Climate Engineering Is Weather Warfare


Though extreme weather events have always taken place on our planet, how can we consider any weather truly natural when we know global weather has been subjected to climate engineering programs at a significant scale for over 65 years? How can we consider any weather truly natural when we know that at this point in time the entire global weather system is being completely hampered by geoengineering programs which are so massive in scope and scale that nothing is left untainted in regard to our weather? The climate engineers decide when it will rain or snow, where, how much, and how toxic the rain or snow will be, where there will be drought or heat, etc. There are of course uncontrollable variables, but in a broad sense the weather is being manipulated and disrupted on a scale that cannot be truly comprehended. One of the most powerful tools in the climate engineering toolbox is artificial/chemical ice nucleation. This allows the weather-makers to create temporary cold zones (a very shallow layer of cold) in a world that is in meltdown. Every "winter storm" the geoengineers orchestrate does immense damage to the environment and worsens the overall warming. The global contamination from the ongoing climate engineering is already irreparable in many ways. We are in a fight for life, this is not speculation, but mathematical fact. Exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity is a responsibility that must be carried by us all, every single one of us is needed in this battle. Make your voice heard. The short 10+ minute video below is a sample of weather catastrophes that have occurred around the globe in the last month alone. It will get worse fast from here on out.
Dane Wigington


32 Responses to Climate Engineering Is Weather Warfare

  1. Ah yes, the "wake up" call that never wakes up. There are reasons for this never, never dreamscape.

    The dreamscape for the big sleep is detailed within the Agenda 21 plan of the Untied Nations. The military ghouls who serve up the blood and stench of vampires, need a long cold shower upon their beds…

  2. SortingHat says:

    I can guarantee that 50 years later we will be saying that today's media elite were more truthful then in the future.


    It is like a boiling pot slowly being cooked where if you put a frog in one already steamed the frog will just jump right back out.   So it's bes to keep the temperatures slowly raised so we won't notice it in our dream like state.  


    Obama is the *Sandman* to keep us in a constant dream like state and the economy reflects it.  There is no building construction going on here in Oregon unless it's individuals rather then contractors.

    There hasn't really been any building going on since 2008 yet in the last couple of years there has been a mass exodus from Eastern Washington/Idaho moving here and houses were snatched up fast that are cheap mostly retirees who can work from home.  

    It's a long story to get into.

  3. Chad says:

    There is no more United States people! Stand up for your lives and hold these gov officials responsible for their crimes against humanity and the planet!

  4. jefe says:

    Talking to a client a couple days ago, and she was well acquainted with chemtrails.  She told me the simple reason our elected officials refuse to acknowledge this: they will be killed if they do talk about it.

    What people need to understand is that our elected government is only concerned with the day-to-day operation of the country.  We have a Shadow-Secret-Government as well, with its own agenda, and it has nothing to do with our well-being.  When there's a conflict between the elected government versus SSG, the conflict is quickly removed.

    • Jeff Mogul says:

      If our so-called elected officials (really appointed) refuse to stand , they will certainly fall , along with everybody else . Those who have a clue about what is really going on , and refuse to speak up against it , are actually committing suicide , by not taking a stand against this genocide !

  5. Jayne says:

    Dane, at the end of the video you posted there appears a link to another video entitled "Unusual Geological Events: Mysterious Booms and Shaking" and there are a slew of YouTube vids about this. I had not heard of it until now, but wondering if these might be related to some other climate engineering/weather warfare initiative, or might be some unforeseen response of earth, or if they are "just"  the fracking earthquakes, which I have heard of. None of the reports link the booms to fracking, which I found odd, since I thought this was well known. Or is there something else going on? Just wondering…

  6. JR says:

    Still here in Southwest-USA or are we not United? Just by looking at some posts of new I was surprised by some God mentioned posts, well that's good I feel. I was in my oncologist office last night-still all good and holding of 14 years back when diagnosed. I was mentioning SAG-HAARP in talk with Hispanic guy with MA -Degree and I could not get through his hard head of this topic with much doubt on his part accepting it. He mentioned his son is in to this topic, but he called it a conspiracy theory. Why argue with someone with to much book learned but closed eyes!? This is where the conquer and divide is on this issue here in good ole USA and why the manipulator and deceiver is hard at work. For you who know who this is no further explanation needed. Still hardly any rain here in my area with much SAG-aka-Chemtrails as usual. Thirteen years of observation by the naked eye and an open mind is easy to see of results from man interfering with our Creator's works of 4 seasons all being natural from thousands of years back. Have not Faith in man…..  

  7. Freedom Ranger says:

    To me, the worst offenders, worse than Mengele, worse than Stalin, worse than Genghis Khan, they were at least honest. The most evil humans to ever exist are todays news media harlots and whores. They are the most evil beings to ever exist in my opinion. When the sentences are handed out they should get the worst of it, no mercy for those whose job it was to alert us to danger. Paid Liars, and there is nothing worse than a liar who belittles you when they know they are lying. The media are the worst criminals and no punishment is too severe for the  4th estate. It was there job to warn us and instead they deceive us for a check and being able to smile in the spotlight and be the sounding dog for the not so elites. My skin crawls when I see a newsy stuff personage belittle others who dont go along with agenda 21.

    • Larry Charles says:

      The liars of whom you speak are between a rock and a hard place.  They will get to speak the truth only once, then they're gone.  In exchange for what little good one honest moment would do, they will have to find some other way to feed their family.  I neither envy nor blame them; as they too are victims.  Larry  

  8. Kathleen Gabel says:

    Watching the many weather cataclysms in the video above is really quite shocking.  i had no idea that Bulgaria and other parts of Eastern Europe had experienced such severe flooding.  Catastrophic flooding has been turning up in shockingly new places in recent years.  And just to share with everyone, on youtube, Sott Media produces a video compilation of each month's weather catastrophes..the videos always leave me speechless.   The cataclysmic effects of Climate Engineering cannot be underestimated, and are no doubt, strongly related to the ongoing cataclysms.  We must all continue to wake people up to what is happening.  I almost never see a real cloud anymore.  My skies are Climate Engineered.

  9. Big awareness in Canada! CBC News covers chemtrails!
    Sure they do…for a good laugh, check out “Contrails spotted in the sky over St. John’s”.
    That’s the provincial capital of Newfoundland. Just posted this morning Mar 9, it seems some blatant synchronized multi-plane spraying over our Atlantic coast city managed to catch the attention of even our know-nothing, see-nothing, national tax-payer funded media. “Look, is it the aliens?” asks one toddler, who is probably closer to the truth than the CBC. Hahahahahahaha…. link:

  10. Steve says:

    Big news from Canada! CBC News covers chemtrails!
    Sure…for a good laugh, check out “Contrails spotted in the sky over St. John’s”. That’s the provincial capital of Newfoundland. Just posted this morning Mar 9,it seems some blatant simultaneous multi-plane spraying over our Atlantic coast city managed to catch the attention of even our know-nothing, see-nothing national tax-payer funded media. “Look, is it the aliens?” asks one toddler, who is probably closer to the truth than the CBC. Hahahahahahaha….

  11. BaneB says:

    The weather owners are calling for rain here in Mendocino County for Wednesday.  There is a low out in the Pacific off of California.  There is a large Pineapple Express with lots of moisture south of the low.  Under normal conditions the low would bring us lots if rain which is badly needed.  But looking at the satellite image this morning a tampering is going on that has blown apart the leading edge of the Pineapple Express, leaving a stronger high pressure where just hours ago there was a huge cloud mass.  Watching intellicast sat. It is obvious they are zapping it. Funny thing the huge squares of high pressure and the explosive quality of the cloud behavior.  Studying the annimation takes but a few minutes of scrutiny to see how the manipulator a have no intention of letting any moisture into the Central Valley.

  12. Bija says:

    Dane, I was hoping to get in on the call yesterday but jumped in a little too late. I am wondering if you can shed some light on what is going on in the Tucson area. We have had almost zero spraying for 6 days straight, and then yesterday morning I woke to some chem swirls that didn't hang around. By afternoon, we had a sky full of fair cumulus clouds, but hardly any sign of trails or white-out areas. Today, a few swirls but prevalent blue. This makes 8 days our sky has been its natural bright blue without lines, cover or the silvery hue you and Eddie spoke about on radio. And the night sky has also been clear. As much as I'd like to revel in the beauty of these days, I suspect it's directly related to what is being manipulated in some other part of the country, especially since so many are reporting heavier spraying than usual.

    If you have time to answer, great…otherwise I will see what develops this week and try to catch you next Saturday. As always, many thanks!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bija, enjoy your reprieve , they will certainly be back with a vengeance soon enough. If the climate engineers had enough resources, they would be little open sky anywhere in the world. Keep in mind, the horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the spraying. Silvery white skies are the glaring red flag for heavy particulate saturation.

  13. Marie says:

    How have we become such an compliant people that the blatant spraying of our skies happen everyday and we do not question, or even notice? Apparently they are not concerned with the fallout of their actions.Who are 'they' and where is the money coming from and then who is benefiting? We would be naive to think that someone isn't benefiting big time from this scheme. Do they feel that they are saving us and that in the end we will thank them?? So weirdly strange, all of this. They deny climate change, but then cover our skies in toxic soup to save us from demise. I feel like I'm in a science fiction movie. 

    • Freedom Ranger says:

      To give you a hint of how, the military announced last year it cannot account for 12 trillion dollars, that is right trillion, 3 times the entire mortgage debt of the nation. The federal reserve is not audited so it prints money up and gives it to whomever it wants. Ever wonder how Rachel Maddow could reach only 10,000 homes a night and still get a 20 million dollar salary. That is how, funny money, they print up however much they want and as long as our military remains supreme that is how much its worth, infinite funny money. Make no bones that specific set of people who own the reserve, that is right it is owned by foreigners, chafe under their servitude of the military and even now they plan our downfall.

  14. Freedom Ranger says:

    The question really is what do you do when nothing changes their behaviour. I understand the need to get as many people aware as possible but I guarantee you that their behaviour will not change. They are not going to stop. The question is what are you going to do when you realize signing petitions, voting, protesting does nothing.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Freedom Ranger, the climate engineering issue is like no other. If critical mass can be reached, the families and friends of those involved will also know, every human alive is being harmed by these programs. If we reach critical mass of awareness a shock wave will ripple around the globe like no other in history. This is the point when global populations will search for those responsible to put them on trial, this is the point when the foundations of the power structure crumble.

  15. Frank says:

    The past 2 days we had clear skies here in South East TN. Today the skies were filled with very heavy spraying, as I see the forecast is for rain here the next 5 days. At times they spray and suck the moisture out other times they use a mixture with different power value to enhance the moisture. We are so wet and this will just mean more flooding in the south. We are getting all of California's rain as the GeoEngineering is all tied into the the NWS computer models. 

    I was happy today as I went to a few stores and informed people in the parking lot of the spraying. I informed 4 strangers and 3 of them agreed with me and 1 called me a nut. We need to keep informing people everyday. I only wonder what these evil people have in store for all of us as there cover is being exposed. They all need to be held criminally responsible for this terror applied upon us all.

  16. Ana says:

    Here in Portugal (lisbon) they have been working a lot now that we are next to the Spring and with stronger sunny days !I have been informing people everywhere about geoengineering and some don’t seem to be so surprised anymore  ! (I guess that is getting hard for them to hide geoengineering). I’m just afraid that sudenly they just remember to send abnormal cold weather cause their fight with the power of the sun is not being easy (i think)… understand why they need to cover the moon when the night begins !?…here some of my  photos :

  17. steve danner says:

    aluminum is toxic. leave our earth alone!

  18. How about a little Sunday morning poem?

    Excerpts 1:06

    And the Earth was torn asunder

    And smoke and ash came forth

    And the sky did sound with laughter

    And the ring of chains now breaking


    And the elder legions rode

    Upon the wind of steeds

    And their names were all well known

    In the place called Abaddon


    And the prayer of fools came answered

    Across the echoed histories

    Of righteousness grown dim

    Beneath the greater mystery


    And all the scattered Aethers

    Communed beyond the shadows

    Gathered up their forces

    In the place called Abaddon


    And those whose eyes were opened

    Did see the greater coming

    Did cleanse their place of waiting

    And called upon the Old One


    Forsaken by their idols

    The fools did reach their weapons

    And slew themselves in fear

    At the gates of Abaddon

    – Paul Vonharnish –


  19. Wanda Allen says:

    It astounds me to what a degree our atmosphere is being changed even on an hourly rate these days. Our skies look like something out of a science fiction movie. It's as though they have quickly replaced any natural occurrences with their man made madness.

    People need to pay attention in a hurry.The massive damage is just behind the curtain.

  20. Cori Gunnells says:

    The weather makers/climate engineers are leaving nothing untouched at this point, and I'm beginning to think that the general public is already so accustomed to the anomalies, that they no longer register the severity and numbers. Short attention spans. Even those who are hit, displaced, and encumbered with huge economic losses… aren't yet seeing. 

    Here is a photo from Anchorage, Alaska today (March 7, 2015). Snow had to be trucked in for the 'ceremonial' start of the Iditarod. The race start has been moved to Fairbanks because of the lack of snow… second year in a row. 


  21. Joe campbell says:

    Let's all do this before it's too late.

  22. Rachel Robson says:

    Good!  A petition.  Not much time though to reach goal-everyone do it NOW.  Petitions work if you work it.  I've been wanting something like this for a long time-here is a chance at showing them we are not a fringe minority.  Do it!

    I tried to get on show today to ask you, Dane, and Russ, if either of you or anyone else watched Vice's new season, second show last night about the rate at which Antarctica is melting?  Truly horrifying and a game changer in terms of-at the least-a much much greater sea level rise.  They mentioned also how warm the waters are down there.  I knew Antarctica was in trouble but had been more focused on the Arctic.  This is bigger, badder, and very scary.  I want to know, as they also brought up, what plans are being made for all the imminent threats?

    I do not believe that the incredible snow back east is convincing anyone that things are getting colder, rather meaner, scarier.  I saw a video of a guy taking a chainsaw to his driveway to cut the weird ice into blocks like long bricks to crowbar up to remove.  Clearly to him and all, not normal snow and ice.  Which leads me to Dane's comments about this crap in our skies acting like a lens and increasing the UV.  Brilliant insight that, Dane.  That would explain some of the rather spectacular if freakish photos of perfectly, geometrically, symmetrical halos in recent events, as it proves the artificially nucleated rains and snows are not normal, even as one person at least last year commented on all snow flakes looking alike-unlike what we've been taught, that no two snowflakes are alike.  But, if manmade from a formula, not hard to see how this would create some unusual symmetric shapes.

    According to the Vice episode, the mega issues with Antarctica are past a tipping point and this closes our time frames greatly in terms of survival and readiness and WTF?!!

    Zero time to waste, make your voice heard NOW, sign this petition which is due less than two weeks away with just paltry numbers signed now.  Need more than 90,000 NOW!  Do it!  I've been doing on line social activism for years, first as an experiment to see if it does any good and to my surprise, it really does.  But they need to see numbers, sheer numbers.

    By the way, just one look at "our" radar system in Ukraine says it all about that issue.

    As ever, thanks Dane for your massive massive efforts.  I wonder if you ever feel as if you could spontaneously combust?!  From info overload and anger-I do.  R


    • Freedom Ranger says:

      I wonder what these petitions achieve especially when they are able to change the numbers on the petitions at will. You could have 10,000,000 people sign a petition and with the press of a button it will register 100. That is the same thing they do with voting. I have a feeling if you sign a petition your name goes into a database of enemies of the state

    • SortingHat says:

      Wow Freedom Ranger it's like you're an extension of myself!  Weird!   We are both on the same brainwaves.

  23. Karen W says:

    This brings to mind God's Word.  He brought the flood to destroy, now He allows man to destroy by TRYING to play god.

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