Geoengineering Investigation Demanded By Numerous Experts


On July 15th, 2014, citizens from Northern California rallied to create the largest attendance ever at the Shasta County Supervisors chambers (400+, chairman Les Baugh confirmed this attendance record at the start of the meeting). The primary purpose of this meeting was to present information that proves there is a very dire heavy metal contamination and UV radiation issue across the Shasta County region (and the world). A list of 10 experts presented data to the board to confirm the legitimacy of the concerns being addressed. At the end of the presentation, the board voted unanimously to investigate the heavy metal contamination and passed resolutions accordingly. The video below documents the events of this landmark day in the fight to expose the crime of global geoengineering, all experts are identified with labels in the video (the new edited, condensed version).
Dane Wigington

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  1. Davidultra Type says:

    Protests and marches are useless. The only way is for everybody, EVERYBODY, to stop going to work… 

  2. Anthony says:

    And still nothing has changed. Doubling down on the spraying. It's clear that these people are dead set on killing us all. I absolutely despair for humanity. Thank you for your continued efforts Dane Wiggington.

    • Valeri Hood says:

      This wonderful presentation is circulating again in Marin County. People who are fighting back against 5G- and understand that the human population is under attack, are now interested in hearing about geoengineering, and I believe that is because people are finally understanding that our government does not protect the health and safety of the people, but is instead being run by profit driven corporations and banks, who make money on us whether we live or die.

      Today the 'cloud' cover over Marin – is very black-I assume that it must be from coal injection. Many are sick here, as they are year round. Thanks for keeping this site active and educational.

      Valeri Hood, Fairfax

  3. Carl Adams says:

    They are still spraying chemicals in our Sky we can't even sungaze something that everybody needs to do

  4. Carl Adams says:

    Are they ever going to do anything about them spraying that stuff

  5. Heidi says:

    Did Shasta County remove the copy of this meeting from their site?  A board member stated a video of the meeting would be posted on the site, but I didn't find it.

  6. Robert Owen says:

    Most people have short memories and care very little about life.

    The Nuclear cabal generate over 8 million tons of CFC's every year, at every Nuclear generating station and were given an exemption. Geoengineering is a response to there being no ozone left because ir starts and ends with the nuke cabal.

    Naturally nobody connects those dots.

    The plants are dieing because the ozone is gone, and we are being hit with UVA UVB, and UVC.


    It's genocide.

    the NUREMBERG DOCTRINE" which means if you witness a war crime and crime against humanity, then your silence is considered support as an accessory to a crime.

    • Jacob says:

      Wow so, what is it that we can do. People are marching against all these things in the world. This is such a serious issue it's crazy

    • Taho says:

      we have to be together,this is a big conspiracy. we have to marching against them and educate all what exactly they are doing.


    • KAREN L SANCHEZ says:

      This really makes me angry I want to know how or what we can do or who to talk to get something going I watch some other videos tonight on the conspiracy Channel that brought me to the page here if anybody happens to know that there is something going on or something we can do my emails here and maybe everybody's email should be contacted these people who care we have one ozone we don't get another one and if you have kids and grandkids what are they going to have left apparently the females if you get enough aluminum into the soil the regular seeds won't grow only the genetically mutated seeds from Monsanto will be available to resist the aluminum that's what they're saying that way they control the masses and lead

       them like little cattle or sheep to the slaughter

    • Jeanette says:

      They were warning about the ozone being destroyed in the early 70s. I did not notice a obscene decline in nature until after 1996 when I saw the first chemtrails being laid down. I called the airport in our small town in our small county and they were telling me I was not seeing what I was looking at. I hung up and never called them back. Since then I see the damage I attribute to this geoengineering weather manipulation. Mad scientists are real and so is the damage they are causing.

    • Jennifer Looper says:

      I understand that the uva and uvb rays are actually what gives life to plants and animals.  We need these to live people and this wasn't an issue until they started spraying nuclear exposure on our planet was long before the effects of this chemical bombardment.  This is the same story line the criminals behind the spraying are using to attempt to justify the spraying but it is erroneous and most people don't want to believe the other explanationside as they indicate malice and disconcern of the American citizens health.  So I understand how it is easy to accept this storyline so you can go about your business as usual and then allow this to continue.  DONT

  7. Hugh turner says:

    The spraying over our cities of deseases,pathogens,chemicals and bioengineered genocide is an act of war people'! Your elected officials admit they are doing it and laugh about it! 

    What will it take for people to stand up and put an end to these crimes and a host of other all out crimes against the people of these United States!

    • Dave Phare says:

      who has admitted it. We are seeing this in australia, but have no clue about it?

    • Tonywalker says:

      The government has admitted it,there are several videos even has merkle,from Germany was in the plane taking a tour. They say only been spraying since 92,but I remember much longer 

  8. Zane says:

    Just started reading about this. My wife has been sick with some strange autoimmune thing in her fingers. I've had lung infections been hospitalized twice. I have been tasting this metalic taste in my mouth on days that it is silvery hazy outside. When was the last time I saw a deep blue sky? The Jet stream here is doing things I've never seen before. I've lived in Ca all my life. This metal taste makes my gums hurt a little, tired of the taste of it. It taste like when you put roofing nails in your mouth. Still don't want to believe it, but haze didn't used to be silvery white. I'm wondering if they have screwed up the ozone so much they need to do it. Or is this to deny global warming. These people are evil

    • Hugh turner says:

      My wife is dying because of these acts of genocide! Our children do not deserve this nor do we! We are being exterminated and the congress admits to doing it! What will it take to rid this country of these evil people? This is an all out assault on every level of humanity!

    • Luis Martínez says:

      I've been tasting also that metalic taste here in Antwerp. I said that once to my girlfriend and her reaction was the same: you and your planes again…. Anyways, I keep my faith on this fight by reading your comments and the articles on this website. 

    • Alexander Tierney says:

      As long as they can obfuscate the data on warming they will be  allowed to keep burning the carbon while we subsidise their industries to the tune of over a trillion dollars per year. if we switch off the airborne mirror we will experience a sudden and significant rise in temperature similar but greater than that experienced for the three days after 9/11 when domestic flights were grounded.

    • Jeanette says:

      I too have wondered if they feel they need to be doing this. However, I do not think it is the case because they do not have any identifying info on the planes doing the spraying, they are not transparent, and that would mean they have a ❤.

    • sal says:

      get celation right away and get rid of mercury fillings  NOW



  9. Jan says:

    Interesting development that public boards engage in this matter. It is encouraging that these speakers are standing up against the system of collusion that is kept outside the legislative framework.

    What should be added is the discrepancy between stated goals of SRM and the proved consequences:

    1) SRM results in an increase of water mass in the sky (troposphere or also higher?) The way this water comes down is not in natural precipitation patterns, but in huge, local amounts. Therefore, the hypothesis is that the water build-up in the skies is used as a weather weapon to literally drown people and saturate the soil on mountains.

    2) H20 is a strong greenhouse gas. Therefore, the net result of injecting aerosols that keep water in the sky is a warm blanket covering earth.

    3) Effects on life on earth.

    In my opinion, public boards should be better informed about this discrepancy to make them ask questions for themselves.

    Thanks y'all for pushing this battle forward.

  10. david nicolaysen says:

    Dane, You have lots of people in your county who could recall the board. The process is simple, the activists have the energy, why have none of these citizens done it? It is time to remove the politicians, sue them for their criminal actions, make sure they know their actions will be considered ultra vires, and that the county insurance policies will not protect or indemnify them in the court. Only a recall and replacing the miserable politicians will achieve the goal of proper disclosure, monitoring, and taking appropriate measures to put governor Brown on notice that we are onto his illegal actions in allowing this man made drought with its devastating consequences. 

  11. kirk mannor says:

    Here in youngstown Ohio its been raining alot, you can still see the spraying going on, the formless clouds that don't look at all natural, I have many flowers in my yard even wild flowers still seen only one  bumble bee and strange bee that looks like a honey bee,this is a disaster people should be freaking out by now, this is a quite war against humanity people should be talking more about jailing all who had a hand in this.I keep my photos and film for proof, will start testing water and siol soon, documenting trees all around town.If I become too sick the only thing I want is these people to go to jail no money unless my wife and kid gets sick, my wife already shows symptoms of heavy metals.

    • a fellow truth seeker says:

      Go to a holistic doctor to detox from heavy metals poisoning, like from chemtrails and vaccines. There are several protocols you can do, like ionic foot baths which draw the heavy metals from the body – it works, watch YouTube videos on this where people show the procedure of the water starting clear and going to black at the end. Had this done myself and the results are great!

      Also you can use foods like Cilantro which draws out heavy metals, then you take Cholrella and/or activated charcoal to take it from the body.

      Get the mercury fillings out of teeth, then do heavy metal detox. Look for a dentist who specializes in this, as it's tricky to do it right.

      Good luck and good health!

  12. keith whittington says:

    Politicians and media personnel are the true middle class.

    They play the middle ground between the ubers and us.

  13. Jillee says:

    Can someone please tell me what the results of this testing showed? What happened after the meeting? Did they test the snow pack? Did they test anything at all?!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jillee, they have created legal liability for themselves by not following through, more on this at the proper time.

  14. sonnyboy says:

    Just a question.  Why are the people in the audience raising their hands?  It looked at first like some wanted to ask a question, but going further into the video, that doesn't seem to be the answer.  Can anyone tell me why the raising of the hands?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sonnyboy, the hand raising is a gesture of approval that does not make noise so that the meeting did not get disrupted.

  15. Marcus WAlker says:

    There are a million or more of people who feel in their stomach that something has to change. Wht don't we rise up and demand without being willing to settle or compromise, on anything but a new start. I think it is because that voice we are listening for has not been heard. If you are out there please speak up and ignite the flame of change, cause the Phoenix to rise.

     During the days of the movement for black civil rights, Dr king ask the people to not ride the bus. The company would not allow blacks except they ride in the back of the bus. Dr King ask the people to NOT ride the bus and the company nearly went out of business.

     Words are the most powerful weapon in the world and GOD himself recognized the same. At the tower of Babel he said the people are of one mind and purpose and nothing they propose to do will be impossible. He confused the language and the people were defeated. Nothing has changed except the common purpose and the lack of a single mind.

     When you read this if you are out there, it is time !

  16. John says:

    California is under siege just like the rest of the nation by criminals infiltrated into our government. There is a CIA agent just above every governor in this country. The CIA is running it like a mafia at the banksters behest. We know the banksters are the one's paying for the spraying through shell companies. We know that they want the Georgia Guidestones etching fulfilled.

    We are going to have to find a way to shut down the air traffic from the local contractors who work with NASA and the government to release these toxins into the atmosphere. We have to peacefully assemble at the locations and if we have to we sit down on the runways in mass numbers. The press can't ignore it and locals will be awakened and the government will have to answer. If the representative shows up on the press we will demand his action or he is subject to arrest for unlawful mass drugging and poisoning of the environment and public without their consent. I'm not a lawyer but there must be something in the statutes we can charge them with that is in this vernacular. 

    • Jim says:

      I agree completely that we need to stop these aircraft from taking off.  These criminals are spraying us and polluting our bodies and our eco-system.  So ….. sit-ins, stopping their deadly payloads in transit …

      What I can't understand is ……. where are the darn whistleblowers????

  17. Tim says:

    It has been a year since this video, what are the results?

    • Nicole says:

      Those at the top that California is relying on for help are being silenced by the criminal regime that has taken over the US. I've been in and out of fits of tears of sadness and anger. We all know the spray is toxic and killing trees and wildlife, and we know we are being forced to inhale it. It already reeks of omnicide. Then you add in JADE HELM which was sold to us as an innocent military drill, and then they come in months ahead of schedule and fire employees in Walmarts all over the nation without any notice.

      Regardless of whether those families were given some sort of financial reimbursement it doesn't make up for them feeling as terrorized as the rest of us, of now being without a job and having their lives and relationships with co-workers ripped apart without as much as an explanation. And the military has taken over these businesses.

      We either have a rogue President who is criminally insane and hell bent on killing us all, or we have a dire emergency about ready to strike us all to our death that is unfolding and we are not being told about it. Either way, no one in my family and none of my friends are getting any sleep. We are all living in total terror. And we are just supposed to figure out what to do next on our own, with little information to help us.


      We have kids. They don't care. I am just sick to my stomach. Obama has not only broken the trust of the human race, he has broken our hearts.

    • Jeffrey E Fish says:

      The weapons that are at the disposal of the dark military are so advanced that you could not even understand the most basic principles involving there functions unless you were a physicist. If the masses rose up in a hostile manner they would deploy these and you would not even understand what happened. They have perfected horrific things to use against us. Just for an example look up psychotronic weapons. EMf's and scaller  weapons. You could never fight them. They have been using particle beam weapons for quite some time also.

  18. Jenny says:

    Clayton, I hear ya, man.  I feel anger every time I see the lines, the Xs, the crap spreading out like a comb, the white misty clouds. And eventually, if there's a lot of it, the whole area is a silvery light gray and no sun is visible.  And I too emailed my senators and they either totally ignored my email or emailed back but didn't address my concerns at all.

    And the icing on the cake is NO ONE in my family or close friends notices or cares.

    Hopefully we will see some deep blue skies and cumulus clouds this summer.  I noticed it was beautiful like that when we had our 3-County Fair last summer.

    I cannot BELIEVE the audacity of whoever is foisting this on all of us without anyone's knowledge or permission.

    Did anything ever come of this…when the folks from Shasta County sent the letters and video to their senators?

  19. Carl says:

    Spray was terrible today in Pocatello Idaho . Clear blue sky's are

    a thing of the past . So many people still asleep when I talk to 

    them and take them outside to see its like I'm talking about aliens .

    my wife's health is affected greatly , we live up at 6100 feet so we 

    are really a lot closer to the spray thinking about moving somewhere

    else I used to love Idaho . Couple of things I've been doing is talking to

    people giving them this web site . All the political mail that I'm 

    getting and will get I send it back with no donation but write stop 

    Geoengineering Now ! Donate to this site. I was up in Coeur d'Alene

    and saw a big bill board that said stop spraying us which was encouraging. Thank you Dane for all your hard work .


  20. Ji Tobin says:

    That idiot lady is in the background of all the speakers, the one staring at her apple computer the whole time needs to be fired. You can see how serious she takes the public concern and her job. That was so annoying and typical of politicians. Too bad she had to be there but to the locl voters take note of your public servants in action

    • Annette Mayor says:

      I agree with you, she looks apathetic to it. I would like to post it to my wall, but it looks so strange with all that people, rising their hands, waving together. The people who are speaking are very good. But why can they not stop it??! What more do we need? Isn't this enough proof? I am from Norway and few people know about it here, and it seems they do not believe me either when I speak about it.

  21. SilentSister says:

    Hello Dane!!! Thank you thank you thank you for your work!!!!! Glad people are finally going outside and looking up! Question: has anyone noticed the "soapy rain"? 

  22. John Mor says:

    Hi everyone!

    Is there a way to get this video with spanish subtitles?
    Here in México we have a deep chemtrail activity since 20 years ago but due the violence topics, the people are not watching the sky. I have many videos and photos of Chemtrail activity in México City.

    Some people in México start to get involved and interested to know about but in our country there is not an organization that investigates this chemtrail issues. I saw this video and it’s very interesting. I would like to share it but spanish subtitles are required. Thank you in advance.

    • Maricela Murillo says:

      John Mor:

      I found a Spanish activist, named Josefina Fraile who hosts the web site and she is a serious and commited person to fight the illegal  climate engineering experiments conducted in Spain, she has videos in youtube also and the audio is in Spanish so is great for Spanish speaking people. You can also search in youtube with the keywords "Porque nos estan fumigando?" and you will find videos talking about geoengineering with Spanish subtitles. Congratulations for getting involved and keep up the good work, I am trying my best to inform the people I know but the issue is so horrifying that people tends to be in denial, but at least we are doing our part trying to inform them.

  23. Frank says:

    Use this LIVE link to track planes in your area. You can check to see if the plane(s) spraying show on the radar. Someone mentioned Flight Aware but I found it has a delay. is real time. Please share this. Thank you all.

  24. krause says:

    This is a chance to start something big that will get every ones attention.

    Take your solar energy issue and group with others who also had invested in solar power systems. then start a class action suit on the issue for compensation on damages to your energy needs.

    Hit them hard

  25. Art says:

    I too am in Maine and they seem to have heavy spray days and others hardly at all. I would be very interesting in getting in touch with you and husband over this matter here in our state. I have many others looking for action as well. I think we can hold the EPA liable if done right. alibby57 @ is my contact info. Feel free to drop me an email

    • Pat says:

      Search for Jim Traficant's speech on the House floor March 17, 1993. This information will help explain a lot of our trouble. The Senate does not work for us they work for the money.

      My CA congressman was out promoting himself prior to the last election cycle. I asked him about the geoengineering, he handed the microphone to the moderator and walking a few steps away. I have a photograph of my congessman in discussions as a member of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology on 02/04/2010 regarding Geoengineering. Trust none in the federal government it's all about the dialectic.


    • Pat says:

      The EPA would be an easy nut to crack.   

      The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is part of the International Round Table Groups that have global control reach. In 2008 the CFR through David Rockefeller's Studies Programs put out a call for Unilateral Planetary Scale Geoengineering Workshops. Do that search.

      All the money to do this comes through us.

  26. Susanne Hilyard says:

    Living in Maine noticing the sun rarely shines anymore. Off grid solar so this is impacting us greatly. When the sun does come it is hazed over. Spraying ALL THE TIME here. Husband is a retired USN microbiologist. He plans to contact Union for Concerned Scientists. This meeting and presenters was quite compelling. Our plan is to use it to garner attention from our network of professionals. Is there a hard copy of the version above? Having this shorter, to the point version would have a better ability to not lose our audience. People have such short attention spans. Sending the link will likely be ignored. Unless someone can suggest a way to increase the chances folks will actually watch. We figured an old fashioned letter and dvd may be more of an impact. In the information age all of us are exposed to videos on a daily basis. Getting folks to actually watch is tricky. Thanks for suggestions. Feeling the call to take action NOW!!!

    • Nancy Jones says:


      Did you husband get his colleagues together to look at the issue?  Are they active now?

  27. Cassandra Anderson says:

    Lea, I am with you all the way. I feel exactly the same way you do. I watch this daily in horror while everyone else “goes about their business” with their rose-colored glasses. I, too, am watching our local forests die off and wildlife, birds, butterflies, bees disappear. My garden plants suffered terrible effects of aluminum poisoning this past summer. Our pond water tests come back with sky-high amounts of AL, Barium, lead, mercury, etc and the water testers seem to not even notice or care. As an experiment I sent the same water off to be tested at two different labs across the country from each other. One came back sky-high, the other came back “normal amounts.” What a joke. Now the water testers are even in on it. They have also taken over wikipedia if you have checked it lately on their definition of chemtrails. Same with crisis actors. Making everyone out to look like a kook so no one will listen to us. I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone most days. The stench fills our house when they spray which is almost constantly and we become symptomatic when we’re forced to breathe it. My husband is especially sensitive to it and it has almost completely disabled him. We have piles of masks everywhere. Can’t even live one’s life in a normal fashion. They are doing this deliberately to create a huge food/economic crisis so they can bet on the weather and make trillions while the planet suffers and dies. Crimes against humanity and some day, some how I hope all those involved are taken to Times Square and hung for all to see.

  28. darrel nay says:

    Thanks Dane and all those around the world who are resisting the sociopaths who are geoengineering our world.
    We live in a rain-forest area of Australia and we are now being chemtrailed every day. It is easy to see the artificial particles dispersing clouds every day. The “man”-made drought is terrible.

    Thanks again.

  29. MikeB says:

    Thank you, for what you are doing and bringing this to light.

  30. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Thank you, Dane and Cathy, for all your successful efforts exemplified here. I appreciate the short version video emphasizing the expert speakers, because it’s easier to share and hold peoples’ attention. This is an outstanding group of witnesses. They all have my sincere thank you and humble blessing for their honesty and passion.

    Wishing Heartfelt Love and Fortitude to All who engage forthrightly with these issues of Life and Death. I think we are all brave to look this in the face and call it out.

  31. Deborah Jacquet says:

    This is one of the best consolidated presentations about chem-trails that I have seen yet. I plan to put it out. I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH. Jackson Hole Wyoming has had these huge what I call chalk marks for several years now.Much gratitude to you for all you do.

  32. Cheryl D says:

    Any other news about this meeting?

  33. Lea says:

    I know it’s been awhile since you posted this, Jack, but I did watch your video on YT. I live in MI and we’ve been pounded like this as well. I had made a video which displayed the horrific damage they’ve done to the wooded area across the street from me…and it only gets worse by the year. I have photographic proof of it all, since 2008.

    I’ve spent endless days in tears, as I watched the destruction that was taking place…including the bees dying right on the plants as they tried to collect pollen. And, unfortunately, I live between two airports and one ANG base, so I sit in the middle of a triangle watching this horror show. Many times the planes take off in groups of 6, creating a gigantic fan across the sky…and it gets worse from there.

    I think the nucleated snow this past winter was the worst I’ve seen, finishing to kill off all the wild eatable foods that I ‘was’ surrounded by, including apple trees, from which I had gleaned much. Now I have nothing left. I do believe they’re doing this ‘on purpose’; however, when I’m the only one that had taken notice and advantage of what ‘was’ here, the feeling within struck me as their vendetta against me personally, especially since a scout plane flies overhead several times a day. I know that MSU and Oakland U are taking part in these experiments, as they’ve received gov money in grants; and Oakland U uses their installed radar to assist in moving the clouds, just as they do with HAARP.

    The people here could give a damn about what’s going on, and continually say, “Well, what do you want me to do about it? There’s nothing we can do, so just suck it up and recreate your reality.” But how does one undo Asthma when I’ve never had it before? And where will the extra money come from to purchase all that is required to detox ones self? I’ve had enough of the gov lies, and what ‘they’ need is to have their faces ‘shoved into the effects and the results’.

  34. MarcusW says:

    Dane does a fantastic job of making this known to the public. I live in Sweden close to the east coast. On the coast you-can see so much of the sky. It’s obvious that They spray the atmosphere. Almost every day, we have white skies. Sometimes with a hint of blue in. If as a rare exception we’ll have the opportunity to look up on a blue sky You Can Bet That later on the day they ‘start to spray. “Busy as bees” And if people could look up from their smartphones they would see how taken directly from the school book “How to make a Blue Skye white and why not finish with a few x” was demonstrated for all to see.

  35. Aaron Hayden says:

    They’re psychopaths in positions of power. No conscience whatsoever. I agree with you though.

  36. Philip Dec says:

    For those who want information to wake others up,
    this is it!

    This presentation is especially appealing because of the sincerity of the participants combined with the fact they have taken the time themselves to do what they suggest others do.

    In a day of widespread deception and apathy,
    it is very refreshing to witness this kind of activism.

    Don’t just enjoy this video, share it!

  37. Guenter Ambron says:

    Hi Cathy, I’m just N. of the Border, Josephine Co. Drought, trees, wildlife, fish all suffering. We need t assemble a team for our County Administrators. Need to organize networks. Will try your face book. Guenter

  38. Mannard says:

    Call it what you want.. GeoEngineering, chemtrails– but it’s a SKYCRIME.

    Part of the many-headed hydra known as Agenda 21.

    I commend the community of Shasta for standing up to this tyranny.

  39. Carolyn says:

    I hope they rot in hell too! How they sleep at night or can look at themselves in a mirror just bewilders me.

  40. Cathy Cresser says:

    Hello, Annette~
    I’m Cathy Cresser, one of the organizers of the Shasta County Summit on July 15th. I’m not sure if I understand your initial question, so I’ll answer it the best I can 🙂 We initially attempted to get our presentation on our County’s Board of Supervisor’s Agenda by being “sponsored” by one of the county’s agencies that report to the Board at these meetings, specifically our Air Pollution District Manager, Mr. Ross Bell. After repeated requests going unanswered, we launched a full out phone call/email assault on our Supervisor’s (specifically Dane and I’s Supervisor, Pam Giacomini) to have one of them add it to the Agenda. The way our Board works here in Shasta, if you can’t get on through one of the agencies then one of the Supervisors can request the addition, and then a quorum of three have to agree.

    I believe we are planning a more comprehensive video on the above “how to’s”, but I’m not certain of that yet. Please join our progress page at Uniting for Our Planet – Redding on Facebook. Thank you for your support!!! We are doing this!!! It will be DONE!!! 🙂

    • Lee Sutter says:

      Any follow up? I'm just seeing this for the first time, and actually have just read the comments and have yet to watch the video. It's good and heartbreaking to hear reports from all over the nation, and other countries. What has Shasta County done? We are all so frustrated, as everyone passes the buck, "not in our jurisdiction" crap. I'm considering suggesting to our local site members CHEMTRAIL info of SLO County (San Luis Obispo, Calif.) that we request our representatives to assign summer interns or one staff member to do a full study, starting with Dane Wigington's site, and GIVE US SOME ANSWERS. At this point I fear it's too late to save our Earth, but I just want those responsible to ADMIT TO IT. 

  41. Clayton says:

    Excellent video Jack, thanks for posting that. I can’t count the amount of days that the skies over Las Vegas have looked like that-quite often even worse. I just wish they would stop. I miss the natural skies and weather. Thanks again for the post.

  42. Jack says:

    As a serious amatuer naturalist rather than a schooled scientist, I am groping in the dark for answers and am so encouraged to see this issue gaining serious scrutiny. “They” are hard at it again today, the sky is filling with trails over Tehama County. I have long felt that one of the many reasons “they” have for spraying is a prophylaxic measure, scrubbing the jet steam of radionuclides. See my video at

  43. Clayton says:

    Sorry for the above tirade. I forgot to thank you Dane, for all that you do-I truly appreciate it. That’s what I originally meant to do, but I get so upset about this.

    One last thing..when they spray in the skies of Las Vegas, it always builds into a foggy haze that clusters up and moves east. Every time.

  44. Clayton says:

    I live in Las Vegas, and we have been being sprayed for years here. Now, they are spraying us at night even. I’ve contacted everyone I could think of-I’ve written Senators,with no response, the media won’t touch it, the Governors office sent me on a wild goose chase-giving me #’s to call the airport-and they put me into a “noise complaint” voice mail.

    I filed two complaints with the Clark County Department of Air Quality- the first one, they gave me a complaint # and tried to tell me about “the two different types of contrails”. The second one, they tried to avoid giving me a complaint #-I had to specifically request one-and they claim they don’t have the authority over the air in that high of an atmosphere. I told them “this crap has to come down- why are you not testing for aluminum, barium, and strontium?”,,,,,they say they only test for “lead”.

    The EPA denies this is happening. Everywhere you turn, no one will do anything about this in Nevada. I feel like THIS is domestic terrorism. We are being sprayed like bugs and I am sick of it.

    Senator Heller has ignored 4 of my emails about this, but he answers all of the rest of them. So many people know what is going on, and they act like everyone is stupid, and like we don’t have a right to know. I hope they rot in hell for doing this to us, seriously.

    • Killer Dana says:

      Clayton ,

      Bro ,,,,   I love you .       I am not Gay ,,,,  LoL

      I  feel the same way you do .       I feel your pain .

      We  have found out how  wicked the dark side is .

      The  poison must stop  ….

      We will stop this with their weapons .

      Good Luck and move Fast .



  45. Bonnie Morgan says:

    Hi I live on Maui and they have not gotten the initiative passed .. its died somewhere .. they are really focusing on getting a moratorium passed to stop Monsanto from spraying more poisons or doing open field testing until they can prove it is safe .. Elle Cochran (city couincil member )was involved with the geoengineering but dont know where it is at now

  46. Daphne says:

    Casey, I’m in great barrington mass and it has been coming in fits and sputs. I took a couple of pictures today, but there was one totally clear day recently. The first I can remember in a long time….it was lovely.

  47. J. Lulich says:

    I am a native of Siskiyou County but now live in Portland, OR. Recently, I took my son to the Trinity Alps where my son fished in three lakes, Hidden, Long Gulch and Trail Gulch lakes. He didn’t even get a bite, no fish were caught and the Forest Service Ranger told us that no one was catching fish. I didn’t put two and two together until I listened here. I have no memories of not catching fish when I fished in my earlier years.

  48. verna Smith says:

    I was so thankful to be at that meeting. Dane thank you and you to Cathy Cressor and to all the keynote speakers who did a fantastic job in their own field of expertise. Thank you! Thank you to the gentlemen who filled in for the assigned keynote speakers.Excellent information shared. To all the concerned citizens and those who came as far as Spain and Texas and Oklahoma and Oregon. I came from Grants Pass, Oregon. I came out the concern for my grandkids. I am so thankful for all the hard work and effort that went into addressing this board. I believe each of them learned something and evidenced by their Unanimous vote to do further research into the equipment such as they have at Lassen Park. Lassen park has equipment that can test at the nano scale for the metals such as aluminum, barium and other heavy metals. The rescource Management director Rick Simon was asked to see what it would cost for Shasta County to test for particles at the nano scale. Supervisor Kehoe said He would like the state and federal agencies to see the passion that the board seen of the people at that meeting, he suggested that the video of the meeting be sent to the state and federal agencies. Thanks to Pam Giacomini who put the item on the agenda, and thanks to the experts that addressed the issue and harm of the geoengineering of our skies. There were other concerned citizens that spoke.I wanted to bring to the attention HR 2977. I am not a speaker,and I was grateful for the support and encouragement of the 300 = people that came that could relate to me not have a degree or letters behind my name except for AKA “Grandma”.

  49. Cassandra Anderson says:

    MJ, where do you live that there is no spraying??? I would love to know! Thanks.

  50. JR says:

    Heidi; Obviously you’re not to familiar with chemtrails. For over the last ten years my eyes were opened to controlled drought spraying. What I mean is the rain clouds come, they chemically spray them and they dissipate, nothing left, believe it. In certain cases they whip up wind out of no wheres, HAARP?! Hello and goodbye for now here from Southwest-N.M. USA in controlled drought area. Gotta go….

  51. Casey says:

    Great video of the meeting. Oddly enough, since this aired I have witnessed almost no chemtrail activity over western mass. Not quite zero but drastically scaled back.

  52. heidi says:

    I live in San Diego and have been witnessing it for years. My recent trip to North Carolina also revealed heavy spraying. This is crazy…we need to do what Maui did. I believe they had it banned because it was ruining their organic farming industry. I believe we have had more drought in out area since they have been spraying.

  53. Marie Frazier says:

    Thank you Dane, Supervisors of Shasta County and all who participated in this very important discussion. The masses are beginning to LOOK UP.

  54. Wayne Jett says:

    Woop! Woop! Excellent work by every presenter, by the audience and by the supervisors. All of us owe you much gratitude and our congratulations for carrying the banner.

  55. skywatchergrandma says:

    There was about 3 hours of speakers at the Shasta County Board Meeting. To watch the full length version of all the speakers here is a link.

    Here is a news clip about the Shasta County Board Meeting.

    Thank you Dane and all who spoke, hope to see more board meetings like this one all over the country.

  56. Helen says:

    We also need a Dane in South Africa !

  57. Alan MacRae says:

    Excellent work Dane, this will be the start and we can get the ball rolling elsewhere around the world. Cheers

  58. Laura Sutton says:


  59. MJ Johnson says:

    Mine too, Tim…it would be nice to return to the States to be with my family & friends..but my system is too delicate to withstand the I live near an airport, so I get double whammy (now I’m sure it’ll be all blamed on the latter..but no! I have too much evidence & medical documentation).

  60. MJ Johnson says:

    Deb. W., I know EXACTLY what that nasty phlegm cough is that you’re talking about. I got it too, living in Orlando, Florida. Lasted several months, until I left the country to just be able to breathe again. I’m still out of country, trying to recuperate…after almost $4k in medical bills in Florida (well, that’s the plan, right…Big Pharma makes out like a bandit..all the way to our graves). Interestingly, I’ve NEVER had such an array of bizarre symptoms before…the cough, the weakness, nervousness, depression, sleepiness, the never-ending, self-manufacturing phlegm, the shortness of breath, just a whole litany of strange symptoms. My intuition screamed at me…”This is NOT your normal respiratory illness!” I”ve NEVER smoked either..and one doctor asked if I’d had TB…or was a heavy smoker. The radiologist noted “suggestive of COPD”. Give me a break…all fast, after moving to a heavily sprayed area..and I have documentation in dated photos & videos.

  61. MJ Johnson says:

    Absolutely, Amy!

  62. Pat Ferre says:

    Thank you, Dane.
    Thank you to everyone who participated, including the Shasta County Supervisors! Beautiful to see Shasta County cross a new frontier!

  63. Jack says:

    It is wonderful to see such a well presented case and especially reassuring to finally see an intelligent local government at work. Hopefully this will inspire more public appeal to the law makers. (forget Lamalfa, he’s too busy wearing his cowboy hat in D.C.)

  64. Rebecca Matthews says:

    I am sending this to all of the government agencies around me here in BC, Canada.
    This was very powerful. Thank you for leading the way in addressing this issue in a respectful and effective way.

  65. Karin Six says:

    Wow! Thank you Dane! Keep up the good work! We all depend upon this..

  66. Sophie says:

    You could establish a kiosk in every shopping mall (or rotating kiosks, to save $s) and provide information to the average person. Provide child care so that people are free to see a quick video or read a brochure. Create different info materials: for different levels of attention: 3 minute, 10 minute, 1/2 hr. etc. Sign up sheets for those willing to contribute, who have special skills or resources.

  67. Joe says:

    Absolutely amazing and wonderful step forward! Thank you Dane and all, for all you have done… This is going to really gather momentum now. Yay!!!!

  68. Joe says:

    Important book to read by Professor Lewis: “935 Lies”
    Published May 2014

  69. Steven Chamberlain says:

    My name is Steve and I own and operate a successful pizza place in Nikiski, Alaska. I recently awoke to the Secret Worldwide Geoengineering Experiment. I have been extremely vocal in my community trying to wake others up to this War Against Humanity. We put out about 150 pizzas a day and I hand write along with some colorful artwork on every box that leaves the shop. The reader board out by the highway says: “THAT AINT CORNSTARCH THEIR SPRAYING IN THE SKY” Nobody eats at Charlie’s Pizza without an introduction to Geoengineering! I know that it is making a difference. Discloser is coming soon and the spraying will stop soon after. I think Dane’s website is the best place to send people to reverse the brainwashing by the Government Media Propaganda Machine. Please support Dane’s Divine Mission and find ways to get people to this site. Call your local talk radio show and tell everyone to check out YOU can do it!

  70. Bruce Jessop says:

    Great information, thanks very much to Dane and all the participants for coming forward and exposing this slow burn genocide of the planet and its inhabitants. I have been documenting with photos over our city here in Luebeck, Germany for the past 12 + years, the same phenomena. At some point a template of accountability needs to be placed forward to identify the source of this eco-genocide program and its participants. The participants should be identified by name and affiliation and made fully accountable. And by identification I do not mean its this or that department or agency. I mean real names and faces.

  71. Amy J says:

    I’m concerned that with the ADEQ meeting in Kingman and then now this, it seems like all of the sudden our goverment leaders are all to willing to listen to what we having been screaming about for years. What if what this leads to is the goverment having to admit these programs and agree and to have them “monitored” in order to keep the people in acceptance. What must happen is the programs must STOP , NOT MONITORED, NOT TESTED, BUT STOPPED AND STOPPED NOW!! after that it must be determined who is all responsible for these programs and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Can you imagine the lawsuits that would follow once we are able to prove that these programs are killing us??? You think the VA is back logged…geeezz expect all companies involved to file for bankruptcy immediately. Remember ..not monitored, not regulated, but stopped and stopped NOW!!!!!!!!!

  72. DebW says:

    they sprayed heavily here in Milwaukee again today…tired of taking pictures of it. Had that nasty phlegmy cough after coming back inside from being out there an hour tonight.

  73. Tim says:

    Great job Dane. This stuff has ruined my life. I am so sick from the spray. We need this to stop.

  74. Barbara Musella-Zech says:

    I am very encouraged by the response I’ve seen by your city council . I have been outraged by what is happening in the skies 1st in Kauai, and now in New Jersey since I’ve relocated and returned here in the past 6 years. I hope to have people in this region realize what is really happening in our skies. I will be sending this video to as many people as possible so they can see how to best approach our representatives so as to put a stop to the onslaught of contaminates in our skies. Thank you Dane, and all of you, who step up to do the right thing! I want to say thank you from my grandchildren, who have the right to breathe clean air.

  75. jamie watts says:

    Thank you for all the positive info. Hopefully we can get a handle on this and get it out of our skies.

  76. mick says:

    Mr Dane Wigington is one of the coolest guys on the planet and I would like to say thank you

  77. If this doesn’t bust this thing wide open I’m not sure what will. Dane, you presented yourself and the evidence beautifully. I was so glad to see they gave you more than 3 min. and the ability to present a short slide presentation. You and all the other speakers hit the ball out of the park and have made so many people proud that stand for the same cause. Thank you, 1000 times, thank you!

  78. Anita Johansen says:

    We need a Dane in the Netherlands too. This is great.

  79. Hsaive says:

    Great showing. Prepared speakers really helped.

  80. Al DiCicco says:

    Thank you all, great work.

  81. Annette Dunson says:

    How did you send this to your council? I want to forward it to ALL the government agencies here in Indiana.

  82. Gaylene Barron says:

    Thank you for taking the lead in exposing the
    truth, so that actions to follow may protect our
    environment; the battle to defend our natural
    purpose, and the earth. It will be difficult, but
    not impossible. Shouldn’t these evil patents
    be called into question?

  83. Linda Evans says:

    Good idea Azaima….I will try to get it to San Diego city counsel as well…

  84. Linda Evans says:

    Dane: Your writing is clear and concise and easy to follow. Thanks for the brilliant updates on fight to save all of life….this truly seems a landmark moment…a unanimous vote to investigate! Many blessings and mahalos to you and your fellow warriors.

  85. Azaima says:

    Excellent job, Dane. Forwarded to my city councilor.

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