dying of the seas. The planet is heating so rapidly that we may an ice free Arctic as early as September of this year, 2016. All mainstream media and most "independent" media will not mention such dire front line data. If the oceans die, the planet dies, and all of us with it. Do your part in the most critical battle to sound the alarm on the climate engineering insanity, educate yourself and learn how to make the most effective difference in the fight to raise critical awareness.

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137 Responses to Dead Fish, Dying Planet, And Dangerous Denial

  1. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, I'm using this platform to let folks know our constitution is disintegrating right before our eyes there already accomplished our freedom of speech and have taken most of that away just like a dictatorship,  or our second amendment which is the right to bear arms and those arms are not meant for hunting we must protect our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic before it disintegrates before our eyes military men Marines which Smedley Butler  wrote "war is a racket" Marine of the highest honor where are the great leaders like Eisenhower & John F Kennedy who warned the public of unchecked powers if everyone Blows the Whistle at the same time they can't kill us all they're after our Constitution and we need a movement from our military men and women and not just those Shadow government people who don't want their power diminished, we need Heroes,  and to be a hero you just need to speak up and speak the truth

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    There is obviously no place on the planet that is not being affected from what is taking place, which is ballooning and spiraling out of control to the point of no return! An absolute total solution has to be put in place A.S.A.P. What mass die off will come next?

    • BaneB says:

      The Navy is hugely responsible for what is occurring.  Congress approved the gargantuan areas of their destructive operations off our coasts in huge blocks of operational territories.  The Navy gave them the figures of sea life/mammals into the millions of kills.  Much of the electronic/ordinances utilized are experimental. The expected or downplayed destruction to ocean life likely is way beyond the grim tally provided to Congress.  The threats to our survival are out of our darker nature of which militaries are the apex of the effort to suicide the human race to the bottom.

  3. rob alder says:

    I've not see mentioned the visionary assessment done by Walter & Lao Russell in 1957 titled Atomic Suicide, predicting what would happen to the Earth's biosphere if the 'controllers' took us all down the nuclear self-destruction path. They liken the Earth to a humanly symbiotic body, with the analogy that when a human gets a fever, it only needs a minor increase in temperature to die. As each radio-nuclide is a small fire that cant be extinguished, and as so many quadrillions have been released into the atmosphere, the Earth may now have a fatal fever. I liken an isotope to the white ball on a billiard table, smashing every other molecule that it touches, like breaking the frame.

    The other very worthwhile read of the Russells is The secret of Light, and entirely alternative explanation of the Physics we're taught at 'school'.

    I paid $8 for 24hrs Scribd membership to download these wonderful works:

    Best wishes to you all…



    • Rachel Robson says:

      rob alder, Hello and thank you!  Nuclear all was my main focus always yet I've not heard about Walter and Lao Russell.  I've not read this yet but will quite soon and am grateful for this.  You are quite right and I like your analogy of a billiard table.  To the question of why is the Earth heating up, I've always thought nuclear.  It is after all The definition of heat.  Granted, we've managed to top that off with geo-engineering.  But too few know that Russia actually tested at least one nuke under the polar cap, when there was one.  And of course yes, it never goes away.  Nothing can be done.
      Dr. Sister Rosalie Bertell was considered the world's foremost expert on nuclear everything until she died several years ago.  In 1985 she published her first book of two, this first one called: No Immediate Danger–Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth.  The woman does not waste one word of this thick book.  It may take me forever to finish it as every sentence makes me want to cry.  I have to constantly stop in order to process what she has to say.  You may find this and her other book: Planet Earth, the Latest Weapon of War of interest.  As well as her many published papers.  She traveled the world to hear first hand stories from the Bikini Islanders to the Natives in the far north where a Russian nuke went wrong, landing on their grounds resulting in them having to be moved and removed from their way of life.  She helped with "Three Mile Island" and with the Bopal, India disaster.  Her PhD is in mathematics and she's done the math.
      And now to read what you generously gave to us at GW.  Again, thank you!

  4. rob alder says:

    Heartfelt thanks Dane from SW Australia…

    Been on this topic since witnessing my first aerosolled skies in London in 1997. As a landscape painter I took pics of the very unusual formations (now common) as reference, thinking that I'd use them as a sky in a 'dystopian' painting…little could I have known!

    We don't get SAGged much where I live, but further north around Perth, and inland over the wheatbelt it's regular. There is a high pressure system that covers the entire landmass of Australia this week….something I've never seen in my 59 years…

    My own eyes are seeing new pears on my tree…it's autumn. I just picked my last fruit of 2015/16 summer…yet I have 6 NEW pears almost the size of apricots already setting. That's 6 months out of sync. Nature is confused…I am not. I am sad. I live in gratitude for each moment that I am still witness to Creation, but I am sad… Peace and Love to all..

    • Hi rob alder — I also spent much of my life painting landscapes which makes us both acutely aware of these insanely unnatural cloud formations. I expect the next level of their mad attempts to brainwash us into believing these things have always been — will be to repaint the masters like DaVinci and Cezanne etc., but with chemical clouds! They say all the paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC have already been taken to a secret warehouse, probably underground. So no one is looking at the originals anyway. Why not paint a few toxic chemtrail clouds into a Turner or Constable – or my beloved Claude Lorraine? Ratzoids.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello again rob alder,  Well, I did overestimate my ability to read all this now!  I'm still trying to finish a science book and get to The Vonnegut Brothers.  But I did take a look and read part of The Secret of Light, which was published the year I was born.  It made me think of Susan, Susan Ferguson whose response to your email is below this.  Sounds a lot like her!  I think from what she said, the two of you must have a lot in common.  I look forward to reading more of what you offered when I can.  Besides books, I have much to do.

      Your description of your pear tree and new pears again and late is so familiar to me as something very similar happened with my plants last year.  We'd be in a serious drought for 4 years and had water use mandates.  Even so, this was strange.  Some flowers I have from big plants did bloom a bit last year, but then again at beginning of the Fall, which never happens.  Just never.  My precious plum that nearly died last year made one plum-beginning in the Fall!  It was as if all the plants had lost their minds, or rather the weather makers drove them crazy.  This year we got rain and mandates lifted so I am growing some food stuffs as well as medicinal plants I began last year.  Despite our rains, the ground is freakishly dry and hard.  And I'm not getting any younger!  Much to do and now, already I am late, but so is warm weather, it has been chilly here against all reason!  I look forward to hearing more about you and your plants in your area of Australia. 

  5. Marc says:

    In the words of Gary Houser, we are facing the most colossal moral tragedy in human history. I believe Malcolm Light when he says we will find ourselves incinerated in a methane firestorm in about 5 to 8 years time. Hello? Can you say "blue ocean event?" Meaning simply….an ice free Arctic. And THAT, more than likely this summer. This summer!!! What this means is we are getting closer and closer to nothing short of the necessary conditions ripening for a methane release on the order of maybe 50 gigatons to erupt out of the permafrost and sub-sea zones within a relatively short period of time. They say the total methane in the entire earth's atmosphere right now is around 2-3 gigatons. Holy Mother of God……..

      We are right on the cusp of this blue ocean event. It is not if. It is WHEN. Consensus indicates this is a scenario which could trigger this kind of apocalyptic release of methane. We can only imagine how such massive quantities of methane would almost overnight turn our cushy lives into sheer chaos as unheard of weather extremes rake the planet and food production becomes the thing of dreams. And all the while governments bumble and stumble through their watered-down fantasies of implementing the necessary strategies to keep us at or under a 2C rise in temperature. Which, last I checked, it's likely we've exceeded ALREADY, for the same reasons the dumb-ass weather forecasters routinely under-report the real temperatures on the ground. All madness is converging now. All one has to do is look around. Nonetheless, I have come to the conclusion that as bad as Fukushima and Hanford and all the other sources of background radiation are, the looming methane eruption in the Arctic is what will drive the final nail in the coffin for us all. And yet……and yet….. our silver saviours can still be seen overhead almost every day, anointing us with their holy water. They ARE trying desperately to save us all, aren't they?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Marc, Again and of course, I agree with you.  At least 10 years ago or maybe even more, I remember an article in my newspaper about the ice going gone in the Arctic and many salivating over the prospect of being able to ship through as opposed to the long long way round.  Course, now, not much is shipping.  Brainless wonders these-gee, can't come up with a bad enough word! so fill in the blank!

      My daughter's father who was murdered in 2011, and back to court we go as soon as I figure out how…..for a few years before he died he would not stop talking about a vision he had and being a Fullblood, by vision he means Vision!  Prophetic.  He saw the whole Earth burning.  His mother, in her mid 80s was here visiting with us-a one time thing-and I told her about it as in end of the world, all on fire, all burning, the end.  In a quiet voice she mumbled: "My world has ended many times."  Sad, but true-for her.  AS OPPOSED TO THE WHOLE EARTH!

  6. Veritas says:

    You must mean John Kerry (aka Kohn), grandson of the name changing  Ida Lowe and Fritz Kohn. Israel.Secret.Intelligence.Services. ISIS, he and many other of our politicians have indeed created the group and fund them. Also Alex Jones is a Disinfo Agent, a Shabbos Goy.

  7. Sallie Robinson says:

    Notice this NRA Freedoms safest place ad has chemtrails in it!,

  8. Bluv says:

    Hello again Dane

    I posted earlier to you about the apparent change to the patterns that I have noticed lately and  you were correct,  that it would only be a small respite before they, the pschopaths, would resume with this insanity. Portland Oregon has been getting hit hard the last couple of days, large multiple sweeping trails. It is 88 degrees today with the temps to drop by 20 degrees tomorrow and expect rain.  Thanks Dane.

  9. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County California Spray Alert  !

    I know this sounds like a broken record .

    Jackson looks  worse than a war zone today .

    5-13-2016   @ 011:55  hrs

    • Wayne says:

      Palm Springs insanity continues nobody is awake…my god it's hard to get air emergency must be full….when will this end, direct action against the power structure is the only way. Dane what is the status on the US lawsuit?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wayne, we are doing our best to push forward with the US legal efforts, and I am pushing the attorney team as consistently as I can, but it is imperative for activists to press on with the essential awareness raising actions in the field. Ultimately this all important battle comes down to reaching a critical mass of awareness, that is the only way forward. Though the legal actions will assist with this effort, the importance of continuing with activist efforts cannot be overstated. FYI

    • Meredith says:

      I've scrolled through some of the comments on this massive sea creature die off, but haven't seen a mention if it could be attributed to methane eruptions on the ocean floor?

  10. I have been wondering what the ‘plan’ is for Silicon Valley. The Bay Area is being poisoned and we know that Silicon Valley is sitting on massive chemical pollutants from the tech industry. So this report suggesting another Detroit is perhaps prophetic.
    Will the Trans-Pacific Partnership Turn Silicon Valley Into Detroit?  / 05/09/2016
    The TPP… is chock full of special deals for the corporate interests who negotiated it. It will likely do more to impede trade than promote it, and in the process it creates rules that potentially override democratic decision-making at all levels of government. … The connection between Silicon Valley and Detroit (sorry Detroiters) comes in Article 18.78, which requires countries to have laws allowing companies to protect trade secrets and imposing criminal penalties for violators. The language in this section is broad, but it can certainly be interpreted as implying that governments allow for the enforcement of “non-compete” agreements. Non-compete agreements prohibit employees from quitting their job and working for another company in the same industry for a substantial period of time. This is an important issue for tech companies. Many states allow for the enforcement of non-compete agreements, which companies often put in contracts both to limit their employees’ mobility and also to try to impede competitors. Importantly, California does not. A recent study found that the difference between California’s law and Michigan’s law, which does enforce non-compete agreements, was an important factor in California’s success in the technology sector. Unlike Michigan, it is easy for tech workers in California to quit their jobs and join a new company or start their own.
    …When companies can’t get the legislation they want through Congress or state and local governments, they do an end-run and try to advance their interests in a trade deal like the TPP. In addition to the fact that provisions of the TPP are harder to reverse than ordinary laws, corporate interests also get to impose them on the other countries in the deal.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Susan.  Somehow I missed this one and this article in full says it all.  I tried to write to you before about this as I had/have some confusion regarding something you posted about the TPIP? was it? and wondering if it was an Atlantic add on to the TPP?  And, after all this time-which for me has now been years, I still don't know if the TPP did in fact go through?  I've heard yes and I've heard no.  I pray for no!  For all the reasons.  But I fear one of those reasons is to protect and further geo-engineering.  Not to mention Monsanto.  And "ratzoids"? Big Pharma!  Yikes!

  11. BaneB says:

    Any proof about the black helicopters?  Photos?  Videos?  Any images of the bags being tossed out.  Granted, there is much that is untrustworthy, and regarding covert black ops one discerns nothing but evil.  Sensationalism muddies the waters of what is reasonable to believe is the primary cause of the Canadian fire, i.e. Geoengineering.  Weather control, weather warfare, this is a proven reality.  

  12. Ken says:

    We need to have these animals tested for RADIATION and ALUMINUM by truly independent means. I see those as the major culprits to the sea as well as the problem with plankton loss from UV radiation. That alone is going to have a trickle-down effect to many species of fish and sea mammals.
    Bottom line. They need to be tested, but the "power structure" has an iron clamp down on all agencies of government.  This will have to be done independently by some people with means.

  13. LS says:

    I heard this morning that whales are showing up in $.F. Bay in numbers never seen before. They even reported that they are believed to be there looking to feed on near shore sardines. Yeah, because the sardines in the oceans are about gone. Proof positive. Our eyes don't lie.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      LS, Hello and don't understimate TPTB in tomfoolery as $F is now for the Uber Rich, and the tech industry people buying up everything easily paying what others even well off cannot pay, displacing long term peoples, ethnic in the main.  And even as TPTB build and build Berkeley to previously unimaginable heights and densely to boot, displacing normal folks of all stripes.  Sardines purchased elsewhere by the tons and dumped here?  Holograms of sardines?  Anything to give the impression it was a good idea to pay a King's ransom to live here.  In fact I think this very thing is why we were allowed so much rain.  Which the ground swallowed so fast that you'd never guess we got as much as we did, and we did.  Get "whatever".  Now, people can have lawns again.  Oh goody. 

  14. TNGEOWATCH says:

    I was watching last night River Monsters a Cable TV show and the crazy guy went right to a nuclear plant in Ukraine willingly exposing himself to radiation for tv ratings of course.

    The thing I took note of was the extensive SRM, SAG, and milky white aerosolized sky's.  The show was from 2013. 

    I've been watching shows and looking at the sky's.  The Notebook (2004) there is a seen looking at the horizon that had coast to coast trails.

    One thing I've also observed is that all the movies using green screens to create fake blue sky's.  If you watch any movie like Transformers, Marvel, Star Wars the sky's are all the same color with fake clouds.

    On a final note, over the past couple of days the weather has been abnormally warm in SE TN.  Hit 90 on the thermometers multiple days.. Temps where definitely underreported in our area by 4-6 degree's. 

    Tree's are getting hammered with UV.  Last spring tops of tree's looked bad but in my opinion they are worse this year at this time.

    Good luck everyone.

  15. Veritas says:

    Another oil spill in the gulf recently. I wonder if they will spray Corexit all over everything again to kill the goyim quicker like 2010, and sink the oil? Boycott BP and Shell, rotten pigf#(kers, apologies for language but I hate these people with the burning fury of 10,000 Suns.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There the Evacuee's are standing in lineups ready for a some relief dollars from the government for the Alberta fire. 

    Is this just a Test? When another devastating incident happens, where will people go and what will they do?

    Will it be another Forest Fire, Tidal Wave, Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado, Full fledged Aerial Assault? 

    Answer: All of the Above

    Will the people be standing in line, waiting for the bus or train to relocate them? And Where?

    If all is true about the Camps, I don't think that it will be Glam ping Camping.

    This is now in full motion and the path of destruction is eminent.

    Not hard to see.


    I'm not playing this down. For the people there it was and still is Tragic.

    Then they come on the MSN About how they are commemorating the First Responders of the Staged Nathan Carrillo event. 

    The one Paramedic is hanging his head low as if he is Ashamed.

    I would too. When you look at Videos on the Net it is quite obvious that this was staged like the Boston Bomb running event.



    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      Regarding the forest fire's.  One thing not being considered that a friend of mine told me he is observing in the forests of NC.  The tops of tree's are dieing.  These are falling down in large #'s into the understory of the forest.  Rather then just leaves and small amounts of tree debris there is quite a bit of debris now piling up.  If a fire would start in the eastern national forests on a very dry period the fire would be more intense and likely do more damage to the base of the tree's.  It is setup to destroy huge area's if they decide to drought us out in the Appalachians this summer.  

      Recommend clearing under brush around houses guys in preparation for future fires if you live in wooded area's.  Fire in Canada jumped roads and rivers.  One river the fire fighters where using the river water and it still by passed them.

      Prepare now while you can.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Anonymous, I tried to thank you for your response to my meltdown over Hanford, but I guess I said too much!  What?  Me say too much!?!

      On the above, I so agree with you.  All kinds of hell are coming at us and doubtless this will be a summer to remember, in tears.  I "talk" other places such as in my online progressive efforts in which some ask what I think is important, and with virtual people about the degree to which we are not prepared for all we are in for.  Too funny about Glam ping camping!  Except not.  Main reason I'm trying to get neighborhood back to tight.  Gee, I know so many people in forested areas.  Nervous making.  Can you tell me if the number of people displaced owing to Alberta fires set some sort of record?  Seems it must have.  What Will all those people do?  Tragic is an understatement.  Wish we could hold the perps accountable for such massive harm. 

    • renate says:

      Hi all. I can't help but  think that the chemtrail lawsuit filed on march 10th from alberta vs her majesty the queen, whereas she has 30 days to response…could this fire in fort McMurray be her response?? Also the oil sand companies have been lying off thousand of employees in the last year or 2 and Calgary the oil town is bankrupted, and pretty much a ghost town.  Just my opinion.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Whoa, renate, I did not know Canada's suit was filed from Alberta!  OMG!  Game changer.  And dang!  Bitter pill to swallow.  I am, yet again, stunned.  One would like to think she wouldn't, BUT…..!  TPTB got to where they are via vile deeds.  England pretty much owned all that until usurped by US, via Her Majesty's blessings, eventually.  Holy Cows I hope you are wrong, but sounds so right…..

  17. Dan G. says:

    Hello All

    Well I have been in Oregon now going on two months . I have walked the country side 2 or 3 days a week it's scary kinda sterile one squirrel a few turkey that's it . Was going to get a fishing license but really I don't see any fish here in the south Umpqua from the bridge to town . Just me and my little dog now sold my tractor and haul truck and feel pretty relieved . I hope there will be a get together of us that realize what is happening around us . 

  18. SD says:

    This just in.  Preliminary test results of houses at the Porter Ranch methane gas leak showed unusual high levels BARIUM and other metals.  This could be a big break. Full report to be released today.

    • Alan says:

      Nice catch SD – This is more on the findings:

      County officials said there appeared to be  a pattern — or fingerprint — of metals to which all of the homes were exposed. Those metals were barium, vanadium, manganese, lead, strontium and aluminum.

    • Dennie says:

      It would be interesting to see if houses in areas other than Porter Ranch have these metals.  I had window swipes and soil testing done here in San Rafael in 2010 and the lab showed barium inside my house and in the soil in front of my house.  Everyone seemed sooo surprised.  My physician thought I was a soothsayer for asking for a serum barium test and finding it was 26 times higher than the OSHA "safe" limit.  I live in San Rafael, CA U.S.A.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      SD, Hi and thank you and Erin B. owns a home by Porter Ranch.  She was not receptive to my emails prior to this concerning geo-engineering, but to be fair, she was up to her eyeballs in the Flint morphed large issues.  When the Porter Ranch methane blow happened, she mentioned she had a house right by there and had just found out it was built on toxic chemicals.  Perhaps she's be more receptive now?

      And Alan, thank you for the breakdown, and what the heck is vanadium?  One more thing to look up I guess, though my "dance card" is full!  Need bigger "dance card"!  Dance as in: "You don't dance with the Devil, the Devil dances with you!" 

      And Dennie, thank you and so Finally I know how the barium was found, you soothsayer you!  A neighbor (almost my age) of mine who fancies himself a poet is now fascinated with Prince's lyrics, quoting some to me as he brought over food and flowers.  On his way down the stairs, I said, you know he was outspoken about many issues including geoengineering don't you?  He is particularly resistant and cannot stand to hear me bring this up.  He turned a snarled face towards me saying: "Yeah, and people say the Illuminati killed him!"  He was not serious and was taunting/testing me.  So, I pulled a "Dennie" and said: "Yawn!" whilst gesturing a yawn!!

    • Dennie says:

      Howard Kornfeld, a well-known chronic pain and addiction physician from Marin County, was called by Prince's "handlers" to come to Minnesota to consult on his case before he died.  The physician sent his son Andrew, a pre-med student, who flew to Minnesota with buprenorphine, a pain medication.  The son is the person who discovered Prince dead:  So there you have it.  Prince obviously had other issues besides Illuminati troubles.  Blaming "The Illuminati" is just another way of distancing ourselves from our own responsibilities to step up to the plate and say NO MAS and it won't get The Job done.

  19. KBurns says:

    Had a gut wrenching conversation with someone who works for Boeing and has a highly respectable position. I asked if there was any layoffs on the horizon. They said as a matter of fact the company just shocked their employees with a layoff notice coming to many managers. They said we just won a contract with the AIRFORCE but because they have so many NEW requirements and expensive CHANGES to the tankers/parts etc that they have to supply, they need to layoff to take on this contract. It was said that this contract is far different than any they had with them before. My gut sunk and I said no more… I have already tried to open this ones eyes.

    I can hear the planes so clear where we live. I feel like there is an airport near. I look up at the sound and sure enough there they are several every hour in the forest. Unreal to hear them. In the city you cant hear them at all. My garden plants are burning on the edges.

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      We are seeing these now more in SE TN now.  Layered above our humid cumulus clouds that don't turn into rain.  It is very weird.  We have that upper layer and then lots of smaller puffy clouds below it.  Kinda like a canopy capping the growth of clouds but still creating shade and solar radiation management at higher and lower levels.  


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Whoa Susan, looks like you have the Heinz 57 of spray trails going on!  Reminds me of teenage boys "tagging" walls–not in an artful way!  Instead of new, to me, it looks like a hodgepodge of all seen here but more electrified.

      Here, it seems like a screen of some sort overlaying this behind.  I have seen a plane fly out of it as if from nowhere, just appearing from the "clear" blue!  Earlier today, there were beige clouds, dirty looking and small and lower down.  Then all seemed blue but for one huge spray trail arching over which in a relatively short time disappeared leaving the blue but with a barely discernable white cover.  Winds and chilly, really quite chilly this morning and odd stuff on my windshield.  Just a couple of miles east, uptown, it became rather warm and the traffic is unbelievable.  Made worse by the incessant building going on just everywhere.  It is not just a few buildings but many, many and all over.  Shocking.  But now what creeps me out the most is the night.  Besides not looking dark at all, there are puffy clouds? white puffy clouds at night that were not there earlier and definitely not fog.  Very confusing!

    • Rachel Robson — Yes, always very electrified here. Must be a requirement for their EW wargames. My hands started trembling again today. The air feels creepy and then the 'taste'. I want to open to windows, but the thought of even more aluminum etc. in my body stops me.

      TNGEOWATCH — Thank you for your confirmation report. Crazy skies indeed.

  20. Raw Venezuela: Looter Burned Alive, While "Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food" / Zero Hedge on 05/12/2016
    The situation in Venezuela is reaching all out chaos, as crippling socialist policies have resulted in a devastating power and food shortage, as well as looming political instability. This is Caracas today… [images]
    These are hungry Venezuelans protesting that their children are dying from lack of food and medicine and that they do not have enough water or electricity. … this is a country with more oil than Saudi Arabia, and the government has stolen all the money and now they bottleneck peaceful protesters and threaten them with bombs (or haul them to prison and torture them).
    Ramón Muchacho, Mayor of Chacao in Caracas, said the streets of the capital of Venezuela are filled with people killing animals for food. Through Twitter, Muchacho reported that in Venezuela, it is a “painful reality” that people “hunt cats, dogs and pigeons” to ease their hunger. People are also reportedly gathering vegetables from the ground and trash to eat as well. The crisis in Venezuela is worsening everyday due in part to shortages reaching 70 percent … six Venezuelan military officials were arrested for stealing goats…
    …Let us hope that these events don’t come home to the streets of America, and prepare to avoid them in case they do.


  21. Dave says:

    Still waiting for any official representative, (priest, minister, cleric, rabbi, ect) from the religious/faith community to respond to the information put forth on this website. Surely there has to be someone willing out of a concern for Gods creation with a heart to support all who post here, and to help "sound the alarm". Great thanks again to Dane and to all who are working against this evil.      

  22. Dale Smith says:

    Thank you yet again, Dane……I sound the alarm each and every day. I am not shy about approaching total strangers when we are getting sprayed. Most of the time I get their attention and I have been able to arouse their intellectual curiosity…sometimes I get the big "blow off" and looks thrown at me but I see an uneasiness in their body language that tells me that they are struggling with what is a harsh truth. The cognitive dissonance is thick and that is something we have to keep fighting against.

    They are purposely killing our food supply and people don't even realize it because the stores always have food and they don't know any different….. but that day is coming when there will be nothing to put on the shelves if we don't come up with a way to stop this. The elites are fully stocked and have underground bunkers to go hide in. This is genocide…no two ways about it and it's as plain as the nose on my face as to what is going on. Thank you for everything you do, Dane…..humanity owes you a debt that it could never repay.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dale, good to have you with us in this most critical battle. It is our combined efforts that can yet alter the outcome, lets all press forward into the gathering storm, we are on the right path.

    • Dennie says:

      Eventually even the "elites" won't have any food either– when their minions have sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and zapped the planet umpteen times with 15,000 of ionospheric heating, then it gets too damned hot here for plants to photosynthesize, but, being used to giving commands, they won't notice until it's waaay too late– hmphhh!!!

  23. Cassie says:

    I don't understand why these people are so desperate about their money that they are just going to let the whole world die around us when they could do something about it. It makes me sick thinking that in a few decades there won't even be such a thing as winter anymore, or that all of the fish are going to go extinct, etc. If people would just get up off their lazy butts and stop worrying about their paychecks coming in the mail and actually did something to help us, then the world would start to become a better place. But that will never happen unless people like us do it ourselves.

  24. Today on Météo-Média (weather channel in French, I know it's crap!) they said it will be the hottest day at 25 degrees Celsius and then this weekend, it should snow. Pff! Anyways. The sky today is white. All haze, no blue! It's disgusting. I started putting flyers in car windshields where I work (it's a huge parking lot since it's a restaurant in a mall) and I give out business cards to those I have a chance to talk geoengineering with. Thanks for everything Dane!

    • Dennie says:

      Same here in Marin County, CA, U.S.A.– milky white haze everywhere and I can feel/taste the particulates.  I have NO idea why so many can't, it's extremely obvious and feels like I'm constantly breathing/tasting metallic filings– Yee-UCHHH!

  25. Eva says:

    Thank you for another piece of the massive destructive puzzle that is being assailed upon our planet.  It is no surprise that we hear nothing about this or Fukushima, Hanford, the Navy ops in Pacific NW, etc. in "the news."  The power structure controls it all.

    The thinly veiled dis-information articles that attempt "normalize" some of the crap are infuriating.  How many of us have witnessed ice nucleated snow?  Yet here is an article that implies that the technique was prevented from being used in the late 1980s, not that it's currently being used.

    How scientists are harnessing the ice-making powers of bacteria

    Ha!  Nothing to see here, just move along….



    • Rachel Robson says:

      Eva! hello and what do you mean "nothing to see here, just move along….!  This is fascinating.  And totally new to me.  I notice the date is recent.  But, could in fact this be going on?  Would this account for the bacteria found in "stuff" these days?  Gee, science is fun until it isn't!  Thank you for this.  It's an eye opener!  I hope others check it out!

    • Dennie says:

      You need to go to YouTube and search on "ice nucleation bacteria."  The pseudomonas bacterium has the unique property of being able to rearrange water molecules.  Thus, the instant and total freezing of water, within mere seconds of introducing a few bacteria to water.  Why wouldn't "they" use this–??

  26. LS says:

    I have to say this. If you live in the Sierra Nevada you have to go into the forests and see the state of the dead trees and other vegetation.

    Fire is coming, for sure. You all need to be prepared to RUN from this impending disaster. You need to be prepared to not be able to get back to your homes when a fire storm bears down on us. Make

    a plan with your neighbors to evacuate your pets in case you can not get home yourself. Film your home and contents and put it on a backup drive in a fire safe.  Keep the things you can not do without in your vehicle. Keep your vehicle fueled up. Know where you will be evacuating to and have backup routes in mind in case fire blocks your main route. 

    Like knowing where the emergency exit is when you go to the theater, whether a local or a visitor, you must know ahead of time what you are going to do when fires start. Stay safe.

    • BaneB says:

      LS:  Excellent advice.  Timely.  Having just come up from Los Angeles via Amtrak, I can attest to the incredibly dry conditions (it is only the middle of May) prevailing in the southern half of California.  My mind's eye tells me conditions are in place for a state-wide conflagration of historic proportions.  The flora is either dead or dying.  The grass and bushes are brown. Many trees are dead and majorly stressed. All the weather control terrorists have to do is wait til August and set it on fire with their dry lightning attacks.  My region here in Mendocino had a decent rainfall quota this winter.  Yet, so many trees and manzanita have died from the microwave radiation and jet spayed aluminum that this region, too, is imperiled.  Depending on conditions I could be trapped up here.  Cal-Fire showed up here yesterday.  They advise about keeping brush and detritus away from structures.  This entire ridge burned in 1939.  Thank you for the heads up.  I need to take your herrings to heart.

  27. SortingHat says:

    Today a storm is forecasted for this weekend with deeper moisture friday night here in Oregon and another storm Wednesday dropping from Alaska.
    HOWEVER they are now spraying like crazy after several days of blue skies and I think it's to stop the rain from coming in.
    I reckon we will wind up with some light drizzle with only .10 of rain at best as per the norm lately.   
    I hope the United Nations takes over and ends this Bee S.

    • Michel B says:

      Hang on, SortingHat. Did I read that last sentence right? You hope the United Nations takes over and ends the BS?!!! The UN is part of the problem. It is the successor to the failed League of Nations set up by the Internationalists and Zionists after WW1. The UN was set up after WW2.

      The UN is an international police/military peace keeping (think Orwellian here!) force that is controlled by the Hegemony of the US and its allies. Then also consider that the US is held sway under Israel, whose agenda for world domination is clear. This is why the weather modification programs are global and at least in part also geopolitical.

      No, the UN won't save anyone except the authorities it was set up to serve. Your last sentence should read: "I hope the people of the world wake up soon enough and end this BS."

    • BaneB says:

      Sorting Hat:  The weather warfare terrorists have been spraying Mendocino County, California all day long.  Huge sun dimming grunge rafts are also floating in from the eastern Pacific.  Yes, you are correct…these creatures want to prevent the low pressure system off our coast from bringing rain into our region.  They spray to dry up the leading edge.  They spray to create inversion and to prevent the natural cloud action from rising as it approaches land.  They spray to suppress the ability of clouds to rain.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes SortingHat, The same criminals who are orchestrating the spraying run the UN. Don't expect any help from them.

    • Dennie says:

      Well, and the U.N. has also hosted summits on climate change with speakers who tell the entire truth.  Here's Rosalind Peterson of Redwood Valley, CA addressing the U.N. on climate change, weather modification and agriculture, in Sept. 2007:  Rosalind is very clear on global dimming and reduced photosynthesis/crop reduction, reduced capacity of solar panels; trapped heat that changes the climate; chemically altered atmosphere full of toxic chemicals and metals used in the sprays, etc.  Very clear on the subject.

    • Expat in Belgium says:

      The UN end this nightmare?  You've got to be kidding.   Belgium has to be a sacrifice zone.   All of the different methods of geoengineering that has been described here, every single one of them except the huge ice balls that ended up on Lake Michigan, have been used on us daily, without let up.   I have been watching the skies here for the past 3 years, and it's unbelievable that people aren't alarmed and revolting.   Talk about gross groupthink and denial, the media and the UN are king here, because they have nothing else to be proud of.   Brussels is full of despots.   Haute culture here is defined by double-fried, thus double-greasy fries, heavy beers, filthy, stinking but somehow lovely canals, and junk-food music festivals.   No craft festivals, no craft and art guilds, but perfectly manicured hedges and lawns and showcase homes devoid of color and natural living.   Pretty soon the government here will be monitoring (and of course regulating) how many bm's their citizens take a day.  I came to Europe from the US thinking that there was more anti-war mentality/protest and freedom here, but only to find out that even as bad as the situation is in the US, many Americans still have a spirit of collective teamwork, individuality, and most importantly, a can-do sense of independence, whether it be motivated by naivete or a spirituality inherited from the Native Americans.  Please don't look to the UN or the EU for help in this matter because they always wait for the US citizens to do the heavy lifting, while they laugh at Americans at every turn (which of course, we deserve).   I'm sure NATO and Brussels has organized things this way.   Lifting the lazy, arrogant, and materialistic EU citizen's consciousness out of their post-WW1-WW2 fear-based jadedness is hard work.   I'll still try to do my part, but I don't believe the member states of the EU will do their part until they have a guarantee that the US will bail them out in the end.   That is why even in the face of all that Putin is doing to prevent WW3 and that Russia should be a natural ally due to their natural proximity and cultural similarities, they are siding with the US propaganda machine.   Enough said.   Just a perspective from the other side of pond.

  28. Radioactive waste at Fort McMurray
    Put your mind at rest?
    Wildfires deemed not a threat to Fort McMurray radioactive waste site
    Fort, 10 May, 2016
    Buried by the Fort McMurray neighbourhood of Beacon Hill is 43,500 cubic metres of radioactive waste. It’s an innocuous landscape of rolling hills, covered in grass and dotted by yellow and purple wildflowers. An estimated 80 per cent of Beacon Hill homes were destroyed when the wildfire ripped through the region, but the federal Crown corporation that looks after low-level radiation sites said the fire’s proximity to the waste poses no risk. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) described the waste as low-grade uranium mixed with topsoil. It’s buried in a self-contained cell under a thick layer of clay and 45 centimetres of topsoil.  The waste has been there since 2003, the result of cleanup activities after radioactive spills from the 1930s until the late ’50s.    [full story]:

  29. Bluv says:

    I have noticed a change in tactics with the weather demons. They are flying with a new method of delivery. No more long visible trails. They must be feeling the heat or why else would the reduce themselves to this. As always thank you Dane, your courage gives me strength. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bluv, thank you for your support in this fight and for making your voice heard. About the spraying applications, though the horizon to horizon trails are not a constant occurance (and certainly the climate engineers make an effort to be covert when conditions permit), you will again see the long lingering lines depending on atmospheric conditions.

    • Jim Reed says:



      You are correct. those nasty ones change the spray pattern

      to hide  themselves…We know better.

      I caution all to know, The US  Military is very aggressive these

      days.  Not as Military of old.  Lie, cheat and are extreme

      arrogant.  However, Russians  have the anti-radar jamming

      devices to counter all from them..           Jim


    • Roger Gibbons says:

      I have to agree with you here in southern Ontario, the skies have been blue and very little spraying. This is not normal they are Usually spraying every day.

      I hope its the heat.

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      Still seeing long trails in SE TN, N GA, SW NC.

      Seeing new forms now as well.

      Fewer blue sky days year over year.  Hotter May this year too then last year.

      Last weekend we had a Tick Tack Toe Sky multiple times.  

      This morning the southeast horizon you could see the long trails as well

      Every storm that pops up lately is just blasted and the upper parts are used to create white fuzzy coverage.  Entire days are now just stuck in a muck up there.  Global warming seems to be on a rapid upper curve.

  30. SISU Steve says:

    Hi everyone, just wanted to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to all the awake folk on this website and those who are slowly waking up throughout the world. I blog on the CBC website here in Canada as much as I can about the SRM activities occurring on a daily basis … I have noticed a change in some people's attitude toward the hazy skies and lines of crap … not as dismissive as before. I was out flyering in my neighbourhood the other day and was pleasantly surprised that another SRM website had their flyer pinned on the same neighborhood board !  We are making in roads …..

    P.S. Toronto is getting SRM'd the last couple days


  31. JR says:

    I read once where the area of the Redwoods was sprayed to be rid of the fog to make it safer to drive for the unsafe to begin with? Not all drivers mind you, I lived in SC for 7 years, and really liked it up North. Went all the way to Napa, & Lake Tahoe, NV., nice back then. You know how many super crazy drivers are everywhere now though. Here in the Southwest, N.M. since yesterday 5-11-16 these super low lifes are spraying super heavy that our sky is whited out with SAG/SRM-aka Chemtrails. These things don't exist, just in the planning for future and desperate times with Global Warming and all, you know. I can't imagine them really spraying and doing their program cough, cough? What the world sees now is a figment of our imagination in our skies I guess. A recommended book by Rosalind Peterson from up north is "THE DYING OF THE TREES", by Charles Little. Everyone here have a Blessed Day…

  32. ekg says:

     Could someone with better computer skills than I, please take a shot at a local news caster saying "Now for the weather". then cut to the scene in the wizard of oz where toto is pulling back the curtain on the wizzard! 

  33. Tenderflower says:

    Quote from my facebook posting of this article this morning:  

    "Lately my peeps have been telling me that being upset about all of the dying fish and birds around the world is going overboard, but then why are the forests around here so quiet nowadays and the streams devoid of many fish and wildlife? There may be many reasons but in the end it's the 'little things' that are pointing to a serious problem in our ecosystem that needs to be addressed"

  34. Phil says:

    I am so sick of this cool, overcast, rainy weather here on the east coast.  It has been 15 days straight here of this crap, with only a break in the clouds and sunshine one day.  Even that day there was an industrial looking aerosol mess in the sky obstructing the full benefits of the sun.  Now they are telling us that the rainy pattern is going to continue until the beginning of June.  How do they know this that far out?  I thought you would find this interesting Dane, as I know you have stated before that the weather reporters are reading off a script.  This is a prime example.

    • Nancy Lee says:

      I know Phil, it's disgusting, unhealthy and ruining my garden too. I live near the Chesapeake bay and it's been cold and miserable. I wish the west coast could have some of this rain~

    • Nancy Lee says:

      And it's supposed to get down in the thirties this weekend with the possibility of snow in western Maryland. .

    • Diane Friday says:

      Phil: I'm glad I'm not the only one. Most people will say, and usually do say, that days like yesterday and today are "nice days", merely because it's not cold and raining for a change. I wonder how long it'll take before they figure out that the only time we get as warm as it is today – you know, SEASONABLE – is the day before there are scheduled thunderstorms followed by a return to below-normal temps??? I won't go out in public if I don't have to, because the next person that tells me a gray, overcast day with air that stinks of chemicals is a nice day, is in danger of getting smacked!! I'm not kidding. It's bad enough these same people either can't or won't notice the surreal-looking skies on the rare occasion when it's not completely overcast. That they're coming to view these endless gray and overcast days as "nice" because it's not raining or cold is too much to take. 


      I didn't look at the link you provided for the same reason I can't watch any weather reports on TV. I won't suffer these slap-happy alleged "meteorologists" reading from the approved script, lying their asses off about what's happening and why. I've left many a comment for these shameless sellouts whenever I find a weather report online. I call them on their use if creative language and well-placed words to make the next scheduled storm sound like an adventure that we should be looking forward to!! If I were to look at your link or watch any weather report on TV, I'd only wind up throwing my phone across the room, or throwing something through the television. 

      As I said yesterday, this seems to be the assigned weather for the northeast, and I have a sick feeling it won't changing. There won't be a summer here. I'm certain of that. TPTB may allow the temps to get into the 70s for more than a day or two, maybe even the 80s, if they're brewing up some violent storms, but then it'll be right back to below-normal temps. The rest of the country and most of the planet is and will be dry and burning up, but I guess as long as it's cool and rainy here in the northeastern US, all is well. I think it's just a long-running toxic cool-down, as Dane has written so much about, to give the impression that things aren't as bad as all that. And sadly, the majority of people will buy it. I can't imagine being that blind to what's going on around me, but it seems ignorance really is bliss. I'll pass on that kind of bliss. 

    • BaneB says:

      My cousin in Richmond, Virginia is beside himself with the gloomy miserable cloudy depressing non-stop geoengineered weather.  But I can't mention too much about how it is geoengineered because he can't deal with any more bad news.  I was back there in August two years ago and it was misty and cloudy half the three weeks of my visit.  I knew then something was not normal about the way the weather once was.

    • Diane Friday says:

      Nancy Lee: 30s with a chance of SNOW this weekend?? I'm in southeastern PA, so if that's the forecast for MD, the same must be true for us since we're farther north. This is beyond surreal now!!! I'll be checking for any online weather reports to see how the local meteorologists are going to explain why it's going to be so cold, and why there's SNOW in the forecast for mid-May. Their usual tactic is to assure us that it's happened before, and provide the date for same. That should be interesting. I'm 56, close to 57, my long-term memory is quite intact, and I can say without question there has NEVER been snow in May in my lifetime. Of course, the dates they generally give for when freakish weather events have happened in the past are going to be in the very distant past. So distant that there's no one alive to confirm or deny it. 

      I imagine the script for a forecast like that is being written by the best college English major intern the NWS/NOAA could find, with the help of a specialist in mass psychology, as well as the well-paid pathological liar. I look forward to tearing it apart. 

  35. El Simba says:

    Animal 'die-off's' truly started throughout the Pacific Rim after the accident at Fukushima. Some called it a catastrophe but the catastrophe was yet to follow, as with the legacy of depleted uranium in Iraq. Depleted uranium munitions were deployed on a massive scale that saturated the environment with such high levels of radiation that areas of Falluja will be no-go-areas for hundreds of years. But the worst legacy is that of the thousands of human deformities, miscarriages and cancer cases that have risen exponentially. Many soldiers have since died of radiation poisoning from the handling of such munitions and now they are producing badly deformed off spring.

    Fukushima is expelling an average of 8 billion bequerels of radiation into the ocean daily and has been since the accident. For the first two years it was double. The initial explosion of the reactor was equal to 158 Hiroshimas. Fukushima radiation has been found in many sea and coastal creatures all around the Pacific Rim – from the Alutians to Chile there have been massive die-off's from seabird populations to sea mammals to starfish. The estimate is that up to 75% of sea and coastal life is gone. The 'authorities' use the lame excuse of it being caused by an aggressive 'El Nino' but even then the amount of death would be a fraction of what it is now. Once the irradiated water reaches the Southern Ocean, that encircles the planet nonstop, it will enter the 'circumpolar current' to be eventually carried into the Atlantic and Indian Oceans where the death and destruction of nature will continue. Japan is, even as I write this, teetering on the edge of it's very existence and the death of the planet shall follow in its wake. Kyüshü Island is splitting apart and Japan's volcanic activity is rising exponentially. There are several nuclear facilities that lie along just this fault-tine. The ground beneath Japan is like a sponge, riddled with dead volcaning vents, many of which are now becoming active. The ground beneath Japan is fracturing as it's stability is being compromised by the seismic activity that has risen worldwide. The damage wrought at Fukushima is still as dangerous as it was from day one. It has not yet released all of it's radioactivity. The spent fuel rods are in constant danger of a critical meltdown. Their housing apparatus is now twisted so the fuel rods cannot be extracted. Eventually they will meltdown. It is unavoidable. Meanwhile Japans very understructure is inexorably failing. it is only a matter of time when those facilities on Kyüshü  (Genkai, Ikata, Hamayoka, Sendai) are compromised by the elevating seismic activity. Some are 'suspended' even as I write this. They may be suspended but they are as radioactive now as they have ever been. Japan has 18 other nuclear facilities including the doomed Fukushima Daiichi. It is now living on borrowed time. if one Fukushima can do the vast amount of damage so far witnessed  –  what about three or four? 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello El Simba, yes, Fukushima as an immense problem and doing immense and irreparable damage. This being said, it is imperative to keep the entire list of contributing factos in mind regarding the global die off. We must avoid dichotomous thinking, the list of converging catastrophes is long and growing. This was the point of the article in question, to outline what is more directly connected to the fish die-offs. Radiation does not kill with such spead at such a distance from the source, lack of oxygen in the water does.

  36. Linda says:

    Wonderful post, Susan, on reasons why the population is in such blind denial.  Makes one yearn for the natural world and the simple life, w/o all the manipulation, radiation, frequencies, etc etc.

    I keep thinking of Ramtha's description of the Blossoming New World, a reborn earth, when it is time to transition.  Gosh I hope the fairy tale comes true…and I hope the disappearing honeybees are there.  Blessings everyone.

  37. stephan says:

    There is so much algae in this lake 50 miles north of me it's clogging the fishing nets.


  38. Rosalie says:

    I don't understand why this news isn't spreading rapidly.  In Toronto, you have the world here: a complete melting pot society.  You would think, relatives from these countries would be speaking to their relatives here in Canada and word would get around. We need a mass wake up call, yesterday. I'm trying all kinds of angles, in the most subtle way. 

    • Dennie says:

      Drastic problems often require drastic, NOT subtle, solutions. 

      We no longer have the luxury of time to waste thinking that somehow being subtle is going to get the message across and will win the day.  If you've been reading all the charts here documenting what the planet's actually experiencing, it's more than abundantly obvious that what's happening to this planet is anything but subtle– ya suppose? 

    • BaneB says:

      Canadians:  go to the UTube site 1pacificredwood.  This meteorologist in the Los Angeles area will clue you all in BIG TIME by way of his use of satellite imagery about how your weather is being manipulated.  I would suggest you view his May 6, 9, and 10 analyses.  You will get "the picture."  May 6 is an excellent primer for how a storm front is literally blown apart (dissolved) by those who control NEXRAD and other phased array high frequency microwave facilities.  He shows how rain was diverted away from Alberta, etc.  Suggestion:  send these UTube exposes to your more recalcitrant disbelievers, and to your brain dead politicians and media propagandists.  Weather warfare is the reality and the terrorists operating their computer game are becoming more emboldened.  Its a Phantom Of The Opera and the Beast sits at the organ.

  39. Dennie says:

    Beware trolls.  That Naval site in Florida's having a "heyday" on so-called "alternative news" websites.  If it walks like a troll, talks like a troll and otherwise behaves like a troll, it's probably some dumb kid on CIA/military payroll.  Poor stoopid f*cks, can't imagine a better future than eating the sandwiches your co-opted military throws at you?

    • Veritas says:

         The sandwich's are only for the officers and up, the rest eat the scraps left over from the drug sniffing dogs. Spineless shills, makes me sick how these people lick the boot that kicks them for a few shekels. The fact they would rather cover up and aide the MURDER of the World instead of fight to preserve it says volumes about their true nature. I am sure they are real tough soldiers in their own minds from all the hours of playing Call of Duty on Xbox, and drone striking people on picnic's and at wedding's. I hope the traitors rot in the Abyss with their master's. Treason against Humanity and the Earth is the ultimate betrayal of all.

  40. I am more and more convinced that the majority of the population is already mired in a strange state of blind denial that has been brought on by chemicals in our food, water, air, cell phones, microwave towers, incessant media propaganda, etc. Can we conclude that the brains of people who are constantly being bombarded by these pernicious EMRs and chemicals are simply not functioning in the same way as the rest of us, and thus no longer think as ‘normal’ human beings.
    The brain of anyone who is surrounded by microwaves, RF radio frequencies, etc. – confined in ‘control’ rooms, military, IT, financial, media, or whatever environment bombards them 24/7 with EMR electromagnetic radiation — is not going to function the same way as a brain in harmony with the planet & Nature. Technology has rendered us disconnected from the eternal Real, from any understanding of plain Righteousness. Our science does not serve the greater good – and is killing us and the planet. This disconnected state is symptomatic of our current cycle of time. We exist in a perpetual state of disequilibrium. Our lives have been reduced to digits, numbers, quantities – what cannot be quantified is of no value. The most conspicuous feature of the modern period is the need for ceaseless agitation, for unending change, and for ever-increasing speed. We exist in a miasma of dispersion into multiplicity that is no longer unified by consciousness of any higher principle – an ever more pronounced materialization and all that proceeds from matter.

    * "The common man…has never been so confused, mystified and baffled. His most intimate conceptions of himself, of his needs, and indeed the very nature of human nature, have been subject to skilled manipulation and construction in the interests of corporate efficiency and profit…propaganda has become a profession. The modern world is busy developing a corps of men who do nothing but study the ways and means of changing minds or binding minds to their convictions." – Taking the Risk out of Democracy: Corporate Propaganda versus Freedom and Liberty, by Alex Carey

    • Sean Slavin says:

      Hi Susan,

      Thought provoking post as always. I've been thinking that Hollywood and pop cultures obsession with a zombie apocalypse is the "powers that be's" way of thumbing their noses and laughing at what for the most part humans have become.

      Not quite the literal "walking dead" but pretty darn close.

    • Hello Susan Ferguson: I often see comments by readers such as: "Wake up people!", "Who are these psychopaths?", "Why are people so clueless?", "Why are they doing this to us?". The answer is simple: Mankind has gone insane from self-inflicted electromagnetic induction. > 

      Findings in Autism (ASD) Consistent with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR)

      Sec 20 – 2012 BioInitiative Report  Martha Herbert, PhD, MD  Pediatric Neurology TRANSCEND Research Program  Massachusetts General Hospital  Harvard Medical School 

      TETRA and health from the national research-based TETRA Airwave safety campaign 

      Reduction of Phosphorylated Synapsin I (Ser-553) Leads to Spatial Memory Impairment by Attenuating GABA Release after Microwave Exposure in Wistar Rats 

      PLoS One. 2014; 9(4): e95503.

      Published online Apr 17, 2014. doi:  10.1371/journal.pone.0095503 

      Relationship between Cognition Function and Hippocampus Structure after Long-term Microwave Exposure 

      Biomed Environ Sci, 2012; 25(2):182-188

      Received: April 8, 2011; Accepted: June 20, 2011

      Copyright © 2012 by China CDC

      Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field Modulates the Level of Neurotransmitters 

      Korean J Physiol Pharmacol. 2015 Jan; 19(1): 15–20.

      Published online 2014 Dec 31. doi:  10.4196/kjpp.2015.19.1.15 

      Key into Autism rate chart prepared by Evelyn Lopez Delgato at 11:55 into the presentation linked below. 

      There are well over 100,000 pages of scientific data detailing negative behavioral effects caused by electromagnetic emissions. These destructive emissions are broadcast from common devices such as wi-fi MESH networks, cellular communications towers, military radar and surveillance devices, as well as common 60 cycle household power systems. 100's of peer reviewed scientific studies; clearly point toward diminished cognitive functions as a DIRECT RESULT of these types of emissions. Humanity is actively destroying the intellectual matrix that defines our perceptions of "reality" at a primary level. Mankind has developed a terminal case of self-induced Autism…

  41. JillR says:

    Clear skies for the last two days. What a relief, but it's also now SO hot. The temperature isn't that bad here on the west coast, but the sun just burns into you.

  42. Roger Gibbons says:

    I had a question from a friend  … went like this …who's doing, where are their planes,  what are they spraying, and why?

    So i sent this friend info relating to all these questions ….with no reply yet ……this seems to be a normal response to answers to their questions. i guess for some it going to take a Martin Luther King type to set them free……the truth will set you free …quote from the (bible).

    Am waiting for my car magnet sign to be delivered this week so my vehicle can be a mobile billboard ….its the pic that says …stop spraying us……..its going to interesting to get peoples response to the sign on the side of my van.

    I will keep everyone posted on any response from the blind.



    • Binghamton says:

      I used to donate to many environmental and "earth friendly" organizations.  When I stopped donating  I started getting phone calls from these organizations.  When asked why I'm no longer donating I describe that geoengineering is causing more harm than good and until they recognize that fact, I will no longer donate.  The result?  No response from them except for a dial tone at their end.

  43. Dawnski says:

    Today I posted a prayer request at 106.9 The Light, Blue Ridge Radio station in Ashevillr, owned by Biily Graham. Their focus, a day after K-Love announced the nominations for the K-Love awards, was on "Awards Day". It troubles the beejeebers out of me how so many who listen to praise music fall for this distraction. While the earth is spiraling into destruction I am supposed to cast my vote for my favorite artist who refuses to write, sing, or speak on the end times with the platform they were given. Tammy S. Walls returned my prayer request first with denial, then I sent her a photo of their Facebook page announcing Awards Day, thus proving her a liar. I used this opportunity to mention Dane's work for planet earth, which she refused to validate. Dane, great is your reward in heaven. Your tireless efforts are the one and only earthly vote I will cast in LOVE. Tammy never did give me her supervisors name. Not to worry, I will contact the Billy Graham organization in the morning and sound the alarm. A much larger Ezekiel 3 audience. . . the blood will then be on their hands.

  44. Greg O. says:

    Thanks Dane for your report. Are we there yet? Onward we go.  

  45. virginia says:

    This is going to sound as if I am venting, but I am furious at two people who are so damn dumb that I have to identify them here.  I know they read this website and I know they read the comments, so I am going to address Mike Mangas, of Redding, California; and Mike Rivero whose website What Really Happened is worthy in all areas except this one: GLOBAL WARMING.

    Just today, Rivero commented in response to a report on global warming…"Here we go again, more of this global warming crap." And then added a report on the snow in Palm Springs, California during the last week to bolster his claim – see? we are cooling down.

    Mike Rivero…get your head out of your axxsx and learn what the heck it's all about.  Stop with your denials.  I know you are not stupid, so why can you not see what is so evident?  You are casting a pall over your website and giving it less credibility in other areas, as well.  I don't intend to imply you are 'controlled opposition"  but something doesn't smell right, Mr. Rivero, sir.   Your site reaches so many readers…you can do the world a favor by helping to expose geoengineering (you have never addressed it) and the intense heating up of our planet.  What do you have against truth?

    As far as Mike Mangas is concerned, I think it's too late for the sleeping reporter from Redding, California.  He just 'ain't' with it.  Sad, because Shasta County, California is one hot county…..and getting hotter.

    I apologize to readers who feel offended by this post.  It is my feeling that we have to get tougher on those who deny truth and those who are bringing our countries, our planet to its knees in so many areas;  not only global warming and all of its implications, but wars based on greed, killing millions upon millions of innocent people and the hidden agenda of One World Order.


    • Sean Slavin says:

      Offended? Are you kidding?

      Rant on sister. We've been far to passive and accommodating for far too long.

      Our once beautiful, thriving planet is being murdered along with all of us.

      So now let me rant. Now you listen here you cowardly deniers and minions of the most evil force ever unleashed upon us. You want to kill me go ahead. I've seen enough of this dump for one lifetime. There's problem though. You are killing my children. My brilliant, loving, smart, beautiful children. My children who have no chance because of your cowardice. My children who hug me and pray with me each night. My children who have hopes and dreams that will never be realized. I will not stand for this.

      So I want you to think about this. Think about all of the innocent children who deserve a chance. Think about all the innocent children who's parents will watch them die. Now imagine you were one of those children. How do you think your parents would've felt if this had been done to you?

      Where did you go wrong? When did your the ability to rationalize your bad behavior first start? What do you think the eight year old version of you would say to the grown up version of you? What would your Mother or Father say to you if they knew what you were participating in? Do you think that they would be proud? Make them proud.




    • stuart ellis says:

      excellent article….i do not know how to post here so i am replying to this post…the object is how to reach as many people as possible….i think a new sign is needed…….we have to get as many people as possible to see what is happening….what about    GOT KIDS…..GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG…..dane would have to make a new lead in story for these new viewers…..but i think it would draw the younger crowd in and that is the future

    • Earth Angel says:

      virginia,I completely agree with you. I cannot figure out Mike Rivera's denial of the warming climate nor his inability to address the geoengineering problem. He- of all people- living in Hawaii should be aware of this up close and personal. The organic farmers on the islands have been aware of the crumbling palm trees; bark just peeling off in strips, and the reduced ability to produce their crops for at least 4 years that I know of. The spraying just off the islands. Local activists on the islands speaking out to legislators in community meetings. What is it with this guy? Nobody can figure it, because as you say he otherwise has some really good information on a number of topics. He's a very intelligent guy. I wish he'd get his head 'out of the sand' on this critical issue. He could make a big difference waking people up. I just can't figure it either.

    • DrDignity says:

      Virginia, I live in Palm Springs. There are a few patches of snow remaining.  Today, under a geoengineered sky, the temperature reached 100 degrees. DrDignity

    • Dennie says:

      Addendum:  "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."  — Matthew 25:40, KJV

      Translated:  When you poison the planet, you poison yourself.

      WE are The Ones we've been waiting for. 


      What IS it going to take, kids??

    • Alexander High says:


      Well said.

      All the best to you.



    • virginia says:

      Thank you. Sean and the other generous replies to my post. Sean, you have me in tears speaking about your children.  I think all of us are mostly concerned with the little guys in this 'new world' of ours.  I have three great-grandchildren and worry myself sick about their health and their future.

      If I may give some advice……keep the kids out of the sun as much as possible. That goes for all of us.  Skin cancer is on the rise and will get worse if we aren't cautious.  We need the vitamin D, but limit exposure to sun's rays to coolest times of day and for a very short time.  Three of my friends (gardeners) have skin cancer and two of my family members (young) who are sun-lovers have it also.  They finally realize this is no game, but deadly serious stuff.

      thanks to all….peace.

    • Nikola Tesla says:

      Like à notorious rapper once said: you find me offensive?i find you offensive for finding me offensive!this to say, my earth sister Virginia that i rate your comment a million stars as it sums up how i feel myself about the spiritual and mental blindness we are surrounded with cynically fed and kept up by websites like this that have a far reaching audience!Its way to late now for beating about the bush and we all know silence is tantamount to consent.I am french black guy living in paris and its insane to see how people go about their daily routine totally clueless of this situation when you can clearly see all the spraying going on above our heads.the evil genius of this situation is that all over the planet in big cities notably people are trapped in reality bubbles where the motto is: whatever happen, the show must go on.Supposedly grown-ups who make a living everyday, pay a rent, raise kids  but actually have the age of a 10 years old when it comes to their critical minds.And yet, that last asset is one of the main if not the most important when it comes to survival of the species..Thanks Dane for sharing your clear-mindedness with us and may we all take exemple from you for you should be the norm among the human kind and not an exception!Peace to all and the war only begins..

    • Soothsayer says:

      "Mike Rivero whose website What Really Happened is worthy in all areas except this one: GLOBAL WARMING.  Mike Rivero…get your head out of your axxsx and learn what the heck it's all about.  Stop with your denials.  I know you are not stupid, so why can you not see what is so evident?  You are casting a pall over your website and giving it less credibility in other areas, as well. "

      Thanks for bringing this up – its been a concern of mine for quite some time now.. I've enjoyed reading many good posts on WRH for the last 8 or 9 years, but lately I've lost a lot of respect for Mr. Rivero due to his denial of geoengineering and weather modification programs. I agree that Rivero is doing a disservice to his website, and is undermining his own credibility by denying fact-based information on geoengineering, such as the Senate Report from 1978 that clearly outlines the govt's ongoing weather modification programs.  He has been showing the depth of his own confirmation bias by posting every news report he can find on unusual snow and cold temps (which are mainly being caused by high-altitude dispersion of ice-nucleation chemicals) in an effort to "debunk" global warming. He very conveniently omits any stories or reports that do not support his inaccurate and misleading opinions.  I'd like to believe that Mr. Rivero is a sincere and well-intentioned person, but his stubborn ignorance regarding geoengineering is exasperating!

      Either Rivero has become another compromised controlled media outlet, or he is just being completely stupid and blind –  I'm not sure which, but either way he is doing a lot of harm to people by being a tool that helps hide the truth about geoengineering from the public.  I do wish Rivero would wake the hell up and realize just how wrong he has been and how much he is assisting the evil PTB to cover up their criminal and inhumane efforts to carry out their insane programs which,  just as surely as thermo-nuclear war would do, most certainly will lead to the total destruction of the environment and all life on earth as we know it.

      Mr. Rivero, if you are reading this, please open your mind, start doing some proper research on geoengineering, and stop being an ignorant shill for the deep state.

    • Bryan Knight says:

      Here's what Michael Rivero, webmaster of WhatReallyHappened had to say during a radio interview regarding geoengineering:


      "Can you ask Mike why he believes geoengineering isn't really happening?"


      "Well, you need to understand that as the popularity of the internet and independent media started to grow and people turned away from the corporate media, propagandists… they couldn't fix the situation by all of a sudden telling the truth, so there are deliberate attempts to damage the credibility of the internet and independent media. The propagandists have a name for it called "poisoning the well". And it is these government plants who put out rather nonsensical things, like the Apollo moon landings were fake, the Earth is really flat…, the moon is a hollow artificial structure, chemtrails, and all the rest of this stuff because they're trying to trick us into saying things that ordinary Americans will look at and say oh these people are all nuts and kooks I'm going to go back to the safety and sanity of CNN and ABC. So basically that's where all this stuff is coming from.

      Now as far as the idea of geoengineering, I know there's been a lot of study about it, but if you look at the scale in terms of the energy required its a little beyond what anybody can actually do. And let's be honest about it – spraying a population from 35 thousand feet is woefully inefficient , and everything I've ever seen about you know geoengineering turns out to have an alternative explanation.

      Somebody sent me a picture of a large aircraft that had funnels on the outside and the inside was filled with tanks, and they said this is a chemtrail spraying plane and no, what it was was the T-1 test article (?) for a new aircraft which is fitted out with sensors to make sure the aircraft's performance matches with the computer simulation said it was going to do. And having hung around with a lot of the Boeing people when I was living in Washington State, I recognized it for what it is.

      So there's a lot of fraud out there, and the goal of it is to try and make the independent media look silly in an attempt to get people to go on back and trust NBC CBS BBC and the rest of it. It's not really working, but they keep on trying to do it, and apparently it pays very well.


      (question begins at 29:49 mark in video)

      * * *

      It certainly appears to me that as a self-serving webmaster, Riviero is more concerned with maintaining his site's media image than with rooting out and exposing the truth about geoengineering.

      Rivero would have erverone believe that anyone who supports investigating or reporting on geoengineering activities is nothing more than a "fraudulent propagandist government plant", whose primary mission is to "poison the well" to bring readers back into the fold of the MSM.

      SHAME on Mr. Rivero for embracing his extreme confirmation bias regarding geoengineering, which in turn serves to deepen and perpetuate the lies and deceptions of the psychopathic PTB.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Brian, yes, you are absolutely correct about Michael Rivero, his hypocrisy is astounding. He personally displays the same extreme dogmatic denial that he accuses others of. Rivero also completely denies that the climate system is damaged in spite of the planet being in a total meltdown phase (with climate engineering helping to fuel the fire overall). People like Rivero should be contacted and questioned about their blatant hypocrisy and denial. The same goes for meteorologists, journalists, and anyone else that is helping to hide the crimes of climate engineering by denying these all too verifiable crimes.

  46. ENENEWS: EPA data reveals “sharp spike in radiation level” around HANFORD US nuclear site — “It’s been reportedly leaking huge amounts of radioactive materials for more than 2 weeks” — Evacuations enacted… Almost 50 workers have sought medical attention… Symptoms include bleeding ulcers, burned lungs
    KING 5 News, May 5, 2016 (emphasis added): Record number of Hanford workers sickened by toxic vapors — An unprecedented number of workers at Hanford have been exposed to dangerous chemical vapors since Thursday, April 28. In one week’s time a total of 47 people either sought medical attention… Symptoms reported by workers include a headache, burning nose and throat, nausea, a metallic taste in the mouth, elevated blood pressure, and dizziness… [T]hose familiar with the nuclear site cannot remember so many people falling victim in such a short period… On May 4, two more evacuations were enacted at the site after workers smelled odors and experienced symptoms…


  47. glendon says:

    More and more folks are seeing this insanity.

    Below is one of the best panel of experts seen to date with multiple experts from a variety of fields explaining that not only are chemtrails and weather manipulation real, according to hard data, but that it is physically damaging our very DNA, causing extreme weather events and literally destroying the planet. 

    In the first half of the video below we hear from a former airline pilot, Jeff Nelson, who differentiates the short trails we see coming from the back of planes with the long ones that take hours and hours to dissipate, stating outright that those long ones are “not natural.”

  48. Sean Slavin says:

    I can't help but think of a saying I heard somewhere: "The more I learn the less I know for sure". It seems that there are two definitive realities. The one we live in and the one where people "don't see" the often brownish hazy trails left by airplanes.

    If I have to read one more shill comment about how those are just normal condensation trails I'm gonna throw up. Water vapor isn't brown and it doesn't hang in the sky slowly spreading into a haze. Never mind the physics behind that lie.

    At this point if the planes were dropping actual bombs I don't think that most people could accept it.

    News flash folks. They are dropping bombs. They've just made them appear as condensation trails and they haven't even done good job at it.

    I still scratch my head at how something so massive, so destructive can continue to be ignored? I love humanity but I have a low opinion of most humans at this point.

    • Teri says:

      in our area we are seeing Stealth bombers dropping their payload of poison on us. they come over in 3's. very obvious that it is military that is carrying it out. don't know of too many Stealth Commercial airlines. they are loud as well. someone here once said they had 'growlers'. look closely. in some cases contrast the picture with a viewer or editor program. i wouldn't be surprised to find them to be the stealth bombers like what we have. they come over almost daily.

      the other strange thing is their flight pattern is circular. we can see the same planes circle over us and head back towards the west. turn and come back. over and over. 

      so much for the military not being used again their own people. but then i always knew the military to be hired killers. they will murder anyone and everyone they are told to. so long as they are paid in fiat dollars there isn't an order written they will refuse. they do love their jobs. spilling blood, spreading death and destruction excites them.

    • Earth Angel says:

       I have preferred the company of animals to humans in most cases overall. Sadly, human activities and misdeeds have/are causing the extinction of so many beautiful species. What is the statistic Dane recently gave, 60% of animal species lost in the last 40 yrs.?..What a disgrace. I found a beautiful perfect spear point on my property a decade ago, and some other small arrowheads, and marveled at the craftmanship. I wondered about the man who made it, what his life was like, how it came to be left under the magnificent old oak where it was found. Then I thought about our society today; the garbage dumps and landfills full of broken bottles, beer cans, dirty plastic diapers, etc. and thought whomever comes after us will look at all the trash and say, "What pigs they were!" Shame on us.  : (

    • Donna says:

      My email from John McCain says, "The Air Force has released a statement saying that they have not been involved in the releasing or spraying of harmful chemicals via aircraft."

      It is hard to believe anything from someone known around the world as the Father of Ice-Is. 6 minute video- Syria Conference -by Gordon Duff at the 2:50 minute mark.


    • Teri says:

      Donna. that is crazy. i have pictures of stealth bombers flying in formation spraying huge amounts of chemicals and i must say whatever they spray hits the ground faster as it sickens us quicker then the normal toxic waste dump. i coughed so hard i tore a hole in my lung from what my doctor said. it has since healed but when the bombers fly i stay indoors. and they are flying more and more. circling like vultures. so stealth bombers are not airforce? what are they ? the shadow government.maybe that is what he means or perhaps he is just that evil! he is a politician and if their lips are moving. they are lying

  49. michael says:

    nice gif there , that's a tunnel of death we're starting into and it's nearly reached us , i want to make sure it never does….

  50. Louise Neufeld says:

    Hi Dane,

    Again heartfelt thanks for the incredible work you've done and continue to do. More and more people are becoming aware and it is becoming easier to have the Geoengineering conversation. One common question which I'm not sure anyone can answer is why would anyone want to kill their surrounding environment?  

    I am looking forward to your suggestions on how to stay healthy posting.  
    Thanks Dane.


  51. Deborah S. Albuquerque, New Mexico says:

    Dane, Great article as always. Thanks for keeping me and others motivated to spread the word.  

  52. izzy says:

    “Total meltdown” is almost an understatement. One truly incomprehensible aspect of the situation as it is currently defined is how any party involved, no matter how selfish, venal, corrupt, greedy and psychopathic, could willingly burn down their own house with themselves inside. There must be some factor as yet unnamed and undisclosed. I could take a guess, but I’ll refrain from doing it here.

    • Marc says:

      I won't refrain. There are two "escape hatches" for the worthless motherf**kers behind all this. One goes by the acronym D.U.M.B. as in deep underground military bases. The other may cause this post to be edited out but I'm gonna say it anyway: "Secret Space Program". 

        Uh, hello? Ever wonder why the ever illustrious NASA is STILL using liquid rocket fuel 70 YEARS after the US's first forays into space? UTTERLY ABSURD!! Nasa is a smokescreen and always has been, to conceal and deflect attention away from a secret space program of immense proportions which is so far beyond the average citizen's understanding it isn't even funny. Should this fact be any more preposterous to the average citizen than the fact that we are all being sprayed with poisons by our own government 24/7/365?

    • Diane Friday says:

      Izzy: That's the X quantity, isn't it? Not so much how these inbred psychopaths survive in this hell of their own making; rather, where do they plan to live and for how long once they've completely destroyed the planet and almost everything on it?? Not buying that they're planning on colonizing Mars. Underground mansions and vast underground compounds? Most of those are only viable for two years, or so I've read. And if there's any truth to the whole Georgia Guidestones thing, is there room in all such underground complexes for half a billion people? I think not. So that is about the only remaining $64,000 question in this whole ungodly nightmare. Unfortunately, TPTB are the only ones who'll ever know the answer. Certainly, their minions in the military industrial complex, the MSM, and everywhere else aren't talking, and I would guess that's because there won't be a place at the table for all those good little order followers. That includes the scumbags flying the planes. Imagine the looks on their faces when they find out they're not going to be invited to the party. Quite the opposite, I think. They know too much, after all, and what if just one of them grows a pair, and a conscience. Thinking about that is one of the only things that gives me comfort, aside from this site, and Dane Wigington, and all of the wonderfully intelligent and awake people who comment and share here, and seeing so many more names every day. I've done as much as I can to wake people up, and even though I feel like I may not be around much longer, I'll continue to do so as long as I'm breathing. 

    • Diane Friday says:

      I'm glad you didn't refrain Marc, and yeah, it is feasible. My partner served in the USAF during the Vietnam conflict. She told me many times that the military has technology that's years ahead of ahead of anything we civilians may know about. Given how rapid the advances in technology has been over the years, the things we know about, it boggles the mind what the military may have available and in use. 


      Also, when I said in my last comment about not being able to take half a billion people with them, I'd forgotten that each country will be taking care of their own, so to speak. Therefore, if there are enough underground complexes around the globe, that too is indeed possible. 


      Even the greatest science fiction writers of days gone by couldn't have dreamed of anything of this magnitude. The sheer evil if it, yes. But the complexity and the magnitude… It beggars belief. 

    • SortingHat says:

      Where's the UN when you need them? Shouldn't they be doing something about this instead of mindless babble about *gay rights* which won't matter when we are all you know…….FRYING?

  53. Rodster says:

    Dane, I responded in kind to Mr Synder's article when it was posted on another website. He fails to mention climate engineering but he will post articles on the illuminati and other subjects.
    Dane, when looking at that graph I noticed a jump in temperatures right around 1940. No coincidence since the Government admitted such programs started in the late 40's.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rodster, the jump in temperatures was occuring just prior to the start of climate engineering on a global scale, this is one of the primary reasons these programs of insanity were first deployed. Geoengineering had an initial cooling effect on the planet, but by the mid 1970s, the catastrophic consequences of climate engineerign were manefesting and have been growing exponentially worse ever since. FYI, review the attached article for a much more detailed chronology of events.

  54. DrDignity says:

    Thanks for that reportage, Dane.  If you haven't seen Dahr Jamail's column (11 May 2016) in Truthdig, see it soon.  He is talking about the "blue ocean event" coming this September 2016 in the Arctic Ocean.  I think, Dane, we are getting to critical mass about the situation on Planet Earth.  It is just a matter of time before the solar radiation management programs of the world are exposed. My relatives in Italy & friends in Germany get much news in their media about it.  It's just in the USA that the media are gagged, not elsewhere. Critical mass is growing everywhere.  Even in the Desert Sun of Palm Springs, we're getting real news about the occurrences, even the fish die-offs. One can only hope. Thanks,Dane.

    • expat in belgium says:

      Dr. Dignity:   My turn to rant.   I know you would like to be optimistic about critical mass here in the EU and around the world, but I live in Belgium, and I cannot believe the lack, I mean utter lack of consciousness about geoengineering and absolute denial of the facts.   There are virtually no geoengineering websites here in the EU that reaches the public at large like this website.   The spraying here is all day, everyday, night and day, in your face, depressing as living hell, and everyone denies it or simply states that there's nothing they can do about it. There are no less that 5 planes/tankers in the sky at any given moment.   You cannot see the difference between the sky and cumulus clouds and last night I watched a sky with thunder, no lightening and no rain.   I stand in my garden and want to scream at the top of my lungs at these planes, but I know they will call the police and have me committed.  I have a shop and try to educate at least one person everyday…but it isn't easy.   They just look at you with a blank stare asking if they can't just stick their heads up their asses a little bit longer.  Every time I talk to environmental activists about geoengineering at local gatherings, they change the subject immediately because they want to talk about "soft and easy" issues like vegetarianism or refugees, while making excuses for Obama and his killing NATO drone program.   The other thing I see is the rampant and unscrupulous exploitation and thievery of their fellow citizens that is becoming ever more evident in everyday transactions as they try to secure a safe place to hide.   While the NATO killing machine is dropping their lethal pharmaceuticals in the sky above them all day long, they are actually afraid of Islam and Putin!  If it weren't so utterly maddening, it would be utterly hilarious.  Before I lived here, I never really understood the meaning of jaded.   Money and self-interest are god here.   If somebody on this website is from the EU and can point me in the direction (3rd request on this site) of a decent european anti-geoengineering website with some teeth and correct information, I will be thrilled to direct my clients to it.   I think it would be more effective to refer to a local website.   I'm sure I've lost customers because of my outspokenness, but I don't care anymore.   Really, what's the point of having a successful business if we will not be able to grow our own food, hear the birds sing, and know that we have the full benefit of clean air and full sunshine?  I don't own a car and live in bicycle friendly country…anyone interested in organizing a huge bike rally/protest from Belgium into the Netherlands this summer?   From Brugge up the coastline from Oostende into Holland (really great bike lanes!) Amsterdam where all the tourists sit outside cafes most of the day?  I'm in, but I need help.  Let me know.  And of course, thanks so much Dane for all you do, and all the posters who post honest concern.   Without this website, I would be lost.

    • virginia says:

      To Expat in Belgium:   Your frustration is palpable and we all understand it.  We feel the same way….any sane person would be angry, fed up, helpless in the situation we find ourselves in today's world.  Not only climate engineering, but everything else….it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world, so the saying goes.  A small group of us cannot fix it, but we can stand together and cheer  and encourage each other on.  Hopefully, you can find some local reporting on climate engineering…we barely have any in USA, considering the population.  Dane is one of the brave few….were it not for him, we would have little info and opportunity to get in the fight. 

      You have some excellent ideas…keep working on them.  Keep the fight going and remember that across the ocean, there are millions who sympathize with you and wish you well.

      Let's hear from you often.  Peace and Courage.  Avanti.

    • littleoaktree says:

      to expat in belgium:

      here is an irish site, but they have gone to live off-grid since 2014. how much more could possibly be said beyond their posting history? even in seeking refuge from the madness of ignorance, they too must be watching the poison fall from above and hear the engines roar to corrupt the stillness of their quiet garden, meditation, and early morning contemplation.

      i completely relate and empathize with you. i'm an expat in ireland. i watched the increase in spraying in u. s. of amnesia (grew up interested in meteorology so always looking up). awareness of these programs is admittance of global-conspiracy at all levels and so people fear it so much because there is nowhere to hide and so with the ability to flee we are faced with a fight and good natured humans do not wish to fight and so they try to disconnect but separation is an illusion and so a quiet madness is amplified by microwaves, etc…

      where i am from there are a lot of violent gangs and to see the members standing about not seemingly up to much is like seeing a member of the powers-that-wish-they-were on msm media flashing their smiles in their best clothes – criminals who commit Unspeakable Crimes – and, as an individual, i would not approach those gangs and say 'hey guys, it's not too late to change your ways and be good people" nor would i attempt to write or contact the others for fear of the repercussions.

      i find some small hope here when i read comments such as yours. perhaps, this hope is born from these moments of connection with (unfortunately) strangers. we are not connecting from a place of happiness – it's as though we here are all meeting for the first time at a memorial service for our beloved earth. i spend my day keeping my mouth shut but thankful i am away from the heaving mass of insanity, tending to my garden but wondering how long this will be possible, listening to these glorious birds and smiling at bees and yearning with all my heart for some great and fantastic miracle to turn the tides and bring us proverbial shepherds back to fearlessly walk and mend this sacred ground.

      i also find hope in the research of paul staments and, as an avid forager i would here warn others that mushrooms clear the soil of these toxins but in doing do become concentrated with them.

      May you all be very blessed and may we all find peace within ourselves and may the courage of Dane be contagious and he not be alone tapping deranged killers on their shoulders to insist they become better people.

  55. Neil Rushton says:

    This has a list of recent mass animal deaths through the world. It's a long list:  From the appropriately named End Times Prophecy website.

    • virginia says:

      Neil:  Thank you for posting the website.  I had read it month or so ago and was flabbergasted at the tremendous, unthinkable murder of our wildlife.  It was one of the most disheartening pieces of information I have ever read.  I recommend all on this thread read it, if you haven't already.  Thanks, again.

    • Neil Rushton says:

      Thanks Virginia — in this case the biblical quotes from Revelations at the top of the page are quite appropriate. Someone on this site has put a lot of work into compiling this list with verified sources. The issue is in another MSM blindspot.

    • Veritas says:

         This could be self fulfilling prophecy as the people doing this have the money and means to do so, and have proven they are insane and genocidal many times. The Rothschilds alone are estimated to have at least 500 TRILLION dollars worth of wealth. Self fulfilling prophecy or not, time will tell. "He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past." George Orwell

      John 8:44,  Revelation 2:9, Revelation 3:9  come to mind concerning Goldman- Sachs, Rothschilds ( Bauer ), Warburgs, George Soros (Gyorgi Schwartz), Karl Marx ( Chaim Hirschel Mordechai ), Angela Merkel ( Kasnar ), Leon Trotsky ( Lev Davidovich Bronstein ),        Lenin ( Vladimir IIyich Ulyanov ), and others of their ilk.

  56. One question on my mind: How do those in power do to not breath this toxic air? Do they have a detoxifying solution they use on a daily basis? If not, they don't care to being poisoned? It's really a crazy world. Many humans are blind and dumbed down. It's sad.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, I do address your question on most presentations, one example is attached.

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