Chemically Nucleated Winter Weather


Dane Wigington

The extremely anomalous surface cool-down in Texas and other parts of the world are not just random acts of Nature. Global climate engineering operations are not just a proposal, they have been an ongoing reality for over 70 years. Erratic and unprecedented weather is radically increasing everywhere. Though  there are countless forms of human activity affecting the equation, the global climate engineering programs are by far the single greatest and most destructive factor. The geoengineers are manufacturing winter weather scenarios on a scale that can scarcely be comprehended, such operations are nothing short of winter weather warfare. Ecosystems are being decimated by the climate engineering onslaught. No habitat, no humans. What will it take to bring the geoengineering issue to light, once and for all?

The photos below were just captured near Kerrville, Texas. The images clearly reveal the results and consequences of chemical ice nucleation operations. Patented processes of chemical ice nucleation for weather modification are a primary component of the climate engineering programs.

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The climate engineers have also inflicted immense chemical ice nucleation damage to the forests of Northern California. In this third installment of “Into The Wild” , the consequences of engineered winter weather events are documented.

For the previous episodes, click here: Into The Wild, With Dane Wigington

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

30 Responses to Chemically Nucleated Winter Weather

  1. PamCakes says:

    The Cowardly Wizards behind the curtain have one goal and that is to become GOD and NATURE. Human enslavement is dying off.  This is one of the many last pathetic yet grandiose and evil acts to control and bleed humanity to its core, financially, spiritually, medically and any other conceivable way possible. Ian was a 500 mile wide storm, the western US is drying up, other parts of the country just withering away or being unmercifully destroyed. No wonder 10 million people have left the country. 

  2. Cheryl Mikkelson says:

    People assume that we have a voice. No, this is WW3. No free speech 

    Little freedom to assemble.

    It's the last day……this is all biblical. We need to focus on preparedness, praying for family..friends etc. I really don't think we have any power anymore …..

    • Bethany says:

      I agree Cheryl!   Look at the nucleated winter that Texas suffered after their Gov. refused to go along like a blind sheep.   You try to fight the nefarious powers in control and they will punish and continually punish.  It's time to go into self-preservation mode.  


    • We are still here! says:

      Dear Cheryl and Bethany,

      I can relate to the feelings you describe, it is a reasonable initial reaction to such terrible things.  Please do remember that we are dealing with a psychological attack that wants us to believe that "we have already lost, so we may as well give up trying to defend ourselves"….However, this is a lie!  We have NOT already lost and the proof is in the fact that we are all still here, there are trees that are still alive, and so much of nature still survives another year, despite it all!   True heros will do the right thing whether or not they think they are going to win, they do it because it must be done….and this is the reason why we WILL win this in the end!  (despite the illusions of the present moment) 

      Please don't give up and close off to the outside world, that's what the controllers want!  We still have our constitution and our freedoms, if we choose to use them.  Think of all the people who have died fighting for righteousness over the centuries all over the world- I'm sure they often felt it was futile and died before they saw any changes in the world around them.  Yet, we wouldn't have our collective wisdom and our freedoms today without their sacrifices.  I believe they are out there somewhere, cheering us on to keep our head up and keep improving our efforts and to not give up.

      It's our duty to keep trying new ways to get the truth through to others, regardless of what the outward circumstances seem to be.  Things can change drastically when we least expect it during the heat of battle, when everything is filled with confusion and fear and smoke and loud explosions.  It isn't until the war is over that we can have some understanding of what actually happened on the battlefields. 

      They say that what evil tries to use to drag us down is the exact same thing that our Creator will use to pull us up.   I believe this is true from my own experiences.

      Sending all the best to you both, and everyone here! 

  3. Renata says:

    Same happened in the Netherlands. We had 2 weeks of (engineered) heavy snow. It's scary how much they're spraying in here, everyday, many times a day… We are not able to see the sun anymore. The sun rises, then the planes come spraying… It has been few months that the sky is always fogy 🙁

  4. Jo Reynolds says:

    Hi Dane,I have never witnessed such a bleak gray summer! I live in NSW on the east coast of Australia , summer is always hot to very hot with temperatures  averaging between 30 celsius to 40 celsius and over at times ,but not this year ,we have had maybe a week of those temperatures for entire summer and this month of February has been mostly gray,with intermittent rain,as soon as the sun comes out and looks like it's clearing it blankets over again completely gray ,I am catching rain water to get it tested,never knew about geo engineering until I seen a video on FB where a lady oversees,I think in Canada , sent some melted snow to get tested  as her dogs couldn't walk on the ice,without lifting their paws every so many feet! 

    • Tehcb says:

      Hi Jo. Same in Melbourne. Powers that be can't risk another big fire season as it will wake too many up, so they resort to massive chemical skies.


  5. Kelly Dunn says:

    What can we do?? I would like it to stop!! Here in Oregon they are spraying constantly and we rarely, if ever have blue sky, but instead streak after streak of chem trails that turn our sky white. It's a travesty.

    What can we do to help??

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kelly, thank you for your willingness to stand with us in this battle. Check the attached link for more input on how to help.

    • Victoria Koldewyn says:

      I live in the Willamette Valley (Eugene) of Oregon.

      For some reason, two weekends ago I really started LOOKING UP at the sky and seeing the planes with trails emitting, crossing from horizon to horizon. The planes flew all day and evening. Yesterday morning it started all over again. Milky white skies. I feel headachey and tired and generally crap. I'm an avid outdoor enthusiast.

      I'm so angry and admittedly freaked out and like there is nowhere that is safe. I feel overwhelmed, and thinking about all the critters and people the world over who are affected by not just this but other engineering….

       I'm looking over the material on the page that Dane links for introducing geoengineering / climate engineering to the uninformed. I feel like I need to do something, so the link is an actionable that I appreciate. 

      Knowing that there are others who are doing research and raising awareness helps 'unfreeze' me from fear, but I'm still new to waking up to the particulars of the various egregious and extremely disturbing strategies and atrocities mounting — and so it's a very turbulent psychological space to inhabit. Trying to learn how to relate to myself and others from new knowledge that is adding to gained knowledge over the last year studying history and geopolitics is pretty intense.

      Thanks Dane for all your work.

      Kelly Dunn, wherever you are in Oregon, know that there are others who are looking up and building community to help build resilience so that we can at least gain momentum and not feel crazy for noticing things.


    • Malia says:

      I'm in Oregon, too. I thought last year and the year before that odd… this year is a new fresh hell of constant rain, white, trails, aerosol so thick in the sky 2 "sun dogs" within a few days of each other. Mounting chemical and fungal sensitivities almost everything in town looks to be covered in mildew and algae after this winter. But the winter is not ending even now we are crossing into June without sun breaks or natural movement of clouds. I want to do something so bad. Rose bushes that I marveled at the beauty of in The neighborhood even up till 2020… they are covered in fungal disease. My doctors tell me I have chronic inflammatory response syndrome to fungus and "biotoxins". This leaves me with delerium and gross immune dysfunction manifesting in toxic encephalopathy and endocrine disruption. Good and bad days but most days are now spent in bed. On good days I can walk varying lengths. I had been very active despite the relapsing and remitting nature of my illness up until this winter.

      the mighty Columbia river usually a deep blue was covered in scum last summer. I thought I was smelling dust or smoke last summer but now I know why there is such a metallic sting and nature to the air and it didn't get better from Portland to Missoula. Places that once smelled so fresh and Alive just have the same metallic choked atmosphere. 

      I went to college in Eugene and loved McKenzie highway and cougar reservoir. It breaks my heart that area burned and so did the beloved playgrounds of many around Detroit lake.


      we are at this point, fish on a bleaching reef. 

      my favorite walking trail in Beaverton the foliage is staring to look sick. ponderosas in the neighborhood and certain varieties of trees have been the first to go. Many deciduous are not coming back to life this spring or they are crippled by the death of half their canopy branches. Oaks seem to be doing ok. Hedge junipers and box hedges look like hell. 2 years ago the box hedge in my community was FULL of honeybees. This year no flowers, no bees, box hedge looks sickly and dying. Come to think of it after the heat dome last summer I don't remember the thick of aphids that were so present in my fathers treed backyard. There is a sticky sappy tulip tree that attracted them. With the aphids came tons of ladybugs and ladybug larvae. I didn't see them after April last year.

      the wet and damp and fungus and god knows what is in the rain killed my rosemary bush that had been getting so big…

      sorry I ramble… it's hard to find sympathetic and ready ears to listen to these observations of The natural world. It's hard to be aware in this world.

  6. Thomas Petrie says:

    Texas had just recently discussed succeeding from the United States and look at this story now; it's been totally eclipsed by these "freak" ice storms.  Knowing weather has been used as a weapon many times both in our own country (think California), and also many other countries.  Now by weather I also mean HAARP and there's evidence this was used to trigger the huge earthquake and Tsunami, 3/11/11.  Tehran has provided evidence to the United Nations of the weather manipulators keeping moisture from their country.  The Phillipino Gov't has also hit with one of their worst Typhoons in their history after the then President criticized Barack Obama back in 2014 (15?).  Dane repeatedly provides evidence that the "Ridiculously Resilient Ridge" off West Coast is Microwave Frequency Radio Transmitters doing their evil tasks–and for at least the previous ten years!  The list goes on and on and while not any one particular "weather event" can be proven to be caused by nefarious forces, this crap has been going on since operation Sirrus in 1947 and Operation Popeye in Vietnam (1967-1972).  I pray people will wake up and see the evil that are these programs.  

  7. izzy says:

    The same thing is going on at my place a bit south in the Mendocino outback. Been watching in horror for years as the forest dies around me; could have made this video here. The implications seem to be lost on most as yet. When the shelves at the supermarket are bare, reality will be unavoidable.

  8. Paula Revera says:

    How many people, in each state, are writing their Governors and representatives demanding answers on this subject? Are there formal groups that people can join? Are their petitions online that people can sign? In Texas, are people addressing this to ERCOT and to their power companies also?

    I am having to view this website, apparently not optimized for viewing on alternative devices, on my cell phone, which makes everything very tiny so if I am not seeing the links that would answer my questions, please forgive me.

    A few more questions: State-by-state, what are the laws governing the ability for people to take defensive actions against those who put pollutants on their property? What defensive actions, if any, can people take?

  9. Laura Cotter says:

    Dane….was surprised to see our oak woods to the west today as the sun is going down nearing 4 p.m.  It warmed today to maybe over 40, but I was looking at a glass woods?  The trees appeared as all glass.  I had to quickly check our outdoor thermometer (39 degreees) because I knew it was milder than it has been.  I guess this is that chemical ice you are talking about that covered everything here yesterday in south New Jersey.  Clearly, it doesn't melt at 33 degrees.  It clings and creates more destruction.  

  10. Ivan Horbasenko says:

    Hi Dane , hope you are well . I am sorry about the dying trees in your reserve . Do not forget , besides chemicals  destroying those trees , Fukushima radiation has also contributed . I know it seems a bit defeating ,  but maybe some folks can try re seeding trees again . I think it is worth a try . Have a good week . Ivan

  11. Earth Angel says:

    Thank you Dane, For highlighting the destruction and death to the forests. I too am amazed at how blind and ignorant the general population is as to the health (or lack thereof) of our trees. We are unable to keep up with the cleanup of our once magnificent Red and White oaks, Poplar, and other varieties on the farm which are dropping dead left and right around us. Huge magnificent trees that were breathtaking giants with lush green canopies only 20 years ago are dropping limbs everywhere. When I reach to pick up the broken limbs they break YET AGAIN and again- the wood is so rotten from the toxic chemicals they have ingested. It is beyond heartbreaking and shocking to see our once beautiful planet dying all around us. A real contrast is viewing the westerns and other shows filmed in the 50's, 60's and 70's in California and seeing the differences in the health of the trees and skies only 50 yrs. ago. It makes my heart happy to see nature when it was vibrant and healthy as it was created to be, until the show is over and I am back to this sad place in time. We cannot thank you enough for your great courage and efforts on behalf of ALL LIFE on Earth. I too, as you stated- will NEVER be a member of the 'Eyes Wide Shut' club.. no matter how much it HURTS to SEE.

  12. C B says:

    Here's just a Wiki overview of weather derivatives and a glimpse into how they work and so forth. I guarantee most people do not have a single clue as to how extensively our world has been turned into a GAMING BOARD for investors and the "moneyed-class". I find it interesting that the first alleged weather derivative transaction occurred in 1996, with widespread expansion of the concept commencing in 1997. If I am not mistaken, a wholesale ramping up of atmospheric spraying commenced right at about this time. It was the late 90's when people started to see evidence of massive trails in the skies across the country, if not the world. Is there a connection here? 

        I came to the conclusion a couple years ago that, in fact, geoengineered events, especially catastrophic ones such as severe droughts, forest fires, rain deluges/flooding, winter blizzards/ice storms, etc, ARE ALL ENGINEERED IN CONCERT WITH DEEP PARTICIPANTS IN THE WEATHER DERIVATIVES MARKETS. THIS WOULD BE A NO-BRAINER FOR THE ASSHOLES BEHIND ALL OF THIS. EVEN THE ENTITIES DOING THE ACTUAL WEATHER MODIFICATION COULD BE (and I'm sure are) benefiting from profits realized as a result of their efforts. This appears to be a massive market for a gargantuan number of potential customers, rendering literally the entire country (and world) a game-board for their own enrichment. Welcome to Planet Earth, uh…, I mean…..Planet Casino.

       Furthermore, when did unbridled GREED ever come to it's senses and realize it was killing itself?? Answer: NEVER. I am afraid there will be only one scenario that will put an end to this whole practice: complete and total collapse of society due to biosphere collapse, end of food production at scale, etc. Our whole house-of-cards is perilously close to tumbling down.

  13. JOSEPH CANTER says:



  14. Chris says:

    Hi Dane thank you for all your good work that you do. People that I talk to have no clue what's going on. These people are in denial. 

  15. Maria Gillott says:

    This is terrible 

  16. Deb says:

    Thank you yet again, Dane. Many of us suspected the Texas situation was not a natural phenomenon. Curious that one of the most "free" of the states was targeted. I suspect Florida is next, although too many of the corrupt are moving here in droves themselves, so perhaps that will deter their efforts to some extent here in the Sunshine State. I witness those parallel lines in the sky often. All my citrus trees and avocado tree have died. Vegetable plants that I start indoors are fine, but when I move them outside it's all over. They will apparently stop at nothing. I attempt to awaken folks, pointing out the trails to my neighbors while I'm outdoors. They had no idea.

  17. Hamada says:

    Much love to you for all that you do, Dane. Wishing all the best, peace, and blessings for you and your loved ones. Be warm and be well <3

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: All News Pipeline website quotes Dane and offers multiple links to Dane’s work.

    And if you still think that weather modification is simply a 'conspiracy theory', you have to check out Dane Wigington's Geoengineering Watch website.  From this story 2018 story we see that all kinds of patents exist to 'engineer' winter weather.
    Chemical ice nucleation (for weather modification) is a patented process, the link below is important to review in order to gain a better understanding of this process.


  19. Michelle Province says:

    Fake weather, fake power outages. 

  20. Tyler TerraNova says:

    Honestly, thanks for all you do Dane!! You're very much appreciated.

  21. Rachael says:

    Hello Dane, as usual thanks for this great article, your unwavering devotion to this cause continues to raise my spirits and keeps me in tge fight. I live with my aging parents in North Texas, we were hit really hard with the devastating created snowstorm and power attacks, and I am still rather traumatized by our ordeal. The storm came saturday night and around noon Sunday, the power went off, and by the time, the temps were in the single digits, by that night we were freezing and hungry, but toughed it out, by Monday afternoon we were starving and froze, but were stuck, on Tuesday we woke up early and could hardly get out of bed, I made the descison that we were going to have to risk the roads, we drove 120 miles south to my brothers where they still had power. My sister and her son, who live about 75 miles south of us also had to abadon their home. we all ended up safe at my brothers and it was a wonderful blessing for us all to be together, but it also brought to full light, the nightmare world that these insane globalist are preparing for us. Its been a really scary week. I am praying to God so hard that we can reach critical mass of awarness on whats happening to all of us.

  22. Elaine tyler says:


  23. Wanda Allen says:


    Thank you so much for continuing to speak for the trees. Our forests here in the Northeast are much like yours. Trees snapping off or toppling over showing that the root systems gave up years ago. Young Maples can't grow at all and the canopies on all the trees getting smaller and smaller. The blank looks on peoples faces is beyond frustrating and those whose job it is to protect the forests remain silent. 

    The recent snow storm was like walking on marbles, so unnatural and devastating to everything. It's so mind boggling that people cannot remember what a real cloud and healthy forests looked like.

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