Geoengineering: Fire And Ice


Dane Wigington

Geoengineering is wreaking havoc all over the world, from fires to ice. After the passing of the recent engineered winter weather onslaught on Northern California, the climate engineers are yet again cutting off the flow of precipitation to parts of the US West. Even in winter, forest fires are burning with unprecedented ferocity. What will be left after the weather-makers have wrought their decimation on formerly thriving forests? Scorched mountains, ridges and canyons, all of it devoid of life. Above it all the atmospheric aerosol dispersions continue unabated. The new installment of Into The Wild is below.

This image was taken from my backyard in Northern California, in December. Photo credit: Jovyde Wigington

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All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

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  1. CStarr says:

    I grabbed a cup the snow falling here in Fairfax,Va today. I measured the temperature of this slippery snow. It is holding at 34.5 deg f. The ice from the fridge measured at 30 deg f. This snow is not natural. I am not sure how to upload photo of this phenomenon! How is it that snow is snow above freezing? The snow in the cup is not melting. My other thought, and Dane you are a treasure, when we see a plane choking out a stream of whitish pollution can we find through flight tracker whose plane it is and shame them for the mess they are making. Shame. Where are the people who are worried about pollution? The (what i call) horizontal clouds appear in some mornings, but not every day. Some days will be completely clear with no jet horizontal clouds. Yesterday evening the spraying was heavy.  As i have been writing this the temp of the cup of snow has been going up- now at 37.5! Thank Dane for defining this problem. 

  2. Sunlight Germany says:

    If a heart is crying and when a soul is crying, but no one wants to see or hear it, what should I do?

  3. TD says:

    Thanks Dane for the continuing heads up. I am apathetic. I feel defeated living here on the Great Lakes where the spraying is incessant. They have filled the Great Lakes to record high levels. Our skies are rarely blue with tell tale tic tac toe patterns being the prevalent cloud patterns. I think they whoever They are have gotten really good at geoengineering SRM weather manipulation. They are playing God at this level. 

    In the book of Revelation chapter 11 verse 18 "The destroyers of the earth" …… Makes me think we are here at this juncture, mankind has been hoodwinked into destroying and consuming its host, planet earth, as we spend trillions of dollars on trying to get to other planets! It is utter madness. Our children are mostly unawares yet their spirits are uneasy and they don't know why, because, they live in a world of plenty and of wonders at the moment with the promise of a virtual world universe a electronic paradise where they can be like gods… They sense something is very wrong, yet to face it head on brings overwhelming sorrow, anger, depression and despair, which pushes the fight flight or freeze mechanisms within then there is the need of specifying or medicating thru it all.  The red pill- It is a tough pill to swallow. I'm at a loss, I don't know what to do, I feel like a rat trapped in a cage. When is planet earth going to be pushed past the brink of runaway failure? The future Generations will suffer from my/our participation in the whole mess whether it was knowingly or unknowingly the outcome is the same, a dead and ruined planet at the hands of mankind.

    I'm sick about all of it, paralyzed……….. 

    Thank you Dane for your continued work. Aloha 

    • Steve Thomson says:

      TD, thank you for your heart felt cry over the present state of planet Earth. Life indeed is undeniably taking on a Book of Revelation aspect. It is heavy stuff, but know that you are not alone. This website with Dane's amazing work and commitment is inspiring, and lets us know that we cannot give up the fight. You cited Revelation 11, verse 18, but did not put in the second part of it, which is a promise of "divine intervention" on a huge scale, which would result in the destruction of those who are destroying the earth. Pretty scary stuff, but still a promise that the great evil afflicting the world will NOT go on until our whole beloved natural planet is ruined. Hold on fast to the end of this era brother. There is a far better one coming, and I pray it is coming quickly! "As lightning flashes from east to west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be". Sounds quick to me!

    • Donttreadonme says:

      Your not alone in feeling this way. I'm sick I'm sad and I'm angry and I have no idea what to do. 

  4. Paul Davis says:

    More Troubling Signs:  Geoengineering Weather Control, Covid Vaccine Ramp up accelerate…  Meta-picture:…  Tools that the Empire uses to control the planet and humans… Truly a Hunger-Games reality unfolding…   More Troubling signs:   1) Techno-Robots:…Digi-Dog..just saw footage of the robotized dog now on patrol in major urban centers; also saw a Digi-dog with a rifle attached….last year, I saw one of the Robo-humans doing backflips…..  2)Dems Bomb Syria.. Biden presided over the bombing of the people of Syria this week; although he is not in control, he is the figurehead of those actions… the US/Empire still trying to exert influence over Middle East…  truly the american populace will bear the brunt of pending blowback-damages and the tax bill paying for it……  Dane thanks for carrying the Torch on this one… Your technical explanations and documentation are so important…vey helpful in synthesizing how it all fits together….  Back to my post to stay on watch and sound the alarm to the un-awakened.

  5. Paul Davis says:

    I need to bring to the attention of all to a book very much in line with the goals here. Its message is that the world is in great decline due to humanity's actions, greed, ignorances…its message is that if humanity does not take responsibility for what it has done nor take responsibiilty to chart a new course, then humanity and its civilization are done is a new message and blueprint on where humanity needs to go…a message for each person for that is where the action must start…   It is book, a manual of both external preparation and internal preparation….a book for which humanity has called out for and has been delivered…a book amongst 20 of its current volumes…a turning point for all who sense what is happening and know that others are not responding…  this Book:    Great Waves of Change by Marshall Vian Summers….  This book will strengthen your resolve for  the protection of Earth and your resolve to act.     We truly live in a world that will no longer provide humanity a free ride…Each Day, month and year are so important to your survival and to the survival of your family and community. 

  6. Joseph says:

    Thank you Dane– wow I have a good memories of having been to Mt Shasta and surrounding areas in the 70s and 80s.  I use to camp at about 8000 and 10000 feet looking out on Mt Lassen.

  7. Timothy Hensley says:

    I live in the Mojave desert and I have watch the destruction of it using coal fly ash toxic geo chemicals for years now. The precipitation denial operations the Airforce, NASA, JPL ect… conduct are so efficient that are rain fall in Barstow is 0% pretty much now. The political leader ship care nothing to admit it,care about it,or want to resolve it. Agenda 2021. Induce drought and deny fresh water. Rev:11:18  we wait for the Master to return!

  8. Jonathan says:

    This should be more than enough to elicit with illicit within every person with a soul a righteous anger I guess these crimes against nature and all life on Earth. In North Carolina is not quite as bad yet. However when I go outside even in January and February if I don't have my arms covered on a sunny day the sun burns my skin and is very uncomfortable. This is the UVB and especially the UVC Dane has been talking about. There are trees all over Greenville and all over North Carolina and I'm seeing more and more every year where are the tops of the trees are scorched out like they were hit with a flamethrower. And here's a point that I had not heard anybody make recently. At one time California was a major producer of agricultural products for the United States. If one looks at the use of food scarcity as a weapon consider another angle, yet another!! angle, in this weaponized weather, which may be in part to further reduce the food supply for America in the next few years. Everybody plan accordingly and make your voices heard…. Look the storm in the eye, fear no man. We stand before God one day, not man.

  9. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- Excellent Update!. My anger and heart goes out to what is happening…     My Account was just deleted from Common Dreams, as I have been really pushing on both the GeoEngineering and Anti-vaccine comments..  That site along with NPR & Democracy Now  are really of the Corporate Ilk… no free speech there.        Much agree with you on the Arctic Blog  website; I have found that to be of the Corporate  World; a false flag website, never a word about the destruction of geoengineering… I am there with you in this fight…… Their job is to pacify the public; what a crime against humanity.

  10. Ann Mayo Graf. says:

    It is true, I have told many people about what I have learned from your website and no one has bothered to go listen and learn. I am 83 and  have come often to learn more.  It breaks my heart but I would rather know the truth then hide from it. Thank God you have been there to fight for our right to live. But the insects, the bees, the food for the birds, the Poler Bears are all disappearing…where will the new film meet the public?  My respiratory track is experiencing heavy coughing, I never smoked, I am a singer and musician and song writer. If I can know about this warfare from the skies Why are the 1% not involved in saving the planet.? Today we can reverse aging and end all sickness, cure congenital blindness with a single shot in the hip, soon have free electricity to power the world . All is ready to make what was a beautiful world better except without the help from everyone there will be no world left for the good to bless. Bless you and all who battle for lives.  Ann Mayo

    • John says:

      I've pretty much reached the same conclusion. Look at the pricing on cereal now days and also the way it is being packaged. or I should say prepackaged. A lot of the newer boxed cereals are a hodgepodge of other cereals mixed together and charge top dollar. All the fruit is stored and frozen. I don't know what keeps Granny Smith apples green for months in storage. I kept one around for at least 3 months. My wife ate it while I was away. She says it was fine.except for one little bruise spot. the strawberries are only red on the surface right now. Maybe also GMO.

  11. Marion Little says:

    Dane is there any way we can stop whats coming or do we have no chance. Is this the end for all of us, 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marion, in regard to your questions, we can’t yet know with certainty. Though we are now far into completly uncharted territory, we may yet be able to salvage some part of the planets remaining life support systems. Thats worth fighting for, till our last breath. Check the attached link for more input on how to help in this battle, thank you for standing with us.

  12. jintampa says:

    Sadly year by year then day  by day evil  has  crept  in. The  beautiful  crisp  blue skies were a sight to  behold and  gave a sense of  awe . Then ever so slowly, the  beautiful  blue sky  started to  become  cloudy  A LOT.  And then  one day,  after I don't  remember how  long I  sensed it,  the  crazy  looking marks in the  sky began  and they were  in all different  shapes and  odd configurations. And  then  I  noticed that  the  crazy sprays started  being  noticeable  around  different   weather conditions.  Now, what  used to be  considered  NORMAL  weather is  j the  opposite. For  my birthday,  please  give me  back  my  normal  weather. 

  13. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Very moving, Dane. Your deep connection in the forest is heartbreaking. Your tenacity an inspiration. You remain our North Star.

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