Climate Engineering, Dangerous Proposal Or Lethal Reality?


By Dane Wigington

(This article was originally drafted for and posted on Guy McPherson's "Nature Bats Last" website. Guy later pulled this article and now finatically denies the ongoing climate engineering reality.)

In recent years there have been numerous scientists and scientific agencies discussing the challenges of global warming and suggesting ways to mitigate further warming from occurring. These solutions, labeled as “geoengineering”, range from the realistic, and possible, to the clearly impossible and absurd. Are some forms of geoengineering currently being advertised as a "proposed solutions" when in reality they are already taking place and have been for decades? If geoengineering is occurring, is it a reasonable strategy to combat global warming, or is it a catastrophic measure that carries with it very lethal consequences?  Geoengineering is being advertised to the general public as a way to mitigate some problems associated with global warming when in reality there are many other agendas behind the curtain.


Geoengineering Is Now The massive elephant in the room is that geoengineering programs are very real. They are currently fully deployed across the globe and have been for at least several decades. Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) and Solar Radiation Management (SRM) are programs designed to saturate the stratosphere with reflective aerosols through the use of modified jet aircraft. Unfortunately, most scientists are either turning a blind eye to SAG and SRM, or are simply misleading the public intentionally as to the reality of the atmospheric spraying.  These programs are cited in numerous patents and documents (about 150), are openly discussed in U.S. Congressional hearings on weather modification, and are outlined by numerous scientific agencies including the Royal Society, the United Nations, and the UK Meteorological Society, etc. Those unconvinced of the current aerosol spraying deployment need only look more closely at the available data now accumulating across the globe. Any truly objective and  unbiased analysis can only lead to the conclusion that indeed geoengineering is occurring and there are devastating effects taking place. What Are The Various Indicators Of Geoengineering Occurring In Our Skies? 1.   Consistent horizon to horizon aircraft trails that slowly expand and merge until the entire sky is often covered with a blanket of artificial cloud cover and haze is only one form of SAG and SRM. There increasingly appears to be ever greater efforts to make the atmospheric spraying much more covert with shorter bright trails of sprayed disbursements that turn the skies a silvery white or that produce cob web like clouds or an atmospheric haze as mentioned. Any bright trail behind a jet that lasts for much more than a few seconds is likely not just a condensation trail. The "high bypass" turbofan jet engine is on all commercial carriers and all military tankers. This engine is nearly incapable of producing a "condensation" trail due to its design as 80% of the air that passes through this engine is non combusted. It is important to consider that much of the SAG and SRM operations occur over fully canopied skies where the spraying cannot be readily seen. 2.   Elements such as Barium, Aluminum, Strontium, and Manganese showing up in lab tests of precipitation in extreme quantities across the globe. For example, a lab test for a single rain event taken in Shasta County California in 2006 measured 7 parts per billion (ppb) for aluminum, already high. Less than five years later at the same location a single rain event measured 3450 ppb for aluminum, this is an increase of nearly 50,000 %. Aluminum is a primary element listed in numerous climate engineering patents. 3.   According to the California Air Resources Board (CARB, which does extensive air quality studies) aluminum IS NOT among the aerosols migrating in the atmosphere from China. Heavy metals DO NOT migrate such distances with the exception of mercury which converts to a gaseous state. 4.   Numerous lab tests have determined that the soil PH has been radically altered in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. There is so much aluminum raining down on us that soil PH tests from Shasta and Siskiyou Counties (for example) have changed as much as 15 times toward alkaline. 5.   Aquatic insect populations have also been severely affected by metal contamination in the formerly pristine watershed in regions of Northern California. Aquatic insect populations have declined as much as 90%, in the last decade according to studies done by 35 year US forest Service veteran biologist Francis Mangels. A similar decline in terrestrial insect populations have also been noted. 6.   "Global dimming” – the reduction in the amount of global direct sunlight that reaches the earth’s surface – has reached 20% due to the light scattering and reflecting metal particulates in the atmosphere. Global dimming studies compare the amount of direct sunlight that currently reaches the surface of the Earth as compared to 5 decades ago. Blocking the sun is the primary goal of "solar radiation management" (SRM). 7.   Drought and deluge is now the norm around the globe. Geoengineering completely disrupts and derails the hydrological cycle which fuels extreme weather events. 8.   Verified massive ozone holes are now present over the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Very harmful UVB radiation levels are off the charts, this is unfortunately not being reported by official agencies. 9.   Atmospheric conductivity has increased radically leaving the earth more prone to increased lightning strikes. 10.   The Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) has repeatedly called for "emergency war time scale geoengineering to avert a planetary catastrophe" unfolding in the Arctic right now due to the imploding Arctic ice cap and massive methane release. The paradox is that available data makes clear that the ongoing climate engineering is making an already bad climate situation far worse overall, not better. 11.   The US military has for decades stated its intense interest in climate engineering programs for strategic military purposes, i.e. "Owning The Weather By 2025". Top US military leaders have repeatedly stated on the record that climate change is the greatest national security threat of all. It would be extremely naive to believe that the US Military is not completely involved in global climate modification programs. In fact, there are numerous film footage segments of military tankers spraying materials at altitude available for any that choose to investigate.


What Effect Is The Climate Engineering Causing? In the midst of all this metal showing up in our soil and water, our forests are suffering huge losses. Forest fires are out of control around the Northern Hemisphere. Siberia is losing about 100,000,000 acres a year to forest fires. Many other countries have had prolonged states of emergency from record wild fires as well. Drought, one of the main consequence associated with geoengineering aerosols, also is reaching an epidemic level this year. It is important to understand how forest fires and drought apply to geoengineering. In addition to robbing the environment of moisture, an atmosphere saturated with geoengineering particulates also increases atmospheric conductivity. With the forest fuels at record low moistures levels due to the ongoing droughts, the effects of the SAG and SRM have proved a devastating combination as dry-lighting strikes have become wide-spread, fueling countless out of control wildfires. Clearly, with geoengineering the weather on the earth can be modified by the timing and quantity and size of particulates being sprayed into the environment. This begs the question as to the true intent of geoengineering. Is it a potential way to gain power via control of the weather rather than a proposed solution to prevent global warming? It appears as though a primary motivation for pursuing geoengineering by the U.S. military is the strategic advantage offered by weather modification for numerous scenarios. Controlling the weather creates a powerful "force multiplier" for a nation’s military during a conflict. For example, if one nation were able to ground an entire country’s air force because of severe weather, or create a drought so bad that a nation is weakened internally and rebellion against its leaders takes place, a nation could win a war before firing the first shot. The U.S. military has historically been vocal about the desire to be able to modify the weather going back to the 1940’s, when they partnered with General Electric who was researching weather modification at that time. For the third time, the president of Iran has stated that he believes his country is the victim of ongoing NATO weather modification assaults that have left his country in a dire state of drought. Officials in Pakistan have also made similar accusations. Recently, when the government of Thailand drug its feet in regard to granting a new base in their country for the US to "monitor" weather changes (conduct weather modification?) they were decimated by record flooding. Coincidence? Who Profits? Closer to home, don’t overlook the still worsening drought decimating the western US. Is it yet another coincidence that Monsanto (the world’s largest genetically modified seed company) has introduced its newest drought and aluminum resistant corn in the midst of this unfolding disaster?  The weather derivatives market trades stocks that are nothing more than bets on where weather catastrophes will strike, who such events will affect, what crops will be damaged, etc.  Could this be the corporate/industrial/military complex manufacturing weather disasters and then making massive profits for corporations from the damage they have done? All indications point towards a new type of profit investment market, disaster capitalism. Who are the players that appear to be involved?  The Raytheon Corporation is heavily involved in weather modification patents. Raytheon is believed to do all the weather modeling for The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and the National Weather Service. Another player in this gamble on the future of our planet is the Lockheed Martin Corporation who is also heavily invested in the weather modification business and appears to do all the weather modeling for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Could the foxes be running the hen house? Are they predicting weather at this point, or giving us the "weather schedule"? If this is the case, would they want to disclose this?


How Is The Spraying Done? Many ask if these materials that are being deposited in our atmosphere are part of jet fuel, or are they part of a "payload" delivery system that is actually sprayed, all available data points primarily to payload dispersion. First, there is already a patent for a "powder contrail generator" which is for the expressed purpose of spraying microscopic particles into the atmosphere from jet aircraft. Next, the massive amount of metal aerosol tonnage proposed by geoengineers to be dispersed on an annual basis (20,000,000 tones according to internationally recognized geoengineer David Keith), is simply far too much for any type of fuel additive. Again, as already mentioned, there are also countless compelling photos and extensive film footage that clearly indicates spraying from separate nozzles on the plane. Shockingly, some of this footage actually shows spray coming from the front wing of a rear-engine jet, with visible spraying from nozzles starting and stopping at various times. So, why in the world are they spraying if it is doing so much damage to the planet and life on earth? It would seem because they can, and there is no one to stop them. The craving for absolute control appears to have no bounds or limits even if that quest puts the seekers themselves at risk. Why did the same power structure feel the need to detonate over 2000 nuclear weapons even though that has contaminated all that lives? Why has the same power structure constructed a nuclear arsenal large enough to mathematically destroy life on earth some 12,000 times over? Coming up with an answer to such questions is difficult. What it is possible to say is that a mountain of data confirms the harsh and lethal reality of global geoengineering. The ongoing spraying is completely disrupting all natural weather patterns, creating catastrophic global droughts, record deluges, shredding the ozone layer, contaminating our soils and waters, and even more critical, poisoning every breath we take with microscopic metal and chemical nano particles that are extremely damaging to the human body. As if all this was not enough, the damage done to the planet now appears to have reached a critical point. Catastrophic methane release has been triggered on the East Siberian shelf of the Arctic. Though methane is often considered to be 20+ times more potent a greenhouse gas than C02, this is over a one hundred year time horizon. Over a ten year time horizon methane is considered to be 100 times more potent than CO2. To put this in context, the methane release that has been triggered is a global game-changer in and of itself, with potential consequences that are unimaginable. Mathematically there is enough methane hydrate in Arctic sea floor deposits to create a Permian type mass global extinction 100 times over if it were all to release. Global geoengineering is literally putting life on earth in a dangerous balance. All available information related to the ongoing climate engineering insanity points to the conclusion that short of nuclear annihilation, the ongoing global geoengineering atmospheric spray programs are the greatest and most immediate threat to life on earth. How Do We Stop Global Geoengineering? So what can we do? Raise awareness at a grass roots level. This is the only way to battle this issue. All governmental agencies and representatives are part of the corporate/industrial complex and no ground can be gained through the "system". I say this after ten years of effort working in conjunction with the California EPA, the Cal Energy Commission, the Cal water quality, the USDA, USFS and other institutions. Only when the population at large is made aware of the fact that they are being sprayed like lab rats, can the geoengineering be brought to light and to a halt. If the population is aware, military personnel and families will then be aware, and we would hope they would at some point refuse to participate in their own demise. There are many good people in the military that would care if they only were informed. Certainly, they will never be told by the system they are in. What is a course of effective action? From our own home computers we can all work to locate and identify people, groups, and organizations that would care if they only had a clue. These groups can include journalists, environmental organizations, ADD groups, Alzheimer's, autism and agriculture organizations. The list is endless. The film "Look Up" by filmmaker George Barnes is a very good introductory educational tool on this subject. The "skyderalert" app is another excellent tool for spreading the word. Power point presentations are available at Passing out informational flyers is also very effective, many flyer examples can be found at These flyers can be downloaded for free and printed locally. It’s up to us. Geoengineering is not just another environmental issue, it is THE issue. The ongoing implementation of these programs is virtually decimating the biosphere from top to bottom. If it is not brought to light and to a halt, all other issues will soon enough become mute. Geoengineering is a lethal reality that must be exposed and stopped. DW

24 Responses to Climate Engineering, Dangerous Proposal Or Lethal Reality?

  1. Spartan says:

    Dear Dane, Thank you for your excellent dedicated work. I am very grateful every day.  I refer people and organizations to your website, write the website on envelopes I mail to various organizations, etc. Today I wrote my comments on Wikipedia's survey site where they ask how they could improve (read on climate engineering on to see how they describe it and urge all our friends to do so.) They need funds to keep the information online open to the public and it is a non-profit organization and welcome public feedback.  I have not yet began talking or writing about this issue to U.S. or state legislators, as I think it may be more effective if they get massive inquiries from environmental, peace/anti-war, civil/human rights, lawyers' groups, etc., as these organizations represent millions of people, and individuals' inquiries and pleadings might have a faster impact after the snowball effect of our synergies.  What do you say?  

    It is very encouraging to see so many people who read your research and are informed.  A lot of people I meet on the streets on the East Coast sense something is wrong with the weather and want to know more.  Friends, don't get discouraged with ignorant and indifferent people.  As we spread the awareness and reach a certain critical mass, the powers that be will be exposed, as they are increasingly being exposed and debunked in the genetic engineering of foods and their fierce fighting against labeling to comply with compelling consumer demand, boundless government corruption and waste, etc.  A lot more people are informed about a lot of similar public health and well-being issues than we may think.  Keep doing what you do and let's all keep our vision strong and let's not fall into the adversary's trap of despair and dismissing our power. We must know that we are not alone. There are a lot of people who know and who are ready to learn.  Don't give in to the adversary's propaganda of fear! "The most potent weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed," as Steve Biko said.  Blessings to Dane and all friends.

  2. Johnny says:

    lets pray that 100 monkey awakens mass consciousness works we have the power we can create the world we want maybe I am just a dreamer but I am not the only one IMAGINE where 2 or more are gathered IMAGINE visulize

  3. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I think you may be correct Paul, but I will never give up! I will continue to wake people up everyday. I am in this fight until my last breath and you should be too!

  4. Paul Campbell says:

    Earth has entered a state of crisis. Radiation and greenhouse gases are causing irreversible damage to the climate systems human beings need to survive.

    If everything man-made were to stop today it would still be too late to preserve habitat for humans. Game over.

    Mad Scientists will continue their folly, their spraying, their mendacity, but humans will not survive.

    That is why they cannot tell us the truth and they cannot stop spraying toxins into the atmosphere.

  5. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    I didn’t collect from the sidewalk but I did collect some of the sparklie stuff off my deck. I noticed after a rain where water had sat for awhile there was a huge area the really sparkled in the sun, more so than the rest of the deck. I took a wide piece of clear pkging tape and pressed it down on the board. It pulled up so much that the tape was solid with this glitter like stuff. I have it, but no I haven’t had it tested. It is all silver. I also see it all over the windows, and the screens have all the fiber like stuff that is NOT cobwebs. You can see this stuff really well when the sun hits directly on things, otherwise you can’t see it. I see it on my sun roof and windshield of the car when the sun hits them directly. I also see tiny brown looking drops of something and it’s nothing from birds. These drops are always tiny and teardrop shaped. They do not wash off easily either. I have taken pictures of the colored particles on the snow. What I took off the deck was all silver. Must be two different applications for it to be silver one time and other times colored. I mostly see colored particles on the windows. If you take pictures of the windows when the sun hits directly it takes several trys for good ones. Put them on the computer and zoom in…unreal what they look like. Some have different shapes and some are one color and others have two colors on them. Some even look like long pieces but so tiny. I’ve taken pics of hosta leaves and zoomed in on the particles. One pic I have a particle looks like it has a number 2 on it. Do these things and see for yourself. Pretty scary stuff especially since we breathe in this crap. I never open my windows anymore.

  6. FreedomRanger says:

    Listening to these comments makes me feel hopeless.

    1) Peaceful protests do nothing, the more people they can get in one place the more concentrated the spray.
    2) Lawsuits don’t work, they are the courts, they are the government.
    3) Writing your congressmen. Ha nice try they dont let you be a politician unless you are down with the program.
    4) The only way to stop this is war. No one has the sack to do it, people are completely controlled by some mechanism I cannot put a name on. People are 100% controlled except for you select few.
    5) The only reason they tolerate our existence ( the ones who are aware) is so they can tweak their system and make sure they have the optimal system of control in place.
    6) the game is over, there is nothing we can do about what is happening. The are already pressing their climate change BS. If the climate breaks they are just going to blame it on first world success and reduce us all to serfs.
    7) I resign myself to faith in God.

  7. Barbara Hughes says:


  8. Chembro2 says:

    Have you collected the ‘sparkles’ and sent them out for testing?

  9. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of talking lately. I use to talk to people and give them a piece of paper with on it. Now I have flyers to pass out to those who seem interested, and many are. Yet it’s frustrating to see some people look at you like you’re an idiot after they look up and say I see nothing. Where I live there are usually no long lines or grid patterns or X’s anymore. Now it is just their fake puffy clouds and I see in an instant they are not real clouds, but others just don’t see it. This is very frustrating. Before when you pointed out a giant X in the sky people would question that. Their new applications are making our job more difficult. They changed their application to look more natural because so many people are waking up. I’ve noticed before how the sidewalks were covered with sparklies, but now they are full of the stuff. You would think for all the people who never look up, that maybe with their heads down all the time they would wonder where all that glittery stuff was coming from! We must keep talking to people, Dane can’t do it all on his own. I just want our beautiful planet back, I’m so sad.

  10. Steven Chamberlain says:

    If you are one of those people that know what is happening and you come to this site regularly to read articles and watch videos, but keep it all to yourself, you’re not doing enough. Send a link to this site to All of your contacts NOW!!! If you don’t your weakness will be the demise off us ALL!

  11. K Brown says:

    Only the insane would think that distributing “heavy” substances into the stratosphere would be a legitimate strategy to reflect sunlight. What goes up, must come down…right? I believe the modification of weather (and soil) is simply a side effect of the spraying and that there are much more sinister reasons for (inconsistently) distributing these materials above the planet. We should be calling this act “population engineering”. We must act now before we all forget what’s really happening. We’re living in a M. Night Shyamalan script! Wake up, wake up!

  12. James Boyd says:

    Whatever “they” try to do it does not seem it will matter much once the hysteria gets out of hand, much like Ebola. The Troops will be called out, Marshall Law implemented. California is a desert and will become uninhabitable by 2/3’s of the population. There is talk now of moving millions. I doubt it will go over very well when a MILLION or more Californians are dropped on Seattle, WA. Or worse they may be moved to those FEMA camps we are aware of.

  13. Maria says:

    Will they try to cover it up by placing more vibroseis trucks in, at and around the Yellowstone caldera? (yt: Yellowstone Secret Eruption Program)

  14. poppy robbins says:

    dear dane i watched your recent up date presentation , just listening to you i sense a despair of ever reaching those ordinary people like myself,please take heart that i am trying ,as you state no political or media bodies so far have acknowledged they listen but do not hear,i am mentioning cautiously to people the subject of geoengineering (the weather) and when its suggested “they control all weather” you can see a phyisical shut down ,particulaly in the eyes! this is the biggest barrier to getting ordinary folk to wake up to whats happening , i shall continue to act on this, ranting really does not work. to me and many others you are a shining light of hope and all your colleages who are doing so much to inform , i beg you let your spirit soar in these dark dark times .

  15. Laura Sutton says:

    JK…… Thanks …I needed that. Seriously.

  16. John Mustart South Africa. says:

    I cannot understand how Americans have allowed their Government to get away with what they do. After recently discovering the truth of 911 I am absolutely horrified. But this geoengineering is absolutely insane. You need a 5 000 000 person protest outside the White House. Keep it peaceful and keep the moral high ground at all times. In this country South Africa) protest is becoming very effective. Our government can hardly keep pace with the protests. They can be very effective. This is possibly the only route open to you now. MASSIVE PEACEFUL PROTEST. Then they will have to listen. It is difficult to lock up 5 mill people. In the meantime you are doing a wonderful job of informing everybody aboout what is going on which obviously is essential and very effective groundwork.

  17. thea says:

    I agree. Many people already know about this and they ask what can be done. Just spreading the word seems not enough anymore. There has to be some people with money – stars, athletes – who care about this.

  18. Ken says:

    I think we need a little more effort on the HOW to stop them. We need someone with some money to SUE them.
    It’s the only thing they understand.
    Most of the government is run by LAWYERS.

  19. JK says:

    Tonight I sit at a dinner table with people respected in the conventional worlds of science, engineering, medicine and the arts. To my mind narrow worlds difficult to escape from unless these people can open their minds. These are the people who consider themselves ‘right’ in every argument, who appear to fight to the death not to loose face, these are the people who have been conditioned; we can be standing under a grid system in the skys sprayed to form a veil to the sun so obvious it screams at you and the scientist will say ‘ I’ve seen that in old paintings, it’s not new’ the engineer ‘impossible no such thing would happen’!
    Then in contrast I wander my southern French villages talking to folk close to the earth, point at the grids in the sky and then show them your site Dane and this time comprehension dawns. After that comes action. No matter what is deceiving the minds of our worlds puppet masters they are patently destroyers. A huge but quiet revolution is taking place, change will come. Get off your backsides folks and DON’T GIVE UP. Giving up is NOT AN OPTION talk to everyone, educate and lead by example, please do not become downhearted or fatalistic so much good is happening between the horror.

  20. gingercake5 says:

    Here is a dose of disinformation showing up in the MSM (Fox news no less) today, 10/5/2014. Disgusting

  21. Constant Walker says:

    The stark Natural Fact is “geo-engineering” has been ongoing not just for “decades,” but for millennia ….since the latest outbreak, in Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement, of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease, around 12,000 years ago. The stark Natural Fact is the “self”-infected, “civilized” (more accurately, domesticated) part of Humanity has been the primary ‘agent’ of “geo-engineering” during the entire time….virtually idolizing the invasive retro-virally-induced syndrome (with its systematic degradation of the Living Forms embodying Earth’s Natural Vitality into the degenerate “energy” to which both the invasive retro-viral tormenting entities and their co-opted and corrupted Human ‘tools’ are fatally addicted) that most of the virtual sub-species homo domesticus are foolishly convinced is the “highest achievement” of their own virtual ‘kind.’

    The stark Natural Fact is the disease is now deep into its own terminal stage, the stage at which its “self”-captivated Human enablers have become redundant to its process….and thus are slated for imminent “self”-inflicted extinction. The stark Natural Fact is absolutely nothing available to our tame Sisters and Brothers, as prisoners/peons within the smothering confines of the virtual world-o’-hurt that is the “global”-gulag/shrinking-“economy” contraption, the physical excrescence here of the wasting disease, will work to get them out of it….can only drive them deeper into it, instead.

    The stark Natural Fact is even many millions of them aware-of and yelling-about “climate-engineering/weather-warfare” will have no deterrent effect whatsoever on the disease process as it runs its course here….will only intensify and accelerated it, instead. The stark Natural Fact is random collections of the ubiquitous “self”-possessed artificial Human “individual,” of whatever size or configuration or purpose, have no access at all to the Organic Integrity that alone might enable Humanity, as such and as a component of Earth’s immune system, to respond in a beneficially effective Way to the condition ALL our Condition is in….this essential Integrity residing only in the Natural Organic Form of Humanity, which is that of Free Wild “Communities” (for want of any better word in English) of Free Wild Natural Persons.

    So is there anything actually Humanly possible, here now in these already-dire-and-rapidly-worsening straits, that the “self”-subsumed constituents of “civilization” might still do to address their “self”-inflicted predicament with any chance at all of arresting the “progress” of the wasting disease somewhere short of its otherwise dead-certain DEAD END? They could, ‘each’ and every ‘one,’ do whatever is necessary to get over the sickness that is their own too-precious usurping and organically crippling “self”….to get free of the devastating effects of its I/ME/MY/MINE obsession. Then it will be possible for them to coalesce spontaneously into our Natural Form, and to begin fulfilling our given Human Function as a component of /earth’s immune system.

    Anything ‘else’ or less than that will be just another disease-controlled exercise in feckless futility. Meantime, tame Sisters and Brothers, stay calm….don’t panic!

  22. DF says:

    And here’s another damning article from 2010:

    I think the key is to use pandemic preconception against itself. Find “mainstream” or otherwise publicly respected sources that report telling (though usually, non-explicit) information about geoengineering.

    Blitz them and the dissonance will not hold.

  23. DF says:

    Many have said that Ted Gunderson was a shill, but everyone who speaks out to expose corruption has someone calling them a shill. The video is from 2011, but in any case, here it is:

    “Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped”

  24. Nancy says:

    THE PRESENT PROPOSAL OF WEATHER MODIFICATION AS A REMEDY TO GW IS PREPOSTEROUS, since it has been going on for decades! There is no shortage of info on why when where or how, YET too many people are still in denial to the point you cannot get them to simply LOOK UP!
    The REAL DENIERS are the ones that refuse to SEE the OBVIOUS. Of course, we have no shortage of the bought and paid for internet and science trolls PRETENDING Geoengineering does not yet exist.

    While we alert more to truth, there are many more not willing to look…


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