Climate Engineering Contamination, Staying Healthy In A World That Isn’t


Dane Wigington

How does one retain some semblance of health while existing in a world that has become alarmingly toxic and incompatible to life as a whole? Though there are countless sources of contamination, the climate engineering fallout is the most pervasive of all. I am not a physician, but I have made an effort to understand and pursue fitness and health since I was about 14 years of age. To some degree I have avoided previously penning this post because it is not my primary area of study. This being said, I have had many requests to outline what my personal health protocol is, so I'll do exactly that. I am not giving medical advice, I am not suggesting or directing anyone to practice the health/fitness regime that I follow, I am simply sharing it.

The Basics

Abundant Clean And Mineral Balanced Drinking Water

Acquiring this most essential element is no simple task in our now completely contaminated world. I have intentionally located in an extensive wilderness area for many reasons, one of them is the access to exceptional ground water. I, of course, realize that such a source of water is not available to many or most, so other options must be found. The quest for clean water is a complex question and not within the scope or this article, but the point is simply this, water is the most essential foundation of our health. 55

Exercise, Resistance And Aerobic Training

For me, this is first and foremost. If an individual is physically able to engage in consistent cardiovascular and resistance weight training, there is no substitute for the benefits. "Use it or lose it", how many times have we all heard this simple mantra, yet, how few put it to practice? Physical exercise triggers countless beneficial processes in the body, including the cleansing effect of perspiration. Coupled with the constant consumption of clean and mineral balanced water, great benefits can be realized. It is the consistency that matters when it comes to exercise. With few exceptions, I try to train every day.

Avoiding Further Contamination While Training

Unless the outside air is relatively clear, I do not do workout outside. Many choose to ignore the obvious negative effect of heavy outdoor exercise (and thus heavy respiration) in polluted air, this is a big mistake. The harder one breaths in particulate laden air, the more deeply those contaminants penetrate into the lungs. I grew up in unimaginably smoggy conditions in Upland, California. Only when I retreated to the mountains (which I did constantly as I lived right at the base of them) could I escape the polluted air. Even as a boy I was instinctually careful not to exercise heavily while outdoors on a smoggy day. I feel I am still reaping the benefit even today from the caution I practiced so long ago.

Adequate Rest Is Absolutely Essential

Consistently following a protocol of sleep hygiene is imperative. No regime of fitness and health can approach its full potential without the rejuvenation process of adequate rest. Many in today's reality do not take this fact into account and thus neglect this extremely important aspect of sound health. It is essential to consider that the time you choose to go to bed can have a big impact on the rejuvenation that is realized from your sleep. Rest in the earlier hours of the night are generally more beneficial for most.

Sleep Aids

Because sleep is so important, and because there are so many factors in the current paradigm that interfere with our natural sleep cycles, I choose to utilize various supplements to assist with my sleep hygiene. The amino acid "Gaba" is one supplement that I regularly take. Gaba has natural calming effects and can also help the body to produce HGH during rest. Melatonin is also a regular supplement for me. There are multiple benefits from Melatonin as well, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile and Valerian Root are two more options. I rotate supplements, this is important. Constantly taking the same supplement without any break can and does cause the body to build a tolerance and thus the effectiveness is diminished or lost. 59


This is, of course, a very complex subject with countless points of view. Again, the point of this article is to share my own protocol and practices, not to push others to follow any particular practice. What we eat matters immensely. The pros and cons of particular practices and protocols regarding foods and food groups can vary greatly from individual to individual. Blood types are medically shown to be a very significant factor that should be considered (due to different genetic makeup). I had an extensive lab blood test done for food lectin intolerance to confirm the foods that were most compatible for my blood type and genetics. Investigating and understanding what foods are most beneficial to our individual systems is imperative. So many live out their entire lives without knowing or understanding that their systems are intolerant to specific foods. Over time, this intolerance has a grinding down effect on our overall health. I try to consistently consume organic, non-GMO foods that are most compatible with my system.

When To Eat, And When Not To

First, focus on foods that provide the most nutritional value for the given amount of calories they contain (avoid non-nutritional empty calories). Part of my family is from Lithuania, and there is a saying there, "breakfast you keep for yourself, lunch you share with a friend, dinner you give to your enemy". What I consider from this proverb is this, piling up on calories late at night before bed is very counterproductive in many ways and is especially detrimental to sound rest. If your body is struggling to digest while trying also to rejuvenate and cleanse (especially in regard to the brain), these are opposing forces. Avoiding heavy protein meals late in the day and evening is also essential to better sleep at night. Light meals or serotonin producing foods are best for late day and evening meals in order to assist with more restful sleep. 


This subject is also very complex and must be tailored to the individual. I will again share my own personal regime in this arena. I have a pantry that is overflowing with supplements, so many that it takes a bit of navigation to know where to find what you are looking for. This being said, I do not take handfuls of the same vitamins and supplements every day. I am selective, and I consistently rotate supplements. I also take short breaks from supplements altogether to allow my system to settle and clean out. It is important to remember that many herbal supplements and even various vitamins are diuretics. If you load up constantly, you will soon begin to purge your system of water (and thus essential nutrients) which greatly diminishes or completely negates the benefits you are trying to gain from the supplements to begin with. Again, as previously stated, I rotate what I take in order to avoid losing the benefit from various supplements by building up a tolerance to them (I do not apply this rule to some of the most basic and essential supplements like vitamin C). Something to consider, purchasing supplements online is far less expensive than shopping at a retail store.

Which Supplements

As already stated this is a complex subject which can and should vary greatly from individual to individual. The following is a list that covers many of the supplements that I take on a rotational basis. Ginkgo Biloba,  Chamomile, Valerian root. Turmeric, Saw Palmetto, Broccoli extract, L-lysine, Amino complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin C (Ester C or comparable), Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, Magnesium Malate, Boron, Chromium Picolinate, Kelp, Vitamin K-2, Calcium (high quality), Glucosamine/Chondroitin/ MSM (joint maintenance), Green tea extract, Chlorella, essential minerals, apple pectin and Bromelain. Though there are those who claim if one eats properly, supplements are not needed. I disagree. Our bodies daily face a virtual onslaught of attacks and contamination from countless unnatural sources, extra ammunition for remaining strong and healthy is essential.

The Most Important Food Of All, Essential Fats

The body cannot function without essential fat lipids, they are the single most important food we can consume. A deficiency in essential fat lipid intake can lead to an endless list of ailments and diseases. Essential fats are critical in regard to cellular communication and hormone production within the body which is in turn are critical to our overall health. Essential fat lipids are exactly that, essential. Two primary sources I consume are organic Flax and Hemp oils. Both can be found in the refrigerated section of any health food store.

Fermented Foods

Foods containing beneficial bacteria are another basic building block of maintaining our health. There are many sources, I am not advocating any particular one, just a general statement of fact. I try to consistently keep my intestinal flora maintained. 

Avoiding Sugars And Staying Alkaline

The importance of avoiding refined sugars and maintaining an alkaline balance cannot be overstated. The reasons are many, it is not within the scope of this post to cover this subject in depth. I frequently add apple cider vinegar to my drinking water to further decrease acidity, but always in moderation. Apple cider vinegar (like most other supplements) is a diuretic and should be utilized in moderation. 

The Importance Of Good Oral Hygiene

The importance of practicing effective oral hygiene cannot be overstated. Keeping your teeth and gums in top shape is an essential aspect of staying healthy.

Prevention Of Respiratory Infections

Chronic respiratory infection is now epidemic all over the globe. Mathematically speaking the greatest single source of toxic atmospheric particulate contamination is the global climate engineering assault. This fact cannot be rationally denied if all available data is investigated and examined. These particulates are platforms for fungal proliferation and thus fungal infections. Not surprisingly, studies now show that as much as 90% of chronic upper and lower respiratory infections are fungal. To combat this source of infection, I consistently use a nasal spray/inhaler that is comprised of the several essential elements. I fill a 2 ounce nasal spray bottle with clean water and add 1/2 pack of "Neti Pot" salt mix (available in any drug store). I then add 2 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus oil, and 2 drops of grapefruit seed extract. Shake to mix thoroughly, and put it to use. Every night before bed I spray several herbal prevention shots up each nostril while inhaling and also inhale several sprays through the throat of the same mixture. If I feel I have had unusual exposure for any reason, I will use the spray in the morning as well. With this practice, I also rotate and occasionally switch to Olive Leaf Extract nasal spray (also available in any health food store). The importance of keeping any fungal infections (also bacterial and viral) from getting started cannot be overstated. Once deeply rooted, such infections are much more difficult to eradicate. Mainstream medical "professionals" nearly always only feed the problem by prescribing antibiotics which then kill of  beneficial organisms in our system thus further fueling fungal infections. I also utilize the following internal supplements if I am battling an infection: Olive Leaf extract capsules, Grapefruit seed extract capsules, oil of organo, garlic, and Monolaurin.

What We Believe, And Our Health

Our mental state carries the most profound impact to our health. Our body is a manifestation of our state of mind. This fact in no way negates all the protocol and practices outlined above, but rather is an essential component to the whole approach of staying strong and healthy in a toxic world. 56

The Bottom Line, We Must All Work Toward Completely Altering The Current Paradigm On Our Planet

Staying healthy is, of course, important and essential for countless reasons, but the most critical of all is this, in doing so, we can be much more effective in the fight for the greater good. The posted information above is not complete, but rather a general overview of my personal practices and protocols. Staying healthy requires each individual to be pro-active, it cannot be accomplished in any other way. The human race has truly painted itself into a very dark corner, we now face countless daunting existential challenges. The list of contamination sources we face is endless. From GMO foods to Fukushima, to Monsanto chemicals, our exposure is constant. This being said, the single most important leap we could make in the right direction is to fully expose and halt the climate engineering  assault on the biosphere and the web of life. No matter how much effort we make toward maintaining or improving our health, every breath we take is now laden with the toxic geoengineering fallout. Everything we eat is now exposed to the same contamination. Exposing and halting the ongoing climate engineering insanity must be our common cause, it should logically be our primary focus. This battle is about every single breath we take, make your voice heard in this all important fight.

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152 Responses to Climate Engineering Contamination, Staying Healthy In A World That Isn’t

  1. Maeia says:

    Recently discovered geoengineeringwatch and I'm trying to work out how to protect mine and my familie's health.

    I was travelling down the motorway two days ago, beautiful blue skies, and  I noticed there were two planes creating trails. Low and behold, yesterday myself and other family members woke up feeling terrible, with complete sudden smoggy cloudcover in my area.

    Would activated charcoal or air purifiers for the home be any good to mitigate some of the damage? What are the most prevalent elements that make up the bodies of their poison? I read something about aluminium and heavy metals. There's got to be some things in mother nature we can use to defend our health while we fight to stop this from happening.

  2. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Be aware of Deception and lies : "They Say" Cancer survivors are increasing at a great cost of there overall health obviously but th rate of cancer is increasing and is becoming or is an epidemic in an overall toxic and radioactive world where we eat disgusting GMO's and get toxic shots and breath in toxic air we are having more cancer and autism I wonder what the true rate of autism is I think it's being underreported nearly everyone has mental retardation based on my observation these days and infowars backs this conclusion up as well and by definition mental retardation is part of the huge autism spectrum. Mental retardation ranges from poor speech or communication problems as well as thinking problems ,people with mental retardation often think in black and white or have a narrow point of vision where they can only focus on one thing at a time and not on the overall issue is "neurotypicals" until recent years at least could focus both in detail and overall and understand complexity. I hope I don't offend anyone but we need cure acceptance that is the true change we need instead we are making essential cures to terrifying "disorders" like cancer and autism illegal which is a step in the wrong direction I believe ,these acceptance groups who want you to accept anything and everything because that's the easy thing to do obviously have mislead us.

  3. paul fowler says:

       Has the "avian  flu " come to roost in Ontario ?

        A couple of news links I saw , through "End Times " mass animal die off list , caught my eye .The first one was about the 3.5million  poultry  destroyed in Africa because of the H5N1 flu virus . African poultry farmers a in full panic mode . The second was a link to a CBC article . I think I will just quote this head line word for word . "Bird flu confirmed on farm in St. Cathrines 14000 ducks to be killed" Then directly below that there was a secondary heading and I quote "Fourteen thousand ducks to be 'de-populated' to stop spread of H5N1 virus Ontario." 




  4. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    I heard years ago about the book titled "Eat Right For Your Blood Type". I think it is very important, that we monitor our health and the food we consume. In the world we currently live in, we definitely need detoxification, on a regular basis, from all the multiple hazardous elements we are exposed to.

    • Mish says:

      Very important to note the work that researchers like Ben Lynch have done on the Human Genome project!  We now know that disease isn't necessarily rooted in our Genes, but rather develops from blocked methylation pathways.  Blocked pathways is now understood to be the fertile ground of disease and dysfunction.  The MTHFR mutation occurs in ~ 60% of the population (it is hereditary and very common in Hispanic, Chinese and Eastern European populations).  This mutation prevents the body from effectively absorbing B12.  B12 helps the body detox from all sorts of contaminants, so it is critical to good health (methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin).  With proper mineral supplementation for your individual SNP's (single nucleotide polymorphisms), you can empower your body to dodge disease! Case in point, Folic Acid has been added to most of our processed food and over a lifetime, this additive becomes toxic to the MTHFR mutated individual.  That's why over-the-counter vitamins can be toxic to some.  Those affected CANNOT process Folic acid properly!  Poor B12 absorption can lead to miscarriage, mental health issues, circulatory, respiratory and other autoimmune dysfunction, including cancer. Knowing your MTHFR status is very enlightening and can inform what you can do to avert disease and process toxins more efficiently!  Health Professionals are just starting to understand what folks like Ben Lynch have discovered.  But perhaps, big Pharma doesn't really want you to unlock this part of the puzzle!  We live in a toxic world, so this is so important!!

    • Maeia says:

      Hey Mish,

      I'm very interested in what you've said! Where can I get started with finding out more about MTHFR? I'm looking online and it looks pretty confusing to get into, so where's a good place for a beginner to start learning?


  5. tim says:

    Almost everyday, I get aluminum, strontium and barium. Thanks Military.


  6. Raphael says:

    Start taking Diatomaceous Earth food grade ASAP because of its negative charge it has removes toxic positive charged heavy metals even radioactive..100s of uses also

    • MarkS says:

      It is also important to know when to take DE (diatomaceous earth) and what overall impact it has on your nutrient balance. DE will remove metals from your body, even the "good" metals we require for metabolic processes. DE should be taken at night before retiring, and should ultimately be taken at a level of 1 rounded tablespoon per 100 lb of bodyweight, by starting at around 2 tsp (mixed with distilled water) and working up to the amount specified above. Do not think that you can start at higher levels as that will likely cause gastrointestinal distress.

      Replace the lost metals by including dark leafy greens and nuts (I prefer brazil nuts) in your daily diet. 

      Remember also to give your body a break after several weeks of this, especially if you are not replacing the lost metals in sufficient quantities.

      I would also highly recommend the frequent use of cinnamon bark and basil essential oils for their antifungal properties, and clove bud essential oil for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

  7. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and Friends, thank you for your Work.

    Hello Brothers and Sisters.

    Want to see how in gold can vanish from a bank??


    Good Luck to Us All.

  8. L says:

    Epsom salt baths are great for getting magnesium into the body as the magnesium helps to displace toxic metals and soothes the nervous system nicely. 

    I miss being able to have therapies and supplements to support my health as I used to. It is a very sad world in which we have to be able to afford these things over and above good food just to have  a level of health that is our birthright. For those of us caught in a health/money/age catch 22 and who can literally barely survive each day financially and don't have a garden, balcony or patio to grow things on, being able to do anything much for health is a dream! 

    • Dennie says:

      Hi L:  How you doin' over there in U.K. today?  Sun's out though we have had lots of fog and now wind here in the San Francisco Bay Area, after a lot of heat and stagnation that actually bleached the plants of their green color yesterday… "They" have been spraying like gangbusters.. lots of ice nucleation material, it was much colder and more humid last night.  There is a load of fine, powdery, salty-tasting metal in the air that bubbles when it gets on my tongue and this is also creating a lot of G.I. upset for people, also hearing problems; most haven't a clue as to why…

      I'm wondering if those of us in the know will consider forming groups of people who can trade massage, etc. With health care costs becoming out-of-reach even for formerly comfortably wealthy people, we are really going to have to go in that direction.  I'm so afraid of the "remedies" practiced by M.D.s these days that, short of being hit by a bus, falling off my running shoes, a dog bite or other such unexpected tragedy (God forbid it, cancer…) they are no longer my "go to" guys.  Totally indoctrinated in the wrong direction.

    • L says:

      Hi Dennie: yes, lots of spraying here and a warm day with a lot of wind. Lately, there has been no end of spraying- not one natural cloud on some days- and frequent deluges of rain that literally just drop from the sky. Today obviously started out with blue skies but the trails are being relentlessly laid.

      I think treatment swaps are a great idea! It's something I used to do regularly with another therapist but I have moved since both in location and life circumstances! It's a pity I am across the pond from you! 

      I am absolutely in agreement with you about modern medicine: its principles are all wrong and so often harmful. It is largely thanks to overprescription of antibiotics for years in my younger days that I have struggled all my life with my health. If I had accepted standard treatments, my health would be a lot worse than it is and I would probably have organs missing too! I swear that in any medical emergency, the terror of being subject to their protocols would get me before the "treatment" did! 

  9. Dennie says:

    "Ex-"Israeli military spy ring penetrated the Pentagon, followed the cells involved in 9/11, were caught with vans packed with explosives on 9/11, were caught surveying the Sears Tower with speculation they were going to blow it up; they were caught trying to blow up a nuclear reactor in Pennsylvania, etc. Joseph Raimondo of was all over the Israeli Art student thing, then had a "serious heart attack" and hasn't talked about it since.  And more.  Check it out:

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Yah Dennie…the Mossad & CIA leading the way into all false flags around the world. Every 2 months we now have a false flag occurring (with real & faked deaths) and ALWAYS a "terrorist muslim" is identified (the boogeyman), and always the muslim yells "Allu Akhbar" and always there is an instant, a pre-scripted message read by world leaders calling for gun control and always greater lock-down!

      This NWO tribe knows that many now know their agenda, yet they will not stop. They are on a Satanic, straight from pits of hell course to foment war &chaos. They will "destroy, destroy, destroy" (their own words from numerous decades ago). That is their agenda, until everything is dead, dying or broken. Then in their greatest dreams and racist hearts, they will remake the world in their image. Their motto "for the greater Israel" and "when Israel is mighty". Look to Palestine if you want a sampling and before that Bolshevik Russia. The Bolsheviks were tribal agents sent by Wall Street Bankers & families.


    • BaneB says:

      9-11 Is the flag ship of their satanic agenda.  When I first watched the video of Building 7 falling as if it was a Las Vegas casino demotion, that was when I realized We The People had been had.  And which would caused many a thinking person to research further to seek to distill the Truth where ever it led. I am still in shock!  Who would believe such a stupendous discovery that 9-11 was and still is a murderous traitorous operation orchestrated and covered up by those charged with Constitutional responsibilities to protect the national security.  At 72 years of age and no innocent knowing the wiles of human deception so I thought, this wanton murderous rampage and who dun it has left me deaf, dumb, and stultified.  9-11 is not the perfect crime and the cracks in the big lie are legion.  But, to date the traitors have gotten away with it and continue their Yinon Plan to destroy humanity.  They make war by way of deception.  And the national governments have to know this if not in collusion, too.  So, really we stand naked and virtually defenseless in a kind of Alice in Wonderland nightmare on a planet going around a sun in a universe turned upside down.  Our "protectors " are the plotters, instigator, mass murderers, and liars who operate a global psyops upon the peoples of this earth.  And the more people who realize this and speak out, the greater the impetus for the scum to ignite World War Three.  That is how these creatures operate.  So should we bow our heads and pray to them?  The Angel Michael….where are you?  Help!

    • Dennie says:

      Melody:  I often wonder if the Hegelian "communist" vs. "capitalist" race wasn't originated via a drunken bet at some fine party in a mansion somewherein Vienna, where beautiful chamber music wafted through the rooms one evening back in 1787 or so… seems about right re the timeline, if you ask me, just having passed the Bastille False Flag Day– HAH! 

  10. Melody Meachum says:

    Fantastic health regimen info passed on from Dane & many others. It's reconfirming & reassuring to check in with others for advice on food, herbs & supplements. We're all  wanting to maintain our health and our loved ones health just as long as we can.

    Just two I might add:

    -don't overlook the health of your eyes. Very important as the eyes are likely the largest orifice for toxin/pollutant intake. Not to mention the extreme sensitivity some of us deal with re: burning, gritty & painful irritation. After several years of routinely popping over the counter drops (w/no real relief) in my eyes, I turned to homepathics and now use Boron based drops as needed. This is a natural cleanser & better all the way around.

    -give thought to the types of fruit/veggies you're choosing. The more thick skinned or tough it is (ie avacados, eggplant, squash family, kiwi, pineapple), the less penetrable it becomes for those "smart" microbes that descend upon everything.

    May the One who created the earth & its goodness bless you.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Correction – sorry (getting late here), the maker of the eye drops is Boiron & name of product is Optique1.

  11. Free Energy Technologies says:

    The anti-cure medical industry doesn't want you to know this ↑(your article). Thank you Dane Wigington for this article. Health is our responsibility the doctors in today's time act so in I sent and deny the cure they want you on permanent treatment, therapist ,medications and or dependent on some higher power if you question the forbidden cure they call it "false hope" or something to steer your mind away from the cure this makes me upset ,millions will have an infected medical record because doctors are not about the cure only treatment that goes on forever they been exposed peace.

  12. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Anti cure :  We cannot go to the doctors to cure our medical conditions because the medical industry is anti cure so instead we have to do our own research to cure ourselves by ourselves we cannot rely on doctors anymore.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Agree I want to see more on this topic its an advantage we have ,we are in the tribulation ,we cannot breath well ,we eat junk because sometimes we have no other choice one thing to remember is the majority are not who we want to be at this point. 

  13. Non-axisymmetric helical perturbations of round turbulent jet using plasma actuator  /January 31, 2015
    Abstract : Plasma actuators are used to control the jet exhausting from a circular pipe equipped with a small-angle diffuser (α=22°, internal diameter of 50 mm). … The electrode arrangement produces a counter-flow action on the initial region of the free turbulent shear layer. … When the actuation is turned on, the potential core is largely shortened, the jet spreading is enlarged and the vortex dynamic is strongly affected by the actuation. In particular, results demonstrate that a significant mixing enhancement is performed when the actuation is at a normalized frequency … This new velocity distribution presumably results from mutual interactions of the forced vortices. …
    Jets flow … One of the flow control interest concerns the mixing of the jet with its surrounding environment, in the near and far field regions of the jet exhaust. … the use of non-thermal plasma to control jet mixing and entrainment rate. … Here, non-thermal plasma actuators are used to manipulate the turbulent air jet exhausting from an axisymmetric pipe equipped with a small angle diffuser.  … plasma discharge can produced a local flow due to collisions between the neutral and charged particles. … this produced local flow is imposed at the lip of the jet nozzle to disturb the shear layer in the region where the natural instabilities originate.  … jet flow control by non-thermal plasma … using a phased plasma arrays composed of 9 DBDs placed inside a circular extension nozzle. … non-thermal plasma can be useful to perform jet vectoring, and mixing enhancement for freestream velocity up to 30 m/s. The results indicate that the control process involves local forced flow attachment, or separation and excitation of the instability modes, according to the electrode arrangement designed to reach the flow control target.

    Fuel jet mixing enhanced by intermittent injection

    • Dennie says:


      "We're now blowing thicker, wider, juicier clouds of noxious, billowing krrrrrr-APP (Fred Newman, where are you?) emanating out the nether regions of our magnificent, new-and-improved Magical Turbo-Torque Tech-in-Overdrive Flying Machines!!"

      Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, kids!

    • Dennie says:

      P.S.:  I'd certainly like to try a little "velocity distribution" redistributing myself, all right.. and give the Ralph Cramden Treatment to any and all of those having anything to do with the creation and/or profiteering of and by geonegineering into permanent orbit: UP TO THE MOON, Alice!!!

  14. LS says:

    They're back. I knew it when I woke up with my heart slamming last night and the sun rose to a completely engineered sky this morning. 

    • sea says:

      Well the santa cruz area is back on the schedule- heavy duty HAARP going on.Waves every where…

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      There is very little cloud cover in the pacific right now because of high pressure and the modifying of low pressures to steer them like the right angle it changes the shape and it changes the topographical effect on the currents successfully steering  the storm /weakening expanding its cloud canopy and more.

    • Dennie says:

      Yup, the barium makes your heart start racing.  Get some potassium citrate at– their house brand is cheap, like $14 per bottle and it lasts a while, then pop seven when you're feeling this coming on.  I take it with a little magnesium.  Be careful, though, because magnesium can really clean your clock, if you know what I mean. 

      Meanwhile, surfing around on "milk of magnesia," I found that magnesium hydroxide has anti-bacterial properties and is used by some to treat acne and oily skin successfully:  Good deal, if it works for ya.

  15. paul fowler says:

          I have been noticing several people in my area that are displaying signs of involuntary muscle movements , in their thumbs mainly , doing a "Fonzie" thing, me included .  Some others with rashes on their legs , I can include myself here as well . Then there is my eye that has been twitching for a couple of months now . I have said before but I don't like coincidence . The alarm bells have been ringing on many different fronts for quite some time now , perhaps that is why I have this perpetual ringing in my ears for the last two years . This is becoming all too surreal .

            I would like  to start discussing common sense  ways of ending  this insanity . Some would say , leave it to God or God help us . I do  not have a religious label but I do understand the need for spirituality ,  however I think the creator  is going to need some help with this  Unholy Nemesis .

    • Steven says:

      We brought this upon ourselves. God allows evil and darkness to exist in our lives. When something bad happens or is going on God expects us to do the right good thing and not only stop but completely turn away from the darkness. I think that's what we face. We need to not only stop this monstrosity but we are going to have to take the steps to repair the damage done. Let's stop it now. Where do I sign up? What's it gonna take? "Lets Roll"!

    • Dennie says:

      It's really our own denials that are causal.  God truly wants us to end our denials, individually AND collectively.  Until you move the underlying emotions and you get enough understandings (God's light) so they can morph into something else, you won't see a shift outwardly.

  16. stephan says:

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth works for me. Take care all.

  17. Any ideas on how these are formed?
    Geometric “bundle” Clouds on the California Coast, July 14, 2016 & the Jet Stream crossing the Equator Africa/India

    • ron hall says:

      Hmmm.  Since I found out about 2 weeks ago that there are many ships along the equator with mobile interferometers and ionosphere heaters,  I suspect that these ships communicate with HAARP-like sites nearer the poles where magnetosphere lines converge and plasma fields can be held in place indefinitely(mirroring affect).  So these Eastland "embodiments" are criss-crossed from every which way including sending X frequency EM waves and/or electrons and ions parallel to the earth and horizontally through the upper troposphere which is now capable of eletrical currents ( i., e., filled with nano-particles of aluminum, etc.,).                                 And/or it is just another one of their sociopathic experiments with zero  concern for the biosphere. Some of us, me, for example, need to be slapped awake and have a soothing voice say,"Don't worry this just a bad dream."

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, After viewing your pictures I could not help but think of your upper post here of non- axisymmetric helical perturbations of round turbulent jet using plasma activator.  This, because in reading and looking at your post and these pictures, reading more to try to understand, a mental picture appears in my head that looks like this, not that that is worth much.  But I mean before I got to here and saw your photos.  Like a bag of maggots.  So very tightly packed and going different directions it appears, yet, as you say, bundled.  I mean it has to be a new?/different technique, and the pipe adjustment skewing sheer factor might yield something like this–given how small the pipe and the sort of adjustment to it.  Am I way wrong?  I have seen some small, tight little bundles of something similar, but larger, not the same.  The conflict implied would pack a more powerful punch, I'm thinking.

      From what I've found out, the jet stream-as if there was only one!-does tend to go low, forays below the equator in our summers.  Do not know yet if this has always been the case since we first found them in WW2, or what.  But, the dividing line is telling, I think.  So clear cut as to imply to me anyway, the fracking of the jet stream as per paper co-written by Calderia.  Which ultimately, according to criticism and work on reviewing the papers-two papers, opposite results, would result in a loss of seasonality.  Guess we shall see.  Would greatly welcome other opinions.  Interesting pics Susan.  Thank you.



  18. Dennie says:

    When I left the house this morning I saw the French flag hanging on the front wall of the neighbor's house and thought, "Ah, mais oui, yes, of course, it is Bastille Day!"  Second thought:  There will be a "terrorist" attack somewhere in France today. 

    Sho' nuff, guess what's all over National Propaganda Radio this afternoon, and YouTube mainstream media stories, with a mostly "Go-o-ollly!" (think: Gomer Pyle) feel to them.  Any written commentary as to the false-flag possibility of this latest, a truck attack, is nowhere that I could find on the internet today yet.  And LOL– I heard reported on NPR this morning that "no one thought a car could be used as a weapon.." a precise echo of "no one thought a plane could be used as a weapon" to crash into stuff, as in "Nine-One-One," (yes, "they" ARE laughing at you and me)– what the Hell do they teach down on The Farm (Stanford)?  Did Condi Rice NEVER hear of the Kamikazis?? 

    That said, the Corbett Report had this to say about the Paris cafe attack late in 2015:, and the ever-excellent Joachim Hagopian had this to say about the same attacks at  Paul Craig Roberts, too: 

    The patterns, so obvious if you're actually paying attention, haven't changed in the past 8 months, except, just as with "climate change," these events are accelerating.  

    • Dennie says:

      “I hate to disturb your Saturday night but ISIS is coming to America and it may be sooner than anyone thinks. They are rich. They are ruthless and they are suicidal.” (Translated:  This is propaganda designed to frighten Americans)  (Source: Still Report #316 – ISIS Threatens Mall in Charlotte, NC | Time Reference: 05:04)

      Who Is Behind ISIS?  Answer:  The Usual Suspects (translated: The new bogeyman is the same as the old bogeyman)  James Corbett reports:

    • BaneB says:

      The same "new Pearl Harbor" and planned chaos described as propitious for a certain friendly ally that engineered. 9-11 is the very same plot that keeps the cauldron stewing in the European theatre.  Given the who involved, we the people are helpless to stop them.  Mystery Babylon has been subsumed at every lever of power.  You might check out The B-Thing and the Gelatin Art Group.  Notice the "art" work, the drawings, the cantilevered platform outside the twin tower at around the 83rd floor.  These "artists" had unfettered construction permit access to the Twins.  Indeed, they lived in the building before 9-11.  They wired it.  Look at the interior photographs…  Boxes of electrical hardware.  How many Arabs arrested on 9-11?  Zero.  How many Israelis arrested?  Dozens.  A search of these facts reveals an astounding epiphany of shock at how this catastrophe was instigated, planned, executed, and ALLOWED to be done.  What can one say or do in the face of such wicked murderous betrayal?  Its almost paralyzes the mind to realize what has gone down with that piece of "performance art."  My view, given the background surrounding 9-11 is Nice is a continuation of the CON.

    • Dennie says:

      GOOD CATCH!!! I often wondered how the f*ck that place got wired… ARTISTS, huh???  Yup, DEMOLITION ARTISTS.  DUH. 

      In one of the videos someone shot at the time that I saw on JuTube, YOU CAN VERY CLEARLY SEE THE CHARGES GOING OFF, FLOOR BY FLOOR, on the towers, as they fall.  ONLY AN IDIOT "COULDN'T" SEE THIS.

    • Dennie says:

      "Let one happen, stop the rest."  — Mike Vreeland. 


    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody.

      Thank you Dennie.


  19. Grant Jones says:

    These past few weeks my comments have been off an I apologize. For the past five years I have been a caregiver for my folks, keeping them in their home an out of assisted living.  Mom is 90 an Dad 92.  Seeing his intellect fail an the anger of frustration arise is taxing.  He is now days from a confined mental institution or death.  Neither do I take lightly.  Help is almost nonexistant as I have sought from every conceivable source.   It is all part of life, just not a fun part.  I would like you all to know that I derive strength and motivation from you and your efforts to save this life on Earth.  We here are an extended family working together for the common good.  Thank you all.  Grant.

    • Marilyn Avila says:

      Hang in there Grant. Caregiving is a difficult and selfless act of love and I believe you are blessed for it.  I think we are all so frustrated at the soulless crimes being committed against us that it is hard to be happy on this planet anymore. We can't give in to negativity because then we are like them. All we need is love, in the words of one of my favorite humans, John Lennon.  May all that is good come your way.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Awe, Grant!  You have my heartfelt sympathies.  As well as moral support and praise for giving this effort with your parents your all.  You are to be commended for doing what many would not.  I've been there, am there in multiple ways!  There are no rewards really but for knowing you did the right thing.  My "father" was dying forever it seemed, not unlike me!  But I was much younger then and less sick and so as no one else would help him, I did.  He died a month before his 60th birthday.  I spent those last couple of years with him doing things like spending huge amounts of hours at the VA for which he had little patience.  This man who would never communicate with me made me his confidant.  At one point, he felt his medication wasn't right but was afraid to speak up to his doc.  I discovered that indeed said doc had erred, indeed medication was not correct.  Little victories.  His last stroke left him  unable to move his bishop or knight in chess as they went at angles.  Yet he had no trouble with the queen.  Everyday saying: "Are you ready for your beating today?"  He always or almost always beat me, I swear he only taught me basics so that he could!  But that last day, try as I did to fail, none the less won 6 games.  He became incredibly depressed as I kept saying: It's your stroke, daddy, you know you have trouble moving your knight because of your stroke, and I just lucked out.  To which he said: The day you beat me 6 times in a row in the day I die, and he did!  Cripes!

      I went though all this with "mom" and even her mother.  Now, when my memory fails me, and it Never! used to, I see the fear in my daughter's eyes.  I begin to get that growing old gracefully, has nothing to do with looks.  Rather, how you roll with aging.  How gracefully or not you face the challenges of aging, accept the limitations, stay relevant, wanted, useful–if you are lucky!  For almost 8 years now I've been overseeing care of my brother in law, a fullblood Lakota whose own big family can't or won't deal with and so gladly pass it to me.  Long distance yet.  He's in a "home" in South Dakota, a skilled nursing home owing to a traumatic brain injury.  So all this effort is long distance and yet it is one heck of a lot of effort and good thing too, else he'd slip through the cracks.  I call once or twice everyday, know all the staff, send him things he thinks he wants, explain things to him and to staff when he feels they won't listen.  He is getting worse and I feel so helpless so far away.  So much more I could do in person.  Yet I've accomplished so much, like the good wheelchair he has.  His new vision issues.  They drug him a lot and I'm working on trying to get some of that lowered or gone.  Even from a distance it is a huge, time consuming job.  One's heart just breaks.  My "mother" lost her memory and so forgot she'd disowned me as well as her second grandchild.  She'd been a vicious woman all her life and still was!  Yet she wanted me to save her!  And when she met the 20 year old she'd thrown away as a baby, she kept saying: I don't know who this girl is, but I like her!  Gee.

      Meanwhile, there is a couple living three doors down from me, in their early 90s and doing well!  Sharp, up beat.  Making the effort every day. People don't seem to change, just deteriorate.  My takeaway is to be the best you you can now, then when you age that far-as if possible these days-things will go so much better in real old age.  Not only will you benefit, but those who care for you will too. 

  20. Denise says:

    Unfortunately, many planes continue to spray daily here in NC –Asheville and surrounding area.  Day and night. I watch at 5:30 a.m. and still sometimes they're flying at 8:30 p.m.  Wind, rain and electrical storms and frequent cold temperatures.  When the sun does shine it is very hot with high humidity.  Thank you Dane for the very informative website and your great stand.  

  21. Susan says:

    Could it really be 5 plus days since a line appeared in my sky in Eugene, Or?    Wait a minute…Are we not on the "schedule"?   Inquiring minds want to know….

    • BaneB says:

      Denise:  I don't think you have long to wait.  The manipulated former Hurricane Celia has been microwaved and its counter clockwise rotation almost halted.  There is a transmitter zapping the right eastern side of it. This is causing the tail to unravel from the vortex.  The tail is now moving northeast toward Northern California and Oregon.  And no surprise but the sky satanists are here over my region of Northern California like clockwork because moisture is approaching.  One huge trail onto the bluish sky was an S figure.  I suppose it is what is referred to as 'branding.'  For a birds eye view of how these weather terrorist operate their sick manipulations Frankly, I have been observing the Pacific weather via satellite imagery for a number of years.  The high priest of insanity have really screwed over what was once an elegant dependable natural weather system.  They have become jugglers of lows and highs.  And the day of reckoning is fast approaching because there is no way this blocking of jet stream flow, stifling hurricanes, redirecting them and snuffing them out, is not going to cause a build up of blowback such as the 200+ MPH Patricia last year that was snuffed out when it headed for Mazatlan.  I heard a while ago there was a tornado alert in NYC yesterday.

    • BaneB says:

      Sorry Susan:  My reply to you was addressed to Denise.  

  22. JOANN FERGUSON says:

    Dane, Thanks for sharing your health tips with all of us.  The air around the Tahoe Basin is getting harder and harder to breathe in.

    The Geoengineers have been using a different method of adding particulate matter to our skies in the past two months here in Northern Nevada.  The planes dispersing aerosols have only been seen a handful of times within this period.  I have noticed late at night huge burst of what appears to be a big dust bowl cloud appearing over the city.  There has only been one day in two and a half months where we have had natural clouds.  The dew is extinct in the morning. Everywhere around the Carson Valley as far as your eyes can see, the hills are dry and burning up from the intense sunlight we have been experiencing for months on end.  I truly believe these evil-minded mad scientists have come up with a different method of dispersing their toxic chemicals because people are waking up.  Every day I come down from Lake Tahoe into the Carson Valley my heart breaks.  We have been living under a darkened brown hazy skies that suck up any rain cloud trying to form.  About two weeks ago when we finally experienced natural clouds forming, the planes came out in full force for several hours to knock them right out of the sky. Arborists, loggers, and tree crews have been working around the clock in the Tahoe basin cutting down the dead trees and chipping them back onto the hillside.  I stopped a few days ago to ask one of the tree Arborists what is happening to all the trees.  Of course, he said the beetles are killing them.  Once a tree has become too weak due to weather, disease, or any other condition, the beetles will take over.   Life as we once knew it no longer exists.  Love the ones your with and enjoy every minute you have left with them.

  23. Free Energy Technologies says:

     Thank you for posting on this topic I think it is really important people in this battle know this so we truth tellers can survive and save some souls 

    From this tribulation hour.

  24. paul fowler says:

    Money was invented by those that were in power . A mere figment of their imaginations . It was a way for them to get everything they wanted without having anything of  true value to trade for it , food , water ,resources , labour  ect. Slavery without shackles .    Now days , money dictates everything . Cost  over common sense . Crazy corporations produce hazardous products and toxic food because it is more profitable for them . Then bankers eradicate disposable income for the masses , which forces us to consume their products of doom . Then , if that isn't enough , they blame us for wanting cheaper goods and poisoning our planet . This is why they want us gone .      A cool quote from an old black and white film ( sorry I don't remember the title ) A dark haired man addressing a banquet table full of stuffed shirts and he says ." If you can't squeeze it and shove it in your pockets you destroy it . If you can't eat it you bury it , like dogs ." I do realize that is an insult to dogs , but I'm just the messenger . Here are just a few examples of our  treasures they buried.
    -1807 internal combustion engine , it ran on hydrogen and oxygen with a manual electric ignition .
    -1898 "Renaults" electric car , on display at Warrick castle .
    – 1924 " Laetrile " ( vitamin b17) cancer treatment. Banned in the U.S. 1963 . Cover up exposed 1977 thanks to Ralf Moss . This is now listed as an alterative cancer treatment . ( it triggers the same reaction as the words alterative media) 
    -1947/1948 The  "Tucker"car . "Tucker and his dream". The American dream has become a nightmare.
    – 1970's/ ancient times. Crystal energy . My eldest brother made a crystal powered radio for a school science project. 
    – 2000's I only have second had testimony , bio fuel made from algy. However it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one . Just walk the shores of lake Erie and you can smell the gases coming from the rotting green goo.    Sure makes me wonder what else the money mongering , manipulating , maniacs are hiding from us .

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody.

      Hemp is a ( CLEAN ) substitute for the oil industry. And bio plastics made from algae ( seaweed ), are a reality..   ..and to control population, we have; Family Planning.  ..Not MASS MURDER!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Paul Fowler,  I grew up with wealth and knew many who were uber wealthy, castles and all.  None of them, and I do mean none, were happy or well adjusted people.  And so I vowed to have nothing to do with money.  I fear I've succeeded all too well!  Oh well!  Just, that for once I'd like to drive a vehicle that did not intend to kill me!  And a million other things.  Spent my entire adult life very poor yet rewarding.  But for holes in windows, lead paint and all that goes with poverty.  Still, does give me a bit of a leg up on our collective future.  And present!

      In the 70s and early 80s I did know a number of crystal freaks.  One guy I knew kept one on his car's engine to keep it working!  I knew many who claimed Natives used them, but none of the natives I knew and from a wide variety, did.  Yet, I do know they have properties, don't understand but would have loved seeing your brother's crystal clock!  Too cool!

      By the way, in a recent prior post, you mentioned rashes, saying legs.  Can you tell me more?  I've had an odd rash for about more than a year now.  No one knows why and I have tried "everything".  I'd like to hear or see a description of what you mentioned, and any clues what to do about it!  Please, anyone?  Thanks.

      @Pedro, Yes! Yes! And again, yes!  

  25. Veritas says:

     I would add to avoid all seafood from the Gulf of Mexico as they are still spraying Corexit to sink any oil leaks. Corexit is bioaccumulative and causes cancer and chromosomal damage. Also take black pepper with the Turmeric as it greatly increases effectiveness and absorbtion.

    “We ain’t never seen anything like those shrimp and crabs before the spill,” said Penick. “This kind of stuff was news to us all.”

    "Penick said the mutated shrimp can be easily spotted in the sorting process, but said that plenty actually make it through seafood distributors to market. The malformations would not be noticeable in most US supermarket seafood chests because the heads and outer shells are most often discarded. But that presents no guarantee that whatever carcinogens caused the horrific malformations are not making it into the human food supply."

    • paul fowler says:

          The top brass at B.P. oil  sold off their shares in the company, just weeks before the blow out preventer blew up . That was lucky for them?

    • Veritas says:

          Exactly, these scumbag's must be psychic seeing as how they always get "lucky" and profit when disaster occurs. JPMorgan Chase, Goldman- Sachs, Halliburton, Wackenhut Security, .etc, got real "lucky". Reminds me of "Lucky" Larry Silverstein making more than 5 billion dollars from the 9/11 "accident". Did I mention how "lucky" they seem to be?

  26. Gestapo America / Paul Craig Roberts / July 13, 2016
    FBI Director James Comey got Hillary off the hook but wants to put you on it. He is pushing hard for warrantless access to all of your Internet activity. Comey, who would have fit in perfectly with Hitler’s Gestapo, tells Congress that the United States is not safe unless the FBI knows when every American goes online, to whom they are sending emails and from whom they are receiving emails, and knows every website visited by every American. In other words, Comey wants to render null and void the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution and completely destroy your privacy rights. The reason Washington wants to know everything about everyone is so that Washington can embarrass, blackmail, and frame on felony charges patriots who stand up in defense of the US Constitution and the rule of law, and dissidents who criticize Washington’s illegal wars, reckless foreign policies, and oppression of American citizens. Washington’s demand for power has nothing to do with our security. It has to do with destroying the security that the US Constitution gives us.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Everybody.

      America has become something out of a surreal horror film. It is inexplicable how the most powerful and rich country, could become the most INSANE, CRIMINAL and PARANOID "culture" ever.

      It is unbelievable.

      Good Luck to Us All.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan!  I guess most of feel this is already the case.  It does boggle the mind to imagine how very much work this would entail if worked and not just there.  Job creation!  Ha!  And to whom?

      Made me think of the recent stuff about Pokemon which many have questioned and of which it is now said that anyone who does this virtual Pokemon enters a highly tracked platform.  When my 21 year old grandson was a young kid, he was utterly obsessed with Pokemon as were all young kids and for years.  In kids world, this was currency, and nearly a life or death matter it seemed as many, with their parents' help acquired so many of these cards, treated like precious commodities, to horde or trade, utterly convinced of their worth.  So, now that these "kids" are 21-ish, they are pre-primed for this, ready, willing and able to jump on it and thereby be utterly tracked in all they do.  Such silliness, but with a plan?  Who would have thought!  I hated it then and found the whole thing confusing.  Shocked me that it resurfaced.  Then read of the tracking, the vast amount of info from tracking these kids, mostly guys, now young adults.  Suddenly, this weirdness seems really scary, as if pre-thought out!  Yikes. 

    • Dennie says:

      @Pedro:  Agreed.  The U.S. as it is now is of course no longer the country I knew when I was much younger.  The insanity didn't really start until the death of J.F.K. and the takeover of the Corporate-Bankster-controlled Bush NAZI crime families, off-shoring all of the U.S.'s industry to dump all the polluting industries into China and elsewhere, far from here, and allowing the Eco-NAZIs to take over and now they're trying to kick humans out of nature, as if "nature" means life on Earth minus humans (well, minus certain kinds of humans would be an improvement– like the ones directing this kind of programming).  Should we expect anything but, once the military dug and chopped and drilled, then guzzled all the natural resources here in their increasingly insane efforts to get and now stay "On Top" of the world?  What do you suppose Adam Smith would have to say?

  27. L says:

    I used to be able to afford supplements but simply can't now as I literally don't have enough income. Not all supplements are good quality and many are stuffed full of fillers that create their own health problems. Decent ones are expensive but worth it if you can buy them. Nor can I afford expensive water filters to remove all the fluoride our water is laced with here in the UK. The best I can do is buy cheap bottled spring water, though that does not beat the stuff I used to get from a live spring in Canada. I do my best to eat fruit and veg regularly. I also try to have saunas at the swimming baths and used to do this weekly.

    If people can afford it, I also recommend classical osteopathy. This was something I used to have access to whenever I needed it but sadly don't now but would do it if I could. The body realignment maximises circulation and organ functioning and I always used that instead of medication for anything from backache to flu! The gentleman who introduced it to England- John Wernham- just missed his 100th birthday by a couple of weeks and in his nineties, recovered from a severe bout of flu thanks to osteopathy!

    I echo Dane's warning about antibiotics. I was given repeat prescriptions of antibiotics for the best part of 15 years (from teens to adult) for acne and in consequence, have struggled all my life since with candida and other health issues. 

    • Dennie says:

      Hi L:  I hear you about not being able to afford supplements.  Frankly I think it's just cr-aaaay-zee that we have to use supplements at all.  I believe that Earth was originally intended to be a place where we can all pick fruit and vegetables and fish from the streams, lakes and oceans, with a natural cycle of the day and seasons, with geological, life and carbon cycles that put nutrients back into the soil. With the industrialization of agriculture we have seen a massive depletion of minerals that has robbed us of proper nutrition.  Gardening in Hard Times is a title that was useful to me, here in California, about low-water gardening and soil supplementation.  If I had more time and energy and some help I would find the resources to install two 3 thousand gallon tanks and take the water out of my little creek that runs in the winter time (when there's actually water, and there was a fair amount here in California this past winter), but I don't have the income to purchase the water tanks.  Each is about $2000.  Still, if I could get those, and a young person around or even a few neighbors whose gardens are too shady and don't have the room, I'd do it.  I will pray for you and all the good people of the U.K.  Hopefully this wicked world-regime will do itself in.  And not too long from now.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, about the price of supplements, yes, they are expensive in a health food store, but the same brands are almost always much less expensive if purchased online, something to consider.

    • Dennie says:

      Hello Dane!  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all the amazing work you've done and continue to do!!!

      Yes, I have found (thank you, Russ Tanner) to be an absolutely wonderful source of more-affordable nutritional supplements.  Their service from online ordering to front-door delivery is easy and really fast, as well.  And I totally agree that, with the onslaught of the pollution that's only going to get worse as Obama et al ramp up the spraying, supplementation at this point is vital.

      P.S.:  Everyone, thank you for your good thoughts re my Big Pharma-damaged wrist.  I got in to the L.Ac. on Wed., it is feeling better and I've been playing the piano (piano does not require the very deep wrist flexion that the over-hand French-style bowing of the transverse bowed stringed instruments do) for fun as well as a little $$$, as I gladly work teaching the very beginning-most players while I'm still looking forward to be able to play my beloved unaccompanied Bach, and Vivaldi and Mozart concertos again soon.

  28. Tara says:

    Hello all,

    To those that are experiencing a break from the spraying in their skies, I am truly happy for you but, – spare a thought for us here in Ireland.  We have had (quite literally) two full weeks of sun for the last TWO YEARS in a row. The spraying was bad last year but, this year it is nothing short of DEMONIC!  We rarely ever get to see any blue in the skies whatsoever and if that should ever happen, it's quickly patched up by a fleet of tanker jets and we end up with a blanket of horrific looking dark black clouds which is just so morbid it seems to belong only  in a horror film.   It sometimes gets me very down but, I have to place my trust in God who has allowed this chastisement as a result of our turning away from him.  We have been delivered into the hands of very sick and very evil people in the world who are serving their master …satan and want to kill us all.

    May God help us all. 

  29. Marilyn Avila says:

    Thanks Dane & everyone for the wealth of health info.   I wouldn't be without my Chlorella,  among many other detoxers.  Another good one is Bentonite Clay – approximately a teaspoon (more or less) stirred in water.   I have travelled from home in L.A. up to Seattle in last 3 weeks to be with kids & grandkids, and also surprised no trails from California to Washington going north.   (I know the air is still polluted with trail toxins,  but nice break.)  Only saw a couple of trails from airplane over the Sierras.  Wondering if they are backing off or just somewhere else.    Probably the latter based on replies from other awake people on this website.   Thanks again for all the people who are aware;  it helps keep us all sane in this insane world. Dane,  awesome Global Alert News July 9th.   You really covered alot.  God's blessings to all.

  30. horsegirl says:

    Glad to finally see this regimen, Dane, thank you..

    One thing I've not seen mentioned so far is water fasting.  In the 80's a book was printed (can't recall its title) describing how during a water fast, something called autophagy kicks in at around 48 hours.  This terms signifies when the body starts to consume its own contents.  Contrary to rumors, the "wisdom of the body" selects the order of consumption and goes for the most unwanted things first.  Such as infections.  Most people can water fast for weeks before anything vital is consumed. 

    This is how the ancients did it.  It was common knowledge that periodically the body could and would clean itself this way.  Even animals stop eating when ill, because they instinctively know their systems will purge any toxins.

    I've done numerous water fasts, some extended.  I read a comment about water fasting five years ago as the only way to get rid of sinus infection (this was during a particularly gross spray attack in Mexico which ultimately forced us to move).  Two days of water fasting and the infection was gone.  I have also twice gotten rid of an abscessed tooth infection by water fasting combined with massaging the swollen area very gently.

    In fact I have long suspected that autophagy is the active "ingredient" of these horrid cancer treatments.  Make people so sick they can't stand to eat.  Sure enough, when I googled "cancer autophagy" I found troves of academic papers positing the action of autophagy in ridding the body of cancer.  Nature knows how to do it better.  Please have a look at water fasting, everyone.  Even juice fasts can successfully bring about autophagy, just longer and slower.

    • stephan says:

      horsegirl – glad you're still kickin – will check out autophagy – be well.

    • Dennie says:

      The review of the role of autophagy in cancer development and response to therapy in was, surprise, surprise, a "pay-per-view" deal.  I found an interesting "white paper," I presume from a Ph.D. dissertation or maybe just research, to be pretty explicit in reporting on the known mechanisms and results of certain treatments utilizing modalities that feature autophagy, such as tamoxifen in starving oestrogen responsive cancers, and other types of cancer drugs, from Rutgers:  The paper does not discuss literal starvation of subjects affected by cancer but we have been hearing that keeping one's body fat on the low side has a correlation with a lower incidence of cancers.  Interesting that resveratrol, found in red grape juice and red wine, was listed.. Chin-chin, bottoms up– here's to that glass of red tonight. Cheers, everyone!

  31. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Great Stuff Dane!  I've personally have eliminated GMO corn, Soy and Wheat.  Go as GMO as you can everyone.  It helps a lot.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      I would not support the GMO acceptance movement because the technology is being used against us its not abought ending hunger or increasing nutrition from what I know.

  32. KB says:

    My brother n law has a contractor working at his house who's son just got out of the military. He came to the job site and conversation led to him saying emphatically  Do you not understand Geoengineering? We are all screwed! We are absolutely screwed!  Look up, see whats going on. Its over.

    Needless to say the reality hit my brother n law like a ton of bricks because he and his wife had only heard about it by my husband and myself.

    Keep up the fight to the very end no matter the outcome we know who wins in the end. God our Heavenly Father knew all this from beginning to end. He is our ONLY hope and strength! He is GOD, maker of heaven and earth. He said " I AM the beginning and the end."

  33. MS P says:

    Thank you for the excellent article. Great advice.
    I'll also suggest the herbal treatment in the book "A Cure For All Cancers"
    Walnut Hull tincture
    Ground Cloves
    -Side effects are this. You will have more energy.
    My other go to herbs are Echinecea Purpuria & Goldenseal Root.
    I have not had a flu in 40 years & it's been 10 years since I had a cold. I believe in herbs. My only problem is I sneeze like crazy when they spray out this way. Lots of it happens over the ocean, where we do not see it. Or above the fog.
    Health IS Wealth! 

    • Marie says:

      The walnut hull tincture must be made with GREEN black walnuts or won't work. Kills parasites. She said to take 3 green whole walnuts, soak in vodca for 3 days. Throw out the walnuts and pour in bottle, add water and some vit C powder to preserve the color. Mainly it kills parasites in humans and pets. It is strong so i wouldn't take a whole dropperful., and gave my dogs a 1/4 of the dropper.

  34. Gretchen says:

    Dr. George Yu was tasked with detoxification of first responders and others poisoned after 9/11, he developed a simple protocol utilizing niacin, exercise, sauna to promote perspiration, followed by activated charcoal. Toxins released from body tissues are absorbed in the digestive system by the charcoal and eliminated from the body.

    • Gretchen says:

      I also, routinely wear a particulate mask while outdoors.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      exercising help your system be healthier so we can clean out the toxic chemical and heavy metal and repair the damage also eat lots of fruit to help stop the free radicals from air pollution that can cause canser staying healthy is important I will be more active in the  f…


  35. Dawnski says:

    Thank you for sharing Dane. Its so nice to have a healthy male role model to mentor me in life. Sharing this with my son now off at college. You are a role model to him as well. Much appreciated. Love to you and your family. Is that them in the photo? 

  36. Roger Gibbons says:

    Am in St Petes Florida and have seen very little spraying here too.

    Whats up with that?

    Not sure whats going on back in The Toronto area but if anyone reads this and lives their can you give a report on the spraying.

    • matt sarlo says:

      Hi Roger in Florida. I have noticed the very same here in northern Colorado for over a week now. I felt the same as you and wondered if it was just here or maybe more widespread. I am glad not to see the spraying but also wonder what is next. I know that a sudden shift to benevolence is not in the picture with the sick mofos behind the scenes.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Matt, just an FYI, if the skies are not deep untainted blue, and if you see even short bright trails behind the aircraft, aerosol dispersions are still going on. There are many applications, many aspects, the horizon to horizon trails are only one of them.

    • Jake says:

      From Colorado Springs, I can also say, I have really see nothing from aircraft dispersion during this whole month. Although we are still getting massive thunderstorms, (unlike anything I've seen before) constant weather emergency alerts, hail storms in the middle of summer, and a lot of pink covered skies, during times when they should not be turning those colors. Correct me if I'm wrong, but those colors should only be appearing during sunrise or dawn, not mid-day?

    • Brenda says:

      How many times did I go outside and the trails had already been sprayed and I wasn't aware? ? Now I'm much more alert to study the color of the sky and shapes of clouds. We get sprayed often in east Texas. ……cover up!

  37. Grant Jones says:

    As is my bent I think sideways but do You feel it?  There is an awakening, a "sea change" in society an here.  This living earth is stressed, life upon earth is stressed an thoughtful beings recognize the peril but have no idea to solve the stress.  Us against them is empty, black against white is futile.  All "talking points" are miserable failures.  As much as I love facts an true science I must conclude that we must remain empathetic and loving to all we encounter.  We accomplish little in opposition, yet triumph  in unity.  A window has opened for true leadership, society yearns, an Earth demands.  So How?  I would say, "to embrace every living thing we encounter," set examples that all would wish to emulate. Present fact with reason and listen closely to the confusion of the masses.  "They" may have power and seem to control so much, but they are few and greedy with  seeming success.  I doubt their power is any match for a cohesive unity of life,  for life. I wish for an answer and that answer is me. I will strive to present the best and bring others to join in our quest to preserve this  existence.  A window has opened, it is our time to lead.    Thank you all for listening, thank you for Your efforts in this quest for life. G   excuse my ramble, please.

  38. paul fowler says:

         A story breaking on " info wars"  about the leader of Black Lives Matter . He is living in a house provided by George Soros . Goerge Soros said , in a video taped interveiw I saw very recently  on You tube , that it would be in their best interest to not have the US dollar as the global bench mark currency . He did not say who they were , but I'm sure it would be easy to guess . Soros knows exactly how to take down an economy and he was more than willing to tell us how.

     Dane , you had better call Alex and try to calm him down , he going to pop a blood vessel or something.  

  39. Another ‘plasma’ patent from Mr. Wigington’s brilliant list:
    Beyond insane. Dr. Strangelove…
    Atmosphere modification satellite / US 4402480 A
    Abstract: The Atmosphere Modification Satellite is intended to be the beginning of a possible world-wide network of satellites designed to improve Earth through application of techniques and monitoring resulting in atmosphere modification. Energy sources of said satellite consist of: solar, electrical, energy particle beam(s), laser and magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) … There is no limit to the number of types of atmosphere modification the satellite will perform. …
    Experimental charged probes may be used to correct the wobble of the Earth by reshaping the Van Allen Belts. Resulting in the prevention of earthquakes on the surface of the planet. ….
    …Upon identifying the target area the said computer system programs the said rain-making…M-Probe travels to its destination and releases its contents: the dry ice, AgI, or PbI2 at the computed points. Since the M-Probe acts as a guided missile … Laser M-Probes containing powerful CO2 (carbon dioxide) lasers may be used to melt ice-caps and icebergs by emission from an M-Probe at close range when programmed. …
    Claims: A satellite for atmospheric modification … wherein, a secondary energy system consisting of a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generator where ionized gas is the fluid passed through electrode plates which provides an additional power output; a second mirror system means connected to said energy storage bank varying the frequency of radiation emission with said computer linkage varying the power output thereof, wherein, the said power output varies proportionally to the population of the said energy state; a second gas dynamic laser system means connected to said second mirror system means, wherein, the resulting power output is increased with relay to the remaining systems; a second energy converter connected to said second gas dynamic laser system means to exchange said beam energy to electrical impulses

    • BaneB says:

      These insane overly intelligent types are wrecking the planet.  Does anyone recall being ASKED if it is okay to manipulate the earth systems?  Did we vote on this?  I know, this is a naive question.  They do what they will because they can.  There is no way short of planetary collapse to stop the assault and the very real threat to all life on earth.  As a side note:  "Tropical" ocean water seen off New Jersey coast.  The official story is this is due to wind and plankton.  Tropical likely refers to blue water.

    • Alan says:

      BaneB – 

      Sea surface temperatures along the entire Alaskan coastline are between 6 and 11 degrees F warmer than normal, according to earthnullschool site.  

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Another coward weapon of war, for the MFs to play with.

      Their plan it's only about destruction. Everything is a farce, the spraying is already the – final solution – they need only to change the F sprays. The rest are war and intimidation games, and ( pathological ) obsessive sadism. Ultimate goal – cloned ""humans""..

      Good Luck to Us All.

  40. Carrie says:

    I would add another comment…the windows programme opens with a blue background with what resembles chemtrails.  Normalizing the chemtrails. The Geo Engineering Watch Newsletter always goes into the Junk emails through windows!

    • Dennie says:

      Yup.  Noticed that years ago, surprised no one's said anything about that until now.  The Galaxy cell phone I have has a background of stars in a darkening sky and stuff that looks hazy floating through the air.

  41. Carrie says:

    Michal B your comment is entirely correct.  I live west of Brisbane, yesterday I woke to toxic spraying which filled the sky, today is the same.  I suffer from MCS & the chemicals effect me greatly.

    Wonderful article Dane, thank you.  I would add garlic & lemon as it helps the blood.  Also reverse osmosis filter to filter all drinking & cooking water.  On contaminated days use an air filter system if you have one.  Wear a carbon filter mask, outdoors. A daily sauna helps remove toxins but I don't have one of those.  Look up Dr Mercola, he also has wonderful information. Health & happiness  to all.

    • Frances says:

      I was speaking to a friend in Brisbane and she said that the way the sun was shining, she could see the shiny particles falling from the sky and it was alarming to breathe them in.  Who is doing this in Australia?  Air Force? Does the govt. approve?

    • Frances — In Australia read about Pine Gap: "…some time in the 1960s, the United States Government entered into secret talks with the Australian Government on the topic of constructing a Satellite Relay Station somewhere in Australia’s inland. …
      Pine Gap, near Alice Springs, employs nearly 1,000 people, mainly from the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. Originally code-named MERINO, it is the ground station for a satellite network that intercepts telephone, radio, data links, and other communications around the world. "

    • JOANN FERGUSON says:

      I have a reverse osmosis system, but you have to re-alkalize your water to the correct PH around 7.8 because the reverse osmosis turns your water very acidic which is not good for the human body.  I have a separate unit on my counter that I refill with my reverse osmosis water that puts the minerals back into the water my body needs. 

  42. Jeanette S says:

    No geo engineering in our skies either. I am in SF bay area and there is a place i can see the horizon 360 degrees and none. It is dry here more than normal if that is what you want to call it. I just figured since Oakland put down the motion to export coal/coke from the port that awareness had been made about the particulates in our air and that is why they knocked it off. Thank you, Dane for sharing. This has been on my mind a lot and I have mentioned it to to the gmo labeling crew and my family, friends and co-workers. May be we can just outlive the sociopathic fools. A lot of the opposing team look like they eat their own …. and don't pay attention to what is going on around them such as running/walking outside, eating whatever, whereever…

  43. paul fowler says:

       The U.N. has many tentacles , one of which is the Horizon 2020 program . A funding group of the E.U.  that only grants money to new , radical and ambitious science projects . Their words not mine . Here is one such project that quite recently received 750 000 euro's from" Horizon 2020", it's nick named "Magneuron". "The projects aim is to introduce and  apply a fundamentally new concept for remote controlled cellular functions by means of magnetic manipulation of nanoparticles functionalized with proteins involved in key cellular signalling cascades ." I have no idea what the heck I just said  but it sounds very complicated and a tad crazy. I would feel a lot more at ease about what they are doing if they could cure the common cold or a common fungal infection first.Quite frankenstienly it reminds me of the stuff  Dr. William Deagle talked about several years to a decade ago . I will have to reassess my opinion of that guy.

  44. TrudyB says:

    Hello all!  You might like to check into these advanced support  supplements :    Ashwaghanda qd am before food  thyroid/ whole body support ; SamE qd am before food; D3 sofgels 5000  units or more prn for  Brain; Coconut oil 2 tbs qd for  Brain; for Omega 3 value  Krill oil sg  1 qd; Bacopa prn for stress; Cilantro  system cleanse of toxins; Hawaiian spirulina cleansing/protective; consume magnesium rich foods (also search Dr Carolyn Dean ref supplementing Mg+  alternately [See too product "Natural Calm"];  add K1/K2 qd;  check your vitamins to be sure the B12 used  is methylcobalamin ( because cobalamin is not metabolized by human body].  Add best Vitamin/Mineral product you can find!   Use Probiotics per fermented foods like sauerkraut / as digestive support.  Lots more to study…see  and study a useful alternative health source like    

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody.

      Can someone tell me ( please ), how can we take out of our bodies the barium that the evildoers are spraying over us??…

    • Dennie says:

      Barium is excreted via the digestive tract.  You'll need to balance the barium with increased potassium intake.  Adults need 4,700 mg of potassium daily.  Potatoes, avocados and orange juice are high in potassium.  You can also supplement with potassium citrate.  I've heard you'll need to take taurine with it.  I'm also looking at magnesium because it helps with healthy muscle function and calms the mind.  Since the soils are depleted of minerals it's hard to get daily minimums of minerals through dietary means alone.

  45. Eva says:

    Thank you for sharing your holistic regime for staying healthy in our insanely toxic world.  As we are all biochemically individual, there is no one size fits all for vitamins, herbs and supplements, so I thought it was great for you to cover the basics, too, i.e., clean water, proper hydration, clean food, sleep, etc.

    A few to add:

    -Organic Sulphur Crystals (no fillers) – Helps to oxygenate cells, alkalize blood and remove toxins, that cause cellular malfunction.

    -Sleep Hygiene – Just like for allergy sufferers, nighttime bathing helps to remove toxins (allergens) before sleep, the most restorative time of each day.

    -Outdoor Clothing – Keep your outdoor shoes, outdoors!  Besides dirt, why drag the toxins into and all over your home! 

    I am 5th-generation Japanese American so not too much "culture" was passed down but, thankfully, nighttime bathing and removing shoes were!


  46. JillR says:

    Dane, I really appreciate your sharing your health protocol. I have advanced lung disease from an industrial exposure. Thing is, I've defied the odds for the past 14 years as I continue to exercise (not easy with messed up lungs), eat a non-inflammatory diet, get plenty of sleep, NO vaccines of any kind, NO pharmaceuticals of any kind (only a rescue inhaler if really needed), NO chemicals in home or yard, reduced my stress significantly about 3 years ago and at 56 years, 5'3" and 107 pounds I'm doing pretty darned good. If you take care of yourself you CAN defy the odds and cause the conventional doctors to just scratch their heads. Food is medicine and eating real food, not processed food to me is one of the key components to real health. That and working your body via exercise. With my lungs I can only hike (mellow grades) and I can kayak so I do both. Upper and lower body workout. The conventional doctors do have one thing right. You sit and you die. So despite the spray, despite all the garbage going on all around me, I and my 5 dogs thrive. 

    • Dennie says:

      My acupuncturist, Dr. Yin Ping "Pindy" Wong in Petaluma, CA, has produced a series of excellent videos, available for purchase, called "The Doctor is In Your Kitchen."  The videos are informative, easy and simple to make, of very healthful Chinese home cooking of foods that bring health.  She has also written a book titled "Your Body is Not a Car."  She can be contacted here:  You can text Dr. Luk, her son, located in San Bruno, to order videos or books.  Pindy kept me alive during a 5-year off-broadway run of Phantom of the Opera… 8 grueling shows a week.. plus commuting..

  47. Thank You Dane, God Bless. I'm Lithuanian as well. Studied meteorology,seismology since age 14. Discovered agenda thru pro-instruments & access to Large Pharma lab in 1997.By 98 lost most high placed friends and gained much attention. Closed both sites 2005 after much harassment that could have come only from perps.Family on own & now at 69 having attempted to ( w/ files ,lab results & photos ) lost ear of all major newspapers in SF Bay Area & friends in politics. You are spot on in your health response to a degrading of immune system killer. Pure H2O , D , C, are basic in arsenal  to try hanging on. My blood chem   .has remained great except attempts to get med. order for metals and barium level tests.Im certain they are thru the roof. One tip : eat only when hungry and avoid GMO& meat. My parents from Vilnus never ate after 5 pm. 

  48. Blaine says:

    Right on Dane!  Great post.  My wife and I were just discussing the same subject.  Your regime is very similar to ours.  Our number 1 most imprtant was our water quality…both bathing and drinking.  We recently noticed an overall well being when we left the city in our RV and live out the wilderness.  I put in a filtration system that removes heavy metals and our drinking water we further remove all other chemicals and balance the PH…our skin is noticeably healthier.  But removing toxicity is a challenge that takes a focused effort and willing to learn….thanks for sharing.  This is an important subject and mainstream medicine has no answers.

    • BaneB says:

      Advice is easy to give.  But my advice is to remove ones self and family away, way away, from the cities.  This might seem impossible for many but I know if many who have done so, are scratching out a living, are healthier, happier, and freer from the plague of "civilization."

  49. SD says:

    Many people here reporting reduced spraying activity past few weeks.  Same thing here in SoCal. "Goldilocks Weather" pattern over much of western U.S. Air temps about normal for summer.  UV radiation may be different story.  Recent report of children receiving serious burn injuries from outdoor playground eqpt.

    Have noticed almost continuous small craft advisories for coastal waters from Seattle to Pt. Conception in 2016.  Strong onshore flow of cool air continues. Today's arrival of an unusual LOW PRESSURE SYSTEM (for mid summer) in NorCal provides more evidence of ENGINEERED Gulf of AK to west coast pipeline of cool air.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello SD, yes, short term cool down in some regions, but Northern California is headed back to well above normal temperatures in the next few days. Most of the country is (and will remain) far above normal.

    • MS P says:

      Ever notice we have lovely normal blue skies; when our U S  Pres. (Or any important figure)  Comes to Los Angeles? Biden was just in town too.  We have had some lovely days here. 

  50. Cesar says:

    Very informative Dane. I always implement good nutrition and lots of detoxification. Eat lots of antioxidants. Dane have you heard of the product Immunocal? This wonderful miraculous product is from Canada it is composed of cell building Glutathione for the immune system. It will put your immune system on steroids. Many people with cancer have benefited from taking this on a daily bases. It has helped millions of people fight cancer and other diseases. The product has 70 patents around the world. So you know that it works if it has 70 patents. It is made by the the Immunotec company of Canada. It also detoxes your whole body of contaminants. Check it out the website is Peace to all of you.

  51. Charlotte says:

     Thank you, Dane.  You are appreciated more than you may ever know. 

  52. Terri says:

    In Northern Arizona, no trails for weeks.  What's up?  I am deeply thrilled at the daily blue skies above me but worry about when the trails will return.  I am actually looking for them each morning!  How sick is that!  I am so grateful & thankful for small blessings these days like endless clear blue skies.

    Gardens are dying down in Phoenix and up here in Northern Arizona.  My Holly Hock flowers have green flower pods next to bloom after bloom of already dried out pods with seeds falling on the ground.  Most of the green blooms will not have a shot at blooming into flowers apparently this year.

    I can almost hear nature crying out,the wildlife are screaming to lay off all other species, trees are gasping as their bark curls off the trunks.  I can feel in my heart however, that more people each day are waking up.  (That is the only good news to be found).   People are waking up.  When I'm out and about I can find at least 1 person who is aware of Geo Engineering and the spraying of our skies.  That's good progress compared to years of folks turning away and showing me their backsides. 

    Thanks Dane, I'm still here reading, learning, studying all your research.  Blessings to everyone…

    • Cheryl says:

      Yes, it's been about a week of no streaks across the sky – I also keep wondering …

    • Deb Buckler says:

      Same thing here on the central coast of California!  The sky has been a murky "blue" for several weeks now. Not a spot in it! Nothing! No chemtrails, not even any "clouds".I haven't even seen any planes flying over, either. It feels very weird out. Have they finally come up with a way to make the spray invisible like with the car exhaust? Also, we have tons of BEES! We don't normally have that many bees here since all our fruit trees died, but we have alot of bees now. They just seem to hang out at this big bucket of water we set out for critters to drink out of.  So thankful for Dane and everyone else on this blog. Thank you, everyone for all your input.

    • sea says:

      Hi Terri- I feel the same, having become so accustomed to the either the stripes or the complete white outs. I feel like something's up another way to disperse the chemicals without us realizing it or even seeing it.

      Here in the Santa Cruz area much the same, hardly any planes visible, none of the "streaks", trails that were unending for the last few month.When we do see a plane we see it for a very short period and then it "disappears" , must be heading to a higher altitude?

      Our garden is so sad, it breaks my heart.We had a "light rain"- I could see the particles falling and went to the garden to see the particles – fake droplets is what I called them.Watched over the course of an hour these weird particles dehydrate the leaves of our kale, lettuce, beets- it was very eerie.Squash that is in our memory of over abundance- has one piece of squash growing, blossoms falling off, brown curled up leaves everywhere.

      It does seem like some of those I spoke to a while back are circling around with a little bit of interest, a change of mind and heart hopefully.

    • Melodie Hill says:

      Here in the Thumb of Michigan, we are not getting much rainfall, and the skies are more whitewashed than blue.  I just learned today that our Great Lakes are in trouble.  The awful green algae is definitely being fueled by Monsanto runoff of farming crops…go figure.  I have been in the fight of my life for 16 years, as cancerous tumors attached to my brainstem inside my spinal cord keep coming back. Surgery is out of the question now, as I have become resistant to all antibiotics. Also after massive amounts of Prednisone for swelling, I have developed a horrific bone disease called AVN, which attacks joints, and long bones, which kills the bones and they crumble like chalk, the pain is beyond able to be controlled. Needless to say, I do not go outside much, so there is a saving grace for me.  What I would like to know is, were they chemtrail spraying in the late 90's???  How did I get such a very rare form of cancer???  I am deeply spiritual, and know there is no such thing as coincidences…so WTH happened???

    • donna says:

      Terri, Here between Santa Fe and ABQ we too have had clear skies for weeks. I believe that TPTB during the election cycle want to lay low. Today with 6% humidity I saw 1 plane with a short trail…The folks that spray us are cunning.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Donna, unless your skies are deep blue, there is still spraying going on, but don’t just look for the horizon to horizon trails, this is only one aspect of climate engineering. In the intense high presure zones, the silvery white skies and short bright trails are still aerosol dispersions. FYI link attached.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Terri, I live in Sun City and I use these blue sky days to point out to people that this is the way our sky is supposed to look, (no planes, no spray, no lines in the sky), then I give them a picture taken from my backyard filled with the trails and help them become aware. I tell them that some people will say that the lines are contrails from commercial flights. Well, commercial flights are on a schedule, where are they today? Where were they all week? I also tell them about the amount of aluminum in my rain tests and in the soil off the roof of our house. I no longer save rain water for my plants, as the aluminum in my rain test was 11 times higher than the max. allowed in drinking water.

      Thank you Dane, for all the wonderful information.

  53. jefe says:

    An old high school buddy has written a book about his journey to find health and fitness, "Eat Bacon, Don't Jog".  The title is tongue-in-cheek, but what he describes is serious– much of what we've been taught is wrong!

    I do wonder how blood type affects not only our diet needs, but also our social connections!  My type is AB+, which is shared by maybe 3% of the population.  I don't connect easily with most people, and they often shun me, which usually bothers me not at all.  I find few of them have anything to contribute to my life, or even the greater community as well.  Others' dietary advice likewise doesn't ring a bell for me.  Lately I've been taking supplements (mostly fish oils) to build my antioxidant levels, which were recently tested and found wanting.  So far I've felt no improvement, but I still need to be retested– next week.

  54. Linda says:

    Beautiful info Dane….Mahalo!  May I suggest 2 other health practices that have been greatly beneficial:

    For good sleep, have dried or fresh cherries before sleep, as well as very thin sliced turkey….Both have L Tryptophan which promotes sleep

    And for a deodorant, use drops of essential oil such as tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint (also good on feet to protect vs any fungus)

    Health and happiness…..

    • Brenda says:

      That's good Linda. Theanine works well in aiding sleep too.

      Coconut oil can be mixed with the essential oils (or used alone) for a terrific deodorant. It's antibacterial. 

      To everyone with rashes and such……make sure that everything you put ON your body is as pure and organic as possible.  No chlorine in bath / shower water… commercially prepared toothpaste, shampoo, body lotion, antiperspirant etc…..lots of recipes online to make your own natural safe products. ….I became a soap maker. …..

  55. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    Great regime, Dane! Thank you for sharing. You've covered the basics well. I would add Colloidal Silver to the list for many uses, especially for upper and lower respiratory infections as it is anti-fungal (as well as anti-bacterial, anti-viral) and can be sprayed up the nose and inhaled via nebulizer. 

    Very good to sometimes alternate supplements so the body doesn't become resistant to the benefits. 

    Thanks, Dane!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marla, yes, colloidial silver is an excellent tool that I do use when needed and for an alternative treatment.

  56. Wars, Riots, Civil Unrest and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
    The ruling class have long known the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the human population.In knowledge, there is power, and they have wielded, skillfully.  The key to this human behavioral response is frequency. We experience physical stress/emotional distress when exposed to high levels of proton flux from the sun. Since the modern age of electrification and microwave transmission, many scientists studying the phenomena suggest man can reproduce the same effect artificially. Thereby inducing mass hysteria.  “Lesser evidence from 6 additional studies suggests that short wave, radio station, occupational and digital TV antenna exposures may produce similar neuropsychiatric effects. Among the more commonly reported changes are sleep disturbance/insomnia, headache, depression/depressive symptoms, fatigue/tiredness, dysesthesia, concentration/attention dysfunction, memory changes, dizziness, irritability, loss of appetite/body weight, restlessness/anxiety, nausea, skin burning/tingling/dermographism and EEG changes. In summary, then, the mechanism of action of microwave EMFs, the role of the VGCCs in the brain, the impact of non-thermal EMFs on the brain, extensive epidemiological studies performed over the past 50 years, and five criteria testing for causality, all collectively show that various non-thermal microwave EMF exposures produce diverse neuropsychiatric effects.”
    In light of all the violence we see in the world today, it may be helpful to understand the forces at play. Knowledge of the effects of EMF on the human psyche are key to creating that understanding. Natural electromagnetic forces have guided our emotions and behavior since the symbiotic relationship between man and the Electric Universe began. Perhaps someday, we will come to recognize the connection.


    • Grant Jones says:

      EMF an DISTRACTION  In comments under The Netherlands article I postulated that the game POKEMON was another distraction.  Articles suggest it is much, much more.  Initially "Data Mining" features have been found within the game.  I would suggest even more. Since "They" have  a captive audience with the game and can alter frequencies within the game it would appear "They" are gathering data on the target demographic, game players. Since I play very few games it took awhile for the "why".  Game players are very comfortable in the computer realm an tend to be the younger people..  Us older folks (I'm 65)  have accumulated data that  "they" can use in their plan.  The younger crowd has much less data on them and they are a threat with their natural computer literacy. The younger crowd is so attached to their electronics that they may be easy prey with the right EMF attack. Pokemon, to me, is somewhat of a trial run in waging an EMF attack.  There is little comfort that I, myself am looking at a computer screen at this moment.  Anyhooo Thanks to all who are exposing the truth.  G

    • ron hall says:

      Susan Ferguson:The teacher in me needs to break down your above comments and one of your links just a little bit.  Below are diagrams of what  electromagnetic frequencies create—since there are a gazillion of them going through house, bodies, running a radio and micro-waving you frozen pasta.  And they all travel at "c"–the speed of light. Some physicists like R. Feynman likes call them" photons" and views them as particle-like, so to speak. I prefer the wave approach because they have zero "rest mass." I will not get into Planck's constant–too difficult. Anyway check out the diagram below:   
      Another point: protons, electrons and ions are true particles and can NEVER move at "c".  However they can all be energized by electromagnetic waves or photons.  Most people do not understand, for example, that optical light and its infinite variety of colors are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.                      As a postcript ; if we did not have enough to worry about regarding sun flares and proton storms,  EVERYTHING in our atmosphere is now plasmasized and electrified and blasted with EM waves which "THEY" control!

    • Edward Palys says:

      It seems quite plausible that the CIA have been carrying out tests on humans using such devices as described here. It wouldn't take too much to "convert" minds such as the latest shooting in Dallas. A guy like Johnson could be an  easy target for them to manipulate his feeble brain to turn to utter hate and get his 15 minutes of fame. 

    • Ron Hall —- Thank you. You say, "…they can all be energized by electromagnetic waves or photons … optical light and its infinite variety of colors are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  …. EVERYTHING in our atmosphere is now plasmasized and electrified and blasted with EM waves which "THEY" control!" What you have said is crucial. Certainly here on the Olympic Peninsula WA it is very easy to feel that the air/atmosphere has been electri-fried.  My hands shake in proportion to the intensity. I want to understand this "optical" aspect of their operations. I saw them briefly turn the setting Sun here to a blue purple one evening!  Honest. Zinc Sulfide an infrared optical material:

    • Dennie says:

      Translated:  The people who invent this crap are indeed also The Ones Most exposed to the pernicious effects of their insane thoughts.

      When you point your finger, you've got three fingers pointing back at you. 

      Play with fire and you will get burned. 

      Those who live by the sword die by the sword. 

      Those who spend a lot of time fooling around tweaking frequency weapons get wonky in the head…

      Excuse me, I take that last one back– these monsters were that way long before they invented their diabolical WMDs–  UGH!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      @Grant Jones:  I was recently carpooling to a Suzuki Institute with a group of 20-something-year-olds.  They could not get out of bed on the right side each morning without their freakin' GPS to tell them how, for God's sake.  EVEN WITH ME IN THE CAR IN MY OWN HOMETOWN they could not so much as look up and listen to me when I said "Turn right HERE, it's The Quickest Way to the freeway." .  The Gadget Generation IS getting stoopider in ways they are simply too stoopid to have explained to them if you sat them down. They don't have the tools.

  57. Laura says:

    Am trying to improve my eating habits recently and am assuming that banning GMO foods should be a part of this….is this true?

    • Nina says:

      Definitely going organic limits the amount of Roundup consumed. Disgustingly stupid stuff that kills your stomach in multiple ways.

    • Cori Gunnells says:

      Laura, yes by all means be very careful to avoid GMOs. Easily researched on the internet. 

    • JillR says:

      Soon avoid anything with a "smart tag". That will definitely have GMO's lurking within. 

    • Melanie says:

      Yes, definitely try to eliminate the GMOs from your diet. Not only are they destructive to your overall health, the monoculture and corporate contamination of our our soils and water are incredibly destructive to our environment. Everything is now contaminated with glyphosate, a known carcinogen, even your own body. Insect and plant life suffer horribly, small farmers are getting sued. You do not want to support this type of agriculture and the Monster that is Monsanto.

    • Tag says:

      Eating GMO free in this world is a hard but not impossible.  Most food stores now offer some organic choices.  Learn to read and decipher those labels.  Do 90% of your grocery shopping on the outside aisles.  Visit Farmer's Markets and ask questions about the way they grow their food.  Give up some yard space if possible and plant some food of your own.  Make everything you eat something that started as real, FRESH food and you had to cook it .  Takes some effort but if you realize the benefits, you are 1/2 way there!

  58. “The Doomsday Forum”: Senior Military, Nuclear Weapons Officials Convene… America’s “$1 Trillion Nuclear Weapons Plan”. Take out Russia, Iran and North Korea?
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky / Global Research, July 08, 2016
    On June 21,  250 top military brass, military planners, corporate military-industrial  ”defense” contractors, top officials and scientists from the nuclear weapons laboratories as well as prominent  academics gathered … to discuss, debate and promote the Pentagon’s One Trillion Dollar Nuclear Weapons program. Russia is allegedly “threatening the Western World”. The objective is to develop the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons (i.e. nuclear war as a means of self-defense). The event organized by “The Strategic Deterrent Coalition” (a non profit organization) was  funded by Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Orbital ATK, BAE Systems  among other generous donors.  … The enemies of America were clearly identified …  The event sponsored by the Strategic Deterrent Coalition (SDC) was geared towards the “education of decision-makers on the importance of a “valid nuclear triad” – strategic bombers, land-launched missiles and submarine-launched missiles – according to its board president…” … “Blowing up the Planet” through the use of “peace-making nuclear bombs” is a money making undertaking, a corporate bonanza  for what Eisenhower called “the military industrial complex”…
    This plan … estimated cost? $1,000,000,000,000.00 — or, for those readers unfamiliar with such lofty figures, $1 trillion.

    • Edward Palys says:

      These American idiots should think before suggesting anything like this. The world should remember that Russia exploded the biggest nuclear bomb EVER way back in 1961. Nobody knows what Russia has in its arsenal today.

    • Marie says:

      I was reading on another site that the particulates from the spraying are all over our vegetables in the garden and even the organics. He said NOT to eat any leafy greens like salads, kale, all leafy greens. He said even washing cannot get the particulates off. So we are ingesting it in the foods we eat too. I don't eat salads anymore.

  59. Sezer says:

    Hello Dane thank you for such valuable information.In regard to apple cider vinegar alkalizing the water we drink. I do consume and benefit from apple cider vinegar.

  60. paul fowler says:

    Thank you very much Dane for all that great info. 

    I have heard from a couple of different places about mineral water and it's many benefits . At least two of which mentioned silicon rich mineral water . A Dr. Chris Exley from Keele University . He has headed a study on aluminum and its links to alzheimer's disease .

    Here is a quote from the Keele University web site . 

    When you drink silicon rich mineral water , aluminum throughout the bodyis gatheredup into the blood and then excreted through the urine. It seems to purge the aluminum from the body. We know we can use this silicon rich "therapy" water to reduce aluminum. – Prof. Chris Exley 

    • Laura says:

      Any tips on where to get silicon rich mineral water?


    • sea says:

      Hi Laura– I actually put JarroSil in my filtered drinking water the brand is JARROW.It actually has a small amount of boron and zinc which is very important for absorption and helpful to the body.Silicon is the main ingredient.

    • paul fowler says:

           Dr. Chris Exley called for silicon rich mineral water , many other people say silica or silica acid , I'm not sure but I think they are all very simular . "Before it's News"claims to have researched the different brands of mineral water . They list two brand names as being the better ones. This was the same as the first recommendation I read . "Volvic" mineral water, and "Before it's News"   top pick was "Fiji"mineral water . They can be found in most all health food stores , some major grocery stores and even the giant box stores . I personaly would recommend supporting your local heath food store, unless you prefer to give your money to giant economy killers .


  61. Michel B says:

    Thanks, Dane. Some good ideas in there to try. I will add that ginger is a very good one to try as well. My prone lungs respond well to its inclusion in my diet.

    On a related note, look up Wim Hof. What he has learned to do with his breathing technique is nothing short of incredible. 

    Brisbane, Australia, the skies yesterday were completely SRM'd and filled with RF signatures. People at work were saying all day how tired they were. I tried explaining to some. A few told me outright, "Not interested!" Today looks the same with cloud cover predicted but little chance of rain. That ol' rainless cloud again. Last night the Tee Vee was repeating an old documentary of Richard Attenborough's. It was looking at the plight of elephants in East Africa where they had missed out on their monsoon for two years running and the rains were late for the third year. The sky above the parched lands and dying elephants looked completely SRM'd. Long white streaks of clouds against a dirty looking sky. It's obvious that Africa has been weather modified for a good while at least.

    Just like 'Newspeak' in '1984', the current social engineering via MSM works by the "narrowing of the range of thought". The news in Australia is primarily entertainment: car crashes and sport, mainly football that is. Any serious topic is treated in such a cursory way that any in-depth understanding will never be reached. Have you noticed how every mention of Brexit is in a negative light? This is not informing, they are trying to tell us how to think.

    • michelle x says:

      The whole system over Australia at the moment is geo engineered. They have just sprayed QLD with an experimental cholera vaccine. They are murdering us all. I can not believe what they are getting away with and sheople can't notice. I use the word can't deliberately. May God help us all.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      I don't understand why people would let those in power get away with so much maybe its because they are just as corrupt but have less power they meaning the majority as the few in power I think.

    • Frances says:

      Who in Australia is doing this with govt. approval?  The Air Force? The US from its bases here? 

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