Geoengineered Incineration Is Pushing The Planet Toward Venus Syndrome


Dane Wigington

Yet more forest land is being incinerated by raging, unprecedented, and completely out of control wildfires in the US West. 

Flames from the Butte fire rise over a pasture in Mountain Ranch

Flames from the "Butte fire" rise over a pasture in Mountain Ranch California on September 11th. Photo credit: RT TV

What will it take for the population to wake up and for "official agencies" and "scientists" start telling the truth about the ongoing "climate engineering"? Geoengineering and solar radiation management are sold as mitigation for global warming, but all available data makes clear the fact that these ongoing programs are making an already bad situation far worse, not better. Recent science studies solidly conclude geoengineering can't work for the stated objective of cooling the planet. Geoengineering is weather and biological warfare, nothing less. Climate engineering is ultimately about power and control, especially in regard to rapidly growing global populations.


Tanker 60, a DC-7, drops on the Lowell Fire. Photo credit: Matthew Rhodes

When will the cowardly denial of global geoengineering by "elected officials" (which is parroted by the entire climate science community) come to an end? When will the criminal denial of the climate science community and official agencies give way to the legal and moral obligations they have to inform the public about the climate engineering juggernaut of insanity?


Jet aircraft aerosol dispersion

Though countless forms of anthropogenic activity has decimated the planet, geoengineering is the single greatest contributing factor to the epic droughts and unprecedented fires which are occurring all over the planet. Geoengineering is the single greatest factor which is stealing precipitation from where it is needed most. This is not just the case in the US West, but is occurring on multiple continents. Geoengineering is the single largest factor causing crop failures around the world.  


Shrinking Colorado River is a growing concern for Yuma farmers and millions of other water users. Photo credit: Irfan Khan/ LA Times

As the forests burn, and the crops fail, the dangerous buildup of greenhouse gases will continue to fuel the planet towards record heating, catastrophic sea level rise, and mass methane release. Climate engineering is making all these scenarios worse overall, not better. We are already on track for a scenario called Venus Syndrome. Under this scenario climate feedback loops (which fuel a runaway greenhouse event) heat the planet (once triggered) and continue to spiral out of control until the planet becomes a scorched lifeless orb comparable to Venus. 2014 was the warmest year ever recorded globally. 2015 is on track to shatter that record and 2016 will likely break the record yet again. If we remain on the current course near term total global extinction is not just a possibility but a mathematical certainty. 


Record shattering fires of unprecedented  intensity are scorching landscapes around the globe.

Though the cessation of climate engineering will trigger what is termed "double catastrophe scenario", this is the only way forward. The planet must be allowed to respond on it's own to the damage done without the hindrance of the ongoing highly toxic climate engineering insanity.  Industrialized society has already decimated the planet beyond any chance of recovery to the formerly thriving biosphere we have known, geoengineering is the largest single factor in this destruction. Joining the effort to expose and halt climate engineering is a responsibility that we must all bear, make your voice heard. DW

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  1. Researcher says:

    "The planet must be allowed to respond on it's own to the damage done without the hindrance of the ongoing highly toxic climate engineering insanity."


    This is very true for our bodies when healing, as well as for the planet as a whole.

  2. human race says:

    yes this is all Exactly right- exactly right. Let this madness stop. so insane. I will try to help spread the word for what it is worth but man this is scary shit.

  3. Where'sthebeef says:

    I have noticed that the most intensive geo spraying tends ot happen during the height of solar flares especially if there are M ones or higher.
    Last winter was chocked full of *near misses* every few days and each time that would happen intense spraying like never before.   I only figured it out this Summer and have been keeping an eye ever since because I go to Space Weather all the time and I can't believe I never caught on to it. 
    I keep up with a website called Space Weather for solar flare news and other interesting space events which has archives back to early 2001.   
    During the last few days the solar activity had become flat and there was no spraying going on whatsoever.   Now that there is a chance of strong M flares from sunspot AR2415 Earth facing they have been spraying no stop with chemtrail after chemtrail forming lines that are real close to each other sort of like a grid. 

  4. Carol says:

     Just reported on Yahoo! News … August was the hottest month ever globally on both land and sea! 


  5. Amanda Perkins says:


    Please keep in mind that if the sky is clear and you see no chemtrails, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no chemical spraying by government tanker jets. This morning we have a beautiful clear blue sky here in Fenton, Michigan with not a cloud in site. But before rejoicing I carefully scanned the sky for any suspicious planes.

    I am familiar with the commercial air traffic in my area and their flight paths. Lo and behold I saw three jets flying the same flight path as the jets spraying the visible chemtrails. They usually fly east to west and west to east in my area. The three planes were all visible at once and flew the same flight path over my house within 10 minutes. They all had a normal appearing short contrails that quickly disappeared and became invisible. I have seen them with no visible trail at all in the past.

    I grabbed my camera with the telephoto lens to zoom up on the planes and they were definitely the same unmarked government tanker jets that sprays the visible chemtrails that I have photographed in the past. They obviously aren't out sightseeing in a three jet formation. These are government tanker jets and their only purpose is to spray chemicals.

    This could be part of the new Operation Indigo Skyfold program. A whistle blower military pilot has come forward and stated that they are spraying very lethal chemicals in this program and they include radioactive material that can be detected with a Geiger counter. This new program is not about weather control but population control. Watch the short video below for details from this military government tanker jet pilot. See bottom link for pictures.

    See youtube link:

    Below is the my facebook link to the pictures I took:


    • Hello Amanda Perkins: There are photographic lenses that change color spectrum so you can see some of the trails more readily. I think "Andrew from Scotland" (a reader commentor on this site) has the photo lens thing down to a science. Be sure to share links from Dane's pages to other favorite sites of interest. I'm in Northern Minnesota. The entire boreal forest is dying here… Thanks for posting your comments…

  6. Jon h says:

    We need a serious movement to get John Oliver, of "Last Week Tonight," to cover chemtrails. After all, Stephen Colbert did the geoengineering piece, and they were both affiliated with John Stewart. Colbert made a fool of David Kieth. I don't know if anyone is watching his show, but Last Week Tonight is highly popular and actually seems to be affecting social change. All of his videos can be found on YouTube. 

    • Dale says:

      The next time someone you know insists that the media is not tightly controlled in the US, direct them to watch this YouTube video that aired once on Saturday Night Live in 1998: "Conspiracy Theory Rock By Robert Smigel. The film is a scathing critique of corporate media ownership, including NBC's ownership by General Electric/Westinghouse."

  7. SD says:

    The Geoengineers successfully guided tropical rainstorms into CA this week.  Created record rainfall for September – typically one of the driest months here.

    They now have another tropical rain system SCHEDULED for next Tue.

    So, does the weather operate on a seven day cycle?  No – but GEOENGINEERS do!

    More flash flood victims in Utah this week.  More victims of Geoengineering.  The Geoengineers have no conscience. .

    The Geoengineers think everyone is a commodity, a sap or dupe.  They're wrong.

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      It's part of the rich republican cartel.   The Democrats are not doing anything because they are fake and some of them want the population to die for their communist agenda 21 so they *use* the businessman and don't realize they are being used also.
      It's a big political stink covering both sides and we are the comments in the peanut gallery. 

  8. Karen W says:

    I spoke to a friend of mine today, who has connection to all the California fires.  My friend told me today that a very reliable source told her that the reason for the massive fires out here in California is due to the geoengineering going on in the sky.  The particles are sticking to the foliage which turns into a flaming torch!

    • James says:

      Karen ,
      You are spot on the money !  Bravo
      Take That Punch Buckaroo old Jerry Brown .
      Look  Up  KINKELDER Spray Equipment Sweden .
      Electrostatic  Agriculture Spray Applications . The technology has been here for 30 years now    .
      We  are being Sprayed like we Spray our Bugs at our Homes

  9. Carol says:

     Last night, as the sun was getting low on the horizon,  I noticed a rather small  'cloud'  that was extremely bright and shockingly about a third on the left side was a bright bronze color. Metallic bronze color does not belong in the sky!

     Today while riding around in my community which still has a lot of trees I couldn't help noticing the dead and dying ones. It seems there are more every time I look.  My son who lives in California said to me the other day,  "The leaves must be almost ready to start turning color".   And I thought …." They already have ….a sickly shade of brown.

    • Claudia says:

      There is no real FALL now.  the Temperatures will be ratcheted up this week, again, in the WEST, from the ocean to Las Vegas.  Yhe last "rain" this past week defoliated the tops of trees, fruit trees, palms, rose bushes, anything with flowers or fruits that were exposed to the direct rain falling.  What that means for ALL plant life, is that in the fall when the sap goes down the plant or tree, there are NO or very little nutrients for the plant or tree to take down to the roots, when the weather would get cooler, hence little color in leaves than pervious years, no green leaves for oxygen CO2 exchange, since they "fall off" the plant or tree, and leaves that look "normal" when you touch them actually are brittle and crumple in your hand.  Next years growth on nearly every living plant will be nominal at best…That's the Alarming issue.  If trees and plants do not have 90 consecutive days of cool weather to "regroup", then each year the production of ALL plants will be less and less, and increase stress on those living things. Again here is the Alarming issue, for plant life going forward in time…

  10. Amanda Perkins says:


    Please keep in mind that if the sky is clear and you see no chemtrails, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no aerosol spraying by government tanker jets. Today we have a beautiful clear blue sky here in southern Michigan with not a cloud in site. But before rejoicing I carefully scanned the sky for any suspicious planes. I am familiar with the commercial air traffic in my area and their flight paths. Lo and behold I saw several planes flying the same flight path as the planes spraying the chemtrails. They usually fly east to west and west to east in my area. These planes were flying lower and slower than the government tanker jets that spray the chemtrails. They either have a normal looking short contrail or no visible trail at all. I grabbed my camera with the telephoto lens to zoom up on the planes and they were definitely the same type of unmarked government tanker jets that sprays the visible chemtrails. Since they fly lower and slower, it is easier to take pictures and videos of them. So on the clear days scan the skies and grab your cameras!

  11. Natur Schutz says:

    Quietly into Disaster ( von Holger Strom Germany )

  12. John Australia says:


    I am a trained Investigator and Master Strategist.

    From all the data I have collated over the last 4 years, we are looking at a 'MASS EXTINCTION' event of the Human Population.

    It is consistent with two scenarios

    1. Human Culling due to overpopulation or Agenda 21.

    2. Elimination of the Human Species to prepare this p[lanet for habitation by other more intelligent beings.

    I am not 'into' alien nonsense its just the data points to this distinct possibility.

    I believe in God the creator. I have no name or church or religion for this supreme entity.

    God help us all.

    Remember The French Revolution? 

    • Hi John. 

      I totally agree with everything you stated but I will select #1 because #2 isn't possible since we are nuclear, over 400 of them, all will turn this into Venus in no time. The pacific is already gone. If they did intend to terra form, they screwed themselves with nuclear fusion. I do believe however that there are plenty who have already left. 

      Speak out against geoengineering, which is the greatest catalyst in the end game (Agenda) which is indeed, quite intentional. Also do the right thing: buy used, stay out of shopping malls, return your cable box, don't drive unless its to work or food, get a job as an LNA or CNA or RN or DR and learn how to do hospice, something that matters rather than something that contributes to industry for the sake of profit alone. This ship is most definitely going down. That doesn't mean we can't stand together, with dignity. 

      Hold tight to your loved ones. 


    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      .. So, um, let the heads roll…  like that solved our problems in 1789– uh-uh, didn't then and won't now. 

      We have other, much deeper problems that go on inside the head; merely cutting heads off in large numbers isn't going to fix the twisted psycho-spiritual patterns inside the crania of domineering pyschopathic personalities.  Guillotines and other weapons can't touch that and are just the outward sign of the magnitude of desperation of the people who wish to continue the domineering programs.

    • Bob says:

      I am not 'into' this alien garbage either John, but I have studied ancient cultures all my life and they All stated, many wrote it in stone, that who you infer with scenario 2, claimed to the cultures of the time that they would return.  I do not believe these ancient cultures were into science fiction writing.  So to me, I believe it's a possibility.  But by No means should even that possibility, distract us from the immediate task at hand.  EXPOSE GEOENGINEERING regardless of any reasons why they are doing it.

    • BaneB says:

      Most of the paradigmic meltdowns seem to be orchestrated by a certain suicidal illogic on the part of our human leadership.  Because there seems to be a takedown occurring, and it is not in the best interest of our self preservation, one might accept that the answer to the conundrum is our rulers have been subverted into becoming the aliens.  They squat upon us just like those huge galactic ships.  Why did the fictitious ET invade earth?  For the resources.  They want it all and people are in their way.  "Woe be unto man when the Devil comes down to earth."

    •  Hello Sick and Tired : You closed with: "This ship is most definitely going down. That doesn't mean we can't stand together, with dignity.

      Hold tight to your loved ones."

      Beautifully said. I couldn't agree more. Thank you…

  13. I'm still following your awesome site and reading the fantastic posts from aware people here. The posts are SO revealing as Ive said before here. It is so incredible this is being done… evereyone reporting from everywhere THE SAME things we see here in Ar. I DO tell everyone I can. I DO believe I must try to change this. Hey there is an end to this world system coming soon. The bible does say how. Meanwhile I"m not goona just let them spray everyones brains out. So sorry about Calif James… GOD BLESS YOU ALL>>>>>Jefre

  14. Scott says:

    Hello all, I post this article to make all of you aware of who owns the Aluminum now, follow the MONEY!
    I wouldn't be surprised to find that most of those responsible for what we are experiencing above ground are already below ground. I wonder if the Weather Channel is transmitted from below ground. Maybe many of their studios are underground now.

  15. Bob says:

    Did anyone else see a segment on the Weather Channel yesterday, by the Weather Underground people? They were discussing El Nino and how its year long setup is why the east half of our country is below normal temperatures, and the West is scorching.  The laughable part was they didn't say a word about Alaska, yet had the idiocy to have that shaded as blue, like the eastern US.  It was unbelievable!  So they show a fun map graphic with colors, totally getting Alaska wrong, NOT mention it, and it's my belief they full well did it on purpose.  Get folks to see the east, and how much of a contrast it is with the west, and let the audience deduce, albeit incorrectly, about Alaska.  It's their method of fooling the masses.  Most people won't challenge the authenticity of the mighty weather authority, the Weather Channel.  They know it to, and continually do this, daily.  We need a website.  The deceit is legendary.  How do we call them out on this crap, besides writing them, which they promptly have shown me the circular file?

    • Hi Bob,

      I just wanted to say that even though the geoengineers have consistently kept it cooler in the east, they have amplified the effects of radiation so much here that you can't go outside and stand in the sun for more than ten minutes without having big red welts all over your skin. You have to ice yourself to get the temperature in your skin to come back down.  The glare on the ground is so bad that everything is burned into a crisp including half ripened fruit on trees, and everything is loaded with mold. People are driving around with burn marks in the glass on their cars. The bogus weather stations don't bother to report on this, either. 

  16. Tina says:

    Drake @ one of his shows on blogtalk radio says they have made the haarp weapons "mobile" says they are on the Canadian border and the East Coast. Prayers these things are found and destroyed. The psychopaths running them too. Betting they were also used in the terrible floods in Utah. Not sure how all of these,chemtrails,haarp,cell towers ect…. work to gether. They are in evil hands.

  17. Dennie Mehocich says:

    How to Help with Valley Fire relief efforts:

    19,000 people have been displaced from the Valley Fire in the Lake and Napa County areas of CA, 600 buildings have been lost and the fire was only 15% contained as reported by 10:00 a.m. today. 

    Redwood Credit Union, which operates in the area, is accepting monetary donations to help in the relief effort. 

    Dominican University of San Rafael, CA is holding a special mass at noon tomorrow in the dining hall of the campus, as well as accepting donations of food, toiletries, clothing, bedding, etc., and the popular website, TripAdvisor, is donating $250,000 plus accepting any donations you many feel moved to give; there is a matching funding option right now on their website.

  18. Dennie Mehocich says:

    My colleague in Cobb was burned out, house burnt to the ground, nothing left.  Probably not even his violas.  He and his wife escaped with only their lives.


    Here, CNN reports a flash flood in Utah, in an area, we were told this morning on NPR, where the polygamist branch of the Mormon church is holding out, as you can see by the dress of the women shown:

    And more flooding in Japan, a country known to have tried skipping out of the Dollar Hegemony, that most certainly suffered other larger, more terrible weather and almost certainly seismic warfare.


    • BaneB says:

      Four days ago, maybe five days, a massive pulse was observed by this writer.  It zapped out of the area of Las Vegal.  It lasted a nano second.  I observed this on a weather satellite website.  The range of it was a full circle out 360 degrees to a distance of 250 miles approx. according to my calculation.  The states this pulse impacted from the epicenter are:  California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada.  The area of the Utah flash floods, destruction, and 16 dead, is 180 miles out from the pulse epicenter.  My suspicion is this pulse is from the nexrad facility at Searchlight, Nevada just south of Las Vegas.  The other nexrad facility is located just north of the flash flood area and is located at Cedar City, Utah.  I and another individual witnessed this pulse.  The sat. loop lasted a good hour and so there was ample time to study this bizarre pulse.  It literally created clouds as it moved out from the epicenter to the 250 mile parameter.  Zion National Park was impacted.  The question is, IMO, did the pulse exascerbate the developing storm front?


  19. Frank says:

    The total incompetence and lies of the federal Government and all it's agencies are mind blowing. The manner of all big corporations are the same as big Government. I have to correspond to the Veterans administration and lately the Social security Administration. They are so messed up and no one can answer my questions. I get put on hold and when someone answers my call I get switched around or cut off. They way the veterans are treated is beyond words. The way the disabled people are treated is deplorable. I have spoke to the EPA many times and never have gotten a honest answer. The whole system is bought and paid for and if you ever have a problem God help you. 

  20. Shannon Weckman says:

    When one speaks of fatigue, let’s not forget our exposure to microwave radiation from cell phones, wifi, etc.

    • Thanks Shannon Weckman: You're right. Microwave emissions from communications devices are a known biohazard. Mental fatigue, confusion, attention deficit disorders, birth defects, DNA damage, auto-immune disorders, and cancers, are clearly related to electromagnetic emissions in thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies. The majority of citizens remain clueless, as usual…

  21. Jeff says:

    I agree with the notion that sedating the people is one of the desired effects,because tired lazy people are least likely to fight back. I also believe this is just one of the piece of the entire puzzle,those creating the chaos. The criminal cabal is on a multiple level destruction course to  bring down all life.

    I have been recently studding CERN,They are supposed to go active at the highest levels of power,as of this month. Top scientist have been warning of the implications of these programs for years,because they are working with dark matter,it is said small emounts effect all life on our planet.

    Between geoengineering,GMOs,big pharma,CERN,HARP,dangerous radio frequencies,we all need to get our spirit right.

    Thank you Dane for inspiration,and your bravery,its a rare quality now day's.

  22. JR says:

    Hello to the world from Southwest, New Mexico USA this morning of 9/15/15. The lowlifes are having their fill of gobbling up our rain clouds, many of them as I've stated before. Just yesterday in no time were our beautiful rain clouds destroyed by the SAG Sprayers. With the sun going down in West 3 rays (beams) like painted on the Japanese Flag were standing proud shining eastward. The rest of sky to left and right was whited and orange colored from spraying. Within 2 hrs. what looked promising with rain was diminished. Whew, Lord have mercy! As for me and my household we shall worship the Lord and give thanks in all, and wait on his coming when He is good and ready. Amen…..

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      …meanwhile, out in California, the psychopaths were trying like HELL to make it rain, all day Sunday, yesterday, and again today.  Spitting, pissing little rain that does not much other than get the streets a little dampened.  A firefighter in San Rafael wrote in our local neighborhood newsletter to prepare for heavy torrential rains this winter because of the El Nino pattern out in the Pacific.  Then watch the jets bust up the rain storms, is what I wanted to write back.  Maybe I will. 

      Can anybody find out more about the partnering with pharma by the spraying ghouls?  That's the perfect Duo From Beyond Hell, I'd say.  While they strap our kids down and shoot 'em up with various concoctions of god-only-knows-what, that most likely haven't been properly tested and are full of toxins that create death and destruction. 

      This 24/7/365 spraying cannot go on forever, as Guy McPherson so sanctimoniously declared on video for all the world to see in his York, England lecture from the 2015 European tour.  I believe that this is just not possible.  Even the pyramids are falling apart after a mere 5,000 years. .

  23. Keith Whittington says:

    Solid Truth: Nature must be left alone to heal the Earths systems. To think that human intervention can *engineer* a return to the intricate balance is beyond hubris. It is insane. The same goes for thinking that the u.s. government can be *fixed* through the systems of said government. Too many watch tv, wave flags, and want to party.           Solutions: I can think of but one; total rejection of all institutions.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Amen Keith. The only thing I can think of is to just walk away from all of it that we can. I've heard on Joyce Riley's Power Hour program- 'The Only Winning Move is NOT to Play The Game!'.. Makes a hell of a lot of sense to me!   : )

    • Ditto Keith. The world has yet to connect the dots. 1. UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development and its banking cartel and all of our presidents who have pledged their allegiance to the UN and not their people are running this planet into the ground. They are mind controlling our youth with their Earth Charter Chapter in our schools, programming all of society into a hive mind, and collaborating to move all people into cement cities while monopolizing and restricting all wild areas. It is being implemented in every town. It is driven by profit alone and is purely evil. 2. The military and the UN have taken over the phrase climate change, it has contracted chemical and aviation companies to spray us all into oblivion under the false guise of protection and while under the UN Agenda 21 umbrella of protection. This is driven purely by greed and is pure evil. 3. Everyone is sharing pictures of dead animals on the beaches, of starving polar bears, but the only thought they have is "please save us, anyone, from Climate Change". They have no idea that the money beast has expedited these calamities. The willful ignorance is palpable. When they do finally decide to speak out, they are just beating the UN drum even harder. It's a self reinforcing feedback loop of insanity.

      We have family up by the Butte fires so very distracted keeping an eye out with this.

      We are sick, tired and exhausted. But we press on.  

      Thank you Dane.

    • Thank you to Keith Whittington and Sick and Tired: I've been convinced for many years that our "elites" are actually suffering from a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder. That is: They are locked into a behavioral loop much the same as many EM damaged children. There's no joke intended here. Read the first link first. Then check out the second link.

      Half of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist at MIT


      Disruption of the right temporoparietal junction with transcranial magnetic stimulation reduces the role of beliefs in moral judgments


      ["When we judge an action as morally right or wrong, we rely on our capacity to infer the actor's mental states (e.g., beliefs, intentions). Here, we test the hypothesis that the right temporoparietal junction (RTPJ), an area involved in mental state reasoning, is necessary for making moral judgments. In two experiments, we used transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to disrupt neural activity in the RTPJ transiently before moral judgment (experiment 1, offline stimulation) and during moral judgment (experiment 2, online stimulation). In both experiments, TMS to the RTPJ led participants to rely less on the actor's mental states. A particularly striking effect occurred for attempted harms (e.g., actors who intended but failed to do harm): Relative to TMS to a control site, TMS to the RTPJ caused participants to judge attempted harms as less morally forbidden and more morally permissible. Thus, interfering with activity in the RTPJ disrupts the capacity to use mental states in moral judgment, especially in the case of attempted harms."]

      Complete text:


      Though this particular study concerns itself with direct electrical stimulation to this brain region, it is empirically proven that electromagnetic induction (from cellular phone usage) will cause a similar frontal lobe moral disconnect. It is important to realize these issues also affect leadership "standards" as a society…

  24. AVA says:

    These programs have partnered with pharma, I think, so barbituates may be sprayed, I conjecture. I am feeling so sleepy and I slept 8 and a half hours. On days without seeming coal ash coverage, there are only a few planes, higher than normal and I saw one today that started to spray when it reached its apex in the middle of the sky (from my POV). Turned it on. (More contrail con fodder.)

    Also, the fast-acting fires are probably complicated by the fact that there is so much aluminum in the soil and trees, aluminum oxide, which makes fires burn faster. Mark McCandlish conjectured this, and it sounds about right. Why these fires are burning so fast and are so destructive. The commercial airlines can save $$ by putting alum oxide into jet fuel and so this is what is being done. Check out McCandlish on youtube. He's interesting with a lot to say technically.

    I am sorry it seems few on the east coast care about the horror happening in Calif right now.

    Dane, we do need a Snowden on this.

    • Carol says:

       I found your comment about feeling sleepy very interesting because I have been experiencing the same thing for the past three days. I seem to sleep well enough at night but soon as I am up I feel like I need to go back to bed and that feeling stays with me all day. If I sit down, I fall asleep.  I live in Southeast Michigan. 

       I have also been wondering where all the water is coming from that they are using to fight the fires in California.  Surely it must be using whatever valuable water resources that are remaining. 

      Dane , since you live in a wooded area, how long  vulnerable  are you  with all of these fires so close?

    • Edward Palys says:

      We have Snowdens galore, but they are suppressed by hackers and the same people who control the media and the web. If only people care to delve into the various informants who are out there, they would be shocked to avoid the truth. My own sister asked recently to discuss truth. When I showed her some of these references, she told me that she would rather not have found out about them!

      The evil movement behind all this chaos around the world has advanced beyond saving. Geoengineering is just one aspect of their agenda. The same people brought us the original 9/11, the control of the media world-wide, ISIS is also a main diversion to create more chaos. The recent shootings that we saw are all red flags and yet people believe everything they are shown or read in the media. Open your minds people, what you see is "magic" deception.

      The chemical spraying goes on all over the world and it's the same evil group that controls these horrific deeds.

    • Earth Angel says:

      I too feel more sleepy and lethargic than normal. I know I'm getting older but used to be a whirlwind taking care of numerous errands or projects in a day. Now I pussyfoot around and finally get to a task and when finished have to come back inside and rest awhile. I make all sorts of excuses to myself as to why I should then put off doing the next things I should be doing. Even on a pretty day when I should have lots of energy. Every now and then I'll get a wave of my old energy and zoom around getting things accomplished as I used to. I have to take advantage of it when the spirit moves me. I am not a lazy person but sometimes lately berate myself over it. But then I tell myself its hard to do a lot of things when you are being poisoned- and then I feel a little less guilty about it.

  25. Elaine Woodriff says:

    The world is overpopulated with human beings. This is a real problem. I believe that the geoengineering of our planet is done in an attempt to reduce the population of people on this planet. The problem now is that it is looking as though, not only will the human population be reduced (which was the initial goal), but that it is beginning to look as though the whole planet may be exterminated in the process.

    • anna says:

      Overpopulation is a problem, but I think the main reason for ionizing the atmosphere with heavy metals is military. They need conduction to move air masses, use RF to break up clouds, and do all sorts of EMF-based warfare such as directed energy weaponry. Some think the recent Tianjin attack was a HAARP-based (or space-based) attack Seems likely. Others conjecture micronukes. I doubt it based on the crater. Days after China devalued yuan. Please wake up to the geopolitics because it's not all NWO, Agenda 21 stuff. It's much more complex and a financial war as well as geopolitical — read: man-monkeys compete for rubble at top of pile.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Michael C. Ruppert was on record saying that every country has most likely been given some kind of directive from the Global Bankster Cartel to get their numbers DOWN, by any means plausible.  He felt that in Japan, that was to be by radionuclidicide, in other countries, by False-Flag induced "religious" and "tribal" warfare; or by experimental vaccine, or by outright drought and/or starvation; in Uhmerukuh it's most obviously going to be Death by Burger & Fries, but I have to say, overwhelmingly overall, this will be mightily expedited by geoengineering.  Sounds so nice and "productive," doesn't it?

  26. Nnikki says:

    I wonder how many of the cabal-globalist-elite have already departed from this world via their covert space programs, to other solar systems in other galaxies? All set up to inflict their insane arrogance on some new, innocent civilization elsewhere. Seems that they're about finished with this world. Those that are still here are determined to reduce Earth to a dead, burned out  cinder, as their legacy. Thus the reason for their underground hovels, in which they'll hide until the final moment. We must go on fighting anyway, no matter what. If all must eventually end, let's take as many of them with us as possible. What will remain of our once bountiful, awesome & beautiful Earth, will be eternally greatfull to all who, like Dane & the rest who give a damn, continued to fight for the rights of all life, regardless of the overwhelming odds. Stay brave my brothers & sisters. It is OUR SPIRITS & that of this Earth which will be the ultimate VICTORS!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, Its their 'Scorched Earth' policy in full deployment isn't it?.. it must be stopped somehow. This horror freak show has got to end ASAP!

  27. Lawrence Beck says:

    How many votes does it take to recall elected officials?  Isn't it time we begin recalling all who are complicit in continuing the politics of insanity that is rendering this planet unfit for life?

    Let's get the petitions moving and remove these S.O.B's from office!

    Thank you for all that you do, Dane.   You are the greatest living example of "humanity" that I've ever encountered. 

    • Steve Parsons says:

      I agree with you Lawrence … ' We ' are out of time !

  28. Dane: Hope you don't mind if I beat my drum again regarding the damaging effects to ALL life-forms, as a result of our communications infrastructures. These pulsed digital frequencies are also decimating trees and agricultural lands.
    I often see reader comments regarding low energy levels, fatigue, the onset of asthma, panic attacks, and many seem quite despondent, rather than pissed off…
    Here's just two links to pertinent studies.
    Sleep EEG alterations: effects of different pulse-modulated radio frequency electromagnetic fields
    Journal of Sleep Research Article first published online: 12 APR 2011 DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2869.2011.00918.x © 2011 European Sleep Research Society
    Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression
    I've read many thousands of such studies. Shifts in human behaviors and general health are very much affected by emissions from cell tower exposures and wi-fi MESH networks.
    Once again: Many agencies (such as the EPA and FCC) have been entrusted to protect the public. Instead they suppress pertinent health information, and play charades in revolving door relationships with financial and industrial interests. Thanks again for all you and others are doing.

    • BaneB says:

      160 Nexrad microwave transmitters, and 300,000 cell  "phone" towers are zapping one and all.  Aluminum foil in your microwave sets off flashes of "sparks."  I don 't know the science behind the creation of storms using the combination, but it is a known fact, and observation on my part watching weather satellite images, that the Haarp style micro pulses create weather.  The metalicized aerosols being sprayed are an integral part of the covert creation of ever increasing radical weather.

    • Bob says:

      Here's a thought.  So we get this aluminum in our bodies, especially our brains.  Aluminum passes the blood/brain barrier.  Then we have these microwaves surrounding us, "sparking" within us.  We get all overcharged with positive charge, and inflammation runs rampant.  I don't think that's accidental either.  Inflammation is now being discussed as the leading cause of all major disease.  Grounding everyday is critical.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Could this possibly be EMF biological warfare, masquerading as bacterial in origin and magnified by radionuclide poisoning?  We have a quarter of a million saiga in Kazakhstan that mysteriously died from a normally "harmless" bacterium, Pasteurella, that caused massive internal hemorrhaging, a la the "Spanish flu" (WHY do "they" have suuuch a love affair with that legendary virus? Death wish– Bingo!):  Could they have all died as victims of some kind of really twisted directed energy frequency experiment?

    • deb says:

      Paul V.,

      As Dane has repeatedly stated, the cumulative effect of these poisons is underestimated. The massive level of wireless frequency transmssions combined with HAARP and other geoengineering applications are likely causing accelerated illness and ailments that people mistakenly attribute to other sources. The cauldron of toxins just keeps expanding and they all seem to feed exponentially off each other. I am personally fighting the wireless assault from the water utility in south Florida that is presently "deploying" over 35,000 "smart" water meters for installation at each and every residence and business in my small town. Very few are aware of this agenda, and I became informed only because I questioned the sudden appearance of a metal t-post with transmitter/antenna  around the corner from my driveway. The post is labeled with a sign that says "Water Line Marker". After several calls to the utility company and hours of online research, I learned that it has nothing to do with marking a water line, despite the posted sign indicating so. In fact, it is a mini cell tower that was installed as a booster station to amplify thousands of frequency signals from individual smart water meters that have been installed underground at individual homes. It's called a repeater tower and has the capacity to attract and amplify signals from up to 10,000 individual meters. I knew something was wrong that very day it was installed because I woke up with a sensation of intense pressure at my temples. I didn't understand why until I went out to walk the dog and noticed the new addition to the neighborhood. I've been sick ever since and the utility refuses to relocate the repeater pole. In doing my research, I learned that these transmitter/receiver nodes are manufactured to fit discreetly inside the caps of fire hydrants, among other common structures, to allow for volume placement without public scrutiny. In this case, they simply stuck it on a t-post and slapped on an erroneous label to quiet any concerns from the few who might notice. It is my personal conclusion that the wireless spectrum has been implemented on a grand scale, with each wicked layer designed to enhance the next. From this repeater pole slipped into the neighborhood all the way to the HAARP stations across the globe, it's a connected freeway of unseen torture and destruction. Silent weapons, quiet wars. 

    • Hello deb and all who commented here: Yes. The "smart" grid agenda is a covert assassination of civil rights, and a lethal assault on ALL living beings. Please refer to these pages for more information:
      Weston Price – Smart Meters not so Smart–health-action-kit-in-health-effects,77,0

  29. Genny Scott says:

    I've already posted once on this article, but I saw something today that I think is so well presented, I had to share.  I probably found my way to this through one of your links somehow, Dane, but wherever I got it, it's relevant.  This particular person – FROM JPL – does not present that geoengineering via aerosol spraying is occurring right now, although I do believe it is, but he does talk about the consequences.  Send this to your naysayers.  It is virtually impossible to ignore what he's saying.  If the link doesn't work, go to NASA's site and search geoengineering. von Karman Lecture Series:2013, Geoengineering and Climate Intervention, What We Need to Know

    • Lawrence Beck says:

      Thanks for posting this JPL talk Genny.  Riley explains things well… but I fnd him more than a little disingenuous in his assertion that geo engineering is not currently being used.  

      Dane has over 70 lab tests confirming that it is being used and we've all been seeing the spraying that lingers overhead (and does not dissipate as do contrails) for many years.  And this is, after all, a 2013 talk.  

      One can't argue with lab tests nor can one argue with the UVB levels that are off the charts.  This could only happen with extensive geoengineering being used… so as good as his talk was, his glaring lack of honesty regarding the extensive use of Solar Radiation Management that has been used for decades is more than a little off-putting to my sensibilities.

  30. jill phillips says:

    I live in Italy. I post your articles frequently Dane, on FB – in English and occasionally I comment in Italian. I've made placards and carried them to protests in other towns about related issues. (What major issues aren't related?!) A teenage musician from Thailand is the only person who acknowledges their existence. I'm so grateful for the truly heroic work you're doing – and I too am daily deeply concerned for the safety and protection of you and your family, Thank you.

    • Thank you jill phillips for everything you're doing in Italy. The way to get more exposure is for all concerned readers to post links and articles from this extremely informative site. So good on ya.

      Dane is right. At some point, public pressure from around the World will being this issue forward. The financial interests driving humanity into extinction must be put behind bars for the rest of their existence…

    • nikki says:

      Thank you Jill…. I love Danes site too, and have found several good/informative sites all over the world as well.  We need to know what is happening everywhere.

  31. Jane Eagle says:

    I'd love to believe that this some nutty conspiracy theory…but as I watch the leaves on my sun-loving, well-watered citrus trees burn from too much ultraviolet light, I wave a fond farewell to the ozone layer that used to protect us all…

  32. Audrey Collins says:

    In answer to low oxygen yes beyond a doubt less oxygen can cause fatigue, brain fog and short term memory problems, Ask anyone with asthma.  I have asthma (22 years) and since they started spraying (chem-trails) it has been worse and the symptoms are worse (listed above) especially the fatigue.  when I have to be outside on heavy spray days it takes a couple of days to recover from it, energy wise.  I take extra b vitamins and gotu kola ( an herb for mental and physical fatigue) and  ginseng these do help.       

  33. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 72nd email to my contact list, titled 'Fried Green Tomatoes'.

    1.  Many people in this part of Scotland have told me that their tomatoes are not going red – nor are mine.  A sickly orange maybe, but not red.

    They tell me it is because there is not enough sunlight!  Our apples, however, are a glorious red.

    White light is a mixture of many different colours that appear white to us after being processed by our eyes, there isn't any wavelength of light that is white.  The colour of an object is based on the absorption and reflection of the colours included in light. An object is the colour it is because it is reflecting that colour, and absorbing all of the other colours in the Colour Spectrum. 

    Tomatoes go red because they produce ethylene, which helps them produce lycopene (red) and carotene (orange).  Tomatoes only produce lycopene and carotene at temperatures between 10 – 29ºC ( 50 – 85ºF), and our greenhouse has been well within that temperature range all summer, so temperature is not the problem.  You can help a tomato go red by putting it into a paper bag, which concentrates the ethylene.  Not much sunlight gets into a paper bag, and so sunlight and the geoengineering and military experiments with light frequencies/spectrum is also of little importance to a tomato going red.  

    As with the flying ants, I suggest that the lethal levels of UV A, B & C, which easily penetrate through clouds, is hindering the production of lycopene and, to a lesser extent, ethylene and carotene.  UV levels fluctuate greatly throughout the day, and of course geographically (depending on the ozone layer?).

    The red colour of an apple skin is the result of anthocyanins, the natural plant compounds responsible for blue and red colours in many flowers and fruits. Apple colour is dependant on light – apples grown in darkness or even heavy shade don't turn red when they ripen.   The gene that makes apple skins red does require light to be activated.

    Growing vegetables from seed has also been haphazard this year.  Maybe I will soon be forced to buy Monsanto's UV resistant seeds (not)…….now, how did they know to produce them??

    2.  There were mass desertions from the Saudi military when they were preparing for their ground invasion of Yemen. Many went to fight for their Yemeni cousins/relatives.  Now some of the US military are stating that they will not fight alongside Al Qaeda against Assad's Syrian Army.

    3.  If the 11th Sept photo in this link is correct, there isn't much Arctic ice left.


    • Jane Eagle says:

      Interesting; my tomatoes are covered in large fruit, but ALL of it green. I've been wondering why it's not ripening…

    • Great post Andrew. You are so right. When the light spectrum isn't correct, the fruits and vegetables contain very little of the "active" ingredients. GMO foods do NOT contain the correct energy on elemental levels. Frankenfood, aluminized air, and electromagnetic induction is the short road to Hell…

  34. James says:

    Butte Fire Update : 9-14-2015  @012:30 hrs
    This has been a long  5  days now .  My  power was restored on lower Clinton Rd  @ 19:30 hrs on 9-12-2015 .     
    Thank You  P G & E .
    They are still working to restore power to 5500 customers in Amador and Calaveras county's
    The  fire was in Rapid Advance mode Thursday Night as the whole Canyon of Electra Rd went up in Smoke . Electra Rd is on the Mokolomie River Water Shed . This is the Hydro Plant P G & E  operates to supply power to 100,000 of  its customers .  Electra Rd went off line at  15:30 hrs on 9-9-2015.  The  canyon of Electra Rd is Now Burned to a Crisp .   The Hydro plant was Spared, and is back up and running !         Thank You Cal Fire .
    Cal Fire has done a Great job !  ,,,,, with over 115 Bulldozers on the Fire Lines.
    Thank You Fire Fighters for all your hard work !
    One of the worst parts of this whole Mess is the Aerosol Spraying going on overhead the fire, the last five days . I am not talking about Cal Fire Air Support . I am speaking of  Operation Clover Leaf  with the new code name of Operation Indigo Skyfold  .  The  Chemtrail Jockeys have been hard at work over the      Kill Zone ,,,,  ooops
    I meant to say  fire zone . 

    Dear Jerry Brown ,
    All of this Death and Destruction  is on your Shoulders .  If  your brain is on UN Agenda 21 Crack Cocaine , Then maybe you need to be Dug Tested  and Fired from Office .
    Prop 65 has Big Teeth .
    The time has come for you,    to   "Sit Down and Shut up "
    "We the people" are not  asleep anymore .  We  know  what is going on with our Weather. We know about all of the Aluminum that is in our environment now .  The  Aluminum is the reason The fires are Burning @ 2500 , instead of  1500 .     A  Monkey could figure this out .  When will you get it together and put a stop to this insane Aerosol Spraying of  State Of California  ?
    I hope and  pray you get off the drugs soon and get the help you Truly Need .

    • Thank you James. You're right. the governor of California is committing high treason, and no one in the California legal system seems to notice. California "was" listed as the 8th largest economy in the World not long ago. Ya'd think with all that money and all those highly educated lawyers in on the corporate money train, some brave person would have clue enough to file criminal charges… Jus' sayin'…

  35. Genny Scott says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the human race is unable to think beyond tomorrow. Our life-spans are short, thus our vision is also. Too many people are, from necessity, required to think of life as a day-to-day struggle, unable to even take the energy to “look up” or “do their research”. The 1% think as long as their bank accounts are comfortably in the black and nobody can touch them, they may do as they like.

    Many people embrace science until they don’t like what it shows. A significant number use science against us by devising new and horrific ways to kill us. How people can live in our world today and NOT see the hole in the boat, I just can’t understand. “The Earth has always gone through periods of ice and heat… Nothing new there.” Well, yeah, but they need to stop and think about how long the Earth’s natural cycles take. I believe we may be moving just a tad bit faster than she likes. She’s going to bite us in the ass. I’m concerned that we won’t have a proper bandage to stop the bleeding.

    There are thousands of things going on that are terrible and occupying our energies. It’s no wonder people don’t even know where to start, but, as Dane has said so often, unless we find a way to stop the heating, nothing else will matter.

    As someone said on one of my previous postings, I will continue to beat the drum. I hope someone listens. We had a magnificent planet, and it’s still pretty awesome, but she’s crying her own death knell.

    • Tom Liccione says:

      So true, Genny. I always say technology is a Trojan horse. Your words reminded me of a quote,  written in stone in one of the villages victimized by Hitler's retreating troops. "We must be cruel, we must be it with a tranquil conscience; we must destroy with science and technology".

  36. JACTN says:

    Spreading the word down here in Tennessee.  Unseasonable cool weather here this weekend and this morning temperatures where in the lower 40's in Southeast, Tennessee.

    I had a question brought up to me from a person starting to wake up to all this climate engineering.  People are really fatigued and starting to notice.  Could this be to reduced levels of oxygen?  At what point, does lethargy kick in due to low levels of Oxygen?

    Are there any websites with accurate data on O2 levels that can be referenced?  I don't think anyone thinks how much Oxygen is being consumed by these fires too…  Not Good.  Great article. I'm starting to make headway with people at my work and multiple people now at my church are thinking wow.  The video by Backmann with the Jet Clouds have been very useful.

    Praying for your safety Dane.  God bless and protect you.

    • katesisco says:

      Thanks for the above.  I also am noticing more fatigue even tho I am 68. My doctor of 5 years ago wanted to put me on steroids for my lung fibrosis but I refused.  There has to be something better.  I am a herbal user and notice many of the essential oils are anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral, etc and since I believe the source of my lung inflammation is my right sinus infected for the last 40 years I am trying to remember to do the aroma therapy for my sinus.  Found this on the net you may like to read:

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      JACTN, Hello.
      From the Guardian I found The Oxygen Crisis, which gives historic data and tells how much O2 is presently declining in some places, especially over some cities.  Feedback is discussed as well.  The writers "voice" was blase with journalistic detachment, which I found chilling.  He sort of dismissed being concerned.  That doesn't help.

      Unable to link to this useful article, it's necessary to Google "global oxygen declining" and scroll down to Peter Tatchell's Guardian article from August August 13, 2008. 

      Thanks for everything you contribute : )


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