Geoengineering Watch: Our First Ever High Altitude Atmospheric Testing


Dane Wigington

After substantial difficulty and expense, Geoengineering Watch has utilized two types of aircraft to complete multiple atmospheric particulate sampling flights up to and exceeding 40,000 feet. One of the aircraft we conducted our testing missions in is also used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for their atmospheric testing operations. The Geoengineering Watch team carried out multiple sample gathering flights in the high altitude haze layer being emitted by large jet carriers. 

The lingering, spreading and sun blocking jet aircraft trails are not just condensation as we have been told by government sources. The dimming of direct sunlight by aircraft dispersed particles, a form of global warming mitigation known as “Solar Radiation Management”, is ongoing. These global climate engineering operations are causing unquantifiable damage to the planet's life support systems and human health.

The twelve minute video below is an insight segment from the under production ground breaking climate engineering exposé documentary titled “The Dimming”.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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The Dimming

Exposing The Global Climate Engineering Cover-up

Featuring Climate Engineering Confirming Testimonies From:

US Air Force Major General (Ret)

US Air Force Brigadier General (Ret.)

Presidential Cabinet Member (Ret.)

US Forest Service Scientist (Ret.)

Decorated CIA officer (Ret.)

Canadian Minister Of Defense (Ret.)

Premier Of British Columbia, Canada (Ret.)

California Department of Fish And Game Scientist (Ret.)

US Air Force Environmental Testing Specialist (Ret.)

Major Tech University Scientists

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14 Responses to Geoengineering Watch: Our First Ever High Altitude Atmospheric Testing

  1. Todd Schurman says:

    I live in Ontario, Canada and would like to represent this area on the topic of Geo Warfare. The has been a lengthy history of Eugenics around the world and their are names attached to these treasonous acts. I would like to take the fight directly to them. We are being poisoned by food, water and our air. Someone might think, "where do I begin!" Well this is as good of a place as any. Maybe largely greater point being our air! Please allow me to offer my services for this cause. I am an activist thru and thru. We must save this world from the psychopaths destroying our world.

    Todd Schurman

  2. Brenda says:

    Hola vivo en Catalunya españa, tengo un huerto y estoy siempre fuera mirando el cielo, comencé a buscar info porque los cielos no eran celestes o azul y cada vez que pasaban los aviones ensuciaba el cielo y descubrí todo este tema que era desconocido para mi. Es muy duro ver cómo nos fumigan a nosotros a nuestras plantas, animales, agua, tierra, con esto de la falsa pandemia el gobierno autoriza las fumigaciones aéreas, hubo pequeños terremotos x la zona que aquí no es común en fin, queda irse a vivir algún sitio aislado de todo, me dan ganas de llorar , saludos a todos y gracias x la información que compartes, tengo fotos y vídeos de cada día de el cielo

  3. Dennie says:

    Out here on the very edge of the far Eastern Pacific, on Left Coast of the U.S., the spraying goes on (and on and on and on…) quite often a few hundred miles off the coast over the ocean where you can't always see the jets laying their poisonous paths in the sky but the nasty scratchy nanoparticulate metals blow inland in just a matter of a few hours, making people thirsty, dried out and coughing– their air crap disrupts our personal hydrological cycles, too, but who's noticing?  There are so many who have asthma and the eedjot physicians have ZERO idea what's going on.  From time to time you see the jets spraying away up there.  This fall it's been particularly nasty and drying– WTF ARE these monsters attempting to accomplish?  What happens if everyone else in every other country with the money to blow on totally wasteful crap like this chemical warfare on Earth decides to blow their metal shit all over us at cross-purposes?  Who is going to sort this insanely thoughtless crap perpetrated on us by unfeeling, uncaring, frightened and ultimately USELESS egg-headed monsters, their toadies and their minions with boots on the ground and in the control rooms?

  4. G. Milenko says:

    Hey guys i live in Germany and what i have noticed at least over here is that whenever they were spraying the temperatures significantly went up the following 1-3 days depending on how long they were spraying. And at the beginning and during the first 2-3 months of the pandemic where no planes were in our skies you could literally feel the air getting better and better. I am not exaggerating but there were no clouds at all for weeks and i was watching at the blue sky that i missed so much over the decades. And a study was published during that time that suggested contrails are responsible for the climate warming. Greetings from Germany and excuse me for my poor English 

  5. STEVE Childress says:

    Go get those monsters. They cant stand to see a clear blue sky. I get pissed every time I see them. 

  6. William Devlin aka Rossie boy says:

    'Bravo! Maestro'

    Your merest efforts will be crowned, "with success" and your Greatest ……"A Death Knell for the criminal global asault, the nescient paradigm of self will, it's obsessed delusion, etc.,….and ultimately, at long last, act to  bury the Whole Gargantuan Episode, anchored, as it were, in the abysmal tomb of human involution……safe from sunlight and firmly rooted in oblivion……for evermore!"….? Well, that's in the short term:  for any and all spatial time frame sequencing, of a surety, will remain vulnerable, as human stupidity will survive intact.  

     Your prelude to the demise of earthly scoundrels Garner's applause and Commands both Love and respect!   Thank you DW


  7. Gary says:

    Thank you, as always Dane, and all at geoengineeringwatch. I can't wait for the release of 'The Dimming' as I feel that IT could be the stake in the monsters heart that we, who have been trying to bring this to the full exposure of light for years, have all been awaiting to finally stop this crime against all life on our shared planet home once and for all. 

  8. Rob Kilpert says:

    I was censored in 2008 on Truthout when comments were allowed.  I was discussing the possibility of creating a semiconductor environment in the high altitudes by doping it with metals and another researcher from Japan suggested looking at increases in global mining of Al. All my logic got taken down, researcher from Japan says it happens all the time.  HAARP patent seeks to capitalize on natural circulation of charged particles in the ionosphere by the earth's magnetosphere.  Doping it would mean more circulation and possibly a new energy source from this natural circulation. This an engineering possibility, l have not determined this is unfolding.  However, the patent also says the impact from operations will be more colorful sunsets and sunrises and wave like disturbances of cloud formations, both true.

  9. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Great, hard hitting, and persuasive film footage, Dane!

    While most of the world appears to be numb and drowning in the shock of unending lies, know that your adamantine courage and relentless tenacity are valued by many.     – Susan

  10. Stuart says:

    USC Aerosol Lab just released a study which linked Brain Shrinkage/ Alzheimers in older females to inhalation of relatively high concentrations of PM2.5 particles (aerosols smaller than 2.5 micron dia).  Aerosols used for SRM ops approx 0.3 micron?  

    A check of their website showed another study linking Parkinsons to aerosol particulate exposure.  Funded by Department of Defense. Gee, I wonder why DoD would want that data?

  11. Joseph says:

    Thank you Dane.

    Great video that should be spread far and wide.

  12. Jay Martel says:

    I live next to Buffalo. Last week, a day started out sunny and warm, with a pretty clear blue sky.  Soon, high-flying jets were overhead spewing trails of "condensate", one following another, and the trails grew wider and wider, not dissipating.  One jet was observed turning the "spray" on and off!  Gradually, the sky was all hazy.  Last year, on a summer Sunday morning, at 7am (!), the sky was TOTALLY crisscrossed with wide trails-dozens of them.  On a Sunday, at 7 AM?!

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