Mainstream Media, CBS Australia, Covers Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

Corporate media, of course, does their best to spin and marginalize the geoengineering reality as they are paid and told to do. This being said, the issue is still getting needed coverage. The 12 minute exchange in the video below was originally scheduled to last another 8 minutes, but the session was cut short. I was not allowed any final response to their "skeptic's fabrications about the "high bypass turbofan" jet engine, or his incorrect overall conclusions on WWll "contrails". Perhaps CBS Australia's Studio 10 supervisors felt the attempt to "debunk" the climate engineering issue was not going as they had hoped.

Geoengineered skies. Photo credit: Alberto Ibanez

The day of climate engineering exposure draws ever nearer as such operations become all but impossible to hide any longer in plain sight. Now more than ever we need to keep our stride in the battle to raise awareness. Share credible data from a credible source, we must make every day count.

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  1. Gary P says:

    Well done Dane

    The recent white hot fires in eastern Australia came about 10 months after high altitude  grid pattern spraying in March 2019.

    I now look up frequently and have seen plenty of trails on what I guess is the flight path between Melbourne and New Zealand.

  2. mike t says:

    What worthless pigs these corporate tv news media people are, total souless, deceiving piles of human garbage.
    ANd of coarse, how convenient that they ran out of time at the end.

    Dane Wigington, my favourite activist in the world. Never stop

  3. Star Messenger says:

    Dane, your opponent, retired air traffic controller Ken McLeod, looks like he's been "retired" for a long, long, time.  Where did they find him?  Was he sleeping on a park bench?  Gees!  Did anyone notice how he was dressed?  Calling him disheveled would be a polite way of saying it.  I mean, this guy didn't even bother to comb his hair before going on camera for the entire world to see. 

    As to McLeod's efforts to discuss the subject matter, he wasn't even close.  In addition to that, his "facts" were all muddled up.  He brought up High School science to solidify his position.  Even then he seemed confused.  Is he the best air traffic controller that Australia has to offer?  Is so, the next time I travel to Australia I'll go by boat.

    BTW, Dane, you won the argument, hands down!

  4. Rachael says:

    As usual, great work Dane, the way you maintain such great composure in th presence of such idiocy is beyond me. As I have been for the last 20 some odd years, I just can not understand the complete ignorance towards the issue, like the first question she asked, "what proof do you have they are spraying" really! JUST LOOK UP!

    I truly am at a complete dismal loss as to why people will not look up and question what is going on, or how they ask why the government would do it and are they really that sinister, yea, the same reason they have exploded thousands of nuclear bombs, created thousands of dangerous pathogens and infected thousands with various diseases. I just don't understand it.

  5. Vicky Schaefer says:

    That was fantastic!  (If a bit frustrating for you) Congratulations! Mainstream and you did a wonderful job!  This is exciting and very encouraging for me as I continue to spread the word.  Hope!

  6. Liza says:

    Humans possess so much power for good.  Dane, your work for example, and this interview you did an excellent job.

  7. Jo G says:

    Wow! Just WOW!

    After seeing this so-called interview, I came straight here!

    Boy, are we all in deep shit, or what???

    F*cking Elitist arseholes

  8. Sharon Dewey says:

    EXCELLENT job at presenting your case, Dane – as usual!  You succeeded in educating the CBS-Australia listeners and participants to important facts that rarely get out into the mainstream.  That in itself is a huge accomplishment that will surely hasten the awakening of the general public to the fact that geoengineering is taking place.  And the fact that your debate opponent never addressed your statements about the high-bipass turbofan jet engines being mostly incapable of producing contrails AND the evidence of aerosol sprays turning on and off AND the scientific and documentary evidence of the aerosol spray nucleating agents (aluminum, barium, strontium, fibers) being present in precipitation samples, soil samples and now even in air samples, shows a complete failure on his part to support his claims and his position. In other words, Dane, you won this debate hands down. 

    • Daniel says:

      100% agree. Dane nailed it. Glad the news lady plugged at the end also. Hopefully the news anchors will research themselves.

  9. Daniel says:

    Also, for those reading this and new to the subject. If you make a concerted effort to pay attention to the skies above your heads on a day in/day out basis, the fact that these programs are ongoing will become completely obvious just based on your observations you see. Refer to the radio frequency manipulated patterns shown early in the interview with satellite imagery. Pay attention and you'll see those patterns often in the skies above your head. None of that is normal. Notice grid patterns one day with nothing the next. Not normal. Notice the nearly complete loss of true BLUE skies.. with most often just white, silvery, hazey skies. Not normal. Read between the lines. Your governments sure aren't going to admit this to you. Research, research, research and be your own thought advocate.

  10. Daniel says:

    First off, great job Dane. Given the fact that the news stations was clearly in the park of trying to pass the ongoing atrocities as "conspiracy", you did an awesome job dropping as much data, evidence, and common sense into your short window that was given.

    Same talking points from the "debunker". Talking points that contradicted themselves, though. He claims that the jet engines that are creating these trails are pumping massive amounts of water/moisture through their engines during the flights. Okay, so if that's your argument, then you have your moisture. You have your heat during flights from the combustion (actually, you don't, given that 10% of the air passed thru the engines is all that is highly heated), and you have your cold temperatures when these jets are flying at altitude. Why are there days when one day it will be crossing checkerboards followed by a day of NOTHING. If these jets pack that much moisture themselves by their engines, wouldn't the trails be independent from the atmospheric conditions for the most part, given the heat from the combustion and cold temperatures at altitude? He didn't address that.

    Also he failed to address Dane's point of rain tests, plane lab tests that were just taken, the fact that condensation (especially that from an engine where such little air is highly heated) doesn't spread out to blanket the entire sky, on/off trails that cannot happen because of the layout of the moisture in the atmosphere, etc. The 'debunker' fell back to talking points and nothing more.

    Not a shocker they cut the interview short. People who are genuine truth searchers will find the broadcast/debate extremely enlightening.

  11. Louise Neufeld says:

    Great job Dane.  We are all proud of you.  Your composure, intelligence, and quick responses are excellent and admirable.  Not only did the retired air traffic controller from Downunder look like he just got out of bed but he was clearly uncomfortable, out of his league and made to look a liar.

    Manitoba, Canada continues to receive weather whiplash on a daily basis.  Consistently now we have had a warmer day as in 20 C and as the day progresses and the trails appear the temperature drops and the next day,  we get down to a high of 11 C.  Back and forth.  Also, unusually, we have had frost at night under a cloudy sky!!  Our skies are persistently grey.  Unusual for a province whose license plates read…"Sunny Manitoba" decades ago.  How ironic. We experience geoengineering on a daily basis.  Everyone is sick.  It is disgusting. Waking people up is painstaking but I thank God for Dane and  the individuals here who responses remind me I'm not the crazy one and thus help to provide balm for the soul and a shot in the arm…Not a Vaccination!!  Thank you all.  And now I intend to order some more materials from this site.  Arm myself and carry on!

  12. Faith says:

    Wow Dane. Great job! You certainly made the best of the time they gave you and packed in a tremendous amount of information in those few short minutes. Excellent example for the rest of us, as always.  I'm actually surprised they let you go as long as they did. 

  13. Hey… I have a conspiracy theory about governments around the world covertly colluding to publish (post mortem) classified – often Federally registered documents, just to fool with silly or curious civilians… It's a major WORLD WIDE conspiracy!!!  NO SHIT!!!Hundreds and hundreds of pages of recorded events that never happened. >
    Published April 15, 2008
    Unilateral Geoengineering
    Non-technical Briefing Notes for a Workshop
    At the Council on Foreign Relations
    Washington DC, May 05, 2008
    Katharine Ricke, M. Granger Morgan and Jay Apt, Carnegie Mellon
    David Victor, Stanford
    John Steinbruner, University of Maryland 
    Complete text:
    Weather modification: programs, problems, policy, and potential
    May, 1978
    Queensland Environmental Protection Agency | Weather Modification, Inc.
    Objective: Support for 2008 Feasibility Study for the Augmentation of Rain & Air Chemistry Monitoring.
    Duration: 2008
    Products and Services Provided: Instrumented Aircraft & Crew for Cloud Seeding 
    Complete text:
    RAF rainmakers 'caused 1952 flood' 
    “On August 15, 1952, one of the worst flash floods ever to have occurred in Britain swept through the Devon village of Lynmouth. Thirty five people died as a torrent of 90m tons of water and thousands of tons of rock poured off saturated Exmoor and into the village destroying homes, bridges, shops and hotels"
    "Squadron Leader Len Otley, who was working on what was known as Operation Cumulus, has told the BBC that they jokingly referred to the rainmaking exercise as Operation Witch Doctor. []"  Complete page: >
    Gretchen Cook-Anderson
    NASA Headquarters, Washington
    (Phone: 202/358-0836)
    Chris Rink/Julia Cole
    Langley Research Center
    Hampton, Va.
    (Phone: 757/864-6786/4052)
    April 27, 2004
    RELEASE: 04-140
    Clouds Caused By Aircraft Exhaust May Warm the U.S. Climate 
    Do aircraft cause atmospheric heating?  Yes…

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Right on Paul, you pack a pretty good punch. I hope some producer from that crummy show or that air traffic controller guy sees what you wrote.

  14. Marc says:

    These kinds of venues almost always seem designed to expose and/or catch the alleged "conspiracy theorist" with his or her "pants down". Ain't gonna happen with Dane Wigington. Nope. No sir. 

      At this late, late stage of the game, I find it utterly ludicrous that shows like this, with a panel of clowns assembled, are actually being aired for the general public. I have to remind myself that I, and virtually everyone who visits here, long ago GOT IT. But to witness programs like this here at this late hour is testament to the fact that many millions still HAVEN'T GOT IT, as impossible as that sounds. Additionally, shows like this, while raising awareness of the phenomenon for many, function as an opportunity to debunk and confuse by the "assholes-in-charge". 

      It is beyond my comprehension that dufuses like the "retired" guy and the young arrogant idiot on the set, can sit there and ACTUALLY believe what they're saying and thinking. When, oh when, will the gravity of this situation finally impress itself upon the minds of these smug morons? And here again, the extreme irony of this is that ALL THREE OF THE CLOWNS IN THIS PROGRAM ARE THEMSELVES  ALREADY SUFFERING FROM THIS MASSIVE SPRAYING AND THE RESULTING CONTAMINATION OF THEIR WATER, THEIR FOOD, AND THE AIR THEY BREATHE, EVEN AS THEY ALL CONTINUE TO DENY IT ALL. UNBELIEVABLE.

    • Dennie says:

      The Corporate-controlled Talking Heads continue to fiddle while Rome burns.  These assholes won't miss their water until their well runs dry, etc.  Even with people like Rosalind Peterson as keynote speaker at the U.N. summit on climate change in 2007 that you can still see on YouTube, showing photographs of chem trails she took in the 1960s and bringing forth the facts of routine CA public health drinking water tests that showed spikes of aluminum, barium, cobalt and strontium in the drinking water all over the state of California all at the same time, the massive Congressional reports on federal activities in weather modification and all the patents for doing exactly that, jerks like these "skeptics" couldn't smell the truth if they were tied to boards and had it shoved up their noses. 

  15. Jose Gallardo says:

    The primary pharma “legal argument” to defend vaccine mandates, which the US Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld, is that individual rights can be desecrated in the name of “public health”.

    If this is the case, then why aren’t there any laws mandating healthy lifestyle/diets? We know for a fact that you can’t spread something you don’t have and that you are more likely to become sick and thus spread the disease if you are more unhealthy than if you are healthy, herd immunity is the concept that if you are at less risk of getting sick, you are less likely to pass the disease to others, so this means that if we all lived healthy lifestyles we would be less likely to get sick thus less likely to spread disease to others causing outbreaks, so where are the mandatory dietary and sanitary laws? Is this hypocrisy or is it an agenda to stimulate us to give up our right to refuse lethal injections?

    Vaccines are nothing short of being a biological weapon

  16. Jeffrey E Fish says:

    No reply by their debunker about the toxic components found in the recent testing. They saw what was coming and stopped the debate. Period. That idiot was about to get his ass handed to him and they knew it. Great job Dane and may God be with you.


  17. Patrick Ward says:

    Shame you were cut short – atleast your website got a darn good plug at the end. They could have been 1m viewers 'downunder' watching that program. I would be very interested in what your website stats might be in the next few days. Could you please include a brief report somewhere or in your weekly broadcast?

  18. Mr E says:

    Well done Dane. Air traffic controller vs you? Poor choice on their part. 

  19. Jose Gallardo says:

    Shared from Physicians for Informed Consent:

    Breaking news: Maine becomes 4th state to eliminate philosophical exemptions to vaccination.

    See scientific data below to discuss with your legislators and help avoid the same happening in your state. 

    “LD 798, sponsored by Rep. Ryan Tipping, gets rid of those exemptions for immunizations required by schools and daycares.

    ‘As we hear more reports of measles and other preventable diseases in Maine and across the country, it has become clear that we must act to ensure the health of our communities,’ Tipping said. ‘I am grateful to my colleagues for working so hard on this bill and to Governor Mills for supporting this measure to protect our kids. I look forward to seeing this implemented and keeping our schools and daycares safe.’”

    Let Governor Mills @GovJanetMills and Ryan Tipping @ryaninmaine know:

    There are 2 kinds of measles cases. One caused by measles infection and one caused by the MMR vaccine (genotype A). Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 (almost 40%) were due to the MMR vaccine.


    There are 2 types of herd immunity. One from natural infection and one from vaccines. 75% of measles cases in California in 2019 are in adults because herd immunity from the MMR vaccine wanes over time.

    Over 50% of the measles cases in Disneyland in 2015 occurred in adults because herd immunity from the MMR vaccine wanes over time.


    There are 3 treatments for measles that can be used to help avoid the rare severe complications.

    1. Vitamin A
    2. Immune Globulin
    3. The antiviral Ribavirin


    The risk of dying from measles in the United States is 1 in 10,000 (similar to the chance of being struck by lightning). This statistic is known from the pre-measles vaccine era (before 1963), when nearly every child got measles by the age of 15. The MMR vaccine has NOT been proven safer than measles. Studies would need to show that the MMR vaccine causes less deaths than 1 in 10,000 in order to prove safety over measles.

    #PICphysicians #InformedConsent #MandatesAreBasedOnPoliticsNotScience

  20. John says:

    Well done interview, Dane.  I have much respect for your maintaining professional composure on this mainstream news outlet, while delivering your extensive research and expertise.  This is not “normal transport aircraft” condensation trails, as he professes.  Even had I not been visiting your site for several years already, extensively reading historical senate documents, reading Air Force reports on objectives in weather modification, watching other interviews with you and David Keith from Harvard, and analyzing weather patents dating back to well before I was born . . . I would still be able recognize the vast ramp-up of the SAI/SRM operations, having lived and traveled across the US over the past 20 years of my life.  The semantical and theatrical interpretive dances they conduct trying to deflect away from actual atmospheric science, including the on-going denial of jet propulsion advancements, is unbelievably abhorrent.

  21. globalpatriotworker says:

    Trying to decide which bumper stickers to make?




    What do you think is better for the sheep to grab?

    • Martha says:

      Out the the two choices "STOP the GEOENGINEERING COVERUP!" would get my vote. I think "STOP the CLIMATE ENGINEERING COVERUP!" would also be good.

      The words "climate engineering" may be a bit more descriptive and might pique people's curiosity to wonder about what it is. The word "climate" is already frequently used in mass media and may get more attention. Then, of course list this website because if they look up the words they likely won't end up here. 

      Thank you for your efforts to awaken and inform.

    • globalpatriotworker says:



    • Jess says:

      I like stop the geoenginering cover up.

      You should also put Danes web address on them.



  22. ben says:

    Every point of public contact helps more people become aware of the issue.

  23. Stephen says:

    Excellent job of sharing credible data. The newscasters looked like fools and the "skeptic's" lies were glaring after you displayed a trove of evidence.

  24. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, well done my friend. Very well done.

    Though I do appreciate these opportunities Dane gets to do these interviews. It just chaps my ass that they do not allow a reasonable article/broadcast to unfold. Anyone besides me want to reach out and slap that poindexter tv host? That interview was SO scripted. The only one that didn't get the script was Dane. I'm sorry the cowards cut the interview short. Mr air traffic controller was about to get his you know what handed to him. Their script was shredded by Dane. I can just imagine what was going on in all of their ear phones. 3 blind mice, see how they run.

  25. Kelly says:

    They should have known better than to have an air traffic controller debate you, Dane. I guess they couldn't find any scientists or climatologists who would take you on. Nice work!

  26. Joseph L says:

    Dane good job here.  I hope this will get more people coming to your website to learn the truth.

  27. Kathy says:

    Dane, please respond here to the skeptics last comments about condensation trails and jet engines. The interviewer said they were out of time but directed people to your website so please use this forum for rebuttal. Many people will see it. Thanks for all you do.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kathy, in regard to your question, I did repond and did post informational links in the verbiage for this post. I am including that verbiage and links below.

      From the verbiage in this post, blue phrases are links that can be clicked to open.

      I was not allowed any final response to their “skeptic’s fabrications about the “high bypass turbofan” jet engine, or his incorrect overall conclusions on WWll “contrails”

  28. orazio says:

    Hi everyone,
    5g is the completion of the destruction of the planet already in place
    you have to stop them

    • Martha says:

      You mean "we have to stop them," right? Attempting to stop "complete planetary destruction" requires a group effort and hopefully will include extreme divine intervention. 

  29. Pauline says:

    Talking about Pine Gap, could someone on this site please save my sanity.  I go to the national weather on the Australian Bureau of Meteorology ap, regularly seeing lines pulsing from the Pine Gap area (mostly north toward Darwin). I am looking at the ap now and there is a line pulsing south from Darwin but nothing from Pine Gap.  If i go back in an hours time, it will have changed.  What is this???  It seems to occur more on the west coast of Australia and less on the eastern side.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Pine Gap

      Pine Gap is perhaps the most important United States intelligence facility outside that country, playing a vital role in the collection of a very wide range of signals intelligence, providing early warning ballistic missile launches, targeting of nuclear weapons, providing battlefield intelligence data for United States armed forces operating in Afghanistan and elsewhere (including previously in Iraq), critically supporting United States and Japanese missile defence, supporting arms control verification, and contributing targetting data to United States drone attacks.
      Pine Gap: three surveillance systems
      Pine Gap today houses three distinct functions and operational systems. Its original and still principal purpose is to serve as the ground control station for geosynchronous signals intelligence (SIGINT) satellites developed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); it probably remains the CIA’s most important technical intelligence collection station in the world. There are now 38 satellite dishes/radomes at Pine Gap.  Most are still concerned with the core function of controlling geosynchronous SIGINT satellites and processing and analysing the intercepted intelligence.
      Secondly, since late 1999 Pine Gap has hosted a Relay Ground Station (RGS), which relays data from U.S. missile launch detection/early warning satellites/Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) – formerly the Defense Support Program (DSP) but now including the Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) – to both U.S. and Australian HQs and command centres. Six of the satellite terminals at Pine Gap (four in radomes and two unshielded) belong to the RGS. Another three radomes are probably associated with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS).
      Finally, Pine Gap appears to have acquired a FORNSAT/COMSAT (foreign satellite / communications satellite) interception function in the early 2000s. This was probably presaged with the arrival of Service Cryptological Agency (SCA) elements at the end of the 1990s. Two 23-metre dishes suitable for COMSAT SIGINT Development (Sigdev) were installed inside 30-metre radomes in 1999-2000. A Torus multi-beam antenna was installed at Pine Gap in 2008.
      Figure 1. Antenna systems at Pine Gap, Google Earth imagery, 6 November 2015.
      Note: for antenna identification system see Desmond Ball, Bill Robinson and Richard Tanter, The Antennas of Pine Gap, Nautilus Institute, Special Reports, February 2016.

  30. francis reps says:

    Unfortunately ; the USA has a man ; purportedly at the helm  { our potus }, who seems to be  much more focused on advancing the interest's of a small  Middle Eastern Nation { Israel } with billions of dollars of American dollars annually as well as the use of American military forces which are scattered throughout that part of the World that  " really " poses no threat at all to American citizens ; than the welfare of the people who elected him.   The idea that he would address the issue of  Geo Engineering activities which should rightfully be labeled ; " Death from the skies " is beyond his comprehension.  It must be kept in mind that this leader has lots of  financial ties  as well as financial obligations to many people associated with that Middle Eastern Country.  Israel  is  now calling the Foreign Policy shots for the USA.  In due time ; as  the decline in food production  caused by Geo Engineering activities begins to effect our daily lives ;  he will be gone and better leadership which  actually  has it's focus on the welfare of our citizens .  That will put an end to the  actions of the president of our country acting like the Ambassador for a Foreign Power.   Can't you see it ?.  USA gives 4 billion a year to Israel…..AIPAC {  the Israel lobby } give millions m of the same monies back to the US Congress.

    • Robert David says:

      Nailed It!

    • Martha says:

      There will be no "better leadership" magically coming forth. A critical mass of Americans need to wake up, stand up and lead themselves/ourselves out of this disastrous mess.

    • Hello francis reps:  I appreciate your comments regarding AIPAC influence on the former U.S. government.  Over 70% of Americans are completely against blind stooges like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, but the main stream press ignores this small fact and only reports pro-war Israeli propaganda.  Escalating threats of war with Iran are meeting with major European resistance, and NATO will fall soon

      Also the recent leaked excerpt from the report on Syrian gas attacks is very damaging to CIA's war mongering and attempted regime changes in Syria and elsewhere.  The "gas attack" was staged by CIA trained "Islamic" insurgents positioned in Syria by US and British allies.  I guess 70 years of death and destruction is not nearly enough carnage for our fabulously expensive NATO war machine…
      We need a major policy change:
      Tulsi Gabbard Interview On TYT – YouTube
      Published March 29, 2019

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  This guy was truly pathetic, unconvincing. Perchance the station janitor they paid to read a script through glasses he seemed uncomfortable wearing. He appeared timid, frightened, reluctant to lie? No self-confidence. Wonder how much he got paid.

    These fools don't get how grounded in 'credible data' Dane is and how utterly fearless he stands on his years of verifying facts. And there is plenty of evidence that Australia is rapidly leaning into global fascism with perhaps predictable ease. Remember Pine Gap, Alice Springs Australia:

    WIKI: Pine Gap is the commonly used name for a U.S. satellite surveillance base or Australian Earth station approximately 18 kilometres (11 mi) south-west of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the centre of Australia which is operated by both Australia and the United States. Since 1988, it has been officially called the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap (JDFPG); previously, it was misleadingly known as Joint Defence Space Research Facility.[1]
    Partly run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the station is a key contributor to the NSA's global interception effort, which included the ECHELON program.[2][3][4][5] The classified NRO name of the Pine Gap base is Australian Mission Ground Station (AMGS), while the unclassified cover term for the NSA function of the facility is RAINFALL.[6]
    The facilities at the base consist of a massive computer complex with 38 radomes protecting radio dishes[7] and has over 800 employees.[8] A long-term NSA employee at Pine Gap, David Rosenberg, indicated that the chief of the facility at the time of his service was a senior CIA officer.[9]:p 45–46[10]
    The location is strategically significant because it controls United States spy satellites as they pass over one-third of the globe which includes China, the Asian parts of Russia, and the Middle East.[7] Central Australia was chosen because it was too remote for spy ships passing in international waters to intercept the signal.[9]:p xxi
    The facility has become a key part of the local economy.[11]


    • Sally Anne says:

      Utterly pathetic I agree…………….now for a starters, check Australia's recent election…………..hope is very scarce for the future supporting anything but total delusion reigning supreme to save this land from total devastation.

      Dane you were fabulous there – keep up the truth telling – it will shine through the blind fog of humanity sleep walking into hell.



  32. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    Senator Doctor Pan claims that vaccines pose no risks or harm, yet I have posted:


    🔻only over 11 medical journal papers providing evidence of harm (there are more), 


    🔻plus 2 CDC scientists accusing the CDC of MMR vaccine study falsification who have filed lawsuits, 


    🔻another CDC scientist submitting over 10,000 pages of his own data of MMR vaccine falsification by the CDC over to Congressman Bill Posey, 


    🔻a renown virologist under oath admitting there are no vaccine studies having been conducted for autism, and other confirmations


    🔻a geneticist confirming the DNA mutation-causing associated with regressive autism and possible cancer-causing of Human Fetal DNA cells in vaccines, and found hundreds of mutations in autistic children NOT inherited by either parent… having devastating implications for all children and future children no matter what the religious denomination.


    Human Fetal cells which should also be especially of utmost concern for the many Christian constituents who have obviously not investigated the process and FUTURE process of these cells, when more soon will be needed because the cells become unviable and mutagenic, plus the intended 271 more vaccines in the works, as well as the intended agenda of vaccinating adults now, which will need more human fetal cells, and now Dr Pan denying them an exemption for that violation of Christian commandment.


    🔻 a principal investigator in the clinical trials of both  HPV vaccines and witnessed corruption at the FDA


    🔻  of Congress confirming in a July 2018 lawsuit against the HHS that no vaccine safety has ever been performed since 1986 – 32 years – mandated by Congress in 1986 when vaccine injuries were inundating Pharma 


    🔻 and last but not least, of the FDA also admitting recently in a lawsuit that no vaccine safety studies for any vaccine given to pregnant women have ever been made, including the DTP.  …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. and these is soooo much more


    ALL from dozens of board certified and/or licensed medical doctors and scientists and peer-reviewed medical journals


    How is it you choose to ignore this MASSIVE data Senator Doctor Pan?  … or is it that you have not reviewed it to better understand the thousands of claims of vaccine injuries by parents who are your constituents … who are the FIRST RESPONSDERS of any possible harm come to their children whom they have been solely and often alone keeping alive since birth in their homes – ironically, more diligently observant than the kind of care and observation given to subjects in vaccine clinical trials themselves, because you can only parrot the only words med school taught you "vaccines are safe".  You can talk all you want of your measles sickened patients (which by the way we all had while growing up and it was not urgent so common it was to recover)… but when will you go to the side of a VACCINE INJURY stricken patient who are usually home, to learn what that is really like instead of dismissing them?  I challenge you to go to their homes and see what  families go through and all you dismiss and abandon to their own seeking for healing..


    HOW being a doctor with fiduciary responsibilities do you dismiss all these voices – crying for HELP!!

    • BlueSue says:

      Perhaps a parent could protect their family against the adverse effects of vaccinations by presenting a document such as this for their physician to read and sign:

      Vaccine Indemnity

      As you have requested vaccines for my/our child(ren), it is my duty as a parent to protect them in the event of the vaccine(s) causing adverse reactions to my/our child(ren).

      I am requesting you sign this indemnity form before you administer the vaccine as a protection for my/our child(ren).
      In the event of my/our child(ren) becoming sick or other maladies following this vaccine, you the administer of the vaccine are responsible for damages totaling $250 M plus all the medical costs to correct it.
      Should you choose to not sign this indemnity, which in effect states you cannot guarantee the safety of my/our child(ren), then it is my responsibility and right as a parent to refuse this vaccination.

      Name and position (capitals)

    • Tanya Quarterman says:

      Is it possible to force vaccine proponents like Dr Pan to disclose his own proof of receiving vaccines? Or require that he inject himself first, before asking others to do so? I know the answer to these questions is No, but it shouldnt be. Somehow, and for some reason I think that tbe vaccine pushers will exempt themselves. 

      I work a few miles from the State House in Augusta Maine. The showing to defend the conscientious exemption was pretty big. The day before the governor signed the bill earlier this week the news broadcast the following, " the measles epidemic has hit the state of Maine. One case has been confirmed in a Junior High student. But what was really unusual about this case was that the student had been immunized. Officials are unsure how this happens but believe that the vaccine wanes off over time". Yikes. I can see where this is headed. An opportunity for Merck to push more boosters on people.

      Epidemic…….what a joke. Everywhere I look I see divide-and-conquer strategies


    • Earth Angel says:

      Great document BlueSue. We have ALL got to become proactive in sidestepping the bullsh*t  'they' are slinging at us to protect the health of ourselves and those we love in every way that we can. I would certainly type up a document such as that and then stand firm… NO FORCED VACCINATIONS without repercussion to the offenders. Its bad enough we're all breathing toxic materials EVERY DAY without our consent…END GEOENGINEERING NOW!!!!

  33. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    Weather accountability is just as important as any other kind of accountability, do not trust the official weather reports, but your own equipment, make your own weather station and monitor the weather yourself and document/share your findings, I bought a humidity gauge and I saw that the relative humidity is lower than what the weather report says, that means the air is more dry outside that what we are being told.

  34. Bella_Fantasia says:

    "It's raining Plastics:  Researchers Find Microscopic fibers in Colorado Rain Samples"

    Funny that there are mostly blue fibers.  Lots of stupid explanations given.

  35. Dennie says:

    Starting at 4'50", we hear Ken McCloud, a retired air traffic controller who's views represent Australian Skeptics, we hear this:

    "Well, like in any conspiracy theory, a good one, there is just a germ of truth, and climate change, global warming, is a real threat to our civilization; scientists have been discussing climate modification using aerosols and so on in the upper atmosphere but unfortunately, conspiracy theorists have latched onto this and gone further.  There is no evidence that anyone isactually spraying chemicals into the atmosphere to alter the world's climate."

    Oh, really????

    The two things that McCloud uses to back his position are 1. Name calling ("conspiracy theorists") and bullshit about aerodynamic condensation over the wings of planes around airports on rainly days.  That's it.  Never mind rain, water, snow and soils testing.  Just forget all that, along with the massive Congressional report on Federal Activities in Weather Modification from as long ago as 1978….

  36. juli says:

    presstitute – Wiktionary

    English [] Etymology []. Blend of press +‎ prostitute.The comparison comes from the notion that they sell themselves for money. Noun []. presstitute (plural presstitutes) (derogatory, sometimes attributive) A person or media entity that misleadingly tailors news to fit a particular partisan agenda.

  37. juli says:

    Presstitute is a term that applies to journalism that is misleadingly tailored to fit a particular partisan, financial or business agenda. Coined by Gerald Celente, the word is a portmanteau of press and prostitute.

  38. Beatriz says:

    Great Job, Dane. You were able to present an avalanche of facts in the few minutes they allowed you! Enough to plant many seeds in the disbelievers. No wonder they cut the presentation short.

    Today in NYC lots of chaff coming down, with winds blowing at a velocity of more than 30 mph at times, even though the weather reports only admit to 10 -12 mph. "Allergies" at a max.



  39. Dennie says:

    The guy talking at 4:50 is spreading blatant LIES that there is "absolutely no evidence" of spraying chemicals in the skies– has he NOT been made aware of the results of routine water testing by the California State Dept. of Health Drinking Water Division from the 80s that clearly show spikes in barium, aluminum, strontium and more, all over the state, all at the same time?  There's only ONE way that could happen:  Widespread aerosol spraying of these poisonous chemicals.  And people, when asking "Qui Bono," or "WHY would the government poison poor little me?"  The Answer is THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR HEALTH, OR YOUR KIDS' HEALTH OR EVEN THEIR KIDS' HEALTH.  GET REAL.  BECAUSE WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.  They have an Agenda and YOUR BEST INTERESTS ARE NO PART OF IT.  THEY ARE THAT HEARTLESS.  YESSSS, GET A FUCKING CLUE.  THERE REALLY ARE HEARTLESS A$$HOLES IN MAJOR POSITIONS OF POWER AND THEY DON'T F***ING THINK ABOUT YOUR HEALTH, OR THEIRS EITHER– JEEEZUZ!!!! SMARTEN UP.  SERIOUSLY.

    • Robert David says:

      Very well said! Absolute truth! If you want to find out how much they really care, try not paying your taxes and see what happens.

  40. Alan says:

    Passing on a quote attributed to JFK that appeared this morning in our small town newspaper:

    "A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehoods in an open market, is a nation that is afraid of the people."

  41. k. shememry says:

    If the second older man talking is true what he says then why are  all planes of same size omitting the same patterns in the skys?  I've seen lines in sky with the planes making them and planes flying by a few minutes before and after not making any lines. Whats his explanation to that? I don't believe him.

  42. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    They may not have given you a chance to rebuttal his take on High Turbo Fan Jet Engines Dane, but Wow, what you managed in the few moments you were given was impressive.  You are sure to get attention from the public that heard this broadcast & saw photo's to sink in the ignorant mind of Man, in Australia & those that share it, Worldwide. Besides they can see the whole turbo fan facts at the top of site.  You never look the fool Dane. We are all so Proud of you. Thank You for your professionalism each time you speak.   I am so Thankful for the movement that you have created.   I am Proud to be involved & apart of such great chance & possibility for change on a Planet in dire need of change, to simply have a future.  The right foot forward.  I feel more Hopeful then ever.  Thank You a Million Times.  Thank You for bringing Us, The World Together.   So Great to have someone to look up to in a world I regularly feel such disappointment.    I will be praying for your appearance on many more large media outlets to reach Millions more & I pray others do the same.     Great job Dane.       

  43. Dale K says:

    Since Raytheon is doing NOAA's weather modeling and the telecom firms are in on the game that's being played, I'm sure they will adjust their predictions to accommodate the effects of 5g. 

    NOAA and NASA Warns 5G Technology Will Disrupt Weather Prediction 
    Jim Satney May 24, 2019
    Scientists and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are claiming that 5G wireless technology will interrupt weather satellite imagery. If their claims are true, the interruptions would disrupt the core component used to predict the weather; thus, greatly reducing our capacity to predict major weather events more than a few days out. This could have dire consequences on our economy, considering how reliant modern society is on having prediction models serve to warn communities of incoming large-scale storms. The issue is being raised during a time where some lawmakers and communities are questioning the health risks associated with 5G technology.

    Neil Jacobs, head of the NOAA, explained to Congress last week that 5G wireless could disrupt weather prediction so dramatically that it would set us back four decades.

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