Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe


Dane Wigington

Global climate engineering encompasses many different aspects and processes. The consequences of the climate engineering insanity are already unquantifiable and growing by the day. Though each aspect of this subject is more than enough for an in depth article, there is often a need for more of an overall summary to pass on to those that are not aware of the broader picture.

What Major Factor Causing "Climate Change" Are They Not Telling Us About?

More alarming articles and studies are surfacing each day which confirm the rapidly changing state of Earth's life support systems and climate. Humanity has decimated the planet in countless ways and the repercussions are becoming catastrophic. Though there are certainly many parts to this unfolding story, the largest piece of the puzzle by far still goes completely unacknowledged by the entire scientific community and all of the main stream media / corporate / military / industrial complex. The massive elephant in the room has been, and still is, "stratospheric aerosol geoengineering" (SAG), AKA  "solar radiation management" (SRM).

What Is Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering And Why Is It So Dangerous?

Stratospheric aerosol injection (AKA, geoengineering) is a primary term for the ongoing global climate modification programs being conducted by major powers around the world. "Aerosols" is simply a term for a microscopic particle that is suspended in the air. A primary stated goal of the geoengineering programs is to provide a "solar shield" to slow "runaway climate change"  by spraying tens of millions of tons of highly toxic metal nano particulates (a nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000 of a meter) into the atmosphere (tens of millions of tons a year) from jet aircraft. Is the spraying only for solar radiation management? Based on available data, there are a number of known objectives including but not limited to solar radiation management (SRM), weather warfare, over the horizon radar enhancement, controlling food production, and probable biological testing. There are likely many more aspects and agendas related to the atmospheric spraying which we can not yet know.

Many Geoengineering Patents Have A Stated Goal Of Slowing Global Warming

Aluminum/alumina, among other toxic metals, is showing up in countless rain tests around the world. The amount of aluminum, barium, and other metals in these rain/snow tests is always high and often completely off the charts (even showing up in bees and whales). Snow tests from Mt Shasta in Northern California were toxic beyond belief. This area of the Pacific Northwest was thought to be a pristine water source. Dozens of rain samples taken in this region from numerous individuals were tested at the State certified lab in Northern California and showed shocking results without exception. Former US Forest Service Biologist Francis Mangles has confirmed the alarming heavy metal contamination with his own testing. Snow tests taken from the side of Mt. Shasta showed aluminum content as high as 61,000 PPB. (parts per billion). This level of aluminum in the snow is tens of thousands of times anything that might be considered "normal background" contamination. Levels this high can only be considered extremely toxic. Since these toxic metals are in the snow, they can only come from the air. Aluminum/alumina in "free form" does not naturally exist in the environment but is always bonded to other elements. So where is it coming from? Aluminum is the primary element named in numerous geoengineering patents. The same patents that describe dispersing this aluminum from jets for the expressed purpose of blocking the sun which is exactly what we see aircraft "trails" doing in our skies day in and day out, creating artificial cloud cover and haze which blocks direct sunlight. It is important to remember this contamination is not local, but global in scope. Movements have formed in countries all over the world which are desperately trying to address this dire issue.

Shrinking Atmosphere, Disturbed Hydrological Cycle, Fungal Proliferation and Species Extinction


Dead cattle litter the ground in drought ridden Ethiopia. Photo: Orthodox Christian Network

Ozone layer damage is yet another known consequence of geoengineering the atmosphere (causing extremely dangerous UV radiation exposure). Other recent studies now note a "shrinking atmosphere" which is very possibly also linked to the ongoing geoengineering programs. The "hydrological cycle" of the planet is being completely disrupted by the geoengineering aerosol saturation of the atmosphere. How might such precipitation control benefit the power structure? Fungal proliferation is yet another inevitable crisis when the atmosphere is filled with particulates, soils are contaminated with the geoengineering fallout, and waters are polluted with the same. Already, countless species are feeling the effects. The current "species extinction rate" should be absolutely shocking to all. At the present time the "extinction rate is 10,000 times "natural variability". This is 1,000,000% of "normal background rates". Though main stream media would never discuss this, we are currently in the sixth mass extinction on planet Earth. Is geoengineering responsible for all of this? Of course not all, but if the available science and data is considered, geoengineering is mathematically by far the single  most significant cause of environmental and climate devastation on the planet today. If all available information is considered, geoengineering is the greatest and most immediate threat to all life on Earth short of nuclear catastrophe. Drought, deluge, and hazy toxic skies, welcome to geoengineering.

Aerosol Saturated Skies – The New Norm 33345341

Geoengineered skies, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Photo credit: Martin van Agteren

Though rain and snow is falling in areas of North America, at times in a deluge or "blizzard" depending on the season, the droughts in the continental US ( and many other regions around the globe), are getting worse overall. There are now often massive areas of drifting cloud cover spanning thousands of miles over land masses and oceans with little or no precipitation. Why is this? Why are the skies so often completely featureless as these expansive cloud banks and upper level "haze" drift across the globe? If individual clouds can be recognized in these "drifting masses", they often appear "melted into" the upper story of geoengineering "haze".  Horizon to horizon geoengineering trails are not the only sign of spraying. Clouds should be "white" and the sky "blue". Wispy, dingy, cob web like upper level "clouds" are are not natural and are another hallmark of spraying, as are "silvery white" skies.

The Geoengineering Connection

Atmospheric aerosol saturation greatly effects wind patterns and diminishes precipitation overall which in turn further fuels droughts of unprecedented scope and scale. The disruption in the hydrological cycle can also cause record rainfall as rain which was kept from falling in one location migrates elsewhere to come down in a deluge. The conditions described above are known consequences of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) and solar radiation management (SRM) . All available science data confirms the effect of geoengineering particulates on rainfall. Though main stream science sources are still not willing to openly admit to the fact that geoengineering programs have been fully deployed for decades, a growing mountain of evidence makes this fact indisputable. Again, the ongoing stratospheric geoengineering programs are greatly reducing overall rainfall ( as mentioned) and all but eliminating deep blue skies. This effect is known as "global dimming". Blocking the sun with reflective geoengineering aerosols reduces evaporation. Wind is reduced significantly in many cases from atmospheric aerosol saturation as the particles scatter solar energy and thus reduce convection from the ground that would otherwise occur from daytime heating. The slowing of the wind reduces evaporation even more. Further, precipitation cells that do form are often dispersed and diminished from the excessive amount of geoengineering particulates. This causes too many "condensation nuclei" and the droplets do not combine and fall as rain but migrate on. When the planets natural weather is suppressed or altered by climate engineering, energy builds up in the biosphere. This contributes to fuel catastrophic storms which will continue to increase along with catastrophic drought.

Global Dimming, The Loss Of Blue Skies

There is a mountain of scientific data to confirm the reality of "global dimming'. Most have never even heard the term much less noticed the effect over recent decades. Though articles from mainstream publications admit to the "global dimming" issue, most understate the percentage of dimming and all point the finger at "pollution particulates" as the sole cause. Countless jet aircraft which crisscross our skies daily, dispersing millions of tons of toxic metal and chemical particulates, are completely ignored by all main stream media journalists and sources. To date main stream media has done its best to avoid even mentioning the subject of geoengineering much less admitting to these ongoing programs of total planetary devastation. The overall ramifications from global dimming and geoengineering cannot be accurately quantified. Loss of photo synthesis, destruction of the ozone layer, reduction in global rainfall, loss of blue sky, toxification of soils and waters, these are only a few of the known consequences of the global atmospheric spraying.

Greatly Diminished Atmospheric Protection From The Sun

What does this imply? As already documented above, saturating the atmosphere with particulates shreds the protective layers of the atmosphere, namely the ozone layer. Particulate saturation in the upper atmosphere causes a chemical reaction which does the damage. There is now a massive Northern hemisphere ozone hole in addition to the Southern Hemisphere hole we have all heard about for decades. Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is in all likelihood the primary cause of the global ozone depletion, not just "CFC's" as we have been told.  Again, this has already been cited above and can be easily researched. Search "geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer". All available science makes this point clear. Without the ozone layer, life in any form would likely not exist on our planet. There is yet one more issue related to the destruction of our natural protection from the sun's usual radiation output: protection from solar flares. Coronal mass ejections or "CME's" can and will do horrific damage to our planet and most especially human infrastructure. If electricity grids are shut down due to a strong CME, the potential dangers are sobering indeed. With no grid power to cool nuclear power facilities for an extended time, we could face Fukushima x 100, or 200, or? Without cooling, meltdowns would eventually occur. Just one major nuclear catastrophe could exterminate life on the planet, let alone dozens or hundreds of them. Geoengineering is destroying our natural protection from such an event caused by a strong coronal mass ejection.

Wind Pattern Changes And Catastrophic Methane Release


Rapidly thawing methane deposits are exploding out of the tundra permafrost zones with unimaginable force. Photo: The Siberian Times


In the photo above, a researcher descends into the depths of a methane blowout crater. "It is believed that permafrost sites could have as much as one million times more methane hydrates locked inside them than ordinary gas". Photo: Vladimir Puschkarev / Russian Centre of Arctic Exploration


Thermokarst lakes (from rapidly thawing methane deposits) near Hudson Bay, Canada. Photo: Commons

Climate engineering is radically altering upper and lower level wind currents which in turn trigger ocean current changes. Most are completely unaware of the wind and ocean current disruptions occurring around the globe. Even fewer are aware of the ramifications which are already unfolding from these changes. Ocean current changes are already delivering warmer waters to regions with vast undersea methane deposits. These deposits are known as "methane hydrate" deposits and literally hold life on earth in the balance. Many regions around the globe are beginning to expel methane from hydrate and clathrate deposits. The East Siberian Shelf of the Arctic is already releasing en masse. All available data indicates that this event alone is changing our biosphere by the day. Though groups of scientists like the "Arctic Methane Emergency Group"  (AMEG) are calling for "emergency wartime scale geoengineering to avert planetary catastrophe", available data indicates that the very geoengineering programs (that AMEG is selling as a cure for the unfolding climate collapse), are more likely a major causal factor in triggering the methane catastrophe in the first place. The fully deployed planetary geoengineering programs have been altering wind and rain patterns at an ever increasing level for decades. Again, it is these alterations that have likely been a major factor in the triggering of mass methane release. Saturation of the atmosphere with methane is equivalent to covering the planet with a sheet of glass. The sun’s thermal energy gets in, but does not get out. Though most articles on methane release state methane to be 20 times more potent a greenhouse gas than Co2, this is over a 100 year time horizon. Over a ten year time horizon, methane is at least 100 times more potent. In addition to the atmospheric damage caused by the methane release, there is also ocean acidification. As the methane migrates from the sea floor to the surface, much is dissolved into the water (methane is also thawing in Arctic tundra and exploding into the atmosphere). Oceans are currently acidifying (and dying) at an extremely alarming rate. Again, the consequences of methane release alone threatens all life on Earth in the very near term.

No "Natural" Weather

The global geoengineering/weather modification/chemtrail programs have likely been going on for over seven decades. Recently found documents from the NASA archives indicate that these programs already had budgets into the hundreds of millions of dollars even by the mid 1960's (extensive senate documents have also been found and posted). These already massive climate altering programs were radically ramped up in the last 15 years. Though most of us alive today have perhaps known little truly "natural" weather, what we are experiencing today is anything but natural. The climate now "swings" radically from one extreme to another. It is now common to have spring like temperatures one day and snow (likely artificially nucleated) the next. These "swings" or "fluctuations" are getting ever more severe. Geoengineered "weather whiplash" scenarios are now the norm.

Manipulation Of The Jet Stream And The Shredding Of The Atmosphere

Is this really possible? Available science as well as observed weather events and jet stream "anomalies" say absolutely yes. HAARP is the acronym for a massively powerful "ionosphere heater" facility located in Alaska. This is a huge and extremely powerful antenna array which is capable of transmitting as much as three million watts of power into the ionosphere. This triggers an electrical chain reaction which then causes a 'bulge" in the atmosphere, which in turn can alter the course of the jet stream. Such alterations can in turn "steer" weather systems. By such manipulation, storm fronts can be combined and worsened into "frankenstorms", or broken apart and dispersed. There are thought to be nearly 100 large ground based "ionosphere heaters" around the globe, some held by China and Russia. It has also become evident in recent years that "weather warfare" is already a lethal global reality. The potential of these frequency transmitter facilities is enhanced by the spraying of our skies. The saturation of the atmosphere with metal particulates makes the atmosphere more "conductive". This in turn increases the capabilities of the ionosphere heaters.

Dry Lightning And Out Of Control Forest Fires 99

 Completely decimated and burned forests under geoengineered toxic skies, such otherworldly images are increasingly becoming the norm. Photo credit: Zenonas Mockus

An atmosphere that is more conductive from metal particulate saturation can produce more frequent lightning. These same particulates also have the net effect of "diminishing and dispersing" rain. Forests around the globe are now filled with dead and dying trees (referenced later in this article). In addition, the foliage of trees are now covered with what amounts to an "incendiary" dust from the geoengineering particulates. Add the shredded ozone layer which creates more heat, and the "weather modified" conditions are even worse. The obvious result is more frequent and catastrophic forest fires. This phenomenon is being played out around the globe. Summer of 2012 saw the Northern Hemisphere burning down and now it is Australia and Tasmania in meltdown (global forest fire incineration is accelerating). 

Artificially Nucleated Snow Storms

Yet another seemingly impossible aspect of global weather modification is geoengineered snow storms. Many will write this one off as impossible without any investigation. That is a mistake as the science of chemical ice nucleation for weather modification is very established and has long since been commonly practiced in many countries, though it is hard to comprehend this process being done on such a massive scale. There are several patents on "artificial ice nucleation for weather modification", including one from NASA. Artificially nucleated storms appear to be carried out under a myriad of conditions. In many cases, storms that should have yielded only rain, can be artificially nucleated to "change over" to snow. The term "change over" has recently been coined by The Weather Channel and other corporate/military/industrial complex weather agencies. A geoengineered snow event is generally called "heavy wet snow" (another recent term). This "snow" can begin to fall at temperatures far above freezing though the ongoing chemical process eventually cools the surrounding air mass. The resulting "snow" and "ice" can sometimes remain a surprisingly long time in spite of warmer temperatures, a result of artificial chemical nucleation. This aspect of weather modification is covered in the following article, "Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc Around the Globe".

Temporary Cooling At The Cost Of A Worsened Overall Warming

This is the net result of geoengineering. Nature does not give something for nothing. This should seem all too obvious, but unfortunately the "scientists" in so many cases are completely blind to the consequences of their experiments. In the case of cloud seeding to produce rain, if they succeed, then that moisture will not end up where it would have otherwise gone. In the case of saturation spraying that is known to diminish rain by scattering it into massive artificial cloud cover and haze, where will all that moisture end up? Coming down somewhere else in a deluge? Is this perhaps why the US west is locked in record drought and US east is having record rains? The cooling effects of geoengineering come at the cost of a much worsened overall warming of the planet. Even NASA admits the "condensation trails" (geoengineering particulate trails) are warming the planet.


Massive fish die-offs are taking place all over the world. Photo: Imagine China


"Dead fish float in the King Harbour area of Redondo Beach, south of Los Angeles. An estimated million fish turned up dead in the marina, “puzzling” authorities and triggering a massive cleanup effort".

The Systemic Poisoning Of All Life On Earth

Does this sound like an "alarmist" statement or conspiracy theory? All available data points to this conclusion as a hard and undeniable fact for any that do objective research. Countless lab tests of precipitation from around the globe (cited above) have been done by concerned individuals and groups in recent years, and the results are shocking to say the least. Our rain and snow is quite literally packed with the very same highly toxic heavy metals named in numerous geoengineering patents as primary elements. The air we breath is also laden with the same toxins aluminum/alumina, barium, strontium, manganese, thorium,  and now even fluoride is being reported in recent tests from Norway. So much metal has fallen on the boreal forests of the Pacific Northwest that soil PH changes of up to 15 times more alkaline have been noted. A recent documentary film by filmmaker George Barnes titled "Look Up" covers some of these changes and the forest die off that is occurring in boreal forests. Though there are countless articles documenting the die off of forests around the globe, putting the blame only on increasing temperatures, drought, and beetles, none mention geoengineering. To omit geoengineering in this equation is to omit what appears to be the greatest single factor of all. The lethal effects of "bioavailable" aluminum/alumina in rainwater and thus in the soils is well documented. Its effect on trees is also noted in science studies. Of course there are corporations who exist to profit from calamity. Monsanto always seems to be at the top of this list. As geoengineered drought and aluminum sterilized soils force independent farmers to sell, international ag corporations are there to buy up the land and put to use their "aluminum resistant seeds."

What Is Geoengineering Doing To Us?

Inhalation of microscopic particulates is highly damaging no matter what the particulate material, the metallic particles in question are especially lethal. Respiratory ailments and mortalities are now literally epidemic. Degenerative human diseases that are linked to heavy metal exposure are now going virtually off the charts. ADD, Alzheimer's, Autism, ALL, immune disfunction, and many other diseases associated with heavy metals, have all skyrocketed in recent years. According to scientists like internationally know neuroscientist Russell Blaylock, the heavy metal nano particles are so small that they pass right through the lung lining into the blood stream. There they can adhere to cell receptors like a plaque, slowly but surely shutting down bodily functions and the immune system. These metals are all but impossible to remove once they have become lodged in the body. In addition, virtually every bite we eat is now contaminated with these toxic nano particles as they are absorbed by plant life, which is highly damaging to crops. Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (AKA  solar radiation management) has now tainted all. Every breath we take, every bite we eat, all is contaminated. A mountain of data, studies, and testing confirms this conclusion beyond reasonable doubt. We are all quite literally under assault. The threat to all life on earth from the global weather modification programs cannot be overstated. It is up to all of us to help in the task of bringing these programs to light, and to a halt so the planet can begin to recover. Arm yourself with copies of credible articles, data, and DVD copies to help spread the word on this most dire issue. It is likely the vast majority of military and private sector people involved with geoengineering do not understand the consequences of what they are involved in. Time is not on our side. Every day global geoengineering continues, our odds are diminished. We must all pull together in the effort to shine the light on this greatest of all human crimes. Once the geoengineering issue is truly out in the open, and those who physically carry out the spraying realize what they are a part of, we have a chance to stop these lethal programs. Reaching a critical mass of public awareness is the only way forward.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

234 Responses to Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe

  1. Sharon Dewey says:

    Does anyone have any idea how the orchestrators and implementers of these life-destructive geoengineering activities expect to survive their own global projects?  I mean it's GLOBAL.  They (and their children), too, will breathe the toxins they are spewing into our atmosphere.  They, too, will suffer the consequences.  How can these programs have continued and still continue with this knowledge?  What is their agenda and why would they not have any self preservation tendencies and concerns?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Sharon, in regard to your question about why the power structure would poison / contaminate their own air with climate engineering, it is imperative to remember and consider the agenda behind what is occurring in our skies is varied and complex. From climate intervention to mask the rapid warming of our planet, to weather warfare, to ionizing the atmosphere for over the horizon radar and communications purposes (and more), there are many objectives going on at once. Ultimately all is about power and control, there is no benevolence whatsoever in the climate engineering insanity. Again, about why “they” would do this to themselves, consider the behavior of a cancer. Does a cancer intend to kill it’s host? No, a cancer simply continues to expand and proliferate until the host eventually dies. This is the mentality we are dealing with, the power structure does not consider the consequences of their actions, they never have. They have detonated over 2000 nuclear bombs (contaminating the entire planet), they continue to construct faulty nuclear power plants (even though Fukushima alone has the potential to kill us all), there are many other examples. The attached link will provide more input, FYI

  2. Sharon Dewey says:

    Does anyone have any idea how the orchestrators and implementers of these life-destructive expect to survive their own global engineering projects?  I mean it's GLOBAL.  They (and their children), too, will breathe the toxins they are spewing into our atmosphere.  They, too, will suffer the consequences.  How can these programs have continued and still continue with this knowledge?  What is their agenda and why would they not have any self preservation tendencies and concerns?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Sharon, the answers to your questions are complex, the attached link should help. FYI

  3. haarp.ti says:

    Excellent post with a vast array of intelligent comments to help research what they are doing .. and have been. 

    … "The same patents that describe dispersing this aluminum from jets for the expressed purpose of blocking the sun which is exactly what we see aircraft "trails" doing in our skies day in and day out, creating artificial cloud cover and haze which blocks direct sunlight. " …

    I have been saying that my truck sounds like it is trying to make and blow tinfoil flakes and garland for the past 5 years.

    The snow the chem-dump creates is super-heavy with color-coded gasses seeping out of it when squished : blue, green, red. The snow when squished looks like a very fine styrofoam or freeze dry on freezer'd foods. If it looks like it, I have found, it is…

  4. Roseanne says:

    Can anyone tell me if the fallout is seeping into mountain spring water?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Roseanne, in regard to your question, there are too many variables to say, each individual spring would require its own investigation.

    • haarp.ti says:

      geothermed into…

  5. Todd Schlesinger says:

    The only logical explanation for what is happening is that the perpetrators are truly insane.  Proceed accordingly and god help us all.

  6. genk says:

    GO  engineering   should leave   all there job   will be  job less let our  world and sky  as its  not your  problem   we  are happy as usual  blue sky  just  layer protect us from sun heat  every chemical  load  to ground  and souls  they want moor money  business  only   

  7. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Wow, this is a great post, covering every aspect on how GeoEngineering affects the biosphere! I will now include this article to inform people in denial to reference this post. Way to go Dane.

  8. Paul Vonharnish says:

    150 Whales Beached in Australia, as Rescuers Fight to Save Them – The New York Times

    Published March 23, 2018

    Anyone out there have satellite images or maritime operations data detailing local “operations”?

    • Laura Marinangeli says:

      Looks like NASA is making an attempt to "normalize" that which can no longer be denied… geoengineering aerosol trails in the sky.

  9. Donna-AZ says:

    Yesterday, I watched the jets practicing for "Luke Days" and took some pictures from my back yard. In one picture, 4 jets heading west, turned on their sides in formation were leaving huge trails each, then they turned around heading east on their sides in formation leaving NO trails. That was "so amazing" how they could fly like that with their engines turned off. I can't wait to show these pictures to "non-believers." 

  10. simone says:

    Just a relatively recent quotation  from  Global Research:

    First published in September 2017.

    Environmental modification techniques have been available to the US military for more than half a century.

    The issue has been amply documented and should be part of the climate change debate. 

    Note: There is no evidence of “weather modification” in relation to recent climatic disturbances (hurricanes), but at the same time there is no firm evidence that this climate instability is attributable to greenhouse gas emissions.

    The broader issue of environmental modification techniques must be addressed and carefully analyzed. It should also be understood that the instruments of weather warfare are part of the US arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their proposed use by the US military against “enemies” constitutes not only a crime against humanity but to put it mildly a threat to planet earth.

    In this essay I am providing the reader with direct quotes from a US Air Force document on the use of environmental modification techniques which indelibly provide irrefutable evidence that the threats are real and must be addressed.

    It should be noted that the US is blatantly in violation of  a historic 1977 international Convention ratified by the UN General Assembly which banned “military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects.” (AP, 18 May 1977). Both the US and the Soviet Union were signatories to the Convention.

    ….Each State Party to this Convention undertakes not to engage in military … use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State Party. (Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques, United Nations, Geneva, May 18, 1977. Entered into force: 5 October 1978, see full text of Convention in Annex)

    Michel Chossudovsky, January 9, 2017


    • John Kepler says:

      I believe Dane addressed this and said something to the extent that the treaty was amended to only being able to (or, promising to) conduct exercises in one's own country… albeit, this is like having a chain-smoker stand right next to you when you are dining outside.




  11. Lee Eyerman says:

    Food for thought.What if the Miami bridge collapse was caused by frequencies sent to the structure,many of us can hear the frequencies in our ears,disturbing our sleep,making us misreable and so on.But to the next level,what if World War 3 has already started and it's being fought by spraying one another with chemical weaponry to save the earth but to breakdown the human race both physically and mentally.The winner of the battle will be one of the teams of the deep state but actually it's the same team.Remember in Orwells1984,the masses had nothing,the weather was always bad and the current leaders was telling everybody how many victories were being accomplished while everyone is sick and dying.

    • Dennie says:

      My impression:  The Geoengineers are all either lying through their teeth (David Keith, Ken Caldeira, Guy McPherson), playing "dead" (Doug McMartin) or are extremely naive and never look up (actually brain dead?)…. like…. Paul Beckwith… The WHOLE THING is about "Full-Spectrum Dominance," never mind that the Domineers are really only dominating themselves in the end, though they'll be the last ones to figure that out.. and they'll be the last ones to go.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I'd like to know how they had another bridge ready to replace it. Bridges take time to build. I know it isn't huge, but? The bridge that collapsed was suppose to be good for a hundred years!   Why would they have one on stand-by?  This would take up valuable storage space. Just wondering.

  12. David says:

    Just saw this video of lighting during a storm in California that had hail also.  Look how purple the sky is and how intense the lightning is.  "Ill have my particulates well done if you don't mind." "coming right up sir!"

  13. Due to Paul Beckwith's dismal understanding of who Dane is, and what he is about, I now know how many facepalms I can do in 2 hours!

    Paul is the poster boy for the mindset that most geoengineering deniers have regarding Dane… they do not bother to invest their time in the multitudinous materials, videos, discussions, etc, that he offers.  If they had they would not claim that Dane thinks geoengineering is our only problem.  Instead, they manufacture an image of Dane, and what he is presenting, that suits their argument.  I have witnessed this time and again and find it incredibly frustrating.  When it is coming from a, so called, climate scientist and educator, it is especially troubling. 

    If Paul is truly sincere and concerned, he needs to dump his preconceptions and put some of his college education to good use by doing research in a more open minded way.  You won't find the truth if you have convinced yourself you already know what it is.

    • Laura Marinangeli says:

      Make that 1 hour of Paul inspired facepalming… and 1 hour of jaw dropping, eye popping, incredulity, mixed with indignant consternation, at the compartmentalized pomposity of Douglas MacMartin and his flailing attempt to gatekeep. 

      My face hurts.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Laura, Hello my friend I have not met yet, Last week I was thinking of you several times. I wondered if you were still kickin. I have always enjoyed reading your poetry. Yesterday morning I was delighted to read your contribution here. Thank you for sharing your gift/talent. I read your entire article,lol, and was late getting over to my job. That's a long article! Thank you again for this latest contribution I read 'this' morning. You have a way with words that would do us all good to emulate. Love and strength to you Laura.

    • Hey there, "A" Simple Horseman… always good to hear from you!  Yes, that is a rather long essay, thank you for trudging through it… sorry I made you late for work!  Regarding my long absence, I have a bad habit of dropping off the radar for months, even years, at a time.  My family is used to it, they know that I will make up for lost time when I get to see them in person but here, on the net, that luxury is not afforded me.  I apologize for my neglectful ways and want you to know that I have thought of you many times, as well.  You are a dedicated soul, here to inspire others, and I'm grateful you use this outlet to share your insights.  Your dedication, and that of many others here, inspires me to take the message to less accepting groups… wherever I may find them.  Doesn't usually work out too well but, if I manage to get someone, anyone, to research and oppose geoengineering, then I've accomplished a part of my mission.  It's your support of my writing style that encourages and compels me to reach out to whoever will listen.  Thank you so very much, for all your kindnesses… much love, my friend I have not met, yet!

    • beatriz says:

      Laura, so many thanks for the beautiful narrative and videos of your journey towards Totality. So happy you made it! i felt i was with you throughout the walks, easy, difficult, exhilarating. Laughed seeing the bunny rabbit with a flower in his mouth, the marvel in all little things of Nature. Wonderful document also of the devastation of our Earth by Geoengineering.

    • Laura Marinangeli says:

      Thank you Beatriz, for all your kind words… I'm so glad you were able to join me, in spirit, on my journey! 

  14. Frank says:

    This is a great presentation. Going with the basics, like a football team, is the best way to win. I always picture a person coming to this site for the first time. Will they find the information? Will they feel the integrity and the attention to detail? Will they feel comfortable? This message is too big to be fumbled. You have done an excellent job, again.

  15. Just in case readers managed to miss V. Susan Ferguson's post below, here's a link to yet another stuffed sausage who pretends to be a sentient being:

    Mr. Michael C. Kelley (Download the LEGAL name) believes it's his right to play with Earth's support systems as if the entire human specie is his puffed up and egotistical agenda.

    The problem with pieces of shit like Mr. Kelly, is they often neglect to ASK permission regarding properties held in COMMON. I have no legal contract permitting – or in any way – consenting to access to MY personal atmosphere. Nor have I given consent to be exposed to chemical agents he and his ilk belie to be acceptable.

    These persons need to be arrested for crimes against humanity. Watching and waiting will surely not place them in the straight jackets and rubber rooms to which they belong…

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: Yes, Paul, Michael Kelley is very creepy. Even though that video is long, it is really worth watching just to see these two (supposedly) grown men rather obscenely cackling snickering in arrogant pleasure as they talk about how "exciting" it is to watch THEIR rockets (meaning the rockets containing their experiments) take off!!! 


    • simone says:

      "These persons need to be arrested for crimes against humanity. Watching and waiting will surely not place them in the straight jackets and rubber rooms to which they belong…"  Absolutely!  Too many loose and very loud maniacs out there, "conditioning" our planet.  

      Please take a good care of yourself~Sending lots of love to you, Paul 🙂

    • Pedro says:

      Well said, Paul.

  16. Kevin Japanangka says:

    What peeves me, and it always has since the time I began writing to the many publications, letters to editors, politicians, and parliaments around the globe, for the past thirty years, is the fact there happens to currently be an International Law, ratified as a UN Resolution in the 1960's, which prevents, and bans the "manipulation and/or use of the weather, as a weapon, either economic or military".

    Meaning, cloud-seeding with restraint for rain is fine, however, adding chemicals, nano-particles, chemtrail-vaccinations, barium, aluminium, and all other un-natural forms of vibrational interference, for nefarious reasons, is strictly against International Law.

    Go look it up, and then for the sake of the planet and the bodies of the people living on it, go prosecute the pants off the US Navy, the US government, and others involved in such genocidal and bio-cidal crimes against humanity.   

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: Kevin, you are of course correct. They should be prosecuted, held accountable. However, the problem is that the judicial system in our collapsing Empire/country is as corrupt as the media, academia, and the military. The judges campaigns are paid for by the corporations, in other words bribery – and this influence peddling, "patronage" as it is termed in Chicago, is literally a protection racket that seeps down through the entire court system. The lawyers often understand that their careers must serve this corrupt system, not the people who hire them.  Unless of course, you are part of the corruption in the Empire. Then you get justice…well justice for the obedient slaves of the elite.

  17. Dennie says:

    The debate with Beckwith is like watching a Center Court tennis match at Wimbledon between a top-flight world class player making shot after shot, while his second-string opponent can't seem to get the ball across the net.  At least Beckwith agrees that "we screwed up the planet" (so he insinuates that The Fix is to do even more, with his announcement on needing to do SRM and "carbon sinks," why not just plant more trees and stop chopping down the ones that are here?) but he's uninformed enough to boldly state that "nobody" in the scientific world agrees with Dane about the facts of what we already know's been found in the soil, water and rain.  Never mind people like Alan Buckman and others who appeared giving their testimony a few years back at a meeting on the subject in Redding, CA.  Beckwith increasingly looks like he needs a good reality coach, one who can give him actual facts.  He doesn't even seem to know about the weather modification plans by the U.S. gov't going back to the 40s, the Senate Committee report on federal activities in weather modification or weather modification patents going back 100 years, and he's sooo stoopid he cannot see that large scale weather modification IS climate change–!!!!  Now, I'd like to see him take a good, loooooong look at my serum barium tests and TELL ME 1. what the barium was doing there, 2. how it got there at all and 3. why it was there at a level 26 times higher than the allowable limit–???

    It's great that someone actually got a debate like this on air, to bang some sense in these idiot "scientist's" heads, but I'm afraid that Beckwith and those of his ilk come off even stoopider than the proverbial sack of hammers– yet another educated fool living happily in an ivory tower of academe– can't even figure out how to look at the N.A.S.A. archives– how truly pitiful.  I feel sorry for the poor ignorant man.

    • izzy says:

      Well, Beckwith admitted several times during the show that he was “confused”.

      At least he was right about that.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Dennie:  I love the tennis match analogy.  Seems Dane was playing with a Wimbledon certified tennis ball, whilst Mr. Beckwith was playing with a whiffle ball and hockey stick… It was interesting to notice the air whistling through his wholesome denials…

  18. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today I gave myself the day off and listened live to the WBAI broadcast with Dane, Paul Beckwith and  Doug Mac Martin. I'm glad I did. I'm so stoked right now I could explode(grin). My friends, seriously here, ok? Listen to how Dane conducted himself. It's important!!! I am a simple man and even I stayed ahead of the "debate". It matters how things roll into a conversation. In this case, a so called debate. It also matters how you speak. Listen closely to what and how Dane speaks and you "will", if you sound the same`, reach people you have never reached before. If you folks haven't noticed, I've chosen to be the "chem trail term" Sheriff. Always with food for thought. Just like law used to be. I encourage ALL my friends I have and have not met yet to listen closely several times over, to this WBAI broadcast. Dane had much to say to all of us that took the time to sit down and "listen". Do you not think he was not thinking of all of us here? Of coarse he was! Where do you think the drive comes from? Give it some thought the next time you use the "c" word and know better because of Dane and his efforts.

    Dane my friend I have met… Well Done! (Ripples on the pond)….

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Jaslyn says:

      Here's a link to listen to that debate: 

      Paul Beckwith (climate system scientist)


      Douglas MacMartin

      (Senior Research Associate and Senior Lecturer in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell)



    • Jaslyn says:

      Sorry! Correction to the link for the debate


    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Here is a direct link to Dane's debate with Paul Beckwith and Doug MacMartin. Pass it on!!!   You crushed it Dane!!!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Thank you for emailing the link to me.  Although it was tricky finding it, I did eventually and got to listen to the entire debate today.   Dane did a fantastic job facing off with both of this academicians.  Thank goodness both sides could agree on these salient facts: climate change has resulted from countless forms of anthropogenic influences and we're presently experiencing an abrupt climate shift. Paul Beckwith acknowledges that "we're in a climate emergency.  Countries are going to go bankrupt. There will be hits to the global food supply and huge geopolitical unrest and other huge problems. "  And so he advocates the potential and  "future" use of SRM and CDR and defends the shortsighted and foolish practice of ocean iron fertilization that cause algae and plankton blooms trying to force the oceans to absorb even more C02 ( becoming even more acidic!). Beckwith admits "the oceans are barren" and says that only at the coastlines via upwelling is their any remaining life.  Seems to me the coastlines, esp. beaches as of late have been riddled with washed up death: whales, seals, starfish, porpoises, fish and sea creatures of all kinds, birds, … 

      Later a perplexed and flustered Beckwith reveals his obvious frustration stating, "Dane, nobody agrees with you!" which of course couldn't be more false.  Loved the way Dane navigated his opponent's sidestepping, trying to mire the issue in a "right-wing think tank" regarding cooling the planet.  So much for Beckwith's ethics: "At least if you're fracking, you're getting something out of it. You're making money."  It was so frustrating for Dane (and surely any sane listener) the way Beckwith was so hung up on his revised definition of SRM being deployable only in the high stratosphere, not at actually twenty to 30,000 ft. like we know is happening, but at much higher altitudes of 70,ooo feet or higher.  He said that at lower altitudes (30,000-40,000) the (aerosol) material stays in the atmosphere only a week or two so it can't/won't have a measurable effect on global climate.   What a lot of lies! And I can't even bring myself to regurgitate any of what Doug MacMartin had to offer in his lame (and profane) exchange with Dane.  Heaven help this people see the light and get on the side of sanity.  

      Our infinite thanks to you DANE for your willingness to take on these uncomfortable (and no doubt exhausting) but important confrontations toward advancing the greater good. 

    • John Fish says:

      scroll down to Sojourner Truth — Thursday, March 15,  3:00 PM

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Dane’s brilliant debate today on WBAI with Paul Beckwith [climate system scientist] and professor Douglas MacMartin, [who is a Senior Research Associate and Senior Lecturer in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell as of fall 2015] was awesome. I don’t imagine either one of these men realized the scope and wonder of Dane’s keen formidable intelligence and memory. Dane answered them with facts, data, and government documents. Beckwith appeared now-and-then a bit bewildered, but did make some attempt to be respectful of Dane — and look for common ground. Doug MacMartin showed his weakness when he actually became so distraught & confused that he ordered Dane to “shut up” … now that was classy.  There were many areas that MacMartin seemed to be utterly clueless about. He was confused about contrails, the height of the stratosphere and particle dispersion, and never heard of the NOAA Gag-Order. He used a kind of dead-end circular argument to stay within the boundaries of his own climate beliefs, as he has defined them. He arguments began to resemble religion. I concluded that these academics have simply accepted whatever they have been told is ‘real’ science — while ignoring what does not fit the accepted doctrine. Thus they never investigate anything beyond the box, especially what is considered to be conspiracy. Dane, always articulate, held his ground. I for one am very proud of you, Dane. 🙂


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: The connection with Cornell & Doug MacMartin reminded me of Michael C. Kelley, Fulbright Professor at Cornell, the plasma physicist who did early HAARP research. They called this HAARP research ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE.  So HAARP was effectively hidden in plain sight as  ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE. Google  ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE and you will get 225,000,000 links! Here is a link to Kelley’s discussion video archived at Cornell and my notes. FYI.

      “The Earth’s Ionosphere, Plasma Physics & Electrodynamics” is a textbook written by Michael C. Kelley, an acclaimed teacher on the Ionosphere who has analyzed much of the data from satellites and rockets. Here he discusses his uses of radar and rocketry to study the ionosphere and speculates about promising new studies of potential earthquake detection. This is an open discussion of barium clouds and HAARP from a professor at Cornell University. March 2013. Excerpts of the video as my notes:
      That was the beginning of what we call ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE.  The notion that in the case of the barium, you put a high density medium. One of the major active experiments of releasing these large clouds of barium ions. That’s an interesting history itself. If you want to actively study a physical process, you put up a large cloud. – not really explosive, but it’s released – the other idea was suppose you could dump energy with radio waves, so do an experiment where you put in a known amount of energy and study the results. And the other idea was that you could do inertial fusion – you could take a pellet of frozen deuterium and then collapse it by shining lasers or beams on it then you could make a small hydrogen bomb and extract energy and do it all over again – @36:36
      Well, the physics of that is essentially the same as reflecting a high powered radio wave off the Ionosphere. If you shine a flashlight on a mirror, the signal reflects, but with a really high-powered light, like a laser you start to reflect the medium that tries to reflect itself. You dump all this energy in and then use facilities like Arecibo to interpret. Small amounts of energy could create non-linear effects.
      The Russians were really heavily involved. That’s part of the reason too that we were concerned that the Russians [Woodpecker] were doing this kind of work. … Sending up a radio waves … showed structures … at a particular wave length… The original HEATER EXPERIMENTS were done in Colorado.
      2013 video here:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, thank you.  I didn't have the pleasure today to listen, watch? the broadcast.  So I am glad to hear of how well this went and especially Mac Martin's 'breakdown'!  In my few emails with him, he came across as completely uninformed even of things I thought for sure he'd know about, his explanations were so weak and wrong.  And I guess what I've called bubbles are boxes so yeah, this is what I'm finding with academics.  No cross pollination!  Can't wait to experience this!

  20. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Well, that debate was interesting, to say the least. I Pray both of these men, Beckwith & Martin & all the listeners tuning in to this broadcast, find the time to look into the Patents & Documents that Dane mentioned several times. You could spend months reading about these programs that are, & have been going on for decades.  How is it that they want to "Own the Weather 2025"? Yet it cannot be possible to be happening now. And what about those gag orders Mr. Beckwith & Martin? Curious! High Turbo Fan Non Combusted  Jet Engines cannot spray anything, short or long, except in the most extreme cases. That on & off spraying question just can't be answered can it.  They all stumble with that one. Martin did try though.  Every interview/debate, brings more with the eyes to see & the ears to hear to the facts here at Geoengineering watch .org    "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored"!   –  Aldous Huxley  –   So get reading, watching & listening, & you too will learn & understand why Millions have been to this site & continue to learn the Truths about these Toxic Spray Programs & the on going efforts that are made to cover them up & Why.  And why We, won't Stop Informing the public. It was asked if you cared about your family! Oh My. I know no other on this planet that LOVES his family more. And the Children of Our Planet. The entire web of Life, for that matter. That remark pissed me off.  What are you doing for your children, Mr. Beckwith? You will never get what Dane has given up with regards to this most dire issue. Will you ever know such Love?    That was below the belt.       You must be tired Dane.      It was exhausting to listen to.   You have such patience!    Thank You.

  21. Joseph L says:

    I heard you loud and clear on my radio station in the 2 hour debate. Job well done.  

    Anyone, that missed the debate can go to   click program schedule  and then archives Thursday 3P.M -5P.M eastern time

    • Dennie says:

      I went to the website and did not find the show archived… RRRGGGHH! Someone PLEASE send a working link to that show!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Okay, it's the "Sojourner Truth" show at 3:00 with host Jeff Brady.  Funny the listing doesn't say anything like that on the list.  It doesn't even say who the host of the show is.  He does not identify himself and the beginning of the show is pretty confusing since it has weird music sounds and a disjointed opening.  I like that Brady describes it as "an emotionally charged and intentionally muddied" topic.  How Brady describes that Beckwith contends" that global geoengineering operations have not been fully deployed, I don't know– does he ever look UP, actually?? And WHO these days can't tolerate "cognitive dissonance?"  Does this host really believe we're that stupid?  Did he actually write that introduction?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Joseph,  I kept going there and trying.  Have only had a few hours of sleep, much going on in my little world, could not listen yesterday given landlord yelling at me.  Could not figure this out this early morning, did try, now must wait for later, when my thick head can try better, thanks to your instructions. 

    • juli says:

      i can't seem to find thursday interview with dane…

    • Dennie says:

      It's here,, listed under "Sojourner Truth" on 03/15/18 in the 3:00 p.m. hour 

  22. Martha says:

    The debate between Dane, Paul Beckwith and Douglas MacMartin is on. It was notable during the first hour that Mr. Beckwith was given (or took) considerably more time than Dane. The moderator seemed to sit back and let Beckwith go on and on often talking in circles. Beckwith would ask Dane a question without giving a pause for an answer then keep asking questions. When Dane started to answer, he'd interrupt him. I would have liked the moderator to actually moderate in an equatable way. Dane, of course spoke truth and presented verifiable facts as always.

    Dr. MacMartin is mostly using a condescending tone, playing word games and at one point resorted to the use of profanity. Dane continues to provide fact and reason while MacMartin continues to rely on playing with semantics. The moderator seems to be a bit better in this session. It's interesting that MacMartin keeps saying that "nobody is doing anything to deliberately cool the planet." However, he doesn't deny weather modification exists or that the possibility of other agendas don't exist.

    Overall, the debates ended up being a valuable platform for exposure of the existence of climate engineering. Thank you Dane for all that you do to expose and halt this atrocity. Clearly, if a winner had been declared in these debates it would be you.

  23. Laura Marinangeli says:

    Evidence of the catastrophic environmental impacts of SRM is everywhere, and it is not hard to spot.  Last August, I used the total solar eclipse as an opportunity to hike into one of America's most pristine wilderness areas… Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains, where totality could be viewed from a breathtakingly beautiful vantage, and an area I have had a history with for nearly 50 years.  I was looking forward to comparing the forest of today with the forest of my youth.  What I found, on my 7 mile trek into this protected wilderness, was devastation in every direction.  It's one thing to drive by and notice a lot of dead trees, it's much more in your face when that forest is one that you have known intimately for most of your life, and you are walking through it. The following are links to the essay, and video, the hike inspired: and

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear Laura,

      Wow, what a gift you share here with us.  It was a treat to travel vicariously with you through this amazing experience you elucidate so eloquently in your photo-essay. 

      Wouldn't it be nice if we kindred spirits (and I am also your age) lived close enough to connect and share such awesome renewing adventures in nature together?  This hike you describe is one that I would have loved to have taken with you. And oh such wonderful pictures you took with your little $90 Cannon camera, which happens to be the same type that I use (no smartphone here). Those gorgeous lofty vistas, the exquisite contrast of the hard and sharp mineralized crags and the soft aqueous ripples on an alpine lake, the beautifully braided trunks of an old Whitebark Pine tree.  LOVED your "serendipitous" gift of the solar-eclipse.  So wonderful it is to revel in "the joy of life, of being, of seeing, of connecting to the universe."

      As this is a long read, and I must break off to attend to my chores of the day, I want to share your beautiful words where I leave off (for now).

      "In this world of dog eat dog selfishness and greed, such displays of selflessness are both refreshing and reassuring.  It’s comforting to know there are still many goodhearted and generous folks out there.  In the troubled future we now face, we will need all the kind souls we can find."

      Warmest thanks and appreciation for your gift of seeing and sharing Laura.  


    • Laura Marinangeli says:

      Hello Blue Sue, and thank you so much… your kind words are touching, inspiring and comforting.  It's always a comfort to find kindred spirits along the way, even when they are miles distant.  It's nice to hear that you also use an inexpensive Canon… it's not the tool, but the vision it allows you to share, that really matters.  I can tell you are an artistic soul by your wonderful descriptions and ability to notice subtleties and details, in spite of the less than professional quality, in my photos.  Thank you, also, for making it through that essay… it really was a long one.  There was just so much I wanted to share about the sojourn, it was hard to keep it trimmed to a reasonable length.  What I really want you to know, though, is how humbled and appreciative I am that you chose to share my thoughts in your comment.  When I put my feelings out there, I never really know for sure how, or even if, they affect others.  Many thanks and much love, my sister!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Laura my friend/sister, there is absolutely no distance between us in the spiritual world; which is becoming an ever more important realm for me to understand, traverse, and most importantly possess and develop the necessary organs of perception for beholding this higher reality.  Your essay was so excellent that I shared it with a close friend who is an avid hiker, cross-country skier, kayaker, artist, nature lover etc. whom I knew would love reading it.  I hope your essay is read widely as it really is a remarkable experience you share with such lovely prose. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Beautifully written. Thank you so much for documenting and sharing your experience of the eclipse with us, as well as your perspectives and wisdom. I enjoyed this as much as anything I've seen and read recently! Your gift with words is exceptional and on par with the eloquence of our good friend Marc and his commentaries.   : )

    • Laura Marinangeli says:

      Thank you BlueSue, for sharing my essay with your friend… much appreciated!

      And, thank you Earth Angel, for your kind words… also much appreciated!

      Stay strong and inwardly beautiful, my friends, my sisters!

      Much Love,


  24. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Here's another mind blowing article!  REALLY, people need think for themselves, remember how things used to look, do their own research and QUIT asking NASA to explain away all the UN-NATURAL PHENOMENON they are seeing!, March 14, 2018, by Robinson Meyer


    HELLO–There is NO NEW KIND OF AURORA.  THEY are jerking our chain.  There are grotesque experiments with artificial auroras, and the otherwise ongoing atmospheric abominations, as we well know. . . . . Besides, THEY have done such a great job with the ionosphere, ozone layer, and jet stream, why not just break the magnetosphere?



    • Hello Bella_Fantasia:  Thank you for your many posts.  I truly wish I could do more to help save this Earth from the monstrosities which call themselves "scientists".


      As a result of their UNDISCLOSED tinkering with the biosphere, I am now unable to travel safely.  Unable to attend public places without extreme physical symptoms.  I am now unemployable; have lost contact with former business associates, have lost my cabin, and am now living in a Section 8 prison with no hope for the future.

      I want these bastards stopped.  I want these bastards in prison or hung by the neck.  I've posted perhaps 50 pages of applicable legal remedy in the course of the last four years.  I will keep doing this until an international consortium of legal authority can assemble a criminal  Actus reus  >  against patent holders and transnational geoengineering operatives.

      I am pissed. I will not give up if it takes me ten thousand incarnations to put these bastards down.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hi Bella, I couldn't find the "new kind of aurora" you mentioned here (but totally agree with your take on it); still, I did enjoy the photos on this link and I have seen the same bizarre "sun pillar" phenomena here in AK recently shown in photo #17 where "A Sun pillar is seen from Interstate 69 in Madison County during a chilly sunrise on Thursday, February 3, 2011, near Anderson, Indiana. 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Blue Sue,

      You'll need to access that article by googling the title and  Crazy stuff, it was published 3 days ago. My inability to post workable links lately is beyond frustrating.  From now on I'll post all the pertinent information; otherwise, no one will ever know what I'm talking about!  I think it has something to do with the 'new' google and 'protecting' people from 'fake' news.

      We know that Alaska is the place where everyone has seen remarkable, mysterious and alarming 'sights' in the sky.  Long time Alaskans have so many stories.  Now, we see so much that is just blatantly disturbing, while most everyone else seems to see nothing at all!  I don't know this place anymore.

      That 'Sun Pillar' thingy looks very odd.  What did you think?  The Sun Dogs we see look wrong to me, all smeary blobs with the  glare of a chemical haze.  I thought they were supposed to have two opposite sections.  But other people just scold me for saying so.  Somehow I think all the particulates will bring out the strange lighting effects, but people will be SO amazed.  They ought to be bothered.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Paul Vonharnish,

      It feels like everyone here wants to do more.  This fight for Life on Earth is incomparable and overwhelming, and it will take all of us together, doing what ever little bit we can. I write because I can, while I can.  Doesn't seem like much. I'm pretty much useless for any sort of physical protest. I have no expectations. 

      You sound so competent and accomplished, so it's sad to hear how compromised you have been.  We need your voice and your expertise, believe me.  My own back story has been a decades-long challenge, but I know I'm definitely not alone. We can find strength of purpose in our determination to survive in spite of marginalization.  With some very notable exceptions, I see  'comfortable' people having not much reason to fight.

      And you are a better person, by far, determined to fight through reincarnations.  Bless you.  I'll fight to the end, but hope for peace at the end of the day.  I share your outrage and your deep longing for Justice, but find way too much pain being deliberately inflicted on this earthly plane.  Still, the warmth of genuine comaraderie and unity of purpose draws one back. . . . . to try again another day.


    • Blue Sue says:

      Hi Bella, I figured out to do the Google search and found the article. Thank you.  I agree with your take on it.  This "Steve" light phenomena is not like any aurora I've ever seen here in Alaska over the past 48 years living here.  And I've been blessed to behold some truly awesome auroras dancing so actively one could hear the crackle they made.  As for the "sun column" phenomena, I have recently seen similar effects from vehicle headlights shooting 20-foot vertical columns of light recently during the dark mornings in February through those patches of "scattered fog" as the weather-script-readers describe the heavy metal chemical fallout from the nightlong aerosols blanketing.  And yes I have noticed those "smeary blobs" of light near the sun that do not look like the sundogs of old.  I've seen so many bizarre sights in our skies the past decade.  Back in 2007, I witnessed VW van-sized blobs of (what looked like) densely packed suds/bubbles floating down from the sky landing alongside the Parks highway in Wasilla.  Hundreds of them floating down to the ground from high high above.  That was my wake up call. Well, I promptly reported this event to the ADN which had a local office nearby.  Me thinks it was a tad bizarre that while at work the next day, some radio station in Alberta, Canada calls me asking for an on-air interview report of this sky-strangeness that I saw.  So, even though I have always been one to look up for sometimes very long spells at our sky, this was definitely freaky seeing countless dark blobs of something floating down from a fairly clear blue sky. I pulled over and got out of the car to examine the giant shiny globs of white. I still have the (unfortunately poor quality) video I recorded on my little Cannon Snapshot. 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Blue Sue, we need to get together and compare notes, hopefully soon.  Those blobs of falling clouds sound really creepy.  I've seen video of something that might have been similar.  There's a typical 'conspiracy narrative' but this is so alarmingly peculiar, why would anyone just assume there is a harmless explanation?  Also, Alberta phoned you after you reported to ADN?  Very strange, indeed.

  25. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Here's an article so in-your-face manipulative, I couldn't even get all the way through it.  My brain kept shutting down, as my eyes seemed to want to roll back into my head. THEY are jerking us around, starting with the accompanying photo of 'clouds' over Llanymynech, Whales–a geoengineered abomination.  Please help me with this one since, I hardly know where to begin. With fear and loathing, I dread this sort of article will be coming along as the next phase of the big geoengineering rollout., March 12, 2018, by Robert McSweeney, Carbon Brief


    From the article:

    "First, SRM could be employed to offset just a portion of human-caused warming. The paper suggests that a cooling impact of around "a few tenths of a degree" could be stopped suddenly without risking termination shock. Considering the difference in potential impacts between 1.5°C and 2°C of warming, using SRM for a relatively small reduction in temperatures would still have clear benefits, the paper notes.

    "Second, SRM could be phased out gradually. For example, using SRM to limit 0.2C of warming per decade could be phased out gradually over 50 years without a shock, the paper says.

    "And third, if SRM was interrupted, there would be a window of "a few months" to restart it before an appreciable rise in temperatures would occur. For example, aerosols already released into the stratosphere would continue to have an effect, the researchers say, and it would take the earth system a while to readjust to any change."

    Oh, and watch the short video, if you can keep from fainting. . . . .  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bella, yes, the power structure controlled media will continue to push for acceptance of the climate engineering insanity. The attached link contains a more realistic account of what has been termed “Double Catastrophe Scenario”, FYI

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      If it weren't for your excellent explanations, Dane, the science would be way over my head.  Thank you, always.  Your diplomacy and patience are absolutely admirable, considering the 'genius' of those who would 'Manage the Sun'. 

  26. David says:

    I think some people here are having a hard time convincing people because perhaps you're trying way too hard with the wrong people.  Talking about this stuff is sorta like talking about Jesus.  You have to look for opportunities in normal conversations and weave it in.  You have to use discernment and judge whether someone will be open.  Just today i got a guy interested in visiting this site but it was not on my agenda to talk about it.  we were in a conversation about fracking and other environmental things and i asked if he had heard about geoengineering because something about the weather came up so i weaved it in.  He asked me again the name of this site and wrote it down.  You know i didn't really say much or go into much detail about the topic.  I do the same thing when talking about Jesus.  Something related has to come up in conversation about it.  I had no intention of talking about this subject.  I was just visiting a friend at his shop and somehow it came up.  The same thing happened when I went to buy some cleaning supplies for my business.  I chat with the lady at the counter a lot about different things.  She's visited the site as well.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes David, This approach works well for me also. Today I left 2 color flyers with the ladies working behind the desk at my dental office. They were commenting about the unusual weather so it gave me a great opening to weave it into the conversation. I didn't go into great detail either. One of the ladies said her 2 sons would be very interested also. Both vowed to look into it and gladly accepted Dane's great color flyer. I left with clean teeth and a big smile!

    • Dennie says:

      When talking with people about anything you want them to take a look at, you HAVE TO RESPECT where they actually ARE, as well as their FREE WILL.  Pushing reality on people who can't face it is like pushing sobriety on alcoholics, or coming clean on heroin addicts.  It's also pretty well understood that during those "lost" years, Jesus was in the East studying with spiritual masters.  Much of what Issa said had also been said by Siddhartha Gautama 500 years earlier.  Don't take my word for it, however.  You can read the teachings of the Buddha for yourself.  There are places where Jesus says the exact same thing.  The world is too big and history too long for only one teacher to make All the difference to every last human who does not understand the totality of God– and who among us on Earth here can say that they actually DO????????

  27. Steven Chamberlain says:

    It's kinda depressing, yet somehow reassuring to find the comments that I posted below this article from almost four years ago. At that time I actually believed the spraying would have stopped by now. Very discouraging to say the least. The collapse is now imminent. Bring it on!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Steven, my friend I have not met 'yet', It's only been two years, almost to the day since this article was posted. We're all slipping a bit these days. I find that I need to move a little slower just so I don't skip any steps to get through a normal day. I've been here since visitor 10 million. I did not comment for a very long time. I set back and tried to figure out how I cold make contributions that were relevant and one cold learn from. Once I got it all figured out, well, all you folks know what I came up with to make a difference for the greater good.

      Have you deployed your banner yet? I've sent several other banners out over this last year. I hope to some day see pictures of them being deployed at the top of these pages.

      Love and strength to ALL,

      'a' simple horseman

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Steven, I double checked my facts, color 'me' silly, it has indeed been 3 and a half years. See what I mean? As Jacque Fresco said in one of the Zeitgeist movies, "This shits gotta stop". I love where I live and will die here, "but it's killing me"……..

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Mike,we are ALL slipping a bit more these days, that's for sure. Everyone is suffering from CRS (can't remember sh!t), most are walking in a circle all day, double checking themselves. Almost everyday I hear my wife say "I can't remember what I was just doing" or " I feel like I'm forgetting something". I'm not picking on her at all. From what I can see everyone is having severe cognitive difficulties, myself included.

      I have hung the banner on the front of my greenhouse facing the highway. I plan on taking it with me next Monday when I make a freight run to Anchorage. I am going to park as close to the front door as I can at Costco. I will tie it to the side of my truck for All to see. I will have a stack of two sided color glossy flyers available too. I will send some pictures to you soon. 

       I cut and pasted my comment from 11/28/2014 below.

      Steven Chamberlain says:

      November 28, 2014 at 12:44 am

      This Thanksgiving I am most thankful for Dane Wigington. Next year I will most thankful that the spraying has stopped forever.

  28. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Well laid out post Dane. The photo of Thermokarst Lakes near Hudson Bay & the thawing of the methane deposits are so disturbing.  What a visual that is. The dead Cattle in Ethiopia, & the mass fish die-offs in China & at King Harbour.    What a waste of Life! 

  29. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    On Sunday the 11th we had a rare light blue sky in Central Alberta, Although I saw dozens of jets spraying, it was a shade of light blue for most of the daylight hours. Monday (12th) again they forcasted Sunny all accross Alberta. Well, I beg to differ. After driving 800km. All I saw was trail after trail in every direction during my travels. The sky a white haze for miiles around the Sun & kept that way the entire day. Plagues of wispy grey spiralling a short distance from the ground just outside Edmonton.   A Rolling Plague!   The 13th, Again they declared, another Sunny day in Alberta. Well this time it was a full  "Sprayathon!  We never saw the Sun the entire day.  Today, the 14th Mostly Sunny & warm they declared. That is after the "Fog Burns Off"!  Yes, in Alberta, A Fog Advisory for Central & Southern Alberta while we have still up to two feet of Snow left on the ground & minus 10 + temps.. The Alberta government warns of a dense fog with "Elevated Pollution" levels!  Namely in Edmonton & Drayton Valley. Insanity.  Will there be an Outbreak of some virus in these locations?   Were they admitting to the the fog they sprayed being toxic.  Well, that fog, wink, wink, stayed all day after the pretty pink clouds melded into the sky & the trails blended…Sunny, is the last thing I would have called the day.  Streaks, Smears, Blotches & Waves we had today in our sky.  The Sun, I did not see.   The Trees are in such a state that leaves one shaking their head. All I saw was Death in 800km's of driving. Trees in open areas draping in moss. Trees snapped off at 10-20-& 30 feet up their trunks. Trees bowing, unable to stand upright.  Dead Standing, everywhere. Piles of them being burned in fields. Boreal Forests are Dying.   They need Sunshine. They need Fresh Air!  They need Clean Rain.  They need Our Help.

    • Dennie says:

      I feel worse about the deaths of all of those trees on our planet than I do about the deaths of all my immediate family members (all died before we really started going downhill in 2001).. for surely the massive tree death is our death.  My family members who've died won't feel a thing.  I often wonder if they aren't the ones who have it better right now.

  30. damon says:

    Expose there lies!!! We are here for you and believe in you!!! Have a great tomorrow.Thanks for your truth 

  31. Christine says:

    It also seems like certain types of fungus starts to grow in masses indoor on specific surfaces ( for example dark textile made of polyesters). The outside rain seems to heavily affect the indoor temperature, even with the same constant heating..Is it the nano particles 'features' ..? Quite few people around are getting red ichy spots on their skin..ANd that all while new types of clouds never seen before show up on skies, almost every day.. One more thing before the big Bay area storm on Mon. A huge ONE STREAK 'cloud' coming from the ocean (west) was spanning to the west in a bow shape, with the big bow right above SF skyscrapers, in particular the new tallest building.. It was amazing to see the scenery of round streak floating above that super new piece of SF architecture…

    • Mishelle Shepard says:

      Christine, do you have any thoughts/info on the skin irritations? Certainly allergies are off-the-charts, but I'm also noticing skin sensitivity and 'red itchy spots' that seem to be too early for spring insects like chiggers/mosquitos etc.


    • Christine says:

      Hello Mishelle, unfortunately I'm not a dermatologist.. So just in general, the red spots are round in shape, looking almost 'like insect byte', but then, they do not disappear, for a long time. The red skin becomes rough and slightly elevated. If that's fungus, essential oils like tea tree oil, oregano, lavender and others could help. Caprylic acid, char coal, homeopathy could be  tried, but if indeed nothing helps, maybe a consideration of some kind of interaction of the sprayed nano-materials (Al in particular) with the skin could be made?? Just wish more people with the same symptoms would exchange more their experiences… Btw. there are less and less insects out there. 

  32. Many reader comments here go all the way back to August 22, 2014. It is now March 14, 2018.  >  Dane Wigington has correctly posted these extremely dire facts, over and over, and over again these last four years…

    To my knowledge: No criminal charges have been filed in any Country or State throughout the entire member nations of the "civilized" world.  How can that be?  Is that the best mankind can do?


    It’s 3:23 in the morning,

    and I’m awake because my great, great, grandchildren won’t let me sleep.
    My great, great, grandchildren ask me in dreams
    What did you do, while the planet was plundered?
    What did you do, when the earth was unraveling?
    Surely you did something when the seasons started failing,

    as the mammals, reptiles and birds were all dying?
    Did you fill the streets with protest when democracy was stolen?
    What did you do once you knew?
    Drew Dellinger

  33. Dawnski says:

    I spent Friday night and Saturday at a Beth Moore Living Proof Live Christian womens event in Boone, NC. Beth taught on the biblical principle of using our brains and minds for the glory of God. . .my email to the four Boone women co-organizing the event with Houston based Living Proof, who had emailed us volunteers. . .

    I was wondering why I have emailed all of you three separate times and I have yet to get a reply.

    No worries. I go where He leads and do what He calls me to do. Out of obedience. . . and I have been ignored and avoided/gossiped/slandered by ladies in church for more years than I care to mention. I am sure God knows why that is. Why He set me apart. Beth even used the scripture this weekend. He uses the weak and the poor to . . . . .and also II Cor 2:17. I walk out my calling in love and forgiveness. . . .

    As gluten free, health conscious ladies and mommies, I feel led to share the very same information that I shared with Beth Moore many years ago. Before I began to abstain from smart iPhone social selfie me-me-media. I am so glad Beth touched on that this weekend. It is a wifi radiation toxic addiction for many, young and old alike. In 2012 God called me to be an Ezekiel 3 Watchwoman while floating in a lazy river one day. I said yes. . . on my way home that afternoon my son and I walked past a tent with the Eat the Scroll youth ministry (confirmation I was not out of my mind when I heard Him call me) and soon after he began to reveal to me the pharmekia-sorcery of the military industrialized complex. How Dane Wigington has devoted his life to helping sound the alarm to the toxic fallout of aluminum, barium, stronium etc. that is causing ALS, MS, Alzheimers, Autism, Cancer, the list goes on, from the geoengineered weather & RAID clouds. And I how I was now a part of that team.

    The enemy has been keeping everyone looking down instead of UP as God called us to do. Rev 1:7, 11:18, Chapter 22. T.E.X.T. = The End Times Tool. toxic research is swept under the rug while we put cellphones in our children's hands and watch cancer rates and "rare" diseases (pharmekia) skyrocket. How many times have you heard "Died suddenly" lately? If they had their hair tested it would reveal how high the aluminum (Al) counts are in their bodies. Or that the aluminum caused the blood clot that contributed to "died suddenly" at a young age. If people would only look UP they would see the planes aerosol spraying us in to a RAID fog mist on any given day, hazing out the sky in a white out of toxic soup. 

    No one in a pulpit is talking about any of this. Helping sound the alarm. I guess that is why God sent me as the Ezekiel 3 watchwoman because He new I had no fear in discussing this to any of the important Christian artists, teacher or leaders who have a much louder voice and a much bigger audience than I do. Do you know that when Billy Graham's funeral was taking place an odd East wind was blowing through that tent on the first of three days when the spraying was at a screeching halt. Clear blue skies. . What does God say about the East wind? It is a warning. I feel God was trying to warn that tent of 2000 Christian leaders that time is running out. I lost count of how many under that tent God had me Sound the Alarm to. . . and yet they remain silent. 

    Frank Graham has a "Flying Blind" video and website that actual uses a geoengineered weather aerosol graphic on it. And knowing what God has revealed to me, I hope that Franklin Graham changes that soon. 

    Help sound the alarm ladies. For your children, families, communities, the earth we are called to steward. . . for the dying bees and trees. 

    Time is of the Essence. 

    I use my brain for the glory of GOD.

    In His Faithful Service,
    Over and Out

    • Kathy says:

      Awesome post Dawnski, Agreed 100 and 10 %. I, too have reached out to many Pastors especially in the Calvary Chapel churches. I am ashamed and disgusted to the state of Apathy, silence and willful walking away from all tax exempt organizations. I, along with you all take heat for the strong stand I take in fighting Geoengineering and distance is normal from most around me too. Please know I stand with you and all here in this battle. I will continue to sound the alarm at all costs. Proud to work the front lines, I would have it no other way as this is our bibical duty to be good stewards of what God has given us. I dont go down easy, fighting for the truth and exposing evil for what it is, is all of our God given duties. NO excuse will pass! None.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Excellent words and letter Dawnski. I hope those in ministry find their courage and their voices soon and follow your lead.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Love your post Dawnski!  Wish more of us would use our brains "for the glory of God".  The media readily exploits evidence of SRM/aerosolized skies whenever possible to normalize this unnatural phenomena. This evening my daughter and I saw the newly released A Wrinkle in Time (staring Oprah) and it was disturbing to see how the filmmakers took full advantage of geoengineered skies throughout the movie (with the obvious intention of some such sky scenes to appear "beautiful").  

      I read in a blog on C2G2's website (Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative) "Ethical issues concerning geoengineering" in a paragraph headed "Distributive Justice" — "Would future generations be better off with geoengineering? Would we be gambling with their future? Or condemning them to carry on an activity they’ll wish we’d never begun? "

      Same site has this (very useful) Geoengineerring Glossary for Policy Makers: A Living guide to geoengineering terms and acronyms:  

      "Academic Working Group (AWG) on International Governance of Climate Engineering—International group of senior academics convened by the FCEA to formulate perspectives on international governance of climate engineering research and potential deployment. "  — aka the BIG LIE! 

      Like you, "for the dying bees and trees" and all creatures in the seas,  I try to sound the alarm every day, talking with strangers, acquaintances, coworkers, and friends about this all-important issue.  Today I shared Dane's flyers and Photo Summaries with an attorney, a Credit Union loan officer, and the owner of a espresso cafe.  Even one person each day matters a lot and will help our cause. Bless you for your efforts and your faithful service Dawnski. 

    • ZNOStreet says:



      The whole climate change/bible thing is a subject many people do not want to address. My experience about debating climate change with these people would be described as falling on deaf ears. They deny climate change since it is man made and thus has removed God from the equation and therefore is not part of Gods plan. All they have to do is replace the word God with the word 'nature' but that would be mocking God and one must not. I spent a lot of my life making arguments against literal interpretations of scripture and inevitably an Aristotlian syllogism  wins the day. Recently I came up with a bible buster that has caught the imagination of these people with short circuiting effects. I put for the Genesis and the forth day of creation. If God made the heavens and the stars for our benefit to celebrate events and marking direction then wouldn't it be mocking God to obscure the stars, for example in developed urban areas from city lights. The best response to date has been that this question is too deep. So my advice, drop the bible stuff, the skies are too muddied.



    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dawnski.

      Thank you for the information !

  34. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Dane’s debate on WBAI. God Bless our North Star!

    Dane Wigington / Paul Beckwith / Douglas Martin
    Thursday March 15, 2018
    3pm-5pm EST (12pm-2pm PST)
    Streamed Live on http://WWW.WBAI.ORG


    • Blue Sue says:

      North Star indeed!  Thank you for the link V. Susan.  I won't miss it. 

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Susan.

    • beatriz says:

      thank you so much, Susan, for this and for all your posts! and yes, Dane is our North Star indeed.

    • Ron Marr says:

      Thank you, VSF.

    • Diana says:

      Thank you Susan. Just listened to both hours. Dane talked circles around those "learned" men. Great job Dane! I know I speak for many, we REALLY appreciate everything you're doing, and your emails! People just don't listen anymore. I was asked by one of my dearest friends to not bring up geo-engineering around her husband ever again .  He had a fit the only time I did; he flew for American Airlines for years. I'm just thankful I'm on the side of Jesus, it is fascinating and encouraging to see so many prophecies come to pass.

  35. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Will Humanity Survive Crazed Washington?
    Paul Craig Roberts / March 14, 2018
    Because of the control over explanations that people in the Western world receive, most are unaware of the mounting danger.  In the past few days extreme and serious threats have been issued against Russia and Syria by Washington and London. It seems that finally the Russians have had enough. The Russian Foreign Ministry informed the crazed UK prime Minister May that “one does not give 24 hours notice to a nuclear power.”  The Russian Foreign Ministry went on to state that the so-called “Skripal poisoning” is “a colossal international provocation” and “another crooked attempt by the UK authorities to discredit Russia.”  Powerful Russia put impotent Britain on notice: “Any threat to take ‘punitive’ measures against Russia will meet with a response. The British side should be aware of that.” As for Washington’s threat to strike Syrian army forces, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said if such a strike occurs, “the consequences will be very serious.”  It could be the case that Washington, concerned about its deteriorating military capability vis-a-vis Russia has decided to attack before the new Russian weapons are fully deployed, and that the purpose of the threats based on orchestrated false charges are to prepare the Western peoples for war.  During the 25 years I spent in Washington, there was still some intelligence and some integrity in the US government. Today neither intelligence nor integrity exists in Washington. You can with confidence expect the worst.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      The Most Perilous Time in World History Got Worse
      by Stephen Lendman / March 14, 2018
      Events ongoing should terrify everyone – things likely heading for greater war than already. … Businessman Trump was co-opted to be a warrior president – neocon generals in charge of geopolitical policies, their agenda hardened by Mike Pompeo replacing Rex Tillerson at State, along with torturer-in-chief Gina Haspel appointed new CIA director. An unholy alliance of US extremist policymakers allied with like-minded ones in partner countries risks war winds reaching gale force, a terrifying prospect if confrontation with Russia, Iran or North Korea occurs – the possibility increased by recent events. Earlier this week, US Defense Secretary Mattis and UN envoy Haley threatened Russia and Damascus. Russia vowed to retaliate against US attacks on Syrian forces in East Ghouta or elsewhere endangering its personnel in the country. … What’s coming remains to be seen. Hostile rhetoric from US and UK officials, along with hawkish extremists Pompeo in charge at State and Haspel appointed new CIA chief likely signal more war, not less.

    • Frances says:

      In my opinion, the UK are taking orders from the US to continue demonising Russia.  Here is a quote from Craig Murray of the UK: Nerve agents including Sarin and VX are manufactured by the British Government in Porton Down, just 8 miles from where Sergei Skripal was attacked. The official British government story is that these nerve agents are only manufactured “To help develop effective medical countermeasures and to test systems”.

    • Wendell Belfield says:

      Since geo-engineering has been in play since the mid-60's, would it be a fair assumption to make that nuclear testing is detrimental to the global environment? There must have been severe deleterious changes to the global environment that the powers that shouldn't be did not want to disclose to the public for fear of a widespread panic. 

  36. MarcusW says:

    Very good and interesting article. Actually also exciting even though of course also alarming.

  37. Mike says:

    I consider all parties involved in geo-engineering acts the real and most dangerous terrorists of all. 

  38. Elfrida Tapia says:

    How can I post this website on Facebook ?

  39. Ilya says:

    Observing all of this, the lack of any reaction or knowledge from the public and the permanent powder blue sky, even on days without spraying, only one question remains in my mind: what is there to do, except kill myself? Nothing we do will ever change this until it is too late… I hate humans for being such weaklings and allowing this to go on. We deserve extinction, nothing less. Just wait till they implement 5G…

    • Marie says:

      This is horrible beyond words. I refuse to breathe in this poison any longer. If we are really concerned then we should be pro active. The only way i know is to use a painters dust mask (N95) while outside in my yard. Even if i go outside for 5 minutes to let the dog out i wear this mask. Of course i don't have the guts to wear it in public, but this is what i do: In winter when i have on a wool sweater and going from the car to the stores i breathe into the arm or wrist of my sweater until i get into the store. I can't do that in summer, so i made up a "hand mask". I folded up a bandana, opened it up, put inside a flattened out piece of a dust mask, then folded the cloth over so the mask is not seen. I will use that in summer holding it in my hand and breathing into it while leaving the car and walking to the stores. If any one asks i can either say i have allergies or tell them the truth like for proof i can say to do the flashlite test at nite and see the thousands of nano particles swirling around in the air. And has anyone noticed this?? When it's snowing or raining out and you shine the light the particulates will form into a straight line like this: – – – – – – – , but much closer together like they are totally electrified! But in a more verticle line being straight up in the air if you shine the light up. If you shine the light sideways then the lines will be side ways, but always connected in a LINE! What the heck is THAT? This is not natural at all!!! Please stop breathing in this deadly stuff. Use a mask. Sometimes i hold my breath when walking from the car to the store., but i have noticed a strange habit… sometimes when i am in the house walking around i will unconsciously hold my breath for a few seconds! Weird. Why do i do that? I have to catch myself and stop. I think that breathing in this stuff will take yrs off of our lives. Please use a mask when outside. Don't kill yourself. Don't let the evil Controllers win. Use a mask and stop breathing in this stuff. About the ingesting it i don't know. I read that it's bad to eat leafy vegitables like salads as the nano particles stick to the leaves. I don't know if washing it removes it. But Dane says it's INSIDE of the food? How terribly insidious what they are doing to us. I don't know if this is true, but may be worth a try. I read that Silica will remove the heavy metals from the body. Either buy Silica pills or a cheap way is to use Diatamacious Earth a teaspoon in a big bottle of water and drink. Get food grade not the pool stuff. I am trying that now. We must not let THEM defeat us! I have a possum that comes around at nite and i feed it…they love green grapes, but i was thinking that these poor wild animals are EATING the poison snow for water and drinking the poison water from the rain. So sad.

    • colin crisp says:

      I totally feel the same No one wants to know I am out there every day talking chemtrails to   Zombies flat out Zombies 

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      llya, What strong words. What will killing yourself do? Help them?  Use your energy to wake up as many as possible with the Life you have left.  We are being heard.  I would rather die trying.  If we all gave up & killed ourselves because it seems futile…well, their would be no hope for the Children of the World, We do this for. What Hope would they have then?    Difficulties are things that show a person who they are.-  Epictetus  –   Please find your strength,llya.     We all have Bad Days.  Know that you are important llya, to us all.   I will Pray for you.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      colin crisp, "They're NOT chem trails!!!!" I'm positive that more people will listen to you if you use the proper terms. It matters!

      The term chem trails shuts people down. It's already been programed in to their minds. Aerosols and like terms are so far, still acceptable. So use them.

  40. Michael king says:

    What is this???

    Well I tried to send some screenshots from the radar early this morning, if there is an email that I could have that I could send you the screenshots they are blowing my mind over lower Western Georgia period thank you!

    • Marie says:

      Oh, the Silica must be ingested every single day as every day we are ingesting or breathing in the nano particulates. Removing some has to be better than removing none.

    • eric paulsen says:

      Hi mIchael, are you capturing nexrad imagery?  Ive been capturing GIFS of the NEXRAD site nearest me on the west coast, eureka, ca. , for several years now. Keep watching.them..and then we learn how they schedule the weather, or rather CONTROL the weather! 

      In my neck of the woods, the industries of fishing, agriculture and forestry are being decimated by these Weather control operations .

      Yesterday morning was 65 degrees here on the Redwood coast in the morning..above the natural puffy clouds, were pure white tankers spraying..caught glimpses between the clouds. By early afternoon it was in the mid 30s. In my 40 yrs living here, never have I had to be changing from winter to summer close….In the course of 4 hrs

      Chemical or Biological neucleation being perfected month..with unlimited budgets financed by our sweat..

  41. Linda Gray says:

    Hi Dane, The link back to Austrailia and Tansmania is broken under the section on Dry lightning Fires. Perhaps you might want to use this link instead…

  42. Michael says:

    its a brave new world and we are not part of it.


    • Janeen Russell says:

      Brave!!! You are kidding, this is blatant genocide of every living organism on earth and probably beyond.

    • kckelly says:

      Hi, Michael!

      My name for this Huxley title takeoff is "A Grave New World"…used it quite a bit in discussions and on Facebook for a few years now.  No one seems to pick up on it, though, or mention it at all…

      Guess it's just too depressing for them…or they think it's an exaggeration of our present condition. We are far beyond Huxley's or Orwell's writings nowadays…or so it seems to me.

      Kate K.

    • michael with a small m for humility says:

      There are 2 michaels on this thread so i changed my name to michael with a small m for humility

  43. David Smith says:

    First off thank you Dane,

    Here in what was called sunny south Florida has become gloom and doom south Florida. The Government Criminals have been trying to cool us down with no luck. They were even spraying Christmas night before dark to try to cool us. We have had unusual rain every night as another attempt to cool us. People are loosing their minds. The chaos in the street is ever increasing and no one can remember anything.  I keep warning people to keep their children inside on day with heavy spraying. The problem is once in the air it comes inside. Good luck everyone and keep spreading the word only together we can make a change and it will not be easy.

    • Michelle Hubard says:

      How do you know when spray days are coming? -Concerned in California

    • Gaye Lee Russell says:

      Look up

    • Marie says:

      Yes, i have seen the nano particles inside my house and more in the outside hall, and in the car too with the windows shut. It will be very hard to know what to do in the summer as it will be too hot to keep the windows closed. Any ideas? Why don't they invent a CLEAR dust mask? Why don't WE make one? Can we use a piece of clear thin cloth, cut in a circle and put elastic on the ends? This way if in the car it will look clear and people in other cars won't notice as much? But can we FIND a clear piece of tightly woven cloth that will work? Maybe i will go to the sewing store to look, make one and try it. Has to be super tightly fibers to block out the nano particles. I don't know if one can be found. I sure hate to keep the car windows shut and i sure hate to breathe in more of the nano particulates. Any idieas?

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Marie, life is short, and getting shorter. I wear a mask (a foldable N95) inside all of the stores, and I write on the sides of the mask with red ballpoint pen "Stop Spraying Us". When I'm at the register, I turn to the left, then to the right so all can see. Some ask "What are they spraying?" and I give them a home-made business card with 2 pictures on it. One picture of how Arizona's sky should look (just blue, and a palm tree), and the other picture with a big X and other "sky writing" along with Stop Climate Engineering and Our mailbox has photos (held on with strong magnets) of how "Our Sky Should Look and SHOULD NOT" along with a clear business card holder below it. Our car has a big banner on the back that sits in the driveway when not being driven. I'm past the point of caring about what others think. I wish I could airbrush a big mural on the street side of the house, but there's an HOA. The N95 I wear has 4 layers of material, so I don't think you'll find any one fabric to equal that. I plan on getting some "happy" material to sew or velcro over a mask for a friend.  

      Stay strong Marie, "they" know we're coming for them.

  44. James Hoppe says:

    Ive often wondered why the media never mentions H.A.A.R.P. but reports dem vs rep arguments on climate change. I also wonder why the intelligent minds that work to manipulate the weather don't  have the common sense to stop

    • Gretchen says:

      Check out cern d wave, quantum computers.  In the hands of Lockheed Martin, Nasa, and google. Do you think they are planning everything in all of our best interests?  Why didn't the presidental candidates discuss this?   Because they are so honest?   For the people?  

    • David says:

      when you have the power to control weather it just becomes about that.  Its like greed,  and common sense usually seems  to be lacking in the most intellectual and educated of individuals who think they are smarter than everyone else.  "Do you see a man wise in his own eyes?  There is more hope for a fool than for him."  

      –Proverbs of Solomon, Old Testament

  45. dap says:

    Here in central Maine there isn't a day that goes by that they are not spraying, not so much during the night but on a continuous basis. I have not seen a real cloud in almost 2 years. One of the problems I see is the younger generation being oblivious to what is going on because it has always been there it all seems natural to them. 

    • Marie says:

      And i read that the schools are teaching the children that the chemtrails are really "contrails". They don't have a clue. They don't have a chance. They believe everything the school teaches. I think they are doomed or we are doomed cuz the young ones will grow up and vote someday.


    Arming Mother Nature The Birth Of Catastrophic Environmentalism Jacob Darwin Hamblin

  47. Eyes Open says:

    BeWare of this: 
    When the Gov'ts hand out money to your Local Geoengineering Contractor to expand their Operation. Essentially what they are doing it for is More weather modification programs that under guise of retrofitting planes. 
    Then you will see more fake Clouds in your area.
    Cough. Cough.
    This is real.
    Pretty much every airport has these contractors.
    You just have to look up and listen.
    It makes me sick every time I hear or see them.

    • Dejane Niles says:

      Yes, we in New Zealand have been experiencing aerosol spraying for some years now. At the end of last year it had dramatically increased so much so that we lived in a cloud of dark doomsday for most of our summer. THEN we started having massive earthquakes. These earthquakes took out our major highway along the Kaikoura coast, previously destroyed christchurch city and we still are getting tremors going up and down a scale. You've got to see a pattern here through logic and study – Control of population, food, and above all psychological warfare ( trying to drive people to a worthless state of mind) Keep up the good work, Dane. We are trying to make others aware.

  48. I've followed this spraying closely, the past 4 years. Found a picture taken when we lived in Northern Maine in 1988, and sure enough, there's a chemtrail streaking across a clear blue sky. I piloted a small plane in the 70's, and there were no terms or visual aids that represent what we see in the sky today. From popcorn clouds, blue-grey streaks, tar blobs and rainbow vortexes…it's all very true and real. Not to forget, what appeared to be, another Sun, but I'll let that rest for the moment. It only seems logical that a massive effort is underway to either save the Earth, or destroy it. This is phenomenal, and unsurpassed in aviation history. We are witnessing something BIG, but exactly what, I can't determine. I know that certain gases under pressure can exhibit the same lavender and reddish colors we've see. Perhaps, methane and a "fallen" atmosphere are causing this. I can only guess. The future doesn't look too bright !

    • Rod says:

      I totally agree with your statement. I have been saying and trying to tell people, along with informing them to what's happening…they just look at me like I am crazy or don't even know what I'm saying…I have darn never echo the same words you have printed. We're crazy! They're crazy for not looking and not staying inform with the bigger issue such as Mother Earth, that provides us with life, and the wonders of ALL species.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      They're NOT chemtrails… !!!!!

      Never use that term, Ever! There are way to many other terms to plug in that are accurate and make you sound like you know what you're talking about.

    • michael says:

      try googling the " c " word … then compare the result when you google " Geoengineering " . A WORLD of difference. The " c " word ( chemtrails ) yields major disinfo. " Geoengineering " in the search phrase yields a cornucopia of accurate scientific info. Dane is right on the money .

  49. Anthony Preston says:

    Dear Dane thank you for bringing this to the worlds attention I live in Wales UK on west coast ,when we get a day with a blue sky first thing in morning ,within 2-3 hrs planes have plastered these trails all over it heading out to sea ,and you can watch trails fan out and cover the sky till grey then it either rains or is freezing next day ,so we have to keep heating our homes keep driers on as we can't hang washing out eat stodgier foods to keep warm ,I tell people they just won't have it mostly ,but be assured bible says that god will bring to ruin those ruining the earth revaluation  chapter 11 verse 18 when those words wer penned man dident have the means to destroy the earth ,not even  80 yrs ago but they do now for sure . ,and he would have to step in or no flesh will be saved at all yep all prophecy so coming true ,the people doing this are evil and corrupt but you reap what you sow ,keep up the good work Dane ! Warning the populace Ant ! 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      How do you define "one who destroys the earth?". I'd stack my carbon foot print up against just about anyone else here on this column. Mine is considerably lower and I consider myself to be one that destroys the earth. Just keeping it real and honest….

  50. Z says:

    Is it my imagination or is the majority of the Earth covered in a haze? Every time I check the satellite it seems like most of the Earth is covered in clouds and haze, with only a small percentage of clear skies. Is this normal?

  51. lasso a train says:

    There has been no wild edible mushrooms this year . i have searched from Red Bluff to Stockton California and found probably a dozen sickly looking mushrooms, there have been several days with optimum conditions for the mushrooms to make there annul appearance but it just is not happening,  I in addition do not believe that the increase of U/V is solely due to ozone depletion but that a good percentage of the increase is due to the refraction of light caused by the aerosol spraying of barium which has the second highest index of refraction of the natural elements second only too  calcite which  has the well known ability to double refract light. barium shares almost the same optical properties, another large factor is the smoke from recent forest fires also is known to at times to double the U/V radiation for the same reason .. refraction .  

  52. Barium Hydroxide & Ammonium Nitrate.
    That stuff will cool you down real Quick!
    I know that because, as soon as I see it clearing a bit, then you hear those little planes and the big jets start buzzing around trying to cover the Blue Sky up.
    They keep it on check by Satellite's and then if it clears a little bit in your area then they alert the Local Geoengineering Contractors in your area and out they come.
    They are "not trying" to Block the Sun,  "they are doing it".  For all you Dis-Believers out there.
    Keep believing that this is Not Happening
    Then go back to your TV set and watch the News dumb you down.

    • bill says:

      watch the tv serial 100 then you figure out what the rich satans doing whit us then you know the rest of the story,we must stop the evil not to destroy the earth we are the 99 % the devol is only 1% lets do it dont wait till to late.

  53. E.D. Smith says:

    When YOU (the public) finally wake up out of bed from your chemtrail induced Sleep!!!!'nnnnnnn

    You and others alike will come to the Realization that the Goverment and all of it's associates that are involved in such a disspicable act, are actually poisoning you.

    Then YOU, will go Hly Fck.

    It is the Truth and not FICTION.

    Possibly only Possibly you will wake up from your SLEEP.

    • Tin Hat says:

      Unfortunately it's worse than ignorance on the behalf of the government trying to fix the ozone. Geoengineering is only a part of there reasoning in the skies. It's not just nanoparticles of metals they are releasing. Nanospheres of Titanium and Vanadium oxide containing iron-sulfur cluster assembly protein 1 (Isca1) is what they won't tell you is the real reason for high altitude dispersals. These particular nanospheres are for use in Magnetogenics. For those of you who know what Optogenetics is, this is the next level that advancement of science. After you look up what Magnetogenics is, start looking up magnetic anomalies and radar anomalies. And draw your own conclusion. 

    • Marie says:

      Yes, they are poisoning us, but the pity is that most of the population does not know it and will not even believe it if told. They will say we are crazy. They are the lost ones. I bet only 3 percent or less know the truth. 

  54. Anonymous says:

    Read the Book. Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. Look at the picture at the top of this Page. That is toxic chemical. It is bad enough that they are trying to block the Sun. Early this morning they were trying to Block the Moon. You have to get up before the Bird's tweet. If you are a lazy butt then you will not get it. That's right! You may as well be a Useless Eater also.

    • Roger says:

      What birds?  Around here (Upstate NY) the majority of the birds and all insects have died.  The beautiful trees on my property have died due to ozone depletion with burning ultraviolet rays.  And since I live in the city, guess who pays to have the trees removed from my property-ME.  These psychopathic criminals don't give a damn about life except for their own.  The young need to be informed about this.  I applaud their protests concerning the unfortunate gun violence.


  55. Jane says:

    Make no mistake.  The airplanes that are constantly flying around in your area are spraying the sky with deadly slow kill toxins. You will see the exact same planes flying day and night constantly in your area. They are coming in and out of your local airport and refilling their aircraft with the toxic soup mix that you can plainly see over your head. They will tell you it is Pilot Training which it may very well be. Pilots trained to spray in your area this Toxic Mix.

    If you don't believe that this is happening you might want to look up and watch.

    When you get sick you might want to question why that is happening. When you start seeing people die around you at an alarming rate ask your self WHY?

    Then research the HELL out of this and Educate yourself!

  56. Hurrah! In the end I got a weblog from where I be able to
    genuinely obtain useful facts regarding my study and knowledge.

    • Chad says:

      Operation Popeye, 175 weather patents, owning the weather by 2025, agenda 21 depopulation.  Hear it from bill gates, warren buffet, ted turner, etc!!!!!!!!

    • Chad says:

      Thats just a start. God bless us all

  57. Jane says:

    Nothing short of Bio-Terror. These Phycos are creating Climate Chaos on high scale. With the introduced Skyfold Indigo program one can see if they look up and watch one Jet going along the horizon with nothing appearing to come out. Then shortly later another Jet goes by with the appearance of nothing coming out. If you pay attention then you will see a cloud appear (Chemtrail) because when the invisible spray from both Jets mix the the Trail appears. If you watch it is always in the morning in the east trying to block the Sun when the concentration is the most. Block the Sun and compromise your Immune system along with inhaling this Toxic Sht. More and more are becoming aware. Google Secret War You Tube and gather a whole bunch more very valuable information Folks.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      They're NOT chem trails!!!!!

      Jane, please stop using that term. You can do better.

    • michael says:

      try googling the " c " word … then compare the result when you google " Geoengineering " . A WORLD of difference. The " c " word ( chemtrails ) yields major disinfo. " Geoengineering " in the search phrase yields a cornucopia of accurate scientific info. Dane is right on the money .

  58. Lynda says:

    I was curious as to how many HAARP locations there are in Australia and discovered 3 known sites and then found this link which shows many around the globe.

    This horrifies me.

    • Marie says:

      Aerosol particulates, but i can't spell that word so i sometimes use the word chemtrail too.

  59. Dean says:

    These people, all of whom are on the take, think this whole endeavor

    won't affect them. They are idiots. They, their families, their friends,

    all of them are going to get sick, and die really horrible deaths.

    And believe it or not, a polar shift is on the horizon, and all

    this meddling with humanity, the weather, food, the whole

    project, will come to a screeching halt, and earth will right

    itself. These fools who think they can crawl into caves,

    like the rats they are, and be safe are deluding themselves. 

    Around 2050 or so, give or take a few years, and all will

    have to start over. Earth doesn't measure time. That is a

    human idea. But we need some way of recording history and

    I can absolutely promise you, the next polar shift is coming

    and no matter what the government goons are doing to

    eradicate the population, it will happen anyway, and better

    during the polar shift. So go ahead, you geoengineering

    creeps, Have your fun. You're all going to be wiped away

    along with your sinister ways of mis-using technology 

    strictly for power and money. You will end up with neither.

    You will only have the most horrible karma with the deaths

    of millions and millions of souls on your heads. You fools. 

    • Holly says:

      You are spot on. 
      The Bible tells us that God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth. 

    • Dean says:

      You are so correct. The general public has no idea, nor does it care, about the massive evil going on all around them. Almost all think that we live in a Ozzie and Harriet world where everyone is trying to do the right thing. If only…. Are they ever in for a shock! This study is not new to me, but recently had access to internet as not before. I remembered this topic and decided to see what was being written about it. At least some people are aware, although all too few. Yes, this is happening, regardless of whether we want to believe it or not. Governments do amazingly horrible things, and Hitler was not unique. Its just that the ways and methods are different. The outcome is the same…power, money, position…and ultimately… Judgment! These people do not realize Judgment means you are judged a?so for who you hurt or influenced. That means that if All Gore hurts 700,000,000 people worldwide, he'll have to pay for each soul he hurt. No one gets away with anything. Down here, power and authority look great, but on the other side, payback! People, please spread this information as much as you can. Throughout history, the ones with the truth are the ones most ignored and persecuted. Always been that way. Speak up as often as reasonable. I know people have casually and openly mocked me for decades, only to now mention that I was right all along. They are starting to see that they have been lied to all along. Real eye opener! March on!

  60. Sandy says:

    I've been living here (Qwaqwa South Africa) nearly 10 years and air traffic here is almost non-existant. Only the last five years we get all these spraying planes – but they don't follow regular time tables – mostly coming all at once and then nothing for weeks. Last night there was a very loud plane overhead but nothing could be seen like it was flying with out lights. This morning was overcast so I couldn't see if there were trails. I've also noticed a vast increase in fungal activity and the water seems to taste odd (I only use water I've collected myself from the mountain as our tap water is disgusting). What I'm wondering is this kind of operation must cost gazillions – so where is the money coming from – is there not some way to boycott big business and halt their flow of capital? I mean We Are The Masses after all.

    • Dean says:

      An earlier comment was for people to not go to work. A global

      walkout. Non-workers don't pay tax for that day and wouldn't 

      shop, which is what the global economy is based on. Work and

      shopping. That's what a person wrote earlier.We are 8 billion

      strong. That's real power. Just one day wouldn't disrupt the

      world economy but our government representatives would

      most certainly take notice. So someone said earlier.

    • Steve says:

      I saw a YouTube video of a man from the council of foreign relations talk about stopping climate change through geoengineering the planet he said they could do it with $10 billion dollars a year. These rat bastards are using our hard earned tax money to help kill everyone on the planet. What blows my mind is how do they think they can escape what they are doing. I tell people and have put different videos and scientific articles on Facebook. Most people don't believe that our government would do such a thing. Oct 1 they are handing over the Internet to some global governance , I believe to shut down any resistance to their plans. God help us.

    • Marie says:

      The money i read is coming from the underground drug trade. Oh, and about the Elite trying to be safe by going into their underground bunkers, well, an earthquake will come along crush and kill them so they won't be so safe underground either.

  61. ldizzle says:

    I live in Calgary and the past few weeks have been horrific with chem trails, military helicopters and this bs weather they create. Every weather station gets it wrong, so far off base it's borderline dangerous. They issued a SEVERE ALERT today for thunderstorms and tornadoes lol, then ended it at 6pm, bc it's been sunny and fairly uneventful all day. Who is held accountable for this ? Us for not raising our voices LOUDER: stay strong, stay loud, stay proud to be you.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      They're NOT chem trails!!!!!

      Idizzle, please stop using that term. You can do better.

  62. SilentSister says:


  63. Peter says:

    No matter how many crosses are in the sky, how many people end up deadly sick, articles like this one (How could we intervene to change the climate?) are published more and more often. Geo-engineering is presented as a remote possibility – if at all – and sentences like this one: “The event’s organiser, an American professor, told me that “no one in their right mind would want to think about these ideas but we may find that we have to” mean nothing more than just a public opinion test. Comments are more important than the article itself.

  64. chris says:

    Within 30 minutes about 10 planes flew over the eastern sky from Poultney VT. Back and fourth north to south spraying their poison.

  65. Cynthia Lauren says:

    Our weather pattern in the Southeast of South Australia is ‘exactly’ what you’ve been writing in this article.

    One ‘spring’ day in November… Abnormally HOT (90F)and the next day quite similar to ‘winter’ out here…not even 60F.

    I have seen these aerosols being sprayed, though they are much less frequent than in the U.S.. I believe spraying is happening off our coast and the ‘drift’ brings this to the coastal area.
    Also, we have rain (highly unusual in the late spring, and I’ve been here 7 years, so I know) at NIGHT (again, an abnormality) and it POURS and then immediately stops within 10 minutes. Plants are bent over by the harshness of the downpour… you just KNOW within yourself that others are messing this atmosphere.

    Lastly, I’d like to ask any of you just what you think/know about what just happened in Brisbane. Again, this seems to be a ‘weather war’ type of situation… or… sadly enough, a deliberate ‘weather false flag’ as it were…at the expense of the citizenry.

    Just would like some sincere knowledgeable answers to my concern.

    God bless you guys.

    Cynthia Lauren Thorpe
    American in South Australia

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cynthia,I have spent time in Brisbane in the past and I did see what just happened there. Examine the attached link. The climate engineers are ice nucleating everything they can in the attempt to cool things down. This is a major contributing factor to the extreme hail, they do not care what they destroy.

    • Marie says:

      Back in 1960 when i was 12 yrs old i remember it would rain real good about every 10-14 days, and i mean pour hard for 2 days with thunder. I remember cuz i loved it and would walk barefoot in the street curbs with an unbrella and my mom would scream i was gonna get hit by lightening. This was natural. This is how it's supposed to be. Now, it will rain for 10-20 minutes and then stop!! It's becuz of the air spraying. How i miss those real thunderstorms and in fact in the country here in NY state the last time i heard a real thunderstorm was maybe 15 yrs ago. Now, it might thunder once in awhile and then stop and the rain stops too. Nothing is normal anymore.

  66. IRSTitanicWW1 says:

    Yes all friends and family keep saying they are tired all the time. South Cali has turned into a poisonous cesspool brought to us by the geoengineering DRACOS.

  67. JR says:

    Here in Southwest, N.M. saying hello to all. I had a hard time going directly into web site on my favorites list. I was told site was unavailable? I truly believe they will shut sites as these when their endgame plans are according to them fulfilled. In Hitler days his followers were seduced to propaganda brainwashed techniques and were they gullible! It wasn’t that long ago and their leaders offspring or models are among us. Up north ways from Southern New Mexico is Elephant Butte Dam which retains water runoff from rain or snow for agricultural purposes as Caballo Dam as well. Every year there is less water coming into them and water is getting more scarce year by year. The so-called experts in the fields of water conservation don’t seem to have a clue about our rain clouds being demolished to nothing with Chemtrails (SAG) year in and out. I’ve seen the sprayings for a good 12 years now when my eyes were opened by a respected friend now passed on. This is no doubt a curse on us by evil forces as I’ve stated in past and I rebuke them in the Lord’s name as we all should worldwide, Thank You……

  68. Jane says:

    Me too Stephen. I am most thankful for Dane Wigington also for exposing all the corruption that is happening on the Climate Front. What I like about Dane the most is he does not take any Bull from anybody and does it in the most subtle way.

    I want to remind everyone that your local airport most likely has a geoengineering contractor there. If one watches they will note that the same planes are flying around their area. They are sneaking around pretendinging that they are training. They are spraying toxic chemicals on you and your family.

    Also the local Air Ambulance at your hospital is most likely doing the same thing. I see a Girl that is a Director at a hospital that has the audacity to show off the Tri-Lateral Commision on the back of her car. If this women looks at this post and knows this is her I hope she totally feels ashamed of herself for participating in this Agenda.

    But let me point out that most of these people are Phycopathic and do not care about anybody but themselves.

    The day is going to come when more people choose to acknowledge what is going on rather to ignore it.

    This is a real mess which needs to be addressed. I do my part each and everyday. I suggest more people decide and do the same.

    Google: How to Kill Chemtrails and Geoengineering. There is a lot of information out there. If you are on any way skeptical about this then you are one of the people that choose to Go Oh Well and Ignore what is happening to us all.

    Thanks again to Dane and his Crew for all the hard work they have invested here.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I think that people that use the term chemtails and know different, proper terms but do not use them are also going "oh well" and are also ignoring how much more effective they could be.

    • Marie says:

      Don't even use Google as it tracks everything we search. Use as they don't track.

  69. Michaelemery Delaney says:

    Wow! I cannot describe the anger and intensity I feel right now. ..What to do?Our children! This evil,FREAKING sickness has GOT TO STOP! I PROBABLY SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT,IT’S JUST SO FRUSTRATING THAT WHILE WE ARE DISTRACTED WITH FREAKING FERGUSON AND A POSSIBLE RACE WAR? GUESS WHAT KIDS? THE HUMAN RACE IS ABOUT TO BE LESS THAN ZERO!!! Im a musician. Im of the group that was going to change the world thru music!!!! NOW? LOOK AT US!

    • Marie says:

      I think we have to pretend that we are on an alien planet and we cannot breathe in the air and must use a mask or our lives will be shortened. Stop breathing in this stuff!! Wear a mask, breathe into your sleeve, use a hand mask.

  70. Steven Chamberlain says:

    This Thanksgiving I am most thankful for Dane Wigington. Next year I will most thankful that the spraying has stopped forever.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Well, the spraying hasn't stopped yet. I am still most thankful for Dane Wigington as the visitors ticker near 30,000,000. When I started visiting this site the counter was at 12,000,000. Never Give Up!!!!

  71. Ana says:

    Great article Dane!everything very well explained .however my English is not the best and probably i don´t understand somethings so well but did i understood well that things as MONEY and CHEAP are most important than our planet survival?that´s what seemed to me when i read this on wikipedia about stratospheric sulfate aerossol :
    “Cost: The low-tech nature of this approach has led commentators to suggest it will cost less than many other interventions. Costs cannot be derived in a wholly objective fashion, as pricing can only be roughly estimated at an early stage. However, an assessment reported in New Scientist suggests it would be cheap relative to cutting emissions.[15] According to Paul Crutzen annual cost of enough stratospheric sulfur injections to counteract effects of doubling CO2 concentrations would be $25–50 billion a year.[2] This is over 100 times cheaper than producing the same temperature change by reducing CO2 emissions”
    Afther seeing this vídeo down i also think they(the geoengineering programmes owners and promoters) seem to be thinking that they found the “holy graal” or the “fire gun” cause seems to me they want everything very cheap and very profitable and cheaper wars(maybe they can make more wars at the price of one?).I wonder what was already donne or not donne yet cause spraying pathogenes in my opinion would be one of their first experimentations …seeing this vídeo i think that they “sale” geoengeneering as good ,cheap and efficient to the greedy people on power and to people in general …this Mr. Caldera is just deceive and denial ,impossible to a serious debate/conversation about the consequences/dangers of geoengeneering with a person like this:

  72. Howard Taylor says:

    On Thanksgiving day I am grateful we have people that care what God gave us . Thank you Dane

  73. marta says:

    Thank you for your dedication to this planet and the people of earth….I am going to talk to some friends about doing events ongoing in my county and all surrounding counties to meet with people in groups and tell them what is happening, show some of the videos etc. maybe if everyone does this ongoing…like once a week meetings in a free library space…something like that.

  74. K Brown says:

    Lots of complaints of being tired heard around here as well (So. Cal.) I have to share this personal discovery. With a storm supposedly on its way to our area and heavy spraying last night and this morning after 3 days off, I take a look at the GOES West infrared image this morning to get a feel for what’s out there. Right away I notice a large circular area with no clouds whatsoever down off of Baja. I see that right in the center of this circle is an island…dead center. This island is called Guadalupe. I type this in to my browser and get back a bunch of hits referencing the HAARP program. I don’t keep up with HAARP too much and was unaware that this island is a well known “suspected” transmitter location. My point is – take a look at the public satellite images as well as the sky. We are being denied the water we so desperately need by our own leaders.

  75. Becky says:

    same idea I have! get away from the banks as much as possible. Turn off the cell phones and throw them away! Quit sitting on your asses staring at virtual reality and wake-up! I have been flooding my friends, neighbors and especially my family with information, articles, and media hype about the massive efforts to destroy our world for the MONEY! Think it hasn’t happened before? Read your history books.

  76. Becky says:

    almost everyone I know young and old are saying how very very tired they are.

  77. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Karen, Psychopaths don’t understand the consequences of their actions. So, only a psychopath would spray massive amounts of toxic aerosols into the atmosphere that ALL life on earth breaths, including THEIR own children. It doesn’t make sense to me either, but I’m not a psychopath.

  78. Karen says:

    Could it be possible that some form of tranquilizer is being added to the engineered skies? The reason I ask is because so many people are telling me lately how tired they are.
    Another question I have is could mind control be used on the pilots who are spraying?
    Another question I have is why are the culprits allowing this when they have families who are breathing this also? This doesn’t make sense to me.

    • I agree with your statement that people seem more tired. I've noticed over the past 4 years that many people complain of feeling fatigued and lethargic. Also, muscle soreness. Breathing this toxicsoup is taking its toll !

    • Marie says:

      I read somewhere that they may be spraying Lithium in the air, but OMG a tranquilizer? I didn't think of that. Another good reason to wear a mask.

  79. Tim says:

    Thing that is scary is they know what is coming and you can now connect the dots to fema camps, coffins, FEMA drills, seed vaults, underground cities…..future looks so scary.

  80. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:


  81. DebW says:

    Gloria let us know what the results are please…

  82. Gloria says:

    Whole bunch of healthy Crows found dead, in one area in Portland, Oregon today. They are testing them for toxicity.

  83. Jane says:

    When I first found out about this I could hardly sleep at night looking out the window and seeing all the clouds knowing what they were doing. I always hear the Big Jets above the clouds laying another spray over the existing clouds that they made. Of course it is maddening because there doesn’t seem much you can do about it. I tried sending people articles on the Geoengineering and nobody even slightly took note. I only know 2 people that seem to care about it. A family member that I had sent articles on was visiting and I mentioned it once more and said that that was the last time I would tell them. The person’s respond was. I must have my head buried in the sand. I couldn’t believe that all this is ignored when they themselves are getting sick and their children are also. They just think it is all Normal. Another family member I mentioned the clouds to said this to me. They look normal to me. Well all these people are getting well conditioned to this. They think that all the numerous commercials with all the spectacular Cloud Formations are real cool. Well that they are. Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Nitrate sure are cool when mixed and sprayed into the upper atmosphere.

    Also they are very deadly at that mixed with all the moulds and fungus and virus’s that are added.

    Promoting all these Vaccines to combat different ailments or diseases or flu shots. People are being be-dazzled.

    One must read up on the risks to find the truth out.

    I must commend Dane once more of bringing the fine articles and his extreme hard work.

    Good for you Dane. Keep up the Great Work

    Something has to Come Good from everything you report on.

    • Blue Sue says:

      You are right Jane – "people are being bedazzled." I know just how you feel, and I too hate the sound of those damn planes flying overhead almost every nigh.  So many of us do.  It was a "balmy" 45 degrees here where I live in Alaska today due to the constant aerosolizing of our skies and manufactured nighttime snowfall that has been recently melting leaving lots of potholes on the streets and huge sloppy slushy puddles in all the parking lots.  So many trees dying here, especially the tall spruce trees flashing out brown. The pain of it all is surely a heavy load to carry, but keep the faith and keep educating the unaware.  Your efforts matter and are appreciated more than you know.

  84. Barry says:

    Geoengineering to our planet is happening now in the form of chemtrails through Government experiments to alter weather patterns and to shield radar tracking signals, air pollution, water pollution and radioactive releases! The people of the world must ban together to stop this poisoning of our planet, because if it continues insects, animals, fish, sea life and mankind will be reduced by huge numbers while dying off because of drastic environmental changes that will and is affecting all food chains, the weather, temperature of the planet and the disease and sickness that will accompany it! People that are enlightened to this horrific environmental problem are now detoxing their bodies of the radiation and heavy metals that are being pushed into them. The best method for detoxing is with the natural mineral called Zeolite which is proven to safely remove both radiation and heavy metals from the human body. For more information on this detox do an online search for the single word Zeolite.

    • Marie says:

      I wonder if Zeolite has Silica in it? Because i read that Silica will remove the heavy metals in the body. Diatamacious Earth has a lot of Silica in it. I read to put a teaspoon in a big bottle/glass of water every single day. It is tasteless. I tried it. It is cheaper than the pills.

  85. Jonny V asked: “Dane how do we get to those who PHYSICALLY carry out the spraying?”

    Answer: Quit paying taxes. Quit buying goods and services. Quit allowing people to manipulate your mind. Junk your television equipment and never look at one again. Dump your cellular phone and wireless subscriptions. Withdraw all stock market investment holdings, and convert to currency. Dump any friends or relatives who work for the military. Tell them why.

    The system is supported with extortion money. Completely withdraw from the extortion system, and quit financing your own genocide.

  86. Yes!!! I sickens me to see the TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars consumers waste on these childish entertainment events. Consider how much jet fuel is wasted by flying these Neanderthal types around the world every year. Or the enormous waste of gasoline to transport idiot fans to an arena event I am forced to fund with confiscated tax money. Or the amount of disgusting filth generated by people consuming garbage foods advertised on television and radio commercials. Let’s eat poisonous garbage snacks whilst demonstrating the negative socializing effects of competitive “team” sports.

    Civilian populations in the former united states spend more money on sports entertainment than they spend on environmental decontamination. This is a FACT. This clearly defines how effective mind manipulation programs have become. And now a mess-age from our sponsors…

  87. Debora Ramm says:

    This is so troubling!Many people are in denial. God will prevail.

  88. Angie Home says:

    Just this week I commented to those around me about paying millions for “footballers” and how it was a waste of time and money. It will be soon become apparent that these footballers would have difficulty in crossing the pitch let alone running up and down it for the length of time of the match. This is perhaps something people have forgotten, that breathing in all these chemicals, metals etc., will result in people getting ill, seriously ill. Sport is the last thing anyone should be investing any money in. We should be investing in the Truth and getting our Governments to stop this destruction of our planet and causing the death of every specie on it.

    • Marie says:

      Yes, when you exert yourself outside by working hard or running you are breathing in deeper the nano particulates. Not good.  Wear a mask!!

  89. blue says:

    If they are human I’m ashamed to call myself one!!!!!

    • Pedro says:

      Unfortunately, the "methane factor" by itself without adding no other threat, has the potential of causing the extinction of Humanity.

  90. nick eisenhauer says:


    • Marie says:

      Yes i have done the flashlite test almost everynite here in NY and that is why i wear a mask outside now. And i do see them in the house and in the car, but i don't want to be wearing a mask in the damn house, so i do the best i can and wear it outside all the time. I noticed that a weak flashlite will not pick up the nano particles. It has to be strong like you said, and when the battery gets weak it won't pick up either.

    • Christine says:

      Thank you all (so many today!) for the sea of information!! The extremely heavy rain near Sacramento ~2 days ago, caused temperature changes of ~8 degree C within couple of miles. That was my own observation while driving through the 'cloud' area into a dry spot, within minutes… A neighbor just reported: juniper bushes in many areas of Washington state, all dead.. A reaction of the policeman who was asked about the sprayings? Quote: The plants are dying because of temperature differences…??? What Is so essential about nanomaterials, that they ALL, no matter which type of atoms connected, whether it is SiC or nano Cu doped, or MoS2, or multi walls CNT's(carbon nano tubes), they all absorb strongly wi-fi in the range in general between 2-20 GHz…!!! Does that ring a bell why the planned 5G towers for everyone everywhere?

  91. Philip Dec says:

    From the global financial elites perspective there are too many people to efficiently manage. Just one of the real reasons they fill the skies with these toxic aerosols. “Geoengineering” has always been the explanation up their sleeve to calm the fears of anyone who might wake up and see what’s happening to our skies almost daily. They can’t stop the awakening. So far, their agenda to kill millions continues.

  92. Bella_Fantasia says:

    By the way, coming home around 6 pm Alaska time, the sky looked like the initial picture in the article. They’ve been spraying heavily for two days, but somehow the blue sky and billowy clouds have prevailed. Bits of rainbows but no rain. It makes me feel hopeful in an odd way. Can Nature somehow overcome all this? My sincerest prayers reflect this deep hope. We are not in control here, so we must do what we can, along with giving up these huge problems to a higher power. We need whatever help there is in the Universe. That’s my prayer. Peace, Love and Perseverance to All.

    • gingercake5 says:

      Bella, remember that rainbows USED TO BE visible only when you looked the OPPOSITE way of the sun, and only after a rain shower. Now there are swaths of color visible when you look towards the sun. Those are chemicals in the sky. Remember your science teacher making different colors by burning different chemicals. Also fireworks explode in different colors because they are made with different chemicals. This combination is now what we see in the sky.

  93. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Someone commented recently that my anti-spraying messages would be better if I weren’t hysterical. I’m angry but certainly not hysterical. I was referred to a video of an IPCC scientist. Really? This group doesn’t even factor in the positive feedback loops.

    I may be a zealot for life and humanity, but I refuse to be part of the problem. The problem is this big lie that needs exposure and a sleeping population that will bide its time to extinction. But that’s just my opinion.

    Thank you, as always, Dane and others who are not giving up despite the odds against us. Peace, Love and Perseverance to All.

  94. Joan jordan says:

    This is horrifying to thinkthe whole future of Mother Earth rests in the hands of such power hungry MORONS

  95. Trish says:

    Brilliant article Dane. I’ve sent this to people I know with very large email lists. A great intro for people ignorant of geo-engineering or those who believe the disinformation as I did until recently, that the earth is cooling not warming.

  96. RasDreads says:

    Another important note that although aerosol injection is the most obvious, it is only one method.
    NASA Iron Fertilization Experiment, along with warming of waters caused by geoengineering, is most likely the cause of seafood warnings and abnormal algae blooms.
    ~80% of the oxygen we breathe comes from two main cyanobacteria, synechococcus and synechocystis.

    There are radar images showing how Nexrad plays a role in geoengineering with regards to manipulating and creating weather. People are literally dying over experiments like this as well as our whole Earth.

    We cannot be experimenting with what has been working for MANY years…

  97. Muad'dib says:


  98. Muad'dib says:

    The Pacific, the entire Pacific ocean is nearly dead. All of these distractions like Ferguson, Gaza, Ukraine, meaningless tiny distractions. THE ENTIRE PACIFIC OCEAN IS DEAD WHEN THERE ARE NO MORE PLANKTON WE WILL SUFFOCATE.

  99. Kathleen Gabel says:







    it is not THE GOVERNMENT’s or the 1 % Right to Decide OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURE.


    PROTESTS should NOT HAPPEN on the WEEKENDS. It is like a TREE falling in THE FOREST when NO ONE is there to HEAR it.


  100. Kathy says:

    Another outstanding article!

    • Pedro says:

      Dane, great article, very informative. When I said I did not see the last two videos, I was thinking that in this page you had also a new video.

    • Pedro says:

      Dane, great article, very INFORMATIVE and very EDUCATIVE indeed. Only now I had the chance of reading everything in detail and with the necessary time to digest all the information you provide.The global scenario is very disturbing, but the notion that we are having an Atmosphere that is SHRINKING because of the ongoing madness of climate engineering ( climate engineering which is also causing the destruction of the Ozone layer – which is feeding global warming – which in turn is contributing to the phenomenon of the releasing of the methane coming from the region of the Arctic, Tundra and Ocean, and which in turn is also feeding in an exponential way global warming ), is an idea that is really ( REALLY ) disturbing. Thank you for your Work.

  101. Johnny V says:

    Dane how do we get to those who PHYSICALLY carry out the spraying ?

    • Stacy says:

      Does anyone know how to detox this ? Or a maybe a  filter that can be made for children to wear at home out of the public eye …

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