The Ozone Layer Recovery Lie And Climate Engineering Denial, Both Are Breaking Down


Dane Wigington

Until recently official sources have pushed the patently false narrative that Earth's ozone layer was recovering, that blatant lie is now becoming impossible to maintain. Our planet's ozone layer is disintegrating, climate engineering is the single greatest causal factor (though no "official" source is yet willing to admit to the ongoing covert climate engineering atrocities).

Ozone layer is NOT recovering over some of Earth's most highly populated areas putting billions at risk of exposure to cancer-causing UV rays…

  • … scientists have now discovered ozone is failing to recover at lower latitudes

  • It is likely not recovering at latitudes between 60°N and 60°S

  • Researchers believe climate change is altering atmospheric circulation

(The UK Daily Mail, 2/6/2018)

Though some sources still claim there is limited ozone layer recovery over the polar regions, front line data from some of the same sources does not support such a conclusion. How many are even aware of the "Unprecedented Ozone Hole Over (the) Canadian Arctic" (that was first reported in 2011)? In regard to the UK Daily Mail statement that "Researchers believe climate change is altering atmospheric circulations", again, a lie. Geoengineering is the greatest single factor impacting atmospheric circulation patterns.

Ozone Layer Not Recovering Over Populated Areas, Scientists Warn

… the protective ozone is thinning at the lower latitudes, where the sunlight is stronger and billions of people live

(The Guardian, 2/6/2018)

Scientists Find That A Vital Part Of Earth’s Ozone Layer Is Not Healing As Expected

The rescue of the planet’s protective ozone layer has been hailed as one of the great success stories of modern environmental regulation — but on Monday, an international team of 22 scientists raised doubts about whether ozone is recovering as expected across much of the world.

(The Washington Post, 2/6/2018)

In May of 2014 reported on the record that geoengineering was destroying the ozone layer. Efforts to “debunk” our data based ozone layer collapse conclusions were again countered by Geoengineering Watch. During the last few years a number of attempts were made by mainstream sources to convince populations that the ozone layer was recovering, Geoengineering Watch again responded on the record that the “ozone recovery” narrative was (and is) completely false.  Mainstream and official sources have long since admitted that geoengineering programs "would" damage the ozone layer "if" geoengineering was deployed (though no official source will admit to the ongoing climate engineering reality).

We are being lied to on every level, and to a degree that cannot be truly comprehended. The ozone layer is not recovering, it is collapsing. Though there are countless anthropogenic factors negatively impacting Earth’s vital ozone layer, climate engineering / geoengineeering / solar radiation management is by far the single greatest factor fueling ozone layer collapse. To be clear, if the ozone layer completely collapses, all terrestrial life and most aquatic life will perish. How close could such a state be if we remain on the current course? We are perilously close, perhaps only a few years.

The “official denial” of climate engineering is also breaking down, the impacts of the ongoing geoengineering / solar radiation management assault are becoming all but impossible to hide in plain sight. 

The horrific environmental and climate decimation being created by climate engineering are far beyond catastrophic. Though there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet and the climate system, global geoengineering operations are mathematically the most destructive of all. If public apathy regarding the climate engineering assault remains, if academia continues to lie about the climate engineering reality, if climate engineering is allowed to continue, our days are numbered. Again, this is not speculation, theory, conjecture, or hypothesis, rather, it is a mathematical fact. Every single individual that is awake and aware is needed in the critical battle to sound the alarm. Sharing credible data from a credible source is most effective and efficient way to gain traction in this battle. Make your voice heard while it can still make a difference.

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  1. The Earth’s ozone layer is being shattered by military rocket launches, HAARP, Nexrad, and mobile SBX tampering.  Primary contributors to initial ozone destruction can be attributed to insane levels of military and commercial airline traffic.  Let’s just cut to the chase: > Geoengineering is a form of malignant human stupidity.  If any country actually intended to save the planet from complete Venus syndrome, they’d start by shutting down all commercial airline traffic and military aviation, period.

    Read this very sick joke:

    Excerpted from: Opportunities to Improve Representation of Clouds and Aerosols in Climate Models with Classified Observing Systems: Proceedings of a Workshop: Abbreviated Version | The National Academies Press


    One of the most significant and uncertain aspects of climate change projections is the impact of aerosols < [???] on the climate system. Aerosols influence the climate indirectly by interacting with nearby clouds leading to small changes in cloud cover, thickness, and altitude, which significantly affect Earth’s radiative balance. Advancements have been made in recent years on understanding the complex processes and atmospheric interactions involved when aerosols interact with surrounding clouds, but further progress has been hindered by limited < [???] observations.

    The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine organized a workshop to discuss the usefulness of the classified observing systems in advancing understanding of cloud and aerosol interactions. Because these systems were not developed with weather and climate modeling as a primary mission objective, many participants said it is necessary for scientists to find creative ways to utilize the data. The data from these systems have the potential to be useful in advancing understanding of cloud and aerosol interactions. This publication summarizes the presentations and discussions from the workshop.” [End quote]

    Complete text:

    The first couple lines in the above publication made me want to buy about three cases of spray paint and spray it from my roof…

    This is the same glee club that convinced the EPA to put the axe to Freon sprays used in electronic repairs, as well as all previous Freon formulae used in pre-nineties air conditioning and domestic refrigeration.  So the cost of a 12oz can of Freon based electronics cleaner; skyrocketed from about $8.99 a can to $29.00 or more per can.  100's of millions of perfectly functional refrigerators and air-conditioner units went directly into landfills.  Almost everyone bought the tune, and DuPont stocks did dramatically well in the markets…

    HCFC Phase-out Schedule | Ozone Layer Protection – Regulatory Programs | US EPA

    See complete bullshit text below: 

    Trouble was: The "new" Freon's were ultimately much worse in terms of ozone depletion and shortened life expectancy. > Exactly as planned…

    I wonder why a person has to dance all over the web in order to track down the actual HCFC 141b chemical composition. >>>>>

    Here it is:

    Another way of writing out chemical structures is to specify, for each of the Cl, F, and Br atoms, the ordinal number of the carbon to which they are bonded and to use numerical prefixes (2=di, 3=tri, 4=tetra, 5=penta, etc.) to specify the total number of each kind of atom. The suffix for the molecular name depends on the number of carbons. Molecules with 1C end in "methane" (since there are no isomers of methane-derived molecules, they have no letter designation), " 2C end in "ethane," and 3C end in "propane." It is assumed that any bonds not occupied by Cl, F, or Br are occupied by H, so H atoms are not specified. So, the isomers of HCFC-141 can be written as:


    CHFCl – CH 2Cl



    CHCl 2 – CH 2F



    CFCl 2 – CH 3

    1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane [End quote],1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane

    Delphi method and artificial consensus is alive and well…

  2. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    I wonder if anyone who lives in the Southeastern U.S., is investigating, why January 2018 temperatures were far below normal. Minimum temperatures during the cold spell were as low as the teens and even single digits with multiple occurrences of snowstorms and ice storms. Now in February, the weather patterns have changed, High Temperatures are in the 70's & 80''s, Low Temperatures have been in the 50's & 60's, which are now well above normal, considering we are in the middle of Winter. These whiplash temperature changes should be an alarm for concern, for those people who are still in denial!!! 

  3. marc says:

    This is a Dutch produced video pertaining to Willem Felderhof's case against KLM airlines, as well as related legal matters pertaining to cabin air quality ("aerotoxic syndrome") and the long history of bullshit and obfuscation from KLM. Typical corporate worms, spineless, cowardly, heartless, spiritually, morally and ethically bankrupt. Excellent film, in Dutch, with English subtitles. HOWEVER, I am puzzled about something herein, as I'm sure many of you are also. It is posited that there is an air intake for internal cabin air which draws from somewhere inside the engine cowling. As bizarre as that sounds, apparently it is true. The aerotoxicity in question focuses almost exclusively on organophosphates from "engine oil" making their way into the cabin air. Even Felderhof's lab tests showed the presence of these organophosphates in his system which should not have been there. I think you all see where I'm heading with this. If there is an air intake drawing in external air from the upper atmosphere, it doesn't take a genius to speculate as to the possible horrific health symptoms associated with breathing greater concentrations of geoengineering aerosols at altitude. Given the hellish recipe of shit these monsters are releasing at altitude, AND, the likelihood that KLM is being heavily subsidized (and/or coerced) to participate in the dispersion of these aerosolized materials, might it be possible that the entire "aerotoxic syndrome" ("engine oil" problem) has been skillfully crafted as a red herring to draw attention toward itself while keeping attention OFF OF THE MASSIVE ATMOSPHERIC SPRAYING WHICH KLM IS, AGAIN, LIKELY INVOLVED WITH??? This is admittedly a potentially wild speculation on my part, but the aerotoxicity issue isn't going away, it's getting exponentially worse. Or…it is entirely believable that we have two concurrent health issues on parallel tracks. In any event, Felderhof is not alone. His severance settlement with KLM included a confidentiality agreement of a most extraordinary kind. Even if "third parties" discuss his case publicly Felderhof himself may be forced to repay the entire financial settlement (300,000 euros) back to KLM. The absurdity of this clause in the agreement is close to unprecedented. Given Felderhof's quite open internet presence regarding his personal story, he does not seem to be the slightest intimidated by this bizarre "gag order". 

      I have a friend who flies internationally for Delta airlines. He returned from Guatemala two weeks ago sick as a dog and laid up for days. I ran into his girlfriend at a bar, who told me he thinks it was from eating the local food. Maybe so, maybe so. I have yet to ask him whether he is experiencing anomalous illnesses possibly associated with flying. But I will soon. 

    • Hell marc: You commented: > "Given the hellish recipe of shit these monsters are releasing at altitude, AND, the likelihood that KLM is being heavily subsidized (and/or coerced) to participate in the dispersion of these aerosolized materials, might it be possible that the entire "aerotoxic syndrome" ("engine oil" problem) has been skillfully crafted as a red herring to draw attention toward itself while keeping attention OFF OF THE MASSIVE ATMOSPHERIC SPRAYING WHICH KLM IS, AGAIN, LIKELY INVOLVED WITH???

      Your "speculations" are more than valid. Modern submarines (even extremely dated types) can stay submerged for many months. Internal ambient air is under pressure, yet air filtration and conditioning systems reduce particulate and contaminant levels to near zero. Thank you Navy… It's not a stretch to believe commercial aircraft couldn't be manufactured to similar air quality standards.

      Commercial aircraft are death-craft, plain and simple… Pay your taxes!!! Fly United!!! Destroy the Earth!!!

  4. I posted several links describing the plight of indigenous populations on Dane's February 3, 2018 pg #130. The invasion of sovereign lands by corporate PIGS and military interests, continues to go unnoticed by those wallowing in the the filth of the mainstream. Non-evolved fools seem to think they will remain above the water line…. The ship is sinking under the weight of technocracy, and we're all going down… >>>>> Seneca Nation Fights Fracking Wastewater Disposal Plan <<<<<

    “Fracking wastewater includes a combination of natural and man-made toxins, including uranium, which breaks down into radium and makes the wastewater radioactive. The federal government has resisted calls to require companies to disclose the chemicals in fracking wastewater, leaving it up to the states to do so. New York, Vermont, and Maryland have outright banned fracking due to the health and environmental impacts of the practice.”

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, I did not thank you before for this, but I am grateful.  Thing is, this prejudice does go all the way back.  After my daughter's father' death, a murder yet, the judge seeing over the inheritance of his lands remarked how extremely unusual that he did not sell his lands, despite being homeless in Sioux Falls, living in dire poverty.  Daniel was a traditional.  So am I.  We do not believe in the buying and selling of lands.  Does make life difficult to live one's beliefs!  He intended all to go to first born, my daughter, as others were from different tribes and doing well.  Did not work out that way, but what was of interest was the tribe's efforts to get all to sell, and we are talking pennies on the dollar, as well as many pretenders trying to cash in.  In that effort it was the tribe, the military, the militaries contractors against the kids.  Listed, legally, in case, against them for lands.  If a majority of the kids would choose to sell, gone.  But point is the contenders were the ones I just listed against the kids!  Nearly all, if not all, tribal governments are corrupt.  Big time too.  The reservation system was set up the way it was to on purpose separate tribe members from the lands eventually, as divided up in on going future.  Meanwhile, no one looking nor caring much-not able to, no running cars, no gas- the military mines/drills the 'fractionated' lands.  These are bits of land owned by so many they can no longer be divided nor passed down?  I don't really understand but that it drives me nuts as they make huge wicked messes and do not care and WTH anyway?!  Makes no sense to me but that they just live to screw Natives.

      I'm told by relatives on Rosebud that there is no more sage left anywhere!  In summer, for Sun Dance and for Rosebud fair, hordes of whites come from all over the world.  When a relative asked a white man how he could be Sun Dancing, adding that it was not right, he said that he'd paid 5,000$, this was his vacation and he did not care what she thought of it.  Meantime, these hordes just grab all the sage they see, hop back in their cars and go.  Thus wiping out whole sage families, babies too and no more sage!!

      If you ever get the chance, check out Elouise Cobell's lawsuit over the giant theft of land lease monies for so many decades that did in so many and forced them to sell out as most only had this income and it was so very small, yet All.  And for all tribes west of the Missouri River, processed through one slush fund in Arizona.  Stolen by US military: at minium 50 billion $, and 5 billion by Chrysler corp!!!   Bush Jr. copped to it, I still have the news clipping!  Him saying it would be paid back quickly, right away.  Then, just months later, 9/11. So while all here trip out on various scenarios for that, I think of this.  Because then that deal was put on hold, then recession big time, and Elouise had cancer by then.  She made one more trip and met Obama in his first year.  He said they could only pay 3.2–I think .2, maybe .4, basically a bit more than 3 billion out of more than 55, most of which went to tribal governments!!  Not the people who held the leases!!!!  Most of whom got maybe a grand, or half that the first time, way less a couple years later, and that is all, gone.  Generation after generation's worth gone, all that suffering and dying.  This will Never stop pissing me off.  Family just rolls with it, glad to have had ONE Christmas where they could afford both heat And electricity, lots of something to eat, and some presents for the kids.  For the Hopi and the Dine, it was Peabody Coal what wrecked their lives and health.  It just never stops.  When will Native Health get refunded?!!!  I am going crazy with anger over not funding that, nor CHIP.  17,500 Lakota kids in need.  And Grandma, when alive, belonged to any church that was helping her! 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Paul, thank you for your very important posts.

      The Indigenous populations are in an incredibly difficult situation, fighting for their lives, they are needing the Help from the American people. Soon all the World will be like them.

      It is also very disturbing to notice that in reality "fracking" is nothing more than the deliberate contamination of Water.

      What has more value; gold or Water?

      The response is obvious: Water is the most valuable element of the Cosmos.

      In second place comes the Atmosphere and the O2. And it is not possible to break this magical triangle; Atmosphere ( where we find the precious O2 ), Water and Plants.

      the banksters think gold is more important. Poor and ignorant psychopaths.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Rachel Robson: Your comment brought tears to my weary old eyes, as I intrinsically know much about indigenousness histories… Virtually all treaties signed by the former government of our Republic – including all treaties signed in 1868, were subsequently violated from 1871 onward. The ploy used against the territorial rights of indigenous peoples, was the alleged ratification of the Organic Act of 1871. Tribal leaders were advised that he original signatories representing the Republic of the United States were no longer validated by the "new" regime in power. It was, as I stated, a ploy…

      Perhaps this will yield some level of solace: >

      Statement of Leonard Peltier read by Bert Waters at National Day of Mourning, Plymouth, Mass. November 23, 2017

  5. SD says:

    Yes, for the past three weeks it seems like southern CA has been THE HOTTEST PLACE ON THE PLANET.  Many high temp records broken @ 85 – 90F range. Very bright sunlight.

    Yesterday an increase in spray activity was noted.  Tanker planes laying down 20 mile long trails which slowly diffused into wide swaths of aerosols which were easily seen using POLARIZING sunglasses.

    But was this strictly SRM activity? or spreading of Condensation Nuclei? I don't know. Marine Layer Clouds back again this AM. Some kind of weird "precip event" scheduled for next week here.

    Dennie – check out Maurutius as a possible retreat. It's location in southern hemisphere/ Indian Ocean make it likely free of much Weather Engineering.

    • simone says:

      California our major fresh-green-food (organic) supplier…  We will all starve, especially here,  in our hot-hot-hot and deadly polluted NV..   Cheers!  Blessings..

  6. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Some lite reading: 

    Electrodynamical Coupling of Earth's Atmosphere and Ionosphere: An Overview >>>>>

    The above explanation is strongly interrelated with ozone production and Earth's Schumann resonant field. All life on Earth was once exquisitely attuned to the Schumann resonant frequency of 7.83 Hz.

    Schumann resonances – Wikipedia

    Erm… Mr. Musk: >>>>> Why "Free Energy" is a misnomer within complex or interrelated systems.

    Excerpted from: Non-equilibrium thermodynamics – Wikipedia

    "Non-equilibrium systems are much more complex and they may undergo fluctuations of more extensive quantities. The boundary conditions impose on them particular intensive variables, like temperature gradients or distorted collective motions (shear motions, vortices, etc.), often called thermodynamic forces. If free energies are very useful in equilibrium thermodynamics, it must be stressed that there is no general law defining stationary non-equilibrium properties of the energy as is the second law of thermodynamics for the entropy in equilibrium thermodynamics. That is why in such cases a more generalized Legendre transformation should be considered. This is the extended Massieu potential. By definition, the entropy (S) is a function of the collection of extensive quantities. Each extensive quantity has a conjugate intensive variable (a restricted definition of intensive variable is used here by comparison to the definition given in this link) so that:

    We then define the extended Massieu function as follows:

    where is Boltzmann's constant, whence

    The independent variables are the intensities.

    Intensities are global values, valid for the system as a whole. When boundaries impose to the system different local conditions, (e.g. temperature differences), there are intensive variables representing the average value and others representing gradients or higher moments. The latter are the thermodynamic forces driving fluxes of extensive properties through the system.

    It may be shown that the Legendre transformation changes the maximum condition of the entropy (valid at equilibrium) in a minimum condition of the extended Massieu function for stationary states, no matter whether at equilibrium or not.

    Complete text can be found here:

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, Paul!  🙂

      Electrodynamical Coupling of Earth's Atmosphere and Ionosphere: An Overview

  7. Gary Dalton says:

    New put down from Face Book every time I type in my post is deleted and a rude GIF is inserted in its place. This just started couple days ago. Looks you are getting to them. Aloha Gary

  8. penny says:

    Journey to the bowels of the NOAA website, and you can find the admission.

    • BaneB says:

      Penny:  The nutcases of science are killing our living planet.  In the process they take measurements to determine just how sick is their victim.  It's a slow death.  Rather than "do no harm" these rabid experimenters continue to support a paradigm that refuses to cease doing that which is euthanizing our earth.  Thanks for that link.  Yes, they admit it!

  9. Ed Bee says:

    I just learned a new lesson: never talk to your friends about the climate heating up while you are digging out from yet another snowstorm or having lived through another week of zero temperatures. They will not listen to you no matter how much evidence you give them.

  10. marc says:

    I swear to effing God I will never, ever understand how "average" people, many of them friends of mine, can look at these shit-smeared Arizona skies and not be alarmed in the slightest way. In fact, several of them recently took issue with me and openly disputed that anything of the sort I was claiming was actually going on. Hello? Let me see if I have this right: these aforementioned "average" people dispute the reality of massive aerosol spraying of our skies ALL THE WHILE HAVING DONE ABSOLUTELY NO HOMEWORK ON THE ISSUE WHATSOEVER. Are you retards f**king kidding me?? It is all I can do to remain civil in the face of this kind of willful ignorance and/or just plain garden variety stupidity. For some people not only does it do no good to encourage scientific inquiry into the matter, but their default position is one of resentment. I used to be puzzled by this. Not anymore. I think part of what is in play is that people get pissed off at the notion that someone other than themselves have a vastly greater understanding of the reality around them than they do. Of course, MSM disinfo has muddied the water and soured many who might otherwise have been able to retain some intelligence about the matter. But bottom line…… absolutely doesn't take any brains whatsoever to see that massive spraying is occurring. Again, I am aghast at the rigid ignorance of so many regarding this phenomenon. For the record, I should not fail to applaud those who somehow DO actually GET IT. Yes, I do have friends and acquaintances who are on board. But the denial of the obvious, AND the argumentativeness of those who have done ZERO research will continue to astound me. 

    • David says:

      It took a few years for me to accept what was going on in the skies myself after someone told me about it.  I really didn't want to believe it was happening.  Its just too scary for some people to accept what's going on.  Its a defense mechanism in them you're dealing with.  It wasn't until one day i just could not ignore it any longer and i began to do a search on youtube and found the video of one of the planes spraying turning on and off.  I suppose you could email them something like that but they may not be ready and its best not to try to force the issue.  Who knows they may come around as did in their own time.  

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Well said marc.  An old guy told something once that I am now finally taking heed of…  

      "You can't fix stupid so don't waste your time or breath even trying."

      To be effective I am selective.  Not prejudiced in any way,  but when I encounter a closed mind that knows everything…  I have better ways to spend my energies.

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  Northern California this morning is aerosol central with ugly ugly smears, streaks, and haze.  The rising sun is pure white.  The sky is a mess!  Everything is sick.  Even when I point out the sick and dying trees the sad fact is I have two heads no matter the proof.  I will send more photos to my environmental lawyer Congressional Rep. Jared Huffman.  He knows.  He is a fraud.

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  We need to turn up the heat on reps and Congresspersons like Huffman.  Hold their feet to the fire of reality!  They KNOW it's going on right over our heads and our job NOW is to CALL THEM ALL OUT ON THIS!!!  AND KEEP ON CALLING.  THEY know that WE know, and THEY need to hear it, just like that!!!!

  11. Mark says:

    The assault on the sky over Boise continues today as it has since we started experiencing warmer than usual temperatures in January and February.  I’m looking out my windown at 8:26 am and all over the sky all I see are trails blotting out the sun on a morning that would otherwise be clear sky and sun.  There is a big giant X as I look to the east as the sun comes up and what looks like nocticular clouds possibly microwaved, probably microwaved.  There is no doubt they are geoengineering heavy now.


  12. Jeff says:

    Read number 12

    They all are a pack of liars!!!!!!!!!!!! 



  13. David says:

    So they're certainly right about "spring" coming 6 whole weeks early.  What is supposed to be one of the the coldest months here in FL is in the 80's already.  Were not supposed to see this till at least March or April.  This is the first time February has been this hot as long as ive lived here.  But oh, its all good so dont worry fellow frogs as we all boil to death.  

  14. simone says:


    • Brian Schuler says:

      I continually post on facebook about geoengineering. I continually run the booths @ the GemFair, and I enlighten others of toxins our government, and many other governments about the geoengineering  programs that have existed since the 1940's. When I was a kid I remember hearing about chemtrails. Now I know that chemtrails is such a non-descriptive word, that my computer thinks it's not a real word. I'm a plaintiff in the lawsuit the Geoengineering Watch Legal Team in filing against the US Dept of Commerce. And I'm ready to sit on the witness stand, and expose the photographs I have of geoengineering and to submit my hair and blood samples that contain these demon-like chemicals.  

  15. Hawkeye says:

    I just watched the video box here and I have that same FL "chaff" weatherman clip lie saved, yes, that is authentic and recent. They also had a follow up link linked to that particular coverage, the printed version explanation elaborating on that Weatherman's statement. Can't help it but chaff? As in the Bible? I know, but wow, how can you not think this!?

    Well we got slammed again today with Geo spraying, it is getting hot again so oh no, we can't have that, so full force spraying from 9 a m. til sunset planes spraying several at a time. Hot, no breeze all day. They give us what looks like an umbrella by the late afternoons. "Forecast" was for high 80's all week and no rain, wind or cold fronts scheduled. Now all of a sudden at nine at night the wind is whipping and the tide is fast. Sometimes I notice very soon after seeing spray dispersements the wind picks up big time. They put the fans on! 

    Made me just think, hmmmm now wind is in a spray can. So is the shade and the cold fronts. Who would have ever thought it, water in a bottle you have to buy to get a clean drink. Thought that was a crime? How about wind and weather? Now a liquid dispersement that we pay for. Getting too sick and twisted for me! 

    Many thanks again to you Dane!!!!


  16. GretchenThomas says:

    Courage is not the absence of fear, it's the strength to face reality and then take necessary action. –Dane Wigington

    The fight to expose and halt climate engineering is a fight to protect our right to survive on a habitable planet. Thank you to: Dane for blazing the trail, the small army it must take to  assist your efforts, and all my fellow weather warriors out there for your selfless actions for the greater good. It takes courage and honor to do the right thing despite others' disbelief, ridicule, apathy or willful ignorance. Take comfort in knowing we are in this together and together we will make a difference. We are the ones we've been waiting for…

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Gretchen, Dane, Sadly I wonder as to how many or how few have ever tasked their own spirit with `such pondering. Fear should not register in our awakened minds. "We" have no choice but to face "reality" head on! Just like all of you folks, I did not choose this battle. But it's a battle I will fight to my last breath or the Geo engineering madness stops. Like I wrote, "we have no choice". We must all stand up and fight the good fight. "It matters".

    • penny says:

      Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear—not absence of fear. 'Except a creature be part coward, it is not a compliment to say he is brave; it is merely a loose misapplication of the word.' ~Mark Twain

      This one is even better:
      'It is curious—curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.' ~Mark Twain

  17. IdahoAnnie says:

    Thank you Dane for your tireless work and commitment.  I'm in awe of your humanitarianism and fortitude. This video was just what I needed to jump start my share of the work. I'm in! Let's bring 'em down.


  18. Rachel Robson says:

    I am so surprised that none here commented on such rains in Paris that the Louvre was flooded.  And now, lots of snow!  It does not usually snow there or at all, much less this much!  Also surprised no one mentioned Elon Musk's remarkable rocket, the boosters, all three, landing so very beautifully I could not help but admire.  Until I found out he actually sent a red sport Tesla into space to orbit Mars in that asteroid belt!!  With! a dummy driver he named Starman!    Stunningly shocking.  I can see the commercials for Tesla coming already, in my mind.  Gotta admit, that majorly dampened my enthusiasm for his very well done blast into space.  That plus, he wants wifi access free all over the globe and is willing to do that for the world, but will need to send more than 4,000 satellites into space!!!  AIEEE!  He of course wants to colonize Mars seriously, never mind the degree to which he further dooms Earth in his efforts.  Show off.

    @Hawkeye, I've read and seen much on Chernobyl.  It is true that some things there are living, remarkably.  Not entirely unlike on Bikini Island, where supposedly the coconut crabs are huge and beautiful, but inedible of course due to radioactivity.  And, the corals there are said to be huge and beautiful.  Amazing.  There's even a documentary about Chernobyl now, currently, with two people in suits, sorta hazmat like, checking things out.  It showed much life, oddly or not.  There are ants, but they act weird and don't do what they normally would in terms of nesting.  There were some birds looking normal.  Some deer and other critters.  Plants too.  Spooky.  Some of the really old people refused to leave and still grow crops there!  Wow.  Dr. Sister Rosalie Bertell's first book is called: No Immediate Danger-Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth.  Until her death not very long ago, she was regarded as the world's leading expert on nuclear everything.  I keep trying to read her book and as usual she does not waste one word, but it breaks my heart so much I cry with every sentence.  Sigh…. 

    • Dennie says:

      Elon Musk is a total starry-eyed megalomaniac.  It's true he got a rocket to Mars, but now he actually thinks humans can colonize Mars, and plans on getting one million there– never mind that the difference in atmospheric pressure would explode the cells in your body– for a time when we've totally trashed this place, like a bunch of raving lunatic partiers who always have to have "just one more drink," then toss their cookies and wreck the car, hitting everything in sight.

    • Hawkeye says:

      @Rachel,  yes what you said may be true BUT…… my point was exactly that….. these thriving life forms that survive(d) Chernobyl and exist there are NOT normal, ARE radioactive beings, and are no way thriving as normal creations of God. They print these kind of misguided stories to indoctrinate the reading public into believing that radiation is OK now. Why else do you think that is being implanted into the sheople brains? 

      Yes nature is miraculous, the God given implant of all life on earth is SURVIVAL. No matter what, some things just keep going….but reconfigured into a new creature, man made, and in response to the surrounding environment it must endure. So evolved in a way to be able to live in a toxic environment. (I.e. GMO plants/animals/bio-organisms like diseases etc). Result is short life spans, or abnormalities in those creatures. This is by NO means something to be cheered!!! It is sci-fi horror on steroids and don't eat it, drink it, or think it is OK. 

      Don't be fooled, shelf life on nuclear BS can be millions of years. They want you to accept this because they are creating that kind of Eco system and to reduce or eliminate fear and backlash, you have to be "officially" told it is not as bad as once thought…… AND they are letting you know this because this is what earth is now and more to come will be. So no worries, you and the environment CAN tolerate nuclear destruction, you just won't be normal as we have known normal. You might have a shrunken head, or one arm, or big tumors all over, but hey… can live with that see….look at Chernobyl life there is thriving!! Woopeeee!!!!! Look there are flowers growing…..uh don't touch or smell them though or you get cancer. 

      What just astounds me is the idiocy of people going there now for a vacation tour! OMG! They have been exposed and DNA damage has occurred count on it. People are pathetically ugly in my humble opinion.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Rachel Robson: I'd like to launch all the Elon Musk's of the world as far into deep space as possible. The use of rocketry punches vast holes in ozone density with each and every launch.

      Man's repeated misuse of science and technology will soon cease. Mankind will either make critical choices to eliminate such toys as Mr. Musk encourages, or Nature will take all such choices away…

    • Pedro says:


      Some believe in the Moon landing, but there is strong evidence that points to the fact that, even today, man do not have the technical means to do it.

      -» International space station; average distance from Earth – 400 km.

      -» Operational max altitude for the space shuttle ( project that finished in 2011 ) – 960 km.

      Space shuttle cross range – 2009 km. Max speed ( outside the Atmosphere – 27,870 km/h.

      -» distance from Earth to Mars – 82,000,000 km.

      If a eventual trip to Mars could ever be done, at the speed of 27,870 km/h, this trip would take 122 days, more or less, only for going ( in theory ).

      After "landing" in Mars ( over there "they" have only stones, remember? ), where they will get the fuel for the return trip? Because the rockets that they send to there or other places ( our very expensive trash ), those machines stay there forever. Nothing returns from the missions ( as far as I know ).

      -» Record time of permanence in a non gravitational environment held by a human – 437 days ( in space ) – Valeri Polyakov.

      -» Average distance between Earth and the Moon – 384,000 km.

      And now there is one problem to solve and the problem is; the Van Allen radiation belt.

      Average distance from Earth ( inner belt ) – 1000 to 6000 km.

      " The belts are located in the inner region of the Earth's magnetosphere. The belts trap energetic electrons and protons. Other nuclei, such as alpha particles, are less prevalent. The belts endanger satellites, which must have their sensitive components protected with adequate shielding if they spend significant time in that zone. In 2013, NASA reported that the Van Allen Probes had discovered a transient, third radiation belt, which was observed for four weeks until it was destroyed by a powerful, interplanetary shock wave from the Sun.[3] "

      "The inner Van Allen Belt extends typically from an altitude of 0.2 to 2 Earth radii (L values of 1 to 3) or 1,000 km (620 mi) to 6,000 km (3,700 mi) above the Earth.[2][9] In certain cases when solar activity is stronger or in geographical areas such as the South Atlantic Anomaly, the inner boundary may decline to roughly 200 kilometers[10] above the Earth's surface. The inner belt contains high concentrations of electrons in the range of hundreds of keV and energetic protons with energies exceeding 100 MeV, trapped by the strong (relative to the outer belts) magnetic fields in the region.[11]

      It is believed that proton energies exceeding 50 MeV in the lower belts at lower altitudes are the result of the beta decay of neutrons created by cosmic ray collisions with nuclei of the upper atmosphere. The source of lower energy protons is believed to be proton diffusion due to changes in the magnetic field during geomagnetic storms.[12]"

      Yes, we are trapped in this magical Planet, together with the ..psychopaths.

      Another proof of the infinite madness of the MFs:

      "Proposed removal

      High Voltage Orbiting Long Tether, or HiVOLT, is a concept proposed by Russian physicist V. V. Danilov and further refined by Robert P. Hoyt and Robert L. Forward for draining and removing the radiation fields of the Van Allen radiation belts[34] that surround the Earth.[35] A proposed configuration consists of a system of five 100 km long conducting tethers deployed from satellites, and charged to a large voltage. This would cause charged particles that encounter the tethers to have their pitch angle changed; thus, over time, dissolving the inner belts. Hoyt and Forward's company, Tethers Unlimited, performed a preliminary analysis simulation in 2011, and produced a chart depicting a theoretical radiation flux reduction,[36] to less than 1% of current levels within two months for the inner belts that threaten LEO objects.[37]"

      Yes, we are trapped here with "them".

      There are at least two major obstacles if someone wants to plan a trip to another celestial body;

      the "Van Allen RADIATION belt".

      And probably the electromagnetic field of the Earth is also another problem.

      Fuel for a trip of 164,000,000 km is also something that could be a problem ( even if some of this fuel could come from the Sun ). For reentry in Earth's Atmosphere, fuel is also required.

      But if the banksters want to try the trip, let them try!!


    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Hawkeye, Yes of course I got your point.  And I posted a couple of years ago or three that there were TV commercials saying stuff about learning to live with radioactivity!  Which, we are doing Now.  That we've destroyed this Planet is plain and clear, it does not amaze me.  What does amaze me is life's incredible urge to keep living, the sheer force of life!  I find that stunning.  To me, that says something.  I don't know what, but something that feels profound.  Something that gives me the courage to keep going.  How can I do less than these?  How can any of us?  Despite all, we must try.  That is all I was saying, plus it sounded as if you'd not seen much of Chernobyl.  Which continues to get even more serious.  It is a long, slow, painful death of a thousand cuts.  And yes, it is way freaky to watch people explore it and comment without freaking out!  I would not do it.  But, I have friends in Japan.  Just smile, I'm told.

    • Pedro says:

      Earth's magnetic field, not electromagnetic field as I said. Sorry for the mistake.
      "The magnetosphere is the region above the ionosphere that is defined by the extent of the Earth's magnetic field in space. It extends several tens of thousands of kilometers into space, protecting the Earth from the charged particles of the solar wind and cosmic rays that would otherwise strip away the upper atmosphere, including the ozone layer that protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation."
      The Earth's magnetic field serves to deflect most of the solar wind, whose charged particles would otherwise strip away the ozone layer that protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation.[4] One stripping mechanism is for gas to be caught in bubbles of magnetic field, which are ripped off by solar winds.[5] Calculations of the loss of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere of Mars, resulting from scavenging of ions by the solar wind, indicate that the dissipation of the magnetic field of Mars caused a near total loss of its atmosphere.[6][7]"

    • Pedro says:

      The musk "guy" wants wifi on every square meter of the Earth? He asked to the People of the Planet if they are interested in that? The "guy" know that wifi is not healthy and is one of the causes for abortion in Women in the first days or weeks of pregnancy? Causing also cancer (  both in Women and Men ) and genetic defects in the DNA that is contained inside the eggs of Women??, probably he knows. Does he cares?, of course not!

  19. JF says:

    The heat and low humidity continue here in Southern CA. Long range forecast shows chance of showers next Thursday.

    It has been in the low to high 80's almost continuously all winter. And for the most part, it the temperature only goes down to the 60's at night. Pretty warm for winter night time temps.

    Something is wrong, and hardly anyone cares.

    • Dennie says:

      Even stranger still are the remarks I hear from eedjots about the "beautiful" weather– INSANE!!!!  Like, "DUDE—!!! YA NEED RAIN!!!!!"

  20. Charlotte says:

    Again Thank You Dane for more Ozone information. Also I appreciate those who responded to my story on the last global news page.  This report on the ozone is timely and plays into my father's attendance on the starfishprime operation in the pacific in 62.  This 1.4 megaton nuclear explosion released into the Van Allen Belts was our military's first and costly mistake at creating the ozone hole.  This, they have and will admit to! It is proved that they did this and the results are in.  This has been a good argument for me to use to those who doubt that our government would allow geoengineering.  They allowed nuclear atmospheric testing!  For those who wonder about these men and women scientists who find themselves with the security clearances working on these top secret projects, or the military personnel who know what's going on, I believe many of them have either been threatened themselves or perhaps threatened with harm to their family.  When my father died my mother was targeted, I was 13 at the time and witnessed what happened.  She new nothing, but it did not matter.  I have not spoken about it publicly before, but, Dane's bravery to take this fight on inspires so many of us.  No more lies, just truth.   Here is good information on the ozone and starfishprime.;

  21. marc says:

      I was standing in line at my local credit union watching a flatscreen display of "customer-oriented" newsfeeds and market reports when the above headline jumped out at me. When I got home I followed up on the aforementioned "study" by going online. While I do not dismiss out of hand some of the implications of the British study, it smacks wildly of yet another MSM red herring being tossed out at us to detour our attention away from the constellation of sub-lethal poisoning agendas massively underway on every front, be it food, water, air, vaccines, etc etc etc. What kind of world is this?? I want to wake up from this nightmare but I can't.

    • Dennie says:

      marc:  I feel exactly the same way, that we're in a nightmare and we can't wake up from it.  The spraying's been heavier than ever here on the West Coast and I've had three weeks now of severe nasal congestion, sinus pain, headache, and severe bronchitis.  The bronchitis is getting better but the mix has changed and now it's super powdery.  I never know if I'm going to be able to sleep at night as much as I truly need when spraying's heavy because I just can't breathe.  I am thinking of moving to Central or South America, working on my Spanish of late.

    • Tim says:

      My wife and I are going to die from this. It is so damn bad. Despite this website doing a wonderful job of spreading info, they have upped the spraying since the New Year. It is worse than ever. My wife coughs non-stop. We both have severe headaches, sinuses, etc..burning eyes. It is being put in place so they can do surveillance on you down to your DNA. I am not kidding and only hope I pass before it gets to this stage. 

    • Hawkeye says:

      I saw that same news link today too, on drudge report. You're right, it is a detour but there's more there then what it appears to be saying. 

      The substance abuse……Rx drugs. The pimps/drug pushers……..big fat pharma. Their "medicine's" are killing hundreds of thousands of people each year, excluding their injection drugs…..vaccines. 

      Dane has properly diagnosed these "people" as psychopaths. In law enforcement a criminal who is a psychopath is known to leave clues or make implied confessions amongst their crimes because that disorder really wants to be caught. Think about it with regards to all their past and present news reports. 

      A good documentary film on this big pharma substance abuse subject matter is Prescription Thugs. 

      I think all of us who are aware and follow this site pinch ourselves to see if we are having a bad dream everyday too! I hear ya brother! 

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: I have been reading a 2017 text book on Atmospheric Aerosols [Wiley Germany] which extensively details innumerable studies, many conducted by the Navy and from satellites. Industrial pollution consisting of the 'heavy' metals, is not only causing dementia etc. – but also altering our DNA. Add the secret covert geoengineering aerosol spraying of various nano-particulate metals being conducted worldwide, and you get a confused gullible, easily manipulated population with very compromised immune systems.

    A Pilot Study to Assess Effects of Long-Term Inhalation of Airborne Particulate Matter on Early Alzheimer-Like Changes in the Mouse Brain / Dhaval P. Bhatt, Kendra L. Puig, Matthew W. Gorr, Loren E. Wold, Colin K. Combs / May 20, 2015
    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive dementia characterized by altered processing of amyloid precursor protein (APP), formation of beta-amyloid plaques (Aβ), hyper-phosphorylated tau containing neurofibrillary tangles, and synaptic loss in the brain. In 2010, there were 5.3 million Americans with AD and this number is expected to rise to 13.8 million by 2050.  During 1979–2010, while the total mortality in the U.S. decreased, the total number of deaths resulting from AD increased by 68% during 2000–2010. … this inconsistent rise in AD-related deaths cannot be explained by an overall increase in the aging population. …  Central nervous system inflammation … environmental factors like air pollution can influence peripheral and brain inflammation. In addition to poisonous gases, organic compounds and metals, polluted air contains particulate matter … Combustion and industrial activities result in PM2.5 formation mainly comprised of organic and inorganic compounds such as sulfates, nitrates, carbon, ammonium, hydrogen ions, lipopolysaccharides, metals and water. … recently, observational studies in humans living in polluted areas and acute exposure studies in dogs with highly concentrated particulate matter and other air pollutants have revealed that air pollution can influence the brain inflammatory phenotype and promote development of AD-like pathology.  …
    Based upon the increasing evidence that DNA methylation changes occur in AD brains and in response to particulate matter inhalation… Environmental factors are known to induce several epigenetic modifications such as DNA methylation and acetylation or methylation of histone proteins. Of these, the most well characterized epigenetic modification is DNA methylation. This regulates gene silencing and mounting evidence suggests strong correlation between environmental exposure to air pollutants and altered DNA methylation  [DNA methylation is a process by which methyl groups are added to the DNA molecule. … DNA methylation is essential for normal development and is associated with a number of key processes including genomic imprinting, X-chromosome inactivation, repression of transposable elements, aging and carcinogenesis.]

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Susan, thank you, I think….oy.  I am a bit surprised that the Navy is studying this.  Tracking this.  But it makes so much sense.  Too few think twice about what is in the air.  Too many want to lay the blame in one place rather than look at the big picture of what more than 100 years of mega crap in our innovative air has done, to what?  Improve our air?  No.  No one gave a thought to seemingly endless skies that would eventually repair all.  It is as if we shot ourselves.  Besides geoengineering, which is so easy to lay on evil doers, we have personal blame to claim.  Who does not?

    • simone says:

      Cheers, Susan. Thank you for another great  Post ! May I republish your post, under your name V. Susan Ferguson, on my Google&FB?

      Your unique research, in spite of super-gloomy facts you collect, is quite powerful – it becomes a true weapon in hands of a true fighter 🙂   



    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Hello simone – Thank you for your kind words! And of course you may repost anything I post here and use my name. As Dane says, we are a team effort.

    • simone says:

      Fantastic – it's on my Google and other sites 🙂  Stay very well and keep writing your great very informative  posts!! Simone

  23. Heidi says:

    Hi Dane: thanks again for this presentation.  It's amazing that the public is so far behind.  Just handed one of your booklets to a neighbor who had absolutely zero idea about the ongoing solar radiation management.  He saw a plane leaving its trail but had no idea that this isn't normal.  I am sure he'll learn a lot from the booklet and your site (as I still do).  Since he's strongly involved in the community I hope he'll help spread the message.

    Thank you Dane and friends for compiling & sharing this information and for standing strong.

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The preferential accumulation of heavy metals in different tissues following frequent respiratory exposure to Particulate Matter PM2.5 in rats / Qingzhao Li,* Huibin Liu,* Mohamed Alattar, Shoufang Jiang, Jing Han, Yujiao Ma, and Chunyang Jianga,

    This study aimed to explore the pattern of accumulation of some of main heavy metals in blood and various organs of rats after exposed to the atmospheric fine particulate matter (PM2.5). Rats were randomly divided into control and three treatment groups… Whole blood and the lung, liver, kidney, and cerebral cortex were harvested after rats were treated and sacrificed. The used heavy metals were detected using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) instrument. As results, Lead was increased in the liver, lung and cerebral cortex and the level of manganese was significantly elevated in the liver and cerebral cortex in PM2.5 treated rats. Besides, arsenic was prominently enriched both in cerebral cortex and in blood, and so did the aluminum in the cerebral cortex and the copper in the liver.  …
    In the field of environmental pollution, heavy metal mainly refers to those metal or metalloid elements with obvious biotoxicity such as mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium, copper, cobalt, nickel, tin, arsenic, aluminum, etc. Such pollutants are not easily be degraded by microorganism and may even undergo bioamplification.
    The main toxic effect of aluminum is exerted on the nervous system.  Aluminum can combine with the phospholipids by complexation and affect the function of nerve cell membrane. Aluminum can also bind the phosphate group in the nuclear chromatin of neurons and disturb DNA transcription and replication to result in abnormal metabolism and protein synthesis. In addition, it can interfere with cellular energy status and bring about changes in cholinergic neurotransmitter and destruction of BBB function to cause dementia or other degenerative diseases. Related studies have shown that long-term exposure of aluminum increases the susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease. In this study, high dose exposure to PM2.5 significantly increased the content of aluminum in cerebral cortex, which confirmed that aluminum can pass the BBB [blood brain barrier] and tend to accumulate in the brain.


    • Dennie says:

      VSF:  What do you now about the efficacy of horsetail grass in regard to chelating aluminum from the human body?  I've been using it as it is a source of silica…

    • V. Susan Fergsuon says:

      VSF: Dennie, yes I would imagine using the herb itself is excellent. And I am taking the Flora Vegetal Silica brand FloraSil 3x a day and I do think it is helping. I just realized that my MacPro laptop is made from a solid block of aluminum! Horrors never cease. Here's a how-to prepare horsetail for those who might want to do it yourself:

    • Dennie says:

      Fabulous catch!  I have copied the contents of your post and e-mailed it to half a dozen of rather aware friends and allies…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Susan and Dennie.  Guess I'll try growing some!  And by the way, some bugs have returned.  And, I saw the first butterfly of the season yesterday!  Seemed miraculous!  And yes, Susan, my MacPro too of course, and oh so much other stuff.  Like bowls and big cans from India.  They do stay shiny!  I had no idea of how very many aluminum smelters there are, and thing is, with the Columbia Falls one in Montana, in part because it is so old, they just dumped this toxic, mega toxic sludge from the pot holes, just dumped it.  No protective liner on top of soil, just huge mounds that grew in boom times, forgotten when bust and only seemingly recently did anyone realize the scale of the damage.  No way this site can truly be cleaned up.  I don't know the back story of the other ones or even all of the major 8 in Pacific Northwest.  Much less the world!  And why in heck are such things, nuclear too, always! by water!!!!  Idiots all.

  25. Rachel Robson says:

    All:  Given huge on going personal problems, of course I decided to research Zinke and aluminum.  I was expecting to find he owned some aluminum something, but no, worse.  He is trying to get a Superfund Site unlisted as one, this for an aluminum smelter in Montana on the Flathead River. Turns out that there are oh so many aluminum smelters including some now owned by Bechtel.  But there are at least 8 in the Pacific Northwest including one near Yakima peoples.  But this Flathead one affects many tribes, mostly Shoshone.  The process of smelting aluminum results in very poisonous by products.  This old, from 1955 Columbia Falls smelter site is now 960 acres of a Superfund Site, now desired by Whitefish, the very same energy company that so screwed Puerto Rico, basically a two person company with no experience who wants this site for more energy production.  They claim to be cleaning the place up but that is not possible.  Ground water samples nearby yielded: cyanide, fluoride, and metals: aluminum, arsenic, chromium, copper, iron, lead, nickel, selenium, and vanadium among others!  For some reason I don't yet grasp, fluoride seems to go with these smelting results.  There is an online article about this called: From Super Star to Super Fund.  The river here has been historically used by Natives for fishing.  As is the Columbia further west, central to Yakima cultural Everything.  So of course they took a specific, historic  Native site to dump refuse from this and a dam.  The Dalles got my attention as that is where some of my daughter's Native relatives live. Some of what is released into the air, after going through pollution scrubbers: carbon dioxide gas, fluoride gasses-including highly acidic hydrogen fluoride, some sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other coke-derived products such as PAHs.  This from the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakima Fisheries and Resource Management Paper.  In 2017, regarding the Dalles, Susan Wright wrote an article after attending a meeting which shocked the people there who said she was the first person to show up in 4 years!  This because she noticed Lockheed Martin's Temporary Authorization Request, posted by Dept. of Environmental Health, for an aluminum plant in the Dalles, long closed.  Lockheed Martin merged with Martin Marietta Aluminum Corp.  Ms. Wright was not allowed to record the meeting but was greeted well after the shock of seeing someone, not them, there!  She was wondering why Lockheed Martin would do this…..

    This is a lot to process and it is said that aluminum has been a boom or bust situation long time.  However, seems it picked up again in earnest around 2000, give or take.  Numerous things occur to me, such as attend these meetings!  Also, of course, the constant, relentless decimation of Native lands.  Also, as Paul says, air travel as planes are made from aluminum.  But finally, could not help but see correlations with coal fly ash and what I call bean counters.  How to dispose of something not other wise disposable, and better!, profit from it?  This pot hole sludge is so toxic it requires Super Fund Status.  What to do, what to do?…..Spray it away?!?

    Barry Commener: "Environmental pollution is an incurable disease.  It can only be prevented."

    • Dennie says:

      @ Rachel Robson:  Commener's quote should be emblazoned on the lintel of every door to every home in America.  Truer words were never spoken.  It is a crime and a sin how the "powers" that be have treated tne Native people in what has become the United States, now having lost it's way.  Would be a better place if the (white) folks in Washington would shut the f**k up and let the native Americans run the country.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, I thought of you as I read Barry Commener's comment.  I thought of you saying always that moms should teach their kids to clean up their messes, and that it might better be said to never make a mess that CANNOT be cleaned up!  All the king's horses and all the king's men, could not put Humpty together again!  Nor could all the Natives. Done is done, gone is gone.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Hi Rachel. You wondered how fluoride is related to these smelting results. Fluoride is a bi-product of chemical pollution. In other words fluoride is created when chems rot after disposal in the ground or from the smelting process. Some propaganda tells you fluoride is naturally occurring in the ground. This is why they say that twisted truth, well yes it does come out of the ground but from chems "naturally" rotting and so depositing fluoride into the dirt. That it is not naturally by nature occurring, if man was not polluting the soil then fluoride would not be naturally occurring. 

      So when you later stated, how to dispose of something not otherwise desposible, and better yet profit from it!, bingo, that is exactly one reason why they want us to put it in public water systems and all else. Because they have so much of it, undisposable chem trash, and they need to get rid of it and profit from it.  So…..its OK to drink and injest.

  26. CP says:

    Interesting story on Fox News about the sun growing dimmer.  Mentions that the coming grand minimum will result in the thinning of our stratospheric ozone.  More misinformation and half-truths to keep us guessing and pacified perhaps?? &nbsp;

  27. marc says:

    To Hawkeye, who posted a response to Paul Vonharnish re: propaganda being disseminated about the current "health" of Chernobyl….i.e. the total rebound of plant and animal life in the immediate region and encouragement of tourism, etc.  Under the Global Alert News January 27th, 2018 posting I registered a few comments about a website I discovered. I was admittedly surprised that not a single response was forthcoming about my posting. The website in question is called "". I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE anyone interested to see the ghastly extent to which a complete reinvention (and coverup) of the Fukushima catastrophe is occurring right in front of our faces, so to speak. This website is slick, with sharp graphics and so forth, in it's effort to ENCOURAGE TOURISM IN THE FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURE. If you visit this site I absolutely guarantee you will not fucking believe what you are seeing. There are no words that can possibly quantify the dastardliness and unvarnished EVIL of the worthless motherf**kers behind this effort.

    • Dennie says:

      @ marc:  I did in fact visit that website via your link.  Rather unbelievable when you then visit, or and read the stories about Fukushima listed there.  Then you go to the page that lists the radionuclide levels taken in various Japanese cities and you can see for yourself that it's higher than the "normal" background levels, pre-Fukushima.  

    • penny says:

      …and it isn't just Fukushima.  Here you will find credible data and cogent analysis pointing to a likely 'major accident' in the US southwest late last year.  Curious that it's that very region which has such a high flu incidence, beginning long before flu season.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      marc et,al: This is a very old link to an article I read years ago. I've nearly given up in my attempts to wake people to the reality of nuclear based technology. >>> Issues relative to nuclear energy usage have been turned into a sort of demented intellectual pablum. Be sure to add some GMO Franken-milk and plenty of aspartame….

      Techno-geeks have been systematically lobotomized by Harry Potter like depictions of negative magic, freakish Disney Productions film crapola, and all the futuristic hell-hole films made in good old Hellywood… It all makes me want to puke… To bad I'm not a fungus.  Fungi that live off radiation at Chernobyl – CHEN – The Hindu

    • marc says:

      Penny, if indeed a nuclear incident occurred in the southwest last year (i.e. Palo Verde plant) I find it interesting (but not necessarily indicative of any intent) that Arizona ranks way up there in baby-boomers and geezers in general. Retirees/seniors by any other name. One of the most vulnerable demographics to an "influenza outbreak". Thanks for the link you shared. Excellent article. I myself came down with a very strange affliction about beginning of last December. I've never experienced anything quite like it: I had a low grade fever for literally two weeks, incredibly low energy, no motivation to do anything, felt drugged and heavy…etc. Finally emerged from it but am left wondering.

    • marc says:

      Penny, the point I left out is that I live in Tucson, AZ.  Very near to the epicenter of the data to which your link pertains.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, I still look forward to seeing this sort of.  I say sort of as I have friends in Japan.  My best friend works there, but since this happened has worked mainly from her home in Hawaii.  Now going back for a while.  AIEEE, and she will not listen to me and warnings.  The Chernobyl stuff I've seen was in no way normal, no total rebound, many things dead or freakishly odd, some things persevering.  For me, it was just amazing that anything at all was trying!  I don't know if you or others saw it or where I saw it, but sand, south of Fukushima a ways, was found to be full of radioactivity.  This was news.  Seems the sand acts like a sponge for the stuff.  One would not think so but found to be so!  And just to pile on, Russia blew 156 nukes in their own country but especially in Kazakhstan.  Perhaps this tourist Chernobyl thing is to allay their citizens' concerns.

      @Paul, there you go being funny again with too bad I"m not a fungus!!  But, seriously, a couple or more years ago I saw a thing profiling a kid whiz who had found bacteria that eats nuclear waste!  That was interesting and the last I heard of that!  Some fungus, some bacteria, throw in some microbes and????  But, seriously, have you ever heard of  Concepcion Picciotto?  She started a 24/7 protest against nuclear all in 1981 in front of the White House encamped on the edge of Lafayette Square: "Peace Park Anti-Nuclear Vigil", the longest continual civic political protest in US history.  For 30 years!  The National Park Service was ready to shut her down if she did not occupy the site 24 hours a day without sleeping!  Some supportive friends helped a few hours a day so she could sleep.  She did this year round, in all weather for 30 years, handing out info, and buttons and pamphlets, books and received many honors for this incredible effort.  When asked why, she said: "for the children, who must be taught to respect and value LIFE, not material things."  So you and myself and others are in good, even better company and the point is always not to quit.  Do not give up on that one Paul.  Not ever, no matter how lonesome that road is.  As with and predating geoengineering of the skies, it is the only honorable thing to do!  One must draw a line in one's radioactive sand!!

  28. joanne naylor says:

    Appreciate your work Dane and attempts to expose the truth behind the insane weather conditions and concomitant decimation of plant and animal life, and human health. The weather in Calgary has gone from unpredictable to insane. There is no longer any correlation between the four seasons and weather.  Our house backs onto a natural runoff pond that is classed as a nature reserve.  When we first moved here 5 years ago, it was brimming with life –  beautiful birds of all kinds, muskrats, frogs, ducks, geese, butterflies. You could hardly see the pond for the variety of trees and shrubs surrounding it. Now 80% of all of those things are gone. Their is silence where there was once the sound of frogs croaking. Small birds have been replaced by crows, blackbirds and magpies.  In the place of most of the lovely shrubs, vegetation and natural shelter are monster weeds and trees many branches dead. It is a criminal travesty. But people in the main seem to become inured to atrocity. This week's moral outrage is next weeks culture.  

  29. Readers who are new to these pages may not be familiar with legal processes that have been initiated by American and Canadian teams working with Dane and Geoengineering Watch. I highly recommend you peruse the pages offered under the Legal Actions tab at the upper left corner of your screen. Persons who share similar perspectives in the reader’s comments can oftentimes offer a sense of solidarity and purpose… 

    An anti-geoengineering legal process has been moving forward since late 2015. Actions to acquire response through the Freedom of Information Act have been repeatedly stonewalled by persons of various jurisdictions and authority. It is obvious that treasonous criminals preside over the geoengineering slaughterhouse, and they have much to hide… I highly recommend you view this short video series introducing the core legal team working on behalf of humanity. > 

    Anti-Geoengineering Attorneys Give Updated Statement on Preparations for Legal Action to Expose Global Climate

    • Pedro says:

      – THANK YOU !

    • Robin Christensen says:

      Thank You Paul, for that suggestion.  I've referred people to 'search engine' which is cumbersome to note.  I'm a recent member of Facebook to try to spread the spot fires.  Have contacted groups like MN 350 to my frustration.  However, they are very active here.  Plan to attend community outreach events when possible.  Im from Minnesota.  Just as Dane warned, dont be surprised to find stiff resistance from env.. grps.  Keep up the fight!  Rob Christensen.

  30. Helios says:

    Let's just remember, among the lies and deceptions… to keep our cool and press on. Avoid generating/transferring fear, avoid looking externally for help, don't pretend the 'government' is looking after us or any of this information is outlandish.

    If the world is destitute, our internal peace and composure must not be. If we can engender and raise internal solitude and self awareness in others, we have achieved most everything. Let us back out of their system and go inside, and there we shall meet and build the future.

  31. Diana Bliss says:

    Thank you Dane I will later put this up on my facebook page so many see this thank you again!

  32. Jeffrey Fish says:

    Remember the days when you would watch some fantastically impossible Si-Fi movie that depicted planetary destruction being carried out by some evil scientist ? Now here we are looking up and everywhere else, witnessing such a scenario and I myself feel as though I am in some surreal unbelievable waking nightmare. It is mind bending. And then there are the masses who march blindly onward smiling and going about there meaningless consumeristic lives, as though everything were fine. Sometimes I think there is a lot to be said about ignorance being bliss.

  33. Star Messenger says:

    What is even more disturbing than what I just watched is the fact that the people who are doing the actual spraying are also being affected.  Don't they realize that their children are breathing the same air that they polluting?  I mean, they can't be so stupid as to think that they will somehow NOT be affected by all the chemicals and God knows what else they are spraying into the atmosphere.  I thought only politicians could lie to themselves and not be affected by their own words.  These people bring hypocrisy up to a new level of understanding. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Star Messenger,  I think you overestimate these people, granting them more free thinking brains than they have, perhaps done in by doing what they do, and exposed to what they do.  Long ago, the head of a psychology program at a University, a doctor told me that the average person lies many times per day.  It has been said that I am a compulsive truth teller and that does seem to be the case.  He told me to practice lying 5 times a week!  Being unable to lie is considered not normal!!!!  So, if people normally lie to one another, they must be able to lie to themselves and, perhaps, not even know the difference.

      My father, a WW2 veteran, dragged kicking and screaming in his early 30s, so hated the military.  He said in training they break you down and make you feel as if you cannot tie your shoes properly.  They attempt to hijack your thought processes, obviously with some real success.  Other wise, when the shit hits the fan, one would run and hide, not run into certain death, as ordered. 

  34. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I wonder if the public in general, understands the importance of our Ozone layer?   Thank you Dane for again mentioning the true level to which the state of the Ozone is at today. This should "Terrify", not just concern, all of academia & the so called experts. Tick, tick, tick!     It is hard to free Fools from the chains they revere.     Those that can make you believe Absurdities can make you commit Atrocities.    –   Both from:   –  Voltaire  –   

  35. Janette Cornfield says:

    Dane you are an inspiration to all humanity thank you so much for this very valuable information. I have watched every video and read everything people need to wake up. I’ve shared everything everywhere even to my own government who constantly lie even when I show them facts and truth, like yourself I will not stop giving out your fantastic information. Thank you for all your wonderful hard work. So appreciated from Scotland. Janette 

  36. DGR says:

    I just recently looked at the Global Population Growth figures over the last 100 years or so. At the now 7.3 Billion or so people, what else might the power structure be implementing through this world-wide spraying process? You can have three guesses, but you should only need one.

    Could this current Flu epidemic be just a 'test run' for bigger and better things to come? Stay tuned……

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      You can bet that we are and have been subjected to different forms of bio engineered influenza virus so that they can be sure to incorporate they correct vectors in their deadly bio-concoctions. We have all probably been inoculated with horrors like morgellons that only require  a trigger mechanism, like a specific frequency, that will activate one of these abominations which will then become active and carry out it's deadly desired course of action.


  37. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Still no talk of boycotting the commercial airline industry. > THE largest upper atmospheric polluter. >>> Still no discussions relative to shutting down ALL MILITARY OPERATIONS  globally.

    Still no public disclosures of how rocketry punches holes in the ozone.layer with each and every orbital launch. Hello NASA???

    No discussions regarding the deleterious effects of launching hundreds of communications satellites annually. Hello FCC? Is this thing on??? Everyone wants a free box of chocolates… Sorry. It just ain't that sweet. >>>>> How about this tasty morsel?

    26 U.S. Code § 9502 – Airport and Airway Trust Fund | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

    Some would refer to such "trusts" and transfers of capitol as criminal Racketeering. But let's keep it a secret from the Department of Commerce… I rest my case.

    • Hawkeye says:

      You are right Paul. In fact the opposite is what we see and hear. For example, today on drudge I saw an article about Chernobyl stating how despite the accident in 86 wildlife and plants are thriving today. WHAT!!!!????? There were several photos to show how " nice" it is there now ( sarcasm). Hmmmm, the trees were white, blue and lifeless looking. The only animal pictured was a fox who looked so thin his skeletal body was all I noticed, and the caption under the fox pic said " friendly fox greats all visitors looking for food.  ….. But he is thriving…..

      They instead of acting in disclosure, complaint, or warning, are feeding the sheople with tourist visit advertising – 10,000 per year come to see this ghost town and radiation levels are now OK to go there just limit your time to short! And sheople go! Do they cringe? Do they understand? Do they worry for their health? Seems that answer is a NO.

      Here in FL our temps have rebounded back up into the 80's and the LA LA land vacationers are so irritating to live with. Yesterday began warming up and all the snowbird sheople were quick to get out via their boats and go fishing! The entire day we were being sprayed like crazy. Big huge trails all over and do you think they saw them at all? I am losing patience fast with these ignorant aholes. They do not acknowledge the Geo skies at all, like nothing is happening they behave. It is so irritating to watch this winter after winter! So done with it I am! So I lost it yesterday. Starting talking out loud in the grocery store and the parking lot. " Look at that sky" I yelled. " Why isn't anyone complaining about it!?" On and on I went because I was out of patience. I heard two men talking about their fishing for the day saying nothing was going on, no keepers to be had and how they kept one illegal grouper, sandwich size he said, because there are no fish to take. 

      Gee ya think it is due to those lines all over the sky? 

      Paul these people are worthless, irritating, impossible to live next door to. There is a saying, " it is easier to fool people then it is to convince them they are being fooled!" Why is that ya think? Because the sheople ARE FOOLS!!!!!!!!! Go home you ignorant human beings, please! Got to be kept up all dam night, no sleep, because their flipping baitwells are running water facets all night long into the canal to keep their bait fish alive til the next morning fishing trip. I keep yelling from my porch, shut the dam water off please, I feel like I am being water boarded. How much more can (I) we put up with is my question? 


    • Pedro says:


      These issues together form the main core of the problem along with the sabotage of the Biosphere a.k.a. "climate engineering" ( atmosphere destruction, the transformation of the Atmosphere into a lab with 7 billion of guinea pigs plus the entire Biosphere at ground level ).

      Your case will not rest, someday soon the Law books will open, the Justice ( the real one ) will rule and the World will be a Free place again.

    • Hello Hawkeye: I can relate. I lived on the northwestern shore of Lake Superior for about 16 years. It was beautiful when I first arrived there, even though I could tell things were "changing" for the worse. I did allot of forest hiking for a few years, and the area is known for it's gorgeous inland lakes.

      One day I was standing on the shore of such a lake – enjoying the quiet breezes and the play of sunlight on water. A VERY obese couple pulled up in their overstuffed SUV with the radio blaring. The noise and racket really pissed me off. With that they struggled out of the car with soft drinks in one hand and cell phones in the other. They waddled out to a small dock nearby – both taking multiple pictures. It was a spectacular morning, and the panoramic view of the lake and surrounding white pines was totally stunning. Neither of them ever took their eyes of their little cell phone binkys. Seems they were more comfortable viewing Life through the puny plastic artifice of a  2×3 inch plexiglass image. It totally ruined my day… Be well my friend… They are not worth your suffering…

  38. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: The report of this story from beatrice led me to search, where I found it in  RT, Science Daily, Live Science, Daily Mail UK, Phys Org, Science Alert, Newsweek, MSN, CBS Local,  and others. Indoctrinating the public to think this has always been natural?
    Viruses—lots of them—are falling from the sky
    February 6, 2018, University of British Columbia
    An astonishing number of viruses are circulating around the Earth's atmosphere – and falling from it – according to new research from scientists in Canada, Spain and the U.S. The study marks the first time scientists have quantified the viruses being swept up from the Earth's surface into the free troposphere, beyond Earth's weather systems but below the stratosphere where jet airplanes fly. The viruses can be carried thousands of kilometres there before being deposited back onto the Earth's surface. "Every day, more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square metre above the planetary boundary layer—that's 25 viruses for each person in Canada," said University of British Columbia virologist Curtis Suttle, one of the senior authors of a paper in the International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal that outlines the findings. "Roughly 20 years ago we began finding genetically similar viruses occurring in very different environments around the globe," says Suttle. "This preponderance of long-residence viruses traveling the atmosphere likely explains why—it's quite conceivable to have a virus swept up into the atmosphere on one continent and deposited on another." Bacteria and viruses are swept up in the atmosphere in small particles from soil-dust and sea spray. Suttle and colleagues at the University of Granada and San Diego State University wanted to know how much of that material is carried up above the atmospheric boundary layer above 2,500 to 3,000 metres. At that altitude, particles are subject to long-range transport unlike particles lower in the atmosphere. Using platform sites high in Spain's Sierra Nevada Mountains, the researchers found billions of viruses and tens of millions of bacteria are being deposited per square metre per day. The deposition rates for viruses were nine to 461 times greater than the rates for bacteria. "Bacteria and viruses are typically deposited back to Earth via rain events and Saharan dust intrusions. However, the rain was less efficient removing viruses from the atmosphere," said author and microbial ecologist Isabel Reche from the University of Granada. The researchers also found the majority of the viruses carried signatures indicating they had been swept up into the air from sea spray. The viruses tend to hitch rides on smaller, lighter, organic particles suspended in air and gas, meaning they can stay aloft in the atmosphere longer.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Wow, great info find Susan! Thanks for posting it!!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Why don't they just SAY IT-  Viruses, bacteria & other contaminants are being sprayed all over the globe into the atmosphere. We have Ken Calderia ON TAPE stating while working for Livermore Lab's he and others were charged with figuring out how to release a PATHOGEN IN A CLOUD.. and that was years ago. Today on the news they just said that some people were contracting the 'flu' now  twice in a season. They chalked it up to a combination of the number of different strains floating around out there and bad luck.. I can't believe the poppycock these news anchors try and make people believe. Who could say such a ridiculous statement with a straight face.. do they really believe it themselves?  I have to wonder. The criminal behavior must be stopped at all levels right now. Like Dane says its like the movie Groundhog Day. I wake up every day and have to pinch myself and ask, What kind of a world am I living in? This just can't possibly be really happening.. but it is.. isn't it??  : o

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, I can believe this is natural, sort of.  We now have haboobs in northern Nevada and the south west too.  More than 30 years ago I read a study of household dust analyzed by 3 different labs.  Space dust was found, as well as dust from the Sahara and many other places which at least made dusting interesting to me.  If one thinks about it, all the mining done world wide leaves one heck of a lot of untethered earth to blow in winds.  These days I would expect all sorts of radioactive stuff as well as various poisons, detritus, from all this bare Earth.  That, to me, is at least as scary as more theoretical/diabolical methods.  I'm not even sure which is worse.  This good Earth itself has been geoengineered to death.  Literally.  "All we are is dust in the wind."  Or so the tune goes.  Given massive world wide loss of trees, given offing of Native plants as in the Sage Brush Sea-which covers parts of 10 states-those sages lived more than 170 years and held the soil.  This is but one very good reason for preserving such lands, rather than mutilating them for oil and minerals we do not need!  Just think, if only from this, think of all the other crap in the winds from pesticides to Lord knows what synthetic things from hell.  One of the big problems with polyester is its fibers and how long lived.  So much contains polyester these days, so much.  What blew here after the Santa Rosa fires, Napa and all, I still refer to as Brown Friday.  I had to go to an appointment that day.  The air was dark brown!  Even with a low grade mask and trying not to breathe, the smell/taste was burning and caustic, the air just thick with whatever, feeling like knives in my chest. I still am having problems from that!  I am glad of this study.  Thanks, this is very interesting and informative.

    • renate BC Mission says:

      Hi All.

      Viruses, bacteria which are being sprayed are activated by pulsed microwaves, they multiply. The living planet dies, viruses, bacteria thrive. We can also add fungus.

      Remembering years going Barrie Trower said the military can laid a dormant virus down anywhere and activate it with a curtain microwave frequency many years later. 

      Video below Barrie Trower talks about viruses & bacteria.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Renate BC Mission.

      WHAT ?!

    • Hello Susan and concerned citizens: Waaay down this comment thread, Pedro asks: "What?!"  What indeed… As in many Barrie Trower interviews, Mr. Trower tends to ramble a bit… However; the (forced and illegal) deployment 5G infrastructure for wi-fi use is a MAJOR part of efforts to maim and destroy what is left of the human specie. Please listen carefully to Mr. Trowers dialog.

      Now Notice the “electronics” equipment displayed in various photos represented in the article below. Note that the article even admits that the “equipment” will remain installed after the event is over. These apparatus appear to be active denial systems. Read between the lines…

      Republic Broadcasting Network » Super Bowl Security Has Turned Minneapolis into a Military Police State

  39. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane. This is outrageous what the Military and our Governing Officials are allowing. Destroying planet Earth! Sharing with Russ Tanner's Global Skywatch. Prayers for you and your most needed endeavor to help save our planet.  Blessings! Press on! They will be sorry. Your labor of love and concern is beyond appreciation.

  40. Van Nadler says:

    Dane can you list your collection of protective iodine’s, kelp, selenium..etc minerals to assist those in the populace who wish to remove heavy metals from their bodies and brains.. What kind of masks, filters or air tank should we use… protect our lungs, bodies and brains from the poisons?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Van, though there are countless possible protocals for trying to stay healthy in a world that isn’t, you may perhaps find some of the answers you are seeking in the attached link. FYI

  41. joe S says:

    Beatriz, Thanks for the info on ; Virus falling from the Skies.   I read it . Note:  source is from Univ of Granada.  Tiny island nation, trains  MD's. Microbial ecologist found it out.   Nothing from good old USA   ? We are not to know that , Geoengineers, military would not harm us in any manners.  "We protect Freedom."   Ah so they tell us…     Ah,  We know why( those who read Dane's site)…Yes..Thanks very much.   Joe..San Francisco, CA

  42. beatriz says:

    thanks Dane for this powerful everyperson that comments here also my gratitude for your so very valuable contributions.

    just read this: about viruses falling from the sky…what else is new

    • Pedro says:

      Great find Beatriz. Thank you.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everyone.

      It's been cold here in in my region, in Iberian Peninsula ( mostly at beginning of the evening and after the passage of the airplanes that spray the ice nucleation chemicals which are felt on the ground 30 to 40 minutes after being sprayed. In some days, it's very perceptible ). In Tuesday we had the most strange day; only a few "clouds" were visible, the Sun was strangely strong for this time of the year ( it was very discomfortable receiving the radiation in the face and hands ), and we were having a very cold wind passing through our clothes ( very cold ). Wind steered from a colder latitude, with the EM transmitters? Even with dry weather and the high pressure zone in place, "cloud seeding" in an incredible volume happened in Wednesday, with mixed aerosols being sprayed all the time ( the aerosols with more granular appearance and the others, that look very thin and dense, that usually causes great shifts on the weather ), the wind was less colder. Thursday at the middle of the day or at the middle of the afternoon the high pressure zone was interrupted and the result was a big increase on the atmospheric humidity. Today Friday, the day was cold ( but nothing like Tuesday ), very humid with massive formation of thick clouds, promising big rain, and guess what? the jets started with their criminal activity of aerosol spraying at 15h more or less. And 15, 20 m after, the sky was already with big openings, and the cloud-formation front was scattering itself and disappearing to East and West as if it were magnetized with opposite polarities by the EM transmissions. The rain did not fall.

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