Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 19, 2021, #306


Dane Wigington

From the weather, to the behavior of societies, to unfolding controller agendas, all is rapidly becoming more extreme and all is connected. The gravity and immediacy of what is unfolding is still not being grasped by the vast majority. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

59 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 19, 2021, #306

  1. Black Cat Italy says:

    Regarding the strange tingling phenomenon: I have been suffering with this when I go to bed before drifting off to sleep. It is is cold tingling up and down the body like electricity circulating. Sometimes it is very difficult to get to sleep because of it. I also feel like someone is touching my head while lying on the pillow. It feels so cold when it happens that I resort to having a hot water bottle in bed. Sometimes it is down my left side and another time whilst lying flat the tingling is going up and down both sides of the body. It seems to happen more in winter. I have not had it happen this summer at all yet.  

  2. Raymond says:

    You've heard the old sayings:

    "A picture is worth a thousand words"  and "Whats wrong with this picture?"

    Well they both apply to the pictures I'm about to show you. Just like Disney adding climate engineering plane trails into the background skies of the remastered version of their original classic feature "Snow White"… to fool children into thinking that "chemtrails" (sorry for the x-rated conspiracy slang) are NORMAL and when they see them in the sky… that they shouldn't even give them a second thought.

    Government agencies and state run media is now guilty of those same tactics, by fooling the general public into believing that the Earth has ALWAYS been a hazy, milky, grayish white planet, with only faint hints and dull shades of blue. You know, just like our skies are today from overdosing on climate engineering CRAP!

    All of these are the exact same image. Just manipulated to hide the truth!

    USA Today… scroll down to picture of Earth.

    Aliens watching us? Thousands of star systems can see Earth, new report says (

    Space dot com… subsidiary of NASA.

    AvZnpqXX3U32bhVUMUEdmJ.jpg (981×1000) (

    ABC News.

    Earth from Apollo 11 – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Website called Pixels. "This image matches exactly to the one I downloaded from a Harvard University archive in 2010 that still stores all of the "Original" NASA Apollo images in a section called (NASA Science Photo Library – Apollo Division). This image is exactly what the camera captured in 1969."

    Apollo 11 Image Of Earth Showing Pacific Ocean Photograph by Nasa/science Photo Library (

    All of the others have been enlarged and computer enhanced to make a 1969 photograph, appear to capture what the Earth looks like now. BUT IT'S A LIE!

  3. Dana Andrusik says:

    Government:  read Kafka The Trial and The Castle.

    Human nature:  Moby Dick.

    We are terminally suicidal.



  4. KED says:

    Copy and paste, "Gavin Newsom, the current governor, will be forced to face a recall election. This was just announced 06/23/2021"

  5. A Friend says:

    This morning I had to see an ophthalmologist for an eye infection. He came into the room and started out by asking me if I'd had my shots. I replied, No. He demanded to know why. He was incredulous. I reply that it is against my religious beliefs. He became irate with me. He demanded to know if I had had my polio vaccine, in an insulting tone of voice of course. I replied, Of course I did. I then added, But that was not an mRNA vaccine and you know it. His reply was that the technology had Advanced and that if I don't trust science, I don't trust doctors. He murmured something else to me but said it so quickly that I could not make out what he said nor recall it clearly. He was so upset with me I finally had to raise my hands up to him in a non-threatening gesture and say, Look, I'm not here to talk about the vaccine with you. I'm here to talk about my eye.

    • Anon says:

      I sympathize with you – get a degree in health related  sphere and become tiny tyrant. Good on you for standing up for yourself.

      I dont go to these people regularly, was lied to once blatantly. re my eye test and saw it on screen, he still lied.  I found this out when asking for the script. (saw that he had lied) I then sent it away to my health fund center.  for new glasses. So he made no money out of my visit.

      Ha ha…so recently went to another ophthalmologist and he demanded to know why  I was not getting yearly checks – well told him about being blatantly lied to and, he got really mad, did a bit of the required checking then actually threw me out and said you will not get a license to drive from me .   Was also insisting he would fill out my doctors part of the form..I was so shocked.and ..should have reported him, but I  just too stunned. Left his opulent center.

      A different place and fellow respectful fellow filled out the form and I have appropriate glasses now.

      some so called professionals Get a license at university and become a  petty tyrant. Make buckets of money, open centers all over the region, cities and make a killing.

      I worked with a dear friend who said of such people  'They  are a legend in their own lunch box.'  That saying always cheers me up cause it is so true with some of the so called health professionals..

      Long experience of working with them sure confirmed it.

      And of course this C thing……….just makes me more determined to row my own boat, despite all the mass hysteria.


    • Dennie says:

      Wow.  Just… wow.  That guy is very unprofessional and your experience should be reported to Patient Relations.

      I got asked if I'd had The Shot back when I finally could get in for a routine set of tests, put off due to COVID.  I got the same grilling: "Did you get the shot," and "Why not?"  Then I ticked off all the things that have to happen in my day, like watering the plants, tending the garden, cleaning my house, shopping for and cooking food, doing marketing, teaching my students, paying the bills, performing with the symphony.  I said "Now if you aren't going to guarantee me that I'll have absolutely no adverse reaction that incapacitates me, then you'll have to agree to do all of this for me, plus get me up and down from bed, clean and dress me should I become maimed from the vaccine, and get me to and from medical appointments, then we've got a deal."  All said calmly, with a smile– End of discussion.  

    • Harry says:

      This is going to happen more and more. They will not leave the unvaccinated alone. Unacceptably and sad. 

  6. Carol says:

    They are spraying heavy this morning, I wonder what is coming

  7. Raymond says:

    This is it folks! We have now hit the point of no return and Earth is destined to become exactly like Venus!

    Ground Temperatures Hit 118 Degrees in the Arctic Circle (

    Dane gives the bad news Global Alert reports and mentions headlines from around the world. Well, this is the MOTHER of all headlines that we all feared would be published some day. Just not this soon.

    At those temperatures (and I'm sure they will now persist summer after summer) there is enough methane being released to boil every living thing on the surface of this planet… and make it a lifeless rock orbiting the sun by 2035.

    Chemical ice nucleation will only stave off the end of days, for those living on the east coast of the US… maybe five more years beyond total planetary meltdown.

    "The 118-degree-Fahrenheit temperature was measured on the ground in Verkhojansk, in Yakutia, Eastern Siberia, by the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Sentinel satellites. Other ground temperatures in the region included 109 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) in Govorovo and 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) in Saskylah, which had its highest temperatures since 1936."

    We are all simply frogs in a geoengineering pot of omnicidal boiling water and most people don't even notice that the water is getting hotter.

    Here is a striking comparison of what Earth looked like 50 years ago:

    GIC-UBgqKmxEYcrEgvEGOMvDRQVFRtJ34ojKtx7n_HU.png (2400×2400) (

    And what it looks like now:  (Image taken in 2013)

    Juno Captured This Image of Earth on its Way Out to Jupiter Back in 2013 – Universe Today

    The hazy product of a Climate Engineered planet that's slowly but surely looking more and more like Venus, with every passing jet aircraft aerosol trail.


  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, It's very strange for me having been away from the cabin for 22 days. I missed an entire chapter, I missed the peak of the wild flowers and missed some very nice episodes of rain, so I am told. What is quite noticeable that has grown in my time away is Pine cones. Pine cones on many younger trees that should not have cones at such a young age. Also, the quantity of pine cones is, to me, unprecedented in all my years being around my Ponderosa. It makes me sad knowing that those pine cones are part of the path to death that a tree makes. Most of the Ponderosa that have cones are the ones I considered to be the healthiest on my property. Another amazing feature being displayed is that there were almost no new pine cone buds this year. I presume that the cones I see are grown from last years and the year before pine cone buds. I think back to how this last winters snows were full of chemical agents and very little moisture content. Spring run off practically didn't happen. The deep seepage of water didn't happen and now the Ponderosa suffer another assault. This spring has given the forest floor a chance to grow very nicely and just since I got home 6 days ago, has dried out and much growth has become crispy. Especially anything that has any grazing quality for the Mustangs. The anxiety and stress of wild fire season is not far away for many of us here in this column. It's hard to cope knowing that the longer it takes for a fire to come through, the hotter and more devastating it will be. It's been 25 years since a fire rolled through my property and now it is a 20 acre tinder box just waiting for the slightest spark. We here in the PNW are going to have some super hot temps for the next few weeks and probably more. It scares the bajeebers out of me with all of the city folks that have migrated to my region this last 2 years. All it takes is a charcoal BBQ and a drunk klutz combined with a gust of wind and the horror show begins. Having been forced to the side lines this last month, I am nowhere near as prepared as I want to be. With that though, this is no time to give up on the good graces that have filled my life with all I need to be a well cared for person. Even after having gone through 2 lung surgeries there is reward and grace to be found and cherished. There is no real reason to think a wild fire rolling through here will be any different. That may sound strange but something deep down tells me to stand strong, keep the faith. My faith has always run deep even when I didn't understand it to be so. I've had a lot of time to do some serious thinking this last month or so. Slowly and gradually a new path is showing itself. I hope to bring you ALL along for the ride. Maybe some of my trials and triumphs will inspire you to carry yourselves down your own path to love and strength you did not know you had or maybe thought you lost. There is no where to run these days. Only ways to persevere through the challenges life throws at us. I am proud as can possibly be to be a part of this column. I truly love all my friends I have and have not met, yet. I carry your contributions with me and hold them with appreciation. Thank you to ALL and thank you Dane for all you do and being the rock we all need to lean on once in a while.

    • Susan says:

      Glad to have you back!  Hope you are recovering well. I share your anxiety about living in the "dry side" of the state of Washington. I too, noticed the chemical snow, with so little moisture in it, and the bone dry soil after it was gone. No run off, no deep moisture after winter. So very sad to watch the forests dying. But nobody talks about it.  And now, an unprecedented June heat wave (triple digits for a week) is scheduled to dry out what little spring moisture we do have…to set the stage for a catastrophic wildfires. It breaks my heart to watch them plan this and no one even wonders how they know, weeks in advance, that this heat wave is coming. I'm packed and ready to evacuate. But as you said, there's nowhere to go. How could human beings be so pathologically insane as to lay waste to our own life-support system. Where did this madness come from? Thank you, and Dane, for all you do to help wake people up!

  9. Irene Parousis says:

    It's amazing how fast the weather can be manipulated with 5G activated here in Ontario.  One day recently we went from 35c to snow the next morning.  My EHS symptoms have amplified significantly, even in this remote area, while 5G antennas are being erected closer to us.  There's no where to run as the walls are closing in.  Praying for a miracle since I've lost any hope in humanity.

  10. Raymond says:

    Happy Father's Day Dane and I hope that your Father in law and step Father aren't suffering from any ill side effects, since their "experimental procedure" took a turn for the worst.

    I am going to be here for awhile longer as the whole 5G tower legal soap opera drags me in with it and turns this neighborhood into a WWE Rumble Match! Tensions are starting to flare on all sides of this issue.

    I will try to keep reporting on the latest relevant events happening here in stock show cattle country.

    This is very interesting:

    We are being warned about a new illness that is sweeping through Texas right now and it is infecting about 100 times as many people, as the flu would in winter time. The symptoms mimic those of the coronavirus but they are saying it is simply a new strain of a rare respiratory virus that is even worse than the Herpes Mycoplasma bug.

    But guess what?  It is infecting 10 times as many vaccinated people than those that aren't!  And it appears to be targeting mostly children 12 and under… and infants! Which I find to be astronomically ironic. Because that's exactly the same age groups as the latest vaccine trials.

    So it's almost as though it were some kind of "military grade"  genetically modified variant or strain of an existing virus that's been around for decades. Because it can't possibly be an act of nature, when humans have already been exposed to it in the past and had generations to build up a resistance to that particular bug.

    Or could it be as simple as vaccine makers tapping into this respiratory virus that's actually raising hell in several states, here in the south and using it's genetic markers to create a child and infant version of the 4 (or is it 5 now?) different vaccines already being given to the masses?

    All I know is that I coughed my head off for 72 hours straight and had a sinus infection, with a fever in my nose and gums… and worried that I might have become infected myself. But it has since cleared up.

    One thing for sure though. There has been massive spraying of our skies lately and only in daytime hours though. We've had clear nights and it cools down into the low 70s but it's actually expected to drop to within 58 to 61 degrees Monday night and only reach 83 degrees on Tuesday! That's completely unheard of for late June and not good at all really. Because if it does reach 98 on Wednesday and remain above 80% humidity as the forecast predicts. Then it will feel like a temperature swing of over 100 degrees to the human body… IN LESS THAN A 36 HOUR PERIOD!

    Which means lots of folks coming down with the Summer Flu. and that could be purposely misconstrued by the government, and officially recorded as a Spike in CV-19 cases. Resulting in another LOCKDOWN Scenario… To possibly scare the remainder of the unvaccinated to get the Jab!

    Sounds more like a climate engineering mission of chemical ice nucleation for one specific day to me and the introduction of an old lung virus, just for good measure… to artificially create a new pandemic relapse scare.

    If that's exactly what does happen? Then that means I am beginning to figure out the Controller's Method of Operation, with a fair amount of certainty and could possibly prepare myself for their next move. And warn others like you and everyone here, of what I expect to happen in the coming months.

    Dane I know that you are able to discern their methods and plans with stunning accuracy and your weekly GAN broadcasts, help me to fit the puzzle pieces together. Hell, you've been able to forecast and predict their moves for over ten years now! So I'm sure that none of what I write here, surprises you in any way shape or form.

    • zivile says:

      Da haben sie genau dem Punkt gebracht. Mir geht's ebenso und ich lese immer die Kommentare hier. Leider meine Posts aus Deutschland erreichen sie nicht. Ich habe versucht vieles zu berichten aus Europa insbesondere aus West Deutschland. Leider…

      meine Postings geht in Twitter (Mist Käfer) und Facebook (Hartmann Clans) die Nachrichten ist untergemischt zwischen Politik und anderen belanglose Themen, ansonsten bin ich öfter zensiert.

    • Judy Jackson says:


      I've noticed the same weather extremes here in Virginia Beach, very unusual, though they say our Covid rates are going down.  It's definitely flu inducing shifts.  56 -66  at 7am. expected to reach 77 today (Thursday) moving up to the typical 90s by Monday.  It's been a repeating pattern.

      Another interesting data point — while the country was focused on Cuomo's nursing home deaths, North Carolina was number 1 and Virginia number 2 in nursing home deaths according to AARP mapping of nursing home deaths.  


    • I am not a Miss .I am a Fraud, Fraud Merkel says:

      Absolute confirm your observations about extremely temperature changes.Actually we have had an heavy tornado with heavy destruction of goods and infrastructures , also some fatal injuries in the  Czech Republic and Austria,just some hours ago..

      Tornado s are absolute untypically for median Europe.

      @zivile:wo kann man deine Beiträge so lesen? Habe da auch eine ganze Menge an Material an Wetterphenomänen gesammelt und aus Beobachtungen meine Thesen ersonnen.

    • Raymond says:


      I have noticed the same reoccurring climate patterns are becoming the norm around the world now. Geoengineering is the only logical explanation for that anomaly and these cowardly meteorologists consistently blame nature. I really wish that there was an actual Mother Nature. So she could smack those weather reporters around so hard that the Raytheon gremlins hiding up their butts, would fall out on live TV and be seen by the entire world!

      Didn't cool down here as much as the forecast said, but it did drop to 68 around 7:00 AM Tuesday morning. Then it hit 99 degrees at 3:00 PM on Wednesday and the humidity was at 82%!

      According to the NOAA Heat Index Conversion Table. It felt like it was 160 degrees to the human body! Which is exactly what I had predicted myself… and guess what?  It feels like it's 152 outside right now! Absolutely BRUTAL Humidity Heatwave! When you step outside it feels like your swimming in a boiling pool of water and your lungs struggle desperately just to work at all, in this sauna from Hell! Then take in consideration the amount of Ozone pollution that's also in that steamy air and you have a virtual death trap for anyone with serious health issues. Stuck outside for any length of time.

      Just 5 years from now it could feel like it's over 200 degrees to the human body and that my friend… is well beyond my tolerance level!

    • Raymond says:


      My sentiments exactly!

      I think?!

  11. C B says:

    I've got two pretty close buddies…we're all in our 60's or 70's. During the course of various conversations I will invariably mention the vast capabilities of the geoengineers to create ANY weather scenario imaginable, from droughts to deluge to frost to snow. Even after sometimes lengthy explanations from me as regards the science behind how they're doing this, my buddies will just snarl and smart-off about how full of shit I am and that there's no way the military could pull any of this off….I give the US military too much credit, etc etc.These guys know I've studied this issue for almost 10 years now, but still they deny and won't even bother to investigate this incredible website. I have sent them links to this site more than once. 

        What amazes me about all this is how people WHO HAVEN'T EVEN BOTHERED TO RESEARCH A GIVEN TOPIC IN DEPTH WILL CLING TO A CONTRARY VIEW, SOMETIMES JUST TO APPEAR SMART OR DISCRIMINATING, OR PERHAPS JUST TO COUNTER ME PERSONALLY. How vast is this same scenario being played out across the world? People who know nothing adopt a view without ANY substantial research of any kind to back it up. Perhaps this is the very definition of "dumb-ass".

       Another case in point: I forwarded an article to my daughter in another country which was far and away one of the very best summations of the complete debacle which is the covid scam. This article was very long, jammed with tables, and VAERS data, and other related scientific data of all kinds punching huge holes in the mainstream bullshit narrative. She immediately responded, before she'd even had time to read it, that it was pure Qanon crap and the author was a "douchebag" etc etc. She proceeded to basically go berserk on ME, writing numerous insults and personal attacks that are too fucked up to even relate here. (BTW she and husband are vaccinated) The writer of this article has never had anything even remotedly to do with the alleged "Qanon". He is, instead, a very successful and wealthy tech journalist and entrepeneur. No, he is not a "Doctor", but here again he doesn't need to be to lay out a case indisputably based on the facts and data included. So….my daughter, rather than at least giving me the benefit of the doubt, instantly lumped me into some kind of category beneath her dignity, and came to knee-jerk conclusions based upon her quite dense preexisting biases. How many hundreds of times have I encountered a similar scenario with regard to geoengineering? 

       It's almost like Dane says: we are living in an insane asylum, a psychiatric mental ward, and the degree to which people are either imbeciles, brainwashed, close-minded, stupid assholes or suffering from actual mental illness…. is off the charts. 

       It has gotten to where I am so despondent after listening to a GAN show I just wanna give up. The tide of EVIL and PHYSICAL POISON is so huge in this world it is destroying the minds of people who might otherwise have had a chance to "come to the GOOD SIDE"….nonetheless…..nonetheless I try daily to focus myself back to a place where I might be of some use in this wretched world.

    • Robert says:

      A good friend of mine introduced me to the geoengineering  debacle about ten years ago and since then we've had many, many conversations of how is it, why is it, and what comes next. We are both older, Jack 72 and I 69 years of age. Through our conversations we have both hit upon what we believe to be true, that the world is a beautiful place filled with mystery and wonderous things. Seek out the good of every remaining day you have and  that your journey is now inward. Fill your heart with love, forgive yourself and others, and don't look back, be brave and strong knowing that the end is just the beginning.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      I totally relate to what you are saying! There are NONE in my personal space I can talk with about the CV scam, the spraying, etc. I have seen many people on FB who are awake and aware, and I'm so grateful that there ARE a lot of people who know what is really going on. The only conclusion I can come to about dismissing facts is either laziness, willful ignorance, or both. Or perhaps it's pride. I've accepted this reality and am past the frustration. It makes me live one day at a time with gratitude for still many blessings. I've given up on most humans at this point. I will deal with problems as they arise; I don't know what else to do. A verse from somewhere in the Bible keeps coming to mind: "For lack of knowledge, my people perish." Seems very appropriate for today, doesn't it?

    • Bob Mazza says:

      Most Americans cling to the Establishment perspective when it comes to information completely disregarding whatever logic there is in contrary ideas. Americans are patriots and they want to view themselves as good citizens.They don't want to oppose the government.

    • JB says:

      Keep up the good fight and know you have evidence and facts on your side, you're not the only one who has fought their own family in an attempt to awaken them from slumber; sometimes you have to take solice in the fact that you did your best to try to plant seeds.

    • John says:

      Also don't underestimate the power of denial. In an old theory it's called an ego defense since cognitive dissonance can be uncomfortable until a new world view is created. A person's whole life changes if the information is relevant enough. Reflexively people avoid changes to their world view and hope whatever the bad news is will pass. It's fear man. Fear of the unknown and fear of change. I find telling people what to do to keep themselves safe makes it easier for people to process bad news.

  12. RandylJ says:

    Hi Dane ~ I'm just checking in. I hope despite all this dire engineered ongoing craziness in weather and everything else, that you had a Happy Father's Day.

    Central North Carolina has seen a fully engineered weather mix today with weird Florida like temperatures, rain, drizzle and no real air movement after high winds yesterday seemingly 'from nowhere' began blowing the spray trail remnants from several days of busy aerial spraying. Ongoing non-reality weather!

    You Tube would not post my comment several days ago on another channel where I've always commented appropriately , after I mentioned Geoengineering of the weather! That's all I said and my comment was erased. I guess The Controllers are getting very desperate.

    I continue to share GeoengineeringWatch whenever a window of opportunity opens. 
    Blessings to All and Good to hear that "Simple Horseman" is doing better. Some of you feel like family even though I don't post often enough. I truly appreciate all of the various categories of information that You have for us here, Dane, as I keep learning and access them to keep often.


  13. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, Just a quick note here. I am home now from spending 3 weeks in the Wenatchee hospital. Hopefully I will be strong enough to resume my awareness booth by the middle of July. Thank you to all who sent well wishes.

    I am always amazed by the thumb nails Dane chooses to post on each weeks broadcast. This week especially so. Some military bases sure have some super high powered radar transmitters. The range of influence is pretty scary.

    Happy fathers day to all you dads out there.

    • Joseph says:

      Good luck to you and I hope you the best of health. You bring alot of great stuff to this blog.  Dane you give alot of great info. every week. 

    • Brent K Papon says:

      Back at you. Have been thinking of you.

      thanks for the "happy Father's Day . it's always a hard one for me.

      Take care brother. And a happy fathers's day to you too Dane.

      Peace and love


    • virginia says:

      Happy Father's Day to you, Mike,

      Glad to see you home and getting ready to give em' hell again.  Great news and I hope you will continue to be well and happy in your mountain paradise.

      We missed you.


    • BBB says:

      'a' simple horseman:  Glad you are out of hospital and on the road to a full recovery.  I want to mention the NEXRAD weather radar system.  200 these facilities are within the continental US.   The  radar image above has a 500 mile radius.  Or 250 miles from the center in a 360 degree sweep outward. At full power each pulse has a maximum of 750,000 watts. How healthy can that kind of microwave radiation be for those people living within that?   These circles often overlap.  I don't know the mathematical/geometry term for what is a one-dimension 'football' shape (para-something?)  where the two edges overlap.  Thus all life within the "football" are double zapped.  

  14. Kelly Green says:

    I was in my hometown of Glendive, Montana last week when a 'Super Cell' rolled through nearby. It parked over Williston, North Dakota where it dropped 8" of rain and hail, tore roofs off of houses and barns and destroyed farm equipment, the winds also did immense damage to a large area. Someone close to me told me a few days later that the cloud seeding pilots had relocated from wherever they were normally based out of in MT to the Glendive airport. After the storm they were hanging around the airport bragging about how their job had been to seed the front end of the storm and they were proud of how much rain it produced.

    The day of the storm my mom's friends from all over the surrounding area were sending photos of the damage. 

    I haven't been able to comment for months on YouTube on any videos, but I noticed yesterday that the comments for this broadcast had been turned off completely. 

    The censorship continues to escalate along with collapse.

  15. juli says:

    Happy Fathers Day Dane xoxoxo

  16. Marty Finklemeyer says:

    Info suppression alert watching 6/19 on YouSchlub.

    They put a blatant "contrail" banner and link to en-psycho-pedo Britannica as a meta-skunk official lie of ommision for any who may have learned the truth of our larger human  survival reality together on this planet. Still waiting for tesla/electrogravitic Jetsons cars, garden of eden, ewok village life, but finding Soylent Green was set in 2022, greenhouse warming, corporate control, corrupt politicians police and corporate executives in luxury high rises above the starving overpopulated city dwellers often scraped up by garbage trucks during food riots and taken to the disposal plant… where they're turned into Soylent green for sale to the starving masses.

  17. Raymond says:

    I read this in the local news right after posting my last comment:

    A man in Texas is furious at his electricity service provider, because when he came home from work it was 78 degrees in the house and he found his wife and child asleep and didn't want to wake them, just to ask why they had turned up the AC thermostat. When he tried to turn the thermostat down, it automatically went right back to the 78 degree setting. So he called the power company and they told him that he had recently enrolled in the Nest or Smart Thermostat Program, which gave them permission to remotely raise or lower their settings by up to four degrees. When the demand for electricity is becoming more than what the power grid can provide. In order to avoid rolling blackouts or the total collapse of the entire Texas power grid infrastructure.

    He said: "But I never enrolled in any such program and my wife is now feeling ill, and my little girl is severely dehydrated from sweating profusely! If you don't return control of our thermostat back to me, I am going to sue you (the power company) and report you to the Utilities Commission!"

    The customer rep replied: "Good news sir. Did you enter for a chance to win $500 in free electricity?"

    He said "Yes I did."

    Customer Rep.; "Well the only way that anyone could have entered to win that prize, was for them to have enrolled in the Nest program and the fine print clearly states that under the terms and conditions of your enrollment and entry to win our sweepstakes prize. You authorize us and give us permission to remotely adjust your thermostat by up to four degrees, to avoid blackouts and grid collapse. But that drawing will be held tomorrow and you could still win. Good luck and may you have a pleasant day."

    That's a good example of just how our world has become an insane asylum. With individuals demanding that they have the right to risk everyone's life and expose them to deadly heat or cold, just to remain comfortable… even when the entire planet is going into complete Meltdown!

    His wife and child were sleeping comfortably at 78 degrees and he chose to lie about their condition, because he alone wanted to turn his home into a refrigerator. When the heat and humidity outside was threatening to shut everyone's electricity off and it usually takes days to get the power grid up and running again.

    What is this man planning to do if Russia or China launches a cyber attack and shuts down the entire power grid here in America, for several months?

    Come to my house with his hunting rifle and shoot me, then steal all of my food and gas to take his family to Alaska?! Because in his mind, I am an old used up relic that has already lived a long enough life and his family deserves to have everything I own, more than I do at such a critical time on planet Earth?

    That's exactly why Omnicide looms eerily on our horizon. Because humanity has chosen to forget the past, when everyone came together and helped each other make it through impossible times TOGETHER.

    It is now a world of singularity with most people only concerned about themselves and the rest be damned. People for the most part are incapable of pulling together and facing the task of saving planet Earth, as a united force with combined determination and a shared will to survive. Thanks to the people who print money from thin air and who encourage governments to conquer and divide. People like Bill Gates who is buying up all of our farmland and the ultimate control of our water rights. All of whom do these things to make sure that humanity doesn't have the resources to form an uprising, when the bitter end is close at hand for all of us.

    That endgame is here and now. We just choose to ignore it and hope that it somehow simply goes away, or magically heals the mortal wounds that we allow a select few to inflict on planet Earth. Because we allow those who push the official narrative that brainwashes us into believing… that it is now  "One for one and none for all!" 

    Thank God there are still people left in this world like Dane, his family and all of us here, who tirelessly work to change that narrative and get the word out, to the whole of humanity once again. That if we trust our instincts and remember who we were… and not who we've become. Remember that we have made it this far, only because of those who came before us… those who truly believed in "One for All and All for One".

    • Darryl Brown says:

      The solution is to change the thermostat.  But they may see that and turn the power off. I would  try it and see what they would do.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Besides the advice to "ALWAYS read the fine print," do NOT trust ANYONE ANYMORE!! (Can you  tell I'm beyond fed up?) Everything is a scam now! I don't respond to any "surveys" or anything else, I've become so totally distrustful. And the psychopathic criminal Bill Gates is going to die like everyone else (and I swear, it cannot come too soon!)

    • Raymond says:

      Hi Darryl,

      I used to be an AC and Heat systems tech and installer before my Army days. I still do all of my own repairs and installs. The Nest or Smart T-stats are no different than the electricity monitoring meters that power utility companies can remotely switch off, when you become too far behind on paying your bills.

      Replacing it with another one will solve the problem and after you do, they have no way to shut down your central AC system. Other than turning off all of your power at the smart meter outside.

      But there is likely a fee that they will charge you on the next bill, for breaking the Nest program term limit part of the contract. I personally keep my thermostat between 78 and 82 in summer to keep from running the compressor and fan motors too long in scorching heat. Plus it keeps my bills from going out of sight and helps to avoid rolling blackouts.

      When it feels like 145 or hotter outside with the higher humidity, 82 still feels comfortable inside. But if the temp and humidity keep it feeling closer to 100 or less, then I turn it down to 78 and it doesn't overload my system or the area power grid.

      Try having to replace a compressor or fan motor on the outside condensing unit in full sunlight while it feels like it's 150 degrees to your body! That my friend, becomes one of the worst days of your life!

      And I've been there done that, to get the temperature inside the house back down below 128 degrees as quickly as possible. Before everything you own melts and stops working. Like your computer, refrigerator etc… and food spoiling as well.

      If I didn't have the skills to do repairs myself, it could take several days to get a local service tech to even show up. Because the hotter it gets, the further behind they get on making service calls. When I worked as a tech I would sometimes have over 100 service calls on my list. Working seven days a week and 16 to 20 hour days, just trying to get caught up! I could literally lose over 50 to 60 pounds in just six weeks time, with that extremely stressful job.

    • BBB says:

      Bonnie Crawford:  Same here, especially the census takers.  They ask questions that in my earlier time and ancestors' day would be considered personal and none of their business. I had a house call for failure to mail in their invasive questionnaire.  They even climbed over a locked gate!  Intrepid.  Furthermore I realized she was putting into her laptop my GPS.  And she admitted this. Oh yeah….it's all confidential.  Sure sure it is:-)). 

  18. penny waters says:

    dear dane

    wow how much you get in those talks – made me laugh and made me sad

    so most people in the world are 'in a coma' hahahaha

    but 'dying planet' made me sad 

    we were threatened with heavy heavy rain and thunder and lightening – it happened but nothing like they predicted and its still underlying cold and its nearly midsummer – so days get smaller from now on

    the rain was wrong – nothing in weather is right – feel the sun burning – know the atmosphere is gone – and most people are like thumb sucking children – happy when the sun comes out

    trees are still dying and no-one sees

    insects are dying and although allowing the garden to rewild itself brought in increased diversity the volume has dropped significantly

    and we are next?

    water is disappearing, either upwards and into space to join with the clouds of floating hydrogen, whilst the rest is dropping into the big holes we have made in the crust by mining

    academic ecologists are so full of their own f…..g importance whilst they flit about moving newts about or catching birds in nets to weigh them

    whilst we live in nature, meet them head on and engage in their lives – all power to you dane when meeting rattlesnakes – i love meeting creatures – dangerous ones too – they meet with us, do they not – they are as curious as we are and when we live in a place for a while the creatures get to know us

    strange, when young i loved the idea of st francis of assisi cos he lived with animals – they are conscious 

    small sad tale – watched a jay snatch a yellowhammer with its beak clamped across its chest – and then it dropped it on a roof and left

    went to see that the bird was still alive – picked it up – and walked around trying to work out what to do

    it kept trying to fly – thought maybe if wing broken will take it to rspca

    so pulled out both wings to see if they were broke but what i did sent the bird absolutely doolally

    think its ribs were broke so caused it pain but what i did made it die – but not before it turned its head and looked straight into my eyes, felt like it acknowledged what i had done but made its death quicker and i think it knew it.

    other creatures are so much more complicated than we will ever know because of our own arrogance and ignorance

    it looked into my eyes and then its head slowly dropped – life and death are a wonder

    4 lines of poetry from longfellow – think his name was bill

    'let us then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate, still pursuing still achieving, learn to labour and to wait'

    it is called a song for life and those are the last 4 lines that i have known for 50 yrs

    i have read the whole thing recently on the internet and it is called a song for life – lovely piece of philosphy in poetry

    humans can be so wonderful – so thank you dane – like many others on this site – wonderful, wonderful, intelligent, compassionate humans

    thank you to all


  19. anon says:

    Thank you Dane for such a thorough round up of the bad news.

     I guess rattlers who need careful avoidance, are easier to deal with than some humans on this planet. 

    They are one part of nature that really scare lots of people, me included. Kudos for raising you children with some wisdom re these critters.

  20. BBB says:

    I want to mention a new phenomena that has been occurring for the past maybe two months. Granted my locale is a natural environment of insects and rodents, creepy crawly things that tell me the earth is still alive, if not well.  So, it's not unusual for ants to invade the cabin, get into the dog food, or honey jar.  And on occasion on me, too.  It's no big fright.  Simply gently flake them off of me, or take the item outside.  I don't freak and grab some kind of bug killer.  Just keep the kitchen clean. I know the sensation on my skin from ants.

     So what is going on that from time to time of late that  I sense an insect crawling on me but upon investigation find nothing.  No I don't have lice…LOLS.  Believe me I have looked closely and nothing is there. 
    This morning I really had the sensation of lots of critters on my arms, my hands, my scalp, my legs.  I finally sat down in the darkened room, turned on a powerful flashlight.  What did I discover?  The hair on my arms was standing straight up. Static?  That is a lot of static. What could be producing this?  As I stated, this is a new experience going back several weeks.  I do not have a wired abode.  No grid hook up.  Maybe my altitude?  4,000 feet is not Mt. Everest.  I mention this phenomena because maybe others here are having the same thing happening to them.  

    • Raymond says:


      Yes I have also been having the sensation of bugs crawling around on my skin. But nothing is there! Even when using a powerful jeweler's loupe. 

      I only discovered my hair standing up as from serious static electricity, when I used a short wavelength Ultraviolet light. And it was happening all over my body "in cycles". (Still Is) Tingling all over and hair lifts for about 10 minutes, then stops for about 45 minutes. Which is extremely odd because the humidity never drops below 65%.

      So I look at the clouds each time it happens… and sure enough. They form wavy ridges in all directions and it's in a patchwork pattern, for the exact same 10 minute time period, when my skin crawls with invisible bugs and my hair stands up. (Even on my head) Then it all goes away as the wave forms and ridge patterns disappear from the clouds.

      That's only been happening since early March and it also zaps all of my energy. Makes my head pound and the nasal passages from the nostrils especially… hurt like hell! 

      Occasionally I get a blinding white electricity arcing pattern that starts to grow in my retinas and it's still there, even when I close my eyes. If I don't lay down immediately and meditate, it spreads to cover my entire field of sight in both eyes… and I literally become totally blinded for the duration of skin crawl, hair raising episode.

      Feels like I am getting ready to have a stroke or something and it is very scary! I pull over into the nearest parking lot, if I'm driving when it happens and recline my seat as I cover my face with a small foil lined fleece blanket. It's a thousand times worse at night as the bright volt arc patterns make my eyes hurt terribly and a sudden migraine sets in. My teeth and throat even hurt when it happens at night. But there is no change in heart rate or blood pressure during those cloud ridge zapping episodes and that basically means that it doesn't originate from within. But rather from an outside source of energy.

      Maybe I am super sensitive to the new ultra high power radars and HAARP Antenna arrays? But I know that focused energy attacks are now taking place at US Embassies and the White House as well.

      I hope your static-like episodes don't become as severe as mine BBB. If they do become more severe, please tell me what you experience. I would hate to think that I'm the only one having these crazy episodes. But at the same time. I don't wish these on anyone… not even Gates or Caldera! The blinding arc flash patterns are the hardest to control and sometimes they can last for over an hour. Sometimes even, only sleeping helps. 

    • Anon says:

      Hi BBB

      Sensations of crawling ants on skin is common in women who pass the menopause.  Well its happening to me, menopause long gone, ants and critters are around here – forever checking what has gained entrance to my home – you are right – nothing visible.  Non cotton clothes with some synthetics will also raise the static and make hairs stand on ends. Not crawling effects.

      Just another thing to bother us on our way to the grave yard or incinerator.  Once was outside with gumboots and did not notice that both boots were crawling with hundred of tiny ants –  ouch – legs permanently then had blue lines all over….never went away.  So they carry some sort of juice that is not good for humans when they bite. Just shocked me – no real systemic damage done. But in my kitchen, squash them straight up or have to throw food out.

      Attempts to get some folk to read Danes news updates, mind bending when I get the reply – No….. all ok for earth – psychic said,  or other really ridiculous replies of how to create a   bubble protection space with your intent   where nothing can harm you………so hows  that for reality – also grow food safely in the bubble.  Cant wait to put that into action    forgive the sarcasm – humor saves the day. Once again..need it in spades now days.

      The more I hear this nonsense makes me appreciate Dane and his incredible knowledge and persistence to wake all up..well ones with a realistic view and have two good eyes to just simply look skyward., see our reality, not fairy tails. Contribute to disseminating the actual truth no mater how scary it looks.

      Good connections with ones higher self for intuitive hits and prayers are definitely in use with good results.

      Good luck and best wishes

    • Juli says:

      Hi BBB, Raymond and all…I've had this experience as a teenager taking window pane (LSD)…Keep track on what you're consuming, water, food, and breathing. THESE PSYCHOPATHS ARE GETTING DESPERATE!!! These hallucinogenic drugs are a form of mind control as well!!! STAY STRONG, FOCUSED AND ALSO AWARE OF WHAT YOU CONSUME.

      Peace & Blessings

  21. Raymond says:

    My friend has cancer, so I'm reading a book about possible cures to try and help her choose what treatments are right for her and her family's support of her choices. And low and behold, the author of this book is a doctor who actually quotes Ken Caldiera, from his time as a Geoengineer at the Carnegie Lab of Stanford.

    "If you have cancer you might decide that eating a poison is the right thing to do, because it's going to kill the cancer cells more than the good cells. And I look at geoengineering much the same way."

    So basically Mr. Caldiera believes that geoengineering is a necessary poison that needs to be sprayed into our skies and if it kills millions of people, in order to keep billions of others alive just long enough to see those aerosol poisons turn our planet into another Venus. Then that is a sacrifice he is willing to make on behalf of the human race and everyone that doesn't initially succumb to his poisonous atmospheric concoctions of choice, should be grateful to him and Bill Gates for playing God with the planet and all of our lives.

    Can anyone please tell me how any of that, makes any sense at all!

    Who eats poison to treat cancer any ways? If that statement alone doesn't clue the world into how this man desperately needs to seek professional psychiatric help. Then evidently the whole world is just as psychotic as him and his BFF Gates.

    Before GMOs one in every 1,000 people were diagnosed with cancer. Now it is one in three!

    Before aluminum became extremely saturated in the air we breath, one in every 10,000 people were diagnosed with Alzheimer's and or dementia. Now those numbers are rapidly approaching one in three!

    Before 3, 4 and 5G wireless transmitting to and from every corner of the world became the norm. Only one in every 10,000 people were brainwashed to believe… all of the government's official narrative lies. Now only one in every 10,000 are not brainwashed!

    Before geoengineering the greatest minds of the human race were trying to improve the quality of life for every man, woman, child, pet and species of wildlife. The Earth's biosphere and entire web of life was healthy and thriving.

    Now that geoengineering has silently and stealthily infected the world and all life on it, just like a terminal cancer or biblical plague. Those of us who are not brainwashed or addicted to big pharma drugs and the newest tech toys… are racing against the clock to remind humanity that we are indeed humans, and not sheeple hopelessly bent on allowing ourselves to be herded to the slaughterhouse! Racing against the clock to keep this solar system from having twin planets, named Venus One and Venus Two. 

    Texas is now experiencing record setting heat of the Humid Kind. Yesterday is was 98 degrees and the humidity was at 78%. When using NOAA's Heat Index Conversion Table graph. That equates to 145 degrees… as it feels to the human body. Because sweating no longer creates an evaporative cooling effect and exposure to that kind of heat can result in heat stroke within just 10 to 15 minutes!

    Wildlife, outdoor pets, livestock animals and insects are dropping dead in record numbers when they are in full sunlight for too long. It's like experiencing an apocalypse every single day the sun comes up!

    Even if Death Valley hits 126 degrees, the humidity is only around 12%. So it still feels like it's 126 degrees to the human body. Chance of rain here is at 90% for Monday night and by Wednesday it will feel like it's closer to 163 degrees! Need I say more? If I don't move away from Texas soon, this ungodly heat will ultimately end my life. Especially when our power grid collapses (like it did during the artificial February deep freeze) under the stress of trying to keep businesses, schools and homes cool. I don't even want to think of those consequences!

    • penny waters says:

      ….'the greatest minds of the human race were trying to improve the quality of life of every man, woman, child, pet and species of wildlife'….

      wow mate there's a statement

      no i have to disagree – methinks that the human race has an unbelievable capacity for the very best in the universe… but also the very worst

      apart from 'nature' per se, we have an incredible ability to cause destruction far above any other creature

      i have said it before but i believe this is our curtain call – nature creates and destroys and within its creation lies the seeds of its own  destruction

      i wish it were not so – but i look around and see so much destruction and darkness in peoples souls – they seem lost and in the dark

      your friend with cancer – i had ovarian when i was 47 and i had chemotherapy – crass stuff then but i survived using both homeopathy and herbal medicine – but it destroyed my body by making it fast forward new cells so exhausted it, aged me about 15yrs so although i am 71 my body is older than it should be – caused by a fractured skull at nearly 3yrs – never looked at – it was 1952 and we were poor and isolated so i woke up and seemed alright!!!!

      i have never trusted other people – why, i don't know – maybe the crack on the head?

      look to alternative thinkers re cancer – herbal stuff – there are some amazing herbalists in usa – peter holmes is one – i use his books – he also does chinese herbs – has an astounding amount of knowledge and if he is too far away – he will know someone nearer!

      don't know what the chemotherapy is like now but tis best to stay away – most probably what that bloke meant about eating chemotherapy (chemical therapy!!!) taking poison to kill cancer – only 'doctors' could think that one up!!!

      my problem with 'allopathic' medicine (scientific medicine) is that it hides the symptoms – often needing more and different tablets to counteract the first – but doesn't repair the body – that's mad!

      science bah humbug!!! what a bunch of idiots – see the dark side!!!

      it appears to me that you have been a part of society – must be quite a shock to find out how much corruption there is – my dad was a clever poor man so i was aware at a very young age of human society – good and bad

      tis like a pyramid – here in the uk the queen is on top – and me – i'm down the bottom – but the best thing about being on the bottom is that when i look up i can see all the arseholes above me- very, very plainly

      you strike me as a good soul raymond 

      but we seem to be going faster and faster towards our doom and i cannot do anything about it

      i have been watching the earth struggle ever since i became less human orientated which i was overwhelmed with when i came here to live with mum and dad

      and i saw the madness i had left behind in the city of my birth

      we are being run by the remains of the british empire – we the english are – run by people who have come here when their countries became independent of the empire – and as most of them were rich they went into the public schools and ribbed shoulders with our arrogant middle and upper classes – and if they were poor they came over in such numbers that they took over large areas of different cities

      the irish, welsh and scots have their own assemblies/governments but…… we the english don't 

      the aristocrats call themselves the english but they are the british overlords

      so i do not think that before geoengineering the human world was a good place – sorry mate

      but you know a lot of stuff and put it together real well – i salute you sir but please leave texas – yes fly like the wind mate

      i wish i could wave a magic wand and make it all better – but its not a fairy tale – how we are conned when we are children

      i am so pleased i have never brought more humans onto this planet

      best wishes for your friend mate



    • BBB says:

      Hello Raymond:  Your point about injesting a poison to kill cancer relative to Ken CalDIEra's suggestion is well taken.  However, a few years ago a gentleman who had terminal cancer was in the do or die frame of mind.  He settled on a dog deworming regimen out of desperation.  He claims he defeated his cancer.  It's an interesting story.  He wrote a book about it.  Yes, it could be quackery though that was not the impression I got.  Sorry I do not have the name and title.  But this interesting story can be found under search.

      Regarding heat, your temps are way higher than this region of Northern California.  But 106F yesterday was no joy.  Especially for the flora and fauna.  It's all I can do to keep up with bird baths and buckets for wildlife.      I retire for the day at 10 a.m.  Summer is three weeks early.  My hope is winter will be six weeks early.But given the progression of drying out the Western states over the past decade, fat chance.  If anything we won't get rain until December.  The see the temps here will remain hot for at least the nex ten days.  



    • DAN WALKER says:

      I LIVE in SUN CITY,TEXAS,   MANY airplanes are constantly flying ARC patterns over this Retirement Community.The fact that  MASSIVE CHEMICAL ATTACKS ARE HAPPENING in an ARC PATTERN is clear evidence that the CRIME of GEOENGINEERING IS REAL and PRESENT DANGER to RETIRED PEOPLE clearly being TARGETED FOR DEATH is real and ongoing DAILY 24/7 in SUN CITY,GEORGETOWN TEXAS.




    • anon says:

      Yep – stepped into Hell ?. heat like that is so energy zapping 

      a foot bath and fan, wet washer on back of neck to cool off the circulation to brain……all possibilities……and all extremely tedious when all you want is to take wings and fly elsewhere.

      On a camping trip once it worked for us in intolerable heat. Lots of fresh water was around thankfully.

      Best of luck Raymond


    • virginia says:

      Hi, Penny,

      Please accept this as a big thank you for your pithy words of wisdom in your comments.  I have been meaning to write for quite some time to let you know that the originality with which you give us your opinions (most of which I heartily agree) is not only educational but very entertaining, as well.

      So, very good tidings go your way from me in California…keep safe and remember, mate, (if I may) that you have much to give to make this a better world.  Thank you and best wishes.


    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Raymond, I am going to add another book to the mix for your friend who has cancer but does not want to go through chemo.  It was written by my 3rd cousin, Dominic A Brandy, MD…the title: Beat Back Cancer Naturally.  5 scientifically proven natural and plant based ways to prevent, survive and thrive with cancer.  He cured his own cancer with this method.  You can purchase it on Amazon.

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Megadrought Could Force California's Lake Oroville Hydroelectric Power Plant To Shut Down  | ZeroHedge
    Earlier this month, at least 130 houseboats were evacuated from the lake as water levels continued to drop. As a result, any lower and boat ramps would be inaccessible.
    Further, if the Hyatt plant closes, hydroelectric generation for the state's grid would be affected. At full capacity, the plant can power up to 800,000 homes.

    Image: Lake Oroville Hyatt Powerplant

  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Warning temperatures will hit 127 F and break records: 50 MILLION are under heat warnings across eight states from California to Montana amid fears of blackouts and wildfires
        •    More than 50 million people across eight states were under heat warnings and heat advisories on Tuesday as a heatwave continues to spread across the western United States
        •    It could break nearly 200 records and could lead to temperatures of up to 127-degrees in the desert
        •    Records have already been broken in dozens of cities on Monday, including: Denver, Colorado; Helena, Montana; Salt Lake City, Utah; Billings, Montana; Safford, Arizona; Tucson, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada
        •    By Tuesday, #HEATWAVE was trending on Twitter with people sharing their thoughts about the sweltering heat and tips to keep safe and cool in the record-high temperatures
        •    The heat wave is only supposed to get worse as the week continues
        •    About 200 million people are expected to experience temperatures above 90-degrees over the next few days, and some 40 million will have to suffer in heat above 100-degrees
        •    Some are also facing warnings for wildfires and officials in California and Texas are urging residents to conserve power to prevent rolling blackouts
        •    The National Weather Service says people should stay in air-condition

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Who Owns Big Pharma + Big Media? You’ll Never Guess.

    BlackRock and the Vanguard Group, the two largest asset management firms in the world, combined own The New York Times and other legacy media, along with Big Pharma.
    Dr. Joseph Mercola

    Story at-a-glance:
        •    Big Pharma and mainstream media are largely owned by two asset management firms: BlackRock and Vanguard.
        •    Drug companies are driving COVID-19 responses — all of which, so far, have endangered rather than optimized public health — and mainstream media have been willing accomplices in spreading their propaganda, a false official narrative that leads the public astray and fosters fear based on lies.
        •    Vanguard and BlackRock are the top two owners of Time Warner, Comcast, Disney and News Corp, four of the six media companies that control more than 90% of the U.S. media landscape.
        •    BlackRock and Vanguard form a secret monopoly that own just about everything else you can think of too. In all, they have ownership in 1,600 American firms, which in 2015 had combined revenues of $9.1 trillion. When you add in the third-largest global owner, State Street, their combined ownership encompasses nearly 90% of all S&P 500 firms.
        •    Vanguard is the largest shareholder of BlackRock. Vanguard itself, on the other hand, has a unique structure that makes its ownership more difficult to discern, but many of the oldest, richest families in the world can be linked to Vanguard funds.

    What does The New York Times and a majority of other legacy media have in common with Big Pharma? Answer: They’re largely owned by BlackRock and the Vanguard Group, the two largest asset management firms in the world. Moreover, it turns out these two companies form a secret monopoly that owns just about everything else you can think of too. As reported in the featured video:
    “The stock of the world’s largest corporations are owned by the same institutional investors. They all own each other. This means that ‘competing’ brands, like Coke and Pepsi aren’t really competitors, at all, since their stock is owned by exactly the same investment companies, investment funds, insurance companies, banks and in some cases, governments.
    “The smaller investors are owned by larger investors. Those are owned by even bigger investors. The visible top of this pyramid shows only two companies whose names we have often seen …They are Vanguard and BlackRock.
    “The power of these two companies is beyond your imagination. Not only do they own a large part of the stocks of nearly all big companies but also the stocks of the investors in those companies. This gives them a complete monopoly.
    “A Bloomberg report states that both these companies in the year 2028, together will have investments in the amount of 20 trillion dollars. That means that they will own almost everything.’”

    BlackRock/Vanguard own Big Pharma
    According to Simply Wall Street, in February 2020, BlackRock and Vanguard were the two largest shareholders of GlaxoSmithKline, at 7% and 3.5% of shares respectively. At Pfizer, the ownership is reversed, with Vanguard being the top investor and BlackRock the second-largest stockholder.

    Connecting graphic:

    • BBB says:

      Hi Susan:  There is one other entity to add to Vanguard and Blackrock.  State Street.  Slightly less in value of its assets management.  But $3 trillion is a big enchilada of financial and political control by any measure.  These three are inserted into corporations as shareholder of enough ownership to vote to put their people into directorships as well as having voting power at stockholder meetings. Blackrock was the middleman for the distribution of those many $Trillions of fake monies the Federal Reserve gifted to the global ponzi scheme.

      There is another interesting entity, too, most people are not familiar with.  Even those who hold stock.  That company is CEDE.  During the 1990's it was formed to handle all registration of all stocks, not only in the US but in much of the planets stock transactions.  Those who "own" stocks believe their stock represents ownership of some part of the assets of a corporation.  Not anymore.  The stockholder only owns the financial benefit of the dividends. And the value of the "certificate."  Further, while once upon a time one could ask for and receive the physical certificates, no more.  To put it clearly as to the stealth takeover of all stock OWNERSHIP,  CEDE is the owner.  Located at 55 Water Street, NYC.  The story of CEDE is very interesting.   CEDE is a cryptic synchronicity, to infer stock ownership has been ceded over to CEDE.

  25. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    POST A COMMENT: CHD Calls on FDA to Immediately Take COVID Vaccines Off the Market

    Children’s Health Defense and Millions Against Medical Mandates invite parents, healthcare practitioners, military members and others to comment on their petition calling on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to immediately remove COVID vaccines from the market.
    Amid growing safety concerns, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Meryl Nass, on behalf of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), filed a Citizen Petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asking the agency to immediately revoke the Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for COVID vaccines and to refrain from licensing them.
    [Read the FDA petition in: Spanish, German, French and Italian.]
    Millions Against Medical Mandates (MAMM), a coalition of health freedom organizations and individuals, joins CHD and other vaccine safety and health freedom groups in inviting the public, including healthcare workers, parents and military members, to submit comments on the petition.
    CHD compiled and submitted 72 references supporting the request for revocation and restraint. To read the full petition text, download it from the FDA website or read the full petition here — then submit your comments using this form.
    According to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System data, there have been 192,954 reported adverse events following COVID vaccination, including 4,057 deaths between Dec. 14, 2020 and May 7, 2021.


    • ADT says:

      I hope more whistleblowers who are directly involved in this global scheme will come forth and be recognized as hero's and have a conscience and refuse to participate with these evil doers in the destruction of our country and planet. Stop receiving bribe Payments and stop helping them. It's imperative that we stop these crazy mad people. If you look back in history, the evil doers will eventually kill you any way. Hitler had no conscience. He killed his own men. The globalists are pscychotic whack-os and have zero conscience. They plan to kill 90% of the global population as it is plus you! Stop taking money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros, the Rockefellars, the World Eco Forum…. etc. STOP IT! 

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