Mainstream Media Coverage Of Climate Engineering, What Is The Agenda?


Dane Wigington

Imagine the whole of academia pretending the ongoing geoengineering operations we see in our skies are not really there. Imagine the vast majority of populations blindly accepting the official denial of climate engineering, and thus completely ignoring what they can easily see occurring with their own eyes.

Mainstream media (CNBC) has recently produced a video on the critical issue of climate engineering. Not surprisingly, there are a numerous deceptions woven into the video message, starting with the title itself.

 "Why Bill Gates Is Funding Solar Geoengineering Research"

Bill Gates is nothing more than a prop in the elaborate power structure disinformation campaign on the climate engineering issue. Though Gates may in fact be contributing to the "SCoPEx" climate engineering experiment, the experiment itself is also nothing more than an orchestrated distraction from the ongoing global climate engineering operations that have been deployed for approximately 74 years (over a decade longer than Bill Gates has even been alive).

New released CNBC video on geoengineering:

Inarguable footage of a geoengineering jet aircraft spray dispersion is revealed in the 2 minute video below.

The CNBC video deceptions continue:

#1 The video states that climate engineering "could" cause a long list of downstream consequences.

There is no "could, may, or might", the consequences of the ongoing global climate engineering assault are far beyond incalculable already, and continue to manifest by the day. Of course, the CNBC video makes no mention of the complete contamination of the biosphere (and thus the air we breath) from the highly toxic climate engineering fallout).

#2 That over two thirds of the population would support the use of goengineering.

Such a conclusion is completely deceptive. Survey questions, which completely omit the most relevant facts regarding the true danger and devastation that climate engineering is already causing, cannot be considered an accurate measure of public opinion. Of over 1500 scientists surveyed, NONE were willing to deny the ongoing climate engineering reality on the record (including Professor Alan Robock who was featured in the new CNBC geoengineering disinformation video).

#3 Geoengineering technology is "cheap"

This conclusion is deception on an unimaginable scale. First, the claims for the needed scale of climate engineering deployment are a small fraction of the scale on which climate engineering has long since already been deployed. Next, and most importantly, the scale of destruction climate engineering has long since inflicted on the biosphere, human health, and the entire web of life, is nowhere named by the CNBC propaganda video.

#4 The "Keith Group" will be the first to conduct a geoengineering experiment.

Again, to even make such a claim is truly alarming. The ongoing climate engineering operations being conducted by jet aircraft in skies all over the world could not be more obvious and inarguable. The SCoPEx project is nothing more than a form of intentional public mass distraction and deception.

#5 "No existing aircraft can inject particles into the Stratosphere". 

First, the elevation of the Stratosphere in the polar regions can be as low as 24,000 feet. All jet aircraft can far exceed that altitude including heavily loaded military jet tanker aircraft. Next, the vast majority of the clearly visible jet aircraft particulate spraying is occurring in the Troposphere.

#6 "Nozzles still need to be designed which can continuously blast out trillions of particles".

Yet another complete deception from CNBC. Retrofit spray nozzles are absolutely located on the wing pylons of most commercial carrier jet aircraft, and on military tankers. These nozzles are aimed directly into the jet exhaust stream to make the dispersion look like "condensation". The "condensation trail" lie is perhaps the biggest deception ever perpetrated on populations around the world. ALL commercial aircraft and ALL military tankers are fitted with a "high bypass turbofan" jet engine. This engine is a jet powered fan which by design is nearly incapable of producing any condensation trail except under increasingly rare and extreme circumstances.

#7 "Scientists still need to decide what chemicals to spray".

View the 4 minute video below to see Dr. David Keith (head of the Keith Group and the SCoPEx geoengineering experiment) state in his own words the advantages of using aluminum nanoparticulates as a primary geoengineering / solar radiation management material. 10 million tones was the suggested annual atmospheric dispersion amount.

#8 "The uncertainty of climate engineering impacts is holding back deployment".

Is it rational to believe that the military industrial complex cares about the consequences of their actions? Is it rational to believe that the military industrial complex would ask for public acceptance and permission before deploying climate engineering operations? Climate engineering is a matter of historical record, this is not opinion, speculation, or conjecture. It is important to remember and consider that the top US military leadership has long since stated on the record that the collapsing climate is the greatest national security threat of all.

#9 "Geoengineering will require international cooperation".

Numerous historical government documents prove that international cooperation has long since been in place regarding the ongoing climate engineering assault. An almost 800 page US senate document is but one example. Click HERE to view the document with the most relevant sections already highlighted by 

#10 "Geoengineering should only be deployed if we have to".

Again, this is the the criminal deception being propagated by the whole of academia, official sources, and power structure controlled media, that geoengineering might someday have to be used. Climate engineering is not just a dangerous proposal, but has long since been a lethal reality.

#11 "Within a couple decades, for better or worse, geoengineering could be part of the solution to return the planet to pre-industrial temperatures".

After over 70 years of ongoing global climate engineering operations (at an ever increasing scale), are global temperatures going down? The short answer is no. In the dangerous attempt to mask rising global temperatures from populations (in order to maintain business as usual for as long as possible), climate engineering has worsened the overall climate collapse scenario we face, not mitigated it. Climate engineering has also been utilized as a covert weapon of war for decades. This is not an opinion, it is a verifiable fact.

How desperate are the climate engineers? The video report below is a shocking case in point.

Climate and environmental collapse are unfolding with blinding speed all over the world. Will populations wake up to the ongoing global climate engineering operations in time to make a difference? Waking a critical mass of the population up to the climate engineering reality is the first and most important leap forward in the battle to halt the climate engineering assault. Share credible data from a credible sourcemake your voice heard, make every day count.

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15 Responses to Mainstream Media Coverage Of Climate Engineering, What Is The Agenda?

  1. George Alaska says:

    I recently emailed two local TV weather people here in the Anchorage Alaska area. I asked why they don't show time lapse pictures of the sky when jets are busy flying back and forth creating trails that turn into unnatural looking clouds that eventually block the sun. They only show time lapse when normal cloud cover moves into the area. Their answers were nearly identical. First I was told that the contrails are normal and cannot turn into clouds. Then they said that I was using unscientific JARGON. Obviously scripted (gaslight) standard replies. Liars

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Dane:  Today I attended a rally on climate change, organized by the various young climate activist groups, and I brought my freshman composition class in tow.  It was a last minute thing and I wasn't prepared…. but here were over 20,000 people by 2 pm.  For the next climate rally, I hope to go armed with geoengineering flyers. Although it's the most pressing aspect of our current ecological melt down, geoengineering is still the only component being left out of the climate catastrophe narrative.  On my way to teach, I saw a mob of pre-teens on the subway, armed with signs, making their way to the rally (which was to be at1 Federal Plaza, NY, NY), and I asked them if they knew about "geoengineering."  A few had a vague awareness and wanted to know more, so I told them about solar aerosol injection, and gave them a quick run through of the types of compelling evidence that proves that SRI and other geoengineering programs are being deployed despite the government's denial.  The group seemed very interested, and all took notes on their cells/I pads…. I believe that these young activists for climate change, which is now a global phenomenon, some vowing to protest every Friday, is the way to go to reach critical mass awareness of geoengineering.

    I have a question for you.  Have you or other geoengineering activists approached Naomi Klein about sounding the alarm on geoengineering?  (She is so good at connecting the dots between the various grave issues humanity and our planet are facing now, and as I'm sure you're aware has a news website ( to raising awareness of how all of the issues are tied to an insatiable desire for CONTROL and profit by the corporatist deep state.

    Klein is getting more attention than ever now; it would be so beneficial to get her on board asap.  (I can't imagine that she's not aware of it… I could imagine her staying clear of it so as not to mar whatever credibility she may have with mainstream media and which she definitely has in higher education, which would be very disappointing since none of that will matter soon.  I just can't imagine that a person of her incisive critical skills and vast knowledge, who is so prolific and devoted to making connections between disaster capitalism, totalitarianism and climate change, could possibly be in the dark or in denial about geoengineering.  So, back to my question:  Have you  or other geoengineering activists attempted to get her on board?  And if so, what was the result?

    Thanks for all that you do, Dane.  We need you so much!  Many blessings!

    -Screeching Owl

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Elizabeth, thank very much for your efforts to help sound tha alarm. In regard to Naomi, yes, we have tried to reach out to her. Unfortunately, like so many others of status, it seems she is so far unwilling to address the climate engineering issue. Let hope that changes.

  3. Robert Latta says:

    What are the Democrat Presidential candidates and Environmentalists on the issue of the Geoengineering of America's skies? They are silent on this important issue, but they are willing to spend trillions of dollars fighting the imaginary Global Warming Monster. How about stopping the harmful geoengineering and start to save the oceans before it is too late?

  4. francis m reps says:

    The "Idea"  promoted by Bernie Sanders that All of us can have " free medical care, free education, and that those " Rich People " will pay for it ;  has been accepted by close to half the American population.  The Idea that "Iran" somehow represents  { with no proof at all } some sort of Danger to the USA is also accepted by numerous Americans.   The idea that " Surgical Cross dressers" have actually changed their Genetic Code is a new aspect of  our So Called Culture.   This Insanity pales in comparison to the Insousciance, ignorance , and absolute "Cavalier" attitude of most Americans in the face of the obvious  Geo Engineering assault on our Land.  At the least ; readers of Dane's website should  utilize their credit cards in the " DONATE " section  to help wake up a few more people  to this danger.

  5. James Ventura says:

     Search: Cloud Seeding in Malaysia Press TV 9/19/19 Video included, Purpose: bring rain to mitigate smoke from burning forests!

    In this game of life on Earth, nature bats last, most likely batting modern man into extinction.


  6. Daniel says:

    I agree with the sentiment that you guys share regarding growing awareness. The unfolding climate devastation and the media coverage of it (as pathetic as it may be) is helping to turn the ligtht bulbs on for many. Keep getting flyers, booklets, stickers, etc into circulation. It's working!

  7. PatinSF says:

    Iran: Zarif threatens 'all-out war' in case of military strike after Saudi oil attack..

    Dear Universe please let humanbiges see that we all are one🌎 humanbiges joined military to belive that they will get an education because they have no other choice🌎🌎🌎 i can never believe that humanbiges want to hurt other humanbiges 🌎🌎🌎


  8. Paul Vonharnish says:

    No one wants to take action regarding mans willful destruction of the planet.  Geoengineering is a symptom of a diseased society that lies and lies and lies until the lie becomes truth.

    In todays Geoengineering Watch example, we paid huge salaries to professional liars in order to hide us from facts such as this: >

    Global trade causes more than 20% of premature air pollution deaths

    Published time:  March 31, 2017

    "The production of goods around the world generates pollution that kills hundreds of thousands of people a year; according to a study published in the scientific journal Nature.

    More than 750,000 people die prematurely every year from the dirty air generated by making goods in one location and selling elsewhere. That is about a fifth of the 3.45 million premature deaths from air pollution.

    Twelve percent of those deaths, about 411,000 people, are a result of air pollution that has blown across national borders, said the report.

    The environmental burden of manufacturing falls mainly on Asia, the home of cheap exports and lax environmental protection.

    Nearly 500,000 people succumb to smog-related illness each year on the continent, including more than 200,000 in China and more than 100,000 in India."

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes and think of the absurd amounts of excess fossil fuel burned in order to ship these raw materials and goods around the world via air or massive cargo ships. Add to that the insane amounts used by militaries around the world. (USA being the largest offender by far) Imagine how much less gas and oil would be consumed if goods were produced and traded locally (or at least within each nation's own domain) as they once were, and military training, practices and operations were drastically reduced in ALL countries. This would be a HUGE reduction of pollution and and heat generation. A very good  start I think. Add to this concurrently dismantling many cell towers and HAARP installations around the globe and an immediate HALT to the rollout of 5G- and we on planet earth MIGHT just have a chance to save some of the myriad and magnificent life forms found here. If not for our own species, at least for the millions of innocent ones who have had NO say and NO part in ANY of this madness.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Earth Angel: You are right on target. The environmental costs of mining, manufacturing, and shipping (unnecessary) consumer goods is astronomical.  Locally produced and manufactured goods should be consumed locally, and the practice of "trade" exports should cease…Thank the corporate system for the mass insanity…

      Military "activities" top the list of environmental expenditures, yet we continue to fund the slaughterhouse.  Electronic crap including cellular communications systems, ionospheric heaters, and civilian surveillance garbage come as a close second.

      It's all idiotic and suicidal, as none of the above grows healthful food or establishes a thriving forest…

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Paul and All,  As an afterthought, we would still face Fukushima and methane release but stopping these insane practices and adopting a new paradigm for living ASAP would surely show some good faith on the part of the human species toward the rest of the planet. Let's make it happen soon. We should also limit jet air travel and perhaps make better use of all the train tracks in limited use now. Upgrading them could provide jobs and I'll bet we could develop either steam power again( perhaps by utilizing wood to burn from all the dead and dying trees we now have instead of burning coal ) or better yet developing the 'long lost' or 'stolen' technology developed by Nikola Tesla for 'free energy' from the universe to run them on. I'll bet there are some GOOD minds out there who would know how to do this. Come on human race, Let's do this.. And Good on you Elizabeth in N.Y. for working with and educating those young climate activists! Thank you everyone for EVERY effort made. Namaste'.

  9. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    Absolutely predictive programming… introducing to the public the idea of geoengineering, even pictures and diagrams of particular dispersions from aircraft.

    Conditioning the public to accept what those in power realize can no longer be hidden. This is a loud testament to the tireless efforts of Dane and all others who are working so hard to bring attention to the subject. This movement has clearly gotten traction as well as  the attention of the powers-that-be for them to be starting to put out such public disinformation and even mentioned the geoengineering term.

    I heard on NPR this afternoon that meteorologists are starting to do climate change updates. They interviewed one meteorologist, whom I think works in North Carolina and who is including a regular climate change update in his broadcasts.

    I see this as a clear indication that this movement of Awakening regarding climate and weather engineering is really getting under the skin of the Weather Engineers. Congratulations to all those who have been working so hard towards this end.

    Never give up.

    Onward and upward.


    PS I wonder how many of you who will be reading this have been noticing, as I have, growing levels of cognitive dysfunction in people all around you. I ask patients of mine all the time when the subject comes up if they're noticing this. They universally respond in the affirmative. I hand them GW materials and explain that aluminum is a potent neurotoxin. I'm finding more and more people, from various ethnic, cultural and educational backgrounds, who get it and understand this. People are waking up. So everybody be encouraged and keep up the hard work!

    • Montana NAR says:

      Hi Jonathan – I appreciate your question about growing levels "cognitive dysfunction." I observe it frequently. People, in general, seem dumbed down. For years, I attributed the "dumbing down" to the US educational system and the overt action taken to produce students who could NOT think critically; students who would not ask questions.

      Then I added the (now mandatory) use of liability-free vaccinations to the dumbing down. And now, there's no doubt in my mind that massive spraying of heavy metals is preventing people from thinking clearly. 

      I, myself, have recently discovered I have mercury toxicity from 50 years of mercury amalgam fillings located under crowns. I have been complaining to multiple doctors for 20 years that my thinking is impaired.

      The only way to get heavy metals out of your system is by chelation.

      You should not chelate heavy metals (see Andrew Cutler protocol) until all amalgam fillings have been removed by a biological dentist. (See IAOMT) This would include heavy metal from geoengineering SSM fallout.

  10. Pete says:

    Excellently done Dane as usual. Thank you so much for all you have done, continue to do and will never stop doing.

    The deception, agendas, devastation and total insanity are certainly increasing in this asylum we live upon, but surely at some point the tide must turn to mass awareness, people can't continue to be this blind can they, well, they probably can until way too late!

    To speak from my experiences and efforts and as hard as it is, all I've endured personally, and with still much ignorance and denial in my circle, I do feel momentum growing and know a lot more people are aware and starting to think, no matter what they say and have got much info out there.

    Within the groups I am in, momentum is absolutely growing and I see new people to this all the time and hear of their efforts. Many endure the same from those around them but are determined to never give up or ever be deterred and I hear of successes getting through to people.

    Our numbers certainly grow and we can yet expose and halt this atrocity that has been happening for so long, if and when we do, I think the world will owe you in particular so much gratitude.

    This is about all our efforts combined to take back the future they have stolen from us on this once thriving planet, but realistically our chances are slim so deep is the hole, however, where there is still life that fights for truth and cares there is always hope…..

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