Unforeseen Circumstances, The Fawn Fire, Northern California


Dane Wigington

Wildfire roulette continues to take a terrible toll in Northern California. The climate engineering cabal has relentlessly cut of the flow of moisture into much of the US West. Ionosphere heater induced high pressure heat domes and constant jet sprayed aerosol dispersions are core to the equation. The Fawn Fire is the latest of numerous forest incinerations to occur in the vicinity of my habitat preserve and off-grid home.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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  1. Roberta says:

    Dane, writing from outside Sacramento.  We are grateful for your reporting.  This video and the one at Lake Shasta are superb for their photography and message.  We admire your brave reporting.  I've tried to inform people.  I stopped killing insects inside our house.  I catch and release now. The tiny ants are searching for water.  Our redwood stand of 3 trees look sick.  Our tree guy said they looked fine.  That was a couple months ago.  Here's sending you a spiritual bouquet…peace and safety to you and your family.

    • Shelley Ross Massey says:

        What a beautiful bouquet.
       And isn't it mystifying how blind people can be. My only consolation on that matter is a literal word  from the Lord… (it's "delusion).
        After months and months of asking, "Why? Why can't they see???" For example, of 100 people on my Facebook list of friends, only 1 would respond in type/print, and MAYBE 2 would even acknowledge the post. Usually not not that many, Usually zero..
        Eventually it came about that for weeks one word kept popping into my mind: "Delusion".
       About to the point of rolling my eyes, I decided to look it up in the bible, knowing I've seen it there before.
       I thought, "Revelation."
       But, it's in 2nd Thessalonians 2.
       Upon rereading it just now, I found the chapter comforting (I had to read the whole chapter because I, unbelievably, forgot what that one, single word was. That pathetically reveals my recent tenuous communication with God. And THAT spells Trouble w/a capital "T".).

       The line before the sentence that holds the word "delusion" explains perfectly why a man, in his own field of expertise*, cannot see the forest for the trees.

        Dane speaks of his conversations with major heads of churches who won't address this issue. I'm from the same area and totally agree with Dane. I left my church because, well, they seem to be out of touch with reality. If you spoke with some of my family members their jaws would drop, most assuredly. For it is I, you see, who has bats in me belfry.

      I hope this letter came out in tact- I've spent too much time editing. Good thing perfection isn't an issue for me anymare.

      Yours truly,
      -SER Massey

      * tree guy

  2. Randyl J says:

    My heart weeps for you, Dane and prays for your family and your beautiful home and wildlife area. I know the sheer terror of western wildfires while living near Temecula CA in the 1980’s and watching the flames crest a vineyard hill about 2 miles from our mobile home atop another hill. In 2004 I was a caregiver on a ranch in Western Colorado when a wildfire threatened. In all those years, I had no information to know what was actually happening. GeoengineeringWatch is the Only place I know of to learn the truth about all of this. I’m in a little North Carolina town with a large retired population. The awareness level of everything is mostly ‘mainstream’ and few want change, even though it’s on the doorstep.  I try to share when spraying is particularly heavy. Only because of you do I know ‘the Why’ of it all.  October is beginning much warmer than normal. All weather feels artificial. 4 large trees in this housing community were cut down last week. All dead. No one seems to care. They just go get another ‘Jab’ whenever they’re told!

    My little Maltese is having breathing and immune issues.  This came on suddenly mid-summer during heavy spraying. The veterinarian explanation is cardiovascular but it wouldn’t have shown up ‘overnight’ as it has. I know it’s from all the chemicals They are literally pouring on us.

    I send you prayers daily, Dane for safety, health, and the strength to keep us aware. You never give up and we must do our best to help all we can in this ongoing battle!

  3. LW says:

    The psychopaths here where I live have no certain body parts. Their commonality seems to be selling out for a paycheck and a pension like Dane has said for years. I agree with your opinion on where this was meant to take us all. Depopulation through mass murder on a grande scale in many directions is what we are existing through right now.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Agreed.. What is happening now makes hitler's ww2 extermination effort look like kindergarten.. it's satan's same evil behind both efforts though, no doubt. Shameful deceit and deception. United we MUST stand against it all.

  4. Sunlight Germany says:

    It hurts me a lot when Dane's voice is sometimes broken. It hurts me a lot to see destruction in this region and wherever in the world. When we talk about forest fires, we know that it has also taken on dire dimensions in the Mediterranean. And when I think back to the fires in Australia, I always have the image of the poor koala bear in front of my eyes. Surrounded by charred trees, as if it were the last of its kind. These images tear my heart apart. I had a very detailed discussion 5 years ago with a farmer I have known since childhood. He is about my age and lives in the southeast of Germany in the Upper Palatinate. What did he say towards the end of the conversation? Maybe something new will emerge in 3 million years. I'm sorry, but I have to write it down the way I experienced it.Also here countless trees that are infested by beetles. Here, too, it has become very quiet in the forest. And when I look at the trees around me today, they look terrible. I ask me how many people see it. I also often wonder where Dane takes the strength he brings to everyone. Together we all stand together. And I'll say it again in other words. It is one of the most valuable experiences in my life to know a person like Dane who has such strength, greatness and honor.

    • Sunlight Germany says:

      Sometimes in life you say something you shouldn't say. It may even be written down. And yet it is (perhaps and hopefully) the right thing to do. Maybe I did it in a moment of total despair. In any case, it should be possible to write something about the "experienced". I remember times when I was there with my dear parents for many years. I remember a time when I know nature was fine. Yes, so much has now been lost. But as I've already written it down, I still see a lot to enjoy. So it will be worth doing the right thing and moving on…

  5. Ashley says:

    You have such a special place in my heart Dane!  Thank you for everything you do! 

  6. Eileen Quintana says:

    Thank you Dane for all that you do, God bless you.   We all need to fight this together and inform the world! 

  7. BBB says:

    Emmy Award winning videos!!  Not that you care for such, except this would gain ever greater public awareness of our collective dreadful plight.  You filming the dried up Lake Shasta, going down into that dusty moonscape, the overhead drone footage, I was mesmerized.  And SHOCKED.  I do realize this drought is a massive catastrophe. This visual had me sit up and take emotional notice.  Your expose the horrific reality of what Pentagon-centered weather experimentation and weather warfare upon the hydrological cycles does to destroy entire eco-systems.  A  visual tsunami.  This latest documentary, up close and into the Fawn Fire near your nature reserve is excellent.  I could feel the heat, smell the smoke, and shared your angst.  But alas, the Oprah/Harry and Meghan interview gets nominated for an Emmy.  Such trite BS in the midst of the massive existential threats to life on earth.  

  8. Dennie says:

    Terrible, terrible shock to watch.  Just awful.  I wonder when "they" are going to figure out they really need to stop it. Where are the numbers of people who'd band together, stand up en masse to this EVIL and get it stopped?  What will it take to get that to happen? I now believe that the chemtrailing and massive fires, along with the vaccines-vaccines-vaccines bullshit is actually a mass murder project.  "They" are so hateful and angry that they can't really create anything, only destroy, destroy, destroy.  What kind of "men" do women hook up with to create and raise these kinds of males (they are not actual "men;" most of the Big Movers and Shakers doing the destruction are most definitely skewed psychopathic males) and what kind of women actually go along with their sick program? 

  9. Carol says:

    Praying for you and your family

  10. James Holloway says:

    Thank you, Dane. Trails lit up the skies in South Carolina  over our home. They mock us. Hasn't ever been this bad.  Demonic activity. Deal with them more effectively than calling our Representatives who never call me back. Call it meta physics, call it shamanism.

     We appreciate you and all your hard work. It's absolutely heartbreaking to see you  standing alone on the hill with a fire blazing in the distance. What an analogy. It's been your life's work –the lone Warrior watching Earth's near destruction.

    Your dedication has made a difference, Dane.

    Peace, Love and Happiness, Warrior. 

  11. Jackie says:

    Bless your heart, Dane. Just bless your sweet heart. 

  12. Earth Angel says:

    Praying hard for you, your family, your community, the firefighters, the wildlife, the domestic animals and all of those affected in the west- and the world being displaced by weather warfare crimes. May the Grace of God be with you and keep you all safe. The Aerosol Crimes must end NOW.

  13. Lydia says:

    Dane, Take care of yourself and your family.  They are after you because you tell the truth.  We all have a broken heart for you. Lydia. From Montana

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Great video, Dane. Heartbreaking! Personal. Thank you!

  15. Nancy says:

    You are so right, Dane ~~

    • BoomerFred and Laurie says:

      You sent reminder chills Dane, direct to our spines !!, Having been incinerated back in 12/2017  a few hours after the dual, (wind-assisted) origins for the five week long Thomas Wildfire, in Ventura, second one after Sonoma burned; we can acutely relate to your concern and very real proximity.to the heat, visual and smoke..May the best outcome prevail for our Chief Whistleblower and his Family.     .   .   

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