Geoengineered Winter Weather Whiplash With Patented Climate Engineering Processes


Dane Wigington

Patented processes for artificially ice nucleating winter storms are owned by our government and have existed for many decades (the Chinese have openly stated they are "engineering snowstorms"). Below are excerpts from only one example of a US government patent that is designed to give those in power the ability to engineer winter weather on a rapidly warming planet

Appl. No. 538,904

Filed Mar. 25, 1966 Patented Oct. 19, 1971 Assignee The United States of America as represented by the Director of the National Science Foundation WEATHER MODIFICATION METHOD.

WEATHER MODIFICATION METHOD The invention described herein may be manufactured and used by or for the Government of the United States of America for Governmental purposes without the payment of any royalties thereon or therefor.

The present invention relates to weather modification and more particularly to the production of rain or snow by introducing into natural atmospheric clouds seeding agents having a high solubility in water and a large endothermic heat of solution in water.

Typical examples of materials suitable for use in practicing this invention are urea, potassium nitrate, potassium nitrite, and ammonium nitrate. Laboratory experiments have shown urea to be effective in producing ice crystals in a vapor cloud having a temperature as high as +6 C. ln field experiments, urea has been observed to cause snow showers… 

Such a seeding agent is capable of acting both as a condensation nucleus and as an ice nucleus. Typical materials which have a high solubility in water coupled with a large endothermic heat of solution in water are potassium nitrate, potassium nitrite, ammonium nitrate, and urea. Laboratory and field experiments have shown finely divided, crystalline urea to be an effective seeding agent…

Weather warfare has been waged against populations all over the globe for decades, this includes the US population. Engineered winter weather events are now the norm. Though US media has done their best to sweep the subject of weather warfare under the rug in recent decades, there is a great deal of historical coverage. The article below was published in a 1958 issue of Popular Science, it is just one example.

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GeoengineeringWatch magazine1

Weather warfare has long since been the covert weapon of choice for the power structure.

An issue of Collier's Magazine that is over 60 years old is yet another example of the extremely long history of weather/climate modification and warfare.


This 1954 issue article of Collier's Magazine is essential reading for anyone that wants to gain a better understanding of how long climate modification has been conducted by the US military.

The US military has made clear the fact that they have long since considered climate change to be the greatest national security threat of all, are we to believe they would ask our permission before they would modify the weather and climate to suit their own agenda? Global geoengineering programs are not about the common good, they are not about saving the planet or humanity. The ongoing climate engineering insanity is about power, control, and attempting to mask the damage already done to our climate system while inflicting unimaginably more destruction to the climate and biosphere in the process. 

A Massive Engineered Winter Chemical Cool-Down Assault On The US Population Is Coming

The latest NOAA long term forecast map below should be alarming to any that take the time to examine it closely. The latest theatrically named "winter storm" from power structure owned "The Weather Channel" was "Winter Storm Fortis". This engineered event pushed warmer than average moisture from the Atlantic Ocean over northern parts of New England where many regions saw chemically nucleated snow fall (facilitated by geoengineering jet aircraft dispersions of materials over precipitation zones) at far above freezing temperatures. "Winter Storm Gregory" will be named as part of the engineered winter scenario I am outlining in this article. Alaska, the Arctic, and parts of Florida are forecasted (scheduled) to remain at, or return to, record warmth. The arctic as a whole remains in a meltdown scenario while weather whiplash continues in the US and countless other locations around the globe. Engineering winter has long since been business as usual in many countries.


The projected (scheduled) record cold zone for much of the US comes after the warmest autumn in the US since record keeping began

When endothermic reacting (toxic) ice nucleating materials are utilized on a massive scale for climate intervention/modification programs, convection is greatly impacted, too many condensation nuclei are present, and precipitation is generally greatly reduced (from what it would have otherwise been) in the core of the engineered chemical cool-down zones. The NOAA precipitation forecast (scheduled weather) map below is for the same window of time as the  NOAA map above. It is not hard to recognize that the regions scheduled to get the greatest percentage of above normal precipitation are also generally the regions that are scheduled to experience the greatest above normal temperatures  ("A" refers to above normal precipitation on the NOAA maps, "B" is below normal).


In the NOAA map above we should ask this, how does moisture flowing in from the Pacific migrate directly over the Western States with far below normal precipitation? Then, as the moisture continues to flow east (further from the epicenter of the engineered cool-down zone), precipitation transitions to above normal. Why aren't NOAA and NWS personnel speaking out? An illegal federal gag order has been placed on them on all NOAA and NWS employees.

Global temperature deviations in the Average Temperature Anomaly map below tell the bigger picture story. The extremely blotchy composition of hot and cold zones should be alarming to us all. Though the planet is descending into a state of total meltdown, the climate engineers continue to attempt radical (and highly toxic) chemical/biological ice nucleation cool-downs anywhere and everywhere that conditions will permit this process to be carried out. NASA has also long since been a part of the ice nucleation experimentation, some of the elements utilized for this purpose are synthesized urea, and E-coli.


The weather modification chemical cool-downs create a cold, dense (but shallow) layer of air that settles down to the surface and lowers temperatures on the ground. This process is essential for the manipulation of climate perspectives. The engineered winter events are used to create and expand division and confusion in the population in regard to the true state of the global climate.

Massive air mass manipulation is also accomplished with engineered high and low pressure zones. The use of ionosphere heater facilities like HAARP are the a primary factor with this type of manipulation.


Extremely anomalous weather/climate patterns have now become the norm. Global climate engineering operations have completely derailed the Earth's natural climate system.

Meteorologists at The Weather Channel have already admitted to the highly unusual weather pattern that is helping to facilitate the coming abnormal cool-down on a rapidly warming world. High pressure ridges will remain locked anomalously in place on both sides of the North American continent. This configuration will assist with robbing what cold air there is in the Arctic, and will push this air south in an almost perfect outline that will cover the land mass of the lower 48 states.


The ability the climate engineers now have to manipulate Earth's life support systems is far beyond alarming. Geoengineering is nothing short of weather warfare

Again, how do flows of moisture coming from the west off of record warm global oceans create temperatures that are predicted (scheduled) to be nearly 40 degrees below normal in regions only slightly inland? What is the final product of the the climate engineering chemically ice nucleated cool-down for the US? Radically lowered engineered temperatures at ground level in parts of the US will accompany the start to the new year. The US media will hype and dramatize this completely engineered cool-down. This will obscure the previous climate headlines of the warmest autum on record in the US and also the fact that 2016 will be the warmest year yet recorded on planet Earth since record keeping began. We will soon see if the climate enigneers are actually able to achieve the level and duration of cooldown that they are attempting to carry out.


The scale of climate decimation being inflicted on populations around the globe by the climate engineers is so incomprehensibly massive, it could never be quantified.

So what are the "predictions" for the 2017 summer temperatures in the US? Above normal to far above normal temperatures for virtually all of the US.


Every single event that the climate engineers orchestrate adds to the total biosphere/climate destruction being inflicted on the planet by the human race.

We are in a fight for life, nothing less. The unfolding environmental/climate implosion cannot be hidden for much longer. As the desperation of the power structure grows, they will likely continue their push toward WWlll. Mathematically speaking, climate engineering is the greatest and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm. Not only are the geoengineers ripping apart the climate/life support systems of the planet, they are irreparably contaminating the entire biosphere. The climate science community is (and has been) completely betraying populations and the web of life by remaining silent on the climate engineering/weather warfare total tyranny being conducted by our own government (and other governments). Anti-climate engineering activists are desperately needed to actually be active. Educate yourself on exactly how you can help to sound the alarm on the most critical issue of climate engineering, make your voice heard while you can.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

60 Responses to Geoengineered Winter Weather Whiplash With Patented Climate Engineering Processes

  1. Marcie says:

    I am beyond grateful to you Dane for your impeccable research and reporting. The world needs more people like you. 

    I've been strategically sharing this article in the hopes of waking some of my friends who are unfortunately still buying the mainstream rhetoric. The past few months have been pretty insane in northern New Mexico as far as this weather whiplash is concerned. It's been touted as a "typical New Mexico spring" but I know better. On this snowy day (and two days after and two days before highs in the 80s) I'm hoping your article will open a few eyes in NNM.

  2. Cindy Burton says:

    Thanks so very much, yet another great article.

    At this moment, here on Prince Edward Island, Canada (east coast) we are about to go through yet another weather whiplash. The temperature is dropping to -20 c by morning, then will rise to +7 c by tomorrow noon, only to rebound back to -10 c in a day or two. 

    Im very discouraged that we have reached this stage, and can't help but wonder what is next. Each week I listen to your global alert news, and keep working to raise awareness. 

    Thanks so much for all you do. It is very much appreciated. 

    • Cindy Burton says:

      Just a follow up to my post …. 

      Trying to post a pic of the local weather page right now. 

      Image shows they are calling for freezing rain at -6 C, the temperature rising from -6c to +5c in 4 hours, listing current precipitation as "snow grains". 

  3. Steve Brownsberger says:

    Thank you Dane and everyone who contributes to this great site. I feel lost most of the time being surrounded by people that just do not get it, and I am thankful for the ability to read that I am not alone. I know we need more people like Chuck Norris to come out and take a stand, and hopefully that will occur before it is too late. 

    I recently watched 'Into the Wild' directed by Sean Penn, which is a fantastic film. One of the things that really caught my eye was the blatant use of shots showing Jets spewing their toxic aerosols into the sky. It wasn't a simple streak left in the sky as a back drop such as what Disney likes to use for conditioning. This was purposely put into the film for all to see and not in a good way, and I thank you for that Mr. Penn. The filming of coarse takes place in some very beautiful area/wilderness and all of a sudden the film scans to the sky to view the blatant and obvious programs which you all are too well aware of.

    I will support anyone who tries to expose the criminal cabal that runs this country. We are running out of time.

  4. MW says:

    The daily attacks give you that hollow filling. There will come day more will admit this is real!! Thank you Dane!!!

  5. Cherie says:


    I downloaded a different radar app on my phone, My Radar.  This thing is freaking me out.  Last few days I've noticed these star burst patterns occurring especially around storm patterns.  At first I thought it was just glitches in the system, till they kept moving about in different areas, according to weather happenings.  Today, they are tearing up the gulf coast, from south of Corpus Christi to Florida.  Went further up to TN and there's like a huge explosion pattern over Memphis, which I've had that terrible head pain and ringing going on!  Can someone explain this please?  Is this all my imagination?  I know if someone says it is, my reply is gonna be YEA RIGHT!!  Someone's shooting off some damn huge fireworks and has loads of money for them!!!  They could stop at anytime.  I've seen them out to sea, mostly around airports but not necessarily and different areas of the country.  There is also like flickering lines that shoot across I saw following right after storms left here the other day with flickers shooting different directions from it.  Stretched straight from the sea to north KY.

    One thing, just because this is my belief, Walking in faith and not by sight, doesn't mean blindly, it simply means know your greater Power to get you through!  I wish there were more I could physically and mentally do in this fight, spiritually-I pray over you all out there for safety and strength, humanly-I close my eyes and envision the blue skies and cool streams I cupped in my hands as a child, for a taste of God's creation! 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I Believe you Cherie, Thank You for your Prayers. We sure need them!

  6. Concerned One says:

    Thank you for another interesting article. This issue seems to have been happening for many years now and I'm sure it involves all political parties involved. After reading some of the comments, I think it would be unfair to blame any one party or person for that matter. What is scary is the harm that can be done to the entire earth system, ALL life and weather patterns. Using this type of equipment to do any harm should be banned WORLDWIDE. I consider it right up there with Nukes and other deadly weapons of mass destruction. Don't you ?  Also, how does one know what is safe to post on social media and what isn't regarding our Country's security ? I don't believe in censorship but these matters are very sensitive. Any advice ? 

  7. James says:

    California no longer has the amazing weather it was once famous for. The sky is a mass of white spray. Even on the rare day any blue is allowed to peak through the blue is not vibrant like it once was but light and hazy. I continue to point out these facts to everyone I can, but people here are in deep denial. It boggles the mind that they are blind to what is happening in the sky above their heads. It is so cold,grey and rainy here in Southern California that I may as well move to  the midwest where this type of weather is the norm. It's very depressing to see what is happening to southern California weather wise as well as the dying trees and bushes here. It is a full assault at this point. I do think that the food is not going to continue to grow as the sky here is no longer letting much sun get to the ground. They nucleated the air here a few days before Christmas, it was a cold like no other I have experienced here. They are also moving the population around using section 8 vouchers, in all areas of the state and likely the country. They have much more up their sleeve before they finally blot out the sky and hence stop the food from growing. But I would say that their chess pieces are almost all in play now and arranged on the board to their advantage. I know where there is life their is hope, still the fact that the mainstream media is reporting a slight yet obvious increase in the overall monthly deaths in the USA as well as a slight decrease in lifespan  for both men and women, leads me to believe that we are all waiting way to long to stop our daily lives and join together as a people to stop this madness. 

    • Diane Friday says:

      @James: I have a friend who lives in Marin County. We've been friend for three and a half years. It's taken until now for her to start almost complaining about the cold, rainy weather. The kind of weather we have here in southeastern PA from October through April or May, sometimes into June. The weather has been deteriorating here since 2008, long before I knew about the extent of weather control/manipulation. The incessant gloom, rain, cold, and snow in these months doesn't just make me depressed; it makes me suicidal. The only reason I'm still breathing is because I haven't yet been able to shut off my conscience switch. My friend in Marin refused to talk to me many times over the last three and a half years if I insisted on talking about what this weather does to me. I learned not to talk of ending my life unless I wanted to end the friendship. 

      I know she'll never get to the point where she's suffering from serious depression because of the sudden change in the weather, nor do I wish that on her. However, whether or not she admits it – and she won't – she is definitely not the happy, eternally optimistic person she was before the rains came. I've talked to her about geoengineering; she's seen my geoengineering board on Pinterest, which includes many, many of my own photos of what our skies look like most of the time; I've alluded to the whys and wherefores of the ongoing drought in California; I've cautioned her to try and keep the rain out of her eyes and mouth, etc., etc. She will never acknowledge that what I'm saying has any merit, but I know she knows. And yet, just today, she said she doesn't care what anyone says, she believes they're officially out of the drought at this point. She watches the local news and weather, and apparently finds it easier to just believe whatever they say. This woman is the embodiment of cognitive dissonance. I told her to maybe wait and see what summer brings before assuming the drought is a thing of the past, after which I just changed the subject. I know when I'm being tuned out, as I'm sure most of us do. 

  8. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Weather Whiplash strikes Florida once again! Low temperatures Saturday morning 12/31/16, were in the Low to Mid 30's. The High temperatures today Sinday 01/01/17 are near 80 degrees. 

  9. Sylvia Sires says:

    Just wanted you to know I posted the Popular Science magazine on "chemtrail global skywatch" and so far got 61 shares!! and 101 reactions!! Happy New Year 2017 Dane, let's hope Trump will take care of this!

  10. Earth Angel says:

    Wishing a blessed 2017 to every one of my beloved brothers and sisters here at Geo Here in North Georgia, USA, the thermometer sat at 40 degrees all day. We experienced first a few small snow flurries, then later in the day some ice pellets and now finally at 9:24 pm est we have rain! I just checked the thermometer again- and its STILL 40 degrees! Go figure that one.

  11. Teri says:

    another mass die off and no one notices…the ''official''liars say its perfectly NORMAL…NATURAL. look the other way peasant. nothing to see here..move along now…move along…and of course they do just that…wash it away. 

    thousands of sea creatures wash up on the shore and there is nothing wrong here? what about looking for the ones that didn't wash up?? how many thousands are there on the bottom of the ocean or on other shores no one looks for? yet more victims of the geoengineering of the planet. these insane monsters need to be stopped soon or there won't be anything left alive. there won't be mass die offs because there won't be anything alive. then the scientists that created this disaster will say ''see, IT WORKED'' we fixed the planet.''…nothing more is dying so we did it…what they fail to mention is there isn't anything left alive TO KILL. …in their minds it will mean they were successful.  they killed every living thing on the planet. seen and unseen. after that they will try and introduce their GMO animals, planets, fish to the now dead environment. GMO trees that produce no fruit. no air, a silent forest…oh yeah…they are already doing that one aren't they?  a world silent and still as death. their man made utopia. 

  12. Joe Ceonnia says:

    7:30 a.m. the other one from completely clear to completely overcast we're having a white out Philadelphia North. It went to clear over night to completely overcast in just few hours. Everytime planes fly over head, at a high altitude spraying, the wind is the first thing and the second thing are the clouds the very next thing to follow.It's like clock work… Planes, wind and immediately followed by a white out. Just another up-date from Philadelphia North.

  13. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Garden Guy says:

    Well, the day has finally come. Today is your last day to eat Charlie's pizza, forever. Citizens of Nikiski, Alaska, you have been warned that this day would come. For three years now I have provided you with an endless stream of credible information and links to educate yourself on Climate Engineering. Now the best pizza this town has ever seen is gone and there is no one to blame but yourselves. The insanity in our sky will ultimately strip you of everything love and hold dear, starting with your favorite pizza. If you want Charlie's Pizza to to re-open and sell pizza in the future, It won't happen until the spraying stops. Now it's up to you. I just want you ALL to know that I take great pleasure in taking your pizza away from you.


     Apathy Killed Charlie's Pizza!

    P.S. From now on my new moniker will be " The Garden Guy"

    Thanks Dr. Dignity for the suggestion

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Steven, – thinking of you as you close your restaurant.  You've been a good example.  I spread the word at a pizza place, today, here on the East Coast.  Thanks, all.

    • stephan says:

      Pizza Guy, Garden Guy, What an Amazing Guy. All the best to you and you're family Steven.

  14. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane: I just wanted to say thank you for  your acknowledgement for posts I've made and others, it's amazing that you take the time to read every single post, is wanted to JUST SAY THANK YOU FOR THAT! And to ssy thank you for you site. I know that you are a very busy man with all the research and getting ready to produce your own radio show of knowledge I just wanted to say that we all appreciate it and also to take the time to thank you on a personal level so thank you

  15. Dennie says:

    Yellow fog?  Eureka:  UREA!

  16. Joe Ceonnia says:

     Dane, I noticed that none of the links work from your sites, everytime I try and connect to a posted link from my phone it doesn't work. It's now 2:15 am Philadelphia North and the wind direction has changed yet again.. It's now blowing from the West towards the East. It's like their reading the posts here!! I hope so!!! Maybe they'll knock it off, whatever they're doing. I read from this site a post that they're monitoring these type of sites, let's hope opon hope that's true. Because they'll see how many people are aware of their shenanigans.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, perhaps the free downloadable app would help with the function of the site on your phone. This is also a possibility, due to increased traffic on our site (which is good), there may be momentary shutdowns due to the ability of the site server to keep up. 

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Joe, I also experienced server problems here in AZ for the first time, in the wee hours yesterday. Glad to hear it may have been from increased traffic, because that's not what was going through my mind at the time.

    • LS says:

      Hi Joe. Headline news weather just said that the precipitation will miss the big cities like Boston, Philly and NYC.  They may actually be responding to this site and your posts. Good!!! They need to know that the gig is up and the truth is out on their evil doings. I believe they mean to get people on their side with controlling storms and steering them around population centers for partying purposes. Sick Minds.  Keep posting the reports from PA. We need everyone on board. And nobodiesfool, thanks for the heads up on fb not posting Dane's material. Now I know why I've never had a comment, like or share.

    • Diane Friday says:

      @Joe Ceonnia: 

      I'm about 50 miles north of Philadelphia, and I can confirm those conditions. I was once again so depressed upon waking up to gray, overcast skies. I went to bed around 2:30 am, and the skies were crystal clear. Seems I could see more stars and constellations than ever. 

      I don't watch any mainstream news and certainly no weather reports. I hate being lied to by these unforgivable lying "meteorologists". I check the NOAA GOES satellite maps and the jet stream map, and try to get an idea of what they've got in store for us. I know the basics of what I'm looking at. I also trust what I see, hear, and smell. I woke up this morning with what I've come to recognize as the jet stream manipulation high-pitched hish in my head, and almost 14 hours later, it's still there and worse than ever. The typical pattern I've come to recognize is that when I hear this jet stream manipulation hish, it generally means the desired extreme cold, or "Arctic blast", or "polar vortex", will be in place in 48 hours. However, given the magnitude of what they're planning on visiting upon us this time, it's probably going to take longer than 48 hours. Either that, or they plan to have it in place by Monday. I didn't know we were scheduled to get hit with any kind of major engineered ice/snow event, but it would make sense that they would drop this extreme cold on us first, and then drag or manufacture a storm to hit right in time for the Monday morning rush hour. I caught on to the conveniently-timed rush hour storms or ice/snow events a long time ago. 

      And yes, I know you clinically insane megalomaniacs have your minions constantly monitoring this site. Why wouldn't you? Look how incredibly detailed, informative, and VERIFIABLE it is. Everything Dane writes and all the comments from your lab rats here on the ground. Too bad you've filled us so full of the same toxic elements you dump in our skies 24/7/365 that some of us know exactly what you're doing and when. Sure, it's still difficult to get people to believe it, but that's changing, and quickly. The more anomalous and extreme you make the weather patterns, the more you show your hand.  Keep up the good work. We're not going away. 

  17. Deb Buckler says:

       Dane, I was wondering if anything ever came of the tests that were being run on the snow there at Standing Rock.  My heart sure goes out to those brave water protectors. Hey, one of them mentioned hearing alot of thunder during one of the blizzards and that that wasn't normal. Apparently there's still about 1,000 people still there at the camp.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Deb, there was some difficulty with the first attempt at testing, we are trying to get new samples from the site now. Stay tuned, I will update when I can.

  18. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, it's happening again, the Philadelphia's and Surrounding area is going to be hit this weekend, it's as clear as a bell right now 12:30 am with no wind. I see the plans against the stars leaving their Chemical trail, and now the wind has picked up and the direction of the wind has also changed. It's coming from East to West and it's really blowing… I can actually see the clouds following the path of the planes. I can't communicate it any simpler than that. I can also tell everyone that the Boston area is going to be hit hatd this weekend, yes, by Artificial Ice Nuclearation. Which means heavy wet snow mixture, they can do what ever they want with the weather, including chaging the direction of the Jet Stream. I wish one mainstream meteorologist wouldcjust admitt it already…

  19. Dave says:

    Please talk about Fukushima where are we now with the radiation? What can't we eat where can't we swim? How far has the radiation reached ?

    • BaneB says:

      Dave:  Scientists have admitted the Pacific Ocean is contaminated.  They have yet to acknowledge publicly the connection to the many gross marine life deformities, and die offs, and the dead and dying tidal pools from Mexico to Alaska.  There are so many manade assaults, including aerosols and ocean dumping, and military electronic underwater warfare games, that adding Fukushima to the mix additionally weakens every form of life on earth.  I no longer go to the beach 60 miles away.  Nor do I knowingly consume Pacific Ocean seafood.  And Mendocino County has some of the most beautiful coast anywhere on earth.  One website that operates as a alternative news gathering site, a clearinghouse, is  Among many interesting reads is an entire section that has kept up with every news event concerning Fukushima and the ongoing environmental calamity.

  20. nobodiesfool says:

    Just confirmed that fb is not forwarding my posts/ links from here whatsoever. And each time I post here, my wifi is cut out and I have to get back in. They are desperate, the end of their reign of terror.

    • BaneB says:

      Nobodiesfool:  Indeed, I see others who have Facebook accounts are stating their material is being blocked and they are losing millions of readers and interactive comments, etc.  This translates to loss of advertising, income, and jobs.  This translates into tyranny of the worst sort.  A communications system is inserted into the population that promised freedom of content (free speech) and alternative opinion outside the box of MSM fake news.  Now that the monopoly is complete and everyone is "caught," the sequel to 1984 is initiated by Suckerberg and his nationwide media cronies in concert with a fake republic's dictates.  This dictatorial censorship is going to morph until any independent news(truth) is either going to accept a bridle and cowtail, or go offline.  Recourse?  My personal view is to do what I did with the TV.  When the situation is warranted I will toss this electronic spyware communication device, and return to the post office.  Web and net are  forms of capture.

  21. Sam says:

    Hello Dane…I have been watching the skies since I was child growing up on a farm in Nebraska…that was in the 60's and now, I live in Rehoboth Beach, De. I work on the beach and have noticed chemtrails a couple of years back. Didn't think much about it until I noticed the afternoon cloud coverage which led me to your site. I have listened to your radio show and presentation. Of course, when I talk to people about this they think I am crazy. I have met some folks who agree that there is something going on here. Wednesday, I saw only planes with contrails and on Thursday, saw no planes whatsoever. Today…Friday, the same. F.Y.I.

  22. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dahr Jamail | We Have Released a Monster: Previously Frozen Soil Is "Breathing Out" Greenhouse Gases  / December 28, 2016 By Dahr Jamail, Truthout | Report
    A study published in the journal Nature has revealed an alarming new climate feedback loop: As Earth's atmosphere continues to warm from anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD), soils are respirating carbon — that is, carbon is being literally baked out of the soils. Microorganisms in soil generally consume carbon, then release CO2 as a byproduct. Large areas of the planet — such as Alaska, northern Canada, Northern Europe and large swaths of Siberia in Russia — have previously been too cold for this process to occur. However, they are now warming up, and soil respiration is happening there. As a result, these places are contributing far, far more CO2 and methane to the atmosphere than they ever have.  This phenomenon is already evidenced by a recently released study led by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which Truthout reported on recently. This means that even if all human fossil fuel emissions were halted immediately, soils would continue to release approximately the same amount of CO2 and methane emissions as the amount produced by the fossil fuel industry during the mid-20th century. … the lead researcher on the soil study, told The Independent that, given that ACD is happening more rapidly than expected, the impending climate-denying Trump presidency could well be "catastrophic for humanity."

  23. Hello all.  David from SW Indiana here.  First thank you Dane and everyone for all you are doing to sound the alarm.  So here goes- "Houston, we have a problem".  I noticed last night and today were heavy spray.  Today, I noticed they have switched to a short-trail strategy.  Have they always used those, or did they just adapt because of public awareness?  It seems that it is designed to dissipate quickly and be less noticeable and will likely be written off by many as contrail.  🙁

  24. BaneB says:

    PS:  Thanks Dane, and especially for the two pics of the Popular Science and the Colliers images.  They are now a part of my burgeoning Geoengineering photo album.  This is powerful evidence, to be disseminated unto others via my smart phone spyware.  Indeed, I do not text my friends and acquaintances without including a pic of aerosols and/or freak clouds, whether it's for a Merry Christmas salutation, or into the general commiseration.  These two pics make the case.

  25. BaneB says:

    Since the middle of October here in my region of Northern California the cool down began.  The wind is picking up now and it is 42F. The forecast is for the next seven days of below freezing temperatures.  Snow is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Temps will dip into the teens in the following lows of 28 24 19 18 18 14 20F beginning Monday.  I live atop a "glacier" because the snowstorm from last Thursday-Friday melted some but remains frozen.  Urea?  Is that not the same as piss?  I know they crap on us.  You mention e-coli as a vector.  Now they urinate on us, too!  Yesterday I texted my brain-dead Congressional Representative Jared Huffman.  My text format was a mix of images taken while the terrorists were busy spraying aerosols over me.  Each image was unique.  Bizarre unnatural clouds morphing into genuine freaks not to be denied that label.  They do not respond, they know, and they remain silent.  I have said many times in past text Mr. Huffman ought to bring up this issue of Geoengineering on the House floor.  Silence.  Maybe now that poop and pee are included in these aerosol air raids, maybe these worthless frauds can muster up a modicum of indignation and take a cold shower as a dose of cold reality.

  26. LS says:

    Truth telling is catching on as Skywatch Media News comes clean with everything he knows at the close of this year. He shows this website with a photo.  Also, Obama signed an Executive Order at the beginning of October declaring that preparations for Space Chaos will begin in 120 days from the date of signing – early February. Thank you Dane and everyone here for reporting the truth as it is showing -up before our eyes. Watch with wonder. Be well, all.

  27. nobodiesfool says:

    Are there any other astrologers here who are looking ahead?  In case one feels this is not relevant, I can assure you that the elites do not breathe without knowing it. When Uranus enters sidereal Aries in April, the changes will be sudden, dramatic, and explosive I think. Any other sidereal astrologers here?  Great thanks to everyone who posts here explicating upon and backing up Dane's research with your witness. I've been reading nearly every single post for more than a year, or two? now, and my fears are slowly being replaced with pride and gratitude for the honesty and courage shown here. Blessed Be, everyone. This whole insane deal is beyond tragedy, but life is resilient. I have seen trees growing out of barely cooled lava rock, and I just have to place my bets on life, as in, we ain't seen nothing yet. I think they are finding it more difficult than they believed to rid themselves of us. Yes, I too feel that the complete disruption/end of the technological juggernaut is what will end this. And that could happen in the blink of an eye. When that comes about, we will rejoice throughout the cosmos, no matter what kind of light body we are in. My intention is to clearly remember this all so thât it can never happen again, Gaia who creates us also reincarnates, otherwise how could we?  Reach out out out with our prayers, there are legions of powers with us, unseen, unheard, and largely unrealized, but present at our fingertips nonetheless. Reach into the infinite consciousness that is our birthright, unconditioned and unhampered by Saturn's /"satans" malefic impositions. The door is there for those who would walk freely out of this construct. We need to step outside of this construct to see it for what it is, a truly pathetic grade b movie, seriously . Fasten your seatbelts and helmets, folks, the lightning bolts are soon to fly, and they have those muderers' names written all over them. If this does not push us to remembering and reclaiming our magical creative potential, we'll just have to take this course again until we pass, right? Why do you think the Harry Potter series was so big with the young ones?  Because they are closer to the truth, the young ones, they have not yet forgotten, instinctually, who they truly are and what is possible.  Let's turn this into a time of miracles and wonder, shall we?  What have we got to lose?  I, personally, hate grade b movies, total waste of time, and this one is way overdue for trashing. In this body or not, I've had enough of this crap, and I can't wait to chase these losers right out of the galaxy and beyond. They are so petty, smoke and mirrors, fear and loathing, what a dumb dumb show. Blow up your tv. Look at how many of us worldwide this has already brought together in truth and love. For each action, an equal and opposite reaction. It will all come crashing down on them very very soon. Comics, jokers, and pranksters, sharpen your wits now, for the emperor is not only naked, he's literally shitting himself! Hang in everyone, this is nearly over with.

    • Dennie says:

      As far as Earth is concerned in regard to the realm of the spiritual and it's fate, I often feel we have either an Absentee Landlord who's abandoned the premises, leaving the ugly, bullying children in charge, or possibly has retired and taken permanent residency in the Bahamas, or actually, as they were saying in the Sixties, is, finally, dead.

  28. Vivien Bunnell says:

    Dane, as soon as you expose All those behind this crime, maybe then people will start to understand who we should be going after!

  29. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Anonymous, yes, the elements being utilized for climate engineering are all toxic. In the case of the urea utilized for climate engineering/ice nucleation it is a synthsized element. FYI 

  30. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane. This is totally shocking! The government controlling the weather and 'THEY' are destroying our planet and life. Sharing with Russ Tanner, Orbis Vitae.  Take care Dane. We need your wisdom in this area. It seems the whole world is out of control. But we must remember the One who is in control.  Sincerely, PRESS ON! 'It ain't over 'till it's over."  We are just now getting some snow showers and much wind. It's crazy. 3 weeks ago we awoke to 10 degrees F. Then much warmer and pretty days.To get the true weather report I just come to you! You truly are a godsend. Blessings for a New Year 2017! 


  31. frank says:

    And I know that communications over the phone could be spied upon, so I want to add that there are encryption systems in common phone apps that cannot be broken by ANYONE.

  32. frank says:

    If a dozen or so of the weather-people that deliver our forecasts, you know, the ones that hide all of this insanity and lead us down the road to annihilation, anyway if they could get together on the phone and decide on one broadcast where they would break the silence all at once, they would be protected by their numbers. This nightmare would end as the chains of this insane secrecy were lifted.

  33. Gary Pennington says:

    I checked the weather forecast on Itellicast for the next 10 days. Here in Sebastopol CA, we are scheduled for highs in the 40s, lows in the 20s, for all of next week. Tuesday, 01/03, the forecast calls for "ice pellets."WTF are "ice pellets?"

    • Harry Gale says:

      I'm guessing they arent normal for Sebastopol! (I live here too, see hail before…even snow in the 80's once, but never ice pellets)


    • JR says:

      I just saw a dingbat reporter on a weather report back East saying there was light and then a thunder blast and much snow right after. What the Hell bunch of idiots man, never heard of a thunder blast. Like I've said in some recent posts of seeing dry lightening some years past with no thunder over Southwest, New Mexico and no clouds present in sky at all, yup. Also I stated of pulsating green glowing skies over Las Cruces, New Mexico as when one strikes a match, like phosphorous green color at another time (experiment). I have it documented on date exactly with of course our sky saturated with SAG/SRM prior to that event. Happy New Year and God's Speed To All…. 

    • Dennie says:

      "Ice pellets.." Who comes UP with this crap?  I'm assuming we in Marin County will be treated to the geoengineering circus display as well.

    • Diane Friday says:

      Well, Gary, there are some official definitions of "ice pellets" from NOAA and the like, but here's a different, and enlightening, definition from Wikipedia: To me, this is what the chemically ice uncleated cold feels like. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Diane, yes, snow from the chemically nucleated engineered events does have some characteristics that are simular to dry ice because of the endothermic reacting materials being used by the climate engineers. FYI

    • Diane Friday says:

      Thank you Dane, for the reply and for ALL of this. 

      When I first noticed years ago that the cold felt fake, l wondered if dry ice could somehow be used. Never thought much about it since reading all the info on this site. The other methods make much more sense, and it seems there are many methods. What got me thinking about CO2 was something totally unrelated. I mentioned to someone that we were probably going to get sleet or freezing rain, or ice pellets, last Sunday night. She too asked "What are ice pellets?", then looked it up online. The result she got was something I was not aware of: seems the Sonic drive-in chain is known for the best ice ever. Their secret is using carbonated water to make ice, resulting in fun-to-chew pellet ice. It was a little "a ha" moment for me. 

  34. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — Thank you for this intelligent detailed deconstruction of the grotesque covert clandestine efforts by the military-corporate state to hide the fact that the planet is in complete irreversible melt down. As you say, “Every single event that the climate engineers orchestrate adds to the total biosphere/climate destruction being inflicted on the planet by the human race. We are in a fight for life, nothing less.” No matter how many thick cloud arrays they cover the North American continent with this winter, still Spring will come and as you say, the “unfolding environmental/climate implosion” – along with the melting of the Arctic and Antarctica cannot be hidden much longer.

    Here on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State, we live with the Growler EA-18G electronic warfare EW fighter jets flying overhead multiple times a day. The Growler's are fitted with “pods” that put off vast spectrums of EMFs, r/f and microwave, so that every time the Growlers fly over us, we are being inundated with massive radiation that is destructive to our brain and cells. So the noise is almost secondary! This is tantamount to having up to five “baby HAARPS” on every Growler!

    * The EA-18G can be fitted with up to five ALQ-99 jamming pods: The system uses four quadrants of AZ/EL interferometer arrays for full azimuth coverage precision monopulse DF measurement. The receiver is a narrowband channelizer cued receiver architecture with a wide instantaneous bandwidth and multiple cued narrowband channels for simultaneous pulse measurement capability. The RPG performed real time lookthrough control of the ALQ-99 jammers to accomplish all required threat emitter detection and measurement functions without degrading jammer effectiveness. To achieve this, data processing algorithms were developed with lookthrough samples providing as little as 1% of an emitter's pulses.

    • ron hall says:

      SUSAN F:  Forgive me for a sr. moment( I thought I knew the answer to my most obvious question). BUT ,WHY THE HELL IS YOUR AREA, IN PARTICULAR CATCHING INTENSE HELL? Jets? You people are getting blasted in that particular area of Pacific Northwest plus south B.C. You are a prime node/nexus for geoengineering hell!! Geez! I'm sure there are key zones that must be RF blasted to break the incoming storms and low pressure troughs.  Is that it?  Or is there more at play? Dane?

  35. Octavia says:

    Dane, I just heard on Sky News from the UK (Murdoch) forecasts for the UK regarding "yellow fog" and freezing fog. Wondering if you have any info on it. Seems related to the ice nucleation phenomenon. But the yellow? Here's the Weather Channel:

    Water doesn't freeze until it hits something? That sounds incorrect.

    • Cherie says:

      We had what they called a freezing fog event few weeks ago.  Watched limbs on trees grow whiter as the day went on.  It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen in TN and temps were in 40's??? YEA!  Fog comes from ground up, this was blowing very fine powdery stuff.  I choked when I went outside.  They were calling for frost and sunny that day.  We had heavy overcast and this chemically nucleated powdery fog all day that was dusting only the tree limbs in white.  Yet I had huge clear ice crystal patterns on my south side car windows?  Not in my 30 years of living here!

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