Manufacturing Winter Blizzard


Dane Wigington

Chemically nucleated “snow” events are wreaking havoc on forests, ecosystems and human infrastructure. Chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding processes are a primary component of the ongoing and expanding global climate engineering operations. The numerous forms of frozen material have characteristics that are very different from anything a naturally occurring weather scenario would yield. Artificially nucleated “snow” is often 15 to 20 degrees colder than the surrounding air temperatures which can and often does cause this material to stick to whatever it comes in contact with, "ice storms" are a common result. Further, climate engineered chemical cloud seeding cool-downs are routinely commenced at atmospheric temperatures far above the point where natural ice nucleation would take place. The short video below captures climate engineering atmospheric aerosol dispersions related to "Winter Storm Donavan".

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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11 Responses to Manufacturing Winter Blizzard

  1. WATCHER says:

    Thank You Penny    I will research Agrimony and try Marshmallow. Now I presently take a concoction of Turmeric,Ginger, Galangal and Black Pepper Cooked in Almond Oil . It helps to reduce inflammation. Maybe as all things herbal go it also has it's downside from overuse. Also I favor Black seed Kalonji on my food and Chanwaprash Ayruvedic paste to Keep my immune system protected.

  2. DOK says:

    Eastern Kentucky here.  Used to have snow every Christmas.  This year nothing.  Chemtrails are in abundance yet there are no airports anywhere near us.  Daily event.  Thinking they are even more active at night.  Moved here from Florida to be away from everything but shocked to see even more chemtrails here than there.  Wonder if the ocean breeze is helping down there.  I don't want to have to move back to Florida because it is beastly hot there.

  3. River says:

    Love and Aloha to my ohana all who are absolutely family led by Dane! There is an amazing oneness on this geowatch site. For this I am so incredibly grateful 

  4. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    In the words of Robert Kennedy, "Dana, all of this is very compelling and your twenty years of research is very convincing." Seeing aerosols being sprayed ahead of the approaching cold front, is exactly what the world needs to witness, in order to break the tin foil stigma placed on geoengineering.

    Even if he did get your name wrong, there is no question that he is a believer, and he wears no shiny metal hat. I can easily say from experience that many people across America are slowly recognizing the bizarre side effects of chemical ice nucleation winter weather cool down events. Because they are so obvious and no one in the government or meteorological communities are even attempting to explain them away as natural phenomena. No one will believe them anyways and by making up stupid excuses for soapy snow, or snow falling at 45 degrees, they risk making what you say even that much more believable.

    I am not looking forward to what they have planned here in Texas, for the end of January and beginning of February. I picked up five more cords of firewood today.

  5. Watcher says:

    Here in the Northeast N.H. Monadnock region it has been abnormally warm in December lots of white/gray skies thru the daytime No stars at night lots of rain and drizzle No frost in the ground yet  No freezing water bodies. In years past there was substantial ice in December thick enough for ice fishing 8" plus minimum for safety. Last year was nearly the same. This  December we had 2 snows each less than 2" Normally we have experienced 4-6 storms of at least 6+ inches. We are experiencing higher temperatures in the daytime of up to 45deg. F. our lowest temp was 20 deg. F. Coming into January in 2 days we are no where near normal temperature lows in our region. Days are dismal at best. Nighttime driving is sketchy with intermittent fog banks with hardly any clarity with headlights to see roadways safely. Trees and shrubs are budding. The ground is saturated spongy. Nothing normal going on here with the weather. Plenty of Contrails appear if the sky is even a hint of blue in the A.M., then by noon gray milky skies appear and no aircraft could we viewed even if present.

    Not a hard sell to me that we are experiencing Weather manipulation. If it were only that I could bear it ,The assault on nature, plant life and forest is what alarms me. As this site points out, many toxins and heavy metals and other aggregates damage forest canopy and root systems the trees are dying everywhere. There is mossy like growth all around the hardwoods. One cannot tell the northern direction any more by the old method “Moss growing on the north side of the lower part of the tree. Now this green is up to the upper level branches all around. It seems to be sucking the life from the trees. because lots of the upper branches are dying or already dead. As to our health: watery eyes, dripping noses, scratchy throats and heavy laden breathing is now the norm. My senior Arthritis is being well fed with dampness. When I feel good, I stand up and take notice because it is a rare thing. I cannot help wonder, how the animals feel . Our dog doesn’t enjoy the outdoors any more. Only short visits to do her business are of any interest to her. These are all part of our “New Normal”.  To put it bluntly This Sucks and so do it’s perpetrators.

    • penny waters says:

      arthritis is often from the inability to digest food because the lining of the gut is broken and undigested food gets into the blood stream and lodges in the joints

      need some plant medicine that will coat the gut and allow the gut wall to heal and produce the mucus needs to digest and protect

      i use marshmallow root as a decoction – with others like agrimony to tighten the tissue

      use those kinds of things – takes at least 3 months to heal a long standing deficiency in the body – so keep your eye on the prize

      love plants

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Wow "Watcher" in Northeast N.H.  I was shocked to read you have had no frost on the ground there.  I am much further south than you in Gloucester County, New Jersey and we have had light and hard frost thru Nov. and all December maybe 4 days out of each week so far this year.  One morning…I think it was 2 days ago….I glanced out a window early a.m. and thought it had snowed… give you an idea how hard the frost had accumulated.  More proof of the toxic chemical assault on us all.  And….of course the lack of sun covered up by more chemtrails than ever.

  6. Joe says:

    Great video. 

    Temperature in NYC and surrounding areas is close to 50 degrees.  I remember in the 60s , 70s and 80s that we had real winters — those days are long gone.  Last year NYC had no snow at all.  Even when we get snow it will all be melted away in less than a week.

    Geoengineering Antarctica: Can Aerosol Injection Save the Ice?


    Climate Engineering Could Slow Antarctic Ice Loss

    Scattering sunlight-reflecting particles in the atmosphere could slow rapid melting in West Antarctica and reduce the risk of catastrophic sea-level rise, according to a study led by Indiana University researchers.

    The study, one of the first to look at how climate engineering might impact Antarctica, comes as scientists sound the alarm over the increasing likelihood of accelerated ice loss in West Antarctica this century. The work appears in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.


    Bottom line all these paid pundits are lying to the public.  Anyone w half a brain that comes to this website knows the truth that geoengineering has already been happening for a long time.


    Geoengineering Antarctica: Can Aerosol Injection Save the Ice? (

  7. Jeanette S says:

    All, yesterday 12/28/23 3pm. I checked our weather on Yahoo Accuweather. Our wind was coming from the NE, barometric pressure was 30.1. This is Oakland, San Leandro, Ca. When I looked outside to the west, this would be over the bay coast of San Mateo, Foster City or possibly the ocean side, the "clouds" were just barreling from the south to the north. It has been overcast and occasional rain for two weeks. I think we are involved with the Donovan storm; absorbing some of it, swirling around us to pick up moisture off the ocean to feed into the storm or a dose of rain for us. Another week of rain is anticipated off and on. This is three weeks now.

  8. RB says:

    This is a great little website for tracking weather patterns, clouds and geoengineering activity. I use it to compare with what I see in the sky to what shows up on satellite. Sometimes you can see the lines from geoengineering planes. I mostly look at the haze that is left behind and follow where the wind pushes it. Hope this is helpful info.

    Zoom Earth | Live Weather Map & Hurricane Tracker

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