Hurricane Hilary: Failure Or Mission Accomplished?


Dane Wigington

Hurricane Hilary was highly sensationalized by mainstream media, what agendas might Hurricane Hilary have served for those in power? Could Hilary have been utilized to carry out objectives as far away as the Northeastern US? What technologies can be utilized to manipulate a weather system of this size? The 3 minute video below addresses these questions. Please watch and share.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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9 Responses to Hurricane Hilary: Failure Or Mission Accomplished?

  1. Dominic Gervasi says:

    You nailed it Dane,  Maybe one of your best examples of weather manipulation yet,  How many people including myself thought there was technology able to track, steer and energize weather like this?  Wouldnt it be handy in a pinch to use thisj type of weather control for benevolent purposes instead of greed, control and corruption?

    • Lance says:

      Messing around with chaos systems, even for benevolent purposes, is very dangerous! I say NO, don't do it for ANY reason!

  2. viola says:

    the am radio picks up the transmissions, when this happens no radio stations on am can be heard,just a noise that sounds like a dynamo engine.

  3. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Just amazing how Hillary's moisture flow looped up and over the scorching crops in the middle of the country (and missed all of the fires in the Pacific NW), and is supplying the most anomalously less warm region of the world, the northeast coast of America, with even more cooling rain. Exactly as the Hurricane Prediction Center at NOAA had forecast. Coincidence or scheduled?

    Funny how NOAA and the NWS are able to predict the path of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms with uncanny accuracy these days. That's not professional Meteorological Weather Model Forecasting. That's spraying chemicals into the atmosphere and precise timing of powerful NEXRAD and HAARP government/military controlled weapons of weather warfare!

    NOAA knew exactly where Harold was going, because they steered it where they wanted it to travel, along the border of Texas and Mexico. I am not even getting any cooling from clouds as the rain is just seventy-five miles south of here. I can literally see the edge of that tropical storm along the horizon. While we continue to bake here under 115 plus temps.

    The forecast shows no change at all, going all the way through Labor Day and beyond. It is so hot that school has been canceled indefinitely and now the students will not have a long Christmas holiday vacation, or even a spring break to make up for the canceled classes. The heat is so intense today that I can't even drive a vehicle over my blacktop driveway, without leaving impressions, from the tires sinking into the melting asphalt.

    I keep praying for a tropical storm to move through the Gulf and bring us some rain, cooling cloud cover… ANYTHING to break the curse of this unforgiving heat dome! But it looks like we are destined to melt into oblivion, while the "entitled" northeast coast residents flip us the bird and say: "Tough Doo Doo people. You ain't getting none of this!"

    The IPCC of the UN pointed this out recently. The daytime highs are setting new records around the world. But the real issue is the overnight low temps that are smashing records by sometimes up to twenty-five to thirty degrees. Not allowing for the surface of the planet to cool off at all, and making the next day's high temperatures even hotter. Prolonging the effects of heat waves, long after the heat dome high pressure ridges move away.  I literally takes weeks or months for the ground to cool down and acts as a "second heat source" to the overall Global Warming effect.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Those graphics give clarity to what you are saying, Dane. It is amazing to me how many NexRad transmissions exist all over the country. I could not help wondering how much electromagnetic radiation those transmitters are giving off, which would certainly have a harmful effect on all living things- people, plants, animals in their path.

    The order with which this world was designed seems to have been severely altered. Perhaps, if a threshold level of awakening is reached, that damage can be slowed down or possibly reversed to some degree.

    Nature has an amazing ability to repair its ecosystems, if only people would step out of the way and allow that to happen.


  5. Earth Angel says:

    Note how strange: the moisture for hundreds if not thousands of miles (I do not know the map scale) is kept away from the Hawaiian islands and a huge swath of the Pacific Ocean surrounding it. One would think in a naturally occurring situation there would be much moisture over such a large area of the ocean's surface. This looks clearly manipulated and very odd.

  6. Robin says:

    I arrived home with a nagging –?-.  I checked in on geowatch and was surprised to see this new short concise video re: Hurricane Hilary.  This video will simply knock some, if not many doubters, out of fantasy land.  A shout out to you Dane! and a send out (email/conversations etc.) from many who view this video.  

    My ? –   A fellow boomer approached me at the postal hub where I was working, eager to defend his stance that yes, climate engineering is real, and that you can't trust government, but . . . he concludes that-  a recent underwater volcano is cause for much of the headlines regarding high ocean temperatures.  This coworker is a proud miliary veteran coming from a family with generations of military service.  He dismisses the threat of climate meltdown.

    I look forward to sharing these two articles with him.

    For example:  One estimate cited in the above article is that one day of human caused CO2 emissions is about the equivalent of CO2 emissions from two Mount Pinatubo volcanoes.  In short human caused CO2 emissions dwarf volcanic CO2 emissions at present;  thus, the opposite effect of multiplying the overall long term heating is now occurring.  The smoke screen of Mount Pinatubo/1991 eruption caused short term global cooling.

    Regarding the impact of recent ocean volcanoes, the above study provides evidence that during global sea rise/warming trends, as in these times, ocean volcanoes always occur but are less frequent than during ice ages.  In short, volcanoes undersea do not appear to have a significant effect on ocean heating when compared to human caused ocean heating.    

    • Jonathan says:

      Robin, please consider sharing with your friend a link to "The Dimming" as well.

      Military can be very programmed. Seeing Military Retired Generals in the film, confirming the programs, might help him. We are up against normalcy bias, programming, and some elements of mind control.

    • Robin says:

      Will share 'The Dimming'.  I believe I gave 'The Dimming' web card to veteran friend.  However, thank you for your synergistic response!  The additional tip of 'Seeing Retired Generals/ other members of military- in the film' is first and foremost effective.  Will keep you posted. 

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