“Double Catastrophe Scenario” Document Paints Bleak Picture


By Dane Wigington geoengineeringwatch.org Earth is spiraling toward total meltdown and even now the false "debate" of global warming rages on. Both sides of this argument largely fail to recognize, let alone consider the single greatest factor affecting the climate at this time, global geoengineering/weather modification. Why Isn't Geoengineering "On The Public's Radar" For the scientific community, the lack of geoengineering recognition is also extensive or almost total. Numerous scientists and scientific publications banter back and forth about the pros and cons of geoengineering "proposals", while the all to visible reality of the already ongoing programs occurring in plain sight above their heads day in and day out goes completely unnoticed or unacknowledged. How can this be explained? It seems that much of the scientific community lives in bubbles of their own creation. For them, not much penetrates their comfort zones. They want to go to work at eight, come home at five, and not to be disturbed. For others, there is a profit to be made, or perhaps some strategic advantage to be gained. In this group, there is not a shred of honor to be found. They will never admit to and expose the globally decimating geoengineering programs from which they receive their livelihood. There is yet another group of scientists. Honest and honorable but justifiably afraid to take a stand. They are surrounded by the matrix of the military/industrial/media complex which they know all too well will decimate their reputations and lives if they dare to speak out. Our government has done its best to insure this fear is justified by stripping first amendment protection for government scientists, implementing illegal federal gag orders, and going after any and every whistleblower with a vengeance. If the American population would get up from the bench and help to expose the most dire issue of geoengineering, this would provide cover for honorable scientists to come out of the shadows.  What Is "Double Catastrophe Scenario"? The term "double catastrophe" in regard to global geoengineering refers to a scenario in which global aerosol geoengineering (SAG) and stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) effectively hides or masks the true extent of climate change initially, but in doing so, causes a catastrophic climate rebound and collapse when geoengineering programs can no longer be continued, or are forced to stop. This discontinuation would occur in conjunction with global societal collapse which increasingly appears to be inevitable, and much closer than any of us would like to believe. When the global atmospheric spraying is stopped, and the full extent of the sun's thermal energy once again reaches the surface of the planet, the climate "rebound" will be catastrophic.  Keeping The Lid On A Boiling Kettle Our atmosphere is so completely saturated with toxic metal and chemical particulates from the constant spraying that fully 20% of the suns direct rays no longer reach the surface of the planet ("global dimming"). Though this brew of lethal reflective materials forms a membrane around our planet that cools large regions temporally (along with artificial/chemical ice nucleation of clouds), it comes at the cost of a worsened overall warming. More thermal energy is trapped by the toxic "seeded" clouds in the long run than is deflected in the short run. Lets add to this an increasingly shredded ozone layer, totally disrupted weather/hydrological cycles, altered ocean currents, triggering of catastrophic climate feedback loops, and a literal poisoning of  the entire web of life from top to bottom, again all direct consequences of the ongoing geoengineering programs.  Consideration Of The Study Below Like all main stream science articles, reports, and media coverage of the geoengineering issue, the study below fails to recognize or acknowledge the geoengineering "elephant in the room". It does point out many legitimate issues and ramifications surrounding the programs that are saturating our atmosphere with lethally toxic elements, though it in no way admits to the glaring reality that geoengineering has long since been fully deployed and is not just a "proposal". For those that truly want to comprehend the gravity of our collective situation, the document below is of important consideration and should be read. The full text can be opened at the bottom of the "abstract".

 Double Catastrophe: Intermittent Stratospheric Geoengineering Induced By Societal Collapse

Seth D. Baum1,2,3,4,*, Timothy M. Maher, Jr.1,5, and Jacob Haqq-Misra1,4

1. Global Catastrophic Risk Institute 2. Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University 3. Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, Columbia University 4. Blue Marble Space Institute of Science 5. Center for Environmental Policy, Bard College * Corresponding author. seth@gcrinstitute.org

Forthcoming in: Environment, Systems and Decisions. DOI 10.1007/s10669-012-9429-y This version: 21 December 2012


Perceived failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has prompted interest in avoiding the harms of climate change via geoengineering, that is, the intentional manipulation of Earth system processes. Perhaps the most promising geoengineering technique is stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), which reflects incoming solar radiation, thereby lowering surface temperatures. This paper analyzes a scenario in which SAI brings great harm on its own. The scenario is based on the issue of SAI intermittency, in which aerosol injection is halted, sending temperatures rapidly back toward where they would have been without SAI. The rapid temperature increase could be quite damaging, which in turn creates a strong incentive to avoid intermittency. In the scenario, a catastrophic societal collapse eliminates society’s ability to continue SAI, despite the incentive. The collapse could be caused by a pandemic, nuclear war, or other global catastrophe. The ensuing intermittency hits a population that is already vulnerable from the initial collapse, making for a double catastrophe. While the outcomes of the double catastrophe are difficult to predict, plausible worst-case scenarios include human extinction. The decision to implement SAI is found to depend on whether global catastrophe is more likely from double catastrophe or from climate change alone. The SAI double catastrophe scenario also strengthens arguments for greenhouse gas emissions reductions and against SAI, as well as for building communities that could be self-sufficient during global catastrophes. Finally, the paper demonstrates the value of integrative, systems-based global catastrophic risk analysis.

Keywords: geoengineering, societal collapse, global catastrophic risk, scenario analysis, climate change

Read full document – http://sethbaum.com/ac/2013_DoubleCatastrophe.pdf

 Painting Life On Earth Into A Very Dark Corner For over 70 years Earth's natural systems have been increasingly thwarted by climate intervention operations. At this point, the atmosphere is so saturated with geoengineering particulates that our planet is more or less in a straight jacket. The study above makes the case that geoengineering can never be stopped once it is started. In stark contrast, all available data makes clear the ongoing global spraying must be stopped immediately if we are to have any chance of avoiding planetary omnicide. Though there will indeed be a devastating "rebound" of the climate as the reflective particles settle out of the atmosphere, the sooner we face this the better chance we have. To continue as we are is like continuing to climb ever higher on a ladder  which you know you will be forced to leap from one day soon. The higher one climbs, the more catastrophic the impact when the inevitable leap to the ground occurs. In addition to this increased "climate forcing" and inevitable "bounce back" from continued spraying, each passing day all life is poisoned from the constant fall out. Earth must be let loose from the toxic chains that continue to decimate its life support systems day in and day out. The planet must be allowed to respond to the damage already done by these programs and other destructive human activities. Geoengineering is not a cure, but a curse beyond comprehension. These programs of atmospheric spraying will not save life on earth but rather they will guarantee total extinction. We are all in a life or death struggle. This is not alarmism or exaggeration, but reality. It is absolutely essential for us all to pull together in this fight for life on Earth. All available data makes clear that short of nuclear catastrophe, global geoengineering is the greatest and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm. Get educated on this issue, get involved in efforts to raise awareness, get credible materials for passing on to others, and take a stand. Time is not on our side. The time for action is now. DW

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  1. Dear Honorable Scientists: I am a civilian mother, encouraged to step up to the plate.  Let me assure you, Speak truth to power and the American empire will not bother you.  I have been interviewed by both FBI & Pentagon representatives and been privileged to distribute anti-geoengineering flyers to armed police officers. The following presentation helped bolster me: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/cia-whistleblower-speaks-out-about-climate-engineering-vaccination-dangers-911-and-the-governments-persecution-of-truth-tellers/   Peace.

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Recommended readings: CIA Off Campus & The CIA On Campus

      "The CIA is not simply an intelligence gathering agency. For 63 years, it has been and remains the go-to network for covert action involving assassinations, torture, destabilization, and invasion." – Phillip Zwerling, The CIA On Campus, p. 23

      but, again, thanks to role modeling by Kevin Shipp

  2. Craig says:

    The only saving grace is the ultimate resilience of the Earth. "We" the Earth, have gone thru several Great Extinctions when conditions were intolerable for much or most or almost all the life. Yet "We" bounced back. The comfort in knowing that even tho we are the force of nature that went haywire and caused Death on Earth, almost completely, is that there will be a next time, another Great Extinction, after the planet recovers from what we are doing to it. The Hindus taught thousands of years ago that everything at some point ends, in toto. There will be an end to the planet adn even an end to what we think of as the universe. And then another will begin again. That's not meant to remove the shame of the stain from us, tho only we know we deserved that shame. The next go-around will have no clue, unless there is a return of the freak that is the human, which has never existed to despoil the planet before and, you have to think, HOPEFULLY never will again, as beautiful as our species perceives our world, and in so doing creates our world thru our senses. That great beauty, with any luck, will not occur again unless, one hopes, it has a hell of a lot more and better intelligence than we attained, which was just enough to ruin the place, like gun-shooting bikers rampaging thru a glass palace, which is our "great" accomplishment on our planet.

    In that sense, and that realization, the sooner our mistaken, lunatic existence goes, the better for this world.


    • Toren says:

      Craig, Thank you – eloquent and spot on comment. 

      "We have geared the machines and locked all together
      into interdependence. We have built the great cities; now
      There is no escape. We have gathered vast populations incapable
      of free survival, insulated
      From the strong earth, each person in himself helpless, on all
      dependent. The circle is closed, and the net
      Is being hauled in." ….. Robinson Jeffers 1955

  3. Dennie Mehocich says:

    This appears to be a link to the original white paper from 2013:  http://sethbaum.com/ac/2013_DoubleCatastrophe.pdf

  4. The link has been removed — like many others. The level of secrecy is terrifying.

    Read full documenthttp://sethbaum.com/ac/fc_DoubleCatastrophe.pdf

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      WHO is doing all of this "scrubbing" of the internet? An army of under-aged trolls??  Do they actually get paid to remove stuff?  Is the scrubbing done by the good folks at Google?  More questions than answers, that's for sure. 

      But NOTHING the mthrfckrz can do will continue to hide the mess they've created.  They won't STOP the mess they've put in motion, and it's up to US to get it stopped. 

  5. John Seeland says:

    One of the videos on this site does an excellent job of illustrating the programming that has been done through the media to make chemtrails seem normal. We’ve repeatedly seen them in the background of movies and television shows and even in cartoons for the children. Couple that with the fact that people avoid “bad news” to keep their happy level up and even something as obvious as aerial spraying in full view is unseen.

    • Thomas says:

      In the UK the television weather forecasts have for many years, started with the presenter set against a background of a heavily geoengineered  sky and this is obviously intentional propaganda.  People under forty  have never known much else and the decimated skies for them are quite normal. We are all now in drinking in the bar at The last Chance Saloon.

  6. John Seeland says:

    I’ve watched our skies being sprayed for well over a decade and, of course, found the same persistent denial here in Canada. We can look at another event to illustrate Cognitive Dissonance…. 9/11. In the face of undeniable evidence that this was a calculated event used to spawn the goldmine of the War on Terror, it’s a faded memory for the bulk of the population.
    All humans want to live safe, comfortable and happy lives. Many people feel it’s their right to be happy and choose to live in blissful ignorance about what’s going on in the world around them to protect their place in Happyland. Events like Fukushima, 9/11 and geo-engineering are negatives and they choose to believe whatever keeps them happy, by simply avoiding and denying any “bad news”. The mainstream media, whose sole purpose is to generate profits through advertising, filters the news to keep the population in a consumptive state of mind. Because of this ongoing denial and self imposed ignorance, we are quickly approaching the time when reality becomes unavoidable. As few of us want to accept a dramatically reduced lifestyle as the solution, we will continue to look to governments, capitalists and technology to solve the very problems that they continue to create. There’s little doubt that humans are the most foolish and dangerous species on the planet.

  7. airline pilots and stewardesses should be screaming for a stop as they are the closest to it on a daily basis. God please stop this genocide on your Earth, amen.

    • Lawrence Beck says:

      I'd like to see health studies conducted on pilots and flight attendants for the past 20 years.  Airline employees who work in flight are subjected to more of the SRM aerosols as well as radioactivity carried from Japan (Fukushima) via the jetstream than any other cross section of society.  

      These tests will never be done for obvious reasons.  There are no air filtration systems on aircraft.  Air at altitude is simply pumped in and circulated throughout the cabin… subjecting all to the toxins in the air… be they SRM components or radioisotopes.  

      I was in this profession from 1984 through 1995.  I'm so glad I'm no longer in the industry… as I can't imagine a more toxic environment to work in short of a coal mine or a nuclear plant.

  8. u can’t hide from it…. it’s a nanosized particle

  9. Cori Gunnells says:

    Once again, another excellent article and explanation that helps us all understand the urgency of spreading the message to anyone and everyone we can. Time is not on our side, we can’t tolerate disinformation and apathy, and if we don’t all do something to forward our message, it’s over. I don’t want to sit on a bench and have a finger pointed at me by a person (especially a child) saying, “Why didn’t you do something?” I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, or close my eyes feeling worthy. Everybody get up, speak up, tell the truth, and do all you can… while you can.

    • Lawrence Beck says:

      Unfortunately… Seth Baum believes that Japan's energy problems can be solved by restarting nuclear reactors in Japan.  I personally have a difficult time accepting the credibility of anyone who touts nuclear as the solution to a problem that threatens (and is well on the way) to extinguish all life in the Pacific.  See Seth's article here (from the bulletin of Atomic Scientists): http://thebulletin.org/japan-should-restart-more-nuclear-power-plants8817

      Seth states in his article: "Restarting Japan’s nuclear power plants is, however, the right decision, provided they can pass strict new safety checks instituted since Fukushima. The reason is simple: While nuclear power comes with risks, the primary alternative comes with bigger ones."

      He fails to address the nuclear waste storage issues and completely ignores the horrific effects of the triple meltdowns at Fukushima on all marine life in the Pacific.  

  10. Christopher Bains says:

    Rick, you hit the nail on the head! It is like a Twilight Zone episode! Everyone drank the kool-aid except for us, and we do not know who we can trust. My own son thinks I am crazy. I’m not the kind of person to jump in “hook, line, and sinker” without researching first. People used to question, but not anymore. Maybe, they are the ones who have been affected by all of the toxins falling from the sky, and we are still able to think, for awhile anyway. I am thinking, gasmask.

  11. Tim says:

    How people cannot see the fake cobweb clouds, cotton candy clouds, and the long streams of chemtrails is beyond me. How much can you alter an environment before people see it? Pink grass?

  12. Lana Aron says:

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about the real solution. Many places around the world are using electricity generated from Bagasse (the compressed remains of sugar cane). It is safe for the environment and creates it own supply of power to continue production?????
    As far as the power brokers who are destroying this beautiful planet we must not sit by and complain we need to scream loud and clear all over the place. To get to the masses of people most of whom are unable to deal with the truth so we need to keep it simple for them. They cannot process large amounts of information.

  13. Carl says:

    Thanks for publishing this fine paper. With large scale SAI already in place we do need to consider the possible risk of abrupt cessation. The current (rogue?) program, like ethanol for fuel, was poorly conceived and rushed into place, but it is here. Might there be a way to replace it, in a geoengineering sense, with something less damaging, that could then be reduced in a gradual way, while other answers to the GHG emissions problem are resolved? If such an alternative exists, I would not close my mind to the idea of making an orderly switch.

    • Barry says:

      I had the same discussion with my wife about using gold nano-particulates instead of aluminum, barium, strontium, etc.

  14. Barbara says:

    Mad Science married to Blind Arrogance. A reckless; out of control abuse of the people and this planet and a misuse of taxpayers dollars.

    Those responsible should be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity.

    While it may seem to be tilting at windmills to protest the powers that dwell in the dark abyss that feeds upon the labors of We The People, I believe that an informed and united people can Make a Difference. Thanks Dane and others like you. You are making a difference.

    I propose this one small action:

    How about a day based on the “Blue Flu” concept that the police use when they want a raise. We The People shall have a day of “Air Sickness”. If not a day of staying home from work – then at least a Sunday – a holiday of Nobody gets on the road. Go nowhere – buy nothing. One day of solidarity in a protest against this madness.

    United We Stand.

    • Dion Smith says:

      In response to: Barbara : March 14, 2014 at 8:25 pm

      2019-09-16, mon~ This is a darn good idea ("Air Sickness Day"). There is today an organization [which is, self-proclaimed to be 'not an organization'] recently formed, called "Extinction Rebellion" co-founded by Britain's Roger Hallam. Their stance and thesis is the same as my own years back when Los Angeles, Ca. was in the throes of yet one more civil unrest. My solution [which unfortunately I was unable to fund, promote widely enough, or interest others in at the time –and admittedly, not the easiest to implement…] was to air-drop 50,000 audio cassettes over downtown L.A. during rush hour. The audiotapes would each be attached to its own darling little parachute [I still have one hanging around my office somewhere]. This would have been pre-announced by the local news outlets. The content of these cassettes would have been 'rapid-fire' emotionally-charged quotes from recognized, highly revered leaders, commentators, educators, statesmen and such, from JFK to Jesus Christ celebrating unity and much more. As an audio engineer I have proven again and again the unimaginable impact such a strategy psychologically incites in people –at very deep levels. This qitchy, noble prank –and the reactions to it brought forth the understanding AND a clear statement of truth. "It's Gotta Be OUTRAGEOUS" Period!. Fast forward to 'Extinction Rebellion': (Google, to inform yourself on the movement], which is operating upon the same precept. It is way too far past POLITE discourse and childish jockying-for-position on this 'critical squared' matter. We stand here at the 1st time in Human History [that we know of] wherein we have produced –only in the last 70 some-odd years– the absolute means to absolutely wipe ourselves from the cosmic map.

      –Dion "The Correlator" Smith

  15. Tom Tvedten MD says:

    The time for action was last century. Now still may be of some benefit and therefore better now than never. Still, my sad experience with issues similar to Chemtrails and geoengineering have forced me to accept a sad, perhaps the saddest, truth. The 99%, the Sheeple, WE the People really don’t care. “Me, Now.” is the beginning and the end of their ability to care. A small fraction of a percent like Dane care deeply and rail against the Machine. Another small percentage is the Machine. The Machine is composed of extreme sociopaths and psychopaths who are unable to care about the long range consequences of their actions. Since “good guys finish last” certainly is true in a purely capitalist society there is little that can be done to avert or avoid the consequences of our insane machinations. Some truly horrific event must take place before the Sheeple will open their eyes and perhaps even then they will close them quickly and resume following the next lemming over the cliff.

    I live in Arkansas and can tell all listening that the 99%here don’t give a damn about Chemtrails, 9/11 Truth, the wars in the M.E. We have the distinction of having the least educated state legislature in the nation. People here don’t care. Do you hear em? Do you get it? They do not give a damn.

    My honest suggestion is to find a fairly safe and defendable place with access to fresh surface water and good topsoil. collect and save survivalist tools and materials and, along with a small number of trusted friends and family prepare to protect yourself and each other and survive. Do all of this while continuing to try to awaken the “dead”, the 99%. THT

    • Diane Lewis says:

      I am from AR but now live in CA. Some of my high school friends are still in Arkansas, and they don’t want to hear from me about any of these issues that threaten us. They are buying the party line and remain in blissful ignorance. That is a big reason for my leaving my home state in the first place.

      Your entry spoke to me. It is difficult to find kindred souls because everyone is too busy with their lives and don’t want to think about anything negative or depressing.

      I am making some plans on my own and plan to move to some place that is a little safer than the city. I am looking into alternate housing, gardening and canning. But mainly I am trying to educate myself about the issues.

      Diane Lewis

    • j mcnair says:

      this is world wide. there is no semi-safe place.. the chemical cocktail is prevailent in all layers of the atmosphere… hawaii, costa rica, french polynesia etc.
      we must talk talk educate and wake the sheeple!1…or perish.

    • Heidiho says:

      I sent this article over to a sister who angrily told me that global warming isn’t caused by people. We moved from occupied California out into rural Iowa several years ago. My husband is very ill but even so he helps me garden and can and we have settled into a simple lifestyle. In 1993 we saw chemtrails in the Sierra’s just west of Yellowstone. It saddens me that mankind is so blindly arrogant to think they can somehow undo natural occurances such as loss of magnetic field and collapsing atmosphere and ignore Fukashima which continues to cover the planet with fall-out which will never, ever dissipate and is poisoning and killing the Pacific ocean.

    • Rick Greenberg says:

      You said exactly what I have been feeling. I have been coming to the same conclusion lately and struggling with the problem of wanting to do erything possible, first to tell everyone I know (which hasn’t been very well received) and secondly to prepare myself and those around me. All the while it has become blantantly clear that nobody seems to care enough to even be informed, let alone be moved to action in any way. I swear it is like a Twilight Zone episode! It would appear that most of humanity is not connected-with and devoted-to its own survival in our society in any meaningful way. As a species I would have to say we have failed in the most spectacular fashion to safeguard that which is imperative to our own survival. I’m afraid that it’s only a matter of time now. So it is only natural for those of us who have evolved to a level of awareness that enables us to see the real threats to the continuation of our very species, to take action on a personal level in any way we can or just suffer knowing that we are victims of a grand experiment gone awry to wit, The Human Experiment.

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