California Firestorms: Geoengineered Catastrophe


Dane Wigington

Yet another round of extreme firestorm catastrophes are hitting California. Like the recent Santa Rosa fire disaster, the current wildfires are verifiably connected to conditions created by the ongoing global climate engineering assault. The geoengineering cabal is becoming more desperate by the day as the biosphere and climate unraveling accelerates exponentially. The 6 minute video below reveals aspects of the climate engineering assault and its connection to the California firestorms.

Though many have been falsely led to believe that last winter's rain in California erased and eliminated the drought, this could not be further from the truth. Last summer was the hottest and driest on record in countless locations of the US West. The following quote is from the Los Angeles fire department chief:

“Brush burning index is 296. This is the highest number I've ever seen in my career. The threshold for this rating is 165. Monday I said that to the Mayor, this is the highest rating I'd ever seen.”

Geoengineering operations are not only cutting off precipitation from the US West and destroying the ozone layer globally, the desiccant particulates from the fallout create an incendiary dust that coats foliage and structures.

Below are two shocking photos from the current Southern California fires.


Flames consume a home on Via Arroyo as a wildfire rages in Ventura, Ca, Dec. 5, 2017. AP Photo/Noah Berger


Smoke rises behind a leveled apartment complex as a wildfire burns in Ventura, Ca, Dec. 5, 2017. AP Photo/Noah Berger

While California continues to go up in flames, regions of the Canadian Arctic and Greenland have recently been basking in record warm temperatures nearly 60 degrees above normal.  At the same time that record heat is occurring in the polar regions and elsewhere, snow is forecasted (scheduled) to fall as far south as Chihuahua, Mexico (2017 also saw record low ice at BOTH poles). The climate engineers will continue to use patented chemical ice nucleation processes to fuel ever more extreme weather whiplash scenarios. The climate engineers are manufacturing the illusion of winter in some regions while overall global temperatures continue to soar toward a runaway scenario.


The extremely anomalous jet stream configuration shown in The Weather Channel's "forecast" map above (scheduled weather) are meteorologically unprecedented. Climate engineering can create short term surface cool-downs at the cost of an even worse overall planetary warming.

The departure from normal high temperature map below reveals the engineered weather whiplash scenarios being created by the geoengineers. The extremely anomalous sea surface temperature division line, wrapping around the Gulf of Mexico and up the East Coast of the US, is shocking. The anomalous hot and cold zones throughout the North American continent are yet another harbinger of the climate intervention operations and the weather whiplash scenarios they are creating.


It is important to remember and consider that all the temperatures reflected in the map above (and temperatures being reported by weather news sources) are surface readings. Commercial and private pilots (that are communicating with are reporting ONLY far above normal temperature readings at altitude. The climate engineered chemical cool-down zones occupy only a shallow layer of air at the Earth's surface.

The gravity and immediacy of the changes currently unfolding around us cannot be overstated. What we face on the near term horizon are nothing less than existential threat. How can we make a difference for the better? How can we individually affect the equation? By doing our individual part to fully expose climate engineering. If we can expose it, we can stop it. How can we effectively and efficiently wake others up to the climate engineering assault? By sharing credible data from a credible source. Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward, make your voice heard.

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77 Responses to California Firestorms: Geoengineered Catastrophe

  1. Gina says:

    Something I found that was interesting is that our new governor received a very big sum from the firefighters union in campaign donations.  Those fires started the day after he was elected and FEMA also gave a lot of grant money to the firefighters in that area.  This also happened on September 11.  Always keep an eye on where FEMA is when these things happen.

  2. Rude69 says:

    Fine way of describing, and nice article to get data about my presentation subject matter, which i am going to present in school.

  3. Jeff says:

    Thank you sir for what you are doing. I am fighting and doing what I can. I promise you I am! You have a friend in Alabama. I have emailed the WH, State officals, and the Att Gen. Even the Gov of Alabama and ADES. I am so sorry for what they are doing in your state. I have prayed for you and the State of CA. Why cant someone get through to them to slow down the climate eng to let the earth respond?

  4. david says:

    Whats not being talked about is how all these fires in their various locations have started at about the same time.  I think its arson.  

    • David Michael says:

      I would say that ARSON was added into the equation, I would say that you are correct, however I did not investigate. 

    • Alligator says:

      Around 3 months ago our newspaper Del Norte Triplicate ran a story on fires that started last year up in Oregon and detailed each fire incident as they ocurred going south in our geographical area ( southern oregon and northern california). The article said no discovery of how these fires started was available to date. Next thing I became aware of after the fires in our area abated was the terrible fires that hit Bay Area and then Southern California. I cannot prove it but I think all these fires from Oregon on down the stste of California are extremely suspect.

  5. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    I have been analyzing the U.S. Drought Monitors from several different websites, I find it very odd, that the maps are reporting over 75% of the state of California not to be in any Category of a drought. The southern part of the state has been burning for over one week. The Drought Monitor Maps, are all extremely under reporting the severity of the major drought that still persists throughout the state!!

  6. Dianne says:

    We are the generation of the proverbial 'frogs in the pot of water'.  We are being poisoned and killed on many fronts these days.  By our food; by pharmaceuticals and forced vaccines; by geoengineering; by wars to make money for the faceless rich; etc.  My heart aches for this poor, pitiful planet that has done nothing but nurture us, feed us, and give us a beautiful place to live.  And in return, humanity is killing it.  Political insanity reigns and money is power and control.  But as some of us frogs wake up and scramble out of the pot before the water scalds us, we must never give up fighting to wake people up.  Entire forests and eco-systems around the world are dying.  The surface waters are being poisoned.  And yet the majority of people are oblivious to it all.  The media is a powerful dumbing-down tool, and continues to keep people unaware.  Without people like Dane and other heroes to lead, we would have no hope.  So thank you Dane for having the courage to stand up and make the sacrifice to do what you do.  Technology is a good thing most of the time, but if ten million people took the time to write a letter of protest down on paper, and mail it to their senators and congressmen the old fashioned way via 'snail mail', our representatives would be buried in paper, and the ensuing overload of mail would make the news and perhaps wake up a few more people.  Emails can be very conveniently ignored and hidden away on a computer.  Truck loads of old fashioned mail can't be hidden away.  Just a thought… 

  7. Jimmy says:

    We have to hold these people accountable & bring them to justice. These are crimes against the U.S. population. This is a serious assault onto the American people by those that were entrusted to protect us. This has got to stop,… NOW,…

  8. noraleen vicenti says:

    November 2017 was one of the driest recordedin recent history in New Mexico. I live on the Jicarilla Apache reservation in northern New Mexico. I have been taking pictures regularly of the chemtrails which for a while were happening daily. When any precipitation was forecasted and natural clouds visible, then you would see the planes spraying above the clouds and dissipating the precipitation. So many people are too busy looking down at their cell phones and social media to look up and around to see what is happening. We are being robbed of our water, we have drought conditions in an area which would have snow at this time of year. This is bio-terrorism, crimes against humanity, war crimes! Why is their no action being taken to put a stop to this? WATER IS LIFE! Is this in retaliation for Native Americans taking a stand against the DAPL? The new administrations Tit for Tat policy of vengeance on any one who  challenges or exposes any corruption or wrong doing. Media censoring, propaganda by those who allege that any real news is false.

    Their hypocrisy never ends. While many claim to be servants of God, they believe godliness is gain and subvert the truth. Seizing the wealth and resources of the world to be lifted up in pride. Their mouths say, 'There is not enough $, resources, to help the aging, the poor and the sick', while they spend billions of dollars funding efforts to poison us through geoengineering. Is this demonstrating mercy? Did not Jesus say to feed the poor and afflicted, to demonstrate mercy, and that he has chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith? Did he also admonish his true followers not to lay up treasures on earth? For where your treasures are their will your heart be also. To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. The followers are blind, being led by the spiritually blind. Those who support agencies that fund geoengineering are complicit with murderers.

    May the Great Spirit father protect those who live by truth and live for righteousness, may his mercy and protection be upon those who are pure in heart. 


    • Kazadum9 says:

      No its not retaliation, they want to control where people live, they want to control how people live, all people. What better way than to charge them for water.

    • Sherri says:

      Unfortunately you are correct,but they are not spiritually blind. They are followers of Satan and know exactly what they are doing.

    • Alligator says:

      It looks like we humans are at the time when we all need to pray every day that the money people, humankind, and the world leaders wake up and when they wake up they have a change of heart and change their ways and cease the destruction of our sacred mothet earth for profit and power; for it will only be by prayer that the hearts of those who are destroying the world can be changed. Pray people wake up and hear the message. Our lives and our world depend on it! I live in extreme northern California and have been complaining that they are stealing our rain now and everyone just thinks I am a nut-I am not a nut I am a person with eyes, a brain, and a heart. Please pray every day and get anyone you can to do the same-our precious mother earth needs our prayers!

  9. barbzi says:         Aluminum powder hazards…..

    Finer particles burn readily when their ignition point is reached, and tend to ignite the coarser particles as well. In
    the case of aluminum, an explosion can result if ignition occurs while the particles are suspended in air as a dust
    cloud, since the burning extends from one particle to another with extreme speed.
    All of these recommendations also apply when gun-type power operated tools are to be used…. see link
    Controlling an aluminum powder fire….  see link

    • barbzi says:

      If link does not work….. google search

      Safe Handling of Aluminum Fine Particles – The Aluminum Association
      “dust” or “powder” is frequently used to describe such particles. It is difficult to … the case of aluminum, an explosion can result if ignition occurs while the particles are suspended in air as a dust cloud, since ….

    • Dennie says:

      Aluminum powder is a KNOWN incendiary… and yet we have people coming onto this and other sites who want to insist on making the claim that Smart meters caused all those house fires in Santa Rosa, or directed energy weapons were used at the command of the rich people in the area to cause the fires and burn the place down in order to rebuild according to the specifications of Agenda 2030, or that there's something supernatural about these fires we're seeing now, they've never before been seen so it's got to be Lucifer or something "demonic" causing these kinds of fires (hint: alumina -nanoparticulates, people– do you NOT remember what David Keith has been caught saying on camera multiple times now–??!).  I lost an ally over this nonsense, which is essentially at root the inability to think critically and have the guts to investigate even your own theories and assumptions.  It's coming to that now.  Hopefully this is temporary and the person will be swayed by logic and reason and come around.  We're more useful together as ALLIES and STAY AWAY from  the premise that it is directed energy weapons that are the cause of these terrible fires.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      barbzi, Oh Good Lord!  The things I Never even think of!  This seems Now obvious!  Would explain a few things….

    • Hawkeye says:

      I've always seen, concurred and said, that chems ARE FLAMMABLE!!! Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what goes up must come down…..a.k.a. gravity. So if what goes up is a toxic flammable chemical that gravity forces to fall to a parched surface, then of course any kind of an ignition beit from a hot ash off a barbeque or a lightening strike, or an electrical spark……anything capable of causing a spark will create no doubt the exact situation we see California in today. 

      Arson? No I don't think so, just an excuse distraction statement to cover up the fact that anyone lighting a match at any time could blow the whole place up in flames.

      Now in SWFL, last week record heat a/c running like summer time. Saturday cold front comes in and temps fall about 50 degrees. Snow in the panhandle! Woke up to my porch thermometer reading 38 degrees. News reported 46 degrees. 

      Yesterday, ,3 days later, morning temps mid 40's. About 4 p.m.warm air blows in then a warming evening in the 70's. Woke up to 42 cold air and news says it is 51 cause we got another cold front during the night! One more scheduled …..uh predicted……  to arrive again on Saturday… is Thursday…….three cold fronts in one week. 

      This happens regularly. Ugh!! I cannot bear it anymore this nucleated shit hurts! 

      Stay safe.

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    This report and these fires make me remember what I found out just in this past year which was that those who specialize in plants and droughts do this like I thought, on their own with computer models by and large, calculating all the trees that are, all the vegetation.  Then, One guy, spurred by another's findings, went back to his plants and discovered!!! than they sweat!  Under heat and drought, they sweat, open their stomatas and release fluids.  They had not known that!!!!!! So, oopsies, had to go back and recalculate EVERYTHING!!  Saying all was much drier than they thought!  Much was for all purposes dead.  Dying. Which also means they are Not taking in the CO2 that was thought.  Normally open stomata to absorb CO2 or rain.  Did not know they did this to sweat!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean!!!!!! Stuff like this makes me crazy.  They think they know it all, but then ooops.  Drives me nuts because such thinking is across all fields, so how many oopsies are there?  Tons I bet. Like, say geoengineering.  So, just maybe some of these geniuses thought CA could take a punishing drought, for punishment and survive. Obviously, they were Wrong!!!  We are truly in the hands of idiots.  That, the scope of that, I find terrifying.

    Add in that TPTB want to take away insurance for such damages, the ability to rebuild, recoup Something!…..heartless bastards.

    • JF says:

      Wow, looking at the current weather radar (Friday evening December  8), there is absolutely no precipitation anywhere in the entire western US.

    • Dennie says:

      I got called "heartless" when I pointed out to my former ally that the "decorated" retired Northern CA fire fighter in a private interview posted on YouTube was being asked his opinion as to the actual cause of the Tubbs and other Wine Country fires.  When I pointed out that he was giving an opinion, and it did NOT constitute scientific researched fact, and that the ally claimed that the firefighter KNOWS about the aluminum sprays, I got called "heartless" when I called the firefighter an "ash-hole."  Sheeesh!  The guy knows what aluminum powder sprayed all over God's (formerly) green earth can and does behave like, but no, we'd muuuch rather believe that the blue streaks we see appearing in YouTube videos of ground action at the Tubbs fire are actually laser beams zapping the area, never mind nothing happens where they "hit," when it is far more likely that the blue beams of light were photo-shopped in and real directed energy laser technology is invisible.  

  11. Donna-AZ says:

    My observations from a recent trip to Oregon, (11/27-12/03). Filthy sprayed aerosols east and west from AZ to CA. From So. CA, persistent long trails going north and south while on I-5 to northern CA. Many farms had signs saying things like "No Water, No Food." Shasta Lake, (the view from I-5), looked to be down about 40 feet or so. The trees in CA looked very dry and stressed compared to those in OR. It rained some everyday (Roseburg to Eugene), and there was far more moss and lichen than I remember. On the return trip, crossing into CA, the sun was extremely bright and all of the planes were spraying north and south, with short trails. I witnessed 3 planes turning the short trails on and off. When the planes turned the spray off, they were almost invisible until the spray came back on. All of these planes had planes behind them, "spraying away". And even if these pilots "aren't" pulling the levers, they have eyes to see. "Stop Spraying Us"

  12. Blue Sue says:

    Flew down to southern California from Alaska on Monday and while driving to the Anchorage airport the temperature on my car thermometer read 47 degrees F. (about 20-40 degrees above normal for this time of year).  The hill-mountains surrounding Ontario (CA) where we landed at 9:20 am were barely visible above and through the ugly thick blanket of fake cloud-crap that choked the entire area.  The day we arrived (Mon) the skies above Sun City (near Murrietta and Temecula)  were streaked and blurred with an intense atmospheric assault of aerosol dispersions.  Yesterday we beheld a huge orange brown cloud arising from the hilltops in the south where there burned another "wildfire" in Murrietta.  As Dane has indicated many times the highly incendiary particle laden atmosphere is fueling this rampage of fire across the state of California. It's beyond criminal!  Staying here caring for my 81 year old mother, who just got out of the hospital, I can see the toll of the continuous fallout upon the highly stressed vegetation in these parts.  The old large citrus trees (grapefruit, orange, and lemon) trees in mom's back yard are heavy with fruit but the foliage is dried and drooping from drought and (toxic) spray.  I doubt that the fruit is even safe to eat anymore.  My mom is just one more victim of big Pharma's plan to kill of the old folk through drugs, drugs, and more drugs.  Working on getting her off of as many as possible and improving her diet (while I can).  Like many her age, she suffers from hyperthyroidism and afib, which I've learned from my research are apparently related health issues.  The level of poison in our everyday lives nowadays is astounding and so distressing!  I pray daily for all of us and the precious animals and wildlife still living.  So little birdsong here in mom's backyard now — so noticeable the changes! 

    • Alligator says:

      Pray the ones destroying the earth wake up and when they wake up they have a change of heart and cease the destruction of our sacred mother earth! Please pray every day and get all you can to commit to do the same every day for it will only be through prayer that the hearts of the ones destroying the earth for profit and power can be changed! Please pray and keep spreading info on this weather manipulation.

  13. SD says:

    The needle on my non-certified barometer wagged far to the right yesterday, even higher this AM.  Reading perhaps highest Barometric Pressure in 20 years? here in Orange County, CA. Very unusual week long Santa Ana winds.

    I believe THEY ARE tweaking Barometric Pressure up/down to change local weather. Inducing earthquakes along the way.

    South Texas seeing snow this AM. About 10 days ago TX saw more shallow EQs near Snyder and Pecos.  Researchers say fault lines dormant for 300 MILLION YEARS! now active and attributed to wastewater disposal?

    M4.1 EQ near Dover, DE (near Dover AFB no less) also approx 10 days ago.  Quakes that size/location 100 year events.

    Connect the EQ dots from N. Baja to TX to Mid Atlantic, shows storm track on NWS satellite views past week.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      SD, Good hooking up you did.  I think I saw that the jet stream did a low, low dip down there then pulled up and eastward.  I believe the EQs  Could be from wastewater being injected.  They are and have been doing that all over the place for a long time.  We may never have a clean acquifer again!

  14. Dr. Hans J. Kugler, former prof. of chemistry at RU Chicago says:

    Let's face some facts: The world now pumps 40 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year, which is 24 billion tons in excess of what nature/earth can handle to sustain a healthy balance. With 2.2 trillion tons of CO2 already in the atmosphere (causing the severe earth-warming CO2 greenhouse effect), even if we stopped CO2 production completely, it would, still, take about 20+ years to bring atmospheric CO2 concentration into a normal range.

    The carbon interests will cheat, and lie to distract from these facts to keep carbon/oil sales going, and to make $$$, come hell, earth destruction or high water; literally.   

    This is exactly like in the 60th when the tobacco industry was caught paying doctors to write phony papers saying that smoking cigarettes is healthy and good for you.  

    Even the Vatican – Pope Francis entered this fight against the dark side with a message to the members of the Bonn climate change congress:

    Pope Francis issued a strong message to negotiators at the COP23 climate talks in Bonn, Germany, warning them not to fall into "four perverse attitudes" regarding the future of the planet – "denial” , indifference, resignation and ”trust in inadequate solutions."    "denial” = climate change denial ,   inadequate solutions" = chemtrails .

    Pope Francis: “These 4 'Perverse Attitudes' Could Push Earth to Its Brink

    Find more basic facts, and how these environmental facts affect your health and causes premature aging at



    • art says:

      '' Pope Francis entered this fight against the dark side with a message to the members of the Bonn climate change congress''???

      that  bastard is the one helping to depopulate the masses. they are all in bed together.

    • Dennie says:

      art:  It's clear to me that we're all better off not looking at this problem from an "US" vs. "THEM" perspective. I've been watching this for a very long, long time now and that particular divisive mindset, the Us vs. The Other crap, is doing NOTHING to change this world for the better.  Yes, the Catholic Church has made plenty of mistakes.  Yes, it's better that we stop the insanity, even if the Pope is trying to get this done, but that won't work if he's in bed with the geoengineers (see Vatican special commemorative coin from 1985, with a picture of a jet and 4 trails going out it's back end–ugh!).  

      "Too many people" is part of the problem but the same ones you're saying want to depopulate the planet are the self-same ones responsible for over-populating it.  Look up Henry Kissinger and the "Green Revolution," then his comment about "Useless Eaters," to understand what I mean.  IT'S ABOUT THE MONEY– the "Green Revolution" got the poorer countries to buy more fertilizer to grow more food.  Better food means better nutrition.  Better nutrition means better health and longer life.  Longer life means more people.  Usually what cures is to EDUCATE WOMEN.  They do NOT want MORE kids, they want fewer when they are educated and enjoy a higher standard of living, including good nutrition and good health.

    • Star Messenger says:

      So the Pope is worried about humanity being killed off by misplaced human efforts.  I seem to remember that during The Inquisition the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope played a very significant part in killing over 70 million "infidels".   What're a few more dead people to the RCC?

  15. jefe says:

    A news video from KTLA showed a burning neighborhood in Ventura County… one sharp-eyed reader at Chemtrails Global Skywatch spotted a hole burning in a wall of one, right where the "Smart meter" would have been located.  Too many suspicious circumstances point to smart meters causing the house fires in Santa Rosa as well– an internet search for 'smart meter house fires' will turn up numerous links.  Plenty of people complain of health issues, too, related to smart meters!

    • Dennie says:

      I'm very sorry but the "Smart" meters did not and are not The Cause of these fires.  

      Anyone who has half a brain with which to think and eyes to see can SEE that we are being sprayed with a white nano-particulate HAZE composed of nano-aluminum, barium, strontium and god-knows-what-else.  When that fine, powdery sh!t that's supposedly cooling off the planet settles all over everything it is v-e-r-y drying (barium is a desiccant) and the aluminum is a known incendiary material, a component of thermite– just look it up for yourself.  

      Please, do not unwittingly (or wittingly) lead people astray by pointing to SMART meters as The Cause of the fires– YES, the meters WILL burn too, but you're in danger of leading everyone to think that we can put the cart before horse, calling the effect the cause when in fact many, many of us who've been coming here can clearly see it is the other way around.  

      God help us to use our God-given intellect, logic and critical thinking abilites.  And may God save us all from mis-and-disinformation.

  16. Johanna Ryffel says:

    Dane ~ I pray that this California Fire Horror will finally tip the scale and wake up the complacent ~ oblivious masses ! Heavy spraying here in the east too ! two days ago : glorious Sunrise ~blue sky ~ two hours later spraying starts : north-south ~ and east west ~~~by noon spread out thinly visible trails ~ by mid afternoon the sick white haze over cast ! ~ drizzle starts in the night ~ today high altitude overcast now Snow flurries and temp dropping ~ I will forward this post with a very heavy heart ~ I am grieving for our once glorious Creation and keep Praying ~! [ my friends dont want to know this ] so very sad ~~~God bless you Dane for all you do to save what we can ~! 

  17. DGR says:

    There may be more to this "particulate matter" spraying than just Global Dimming of the sun. I have considered that the New World Order proponents may be orchestrating something much more sinister, especially since this "phenomenon" is being applied world-wide. Could it be eugenics? Or even the set-up for outright world depopulation. Here's what I have discovered.


    During the Earth Summit of 1992 in Rio, Brazil, it was agreed upon by the 200 world leaders that the world's total population must be reduced from 7 billion to less than 1.5 billion through implementation of U.N. Agenda 21 (now transformed into Agenda 2030). Why? Because 'they' have determined that the earth cannot support more people than that. As the world population has grown to what it is, world resources have been diminishing to levels too low to support life much longer (whatever that may be). And of course, this has been debated openly by many of the "intellegencia" for some time.


    Example: Here is a quote by HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh from 1981: "If population is not controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war". This leads me to the point that caused me to look into this 'spraying' outrage further.


    Of the three Neurotoxin Chemicals that have been identified as being sprayed in our skies (Aluminum, Barium and Strontium), it is Strontium that has an adverse affect on the bodies immune system. Get it? Not only is the minds ability to function properly being reduced by the Aluminum, but people's immune systems are being weakened worldwide; perhaps being made non-resistant to something specific, but as of yet not 'out there'.


    Now, just suppose that at some future date, when everything is in place, a disease or plague is released upon the people world-wide, produced specifically to target the created immunity weakness? Bingo! It's game over as intended for billions! Of course, those in power who have implemented this genocide, would have been given the "secret" antidote prior to the release of the pestilence. No one else would even know that such an antidote even exists until it is 'discovered' at a later date, after all the damage has been done.


    Don't assume that these monsters are not capable of doing this. Just thinking outloud……….

    • Dog says:

      In relation to this scenario, I had authored the following "One-Act-Play" shortly before the 2016 U.S. "Election":

      THE CONVERSATION (Writ in Blood)

      A One-Act Play, c. 2016

      R.            Hello, Henry, how’s the Program doing today?

      K.            So Far, So Far!

      R.            I sure wish that this whole thing wouldn’t have to take so long to be effective…

      K.            Well, you know that we have all learned to be patient, it’s a big planet, relatively speaking – the latest thing here is the “Anger Vote” ruse, and it’s working splendidly, which is good news – Trump has been particularly effective for us, Hillary we can always count on, and Sanders is a Patsy at best – in any case we control that game…

      R.            Indeed…always have.  Divide & Conquer always wins! Create the Mess, Repair It!

      K.            And, along with the Global Roach-Spraying  Program which is ramping up daily, we should start to see some significant movement soon.

      R.            Keep up the pressure on those damn Constitutionalists – I can’t WAIT to get my hands on that Snowden bastard…

      K.            Of course, Sir –

      R.            Our people are doing a really good job –  too bad that the lower-level scum of them will share the same fate as the unwashed masses…

      K.            Well, you know how THAT goes (Laughter) –

      R.            Don’t forget to take your Anti-Bio injection! I need you to stay alive!

      K.            Of course, Sir. We need to ward off The Sickness – those poor suckers in the rest of the world won’t know what hit them until it’s too late for them!

      R.            You know that you just can’t be a nice guy, and win…

      K.            Well, we’re working on it, Sir…

      R.            As our old friend Winston once said, “Mastery Itself is The Prize”

      K.            Too true, too true!

      R.            Well, good night, Henry. Soon we will have total control of the planet, and we can sleep easier.

      K.            Good night, Sir. Here’s Hoping –

    • Gail - Yellowhead County, Alberta says:

      DGR, I think it's A Great Observation. And probably very accurate! Why the combination of Aluminum, Barium, & Strontium ?  They are certainly up to Something.

    • Dennie says:

      Dr. Death, er, DAVID Keith, tells us that alumina nano-particulates are good at reflecting the overly-strong sunlight back into space– never mind he and his minions can't keep all the little tiny pieces shiny-side up so they actually reflect quite a lot of that nasty "old sol" radiation right back onto US– oh well, that's Karma, what else would you expect?  The U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force love the stuff because it ionizes the atmosphere making it soooo much more convenient to conduct their various clandesting operations involving moving the jet stream around to push massive amounts of water wherever they please, while droughting out enemies and other parties, such as the 20-something million people who live in this place called "California," so I've heard… but hey, what would I know, I'm starting not to recognize my own home state.  The barium sucks up moisture.  Not sure what they're using the strontium for– fun?


  18. joe Strauss says:

    Hallo,   Indeed the North California  fires were geoengineered… Excess start up winds to know over power line, ie Fire. After Those fires, I had dry mouth and stomach upset… I cured it  via pure water flushing..  Dennie, a regular posting  person said he had it too.  It was the excess geoengineered sprays over San Francisco, CA.   Additionally, I note the Genetic engineered food labels. Note; @ Safeway stored…Coco powder mixe..Read the labels..GMO"s   Trader Joes's sells the natural coco power …no Sodium aluminum phosphate…ALUMINUM…oH YES. Pancake mixes…Bisquick  has sodium phosphate, and other company's may list  it.   Trader Joes, has all natural, no Sodium aluminum phosphate.   So, these corp's are putting chemical, in the skies, waters, and indeed foods…       Be vigilent  …Always…. Joe    

    • Dennie says:

      Wittingly or unwittingly, the geoengineering is a major contributing factor to the fires. It is not in and of itself THE cause, but it in fact makes the fires burn hotter and faster.  How could it not?  The crap you're being sprayed with dries everything out, so the burn index is higher, and the aluminum dust is an incendiary.  Go look up that word, "incendiary."  We have loads of unintended consequences going on here.  "They" are really not that smart!!!

    • Joseph L says:

      Great work   Dane 

      Dennie and alot of the other posts are really good too.  How much suffering has to take place in the world for people to wake up.?

      Geoengineering needs to stop if we are going to have a chance and let mother nature recover.

    • Dennie says:

      Joseph L:  I found the link to the heartbreaking article about Ventura County fires and the poor people who've been burned out that I posted above when a person on the OFA (whatever that is) team of Marin County sent it to me.  They want to stop climate change.  Here is what I wrote back to the team:

      The OTHER thing that is not being talked about is the role of the S.A.I., S.A.G., S.R.M. and military ops programs that must ionize the atmosphere so that it operates like one big electrical circuit now in order to run their microwave-based weapons and weaponized weather programs.  I refer you to the 1996 U.S.A.F. and F.A.S.'s report titled Air Force 2025, with a chapter titled "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025" and it's plan for "wide-spread weather modification."  It's not fantasy, it's reality:  And, no, these are NOT "contrails," here's why: These are NOT normal clouds and this constitutes the widespread weather modification that is contributing to climate change:  The sprays contain a lot of alumina nanoparticulates that are settling all over everything and act as an incendiary, producing hotter, faster fires.  Let's connect ALL of the dots here.


      It will be interesting to see if I get any kind of a reply back.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      joe Strauss, Thanks, I think.  Keep wanting to say but, but, sodium phosphate makes things rise.  So much at Trader Joes is not kosher, good to know what is.  And I'll have to check my coco powder now…. I was screaming about GMOs seemingly prior to any knowing about it.  I knew via some sneaky ways, like the research gardens at Cal here.  And I do come from Kansas, prior to industrial farming, watched that whole nightmare come down.  And have been an organic grower for 66 years now.  And a seed saver, and I taught many.  What pissed me off the most about Monsanto and foods initially, was the requirement to buy their seeds only and every year, and their mob like rough you up approach.  Then, all the rest of the horrors came tumbling out.  I notice in my emails now much fewer complaints against them just fairly recently and wonder if some control of that is in place?  Just this past summer, huge F/up with soy crops, Monsanto refusing to take the blame despite all evidence and instead blaming it on dumb farmers!  Who took major umbrage as these days it takes a degree at least, these guys are Not dumb!  But, they Are pissed and up a creek.  No doubt one nasty, polluted creek at that.  All Monsanto knows is how to poison, how to kill. To even imagine how to grow living things, much less well, is so far beyond them who would listen?  If my computer issues could be straightened out, I'd like to start a petition with the idea to end Monsanto's BPA can linings which makes me nuts.  There is no good reason for it, and it poisons the foods.  Almost all cans are lined.  So much for canned foods.  How the hell did they manage to pull that wool over whose eyes what implemented this nightmare for stored foods?!!!

      Also, in terms of punishing CA with ALL the horrors 'they' can muster, one has to factor in our being more or less the last solid hold out from Monsanto foods and growing practices, plus our label requirement.  Add to that that the government and even MSM are East Coast oriented. Out here, we are thought of as flakes, La La land peoples.  Sort of 'holier than thou' folks.  I even wonder if by killing all the trees while building up the cities as in Here where I live as if there was a future, thinking to pull all into cities to free up the lands for destruction!  As well as to take cover away from those who would prefer to be alone and may well be armed to the max.  So much easier to track, to find, people with no natural cover!  And of course, the state being mostly democrats.  Not to mention water wars, or the Navy's evil efforts on our shores.  East coast folks as well as others prefer 'nature' in the form of a golf course.  But golf courses are heavily pesticided, in fact so much so that it has long been said to be second only to house cats and feral in the death of birds.  Which, to give a rough idea, in Australia, house cats and feral kill one million birds per day!!  As Dane says, this, that And the other–so many others!!

    • Dennie says:

      Joe Strauss et al:  Dry mouth (eyes too), itching ears, dry skin, metallic and plastic-tasting grit in the mouth, sometimes it burns; burning skin and eyes, sore throat (dehydration); stiff nec, dizziness, nausea, vomiting– hey, it's 24-7-365 since May of 2010 here in San Rafael, CA.  Excessive spraying is a near-DAILY event here.  You can do better making your own pancakes from scratch using good ingredients and buttermilk, they come out better and the taste is incomparable.  FYI, Everyone:  NOTHING is organic any more, not with the daily nano-shit sprays from the jets, landing all over God's (formerly) green Earth.  Now, tell Bill Gates to stuff THAT in his pipe and smoke it, for chrissakes (as if he really cares) –!!!

  19. Edward Palys says:

    Yes, I also wonder who is in charge of this evil that is engulfing our earth. There is only one answer and that is MONEY=POWER. The evil cabal of mega rich people have joined forces to destroy humanity as we know it. They are doing this now openly and at a feverish pace because they have been exposed. Look no further than who owns the media and education. Trace the source for all those aircraft that spray the toxicity in our skies and it will lead to the same sources that are using the destruction. There are other sources of activists who expose these evil people, but none are strong enough to overcome their agenda. The ultimate goal of this evil is WWIII, a nuclear war to wipe out most of the population. 

    • mac says:

      Ed, you are correct in your response. The evil cabal will wield its power w/our money, tax dollars. Just watch the news and hear stories about Frankengrope and the rest of our perverted media which sway the public to watch and take the attention away from the real problems.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Edward, Too true, but that I think in the main it is the military and our tax dollars are not nearly enough.  The military is like hired goons for corporations now it seems.  And who knows what Their agenda is?  I also think they are doing this feverish pace because because they have screwed up to such a degree that by their factoring it must be upped.  It is said that power is addictive and that seems true.  Like gambling and we are the chips.  It is shocking to think there really might be a WW3!  Was  but recently unthinkable.  Not any more!  AIEE!  And now, the majority of Americans hover around poverty levels.  Useless eaters.  C'est moi!!!!

      @mac, As an almost 71 year old female I can assure you that the #Me Too movement is very important.  You have no idea, apparently.  I did like Franken and it seems unfair given how 'minor', but if female, all these minors add up, plus throw in some big ones Not minor at all!  When I was young, girls were told the number one thing to do was to marry.  That if working, the choices were: Nurse, teacher, secretary or shop girl.  That was ALL that was allowed then!  Every single thing I wanted to do, I was told no, only guys.  Every single thing.  It would take me pages and pages to list all the inappropriate stuff as well as the out- right rapes and aggressions I've experienced.  All this is stirring up a lot of flashbacks for me and other women I know, even if some of this sounds silly on the surface.  It has impact!  Imagine meeting some powerful, rich woman and having her grab you by the balls to see if you will do!  Or what you will do.  Imagine being a walking victim every day of your life.  Not to mention earning far less for the same job.  Believe me please, for women, this IS a REAL problem, big time!  Not a distraction!!!!  I too feel sorta overwhelmed by all this, but it is needed. The moment is here, we've got to take it!  Back us up guys!  Please!

  20. Brice says:

    This is absolutely horrible… this is the reason we all must keep pushing for the truth, simply because no one else will. I hope we will be able to put a stop to this before it is too late (if it isn't already).

  21. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    More Fires in California? I don't know how there's any Trees left!   How much more can this Great State take? How many more of  the Worlds Trees can We  afford to Lose?    We sure need a Mass Awakening. Hell, We need a Mass World Action!  We need those that know, To Get Up, Stand Up & Speak Out!  How can Anyone that  know's about these Deadly Spray Programs, not do something to Help End Them? You've been riding the Gravy Train long enough. It's time to shovel some Coal into the Boiler. What have You done for the Planet during your Life time? Does it Balance? Or Do You Owe The Planet Some Time? We are at the Breaking Point.  Have You given back as much as it has Given to You? There seems to be a Wee Bit of an Imbalance! Or We certainly would'nt be in the state we are in now. The Great Human, So above other Animals. So much Better & Wiser!  La, La, La, Got to get to my Christmas Shopping done.   Some of the Public,  have spent more time in an over night line up, freezing their butts off for an Electonic device, then they have given back to the Planet during their entire Lives. What a Waste of such a Precious Gift.  Such Complacency. At least the Ignorant ones, have an excuse. Feeble as it is.  If all that know & have known, did something EVERYDAY, This Would End, Post Haste!            When a Great Team loses through Complacency, It will constantly search for new & more intricate explanations to explain away defeat.   –  Pat Riley  –     There is ONE GLARING REASON, We have not been Successful, that I can See.  Too Many Have Been Complacent  !!!      Dane is Right Again!        They Believe that nothing will happen because they closed their doors!    –  Maurice Maeterlinck  –

    • Donald Johnson says:

      All of you are dead right – too many people are complacent – they bitch and gripe at home, but never join together and speak out like the ones who caused our problems – they are joined and steadfast – just in the wrong direction unless we stop them. I write editorials, call and make appointments with our legislators, etc. Most editorials get published – in demo papers none-the-less! We need masses and large groups that speak in public places. I even attended a Hillary rally and wrote an editorial about her spending her whole hour at an ASU rally bashing Trump – she did not speak one word on policy. I also found a voice and spoke out at the rally – it was really fun because just as I yelled out an idea, Hillary spoke her version of it – gave them all something to think about – Trump won. I hope to think it helped.

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This is again evidence of heinous criminality. Where are our taxpayer dollars going? Is the money being funneled to covert secret operations like geoengineering? Are corporations such as American Elements, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Boeing being funded to spread toxic-to-life metals all around the planet to ‘metallize’ and weaponize Earth’s atmosphere — and turn our skies into weapons? The once pristine Olympic Peninsula is shrouded in a sickening milky haze. The rotten and decaying empire is made up of greedy thugs who care nothing for the people. We are collateral damage.
    Missing $21 Trillion Means Federal Government Is Lawless – Dr. Mark Skidmore
    By Greg Hunter USA Watchdog / December 3, 2017
    Michigan State University economics professor Mark Skidmore made an astounding discovery about the finances and budgets of the U.S. federal government earlier this year. He and a team of graduate students discovered $21 trillion missing in the federal budget going back to 1998.  Dr. Skidmore, who specializes in public finance, explains, “We know from official government sources that indicate $21 trillion is, in some way, unaccounted for.  Furthermore, if we come back to the Constitution, all spending needs to be authorized by Congress.  It looks to me, and I think I can conclude with a high degree of certainty, there is money flowing in, as well as out, that is unaccounted for. . . . That’s the one thing we know from these documents, that there is $21 trillion in unaccounted funds.”

    • Edward Palys says:

      This report brings my attention to that first exposure of the missing unaccounted $2.3 TRILLION that Rumsfeld disclosed on 8/11/2001, yes ONE day before the infamous 9/11 event. Most recently, there was another report of a missing $6.3 trillion that was exposed. So, where does all this money go? It all goes to the same evil cabal that is destroying the earth. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Thank you and I was off by miles and miles and I knew I was as I wrote to some, uh? a progressive group think tank, group talk coming up and offered me opportunity to ask a question.  Which I'd repost here if I had the time.  My question was basically, how do we or can we rein in our military.  Oh, remembering, this is a group for Peoples' government, a new political party not affiliated with any corporation.  I went on about the missing money, OUR money gone where?  And suggested where as in geoengineering.  We'll see if they let me speak!  21 trillion!!!!!! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Edward, are you saying that the 21 T Susan mentioned is really 2.3 T? Or?  Recently I hears something about one trillion.  In what I wrote to new party attempt, in the main, I focused on the military and personally, that is one accounting I'd really, really like to see.  Also, months before 9/11, George B. admitted that the military stole in excess of 50 billion from Native land lease monies, while Chrysler Corp. took more than 5 billion of it.  I have the news clipping, photo and all.  In newsprint GB explains, admits, and says it will be returned!  Then all that happened next and no.  Appears to have been very convenient fot a lot of people. Like the rich and powerful greed dealers. 

    • Dennie says:

      The missing trillions from the Pentagon was rather pointedly discussed in Mike Ruppert's 2004 Magnum Opus, Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil.  I suggest picking up a copy and reading it, cover to cover, +1000 footnotes and all, at least three times.  He very thoroughly went over all the influences that went into the massive crime known as "Nine-One-One."  How sick was it to pick that date, in order to call it that and get us making "connections?"  I've read that mass murders always want to be found out…

    • Pedro says:

      Thank you for this post!

  23. anne kelley says:

    Thought for now is why can't we go to the evacuated centers to inform people as to the causes of this horrible scourge?

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you, Dane. The fires Dec.6, 2017 on NASA Worldview:

  25. MS P says:

    Saturday High desert off I 5 was extreme spraying-white out. Using  flight patterns that I have not seen before. I even said something about we are going to get some major winds! Sure enough Sunday up here, was a major sandstorm, with winds blowing so very hard!

    A strange Tsunami like cloud was coming down off the Tehachapi mountains.Looked like a major tidal wave. That is quite the down draft of wind! I have never seen anything like it before. It was very frightening to look at. Coming right out of the (hidden) military base.

    Monday the Thomas fire broke out. Burning an acre a second. The carnage scenes, bring tears to my eyes. Many of my friends have lost everything.

    Ventura Fairgrounds is the EVAC center. Imagine the horror as the people praying  there, had to watch the Grant Park Cross burn.

    No power=no gas, food, bank, or anything. Those who rely on debit cards. Are so very screwed!



    FYI-My Art collection in Ventura did not burn. It's just that I have nothing else there. To go back to.

    My animals are up here safe with me. Camping out in the freezing cold desert, is tough. I am well, considering all that is going down.  While the winds blow in the lower part of S CA. There is no wind here. HMMM?

    It is freezing cold.

    Prayers to all affected by this Geoenginered weather assault event.

     MS P-from Ventura CA


    • Heidi says:

      Blessings to you, your family and friends. 

    • BaneB says:

      MS P:  Sorry for your plight!  I know about the lack of services when a calamity interferes with computer services.  The recent fires south of me caused the failure of the Internet for a large area of the north state not involved in the holocaust.  No cash, no groceries.  No cash, gasoline.  No cash, unless a satellite hookup, NO NOTHING!  Regarding the "tsunami" cloud roiling down from that area of the Techachipi mountain region, you might seek out if there is a NEXRAD facility located there.

    • Dennie says:

      How terrible!  It is now Ventura County's "turn" to go through this Hell.  I recently drove up to Ukiah and back.  Coffey Park in Santa Rosa is a black hole, nothing green in sight, all shades of black, charcoal gray and white ash.  No lights, no life, reeking of ash and charred things.  I would not rebuild there. The area's burned before, it's at the mouth of a funnel that pumps ocean air east when breezes come from that direction, and pulls the hot interior air westward when the marine flow reverses direction with the "Diablo" (onshore) winds.  It happened in 1964, no one remembers, it just happened, they'll rebuild bigger and fancier houses there, packed tighter than before, and it will happen again.  NOTHING is going to be learned from this except that some people get very very rich from all the new construction building.

  26. Carol says:

    If you follow this map closely you will see that "they" are using the particulates from these fires as fodder for their weather manipulation. Make sure to click on the "now" button hidden in the menu. Too unreal.,25.60,315/loc=-114.261,36.604


    What  the hell is burning in BC? 

    Thanks for the information Dane. Seems many are in total denial of this implosion but not for long as it affects all of us.

  27. Bill F. says:

    Thank you for this report Mr. Wigington.

    Sadly, it is "Painfully" obvious that far too many 'Intelligent' people have either remained – completely distracted by their Day-2-Day 'Routine' lifestyles & the MSM or thay have visited this website & not genuinely "Paid Attention" (untiil DISASTER falls directly On Their Own Head) REALITY is NOT REAL for them?

    I noted the "VISITOR" counter is closing in on 29 MILLION and my thoughts about that are simply this?

    If "EACH" Visitor would simply 'Copy & Paste' GeoEngineeringWatch.organization into an email or text to ONLY 1 friend – the end result would easily raise the counter to well-over 30 MILLION visitors before January's 1, 2018. 😉

    A"WORTHY & ACHIEVABLE" New Year's Resolution, which would Educate; Enable & Empower "We The People" to reach the target of 'Critical Awareness' exponentially?

    Consider announcing a "Special" Give-Away of a Gift of Re-Distributable Geoengineering ALERT materials for the person who is Visitor# 29 Million &/or Visitor# 30 million.

    The result "Could/Should/Would" bring considerably greater attention to this 'Largely Overlooked and Highly Visible' – – – -> "ELEPHANT in OUR SKIES"

    BLESS you Dane, for your Tenacity; Patience & Long-Suffering Diligence as you continue to "Spread The Word" in the Hope that you WILL be joined in the massive effort to, STOP Geoengineering "RIGHT NOW    ! ! !

  28. Prairie Explorer says:

    Dane, I have a question that I can't wrap my head around –

    If they actually stop spraying in the US, or even all of North America, for that matter, what would have to be done to get the rest of the world to follow?

    I know people are working on raising awareness in European countries, based on the comments on this site, but you have talked about how this is ongoing on a global scale.  I frequently peruse Instagram to look at landscape photography, and I have yet to find a location that I cannot find photos in which there is obvious spraying going on.  I go so far as to even look at photos of some of the most remote regions I can think of and find, then compare them to current and past flight patterns on flight tracking apps.  Even in places where there are few, if any planes, on a regular basis, the photos show spraying that had to have come from way more than what is shown on the map, which leads me to think it's piloted military planes as well as drones.

    It's just nauseating and infuriating to think about and wrap my head around.

    • Bill-E-Bob says:

      This is a world-wide effort to poison and de-populate the earth. You'll never see it stop, not anywhere- ever.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bill-E-Bob, yes, de-population is inarguably an agenda of the power structure. This being said, it is important to remember and consider that the climate engineering equation is much more complicated, and is a part of many agendas. One primary objective is to continue the publics confusion and division in regard to the true state of the climate. The geoengineers are attempting to mask the true extent of climate disintagration from the public while actually further fueling the climate implosion at the same time. 

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Indeed!  The question I have and have been thinking about constantly is what power is so great as to get all governments and journalists and media owners even those who know better and at least have a conscious to zip their mouths and follow orders coming from exactly WHO? I am aware that there where agreements signed between various countries years ago to participate in these programs but as it becomes more and more obvious of the destruction they are causing cannot at least someone in a position of "power" speak up? Are their lives more important that everyone else's?

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Jonathan, the central banks.

    • Albert says:


      The Earth would likely generate many hurricanes, typhoons, etc. in an effort to cool itself and the ozone would start to replenish. I think we would stand a good chance of surviving if they stopped.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Prairie Explorer.

      I think they are not spraying in Iran ( and someone wants to go there to invade ), also before the invasion in Syria, the spraying was not occurring in their skies. Syria also had not debts to the IMF. Iran also does not have a central bank controlled by the cartel banksters. You are seeing the picture?

      The rest of the World, like you said, is owned by the "guys" who are spraying the aerosols in America.

      These "guys" of the masonic secret societies are infiltrated everywhere. The big question is; are Russia and China playing along with the globalist satanic mafia or not?

      In my opinion, if yes, the end will come not with a nuclear war ( even if that may happen in NC ), but with a changing in the juice they are spraying and/or with the use of the electromagnetic transmitters tuned to work in maximum capacity.

      I'm positive by nature, and I'm waiting for a miracle of conscience, let's see if that will happen, and in this way maybe the incompetents will be stopped.


  29. CP says:

    Welcome to the Matrix.  I occasionally read this excerpt from Carl Sagan regarding planet earth….

    “Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every "superstar," every "supreme leader," every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

    The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

    Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

    The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.

    It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.” 
    ― Carl SaganPale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

    • Michel B says:

      "In all epochs and meridians…"

      Carl gives us the widest possible perspective that helps to focus on the insanity of many of Humanity's endeavours.

    • BaneB says:

      CP:  It is obvious MARS is a living planet, but no human can live nor flourish there….at least so far as we know from the information NASA doles out. Earth is our home.  We trash it.  NASA trashes it.  And war looms, which would destroy us all.  I get it.  Thanks for that quote

    • SueG says:

      Speechless, you are correct, thank you.

    • Dennie says:

      Ad if we can't manage to make it happen and get along here, actually, then how in Hell do these space-nut eedjots so eager to blast off and just leave their giant, uncleanable messes behind think they are going to do any better Somewhere Else?

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