Geoengineering Epitomizes Industrialized Suicide


The majority still subscribe to the delusion of industrialized society as a benefit to the human race, but can such a conclusion be rationally defended? Global climate modification is the pinnacle of industrialized insanity and arrogance. Even now, as life on our planet is struggling desperately to survive, the military industrial complex that rules the world is pouring Earth's dwindling finite resources into yet more destruction with geoengineering at the top of the list.
Dane Wigington

Industrial Omnicide As A Lifestyle, Or… The Only Guarantee

Source: Marinangeleo

Geoengineered skies... taking us into the sunset. Colorado River on Parker Strip, Arizona.

Geoengineered skies… taking us into the sunset.  Parker Strip, along the Colorado River, Arizona.

Humanity doesn’t need industry… we indulge in it.  We are intelligent and creative enough to have long since abandoned the industrial paradigm for a balanced, sustainable existence on this planet, yet we insist on maintaining a twisted reality that is both finite and infinitely toxic.  Humanity’s love affair with the industrial paradigm is beyond foolish… it is self destructively insane.  Would you willingly make love to a homicidal maniac, knowing they will kill you once they are satisfied?  Why do we continue our deadly affair with industrialization?  We know it’s going to end badly, but we just keep at it, blindly ignoring the voices of reason.  We are addicted to this relationship… to the point of annihilation.  And, our relationship with the industrial paradigm allows the elitist power structure to exercise it’s bondage over us via a conditional promise of wealth and prosperity.  “Wealth and Prosperity” is the last thing our oppressors wish us to have and their interpretation of it is a lie contrived to facilitate their control of the masses… a resounding example of the donkey and the carrot.  Must we insist on being such foolish asses?

The elephant in the room is a demon in the corner… hiding in the dark and spewing toxic concoctions that will ultimately lead us to extinction.  Our current paradigm is greasing the skids to hell with the oil that fuels the industrialized world, cementing the gate closed behind us with a biosphere sterilized and poisoned by the chemical industry and leaving us mentally and physically debilitated by the pharmaceutical and medical industries.  Those who dispenses the so called “wealth” we choose over a living biosphere, are the same folks who disperse the toxins that are destroying us and our planet.  Whether through economics, politics, religion or the destruction of the environment, we are being controlled and pigeon holed into oblivion as we blindly trudge forth in pursuit of the infamous carrot, lubricating the gears of the very machine that is destroying us and any future for our children.

Thanks to industrialization, humanity has already crossed the Rubicon of biospheric sustainability.  There is no arguing this reality and, whether environmentally, economically, or socially, we are in for a rough ride with no turning back.  The die is cast and we will find a way to deal with it or perish… along with untold numbers of innocent species that will go down with us.  We are already witnessing the extinction of 200 to 300 species every day and those numbers are rising rapidly.  If the damage from industrial practices was not lethal enough, the power structure has been covertly adding even more toxins to the brew, intentionally, since the last century.  They are bringing this out of the closet under the guise of “climate geo-engineering” via programs such as SRM, SAI, and SAG (Solar Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering).

SRM - Intentionally dispersed aerosols... heavy metal nano-particulates refracting sunlight.

SRM, Solar Radiation Management – Intentionally dispersed aerosols… heavy metal nano-particulates refracting sunlight.

The biosphere has been dealt a slow-motion death blow by climate geo-engineering for decades.  Due to the cumulative effects of the toxins dispersed into our atmosphere, the degree of damage is now increasing exponentially, and is no longer slow-motion or easy to hide.  From toxicity in air, water and soil, to destruction of stratospheric ozone allowing off the chart levels of UV to reach Earth’s surface (causing genetic damage and species die off), to the nano-particulate blanket of heavy metal toxins holding in more heat than it reflects and magnifying global warming, to the wholesale destruction of the food chain from the bottom up, to the ever increasing impacts on health and cognition… geo-engineering is the gravest threat we have ever faced.  Even worse than Fukushima.  Without the global geoengineering programs as part of the equation, we might survive Fukushima, but taken together… we have no chance.  In the Godzilla of synergistic effects, climate geoengineering is compounding our already dire environmental situation and pushing us rapidly beyond the point of no return.  This is, truly, the straw that will break the camel’s back.  The Fukushima genie is already out of the bottle with no going back, but we can still stop the devastating practice of climate geoengineering before it is too late.  Our ability to rise together NOW to stop this madness will determine, in the immediate future, how much of our life supporting biosphere remains.

Remote, high altitude lake, surrounded by dying forest.

Remote, high altitude lake, surrounded by dying forest.

Trees, dying in my yard, point their barren fingers skyward... at their attackers.

Trees, dying in my yard, point their barren fingers accusingly skyward… at their attackers.

Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming – US 5003186 A

Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process – US RE29142 E:,142&ei=hWZLUOnwPIqo9gTpv4HgDQ

We have allowed the degradation of our biosphere to go on for so long that we now face global catastrophe.  We no longer have the option to ease gradually, or gently, into a new paradigm.  We must rapidly adopt a drastically different lifestyle, if we hope to save ourselves and the biosphere (which we will not survive without).  When I say we, I mean everyone on the planet… all of humanity must choose a different way.  We must all meet back at that fork in the road that led us to this poisoned, industrialized world… and take the other path, together.  We must learn from the mistakes of the last 200+ years, and apply what knowledge we’ve gained to an agrarian/craftsman/artisan lifestyle, sans ruling elite, industry and money.  I know… sounds like a tall order but, compared to the dead planet alternative, is it really?

Reasons to dispense with a ruling elite and the industrial paradigm are fairly obvious but, why eliminate money?  Because money is merely a contrivance used to subjugate the masses.  Money is a concept, it is not real. What purpose does it have, other than the enslavement of mankind?  You can’t eat it, drink it or shelter in it.  It is less than a leaf in the wind… at least the leaf has purpose as it is carried away, contributing to the soil in some distant spot.  Money contributes nothing to the greater good. Rather, it strengthens the warped power structure of the elitists, paving the way for their endless march of control and devastation.  You may consider it a way of counting your assets, a keeping score that let’s you monitor your personal worth… in reality, money is no indicator of your value as a human being, your true personal worth.  Money is nothing more than a tool of slavery.  Got a credit card?  Making car payments?  How ’bout a mortgage?  Even when you have the things you want, isn’t that carrot still just a little out of reach?  Isn’t there always something more to chase?  Do you think that’s an accident?  You are enslaved by a handful of elitists who control all powers of influence… media, religion, banking, politics, military, industry.  You are surrounded by the manipulations of their minions and fed a dream designed to keep you enslaved.  You have been mind controlled into accepting a dead end, industrialized, philosophy of life… a finite reality that can only end in devastation.  Like the company store, the industrialized philosophy is a tool of the few, used to control the lives of the many.  It controls everything you buy or sell… right down to the food on your table, and does it in an unsustainable way that is poisoning the entire planet.  This is intentional and without regard… the only goal is absolute control.  Thus far it’s been succeeding on a grand scale… possibly beyond all expectations.  And it comes with an incomprehensible price: the looming death of our biosphere.  Soon, the inescapability of this fact will turn the scrutiny of the masses upon these elitist predators but, by then, it could be too late.

The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in 4 Minutes:

Secrets of Rothschild Family Fortune +$500 Trillion (Documentary):

The Rothschild Family – Puppet Masters – World’s Only Trillionaires – Full Documentary:

How were the ruling elite so successful at shackling humanity with the bonds of money?  The Industrial Revolution.  “Jobs? Oh yeah, we got your jobs right here!  First one’s free… here’s your money… sucker!”  And so it began… the carrot of prosperity, dangled before the eyes of the masses, and always just a little out of reach.  How quickly we became addicted to those units of perceived wealth and abandoned our self sufficient lifestyles for the interdependency of cities and that quick money fix.  In just 200+ years, a mere handful of generations, most of us in the western world have lost our connection to the land… traded away for nonexistent markers of personal worth and the accompanying havoc our pursuit of the money grail is wreaking upon this planet.  Industrialization has become the death knell of the miracle we know as Life on Earth.

Sun Valley, Idaho... vacation home getaway for the world's industrial elite, high profile politicians and sell out celebrities.

Sun Valley, Idaho AKA Shangri la la land… vacation home getaway for the world’s industrial elite, high profile politicians and sell out celebrities.

What One Man Can Do
A single grain of sand may be insignificant, but a multitude of sand grains can become an island paradise… or, a desert wasteland.   We are like grains of sand in our power to individually or collectively influence the world.  Unlike sand, however, the choice is ours to make.  Will it be paradise or desert wasteland?

Written about Buckminster Fuller by John Denver, “What One Man Can Do” applies to each of us… man, woman or child.

The choice IS ours, and we CAN change this paradigm.  But we must all speak out and bring to light the atrocities being committed against us, destroying our right to a living planet. And we must prioritize the most egregious offense… geoengineering the climate, a compounded assault that is poisoning the entire planet, destroying pH balances that allow plant growth (thwarting natural production of food and oxygen), destroying our health, wreaking havoc with the weather as well as compounding existing environmental problems.  In addition, this covert operation has run vast sums of  taxpayer money through the military industrial complex for the past several decades… feeding the industrial dragon that is consuming us while financing those at the top of the pyramid who, subsequently, have built lavish DUMBs for themselves to escape the impending cataclysm that the rest of humanity will be forced to face. If we hope to eliminate the industrialized system that has brought us to the brink of extinction, we must speak out now.  But we can do more.  By both speaking out AND unplugging from the system, even in small increments, we can hit it with a double whammy.  And ditching the system is the gift that keeps on giving… every dollar we don’t spend is a chink in their armor.  The more self-sufficient we become, the less power the system has over us.  Be creative, find as many ways as possible to avoid partaking in the power structure’s system.  We can defeat tyranny by abandoning the industrial tyrants and refusing to participate in their money game.  When money loses it’s power to control our activities, the corrupt powerFUL become powerLESS.  Learn to live with little or no money, be it cash, credit or electronic, and you will discover freedom.  Unplug as gradually as you must… but do it as quickly as you can.  And get as many people on board as you can.  Spread the concept… help it blossom into a global revolution.  Be the flower that shattered the stone…
There is an incongruent image of industrial agri spraying in the above video, shown with the words paint us a rainbow without any end, which I interpret as an antithesis of that… a rainbow with a dead end.

Sunlight on the sand, reflecting through seaweed at Avila Beach, California, imaged a few years ago. The Pacific is now dying... the eastern shores becoming a wasteland of toxic beaches where the abundance of life no longer thrives.

Sunlight on the sand, reflecting through seaweed at Avila Beach, California, imaged a few years ago. The Pacific Ocean is now dying… the eastern shores becoming a wasteland of toxic beaches where the abundance of life no longer thrives.

The window of opportunity, to preserve a survivable biosphere, is rapidly closing and we must act now.  All of humanity needs to rise against the oppressors by refusing to play their game.  There is no doubt that the elitist power structure will throw a tantrum of unimaginable proportions, and many lives may be lost… but countless lives have already been, and continue to be, lost… mere pawns in the activities of the so called elite.  Incomprehensibly more will become their victims if we do not act now.  These oppressors are poised to take the ultimate coup… the destruction of humanity and life on the surface of this planet, while they wait out the ugly stuff in the comfort of their underground enclaves… safe havens they have created for themselves by the sweat OUR brow and the breaking of OUR backs, but that WE will NOT be allowed into.  This is our final opportunity in the battle against tyranny… it must be won, or ALL will be lost.  And that’s a guarantee.

This image of John Denver really sums it up for me. If we do not act now, all that will remain is memories of our past.

This image of John Denver really sums it up for me.  If we do not act now, we too will disappear into the sunset.

Climate Engineering, Biosphere Destruction, and the Last Chance for Life On Earth:

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Source: Marinangeleo

45 Responses to Geoengineering Epitomizes Industrialized Suicide

  1. Where'sthebeef says:

    Like with most government products the  military/industry complex started off as a necessary evil to boost production to get us ready for WW2 as we didn't have enough resources to make weapons/machinary for war.    

    The protocols forced industries to pool their resources to help efforts during the war and when the war was over the big mistake was not reverting back to it's original status of being independent.  

    We treat corporations as people and this is what you get.  

  2. Earth Angel says:

    Smashing Article!! Absolutely one of the BEST I have read yet.. Spot On with all the author's points. This needs to be distributed FAR ans WIDE. Kudos Dane for getting this one out- you do SO much good with your informational website and research, it is fantastic!

  3. World Bank Whistle blower Karen Hudes joins Gary Franchi in studio to reveal the truth about the secret US Constitution introduced in 1871.
    Published on Apr 1, 2014
    William Foust presenting a very interesting set of concepts regarding Law versus "legal".
    The District of Columbia Act of 1871 – William Foust 
    The only way to stop the destruction of this planet, is to pull the plug on financial systems such as the World Bank, IMF, and Federal Reserve. These "banks" are mafia organizations. Anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size knows this is true. Cutting off the cash flow will put ALL military imbeciles out of business.  Guess who uses (wastes) the majority of resources on the planet? Guess who's trashing your planet as you read this? Guess who's gotten by with intimidating your sorry asses for the last 6000 years. HELLO??? Quit paying the stupid bastards…
    Educating the media is just as worthless an enterprise as attempting to educate the public. We need to educate our legal systems. Ya know? LEGAL SYSTEMS? We CAN use systems of LAW to cut off the credit goons who control World currencies and finance slaughter for profit. When the military imbeciles run out of food and cash, they'll disband pretty damn quick. QUIT COWERING. It's disgusting…

    • Hawkeye says:

      Paul – As right on as you speak, I would still have to argue with you a bit. Why? Because you "think" LAWS and the "legal system" can be used to stop any of the madness in our world in the same text that you link evidence to the sheer farce of it's nature and the demented human power structure behind it all. Counter productive and no point for resolve there. 

      The best and most accurate piece of advise you wrote was "un-plug" them. There is NO need for the farce of laws to do that, and that IS all it will take, and might I add you better hurry up before they beat you to the punch! – 7/8/15 – Two words – wall street. "Take down that dam wall!" President Reagan.

      To "un-plug": Sacrifice.

      There really is NO money, just numbers on pc screens is all that is. Have fun with words too – wall street / llaw treets.

      You're not going to fix anything with law anymore, it is law that is taking us to hell Paul because "they" write, pass and enforce those laws they make. Heck, I'd win too if I made the rules work only for me and no one else. That's called cheating. You must un-plug politics along with all the other electronic interference. You can not do one without the other is all I am trying to say to you Paul. Best, Hawkeye.


    • Hello Hawkeye: Corporate created "laws" are very interesting artifacts, in that many of the "Codes" and statutes we live by, have little or no "enforcement" clause. We comply because it's extortion, or we comply because we actually believe the crap… "Law" is a game, and certain persons can gain of lose according to a courts interpretation of the facts or motives presented as evidence.

      Within the same (or similar) legal system, there ARE valid Codes and Acts (of Congress) which are legally enforceable by and for "We the People"…

      The Bill of Rights was written "for" the people. Not for the corporations. Our courts systems can be forced to act on behalf of "the people" through writs of "Mandamus". These writs can be expressed as our rights in relation to a criminal act against our person, our properties, or a collective charge expresses as treason. These legal remedies are expressed as States rights in individual constitutions, and in legal references related to all Federal courts.

      Don't buy into the idea that ALL legal actions are a fraud. That's automatic defeat, and another Matrix tactic used toward crippling our will as human beings…

      Hey. Thanks for commenting. Glad to meet you….

  4. Marc says:

    Though I used to watch gobs of MSNBC during the last presidential cycle, I eventually dumped cable and now watch no tv, none. Bernie used to be a regular commentator during last election cycle and I always regarded him as ultra-cool. The reply letter from Bernie posted by Nicole was very provocative, but cleverly crafted and fraught with disturbing clues about just where he is coming from, who really wrote the letter, who is managing the message, even if it is coming from one who appears to be a real "man of the people". We all voted for Obama because he truly and genuinely appeared to be something new, a possible paradigm shift on the political landscape, a "true man of the people". But alas! He is but theater, a marionette whose strings are being operated by someone we are not allowed to see. So many disappointments. And while Obamacare seems to have established greater access to healthcare for many, (I am on a plan through the Marketplace) my own observations have revealed that the whole deal is a just shell game. While I have a 510 dollar government tax credit, you'd think I'd be able to buy a decent plan with a ridiculously low premium. But ALL of the health care providers simply jacked their premiums into the stratosphere so the gov't. tax credit brings you back to almost what I was paying before. And trust me, I did my homework. It is still the case that if you want an affordable premium, you must concede to a disgustingly high deductible and are essentially back where you started from. 

      But my Obamacare gripes are the least of my complaints. The massive ramp-up of geoengineering in our skies HAS ALL OCCURRED UNDER OBAMA. Should I surmise that, by virtue of his high office of President, he is complicit in the deployment of this regime? And where is Congress in any or all of this? Congress is nothing but Kabuki theater for a corrupt media and a land full of socio-cultural retards. (sorry, politically incorrect use of word but I don't give a shit).  And massive militarization of local police departments has largely occurred under his watch. Authorization for two new nuclear reactors in the state of Georgia has occurred under Obama, who "took credit" for the deal as part of his hard-hitting response to Republican criticisms of his enrgy policies. Really? You mean to fucking tell me that while radiation from Fukushima is poisoning the entire world, Obama is gonna prop himself up behind a microphone and "brag" about his presidency being the first in 30 years to authorize any new nuclear facilities? WTF???!!! Not to mention exponentially ramped-up surveillance of the American people, increasingly broad use and construction of HAARP facilities, out of control black budget projects, continuing inexplicable moratorium on large scale infrastructure rehabilitation projects across America, etc etc and on and on. So…… the obvious truth is that the office of the Presidency is a sham, a screen, a prop and a "let them eat cake" kind of distraction away from what is REALLY going on. Bernie Saunders' letter to Nicole is, in the context of everything I just mentioned, absurd, Really? The floods of '93 all up and down the Mississippi valley were due to the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo? Get the fuck outa here Bernie. Laughable. 

      For some reason I still like the guy, though.  We humans are easily deceived, aren't we?

  5. Dennie Mehocich says:

    From the Huffington Post:  New DoD Manual Allows Journalists to Be Held As "Unprivileged Belligerants:" 
    WASHINGTON (AP) — New Defense Department guidelines allow commanders to punish journalists and treat them as "unprivileged belligerents" if they believe journalists are sympathizing or cooperating with the enemy.
    The Law of War manual, updated to apply for the first time to all branches of the military, contains a vaguely worded provision that military commanders could interpret broadly, experts in military law and journalism say. Commanders could ask journalists to leave military bases or detain journalists for any number of perceived offenses.
    "In general, journalists are civilians," the 1,180 page manual says, but it adds that "journalists may be members of the armed forces, persons authorized to accompany the armed forces, or unprivileged belligerents."
    “A person deemed "unprivileged belligerent" is not entitled to the rights afforded by the Geneva Convention so a commander could restrict from certain coverage areas or even hold indefinitely without charges any reporter considered an "unprivileged belligerent."
    The manual adds, "Reporting on military operations can be very similar to collecting intelligence or even spying. A journalist who acts as a spy may be subject to security measures and punished if captured." It is not specific as to the punishment or under what circumstances a commander can decide to "punish" a journalist.
    Defense Department officials said the reference to "unprivileged belligerents" was intended to point out that terrorists or spies could be masquerading as reporters, or warn against someone who works for jihadist websites or other publications, such as al-Qaida's "Inspire" magazine, that can be used to encourage or recruit militants.
    Another provision says that "relaying of information" could be construed as "taking a direct part in hostilities." Officials said that is intended to refer to passing information about ongoing operations, locations of troops or other classified data to an enemy.
    Check it out:
    "We have met the enemy and they are us!"  — Pogo

  6. Why you are OWNED by the queen of England:
    Supplement No. 99 [June 2012] 10.8221
    1984 No. 1817 SOCIAL SECURITY
    The Social Security (United States of America)
    Order 1984 
    Made – – – – 22nd November 1984
    Coming into Operation
    Articles 1 and 2 1st January 1985
    [Under S.I. 1988/591, any provision in the following Order relating to the calculation of widow’s allowance under U.K. legislation includes a reference to
    a widow’s payment under U.K. legislation.]
    [Under art. 2 of SI 1995/767 the SSC&B Act 1996 (c. 4), the SSA Act 1992 (c. 5) and the Jobseekers Act 1995 (c. 18) are modified so that the effect can be given to the proposal that any references in the Agreement set out in Sch. 1 to this Order, to sickness benefit, invalidity benefit or invalidity pension under UK legislation shall include short-term incapacity benefit or long-term incapacity benefit and to the proposal that any provisions relating to the calculation or payment of the former benefits apply also to the appropriate latter benefit.]
    [Under Art. 2 of S.I. 2012/360 the SS Admin Act 1992 (c. 5), the SS Conts and Bens Act 1992 (c. 4), and Part 1 of the Welfare Reform Act 2007 (c. 5) are modified so that the effect can be given to the proposal that any references to invalidity benefit or invalidity pension under UK legislation, shall include a reference to employment and support allowance which is a contributory allowance awarded by virtue of the Employment and Support Allowance (Transitional Provisions, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit) (Existing Awards) (No. 2) Regulations 2010.]
    At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 22nd day of November 1984
    Present, The Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty in Council 
    Whereas at London on the 13th February 1984 an Agreement on social security between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the United States of American (which Agreement is set out in Schedule 1 to this Order and is hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) and an Administrative Agreement for the implementation of the Agreement (which is set out in Schedule 2 to this Order and is hereinafter referred to as “the Administrative Agreement”) were signed on behalf of those Governments: 
    And Whereas by Article 27(1) of the Agreement it is provided that the Agreement, except for Part III, shall enter into force on the first day of the second month following the month in which each Government has received from the other Government written notification that all statutory and constitutional requirements have been complied with for entry into force of the Agreement: […]
    Complete document:
    Referenced from:
    You all need to understand how LAW works. Then use the law against those who attempt to enslave you…

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I'll bake the crumpets, you bring the tea.  Britain works much better when what they export mainly is their culture and arts educational system.  Oh, and I heard that British spies are Ne Plus Ultra…

  7. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Absolutely fantastic article– thank you, Dane, for posting.  It describes exactly how many of us are experiencing this insanity.  The 4-minute video is an excellent summation of What's Driving It All.
    Yes, "Rubicons…" I remember when the term became popular once again.  It describes so aptly what's been happening on the planet in so many arenas. 
    If we ever could dare hope to see this thing called geo-engineering come to a final end once and for all, then we will have to hop to and
    "Change the way money works or you change nothing." 
    — Michael C. Ruppert, author, Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, 2004
    All, FYI:  For a very detailed and documented look further into What's Driving It All, I suggest you read a copy of this book.  There is a reason why a copy of it is in the business library at Harvard University.

  8. SD says:

    Public information and outreach is what this website does so well. Keep it up everyone.  Only an INFORMED ELECTORATE can begin to solve these issues.

    As someone who immediately recognizes the artificial PINK CLOUDS and the UNNATURAL rainbow effects documented in the attached photos, I want to once again call out everyone in the meteorological community and all scientists who continue to remain UNAWARE.

    You are GROSSLY INCOMPETENT!  You need to change careers and seek psychiatric treatment. The Geoengineers continue to operate with impunity in the skies over North America and elsewhere BECAUSE OF YOUR INCOMPETENCE!

  9. Nicole says:

    Thank you for your heartfelt comments Michel and I couldn't agree more. I will add that personally I could never ever run for any government office and lie to the American public about a matter so life threatening as geoengineering – the mass spraying of an unknowing public. Every single person in office who knows this is going on and does not speak out is a hard core brutal criminal of humanity – of LIFE. The very least this Senator could do is to stand down and get out of politics – rather than fully endorsing and perpetuating the lie machine. The average three year old has more understanding of right and wrong than Congress does on the whole.

  10. Wes says:


    I'm not sure if you've read any Ralph Borsodi. He was one of the original back to the landers. He writes about these very ideas in "This Ugly Civilization". One thing he wrote really opened my eyes is the saying "Time is money, no, time is life itself"!. He writes about how through the clock and money the industrial revolution  took away the human spirit. Being human is being creative and being part of nature. They've taken that away from the us and turned us into hourly wage slaves.

    As I've been trying to wake people up I was talking to the UPS driver about this weather warfare going on and keep looking up. He's finally coming around as I pointed out some obvious observations. It sure seems like we had some event in July where another grouping of trees started dying off. Some of them look like they've been hit by a blow torch on the southwest side. He has some trees in his yard that took that hit, that opened his thought process to except the unbelievable. After this, he tells me he was poking around on the web looking at the Air Force base web site in Spain where he was once stationed. He saw an add for employment, they were looking for jet pilots, for…………spraying!

    I'm not sure if you're aware of this but a few years back the government started giving away free high tunnels(unheated greenhouses) to farmers. I got to thinking this is probably part of the droughting out of  California where the majority of vegetable production is and spreading vegetable production out to other parts of the country knowing what's just around the corner. 

    I have yet to hear of reports of what's happening in Africa. Has anyone heard? In the last decade or so corporations and countries have been buying up huge tracts of land and growing food and by passing the market system and sending it directly back. Maybe this is where their getting their un poisoned food.

    I've never owned a cell phone. I try to grow as much of my own food as possible. It's so strange to be aware and look around and watch these people go through their motions totally unaware of really anything. It's like I'm watching a movie and they're actors, acting out their part. Their whole world is in that little smart phone and their belief in this evil system. As Katherine Gail said, they are the matrix.

    Like one of the other persons commenting in another article. Last week I'm walking in my yard and burst in to tears from the lack of life and all the dying. They've destroyed our beautiful natural world. Damn them! It sure does feel like it's over.

    Dane, thank you for this outlet of like minded aware people.




    • Teri says:

      I too grow most of my own food.  The biggest question I have is since these nanoparticles are being released continually, how is that altering the gene structure of the plant?  It is altering it somehow, but I am not sure to what level it would occur.  It would most likely embed itself at a cellular level and then what?  What happens when we eat it?  How does it change the plant itself, how does it alter the DNA in the seeds which I save?  I wash everything before I use it, but does that really do much?  Just a few ponderings…

  11. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Here is another great John Denver song. I really miss John.

  12. Marc says:

    In my experience I think one of the factors that works in favor of the toxic Elites is when newbies to geoengineering revelations recoil in disbelief that such a thing could possibly be going on, and because of their ignorance of it, by extension feel stupid or threatened in some way, that such a massive thing could be going on without their knowledge. I have run into this kind of thing repeatedly. Of course, toss into the mix those who have succumbed to disinformation and so on and immediately get gnarly, snarkey or worse. Is it not incredible that in the context of what the above article reveals and discusses, there remain countless millions who somehow live in a fog of smugness, certitude, or just plain garden-variety DUMB-ASS? Or even beyond that, those who, through no fault of their own, are utterly bereft of education, and/or access to quality data regarding the phenomenon, or living in conditions (be it enslavement, war, imprisonment, refugee camps etc, etc.) such that caring about what geoengineering is doing to the biosphere is utterly outside their paradigm of existence and understanding. I feel the latter group comprises more of the human race than many of us might want to acknowledge. And that's a lot of human beings!!!! In any case, the geoengineers know this. They know, and I'm sure are quite exhilarated, by the fact that only a relatively small percentage of we "educated/enlightened" westerners have bothered to cause even just a little bit of ruckus about geoengineering. But those numbers are growing daily. Something's just gotta give somewhere soon. The climate forcing going on is so egregious at this point, and here again, so incomprehensible, that one finds oneself conceding that maybe a large percentage of the whole goddamn agenda really and actually IS to kill as many of us as possible after all! Now, Dane admonishes us to not view geoengineering in such simplistic terms. I get that for sure, but BOTTOM LINE, TPTB KNOW!!!! they are poisoning the whole world. It's not like it's just some tangential and unintended effect of massive and colossal global spraying. It's as if toxification of soils, waters and air is a happy and completely expected by-product of whatever the central focus of their delusional agenda appears to be in their own minds as so necessary. Therefore Omnicide is not too strong a term to use here, for if the asswipes behind all this are conscious beings, then they are acutely aware (through their own testing) that what they are engaged in is poisoning the whole world and is murder by any other name. Soooo….do the bad guys win this round? Really? Are these really, really bad motherf**kers really gonna win? Who was it that said the meek shall inherit the Earth?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, certainly there is no question about the omnicide that is occuring. The reason is is imperative to keep all the puzzle pieces in mind and to share the bigger picture is because a simple “they are trying to kill us all” message will not go down with most and there are in fact many factors to the equation. Once people are brought to a point where they can accept that climate engineering is in fact going on, they will come to the correct conclusions soon enough.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      That's from Matthew 5:5, the Beatitudes.  If being beaten down to a pulp on a regular basis, sprayed with toxic metals nanoparticulates 24/7/365 makes you "meek," I certainly don't feel like it.  I'd say it just means I'm being abused. 

  13. Melody Meachum says:

    Good job Nicole….and yes Mr. Sanders, chem-trails and aerosols, you know "geoengineering" doesn't really exist. At  least that's what most of your cronies and the deniers always say. It's just you know, persistent jet contrails, but you did concede to maybe it being deployed against the affects of a volcanic erruption back in 1991. But that was probably the only time, Right, only back in 1991? What's that, Mr. Sanders, the volcanic erruption might have even been an inside job?? Oh dear!  TMI Mr. Sanders!

  14. Melody Meachum says:

    Such a thought provoking article. I've often thought along these lines, but admit that if the infrastructure were destroyed and all material comforts were gone tomorrow, how well and quickly would I adjust?

    It would be a wonderful thing to turn back the hands of time, when we knew the earth's pristine beauty and far more innocent times, but our scarred and abused planet has been forced too far into the future. The planet is seeing a shadow of its former self and I believe God mourns. He mourns over the beautiful world he created for us not only to enjoy but to also be good stewards of. Everything was created orderly and with purpose, even the seasons.  

    Those who post here have a healthy respect for the earth and earth-care. It would be completely foreign for us not to respect and cherish the earth! 

    I don't worship the earth for I believe it is not greater than the one who created it. The earth was the first thing God created and if I may, the Bible records "it was good".

    On the contrary, the evil ones have secretly and surreptitiously plotted and planned for the earth's destruction and have done so for many, many years.

    Do they mourn over what they have done? A resounding "NO" -they're not about to let sentiment stop them from their greater goal of complete world control. They will see it to completion. Their motto "Out of chaos, order"  

    And so we press on. We do so, but only with limited resources. That of reason, voice and soul, fighting against their unlimited resources and their insidious insanity.

  15. Ana says:

    Very strong article ,very powerful !…I agree but do we humans know what we really want? do we know in what we really believe ? cause everything around me seems a contradiction and seems to me people are not  truly prepared to live outside  "civilization" .Our fears are too big ,i´m afraid ! Not everybody is so conscious about what the end of civilization could bring of good or of bad .I was always in favor of a transition to a natural model of life (but i´m a city girl how long i would survive ?i´m not afraid of death but how painful my death might  be )but i guess that time to transition already gone and nothing was done  .We humans always played a lot with time,we thought time would wait for us  till we were ready to change ,guess what ? time can´t wait and doesn´t wait !

    The End of civilization unfortunately will not be a good picture to see (to live it) and those in Power know it and they are preparing their "law and order" with all military and police exercises so probably maybe things are closer than we think and will be probably before the environmental collapse if they think about being here commanding military forces to control us ? who knows if the environmental collapse is the part of the "script" to be "played" "section by section" till  the big "finale " ? (for certain they know how to implode the biosphere without using any nuclear device at first place) ,anyway one thing will follow another ;a economic /financial collapse or all at the same time like it´s happening now the 200 to 300 species dying everyday which have economic impact in our lives and in our survival  (several things happening at the same time converging to the same big disaster and people having no perception of how our life support system are shutting down by the minute)….

    The truth is that Populations are in large numbers and can´t organize themselves or to keep peace and order by themselves and specially difficult to maintain order in a complex system like people are used to (very dependent of machinery ,technology,energy ,industrial suppliers etc)  ,very few can organize themselves and these very few  would need to be prepared with survival methods/knowledge/bunkers ,security measures  and would need guns (i never thought i would say this,i´m against guns) to defend themselves,maybe the reason why now in USA just now politicians are worried about the guns that  Americans possessed all their lives (?),shootings are not new i think!…how many People would be able to reorganize themselves and keep themselves safe for a long period of time ?…but this would be a apocalyptic scenario .to be honest probably i will not be  happy for the change when the moment arrives (no matter how good it will be for the planet)  if i will get hungry and sick and see my family and friends dying or sick ,probably the safe of the planet will be my last worry.Many civilizations already gone but humans ended always here somehow ready for the next "ride". Maybe not in the future anymore .Planet Earth seemed to always been here even if not suitable for human life but somehow human life form or something similar probably will appear  sooner or later again .I don´t know if it would not be better  everything to disappear  ,even Earth .I know you people  must think i´m selfish but  why starting allover again or doing reset ? this our human existence was always all  about control, domination ,wars ,cruelty ,killings to survive  ,sickness and death .I hope i don´t have to be  here again in this planet in any life form if we are going to do the reset again  …I don´t think this world is perfect and maybe that´s why  human beings are not perfect too,in fact everything is very far from perfect in my opinion .Everything in nature is cruel including humanity.And Why do we have to get old and die ?to see our parents and grandparents die and feel pain? why do we have to suffer to die? why giving birth has to be with pain? why animals kill each other to survive?Everything is so cruel ! the bad living hand in hand with the good seems like to sides of the same coin ,seems to be the laws of the universe (destruction and renovation) .why do we need to kill other life forms to survive(to eat) ?  why these human  conceptions of perfection,goodness,peace ,beauty or purity that no human being truly has or follows? Why people are so materialistic and just look to the physical things most of the times ? if we are not devils what are we? ….and those in power seem  the biggest devils of all but they had something we hadn´t  :the smartness of the serpent ,the ambition,the greed   ,the capacity to  convince us ,to control us ,to be our leaders ,the art to manipulate others /the "social engineering" and the ability to plant needs we never had before in our lives(all our way of life is like the apple from paradise being offered to us and our problem is we gave a first bite ).And we continue to vote on many of these people in Power! we elect the ones that chose the big corporations and the bankers that we all demonize …we continue to buy their cars ,their products ,their computers ,cell phones etc ,so we continue to give them more and more power …So how can this cycle be broken? and how just a few people(grains of sand) with strong will to change things can really change something against a whole world that are small "grains" of the entire system and that seem happy with it ?And how can we change anything by living  out of the system or not using their same tools ?How is it possible to truly disconnect with the system ? Are we really strong enough for that ? or independent enough for that?We seem to be all caught in the same "matrix" even when we don´t want to ,almost  seems there´s no world to live out of the "Matrix" ,at least that´s what those in Power made us believe for civilizations and civilizations even when we had no nuclear weapons or climate engineering yet  in this world to complete the total destruction .Maybe no reset this time for human species after all …. what i mean is that we need to be real ready and prepared the best way we can to deal with the collapse before the change !!i don´t believe in a change before something real bad happens and i don´t even know if any preparation can save us from the worst when the time comes!…You and Guy MacPherson have said that the collapse of civilization means a nuclear meltdown so how this can help our environment either?and How anyone can be sure of  being truly prepared to deal with  a situation like this  ?…better to wake up people first no matter how hard it might be ,better make them see the dilema cause the collapse is not the easy way out  but will be the the natural course of our lives  if we don´t do nothing to change it!

    • Marc says:

      Absolutely fantastic,  Ana, thank you.

    • Nicole says:

      You bring up sp many great points Ana, thank you! 

      The power structure just stole 12 trillion dollars from the American people and used it to make themselves very cozy 100 feet below the surface of the earth. Obama just issued military tanks, 12 thousand bayonets, and grenades to local police departments. Their objective is to save their own asses in the most costly way possible, while arming anyone willing to toss a grenade into a babies crib to the teeth.

      The power structure does not give a rats ass about the people of the world. If they did, we would have a President who wasn't drilling in the arctic while CA roasts. We'd have real leadership, we'd have real human beings running the show – we'd have some kind of a chance that humanity could get on the same page and do the right thing.

      Truly – we need all the prayers we can get.

    • Ana says:

      Thanks Marc and Nicole . You are two of the people I like to read the comments  and very good contributors to this site.
      Nicole you are right!i´m the one to say thanks ! Thanks a lot for the links too!

  16. Kathy says:

    I love Bucky. I love John Denver. What a beautiful tribute.

  17. Bob says:

    Wow.  There is so much I have thought and tried to explain to the zombies that is included in this article.  Another masterful compilation I must say.  It's my belief this entire situation we find ourselves in, has been orchestrated by the really old money powers, the likes of the Rothschilds, the Committee of 300, and the Vatican.  These powers make the Trumps of the world look like chumps.  They avoid the spotlight and are the ones that truly pull the strings.  People claim a conspiracy can not exist with so many involved, in our media driven world, or for so long.  This has been a hundreds, more like thousands of year scheme.  It's called compartmentalization and it truly is the main tactic. The need to know basis.  Even the puppets like Obummer, Gore, Trump the chump, Soros, and all this level peckerwads, are all on a need to know basis.  People say that could never happen in this day and age with the interwebs, social media, and video taking 'smart' phones stapled to people's ears.  Hidden in plain sight.  Willfully ignorant. Zombies.  It can happen and is , right in front of their hypnotized faces.  Entertainment everywhere, and is prioritized over truth, logic, and what is right and good.  I agree with the whole industrialization theme in the article.  It's bad and we all know it deep down inside.  Even the zombies.  People think technology advancement equals industrialization and all the nasty side effects that go with it.  They think it's the price to pay.  That's ignorant bull crap.  Look into biological architecture and living, life giving,  fractal environments.  It's why the ancient ancient civilizations work with stone and crystals.  They knew.  They knew ultimately why iron and steel were bad for life.  We create steel boxes to live most of our lives in and then further pollute it with electromagnetic smog.  And we think it's healthy.  Our hospitals are the worst environments for health.  I do not wish to make it sound like all our advances in medicine are bad, because they are not.  But the majority is for keeping us sick and weak and pushovers. Zombies.  We play with energy sources that have such lethal side effects that truly we must be insane, especially when it is known there are ones that have no side effects or pollutions.  Whenever I see the word Fukushima, I can't help thinking that word is another use of word magic, and the peckerheads are laughing their assets off. Sure gets me wondering about the poisoning of the Animas River.  Accident?  Hrmmmm.

  18. Cori Gunnells says:


    Thank you for leaving this comment, and a copy of your reply correspondence from Sen. B. Sanders. His response (lacking any acknowledgment of climate engineering/geoengineering) is very important for activists to be aware of. Considering we are in the end stages of a dying planet, climate engineering 'should be' well within the range of options that could be addressed and terminated immediately (vs. the longer process of CO2 emission reduction and capture/sequestration). We need both desperately. The amount of CO2/methane already in the atmosphere presents us with a future of temperature rise that is locked in. We don't have time for taxes and trades… geoengineering must be stopped, and the GHGs must be removed. There are no saviors on the front lines, politically speaking… including Bernie. We all need to be very honest regarding our outlook, and not hang hopes on anyone who isn't following through. A little isn't enough when it comes to the end game for the planet. We are at a point where it's all or none. 

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you for your kind words Cori. It is true – if you read that letter you'll see Grandpa Bernie said it himself – he doesn't have the energy to fight geoengineering. That alone disqualifies him as anything remotely close to a presidential candidate in my book. Not that I believe in this circus freak show election process – we all know who this rogue government serves – the Rockefellers.

  19. mike ohlinger says:

    Right on Thanks Dane. 

  20. carol freiberg says:

    I would gladly give up EVERYTHING to restore the earth and environment to its natural state.EVERYTHING!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, I agree with your sentiment more than I could ever express, thank you for your statement.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Me too !

    • nina says:

      Well, I would give up alot. I already am on that road. I plan on keeping my health and liberty and I try to help those around me do the same. Small community teamwork is a major goal of mine.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      So would I!  In fact, I've lived most of my life with Nothing for this very reason.  With Nothing on purpose, which all thought odd but I did explain.  Only very recently have I had anything, and that is this computer and my TV as well as some music.  But I would give them up in a second, and die.  I have been sick off and on my whole life from my autoimmune diseases and crippling injuries.  So, for me, the TV is for some info, some comedy, and movies because sometimes I cannot stand the pain and distraction really helps, as does laughter.  But I am wise about what I watch.  We have a Native News channel now, for instance.  Music has great power and I can no longer play my instruments, but I can sing.  And write songs.  It is only in this latter half of my 60s that I have these things as I am laid up much of the time.  I went without all my life, lived with this consciousness my whole life and taught others how to.  And for what?  This?  Without my meds, I would die.  But I'd give them up, off this and that few things, and give myself up to the Great Mystery if it would save the world.  I have been trying to save the world as long as I can remember.  Never even imagining, though I thought I knew, the sheer extent of this Evil.  How all encompassing.  How hopeless.  I am trying to grow medicine now.  It is trying to survive too.  Against all odds-which, if a book about me was written, that would be the title.  I may only be 109 pounds, but I am stubborn, and I know how to survive, how to never give up, how to suffer.  And how to care for others, how to fix bodies and hearts.  I will never give up, and I am by no means addicted to the few things I have.

      I do cherish this site and Dane's efforts, and this blog space of like minded wonderfully clever people.  I will miss you all.  When it comes to that, and for me, I think it has.

    • Thank you, Carol, for expressing your commitment to our miraculous planet and it's web of life, in such a succinct and sincere way.  Your clear and simple expression of the love you have for this world brought me to tears.  I feel the same as you do, and am comforted to know there are people like you out there.
      With Much Respect,

    • Rachel… Thank you for sharing your story.  It is both inspiring and comforting to know that so many like minded people have found their way to Dane's site.  It is especially inspiring to read of a lifetime of commitment to saving this gift we live upon.  I have much respect for the way you have chosen to live your life.  

      About 30 years ago I had a conversation with a close friend about my commitment to the environment.  I explained to her why preserving the environment was so important to me… both for the sake of this miracle we call Earth, and on a spiritual level… that even the smallest act could make the biggest difference in the long run. In choosing to modify my lifestyle and strive to live more and more simply, I was buying time. Not for me, I was not worried about my own soul… I know my heart and have always pursued the concept of "to thine own self be true".  No, I wanted her to know that I, and anyone who chose to act in a way that would add time to the clock of human destiny, by not being so destructive to the biosphere that supports us… that every additional second of time we add could mean the difference between a soul finding it’s way, or running out of time before it has developed enough to carry through, beyond death, to the next level.  I think it may have conflicted with her religion a little, but she understood the overall equation. How we use our time here, is so very important…
      Stay strong my friend, and know there are many who appreciate your choice of a simple lifestyle.  When you asked "And for what? This?" I understood your frustration, and deeply wanted you to know that your commitment was not for naught.  The time you have added to this world, by your simple lifestyle, is a gift to us all.
      Deepest Respect and Kindest Regards…

  21. Keith Whittington says:

    I will say it again: most americans can not imagine living without the *stuff* and are frightened by the thought of the lights going out. They have jobs to make money, but no skills. How many know that dandelions were brought to this continent by colonists to be used as winter greens? Could they knap a stone to make a cutting tool? Start a fire without matches? Of course not! They have been taught useless cultural trivia. They are a bunch of proud Beavises and Buttheads and will only relinquish their remote controls when their hands are cold and dead. Me? I agree with Deep Green Resistance. The sooner the industrial perversion is turned off, the better.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree Keith – and will add that if not for the older generation, which make up all of Congress – the younger buttheads might have turned into caring human beings. Those we are supposed to look up to, those who are supposed to have our best interests in mind, those who are supposed to tell us the truth and guide us, are busy ripping this world to shreds. Obombus just gave another speech on the importance of economic growth, and passing more funding for the military by September.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Nicole, Appreciate your comment on generational degradation. It really blows the myth of *the greatest generation* if one considers that the greatest spawned the worst (mine), the so-called Woodstock Generation. It is always unwise to paint with a brush broader than the canvas, so it must be said that not all fell into the trap. As a gift in appreciation of your thoughtful comments I offer ▶ The Fugs – CIA Man – YouTube

  22. Nicole says:

    Incredibly compelling and horrific read. We've got a great big problem in this and other countries with the masses being willfully ignorant – a term that really amounts to cowardice and laziness. Overcoming that has proven to be such a great obstacle. It's magnified by those in office who knowingly lie to us, cover up what is happening, and perpetuate business as usual. I asked Senator Bernie Sanders what he is willing to do about geoengineering. I sent him the link to the Shasta County hearing which is posted on the front page of Danes site. I sent him links to other states demanding answers. And I will post below the answer I received. He has whitewashed the entire conversation – refusing to answer my question, refusing to admit this is ongoing, and completing his blurb with "let's just tax'em" – essentially he is Al Gore Sr.
    Please tell me how to change the direction of these bastards, and how to wake up a public that is too brainwashed to understand the difference between right and wrong.
    Thank you for contacting me regarding geoengineering. I am always glad to hear from Vermonters, and I appreciate the opportunity to correspond with you.
    The term "geoengineering" broadly refers to the application of geosciences, and includes several proposed theories to limit the effects of climate change. For instance, after the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, scientists noticed the cloud created by the volcano that circled the globe reflected about 10 pe…rcent of the earth's sunlight from 1991 to 1993, cooling the earth by 1 degree for that period. This led some scientists to question whether putting aerosolized additives into the atmosphere would recreate the cooling conditions that followed Mount Pinatubo's eruption. This is just one example of how some scientists believe climate engineering could potentially mitigate some of the effects of global climate change.
    Of course, the Mount Pinatubo eruption is also a cautionary tale of the potential unintended consequences of pursuing such a grand climate changing experiment. The eruption disrupted global precipitation patterns, contributing to flooding along the Mississippi River and drought in the African Sahel. In addition to potentially devastating side effects, climate engineering would be difficult to control or stop once started.
    Computer models suggest that if the climate engineering process were abruptly stopped, the earth's average temperature would rise rapidly, perhaps as quickly as 1 degree in a decade. While it may not sound like much, the impact on our planet's climate would be catastrophic, potentially leading to extreme weather events, droughts, desertification, and famine.
    To my mind, our energies would be better spent on significantly reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and other pollution we are putting into the atmosphere. The sooner we take steps to end the use of fossil fuels, the better off we will be.
    That is why I introduced a bill last congress that would have charged the largest fossil fuel polluters for their carbon and methane emissions. With the revenue from those fees, this bill would have tripled funding for advanced energy research, and would have made major investments in wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, plug-in electric vehicles and other clean technologies.
    The only real way to limit climate change is to stop putting the emissions that cause it into the air.
    United States Senator

    • Tamara says:

      When Senator Sanders wrote "computer models suggest that if the climate engineering process were abruptly stopped", sounds to me that he is sideways admitted that it is going on.

      The whole thing is so sad. Most people I try to inform just look at me blankly and say no one would do that, they would be harming themselves too. Yeah, just like they would not detonate nuke bombs and put radiation into the environment. So much smoke and mirrors are keeping the masses asleep.

      Maybe if more people push people like Senator Sanders for an official disclosure we will have a chance.

      Today I spent time watching them spray against the wet front that was supposed to give us a little rain today. Nature seems to be a little stronger because at least above me now there are real clouds. I have not seen them in a long time and welcome them.

    • Michel B says:

      Bernard Sanders says, "…climate engineering would be difficult to control or stop once started." One can understand this slippery type of statement. It contains a lie that it hasn't started and it implies a further lie that it would be difficult to control. But what is this control? Control over its deliberate devastation or control over its successes (for the power brokers) and failures (for everyone)?

      The slipperiness continues in his next statement: "…if the climate engineering process were abruptly stopped, the earth's average temperature would rise rapidly…" This has a built-in ambiguity that is cunning. This statement on its own would be an acknowledgement that climate engineering processes are underway and now we cannot turn back as switching off the aerosols would be more damaging than any other course of action.

      But delivered as such he covers himself in a way by seeming to disagree with that course of action, while at the very same time he very consciously helps to cover it up.

      This is of course a script he has been given that simply brushes aside all truth and evidence and 'transparently carries on the agenda to cover up' the ongoing programs. Blaming CO2 output entirely is the line that all politicians are told to use. Can you imagine a politician that would come out and say, "Yes, there are climate engineering programs deployed now, have been for decades and there are many reasons why they are doing this and none of them are for the good of humanity."

      He/she would be destroyed, at least in their career, and would soon be suicided or some such thing. Examples have to made, you know. At this point, no official authority can be trusted at all. They have all been muzzled, paid off or threatened with death. The entire system is a deliberate lie and trying to deal with this system is akin to pleading for empathy from a psychopath. It just will not work.

      If enough people took action that actually addressed the issue, instead of dealing with the middle men liars, then we might have a chance at getting things to halt. We can all see that the political system is absolutely corrupted as it was meant to be, so trying to deal with the issue via that path is banging our heads on doors. The politicians have sided with the enemy. Why deal with the enemy's minions? We have to go over their heads straight to the heart of the matter.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      "The only real way to limit climate change is to stop putting the emissions that cause it into the air."
      United States Senator

      Can't we all agree that Mr. Sanders needs to heed his own advice?

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